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Dog The Bounty Hunter + World Series Game 6 Recap

2019-10-30 | 🔗

The Nats are a team of destiny + we preview game 7 ( 2:31 - 10:51) . NFL trade deadline where nothing happened (10:51 - 16:40). Hot seat cool throne (16:40 - 30:59). Dog The Bounty Hunter joins the show to talk about, life after Beth, losing his virginity at 12 & how he would beat up everyone in the studio. Segments include "Respect The Biz" for Hank, Jake Marsh Sports biz minute + Guys on Chicks with clean shaven Uncle Chaps.

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On today's pardon my take, we have dog the bounty hunter. We also have games six of the world series of controversial game six, but the right team won. We have NFL trade deadline. That really wasn't that good, hot cool throne and our good friend uncle chaps on the show for guys on chicks and he shaved, and it was a big to do, but beef so we get to all of that part of my take is brought to you by the cash app cash app is simplest way to send, spend and save, and now it's this way to try to grow your money in using drum roll. Cash app, investing, unlike investing tools that only let's you buy whole shares of a stock cash app. Let's, you purchased slices of shares. This way when your favorite company stock is just a little too expensive, you can still own a piece with those little as one dollar and because cash app is directly connected to your bank account. There are no four to five day waiting periods for inbound transfer.
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okay, let's go what part of by the cash strapped go. Download right now use code partially get five dollars free five dollars as Pca. Today is Wednesday October 30th and the greatest two words in sports under protest game. Seven
okay protest, we got both well, no, you can't so it's under protest was is not Sun said it was under protest, can't protest. I still under my personal pro also they won yes the best of eight now, you don't have to approach. So we don't know. I don't like him to hear this pc yeah. I was part of ball. Don't lie twitter, but you had to say had to get it out Turner got robbed on that infield single, but you can't be mad I'm not mad anymore, I'm just I'm just disappointed in the empire, really the the hero of the of the night, because it was there was a moment where It was going to be. The umpires is going to be like a saints rams situation. If the Nazis running a little New Orleans on it's going to be an absolute shitshow, the fact that they fucked that up and then I you know who they were talking to billboard outside Joe Torry's house is going to get ugly. It was going to get real ugly, but it ends, not mattering, because the nationals run don't hit that home run and the hero of the night is Dave Martinez
trying to fight an umpire with a bad ticker, the guy who he had a heart. Surgery or something treatment. Something happen this this summer to the point where he's not allowed to drink coffee anymore, because it's bad for his heart and he went full aggro rage, a holic on the arms and I loved every second it that's a man where you want to place! It was probably good for him to get that out of his system has a little release yeah. It was like a nice cardio workout for him getting upset. Also Did he got thrown out because at that he has to go cool down somewhere well, you idiot, send a message. Your team doesn't back. I gotta send a message to let them know that you were behind him. One hundred percent. And he did all that arguing with two guys are holding back. He beat the double to your health, shot off him yeah. I don't know he held them back in with a little spin move. Yep got up in his face. He looked like when the Bosa brothers out there a lost both sir it was. It was a fun game to watch. There's a lot that went down despite the final store score kind of blow blowout
it was. It was exhilarating game to watch. I'm glad that I only have one more them to watch this postseason, because it's reaching the point where it's like playoff hockey, where I'm getting too amped up too nervous the plays, are affecting me too much. I'm glad we got game seven. We got Joe Buck on the call tomorrow. Ready to hit him with a The Houston Astros can suck on Deez nuts, as he promised that he would. He promised that he would say I'm counting on him fun stat, the last manager to be kicked out of the World Series Game, Bobby Cox, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, manager before that to be kicked out of a world series: Game, Bobby Cox, nineteen, nine, Ok, it's a fun stat idea, I'm shocked at Bobby Cox. He could never be to spin move and he's a space heater he's a guy. That's like a nose tackle. He stayed behind to guys he's a guy who would say some really fuckedup schitt. Not he won't do it like you know, in a the way that the market is that we're. I actually think he was going to kill someone to rip someone's throat out our country. Just cut you to your core yeah
If you get into an argument, Bobby Cox you're going to see a therapist for the next seven years of your life, just to get that out of your system. One thing about the Astros. I saw again just Kershaw on twitter again tonight also Layton Verlander. They were both trending at the same time again still doesn't have a world series win might not ever X. Might not ever get a world series win, Kate, Upton Then she said that trade Turner was clearly interfering. Yeah deployed play pretty hard on that one. So we also we have issues right though she worked so It's called out, yeah sure we want. Yes, she was technically right. She was not right on spirit, always right, She was right that the unbridled, though call was caliber assessment, was Iraq, okay and and Hank for one who doesn't believe in turnover lock. The real story of the night was Babip as I called as I predicted, the Nats bad,
it turned around it's one stat that have picked up on this offseason, so I'm an expert on it. We got luckier, honor balls that were hit in play tonight. The Astros got less lucky than they have been. That is what really turn the game around what. this is like you're, like a new thing of the day that he's like a four year old and found a new word he's been saying: every single, I'm wearing a shirt. What is it we didn't watch this on barstool gold? If you want to look at my shirt that I'm wearing it says, Babbitt bonded as for batting average on balls in play. So it's like you can hit. yeah literally like look it's like when it's bad we, the Meteo, so it's like hit a hard hard line drive directly at the shortstop and he catches. It doesn't mean bad hit right. How much you about Babbitt. Like a week ago. ok absolutely could not have cared less about Babbitt, but now that I know that is a key to the nationals win this world series all in on it, I'm all in on the Nats Babip, I'm very excited
for game seven. But again, as I mentioned, I'm looking forward to it being over, and I think that we were right, big cat, I think, the first report. This will give credit to him that the Nats are Artemida. Yes, they are and they're not going to lose game seven. If they do, I will eat this podcast play my podcast in the end shadow to the Nats having the foresight to shut Stephen Strasburg down in for two thousand and twelve, absolutely that was you got the performance out of him in the world series that you are look before when you had him stop pitching in September, even though you were in the playoffs yeah, God bless the broken road that led us to this game. Seven yeah I mean that so game, seven, nothing better. We also had a bat controversy tonight, so Bragg hit a dinger and I'm I'm sick bregman. Whenever he gets up to bat, I'm I'm a little bit terrified. He digger and then he carried his bat all the way to first base and then dropped it after he got there. You had the Brian. Into of the world flipping out people were very mad. Going the clown move, sings disrespectful to
game. That was awesome when they had what is your whole yeah and then so. To do the same thing. It was a yeah who can carry the bat longer off I feel like if you hit a walk off home run in the world series which isn't going to happen this year, but in the future, if it happens, you should be allowed to. All the way around this big night for for the who says baseball. Isn't fun crowd. You guys got your night. That was it, big night. You had all the fireworks, he had the during the bad off the umpires Dave Martinez Home Run. I think they choose the balls again flight. I agree it was all over moon shots yeah there were Jews and that's why ever land was so mad. He got. He got really upset the baseball tonight out his he's used. the doctor, the spin rate balls that they have in Houston as power pointed out to us he's used to pitching with a juice ball that favors picture. Now. It's swung the other way. That's why Verlander can't win a game in the World Series, which is kind of bulshit narrative because he's pitched well in some World Series games, but that's
going to get in between me and were hot takes. We are a host shows his own sex yeah. Absolutely right, I'm a results based God to insects, actually keep mental health in me too agreed not clutch and MAX Scherzer is ready to go tomorrow because you got the cortisone shot, Would you show your angle again? God bless the broken road that you got to that point PD or try. That's what you give if you're, if you're pregnant, if you're giving birth I've got a cortisone shot, my back six yeah. I know it's awesome. How makes it basically makes your entire, like insides, wherever they give you the shot, feel super warm. You can only get like two or three year years takes away all the sensation. Letley numbs you up for like two, it's like roman swipes for your spine. It's awesome awesome! Okay, MAX had the look in his eyes, both of 'em the Brown One and the blue one tonight he looked like he was ready to get in the game. He was pacing MAX Scherzer if you think he's sleeping tonight
friend you don't know MAX Scherzer is probably not leaving the ballpark no just going to paste. That would be bad if you didn't sleep if he likes up on the mountain, just hurt his neck again, My he's going to pace, yeah. What's the sleep number on a baseball bat? What is the pillow situation for MAC? rosin bag. His bed tonight, like that's, you not that he's on the road yeah. I in a strange bed he's on the road concerning. That's. Why not? he's just going to paste the sixty feet from home plate to the pitcher's mound back and forth If you want to watch us, we are a personal goal: dot com, slash, p, empty barstool goal, dot, com, Slash pmt! So what's the plan tomorrow night? Are you going to? I guess you guys use. Would you sorry stars on Thursday lost. I would you think I should do saga stars for this. We yeah, I know it's yeah. The plan was actually there's a would play yeah. We want to the point: I'm not gonna, do it on Thursday, if you lose, I'm not gonna make a plan because we're not gonna lose. But yes thank you. Letters that are great, I was gonna say I'll come in, but I don't really want you know.
