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The guys talk UFC 200, HR Derby, PokemonGo, and living in July sports hell. In honor of the HR Derby today's Mt Rushmore is "things chicks dig" because "chicks dig the long ball". Former MLB All Star Dontrelle Willis joins the show to talk about the first half of the baseball season and memories from his playing days. Segments include "Talking Soccer", "Hurt or Injured" for Ronaldo. "People Forget That", "Spoilers" and the newest segment "hmmm"
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i'll call the edge the promo code take tea a k e and seek was you twenty dollars at you made your first ticket purchase let's go let's not mind it wasn't part of my take it is monday july eleven welcome to sports hell you know enjoying this
also slurry day that's enough form part of the day so go in and demand or free slipping it's always funding to see like the people that complain about the free sloppy yoke how small is to spend the dollar and by a fucking sloppy if you can just put makes you get your slippery out yes it july we are in the middle of july when the dog is actually the doggies summer august but either way sports how this is the worst weaken sports it so bad the dirt cheaters gub gub border enough to go and get married think about that yeah that's when you get it if your dirty water and you decide that you're just gonna have such an one woman for us your life there there's no other explanation than the fact that my dream between the imf funds nay linux re no shit no chance he does this like during the nfl precision miss good for all going on the air tudor gets cold feet and leaves hannah davis at the altar what are we gonna do i'm gonna call now
you're gonna do during hell we great we still have two people always mention that to us really hold us to that one we still have to i think we're gonna maybe we wanted to go to like a twenty robinson i really wish we had gone to the tony robins thing where braun burn their feet on the hot coals or out of him quite the same cause ruled out hank do at first obviously however there are like thirty people they get their feet burned meaning that like italy twenty of them had to see very clearly ten people severely injuring european there like fucking i'll i'll hey if you're trying to get it and enlightenment if you're trying to get to the next level which we are so we're gonna someone someone show us a call that we can join ray a reasonable call like a two day call we don't really want to go to scientology i'm pretty sure if he given their name though just stock you for the rest of your life and those
mr probably scientology is probably the only organisation that is better at lake lawsuits than we are you has so we gotta be careful when we met them although now that now you say it out loud getting my partner india like a little mamma we motto is that with the charter scientology would be supplied cast gold i feel like you would love that allocation or do we gotta do that we have are there any scientology churches in new york city i'm sure they want it so when we all moved to new york which you may in august and we'll be altogether for pod gas for the rest of our lives so no more skype we will join scientology for at least the day and actually you know it will probably just give up hank what did i hear take him and then hopefully he comes out on the other and alive say i'll say this real quick we're gonna doing a disservice by calling the sports how weak because possible i have some are probably anybody's lifetime is going on as we speak
lifetime are probably anybody's lifetime is going on as we speak and that's pokemon go it's on what's going on we have to explain it because i wasn't a bogeyman guy you give to you and i both i think we both this the bogeyman by are you in the go thing i'm not even in the programme on go i was a big put em on guy but basically they does realized anchored mankind art i was prepared i was a programme on kid so that sounds cooler and when a when i was a kid we had put him on good to accept it you just like we do have phones and the point was to try to find beer so i as you can see from bank yet we have arranged why did it sounds like isn't a sport arena consumer sport hank we had would you mind go when i was a kid there just called pugs loser
hell yeah what what's so seriously what's going on pogo mungo go give it to us rockwork that is one of those situations where i know what's going on i'm aware of its existence but i'm not going to delve deeper into it and trying to figure out what would actually happening so hank save me tell me what's going on they basically realize they can capitalize on all the nostalgia kids that like put em on grown up by making up and every single person downloaded it and it's it's really stupid but people love it because they love programme on grown up and so imagine how do you do it what do you do you just like pointed if dependent depending on where you are a certain type of programme on shows up depending on the region so it's like a geo tag type basically what it is a good on your phone is layers there's a wizard around the corner and then you go around the corner and the wizard thing is there and you go shit i just got it analytical and programme i was visiting hey we want to track all the people in america and capture
