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Dungeons and Dragons, Goldberg & NFL Trade Deadline

2020-11-03 | 🔗
We clean up MNF and talk about how lame the NFL Trade Deadline is. (1:56-15:45) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the return of MACtion and way to stay relevant baseball. (17:07-31:55) Timm Woods returns to continue our Dungeons and Dragons quest. (35:08-1:17:26) Wrestler, Actor and all around badass Goldberg joins the show to talk about his career in Football and Wrestling. (1:17:28-1:37:47) We finish with guys on chicks. (1:39:07-1:51:33)
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On today is pardon my take. We have the return of TIM Woods. Dungeons dragons he's back very excited to talk to TIM. We pick up our adventure, that's the campaign. Everyone's been talking about the cat. We got a little bit of a recap as well to start so everyone, if you missed it or if you forget, what's happened- he recaps it. Then we get into it. We also have Goldberg wrestling
pinned on the show a little Monday night football clean up a little NFL free agency. Nothing happened: hot seat, cool throne and guys on chicks before we get to all that, pardon my take is brought to you by the cash app. Not always the easiest. Please send money to your friends. It's the safest, go download the cash app right now use code barstool to get ten dollars for free ten dollars for the Aspca cash app is awesome, download it link it to your bank account you can send money, your friends family, you can buy stocks, you can do everything with the cash app. It is super. Easy to do. It looks great feels great, is our presenting sponsor in the cash app studio, witch looks great- feels great. We gotta clean the other dates already dirty again, but that's what we like so download the cash out from the app store or group waste or today and get involved our friends from the cash up. Ok, let's go
violence. none How are they Work on the part of my take agenda by the cash out. Go downloader right now, use code bar story. You get ten dollars for free ten dollars to the S p c a two day is Wednesday November forth. Decision? Twenty forty, sounds right. well, actually, then well.
Club we started CNN where Dodd MR on Majid couldn't see too few you're coming Amigos. Crest said Harry, said boy got shot, Donald Trump, make me crazy boy me. No one. No, I Joe go see, took an aptitude tat now closed his eyes and try to counter to seventy. I made while, like the artist formerly known as parents had Are these red states or states satellites I am for our purple right and Water Maloney eyes used to spreading seeds, but three short talk on penguin approached. She wasn't parent Donald, had his daughters, onstage singing from my job, but how my lovely lady drugs now drop us off
right, we weren't actually going to talk about the election, but it is actually a for twenty two yeah. Your views here bias or reaction. you're, making it up, because we have no idea what happened we figured this show will be like it. Always is kind of an escape for a room. We have TIM Woods, it's truly an escape we're going to dungeon and We're going to a different world. Imagine there in a fantasy land, yes rewriting against dragons were were sexually assaulted, Billy Skull gas. So could it be farther from planet, earth or America right now, but we have regular show ah yeah, whatever happened happened and we are going to instead toxic sports toxin, guys on checks, huts equal thrown fantasy land, Goldberg Pack show, let's start with money. Football look clean up, Dino Jones, loves, loves, loves, throng interceptions is actually the verbal mean
old girlfriend fumbling the ball new girlfriend, throwing picks when at like whenever he can't o distracted boyfriend whacking diary. Yeah he's subject: boyfriend is Daniel Jones. In actual fact, I think it might be Daniel Jones. The model in that mean now just think about it. It, whereas Brooks Brother he's looking over his shoulder and it says real swag and then the former girlfriend is no swag yeah. The the giants in this is kind of their the perfect emphases team that in the first half on Monday night, I legitimately said myself. I am going to bet on the New York Giants to win the enemy.
The east because they looked great in their defence, is frisky. If they were those uniforms everything week, I would absolute absolutely and then the second half happened, because they do play two halves and I wouldn't say the box won the game as much as a giants lost the game, and I don't I'm not gonna put like the box. I still think are very, very good team there up there in the contenders category. Ah, I I'm not gonna like gingham for that, because that felt you could feel it almost from the beginning that it was one of those games. Were the box thought they could just roll it out role go out there and win leading, get a plus effort from the box and they still one with their sea game which actually has a better sign for tonight. It's like very good. It was a trap. Came this robot, perfect trapped aim is up, I'm time spot Billy like ain't you locked up next Sunday, like that phrase, trap gay went on. One team shows up way more physical than a better team. Yeah capture, Joe Judge, he's got the boys ready to go out there and hits,
but neither about do not necessarily gonna make all the plays, but towards the end of the game. I definitely getting major flashbacks to Tom Brady against the giants. In years past yeah Wendy he'll Jones is running round unlike forth and long making those crazy passes almost helmet, like catches, are used on Balikh, seven yard short and then what has received find a little hole, get the first out and then at the end, came down to that. Lastly pointed version that was close. What celebrities up its affairs because Daniel Jones is so bad, that's his passes, are so bad that it was possible. its put, the past was so bad you like, but it can't be passing affairs because past was so bad right. It's like a quarterback that throws such uncharitable balls that it's impossible the capacity for its on him. Really didn't like weight that should pass refers. Put no because he actually, through such a bad spot, is gonna. Look like pattern, Ference, no matter what
ray. Exactly can you imagine deeming passed by Dwayne Haskins to be untouchable sick? Will they all our guess what they all looked like that at the end, it did prove Jason, Garrick correct. He said the Dingle Joneses biggest weakness is his biggest strength, actually, which is the most. Listen, Garret quote of all time, and I guess his biggest weakness is he's not accurate, so he threw the past behind his running back almost got a passer fears based off that, yeah in an almost ended up working out, form I am a little concerned would Bruce Arians just with his with his health I don't know what face visible glasses. He has he's like a chameleon he's turn. It turns into the color of wood. for uniform that he's wearing at the time yes and he turned bright, beat read his double glasses. Look great. Maybe it's maybe it's a matter of just the face shield that he wears magnifies the sun whenever he standing out so gives him like a
a troll sunburn every time it is an easy. You know the hat. The look was an incredible I'm trying to think whatever like it was a decent money. I came you there was going into it. You thought it was not gonna, be a game, but the giants did their best to make a fawn game, and I yet that was weak. Eight fully in the books. Now, I feel like were turning the quantity of the edifice trade deadline today, which is the most boring trade deadline of all sports socks. There's like pretty much the best poorer than the most interesting part of the trade deadline was will fuller started. trending and then he treated like waiting yelled like see where I'm gonna go and said, he's gonna go the packers and then nothing happened, because Packers well I wasn't that I think I think this is the first time that the term
Things are really feeling them. The loss of bill O Brien, because from all reports the Texans were asking for wait you much, whereas if it were bill, o still is the GM the Texas, trade will follow for like a six round. What would they were trying to do as there are trying to get the like? The Brok, Ass Weiler type thing? Were the money became an issue words like we want you to pay all of his salary as a team that getting will fuller and the packers like. No, we want you to still pay for will fuller. No you're using it says a case of light Green Bay. Expecting the text. The ghost of Bill O Brien, still be around right to take on that that terrible deal, but it is the most packers thing ever. I can't remember the last time the packers either acquired a pillar and free agency. I got a decent play like a big name. Pillar are traded for, but it just doesn't happen. I think that in Green Bay they just they like players that don't know any better. Besides the Green Bay system, which is like we're going to draft you
rod is gonna make you look good or he's going to complain because his defence isn't gonna literary the boy you're gonna have to deal with that. I dont like players that have experienced life outside of green right and then I add, the Patriots Hank go and foreign trade rising. fort are the patriots all in is this assigned to the locker room that their their committed to winning this year? I think so. I think that the missing and its guy. On the flip side, the dolphins, whilst the dolphins are throwing it throw in the towel, Yes, oh, I wish they afford eating catches. A hundred eighty four yard: zero touchdown; ok, that's but the saucy visa. How am I came back at half? How much does he way He weighs I'm looking up right now under one power. Ok, so maybe they're just planning on fighting a mob turn him into a tight and whose six one tool one did you see Florio's article two one vital patriot way has lost its way. Oh yeah, Florio Bilbil, chicks. Excuse making could result, employers, making
for a lot of football guy cause. You don't realize it. Bilbil checks actually doing his best coaching job. That's true, and also he doesn't realise that that Bilbil check said I'm not making an excuse, but this is the excuse. It is as it is, for the pages are paying their paying Brady they're playing Antonio Brown still, I think, are still paying Stephen Gusinsky there, like DIN dead cap space, so he's on projects not totally wrong when he said that I don't know. I did Annabel cap makes no sense. You contracts needed for me. I don't know. What's gonna look like next year either that the cap is supposed to go up our after you have even saying just right now I dont none of it makes there's a dead cap space. People who are of cap colleges did I understand how their brains work, how they can understand. All like the ramifications of cap hits cap money that that is incurred, vs, signing bonus of yellow, Select, paraded, carpets lenders. offset have is up. You do do the over the cap. Dhaka thee
The one thing that I actually is is kind of interesting is I'm I'm pretty sure, though. The saints are like wildly over the cap next year, which makes me think that they already know Your brief might retie you're what happens if you're gather than saves next year- ninety two million dollars, That's allows that even how's that even real can you do that? What's what what's to stop a team from just ignoring the cap entirely and being like do something about it? king out right now, like ninety two million dollars over the cap next year. That is pretty much Teresa's already told us that he will retire. So don't worry. about this might be shot Peyton saying a big. Thank you to the NFL too, because if he just continues on, if they let's say they go, next year and there still ninety million dollars of the cap, then the inner fell, It tries to either find them or are like collect wrath, picks. Take away draft picks. Do whatever you want to him.