going to come watch tomorrow, night game, seven, I mean I want to watch what your friend I know, like we've been here so late, every single night, I'm starting to lose my brain a little, maybe I'll, show up late. That's fine show up in the seventh. that's fine! Ok! Once you go home your home no, no I'll be I'll, be back to you. Just ok! You think I got it all down here. I'll be here I'll, be here, yeah just make sure don't let ok, I'll, be here! Okay, let's do so, nfl trade deadline that Wasn'T- really the biggest This is the day. Wasn't a trade, his Andy Dalton, getting benched on his birthday that sucks sucks and I was upset for hot second, when I thought that we were going to lose our beautiful redheaded bengals quarterbacks, because we've been spoiled for the last. What eight years since a long like to have a quarterback whose hair match so well with his jersey and then I saw who is back up was and he's got red hair too yeah. It doesn't pop the same way as Indies, but in standard definition. It's just like it's uh,
watered down Andy Dalton, which is pretty much just air Hank I have a little trivia for you column, a column b through age? Thirty, two season? Fourth quarter, comebacks, eighteen, verse, twenty game winning drives twenty three verse? Twenty. For passing yards. Thirty thousand eight hundred and forty four verse. Thirty thousand three hundred and fifty two so called make up that one a. and Yahoo. Do you have for calling take? Call me or call me: we can add race call. May can I don't want? No, I didn't know. No. We had one more there. Yeah wind winds versus the patriots. True is the range on the fifth which I for example, so yeah, so you don't know you don't know that one doesn't give anything zero, zero, we'll call be, but I know it's so stupid that people do that shit. I love it. Love it with mystery player. Yeah here check it out, Is this the first time that
Password that's in the top five. In terms of total, passing yards in a season has been benched. This late in the season, we're gonna to Joe Flacco, that benched. But he got he got assassinated. He got attempted hack tempted murder, because he stuck his neck out and industry that he had spine. John Elway was like that's a neck injury, all four NFC North heroes are dying the real losers in this by the Buffalo bills. Yeah. I don't have any don't to push them into the playoffs again through. That was the his defining moments that and when he lost his luggage on the highway yep, so any don't move daily. What had guessed too yeah well well, he takes thanks, go through puberty to him, my little toys growing up, he's getting heartburn? These are I'm just thinking about this, because the fact that Matt Stafford just passed Joe Montana and total yards like NFL pass. stats are so funny Tom Brady and played in the same era, but because, it was even like you know, ten
years ago you can manipulate the stats. New age, thirty, two, it's ridiculous! Nfl passing stats are so fucking funny to look at whoever comes after this will will beat everyone before it and forever and forever and forever. The other big news was Trent Williams did not get traded, and then he immediately reported to the Redskins and What Bruce Allen ended up doing the situation ' was he made up some trade offers for for Trent Williams back in September he said that the patriots offered him first pick another, a mystery team, that's how you know it's real! Am mystery team. There! Really! hot- the live in Canada. They, for him also first round pick in MID September. Without neither one of those offers was true, and he just wait until the last minute, hoping that somebody would call offer first round pick didn't, and so now he's reporting to still doesn't want to play is going to be on the team for another year and he's going to be worth. less in the offseason, because he'll have one fewer year towards free agency
who okay so graceful cat- management and roster management by the r word yeah and then to keep to leave getting traded to the dolphins. That was so mean yeah, but it continues our pick ponzi scheme. that uh the rams are doing 'cause. I don't know they like got back a fifth, but they had already traded one slash five, someone tweeted, that they don't even know if they had a fifth to like doing the trade if conditional to any one of those pics, it's like. Ok, that doesn't exist, necessarily know and yeah I was it was Brock Osweiler affect so they are essentially paying the rams. They. traded him for negative eight million dollars, yeah, I'm getting it? Yes, yes, so I mean I keep to leave like who do they play at the first thing? In the first thing I did when I saw that was look up Michael Crabtree and see if he was on on a team that was going to play against the dolphins later on this year. He's not he's a free
agent. So I guess you could be signed far. I could see the Patriots Peyton should sign him yeah, I think they have two games coming up. Yes, they should talk that would be so awesome it's more chain snatching that, but yes, we do all right, any other NFL notes. I I think that's fun to leave. I just take the flight to Miami and then I quit after you get there. It's like free fly us to South Beach. Yes, All the I guess, the only other NFL thing was anything your came out and said that he actually was kicking from the wrong hash Mark and Matt make you never asked many backtracked it because you realize how much you up. Also that's fine, then yeah yeah, I know so. If I everything's fine too so he's back in the two and may ladies come out and double down triple down yeah, he said he would do it one hundred times out of one hundred everything That's what you have to do just in life, if you're wrong about something just say that you're not wrong in double down on the thing. You are clearly wrong about yeah. I just keep going and eventually you'll find ten percent People will just respect you for being hard headed enough. Yeah right.
Like you, know what at least he stuck to his way. Yeah lease is an a stuck to his guns. I don't know he's unrelenting yep, that's good dot. Net net, okay, hot, see cultural before we get to dog the bounty Hunter Hank. Once you start on the see this netflix they are. Considering adding a variable, playback speed so similar to podcast, where you can go like one one, slash two and two times speed and it's got like filmmaker's very upset cinema people here. People are freaking out, Judd Apatow set like he was on a tweet, I said, don't make me, have to call every director and show creator on earth. I thought you on this save me the time I will win, but it will take me a ton of time, don't fuck with our timing and there's a lot of other people that were like falling suit and going off yeah that well if I'm Judd Apatow, I'm pissed off too, because Imagine, Seth Rogen's voice at 2x speed. He's got that Buddha bent off yeah. and people listen this podcast on one one slash two times speed. So yes, two times speed, I think
you're insane. If you do that, no I'm not sure been doing that. I've tried doing one one slash two times speed on hardcore history because It's like six hours, long per podcast But, if you do it on like a comedy podcast, so definitely not ours. But if you did it on a funny podcast, I think it would throw things off. You start doing this really quickly and in every single episode with people yeah mother, this is Peter Lugers me zero star review, which is equivalent to zero balls. Oh man, I love Peter Lugers. That's my favorite restaurant. In Brooklyn, oh man, it was like when you go through the waiters, and sometimes it will see and they pick the bigger stick and then he keeps flipping through the parking and say. Ok, this is expensive. This picture we want some, From a night, you perceive you spanish and that's hard about. Can you lose? You can re cook your steak on the hot plate because they keep a really hot and as long as I have the honor and I'm ready to get started, so I thought as a place that I connections are full court. I went there, but now they've zero serve you. So I have no clout in setting. So it's like. When are you now man that song? home
I enjoy the sting people that two interrupt it was devoid it was now everyone who listens to it on regular speeds like this fucking sucks yeah, you guys are asking and I agree- I agree Peter Lugers yeah. That's that's bad! That actually like that place. It's it's a name that just exudes class yeah you feel like hey. You wanna go rumors Peter Luger. I guess. Maybe it's a guy name, yeah, exactly yeah I'll buy the the going back to Seth Rogen, real, quick, there's everyone has that one friend who had smoke too much weed in his. His laugh is the same as his cough and they're interchangeable. and it's actually awesome to listen to like on the growth, sometimes 'cause. They laugh and then they'll just start like spitting up phlegm
but you also kind of love it, because when they start laughing they can't stop laughing until they cough, which also sounds like there laugh. So it's an extra laugh yeah. It's just one function rolled into one, yeah. My cool throne is team, tar, Garian and just game through fans in general, so that came out today. At the guys that, like Fuckedup up the creator like that show, producers of that up the last season got like fired off a star wars. They basically said that they season. Eight was so bad because they were like worried about star wars. That's why they didn't do like more seasons and ship which got fans mad. They got fired off. Star wars were not like for whatever reason so game of thrones fans were happy about that and it was announced today that a target area team target Aaron show from the first three hundred like three zero years before thrones is coming out. I don't think I have ever forgotten a cast of characters. Names faster than game of thrones, see how hard I did. I forget who the charts are. As you were, your take your take stock. Well, clearly:
not because I was on target now is proving to be the correct. Now, all the fun of helping an entire show around the names are there when they had the dragon burn, the iron throne and they're. Like hey. Let's hit you over the face with this: it's not even close to subtle. Yeah, and then they came out. after that and said, oh, that didn't really mean anything they were yeah. They were like two. There was too much emphasis, on an analogy that was just way over right and then it turns out. They just stumbled their way into that analogy, so yeah that stuff. Also prequel that they're putting out that's a good spin zone to get people's minds off you finish. The show really shittily will guess. but we're going to go back. You The first season tell you what we're going to give you an extra first sees. The thing is, though, George Rr Martin had written the books of the finale, and so it was up to the show runners to finish it and they fucked it up, but there is actual, like a book that they're basing this show off of. So it's like back to the good ship okay, you know what they should do, so they came under
fire for some of the battle scenes in the last season. They should get back to what made the show popular as baseball has shown us and incorporate more bewbs so seasons, one and two- boobs everywhere and I'm proud of ourselves, yeah and and I'm far ups have yeah. The first sees is being played under review. They should have instead of that giant fight I called the battle of the bastards bastards. They should have just the orgy of the bass they should have one guy, just walking around the entire series holding a bat. We never know why, and he just touches a bunch of basis. I like that it said team targets back Cars. My hairy, took my hot seat. Is global warming to carry us? Well, because the Lsu TIGERS signed a wide receiver named Dick oldest Crawford. Yes, so cold. This is making his way to Baton Rouge, probably the coolest name, if not
in the history of college football. Definitely in the history of Louisiana State, I would say: do you know his middle name? It's not the one that was reported. It's one want to close this one. That's fucking awesome hold that tiger. Hold that tiger. I'm really excited to see you and with a new law that got put into place, which I think everybody is still kind of up in the air about that. These are allowed now to profit off their. Like this. The coldest to make so much money profiting off the colts. Does that mean we get the ea sports back? I think we do right that's we get to. That is the conclusion everyone jump to, and I'm going to say yes until proven otherwise. Okay, all right yeah, I'm agree with you yeah. My only regret in the show is that prematurely named, Bubba Bubba, instead, the school this one dobby sweet. If your name was the coldest yeah. My cool throne is destiny. not only are the Nats a team of destiny, but Chip Kelly was talking about destiny. This weekend after a game
he laid into reporter. He said I wish people wouldn't bring up the term destiny because say you control, your own destiny doesn't make any sense right, because destiny implies that the series of events is all preordained so smash, a reporter's best friend, which is to use the term control your own destiny or team of destiny. My just saying like why try to do anything if life is he said I'd. Had you okay, I liked so he put but does the on the on the cool thrown always deep chip? Kelly? Yes, well, he's lived his last six years like he doesn't care and everything's pre ordained for us, and also tacos, are on the cool thrown Taco bell they still taco yep, I believe today. Wednesday is steal a taco day. You get your tacos for you get to know you actually go and steal one. You go and you take one from you yet you jump behind the counter, however, because the ride at Taco Bell gets may talk because they want not what it is. The giveaway only a talk about the
Papa Taco bells file line use your manners except your free taco, Robert Bell, but make sure it's in New England uh absolutely, Rhode, Island or Massachusetts. Him tell him. Pmt Signe tell him Hanks and you don't think they give you all the tacos for free. Don't do that? Ok, my hot seat, is well. This news just came out and it's alleged all of its alleged, so the dirty sports podcast, they had a video where they basically accused of twitter account. Chamus, one of one to be Jason, light the GM of the Box now I don't know if it's true, but a couple things one is even if it's not true, this is the Funniest twitter account I've ever seen. 'cause its name is the Jamis one of one and he wrote a e book called Jameis Winston Derangement Syndrome. How the media causes us to overlook the part of the Hall of Fame NFL career. So, even if it's not Jason Light, it's the funniest account I've ever seen. Yes,
and if it is Jason Light, it is truly the greatest account. I've ever seen Oh I don't know this story will be continuing, I'm sure will get to the bottom of it like in the next day or two but if it is just know that we at bare minimum we found who wrote a book about gymnast, win being a future hall of Famer and how the media has a derangement syndrome, about his career. Does he addressed the Jameis Winston issues where he might need glasses? That should go back. Let me think by the way, why do we, where all the arms like forty, oh they're, very old yeah. They all can see yeah, that's a good show and we get upset are like robot twenty five, oh yeah or Robert Robots to Boston Dynamics, dogs out there, yeah banana peels, owls literal owls, yeah they've got great vision, for night games that it gets it right where the Astros do all their signs from yeah.