and other data it another lakes in and steal other steal their identities it's definitely invented by the cia like yesterday serving on other for government almost half the grid on this one almost ass on that's it i'm considering getting really heavily into bulky my girl over the course of next week maybe you know what well they're working we found like this why be real sports how we might have to do a three way programme i go who can be the best in a week yeah i all let's think about it works decide next episode on wednesday will let you know if the part might take team is in its own many pokemon go actually know what we're gonna do it we don't want why go the three of us and then loser we're gonna stuff into a locker it so easy talk ourselves into these things like that's what happens in july derek heaters get married you
you have to your plane talk him on a wild sound to be alive guess yeah and no we're gonna find a locker and the loser has actually get actually stuff the loser in the water so that's it so what also stateroom for that that's better than a cold what what else all you have seats two hundred i that was awful he's been bad only the only appropriate way to watch the you have c is if you're betting beers with somebody so like if if you're fighter lose if you lose it then you have to check a beer within like thirty seconds and that way by the end of the five years that real trick everybody so drunk that you forget the results of the fight so you to watch the second time tomorrow as you get like double your minds worth yup it also was us sure sir i'm the car macgregor like he should be should be just counting the money after that because the usa its counter macgregor obviously never have john jones and gives suspended the only other
hey gray had was is brok lesson i think is the number one scariest human on earth yeah he's go away for a while but i would like the fact that he came back after five years and just demolished markham like tat was in it was a air just like basely sitting on him and and and pounding his face in brok lesson there i think is my number one scariest man on earth these deftly out there i was hoping for a little bit more of the of the post fight speech that he gave last time where he was like a hill a mighty we get out of my wife tonight i got sort of thing you need a little bit of a wild card in ufc at the fights are going to be there ten a dot m harrison solar i will say he felt pretty well considering he's like forty five right you can log handles the outrageous i brought him in like out they phenomena bathroom somewhere in brazil and he was a guy get me out of this but i'm afraid of zika and so then he came to united states and his whole problem though was he did not do the thing we're like he left the other guy punch in the face yet i was like his trade
mark and that you didn't get into his rhythm because he's plan decent it was actually defending himself he fought the other guys fight and he can't do that now do that serbia yossi two hundred i like you have said so and i know that are basically would happen every time there is a bad card or will happen if the soccer game is like zero zero people commodity but you didn't you don't really know the sport there are so many there's somebody so subtle like great things happening that you can't even see no i have eyes in a brain you have two hundred for the most part sought and are supposed to be like the best fight the best card of all time like going into like a year ago and they announced everything but you know why it was it will take it yeah wouldn't think it worth beggars arduous work how can i get you right now they want if you wanna replay forest next weekend i'll do it because i'll be in that kind of shape when i'm on the catch them all out
chicago i don't even like this out is that right catch him we'll try to catch him all gotta catch more ok it i we have tonight the home on derby what a night is it actually it's a good aid for those of us that really appreciate some crisper manure lives okay so quick i have a quick bonus mount rushmore chris berman home derby calls number one i have backpack back back that gone number two i have back back back back backpack backpack backpack back gone number three i have back when i got back my rub my way back way gone and the number for i have backpack right back back inside county or city that is a j sent to wear the homer derby is taking place this trip and now and landed in los angeles do you wanna watch t a lot about our yeah
the war you drop that one's gone anybody in america that prepares less for the biggest day their job and crisper isn't it you know it's a definition of male time and unama big proponent of snake it's a u make it an chris burma i mean he's already made it but this is really his summer time just gonna cash check show up half drunk say back back back a few times when a complaint about me on twitter but guess what chris reminiscent on twitter yet it ill people are complaining about him and then he goes i probably goes to like you know he's gonna go to bar in san diego get drunk carpet pick up some jackson and a week there's a zero percent chance that chris bergmann doesn't show up to thirty homer under we would like a bad sunburn cares right now he's instead the egg oh if you think that berman's a man that like puts on sunscreen in appropriate intervals your store the mistaken he's passed down the sun today so you can be sweating isn't we blistering we read and he's
