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Football Is Back, Tony Hawk, And Bigger Than Ben Part 3

2020-09-11 | 🔗
Football is back baby. We talk about Thursday Night Football, Andy Reid's facemask and the Chiefs being a wagon. (2:10-6:29) Little NBA playoff talk (6:30-11:05) and then we get into a weekend preview and picks for all the NFL games. (12:10-19:15) Fantasy Lax Bros. (29:16-35:30)Tony Hawk joins the show to talk about the return of his video game, being gnarly, and doing sick tricks. (40:45-1:03:13) Segments include Fyre Fest of the Week, (1:06:42-1:19:14) PR 101 for Odell Beckham and documentary review for Bigger Than Ben Part 3 (1:19:15-1:25:43)
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On today's pardon. My take football is back. We have football to talk about. We have the first game in the books. We at the weekend preview. We have everything. We also have tony HAWK great interview with tony HAWK Legend, the game. Second, and we ve got him on recurring. Guess tony hawk. We have fire fast. We have big, been wrought. This burgers documentary part three. What a fucking show for our first football Friday get excited, and it's all brought you by friends at the cash app parliament takes always brought about a cash up. We're in the cash have studio startled the easiest play send money to your friends It's the safest, go right now, download the cash app use, it don't be, throwing around money left and right. Don't do that. That's how you get sick. You need to have the cash app it links directly to your bank account. It's super easy to use.
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You have any idea how they work. A part of my class presented by the cash app go. Downloader right now use code bars till you get ten dollars for free ten dollars. The ass Pierre today is Friday. Eight September eleven and football is back, so thank you so my belt, so good, Andy Red wearing his foggy ass mass that I could I watched him he's it. It actually look like those like when you, when you see a dog on the sidewalk that has a special collar round them so they won't bite. You just anti guzzle yeah, that's what was no, not the least one words like round. There knows he has
that's so that he can go around just eat everything, insight! That's what it is actually about face needs guard, yeah he's he went to golden crown. He was like you know a put one of those on my a seeing him just get Quetta drenched in water having a thing fog up. He needs a Winchell wiper on the front of his, so good verbal meme. Annie Reed wearing the witches got that wet pussy nice wrapping it no chance that you would even knows what the wife is but great to have football back. It felt real and chiefs news Flash or really really really fucking good. I mean that's kind of all. You have to say about that game. Like I don't I don't think the Texans are as bad as they looked at times. I think the chiefs are just really really fucking good Super bowl champs for a reason. Folks, there's nothing that you could do to stop the chiefs win. Their offenses
like that. Theirs is there's absolutely nothing you can do, and now they have Clyde, and let me just start by saying closet, cool S. Name, Clyde is a real need to be more people named Clyde in this world. I really we'd all be much out. You can't get mad at give. You fuck you Clyde. I it doesnt work like It's a cool ass, smooth name and our yeah. He looks awesome club words lair, lair, hilarious, Jake Marsh actually had that wrong today, so mark that the book something the cheek Marsh got wrong. I got right. I was jealous you, young. I've looked at the pronunciation got after that's it admitted. I was wrong before. However, if I was the game, I would have done outer. However Jake how it is done enough research and looked at the pronunciation God and practice it saying out, No I'm sorry I'll Michael's immediately, while you you're a good grasp and yeah he's younger up the fresh prince of alert. Yes, there they look, awesome chiefly fuckin awesome. I don't really know what else to say. Besides chiefs,
I mean I, I think more than anything to night was just a celebration of me. Celebrating the football was back and also seeing all the weird stuff getting introduced to all the weird stuff that we're gonna be in we're gonna, see over the course of the season, like the coaches wearing the mass. On the side, my up bill, o Brien wearing the sub zero mask yeah covered up his little bottle and his chin. He looked evil at their Bilbil, o Brien intimidating we're until you realise that he was gonna Pont from the fifth yard line like four times. There's like oh yeah, that still bill brine under that mass so brine football, but he doesn't want to get wilful or hurt. Now that's how injuries and soft tissue things happen is when you try to take too many shuts down field when you're losing by twenty it. Also
