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Drew Brees + The Warriors Are Dead (Probably Not)

2019-04-16 | 🔗

Patrick Beverly is an instagram commenter reincarnated to take down Kevin Durant. Are the Warriors cracking? (2:27 - 7:11) The Magic went up 2-0, we hope (7:11 - 9:01). Russ Wilson got paid and made a weird video (9:01 - 13:22). NHL Playoffs update, Ovi beat up a kid (13:22 - 15:29). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including bees in porn (15:29 - 31:27). Saints quarterback Drew Brees joins the show to talk about the loss in the NFC Championship game, his favorite parts about Purdue, and what New Orleans means to him (31:27 - 50:58). Segments include Way to stay relevant baseball, Blake Snell injury. PR 101 us because Christian Yelich keeps hitting home runs. Who Farted, Max Kellerman edition, Talking Soccer and guys on dudes. 

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