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Dwight Howard, NBA Free Agency + The Mt Rushmore Of Pickup Basketball Guys

2019-07-01 | 🔗

NBA Free Agency is here and Kevin Durant is coming to New York (Brooklyn). Kyrie is joining him, Kemba to the Celtics, and J-Butt is pulling the ultimate J-Butt move by going down to Miami to chill (2:27 - 21:16). Who's back of the week including Christian Yelich in the HR Derby and we're fucked (21:16 - 26:25). Dwight Howard joins the show to talk about his career, being injured this past year, all the snakes he owns, and Big Cat reads his mean tweets to him (26:25 - 69:52). Mt Rushmore of players you see in pickup Basketball games (69:42 - 86:26), Drunk Idea, Way to stay relevant Baseball with the London Series and Monday ReadingĀ 

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on today's pardon my take we have future hall of fame or dwight howard on the show interesting interview with white we also have all the nba free agency talk kevin durant's z brooklyn net courier rings of brooklyn net campbell walkers celtic j but is going to the heat all the craziness recap here for you right now we also have mount rushmore of pick a basketball players so the guys you see a pickup basketball game and i guess we talked a little bit about christian knowledge of the facts that we are all fucked well beauty and i are fuck before we get to all of that part of my take is brought to you by the cash app in the morn finance app in the app store cash app is most powerful way to send spend and save its connect to the free cash card the only debit card with boost just to let a boost in your cash app and instantly saved some of your favorite places like ten percent
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pc i do it for the animals and be a lover download the cash up today interposed barsoom get some money saved some animals ok let's go pardon my team that if i ask whether the heart of my take was added by the cash out go put in promo code marginal right now you're five dollars for free at five dollars a pc eight today is monday july first and kevin doreen
and is a new york parentheses brooklyn nets we did it yet round to the big apple not our guy got our guy well he's gonna is technically gonna be here for the next year i've but he's gonna be obeys i'd be playing caress you're probably so it's him carry their dandridge or in europe whose name got toss enough in its automobile new big three i like that role in three hundred yearn to everything like men big time move for the for the brooklyn they got their guys i've got the andre george i saw so all the kid jump anymore i saw an article i think it was on five thirty eight neat silver nay bronzes website then said the brooklyn that's just completed the rebuilding process
i gather that the fruits of along rebuild for the nazi reload they just fucking sign superstars yet his way out richer and more no three superstar superstars gender journey to his credit is always good for like a ten intend for the rest of time he's a good play yeah he's a page us all he s all but yeah so fear frequency happened it was very weak because it's essentially what we a thought was gonna happen when they during the all start give me the tunnel when kyrie was doing the to max spots to max box and kevin durant and then everyone ask kyrie what's going on in hughes like you guys make a big deal out of everything well turns out that's exactly what they are talking about an inquiry in kiev and ran team up in brooklyn for the nets like you said cameron not playing next year but this team is going to be are the best teams in the east and also one of the most combustible teams these because i do not think these guys we're gonna want own don't you kill me you can make for like the long term having
irene katy together those are those are the two personalized i think at least likely what will happen is it first they're gonna move to brooklyn together in their both very well suited for brooklyn as you all know who everyone whose listen to the park s nose brooklyn has the best things in the world just across the board correct barbecue racehorse me big cat i have the best big cats and dogs in our city akkadian cat inquiry you should have done it is a city saw it sounds like you know i would not be surprised if they started their own podcast oh yeah brooklyn that's what you have to do when we were there well they mean katy did his he announced it on his boardroom instagram which was essentially just to get followers notion man that game boardroom gets bear you got a hundred and sixty thousand new followers just to put up a static image with biggie playing behind it and wove cocktail
ultimately for all that because he announced that like five thirty that kevin durant was ready to sign with nets would by the way i had alert time for words at six o clock he just went in saying tat they saw that option weakness and earlier drafts at once i think that's what happens probably what he did but for the i could leroy had this last thursday daddy this movement last friday they don't know an hashtag ok you got yeah he's moving into the building that leroy puke in front of one tat caught it so is not moving to brooklyn no he's not he's moving to men had i'm not going to say where he's gonna live got on saying that leroy is already offer that building because he put on way too much nice so watch was all over the place we have so why should we talk a lot more gnats what's the big loser in the next thing is the next james doyle no no because they purposely didn't offer yes kevin to random acts contract because the acute can you imagine i listen if your next van
imagine a lot and expands are opting out of listen to any podcast today because they don't this is one of this is essentially like losing a championship when you do thing where you say i'm not gonna watch sportscenter for the next two weeks just in the off chance then i see an image that brings back these memories the knicks fans they can't pay attention to any spy things for the next two weeks at least because in your backyard the brooklyn nets which ever makes jokes about their fleets the trade by the bye celtics they were rebuilding forever there the off brand nix part please brooklyn all this stuff they just took away your you guys that you were supposed to get and on top of all that james dawn said he was worried about kevin durant's achilles and didn't want to offer him a max that is the only team if every team in the nba had the ability to offer max contract kevin ranten every single it would give him that's contract and the next will go the last
bring in a guy like tat year insurance premiums go up across the board in seas is not just about the team this is the guys in front office ticket sales guys you're gonna have to pay more if they ve got to go the injury history like that for her but yet did the nets have to be feeling pretty good about themselves they already have that much of a fan in brooklyn but now i guess i'll know they will be neither doubling the other guy jesse and a russian oligarch yet which is those two out of three of the keystones riders one guy i went to a couple nets games and there's a guy who's had season tickets forever he's like nets guy zack i yeah you need you need a super fan that i am aware yes next kids are already working on till i yon isn't point twenty one except the situation is similar to the fact that every team went to recruit unlike scowl yon us except next right you're gonna help right now if you're the next is that there's a superstar coming along that grew up in but even still waiting for the neck even said that is the best case here is that you can all dude like if you're next man you got it i mean i'd as boltzmann i just i don't
do any fridge and will ever come whenever i mean anthony davis's to chicago and he didn't he was like no i want to go to just forget it forget it it's it's easier to just move on they did that thing i've been there many times where you get your hopes up for these big free agent if your next man i don't know what i mean you have to it just talk or games that year you have to do something like this is at a point where you have every right to james only needs to it was at that point a while ago but tonight felt like the real true tipping point the fact that they didn't get kevin durant the fact that kevin durant went to brooke and then on top of all that there like oh yeah we were worried about his achilles we didn't want to get max deal but guess what guys julius randal pretty cool very cool awesome i like in the woods bomb about julius randal it was the only one that mentioned his agents by name usually if we're just we and these things are you just like per source of yeah but the agents were like please tell it please help everybody how we actually randall clayton i feel so fuck him
for next bans are really do and i shouldn't because they're kind of next fans have that little the cockiness where they still think people want to come to new york but now it's like again it just just move on from that it's not gonna happen like there's u every single year feels like except the ability to sign a free agent a big region it doesn't happen i mean i think it's time we might have to take the mecca nickname away from amnesty given its architects saw with with mecca at least people go there once a year yet in this place it's like it's gonna be a ghost down next year the now watch twice on their like while we're on break tat would be i would respond to should worry if weiler did i would neither the lakers they said that they are having a secret meeting with a unicorn who so that there is only one unicorn out address doing assets magic stool rob rub like it doesn't know what the hell going on and so he just inventing people but obviously
i'm gonna be meeting with with the lakers collide goes to the lakers i am i mean i i said this earlier but if quite goes lakers there's nothing i'm gonna do cause i'm still watching him beatin but i'm going to passive aggressively tweets mean things you know it though if collage out if quite goes the lakers he would not put up with bronzes bullshit will that's the thing this is the whole pits that they're giving them you know clutches doing the whole come to the lakers the bronze thirty five year the alpha now you're the number one option we're gonna let you be we're let it be your team don't fall work y know jovial all for its real if if glocester automatically he's alpha
