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Football Is Back (sort of), 3 Pt Champ Joe Harris, And Mt Rushmore Of Press Conference Moments

2019-08-02 | 🔗

Football is BACK, kind of. Hall of Fame Game happened and was awesome for like 3 minutes. (2:40-9:43) Matt Schaub is still a QB and we got some Dan Quinn jokes off. (14:50-24:08) Baseball trade deadline. (24:09-35:09) Fyre Fest of the Week and Big Cat is addicted to giving away Madden Codes so he gives away a couple during the show. Mt Rushmore of Press Conference Rants. Brooklyn Nets' Joe Harris joins the show to talk about winning the 3 point contest, getting Kyrie and KD, Virginia Basketball, and staying out of the Embiid/Dudley brawl last year. (38:09-1:10:08) Segments include Embrace Debate does Melo deserve a retirement tour? (1:12:28-1:19:41) Sorry not sorry LeVeon Bell, (1:19:42-1:22:20) Hot in the street "City Boy Summer vs Hot Girl Summer", (1:22:21-1:2454) FAQ's and Bubba has to sing Take on Me as punishment for missing his flight (1:24:55-1:38:16)

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on today's party my take football is back we have three point champion joe harris in studio really awesome time with him i think we're best friends with them i think he's even gonna give us some free tickets to the nets next year which we will not take and not go to till at last the thought counts and the thought is there the next year the net the next year the net neck then algeria so johannes in studio mount rushmore of press conference moments fire festive the weak and maybe a couple madame code somewhere in air
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how are they wasn't part of my take presented by the cash out go put in promo code partially get five dollars to yourself five dollars airspace yea today is fry yea august seconds and what is that back back my backpack clap
very large print out all is back i wonder i boom wanna play the song get you will you stop and now footballs not back because as we watch the hall fame game we turn it on we got excited saw us on we saw the uniforms we saw match obvious he is still in the inner fell saw drew locked just after looking like every other quarterback that's ever played in the uniform kevin hogan ready to throw a three are doubtless stanford orphans and then five minutes and we're like cancer yeah there's a couple reasons watch this game one gambling on it yeah fuck you with rikiu trailing go which i might add its precision for the gamblers too so we should get our money back on this when i bet i bet the falcons plus a half the first that looks like that's it does god we both that the over cause we're fucking idiot loser what i mean what about two morons we were we better over and that we looked at each other like we're so dumb forbidding the over now still alive
three we go yet throwing or treated you need help if you bet on this game when you have no idea whose playing on the field hey tray just a heads up man i've been doing this for a very long time of gambling all my life i lose even if i fucking read a thousand articles about each team and i know exactly who is playing so what is that what is the difference of me bedding and losing on a game when i dont know whose point yet tray i bet on march menace every year you think i know half the players on even the best he himself frick off i bet based on the pedigree of the school and the color and in the hall of fame game i'm
always always gonna bet on my shop hate tray lock it up look after you lock it you locked you lock up try lock it up trade lock you don't do we just become best friends no because european lame about betting on priests in football are you got a bit on priests in football listen it's it's the only way you can do it you gotta live body at the game started we had our first pass interference penalty without rule that was really cool he went down her challenge shall judge the rough got under the hood looked at the microsoft surface and it was upheld it was thrilling i can't
for an entire year of past interference challenge penalty reviews can't wait for the game to get even slower but no watching just football helmets and a ball on a field that's hit gets going it really does it gets going what is not good now it's not enjoyable once it starts put out michael's voice comes through the tv and you see that graphic and you see denver verse atlanta and you're like we are so fucking close he doesn't really count as a full game unless it last long enough for the fancy get drunk while others good football being planned yet we know what we still had we always have that first opening drive we got have haagen we have flock heaven hogan no offense looks like bossed and put the bus tag right now and then an old aunt that attitude more like no effect on this game yup got em trash bust burn on the board yes so propose back
that's pretty much all week shop i am so excited to match i'm still in the league because if you don't remember if you're too young i hope you're not to be that young but if you don't remember matt schaub's pick six streak it was one of the most thrilling moments as a sports fan than i've ever been yeah i was like a nathan peter mink half extended up to like you might young a year body the first and goal for the falcon this is actually heard earlier it is you can we if you miss the gay first women who are most in need and i hope they go for to put in match job opportunity match the genuine problem not increase you go for now he's got kicked feel my kid you're right now i might act observers but by a large retail right now d in korea fuel from here keep that's rico obviate is good to watch the unifil being back we ve got the whole
speech haven't you got excited attard a haunted herself out of it and then in back in gambling sees now as those lie bipolar inaction of us being like adds game comes ex oh shit we get some day and queen jokes off then we can and we see a first and goal when we lack what we did really bury the leader this entire game which was the broncos new head coach vic fan geo coach this game dealing with a kidney stone credit he was hospitalized for that he didn't pass so he's walk out there with like a big calcified chunk of rock swinging his injury through a still out there but calling play these animal listen if someone is p blood in the last couple weeks i don't think that's a big deal i mean it's been burning when cliff kings very peace for the last daring elsie empty touchdown falcons touch our falcons there we go its seven six you need this extra point i now i'm not running against your butt but for content
isn't it would be funny if this i know it will not be just as if he's gonna make it not even word about it i'm just telling you right now already very not worth its extra point whose plain quarterback rate how i dunno but he's got try steps tattoos so i'm i'm coming in on that so i will do the actual point hauling howard on he's looking good gives little who is it i don't care who kurt tinkered with the first where falcon such virgin average law does matter dear wavered off declined the penalty that's the first one of the season for your boy pm
undefeated on the year i don't really get the over in the second half for sure gonna happen deftly three more touch us in the scheme to work and watch the whole game of how i would also like to tease this a little bit on the de on the defence there we go you're nailed it i'm good i'm gucci unless they returned this kick off or touch that would also be very funny here also guarantees this because so we'd like to talk you know you guys like to have some fun make jokes about we writing it deletes tweets things like that will that subtle joke it says that will you that he hasn't he hasn't deleted tween public six months seven months so he stands by others reporting the reformed treaty is very formed thank you hang he reported earlier this off season that was shy mccoy is gonna be done so from the bills adam shaft her said no you're bad dog leroy this one is incorrect he staying with bills
i've been hearing many men where you want it that way we will all be placed right ability to you you didn't let me finish my sense ok i've been hearing many rumblings from leroy caught it that was john mc toys release is imminent oh wow so disappointing that
by hand this pack i had a joyous is part of the pod cast if he had not yet scout's honor please pass on it with lift your leg on an appeal on the tape elixir no one hears again just saying could be done within the next two weeks bigtime nous bigtime news i saw footballs back which talk a little baseball before you to fire first view snatchers sheesh sheesh zack rinki that is i love wanna team just like you know what fuck it worse can have all the good pitchers hostile so that happen also the yankees i love that the hand keys just our saint fuck it we're gonna try to win softball games for the like the fourth year in a row and didn't do anything didn't get a pitcher it while the mets somehow the mets are going in now i don't
they won't like six of around you set a perfectly with the metallic they don't know what they're right but now they also have a great pitching staff i think they're winning though in spite of their manage play run a blind pig finds an acorn over ninety and as the old saying goes yeah that's exactly the old saying oh that surpass interference we might have fulfilled all that is to say yeah i know we might have physical yet the way that you said exactly yeah it's saying so yet baseball hot stove as you just said also known as the treaty yet hot stove league now they called the hostile because that was the old watercolor right i know it was the hot stove was yeah it was in the winter that wrote it together at around and around matternet being is guitar imagine being the guy at the hot stove tomorrow morning that didn't know was called but you got any other baseball thoughts that's all my baseball thoughts
there are just hot so i will say is hostile now ok you one of my rubies yet to me i thought that the inner ohio trade was hilarious own trevor bower here up to the united front and trevor bowers showed back up to the game after he had been treated way from its teammates watch like kris humphries shown up like a watch party for keeping up the traditions it was it was cut awkward to see but it also told me that he just doesn't have friends and if he does not have friends and and the that trade now goes down in history as the two guys you got trade most iconic last moment with their respective team shiver bower launching the ball over centre field and yes you are we getting in a brawl agreed that's beautiful agreed and i mean yes hoping we were i mean this makes the indians pretty good i think it's probably a better trade for them the other line up is lethal
