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2017-04-28 | 🔗
We break down the entire first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. What were the Bears thinking? Is John Lynch the greatest GM of all time? Was everyone trading up for Quarterbacks drunk? Vanny Woodhead update and the story of getting pulled over on the New Jersey Turnpike for being too swaggy (we actually had a busted headlight) . Former Philadelphia Eagle Donovan McNabb joins the show to talk about the draft, his draft memories, how he doesn't think TO should be in the Hall of Fame, allegedly puking in the Super Bowl and Mean Tweets (18:05 - 46:32). PR 101 Roger Goodell, Trouble in Paradise for the Knicks, Done or Finished, Seeing Red and Luck of the Irish, Panic Button for the Washington Capitols, and Jimbos of the Week.
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on today's part of my take we break down the entire first day of the nfl draft some shocking pics some trades and some things that we didn't like
also have vinny would head up to date why we got pulled over on the way back from philly we also have down for mcnab who sat down with us in the back of any wood had had a great conversation with him talk about t o who still he's a lot trouble in paradise donor finished and symbols of let's go well it is friday april twenty eighth and john lynch has just been inducted to the nfl hall of fame for him and also the homeless guy in cleveland that's the general manager of the browns yes both those two teams i mean we can't say that but
they got more pics which is good i think well john lynch had a nice night people are freaking out this is maybe my favorite part about the nfl draft everyone decides who won the nfl draft after the first night maybe we should see how these players pan out they should give ranks put on paper john lynch has won the first round of the nfl draft they pulled off a trade with the bears i don't know if ryan pace was doing this thing that he's been doing recently where he just negotiates against himself well they they moved up exactly one pick one penetrated what three so it sounds like they were probably negotiating guest themselves yeah so it was alright right we have like all give you two packs actually no you
well i'll give you three before john lynch could even answer here's what happened john lynch was on the phone he took the call and then he did the fake hold he's like hang on i got another call coming in right now oh yes the browns again they want to hang on one second he put him on hold and laughed maybe fart into the receiver a few times and then paste it i'll double it and he's a deal so that was the biggest story from the beginning of the draft 'cause it was a shocker the bears traded up from three hundred to two hundred to get mitch trubisky by the way mitchell i'm not doing mitchell i think i'm going to i'm going to switch over to mix well he's my he's now my quarterback i tweet i tweeted it i blogged it both mitchell doesn't feel good i'm sorry can't do it i'm i'm just i'm just put it out there right now i have to call him mitch did it's just too many to
it's going on with the mitchell to basically i don't i'm lazy everyone knows i'm lazy i don't want i don't want to put that many words out there my letters and one of our favorite parts of draft night definitely came to bear which is when people find all the old tweets from prospects yeah so mitchell turns out he says i love sucking on cities right yeah isn't known yeah it's i alone with that i love touches tt nothing is absolute i think i was part of my spins on that i was gonna throw out there it's actually huge step up from a quarterback that they would always like photoshop cigarettes into his mouth now just put a nipple into his mouth i did it in terms of old tweets you know we have obviously the eddie lacy china food who's a guy on the packers who like was talking about we see that star that push push yeah yeah use make a drip drip in put it put the tip tip you take good push to tip tip to drip drip i'm i'm just paraphrasing here in terms in terms of those kind of tweets mystery be ski just saying he loves to kiss actually
not that i'm saying out loud that's kind of weird well it always who kisses cities elected yeah i mean we all kissed is when we're when we're babies yeah he did was two thousand eleven he was young actually was a minor meeting a crime right now he was probably breast feeding we are committing a crime no no it was it was like sixteen when he did that he was like when i was like eighteen years like one of those kids that's on the cover of time magazine magazine as like an eight year old breast feeding on his mom that's what he was doing kissing teddy some set that's sounds weird the other big story you agree hank like it was like if the tweet was i love to lick i love to lick some tittays like wow that guy he's an alpha or maybe it was his first time kissing cities and you had that russian he was like kissing cities that's where it's at films like a cushion yeah maybe he hadn't had it licked it is yet oh yeah so he just got a little ahead of him starting up on the show sometime he's only he's only on first base second base yeah good point hank will talk kitties with mitchell i also have to do that thing where i'm gonna have to go back and look through everything i've to make sure that i haven't just i well i mean
i've been calling a mitchell to bitul which no longer is in my lexecon it's mitch trib eski it's katie kissing mr biscuit what did he ask for this to be called vigil what if he's as big cat i want i don't think i can do it i don't think i can do it i i you know what it's quarterback i know but i like his name it's going to play any we get a ski in chicago like people are gonna love it's gonna be hot selling jersey what mitch is the name he's a match the are the other big story was running backs went really really fast in this draft the first time in like ten years so you had for net and a caffrey both going off the board fast yeah no i well it was it was running backs and it was a crazy mania for our quarterback's so basically it was everyone getting drunk at the fantasy football draft exactly that's exactly what happened with with for net mccaffrey both they both sat out the bowl games so imagine how much higher they would have gone if they play like men been said they felt panthers that's going to be an interesting duo is
aphria newton in the same backfield yes i'm gonna love that when you try to say that i'm just a mccaffrey it'll yang and yang if he put on a half moon cake if you put on cam newton's close he would look like like a six year old dressing up like his like it's clown father yeah okay well we should call the half moon cake back okay i like it yeah and then little little chocolate or vanilla right and and what if i do stupid chocolates grew real what movies are from i think it's city slicker i don't know okay but then he had no often sulaimon basically been picked i think they are too often sublime and yes for all round obviously i mean the wisconsin office of one that you can't finish the first round of the draft yes it will a big fat white guy from wisconsin gets yeah exactly it was like a yankee swap and then at the end somebody's got to get this big fat white yeah and so it turns out that it was a sense in there i want to do a quick spins on people are very upset about the the mystery pick i don't know if you saw the reaction i'm not i'm not doing
ok well i'll just you know just continue collecting you stop and you guys just continue if you're going to correct me then at least just add the l just say l every time i say mitch there we go i'm going to spend on it real quick i think he's going to be good ok and he gets to learn behind mike glennon mark sanchez right to two to what seems to be love or two to experience to their experts in their craft so we have to start right away he can move his feet he actually had a i read this stack 'cause i was digging deep trying to trying to sell myself on this i have sixty six percent completion rate under pressure hi list of any quarterback drafted in the first round you're going to need that yes that's well except for one yeah i said yeah i obviously be careful there help you out well i was going to say except for kyle long but so it in in chicago you've got it so he's gonna be
the backup going in there going to have glennon start in less and i actually think that glennon here my confidence level of paces at this point glennon could hold out even he's already got a contract and then paste would probably like paying a little more plus a few more million thrown extra guaranteed here let me ask you a question ryan pace would you trust him to drive a car no okay this is rich though rich people suck it dry okay because if he gets fired this mystery risky thing doesn't work out he might have to get a job with uber when you drive with uber you're in control you can work or all your life no one's telling you when you have to come in when you have to leave ask you to change your plans to come in early or stay late how do you like to get a little extra point that little side hustle ryan pace might have to do this driving with uber great fit for just about everyone especially if your regular schedule is always changing and the favorite part is how