are we still gonna be a little bit drachma they should have it's alive and up the homer derby they should make chris berman where like she really good old school champion like gray shirt and just me i watch him sweat the whole time i was in every way the call that heather gray is that five ninety nine grecian champion real the cotton and we just pan back to as permanent sea like his sweat meter throughout what majority to let go all in on this commodity us be and have some paused once so what are we gonna go picks for the roma derby so quickly actually let's let's do the yes i will then will read the betty aside odds for you so go ahead you do that the aside red and then we'll do it again i'll be at the ideas i signed up the second they became a sponsor and it is the only thing that can make sports fell a little bit more time
because at least he gets max on the game so you don't care about for those of us who love and live sports the summer's load is great events just not this week but we ve got the pigeon given cookin that's something they can gamble on and then we ve got the olympics in real come up so i always get to gamble on amateur sports and they ve so through and that they ve got the most entertaining presidential race the end they allow you to bet on it seeking bet on from first clinton right now for all the free comedy that you can handle it great time a year to be a sports fan and even better time to join us at betty aside outcome i do play there myself as i mentioned i'm not doing so great a stern are really hot lost all that money back basically but they do have a plus rating on most sport spoke review site so i was winning money i would be confident that i could cash ever easily they offer pretty much everything all transport so we know and love
and they also what you been a reality tv which is really nice i've got a quick mobile friendly website it works great is very easy to use playing or is the only way to make these games fund so as a part of my take listener badges i currently has a great promotion where you can try them out for free this is a brand new code from port from betty aside you sign up betty aside that come used a promo code take ten t a case ten and you get ten bucks free that's free ten dollars to play on whatever sporting whatever world event that you and i put the money down on the brokers take ten use it and you will be re for some extracurricular fun washing games when you have a little bit of extra interests on them and we have the that dear sighed lines for the whole under be so here's hit you wanna went some money night we're all gonna pick who we who we have on actually gonna take hoof taught
measures plus four seventy i kind of like robinson canal at plus ten how that need ten he's been around my favorite mother favour part about the homeland areas are predicting which one of the participants the homer i was gonna screw up their swing in the second half the river winds yeah if i was if i was immediately based where i've been home under be every single year just so when i go through a slump i might well i was on my derby guys i would freeze must before the hormone derby like you never now you just gotta get tat would you got there who do you guys like i like we'll myers i like back in his name is william any abbreviated to will with one oh i love that guy just is all about winning and he d so efficient you how much time you saved his life by spelling his name w islands w i well i can't stay
it's like matt later spells his name mit i actually knew a guy wants who spelled his name is jeff any spells name j e p h are get out here what a decorated at that point it's his fall for not changing his name is has run is more there is an old saying if you have to else then you really don't have one and it will embodies that's ongoing i'm going heavy on i will myers is listed at plus six hundred so aga preying which i had the out artist formerly known as most in whoo hoo plus three sixty five the favourite we're gonna lindore egg while giving freaky with it i see at work we'll see men will probably all lose i'm very were very excited for chris berman i really wish that they would adopt the idea that we came up with the sweet sweaty berman on at least give us something because otherwise
norman derby and then that home under be like it it's it's all very routine its rates crisp roman do his backtrack backs usually big poppy has like cut of his kids running around there always so cute they'll take a time out and speak spanish and like all people forget major league baseball it really is the global game and that about one of those moments and berman's gonna get so disgusted watching people speak spanish let's go to our mouth rushmore we gonna fun one today we know today in honour of the home under derby as the saying goes chicks dig the long ball so our mount rushmore today is things chicks dig i love it do you want me to go or you want to go first you can go first okay things chicks dig number one has to be on their scars
love scar yeah you could be like wow bad boy he up this well used took my number two bad noise jigsaw bad boys say you know if you if you can you know maybe we have also mean street to decide that bad boy they love a project number three all that was my number sometime later with bad boys if they think they can fix you wild horses a wild hope yet exiles get you in the barn chicks dick cigarette smokers the unquestionable slash heavy cologne users they love cigarettes muggers but they don't like kissing cigarette smokers but but they do like kissing cigarette smokers like they'll tell your friends who he smokes then like whew babylon and i put together i go out with you you're familiar with assert the fourth one was chicks love when you're like mean to em but you really like em but you're