Then what happens if the saints Sue, the inner? Fellow being like hey your interfering with the free market, we should be able to pay people whatever we want, then that case goes to like the Supreme Court. In effect, loses its monopoly or states could blow up the NFL they wires House Pact Court. Are they packing? I told her how many people are. I don't know that's and that's our politics stock, yet the pitch of twenty million dollars and dead money. I don't know what that means seems significant dead money. If I don T think it probably still spends hazards, have fifty million dollars, a dead money out ass. I guess I thought me, my guess is that's players and are no longer on the Ross writer still paying their just dead or dead players or an erroneous discount easier, still dead. Monica
all right. Should we do hot seat, cool throne is being nice. Tight tight show right now, I'm in Onenote yeah on Monday night and it kind of bubbled over from the weekend. I think we're seeing a record high amount of of Shin catches this year. That's it a rule that I wasn't. I guess I had been aware of it and pass, but I was reminded of it. Well, I think I wash in counts as two feet. I think what happens is it's like when you buy a car and then all of a sudden, you see the car Your car everywhere are like. Oh, my god. Everyone has his car that what there was one significant chin catch Amuse, either this weaker last week and then since then it were so dumb and I fell fans that we know the rules, but we have to be reminded that every now and then so when reminded we pick up little nuggets and now we're walking around telling everyone. You know if the ship goes down before the knee and the bounds. That's a catch is a catch. The shooting counts, as per
the NEA Yoda, we love it was around telling or smart it was Diggs. It was dark corner back on the cowboys. He had this interception. Yes, where he caught it. in zone and then his his shit like bit right I'd like a curve Shin Tony Roma was like. I think it's just a cramp, we got down and then yeah seed everywhere now assault on money, football seen in all your long. It's it's like the little rules that are so much vaunted like China, mansplain to no one. My favorite is the winner, first at a boy you watching we'd, have raised then you're smarter shit. The best one is on upon when the punting team touches it and indeed over seventeen care. fumble and everyone loves there, because you see a guy like running streak in and grabbed the ball yet last. Second, why would he do that as well? let me tell you want to replace or my favorite What about you can advance upon? That's been blocked. Yes, I like TAT, which is everyone's like that, should be a first on which I do kind of agree with, but
Its funding tell her wish your blogger stout I'm right, but it is. It is wanted to do that with rules every now and then to try to telephone bill. You gonna rules. You think about Maybe a football move yeah, maybe even logs everyone talks about what counts as a football moved. It grog make a football moving, the in Zambia all when they switched when they use a great moment in time when they switched it but you could push out, abounds yes and errors. I quit her, like all those pushing about none other known to rule out the change that you're thinking of college. My he has already that you're too dumb to figure it out. They should make it view magistrate how many points would be scored Nina fell if there was one foot and mouth Obi maize like because the body control in the intervals already so insane and to have just one could give it to me when I'm watching a college game. I always look for players like if it doesn't matter how spectacular the catches. If a player only gets one foot down and bounds, unlike
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Patty, so will be driven them on Cyber Monday, the Birstall Cyber money telethon presented by but Light Seltzer sir tune into that we have some fun planned for that. Maybe an escape room as always get your bud light and bud light Seltzer delivered at, but they tat comes less delivery but like dot com, such livery check out the Butler Seltzer check out the new body. sell, Sir BAR stool, ugly, sweater collapse in the parcel store Hank we should have you re, make the dreams Tik Tok, except through the cranberry, but light seltzer PO. What on especially, if you like to months later at Harvard go viral, I Hank hot seat, cool thrown a hot. It is the warriors of gold, stay kind, Yes, the San Francisco warriors. They move from open a San Francisco through, but yes Their release, Jersey the sheer that say. Oakland on them and in the tweets had Oakland is
and always will be part of our teams, identity and like it's like the Oakland forever jerseys, and it got warriors fans really mad because they left Oakland apparently there's like a lawsuit going on at the warriors loss and they still open like forty million dollars for relations vision research behind. If I got down PR moved to be like Oviedo work at leave town and the milk Oakland forever. I again it's kind of crazy words. I talked about enough. The Oakland lost to sports franchises in two years. It is heartbreak I mean they caught. Obviously, the warriors are right across the bay, so you can make the argument, like other still right there, but still it say Fresco on the jerseys rare, that's bullshit is messed up, that they did that. I just thought of ass a rule. Bad Kate, Upton, Boobs Joe permission to go there, yeah yeah, you're right that is fucked up that they did that, even though they move can like the nets, even other Brooklyn they unveiled a new jersey the other day? Nice, nice get it New Jersey, other everything I do like that
that's, oh yeah, there's a second, very sick. I caught her eye Mcwatters Rock paper scissors, yeah, Ireland, after they are having their mascots play. Rock paper says you shoot to determine who gets a home in this year? Love it's decided televising they are doing and its media, it's just one. My over things argue about either you're going to say, I think I know how Molokai owners have results, has not been a joke. So we don't make mildly question because we are, we know we have talked about developing a rock privileges or shoot Ferdy play parcel app, I'm swimming with the form Ass Kennedy like to do first. Well, I think it's really Ross of Paris is reversed. Attend Billy, verse, believers, Jake Rate out best. Papers, it says you, ah, sir, no dropped, him really was late. Any still, Basel, I said say, shoot it's. Ok, yeah
proxy. I saw a shadow rocks its IRAN on that issue. I have no lights, go rock papers issue. I resolutely pursued. I want a issue. The one why anyone on rubber managers, every time as every time says only such scissors every time, we're sir, are you rock bill? did scissors six times in a row. Areas are not as they rockers at issue. That's true myself. When I had so yet Billy's, officially the winner of that who's, the better you guys are either interns anymore. Are you I don't know polices you are yes, I got graduate. Oh captain, Fifty year huts equal to my hot see the slut up lifted up his firmly I'm a high halloween is overbooking season, spooky seasons done
Roger Adele, fine, James, Conor and Schuster for work socks that were too low. They expose their games. There. Calves were out, Torreon Godot in the inner fell says no. Not now you gotta keep those cabs covered up, and so he levied a big fine. That's where my favorite finds that the unified does is like when you, when you're socks or not the correct level. Yet if you go to high he'll for that too, yes I'll be right. The Goldilocks on yes and my other hot seat is dern. Well because Nate Silver called him disqualifying least did ya dear reveal guy ardour? He got disqualified from twitter today. That's how you how stupid waiting. So how did we get disqualified from twitter is? Like everybody should everyone? an idiot onto what right do you oughta be on twitter? Yes, yes, hey, you're, disqualified from towards its in the terms of service here and so yeah Danville got put into a locker by the locker, but Knit DARE Devil got
all into a locker by need silver who lives his life and lie I get over here. Here with me her. My core throne, is baseball. Staying relevant, baseball's relevancy, so big cat tonight is the poor central election, maybe like maybe the biggest presidential election terms of your ship and voter turnout in the last like fifty years, you'd baseball's doing tonight baseball is announcing their gold glove awards Action way to go by? I could not make that up. Thou, I'm pretty sure that we do not arouse based boasting relevant past. I'm pretty sure we made a joke about them. Doing something like this on election day. Did it last year on something very significant you think they are doing to some purpose- might have been like the all star announcement during NBA free agency. There doing this one hundred percent of it is it's insane. I can't like what the fuck, what are you doing? Unbelief my the core throne is Dynasties Texas, Tech, Texas, tech continues or Dynasty Texas, tack,
when its fifteenth National will meet judging channel, they are the world's best meet peepers. That's taxable Georgie will mean judges. Do they actually have a huge agricultural yeah school with age like what you always know. I'm a penalty Norman YAP be up. We should have a debate. Judging competition takes the onward through I like it as Loin, I'm out Yes, one when I did the I did all those needs park ass. One of them was a Texas tech red who is like a champion meet shudder. Is it he's basically like Billy for sterile yup budgets for animal you'd, be Billy you'd, be a great me George. I mean I've looked into it. Actually you shall you should pursue the Texas Tec is a Harvard of judging me yeah. I like I just don't get. Who is judging the meat judges? Oh good question, they act as judge and even ass. What Billy should do? You got a judge to me?
yeah, yeah, yeah sounded a person want to Texas Tack right right, and so good point right smells thinks it's sigh has isn't good me think about where's the beef taxes to be nobody, you understand what I'm saying right: yeah, Texas Tech one for meat judging, but whose judging taxes taxes will be fifteen title, whose judging the Mitchell The panel, the best me judges and we're way from the taxes that what has analysed, crystallized yeah the best Meet Programme in America. We bullshit, I feel like Oklahoma, has good meet. Judging Oklahoma, probably hate sexist, Desmond Howard on game, basing Michigan his back yeah legacy. What are we doing here? They should refuse themselves. I curb street and increase followed hawking that nights game. Yes, yes, ah Asylum, UNESCO
for it. Yeah pretty, like looking at account, be like that animal would be good to you all know it's one single the meat locker. Also after that, yeah they're, judging the Morgan, and only now our desires. Like that's galaxies, good, I, like I don't know- I mean you're wrong. Minority is seen in Rocky yeah, You know the scene in the meat locker we went hunting, it was. I read an article six is like in sports, illustrated like other on white lab coats kind of, but late punching me. There look, checking out them its labs. I don't know I feel like it. It's an agricultural thing where you look at an alive cow and you try to figure out which one would be there look in their eyes. Would you be like your temporary bell and blue cattle. Ok, why actually goes beyond anything about these? Judging you know that the most tasty cow of all time is heatwave and heat waves, bloodline, lives,
this very day and if you buy rushes and didn't you eat ways, the most Billy cow of all TAT, Google, belgian, blue cow Elgin, blue cattle cattle- is the jacked up one someone earlier on steroids, elective breeding for high muscle rainy, wants to eat the muscle, Texas Tech Does this spring by sports illustrated as the Alabama football of the meat judging world here this guy's a fuckin beast our democracy, let us say say: go off, I mean. Is this cows like what two thousand pounds? Probably get on. Norman still has not even closer having that it's a fact like Hanks little ten pound dog has wanted your dick, they wanted now. I saw the keenest about. ratio is about raising the actual mass rape. I think his dogs Digg, is. He's right here at any rate, is twenty times and we were gonna decent hard to
I should in the spirit of getting the story right with a capital, J Journalism. It wasn't abbreviated seas due to covert ah Azra exe This war, no important to know I my hot seat is: all other cultural conferences, because the MAC is back your listing this right now the MAC is officially back makin six games. Tonight we have maybe my favorite bet that we ve ever created the parcel sportswear gap. It is light, came from action where you can bet on the total number of Miss kicks an extra points in turnovers in one game all combined for that night. Yes, We need to have the line whole. If you bet it, you get a free sure, even if you lose but I really like about the MAX this year's at big. It has adopted the match and, as that whole conference is now his team so because was concerned, I don't know if I was gonna play. Another gained the season.