there's instant pay makes every day payday you can cash out straight from the app to your bank account up to five times a day have the flexibility you need and earn extra cash when you want on your schedule like and pace drive with go to uber dot com slash drive now and every day can be payday that's uber dot com drive now uber slash drive now certain restrictions apply see website for details you may not be able to be eligible for this job if you are the general manager for the chicago bears got to read the fine print yep that was all that was actually said that right there read the i registry for my computer i think i think the longer mitch says the better off we'll be long yes mitchell you like if you just sit forever hope that he he can't he won't throw interceptions no pics no playoff loss is greater right the other story the night tack tack took the world by so contact mckinley from ucla came up on
age with a giant portrait of his grandmother yeah and then started swearing in everyone's face yes so and then he did goodell to foot to find for swearing and i drop in the the g damn bomb yeah he was like yeah i would find it and he didn't actually do that you did he said he said they can find me later so yeah gotta get to the quarterback fastest find an nfl history possibly so you could tell goodell he saw him say that he made like a little mental note here is like ok yeah i'll be coming for that this is you can use your grandmother's your should we say that we say it well
oh i was gonna say we still miss chris berman but yeah we had talked about the guy who might be might have committed rape yet they go that way it was it was really reassuring let's keep it was reassuring to hear right after the pick was made in triangle said well he hasn't been arrested yet oh so that's good this is a classic al davis pick if i've ever seen one pablo tray tray is a recurring guest friend of the program he probably was hoping he didn't get picked at first round when all the eyes are on him and he asked to navigate that because we know chris berman and the point is blocked oh my god i would have loved to see chris berman called that one holy shit i miss chris berman though the fact that we had charlton the fact that we had peppers person in the first round that hurts do you think that
connelly is gonna be better off getting away from like cleveland where there's all these like nightlife and temptations and all that i'm going to like a low key place like las vegas i think they'll keep in line yeah i mean who knows yeah the desert heat my dry out stay out of trouble here drive right out that you get here that's the one saving grace about las vegas you can't get a yeah what do you have anything else any other draft note you want to get to home reuben foster yeah i really fell hans roster say right ruben fraud you know how to write yeah auster course that's what his name is now if you don't says it legally as commissioner as long as you're in your job that's how you pronounce well it's great because goodell like it by the end of the draft you need to plug them back in he's got his robot feeling so we start saying foster and for them to foster and all this weird the thing about foster's he's got all that water inside his body right deluded piss a california is in a severe severe drought so he going to get dried out to that piss is going to be swimming with thc keep an him yeah true good point
so that was a draft i mean we'll have the rest of the draft this weekend like we said it's like five days long yep as okay full disclosure we're playing on about like three hours sleep in the last eight or in our long two day i we want we're not complaint as we're not complaining but we're complaining it was a rough it was a rough ride back from philly it's before you get to it before we talk about what woodhead i just wanted to say props to the philly fans that has some great pulling yes they are the champions of the pro hundred per site they need said we need to put like i don't even know what it is just so big like poop emoji on city hall thank you guys boo better than anyone i don't know what to get us world record is for long is blue but that was probably pretty close it was hard it was a horror it was deep it was guttural is from their ball ballsacks
and it was good and i don't even know if they serve beer at that thing i don't think it matters for philly through they serve beer no you bring your own to let you bring your own rumple mints in philly fill i saw a video of like a you know how they have the whole set up where like the kids can kick field goals and stuff there's a kid in like a cowboys happen there is pulling the fight that's philly that is filled i love it so yeah so we we are we're in philly until wednesday now we drove back we had a lot of editing to do we took the turnpike up north we got pulled over vanny woodhead i tweeted this out but it apparently having the free candy sign on the side of your van it's kat magnet so also tweeting at the cops yeah total is over it's kind of a car yeah being a v most snitch of all snitches that was satire you actually you actually called
cops on me you tweeted the cops on i ten in no more than twenty minutes later we get pulled over well i hope you learned a lesson yeah so that so the police officer came up and he actually approach just on the passenger side and it's really tough to explain to a police officer that might not be familiar
with your podcast and all your weird inside jokes that none of the doors work and none of the windows work and you bought the van as a joke yep so we had to kind of talk her way out of that one so shout out to the new jersey state police officer yeah you know who you are very friendly very professional at it she let us off with a warning got back safe anyone i'm not gonna see he's doing bad put he sounded a little rough usual way back junkie are gonna be the right word it's it's alright there were some there were some vibrations once we crossed over like the new york state all the tires get flat after about four hours so arm yeah it's interesting we'll see what we'll see if it makes a great week we're gonna actually can we please have anyone out there preferably in brooklyn mckay who listens to the show we'll pay you but we also like you know a little help don't don't do that you know don't do them
thank thing where you like yeah you got to get this and this and this and forget about all your ball bearing on fox don't know just give us a straight up with okay let you drive out he'll be on these rooms maybe will scratch your back we will give you nice seamless ad out there whom you never know but yeah hit us up the dms are open pardon my take on twitter let us know we really do need to get a fix because when the police suppose over he's like hey do you know your headlights broken is like uh nope hey do you know your your seatbelts work uh nope the door nope i wonder yeah one door and one window to doris it's two doors they're they're connected there out the side door but it does work fine yeah in the event of a crash or roll over we're we're just dead yeah that's how it's going to work i think we fully killed us with the spaces in the city alright we can best describe until you have because i want to freak you out but when i was pumping gas i wouldn't want to got full
a little gas started to leak out from the bottom i don't know what that's funny for me i'm sorry i'm on it as soon as they just reduced rule rhet residual run off it happens in old vents either way we actually enjoyed our time in philly some ask me to describe philly in three words today i said not that bad that's a high compliment bad the only other thing i noticed in philly i know there's a lot of there's a lot of stereotypes philly freddie mitchell was just walking around philly we saw him three different times in three different locations you just walking around looking for someone to hopefully interview to recognize a missile like twenty miles apart too there's a good dog they couldn't find its way home and i'm just wondering he just so he's slender man yeah what he is yeah he's just learn about someone get money mitchell in like bring inside my three words would be human everywhere