and then i don't know them verse ass rose to be like the perfect yeah off play off match up yet has no marlins man the treasurer that we'd be misled just for cleveland home but it's tough in houston because their colours kind of like the marlins orange is a nightmare actually nightmare scenario from romania can get confused with other friends we won't be able to see him other comes off in a lot of dogs and use and dont gyros cats the cubs it the classic thing where they just got a guy who i actually like it but they got a guy just like let everyone else no hey we're not totally giving up on this though you have to you how to do it as if you're fan base is sitting around waiting for that news to drop you have to like throw mental crombie like we're murder we're working
and they basically said the bottom there lineup is absolute trash show any one would do better which caslon us will do better any other hot stove the red sox it nothing and the dumper ask is kind of like a douche bag didn't like it if there is no press conference there's no press to announce it does no news to ask when every one was waiting like hope like what he got what he going to hear your press conference denounced there's no protein like i might be i think someone asked and i gotta find the court i'm happy butchering this birthing someone asked him for like what the day was these like there was no update we may know moves it was cut off guys yes cut underwhelming overall it was just weird moves it was the the mets getting stroman the ashraf having the best you no one two three there with coal ver lander and drinking and then the dodgers yankees doing nothing cubs kind of doing a little bit and then it is ok and then the inner ohio trade it was all very weird i do like that spends on those like we like the guy
we have in house we trust them turnout has ever work will know the thought process always take with with like the adding a castle on us not a star he's a guy he's a professional hitter as they say so it was added eyes that sucks will know it means it is better than like six seven eight than had been handed have embedded so it's add a guy to tell everyone else in the club house there were not giving up on because if you don't do anything then the gm is basically saying you guys are kind of saki and i dont want to give up future assets for anyone this she you got in this mess now get out of the outstanding monotonously about the red sox that's kind of what they're doing right now yet there raising i'd like you guys are too far back right now for us to help you with something of a trade that led the way that you spinnet the outsides like your less mousing we get a day
strong football teams gonna come together here there's only meeting ok before we get to our fire faster the week just a reminder parcel gold dot com slash p m t you wanna watch joe harris the interview you unwashed a full show you wanna watch our bonus episode it's coming up next week whom we have on the original barbara i think so ok down around some there you go so go check it out parcel gold dotcom slash p m t sign up right now hank started off firefox week five ass the week is kind of a continuation of mine from a few weeks ago but i moved yesterday to day i had move on well well as well as the girls regular move there's always there's always a an issue the agora lost a few times mattress liked and fit in the u hollows it was a ship
but i do know that like that that at you i told you the floor as when we when i was saying goodbye to hank before his move on tuesday i came in just so you know there will be one big fight or wondering vocs up and there's nothing you can do to get away from it because everybody's always upset when they're moving you that you can't be in a good mood and go through like a three day moving plus you like packing all your shit up there's going to be a little minor fights you get into yourself or at a speed along the way rate feelings is getting rid of like seventy percent of all yet without packing those like you know what like i don't need any of this yet moving is like flying you just have to put on your most comfortable pair of basketball shorts a shity t shirt and say the next twenty four hours are going to suck beyond belief and one of the nice silver linings and in moving go get into your new place and you don't have i can unpack all my kitchen stuff you just have to eat pizza for like the next week right so the twenty four hours i was prepared for got through it and then today i had my cable scheduled from nine to twelve to show up and i was like alright finally like i'll be set up then comes class
like one thousand and forty five the guys like i'm looking for parking like there's nowhere to park showed up at like one thousand one hundred and fifty five and we have a meeting at one and i was like how long is it going to take you would like two or three hours and i was like well fuck i got to reschedule so i have no internet well for like till we how did you schedule that when it happened did you move overnight did you like because i know that your own some issues earlier with like you had to move out by sunday and then you could move in until a sound and i got that figure it out causing removing the day before powder i suggest doing the old baltimore courts mayflower truck area just live in a time scale out of their way to europe but i've no cable no no cable no internet that's my firefox that we are today and in the worst part is is nine to twelve so it is kind of like sitting in my bed doing nothing and then at twelve o clock i like fuck i probably should like moves my stuff in because i just wasted three hours do nothing that's gonna hit you like a ton of bricks on like sunday night like oh ok so but good job my boy good
yeah i read a book good job moving outside of football season our been tough rules out in real time also like where you're a jerk off to no tv no internet your imagination true old spank bank la yet somebody had my fire faster the week is the fact that we ve all been dead for seven years oh yeah does yes let now so this was a threat that went viral earlier i'm all bought in on it back in two thousand twelve the large hadron collider was invented which is at big the argo thing out in europe that smashes out into each other and seven hawking said there was gonna destroy the whole planet well turns out that loud people think that it did and that currently we're living in a computer simulation we're like got god is doing like a mad and sim season and we're on we're going into number eight right now so that we can't be held accountable for anything they happen but we can't be accountable for a single thing that happens with sir on free play right now we're all computers being controlled by some artificial
talent and so you want that's why you member we talk about the barents need bears very year about how a lot of people think that balancing bears spoke as tee i am at the inn but it's actually now spelled s tea i am right that all change in two thousand twelve there these little tiny glitches that the computer didn't get right for example sketch her shoes i was thought sketch issues was s k e t c h e r s turns out it's not there's no tea in there is low t now it's a little tissue that change in twenty twelve to nobody remembers the changing when was when did avril lavigne die when was that two thousand and twelve that theory rival very that she's dead ass a gun impostor for the last seven years that's the orchestra they would also explain the giants were superbowl champions in two thousand twelve what has happened i would make that's why you lie manning is just type was and he ll never loses job because he's just a robots being programme always gotta levies on ninety nine gods controlling us archie manny ok
as was that it was horrible idler go off take off yup that's true also before two thousand of everybody only new kevin space is a great actor now is a petty file lodgings change things change i didn't exist poverty commenter didn't exist before two thousand were so god is running my countenance and my voice so so if you got a problem with beef tea their promise got taken up jesus i might add thread by the way i am they are mutually olenin that's up i was ever levine way too can uncontaminated theories like i was like the tablet threatens like we're been living in assimilation hears y know let's go and by the end of it i was like about this is way too there's another through a mockery get it right now that i read up on last weekend that basically says that if you are not currently there's there's a theory up of where we are as a as a human species in relation to advance artificial intelligence where if you your stand the theory then you will go insane and die unless operating on well i don't think any of us
smart enough now hankered redounds out it if hank at high enough you might be able to understand is operating hag that's an order don't read that book on my firefox the week is i have a new diction i'm addicted to man codes and giving them out and playing god i'm like the simulator god it start as a joke on wednesday here are some fake madame codes then on thursday i said i have a bunch man codes to give out who wants one also fake i had a thousand replies in three minutes ray at that point that i was kind of a little too in into deep cause my mentions or are just people being like my little brothers birthdays up can i get a man code or like i kept me the rank and i get a maidenhood it's a mess so mad naturally gave me codes now i have real codes and fake codes so no one knows what's going on i been given our real codes but also still given our fate codes and i like to hold it over people corridors
does begging whilst would we haven't end your knee and maybe i'll give you a cold and maybe it will be real and maybe it'll be fake i like how you're the opposite of the boy who cried wulf the first two times you didn't see was it was a fatal law y know it is that you are the boy will now accept that parable doesn't mean shit as everybody kept believing right and the problem is that i've come into now is that i've gotten a bunch a real codes but i haven't kept track of which ones are given out so the end of this joke will be me earnestly giving a real code to someone we say that's fake ok get deal put it put it like wait this doesn't work out you even though put listen you guys got try it giving someone a fake code and then having them be like thank you takes about twenty minutes for them to get too there you know xbox repairs are worth station voted in almaty gone it's perfect crime i am longer than the wind but but that thank you i still have
that's true as somebody who is playing god you should know the only code for eternal life is john three sixteen okay so that's actually not one of the codes i got but our i'm i'm giving that code out so often actually give out a real coat i know you're not a real xbox code limbs gotta go i appeal for code i want to give out the first sixteen sixty digits of the of the xbox go talk about the other eight later on in the show when you bring on given his ah me at the end maybe the other the shyly gleam as a bet to settle with us he's getting out of a punishment leaves you give out a p s for coat ok so here's a real a very real xbox code the first is the first twelve numbers letters ex h sexually more than that in fact these are law i hereby actually way wait when you're giving up these letters used use words from the alphabet of history