So now you just officially back is always, I know you're always neither, but I was coming here plain other game airplane. Don't coverage, I'm not in memory of measure that already apply yeah fleda that sure I gotta pick up. That's cute city icy. I bet it a few months we have responsibly bed at one hundred gambler figure problem, but the MAC, his back in a very, very excited for the MAC and also Cooper Rush, might be playing for the cowboys from Central Michigan fire up chips, and one of the greatest matching games will time it wasn't fully matching the become Bahamas ball when they were thirty four points, the fourth quarter, I'm gonna give the notion of a chance here. Maybe some cool throne is actually the cowboys the cowboys around my cool throne and hears why cowboy fans rest easy, everything's, gonna be ok, steed
Ray Smith has declared that is not even fun to make fun of the cowboys anymore. I disagree is even a Smith said, Marcus Spears. Let me say this to you. This is our first take. You know highlight to troll cowboys fans, because I can't stand those noisy and disgusting people. I like how he's TGV easy it's worse. I can't stand cowboys fans there, the worst, but I didn't joke around this past week, because it's not funny to me it was so bad. It was so bad where I saw from them. It was just a national embarrassment, I'm serious about that. So there you go you the number one cow boy. Hater is officially laying down his sword and saying of rest, easy cab once because he didn't do his video that are normally does after cowboys loss. He said that he decided throughout a mercy rule. It wasn't in my heart to do that to them, because their so pathetic. I actually felt sorry for them. But Stephen Smith is such a genius that by saying this this is the most.
Yeah there's a most grow ever make Veronica. He knows going into that saying: you're not even worthy to be made fun of, I feel so bad but for you, I can't even make money. That's the most that you can make one of the cowboys van because really over the past thirty years are not thirty years over the past twenty five years, you that's all you ve been doing, has been making fun of cowboys fans for, not being that good, correct, it's not like they've been awesome and you get to make fun of them when they finally feel he is just trolling in my being like I'm taking away. The very last thing very last, like smidge of relevancy, that you have is me making fun of you when you lose this is a different meaning that thing that we could ever do DS on ESPN is ignore you entirely. Yes, yes, so cowboys fans. Sorry, but that's your minutes! I guess it's a good thing that you don't get made fun of anymore by sea may Psmith Billy your hot see cool thrown before we get to TIM Woods and Goldberg hot seat. Wisconsin constant dont covered shame, because
I have one more game cancelled, they're, not eligible for the big Con championship game. I still bull eligible, Yet everyone is biological. I dont know what's going to happen, I whatever sucks, but you know what I'm worried about player safety how's she doesn't have. A husband has little quarterback, the sheer oh thank you say: never grim arts he's a sophomore, so will happen for them and I don't think this year should count swam for the next three. Forty three red shirt, so this who I'm performer years perfect release the New England pagers in Heaven in Bp Quarter, act this year that they had to give up on my cool drowned major silicon wealth. They do play the jets on Monday night, and so there you go. You don't wanna, go that! Yes, we go pro funding. Have you got it? the captain? You can a majority exterminator yeah you and you don't have to go to the game
go to the meadow lands and just find a cat. So, like I once you get the cat you ve got to show where, like a budget, Tunafish Candia opening up in the park in a black cat, yet ivy black get up. My cool throne is humans. Walmart has stopped using robots to use to do inventory because they realise that humans are actually chow. Just as effective and cheaper so cool thrown humans were cheaper than Robin Region. Only letter that they're, just as effective human robots, tat the robot were human error, just as effective, robust some exult computer. No but the robots like six foot wheeling around like one who take who programmes through,
but humans do so then human error in the robots as well, but anyway, the human needs is like a meat, greater judges, yeah joy humans beat robots. So you know what do you mean on human? Did that the robots we discuss it turn take that humans coming and taking their jobs, and we addressed find out point yeah. Employment in general are a good job in the schedule. Gimme the job or I could do more advice, good job, lightless, kids, but it would be nice to Billy. He gets so confused He didn't know did a great job as you to dress up Yan election day. Let's get you are we got him warheads dungeon drags above Goldberg before we get to TIM Woods the sponsor alert.
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glad they all came back here. I like to use the congratulations of proposed being played. I really appreciate that solar cells, so how are we have arm? I absolutely like the tweet. I get the most is like so when's dungeon dragons coming back. We think it is a perfect time so term. We need a refresher, because absolute yeah give it just give us everything. Where we are and that we can operate back into it for sure it's been a while, since our last game, sorry caps deathly in order. I will give us the summarised version of our adventure so far, which is we came rolling into the village of greenest, completely save the town, despite the betrayal of our ally, Berserker Billy, who turn the dragon kind of against us all. We did save the village of greenest from of the attack of the cult of the dragon, then kind of went after the colts to their home turf, where we discovered that there was some prisoners to be freed, we did save a Griffin whose name was
We also fought a revised version of busy worker Billy, who had been summoned by the dragon cult against us made short work of him. At the end of the day and then was, moreover, like a long torturers project that we had ITALY. We certainly took our time disposing of his corpse within it. The battle is short that this assembly of reserve or milling, but it takes some time- and actually I didn't want to get a confirmation on this. Unless I miss may made a mistake, I believe it was the Griffin who devoured browser, Billy's my own about brought Amory direct me Ben. Did he did he pass the head out? Did he put the head alligators? He still digesting that it's interesting. You should say that
because one thing I would note as restarting today is that we are starting to hear a muffled sound from out of Blake the Gryffons Stomach area and, depending on what what actions we were to take, who knows what that sound might develop into it? It sounds like a muffled voice. Coming from inside the Griffin for sure and in theory we had managed to escape, not just with the new Griffin friend and a disassembled berserker Billy pieces. We did manage to grab from a creature known as the Roper who is guarding these this.
very well. We had managed to grab not one not to not three, but a total of eight dragon eggs, as various characters ran through grabbing eggs. On the way out. We have escaped from this dragon hatchery, with a total of eight different mouldy colored eggs, eggs of all different scaled Hughes, and at the very least, we know this- that we are escaping with a small fortune worth of eggs if we were decide to sell these items. Otherwise there is many other uses that we could make out of these particular items that we have just acquired, but we are high tailing it into the woods out of this kind of back exit out of the cult hatchery and by all accounts. We think that they have not Reno when we set the guards
the minions that we had turn to our side after them, they were busy fighting those guard Drake's. Well, we made good on our escape and I would kind of Stardust today, camping as it were. After a long day of running from the dragon cult, we are now definitely safe from any pursuit with the dragon eggs in post and we're going to have to make a tough decision as we sit around the campfire. This is where our adventure start and we got nor the barbarian weighing the barred Ehrlich the war lock and cake the wizard all gathered around with these dragging eggs near the fire, and I will say that we're all number one no longer level three. We have just bumped up from level three level for which gave us a few more hit points and a few more little powers that are, I lied along the way you did. I would start by letting us know that were also hearing
Some noise, south of our campsite, there's kind but crashing noise were also hearing a rustling from a very much closer Bush directly to the west of us. Are we own ask? What would people want to be doing right now or what would you be discussed? We're on the campfire might not be better. Did it to crack the economic. Yes, yes, again at our. Can we do that you absolutely could go to one of the dragon eggs. Now I want to highlight: there's eight different dragon eggs. I want. I want to point out that one of them is the color red one is blue and one is green to or black to, or why and one is a rainbow prismatic, color and egg. Without all the details. I know I think what we do is to be in effort of fairness and equality. I think we crack one of the white eggs in one of the blacks could we have to have both so without losing? Now we have all the colors in the rainbow and we ve eaten a black and white.
