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David Ortiz + Week 4 NFL Recap

2018-10-01 | 🔗

NFL Week 4 fastest 2 minutes 92;27 - 8:02). Everything is back to normal in the NFL. The Packers won, the Jaguars look good again, the Patriots don't suck but the Dolphins may, Mitch Trubisky was incredible and Jeff Fisher made his debut in the booth (8:02 - 31:12). Explaining the MLB schedule (21:12 - 24:45). Football guy of the week, and who's back of the week (24:45 - 37:55) . Red Sox legend David Ortiz joins the show to talk about the pressure of October baseball, how he would get out of slumps, and the focus it takes to win a World Series (37:55 - 58:15). Segments include embrace debate is Frank Reich and idiot because James Franklin most definitely is. Thoughts and Prayers to team USA for the Ryder Cup. Bad Visual for Jimbo Fisher, sabermetrics for Sam Bradford and is Big Cat done or finished

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on today's pardon my take we have david ortiz for what seems like the third time in about six months really fun conversation with him though we talk about the amount be play off how its intense what are used to get out of a slump in the imo be players phone conversation we also have a full weak for nfl recap fast this two minutes we have football guided the weak and a very special done or finnish because we are taking this from my living room because my back i threw it out and i cannot walk i am officially done
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ok let's go i welcome the forty miles i see today is one day october first week for late september maggie you get it back to school
lastly we start and the frozen tundra where the red hot buffalo bills try to make it too and i've seen north victories in a row aaron rodgers than is extended family of teammates had other ideas as he and senator linsey jimmy gram investigated exactly where the engine is far more than punched a surly aaron rodgers sounded angry at his head cultures post game comments and it might mccarthyism careful there will be no christmas gifts in green bay this winter packers twenty two bills zero golden takes one to no one said i know you are but what am i put up to scores against a shockingly sean legal is doubtless deepens the cowboys office back in the saddle again and a secure our weakness was untouchable malnutrition has boys
fifty shades of right and they got spanked twenty to twenty four hour in oakland baker was cooked nah porter fingers for his wide receivers all day jody nelson mandela was left on an island but ended up private going in a wonderful store of inspiration wendell i call it all right i've got a fine that some are good but had the brows over a barrel but the brows de was putting their testicles in the sea gap these rest had quicker whistles then a construction worker when literally any woman walked by them nick job played hard but i had a soft touch on is too it is but it wasn't enough as the riders when in overtime some spread i really wanted of tie their teenage girl of the tiber turned out tat a jay
green agar really put on a show in a barn burner against them all lineal falcons look like they were too busy thinking about tweeting and set a flying high we runs randy barbie dalton at any genitals whatsoever but does was coming out party force testicles matt ryan we we have also never want to stanley cup and it doesn't look like a super bowl is on the cards for him either if he keeps playing like does mormon losing our blazing in oregon trail and looks like dank when is just died dysentery by restarted sovereign power could thirty six a swarm i caught the wagon get it nowadays we go down to do all as bleak mortals really enjoyed looking at dvds talking boobs heritage
duty westward had a hundred thirty yards receiving putting on a show for searching for jumping fisher and this wasn't chest match sam donald schwarzenegger we'll be back but right now todd balls contract is in danger of being terminated law colin powell burst himself at times this legacy and for the international community because it turns out the jets don't have any key weapons of mass destruction like without they did their jag often jacksonville thirty one dwell where all the court's under texans tried our best but neither team come away with a tie as frank reich went forth on port down in their own territory in overtime than to extract character to take a kid claude dots and out of your clunkers of a drive but he's just got enough motor to get you four point eight to port thirty seven j j
what played like a shitty version of superman and kiki do you love me are you smiling because you had a hundred yards gets the court's team who tat was dancing around the any secondary like you was a car going so enough to be driven by jim or site taxing thirty seven core thirty for those areas that stuff there bull love drunk you know dr i'm automobile and right now i did james is listened to every five sight to see its back on board try again it is really about is stop being so with yogi that's got to saying that song can teach that's great prayers seventy five bucks
we're going to music city where market marianna said although the hollow kind to corey davis and although the goodbye guide to the last com as he wasn't content to play for a delicious my tie and won the game in overtime hours on jeffrey dahmer was a cannibal not accountable come off the eye are putting his name on top of carson once is most wanted less mike ready wit in rebel rolled the dice and the eagles crap their pants as this super boiling over has given the whole team sunday scars titans twenty six eagles twenty play finally my army and ride said i will go up to flaxman we love how we're going to miami that its pardon my take presented by bar stool sports are a week for those in the books we are taking this live from my apartment i am bedridden my back has
thrown out i'm an old man we're gonna get this done a finished later you're a couch written from culture it is isn't really that different from higher life was well let's just clarify i would love to be bedridden put i tried to go from my couch to my bed after hurt myself plain bass won't saturday and then end up lying on the ground saying someone just put a bullet in my head so back pain is the worst you didn't you untouchable one i dont know what to do i am my legs like paralyzer can't stay at ivan idea fusion surgery who yeah yeah then i can come back and golf and and fail for my country will get all that do so weak for in the books we have some storylines you're gonna talk about i think the first one that we have to bring up is are are we sure they're good game dolphins worst patriots turns out the patriots probably are good and the dolphins continue to be
a candy ass fraud south i'm so sick of the dolphins yet agreed to put an official disclaimer every year like hey the dolphins might start hot just remember they always suck yes the dolphins they were thoroughly unimpressed of the patriots look pretty good i guess rob gronkowski is still like a no show hank was explained that it's going to be fine though and just because the coverages yeah so unease that i find the patriots are kind of back i think this is the other annual thing where they make us think that their down into the dynasty which i mean if there's gonna be a year this feels like it still could be the year yes i mean the dolphins in new england gimme a break never chest still oh by the way is also obviously in this pod casio here typewriter branch i was so funny because in the fox pre game he there like ok so pitchers dolphins is like patriots are done they're going lose this game with three games total this year doesn't like that and in that way