and then you get eighty number two and he's the bronze listener on a sovereign will throw you under the boss quite dont do it stay in toronto have ye be be the balance that's one thing has happened tonight so let's go through small moves jim j but in miami which i think it's kind of solidity it's almost the perfect j but move it solidifies his place in the nba world as a very good player who doesn't like ie just wants to be him so yes oh it is wants to be j bought in unlike you don't be with mark wahlberg put up good members like over started yet make maker make the bench on all star team have everyone say oh dont forget but jimmy bother every now and then i will go off in a room say while jimmy butler he's the guy but now we don t and it's not really going to compete but he's gonna have a good time and its rights j but this was the sun white sides world that he just took overcomes whiteside used to be got it's like in theory he's really good player but nobody ever watches and play
but my loves him they don't want to leave but he's not like he's not gonna get you over the top this is the perfect project for jimmy to stay perpetually in the is he a top twenty player conversely he could have gone eager to state in philly he could have theirs about him going to houston their rumours about him gonna clippers wherever it may have been yeah j but could have gone a place where was the relevancy was there maybe deeply offer on he was the best guy like he was there go to guy in the fourth quarter for the six are not the best kind beads their best player but he was the guy they needed to be like that's the guy you can go to for big big possessions big defensive possessions asia you know what i'm gonna go to go to hang out make a shitload of money probably win thirty eight to forty two games j but you could have that
i'll go man could have put it just kept on doing that we could have kept on making the seventh seed together could have but i mean you want to go you wanna go someplace hot as is writing off into the sunset the jimmy butlers do it's perfect and integrate its remaining machado retiring well well not really so he said that the reason that he wants to go to my emmi what would dream to the place was he saw how they treated dwayne way so gave remained with a nice and off when the team was garbage and he was like this is a town that will sock who's your dick and that is where it is not a loser but yeah you're no no no during that year where i think we'd it would dream but doesn't realizing that whole calculation is twin week is the miami heat organization yeah it's like he is thereby is the number one one guy when you think of the heat you think of dwayne weighed and you think of all his years there so j but nice nice job putting together that math because now can it be the same why you're gonna get a send off in front of like seventh al
the people and remember the time that you went to the second round got seven gapes big winner and this is rachel nicholls who now gets to fly at last managed to j such practices in south beach system down the beach riley you're his team so arts or j but to new york are sorted miami camera to the celtics hank you are fully campbells better than carry des ok well no i i grew thank on this take i think that he's a better fit of correct both that's just because curry is just i mean you could have you two hundred in a worse teammate he camera is very nice fit and i mean if you are thinking about canada in like his yukon days it's gonna be fun to be able to watch cambric yet scammer has not been on a nationally televise game in god knows how long what else
thinking about this whole free agency i am as a good good however thing just got announced its tough because it's like you know our party the left you hope you you hope he does well and it's like he goes and science it moved really gonna get on top of the page like anywhere but the sixers yeah you getting tobias harris which they had to do one of two vice chairs or jimmy dale or i think they wanted both but tobias airs corporate that's a nice team like our orford is kind of he kind of add something that they needed in terms of maybe spelling and beat a little bit maybe giving indeed like a hey man don't you like shit all year or hey don't go all out in the first quarter cause you're probably gonna need to play more than thirty three minutes like those he'd he speak and be yet another hour now as you know the help right against is also like the consummate like problem right when you don't even know what those black play our fears two years ago unemployed like he dominated everything this is good enough
twice these in toronto which i fuckin hopi does the east will be very good and i should mention the boss big move that young no big deal hats ass a view can i throw out something all staff for you players with eight hundred games to average thirteen point five point five point nine rebounds one point four steals forty nine percent feel goals and thirty percent from three point matter just larry bird michael jordan lebron james statue that's incredible is yes it is someone i guess this was something the painters put up in in game look at this that is the dumbest that ever they basically found what what could fit all these legends and fat young five point nine rebounds perk what important firstly
actually five point nine at your job or more it might actually be might be exactly if i've nine that's what i was doing if he starts to cure me i can we actually knock it that we just get the stack i yet ass i like tat young he's already but that's a mean that i actually i envision the bulls because there is nothing no talk about them until six p m i think gar format and john packs and actually think that
can't talk to anyone until six be other play by the rules here since a lot of luck teams at their play fast and loose with it using words is there go between is a de facto age and not the bulls kevin rails observe a little something called by lord cumnor was like you know i actually was thinking chicago but they just never reached out keziah just thought that they had wait till six p m and the right note we can't tapir guys we cannot templates also not forget that the knicks did scientology gibson too yet and i remove instead of mecca the taj mahal touched gibson is the classic guy where you can basically watch him play in just a few invasion that he is twenty four years old think that some day he's going to be in all start you know many realize his game is exactly what its been for his entire career and he's nice but
never went further shamir nelson was that guy i was like disguise can be whole family if you put it all together i disliked watch out he had a nice cross over nose like that's gonna translate eventually so what do we have left so it's basically quiet book because i'm i'm very excited to see which is what kevin durrant does in this entire year where he's not gonna play commenting on my tail come up my take he's gonna get they into williamsburg culture infer that wearing a cool closed buying mirrored flat sunglasses walk around listened bands and obeys her love i'm very excited for kevin too to spend a year just alone with his thought he's gonna have he's gonna have a good time can be best friends without some we you ve gotta come on the past right of any your santa thirsty no i mean he's gonna banning banning commentary and out of the park as we near the runner for weak know if he's if he says i'm line inviting us for a mile we're doing the pockets community overseas yankovo skype no yes i know
so ban on band band onshore invent also shut up my guy crisper sarge great reporting is always he always nails it during these times so he treated back to back tweets hearing strong rumblings katy headed to brooklyn and then the next one conflicting info one team that was heavily and hunt for katy says he's going back to golden state and then when calendar at sign with brooklyn he was like hard to hear first credit to me so shut up the brew crew always always on top of the game always just shooting his shot getting something right not really ever and still the famous time when when lebron went back to cleveland and it was announced by it sports illustrated article lebron like you don't need the whole thing and then they went live to sportscenter and chris broussard had his phone in his hand and he's like just confirm yup yup bronchial backed cleveland like he was talking to a source not just reading the sports illustrate article the whole internet was red
it's a power move to do that if i was a rapporteur on tv i would always take up my phone and act like i was getting the bubbles from somebody billig ok i'm texting with a source right now and there saying p of t yet i've got lebron james run with it the bron james to the cavaliers okay so winners losers anything else that we talk about mean i do take the celtics definitely one by getting camera the six years addition by subtraction sisters in that i mean the east is now these are good are you happy freeway scare terry yet what you get you know i'm on a heel automobile gigi read it by way shut up going to pelicans which i was called out it'll be fun to want emoticons refund watch i was cool with until i remember that he probably went to the pelicans for like the whole zion duke coach gay come on terry areas like i've yoga classic garden like three years you gotta make wow three years ago terrorism got there
what money right antiquaries tony snl forty four million now i would like to see you know adam silver you wanted a dumb fuck an idea for you to do in the middle of the year like when you you're tournaments get teams together that are it s based on the college's that they went to so you ve got your genji erratic grace now and zion bear it i think that's the best alternative but the best nba play also on nba vaster yes do that as a midseason tournament i like that but like a lot and now you have now i'm silver has to discussing the ironic hobbes discuss you pretty o malcolm broaden got so much money nice so much fuckin money orders are quick criminal to malcolm broadly braggin got trading its middleton got so much money you going a hundred million dollar thirty one inquiry and the jazz got the job or doing some good things i the league is finally is all this quite isn't gonna lakers though it's going to be good like their every teenager said that if that happens it's pits basic we took all these steps forward