Egg? There is further to that. You have extra every year, parliament. I just say that I I've so dearly missed you saying the word absolutely yes, it's too is music to my ears. It's always a pleasure. I can all the time. It's the d and he's a fun game where we just affirm everything we're going to do is never wrong answer. There just might be interesting consequences and in this particular case, as you are approaching, these eggs at picking them up and then carrying them over to the campfire with all intensive you're, either going to just crack these open right now or maybe cook them or something. Suddenly, you do hear more crashing distantly from the south and then from that Bush
the west, there is actually a voice calling out of the Bush crying out. No, no, no! The egg! Please please don't don't answer it's a female voice! A human woman is emerging from out of the bushes wearing these whitish silver issue. Robes doesn't look like he's been travelling through the woods for a long time. Heroically really really nice and trees under. Please, please, don't don't just at break them. Don't you destroy them their their valuable their precious? Can she had them, but collegial Moon who good? question Hank so can we can she sit on these eggs? For us? I see you when you ask her that this woman laughs incident. Will you don't really? sit on them. Here. Watch watch that the the white eg you should place,
far away from the fire. If you wanted to hatch it's a cold dragon, it's not going to like those flames and that black dragon egg I can. I can help you with that she reaches for the anger. to offering up the egg yeah. Are we here? We just give it to you trust trust. Her ass, she called seems pretty down the clown issue. Let's check, if any it is not sure whether they trust or you are free to roll a d twenty to make an insight into a joiner. My urgent inside I want to just be like pansy is trying to kill the vibe care enough to turn your attention Jesus Man and away like your insight. Skill is plus zero on. Sorry, to say that Europe is not a flat ten on that. As far as you can tell, she just cares about these eggs. She seemed Ernest choosing school. Here's, the egg, ok. You know she's all right. You record that I would like to tell her sir,
that pay the barge just bothered? You won't say that to her say he is lying. he's just staring at the eggs. You seem to be bear leaving ping it attention to, like anything, people are saying to her. She just as this this poor baby. Oh will. We need some kind of marsh gas or swamp war There are some. What does it? Aren't you gonna twin brother over here. If we can get some kind of swamp water, that's right. the environment. This egg is going to want you, you weren't planning on it this thing where you are now or never, you're right. I don't tell her that I just say: out loud to to wane you ain't right norm you normally. I asked I was a large norm norm it so all you know how to handle seconds. You gotta baby, oh man, make sure taken good care of it. I want to let our
let nor know that in front of the girl had seems like she's focused on our eggs right now, act moving around ground graphics over the others, okay, so We need some swap water is Emily. Now I don't want to give all of our eggs, I will give a bad guy outside piety a little bit outlets led her trotted hatch. A couple of these must not give up every egg daffodils dangerous, Apsley he's she's gonna, hopefully try to take the white and black. I bet you are about to do something with and moving the White Egg, far away from the fire right now, the black eg. You see her starting to like dig a trench. Almost that's obvious that she knows exactly how to hatch these different eggs. She's. Looking the others making plans in her head weighing the barred would be able to tell that even with it and right now, but with the tent
You can also tell this there's another crash to the south, and then she turns and looks in that direction, and she says did did you all here that and with a ten you know she's asking us if we heard that, but she heard it very clearly- and she knows something about that crashing that she's not say it sounds like a member Undress Portman Raptors would haunt nor be one to the side that distracts who, while the Earl and comes out, you too, I feel like dismal getting hunted. This chick is bad news, ok, she's bad knew any would have sent. You only got a tenant insight. Anybody else could try to rule incite as well, and see how they do on that. Otherwise, you could try to like persuade her or intimidate her. If you wanted to spill more info right now, she seems, like he'd being honest with us, on our role very worried about the crash fifteen fifteen. It and with the fifteen I know you ve got a little bit a bonus on that. It looks like a plus two on this
born and only a plus one, but still a sixteen is enough of it. Yes, you can tell that she knows exactly what the crashing noises to the sound she's very worried about. It tell sincerely you think she's worried about it, but she's not saying more about what the crashing noises, because she is hiding something from us. You don't know what we're he's hiding a secret. You wanna you like me. She knows what that thing to the south as you want it, you want to send, or journalists there to Sudan is reporting. Well, why? Don't you go in? There is, is jukes my gun.
Tell us they regard area will go into the field for the team. Yeah! Listen you! Let's embed you with this Yemen's GO find out. Jake I'll, see you start to help to the south where that crashing is coming from cake. Is that right? Yeah? If your approaching cautiously, you can either users stealth, which is only a plus three or you could use your purse. Your perception is also less three. My mistake so either way you can roll Adee twenty plus three to see if you can approach this noise with out being seen or heard yourself by whenever it at Syria, the G20 postscript eleven. And that is that before the plus three fourteen wherewith, it's always a fourteen total here with a fourteen. You are moving into a clear
bring where you see some trees have been knocked over and there's a hazy green gas that is floating in the air. It seems it was not in other parts of the forest that you were moving through and then suddenly something poked his head out from around a tree It is a dragon Betty's the size of a large horse spreading its wings stepping out from around the tree it as greens, scales all over its body and kind of a very dinosaur like fin kind of growing out of its back. It is a very Jurassic park, tight moment, as you realize the best dragon has you in its sights and is starting to slither closer to you moving on all four of its limbs. What do you do can drive anyway
you got spotted what powers do? Have you got a lot of spells at your disposal? I want to warn you right now that if you start moving full speed, you'll move quicker. If you move and then also cast a spell, you'll move Elizabeth slower, but maybe a slow, this dragon down and you do have ice magic spell the can slow creatures down. You have fire magic spell that usually deal the most damage. Also, since you levelled up, he would have access to new spells, including a spell called earth, bind that curse flying creatures to the ground that you can try to use that word on four loggia. Absolutely no is our own thing starting to spread its wings and you think it's a lot faster flying and it is on the ground. So suddenly you start to cast your earth bind spell these yellowish tendrils come
keeping out of the ground and wrap up the wings of this creature, and now I need your role is saving drought as the dragon struggles, it is trying to break free of the earth by special. I am sorry to say cake that I just wrong. All that a critical hidden die the dragon with barely any efforts flexes its wings, and there is a popping sound like rubber band snapping and your earth bind spells completely broken. The dragon says in your conic, which I know your character speaks well. That didn't go so well and starts laughing it. You you can tell them, is the female young dragon, and if you want to know more facts about it, you do have very good our canna. If there's, if you feel like information right now, is important, you still have a chance drawn. Our cannot check before your turn is dials, learn
more about. I just I want another time out. Real quick Billy's in the room he's obviously dead like six different times, but TIM. He has his headphones it and when you said it's, a very young female, dragging its head popped up, I noticed that I won't say we notice from inside the Griffin Stomach like there's a lump of its kind of terms, inside of it draws attention had been related internal boner depending on how much of what we, what exactly we feed the Griffin will determine whether or not the Griffin bomb it's up any any items, but so far it is only muffled noises. We argued in the Griffin, ok Caky, you could try your our continent Plus five, you have upgraded to a plus six on old. Now, there's a crazy five crazy toss, a six, the I'll tell you the basic information with a plus six. You got an eleven, so the basic
formation is this. This is a young green dragon and you believe that green dragons are poison dragons near forest dragons, but their element is poison, and that means they breathe a poisonous breath. That is what these green hazy fumes are in the air and they are, immune to poison, so you know not to use poison damage against the green dragon, but that is the only information you know so far about this dragon and since the dragon has spotted you, I'm going to need us to roll into initiative. Now I m happy to say the Dragon role Ban on initiative, but each of us are going to need to roll Adee twenty, and I will tell us what bonus to add most of us. Actually, all of us have a plus two bonus on this except cake. Has a plus three bonus on twenty November Rosa deed twenty Joe Warrior results O Wayne with that you would have any young. You got a twenty two
going away and you almost definitely be leaping into action for looks guy, but I gotta ten, six ten and that's a twelve hurled also norm. Then I was at school news and how did you do cake? Six, he's Lisbon strategy and that aim on. What do you want library guys in your treaty? Milk, as they just be better. It's annoying total? The good news? Is you go ahead of the dragon, but not ahead of your teammates, and let me ask how Erlich the war locked it? I therefore you're gonna headed the dragon S, the Good NEWS, but right now of the teammates you org and be the last to react young now job Jane on your return. First, you would be leaping into action
say that right now, cake is kind of one move away from you, so you could use your move to catch up to him. Then you have your action to cast a spell or do an attack, and you still have your bonus action to inspire somebody. If you would like to inspire anybody in this situation, I think you re an act that the bargain three I wrote, ruled the twenty. I think I think we'd like to. Ah I really wanted to press this chick. She seems like she's cool It can eyes woman's uniting after you can I take the dragon in front of her ashore. Like you know, I'm like a wild stallion has been tamed underneath my spills and then should get really impressed in one ago. Your hang out with me maybe get a couple flags ale later absolutely saw. Ask you, there's too ways you could do is you can either try animal handling, the skill of which would probably very much offended?
dragon. Who is talking sentient creature? You could try to persuade it with your very good deception. Skill or you have one spell called suggestion. Charm person, your normal spell bread Medina people doesn't work against dragons, but suggestion would and that's exactly like jet. I mind trick. Basically you go. I think you should do this and his along its is a reasonable course of action and the door. Feels it saving throw them. It is going to obey whatever that suggestion. You know what I'm gonna do. I want to introduce the dragon to Blake Griffin. I wanted do summit and maybe try set them up together. I feel like maybe maybe they would get along really well all. Yeah I mean so far. You can tell a cake did determine this. Is a female drag Blake as a male Griffin Archer how that works? we'll find out, he is reasonable suggestion in just a moment and so you're trying to set the two of them up. Do you have it specific wording on what you're saying to this dragon?
