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Dave Wannstedt 08/31/16

2016-08-30 | 🔗
The guys have traveled from Las Vegas and are now in Minnesota ready to save Vikings fans from the disastrous Teddy Bridgewater injury (2:00 - 15:19). Mt Rushmore of tailgate activities (15:19 - 24:45). FOX NFL and CFB analyst Dave Wannstedt joins the show to talk about the upcoming season, being a football guy, and what his first change was after taking over the Chicago Beats from Mike Ditka (24:45 - 49:41). Segments include the debut of "As A White Guy" (50:41 - 53:49) as well as "Sabermetrics", "Peter King Ate The Trash Again", "Thoughts And Prayers" for the Sun at the Tim Tebow try out, and "Spoilers"

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