You really did feel like. I know they piped in the noise there was, there were fans there. I think twenty thousand twenty five thousand fans there, but you know the only part we're really going to miss his just like the crowd shots. Obviously, NFL fans are the funniest fans in the world and missing that crowd shot. That will take a little bit of way, but if they pipe in the noise for the broadcast yeah, I'm in like it doesn't just just don't even show the crowd. Don't let us know that it's there's no one and you can kind of just pretend it's it's all fine we'll get Del was in the crowd today, young you last week he was on his phone. Bad fan he should be at every game. Actual issues have Roderick Adele, at least during every time. Slot Godot should be up in the stands by himself on his phone. Looking at a tender finding like the green Eminem or whatever is looking, would radically searches for online, but probably is easy chairs
Ben caveats, sweaters Eminem holders are so ordered it we're gonna, do a full and a felt we do in that by the way what the man gave not opening roused. Aren't you just ended crazy over, so he humming children did he kill two thousand Ellie cylinders, yours thousand children, while Damn Coney do not cheating on that fact. Tony twenty, twenty eight, so we're gonna get to our football preview would have some picks forward. You doubtless saga little MBA, because you have a game. Seven tonight Hank. How are you feeling I'm feel nervous? I'm not gonna lie as a rough skitter, pointing so ass to, I don't think game several be against the Ross game. Six was clearly like the NBA and an end. You know we ve been to install terms of kind of doing some behind the scenes like putting together broadcasts. I understand where the NBA from where it was well why you ought not to have arms? Are you admitting that that you're fucking with the games for rating sank? No, but I rather like,
it sounds to me like that worry is that it involves corporation and we were in a once went through a pandemic. We needed the best range. We could possibly get, and if we can we, aren't hell the wrath, we're we're all those things that were not like storerooms, not, but if we could tell the rushing up just call everything against the celtic sewing, get a game: seven for ratings, I understand it. I understand the Irish. No earlier survey was clearly that you know that the post came report where the fuck is called came out today. Everything that happened on the stretch that was supposed to get calling itself extent. They admitted it, which is the craziest that happens every single day. I know static just celtics, but every day that report comes out there like every com. Last twenty seconds was wrong, doesn't make more just now. It is very sure that the Celtics get to the next round, because that's where you would make more money off the viewer ship, as opposed to like one game, seven in the second round yeah, but
tell dicks, have clearly been the better team in the series. They should have one game three. They should have one game: six: the fact that it is a game- seven anything can happen, it just feels walkie and it doesn't sit well with me I'm night. I do think that the subjects are the better team and it should have been a four day five day, MAC Syrian. So I'm your good. I just I love the cow is now the new guy that people just run out of things to say about like how much of a competitor, Gaza dog listen, it's an honor wants it s got Honneur for Nick Nurse, took great cultural, rang issues, he it's it's only further guys that are good, but not like superstar good. The northern irish doesn't come here and I urge him right there so they're, not so incredible that they can just completely dominate all the time. It's that extra bit were there very good and
They just want more than everyone else on the core, and there is asked army layer on their team. He hadn't yes, and then you just get a lot of man calorie, so underrated, which may be. Is I to that, and then we have were run on a collision course for Lakers clippers? Stop me if you ve heard this before James Harden sucked in a play off game, which I guess, if your James hardened and you're gonna suck in a play off game, do it when the Houston Texans are playing an footballs back, and no one really is paying attention to the NBA game, so good job James Heart in making sure that you picked it perfectly to go against football. That's actually
probably the only doin some will ever be able to use this spends own James Harden. No one cares that you sucked into play off game because there is football on yeah that we never again happen. The series of this year's is overcome. You, gentlemen, Sweden, for the Lakers there there do you in done reminder to James hardened listeners, startling escort twenty one points. How many? How many feel ghost you think he had made? Five too? He scored twenty one points you at sixteen for twenty from the free trial, I gotta get to line sixty four twenty from the freezer line. Twenty the points, I think too, for eleven one for six from terror, I mean harder. I think that's really. The main reason why aren't gets the line is not because he can get so many more points often, but it gets a nice little break eagerly,