my friend over their thinks, you're. Really cute, hey, that's great, like act like the let's see how to saving programmes and with a total of eight on the saving drought. That is not a success against your spells, ABC the dragon, and then does a double take. And then you see her raise one. eyebrow and she doesn't say anything, but you know she is considering what. Why is this? Why does this Griffin, like me, and she starts to spread her wings to make them look more, majestic turning like a cat showing off different? Like my Maya scales? Are quite gleam, are, they not admit seems like she is more intrigue indefinitely interested but curious about why exactly this Griffin might be feeling this way we ve got the dragon very destroy, to say the least and depending on what we do on our next turn, we could
its dragon more on our side or or deeper into this relationship. Perhaps which interesting is nor would be up next now norm. You don't have to do anything in theory or maybe not the person to be leaping into persuade the dragon, but you could try if you want to talk to the dragon and not make the keynote of put us back into a fight necessarily but up you whenever you like to do an end, correct me if I'm wrong, but I am the if the dragon wants to eat on the first person in line right. in theory Erlich, the war lock is very bite. Sized of all of our characters for sure I'd also pointed out earlier, is our other very persuasive character. So I used my outlook we might know whose or is it norms You got your brain. There began Norman. You should just smack yet
Superman Y gotta, like an open, handed slap Erlich Skinner line right now I don't know I want. I want a warm, I wanna kill the dragon. You can definitely leap into TAT the dragon homage even longer remained distracted by the Griffin still a little bit, so you can go back or other. We have dragged him ass. You see blogging Blake, you haven't, I dont want. I dont want take fright, I'm trying to be the good team player. Doing risky. Only little who is in the dragon could kill him in. Like he's bites he's like a little white size, muffin he's an moose Bush and Billy is inside Blake Stomach right now. I've. I would almost like for Billy to see this new dragon, get re horny again and then have the dragon just actually roast and kill him again. I won't believe it keep. It was dead and buried
yeah, but he's inside Blake Stomach. So what do you want to do this by kill it? Now, God do? What have you ever hear of skilled dragged I'll? Do it every woman? Do you want to cut the can? I cut Billy added, though the Griffin you'll make caught him out. No I'll cut him out I'll cut him out of the Griffin stomachs and on killing the Griffin. Are we call it? The Griffin. We save the Griffin we're pretty cool with any help this in a fight in the hatchery. Don't you it also potentially punch him in the stomach and The events that have you got out. Yeah, maybe gag em to norm, could gag norm could deftly gadgets achieving gag him and get Billy out. You know the grip Is that what you're doing I returned the Griffin had been commenting. You know I don't feel so well, one of those bites didn't go down so well, so we actually appreciates when you kind of like radio differ given the hand down the throat, as it were, in the head ahead and roll with a plus six on athletics to see, if you can, who
right in the summit in the name. Sixteen. That is enough that suddenly flying out of Blake the Gryffons a bit beak. There is around object, many still wearing a hornet helmet, but it is the mostly digested skull of reserve for Billy with a laugh. Your feet. There is a single bit of flesh around the eye and one eyeball then rotates around to look around at us to end. In theory. That occurred can speak. I would like to just. I would like to legitimize pocketed the I just one putting the I immediately pokes back in through the skull and like all the eye sockets if there are no no eyes any American sooner Julia Good good good. I do anything else. Am I turned the next person in theory that
I don't think you're. Actually, probably I merely want to do another attack. You gonna have more than one of those is a frenzy by someone else. Go yeah excellent. If we, you certainly got back in your hand, if you want to grant you, ve been ok, I'll, hold our whole Billy Skull in my hand, that few that's gonna bad ass, Now is the moment you're holding the skull, and that is from what a win from out of the woods and nother figure suddenly comes sprinting. They were watching apparently from further away. They are not quite because their wearing heavy played armor, but it seems like they are rushing towards this green dragon as though they are trying to save us or rushed to our aid.
And ass. He flips up the visor. We recognise the face of sir always followed us from the village greenest, apparently to look after the drug, and we gotta go now now. If you want norm at this point since you all, you did was grabbed his head and get the hell out the Griffin you could shout to sir. Oh, oh, no we're not attacking the dragon right now. If you want to do, you could call em off if you wish and then that would bring us to cakes turn next or you could let sir oh duties do in which apparently involves jumping up onto the dragon and trying to put it in a headlong seems to be his plan that seems pretty cool, but let me know a bigger you get to determine well once wrote to do and then go to jail hello, headlong cocoa cook Headlong rush headlong I'm gonna, let you roll for coat, the number he needs to be the dragon,
although one the number need is a total of like a six, so please role, agriculture, fourteen or fifteen cocoa. Has this Dragonette headlong? and you just whipping all around like us and we're trying to hold onto a loose fire hose and the stragglers whipping em around back and forth. He is not letting go. He is riding the bronco right now.
These shouts girl loggers his grip upon the dragon and that will bring us to cakes turn cake. What would you like to do could just make sure no pictures of cultural right in their dragnet answer from you, yeah I'm a team player, but am I heard from my loss turn if you're always her? You are not heard. Actually, you have been attacked by the dragon, yet I am gone from a gun. Absolutely aware you were you gonna use an attack against him with that right, yeah! You re going to try to use the earth buying spell upon him again. Is that without it to doubling down your guy back to the earth by a whore, you could use a spell the deal's damage, or I would also point out that you also could have the spell
a suggestion, potentially, if you wanted to try to hypnotize the dragon. Additionally, yours do up excellent. What went so already. We got this dragon agreeing with the suggestion that that Griffin over their likes you- and maybe you should do something about that. She has taken that suggestion. You can build on this now. What would your suggestion be? Let's try to keep sending them up like Gun, MR commenter, so can you put some music on, but what's a good across the room song for somebody like look at and now the world stops need to zoom in on, like its sexual healing sexual ILO, dragons under nice, under via he play thunder by imagined dragons, he starts to play thunder by imagine. Dragons set the mood as it were in the name of that spell is suggestion I feel
that's enough. I feel, like you, have created a highly suggestive atmosphere and song Goneril, a saving girl for this dragon Dragon his rolled a total of eight twelve, which is not enough at the very least of all save Deasey of thirteen and the dragon you see she had one raised eyebrows you referring to fight off, sir. Oh, she turned the Griffin again she raised eyebrows and then she raised her other, I ridge- and you see that her- I start to get a little sparkly, ensuring getting better her. This I've been looks. Very heroic, is cutting a very impressive figure and that she would like to talk to this dragging Anne. She says to you cake: who is that? Who is that Griffin? What what is this creature? Who is he and she's asking you now right now? You ve still got your move. You could roll up persuasion check on her right now to convince her of whatever you walk out. Looks
on regards, hopefully hi, I'm due for a higher, also absolutely you're technique on road, all bad again gestures. All ever ever rolled anything ever to have a wireless had cast a die skull. And you are not a cafe. I good, don't tanned area now I know I can equal twice do now. Do the your way up, let's see which ones better. the regions that is well look. I greatly regret work promote seasick with your way silly, so we got we gotta twelve on that one had, unfortunately, I'm sorry You only have a plus one on this. With that thirteen, you are deeply getting do admire the Greer, if any, even more, but it is unclear what you gonna do to sir. Oh in just a moment it still looks like he might tear sir oh off her neck and throw him in her efforts to go talk to that Griffin, which brings us to Earl External just before the door
get to do anything in Erlich you're, the most convincing of maybe any of our characters. In some situations you have high charisma same as the barred. What would you like to do right now, but I'm also closest to getting attacked right? You are kind of in theory. Well, I also want to point out that, while you're the most bite size, you don't have the least it point you have thirty one. He points and take the wizard has twenty six zero kind of like the in theory and take the wizard might be a little more danger than you did ride runners and I was thinking I was thinking of using my turn to dip set and get out a dodge, but I guess I will use my her I'd. Try to save you you're, so our
under this I said I was thinking about I've called fighter flight. I our they're, both things on my number that I'm gonna get some use, my my powers to cast a convincing spell on the dragon. Salute we, the EU, since you also have a second level spell sought at this point. You would also have access to dispel suggestion for argument, say: let's say you have that right now in doubt,
What suggestion would you like to make upon this dragon war? I would like to know. I have a sneaking suspicion that this woman, that pay of tea is trying to smash is actually in Cahoots with DR, not trying to smash. I'm just, I think the I think, I'm woman in the dry energy routes to steal our dragon ethics is very interesting per, so I would like to find out from the dragon if her in the women are in Cahoots. Absolutely, I will roll the saving Grover's suggestion, as you ask that you should tell us that information, the Dragon Dragon role of fourteen, which I believe against your spell say DC, which is just become fifteen, that not quite enough and the Green dragon turns to look at the human the woman who is rushed into this battle after us, watching this whole scene hanging back behind us that dragon set up working with her
I feel verge dragon. Who disguises herself is a human Oh my guy would never so the woman's. Now I hear the over dragons. She says using the can make a persuasion check upon her right now or, if you wish to do. I'm sorry, You use your move to get here. You just gas suggestion spell. You still have your bonus action, which means you can command your. familiar your imp movement. I remember the name of Kafka. Justice was an area about causes, was the name. Your little cobalt, who is our oh yeah around and he's one of Armenians. I want to point out you adding imp that you and recently acquired you name it after your cat. I remember
but I'm wrong. Ryanair absolutely baby brought here. It's leubronn exhort you got your little will end with a scorpion. Tell if you would like to command seem to do anything. I can turn invisible and do things just say it gets cold game. Seven, oh roasted those actually game, five against the map, so long rows, Roman and decide what money alone they often say, motorcycle. You can leave its visa instructions. If you want to do anything, I could fly over and sting somebody or work whispering somebody's ear or something or you could do nothing rate, and I could keep it hanging back on your shoulder, really what it could do like. I don't think the amp is going to be able to kill the dragon. Maybe if it whispers to the girl gets fucked this dragon up together you're having your? Why doesn't the girl is trying to drag and that girl is a dragon Hank? What is the girl arisen?