in everyone's i command you you're not being serious he's like what someone's gotta say it and it was very finally he broke the fifth wall that everyone in in a broadcast booth has to hastily throw that take out their otherwise not good video yeah and by the way terry bradshaw here is just it's perfect now i have no idea how he can keep getting more bold than it already is but his hair line is a creeping down his neck it's gonna look like a net collar yes like an exact adona neck pillar talking about the back of his head the at somebody does have to say it that's the first rule sports media you want to be the first one to declare the patriot said and be the first person ever get that right yes exactly which is the yet to happen the other store we had fits magic is done visually downright we can say it and this comes in second half mr whisky or no i don't think it is fair to sound i don't think it's fair to say that fits magics officially done they happen to be playing again
the best him in the enough see us future superbowl champion chicago bear so i can't really say that fits magic is over these were in a bizarre situation this adoration of its magic is done he'll come back eventually somewhere else but deliberation you actually don actually played a perfectly so we can talk barrel thomas lit if we want but earl was obvious being upset this contract and he came back he played even though they really want to get injured might affect men free agency would happen with this magic he showed just enough on tape this year to ensure that he gets a big contract is often young somebody he's he's gonna come back next year we know that he might not be back this year but it the perfect strategy he played you're like he played well enough in the first three games and then crap the bed when accounting the fourth
meaning that like he's gonna get replace and he's not put himself at risk of injury this year i also think that i'd like to think of the rifle patrick is starting to get at least a little self aware with how much he actually socks when it comes down to it because that week too when it comes out dress'll economy gregor it almost hey it's never going to get better than yes i know me better than you guys know me and this is the peak and this is what i can do this because as soon as this press conference is over i'm going to start regressing to tragic yes yes and you know it i heard rex rhiannon son account down that he used the its tragic take yannick first have you get fits tragic secondary get this magic lahti we also cease and desist wrecks the other big quarter agnes was bettered
better wasn't that bad but then he got hurt and so we had like it unbelievable case of a backup backup quarterback nick mullins verses podcast compound is apparently the backup quarterback on the on the forty nine is an easy now which just makes the case for j cutler or sam brad for j color windsor came today in san diego so radford doesn't sidney wherever definitely doesn't win that game but it would be entertained it's also so sad to see how many fit i don't think there's a single charges than these games it was completely read it was awful niners van either you're going to say the big quarterback news is valid dec i've got finally through for over two hundred yards yeah huge really like two hundred fifteen year yet i am actually get to say now that i'm looking back this entire week this is the weak that order got restored because the packers you know beat the bills they didn't score it felt like that was right it you know that the pages
it's the dolphins the texans finally showed up in the in a game like i said we can talk about with embrace debate but the texans by we like oh yeah maybe the texans we're good i feel like the other jaguars beat the fuck out of the jets the order was remiss risk is the best quarterback probably nfl order was reset how should i lay there were a lot of teams gang cute with this we too with the little many one com shovel passes a lot of there were a lot of some glasses shovel but there are a lot of those little touch passes will you just like a volleyball bob down we'll get credit for all those passengers and that was the moment the mat nagy was really feeling it when he had chase daniel stand next to mature bisque yeah and take a fake hand off and then have to be a shovel yet he was he was filled with extra teach montenegro is based the book stevens is so bad what if we had the least athletic decoy ever created out here as a running right big hand off unlike what so it's a quarterback getting off to a quarterback but it's the ache
and employ work is such yeah he's using chase daniel like champagne using tatum hill yes which is just what these will actually is good let it grants or may now be so pissed off both off just they keep like getting taste they they d take you out of the game on like a third down and put helen yeah fury sorry i keep doing this is so stupid to admit i like out loud but everytime taysom hill gets a big big like run i don't have drew reason any of my face teams don't care about fantasy team but i think like someone who would have drew brees and i get for those people who just so you know everyone out there that has drew brees on your fantasy team i'm here for you yeah i'm getting angry i'm getting second hand hand anger everytime case
oh grabs about and then and then baker doing of bakers gutter or not yet bakers electric he is a luxury one where another he's gonna do something entertaining less his interceptions or fun to watch i don't i don't know if that's not really good thing or not from umbilical he goes for ya got balls i i love watching any gained its played on that fuel down oakland the baseball diamond i want wind the las vegas raiders movement in their new stadium i want them to have a baseball diamond on that field two hats us the the brows while we got screwed lucky we agree yes brother screwed astern egg there's a bunch of those calls for like this week where an end clay matthew shall i do not likely met is i hope that he keeps getting fine but he did have a hilarious sack on josh allen where he sacked him with his with his like chest yeah he pulled his hands all the way back and sacked him by just kind of titty bump in a shoving over here these goes out sacking quarterback
he's a bully and high school is like throwing his backpack into people ok so the real story though gonna talk about jeff fisher jeff fischer in the boot jets jaguars i was too little of it i thought you did a fantastic job as an unbiased person i saw a lot of sweet say that he was not good i think those people were haters and losers and many others there are really understand why they would say such a thing no joke he actually sounded like if you listen to the spot years which do right now put this podcast on half speed hi i'm just fisher and watching blake portals and god damned blake bores looks bag inefficient down here speed that's exactly what jefferson ok you also do this thing in lady said i think he did a fantastic job he didn't know when to stop talking so he it was like being on a phone call where you can't fully here the person i don't want to have the awkward silence you just keep filling in time he would make a point and then
the person who his color is play my plague i didn't say something right away he black war also is it i'm still talking now anyway just keep so who is it who got there first second season leonard williams i think yeah yeah i was here in just kept on talk is that he's a good players should it got to sack and play my plague i didn't say anything they finally jeff issues like letter williams welcome to the one sat club ok you don't hardly more job here you got no he was using you ve earned it is a big moment for you and for your family i'm just very happy that i could be here to witness in their first it was great and he is love with late borders as much as we are too which is great he's like first to ease these at the head of the bleak pools fan club i love you saying blake was like by the way blake was a wagon today yes he played really really well i think at the start of the game he was maybe fifteen for sixteen and then he was but you know what i'm not gonna counterfeiting