like emotionally stunted enter busily acting like a child so they know that you like him but you're really just mean to him and then my old nagging dan is very effective technique in there are going to apply the chicks unless i'm a man the person that you put together here and it's like some ass smoking a cigarette bathing in cologne with a scar across his face and like a leather jacket and all of our freedom unless if you need a moment to do its the browsers on me again we need a moment take it now because i know i just my mouth rushmore of chicks things that chicks dig gotta the hottest steamy here i would you got ok things that checks dig number one guys you can eat a lot who ass chicks love a guy that can like just destroy buffeted way way more than they can can i can i a little piggy back off that chicks also love when guys part stir
my number two is chicks love blankets oh yes languages love love blankets ogre number three chicks love cuddling of couples oh yeah big gouging now how did it happen the huge cuddled ass and their number four is that of things that chicks like is chicks low when guys tell them what they like oh yes or before them at a restaurant yet exact i had when you order food form and i was acknowledged much bigger than that it just like whenever you like hey this actually you don't like that you like what i like just so you know you're not afraid to take charge this then i hope all of our male listeners or writing these down because woof this is like fish with dynamite with some the text we have given you agree i heck rely you're yonder single you can
you can really clean up if you take our advice here just as we been around the block you thought can bring us home what he got four things chicks dig chicks dig having plans there is peace i would point out things i'm planners but they want you to tell you about like what to do yeah they want they prefer to not be around like as you're making these nerdy plans but if you can pull off a plan per quickly then there like i am disguise shit together job chicks also dig the dog snapshot filter yes maybe their favorite thing in the world are chicks dig boats yeah ok just any kind like kayak the up any kind o poker fulfiller preferably motorized but yeah as you say
say that was in sixty people that can play guitar yeah that's a bay actually know how this now i often base but entirely asset accuse you tatar guitar negotiator in my experience chicks lover decide nice solid baseline just walked in the pocket on rhythm so that was our mouth rushmore sexual please let's embrace a debate a debate on friday was fantastic would pull activities i like to hear from you i am familiar things that chicks dig things i'm a weakened and now we just said it that was passed the strongest list of things that checks dig and we also know czechs do dig the longbow we're gonna get a lot of five star of youth and ladys tomorrow being my big cat p of tea and hank are living inside my head right now how did you know that i like a cigarette smokers slash heavy cologne where i live
go to our interview great interview today de train don trial willis tutor cost are so let's kick it to that every now welcome on a very special gas god willing to cars i'll be all are also the owner of i'm goin away at the greater why not of all time and delivery dont ralph break you for joining us would start with the offer game to the results are weak my favorite memory from one of your all star games maybe i don't know if you ever were in the all star game with greg usually like that his own people so you have anything actually either by working he's an i got a chance cavern browned albert so you said i the boy ahead wiki and take my slots lot by game and i wasn't trying to say also how it up there now today but rather that for the first time they ever made it ah matter
accounting for the world series is five harmful the barracks and fell now with your later in the game and the ira following and i'm thinking i'm gonna give him again without what a relief it all the time you know our warming up and others they called out anything billy wagner soberly were recovered debbie and i'm not gonna get a game i got had ever got added the doubt it would be better you can really gotta wikipedia one room what about because that another guy with warm enough but it pretty body to the other the eldest state in the more powerful than he had been down without as a body tat every day you're off type of europe know you're still gonna run upon whirlpools one you were pretty good hitter actually for a pitcher if you like people forget that did you ever lobby to get into the home about outbreak no no no no i you know i took all i got hurt myself more try opera buried practice
also in every i think everybody liked to pull themselves in a big hit every day but i never thought i'd never was there the lights went out over the past should bring people maybe a year your primary now and they actually because i know jake you're ever imagined bombarded it is we had a home under the pictures that bomb garden jake area up you and what corn calls were brought up at all times daylight oh there was some bother with it all an old man and run away and i came up with them brought on a couple they always it i mean i know you got leave a strong man you ve broken more back and other repeated a position die but up for me i think it is likely to be white collar them brought about my window didn't club between there but the thought about what you did the bottom