to getting everyone even all the warriors died and now we're just have the lakers be the super tuner iii faceoff what you just saying that it's kawaii going to sign with the lakers on tuesday to bring to listen to i am actually i'm running for i will know now i want it don't want any of em don't do that one so bad it's gonna ruin every year and have to simply to watch the lakers no don't do it i'm not staying up late ok i promise i promise of microbes tat okay if you want to watch our dwight howard interview which has come up you can do it a parcel will dot com such p m t birstall dotcom such p empty let's do whose back and they were near mount rushmore on the other side of the white howard hank monster with whose back my his back the we got a few can go ahead
ah vacations cruises red solar cups and shorts although all writhings threats have been back just a big weak for all those things you know what i'm excited about it i hope you guys are to this might be controversial take but i think i'm anti cosy go on because i maybe i'm just got it likes a drink beer fast enough where you don't need accusing maybe maybe coups he's a crutch for the week to participation trophy fur drinking beer like aaron rodgers i bought counterpoint what if you're crazy some cool like that i'm all party then i'm well in writing part of my take yet well then ok work you by those things out stored up parcels warsaw can't you like my love susie's coups is you know it's great about amazon keeper drink so called and if a super hard ass an end it looks cool in shows people were park ass you like that's right here so i want to just
just listed all the things that were doing the sum this week the sweetest back the we get navigation summer we gone going out of country nightmare nice down under an odour travel oh you gonna chile yeah pretty much call nice mexico that promise moscow the ever something or credit my whose back in a week is united states soccer so not only did we shit pump those losers the french yes but also the men's team yes is bang in slang and in the quarter file i was right now we're defeating a team whose countries named after an ingredient that john taffir poison to ice when you get glass in their curse out what's it what's it what score the game it's one nil foggy i wonder what happened i rather safest leading soccer hopefully doesn't get up two doses sarah but yeah so do you
josie outer actually at a very nice bicycle can of course he did this will weaken that's what we're doing words we dominates we dominant that was talking sock yet there was talking soccer the u s women's team that was our tavis game right france ya we there wasn't even tough it was not that we take the shit i beat the shit out of him they wind lot they had the tall the tall woman it's all very tall yes who had that had her words like hey you should probably guard the tall why but thou sought is carefully guarded tall person author that much taller six thousand these can either cut him down your size regal like two kids entrenched whose back my whose back is future us having bigtime problems so
knowledge has announced that he is officially going to do the hormone derby first time in the derby ripe yup pete alonzo it's gonna be in it he's our hope like rival junior near you luke boycott hurt i hope we can come back cause i like i must say i like loop void steve i want one person to like really step up in the next week in and let it be known that you are doing this for us like somebody that's gonna compete i want one person to root for yankees van can tell me this is he does all the time but they stay cut him like a zoom in when he's on the basis london in no joke in a ten to fifteen second clip heat not even seeds are chewer anything just spit like small spent i like it's the thousand like is that my favorite thing to do and watch her baseball game is just see how long it takes because basically alive baseball televised event is just clips between
one guy spitting and then they cut to another guy who's also spitting who usually that you usually can't get longer than eight seconds in an email be broadcast about somebody spinning up a weird woogie we're gonna talk route to london series in segments but yeah we're screwed because chris nelson the home run derby we said we need each other's asses if he wins the home run derby we're going to hopefully get christian yelich on the show next sunday to little preview where do you live stream american wax can we get a wax fog it works you i'll get a wax we gonna wax otherwise it's just its conflict philosophy we i dont know what we're gonna do i shame on people who want to see their lot appeared on road said danglars work was smiling real wide hake want to teach started unbuttoning pats nasty hank scrub put back on this i am worried about the integrity his pockets
have the board nights a funeral is a problem of figure something out ok how they will figure something out we have artless do our joint howard interview for we get to dwight howard we're brought you by mountain do a mountain do we say here's the doers who do a big than do bigger grab yourself an ice cold mountain do today due to do quicksand we're here when we found out that we were presented by mountain do i've never seen hank happier in his life he is literally sitting on a throne of mountain do as we speak and i has been drinking off the two that we our doers now mountain do hope to sub with all these cases amount do it's hanks favour drink it has now become my favorite drink and our guy killed was but the dew tore last week i think that suffers already come on but check it out kill but the do towards nothing better than that and we are big mountain do guys so go it's the summer of the do some of the do go get your mouth do and drink all the mountain do that you can because we love it is well to the
doers okay we now welcome on dwight howard he is in time all star future hall famer washington wizard start this white welcome you yet his van is pretty nice it is very nice right you like it you can stand up and it will not go on like this let us start with the holy injuries god because you obviously we're out for raising the majority two thousand nineteen update on that matter my body feels amazing i've been in a jam you know four ass couple of months in a really indochina nobody right and i feel good man my legs are back up under me now just about you know get distracted i need to be able to tackle eighty two an issue i am i am always
did you see area original some open for good things for you next year health wise bake i can just say that you feel like you're the best shape your life is that it could have on four i would definitely say by the end of the summer i'll be a totally different person then i am today ok you gonna three my shot listen up at night is this is overalls i was ok basketball mental just everything you know my diet is our social change it so everything about me be different might even look differently they differ harris i'd like to have ass night as it here's roma real nice item we usually i want to start like coming at the beginning a career go back in time actual start before your professional career started i read a little fact that when you are in seventh grade you put a list above your bed of your goals and one of the goals was to go one one in the draft accomplished
so what other goals were on that list and you still have it you still have that list but that was my list for high school and you know i usually make a list every season or every year what you know i would love to accomplish and it started back then in the seventh grade you know you know we're always talk to you no right eye vision down you know and look at it and and and meditate study and make it happen that's why continue to do that it is they allow me it will become the player in a person i am today so i think is also good for everybody to you know we have a vision or something you want to accomplish in life to write it down you know and you know meditated you know try to get a place where you feel you want accomplish yeah i will gather small
on my list goes interviewed white house in the back of a bold so big shot i have examined i rise early what's our right now we have someone arena where my biggest go you not i've always want to do is to change the world that's really go as a pretty big variety begone you know the more you know i guess avenant time i've been out you know from injury he knows i man if in order to the world i gotta take my word i gotta take my surroundings you know just anything that would keep me from me now being able to be like you know my purpose for you no ban on his are like it something for me how do i get so going back to high school you were you were inspired by kevin garnett right he was like the guy you would text you a lot and he went straight from high school to the nba was there a any doubt in the back you mind where you like hey maybe i'll go spend a in college see without life's lake
we get paid more money a duke never wanted to go to college every my whole life i never want to go to go it is already turned back you had right now like maybe i'll go back to school wonder things you don't you think maybe you would have made more money if you are going to college and entered the business world problem it s a good person a little bit out of doing nothing you know it's like being able to do something that you love enough for you for your life you know but but there's a lot of benefits of going to college i think if you're trying to make money as a basketball player why not just go straight to the league or do whatever whatever you're up profession is but me
i wouldn't go it's knocking right taking out the right message yeah i think so orlando i always am curious with this when you go to the finals and you guys have that kind of a miracle run very kind of came out of nowhere where the magic popped up because it was a lotta leubronn and the celtics value lines ill to examine the lakers yes so when you get to the finals do you think that point your career i'll be back here at all and then we can say shit idea i was like man this is what it feels like lousy met our i wanna i want to play here all the time like re a kind of like it was weird as well who played as like you don't think about the regular season say like this i address the regular season cuz when i get here this is the real this is it right here is what i want to feel like that sphere man in orlando gonna play our serious play