pollution that doesn't count in my heart and my heart he still perfectly sound thrower can you write down you know member the we have the every week we unlearn the things that we learned because we everything we learn is bad learn this real quick we'll try to remember the jaguars are the ultimate up and down to every single week if they ever big when they just will they will completely mail in the next week and then off that they like i think dumb rural roads as it has a mamma yoyo he's keeps going up and down the guy we gotta be the patriots god take this week off against titans or you lost ninety six now you gotta ship pump the jets wherever they are week i won't be spots jaguars costly block it yet a learned that so we can all learn what happens is one week leonard for that will play very well in the next week he'll have a foot or hamstring injury in the first quarter yet left again
the game that guy's hadn t that guy's hampshire years ago a raw piece of like shitty flanks take that thing is always stretched out too high hell to sum up i mean i would know joe out i would love to eat letter from its leg i mean i've had good reason crackers who asked to do so and like it thoughts and prayers ok of drugs kids here well unless your backs ease up you can't walk in you wanted just die i totally roma was in reforms that yes he was is europe during some of those replace is great you seeing at one point he was having a ball out i think he i think what what's happening is tony romo like you probably week one was a little nervous that maybe jason went was good and now that he realized reason with israel but never we got you can really he can we can really see the tony roma year to what he hasn't plan for i saw yeah he's gonna finally step out show a little more than personality numbers
i did see an interview with jason win and say what you want about win but he was always coaches dream coaches always loved him right very coach of us and so in this interview he was doing he has i ve been told hey man you need to start using emotions like humans do you feel that way they can tell you another computer program you up and in the middle of sentences he would just start smiling does a random since isabella like dallas cowboys they're gonna start to look to include rico gathers and they just start smiling because he was like oh yeah i'm supposed to my i'm supposed to just tell people that have been raised giving small steps he's gonna learn it before we get to for bulgaria we can whose back we got a couple things we have to do what is we have who asked you not on the save the embrace debate for frank right we'll talk also about james franklin in the worst play called at times of you want to hear that if you did richard repents they then that's coming up in segments if you are
can save has been forgotten sensitive i belgium but we do have to jump off statue beggar we do have to talk about the emily players in the craziest schedule ever this is so classing because merrily baseball i feel like the they kind of play and things but they always there's always is doomsday scenario and acknowledge that will never happen like the internet will never progress where the nba become super popular because everyone shares all their clubs and let them do it now that will never happen unleashes build our own fucking data the odor of our clam we'll old my own internet that will never happen but so do that ever happened happened we have two game one sixty trees on monday and both all fourteen or in the player so they ve all qualified for the place there playing a game to see who s a play in the wild card game which is then the next day yeah yeah it's insane
like this should be a situation that gets resolved by like a coin flip or who are any sort of thai breaker these teams played each other like fifteen times assyria you think that maybe you just go with that they should do penalty kicks out as i said during the world cup evens any event that's not a sakharov and should also be said losing peaches khazar electric we had this it doesn't make any sense like you your adding she came onto the schedule for the right to play in another game right and your sphere pigeon that will be all fucked up from it because you're at a place you to play on monday if you lose your play on tuesday if you win that apply on thursday this feels like some
that bug seal a road and like left in a safe inside the the commissioner's office do not she and then when manfred took over heated he had instructions to like open the safe and this is what we're gonna go right what why wouldn't you to start at least start the wildcard games on wednesday but whatever either way we have the purse at the clubs and the rockies at the dodgers i'm not complain because it is free sports in its awesome is busy and actually the plants i would prefer the cubs could actually when a game and stop the you guys mentioned beforehand team of destiny that is the one in the rulers have this feeling out may get a big vibe digression yellow the best player immediately airport and advice to bigger yeah you want an integral part in giving christian yelled the milan emerging in saying the nea descent what's gonna happen tomorrow just slow preview for everyone the i've been saying the central was decided since our no may so if the cubs way
i will say told you guys so the centralism and decides and may much as assume in if the cubs lose i will just three our picture of how much pain in from my back so please be nice to me that's it spends on like that i feel like that a work right yeah nobody's gonna extra mean to you now no chance ok let's get to are our football guy the weak and our whose back of the week before do that a quick word from our friends at duncan doughnuts so we all know what the most important meal a day is who do you have some say there were delays is don't like another gaudy but yes reveal did say it's down duncan
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long day of football watching along weaken a football watching you listen is right now run don't walk run but make sure you look both where's your country but run dung donors and get your two bacon egg and cheese sandwiches for five dollars all day ok affable guy the week we have some good nominees very good ones this week so first up we have jeremy prove it he is the tennessee football the coach was put in the audio you know these guys on this team of their lot of negative go toward him in a lot for a long time and i am proud of the way they thought they started last week
it ain't easy let me tell you something at team in red today tried to change the way we thought all right that's the way they're coached that's the way they play they play the right way jay sighting which means we're headed in the right direction and that excites me so i can get a little bit of motion so that was jerry pruitt crying about his team never quitting after they got smoked again and a week after one of his players did quit literally quit in the middle of the gas and refused to go into the game and said i'm transferring without progress sweden have anybody quicker in the middle the game that's that's a good thing i should tell us you would bring back a big number they had like a trash cans