still he ate or state aid gets there just catch his breath for while he he also just ran out a gas which happens every single time that it places will that's the other conserve the Celtics. I think the rocket are going through a now, but the fact that in an mba playing every other day so rocket had a game. What game seven last series and their displaying game one two days later and have had to play every other day. Some of the subjects of bans, like that's gonna, be concerned like going in a game three, for if the Celtic lose on a Friday night deserve ruin your whole weakened. The ball happen, but the patriot arms, that's the beat as the beauty of this thing or being and falling even yet the patriot on Sunday of Cameroon,
goes out lighted up setting can be like in the first pretty monsieur. I expect nothing less so that those moss the whole team Adam everybody. I have remembered settlement in the key areas. Classy, I actually agree with you. The entire team combined might have what it would have like. Twenty three touchdowns that year D Ok and came Newton. Is Tom Brady yeah solely of fifty, so Oh, he gathered the deep on IRAN with rushing in Russia, Lotto gotta, ok, I that can wash away in, although we will good sag way, Hank, let's, let's, let's get too are weakened. Preview, have some picks coming up before we do that Sundays. His fall on CBS all, Access the NFL on CBS returns stream, your local game live on CBS all access be there from week, one all the way to sue rule. Fifty five that's actually
is we got no Jim on the Superbowl and is can be great here? Jim Nance, back and efficiency. Bs is back. Watch live on CBS all access visit, CBS, DOT, com, Slash NFL. To start your free trial, now I mean what what more do? I have to say: you're gonna get to watch football right there, everyone whose cut courts Boom Don CBS all access watch on a computer boom, CBS Dotcom such an official go watch. Sundays is fall on CBS. All access. Take you see, bs. I will be watching on CBS dot com such an official
you can also go to at CBS all access on twitter, okay, let's, let's do a rapid fire gun can cut check, takes gut check, takes, will do our picks at the end, so feel free to just kind of throw like a decision. Your official pick not that we even keep records or anything like that, but will start I'm just going to go straight down the line Seahawks Falcons ten out of eleven starters on the falcons or first round draft picks. How can you not love that? How can you not love
Just the Falcons also love that that it's really far trip from Seahawks. Yet, for whatever reason I was feel like it, Lana is the farthest away from Seattle. You know, I don't think it's true. It just feels like a long trip, and these are two teams and always play in fucking crazy games. Yeah I've, no prediction for this game, but I do predict that whatever happens can be extremely weird. The sea ox are going to be an interesting case. This year, because we might have the first time ever in the end, a foul that social media bullies peak care, Earl into actually letting his envy p calibre quarterback throw the Baltimore. No there's no has no chance is what's going on right now in Twitter. Let Russia cook there's no chance ass to let him come no care p. Karel is he has a doctorate in establishing the run you idiots. He is still
sabotaging the run from two seasons ago? He's not gonna stop their Chris Carson's can get twenty seven carries are so jets pills are the next one. I had a really really dark thought earlier today and I want to give a trigger warning to all bills fans what if the bills go like thirteen in three and when the F ceased and maybe even get a first round by get the one c demonic at once. His boot call at the chiefs, but get home play off game and we can't have any fence. I think, though, manage that so fucking sat in Ohio state about getting about. Like I closed my eyes out think about those early games in Buffalo when the fans, like all the Buffalo means dont, know how to
do you of being in the sun and they all like look like cooked lobsters by the third quarter, but they're so fuckin, drunk and so happy to have the bills back, and we just get robbed of that fuck. You could, I think, no matter what happens bills fan if it gets that level. You been asking for a vaccine for a very long time. I think you led the charge saying that that was a good thing. You will get the entire city. A fellow signing up for whatever the reverse trial. It is, and we like just shoot me up with it if it means that they all you have to go in the stadium. Just let me tailgate on the lot and get hammered and will watch giants green like to do in Toronto in drastic park right they will have. They will have a Buffalo park that they all sit and watch the games together, and I suggest you can be hot massacre. Jets are trash until flag or gets and then we'll reevaluate at that point. But right now I like the bills but double digit. Can I ask a question to the other thought I had about this game SAM Donalds like for some reason?