it s the burning in the converse conference finals and their plan against the lakers it was like it was like something that i want everybody to be able two experiences is light is like an overwhelming feeling of you know like manner there are countless other felicity yeah i guess at a really good team than to you yet turk lou on the outside recycling rosado area near you mail was heard rhetoric and all the guys who played a lot was anthony jaws skip to my lou young outright rayford those guys made to have you guys have had quite a squad then i remember watching you handle leubronn the cavaliers at that point i was that this is a really good team and you guys kennedy seems way alot of approach basketball how you stopped outside andrews every disembodied you collapse defence kick it out nail three pretty simple formula but a word it also seems at that time that you had come
a real rivalry with leubronn oh yeah the bizarre necessary so was that all friendly on the court of auditors are actually like some underlying animosity like i want to show will may i wish you well you play you know you always want to be the best player on the floor i love the broad i think everything is done as a basketball player and a man and father and all that stuff has been amazing so you know i'm very happy to see the success that lebron has corn is like i hate him you know how i want to kill him i want a beat him every time you have said is like a baby so erika mann i will allow i'm gonna be there i wanted i want to be on the night and you know it's a good is a feeling that you supposed to have as a competitive but nobody's better you will you step on that floor great so the ending in orlando got a little awkward there's you still talk to stephen golly i ve talked home when i see
we do communique ok what was got that was one of the most awkward press conferences where errors but you know i really think a lot of people got mixed up is though like you know me stand as some type of beef believe that yeah he did say i want him fired or not and it just it caught me off guard cuz i was like you know that's something that you know i never said you know i think so is a great coach and i think he did a amazing job with the team that we had in orlando and i was never upset at at that you know but i just feel like my time was up in orlando and i wanted to go somewhere else in nothing to do with the fans city are detained in i just wish to comparable yeah you know sometimes your life when you took out we gotta get out of here i resolved to grow and you know that's all i wanted you know and i made a lot of us takes as a player personal whatever but
i don't regret any decision that i may cause he's got me to a great point of my library what about the sports austria and cover with steve nash regrettable i mean i was one of obviously there is a lot of hype when you come to allay they get steve nash its kogi twite howard steve nash not so much will i just stay guy injury starting from their successful as we could have been a row you know me coming back surgery a power game injured meadow whirlpool answered steed it has been out have to seize it you know it was it was kind of like me and nobody was with healthy that year and then at the end of the year kobe got hurt and it just kind of went down here from there what do you understand who had better handles stand
our new fellow who a stag yeah yeah piazza like movie that's why soldiers had those words mu shu i like that i get over the back of my eyes these now you have much looking can you touch precisely the same too easily yeah he's really amazing i'm so also well you are in orlando don't contest i have a real problem with you that i've been want to get on a chest for years what is it levin years year olds that wasn't really adopt it is a duck ram you don't have us room why don't you just a rude is lacking doc if you like
it up there over the remit though it in s considered a dozen of all has to be travelling down where you have to if you thought it is something the only people who can actually light ok so you haven't seen those people who do this stuff on the trap really thought about me yeah that's do not playing a game that is those of you i wasn't gonna do is travel in the air it no you have to take to study them and jump off the travelling way there's not a war it also account up its gather doesn't matter we're talking about dog in thought about anything i was drunk it is a real do you should have one that to the prom tools you're too tall legged without losing their robinson like mary robinson everyone voted him for life doesn't nosey rewire oh i know you don't just like my dont contest winners between six three unlike six lady period before talking yeah i had to be sure
the doktor but no you have to be mean how height through short is is also bad because every lignite rather than oh my god what i don't know you just short okay so what would be the difference we need to be six three to six eight to dump the basketball notable his lantern i'm six nine sixteen forego yourself i'm not seven feet at all really have you ever been listed as seventy never look it up ok people say that but the tv say six eleven ninety six lacking is if anything listed as a centre the automatic we put six eleven reality everyone is there's a centres the automatic we said why ass he asked seven after that dont contention that kind of rejuvenated they gave a little bit everybody was a golden contests back yale where i was like an arm for sure competing next year is the out of tailor browser doctors darker you know of any right i will now is
were agitated even better off when he does like what he does in a warm up system like us it's a whole different atmosphere where i ain't you know he's a great darker but it's a different light this carter you know he has that type of light i say riders bring my blade grisly eyes light there lay was actually in this ban two days ago yesterday men are light blue you know blake look like could merla every time i want to buy a light may look just so is it weird being better than you have any ill will towards away with however away ignoble ok no worries about nobody i love go these one i think he's you said you'd better than michael jordan and always now though is the rose really die was washing and go to college you don't know him i was better than coal we own a bit
they will say on those anyhow they worked aim is the best big vampire gal i live i may mention will ably has ceased ass we same last sixty eight of the seventy two mba record's ok big member for a while it is better to have you didn't give a lot of you can track of what none of ring assess these this rebate was one reactor way guides winnie three thousand ribeiro here but there is always get what you sure why i will go outside and the like this twenty three thousand miles training it's a bunch of me back there does it matter he should average hundred did ok he's he's out there but no rush so we're gonna go m j ai this is what i said about the year when i say cobby is better they micro join our talk about is for skilled in the overall gay
coal because shoot threes might wasn't a three point we want me he didn't have to be resolved them out and we wonder he was referring only to help because he's a bog ok john it's a lot of size he did but now you want we learned onwards animal skills cubic you do everyday michael join it can do not but he learns he learn how to do a better offensively disallowed talk now defence matters you know that's you don't care three but this is an absurd saying kobe is better i think he took with jordan dated and added more to ok he copied on that's out agree with you there and what your europe so minded as better it is wrong to copy useful the copy lie what you learn what you see light you take some sounded from everybody's gay ok was just to play recovery it was
do you think that it was of the play would preserve ruby ring he just expects a lot of out of every has not so what expect a lot out of our sylvia will you play basketball light always guy theirs i wanna get twenty to any area as my go so i expect let them but the bessemer so that wasn't i'll think i was a problem i think it was he sat the ball and i m so you know it took away from steve nash being a point guard cuz steve nash really wasn't the point guard crisco be at the ball a lot and you know if you look guys that have play with copies nor physical bat like i said i think he's better than jordan but i don't think edge we got it s really develop because as a big man in order develop you need those touches you need a chance to get
a rhythm of the game rhythm how tease play you you look at a gallop b guess a lotta churches and ask why look software is good but he gets a lot at such a soul he has a rhythm you now say did you get in a mass ass a game it's like on a hard get into a rhythm of what you want to do and how you to riga on the block so i think that's where it was gonna hard for me play with kofi annan i wanted to get into a rhythm a little bit too but you know you got to give a little bit more of yourself than what you would want to give yeah it's a real gave it to him you see right now a stephan when katie's out and stuff you know clearly has does more often we when he's i need little we may talk about stuff i is ok experts know he's not barrier and cobia michael if staff with this you yeah is he
our border no no he got four championships a five year yet i thompson a bit assignments adrienne israel isles rigour mouse still so vague this they ve been there he started in all using definitely i think he's the i think he's by the second best point out of all time like getting into that company range utilise gardeners her best pointer magic allen iverson i thought about this all dominant guarding how i was it was still the magic john category i d better just a which is where he added right off the court where he met for everybody was a little bit different
then it is with staff on the agricultural year ass well so i get where people say that they'd think status as better i think that's what i come from i'm just looking at pure basketball i not say it like i love a you know there is no hate but is lie still may i discuss you see him i've seen your morning alas the do you wanna be insufficient to find some i will be as i myself random i saw how our first greece tan smash empty i wanna be a monster abruptly against it gives you want to play a guess what you like as basic as legal we gather added with they could do more like a have another moving after or maybe a little light as amongst our half with her no it would be like the more rumours of which is in it the eventual bidders yeah rocky yeah