but hold upon the suddenly yeah yeah they need to bring them back but i'd it's definitely football guy move to cry after a loss because are so proud of you got right in and also crying about how you're not gonna quit yeah that's a future your crying about how strong your team will be in the future because a sock intervention applying the recesses it's also bigtime football guy move to cry about something else but then pretend that you're crying about football ya think that's exactly what this was described as gives loose i think he's a good man i'm not good at this job it hurts me i've been way over my whole yeah that this is too much pressure for me i wasn't even your fifth choice to be the head coach why cause i've just hired gregg siano executives who is crying but then he just spot it into an islamic gas although my guys we're never gonna quit i next up we have no college coach that rule pillar head coach they got smoked by oklahoma classic billow com a game like
point scoring does it issues over vote on all of all time but that rule did do the thing where he was giving a lesson to one of his players and at the end of the lesson just decide to head bottom in the in the helmet gaslight two or three good times yeah that's what football coach do they don't use punctuation and exclamation point is just ahead that's how you no end of conversation i just like the idea of teaching so want to less like here you gotta be smarter out their kid and then to show you how smart you gotta be ominous smash my head on your mental home yet know there's the smartest thing a bill or coaches done and at least ten years yes so gotta given credit for that easily flexibly of john harbour who said before the summit a football game he said the players will watch netflix instead of the afternoon games to pass time before something i came that's what i would do if i knew how to get
netflix just classic yet it is not that hard john it's not that hard at shocked to john harbaugh doesn't get the netflix dvds still mailed to yeah he definitely calls up joe flacco in the hotel is like hey can you come up here for a second i gotta go will gain plenary quicker than he brings a man is like know how to turn on netflix on the tv set my dvd player to record this game that's on right now i need to get a wake up call tomorrow can you call down and do that for me i think i feel like john harbaugh still drives to the strip mall with a blockbuster used to be and he's got shit that's right it's not here anymore because someone over the next one is this guy we want close by yes i last that we have the long snapper for the rams kevin mcdermott who lost the tipp of his pinky in a players face mass but stayed in the game got stitched up went back in the game now we're both our vote for all form part of my take but this guy i feel like losing
think he is is kind of a cop out i don't know i feel it anymore caboosa ps b b a prince he got his little finger circumcised yet it's not that might like little tat i was covering all of people losing their finger yeah well yes i have long said that i would love to be an affinity for by the way i did so curious office for ball again is if we play the lead were loser has to get their finger cuts would you trade a loss pinky to cure the painter in right now the tipp of it yes yoda without it happens it's nothing i was lying yeah do i also think there is something to be said for a guy's gonna nub yet again a guy has been through shit like that shark tax at a bar fight nope guys demand respect when they shake your head it is a great thing whenever we give somebody had shaken they their missing link a forefinger it's an immediate story yes is an icebreaker conversation jerry garcia round manual lungfish you want romania has nine fingers missing half one the idea that a deafening send some very very shady what rate exactly you it's
your man a mystery if you have enough i want would ease or pinky forty which is the year in trouble pinky that i use i threw out the point when someone is in trouble i say you're sure when i throw you couldn't make the devil horns and iraq conservationists true way are we have here a texas ran to classy person house was a sure yeah but yes to answer your question hang out loud out taken up in a second hark back or not the i would taken dubbed knock like five minutes off my computer also know probably plays in the better if you want it's different know what anything different it's curveball you're not you're actually knuckle bawler within the other bedroom what's going on i swear whose back the weak enclosure star miles back the weakest carter macgregor oh i feel like people like he's fighting the saturday night and i feel like it's kind of not really being talked about them much maybe because he's going oh you think so it's gonna yes a b
this is he's the underdog writer who wrestled bears a child while you wrestled there's rushing bears the azure macgregor just rustled irish drugs ray it's not quite as bad i do think there's a world where he loses in those that element of kind of a regular can only bounced back from his other loss you haven't i feel the week i give you thought he was gonna win there be a lot more promotion i don't know i just there has been no real promotion outside of my problem is dated like doesn't shown to trust up some place and not commit six valleys slashed ain't white does want to pay a piecemeal spooky money he did have a d c he d was interviewed before the fight like today and said no offense no offense to everyone but i'll fuck about everyone has pretty get love that no offense so we did this guy actually use direct wrestle russian bear yes how's that happen like in his office i always backyard is dad was the dad who like tat the kids recorded tat murder which is dead
oh tat inside is making labelling is an axiom lefty i think that i was that russia ya think it's fair play if when i have a kid in my own and will do everything i can to make sure that he's left handed and honour and popular in high school and can can fight bears yet will that's all once i pity you yeah whose back of the week is going to be the trouble in paradise between aaron rodgers mike mccarthy yes so their unhappy again with each other and rogers made a bunch of comments after the game complaining about are not targeting right players in space enough we have on ways to get a play makers ball weedin target this guy enough and target this guy enough i love this love this time of year with those two guys hate each other somewhat you're just gonna coexisted gives aaron rodgers really good and meanwhile mike mccarthy's eyes or just like getting caught
closer together please look into more and more like a dunce everything a week but he adds it's a nice little right a passage for every inefficiencies notice that fifty said that not me so no common mean semi hater but yes they hate each other they always of hate each other it's great to watch aaron rodgers surly how can turn on cultural goods were in he's gonna be even more uncomfortable when he sees a dirty nelson had a good week this i sighed with michael cardenas utopia alley you had definitely garage i mean what's look his track record with backup quarterbacks rogers system called about yes example fossils be family yes it was with them i assure you brothers in the locker and we cannot ignore them good boy i my whose back his colleague being weird which is kind of he's always been around it's not really whose back but is less adele where he dressed up like a water bottle in art what the fuck is going on
over the last forty years the rush because a song is called silly it's all about fucking and they just did a clean version on as an element of violence and of all the songs to pick a lot is as a coating bottle that had been better they just up liquid to saudi india in its on parallel area yea perry on this the champagne a thing i would say that i was eleven pellegrino sam pale green oh yeah yeah addressed like a look why was kindly with where do people an unkind exists in some people feel my country is a farce now he's a show himself he just like a shell promoter and it's all fake why thank him where the trump at gets people quite upset yeah i swear tat i also say that it wasn't a trumpet because he redesign the bill on it that also so he's hurt him back he turned it into art by by cutting like a corner of cadiz found himself in like the perfect spot in life where if you like you view pulled a hundred people fifty one would say he's a brilliant genius and fifty of them would say he