at each one ok so here we go this is the first fifteen digits from the code in i'll give out the other ten later axes and xylophone ages and hank or is in redskins careful axes in xylophone w is in win tee as in low t three two are is in was it redskins h is in hank ages in hank seven to nine de is indeed as aragon give out there the other asylum where this idea so i'm addicted guys i it's actually a problem and i i already know that essentially for them as of the year i'm gonna have people just asking me for
ever go to work in a next year when it comes back there are big oh did you get codes again so i'm just a code guy i'm personally going to ask you for combated as late as november this is what i am i'm just the code you did a good job with the letters by the link i used to work in a call centre and people always say like the name of our appliance to me and they all star with p and hearing people try so hard not say penis when they're like yeah he isn t air yes was always real through outpourings you like if you have if you have a party mouth the first the first word comes up in your head is always a bad yeah yeah so let's do are not rushmore one did not rushmore mount rushmore of press conference moments is going to be good there's a lot of good ones we'll put in some good ones too will put him into the shows you can hear them refresh your memory now we're not were who the fuck is going where limiting this too just sports because their mothers from the political world we can go with like bud dwyer
would be a great white or bill clinton i did not have sexual relations that woman so it has to be sports involve yes i'm going first ok that's a lot of pressure on me i find i'll go first i'll just do on iverson practice this actually just did that one that i have on the house to give that was your here that one later that are tools
i'm not a game practice are you up i think i'm not repent it and put it in ass was really franchise plan we in here talking about practice emmy listen we tell them about practice not again not again not gain we talking about practice ok i'm up i'm going to go with i'm a man i'm forty good one might gandhi flogging a shit this is primo at my gun too i actually think that this is the incident that spurned might gandhi to grow mullet why don't reason is because poverty and where we are fighting for me
i'm a man i'm fine i'm not here something about me i know what hanks about to do fine i how one i back while i haven't had you not doing anything you that's why i haven't got a plan i have a backup plan jim calhoun took an excellent icon butler i fucked up i fucked up take language and ensuring price that money has been written about it's been taught shit you fuckin head you asked a question on children how i feel about i trust that all before one other not bad i can't take every player we have thirteen scholarships where i saw him he was searched for five two hundred and sixty five seventy pounds would gradually we took wrong he didn't way together as a team school in the spring it waits along eating most events and i believe that i believe by wells to convince to take the kid saying things it will itself we have to get an immediate we run they do but i'm tired
while i have just said well the best place to the only in standard be look look like one the best by country i dont want us i can say if you want me so fucked up i fucked up right i'm sure i mean i wasn't inexpedient ironing written list to know that i assumed you're gonna take iphones was two hundred and sixty five pounds come out of high school which factor which is the is poorly take everyone took a mac oak before and koran button then does the like thick pausing not bad just crazy at its pointy because like rang domes wasn't that great like all things provided on a mac ochre foreign cromwell or where the right decision backup and then i will go with promises natty bilbil jack ok thirty seven around since in that and you know what i was thinking about that is that the goat bela check moment
think it was the same season when he adjusted seattle has a good run i had a lot a lot of time spent say nothing nazis and my second pic is gonna be the bears are who we thought they work and we let him off the hook s crown their asses bears over we thought they were that's why we took the damn feel that you wanna crowd on the ground or ass but they are will we thought they were when we look at scurrying or ip you're a real one hour i danny green eyed i will go with her edwards play to win the game who played to win the game hello hello you play to win the game we ought to put these end because
terrible jungle repeating these the wonder i like that pick because her edwards is basically lived the last like twenty five years just repeating sayings from that precise way to win the game my next one so this is what i kind of alluded to with my first when i screwed up the practice tone jim maura ass ask you kidding me kill me blouse way out we'll talk about why ass you can make the mouse voice timothy are i picked out a piece of scouted gotta how'd you got that asked my next one i'm going to go with you i wouldn't go with lou gehrig today i consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth when he was retiring ok today i consider myself a lucky
on the face of the earth classy statement from class act ok let's go on yeah thanks ah my last too i will go with martian lynch on this here so don't get fine rate one i am jesuit so i dont get and john calpers john cheney yes shoe you i'll kill you i find you i'm gonna kick your ass the more than sport yes absolutely right one great one right my asked one i'm going to go with jim tom sula farting k that's one what do we know who is a far it was seventy four and yet if we lifted up the cheek that is a far move freeze of farc guy like if you take a far guys jim tom soon comes up an addiction and he doesn't
shit that far in the press conference people asked about it afterwards and he was like so what yeah yeah i'm a guy we talk about em like football geysers videogame guys there's porn guys jim tom sua fort guy all the above all right my back up which actually some we can embrace debate some may say is the more i conic as i love the i fucked up but maybe the more conic jim calhoun not dine back not dine back not dialect really ties and not a dime back when they took started accusing him of having two biggest salary and you got to watch it because it has many class of jim calhoun moments but the reporters like you make one point six million dollars and he goes i make a hell of a lot more than that and then he and then he ended it with my best advice to you shut up he said that to a reporter so nodded thy back that's not a dime back jim calhoun lot honourable man
yes all inaudible mentioned that happened well before we were born is cubs manager lee alia who had the classic like bashing of all the wrigley the bleacher bombs and i'll read a couple quotes removed from that it's all time one but he called he called the fans the cubs fancy said the mother fuckers don't even work that's why we're that's why they're out at the fucking game they ought to go and get a fucking job and find out what it's like to go out and earn a fucking living eighty five percent of the world is is working the other fifteen percent come out here can playground for the cock suckers that's any just went off really get yeah shot out robber chicago legend whose one of all time pooh pooh pants guy he report so he happened to record is ninety three so there wasn't like video and everything he happened recorded there's only three people standing in there and he ran it and it was like
in all time just bashing the fans what else we got desperate struggle i would just say the entire press conference were bobby between or showed up in the neck brace with the road rash although realities after driving off the road with his mistress had arkansas that was just a seeing a guy given actual press conference looking like that was incredible about jim more also gomorrah we couldn't do italy poop yap neon office we couldn't do italy put that's a good one about the time the big bang just were fedora thou wanted i wonder who have legal booger he looked like now you looked like a o thou slipped back big bang the ordinary looks again when he's weren't fedora that's when you looked like dalmatian earlier the guy the lawyer for drill develop yes larry burning walking through that door that's good run as you know we common dick who you crap and who's calling out some hypocrisy who credit also dickie for the saints my house harry mike single taiwan winners i can't win with them can do it have you can't do it all people
one way that's right every wiped his ass and local cs avis would about obviously tee o doing serbs in his driveway where i drink questions i was iconic eyeball so the guy in time he cried no that was different seraglio cry i cried out that's my quarterback that was when he was in dallas i would put i can serpent this one the list but not really sports george bush on the golf course talking about invading afghanistan we said no to strive that's a good one white howard standing gandhi what's henry indonesia get dwight wants me traded and then he walked right up all chummy who said that stand just said that second ago that's an all time awkward press conference what else anything else those are my tomlin has a bunch of rights i i don't know which one of the nonsense rightly curry right good ago all cars a one undone kind of flash in the pan leubronn when he stood up and walked out and anguish young
in the source you ass your hearts have you looked around what the fucking sling like when he pretty much brokenhearted replicating already yet mean like you could say was wrongly broken take my towns the south beach iconic oh yeah press moment that's true made all those kids from ohio we're gonna get dragged on line for bringing up all these battle brought no i please remind everyone that taco tuesday is it racist we're wondering that's just what you had to say just to protect yourself from little bronze dance just reverse it is basically playing uno and we just reverse it the problem is though that's been co opted by some really dumb people like we're joking about leubronn is erase yes but there has been co opted by fuel idiots online i yeah you're right i blew check marks in chosen tenancy credibly dirty i can take it
logically yes maybe ruined how we go abroad to stand next home but next time before he as a family reunion just throw that talk up in the air hopefully some of the iranian of long life there's nothing worse than having fun with something that we all know is not true but it's like hey this is a fun thing to throw out there and then have someone actually say dead serious injuries road for it was some people besides that person are actually saying that about this aid will what they're saying is i talk reduces great maybe just don't do that action at i wanted that part is i was shown out in quotation marks that my you are no thus fair use world overriding commentary on the i'd go in three acts nine v w c b f to see very hopeful that can be who's gonna get