in some nice you ship those that since that was lovely by way local flavor we we did a whole draft you would you pay and houses for each pack we're gonna put it all together so make sure you check that out it was pretty funny we had a fun time we we literally went everywhere in philly we had a good time and you can see me step in the human the the philly doormat is what they call it and yeah and up you go over the sidewalk yeah so speaking of philly let do a our interview with donovan mcnabb philly legend before we do it i quickly i want to ask you pft it's up how do you do gambling tonight i did great gambling tonight do not betty si dot com i always use but yes i that come or you can write okay so betty si dot com has over twenty years in business their top rated business on sports book review sites great mobile easy to use from anywhere live in game wage rings you can make place throughout entire games and events at customer service available twenty four slash seven three hundred and sixty five you can build your reputation fast payments of winnings and free
ok five dollars to try their service just registering that's free i just gave you twenty five dollars you gave him a lot more than that with all the money that they're going to win gambling yeah so mechanic out there i just gave you consider that take it off tablet take it off on tap wait one more two hundred percent bonus on your first deposit with take two hundred so take not offer tab as well two hundred percent bonus on your first deposit would take two hundred that's a betdsi dot com go check make sure you get in on the action we still got so much going nba playoffs stanley cup playoffs we got we will talk about that i don't think you're i don't think there okay also that don't think your your game smile okay but first let's do the you would have picked that was interesting that voice right there kind of a that laugh and iconic laugh donovan mcnabb six time pro bowler philadelphia eagle legend the first question in this just popped in my head
play in the nfl for a decade you reach the heights of the profession did you think yourself where did it all go wrong why am i sitting in a conversion van with two bloggers podcasters you know it's funny i had this discussion with the wife at home i will be a podcaster so no but she's that sounds good but i will be being a converter van it may not be the level of what we're sitting in yep bye now that i know that elite status yes i think at this particular point i've some work to do it's like driving around with your living room if you're living room just like ninety everyone like my grandmother's i'm glad to say it's like more like my grandmother before the plastic one on runs of the couches or when you go into that room where if you walk in everyone in the family yells at you because no one
in their living room yeah yeah or possibly smells like mothballs yeah it is not my fault the snow is most like cigarettes and red bull in here yeah same red blue okay i can go with that that is a bloggers feel so this is rock bottom for you you've been worse no i've been worse okay the words they got what what and what was that like so what we're doing now is kind of tough to willing to deal with you know all right love it's so it's so we're here to talk about the draft a little bit you're in town you're gonna be doing stuff on espn yesterday this is friday there's friday so check donovan out on what for first taking mike and mike epps we met stephen a smith i always do you know what you do is you go back at him your laugh at him you talk about him a little bit you may mention a little bit about his hairline or as little there's your goatee and then you get right into the fact also he wears huge pants weird it looks like a hot air balloon landed on his belt well you know he still in the how should i say mint
the house okay yeah since eighty right right yeah you know the big suit doesn't understand about the european cut yet yeah but he still thinks he's flashy in class disastrous for mac calling like allen iverson on the phone think he's still in the late well he likes to name drop yeah i will say that he i talked to lebron yeah or i talked to kobe you should you should drop on him however yeah or throw a big word out of yeah you have low self along so yeah right exactly okay we got you prefer that now before we talk about the draft let's get you prepared for mike and mike okay yeah we we do this with everyone we do it's called fair play mike and mike you be donna mcnab he michael look 'cause we mike greenberg do we have cheese but because of the size it is alright here we go ready so
so you're on mike and mike here we go ok welcome back to mike and mike this is mike greenberg were here with donovan mcnabb i was not able to watch donovan when he played because i james ran too late and my wife doesn't let me stay up at like this interview is being brought to you by the subway fresh take progresso soup chunky campbell's soup driver aggressive insurance one eight hundred flowers remember when you were in the soup commercial you said there was none chicken rice soup i agree it's ago i watch do you like maine do you eat your soup with a fork and a knife i like goalie yeah you do sound like and you definitely got greedy i always have to say for audience at home i'm on a diet but for them i will eat it for the craft you see me i wipe my hands right there yeah yeah
that's going to be that's gonna be legendary in about two weeks right exactly it's going to be like the it's going to look like jesus in a little bit let's get some serious talk the draft obviously famous because you were the second the draft and you got booed by the team that runs friends whose first year which was first maybe a blue is classic and and legendary well it's kind of legendary okay like really iconic okay they pick a guy they boom he ends up being great for their franchise so when that moment happens are you like are you sad or you just like damn it like are you are you on the other side saying i gotta prove them wrong i gotta show them that i'm going to be good you know what i wasn't thinking over anything at that particular time the first time i was boot i actually laughed because i had never been boot uh we are in new york which where i played at syracuse oh my family and friends were there when
actually went out on the stage and was boo again i laughed but then that was the motivation aspect of it for me to to prove a point to show while it was the right pick and talking to andy reid in the coaching staff you know so you kind of laughed it off a little bit we made a little joke of it once we got back and you know that point on it was one that i took steps to make sure i prove that it was the right pick did you ever think about apologizing philly fans for not having as dependable careers ricky williams absolutely not you know it was one of those yeah well it was one of those where i wish i had a a thousand pies and brought in their face and chapelle voice yeah there we go i like it out so you get drafted what are like it it what's the first two days like after you get drafted is absolute world when you remember any of it you know what it's a whirlwind uhm you know because leading up till the draft you just don't know you
your family everyone's trying to do whatever it takes in order to get your mind off the draft then the actual day comes you sitting there with the rest the players just like hey man good luck to you wouldn't actually you like i hope i go earlier than you i don't want to be here that long and when you're actually drafted you go into the phase of just learning a new playbook getting to know the guys being comfortable in locker room trying to find a place to stay but but then it's just kind of trying to find a way to be relaxed and that's the main thing for me and everything that i do if i'm preparing for something i just tried to be relax and have fun with what type of ribs was andy reid eating when you first met him you know what
it's funny he wasn't even louder rips stakes all okay now he was eating cheese steaks because that was a big thing you have the trial the cheese steaks yep and i think that's when he gained maybe about fifteen extra proud just fifteen just that's that's monday right now right fifteen you know once beat rookies coming in his first i'm coaching and write my first year he put on that freshman fifteen yeah well what does he keep in his utility belt you quality boat is just it's a bunch of little people just calling for help because it's falling it's in every quarter we play right may because the stomach wants to expand a little more uh it's like when it's like a gremlin when you throw water on his back yeah all of a sudden the blast got got your that similar silent what leading up to the draft you'd obviously been in touch with a lot of teams how confident were you that the eagles were going to take you are where you i had a meeting with the greatest it's funny because i had no clue my age