runs like all seemed Arnold he's gonna be great, and but then they may frontage Ashdown was guess. Sam Donald doesn't have motto in one lives. What gives cause you? What do you see our whatever bears lines? mere risky barons. The lions! That's enough set, I don't think this is sort of Mitch revenge tour. The only thing that scares me- I don't even know if he's playing but Adrian Petersen Waterways scare me because used to run all over the bears right. I also think that map Patricia working to find out if the team hates this get out of them or not. They definitely don't love him yet that watch again. Oh yeah yeah. We are because you've been on that watch for two two years are so they either are ambivalent towards them and they could go in IRAN and when, like for games in a row and then the wheelchair we love this guy or they could sort.
Real slow, in which case he is going to be looking for locker, the lions also fall under my category of team that people some of the Prognosticated are picking just because they don't want to be like everyone else, so they looked through the whole lesson there like. What's the one pic, I can do, that's not like everyone else, and then there pick an alliance which now has become, like everyone swell whoever wins. This game is gonna, be setting them themselves up bigtime. So like as a bears fan, you beat the lions and you're going to think we are good if the lines they beat bears than you think we are good. You gonna look at the best parts of the other team and you will be like you know what the bears were able to contain Matt Stafford, he only through four three hundred twenty, two to picks into touchdowns newbie like we can do that against anybody. If the lies with the bears
We like you, we are able to handle the toughest defence in the leg and then you both full yourselves into thinking that you gonna go like eleven in five twelve and for I mean I'm a fool of myself in that already, but I know snatcher, I Packers Vikings disaster, one of my picks on the total, but I go back and forth. I part of me thinks it. This is a prime Aaron, Rodgers fuck. You tore, but I am also thinking that if the packer start slow and the cowboy start fast, Aaron Rodgers can be like whoops, Michael Courtney, not so bad and things fall apart quickly and that's what I'm ready for that's probably trees. When I look back on his ex his right eye, he, but he did say that him in matters of fluoride, our hashtag fringe goals, hash care, the hashtag that we have you think they're we commonly used in today's parlance, hashtag friend, goals and soap,
they're getting look really well, but that's definitely not something that you say about. Somebody that you are actually hashtag for Ngos were correct because a person that your hashtag for Ngos with would kick your ass for saying, hashtag from good, never allow it Hank, dolphins, patriots, how we feel and Rhine Fitzpatrick you go on from weak seventeen. Last year, Rhine, Fitzpatrick kind of ending the patriot season, yeah cause takes away, thereby to ride Fitzpatrick coming back week. One. How are you feeling I feel great Emily talked about it before it's basically Bilbil Chuck revenge, tour of sorts letter, revenge towards going on this scale, you there's gotta, be a villain came up shared their friend goals. I just you know that don't talk about it, but everything everything that's been reported from doing in camp has been great came Newton, Scylla, healthier, like a fuckin vs paean boss was it would ensure an elderly man on video like Michael. Maybe I can I go out there.