is still happening. Oh yeah, I've noticed the pitch tipping is well that's what we're calling it now we're going to pitch tipping. We know what it means. Strasburg said he realized. He was tipping his pitches tonight extending a changed it pregnant. Dirty little dolly kind of a genius, because if you just say that you have everyone's pitches, they'll all start doing things, they don't want to do They'll get you getting their head oh yeah, I, like all you have to do. Is he yeah? I know exactly what's coming and then they're going to start like changing everything they do every single time they come out It's genius Jamis, one of one, has denied he's the night is the night he's saying you have to love twitter by the way, if need be I'll, be happy to do a call, an interview at the same time, Mr Light is at the interview in person to just all such so interesting, very interesting, so it light is going to do. Does any brothers know he's going to record a video press conference and then
call is going to have like you know. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Sound Board yeah. I don't have a Jason lights on board on his phone that he's gonna be pressing. It might help him if it I'll give the better for the down, say it's not him cause. I wanna just accuse someone just like point blank, that's kind of up to do without, like definitive proof, yep, I'm just more happy that we know James if one exists, 'cause? That is the funniest? I've ever seen. It is lightweight horn uh. Oh, this is, he has quotes page of people who read his book James one hundred and one one of one has written a game changing book that the, stream media may hate, but NFL fans will love. I hope this book is a best seller. Joe Hawley former Tampa Bay Bucs Center, this one takes a hard look at a comparative and even era. Adjusted stats approved James compares favorably to Super Bowl era, Hall of fame quarterbacks. When looked at objectively, it's really quite obvious Winston's on a hall of Fame pace.
This is awesome wow. I can't believe anyone who can write a book about anything to cheat like it. Like, I said it, it probably isn't Jason like we're going to give him we're going to say he's innocent right Yahoo Yes, I want to know who did actually create this to me. That's almost more interesting knowing more. It would make more sense to me if it was Jason Light running this. There are some body else. The fact that it's not as genuinely concerned right, like the person is out here to for Jameis Winston. If he has no relation to Jameis Winston, he wrote an ebook. It's the person we're dealing with crazy insane individual. I want to get him on the show, but only calling yes, yeah. You only call in during a game turning Yeah all those yeah- that was a big thing. He stops during game right. My cool throne is, the nets and next teammates because there's a big story today about Kyrie being moody, so Only like the member during when the calves were in there. I think
is the last year they were all together, so they didn't win the title but Kyree just talking to everyone for like three days straight during the playoffs with Buddhist. Apparently he did this when and that's where in China as well, so his foods concerns the nets nets. Guess what you're on my cool cool, throne, everyone freaked out was like, like this discovery, that I read the story and there's here's a quote: there's hope that Durant will be able to coax his friend into a better frame of mind. and said I look at Durant said I look at Korea, somebody who's an artist. You have to leave him alone. You know what he'll bring to the table every night because he cares so much about the game. So Kevin Durant is on the case to keep Kyree Irving from getting moody there. Fine, I kind of like that So it's a little Jane, silent, Bob Ish right, so you've got kairi that never says anything, and then you've got Kevin Durant that just says everything right yeah.
Fine with that yeah this is seems like it's going to be a good buddy. Cop type thing would have Kevin Durant. Was the guy behind James wanted one that would that would be a productive use of his time would be the greatest, but he's just writing about James as James. Who is Kevin Durant right, he's just completely substituted Izzy did a find and replace. He wrote an e book about himself and then went back and changed all the Kevin Durant's to James. So, and then Kevin Durant dunked on Donovan Mcnabb Mcnabb. Durant was actually using his real account. Donovan Mcnabb said with everything starting to come out with Kyree Irving in the Brooklyn nets. When will Kevin Durant realize? Maybe I should have stayed in golden state boy. I've seen this happen before and Kevin Durant just replied: relax Mcnabb. and it's no one gets dunked on more than dogs with now that's a great on whether that secret come back, he's someone who doesn't know how to use twitter, no, he I don't think Mcnabb read his replies. I think he just. I think he has a burner phone, that he tweets every tweet out for him and then he just throws it into the trash. Can
he did reply. He just replied with the MIKE Tyson like laughing really hard at a roast gif okay, they're, not really is good, is having fun with it. Yeah, not really he's in on the joke, Mcnab St Argue job, but yeah. Relaxing that that's so funny, that's not a reply. That makes any sense. No that reply is actually the underthrown passive pass? Yes, all right. So let's get to our interview with dog the bounty hunter. We also brought to you by our friends from dollar shave, club dollar, shave club. When I talk about dollar shave club, I can't stress enough of the quality of their products. They spent years developing crafting or finding everything they have everything I used to look, feel and smell my best, you name it. They have it and I use it. I've been a dollar. shave club member for four years now, since I've been sponsoring this podcast, and as amazing as their shave, stuff is dollar shave. Club is way more than just razors dollar shave club. Has you covered head to toe
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empty? Ok. Okay, here is dog. The bounty okay, welcome on a very, very special guests. Who I have wanted to interview for a very long time, because I'm a huge fan of his I've actually said yeah, oh I've actually said stone, cold, Steve, Austin, Michael Jordan and Dog, the bounty hunter. So you are too Third to that, because you had stone cold on will never get Michael Jordan is going on yeah, it's true call, but his dog, The bounty Hunter Duane Chapman He is, has a show on Wgn. I watch it on Wednesday nights. It's dogs most wanted it. a great show and I'm a big time long time fan. So thank you for joining us. Yeah, so I don't know even where we want to start. I mean I guess we could start with the Turn show right now, It is very, it's hard to watch because obviously there's a lot of Beth and it has
you've been watching it back at all. Have you a little of it, but I don't sit down like you used to be yes about the just the I start crying and- and you know, yeah me too. Let's go there and I was there, so you know season, the L watch it and help cut it this season. I kind of backed off yeah. Did you used to watch the show in previous seasons? You know what I was this one aren't in years past. Well, we can't we help column. Also, you know like. Where is this part at where is that part at we cut him? and this time I just let the guy go and he did a pretty good job. 'cause you're, some good ratings, yeah what's the what's the best part about being a bounty hunter, because I I mean I would later, but I would like to help you in any way you can. I can, but what? What's like the part that you're like man, I love getting up and doing this when you the guy, that's it that's it! a long timer he's done something really bad, and then you find him in your like. Oh, are you spotting across the street? Your heart starts beating here Oh my god. That's him could
staring at a mug shot for three days. You know, look looking talking everybody. That knows him. No, no, you know all is habits Tennessee Grady smokes when he eats at night. What kind of hours he has what kind of drug is he on and then, when you spot him it's like for my God, right, and you put yourself kind of in his shoes in that person's shoes. To figure out where they're going to be correct are going to find the one thing that I always liked about. Your show is after you get the guy you even calling the bad guy after you catch the bad guy or well. Yeah he's got some. You know, yeah he's he's a bad guy till he gets to jail and pays for whatever thing he done until he meets you and then what would happen would be you to connect with you. Try to connect with the person that you'd apprehended right, try to make a difference in their life did. Do you still keep in touch with anybody that you've apprehended on a bouncy, oh yeah. We I have alot guys that call me in and say you know how they're doing or I see him on the street or you know
this show here it dogs most wanted is exactly that. I look at fifty warrants and then I pick out the most heinous crimes, usually against persons or kids or women and then we go after them. Where you know we're not going after the normal drug dealer anymore, and you know 'cause, some states are making Calef possession of heroines of misdemeanor. Now right is there one person particular that you've in touch with over the years is, like totally turn their life around after meeting there's a lot. That call me- and you know a lot of guys check in- and I've had I make him check in every day and I have guys check in for a year and then they're, like you know, probation and a dog, is it ok? If I check in still I go sure so, the a couple guys it just check in to check it. Yeah friends for life. You know when you talk to the people before they go into jail. And you say like hey, like you, give him the speech and you say: go with Christ and they're like I'm going to do you
You tell when they're like lying, like the people who don't actually go with Christ, Well, it's not particularly with Christ. Okay, it's just that. I believe in god- and I believe in I was taught about Jesus. So that's what I'm supposed to do right there's other religions that you know it's not just Jesus. If you want to get to have it yeah it's not a dummy. We all don't like the same kind of food or same the girls. So, but I Try to tell me you there's a higher power that you can go to and and I kinda hope you can, as they are in position there, all serious about changing right. I've got it the guys flip me off. You know, and just I bookham that's it only couple but in that position. They just got taken down there really serious about changing their life, and and, of course, in jail. They're, really serious right. The county jails. You usually go to the Bible they become a christian right. Then,