and had had talks with with the eagles but it wouldn't expressed that to me like it was nothing i talked to whatever team i talked to this you know because i thought cleveland was going to make a move in shock everybody and all of and sudden draft me and if that did happen i was thinking chicago being from chicago would move up minnesota showed interest cincinnati showed interest but really feel delphia was one in which i thought the interview went great coaching staff was great but didn't do that yeah cleveland they really know what they're doing in the draft so yeah they've had a lot of success over the last one hundred and twenty nine quarterbacks that they've had and it all started in nineteen ninety nine i mean if you had gone to chicago would be in the best bears quarterback of all time well a problem with the cleveland i probably still been playing oh that's wow
atomic not retired spell sorry so you're breaking in other words if cleveland offered you let's just say fifteen million a year you come back absolutely oh oh breaking go browns hue jackson app is coming out i mean the eighteen year i'll be back andy reid is it was it ever awkward to make jokes about his time management did you ever get to that level of your relationship with him yes do we make jokes ever know because i'm a part of it yeah so true so that will be me laughing at myself true of and that's the phone and no i'm not laughing okay they check in a car sales and like maybe hey andy like i don't know maybe get i'm gonna watch for christmas they let me that we have to get myself one true so we're both in it together i mean even though its belt was was calling for help and you know i guess i'm joined at the hip with one last any re question i i don't know if you can tell but we're big any re guys when
it would rain would and you get like a little scared because he would you know he looks like real like a sad walrus when it rains too much you been mustache would hurt was he ever like can we just move this game to tomorrow because rain tonight you know most big guys with big statues like the water in the the screw you can always out on the field as it will flavors grillo flavor saver you know but for those who are listening you know you take that how you want it which are my rain water yeah rain water you know but you know he's a big big red war is pretty much yeah one final last question about it did you wear hollinger's all the time all all the time and if he doesn't have a full yearly life i contract with tommy bahama i mean because this particular point he's wearing leaves and whatever on his shirt and the leaves
i'll be bigger than me and fifty percent of the fabric sold by time mama goes to any ready read i mean if they think they're kind of lacking in sales just looking at these people forget he used to play basketball at syracuse right who's a better to sports syracuse athlete you were greg paulus now probably be me but i will say this about greg paulus this was an all american and football all american basketball chose to play basketball at duke so bingo like to lemoyne or you can go to any of the small schools he went to duke and started for four years so i will say basketball since he's i will say other than me but he he played so it makes thank you greg paulus if that's oh absolutely for sure i don't care if you started to that means nothing to me how grumpy is jim debate time everyday he might have been the most angry is looking person in america and maybe because he was trying to dig into
the reason is that i was gonna say i mean this two of every single time i was on tv they caught me picking my nose yeah you know but the thing everybody knew that but i'm glad you caught they aren't you ever call the for plan is on now because i would be part of his own that's the main card situation play mandem and be a man hey look they wanted can be shipped the minimal to find affordable into any one of those can work technically well the whole thing about it is is a you can't you from the outside please don't yeah okay but we got our eyes so it still man car i wanted to quickly talk about the hall of fame i have two questions ok all right the first on tony romo just retired and people started mumbling hall of fame talk they contend that you had a better career than tony romo that bother you at all the people are talking about tony romo in the hall fame and not maybe talking about you in the hall of fame the same way no it doesn't bother me at all
thing about it is i don't have a pic right you know he doesn't have a pig mean of us have a pick whoever gets in as you know i think if you don't get any move it move on i think for tony he's put up great numbers and if they want to go by numbers then tell as great numbers in a regular season it's just unfortunate his playoff occurred in numbers aren't the same but i will say this biggest tony it made dallas i mean right they were they were relevant each and every year now did they win a lot you know nobody's does a good quarterback all right and then the second question obviously teo is banned the hot button when it comes to the just now and it yeah just that just doesn't work because every morning again if you never even a little bit of a lightning rod for the first time in our rear yeah we the hall of fame okay as he has he obviously has the numbers to back it up yeah the question and the jacket the yeah yeah the yellow jackets the notion is the lockerroom presence and as a teammate you
who played with tio you had success with tio you also had some failures with tio do you think it is overblown the whole he was a really bad teammate and broke up locker rooms if it happens once then it's gonna overblown if it happens twice let's go so what's going on ok it happens more than three times like three yeah then sometimes it's maybe not anyone else that maybe you could how excited were you in hugh douglas punched in the face at first of all wasn't in the training room when it happened i don't know happen is built into the locker room but as of right now hugh douglas is the the fan right even after the fight so guys do they just punch each other so they become the hello and philip how to how you know how to deal with that though you know in the nfl this is obviously i i think everyone looks the patriots is like the model team because they have a locker room in the system
then every year they can bring in a guy who might be a little bit of an issue but he'll fall in place how do you deal with the i like to go when supposed to be the leader locker room he comes in he only cares about tl well i mean as you see would bill belichick and then those guys did they saddam's island chad johnson which chat bought into the system he just was able to fit into the play calling up things that nature with with t o c o is a great player on the football field you hands down you everyone knows that he makes great plays i make the guys round the better his antics trouble a lot of things that that he did wasn't such a album until it hit the media right then now he has to defend itself in the right which makes it worse because now everyone else has to talk about it ok so
you know that we handled it the right way all the leaders you know did what we had to do he knew what we were expecting and it just stuff blew up when he decided to go into his own thing so sit ups in the driveway that sort of thing well that is one of them it helped that you had a lot of real solid depth at wide receiver with guys like todd pinkston and freddy mitchell yeah we just read off right into your shadow you didn't miss a beat he is the that's this report because joe thomas actually recently said that the locker room distraction is only distraction when you have to start answering for other guys so was there ever a time when it was like ok tl is getting out of control but it hasn't reached the media so we don't care well who controllable in the locker room you know because when we're in put on let safe haven so to speak you know you can handle anything that's going on we get out on the football field we practice we prepare we go we leave no one knows
everybody else is doing not until you look up on whatever network and he's doing a sit down interview with somebody talk about what's happened you thought do we just talk about this right right why are we doing this interview or in and now we have to answer questions in a locked room about what he said you know what he is expected to happen it didn't happen and it became it becomes a problem right so in terms of this years draft we're looking at a lot of back some would say it's not a great quarterback draft but teams are thirsty their thirsty af for quarterbacks you are the cleveland browns or the jets are one of these teams what look for in a guy that can succeed as a professional well if i'm the cleveland browns this point what i would do well there a lot of questions about myles garrett you know because you look at zach total is very low and then he had four sex verse