strolling and looking for attention is almost the best might be it because you have people i adore you than you have people they can't stop watch em you even though they think that you're a troll yeah so either way again the publicity out there but you're actually write about like people that will still watch you for trolling so i don't think anybody actors not downloading colony is new home because i don't like him i think he is probably getting a lot of new listeners to his music that organ in upholding the shit out of it but i'm gonna give it a like to cover the skies jimmy's mega and then they listen to like what is this like rap here what's goin now what's goin on cardio he's got the whole world is always buzzing so easy can you i says it all figured out yeah i let's get sorted of your team nor tease before we do that we get to adds pity you want you want i'll do want yet let's do might so we're all playing on fiddle this week
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involving two shells and cheese is giving consumers and opportunity twin an all inclusive trip for four to the ssc championship game and thousands of instant prizes checkout liquid gold ass he see that com for details this now this offers through october thirty first no purchase necessary open to fifty u s dc residents eighteen plus void where prohibited in ten thirty one eighty four official rules go visit debbie debate a view that liquid gold as he see dot com and now big poppy david okay we now well come on aid now good friend of ours we john a third time you can probably recognise that laugh it is big poppy david ortiz legend of the game little bit so then last time when we're standing in the sun in dealing with a certain he melt
so you're here was sheridan you are doing a big day out with big poppy where you surprising unknowing fans for funding out in in the city of boston and shared in the official hotel them will be so what else what else you doing with shared in minutes but went for them i joined data show them family at this year would take him fans clan to whatever we will want to call them random the cereal boston of botswana sir as a city that about a history behind so i get to hang out with him pigment rested on the garden requested from frank way we hang out hotel dweller different thing was fun it was fun they like ok what i like about sheridan is when they clean the showers they dont plug up the drain yes it was all about issue hate this might be a cruise question how much is your watch worth you like it in his ears at all of her people were listening not watching republican
with a verse archie january have that same jacket a necklace so much pulling my eyes are just lighting up if you don't say the didn't believe you help me haven't bearded yeah right apply everywhere you got a point i mean it's it's him that's very nice water so yet let's we elections that we ve had yon you you become a of friend i guess clinically front ok are emerging for yeah yeah so this bitter re lay dykes intimidated by by they'll do little locker himself up your decent jot less do yeah so who is the best the locker of talk guy in your career i gotta give it welcome similar yeah yeah that's has tried to see about it i don't know a large every site so fight who is the second best because gamblers too easy let me see
man now probably me oh we also need a like that did you have any slump busters like you because right now you know you can get you a function when we blog sometimes like i am cracked at a good blog in a week what would you do to get a slum what we saw the pan a man i was late to motor were literally have slums idea everybody everywhere in baseball we have long i mean you're always you can be doing a good and all of a sudden bombed you offer teddy you don't they happen so we're going off what there is lay wi fi gangs young i mean you all you do can go fighting gained without the helm in a hobby you know say so well i don't know but i think once i was going through it all i always want to do things differently
just just used to like will you give reset you mine in them is it clear caution said all of that problem has ended up would you use in my way i have a lot to do with my different routine till i go to regularly not eighty mates i pedro martinez or any one else to help you out if we fight the true story the parity to me you won't believe it i think we will have it i really think that we also have an alarm
better ways to go by with different thing though the time difference tat saw in it was a lot of you or be naked involving the horse into a very happy guy about whether before that likes to put different parties arm yet they have got an orgasm last once the locker and talk so were obviously getting closer toper it is a weak away play off baseball nothing like it what you know in terms of a team how does it how does the energy and the feel of a team to switch as soon as you get two october are pierre guy just more focus or do you go more relaxed like trying to loosen everyone up so people don't get tents how does a team approach october differently than in the six months of the season is ethical code
can you know once you know you're going to be in it you your mindset it is it's like you know flipping a switch it's easy just like okay yeah tis a team work a man is always a team work by didn't irregular season you want to make sure that you will send into the table personally every day you know people always talk about a being a on a plane to gang i don't mind if you so if your surfing the longest you brings on that day whatever they do not say so the one you working for the playoff is it teamwork you know it everybody need to be in the same page because it's a short series and you want to take advantage of everything that is going on if you got men in scoring position you want to make sure that guy
or if you're a pitcher in your face in a guy and tufts its working you wanted to show you the guy if your plane different you wanna make sure u s if you have to play you not answer because everything happened so quick any social and all of a sudden a feudal execute the railway you can be a home i any data somewhat if you one hundred and feeling how would you say focused though not playing in the field i always wondered that with the ages it's gotta be tougher play off game or you know you uniform at best five five bats and a game to stay focused in in between those bats how do you do that for the thing is that in my case being one of their order an club and being one of them has been the longest hinder the guy i was always my my job besides hearing was trained guys back we information about war scorn on the fearsome he wasn't really the time off for me you know i always he accomplished drawing ere he come look you bet you come
bogart they want to know what's goin on where the guy strawn you know i mean did idea is the right way you know i mean it's so much goin on board and began that there's no way you can be unplug anytime we're not so in other words you're the guy with the apple watch those cynic signals who i gotta get myself one of those who like while they formation go into this why did this one is not simple eyes and a time yet as you know i do not have one funds hopped about just where i get is blamed on people you look at your phone for tat i thought of my time is always run my wife s over the course the regular season would you like going out for batting practice everyday which you were there ever any coaches that you knew were watching like from afar and like keeping stats on you know where you put the ball and batting progress or research is strictly a time was a you go out there and work on which everyone is yet does thus a secular work in our like the gorgeous they kind of lake get onto mix whenever you doin somethin wrong whenever you you were misled the want to watch what you doin and then he comes day tb tine where you do you compare would you do an inviting practice we were to do under the gang endanger mechanical