i just want to remind the cat tat you were actually redrafted by the cubs he won't get yes you should have been a car but then instead you once the marlins and then you guys came into the garden gate the clubs in the play what's that when you're just gonna wanted to walk together their memory just joggers memorandum i gotta go i think you have your their kid can tell us what it was like at that game six wrigley all about that boarding others felt like the whole energy of the city and i'm not even a sentimental guy like that i said but i felt the energy of the city was this really it was amazing i mean every file every single pigs i mean our slept
i'll meet you there even said that europe outside my papa perry would not put the barbed wire even after we all day you will probably one of the best period live in a part of any one of the best came bigger than products but it was in tat man and you gotta be a part of a really really great memory but if i want the cool walking back back under the sea than upon it maybe i'm figured out he's making economy to them a cup grandpa hammered out the predatory by you i thought you were you know what i'm gonna be a professional here move professional journalists and ominous ridgeway stay on topic you got created out of the category we for mac comment is that the ever be like you know i got ready for them a special hair of all time
that is all that radical met was dirty at that time was up and say that i think your trading by good about in april and only repeated that double way until you noticed your god races persecuted obliquely factually bathwater though i would have liked for the cubby very dog it always help because that is how i hate to say the aid granted by the council always helped out thirdly nodded he replied interview for war but other than that you will take us a trading agreed on did you feel tat when jeffrey worried and try to trade you after you and workers
you know i gotta go about data round the earthly liver thereby every i wanted their couple more you're still a couple more years amid the lawyer had you so you know it was top playing under the purpose of that is that as you know every time you got my green you get traded in oda by two years about it now how do you know what i am talking about a couple what you think i would be so sweetly remodeling you were t made of gary sheffield do is gonna work he's at all times were in terms of both on the field of european good stories from my gear yet be like a paper guided if you maybe sat in his chair he would take a baseball bat your head is that i am a marker you're right about that serve the thought the play were put i've always been on your side as you know the italy will create
however the part of everybody having a quarter and remember they said they like explained what but he's gotta get a couple more hits and are you talking about about that rewards swaying body for the greens it all i thought you were i feel backward and tyranny what he is reacting in a poor state led me to run the fathers too about that everything is at an end and gave a fashion by the market for that became spread so you really cool by here but you are you there was a lot of everything that was what was it like playing with with us again in was it verbose go to the morals yeah you got another ready yet she you haven't you dont resource say what we want is definitely quickly but its boy
out of the game and being up she threw up again and all the things you don't realize i mean you the great account for me he kept me loose you're funny guy but again i d be used always your theory thing he's deadly brutally honest what is it farther i know everybody knows how you're you're funny output deftly estonia the game deftly i held my breath he sees you the people about winning the war period could be kept the rules on the bed in a global context if you add a lot about it again so we'll walk the path for a minute you obviously pay people don't know i don't tell you you're a box or and i'll be analysed now so worthy off our break i give me your world theory have you seen half of the sea and also for all the cubs friends out there
what is to come up here to pick i mean you're hot right now there are winners of one in a row going beyond what the problem where do you see the text is opera them going forward while you know what now they realise that would be a world champion the password grubbing up i think the cultures that involve the ballclub though they had to educate earlier regarding the camp and be normal right to say that with a priori which followed but for me and the rest of us that the parties that has shrunk old and with the loss of power there we had a one off at the top of his work and honestly meant everybody's giving the cub that's why i feel like the cub its debt we oppose one in a b c for the national league i like it i like it there's a couple of things i whitefoot the plaza american you know that there is a lot of good thing there's not one great uniting
there you can find hold on every body here you might need party picking but the fainting goes in the club right now they think we have to get a rotation john lackeys shrug of the last five years what's happened to have well you know i mean you how's in that so you gotta go those are two thousand the boardwalk so for me they gotta do a better job to stop giving up all right again in an office chancellor bought it from the other so if you were to pick the right now be it sounds like the cubs which you set it up for an hour somebody i would say that by taking up its we're at every time i like the indians because