The real test is when they get out of jail what do they do for the first two weeks and then for the first two, about fifty percent, make it in about fifty percent, don't yeah yeah, I mean I always wonder like the follow up like so I love all reality. Television, but like a bar rescue were friends of Jon Taffer like he doesn't follow up on the parts we should do a dog fall. Who went with Christ who, when you smash the crack pipe there like boom? That's it right. My life is change forever and who is falling back on bad time? Well, I well name, a name, a friend of mine's Bosco, and he called me the other day. He's like Rico no Bosco he's like double our size. A bit is us three together he's at size, okay and he's like dog, I'm going to kick your ass, I go Bosco at four hundred and he's like. Oh you, ruin my life of crime, brother and I said what do you said. I had a twinkie last night, it's not a real twinkie right. He had a snack, he said
had sex. While lady and I went to sleep- and I said, said. He said you know that stuff you made me small god. Hot dog and I said well- is it better, oh yeah, but I'm going to kick your as for RD in my life of crime yeah and then before he hung up right. I said alright Bosco, he goes yeah again, I I roll! I need the rolling papers. I said you know where to buy him, stop it and he said dog I said the I said I love you brother, and I said I love you too, so that those kind of thoughts, those kind of things you know yeah yeah absolutely. Would you say that you're, the GOAT bounty Hunter, the greatest of all time of all time, yeah easy, eight thousand captures. Yes, an humble eight thousand captures over eight thousand and forty one years this February, That's a long stats that oh yeah yeah. Do you know your percentages like what your averages with? one hundred percent. We got one right now: we're chasing a million dollar bond. Tuesday, we're best birthday right, we're going to
and it's 'cause, my health is a little big ding. right now, so taking Madison to thin the blood, so you kind of weak. How are you feeling Kaka yeah yeah yeah, you know, but You look good in a make it. Thank you. I losted Valley, though I got tried, sit ups, my whole wouldn't leave, and then I used the Tony Robbins die at the ten fingers. Take your tent and push your fat away from the table, so that so was like. We were talking like putting right right right so You mentioned your stats, You also the start. Would you say, like the the one dog became dog? Was the Andrew Luster case no I was. We were already had or any show. When we had that, I in prison, and I was the warden's barber in the barbershop was outside the prison gates,
one day they were putting a friend. in the whole, because his mother just died, so they put you down quick. cuz, your mom dies you're going to they. Nobody can control. You so as they put him in the dark, cheater connect, yeah shared fuckfuck, ok, the shelter that he he hit a guard in the mouth, I saw the guard come out, you know backwards and He started running, and so I was in the barbershop and I could hear the cops on the tower of sand. Freeze, bigfoot. was his name right. We're going to kill you, so I took out Cuz I knew he wasn't He was kind of like the mind you know, but his mama just died so I got him by the patent volume down and loot Haley gets ran up behind me with. He was right behind me running never saved stop? What are you doing right, 'cause they're, going to shoot me too, and through the handcuffs on the dirt right next to him said hook him up, bounty Hunter and then I said,
but I don't know how to do that right, so and when I went back to this prison the warden called me 'cause, you know words barbered no one touched me beat me up because I The guards here, the warden's hair made him look good for visiting days right. The is it coming in? They look cool for the guys, wives right sell the warden said we gotta transfer you out of this farm because they're going to kill you for what I said: 'cause. You ran down an inmate, I said, and I saved his life so that right. Warden, said well: output Leavy stay for a couple days and if you're not dead, well we're going to transfer you so that night that moves limbs came to me and said you know. Why did you catch him? Why'd? You do Yeah, I said guys shoot Bigfoot writing ahead. I'm not Let that happen and my Ronnie Coleman was black with my shoe shine guy. That was in the barbershop with me, and I told let's go get me said: I ain't going to get him there, killing, kill him like oh, no, they're, not and so
next day when I woke up. There were candy bars stamps. Cigarettes one pack. here's matches all in front of my cell and so I got him real quick. You know, put him in this little covered. Warden call me down, he said: They don't give you a love offering your your bread is buttered you're, going to stay here, yeah and so that when I It started check out when I, the kid I loved, the bounty hunter shows. You know the lone Ranger and one dead or alive and all that 'cause, all those guys were bad once and then they became good right right and they all got the most beautiful girls tied up on the track sex and all that right. So I thought wow. This is something I could do actually do and then I say studying what it was. What to happen. So when I got out February the sixth one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine about the tenth went into the post office and got
ten, most wanted by the FBI. In about a month I took one of those into the fat hell yeah, ten grand just on your own yeah. I just I can name, and I knew they were. You know the lingo to get it. Yeah was there, it was or any barriers to becoming a bounty hunter. Since you were just getting out of prison, know back then the today you just can't do it like that you have to do all these certifications in police officer Is it raining in this and that FBI stuff, but back then, As one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine, it was wide open, there's only two bounty hunters, one was Papa Thorn, an George, George Lucero and they you know pretty not as good as me. So the only thing, though you you, since you got out of jail, you weren't allowed to carry a gun. Has that ever been an issue when, like the sea dog coming in there like well he's the worst you can do is mace us, and you know sick Leland on us and may have a zip tie around my my wrists. Well, you today that
feeling by the way is bad assets. That would be worse than it goes a good fight yeah. But back then I'd use different things. Now today you have nonlethal weapons that will drop a mule, so they don't want to get tased with the new taser or they have the pepper ball. Is it automatic seven shots a second and it does it? You know It won't kill you, but it's like MIKE Tyson punching in the mouth. So I have one in each hand and open up on him and there you can. You can actually draw Davids ahead of me by two tastings right now, oh really, as he sent me to the back door. We just got shows next week. This ok that's my phone area next you'll, see that this guy is nuts. And so I go to the back door going to see his nuts or are you going to see he says yeah? Ok, so I cleared out of the back door in the right, no back door. yeah and then I hear like that. Genies, like about soccer, is at home and he got enough sorry Ma'Am Jill she's. Actually still I love it.
So here's the other thing I had for you You mentioned the Brandon Dassie and Steve Avery case. I wrote a blog about this. I went and looked it up, you said, just given truth serum and will You can find out in two seconds if they're murderers, yeah apps network, oh yeah, absolutely true, serum or is that no dogs? No, there is sodium this. What is it called sodium Pentothal, yeah at and methamphetamine. Okay combination, yeah combination in a cigarette because of nicotine yup. No, I'm tell Yeah yeah, and they did it to the GIS in the korean war? The Koreans made methamphetamine started it. You know the ice and they give it to him in the guys. Just talk back in the day in the seventies and eighties. When I rode with the motorcycle club, if you did If you were not allowed in the club 'cause, you were at, yeah yeah. You can't help it right and so today I don't know what they do, but you could them, truth serum! You know, and you can find out where the bodies are, did they
Do it charge once with the crime wasn't charged with the detective was charged me and I didn't do it. I wasn't even there, and I said, listen. What I'll do is get in the courtroom and I'll demand. My rights of a jury of my peers. That means all convicts, and true, sir I'm right in front of your assets and let's see what happens in no that just saved millions of tax dollars. okay. So so true, let's say they they don't do true serum. Do you think if you get branded ASEAN, Steve Avery in the back of of a van just, will mano a mano there's it tied you're sitting there, your dog, you think you get a call from. None of them. No, I beat some that just won't talk yeah, they won't die. So we get to the truth. That's my yeah yeah and then you don't get charged with assault and but I've had to back in the day. You know real, Liam out rite aid. The more. You hit him the more they won't talk. So have you ever thought about running for, like attorney general, or I guess that you don't run for that? You get appointed but, like truth, serum like
no one saw that well. Have you ever thought about getting into politics and being like the number one, in America, while we do a lot of death- and I was doing a little- my team right now do a lot of different states, bail alive and to keep you our jobs? So I do a lot of lobby and I want it there's a new sheriff in town. so you just said that yeah, I suppose it and solvents ago, which is going to get off of here. There's a new sheriff in town has all the time which there's a new sheriff in town is only national Enquirer's helped me get a pardon next week and if I get when I get the part- and I'm run for sheriff of the county, I'm going to pick it out and then going to we're going to have a ball going to be sheriff dot, sheriff dot net login to make sure that the crime you know is that guys do crime get paid for it and guys it don't get out. You should move to where came to wrestle or is the mayor and just be
get the most badass place more say in the world to see yeah. It's Kane is the mayor and sheriff dog yeah. Some of that I that I like yeah, I know it it. You bring up an interesting thing about like keeping bill going, because I've been hearing a lot in the news, probably last like year, two years, cash bail is actually a very big problem for a lot of people in America and how it's not the best system in other countries? Do it a different way? What's your take it? That well just look at the states that are doing it like that, all the poor victim, you know the poor guy he broke, the law always broke. What you know What about the guy who raped? What about the girl you rate about the house you broke into What about all that? Now? fee, depending on the sidewalk, all that let him go: okay, America, right now still is not. If we're white, I'm half breed Apache, I'm in if you're you, gotta problem still in America bail is higher. You get char, with a different kind of crime. You catch it.