far away that's when the coach is getting mixed or the now to me but in practice this bearings play a bigger role because i want to go there and consistently everyday do what i know that i need to do to cover the hope you know from pole to pole the whole feel you know so i thought that was something that i used to work on every day and they and you have a guy like milky way coming into the lee sitting down watching they learn bogart watching they learn and that's why those guys are so go because based worrisome thing that you had a v on it twenty four slash seven you can just sit down and unless you let yourself kicked out of sleeping you know i mean that's competition there people that they are waiting together that opportunity to two earned a position so you that it works out everyday who is your favorite person the media in the media while your plan
i gotta say my favour media besides you guys have to be with my man named afro then shall i see you again here by the way i was by with immediate you know like like you know the mediators in boston you know like you go by for i know that the media so was trying to do their job they were so most negativity once i get there once we darwinian things are changing your nose it attacking was different but the media i had to say something to make things they do not answer we have funded if if you understand now you you you before you gonna jobs you would
you gotta get out of you guys out yet but we are judged by the way calling saying the den chauncey hasn't afro is probably the highest compliment he's ever know sit down not agreed after that so there hasn't been a team to repeat in baseball in a really long time and you have we were part of three world series teams obviously never repeated what's it what when you're trying to get when you're back in the play after winning a world series and you're trying to repeat a you're trying to find your crown is there what what goes into that and why did you guys fall short like it is there feeling of okay we already one one so maybe not as much urgency going into it i ain't seen hasn't happened in baseball while actually in a word you that cutting to so many things once you win that is so hard to repeat for simple you
when you win a world series everybody want a piece of you and for you to prepare for the following season you don't have that much time because everything that is going on i mean you see it at team that win the world series right now you see a group of them in la doing tv you see a group within somewhat i was i mean it is that there's so much going on with what i want i wouldn't say that that is the the the the one thing that that get you off to win the following season i think the competition start paying more attention to what you guys to other team did they give the the previous year you know so and then they start attacking those those part of the hospital the game the way you do don't get to be able to execute that they the same
indeed the eu before the blue year so there's there's this was you win the world series the recipe the least our pay more attention to why you wonder where serious right that's the way i can describe those by the washing nationals never do because we want that target on about off season to prepare we are smart already think price i was gonna go i will say a brake on i go to an american beating interesting no pinstripes boston now i think we are stuck in boston we go no further you know salmon i don't think he's dogs name is wrigley in another seems fenway
well you know when i woke up beyond that i got the idea let it appear philadelphia i've actually yeah dark horse what if he's trying to win a war susan as few year thing pinstripes to yeah yeah you're so anxious he wants to get those rights although i know that sees in the phillies seasons actually issued because they were kind of their obviously in the east the enemies for a very long time this year they were not start team to cap put together they been doing rebuilding thing and in the last like week in a half they just kind of fallen off the face of the earth how's that happen where team can just essentially die at the finish line wow remember them i don't think a way with spectin into do thou well yeah but then they
a man a year which is my boy gay cobbler gay capital is one of their unique person in baseball that i can tell you that guy is traded in than an error you know like this guy he won things to be perfect and i think that was one of the reason why these teenty saw well first half of the sea somebody remember in the second half of the season sperience play a bigger role cause gassed are getting tyre you know the sell out against too much travelling so the second have you had to approach the sea some different than than different in the first half of the season so if you look at it day that philadelphia team everybody bring much is bay yon so there's not much it was parents
but i would say that this year gonna carry over in the following years plus with a horrible find a cover for them to one stuck up and then in have differences in years to come over i obviously you know you still get that pay check from the red sox so you have to say that they're gonna win the world series right out a doubt yeah that's not smart businesses and does jackass don't pay for macedonia nosair yeah but if you had to say what the weakness on the red sox is this possible would be no poppy up omelette concerned to be able to issue a bow the middle deliver now i think we need to approach their opposition better when it comes down to it bring rotation to me better than way i've been so look good
i mean when you have certain amount you knows it's something guarantee when by once they'll get out of the game in the six or seven those eating and a half i want to make sure that we are covered until we get to work my mandate closer so that part of the game things that concern me a little bit by other than that i think right today ok so you obviously world if i asked you for your world series picket say the red sox give me a backup so you the red sox gimme the backup houston ok looking further repeating the eyes and hissing silicon valley in houston have a lot of your struggle the name for a season with young injuries by they have everybody already play now so and they had to play off so young you got
forget about them they yankees to be honest with you day the boy back yeah and you know there are different monster when they have the big boy did not pitching now can you say yankees like six times as always awesome yankee yankee yankee we absolutely have to sampled opens up here as i have already said about the way we play the way the way we plague is yankees d this year so narrowly warrior body was the yankees they came here so yeah gesture are you ever worried about the fact that so full disclosure enough i've ever told you this but i work for a rod part of iraq corp ok re ever worried that he's better he was better player and better and broadcaster than you
now if you re right across my just you better stay over my bread is again a bag of migrant labour token treasure by the result in higher authority i understand you got your bag i do love you re writer agreed together yea ways if he's very professional you know and said and now he doing homework man oh yeah i me personally i can tell you that i have learned a lot away from him he those homework you wanna be right on salmon is better profession beatin yeah have your pitched his game now would you ever want on minority i think i do i hear what what's in your arsenal we're gonna put you through i guess lighter change and change a plus