I'm I'm here I'm going over what has already given good good report. My circles are saying that Belgic is happy with can also. Actually it brings up a good point. If we do dancing around when Hash, delaying wretches and stuff, what he's? What have we done on would belch been saying about. Cam Newton is very account. I made him a commenting that he set about Tom Brady in the last four years that you ve been very, very slow to give Brady any praise very thing. It almost feels, like he's praising him Newton like a little bit too much while he made of a cat. I guess I like, of course I think Bela check out only project lies
I think he tells you how it feels like he's, not that type a guy, but I also laugh whenever we come out a camp and everything's hunky dory with every single team. What else would they say, like I'm sure, Belgic its asked about him in every single dams? Your camera gets asked about Belgic every single day where they could be like actually conflict and hate the guy. So what you see? I am, Sir he's just a little
have stories. I just love amidst the Mitch Mitch being like. I found my car he's talking. I, when I am innocent, he the little bit too much you he's a cam noon is just an amazing competitor. I love everything that he does his tall. I love his hat. I love the way that he text me when I got under stone. He I think some hilarious arrows not around. He does his great impression of me that everybody seems to laugh at that. I don't understand like he is. He is absolutely gassing up. Came noon like let almost like your introducing a new girl frontier friends a little bit and you just like you talker up so much because you're afraid of what they're gonna think about. Do you think late at night you and airline is watching like Instagram stories of Rock and Brady Indian, like damn. What do you think he's? Not? I think he he opens up into grim stories, but it's his own and its facing him, and he just one.
Some sites, blacks and putting d, always in a fly, putting filters on his own belly button, Jake, pink potential facilities to Morrow, dolphins, patriots and heat Celtics. Coming this we allow our lost in a hurry, hurry, Hank and piety, and yet a robot. I actually I'm ready for J Bundeswehr. Let's go What are you guys a world you guys gonna have a bet if, if the patriots beat the dolphins on Sunday, Jake has to eat an entire cake. If the dolphins be the Patriots, Hank has to get a cat, you thought about it. First second tell like ours.
On girl. I dont think, as I like now not only have one minute. I can I just there's no chance pit the patriotic and let you see the Jake has to eat a cake, because then we can help me to kick my love cake. Yet true, it is cakes season baby! Ok, personally, I have sometimes did the patriots win popular casting a cake, and if the dolphins win, Hank has seen a whole cake. What about if he'd celtics are involved, will deal with that hangs gotta get there. I eagles first the Washington Football team and mean big Kekuit to choose what type of kick it is yet any I three quarters of it
or bring it, and I think the eagles in the washing football team have played in weak one like seventy dears day. They do this a lot to football team with no name. This is my I'm gonna do a burglar on the Eagles, because I think that the Redskins gives me the wash in football team. I think that they could win this game. This could be a weird game where it's a new head, coach and new place. The teams can be playing for foreign Rivera this week. No one knows what to expect address. The real is a very good defence. A coordinator, I, like the Washington artist, formerly known as the Redskins ok bring well, is my burning between Adrian hasnt silicone about when asking, if first round pick fifteenth overall, now good second set second pillar, I dont
I just I gotta see it from doing, has not saying it's over still early. I can see it raiders Panthers that this is not what this game is yours, it's a classic, it'll, be interesting to see what the Panthers look like. No, this is a game. This is the prime washee. Let's do this together. Colds jaguars raged panthers. Those are both prime. We forgot those games raw material read so yeah and they just show it with raiders. That's every raiders gave yet they just show it like once every hour like checking it in Carolina. What oh, yes,