rights exit around rightly disguised as a girl right right. We should get the girl to turn into the dragon and then fight the other dry, but it is urgent. You said it yourself as a drag. Yes, yeah, I got you ok yeah. I will let you roll persuasions, freer em, who has a pretty big bonus. I think it's at least two plus three beacon role for your enthusiasm, sways of your Mpas when it whispers that toward buddy they do Jake you're employees. furs and you're in no hurry. I'm great at this and when you're implies over certain gilding this human woman, like don't you feel like real bad for all this trickery. Trickery is not very nice and the IMF is, of course a master of trickery knows have met with people. Psychology- and you see this human woman started looking back, she lowers her head and then she, with a roar, suddenly begins to grow
silver robes, transform and suddenly before us is a silver scale, the dragon that is this. I didn t larger than the green dragon. It lets out roar and the green dragging Demille starts powering and then the Zen fair. What are you doing here and back and forth? They start to talk Indra Conic, which means that cake at the very least you would be able to translate and what you're able to pick above the conversation that the dragon, the green dragon, is highly confused by our suggestions, and is explained in silver dragging the well. I was really here looking for something I was snipping, something out that I was searching bore, I'm working under orders, I'm looking for something right now, but now all I care about is that Damn Griffin over there,
need to know. Why are his feathers, so golden and its crest so majestic? Why does he like me and the silver Dragon just begins to laugh and chuckled yourself and then whispers to us? Well, well done. I think that this green dragon could follow us for quite a while. Without that that we have under magical spells. Congratulations. It seems that she is well taken care of here. You you were this. This green dragon is an evil creature, but you obtained it most impressively, I'm sorry for my deception. My name will you can call me earlier, but the moment that I sensed your dragon eggs. I immediately had to seek you out before she was able to catch,
you and she's gotta whispering this to us, while the green dragging cannot hear us, we have anything to say to a leader of the silver dragon pose mad sounds like me, so it says it is a little rivalry going on right here, David were were in the middle of this year, the cat fight, meaning, I feel like we just got a real. We lose our focus sometimes as a unit when their female of any species involve I feel, as you point the finger at yourself. We gotta get back to face. We gotta get back to it broke out. Here, go back to our man cave we got all these eggs yeah. I'm gonna need to stop collectively die shaming. Yes, we die dodge? So you better guys Wilson. It? Was you I shaming on your phone mighty, irises yeah? Ok, so, let's watch we, let's figure out like one decisive action that we can then leave for the peoples who like what's our next, be
decisive action. I wanta had I want to hatch my own dragon, like our group dragon here, that we have collectively a child that were raising. Can we make them fight each other? Can we make them fight, shows of death we'd like YO, you sure you should a her. What she was saying about you before you showed up dude, you could silly role to make these dragons fight each other right now Elliot suggesting that she could probably convince this green dragon to maybe keep following us around that electronic have such an earlier thing. She, Elliot needs to have like one little hang around. That tells us that everything that she does greater here always looks awesome. And meanwhile, that's all about Elliot earlier Elliot Dodgy yeah. I want them to find a want them. I want there to be a blow up. and then I want to go back. I wonder I wanna hatch, our own dragon, then we'll have a son and daughter to look after the go ahead role. Then the check to see if you can convince Ellie,
to fight this green dragon lying absent, Billy Elliot says. I am absolutely ready to show you that I can fight this dragon because I agree we shouldn't try recruiting a green dragon, they can't be trusted. Ultimately MAGIC shore can control them, but I don't trust the dragon. I'm going to show you how we good dragons take care of the evil dragons. I am a silver dragon and we are one of the good dragons and when I defeat this drag and I'm going to show you how it goes and then I'm going to explore you why it is I among the silver dragons who should be helping you hash, all eight of the eggs that you have, because if we
We have me and get rid of this green dragon and then have all age of those other eggs under our control, those hatchlings. Then that means that we are only in she starts counting aid eggs plus me. We just need to more dragons on our side and then we might have enough of a force to take on the enemy dragons. I sensed your aid eggs, and that is why I came to seek you out because I have never seen so many eggs clustered together. The big the hatch and together we need a leavin, the needle and dragons, to accomplish something at home again and state team of enemy dragons. And if we have your Drang is on our side and we can maybe offer couldn't a group of contenders girl in what
We call the dragon wars, but among humans and elves you have a different name for it. You call it the dragon Bowl and get our aid dragons that you have plus me plus two more dragons. She looks at the green dragons is no I'm about to fight her than we might have a team that weaken assemble to fight. Ok, Dragon Bow. Ok, so now do we want to kill the screen drag him, and now we probably hey, hey, let's keep the green dragon for roster depth because it would be bad with twelve. In case someone gets hurt, you yeah, I mean you can always you can always go next man, not right. If we have a drag, get hurt now, but is economic, routine chemistry set a locker room cancer? Can we just care? We actually end? Maybe with that, can we like ask the Green dragon like YO, you gonna be chill at this late hour, you gonna do your job. You gonna, buy in and be a team player
he Percival Elliot like all. This is good. We're gonna recruit this person just like recruiting the eggs, and we see the great aim dragon start to look around confuse ago. Sure yeah ass, an coach o shaking his head and offering some morning. If that he does not see team chemist really coming together. If we go vat, adult green driver, minimum pleasant, sent boys songs about all risk cocoa, Conway Route them too to buy it right, we can get this guy yeah cocoa, Oh says: I'm worried to talk to the screen dragon. I'm really need to convince it and get it. No work, no working a team unit, but I think I think it you. Let me talk the agri dragon I'll be able to.
says if we try to do. I don't know. If I, like you, go transposal side, I did. We trust sorrow to get this dragon to buy into the team and be like hey. You come here, weaken winsome championships. Ok I'll, tell you what we'll will give it a spot yeah, but we're gonna. Keep on a very shortly: ok here we have to. We have cake, put like just one of those earth binds on it, so it's actually on a short lesion. She says, if you let me talk to that Griffin, then I'll. Let you cast an earth bind spell on me. Ok, we'll keep are happy with the Yankees right dated with frantic. Try he's having a long talk with the Griffin, all wrapped up in these yellow magic bands, o character, ok and then slowly ass, a weird would relieve the salt. How do we leave this for next? Stop at so Ellie is gonna. Let us know that it sounds like were recruiting the screen dragon who introduced herself. She says her name is now
I laughed ia our latest recruit. Then she says we're only missing one dragon to fully flesh out our team. We ve gotta hatch, these eggs and I'm gonna help you with that. But then there is one other thing that we need. If we're gonna be contenders in the dragon Bull, our team needs to go to dwarf in mines where a certain crystal grows, by which the armor, which the bag and where are made, we need our team uniforms and right now we don't have any uniform we're going to need to go get our team semi uniforms next, I like a rush collateral shoulder our journeys, Throwback, we're leaving lies. I lose you out of tune, or at least I will have to decide uniforms. Are we getting our last t member, or are we just going into dragon? Ok awesome, awesome will TIM. Thank you were excited
also just just just to make sure that I understand I'm still holding Billy Skull right. You are still who I don't want smash it. I was hash mismanaged now around it are there are noise is coming out of the shadows gone? They are now muffled yeah I'll take a little piece of a whip me. That's it. I'm take a little piece in case we want to reach I made him letter later, so we can kill him again. He Nicholas would take over those skull, courageous crush up a little bit of scorn, edges snore little India has on the rest, soliloquy. Ok, I thank. You is always really appreciate, will see soon. I thought your pleasure to he asked I like the idea of his who am I that episode but I've dungeon dragons, brought to you by are very good friends, overhead Norton, three sixty and they ve got a great new product
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use, promo code, P, M T and get twenty percent off and now Gilbert another something completely different. Okay, we now welcome on a very special guest won the battle men. Men alive he's got the George Bull Dog cup. It is actor wrestler, pod, castor, bill, Goldberg Nobler for Papa. You know Miss Goldberg Football Wire ballplayer. Let sock actually automotive or are yell a soft football first Goldberg, where football guys is a football podcast beyond our bread and butter. Your Georgia, bulldogs. Ah, the dangerous are so disappointing year in and year out. What's up with that man yeah, that's it! it's amazing how they cover up to the top five or top ten, but I mean obviously it's weird sees a man. They didn't have the best showing last weekend, they'd be pulled out, but
always a tough game. I mean, after playing of forty four times throughout my tenure, let's see if they you some cojones fix this week. I, like you, you like him against the Auburn TIGERS, breaking up and this risk I'd say the scariest thing in the world is to have a zoom break up with Goldberg, because I can feel the I feel, a frustration on your face. Some terrified of you. I've always been term now. It's all good. When I do this podcast in my sleep, How do you get ready for the weekend, man again and nothing else? My most of my two hundred twenty acres hold that somewhere thus versions incredibly relaxing hold on. Do you have a pointless for that? I do not. I do not. I just like the lessons of the year to the greater the wise man. Ok, what are we gonna? We got a guy who's, gonna playlist, so we can maybe get ya, want
a little bit everything so we're working up with that. You got my most important question. For you is, I think it ya think you're all time traps guy. I think you have you have best traps, maybe in the history of the human race. I think that's further say: what's your trap secret?
have a horrible back from the onset of your football careered. You have to do traps every day. The rest of your life, so it's like its compensating for not being able to work out your neck. You just get the traps muscles to be become so big that aid can a blend in to your neck. Well, it's in addition to the MAC. You know you gotta, do why? If you don't want you Muslim out through the other, but you know it. So it's a support system for those shoulder pat yeah, ok, Gimme, do have incredible neck muscles, your rustling career, fantastic. I was always a fan. The spear was electric. It was a you know when you had the Debbie she Gummy verse, W W F wars going on late nineties, early arts. You started, though, a hundred seventy three. Now people are saying there should be an ostrich with that. Do you? What do you say to those people? Why should there be an asterisk? That would be my first question because I was a guy. Did it as opposed to
Do the doubly, though you know, I D said that maybe was a little like you. You got two hundred and seventy three when so fast that you now it's almost impossible to get a good hundred, seventy three and I'll. Do it as quickly as you did, I mean I watched a lot of whom you speared guys quickly, but D think sometimes made his will to much too fast. Oh man, I was on the road to earn twenty days a year, my first year, so I mean, I don't think it's out of the out of the ordinary happen. The way that it did. You know that street as a whole, it was the creature in and of itself. You know as good as it was coming down to its its demise. You know it was. It was a tough thing they get out. So as honoured as I was for a b that guy to go out and seventy three now it was. It was a huge burden. Every night at the same yeah, like you said your football guy. First, no, you played in college, you played yet a cup of coffee in the Nina fell. At what point did you realize that you can make the transition
becoming a wrestling? Was that ever like a backup plant, we known Rebecca plan, I mean I had my older brothers had ties with the wrestling industry. You know when I was three or four four years, my eldest brother room with pets, terror and my other brother had a house with a red flag. So, ironically, it was in my life way before I actually even knew it, but you know what would got me to do. It was the fact that my account and call me want to AIDS You know you weren't an all pro. You surely didn't bank a lot of money and you might want to get off your ass and go figure out what you want to do. The rest of your life and I have no plan. You know I had zero plan. The only thing I aspire to be with an NFL football player. So when that got taken off for me because of an injury and mostly because of my lack of talent. You know I hit a brick wall at a hundred eighty miles an hour, so I had to figure out
well, I was going to do. I really didn't have a back up plan B, even though I had you know it was a psychology. Major doesn't mean that I was going to go out. and start telling people how to run their lives. Tat would actually be fantastic to watch. You be liquor therapy Mr, have you known ass, a television series right there? Yes, yes, and then you and then like. If the person starts. Ah, you know getting too emotional just spirits like absolute pick, your life up back to, work. I shall spare you again I'll. Give you out of your way. You somethin worry that I do love how you're you're seizure move was the spear, which is essentially it's just a tackle, so you Extracting we ask that you are football guy through through your need, like a fancy, gimmick you just just hit the shit out of somebody when you are starting a wrestling created. Anybody suggest you hey, you might want to come up with something. That's not just to tackle, or were they just straight up impress from the fact that, like the perfect form tackle is always gonna, be something people want to see.