cuervo oh yeah i got it took six that case that need buckler buckler little like right you're coming back to the whole like this do we were ass you hit the hardest stir the toughest pitcher you ever faced was we bedroom i don't know what's going on tough mandy i'll give you a hard time i'm in baseball are you going back and for my museum it yeah our time at the beginning and we know how would you prepare for a guy like that how you guys getting you out so say you're goin talked october you know your facing a team where the pitcher has given you trouble all year how do you would you choose everything you do you say i'm trust what i do is seen over aggression the mean all the baseball the nerves you know you know who the nerves they all say that so far but how ella cloudy approach it warlike go to the videos various our lake
the best thing that ever happened to spoil you know saying you you go but then you see you get ideas gsm time is hard to retain pitch by pits how the guy approachable you got a video and you see the percentage of pitches by the guy had trouble you in there now you started not be mine you know like my machine i have three deafening angle breaking ball so are the beginning for me and then he got to go fast without the timing was turning ninety five so i was a fastball hitter so i will not post your fastball but he noticed that and then he want to give me the fossil when i was like the right so i one point manny pull me to say was like want to seem to want to give you an ally what're you talkin about you want me to forget about my facile no showing that you can hear a break and ball and day will give you the festival and mighty used to be really whirl of within inn
in our approach you nice talk haven't better result but is one guy that even into the as a day of my career now i remember he had such a great stuff to me we have one of the best lighter coming from a left under feature which is my boys easy seas of us yeah yeah i think cecy is is he how the best lighter from lefty against left yeah now and again caesar was was a mean was right on him into the last day are lazy c c c was was was hard guide to hit ok we're going to wrap it up so they give another interview you got to do you doing it with jared you know jared promise obviously the die hard red oh yeah you just do one thing now so i beat you in the home under every five years ago we did it again this summer i be church so i kept my crown symmetric modal shift
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the big poppy david ortiz is basically a member shown a yes yes is these become a good friend of ours so first up we need to embrace debate we eluded through to the vienna showed the colts had a very curious strategy in overtime to set the scene it was tied obvious exists overtime they errors forty five seconds left the texans had zero time out circles are on their own forty fourth and for they went for it they didn't get it the tax and turned round got one first down and kick to fuel won the game not towards frank right said i don't play for fuckin ties apply to win the game out of a desire will put list it is do you think that that is smart or he just being a kind of like a football harder i wouldn't the answer's no its not smart but in a way it's very smart because is pure football it's like you know that
riddle of solomon are you familiar with this so they're saying well you could we were going to take this win and we're going to cut it in half and give half of it to each team and then frank rex like no fuck that i would rather have the wind yeah and have the wind go to somebody than she had destroyed and divided so really it is a very very football guy thing to do i actually i mean so dumb because you he did just hand the game over and i think out understand more there is like around the moment like in the moment this is so stupid handing the handing the game over and that's exactly i played out but you kind of understand the thought pictures of i don't really want to tie in our record because then it screws up the math and i'm not a big mac guy so let's just keep it clean here like none got to be a winner and a loser i take me like twenty minutes to explain to jim or say what a tie you re after mine and every week that we have that one thing in the type on the u dont forget other time jim legalities try to add up ok with eight winds
it means we have laws is not that we i jim after week seventeen nurse who would be like well we have one last game coming up right now but i do know we're nine where you were six and nine but there's one at the end so i also have a little stay woke here that line if you watched it it bounced around so many times from as much as like texans minus one and a half to texas plus one and a half i feel like that was someone someone got a huge middle and that both sides although now that i'm sorry it doesn't even work because a tie wouldn't one that so what i just said makes no strike it from the record but i get off the record bookie and keep it in hate but what i just said that's my back is backyard me
that is your back talking on the wet yeah allows bout off with big well one thing that we do know is that the rivalries attack on debts in those like though the moment member when i memorized what i used was given a little too high a couple years ago i thought saint mary was shaving points yeah and i stayed up to like two in the morning to uncover big big excursion eritrea your vows what happened with the court's thing i was in your life or flock someone's really get in someone's double dip in here you were watching like highschool basket volleyball film of israeli guess i want in comparing they're not selection enemy listen yeah we'll deal recently established the new horizontal will listen you know i like that movie conspiracy through email gibson he had a million of him and he was right about one of em right so you eugenic into it you gotta keep casting units that are also not community by us but yet the courts other there on a short week this week they gotta be just like you have to lose faith in your
which after decision we that right yes i think that he tried to take the football harlow stance afterwards but in real time is being simply more on their salary was how he was thinking he was like i just want to be like aggressive and go for a writer right be really there's no chanticleer thought that through because if you have if you play like that that's gonna swing the game when we're there another at least make it a creative play call was was like too stupid legal that's great segwarides his james franklin had somehow the worst play call off of two time out of ever seeing your house they penn state aid which is awesome the watch over the game forth in five needs it to keep them alive he's got three times ass he uses two of them to decide what to call and then calls a hand off in that went nowhere afterwards like where we saw something with their defense we thought there be a crease there i still don't understand how that i can get away
well if you see something their defence and then you called two consecutive time out not a football coach live yes it by saying this yes but something's probably going to change in their defence over the course of those two time oh yes and yes right it is useless it he was trying to hit paws on the other teams defender and then change of play is simply while our remarks may see other cautious coached the worst came in their life it's fucking infuriating near me your frayed that you're gonna kill him if you beat him yeah lay there he'll trip on a phrase gonna walk over and delete all your testimony is even though does know how do you do not know how to we have a pure wanna one for the u s they suck ryder cup what what what a waste of a tournament wasteful fun time below us think and the games were dead