time is sperm count good well no not going there okay all but i'll let you handle that if he knows a lot about balls okay i will let that one go but you know you had a force that verses a conference usa today and you know the finish the year off with about eight sex as a number one pick that's rare right you're coming in as the number one pick you only have eight sex now someone say today being clowney didn't have great numbers going into the draft but there was something there about joe davian clowney you just couldn't pass up some something there about mario williams when he was the first pick in the draft so would as garrett is the a safe pick he's a safe pick but for cleveland route if i'm a clean browser i'm going to get jay cutler i'm a brings in cutler in i'm also draft a wide receiver probably in a second round or that late first round so now you have a defensive end you have a veteran quarterback and you have it
i'd receiver there that can also help your offense and hopefully you know you'll come out throughout the draft for guys that will give you death and you'll be successful in in year one with at least eight with who is your favorite quarterback in the draft i love i like to sean watson okay shot once it has proven he can play a big game he's proven that he can lead his team to where you want to go if he has a supporting cast i think also what you're seeing this is leadership qualities stand out about your risky thirteen games that's not that's not a good resume right cuz he hasn't understand understood how to handle adversity when expectations are high i think with the sean kaiser great great ceiling he got a high ceiling but has to be in the right system i think the kid from from texas tech patrick a problem probably is the most athletic and probably have the strongest arm but he also has to be in the right system because of what the
doesn't he came out of is so wide open it's like johnny manzel again but not the johnny manziel as the player right but that type of offense so there are a lot of questions about these quarterbacks but i would say to sean watson is probably number one do you think the spread offense in college football is hurting the nfl's product absolutely they're not they're not training these kids to be pocket passers they're not helping these kids get better each year of reading defenses and work on timing in the passing game everything it seems like it's off kilter now great guys can make plays outside the pocket but when you're inside the pocket three step by step seven step drop you got to be able to get the ball out read the defense and allow the office to continue on with the receivers making yards of the kids okay who are you actually instrumental i think in terms of changing the running back position as well you and brian westbrook so he
he was your security blanket he was always there he would rack up all the all purpose yards i think since he came into the league and had so much success you're seeing emphasis on taking just between the tackle road power back yeah so which running back do you see as most fitting that mold you know it's funny you know would brian westbrook was plan you also have a daily of thomas and that was big you know in my early years curtis martin wasn't just a downhill run we caught the ball out of the backfield of marshall falk uh with special on what he was doing i think in this this class people may think that mccaffrey probably is the guy because of what we've seen in his pedigree and you know things that i need i dalvin cook now i know a lot people have been down on dalvin cook because of his injury i think he's kind of the windows guys that you know if he set up in your favorite guy in kansas city young his favorite
here the guy that he he kind of modeled his game after or the former running back at from kansas city who suffered a lot of couple of injuries no longer there i can't think of his name is a guy he idolized so i think that's probably the back then i think people need to keep an eye on maybe if he goes to kansas city and you read will let him run the ball five times a game and still only do screen passes well i mean when you have
i like that that's twelve rushes to catch it that's over a hundred is a hundred eighty total your any read i feel like every single game he's like alright we're gonna try to run the ball and then at the end of the game they're like oh we pass that seventy five percent of the time whoops well when you have an out yeah you got a lovely story ball when he can use his legs you forty yards you cannot cage it out out of animal erred out i loved every bit of it any less true it helps we were ortiz seven thirty yes exactly do you think that rush limbaugh is over rated because people are so desires to see to see a white man succeed at conservative talk radio i don't know who that is rush limbaugh yeah he his name doesn't pop up in my mind ok do you have a beef with him and i don't know bout who rush limbaugh yeah not anymore oh you know you squash that you know what i learned if you want to squash the you say he's not about that life that's right
that's the new way you say it is not about that you can hang it always going down let's do should we rap what else do you have i think we're good alright so let's do mean tweets and then we will rap it up oh actually no i had one final question i hate to bring it up the puke in the super bowl now if you can find ok wait wait wait i'm going to ask i don't think we've been asked this i'm not going to ask the normal question here sometimes when you puke like i wanna say tease good but you're like that wasn't a bad tasting puke sometimes if you care like that was disgusting which one was it how 'bout there was a few more which one was it was so cute just tell me which one it was good or bad if you wanna talk about when you pick your language that was actually i don't think i've ever said that that was some good yes good we're going forward that felt good and it wasn't like the worst thing ever
was that what was or was it a i'm so drunk like oh man i i someone get me a cab home or sometimes a few drug you feel after you puke feel better yeah that's why i gotta keep drinking yeah better after that putin rally was imbued out you know of so many i i don't know how does it feel weird knowing that you inhaled a bunch of dead man's ashes after that guy ran onto the field and and dropped off him you know what who will you come over here to help their body inside you i don't think i was playing that i think i was heard that game but what i will say is the guys from arizona and i seen him at the elephant bar in arizona and ask him about it he said his mom said you know when she passed she wanted to you know pass away and philadelphia eagles year or at the stadium and the mantis gave his wishes to what is my one can't be mad about that all right now you have a dead body and
i do that's fine so all right it is not only for the for the viking cells as well that was excellent i was there for a bagel in some girl i was i saw one of the games i was a monday night football or no me the sunday night football at soldier field that was the day i so carl isn't it yeah i think yeah sorry to bring up that so no problem member that time that mike shanahan was just a real to you would which time when he when he gave a press conference and use terms like cardiovascular endurance was pretty funny alright mean tweets up been so gracious with your time i hope i hope this hasn't been too painful real tweets real tweets from were reading right off twitter we found these you know the kimmel mean tweets
spin on it mean tweets ok okay so this one is from to is the best donovan mcnabb was the worst and the person says t is so much better than donovan mcnabb mcnabb was a bum and i hated how his watches were always super super big and flashy and kind of consciously large especially the faces of them not about their life all right so now with this year was yeah okay this one is from at fred x sixteen he says hey donovan you remember when you that big afro did you not know that your hair could end in ties also it's interesting that's not that's another real hours ago one of the go in okay so this one is from to terrel owns this looks like caroline's official this cat blue check mark you said look jack moore i jeff garcia was the best quarterback i ever played with and if
mcnaboe tries to tell part of my take that he didn't puke in the super bowl he's lying thoughts and i was i came wow interested in philly right now how do you know that interesting one more it's pack joy ride just got a high score four hundred and thirty six miles that was actually from you jetpack yeah used to that game i don't know that it would honor automatically to no no no automatically yeah phones like how you doing john back hard right now that's a good one this is not a good one this was from you also it it says does anybody think that aaron hernandez his career is over now that he's been arrested for murder who let's revisit let's revisit what was that five years ago yeah that was about or five years ago i know that he you guy replied in because i like your twitter game i replied yes i love the way you know when there and so you know critiquing my my twitter