by this time they win an example one thing is we finally have another cast member firstly who was then nobody they were the first to katy now thanks nice conall and i love you but you're the first nobody wanna do now the bar to marry me art is in the broad one hundred percent in on space ship to arm why do you want snakes that's weird ilo snake how that makes you weird i have about twenty twenty one that is why cannot can't trust the snake as real as nigeria is patsy they'll kill you man now have knaves with some of them but they won't you wait sums that are just snake you gotta earn like i saw a snake though many names you'll come was eight years old unable yeah what's your favorite snake i do his name is george
that's very funny name for a fuckin steady juries george ok i've had him since he was a real time and now he's like eighty feet all this is about about a hundred pounds right now he's u my guess is roger away with it you are a way we wouldn't ethan i asked on which you have your last era i you have gazelle snake people do they get no knowing all but i got a bag yeah but he was there was a moment i'm really like you somewhere in my house here i'd like for two minutes go anyway george he he got out winter of course they all do what he just came in you know me like he's lions lay out busy but he's like he's like crazy recognise his big but he's a good night he lay
are you because these are figures you great you're not know he was a baby is good stagger babies curious you know ok i mean the snakes of his word did you ever get sick of all the shack comparisons gone from orlando to allay play with toby i did only because you know sagoth his own in alarm omair yellow superman came from a soldier boiled eggs yeah i'm not do is agreeing you lie daylight woes account yeah it was it was going to say like that's why he was not call the media is always there today in the air and my team is i use where kate it put on a super may out before the document is light ok here and elsewhere about myself
yeah and what about so you did an interview with charles barkley i think it was last year it was the last year where you said you've basically become like the guy who everyone hates and that where you at with that do you do care about the haters but i don't think it's you know you can be aware but i don't think that you have to put energy into worrying about you know all that stuff and you know it's hard cuz you know for me i like but people don't like to be around get out of stuff like that but i just don't think that is necessary for people to you know hate on anybody cuz we we all special we can all do things that other you ok don't ask ourselves that of angels do what you do ratio would they have everybody's tankers is all different you know like
stu sword to be worried about my years ago but it is interesting because you have had an interesting career arc that you went from maybe like one of those guys whoever owns like man this dwight howard future the embers like the smile dry off to a guy probability a villain who we were bad he made all that stuff in that process has been taught to color like deal with that change opened and makes you now one yeah i was crazy and i hate nearness in a kind of stuff you not i don't know how i could ever be a bad ye may like lay i refer person is gonna bring jokes and in austria that never miss a mind to be messier anything less so you know i don't understand airport but it's ok you know everything happens for a reason you know
i met a better place now that i have been so that's all i ask of really bothers me you know i don't regret any decision that i've ever may know something of the lesser format learn on oh no religion is a mistake i'm a lot things i could have done better to it i see now but everybody in the world said about this yes that's true for me now matters is living every day in a moment join in my life is life is pretty good it is true i mean you got into this shady as then next to the four seasons are the richer whatever that is man anonymous eggs life is good when irish now we're going this around the united states because you gotta maybe then guys always cries out just out of you know so i do still have basketball
low bats question was requested to any point that you started a question like maybe going through some the injuries back entries in particular that the real you guys on they deal with no you enter your back deciding to larger hamstrung arrows yea it all back to back it is connected to everything else in the body at any point during the recovery you get injured again do you start to question to a really love this too i wanna keep down as always i think you know just stay human you know we are no question will we have issues stuff when i was hurt ass i may what am i my own do light don't want to continue to play but at a starting like me and i'm not gonna give up myself you know just as you know i had injury i know better can be better than what i ever been if i just you know lock it and focus on what i need to focus on you know that that was what was driving me you know just to stay mentally you know
this case is hard man i had to sit at home all year was unable to be around eighteen because i could travel so is i felt like i was disconnected from the whole sport itself because i could i can go nowhere re alzheimer's on gave this man i just missed atmosphere right so it was very tough one of the things that i was i was really happy for you during your career when you went back to our land i think you're the lakers land they value is shit they just have the fuck out i think you shot sixteen for twenty from the line against some not must have a pretty good the school school it was
is hated going back to hearing all the people that you know what share my name you know no coming to the game just so you know say you know crazy things like i have relationships with a lot of these people you know and you know a lot of people just upset i decided to do something for myself right now yapping at our were fan so i'll understand love boy that's why you like us they bother me now but it is you know just people that just like if you saw here below you like fuck you with that all talk you bring argue man piece of shit fuck you you had ridgeway factually languidly forgive you don't feel really will otherwise we would like more than anything is when a team does the hack a shock italy has anybody if they make those shots
love it because the look on the coaches faces the i spent the game play it as a gay blander like associate a day's pay no more fowler yeah leave him alone the allies i won t mood did hear cope stated they come foul against those like i got it back i have a suggestion if you ever want another free throw slump but what you are you shouldn't good recently from lung forget other houses reads rose gone they could be they divination ok oh you gone underhand yeah as a job so i will have the glen souffre those other my here's the bad thing so a lot of people they're afraid to try the grand shot because i love you out what you're open minded guy right can i open my where my but i will do this problem is is called the grannie shot nobody no one wants to do that yeah we ought we switch it up we called the pimp grip yes the same shot bout underhand is the pimp rip pretty cooler menaces so stupid
what have we do whatever it's what it will do him with their words legs been our budgets the ball is our lives location we know it is are you are you one of those guys you made em all in practice never miss their bread really so what happens when you get out there ll be no i don't want to yes i think it's almost like a woman's anonymous and then yeah i miss one of the biggest actually came up with this one works very well that's that's the gap that has no money you look like somebody begat not alone let's go bar liner liner fella i drink way too much asia europe yes sir
good idea forty mercury back in march man is said you sounded the centre on was constant instead everytime you shoot it just say wet wet before you shoot wet were using where wet strategies were wet so just shoot as they were when man asia when they all its members is mentally has not yet there is no way of thinking oh i hope i don't i tried and work out as well everytime i say some issues it back in the bible hardish artist and you're telling everyone against the hague what i haven t
with the microphone oh yeah and only do it for the big me yeah it'll be like poor flying the dragon s robbie did not lying is twice because you have joyousness van and even a lot of fun i felt like i had to be honest with you would have had some tweets about you go tell me you said you sure somewhere i'd go i join our to his agent this was once lifers two dozen sixteen you signed with the hawks dwayne arduous agent find me too or the fan base doesn't really care sort of like me now i was pretty means that was pretty mean else there was now ok yeah
let's see i had the dwight out of such a dickhead i don't even know what that's about those on two dozen thirteen would you do that seven five to ten thirteen i don't know you did so i don't know either but i felt i gotta be honest with you ok jacket and more yeah we like you i like you now let's see join our the goat coach killer el renaming outspreading mean that we are going to say right now those mean you can hit him one year white here's a good here's the good news i also you're the creation of one my favorite ideas have ever had when you got into it fan once a year because then you know what the best part of my old you hurt rainbow air twite here's the thing once you use it you and a year now get out and no legal recourse you don't ever happening happens you get to just be ok you you ve been fuckin ride
they'll game come on out here and fight me centre court above the dugout about there before you read that in my mind i know what you say yeah but a good meal once a year because then you know what the best model a model get hurt written by air twite here's the thing once you use it you lose it so if you go to a game and like march hey who on who on the ross right now still has their fight offend like eligible it's like and then if you sit close get my guide followed a yell of these guys they could put me out so it core element of like you know the nba would get huge ratings like who i gave a season dwight howard hasn't uses fight a fit and now and now we can see what happens obligatory the produce their tea ready and would also because you're when you were yelling at a fair got into the fan that's where i was like boom lipid went off