our aid should we go this is a great my rushworth like positive good vibes in the room good energy from all three of us yet it was a man who garrick than kind of balmy out for you nothing else will i was i cannot say was about pills i think that what we are listening sometimes you get to the heart shrinking when we had a little let's get you her interview with your hair sucker would be if a coach just like won the superbowl than died with a smile on his face after the game at the at the podium degree meal definitely would have been the guide to do that guarantee you my grable would absolutely take that we should just put it dick from your crime you have one time nor the other time the there are other you're not on the other those that time yet and there are other other time ok get to our interview with joe harris very good time with him i think we're actually like best render them now works his crew before we do that a word
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you know i don't want to impose on the old brooklyn dodgers limburg brooklyn knowledge or there's an elite of yellow now you get the island pursue islander gear we share in our shared the bark waited islanders he half own brooklyn really get out on a limb there ok i will say that we have requested a closer you guys did make a big splashes off season couple weeks ago how big of a part of the recruitment review char sancho harris is all about the recruitment yeah no i didn't take any part neither recruitment alive i let the other guy's gonna now that the bulk of that but you know tiree i do know carry so did you tax them at all you talking oath over the core
the year area so there s a lot more recruited healthier viewers supportive of the nets efforts to land carrying address gianduja carry and kevin director or send yonder's name first not yet enough but when that all happen though i mean did you know before it all the news broke or did you find out like we did this up with the key was pretty last minute rice but carry we kind of all had an idea that he was can become and reckless yet and am in you must he very very excited to have him yes we're good last year yellow italy went to the play us played really hard in credit to you because i feel like part of the reason why those guys we're all in brooklyn was how good you played last year's colleague clippers enquire a scrap young team with some simple yeah in place you look a sort of the foundation organization we have a lot of good young core pieces no caresses arguably up and
maybe i'll start some point on really good development where spencer like jared alan amelia gonna go down the list is a lot of really quality players that i think attract those guys who want to come in ok you did recruit i think a little say through your lies through through the play down the plethora of the nets play and also your past relationship to carry kept in touch with this yes we're just runner were giving reconnecting some dog when i log help an right we're helping you but you you have had it like a kind of an amazing last few years in that its very rare for a second round guy too then have you know you started seventy six games lasher uses big new deal hat if you had a moment where like who should i actually made it because a lot of the second guys if they go play like to have decent being in europe not so dramatic back like my draft class and i'm ya know exactly
you guys around but i made from sixty eyes our draft our gas is pie alike in the twenty year and that is the sort of the turnover of the nba so suddenly the second round pick and in my case do i mean i thought i was gonna be other we arrive in my time in cleveland i was traded had surgery released and then i am basically one four out of the nba gotta chance would brooklyn yeah is in so tell me exactly how what was the break i'm always fascinated with a guy like joe harris first me a million other guys who get trapped in the second round who have maybe the same talent but don't get that break to get in the wrong team whatever it may be so what was the the breaker the defining point that kind of kept you around you guys they get hurt and then they're gone yeah i know in a hundred percent would mean lucky where brooklyn was in this way sort of situation within it have any draft exe
they were they had to figure out the creative ways the sort of stockpile young talent and at that time i was still twenty three years old mike relatively young in i had an solidified anything thing the enabling but i did have whatever specific niche in terms of shooting can you come from atlanta one one of the planet plugging guys he thought i would sort of decent but what they had with the good teams in atlanta my comparison was corver browsers like he kind of saw a little bit of of me within kyle in this sort of play that kind of cardinal was that was my break rare eminence passing makes you so yes where at what point whether was on the cavs maybe you had this moment or maybe it wasn't a little bit later but at what point did you realize like i can fit in i can actually play in this league i can compete with these guys i think early on i do have some opportunities in cleveland but it's one things were the adjustment enough for some guys it takes a little bit longer than others
and for me i was conscious tat into the fire right away i didn't we have an opportunity sort of learn through new mistakes ah you know i gotta get drafted by cleave it's a young team primo braun per year on yeah it looks like you know it's brand new coach as a young developing and then an overnight it just changes into championship container when the brown comes back while trades or made it so it's basically i'm in the situation where in helping them played a championship level that i'm not gonna play right in the opposite was what will happen in brooklyn winner in i got chance copper tuning bows was able to learn through my mistake right you know we're a young developing team and they want to guys the country you know take their lou whether wounds right away and develop in that direction so that's fast amory because i feel like you can talk to a bunch of people who i guess i was there i got drafted interest things didn't break my way essentially the nets priests this regime being terrible with draft capital may joe harris pretty much
and they missed out on some restricted reagents and then you had a devastating eighty outbreak tackling that's when when you when the calves got leubronn did you ever go in one of his dinner pictures you make it a lot familiar i didn't make the laughingly i didn't dave canon law that can even make it that's a tough as is tough the cracking did you it was ever moment where you open up instagram and saw literally all your teammates except you out to dinner in familiar in delhi and i can allow familiar i might ask the sun is it your buddies adela team yeah delays on my best friend the israeli data stay up would you say the same he would do the same i hope so amazing i check yeah so it so you and him you guys were thick ass thieves
but when you when you were getting it deleted he like that he take you under his wings like i might use which apps do i need to come to fly under the radar make friends with lebron like paste or like if you give you an advice natalie i mean honestly i have deli to thank for sort of why i was able to stick in it in the nba deli is like one of the most like professional guy that ever been around and turned it like taking care of his body punctuality being early the overall professionalism he's a type a guy that sort of embodies what it means flick under the rate are you not chip on your shoulder gonna make it in the nba i learned a logic i'll be around him and see now he conducted himself with the calves day teach you how to help people and not not separated he's gonna snakes a he just plain hard man the rifle it is your best runs at his best i would say that i think can we talk the series against sixers yet we can talk about the ok can we
about the and be dudley dust up then we can talk about can we talk about how are you i've never seen a person walk slower roman then show harris you even picked up the ball i mean i was alive zero evan rebel a little here you are so scared you got behind the rhetoric as your human i gotta behind some fans i think i when i would i when we come in here we're doing research as like i wonder where he was i bet you you didn't really get in this in your performance even shocked i aspect the issuance of you not getting in that screw you are so far away from the action on me i wasn't that far
like who could pull eyes large level you're very hats on our you don't want to hear your theory yeah you only if you go out there and you knocked on beat out with a clean when i had the bomb i hear a lot about throwing it's a business decision i get it but was there ever a point we are like maybe i need to just show put a little good to keep out there that i have my teams back yeah yeah pal i probably should have looking back and i we actually i haven't even the footage oh my god i've gotta right here there's underne underneath the are like behind the hoop and wait for the video add to end behind hoop shot the is so so bad almost sea area we're not gonna wait and further develop a little bit you know i do with it what was required already watches watch ok way way
it will be back up so i can show you don't even know that shows on the cork that's how slow he goes to the singer ok here they come all the way over tyres that back i and these are the eye is always a good lawyer picks up the ball he everyone is there now any look at him is barely this reality hygeia cautionary idea in the back and like you go into it you go handle it looked like you were going to say ass a man i'm not easier is also i saw a fan get their popcorn knocked over your economy didn't i almost got out of the screen because you weren't there see other angle maybe maybe you have newsome tape out there now you're not even in the screen here come on in slowly slowly walk in hay j j you got this j j and then you sort of like pat some on the back seat through that i mean are you i think you need to hit someone that
yeah you can redeem myself or that the points you don't worry at right after we play in dallas go above on you i would begin i want that's no i actually appreciate that because that's probably exactly what i would do that situation and it was very reliable there when i pulled up it is like where's joe a kind of cairo was really we don't exactly where the hand i mean like that's what happens the playoffs hard play a thousand now play of confrontation i love dudley two of all people i mean he went a little crazy crazy there that was what was it when you get in that kind of play our series in guys so sort of gonna hate each other yeah do you familiar with that serious it was pretty chippy there i am do you feel a difference in the play and i was anyone going to show harrison tough you now nobody was gonna be