Wow just remember the first time I was, you know, I'm getting ready to go out and we were taping at universal. In the guy looks at me and before I went out because what you're finished- and I said what do you mean? What's my finish, Nico's or whatever you do? It's got to be spectacular I told many Fernandez in the ring to tuck his head between his legs and kisses ass, go by, and I hope you trust and that that was the birth of the spear. You know that the Jack hammer came from from Sarge down at the at the power plant in. I guess beleaguered done that overseas and Japan and he did it from the top turned buckle, and so I always we was never gonna climbed to the top turned up. So I just put my own little flower to major. I could do that everybody four hundred thousand under though there is an asterisk there, with the giant or with the big show but just as I was pretty good combination, but you know I pay tribute to my father and I- and it was something I didn't have learnt yeah.
You're a meteor you're amazing out it was there one spear in particular that you look back on that was like TAT, was most electric one, that's the one that you know. If they could remember me by that's the one oh I'd say: may create the christian spheres, but play you know millions and millions of times. I say that one was picture There were a number of people that I didn't get it on that I was very appreciative of so that might have given me positive feedback from myself other than them. the quality of the sphere, but I'm watching the television spear back right now that is so fucking good, that's so, electric just perfectly timed up every second of it I mean that has everything to do with the success of the spheres, the guy taking it to ya. Yes, that's a good point: what's the trick to selling a spear just like letting your body go limp and just letting letting you just cut them in half
Absolutely I mean it's, it's all about! Relaxing it's all at one little drink as you get the got. Alvin Steiner taught me that one is like. Let me just before I get. My internet sounds kind of cool, but dangerous. At the same time you know, like I said it was. You know, temper Gothenburg and ninety percent, the guy taken. Are you still vegetarian? I was never a vegetarian don't know where without a doubt was like the biggest rumour. I remember back the day being like. Can you believe Coburg vegetarian unease, this fucking jack? So that's too bad because absolutely I got I will I get longhorns on my property for gods of vegetation what's the longest you ve ever gone without eating meat, probably too So you were heard Europe dollar, one vegetarian in the world into the most famous vegetarian for two hours at a time exactly so I M a budgetary just a ship
yeah we might cannibalistic eating when we humans, oh Did you middle age humans on entrepreneur, progress I like that throw me the list of other wrestlers that dirt kroner making up stories above it. It is I it is. The new died, the inner minute vegetarianism. I do it for several hours a day off and on often on yes, what did you hate Gilbert? I did the beginning that I had no such tomb. I didn't really the beginning. I took a business. Wait two series I mean I mean I didn't. I didn't the fact that the fact of the matter as I had to be Goldberg, you know, like twenty four said, you know had the site myself up and I had to beat a guy like that. I didn't come with the year the many niceties, but once I understand why people do the things that
They do and looked at that more so ass flattery than it was an insult I got it, I didn't want to rip off. When I met him. He was a good, the yen happy that I was eight that they were able to provide him a job throughout making fun of me Riah and you yet it a very long, obviously very successful career in terms of football. You know your career, usually peaks. I thank you PIG S letter clearly in the inner fell between like twitter five and twenty eight somewhere in that range, but in wrestling even though you were you stop play football casino. You had an injury and make the team you George wrestling and you PETE. a little bit later and you have a longer career at what point do think. Wrestlers peak athletics, early, Oh, it's all relative man! I mean I went through the ringer in football. I never thought that I'd be able to lift again once I'm retired. I took my Adam and also my palace I never thought I'd swat again. Never thought I'd do anything. So it's all!
relative? You know everybody's got a different story. Go ahead. the guys, like myself, there were beat up going into the business. You know I was I was. I was literally one of the luckiest people. Will it ever lays the boots? It wasn't a passion of mine. I wasn't obsessed with it. I looked at it as a business. I was successful. I was in the right place at the right time. The right package, I suppose we put together- and you know that I suppose I was worthy at the time by being there at the right time- to have that street and the fact is that if I had to get beat up all the time- and you know truly have year after year of two hundred and twenty days on the road, I wouldn't be in the physical condition I met now,
so it's all relevant, it's hard to say who's, gonna PETE when, where AIDS, because everyone has a different story cabinet, so how did that work with the euro? brooding to Georgia, we you, ah you go on a bunch of scholarship traps. Did you? Are we decide between a bunch of different schools because that's gonna believe it I was. I was the top defensive Lyman at Opel. Poets was a completely different story. Right, you don't poets college was evident, was different. I mean I'd yeah. I can go into bad anywhere. I wanted to. I wanted, I radically. As I said here, the state of Texas. I wanna go to Youtube, but after my trip to Georgia and after
meeting coach acres, the last place I wanted to be worth wasn't asked it. So you know the lineage at the University of Georgian goats. Duly you don't be recruited by re dolls mean it was a wonderful experience and I couldn't gone about what you mean. I grew up in Oklahoma right then I was right down the road from our evil from oh you and they were with the top five Switzer, was the codes. If you would have been the coach anywhere else, I wanna go, but there was no way I was gonna grow up in Kosovo, home and buildings. I built a college an hour to have two hours way. I just wasn't gonna do her dad they succeed. I mean you. I've heard the term storage on how very switcher with such a helper recruiter. Imagine he you know. Just his personality made, you wanna Greek,
sitter, but I understand not wanting to be like in your backyard. I am on that. I go to live within five minutes of Switzer Vienna, my house, yet issues off with the crowd on the rocks in his hand, lay on my couch familiar Switzer was the guy, yes did shop where, in his eye, like one of those robes you're, you even have those like our almost curtailed you know what I'd do you remember that year? I do remember that year were a year before him recruiting a picture of him, recruiting Troy Egmont on the sidelines of choice, game where in a full length, may coat and haven't some of the new EU cheerleaders with yeah. He was. He was all I can say it. Those were the day, yeah yeah yeah. Do you still hate the universe you Flora, o asked lowly tell until the day I die, no question about it. Just one of those things they want, they endured demonstrated their it's. It's crazy. Looking back on
Your last year at Georgia, you were the only player on the team to be drafted. The NFL that's gotta, be that can't happen. Many out many years for further Georgia. Bulldogs know that just a man. That's absolutely amazing, to me yeah it that I join me. I just looked up, and I was coming shocked, found questions to buy crosscauseway mortgage markets. Crazy good mortgage company go to sea cm Lens dotcom slashed taped to learn more about your future home by experience or refinancing needs equal housing opportunity. I add one last question, sir: you do work with ass pcs. We do as well ah you're a big cacti Yolksac. I now know I'm a dark opening, I'm through all domesticated animals. Man I went on. He went on the hill and spoke about dark, fighting and caught fire but twenty years ago, and I'm a big big big.
big advocate for the dog and CAT Lawson Doc? I love Gilbert TAT and Vegetarian guy Vegetarian, too scared go to Oklahoma, yeah, there's a lot of things. That are you happy, but you still have goldberger. Don't tell me, go now, man, unfortunately Goldberg he passed away and we gave him back to his term it that is his family and literally the day we gave it back.
Some dogs broke in Asia and I'll pay. You still a dog eyes day yeah. I still loved asked where they were my dogs. It wasn't my ass. I can't take withdrawal more gopher. Goddammit has tragic that sucks mesh size, but we can all we look amongst the great where the three legged sheep. Here we are a little bird. The we saved you are we man? Why limit taxes now at a place called the misspent ranks? We ve got. We ve got seeber as we ve got tired. We ve got donkeys, we ve got longhorns dear. We go now stuff: you're Tiger came so what take em all in a loved one? What's next for Goldberg in the future, like obviously we're gonna do that sick com, where you just beat the shit out of budgetary Rosen within after that's over wordy sea or self like twenty years now? Are you? Are you still gonna get back in the ring? Every others, oh no man. I have. I haven't expiration date on my wrestling days and it saw its a couple years from now
because the slow pace that I'm going out it right at this moment, but you know, there's a movie on the rise and there's a television show on the rise, and it's just you know when we get back to some sets a normalcy when we're done she began yeah. Do you how much you bench? Who knows I'm embarrassed and thirty years? So don't I bet you Terry and TAT. Guy doesn't pending the about sums up just dumb bells man, you don't need a bench I hammered out. How much do you curl strike where for a max or some yeah? That's like girls, ice thirty yeah! I don't know I I I work out with forty five on each side, so I've worked out with one third, so ended up. I'm weak that I'm an old man. One morning I hate those one, seven hundred pounds. Ok, how much you care phrase! I don't do that z ever done
what about in your heyday? What what could you bench or what could you curl? I did the five hundred and twenty five for three reps when I avenged, but I kind of dropped it on myself, woodpro I got you know that cheap stuff friendly back yeah. I did. I get Swat a little under eight hundred pounds. Other madman, I never really did anybody. Yeah. That's the same. I mean I don't do like other than like squatting under eight hundred just I'll do the biggest If I go above a hundred, I dont worry bars that we haven't my Jim. There have been too much and some afraid of a snap it when I got an outrageous thing to say yeah little under eight hundred squat about I never did the biggest.