grows vilified but now they say some crazy smile was gonna get pianosa might come oh mamma whore ones now come on dude you got out it would hurt a burial bay i know that's the dress like no doing wrong is hale bird is party i know it's part of the ticket when psych says like you know when you gonna baseball game union him by foul bob bob s different yeah could get hit by drawing our first year one one day but then i thought about how you sit out like he's not gonna fight your mom and i want you to run two dozen thirteen i called you didn t what does wakefulness cells july says i'm going to create an agency did you call me fight
there was a rumour that you fought we ain't never fight he said that you worry too much was at her i worry too much about snakes eating you know you know what he said something and i finally understood what he was saying you know i think at first i took it the wrong way and i the lobby was all he saw if you're not the outer think he was ever talk amounts of their physical right i think you talk about more like you know metals to boobs stability whereat loud in all things get em i hear that i shouldn't have so cobia that's all we think that everybody worry too much like you told me i am thinking of all kane aware by me accuracy why doesn't have the worries gonna get forty says but as our work is presently i wouldn't worry to our worry is actually told you go in the moment that i was here like what the fuck why not really really will does our people sale tv so my copiously you saw when we suppose about the final mccord
i thought we were gonna buy yeah it was i you saw there was always a resolve i guess he's real sophos kobe bryant i just realized now i know why you wanna be a spaceship too so that work as you were supposed to be in the equalizer out suppose the been equal as i airplane bobo was just in a movie dive and see about us other the commercial thousand hours at a theatre right was not expectancy bobo he's the first see in our cities big jai walk past you have seen whom attitude when i see i say oh and i say loud and irresolute let your boat i couldn't help must allow bobo get ready i know not what you're absolutely not but you're supposed to be the leather movie i wasn't really supposed
i just thought i was a young one b it ok there's coming equalizer three soft law on passes on you for space ship to we'll get any pleasure through u s game it through i guess i thought you look like a character tat we want no tangier enough don't security do you write a military junta now would call you reek may have already every kind of man's real guides us now ricotta real bad y know dude it was our criminal no no he was so communication now but you save in the realm i was what rail the whole row i was that saving whole reserve and k was gonna kill everyone s e day keep killing people will know he can their bottom say i like what are you just walk in
ok ok i think if i could walk any just or i'll get angry ducas graham had no fucking dick somalia to live for what he would have you know you know goes entirely without undue didn't users even feel better real gotta stay long eight that bomb using only out of your way i'm in the army will i hold the door when i like all our models bought out by elevator and i actually saw light is a d they give all i got one last question singing question put in promo code take your ten dollars off dwight howard how much are you gonna play well i'm right is my feelings i could probably dollar forty ok how did you want please i'm thirty three ok
i offered here today another a milder am old and the new one by one year utilities no should be you lost your elbow having row vague about me i'll give you that you are you prepared norhala using bill it is also true yes forty forty year ok i like no i got all the day no unhappy you came in because now i won't tweet mean things you because like you were in space sham i would have been like pray for the monsters
coached white howard's on your team as documents we got now i wanna be yeah i mean i have luxury is gonna be here now and that team you approve was fucked up the demands are still talent from sean bradley is what you can find a better plan your my ashley brownie wasn't it bear he just got sidetracked ottawa lee was bare nobody gets done a lot but he was also bulgaria's when he got dante was falling on himself began to say face lastly an average ay i broke make an oecd threats yes are you have creative doctrine and put our poster hale year they i did not want to be alone with either black decided get away yes a gap but yours is a very good defensive players are right but if someone coming out a lane they out in air you why would you do know free pockets
whereas that's right on the outbreak ribs merit i knew right now would you going i we gotta get up over a quarter of a before and i don't have to have a record of regular ribs barrios owed the underground spear you corporate aubert's visualize did you look at it alone will tell you why always why was there was the gsm may cause he was was not mad he was bad very resolute sancho probably if i had to like actually like this my favorite of autonomous price i like export extracted everyone's yet xbox and cannot be protected area the acts usages excise duties and gaiety david did you really do yeah you got another david certain everybody liked wait stop dioxin people they sent me a video this is somebody like david what what's document
i you like what people say dewie like charles regicide at the light do i wear the biodiversity is weird like dwight truchen ruined your name we don't like dwight odessa they go why aren't even old mare ever gonna do i can run for everyone on the oil even know allotted away i know joy true you know too why our white shirt dwight dwight eisenhower you ike room when the war from empire i don't watch it what are we empires leading held the oie arcades while i saw the area that i watch empire is pretty girl you liar you guys z black leather i like that to you any disease
sooner views all i saw you can visit skip what would your name is standing on the or lie on or near it's got a gun at the word van in their superior really really bus yes you will i just know too they are you know you were lies and no no i'm out take those two less aware lousianner cannot do why was the movie where the guy's likeness knighted birdies we can a burning we bear in mind and i gotta know you need the rocks very you mean you mean you're really well i just know right now elicited sacred rock most people say kid raw hurried its light reliable long before he got famous he had to say that you look like cream alone twite howard doyle it's your white our know how to use money using one want to fifty million does not cool media is asking for money i just how much work yet again
i'm gonna get you are mad teammate manicurist come on you're now if you be good they give us money other word your nor do we all i don't worry i'll be all right let's roll play because people are all joy joy our don t make were your team hated like we have honey i'm really outwardly media doin hours bad timing the polar where you tell the coach on us when i was a bit i don't say that knowledge is do you wanna go word breaking news dwight our won't share the wealth let's move esperance mit made when i would rather give us my snakes to his best friends angle spend how big is curious george actually gonna get he might be like twenty five each that's weird i gotta anaconda does weird a real anaconda like i'd really weird how big like to see a baby writer
where is he gonna be laser no eva her name is see hope she ok ok what other names give us rattle eyeglass nay cleopatra garriga belay ok i got clear patches good nurse i make you many that's good now that's weird joint is still the best where far mickey the snake that's where the fact that you have snakes and you don't have name is the scariest thing in the world you just have snakes it's like snake once they re always were at stake for girls makes though nobody may work anyway i would never have what what do you think like i should give the snake name he's earned earned a name will it whenever i get i will i ok too late like george they want to sell my have forty snakes now loud enough in the name of what he was named hands you do is how much money do you spend unsafe food not a lot of really
starving yours are known it was a we now lady dollars you got i am very interested in because the stakes do any one of those animals that can just like all suddenly snakes just get loose personalities what would have wanted for personalities and i so i got was no one matter angry i got one is really are all mean they're snails just any time anybody comes in a cage like you bystander i got him i gotta know the would be cool you are gonna burmese bother you know he coo ee oh he said to let you know like what
what do you do when you always who is not like hey what are you going i knows no yeah no i never well that's what i'm saying you even if i have all the bible tells you snakes reinsurers pretty fucking cool i'll give you like snow who as we have twenty or get almost snakes thank you very much for common in the van there's been fun predominate this way the daytime your new york and combine studios look up john no problem we get a real studio bob low and those family air yeah real is family what the guys you did fire fast oh no here those problems family i thought of it then i thought you said a moment ago nothin i aims are who pablo problems family no yo mother oh i am very closely game lunar folder homesite ok ok now
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enough to get away and hashtag but like contest on facebook and on instagram that's hashed real enough to get away and hashtag but light contest either on facebook or an instagram see bud light dot com slash real enough to get away for more details ok let's get some seconds before we do that we have your mouth rushmore in today's mount rushmore is brought to you by kingsport charcoal the taste of the game featuring thirty regional dishes inspired by the team cities in flavors of major league baseball go check out kings verge right now and use it for your grilling on july fourth and they are our sponsor for today's mount rushmore so thank you two kings furred and make sure you grill on july fourth and all summer long using kingsport first while others were into her mouth rushmore but we had our given after in the car would people like dwight howard after that or would they think like i