faced with your up late i do think sketching where but they do we have to hold office be they can get another that i feel but you know you like the blue j within their power they started to kind of spiders that's all i need is a lot of good oil all day but they give up all run all day you know is twice the break up like who really wants it i mean i gotta be the yankees is to throw out the baby with over gotta be buyers and sellers because we made up of the situation of the walcott so there's a lot of having been a lot of thought right now but i mean that companies still that the watching at dead right now would be the national yet it definitely not gonna be the indians because cleveland can't went to things that you never happen and if it does happen like they're gonna become the new
boston than everybody's gonna hate you can't let cleveland people went to things room just as much to know where i live in our warriors fan that hurt me on alcohol which now the little bobby i have one about death ran right you need the ragged i'll be above about when you're too feel well we have to work at a barrier between so it's good to see you i don't eat all i'll bet i play for the do you do you have appeared to step courageous now it is added right out of the atmosphere the fulcrum retired i ought to be everywhere across the board that's good that's good like reply that's it that's we all all three of us here own affair shut curries actually onto their let me do not to give under armour some free was the year but they are fire so let us now look here
crazy definitely about i got five forty both that deadly stockpile failure by beat about the bush visible picked up on the gathered i think it a ward in a metal proclaimed walter you guys but he is a family affair are really proud of our power you guys with a bigger trade round all women hey baby i know you gotta be achieved i tell you i got a can play with all three of the phrase your brothers from camp river new jersey they are one of a kind and i thought i told pressure but we are the biggest together tyler a word in a metal require blogger you guys but he is a family affair are really proud of it my power you go over the bigger forgot all right that you don't ever do it again that article parnell to question these are questions we be asked all our gap the first question is who is the most
famous person in yourself prefers of scientists think you know what i've got but also many times and i feel i must be global i want to say that i am proud to be they up even though my laptop it oh god abroad but about very lucky guy that at a rapid pace with people we redress yoga ochre who you are you have my cell phone number and your cell phone here slap across my facebook overlooking we're woolworth drop off because you're actually talk you find yourself on you really play the game and people say from a name and then we make em com so wouldn't let your block and i know your eye about right now appear i appreciate that i saw a final question question ass you don't happen
roma anyway you played for the sins mary right skyline chile is it the worst thing you ve ever had in your life that are happening at home when i did it i thought what to say about that but if i were but i love dialogue julia i mean i tell you what every time the programme i got real call that for the big leave with the red that's all i oughta because private matter they had all over the place i had to truly dog repaid for later but i gotta tell you guys required before being carried out and i told them you set airports will be skylight but for me a clear head on chile the death male data given of cheap baby i love it
really bad for me because i trust your opinion with the car ferries and then at all like guy like you now i know you're in a painful though like to hear the crazy we're walking around europe look up i gotta get back but that that we all got bad but i thought you up here for california baggy yell utopian idea that like i awoke with a well with this girl i kill you bet i backed by the iraqi alphabet oakley drive you on the phone i have to say back like i can i should like twelve years ago was a girl i was trying to get me to go up to her room not brag and i said i can't i'm the only because i had at the time i had was i can't dont rewards pitching tonight somewhere to watch that on time and for the next ten years my boys that whenever we try to get ourselves out about it we ve got not i can't make it backdrop it so
so thank you were hoping that breach view that you thought no sir i can i can i borrow grow laughing right now that thought or transport rather than i did a cop applebee's georgia acrobatic validation back what are your friends call you have before you go to the world bank that goes with it that is before you think i've ever heard i can't wait job outbreak in now real cool therefore baby for life i'll be i'll after a moment before i forget about live like that report the bloody fight that would be a lot about our about you it after you you're not even yours robin cook gone from dollar you really got it now we weren't you will ever live mania would like romania law away away about it that's why wasn't that story that ever heard it i really appreciate it that you deprecated up the good work he had two hundred