boy with one slash. Two ounce of pot he gets busted for possession a black guy sales and possession an whatever right once it becomes. You know fair all the way around the table then it's like with the reason I do not speed. When I drive a car is 'cause. I got to pay tickets because that keeps me- I know right this one the patrollers I go by there. I set that baby on seventy. 'cause, he has got me. Because every time I know you're coming dog, and so I set it down set my you know my control, and I keep it five mile ' under 'cause. I know he's around there why 'cause, must be three hundred dollars last time next time. Six hundred bucks that you hit you hit us in the pocket, we're going to do right. So that's in bail. Nowadays you check, with your bondsman. We put people through laying it all I have several guys. Their wives call me and you know, because it domestic violence, I'd, have to talk him down. So different than here's a card called when they get in trouble. '
but no supervision, it's freedom with supervision and without Your your criminal there's! That's why they're criminals there something wrong with them. I agree with you that you know there are some crimes out there that absolutely don't need bail. You know like the victimless crimes, are rational marijuana that sort of thing yeah yeah, I I agree, like you- know: rape, violent crime to mess buse yeah absolutely keep him in jail, keep him on on a very close watch. As long as you can right. Do you ever find that your personal parents makes it more difficult to sneak up on people no it's you can tell you even I walk? You know around I'll notice, the guy I'll be like looking at me and he'll be like. Well, I don't wanna get bit by the dog. Knows he's one a l right, yeah yep, so you could be coming so so you're saying that your personal parents can actually be helpful to you, because people start to act suspicious when they see exactly right, because, like this, when you see thunder and lightning and that the
is really loud the light in his crack- and you know it rain- is coming out and they see uncle dog cover in the hall yeah. Does it ties back to come out here about to go down yeah? I love it. I love it. So how can I can I can they come and ride along sometime. No, the insurance won't allow it. What we're going to do celebrity, maybe right along though we got a couple guys were trying to get the answer. I'm big cat, your dog, dog dogs, cats and me get along as like New told me, let let's he wanted to go in these. I might take it and he's Your last snoop over me. Well, you know enough and yeah yeah and he said that I double dog dare yeah yeah. Now you you absolutely! Okay, that's fair double dog thing that kind of sums up what about so the the interesting part, about the evolution of the show 'cause I watched, today. I watched one now social media and how quickly people almost like tell on themselves. Boy is in. It is hey you, your job. I would imagine it's got a little bit easier because,
You guys will look for someone and be like. Oh, we just checked in on Facebook like right down the street or you got the stuff. What's it called the David where we see in the dark yeah Let cameras you can see in the dark is that we caught a guy the other day right, good runner, guys wanted two years by the cops to get him in a week because our budget right that shows budget. So we the guy and he's like to solve. Equipment we had, we would bug and we had it in. We could listen and all that and he's like Fuckdog, you cheated man right now: yeah yeah technology. Nowadays, oh my god, everywhere you go. There's a camera. You know, David is my guy. Who's got computers and stuff right and he won't do a felony but you'll go right next to one. So you got places where you pull in to get gas and there's camera. That takes your plate and that's Is it to a central computer? You just look in there to see where it is unbelievable. What the cops got
how to find God yeah. It's really good. Do you feel, like that's kind of taken, a little bit of love out of the game, because you have no? No, no! No! It's! You were when you got up and from the White Board in Hawaii, and you know you're right, the guy's name, downy black. All right do. We know anyone with any of his friends. Let's go out there and bust some skulls. Well, the Two we do what you had to do back then as find the weakest link in the family and or the gang nowadays, you don't have to do that. You don't have depend on a snitch. You just hunt right, just like writing deer and he's tied to post the shoot them this one now you're hunting, the deer and he's running you gotta follow his tracks through the Bush is that's fun or
like doing it with the okay, the night vision and okay. Do you have anyone on your staff? That's in charge of coming to social media, seeing their instagram account yes, fixtures at like where they might be to tip them off. Yeah, that does that yes, I feel like that's something that we could also help out a lot yeah. I would be a great you got warm right now, yeah. I got one right now that we need to million and a half dollar bond, which is what's his name Cameron Lawhead, which is handle a dot m Head Canon law head. Ok, let's see Instagram now he has not treated yet he's on Instagram no posts. Yet, let's see who he follows, let's see who follows on Instagram. Is Brea a really have. You talked to Brea Klara. Yet he follows her: let's get it Allison, Byrum, okay, from Kawai Hawaii Right okay, that's what it looks like your quite beautiful place, yeah yeah,
Do you miss why you are you in a lot or no know? I missed the weather in the brothers and the people, but You know wherever you're happy you can. You know make your own Hawaii so, where you spend most of your time in right now to call around it snowed last night, convo. Damn that stinks. Do you think? going way. Camarillo had follows bikini picture on, again. What does that tell us? So we need to get it or girl. You need to get ready to entrap him with some hot chicks, yeah, math and hot girls. I can do like shave. My chest we can like a little catfish thing, put a bikini on I'll, try to send him some dm s yeah. We should follow him with black girl avatar we know will give the slp. Do it. Let's do it. Let's, let's try some other down ten grand bone yeah. I don't either. Let's see, if I I don't know the guy who rule of the game, and I don't need it for the money. I just going to be a help to the dog. Thank you. That's all, I'm looking for
he said he'll make a mistake, though, when you get him like that hill, the guy is he's a meth head big time. Ok, so go he'll, make a mistake. This this is a tough question to ask, but I want to ask it since Beth has passed away Do you? Have you had a moment where she's kind of look down on you and like maybe help with the bounty hunter? Well, we the final show we pull up to the guy we roll up on him hot. and when he sees us, he bolts right then and then, my team is behind him, and I'm on the side and we losing at I'm like! Oh my god! No way you can't this is fifty grand. Are you can't lose this guy, any big guy, big guy right? and I'm like that shit and then I hear Leland say Gotti on him again and David says, we haven't.
Angelic drone, we help us out. I believe- and I thought, oh, my god yeah well. She better help me on this other one yeah, but I believe it yeah. You actually yeah. I mean it's unfair. Now I mean it was already unfair because you caught everyone you've ever caught and you catch, but not we have an open this guy here, it's a good thing. There's cameras 'cause, he knows best past and he knows He knows all this stuff, so this is going to be hard for me not to kick his teeth out yeah, but you can tell she went no bet. You can't outrun an angelic drone. No that's coming for you at no matter what that's what I'm talking about right yeah! I love it. Do you have any other last questions yeah. I was curious. If you ever watched the episode of South Park, they did about yeah. That was cool, and then you guys funny. Yes, it was great yeah. What about
picture that you took in the water when you're coming out of the water before the challenger die? That was like flip the paparazzi off yeah? That was a tough one I can log fan. I was told I had a lot of people asking like hey. What's going on with your boy, I was like yeah. If you look at it, though they drew this valley on their. They draw because, like the guy kept, we're in Maui always airbrush and he acted Lehman was yeah. I don't you tell me, I would have said that is an official statement. No that's photos and all it was photo shop. I always have that big is good. I we, I flip. We were he's a private, no he's on a public, sidewalk, yeah and just like there out front of your place right now, yeah and it's long as they're are a public sidewalk. They can't go to a private place, so he on a public sidewalk shooting in to a private I said I said hey what are you doing right? He says up, so I flipped him off. Beth goes all Bush on your stomach she's like fat, they're going you're, not fat. No, no they're gonna make you stop in there yeah. So I learned from now on from that day forward. That's what ten years ago to
where my shades, when they could paparazzi's route, because they try to trip you, SAM with their cameras, right changed if your flights are planned, I plan to I'm fine. Thank you bump into something yeah. That was not right. Now. Ok, that's fine! She started shop, that's photoshopped official! Paul has officially for everyone off. She says anything about it. Thank you see man you're, the you're diesel and all the other ones. Yeah yeah yeah, you look relaxed too. You look, like you're reading this little yeah. We got it I'm doing uh. I thought I could tell you what happened. I thought I had a heart attack right, yeah Oh I saw that news, oh yeah and their doctors, so I hospitals but again half Apache. I don't like that. You know cuz they charge seven bucks for a freaking band aid so I went in and they said oh ticket to test it looks like you've had two heart attacks. I'm like what and they're like so I want a cigarette. So I started to leave and They said you can't smoke on the property. I said I'll go off the property
this guys like well you're not going to get back in, I go, who the hell are you, How are you going to keep me in? It goes out physically I said: let's work our way outside you, son of a bit right, and so I started to go for him and all that he was like on all the girls. They fired him. The next day I went out and had a cigarette came back and it hit me again so right. You know as you in the hospital have a heart attack, kind of story and they're. well he's having one right now. So I'm like freaked out Beth, yet, okay, I'm coming baby right, so them the next day. I do this treadmill thing and I run it. Then they do the put the thing up. My vein all the way into my heart, stent, yeah yeah! Then they said we want to see the girls like. I want to see your id doctor OZ, filmed it. Okay so what is a good show and sell? I said why she goes because you're not to say it. You got it age. You got a sixteen year old heart, I'm like what it's because there's nothing wrong. So Dr Oz stepped in caves.
smart, smart guy, no really trustworthy. Yes, said x rays of this, that they found a blood clot in the right lung. Okay, so had embolism exact there you know yeah, so your heart is great. Yeah yeah, I got over say. Was there any smoke? More was there who is going to deal with him? Sorry, we already pointed the doctor was just like dog, like I said, there's no medical term for this, but you have a broke heart from now yeah. They said right and I thought I've heard of that. Like you know, people married five years the guy dies, the lady dies the next day. you know, and then I started thinking no way. She I want stay alive because I was like now today. I'm not afraid to die and anymore, but I don't I want to stand in front of a train. Because I had a chance to last month She and I don't want to die, and I I had a dream where she was in Heaven, water in the grass and I came up.
you scared or like that 'cause. She used to always try to sneak up on me, but she can't turn cow. One yeah and so I went poop and she routes of said what took you so long, big daddy, it's almost jumped off the building yeah, because I but she said she's waiting up there on me. You know no it's so hard. She had some really yeah, I can feel it catchy sex. My main game, it's not anymore yeah. I have a good friend my personal assistant name moon, is my friend talks about bath and bath would say and Beth would do in bath. Do in the way she talks about that and she a girl. An I don't have sex 'cause. I don't give a shit about it anymore and that's really something for me to say: I have twelve children. Euro you've had sex, but I felt pretty suave years old or up yeah me too yeah yeah. Yes, we do it twelve yeah girl. How old is she she's like? one thousand seven hundred and seventeen oh yeah. I didn't even understand how to use your thumb to show me what to do.
so I mean so which in it she pegged yeah yeah, so she showed how to put it in wow. That's a that's! The dumber ghastly like borderline abuse, yeah right yeah than sex, Ed class yeah. I guess so yeah I've yet to learn. One way I would probably choose that was my next door neighbor. So I told my aunt and arms, like all my stay away from that yeah yeah, I don't get it by so you you, you know you've you that you have twelve kids. Yes, are you still close? It's all over me. I know every now and then there's some fights that go on all the time: passionate breed yeah. I love. I love passion. All the time. Yeah I got one. That's for Christopher's the idiot no he's the oldest right. So I made him when I was fifteen so he made him. I like him, so he likes it to MIKE laugh with people. I'm like. Oh, my god, you idiot but he said the other day. He calls me from jail. He's a jail, Jail jail is whole life, so in this bounty hunt. Him
no almost that's like the last I had teising once I would, my sons get around me. I carry taser all my sons together, even Leland. All yeah I'll Tay's lean. Is that why did you have to do is Christopher? Was he he was acting for use? You can always let you listen to how he did like he's in jail for that. So he calls me up collect from Christopher from the jail I'm like, oh my god, now. What did you do and he said they said I beat up a blind man dad. I go. You beat up a blind man. He goes yeah they're lying. He had glasses on. I go. What He had this sticky was hit me with dad. I'd beat the fuck out of him, I'm like. Oh you, dumb, ass yeah. No, that's a true story: yeah yeah! So that's Christopher! He beats up trucks. Cars bicycles. It goes to prison for one or two years. Then he calls me from prison. I'm like I'm? They know I'm dog the bounty Hunter son, cool here. No, I mean but yeah
All we have a lot of you baby lease is doing well, yeah, she's doing she's in the next season, too. Okay night Kerry Boy is was on last night. You see him right up, yeah member, he was. I want a bounty at that is five years old tall. As my boot. Yes, he's six four two twenty five, two hundred and thirty. No, he thinks he's a cop, because he's he's junior junior man, What did he say last night? That's on the show- okay, let's be advisor and I'm like be advised on later yeah yeah to Hell, yeah, no, we're not cops! Gerry boy, yeah he's like dad. We've been out. Fifteen minutes. You've broken thirteen SEP. Does the laws you running stop site dad one more? It's a felony, something in our yeah you're, a rat, his mom used to shut up rat yeah I'll I'll right. So I have my last question. It is a c question. Promo code. Take put it in you get ten dollars off, you want to go to a sporting event. Are you sports fan? Yes, football most? Ok. What do you do with your team?