i think that he just does his narrow poison the well warming can i say what would you always say they are not yet i could say what i think after either joint howard is very good at interviews and playing the harm the funniest guy superman thick and he then poisons teams in his back to me ok it was interesting to talk yet how that is not only we walked way being like he was later i was a hilarity you guys like turned your whole you like no hours no and i were i didn't say that i'd like signed white our to max contract for my terrified of free agency if i was looking at him but i do think that people can live in the interview liking him more than that before i think they'll things i'd ask angled the same we only had job ok garlic i thought a hidden them now i love i expect a lot of that i think people say that was classic vows vintage white to put on the laugh and the whole thing that he does because i would ever handling enough people know that i've zeal that was our argument
do people know like dwight howard has this gear its stand when gallipoot gear when he came inflict stand love you man like you saying this now is probably like new for a lot of people i dont think some ok i guess that will be our embrace debate either it was a good interview i just don't think i what we ve been like ok that he's good it he's good at what he does when it comes to doing the voices and stuff i gotta get authorities get into the ice great were also who's in the best shape of his life so if the wizards are the east is really backed not that's true let's do it so we're going to do our mount rushmore this was a listener through this out there if you have mount rushmore's you want to hear please we are open for suggestions who was it that actually sent it to us after shoutout harris silverstone he said let's do amount rush
poor pick a basketball guys surrendered amount rushmore pick a basketball guys and my first yet unfortunately fifty second thing your third hank yes correct uk thank you said mike computers dinah relies on my notes oh no i got him now going after freestyle it i might have ok is like black thought pickup basketball guys here we got my number one pick i'm going with the old veteran this guy probably played he's probably all state and like nineteen sixty eight he does great on defence he always knows where he needs to be he's good a passing always moved out the ball and then he will he will make one or two shots off the back board whether it be a hook shot or
fade away but backward shot you how the fuck did back i'd do it not athletic whatsoever old guy wildly veteran he's great to play his great have under team always knows where to be usually is wearing like champion jim shorts need braces got that is just got that old guy feel too a nice bounds pass again who move like here he will eat there will be a moment where he'll be moving so well without the ball that you'll run into me but you gotta go over there set maybe like a backpack for you without the ball offscreen austrian pay off ball picks the wily veteran old guy rate overhaul plays from like lefties resell he's gray eyes great my first one is going to carry the opposite of the other you just said the really good driblets who can't shoot so the guy that's that's like breakin ankles yak driveling between his legs frequently when he actually doesn't need to i'll handle notion i walked up the core just go like behind his back too in all sorts of he does the actual like figurine
i'll drink in the middle of a of alive play but he can't make a single and his shot isn't bad looking it just doesn't go whenever goes and it's like actually a good looking shot but it just always its bang iron yeah i'd hank our number one i will go with the back down backs what guy skies usually is all call big boy he's just absolutely loaded up with sweat completely like shoulders have ass crack fully drenched in sweat and then go get the ball and hold it back you down so it's like you don't even want to guard him cuz you don't touch ah and then i'll go with the three point line three point one here yeah just ass some say this is me when you i'm a little out of shape but it's like you know you don't know you don't commit to defend our confidence in you jumper you know that if you just hang around three point lying or get a couple pass it's it's great one that guy who actually can make the three cause you say to yourself ok that's fine you don't have to do anything else just make these trees it's really bad when you have that guy any substituted things
or do you trust not sing on saying i m per se are sometimes you suction threes when you hit the back of the but when you hit like the top of the backward that's why no you're not yeah i mean you know open then you get us then you could happen ok look at my next one i'm gonna go with the calls to many fowls guy he's very overactive on the whistle and you know what i do is he'll call shit little late fails to eat ass eve windham at times and what i found about because too many files guy he's usually the guy that will commit at least one or two i'll just out of sheer rage frustration yes so we cause and because he hates him he just like hates himself yet the who he'll call to my files you also does hills all like an out of bounds he'll say oh you stepped out abounds forty feet from from from the plane he'll be on the other side of the court and again no that was that about you
cause ups and downs on something yet another culture may fall guy you can't call unless as agreed just you can call files and pick up ask it's worse i i have i wanna go with the next guy amateur go to or talker so there's always one floor talker when you're out there it's usually a silly to say like one stop swing it will call every pic as loud as possible i have a little floor talking to me because a way to make people think you're playing defense is to just call out every pic as loud as possible and be like well we're talkin well like we're doing good healthy fats help help help step up
slow down that's usually may as well what i say slowed down that such need to catch my breast somewhat get bored yet self but the guy who's always talking on the floor and now at the end the games hey one stop let's move it hey come on it'll just pumping everyone up and making sure everyone's tat no one else is talking just the floor talk and so the floor talkers a big one then my third pick i'm gonna go with accessories so accessories guy has a shooting sleeve he's got a mouth guard he's got the knee braces he usually has whatever the new issue is we got the cairo fives any let's everyone know it every single time he comes out he's got the freshest new shoes like ok dude like were no one's getting above three inches here we're not playing above the ram you dont need like bounce in this house like the new padua yeah he's a new path guy
sweat sweat swept ban guy armband bam guy everything capacity when he puts it altogether necklace yet the accessory guy it if you have a good attitude accessory guys actually funded play with it can go south quickly if accessory i think she's actually out there with the allen iverson shooting sleeve it's a problem oh and also the leggings still the leggings accessory guy when it's like hey man no one's moving fast enough to tear hammy here i dont know why you're wearing full let leggings yeah that's a good one i like i like accessories my next one is going to be the guy that is on the court he's waiting for the next game right he's got next and he's
can shots while the balls at the other end of the court but he stays on that in taking shots way too late in messes up the play all yeah so he's like britain shots the balls like bouncing the people there just try to bring up the court he doesn't know that your job is just maybe go out there and duly up the up maybe just a bank shot that set but he's out there wing in it taken charge gets it ever ruining the game is currently going on waiting for his yes back i sucks i will go with the like it's kind of appeal to a saying but i call on the house key player slash crawford guy that an amazing shape they can get up and down the court quickly though play demons time but they can't shoot pass a really drivel it's it's the football players basketball who never learn that operate larry i ones words like their ingrate shapen they can like move up and down and especially lottery like defensively that build they'll get on your face peace on the board peace on the boards yeah fine i can t find out touch given open shot can almost they all knew the like they'll just throw it off the network nine had the room now my forthwith
yeah they can almost gone all those guys can almost dunk but they can't let go don't they'll have one possession you'll see him out there where he'll get his own rebound and miss the lamp like three times ro in one possessed the former college basketball former college football player that is now playing pick up past all the time that guy's the worst to plague is because physical shit elbow you sometimes you can talk so we can actually embarrass you yes if you want to get a terrible shot he doesn't want to pass doesn't like to pass he just now that you're not gonna backing down on defence and he's got to very sharp pairs of elbows anymore last one i will go with what's called the heat check guy but not like he's not he's on a great player that's a but if he scores to basket in a row you know he's gonna shoot no matter what oh yeah no matter what yes like he's scores once and he's like ok he check time like he's a po harder it let's do it i liked epic ok
fifty my last guy this is the the gym version of matthew delved over the charge taker the charge shaker he's also the full court pressure i think that exists and pick up ask it doesn't i'm ok try hard yet you get you get yelled out if you do you get to try hard it's the the charge taker who only try at once because he gets yell that there's like a natural selection out there that if you do try to take a charge and pick up basque while everybody on the court will be no dude shut the fuck up but he'll try to do once who try to full court press you and i use big on doing remember like an mba jam when you bring down
a rebound any do that like elbow thing that never really happens in sports he isn't big elbow user brings on a board ok are at my last one is going to be the guy who's just a lot and i will put my hand up i probably am guilty of this at times why really slow down in an amount of breath the guy who is just a little bit to physical for pickup basketball game so you'll see it in elbows download you'll see it in skill set a screen like a blind side screen and half court and demolish someone maybe a little bit a little extra extra mustard on the honor rebound may be a little late tap in the back the two physical guy who's like he fouls but you just can't it's not like such a blatant foul and it's usually off the ball that you just you just know if you're going to run through the lane this guy's going to give you some business he's going to throw an elbow at you he's going to make you feel it the just to physical guy