but i mean like the series it got it got chippy you know there was some hard fouls what to do with him bead and jay and i think that's kind of where dudley was like hi and sort of casablancas jared twenty one years old like you think you know these sort of interventionism wriggle out of his way to confront right but he like one of our premier players young sort of like cornerstones for the organisation and gaiety was a sea now i think a kind of otto boiling plan right
it was a conversation the locker room like after a game like that where there is like a lot of emotions are running high or that i didn't tell you joe is like use you jack i forgive killed about where i would have liked more but i had the boy my hand and i dont know there will be no ethical my throne the ball into the stairs so i to hang on watch those swung earthlink gigi radically slowly walking from me otherwise you'd been on relax guy right sometimes ella brings team together sometimes just drive him to the point where there too emotional any kind of did go over the edge they can come back and lose series was out like in the lock room afterwards where to go to be honest i mean nobody was talking a lot about that incident particular it was more just like how we did finish the game and you know sort of losing after how much we are by but sort of blue bleeds for them at the end and i think at that point we were
three once a sort of hard like you come back it's like nobody's really getting caught up in where had in with indeed in and j t right there i think you guys i think you guys to cover the spreading europe by a shitload now that i'm maxie replaying it you you guys there was a saturday i remember i bet on it was getting this exercise any rig cover the spread so whatever saturday there was thinking oh yeah you guys yeah couple hundred doll you guys blue this game blew it it was like an ape it spread in you and you and your up going into the fourth quarter ike you there's one game this area roused very mad about certain figures are you ever cognizant of of what the spread is yeah yeah i mean you don't know heart of ports now that you're gonna funny though that you say that because before the
play off series with the sixers they brought up sort of light they gambling odds like where we were projected to finish her yet finished season from the start and they talked too they went through like the vaguest hug books and also that the quotas are using as a pre game speech and afterwards at davis narrower like where the house we're going like we little it is talking about the odds like is nothing right right adam silver smart easy he's kind of open you know open arms it's it's so crazy that other commissioners don't realize what silver realises that like games can be legalised every hour so you might as well get have run away and let it all it now he's gonna get a piece of that plan ready why wouldn't i know exactly what you think is about as i did it do like midseason tournaments dressing we are actually talking about their day to now i mean it seems he would be a good idea maybe on paper but like to be the first one to do it like the guinea pigs for it you know everybody's going to throw a fit
like if you have a tournament life game fifty in season when right guys i m really interested belike the dynamic the top the premier teams thinking about like you young for this like nets you tournament a super of meaningless growing at the play off on the horizon would the outcome of that bill i give you one that midseason terms what is he saying that that would mean for the on me i was seeing there i don't think it affects the policies in a surly at all just like a trophy exactly yeah then there we like the latter if somebody gets injured in that we are holding here comes a big what when you guys are really interested but like the dynamic that's going to affect you guys cuz you have a nice young core i'm in that you're adding a superstar and kyrie katie's going to be there in a couple years like how soon after you sign these guys do you start to women like any changes to what you ve got going like all like wind terms the offensive scheme ah you know it's interesting question i don't know like how much their plan on change in up to be honest kenny
that he coaches to he's very good basis for the personnel that he has and so he sort of implementing these pretty transparent attila he's gonna have electronic media can we carry the new guys in terms of like you know what they're comfortable plane with in terms of office of philosophy but he does he really good jobs is latin guys play sort of freely when there is like a whole lot of like schematics like involved with it is more base up just like feel like reading react like that's what a lot of our office was in the past and i don't see that necessarily changing a ton unless like i don't know one of these guys you got a problem with it right i have chalked katy it yeah has yet jesus you know now i think about our must surely did break it might oh just say it s the andrea mean yeah no yes he said maybe so maybe did you lose it as a joke yes yes i guess you had a little ass he talked about the blog boys log boys ya mean yes i have taken up a little space in the head
no we're going to like it here we are katy guys back we totally flipped whom we were our team snake although it is not a bad thing is you just mentioned earlier you know your coaches had up on the wall like these where your odds to make to play off seas where are your odds like when the syria allowed seems play better when they get that ship on their shoulder katy might be that guidance i got their approval the blood boys wrong now like going tonight i think about it he might have some stuff in the locker was so nice you give us front row seats will relay ratification by trash the nets actually elder worried you get out of here did you get outta you gotta championship during no trade in rain where hiring bring that i wonder what is your nickname my nickname cause i've read it i found it in their seven if i dont know how that even started to be honest so what is it i mean premature
guys on the teams commie buckets barking such as already again so i've seen joy hoops got beef jerky joe near joey moses ask watch saw you joey buckets i would say just buckets mr by making cochlea gonna keep a formal doktor buckets ok i'm workin on ok i like to quote the jimmy butler use stacy king the bulls colored announcer used to do jimmy g pockets and the g stands forgets maybe did do that enthusiasm i mean i don't even like knows anymore so joe e g pockets the g stance gotcha we were there we issue i an eagle attacks after this just get some clarification
does the nets gained a lot of people going to find that out there i ve been felt like twenty years a lot of people but ass yet as a story about i carry irving i think i was told this on some other pike s which i will name but i carry went up to the dude in front of an eagle on a train those who manage one say like i've been listened to you for twenty years i'm so glad that you can we call my games now and i was behind the guy's a out i think this must be taught me about has also just like some random do not an awesome but he's where those guys we're like you know his voice when you hear it all probably obviates for game get so paul you know does annabel games names should be in your asthma nebraska do that write that down or other when are you going to get the classic white guy glow uppercut you mentioned however you look at corver throughout the keys career you know they basely every guy does the same thing they come in with their floppy gross here and then
i have to say ordinary let's have waggery j j j j you had cow corver her kindly i can go down the list so you have not realise that i mean that india is right now yeah you know i mean you're gonna near six now he will carry out an analysis slow progress ok ok i need some light on time in you gain like ten pounds of muscle like get a little trousers getting a little bit of a bicep and sick euro qana haircut so when that happens i mean it sort of enough more has only one people will respect you so much more to be like oh you know who has been doing well joe heiress i already that will be the that will be the conversation in tat year rwanda the annetta get like left lord has go two opposite i could just let it go argued told his or her i'm gordon heyward you can actually track his career progression
from like his you not regular guy to get home bigtime contract guy with his hair cut must i wouldn't do you i wouldn't do the long hair the long hair it's screams just like awkwardness even if you're not doing anything awkward on the core trust me i know a guy nothing that you do want to court looks looks more like like a killer you break look at all these guys they fall down if they get crossed it looks so much worse if meat actually only pointed the hair which has begun and wise picked out here you go this way and then there's a big when thinking back i want sancho quick about three point contest
so you were you really given that you lost me some money thank you for you don't take my heart and i mean no one and bent on i didn't i didn't know no i didn't i had a hot currie was i had a hot tis showing into it and if you do that i'm home stuff crews is charlotte right it lays down was there the whole fuckin thing answer so it was a compliment it was a tough night for me but i've always wondered like people like you they're just absolutely wet from reports when you practice in the gym if you just got like racks racks balls if you shoot a hundred balls from three how many do me nobody watch nobody watch india i mean i guess we do this the shooting drill with the net they call the nets one o five and has it ever guys ninety one was all she won or five hundred five threes why it's like thoud piss me off to just go out you ve got to get shots alone does not run away i would piss me off now so what was the idea do run told man
yeah like everyone does ninety ninety they need a nine percent dominated calculator isaac eighty nine percent i always see you go to the jimmy see old guys at why i say that sixty five years old wooden legs stand russell athletic shorts and it seems like they had fifty percent threes when they're just practicing i've always wanted like a professional at the peak of their career like you're just going to jim basically not miss from three somebody would say it's not as high of a clip as you would guess i'm shooting is one of those things were like guys that are at the ymca i mean they might shoot better than half of the to be honest there d stationary you d shooting array idling we're not here and you d shouldn't shots on air so why haven't you put these shots on insecure that's kind of i live in my phone i'm gonna waiting for the right moment i thought i feel it is it of you happened in the past