right now I don't got a lot of them. I like so, 49Ers are freaking me out yeah yeah they're getting good. Yes, I like patriots there wow, while he's the best in the world. Green Bay horse seemed throwing that ball, my God, like Drake you're, like Americans drink. I like no he's, he's doing real good yeah and then Seattle, what happened yeah in all it will they could beat name up the quarterback slapping the stuff we got cold. Alright, I think Seattle is going to be one of these on broncos to all. We need vision, hearing aid yeah, I just put L way down there, a coach yeah I got up yep like and let's rock yeah role so well. My last question is how many fistfights you think you've been in? Oh, my god, I couldn't tell you one one. Every two weeks, probably yeah I always always it's always funny.
watching on the show when, like some guy thinks he wants to go with you and you just like come on. You don't want this, and then he down. Well, I used to box right. You know in ninety one was my last fight because I had high blood pressure, the the jet, the doctor, said this. Is it and so I took, karate was a black belt I raised in the Bruce Lee. Error are and I can throw down. So you know they. These criminals are so high or they think they're tough. You know yeah They're they're: not could you fight your way out of this room right now? Oh yeah, all of us on you well, you did man, would be there too. So if you take David out he's, he goes out of the room and he's like dog out they're going to fight for their life, to keep you in this room: well, you get out when you get in a gang like that, and you get somebody jumps. So you take one of them and you could don't quit beating and you just because you're going to get yeah from the side in the I you use, keep it on the one there are smiling,
OJ, yeah, call call dog noses shoes ever been punched in Jake, pretty Jake you would have no fucking face shaking pretty tough guy. Did you think would be able to tell him stop, then he'd say stop yelling at him to stop yeah. No, it's hearing, Jake scream out in agony, would probably make me soft dog. So bad. If you ok, talk, ok, try extremely serious face is dead. Let's hear Jack say: stop dog stop beat me up right there. It is you're, smart! That's why we need to value him ready great. We could be. We could help with some of the social media stuff for real, though anytime you want, I will be there. I will bounty hunt under a hammer. I try. I will give you David back cell number, all zip tie, someone out me someone, however long head you're, going down a crack, a couple jokes: we sit on those couches and that the White Board,
whatever you! Well, what it does! Here's what it does is that if you you're a celebrity in your here, and everyone knows you when you tell that guy listen man, smoke, pot, relaxed, had sex and how long you're not you're chasing the dragon right. You can't even do that anymore, sleep or nothing and then he meets you. He changes his life right or it like you, meet Stallone right. He wants to go on one of the ride. Alongs you meet, hockey right you're done with the you know, whatever will go after a guy that beats his old lady already told him, and catch him, and then you tell him next time reach your wife, I'm coming to beat you when I mean when they meet praise they changed. It really does change their life. So we need to wait till you find someone who's done. Something illegal that follows us on Twitter and then you call us, ok and we're like will go. Man demand to them. Like listen man, you don't want the dogs
dogs in the car right now. You wanna do this easy, where the hardware crime do, you think is most likely for someone. That's a fan of part of my take to come in. I don't I would say running illegal book, making operation yeah. Let your cat that's rugs, because you're a bad in primer, bad in Florida, yeah, yeah, yeah, one of those drugs book breaking. So if we have, you know it was made on what is really a great chasing. The best chase we ever had was a counterfeiter. Oh my god, and we caught him by the Tats 'cause. I said I was looking at his and I was like that cannot be that real yeah he did it himself. He did. It was right handed of course, Conor laugh costumes on tax guy was artists, yeah right. We got him but yeah, that's the fun one yeah, what kind of food What's the most scared you've ever been during a bounty hunt, Are you're scared every time? You're not scared, but you're worried, because I put
mug, shot up somewhere right and like on the I can see it all day and study it all week and then sometimes you walk by it, and you hear it say. I'm going to get you mother, fucker, I'm the one going to get and then you go no you're, not you pump and your sorrows of the to the mug shots- and you start feeling that right and you kind of see where he's going to get you at I've got one right now that it's a single shot, I'm gonna a really long one and I know I'm going to see come out of the room, so I mean you stocks, you see it before. It happened. Yes, so you almost get afraid before you have a chance. Yeah yeah and I want something happens I know how I go up to the door. I know how I go in it Deja vu when it does that stop and back off. Because God showed you that's going to happen so stop right now. Then you get shot go. Why did I get shot? God knows I tried to tell you man right well, best, look now for you. Now, though, thank you there you go. make chrome
thank you very fine. You guys anytime errors, yeah anytime, you're in town. Please come by anytime? You need our help in a downy hunt were we are always ready to help? Okay, Dave, it's gonna give yourself, so we marvel. I had yeah yeah yeah. Thank you all right. The little that interview with dog the bounty hunter was brought to you by movement. Let me ask you guys something: Hank. How much time do you spend in front of digital screens per day entire? How how many hours are in a day. That's how many hours, what about pooping? especially when poop screens. What about sleeping window thirty minutes before you go to bed tonight, yep still looking, Hank is always the screen for me, it's hours at a time. Looking at my screen between my phone work engine new, shows, video game scrolling right before bed. That's why I started. Where movements ever scroll, blue light, filtering glasses when I'm not wearing my sunnies Hank, you were here's all the time too yep I've notice
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this is actually the last one for awhile right, 'cause are darling. Jake is he's going to still produce a video version on his twitter account, but our darling Jake is going back to be the voice of the Vermont Catamounts basketball team. America's America's team, radio he's going to be listen with Jake becomes the next Joe Buck. Just remember he started by getting us like weird costumes and red bulls and being awesome at rolling ravel with us yeah Jake. Do you remember what is the weirdest request that we've made of you? There's no microphone in front of Jake Hanks, going to big cats costumes for Yeah always turtleneck turtleneck had him go out and get about fifteen turtle. Ok he's had to go everywhere for the turtle. Did you need a different one? Each actually found the store down the street
before you leave, I'm going to go, get more their mock neck mock, turtlenecks, dot, com yeah. He leaves for time alright. So let's do some pmt sports bits good morning. This is Jake Marsh with a pmt sports fees. Minute. Last week, jets quarterback SAM Darnold admitted to seeing ghosts when facing patriots, defense and funny enough Halloween happens to be tomorrow. back in the day, dressing up in costumes was a way to hide from ghost Celtics and other Europeans would wear masks so that the ghost would think they were fellow spirits and to keep the ghosts out of their homes. People would place bowls of food outside of their happy coming Saturday afternoon in Jacksonville, the world's largest outdoor cocktail party aka Florida versus Georgia and you won't believe, or the name cocktail came from a court. a longtime bartender Jerry Thomas Ginger,
is used in the horse trade to make off course, stick its tail. Here's the scene. You have a horse you're trying to sell back in the day. Folks, what's the ginger office, but it would stick, it fell off and be frisky. That, naturally, would be known as a cocktail. That's your PNC sports! This minute, Mister Totten, Mr Comments, back to you thanks Jake, look very cool. Jake still, gonna be part of our lives, though he's staying. He still going to blog for us he's going to be back throughout the season, so he's not leaving leaving he's just also did a great job of keeping up with the full back a system, yes, which how do shack is still in first place yeah, so Jakes out leaving us he's just going to go, be a star for the Vermont, Catamounts basketball team, radio, such a funny name for a team to the catamounts we gotta get. We gotta, like crash the radio site
One day to have everyone listen to it. We also need to if people can help us we're going to, we need to have Jake, have a signature calls who yeah okay, so it might bring as Bang AHA Joe Buck has Iago. We need something for Jake, so people give you can think of something he will say whatever he will literally say. Whatever you say on air because he has to do it. 'cause we're his boss with this one holy shit, yeah more freaker. Oh, that's a good mother Freaker off of like a big dunk, a mother, Freaking dunk, you should just steal boom, goes the dynamite or just or just take wet into the broadcasting mainstream. So in Anthony lamps on the team. and the Lamb wet hey the Lamb mother, Freaking three That's good! That's good! What use a butter NBA jam ones too, he's heating up.