got my honourable mention was gonna go to the guy that tries to do things that are just like a little bit outside of his skill set like tries to toss a ball against back boarding catch it in the air to make a lay up has taken so fast tat yes yes that sort of thing to guide it's like he thinks he's a little bit better than he really as my honourable mentioned i had had the push a guy the guy thinks he's plan for the seven seconds or less sons regis heed the key to everything is let's push it must push it man we can't push it when we like first of all the gym replying in is a middle school jim and second of all none o none of us can run buddy get out and rubbed what about the guy that brings way too many intricate like refueling and migration things yet while always guy like two different players gatorade he makes his them with some water dilutes the gator ate a little bit put sat in his in its third bottle and then has like a bison bar i i play with a guy outdoors who mixes pepsi in gator that's insane he says he wants a little bit of caffeine a little high duration
i like that i also i am the guide the warm up guy who this what i've become where i bring i have like my heating pad my the wrong the foam roller i have to be there like i'm usually there with another guy who's like fifty years old and we're there forty five minutes early warming up into play three games of ask what about the guy who's way to picky about which bore is he the oda he demands demands like track every single one out not this one pumps it tries to see how soft it is this guy or not this one this guy's dead but he was is a relic of the pass the guy says we're going shirt and skins i feel like shirts and skins don't happen anymore that used to be a guaranteed like fuck i amateur graphical skins sucks i also wrote down oh the the check it up guy so that's another trick that i also use when i'm getting a little tired just always check made up an end like or they'll be
maybe the game will stop first second and ever will not know what's going on i wore check it out watching you not take by czech bar check ball do the score check ball just slow down so we can basically everyone catch her breath any others hank that you missed her though we that you had on their now ok ends on defence guy i am also on gamma that's like joe put i last thirty minutes yet if someone said i always thought i was a joke but i mean a summons of yellow actually run a box in one of the great let's do it how can one of the wing positions on good ok sure do some segments and will wrap up the show let's see you too drunk idea pfc i did you have really get drunk idea re for this one yes it's it's shorts that as an iphone charger built into the pocket ok you put your iphone wash em you listen
that was quick and you don't have you you didn't even let him get the second part of that it is this is further scientists mathematicians got enough examination jesus christ so it's got a charters i'm trying to help it's got a harder inside the pocket yours you're ruining my dream before its even like foetus if a simple question your dream then you can't do that now alabama gotta check our georgia is colleague when you said we should have a was an ice cream that slightly melted gets frozen yogurt stiff frozen you're gonna get you ve gone but not i'm here i value hunting that basically it it's just pants then instead like in the park and it's got a little charging plug there like right in the bottom so what what is has a different than a movie you plug hills dreams paquette asking no i'm asking questions not it's not different from movie we don't have to worry about charging your movie
so how do i get another item ants catch you plug your pants into the war so has over because an entire because you it's a movie that you can wear so you just your phone rove you ran out of you ran out of juice this weekend i was i was we wish you want to do i was teetering on the edge and so man i really wish that i could just put my phone in my pocket and would charge up i mean tell me this get it if you had pants that would charge an iphone probably where am i would probably just charge my phone with a none of the movie was your plans that i can we're different pants and i'll have to just where my might charges big stylish like oh i know i mean i do like one of these plants night warming you so i guess how expensive with
plants being seventy nine unknown but then you have to buy every single pair of these flow every single if you become used to charging your pants restarting your phone with japan's you have to buy only phone charging pants while you can collect all or how about this or it's just a belt it's a belt that has a plug that can run through the pocket i just think it see that is a much better idea that out the belt works then you can wear with different fit yet is perfect for dad's too that have the like the clipped the cellphone holster on the bill will you change your pants and not everyone john everyone really arriving on virgins now actually don't i said that but i very much don't plants ever i mean if you had charging pants you probably just where the charging pith also heck did your question to be self cleaning hookah any other brain busters slash you don't have to clean them because we're guys yeah ok we have a way to stay relevant baseball baseball went to london and that used to baseball's and basically created football for baseball they built a whip
boss stadium in london we got it is every hundred items the wind the way the wind oh oh how i love really in the idea of raising it what's our speeches are actually trying to say that they said it was because of like the the way the structure of the stadiums built that created wind tunnel that in fact it was three eighty five to centre bono fucked up or was it the way that the built a structure with the wind tunnel is we're only working when the yankees wrapped about yeah i that was so much fun if they do that if they bring like baseball games to different countries just keep doing exactly saturday hitting the over in with five out it took five out state the of eleven and a half was awesome and then sunday it look like the there was gonna hit on the edges put up a nine spot i don't know i made the dumb ass but on sunday trying to chase those points from that amidst the night before yeah i gotta take the over on sunday i live but the over on saturday like five yeah yeah i did too but i i actually got in at the very last minute
and i lost my lot have now no fucking such as that on sunday was chosen those runs and it looked like he was far within it in the coming back and hitting this was a great way to introduce baseball to england whose used to having your cricket matches esther equivalent for rug for four baseball yes and the cricket mac address briefly about three days up and so having a sport like baseball that's often criticized being slow pace well when you compare to cricket it's pretty fuckin fast pace it's like an electric toothbrush versus caribbean here it is some like real heart pounding adrenaline shit if you're an englishman those games and they lasted forever but you're right it's still forever is still quicker than cricket yes and it was just ridiculous why i would love to watch games were like the dimensions are so distorted that we keep having exactly that's just sling runs
ones runs i also they were talking about every place they ve played and their time how they play and william sport every year some reason even though i notices in the case i always think that they're gonna plan a little league field which would be great that would be the by any using an aluminum bats hats just everyone dies holy shit pitcher in the hague you didn't you something didn't like the london series nor did it was i enjoyed washing to his long should also the red sox got to but it was fun when it was like like a game in colorado worse is like a pop fly off that derives gone rights eta has got me we're too for the anxious to be plain over there because the term yankee is like a derogatory term for somebody from the united states over an english right and they have the weird and i whatever it is one of rebuilding our sports the london years have the weirdest fans pop up the guy
where in the red sox in yankees half yarn and i was so i think there are some jaguar span yeah i was opened the weird cartoon jaguar guy would show up in england ejected from the why words not when their over there yes the jaguar none other while the guilt or the yankee swallow singing of jaguar the job here who d shankar we're due try konrad voice of a jaguar was owners and all you just now you say matthew mechanical lincoln eliot s elder jackets since i was own after jacqueline i have ie monday reading real quick before ok curries disgusting in a good way let's see what else have ah is way better than carry you idiot with crying emerges than its le missing a lay up so i'm assuming the person was intentionally saint carries better
then the person actually said kyrie greater sign leubronn carries ridiculous carry lookin like larry bird thirty years ago night that's all from our friend and easy interesting as our money reading will mean that the welcome welcome cumber curious disgusting he discussion i welcome that and have the biggest brooklyn nets found where they should actually let the brooklyn that's play a few games nassau calcium they hold the broken that's played the mecca and how they should at this year's come out of it james doin you can actually get some tickets goddammit the next year so that extra clouds hank though congratulations campbell what i actually who doesn't like camel walk is our single person out there it was like i don't like camberwell michael well yeah i guess we'll he didn't like him at that price but yeah i don't like him at that preceded by a camel walker i think is universally loved
so i that's our show we're gonna see everyone on wednesday four three our best of with two new mao rush moors uranium interview huge blake at a year you review football in july i have a brief july will see on wednesday and happy birthday george washington gap we love you body happy birthday all the pirates out their love you guys get lucky guess today
come in its part might think that guy
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