Man I mean I wasn't that I mean I was. I was a big wait laughter and I still have my dream every night, but I'm not I'm not a numbers. Guy don't go in there to see how much I can work. As long as I can, you know, use two hundred pounds and I can trust that thing for ten to twenty wraps, I'm good within Germany, which leads. You still look like a beast. You still legible and we appreciate the time you're whenever your backup to New York whenever all this and we love Debian studio through not to deal with the zoom, and maybe I would let you spare me he sought it feel it. I feel very laudable: I pillar massaging your traps resume cut out again guys time I'm in New York. I love this not by it. It was a pleasure and you gave me well. I agree we, I need your daughter. Yes, go dogs had been on them. Thank you. Goldberg prescience man.
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three fifty feet of college call. So if your exclusive with somebody for five months help me tell me translate that does that make you we'd like fuckin, somebody is somebody else's boyfriend, a girlfriend Iraq, it sounds like youth you think you're Illinois for yes, but he is like hey, were exclusive, but we're not dating. That makes no sense to me move dorms next semester and see if it's just the ease of access move five hundred feet away from him. Yes, although the zeal Genie Boss, Pill, Jackson, the key to love, is to live close and visit. Often that's true maintain separate apartment. Yet there you go hey guys during my boyfriend for about three months now and so far everything has been going great unease, amazing in every single way. Reasoning I mean that the show I even get gray with his family and friends. However, I have become slightly concerned about some of their guys being dude behaviour
typically what they have cited as beat jokes and with a capital tee, so be a casualty jokes emphasis de I still on totally understand that part, but it's what they say and in time just anything long line of beating something they can play, lose their shit and dig like schoolchildren. Kind of the point will be going through networks and my boyfriend placed the titles. The shows with beat related items, example part of the are beaten, Dallas, beaters law and order special theatres unit and so on even to the point where other fancy football names no league are beach oaks. I either way that's that's, not a it's even to the point that has been the names of those team, for a long time it sells or dynasty as now those are french has been around for a hundred years were here.
Some new be jokes, defies and is everyday life. Shabby concerns as his face. I will pass with time. Please help its increasingly difficult abnormal conversation. Without hey, more friends, slipping a beat, related joke sought. It sounds like that does not mean that it says I'm gonna make the joke has become the joke right now, like its is become one of those things where it's funny or to see the different places. How far how much time you can spend in making a beat joke is now funnier than the actual joke, and can I just feel like there a lot of people out there that are just as confused as I am right now? What is what is b e a t capital t mean: do we know what I mean? Is beating your meat, but is it something different it that's what I assumed it was Billy. This is why you're here Billy still beat, though it's like I think it's like. If you sleep with someone I cheat and then they doesn't have sex. Yeah still beat, though I ought
they will also like every every phase that guy never been in they will grow out of, because that is its Everything in life like were men, are half brains until their twenty five, I think, is when your brain fully develops and so yeah. They, like you, take back with anything that you thought was the funniest thing in the world. ten years ago programme to write you callbacks. That's why my twitter name honeys. Why could be my friend you to do that with like, like knees with the least body. Part like those in my office, now the alcohol now it was like. Break it was like you know like over the new pact. No, if you like, we would call a totally new patterns like these anything. That's like sucking up the girl. You need pads, they would obtain knees. I think my twitter up at all you know Hank word Can these? Ok guy, that's that's vote.
guys never school. I just never change Billy yeah sure see you if you want to figure out a way for him to see, do you I don't know. I didn't get a tone from the from the text that she was sick of it just yet she just kind of puzzled. By will you got a joint fund if years, if you're sick of it in you, stop than you have to get in on colonel built or x, or making the joke correct, as one more chicks are talking to me about sex. That's gay here, not gonna. Do it hey pick pick happy of tea and norms dick holder. My boyfriend has recently won a lot of money gambling during a restart of sports. The key me at ease- he tells me that's going to towards my future ring, nor should I believe him nope thanks and take norm to that. Oh no! No, I mean Johnny sends go to that. Not I'm saying no, it does not know good point Hank, but no, it's not going to your ring Rancheiras, never meant that he has called a hedgehog brow.
I'm pretty sure who does not go to him in MD? Ah, hey guys recently found out. This is crazy. One art hey guys recently I found out the guide and dating doesn't common. We have sex, I figure it out because they are doing laundry and picked the comrade off the floor and it wasn't hard. I said: Domini started freaking out and explaining how hard it is for him to come, and that has been taking it for awhile. He told me he's or the economy the window this ex girlfriend such you never found out. He then, crying and apologizing. It was a super awkward situation and now we never have sex, because I'm no longer interested doesn't dinner. Move the NATO for me, including nothing, is happening for him. He oh Christ, when I say Dona sexual them. It's normal or should I run and not crying like complaining, crying like ours but tears got eyes. My say: don't have first, an earlier date
This sounds like the weirdest episode of CSI ever she's gone through the hamper extracting the than washcloth out putting a uv light on it, and I know it's not it's not crunching enough. Yet there are medications that do that whilst say maybe flushes antidepressants down tat I think, like SS, our eyes do any might sarcoma. That's why he's crying is because first of all, he's depressed. Second of all, he's not nothing and then you're making forum for not nothing in being depressed Genesis Fatah! You're fucked up you again with this guy who can't come, never problem for me: yeah Billy spit. If you're a guy who can't come spit yander last year that we all? Yes all yet is fake it. As everyone knows, the only place to com is on a woman's button.
just put on the back for the don't attacking she'll, never see covered baby, hey guys, sorry they cared about badgers. How can you tell if a guy is serious about a relationship or is just trying to fuck is? What's the difference? I think if you're asking, then it's he's just trying to fuck like this is like the old like. If, if you're asked, if you ask, you can't afford it if you're asking, if he's into a relationship or just trying to fuck he's, probably just so, you probably wouldn't know If he's in for release, I think you get a fuck to find out just fuck around find out. I think it's like if I, if you keep fuckin, that's out ninety percent relationships deserted. Is you fuck enough and then eventually start like first night, you sleeping or if you want to have a relationship and he doesn't just get pregnant- are fake, a pregnancy yet grab that grab that spit on on your back and put it up your pussy
last one. This is This is a real one of the best onto ever gone her guy Hake, eyes, especially buff programme it's very it's over it's from big cat. When I was a baby out separated from identical twin, we got touch with each other about six years ago after I saw an exact look like myself in a picture on Facebook, we ve been speaking ever since, and even a chance to me in person about two and a half years ago, as you can Imagine IDA very rocky childhood and I don't talk about it. Much I've been dating my boyfriend now for seven months and he has no clue about my sister. I never had the courage to tell about the situation, but I do like him a lot enough to finally real hurt him me, my long lost sister were hoping to mean up this weekend in my apartment, while my boyfriend is there and surprising, is it fair game to scare the crap out of him or way way early The game was, I died, identical fewer guidelines, yellow hen in the parent or yeah, but this fridges Hiram Full House Carom,
I think you got a scare him in a here's. The thing, if you dont recorded, then aids worthless and you're, just like pulling a prank on that's mean, but if you take it and get his reaction I think the cloud tat soon after that hoof he'll be willing to over that the end, and maybe just hint at the fact that maybe one day you could have a threesome and never give it all, just keep him happy without asked You could also try and do if you're gonna do it. You should try and do it like where. your sister where's like the same thing, but a different color and then, like you know, you leave the room and then she comes back and like see if he notices time. Yes, yes, yes, I I want to see this very, even if your shirt, viral early detection. Ours has, or you can ask your identical twin sister- bring her boyfriend over, have them hanging out like in the house when he gets home, and then I shall be making out that guy and then get to see his reaction and you walk out.
the army, this as the opportunity to be like the murder. They all time, yeah, yeah, Pfc, just script in a murder, always belated too much said, may do it I'll just him ashen culture, one that and then that idea. Given. I love that idea of having you making out with your sister me out with her boyfriend and he walks in, and then you walk in reply which a problem that tape it The reality is that once in a lifetime opportunity shit, I what that's our show Friday. By the way we have six and fell preview, and we also have a great interview with Robert ah Isler who you may know, as Asia Soprano knocking awesome interview is out of you. Our numbers city was a second with aid. Sixty nine, are you sure you don't pick forty five I want to go. sixty nine every guy pick the lounge
number in either. I'm not here, I'm still being sixty nine, because experience can get to pick what you're doing. If you don't come to work. No. Sixteen fifty now eight I'm sick with a undistinguished, sixty nine. If it hits on a Sunday, I'm not here I'll, be so his eyes. She sex eighteen. I hate that everyone taking the same numbers out here. I don't like no have you got flow? We need a floater. Of sixty nine heads metal. Seventeen, as I always here, we go you relax here we go Rex Grossman baby Many far before August. Thirty, woe! Ok, it was the old my one fact oh yeah I got it. Bats can actually scenes the future because they predict where the insect. Everyone's gonna have grown of Irish individually. The pandemic coming wait, turn out
You to expand on that path, zone, bands, use echolocation right to locate their prey and that have gone so good echolocation, they can predict where an insect is going by processing the spatial internationally, as I do, do you as a quarter back when you see a receiver running across the field, he don't throw to where he is. It always gonna. You do, that is to say that there has been a future, though I can predict the future doesn't mean I'm right. So any good quarterback can predict the future Daniel Jones. I not I think it's more like watching tape on like in basketball and like knowing that this is the move the guy's gonna go go to like at the end of game like abroad has happened, only going to be all right, also quickly royal, so he's the rapid. He sounded well like real time. Boylike fast simulations in their brain. That really exact. You do that every when you drive a car, that's what you're doing the entire time echo. Okay,
Yes, but you have your eyes. How would you understand? I don't know I don't get it. You have to get it. I read an article stated: I was able to synthesize smaller bit you no more article two Mohammed, worse lovey gas. yeah, way. To see today is a day.
shhh. coming volume me. let's say in this way,
like this? me yes We say then slowly me me bye.
still a good man Will you let me two
yeah why.
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