the time because you are just a little bit like lie and need to fix you admirable into something that can make max max joy clouts joy clout we need to get in and scream up there if you don't like fifty four fifty right now look at the world you get so many more minutes carmelo almost a guy to combat just hitting like fifteen three you play for team usa you been space jump more importantly these are important things that against grandpa we'll get you what we will help you out will be part of europe you having heard your crew my crew yeah he might we need a clear guys how does a deep euro i mean those of the nets yard of other big stools and i already ice and i just yoga this is my best facilities any part of the crudity further guarantee not at all can certainly not be the crews that is outside researcher most remote crew so what you're saying and i tell correctly from wrong you have no crew
there now new york that's true then there's two guys who live in new york that would be in a crew in the crew we ve only hunrad you it yeah about how chris i a guy to chris about yeah for oh yeah i got it back on chechnya we can talk about chris long so you do the water boys with crystalline which is great charity out imagine chris is a little bit of a mentor and that yes so what was your reaction we found out he was a digital marijuana that had to be tougher really too is our breaker just deal with your image of a guy will not stop smoking we think you know somebody i mean spot and through a lot this right as what would not wearing i can tell you now push operate
right that's true yeah women data can i change the indicators as does the science is still out there whether opiates you're as bad as marijuana but we'll find out you feel bad having his big guaranteed nba contract and not doing it in your entire souring charities address wrote your job as well as by all those which on the spot where they were friends chris use actually the first guest on the show like three and a half years ago first ever asked i listen to you just be honest with us though like chris long kind of fucked it up for everyone else i can try hard move i wouldn't say that ok jos winking asked craig was it that britain henry said like you only did it get the tax rate on whatever practically he made money by giving away the more money you give away look into that paid for doing so can you imagine going to u ba endlich well at virginia
we ought we give away all of our money right that's data sir thomas jefferson did i suppose you ruined thomas jefferson did that was that it was a cool going from uv aid to cleveland and not having to change like your wallpaper everything suggests that we have as easy thing about the same number cavaliers does look different shades yazzi fear for the folks at home to remember i would like to just pretend that you guys didn't when the national championship last or this past year so let's talk about the wonder sixty did you have you been doing more interviews since you international championship knowing that people can bring that up anymore yeah i thought the but that tourists but you know no apps not wishing to i will always be the greatest story of redemption in the history of sport
yeah it's up there are able oj has still not been spent by the end of this year will see what happens to those you went away to serious fancy picks do this way for that one was it tough going to virginia and having tony bet it like recruit you knowing that he's eventually we go back to his concept yeah that's it you're a big worry for a lot of you gave so let's get the rumour going again yeah started out in two to describing as a contract is like of your yet on the other way round and what's also at twelve years and i mean right when he lost the eu embassies like this guy's trash i'd never want it now please please once it was tat it was gonna be tough to get the stink about loss often now i think may he's back would you say he's the best coach in the ssc yes he's a good boy you who better than coquet yeah he's doing to pack line defences cheating now it's bullshit though
you're not offend the always you don't enjoy watching you ve again standing there stopping everything is honestly you have to watch a video games and sometimes be like i can just turn this off yeah right you probably did not allow your play an appreciation for the defense ok yeah oh yes most virginia s my favorite that will actually do the most efficient often you don't realize i can be long now i dont care round can finally already score fifty two points game but they do it very efficiently both sufficient when i've unimaginable practice very tough though feeling that defence right yeah did when i got to the indians like i'd like i can believe what i went through for years this river get thrown off in college if you're playing on the road and they did that fake count down on the shock clock where they can download three second rate where i should perhaps that is a good question now i haven't been utterly him the ball i so it's like shunk logs winding down by getting rid of it yeah yeah yeah
ensure that someone else yes on me i can the idiot exact that's actually smart with that show her smart dominate of name here we should probably ask you this question you're good a test case for this what is better being really wet from three or dumping artifice probably duncan yeah she out other ways away at a little more of that spells out because you will be you're so wet from three yeah in also do all we can hang about modern mba you gotta be i got it because i can see three the exotic zambia there and dunk cooler duncan a fool you know it's cool it's a higher three million dollars guaranteed that's not tat joe harris report of his crew some answers i ain't reform and right now i will work on numbers what's the most expensive like staked dinner you ve paid for since you got the contract staked in a year are like dinner was at once but was the biggest purchase you ve made these purchase here do you still rent
yes are you can't buy it now you get its that's that's it that's all you know new york is worrying isn't day working mba player just me son of sixty million our countries like writing come on yeah there's a really only katy kyra india under came at the same time their split pleasure how right now prospect part maria hill whose turn us into clean the bath three bedroom one bath and murray hill chill oh i like everyone no i'm not but i like that i'm a little too old for that my last question it's a seiki question promo code take put it in to get ten dollars off through broken nets game this year go see joe harris wet from three i guess i didn't actually i got through all we're question i have a question for us yes oh what is like the crew entail woody
and do for me i will just mostly hang out and make money after name videotape hearing your using you can like films on my work out maybe i will show you work out will take your credit card go get you launched but then by some stuff for ourselves what were at the body that what happens though with the crew rightly adage grew daily carriers let's see will i will motivate katy anytime you need sponsored i am so here's one think eighty is done really a good job of its he responds to every day and that he gets a mainstream talking to you that but then would have needed we get that people write a screen shots and they tweet about keeps his name in the news will respond to your haters on i d from your instagram account then those screenshot that keeper the news anything to keep her name like at like bubbling awry aunt rachel nicholls like rambler social yet another report on right we aren't you ever a direct line to rachel so yes i'll get out an increasing bizarre connected enron or scylla letters
eyes joseph who the fuck is that we also i would each other he has already this irish i would add that that would be his career highlight to hear you say that i would say that we are the perfect level of intelligence slash stupid busy to have a very deep put surface level conversational with irving yeah i saw the about flat earth thing i could talk to release a half hour about it yeah you can keep going
conspiracy theories were caught up in the same solidarity fifty one i'm sure you probably want to dive into that all writer we're not smart but we are smart enough to jack about random think gallia its it is a fact that there aren't any flights that leave from australia photo anywhere the such over military light i sat here can argue about the data i do have one last question this is a courtier wikipedia said that you had an extra bone in your foot is that true surgery to remove an extra bone in your foot not on the net fails me again now don't really go though if you did have an extra bone but then i would be like why are you taking my secret power where the fuck me this we're gonna be there so what why did you have a surgeon i had like aversion fracture so basically it is a bone had broken off and was floating in the side of my foot
don't i can kind of like it s kind of like a fool out of hand wikipedia fell dead yes i just say like martian latin whereas an extra ligament floating around somewhere move yeah no shit joe thank you this isn't good bye is this as yet or the start of the crew crew right right so were will be it on i'm gonna go to more than like four five game satisfying that is promised for even tat even saying that was really olaf's poses for vibes i'm going to be all the play off against my own any regular cecy gave me heretofore game seven home play off yes for you as part of the crew the right idea as well as many do the most yeah actually we actually are pervert because even if you offer us free tickets will grow say no like add up
yeah that's that's going to demand and i can only tell a lot of our amendments and i am really an ant riser hit you up all the time for all the tickets whoop you couldn't i got you couldn't give me money to go to so good ass birds they got that guy's gonna the other room taken over thanks thanks guys
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who parcel drink where and limited edition vivo stool orca coolers there's cheap accessories new bathing suits taos pool floats and huge collection of limited edition parcel usa tease is the summer we all love the summer everyone in this studio loves the summer get out their support the summer sport parcel sports go to store that parcel sports that come to shop now ok let's get some segments first up we have embraced the bait this is for carmelo anthony because damien willard ah said hashtag vote for mellow farewell season hashtag stop playing mellow so the question is does our mellow anthony deserve a farewell tore yeah and stephen smith took the bull by the horns in this debate because i don't know this debate existed until he got on the air to say he's very sorry to have to say it but he doesn't