it's actually go. We really weird. You see the raiders on the early redstone. They are definitely amid too late afternoon. Redstone team, at the checking on its Ex seventeen two three in the fourth quarter, and they let go. Here's a feel. Go. That's our highlight back to the real games you care of. I also part of me just wants take the Panthers risks, unlike Ojo Brady. What he did Ellis you he's, can do it again with the Panthers, I'm just upsetting to happen rules not everywhere the smart yeah. I think he he loses couple games early he's numbering smock best bit, not himself browser ravens, we're we're talk, we're due Pierre Wanna, one fur o dell becum after Tony hawk. You don't do it I'm going to wait. You like the brown snow, I'm just I know. I know what time is ten if you want to drop the frog dog on on the ravens, already right off the bat
for you ravens. Although this is another, it will be interesting to see because stiff ascii is first came as a head coach. He has ed. You said today he's keeping the team Hungary's but have sixteen captains this year. Love said you don't need a c on your chest to the great leader stew, fancy firm supporter of the itty bitty titty commit his vanity is if he can read it ages. Reed, like I'm talking a book, not even a defence, not nothing. We can read he's an upgrade from Freddy Catch. Let me ask you this question: if he can not poop his pants on the sidelines and locally an idiot it all the time no offence for indications or a bad you're, really bad. Ah, dad is an instant up great yeah. It is his name. He Jackson, no ok
is his name. Freddy Kitchen now is his name: Roger Zigzag, ski no boom of great up great, get excited Bengals chargers, Bengals Blah blah puck saints. Your word, I'm just say: jobbers can blow Mount every single week box saints. This will be a very fine game this our afternoon delicious game. Everyone can the game of the weak, Joe Bach James Winston revenge game. James Winston
he knows all the secrets of serious yeah. He knows all the places that he that Bruce doesn't want them to pass the ball. Here's my hot take about the box in this game. I feel like whatever's gonna happen week. One were gonna overreact too, with the box and it's gonna be the exact opposite. If they sock week, one they're gonna go thirteen entering and if Tom Brazen credible week one he's your fall off a cliff, I think I think it's gonna, I think we're gonna would no matter which way goes. We're gonna overreact will, which has to happen. Is we need the buccaneers to win in the Patriots, Toulouse or the Patriots win the buccaneers to lose, so we can really him hammer into that. Nor are we can be like Storyline Storyline Tom made the wrong decision. Tom made the right decision that this weekend
a foreign them on the on the life altering change. Of course it Tom regulate, yes, storylines can be taken back cardinals. Forty nine are super hang over except George Kiddo yep, George Kittle, and also, if I just I just don't think that the cargoes do they even have a defence. Everyone loves and wiser. Simmons is a fuckin stud who they drafted with the eight I would just say. I will never think tat. The cartels have difference, no matter what, especially when cliff kings various cushion team I will be. I will look at the team and I will say that man is a big twelve coach. He doesn't have any landscaping whatsoever is backyard. That is not a defensive oriented football team tonight was the first step in me realising the Andrey Hopkins isn't on the Texans anymore. I still gonna need underscore like three or four touchdowns in a cardinals unity, for me to fully be like oil yonder happens on the cardinals last one cowboys rams over yet, as I had actually I'll start there, that will start with our picks. Over tat will be my
overall, however, that your over that smart, faster, if enough said the enough said Hank what you're over pick patriots, patriots, ok, ah underdog. I beg you not prepared for this minor dog. We did this. He did forget. Ok, bangles, plus, Rita minor dog is the wash in football team, the team with no name plus five and a half Gay Hake will come back to you. My under is the Packers Vikings under forty five lie get up. Ok, I've got the cardinals, forty nine! Is it at forty? Eight? Ok, that's your under! That's my under that's your under, although I just said a second ago that Cardlestone
have a that's fine I'll give it a you know what if it was forty nine that would be they'll be assign- and I would say yes yeah take you over, but since it's not I'm taking the under underdog, bears you're nice good pet candor pick good pick and then my favorite is going to. Be the bills, minus six and a half of what I had about had ass. Yet the jets are the same onto the jets, are the jets and they will continue to be the jets until proven otherwise correct Hank. You want to clean up what have we got left steelers for my favorite. Ok, that's Monday. As Monday S, ok beyond include monitoring asian and do it every what everyone and its Yok spoken from over. Ok you're, certainly not a believer in Joe Judge.
