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Devin Hester + All Business Pete Roasts Us

2017-12-15 | 🔗

We're live in beautiful West Virginia for Hank's big fight. NFL Week 15 Preview. Guess that Bowl Game and Fantasy Fuckbois(2:05-14:46). Former Chicago Bear and Future Hall of Famer Devin Hester joins the show to talk about his retirement, his favorite kick return, the Quarterback he liked the most, and whether or not he dreams in punt returns(16:57-34:58). Segments include Spinzone for Jeremy Kerley being visited by a ghost(37:10-39:06), Embrace Debate Stafford vs Russ Wilson(39:11-42:50), Kings Stay Kings Lavar Ball(42:51-44:13), Bad lip reading Lebron and Lonzo(44:14-46:14) and listener roasts read by All Business Pete(46:26-56:23) 

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