the true and also you're the guy that made flatworm hats cool you seem like any residuals from like these new guys are aware and but every thought about you all i've got voted i see all the little wizard where eight point eight hat for other reasons so deftly taking silent credit for changing the game is changing the hat gave what're you know every week about he walked up to the earlier but i get close enough area you ever take a guy you tat failure by you appreciate that for that you need that badly you are you
you need to own oh my little more like you in road basically does it even better wearing sure you need to meet the bed we walk round you invented where we really appreciate you come along and you are recurring now that we will have you back on and that's the walk are you you you are we going to see you on tuesday afternoon are you gonna be back on the show now i'm working on the bar gas will be able to be applied people showing what are you about it we'll be back up with a rather large ports are so obvious probably this weekend is going again makes me happy throb excited great thank you so much drawing up there good
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we're gonna get you fabric game on you you don't want to be that sucker walking around with them with it with a poor fabric game you want that type fabric game me uneasy calm slash take twenty percent off do it right now i thought i was doctoral well ass great interview now our current guess also very dirty move by you we mean the you know what i mean the costing us yeah that was that was that was a low blow actually had like five more cubs relation questions and then i erased my was like you know what he's here really played for the gub so like this is a bit excessive like dollar interviews with our guests are just inside jokes between the two of us just yea you get whoever on the show that you can in order to make fun of your co host murray died away with this can be a new statement but not i tell you what impromptu segment put it is your whole but one zero ok
but one zero for big cat because i was just checking twitter second ago we got on followed me what's your from a retreat you i got all that i'm gonna have a guy like that three three your j j want thing i had that opened you see me retreat j j what j j lot tweeted picture of a himself his mom and his grandmother roses his grandmother his great grandmother his grey another is great grandmother such a fucking brag the come on dude i always have grandmothers any said hashtag squad so waiter braggin all our faces i was trying to reach we you slipped on the follow up file in that's actually not true because i took the screenshot here much earlier today i don't know what the hell happened
i saw a blocking you re actually as long as you don't like me ok we'll have to sort this out this is some great pike asking you block following on from blocking j j j looks like in the middle street it's called jaywalking it's a crime you can be arrested for that all lives matter j j and you're endangering people in the middle of the street t j j you think your mom wanted to come to great grandmother and your mom sitting at home probably finding out about this on twitter hey j j what about your dad and your grandfather any great grants do not like men like you have something against deeds are you are you being sexist lou j j sexist let's go you are bought me please
nah emulate arrived and so tomorrow morning you think i'm your pretty on probation fine fine fine do talking soccer we are taught a big time talking soccer any murray one wimbledon this morning and serene williams she won wimbledon yesterday so i was often soccer talking soccer let's oh two harder injured hurt or injured rinaldo his knee here at rinaldo had a j cutler and its future and she moment where he had to come out of the game little niece brain and twitter when a blaze and portugal on the winning one nothing they win the euros by the way just a little people forget that for you two thousand in fourteen world cup guess who time portugal to two little country called the united states yeah so we
basically one we get a share of the euro championship i pretty sure that's our sakharov that was one of wilson's eighteen points i think so what we have heard or injured rinaldo i'm gonna go with him to go with her because he actually made the team better i think the question has yes now like what does cristiano ronaldo actually holding portugal back yup you not serving better team without him can like those of current situation where in all they got the boys the lads on the pitch just really open up the game and the spacing was better that's what you gotta remember is a guide it so fast it's really hard to maintain proper the spacing because soldiers who run closer to eu china like run away from them but you can't case too quick sounds instead of china hit the ball in to rinaldo in the box there were just playing their game open free
i scoring and then you get the result one nothing in extra time portugal wins euros this was a nice tweet we had this for my jimmy murphy you i think as some kind of reporter he said with all due respect to rinaldo after interviewing patrice bourgeois following two thousand thirteen stanley cup final hard to sympathise i don't even know where to start yet renown relies pretty heavily on his knee i would say like a lot of what makes him great kicking for kicking running but you run you know you play soccer with your heart you don't play soccer with unique trousseau out like see him play maybe a few more men and really really significantly in terms of yeah gotta go hard you got a really damages health or you just gotta come out immediately that's coming back on like one fund just to be your tone the water i didn't i didn't like that the only thing that's switch rinaldo getting injured is that we don't