of matches my back yard to during the morning some something about gulf in france does not sit well with me either yeah i agree both in france is not a gulf country tiger woods offer for in his matches did you see what's in it that's not fair play though they they put in france on purpose and now he's still they knew the tiger woods would go of their needs all the women none of which are working procedures and just get really really distracted by everything so's all match play so you know if you're up three europe three holes or for holes going down the stretch we get so you know all sixteen the game's over the aspirants some molinari what he thought about seventeen and eighteen the holes and he's i got an i think i might apply that in practice run on tuesday that's vegas flax of all sides awesome good for him he up so and patch agreed listen pageantry did the whole cold in here to the booming fans before the tournament started when you do that you better fuckin back it up no
to discuss our pride never watch golf until the master no no those misconstrued somebody was playing imagined dragons on a speaker yet way off in the distant on those actually trying to hear it used to travel get a gem onto lightning in the thunder and the thunder and lighting and thunder but is it is it you i am boycotted golf accept silver drain on putting dungeon of gulf except for filberts tiger and in the masters are there any other golf tournaments coming up though i don't think so yeah there aren't so yeah this is like i mean a boycott watching football from tuesday until thursday morning yes itself what actions immaculately was so i'm not gonna watch any for porn wednesday yap like submersion all twenty two sometimes our game passes put it up on ok we'll bad visual for jimbo fisher he grabbed efface mass ones player here then a very upset including one guy chris long said that this is unacceptable and then someone said somebody never played football sneakers
there such a fantastic hasn't this one of the things were everybody that didn't really play football says if you actually play for paul you cut you know their coach desert you every single practice right as ignore not does really happened like that is finally what the bailout guarded yeah but i know it's different billy ahead but is affection it's a symbol of reaction it's a good eskimo kiss yeah hegel ever ever play with the cap before were they bump their head into you their way of i love you when they scratch you with their claws it serves oh yeah i'm a cat i'm an asshole and love anybody not gonna happen to know i mean it's this texts with status was jimbo that's probably waited the job he's a number legal texts and i can do even more fucked up shoot my players yes exact can lock him into a concussion that's just the two by two shed seeber metric sim bradford he is losing three
eight thousand dollars per game now thoughts and prayers he gives a cardinals or making him the third string quarterback which means that were one step closer to getting mike linen and the game which is that's a big positive right there were actually we dimension this already we'll get back to salmon second the bracket shipment appear yes what are you going to do by the way i'm nothing just a lot of sweet the absolute time of bio assent bradford that's that's that's a bargain good pace and bradford three hundred thousand dollars to not play yeah and he's doing it for free the only thing is they do they have to can we call their bluff like joshua's and gets hurt they have to put on my planet right yes absolutely wow that's how it works with the quarterback yet yeah he's it worries emergence court actually not active sitting in your bad about sambre for heed the every autumn on a real shame i hope we can figure out how to feed a family get like i'm saying this is them stashing him as trade bit yes i'd
last stuff we have done a finished me so we're taking this in my apartment i have not been able to move for two days now do you think i should hate both verse i can you run us through the play by play of the injury yes happened so i've done this injury before it was like eight years ago it's a boy it's the technical injury is a bulging disk yeah see believe especially gotta be careful you say that so essentially what happens is you know like your i don't know the fucking jelly in between your vertebrae has bulges out hits a nerve your whole body just shuts down like i i went to play basketball home and i stood outside of my apartment for twenty minutes trying to muster up the strength to walk in
because my whole body was locked down so look work i got pushed in the back for rebound it heard a little bit i said on good cause i'm fuckin talk you know like whatever anyone think some tough from tough whatever you say a push in the back and then the next game i went for a loose ball because i hustle some tough in a hostile net in my whole body locked up and i was fucked yeah ok saw their stolen starts making your parents are reclaiming atomic yes she's alpha by the way you think the first thing is so did my gun this parliament she's walked over to me couch into sat directly in my lap always like this is my cock she said ass she gave me laughed no soap thoughts first you this is one of those once you get your first back injury
as the first sign of being an old man right what did i say although the kids are saying washed out you might be done you might not be finished but you might be wash right what am i on my long do i get do i shall stop playing basle i think ever know i think you are doing the right thing your hustling yes your hustle yuri cleaning the glass so put there comes a question like is playing is getting a possible injury worth playing correct latin horizon treves glass awareness is why i hold out from playing basketball great hopes of a big future contract the last time i had this injury was eight years ago and it was because a deadlock roused actually working out during prospect and that pain there was a lot of things are came into play but that pain was part of the on their working out again and now i'm back at it so now i think i just need to i think i'm gonna become one of those guys restricts movies and does yoga and like my core anchored dismantle what i mean is better than this painful
is like i actually think that i'm mean my ads are a disaster not news to anyone and i think i probably had apart into to do with this back pain it might but listen big also herself short like it's important remain physically active throughout your thirties otherwise you get to forty you're gonna have a lot of gray hair and you're gonna look sooner old just gonna be bad look city for you that's all you got rid of the grey hair but then you got back injury yo r u anymore why are you more or less was then you were a week ago today lot waterways funds is less right yes on your salary started i totally hopefully transition will be back in the studio i went from saturday not being able to move to sunday being able to sit up some hoping by twos out over the walk teresa that's more active and rock oswald had been on sunday for was worse than die by way worse
working on them for injury you wouldn't believe you would in no way worse yet there are i further back in exactly what your whole body except to foot into my home my legs are now my arms or numb my noses so in other words you have united sex what you sound so answer you have the stranger on both hands yeah so i want your masturbation life is about to get a lot nicer there i will see us tuesday wednesday largesse
a guy
yeah it's pardon my tape presented by bob stool sports
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