is it the shoes if you do boom Shaka Laka. That would actually be legit I will workshop that so next, up before we get to guys on chicks with chaps, we have a respect, the bits Hank. Would you, to explain? What's going on, Yes, so on Saturday on the part of my take twitter, someone it have. You me a clip of a game day, the host of game. A talking trash by Mount Rushmore in the clip the host was like. You know like all this Mount Rushmore people that just talk about my rush was a little aggressive in. It was only like three second clips on really even understand the context of it went the in South Dakota at the time yeah and then I got you can't go into South Dakota and disrespect Mount rush exactly some, regardless of because I went to my immediate Orlando and talking about chili, I immediately took the clip I tweeted it and I said you just made the less and I added crisp dollar, because I thought as Chris Fowler and then it turned out crystal responded. He was very upset and he was like. Are you can
tell me this. Isn't me. I haven't done game day into that, since two thousand and fourteen, like figure it out, it turns out of REACH Davis yeah. They give out, he gives off powerful Chris Fowler Enerji. Yes, I would they're the same guy I had to do a triple. I was like at first I was like oh fuck, I talked up and then I looked into it and I was like wait a second. I would do this, like Matt Nagy, I would do, is one hundred one hundred yeah, all those guys they're all different iterations of Carl Ravitch, just different generation Sora, Kara ravage three right now. Yes, we and, and the only reason that it got brought to our attention, is because yeah Jake we have to show that picture that you sent us. We had a tweet that yet Jake Jake in a true blue. The reason why Jake works is because he really is like Darren Revell. If Darren Revell just got someone had an intervention with Darren Ravel before it went too far. Yeah if you dose Darren Ravel with Ayawaska or like a little bit of ecstasy, but he was the one that was mad about it. He was like you know. This is like you saw this right now is like oh and then I felt bad. I was like wait. A second Jake has pictures with like
Sportscenter Anchor ever pretty much he's like look at this and the twelve year old Jake, with three cart. We who is call Robyn, Carr Ravish, the third I don't know they're all the fucking same. There were built in a Bristol factory and they look exactly the same. I hate look, they all do a great job. They do I know which ones which would be a great day, all do the same great job, which is the kind of stay out of the way they interject little sentences. That kind of we amplify small moments: the game where's Chris Fowler. Now? What does he do. And one is receiving sue. Yes, I didn't realize I thought got with him and went with him to the games so Father used Tahoes game there yeah that's all this is not. This is an ok they. alright? Sorry, not sorry, no you're, not you're totally in the clear Hank. They have deliberately tried to deceive us,
and then you gotta push it and then MIKE Greenberg is essentially the same as all of them, though he's in studio yeah, he don't try to bring green. No green is green, is horse. Race, Davis with a wife finds a way to make MIKE Greenberg happen. I still miss my friends, my coming on the show somebody tweet at MIKE Greenberg and say that we love him just gotta go to that Starbucks and let's on twenty seven still haven't met him just stand there and wait for him. He boxes with Phoebe yeah there are, you know, is it me tweets about nonstop? That's all! I'm also happy new, isn't it well, it's one of those situations were likely. You have to you have to a good dog. You have to get the interests would of your partner. So, like, oh, my part like you know like? Oh, like my my husband starting to play golf I'm going to start playing a little golf like my work. Husband loves me Greenberg. I might as well figure out everything about. My green does really should have conversation. That's why I am all aboard mature this. You can try to learn more about your interests. Yes, we can have when we sit down.
For dinner, we always have things to talk. Ok, let's go to uncle chaps and got such. We welcome our great friend uncle chaps, who has shave, his beard off shops is really come out of his shell about showing his face. Ever since you got your pink, I taking care of Did you always have no lips? no that that one hurts because never noticed it. That was you, don't have a less shocking to me when I woke up in the hotel this morning. In turn the light on- and I was like- I have one yeah. You can choose that. Can you set the scene of chaps, how long you've had the beard and what? How long had it yeah? So I had a beard for I know actually went because I got out of the marine corps on December. Are you alright? Thank you for September, first of two thousand. Twelve. Okay and I've had a beard ever since then. So it's been eight years, yeah
and then you just eight point: nine nine years, seven, seven years yeah she made it all and you decide save your playoff beard on the eve, sits up whatever your clinching a playoff world series game against my nationals, your Nasser's fans. Will you also just not very well the matter form which is very well we're? If we clean water Sade swept the cardinals were recording this aft yeah before we take a for the live stream, so I might add it on yeah. I don't know that we have no idea but chaps. It's a very cocky move you to shave your beard before clinching game, see if people are saying it's a playoff beard, I think, a playoff beard. You have to start growing at the beginning of the playoffs which you well, you great beginning in the playoffs shops. I have good news, for you is any beard. Removal I think I want is, is questionable. You have no. True, but that's a good thing, because I've done some investigative research and the richer. You are no less lips. You have you ever seen Warren Buffett's lips. Look at that guy, no limit
How old, rich white dudes zero? I think that's just old people, though 'cause there's clearly there you go Like John Wooten. Yeah. He got his ears, bigger, yeah, exactly yeah. Maybe you could get some silicon injected there, so we thought about it. Bill gates, yeah, no lips, Look at that look at that fucking! No lip loser! He's got no lips. That's That's like me, yeah you got no well! Actually! No, we should do. We should get one of those copping things. You know, like the swimmers do before they go and put him around your lips and just suck him out. So you get a lot of blood in there. I think I've lost. I think my lips are the same. I think it's the color that yeah. You do look get all I don't like are your faces. I like his face. Well, what are some of the things people have compared your face to the most common log mom, getting bubbles from trailer park banana slug. You look like a moon
yeah? Somebody tell me I look like a basketball that was left out in the sun for a long time. No, I I'd say like a basketball, that's been left inside the garage like totally out of this yeah yeah, MRS Doubtfire, you look like a cartoon like really and you look at his down for you. Look like a redid, our cartoon that they put on adult swim at like two in the morning. You're like yeah, yeah. You look like like uh a german cartoon, that's educating, kids on how to wear condoms and you're the cartoon penises. I really mean one with somebody said that I look like Bisquick batter Somebody drew eyes on. No. That is good, though yeah you do look like a rotten pancake yeah I do a pancake you're like oh and will want this last pancake, no right throw it out. That's uncle chat. No, it looks like the stay puff. Marshmallow man start to melt right man. What about
Oh somebody hit me with Oh here you guys looking at no. No have you thought about now that you're not your face is a blank canvas right. You can grow that facial hot here out in any pattern that you desire until you bring the entire beard back. Are you thinking something different? No just straight you just get back as fast as possible. We gotta get back off my oh. This is good, though, because eventually you're going to try it. It's you tried around, I think when they get out of the right, alluding to it in two weeks. For a long time, it's been something that I've thought about, because my beard has been so long. They were like breaking it over to look good. I loved that might be it didn't. Look great I get a very pubic beard as it is well, ok, so here's a spin zone, I asked for Hank's opinion and Hank was like. I will not give judgement. 'cause Hank also looks horrendous when he shaves his face. Yeah yeah, it could be made yeah I'll, be here, I think most people who, primarily probably you, have one right now, you automatically look worse well, yeah yeah, even like Brad Pitt, looks better with the beard
yeah well, beards are in now, so I also I have no. I have a bad face when I don't grow a beard the problem is, I can't grow a beard, so I'm just stuck with this at least you're able to grow the hair over the fate is in yeah. I you know you, Sir yeah. What about the fact that your lips are so small? You think you're more resistant, Herpes, yeah How do you drink out of a out of like a bottle? Do you get the suction. Remember, that's! Probably just spills down your fucking face. I remember him being blogged in old school bar stool. do to use the chug Snapple and mountain dew. Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly yeah! That's how I feel yeah. You have no suction ability. Now you have no ceiling ability. You go to. Do you go to drink? I really like coming on the show are okay, let's two guys on shins yeah, we love having you here today, okay yeah, I got the questions. Hey perfectly normal. Have a nice chap see what your routine styling conditioning your beard, mum that sucks
question: here's a look at it. So with that in one room left some legit question. For you, though, like when you have a beard, what do you use to? Can I have a there's a and called Monae. I think it's good ha, ha, ha ha ha have a leave in conditioner. Then I'm leaving I've always heard coconut oil coming out. It was good too yeah. I figured it's not toilets like that apple cider, vinegar, that's for whatever ails? It really is a lesson in you can never get too high to low, because your eye does look phenomenal. like it looks one hundred percent back, so you had to even it out by shaving your beard couldn't deal with you. right right, people are starting to get a little water all shine this level yeah. It was getting too many for you not allowed to have a beard in the service. No you're, not Also, what about all the special operators and I've seen over a a waiver and stuff, but that this Navy seals actually took that away when they got in trouble for partying too much in Iraq when they built the bar yeah, they got their beer privileges taken away. That's a harsh! This harsh are well. This you'd be right.
Don't use right and also just losing here I'll wait. Yeah I used to. Have no double chin, I'm double chin and it's not even double chin- is like swollen hands so that they hear from the from your beard was pulling that part of your chin scan down. The stretch it out here makes me feel bad about myself. A little bit delayed. Touches like it's. Like a leader, griffins chest yeah, it's like it's like you know when a dog gets neutered and they're, not just. we swing for snowballs internet basically have basically no no. We should get neuticles put in your chin. You man all right, all right I'll buy. We listen to chops park as your block. Thirty, you wanna hear more military stuff, yeah and pod fathers in time five, others yeah fat pop artist. I am gone sometime by far as yet there I'm. we were going to do that. But then you, okay, you have you. Do I'm super busy busy My question is for call back from Monday. Show you guys
hurt them as much as they heard us. Is that why you shaved it? Whenever I make out with a guy who has the potential beard, I get cuts in beer burns on my face and it's kind of painful I've actually heard that so the op and let's you go in with right. After you shave, you're, more likely to get facial burn from like Dale double yeah yeah. I agree that yeah, like long beard, it's kind of softer. It's not going to do this pft. Let's see me, That's kind of the herd is greater heard great, but yeah her. I I mean I can really feel he's got no lips. Op was a bad kid. I was elected yeah long winter. I wasn't under as I should have. No you weren't. So wait so you're saying Amelie after you shave that's when they can get because the hairs are really sharp right and then, if you wait for like two days, I think you got to be your sweet spot is thirty minutes after she, that's the make out time I heavy making out and then after that, you gotta, wait till like nine days.