out if he has a clutched gene or not this was going to be ultimate test for rinaldo clutching canny when the euros and now you don't know it's really confusing right now i dont know what to what to tell people to think about his legacy right like in my job that's one of the most important things that i do is it yes is legacy situation so it's very confusing for me but we can ask there are some questions we can ask now we can ask if is is portugal the best one zero in six team of all time i would say yes that's right three the horns warriors everyone love to have only one one game tied six and then went to championship yeah fly it's why forever that's what i always say you gotta people forget that force do and its tying in very nicely with euros people forget that they speak brazilian and portugal like everywhere
i thought these dogs vanish sir and i think a lot of people believe that to the two best socrates and world brazil and portugal both speak brazilian so it's it's makes you wonder like maybe more countries are speaking brazilian if they want to master the beauty of the beautiful again it is their game i think it was invented in brazil that that sounds right i have for us as our new segment we'd we actually stumbled upon it on friday it simply named so here it is you ready yet free agency you can officially sign with your nba team as of thursday ok so this is four days ago lebron james still hasn't signed with the cleveland cavaliers just saying i m not saying
as has given dresser yeah has everybody else yeah so but you that'll braun hasn't yet he has not something put out there i also saw leubronn issues have you got to finally canned like sound effective of a toilet flushing because ver serena williams said it la inspired her to win wimbledon then the bron reciprocated on instagram being like your well come for being so inspirational to you about with startling wimbledon what what else we have everything else will show because i'm really impressed with all the around merchandise that's been going on there and i'm bring we need to make wrought we'd make her on may twenty
sixteen church i koran bay with that you know that the political had the people only where for politics that like the one at the end after four major league eating where's that kind gonna hat we therefore on ebay and the hat and then start making some money off the staggering i like that i like does as well although you have spoilers right yes yes we're doing nick cage steam spoilers today thank you you wanna go first you want me to go aga oakum goes your basic pitched boiler must bowler is more rock and the rock tonight it's my shirt collar him and asked for together nor can i say the city a salmon cisco slash the world and he held shown country get away scot free thousand good one maybe that's like top twenty movies all time from the gallery
the minor kids were actually is and really spoiler i'm actually asking people to tweet me face off still don't understand it like they're both the cage and rolled in a cage about the cage are both castro troy then i don't really know how it ended up because it's just so confusing so that that's such a complex movie that i'd like someone to spoil it for me because i still can't can't around that want now such a good movie that's pretty mine is leaving las vegas he dies he dies at the inn at dammit i loved him i also can do family man people forget family man was a great movie valley but it was an nick cage was like a walk broken a millionaire and he always like made fun of people with families and then one day he woke up and boom he was like a suburban dad and he hated but then he realized oh it's not that bad beloved is actually the best
first of all to give yourself as a family just as hard as judges will tell you all about it region that's our show wednesday we have dan heron back on the show recurring guest inherent and we also are gonna check in with america's lawyer my partner so that be a very good shall also leave you guys a little quota just found from from the old twitter machine if people would make as big of a thing about doing something nice for someone everyday like they do about pokemon go we would be in a better place had really makes you think just before we go deep into this programme on go thing just think about that we could we could be like mileage man we could pay afford instead of going i'll catch him all and one of how long is the present sustained locker
i would say at least at least five minutes ok five minutes five minutes in the locker for the loser programme ongoing hank will you be able set this up like tell us how to do this i cut is something we can actually do did yet an iphone thing you download the anthem show exactly right can't let you started on a gave a little bit i think i think you can handle it yeah i just don't know how did he track but ok maybe that i've downloaded very go head you're gonna have to do more thousand download it for me and my so yeah crucially have twelve hours until i occupied cancer i will we will study on the internet use here on the interest rates and we'll see you on wednesday the inherent might port annoy have a go on everyone
ever spam is its part might take presented by bar stool sports every challenge jai bad bad i'm buying
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