this is a love that you know especially when they re tweets something that was four years ago yeah i did that i love your tweets you can delete your treat if you like why should i believe i don't know if you just yeah hey if people that means of people who are following you i get more followers truly say it's true or not more people follow so you know what for all of you who are following keep i'll say more dumb stuff i like your twitter game because you use twitter how it should be used to start a discussion you oftentimes say thoughts question mark let me know you actually read people's thoughts that they send you or do you just like tweet it and then drop your phone into a trash can so no trashcan table do i read them yeah ok so so please yeah one last one this is from at city of philadelphia it says boo i hate my life sorry for them yeah how's your relationship with
we now my relationship is always been good you know i don't listen to worst talk radio but for the people that i see love what i said for my crazy i'm like in my car wouldn't i cannot understand any eagles fan that would not be a huge fan of you because like you brought them so much success like as a bears fan like this guy like i would love for back to bring any even half that success is another what i can do with what i did was just play ball be passionate about it have fun in the process you know do some stuff in the community with the kids and you know that so for the kids offer you also refer the kid you have a great voice so it sounds like we're interviewing very white back here i like it well thank you can you the ladies love it yeah
just sit on top your speed a ladies home sit on top your speaker like in that howard stern no no you go to give him a little i'm yeah the right that's the show thank you donovan thank you for having me in this exotic vehicle yes maybe i'll go wash my neck and back after it's all over and your it was a crack crack right that was out alright we as a hard name to say right that was not american app is not mister buski i'll tell you that much mitchell mitchell i am so into mitch trib eski baby and i'm not just saying because caleb is going to be really mean to me if i say anything bad donovan was awesome donovan had no qualms about stepping into the van and just in bathing in our cigarettes and red bull so carpet yeah why people are so down on mitchell i think he's going to be good it's them it's risky show he
still i i didn't want to make the show about the bears traffic but the bears did something so crazy that it becomes the story of the draft as ever did you see the they give the bears a d minus instantly yeah divide it deserved t minus it's like what the fuck could you get let me breathe like give it to me in the morning i don't need to know that i got a d minus the minute i finished the test well they boo jesus too i always like to say no comfort people when they're going through hard times with that tidbit that also the browns swap pics with the texans i will hoping that it was going to be just them sending us the brown sending osweiler back to texas to move up yes that would have been wonderful to me we said when he got trade originally brock osweiler as like his own currency now yes you just trade him in exchange for you you give somebody a call yes exactly he don't want no one really knows its value but we all know it's fake it's worth something right getting no do is reverse big corn because getting rid of it is worth something
oh i did i meant to ask us at the beginning of show do you think the worst pic i think in the in the draft was was ma homes at ten and the chiefs trading up seventeen pics to get him yeah do you think they did that because they're like yo ryan pace is going to get a lot of heat like now is our time going to the radar just well who cares yeah i was going to talk about it was a free play for them no word yet your apps i think you're definitely right about that i also think is it will questionable move by any read it doesn't really fit a system which is throw the ball like four yards yes arms too strong for the cat for the andy reid offense he just gonna be over throngs receivers older they'll do two quarterbacks but what they do to go production field at the same time i like it it's never been done only one ball though let's start over again single wing yeah and he really loves wings true also true by the
we're on a big andy reid kick i'll say right now we have george brett coming on monday he talked and we asked we somehow asked him about andy reid uh mean pft shirt right now is yeah straight out of the wardrobe yeah radio canada tiger hawaiian shirt picture before we do some segments and finish the show quick shout out to all of our new gear in the barstool sports store go to our stock com slash pmt we want to track it so go to that exact your l part sports dot com slash pmt you're wearing apartment take sure right now i am i'm wearing a tight i part of my teacher right now yeah six threats that where the kids are so what we did the bar still we are headquarters has this new thing we have this room that has just close and i i just have just been taking every i need to wear a shirt today so i'll just come in shirtless and then put
anon it's actually called workplace theft yeah and so now to get looked at me but go do it right now parcel sports dot com slash pmt were also launching some new saturdays are for blank on simon the bunny so sarah's or four pft ruining four year olds oh no we'll get to that yes that's the jimbo yeah but yeah go check it out barstool sportsstorebarstoolsports dot com slash pmt pr one thousand and ten actually pr one hundred and one roger goodell yeah we don't even feel the need to give him any pointers because he held a master class in it tonight he deflected as much of the boozer as he could buy bring
how different charities to stand in front of kids sick kids inner city high school kids that had like it earned scholarships or something like that make a wish kids you name it roger goodell had them front and center the kids you can't boom when those kids are up there and he's getting like standing applause's from from the entire crowd is a gas i've done well thank you for knowledge in my tenure he used a human shield of sick kids that's where roger goodell is at now yeah he's a he's basically the like the the leader syria right now you have right on music every i have a hundred percent approval rating right now i mean i listen to all these years no one put a mixtape together no also a hundred percent approval rating aside that their duty court as your post nate silver if you're out there let me know it was are you saying well it was i mean what the balls plus model said on hitler plus plus yes is actually the one you want was two plus is put in with plus was bent so it looks like a different symbol but i don't know if people can tell if we're if we if they can tell that we're taping this at one in the morning yeah
how many how many sick kids is need to bring to fox he might know he's going to you know he's going to do is he's going to just get a ring of him you know when you when you see it out like if you go to a mall or like maybe like an amusement park and there's all those little kids holding a leash together so they don't lose each other he's going to do that he's going to leave him a big ring around him it's going to be a leash of like little sick kids hula hoop of six children who walks around him out onto the field yeah i can see the have i could also see goodell just going hologram embracing technology from now on hologram goodell can show up in thirty two stadiums on the same day well i guess only sixteen 'cause there's sixteen games yeah but i could see him just virtual reality is the wave of the future i like that to me a once in a lifetime moment that first game when they show i think it's going to just exactly what we saw less be bruce yeah actually philly really they they raise the bar for you guys so consider the gauntlet thrown down i mean it's been
tony isn't showed up in new england and you think that you're better brewers in philly fans i think that boo on that night if he shows up will be like will not be defeated in terms of booze okay feel like let's get the guinness people out there to measure that one i'm excited if he puts maybe he'll do like this is not going thing you know they they be like kerry your kid on your chest that's what or he could just swaddle himself and look like a baby yes sir and just have somebody will i'm out in the in the gigantic carriage yeah we're diaper yeah so are one one roger goodell you're you're the master we all know we we tip our cap to you every year you do it you throw troops in kids and everything out us just so we can it's it's slows us down just a little bit great job at all we have a trouble in paradise actually this is a all of paradise fixed so i don't know if you saw this but kobe has inserted himself into a lot of things yes a lot