the classic stephen i swear thing to where he takes in opinion that probably didn't have to say out loud but he brings it out there and he said just to show you what journal see is he's like listen carmelo is one of my favorite people on the planet and it pains me to say this and to make a big news story out of it and to make a lot of headlines out of this but he does not deserve a farewell to her oh man poor mellow and his farewell tourists should have been the usa basketball he should have played in the feeble whatever the hell's goin on this summer and that would have been great he should just do a farewell tour of lifetime fitness bearing the hoodie hoodie mellow and a fair water to jim's out you say he should do a farewell tour where he just goes to each arena wearing a dark o jersey just to remind people that darker was in that draft that because i really like you know went la braun dark o mellow i think was bosh then wade but either way dwayne weight the broad and mellow they're all like good friends same draft rings for
the other guys including bosch nothing for mellow got to remember people remind people to dark who was that guy have to just get that back into the media like language maybe just have carmelo go up to detroit retired dockers jurors right and just have him be the one that lowers it from the rafters it's it's it's just an important note that he needs just hammer home like hey guys don't feel bad for me for member dark oh he stock or they could take em like city to city once a year have lala go out on the court and then peak mellow was actually on the nuggets when he was when they went to western conference final than almost beat the lakers but then he went to new york was awesome there for a while but it's like he split between two better if they broke up and are getting back together yet that would make it even more original ah i think the farewell tour you need to have a ring
i think that our time i am being married solely to hunt the nba charge of i think you need to have a ring to get a farewell tour i think that's what the threshold okay so steep lake for water yes ok set sold at a more sent to her well tours yes oh dont done don't you think though cause he also its it hurts the mellow you you know he peak mellow was actually on the nuggets when he was when they went to western com its final than almost beat the lakers but then he went to new york was awesome there for a while but it's like he split between two fan bases berliner that awesome in your either no income will you are too good for a copy of your when he lay dragged them to like a camera what c they got but he he's he was scoring at an insane clip yeah but heat but next vans feel very
i don't i don't love mellow as my fellow sign that big deal which wasn't his fault but for winning forty five games for the next that's like winning three championship warriors getting to the plan for the next the mecca the allies is exactly where you just were in the big three using the mode me the best big three clerval time probably not probably would be like you'd probably perfectly mellow everywhere he goes and just like the fourth best he would come back to just a little bit worse where do we stand on like that stephen jackson on the odds of him coming off the bench unaware i hope the lakers man i want it so bad they really need to listen oh adam silver cause you listen to the fancied you everything we say ah how bout the lakers get an extra roster spot this year just come out i like i can't use or anyone else just carmelo so that we can have the fun of watching carmelo try to play
with the lake or since carmelo so good a competitions that dont really result in india titles bring him in for that midwinter turn meant that you want would be the best midwinter passport clerval time we don't know yet or honorary spot every single year the three point competition yeah i'll take that thou be good just something that mellow should get you addition get a farewell tore but he should get something that keeps his legacy alive for a little bit longer just erlich one farewell thing just put him on a boat and then cracker champagne bottle push majesty dude could you lie on fire like a viking funeral could you imagine my idea that the the idea i would love to see happen where every college has one player that they can always bring back you up and doesn't matter how much they played the pros what part of their career every college has one spot forborne basketball where they have a guy who went to that school gets to play searches now only doing jury mcnamara dude mellow playing on syracuse this year talk about ratings come on figure it out
suitable way that's the solution i just want to see all these guys comparison to table being all time quarterback in florida who would be against it regrettable my darling jake would you say that carmel anthony is the best athlete a history of syracuse as syracuse ground no who is out of metabolism darling jake cried paulus jumped around right i hear no everyone does that for their answers are like whose best football player whose best lacrosse player whose jim brown dude it's been like eighty years ok europe has your brown annual amount of good guy you ever there i will say that defence there's an interview that is coming up next week that kind of help set out when only one of one of certified football guy says something along the same lines as true yerevan that's true only remember what you already figured for ass one of interviews next now you want to watch out there like john brown round i feel like that fake answer though be that i'm saying i think that the person that we were interviewed and you'll hear this later i think this person was so against giving us
any sort of answer that might allow he ass onus to know what goes on in sight of his brain that he just made up john brown on the spot its they go to answer to be like you can't debate me we're like yahoo fair play of all time jim brown like well ninety percent of football fans there were some place so we don't we weak debate he also play an important role and that gives a bill russell beer what i believe the bill russell one greatest volta yeah goat ice your magic belarus on today's like pete bill rustling today's nba although he would i do believe that the elite of the elite no matter what error would figure it out because there that spain but it still is funny to think about like babe ruth facing like a hundred miles an hour fast what about a sports debater from way way can the day like do i think i could mark the floor without herself who i think he thought he would only inaccuracy doctors
yeah he was i use a right all the ev writer so as fair so i don't think there's no four to bake i kick shap dick shap marvell were in the air he would yet alive you i'm just saying we love it yeah his body you ok go to this week we actually have some news from the eastwards league explain this ah ninja is ditching twitched stream exclusively on mixer this leave this mother colleague what's mixer ah i just learn about it today it sounds like it's just which but it's a different put mixer mixer it's the microsoft version i think ok so we steal bomber like until now i don't know which had any competition comes it they'd assign them in ninjas from what i know the biggest streamer so it's like if another website consign the biggest streamer twitch is only as big as the bread
rumours that they have so this is pretty big firms as part of a trend i mean he's the biggest guy like in clearly the fact that together when the fortnight chain which have one three million like and he's the star of the whole game slashed which community i was thinking upwards of hundred mill nor equity probably equity is our salary gap in online gaming no we're gonna know now i grotesque and have to pay the luxury tackle now don't now it is like whole coping gonna w w bush at the beach attitude era is over ok sorry not sorry levy on bell wants to apologise to all the fancy owners that he fucked over last year wisest not sardinia knots what are you apologize twice but then the second time that he apologized she said but you should still draftsman number one again this year i dont like the fact that he pollen guys in the first place i'll tell you why because as somebody who is smart enough as a fantasy governor to not draft and last year he
made me feel like my decision wasn't me being intelligent enough he put it on him he took credit for my the decision not draft and i didn't i didn't draft and either but i i submit officially not accepting his apology on behalf of all leave your bill fantasy order here so i speak for you class action lawsuit we make we should make more those videos have you been defrauded up by latvia absolutely colleague six six five five five five five five i am also remain coat i am also a black bawling levy on board ok i just putting the blackball out there on no one hundred no one's drafting of this year i love one people
there is even a small vanity governors unite behind this and none of us are driving drafting living on the erika oil not my team note won't have it unless i get him in this and i liked in when i had tat girly i've benches ass yeah made him sit down lucky i think about how you think about what you did broil buddy is above my team get out of here cream hot don't even think about it in losses on waivers deaf agenda the army they can it would voters want aid away dude he may not have even consider the fact that last up before get every accuse had caught the streets pick up and ask me about this are you have something for us resist the one i'm thinking about what you think i've been asking about this all week what is hop boys summer and to three questions what is hop or summer too is still going on three rpf t and i participating in it with
a snowy ah essentially you are basically rocky sides now happily summer up or some amr live in the dream yeah it isolated as easy as you want but you hot girl summer and city boy summer but hoddan girl or how many summer the whole hot boy or girl for now non started from negative stallion whose a robber okay and she did a court where someone asked about she said it's about women and men being unapologetically them just having a good ass time hiding up their friends doing you i'm u but right now a cot thanks we ve been so us the summer yank you a good thank you yeah real i can you name it finally three guys i haven't been more hoss than us bubba he's the hottest he looks like a snack needham long zis awake so the talker summer was invented and then
it was obviously they conscious handle ivan being like hocker no not at all summer ferment male persecution we had to do city boy summer and then how one without its already had to live in a city now i'm gonna get anyone i didn't want to be like all hocker aha boy will make up our own thing like city boys city boys i don't like city boys i think i'm gonna stick with hot boys summer so we are always goes back will win like high knows original rattled without harming about the way the wage arena city boiling it or how point we're hop why would you say we are hot we are high or hot steam or hot or not when i was going to be called hot boys like if you were like let's say like we're underage we're going to a party and you have like beers in the backseat and it's like sketchy at giving a ok what why don't we just like the block is hot like the egg on you you ride and dirty your white boy ok you're under your hardware ok what do we do this no one would combined em what do we do were hot city boys because every time we go out on the street in new york my asses a pool hospitable