Ok come up for air yeah, then get back into friendship yeah. Why are we ready yeah? I pmt crew, especially the World Series Champion Pft. Thank you very bad predicament with this love triangle, I'm a news reporter with my husband or no as the married news team around the office. Lately I've been seeing an investigative journalist from the same news station ever since I started that I really Just don't love my husband, but he's such a good guy. I've been putting pepper flakes on my nipples to Detur him and eating and serve amount of format to stir up my Getty House. Am I a bad person I become married news. Team was with Stevie Help. This seems like what, from the movie that we're not aware of yeah? Maybe sometimes they try to sneak those in definitely a plot that we haven't seen, what movies that I haven't seen it yeah chili flakes on my nipples chili flakes on my nipples, I'm going to go with the passion of the Christ. That is the plot line of the passion of the Christ. Nice try shaft, two, alright,
go hey SAM Cat, PIG Pig, it pft, that's a new one. To hang and Henry. This is a weird question for chaps. My boyfriend has been insecure. not being able to grow. Facial hair he's young twenties. He recently putting rogaine on his face. After hearing is like steroids for beards and the thing is it worked on his face, but also worked on the rest of his body. His arm and leg. Hair is now darker and thicker. writing new hairs on his chest, fingers and toes, and on top of it he's I unibrow now he's happy with his beard so far, but I'm concerned that if I let continue I'll be dating, is cut I'll, be dating cousin it before. I know it when First fingers yeah, it's weird 'cause, otherwise you just guy he Greek yeah, but I think there's zero, learn, digit exotic some Chester just to hear yeah, like I think it's okay to be sporadic chest, but when you like Robin Williams for exam, you don't want that okay yeah! These are I'll. Tell you jack, like Sasquatch Guy. I
there's also a chance that this guy is just on steroids. And that he said that he's putting rogaine on his face because he's realized that his whole dot make a drone here. Yeah you make you yeah can make. You were hair that are taking more. You know, yeah! Well, you know check out his back act acne all over the back. That's a some girl is like see how far you, ladies yeah, because they like to pop it yeah. That's true yeah. which is bizarre to me that boy's, especially buff cat, my bf F My boyfriend won't cut it with me when were sleeping because he says he runs hot and gets too sweaty yep. I that's just an excuse to not snow. A mere two guys actually runs. Now I run hot. Yes, I run not arrive on real high. I have I put it at like nine minutes, cuddle time top small hands all night yeah but I will not cut off yeah, I'm I'm a big big hot sleeper. I in fact, most of time I just kicked the blanket off. I'm I'm separate Blake, it's my house because I run so hot. What's your perfect cuddle, getting some
don't you like you who doesn't like being little spoon I, like so you're laying there one leg one of my legs and then head Are you feel like not masculine man you're, just like I, yeah I yeah! This is my house. I put this all together, yeah back on the strong, strong man. I like that, especially when you're not making an effort to reciprocate the cuddle at all like you're, doing you've got your hands behind your head, in the world is yours, you might transition to a love. A little blue she's got her arms around me, yeah that and then, when I'm big spoon- and I do the or one leg in between your two legs and then around fully and then one side, to go. Surprise boner. I turned away in a kick the blanket off and go to sleep yeah. I can't stand doing big spoon because then it's inevitable that I get a bar.
and you feel bad, because sometimes you get that border matter who it is and don't it's not. I want to have sex bone. Yes, it's just like contact. God is telling me that the in this circumstance I should have one and I don't mean to be impolite so I'll. Show myself out. It's like thinking about a pickle. You just want a pickle yeah right. You have a good year. They were Piccoli automatically, won't want yawning guys like that to their bones. Were it one? Guy gets a room. Everyone else. That's! Well! That's good! I hey boy especially blackout Bubba, I'm a guy who wears constantly it doesn't ever fully shaved, because when I do, I look the old guy from eight crazy nights. So my question is why the fuck would chaps do the same thing to himself yeah. It's confusing. Well, I got Borest big Of course that has happened to me where you go into a barber shop and you just kind of like once start. when I sat down- and he was like we'll do a trim yeah and I sat there he's like
actually you should do a full, strap, dress, I was very many pull that out. It wasn't even like a real discussion that will do a full of straight live it. Don't they was missing. Was here, eastern european guy, holding a razor blade to my jugular yeah use your voice to make your point. Well, I've run into that situation in a play That was obviously a front for the mob. Where the guy had no idea how to cut here, and he was genuinely shocked that I went in there. I sat down and he was like. Are we we do this? I was like yeah and then back to section. Haircut became very clear. He had no idea how to cut hair, but again, once you're in the chair you can't move yeah. No, you rude for me to leave! So I let him finish a shity haircut and then I got out. There was like that was a big. I did not read all the signs when I was coming in when I started my day yesterday. I did not feel like an old russian man was going to say this sentence.
and that's a beauty. Do you want me to say it again? Do you want me to cream you? He creates very good cream to fuck outta here yeah, I got cream. I got great we'd love to clap your cheeks. That good with no beer, what does your wife say? There are rumors that she hung up on facetime. All no key are direct quote. Was you make me want to puke at him yeah. I say I would just want to go with the beard. Yeah! That's the other thing, that's the most embarrassing! When, when you go to stroke your beer there's no longer beard, that's even worse than I've done it before two are going to put got my glasses and I'm not wearing my glasses yeah that one I've had a mustache like yeah have a beard too, but I've had a mustache for like three four years now and every time, the last. I did it was just weird: you can't do that you can't get rid of it. No, it becomes like a
that's a grown man's Teddy bear! Yes, yeah. You feel that my beard, I feel like Linus without his blanket yeah, you look like Charlie Brown, you do. Yeah you look like Charlie Brown grew up, became an accountant gave up on life. Look like Charlie Brown, who has a very terrible illness, doctors can't figure out Charlie Brown, especially Sportsbiz Jake, college in my roommate brought back a boy from the bar last weekend. Halloween weekend, who is dressed as Pft He walked all around our house saying Sup and that the breaking news when he What the breaking news was, he said someone is going to pass. oh nice, which bed not include what happened. The next morning I woke up to a dm from this saying: sub I left my wig at your house. Can I come by tonight and pick it up? What do we do?
back to pound, you go back. This guy sounds insanely cool and good. Looking so obviously bring it back over to get his wig back run saying what about if you played with breaking moves, I'm about to come? He started moving every time. He came out, yeah I'll, be good, yeah, I'm a cow. Anti boys, especially slim, so question. Why is it that guy always want to avoid a serious conversation? Is it because they simply don't care or they know that their girlfriend has an agenda, and they don't want to. called out on their bullshit. I need answers. Me these conversations are scary good to have once every year yeah. If you have one serious conversation here, then you like a man, you feel like you're in charge yourself. The rest. we're just looking for short term stimulus. It's it's also one of those things where serious conversations like they need to be planned way ahead of time, because if they pop up your like, I can't do this right now you need to enter
this is a serious conversation when the person that you've had it with has had two one slash: two glasses of red wine. The perfect, and it's got a really ease into it. Yeah can't just spring it on them. yeah 'cause we're just stupid. We, when you gotta start it by leaning back crossing your one leg over the other. Can I ask yeah don't look at many. I we need to talk yet because you don't want that's a tough one. No, no don't do we use are no that's terrible. We need to talk, is, is low workshops, body language he was described out that to me was describing the we need to talk. Don't sound. Do not say that I would you know what my biggest pet peeve when it with the relationship with anybody is hey. Do you have time to talk tomorrow? Yeah just Don't just say it. Why or give me a text saying give me a call I think that I hate the kids like what like Okay is there is an urgent what the Faulk text me? What what's happening here? Give me a call is stuff. We need to talk about something tomorrow. Dave. Does that to me all the time yeah
All the time is at seven three times very easy way to just be like we're. Not gonna have the conversation right and this game. You should start a a slack channel with your husband, just you and him yeah just just all out online yeah blog at each other, starter, sick, co, workers with benefits said. start for a little depending on how long you gonna be at the job Yes, I'm gonna, I'm gonna sit it entirely. Well, my wife and I both work from home, so we kind of our co workers to their young. That's a good point so that works yeah works out for us. hey boy shut out the deck after becoming dad bod cat. What are your? What are y'all's best tip for I'm having a horrible time, definitely only trying to tender tinder account once not a but I'm trying to you were we're, giving her advice on how to use her an account yeah as somebody who's. Never
standards can be difficult for me. She said that she needs something that screams the good kind of daddy issues that offer better than ok. So here it is make enough money to go on RIAA. That's the one that biz talks about where rich people only yeah, that's a good one or for him. That was a compromise, though really at the northeast hours are dark. Yeah. We just have one the reason Riley that there's people that are no no, no yeah so the next one is, we don't know about yeah the so when we won't find out about until after it's been because he'll business group run through the yes asked me to tell you what ask this biz he'll, let you know also just have profile say I'm only looking for the Alex to my Sophia and then that will send the message across loud Sinclair.
That my boyfriend is seven months. Today is a huge fan of you guys in your podcast in fact he's such a big fan that he makes me sit and listen to hours of your podcast and you you clips half the time. I don't even know what you guys are talking about and force sit there and fake laugh, no offense to you guys down at times be sitting there talking and burst out laughing says: oh, it's! Nothing is just something big cat said. I make him love me more than you guys. Thanks I mean the easy answers. Just start dressing like me, yeah it seems to where seem to work for yeah downtown in downtown dress like me, and then say breaking news we're going to pounce on. No, we, I think the the advice always give it this is you just need to start learning sports more than him yeah and like and then correcting his sports takes, and then he, like you know I don't like sports anymore.
You were just beat him to it: yeah, hey PMT boys. My boyfriend has taken a laxative three Sunday nights in a row to quote get a rush start to the week is this morning, or should I get be concerned that smart flush out your weekend, yeah spirits out of it? That's really smart! I like that. I've never taken like you that you have never taken a lax, because when you take laxative on Sunday night. Presumably it's out of your system by Monday and Naturally, when the ships would start it me would be Monday morning right. Like a long day of drinking beers and eating chicken wings and watching like football So I think this guys just an innovator, also our side that that we have with the wizards spurs yeah, that's kind of like my get day. I've been an awesome, okay, she ate a half pound of Jews as the the wizard of OZ. Alright, alright, yes, it is yeah like a stop that damn chops. Thank you as always: zero blog thirty! You look:
the full your good friend we still love you. Thank you. I'm sorry that my notes are going to kick the Astros us tonight on Interstate ninety, when the firm's win tonight, not gonna Babbitt I forgot? I forgot about that yeah, any last words yeah we have on Bitcoin today, but we have we just do and it Go ahead, say so love you guys manage. Speechwriter is going to be on the show today, and it was really interesting. It's making waves all kinds of different stuff, so it's going to be a good interview there so make
the DOW. We also have a Youtube account: zero block there yeah your yes, sir, two zero black, thirty rock you smashed it one ride. By on what are different. I had gone with me. I like, where I'm going to be there, everybody we have old interviews, I don't rock a lot. We have a new ones with, like speaker of the House, John Banners, incredible everybody who loves sports, also lower Goggin lawless, and I got the teriyaki barbecue right I'll, be back after the xml is terrible, ailment