things into carmelo anthony and phil jackson trouble in paradise he had this to say he's eat because we basically is he's a fixer he's a therapist he said the history is you get through rough times after you win a good amount of championships we certainly had rocky times we still stuck it out we figured out our way through it and came out better because of it they certainly were there in chicago and when he was in la but the champions championships can overshadow that so he's basically saying carmelo and filled jackson will like each other but if the next rattle off like four in a row so you're saying that that kobe is a fair yes i definitely agree with the last six letters that were new but i also think that what he's trying to do is he's pulling it we we checked in on last year just what lock predicted kobe bryant
just coming back this year maybe he's just trying to keep carmelo in new york so that kobe can join him in two thousand and seventeen two thousand and eighteen oh rattle off some championships i like that chris paul too this fall's always linked in all those that's right there's a frog three guys are getting together chris paul's me part of it chris paul is the ugly friend yeah and the like is are you bring in chris long ago maybe and the like are you sure yeah well yeah probably not yeah walk if in that analogy carmelo is the friend everyone like pretend all i'm you text him in the morning and you're like should i missed your text sorry oh are you still at the bar carmelo but either way i love this kobe just simplified it as much as possible you guys got a kiss make up and have the knicks win a championship for the first time in like forty years yeah that's it it's simple as that so easy i want one come on two plus two we have it done or finished for alabama football
alabama football their defense was football fly off the board in the first ten picks they only had like what four first rounders and they're all two teens and the twenties yes which is named alan hold on until the seventeenth jonathan allen yeah so the yeah the red skins finally took another alan that nobody else wanted me so that's good that's it very on brand for them it's the only way actually that the skins could have managed a competent pick given their front office now just by having basically nick saban throw out some rumors of over shoulders or fuct and then actually they're not there well if you take it alabama pick you basically you can't call in alabama pick a bus for like three years i mean look at trent richardson people like oh maybe he'll be ok because of how good alabama is people give them a little bit of extra time so it's a smart strategy for like i need to keep my job i'll just take off alabama
the client yes is that right sir yeah because i'm not like that it's again it's one o'clock right now by the way when you brought this up i was like hey they're not really dark finished had four picks in the first round but then i remembered way back four hours ago which feels like ten days ago cocho was on nfl network before the dry and he said lsu has a two hundred and thirty am curfew during bowl week that is the best for
i've ever seen will go ahead bulger and they have a good time shares at bowie listen boys relax boys play wells almost exactly saturday football colleges have to come home last call that science once it is fair as players roll out furthermore let's call you gotta come home i'll talk with you get over sir from time to time as long as you make it home by bed check out two hundred and thirty wanna fucking genius carlo and you bring up another good point which is it goes along the same lines of judging a states literacy rate or how they perform on standardized tests as long as louis anna beats alabama that's all they gotta do correct as long as alabama beats least that's all they have to do so right now done or finished i'm going to say that alabama football is finished then i think that this performance by lsu's draft picks going push cochos recruiting over the top i'm going to predict
five to ten year reign of dominance for cultural rhonda and by you for net and jamal adams both top ten picks her and that a lotta link the quarterback when our backs i want to do quickly seeing red hank you can do like what do we call it now passing green no yeah like lucky charms or something i don't even know rondo rondo's injury to the irish luck of the irish rondo's injury somehow made i mean the bulls are going to win this series which is bullshit because now gar pax are going to get that extension fred hoiberg's an awful coach he flairs hilarious he got he they someone asked him if isaiah traveled 'cause he was complaining
about that isaiah thomas and he just stood up he said no and walked out i hope people in the street just asking that all the time ok just to travel i've just never seen somebody realized that she just can't i think i think it was i think they were saying is this a carey yeah he's a key caries put still fred hoiberg like he he doesn't hate the fact that he he went with my carter williams awfully when jerian grant is awful he he still hasn't let jimmy butler bring up the ball it's fucking bullshit i hate it all of it an you know what i even hate even more is people saying oh well rondo was still in this series the bulls win yeah probably right but if rajon rondo is like the linchpin for your whole fucking season that's a big fucking problem and now seeing right now ok alright hank so you look at the irish take rhonda's pretty good i mean it was a tough stuff series but yeah rondos fuqing good but they didn't fucking play him all year to in this position they took him this long to fucking figure it out and they would have been a seat ok that was seeing red again
dwyane wade in this series so i think the fact that we've we've come back from this is pretty press wayne wade how many championships has you have three three time nba champion yeah that's no easy feat three off of the bulls panic button time i'm not pressing the panic button capitals are down apps dominated okay it all right you only smoke this is the only way worse now the only stat that that didn't go on their favors the score so it's just you that's just one stat of many that you keep track of in hockey i don't even play hockey grows in part is the only artist patient listen what not a big deal except if you're the washington capitals and you're playing the pittsburgh penguin i'm not guess what same as it ever i'm not a message is different caps team different about the different year i'm throwing the panic button out the window i'm not going to press it ok 'cause the penguins just took home ice going to go back to the igloo you can try
what a game at a home doesn't you can they afford tickets hockey in pittsburgh there's no home show up to the might be that's why i hope you don't we that they went back something in one where they under siege no the other one where it kills everyone something empowered big impact yeah big impacts big big blow
up impact your users do not work i'm not worried no no no if you watch the game it was dominance by the caps it was that way more scoring opportunities they just didn't get it i did have that authority did you get a single power play tonight yes the reps are bias okay and so what we had was so the caps have to defeat two opponents right they've got a few to referees they've got to feed the penguins and they also that if he does well man this small little guy yeah that's fine so three three people that's alright we've done before with it again i did it did seem like the capitals had more chances and it seems like they're gonna score a million times and it just didn't happen so if theo fleury standing on his head sometimes you run into a hot goaltender interesting yeah it's fine but i will be down in dc on saturday and this is this is a lot like me i'm not hey guys will talk about maturity give me great again because i got to keep on that and i'm not even mad i'm i'm totally confident this is fine it's all fine it's on the dog in the fire to find your fine it's fine so the house is burning what happens if they lose on saturday night probably i'm