I think I think two giants my come out. Hot, I mean you're. The only team has been tackling turgenev hullo attacking us all excited to not yank other. I am. I can't lose parlay the first one of the year. It cannot lose eagles, colts pills, one one to win one point: five that will not lose eagles colts pills that will not lose there's no chance at loses, the can't lose Parlez back and it cannot lose. It will not lose a great Billy Agri. Thank you, Billy! I just need one personal Tommy cannot lose. I just said I can't lose coats. Who else poodles Eagles bills, money line had not lose money line, cannot lose. I'm tellin you right now. There is no way it loses, because it is the king. It says it right, the name. Fifty on you, I need to refresh you on what the cables it's his can't lose parlour.
Thank you forget I cannot lose. I think you're forgetting the name that I said just a moment ago that eagles on burglar, the eagles are gonna, be to Washington Football team. The job with a culture could be jaguars. The bills repeat jets in the can't lose parlay will march on one in oh, ok, let's get to also you aren't you introduce this before we get sorting hawk, wouldn't do some little different. Yes, we're gonna wanna fuck around with fancy fuck boys a little bit this year. They will be making their return, but we're gonna switch it up on a weekly basis between some new friends that we ve got so this. What is it? What we call in this one? I don't know the fancy lacks bros fancy lacks propose. Thank you. You want to start sure nice, my name's Ronald Swift, stardom, shitty, called basketball teams, participation, trophy culture struck again and then one put three under sixty five teams in the word Marsh Man is bracket. So your team socks, it doesn't matter because you still get a chance. The championship,
that's pretty chill, though, if you don't have the championship, pedigree or whatever, like I know, Duke, is pretty sweet uva they weren't allowed to like Johns Hopkins like they never get. A chance for sure is Joe Rogan. I know like all my friends, probably like what the fuck dude I like this studio stocks, no horse. Dives wood is James, solar, energy censored by Spotify, like you switch over there in that You can get his old pod gazettes. Alex chosen is like that she's just a trip, men just can't even no free speech and popped up dude, it's crazy Jamie pull person in it and now my sentiments is Jarvis Landry I've won and was talking about the poop when they talk about grounds. But after this week I think that in the time of the Jews, the Jews and the police in ages, reduce nator be clean do you want to go about it?
barely nobody that badly Digby Vice stardom. Is oil changes take plein piss, castor oil? age, my system also Billy, also important upkeep on your wrangler Do yourself ass, you know her for sure my system is gender reveals is only you can stop for spies yeah fire yeah. You should get agenda reveal until you're like owner to show you got policy Digby, give us a parking ok. Have you sleep idea? My sleeper is. Animal fat, you know your brain. Ah, you pre hating, you PETE this duty new again hated.
Hers, penitence hide its high hobbies So tired, he's actually gonna pick you up simple this year, the hogs zone, the high. Yet a highly hawks S. Behalf hearts, you God's you came back. I realise the only lead to higher growth lies. There is no fundamental values in Seattle thousand size on two thousand and six hers, tags, methinks black lists, which are guys western press in the fourth junior starting. My dad's, both gas storage, dad's Buddhist weakens preacher view eyes, but expired boats good, to go, get on the water to a lake and wake it's also September. So no more sunscreen sons done. You don't have to lather up once. Numbers are officially over spf season, get the rays bacon and Itchy
nice, my sit in I'm Odell Bacco sit in I'm just I'm let him let him sit on me. He sins Odo, Beckham sin, bakers, Gandhi, took another sponge fudge Toss near right at his chest and it's gonna bounce right off his number. Odell Beckham, I'm sitting them. Rubby sticky, hands this week or so chill so many commercials fake as a good dude. I like him and that you got to get that burst. Money he's got Sonique. Chosen touch recession. That sounds like your geeks me of being a fucking as a number of being down Napoleon, always tat. I care about actual your lessons. Children per ratio is actually essays, poorer regions,