so hot city boys don't just pictures of our are fucking swamp at just yet if you're finance bro just send pictures of that year haagen anymore so hot with similar to that of the pact subway the tunnel whereas you're stuck in someone's fucking armpit like if you eddie someone in your office has backs what lay there is yours tommy here that you bring to shirts work want to change into when you get there you're commuters challis that hot city boys summer showered morning and shower afterwork that love that's a timber on special hot city boys ok hank ethic use ok hey how's it going men of piety especially jake the snake i was wondering after going to the democratic debate and seeing the men and women on stage would pay of t consider running for president who he would for sherwin as there is no way that aid of yours what i'm lose would love to see plenty life in the oval office that that would be such a disaster for every
evolved over but yes i would not ruling anything out and i have considered it even though i am not currently qualified to run for president as somebody who's thirty four years old yes tomorrow no i'll be thirty four thirty five and twenty and twenty right there you go i'm here like you're gonna die more i'm here by declaring myself figures we thirty four forever i am opening my candidacy for president of the united states of america all i need is a hundred twenty five thousand individual donors if hundred twenty five thousand of you gave me one dollars an hour qualify for the next debates so i don't see why not that's easy dude i have more than enough men coats ok here honey for yes from the people here's what promising you ready i'm having code for every man and code in every part of legalise marijuana legalised sports gambling day after the superbowl national holiday done to forage lies you see the pro who do went like city council the eighth of july easily do you eat this like
i would add goes deep chad goes deep under the programme he went to a city councils like four july so dope why would you two of em i love it why not less polluting re twice it also both men will be my secretary defence ok houses they vice president fuck it hold me a photo ok boatmen vice president and then i'm elevating tom sula secretary defence perfect perfect which is what art on net kim jong and what do you miss most if anything about the earlier days recording pardon my take that you probably cannot get away with any more have fallen asleep during episodes i mean we can it's pass a torch having youthful energy yes shoot you did just passively
oh you're bad habits though i must still a little bit yeah miss her charming and marks lots lacks at sea no she still barking just the random bark at nothing i miss back when i thought maybe there's a chance to begin i both didn't have sex but now that's been debunked now we're not just exclusively for virgins yeah don't i dont know what i think everything's going pretty much better skype socked i know there's sometimes feel like all skype is better i don't think for this surely soon after this aid for other things that we put out their skype is such a pain in the ass any just can't get the same flow even we do it when one of us on the road like is not the same shall i do miss being able to punch shop at more people like now can't go out for j murat anymore sure she'll do but i think we can still have it we ve got a nice spot where we can just make fun of people to their face now yet it almost any more if it's almost more liberating eradicating annexes somebody here's the shit i set up a yes and had he said
that next week yes same guy who likes jim brown another related to that question how often do you guys get asked if someone can come be interviewed on your show instead of when you guys per started where was probably more you had to ask them like i'd say fifty fifty right now i get a lot of the guests at when when we're saying we asked jail harris has become so yeah we get some sleep where we want like we're friends of ours are people i've been on the show or like grill guess if we have a great lot there will ass to get them on but then a lot of times will have our town poker the brings been forced you know who asked me to come on the show old old friend of yours hank today eleven nope luca nope surfer i don't want your highness is actually some interesting stories but you didn't get her only do it we could talk about i'll snapshot body what
i'm sorry can appear like love that knowing what we're talking about this is hot city boys someone may well i'm sweating thing my share of it through my sweatshirt right now you're wearing a much lesser with its hand of you hand up my basket balkan what would be the overall result of a pm tee to catholic on like who would come first through sixth with p of tea big cat hank liam jacon julie all competing what event i don't with you catalan i dont know what ok let's forget what lay big sport running pay on winning not just running there's little island is women into cattle on two cath wages they rotting shall they shoot throw and they think they do the shooting nausea shoot your i gotta valiantly gunnar so i barely one that i next question we don't know
the catholic i honour some fucking years i'm real answer we don't quit before was over because we too tired the minute i got up to the track you know that heat that's u sonatrach fuck that i'm goin home ten events will ya decay i got that part put here here's a little crazy don't look it up who can name ten events in the calf one and if you can you're nerd ap empty ethic euphoria of the bad interviews had p empty has had over the years parentheses dan reno deck prescott cream better what interview would you like to do over for them over the most and why it's a good question have all i know the answer you first christophersen which you will have our back on again
but we did that to sky thai was right when i moved fun fact about that one that was like the day i moved into my first apartment in new york and i didn't i moved in with people i didn't know and i was like this is before the office is open and they're like don't work from home as like don't worry i'll be at the office whenever i'm working and for that one i had to record at the house and we're having like a party and it was like it was a shit it was an absolute shit i was on saving or go phd was in texas charisma was in california i was in new york you reside my wash and drier behind me in my kitchen for different scopes and we also just did terrible job researching it said she went to washing stagers like no i told her next time she comes on the show she just has to run with the fact that she is we know we know so we'll definitely have her back on we have to start at the super bowl so that will definitely happen again but i wish we had that one that's very good answer es i would like to do den reno again now you know
what you're saying you know why because we did him over again i think out we would get more hostile zoom earlier in the indian said like trying to make an come along just leave for sure would leave i we get i hope we get to a point i think there will be a point the next year or so the dac prescott will come back on not remembering that then on before and that would end werner eat more and by the way we're not gonna tell navvies rarer last the same exact questions i will end with this actual one more question for big how will we see high five men shirts on borst all for him or to the goat and i need the shirt yes what was that so i it's obviously well you're serious consequences but i make ass its five year i make a heisman for every wisconsin quarterback knowing they'll never win a heisman part heisman most rather one oh ah horny when your heisman like ten people buy em shut out all those ten people but grim is the first four star recruit quarterback back the wisconsin's ever had
and his numbers five was him and then the guy that's from long island livestock excellent probably the starter so tat we you will have a grim you probably get a jack husband sure sure before you get a arts but both beyond the way are what is most awkward are uncomfortable thing that has happened off air with someone you interview that the aid we also know about i'm thinking if we told the ongoing thing oh yeah i say so it s really one of the areas is all time all time when the funniest moments i've had doing this part gas de under join was walking in the door that like the underdog here and he was probably two feet behind the like talent booker girl at works here and she walked in and ass she walked and she said hey you guys can talk about the nets in before anyone at any time to process that day under georgia's walked i think i said what the fuck out loud and further andrey jordan we did talk about the nets but
was the weirdest thing that i think has ever been requested what we usually do any those required i think those coming from him either no it wasn't he was totally fine with it would happen was he walked in the door and and the person said yes he could not talk about the nets with them that would be great and a bouquet i think is what the fuck am i go wait like what he may not about the nets and the person goes if you could just like stick to mainly talking about duncan doughnuts stubby great yeah any like oh ok it's a weird thing that happens in the interview world words almost a hundred percent of the time not the athlete that's asking it's the pr people that rap the athlete who were weirdly nervous about like stuff that you don't even think that they should be so daughter was totally fine but his person is watch run i think that's actually now that i'm replaying it
that's right you just chess game the pr people are playing by just so you make aid or even care even to bring up their nets but they throw you off your game right before you walk in by being like hey don't bring up the thing that everyone wants talk about a don't talk about basketball yes that's our show will see everyone monday training camp weak huge guest every single day next week i m very excited for monday show because it's a recurring guest when we ve had on an holy shit he is the best shall we
he saved my soul baba's going to going to say goodbye to all this going to say goodbye to yesterday love you i don't know what to say any way today is applying sign of becoming
about me john cena del needless to say unlike be slowly learning that life is so to me is the better to be safe than sorry you got me
me and he s war could be am at acts five to ann kaye h j for opening the end with each j or for those been
oh the things you say yeah it's life or is it a play my worries away you're all the things i've got to remember oh come on you and me me me go in there beats me
me me me me again above never misapplied again lobby bubble
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