note commits seppuku before i get on the track i'm going to go down onto the ice and grab one of their skates and jam it into my stomach and pull my entrails oh my god i'm alright if it's twenty you're in trouble that's you're mashing the panic with two owes now spin zone 2o most dangerously in hockey true hank wanna do some jimbos sure do i'll start we set up our instagram account as a business account yes and accidentally didn't realize part of doing that was that you have to your phone number becomes public so all day on wednesday we are at the draft i just getting blown up by random stories that were calling me telling me to suck their dick i didn't know how yeah that's like fun it was funny you're in the back of any wooden like why the fuck do people keep calling maine couldn't figure it out alright alright took a girl
for our first date we spent about seven hours together so after i drop her off i at least a pants ripper i held all day long she felt she forgot her purse in the car and ran back to get it before i could get out and handed to her she was inside breathing in my rancid methane oh yeah her look of disgust and disappointment told me this was also our last i don't even know what that means what are you doing taking a girl on a seven hour first date that's that's your problem you gotta friend zone already yeah you gotta time box where you are listen to her problems already yeah right you're laughing at all or jokes where you spend seven hours doing with it you gotta time box or first date it's going to be a movie maybe dinner and then oh i got an early day work tomorrow by the way little tip for the people out there lot of people go dinner the movie movie then dinner 'cause then you have something to talk about it dinner or that's that's you'll pro tip for you out there and i will this guy's back i agree with you one hundred percent a seven hour dates ridiculous but farting
after you've been in a situation where you can't fart you got to do it right away and it's an honor that's on our mount rushmore of good fortune to have lane and then after date yeah after you at what what once you walk into an elevator you know it's funny you know they they say that you know women get equal rights and all that stuff welcome she wasn't dropping if she had been dropping you off she would've done the exact same thing should have gone back into her car smelled the fart you probably would've been cool with it yeah so it's not well it's girls don't fart if we're going to be so if we're going to be so chivalrous then girls should be able to smell her farts and be happy with them true equal opportunity my best friend is getting married memorial day weekend being the best man i planned a weekend for the boys in montreal three of us didn't over the border because we've gotten to hughie's including myself i plan paid for badger part and i couldn't attend oh yeah this is a new law that you can't go
to canada if you have had to do you live let's put a few years but yeah we yeah but i mean it doesn't it feels a little hypocritical because i feel like you can't live in painted it unless you've had a dui yeah that's true they don't need anymore right ok there's there max that's part of their culture they don't want people coming in appropriating quebecois tradition true fair my buddy doesn't have a password on his phone got his phone stolen from the bar on saturday woke up sunday afternoon to find his venmo had been cleared and the savage uploaded his dick take from his camera roll to a snapchat story oh wow ok so that's yeah that's a great move by the thief yes great move by the thief but you are one hundred percent to blame because if you don't have a lock code on your phone you deserve everything you get in life you member fight are used to not have a lock code on his phone we actually use that like we have intervention by to put a password on your phone and then it got stolen and
some girls like hijacked as twitter old in i wouldn't care so much about my venmo or people uploading dick pics to like my facebook account or anything like that i would he mostly concerned that someone get on my twitter and be funnier than me and then i just have to let them keep the phone let's just hope this guy had a bigger dick let's just pray 'cause i mean then it's really not that big of a deal just let him let him just fire him off he planted the seeds for you and he did all the hard work uh my coworker after she mentioned her boyfriend broken up and got shot down didn't realize until later they had been dating for six years and i asked her a week after they broke up now it just seemed desperate well lets you shoot rebound yeah that's fine let's see i think you did exactly turns out she just doesn't like you i don't think it has anything to do with the gradients for its fair sorry turns out she didn't break up with her boyfriend to get with you yeah oz
image that there's a lot of what is a wonderful i'm gonna get it out get into that but there's a lot of award winning listeners saying suck their dicks to various people okay we're done with them not to not we have to end that when i was well it was the biggest error in judge we've ever made we've made a lot of them it's it's shocking it happened to us in philly a lot a lot a lot not a hundred percent sure if those were listens or they were just normal philadelphia until about their everyday we walked out of the hotel at like eight hundred and thirty in the morning and the guy was had his headphones in so he obviously talked a little louder and he just screamed suck my dick and we're like ok this is we're starting a bad trend dozens of pasture but i think the mayor was standing next to us at that point yeah so let's we're really going to try to get off that we gotta get off that as a team we're all a team here award winning listeners were talking to you gotta get off that all right the last one relates to our but we don't really care if you do it or not our fault
our fallen sweet prince simon the bunny gone too soon listening to a new podcast on the way home united killed the rabbit she said they killed the easter bunny my four year old is now crying with the easter bunny is dead which caused my one year old to start crying now i'm crying because my wife won't be home for another hour to deal with this shit thanks pfd alright if there any kids in the car right now turn the volume up i'll make it all better ready ok hang on let me turn the volume hey kids hey sam is not real that's up i'll do that santa is real can you say sorry sorry was that a hangover so sorry listeners oh ok you were looking at you're looking at hank were apologizing for something maybe subliminally i just apologize i mean started the new season basically that's that's so messed up though i mean you come on don't you feel a little bad
it's kind of hilarious i feel i mean the fact that he started crying because his kids were crying which what's up easter bunny doing eggs because bunnies are even lay eggs to the never even thought of i've never gone to a grocery store and seen rabbit aches i think that might well yeah okay hey that's your that's your new your new prepared radio the next show bad radio i can't even i can't even think about bunnies without thinking about our fallen sweet boy bad radio i'm googling right now funny do bunnies lay eggs battery moon moon francesa we should just call that mike francesa presents bad radio for now they do not they don't lay eggs
oh yeah no bunnies do not lay eggs so wow yahoo answers it's a great source i know they don't make my girlfriend is convinced they do bodies are mammals just like us their babies just like dogs and cats in brutal sorry kids while you're out there nine what none of those animals have babies so they just have bunnies and puppies and kittens this result check your facts i'm not trusting that website that's yahoo answers always right right that's our show sorry 'cause it was a little loopy i think you know i don't know you've been able if a far whirring i think they've caught on but what we're thing to do going forward is monday monday wednesday having made the bigger gas friday have a little more fun wow that's a shot a done vending mcnab right there isn't it was is big shop but no that's i mean next next friday we're gonna bring back the wikipedia club so get ready for that but this is friday is where we kind of we take our belts off and we will take
maybe maybe take the top button off we open the kimono little bit for you guys to come in and just take a picture with the door open on friday so that's how it is are you going to invite mitchell to the wikipedia glitch i will invite mitch mitch has an open invite to the show hopefully get mitch next week just for like ten minutes that's pretty fantastic and look up kitties that'll be the topic kissing kissing alright we will see you on monday george brett awesome interview huge huge interview and caps one one exit interview george brett exam review it was very weird if you're asking yourself did they do something they're going to bodily the answer is yes but you have to tune in love you guys love you guys
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