Show the pole ratio, I was gonna say like losing out. Chile is how much ass his children to Pooh Pooh ratio is always just hanging down by the way what yeah. For years, my sleeper, I'm sleeping G h, beat us asthma. Super you, wanna get bundle, but stay KEDO is huge, be all the way boys. Only boys only keep it keep it responsible can't fall into the wrong hands are also lose my scholarship begin. We are jolly yeah. That's right can be smart, zillion, no leaders this week. If my stardom is Josh Alan duties, so he throws so far top chatterer the sitting dude. I once pocket Plato, profits with Josh and time of it Change tat was bang the Chaise Lang them to change your pay. With that I played Davison. Dialed learns. Do you actually
oh yeah, thanks man aren't my city. Bizarre. Your check taking your favorite Prodi after you have a bank says back yeah. It is but then you get to be like a. I need my hoodie back and then you over to her apartment, and then says double down. Let's not title in that sick, like which where's your letters, and then my cinemas skipped balance or sleepers details, I'm starting to think skippers can, or should I say my name, Oh I'm pretty well. I'm sort of big skip bills, kind of work and socks he's not chill anymore he's he's kind of an asshole. I lay I respect the fact that he has the MIKE weighed down at penis level to cook up your peers. If you go, do no oil change dude. I wish that asking only in his zapped his whole balls off should adapt his old regime. Deodorant.
All right hands. I will see how that goes like euros, yeah yeah skip else does sought by the way we should at least mention dead on one of the worst takes ever it's it's rare that everyone he ever an online candidate skippers. We actually like him in, and I ran a fashionable. I put this time. It's like no dude, This is even funny, ironically you're just a day I like, and what is in the same way that you like an animal like a very dangerous animal at the zoo, they re like look at and observe, but you don't want to get into the inclosure with them or else targets
He basically said Dac Prescott whose brother died vs suicide, and I know how to say that correctly he died. He committed suicide. I think in April or March Dac open up about struggling with depression, and it was like everything that we have done is a society when it comes to mental health. This is these are the type of moments that you hope for work. I can say: hey I've been dealing with some stuff. Like I'm open about it, I M showing you on vulnerable. We talked about this with Kevin love a couple weeks ago. That's how people's lives get saved, that's how you make a difference and skip Alias busy, just shit on it being like gather
like he showed a moment. A weakness he's the leader of the Dallas cowboys. This isn't a leader quality, blah blah blah fuck. You skip bail. I think that in a weird way, in one of the six parts of what he said was that he was saying that the real issue here was that you can't be the quarterback of the Dallas cowboys horror and have something like us he's in skip aliases, weird brain you could be. The quarterback of the LOS Angeles programmes are the Jaguars, and it's ok to this, but this is a delicate. The he in skip aliases, mind the best job in the world that should have the most perfect person in it in the world is the Dallas Cowboys, quarterback and obviously day or people as well skip? Doesn't, I guess realise that, but also in a weird way in a Rudy GO bear type way skip might have.
They ve been a hero of mental illness or acts because he got everybody to talk about what a shit had. He is for having this terrible take, and maybe maybe more people paid attention to the others should escape a hero who's to say. Yet the big question is going to be whether or not he actually apologize. We saw Fox really statement. It seems like probably everyone at like foxen of us want is like what the fuck dude warlike. Why? Why but will skip apologize? We were, we are actually talking about before the show he I have a feeling he's gonna be like I didn't. That's not what I meant put, for the actually not unfortunate the reality of it for skip palaces? He was very clear when he met do it was. It was actually like us very well put together argument of the worst point ever right, like
EL straight, for I know exactly what I mean. It's sock, you can't argue way out. Maybe get poor Tom Brennan say like I've, never said those words before my life and their say was it. It was a slip of the tongue. I didn't mean to say that you should not show weakness if your brother committed suicide in year in one of the most high stressful positions, the world like me that maybe that's his excuse about it. I don't know it's gonna be he could always do the and there's a long drive levies. It has the ILO soon Ball game. So yeah he's Dick Schiphol. Us your cancel brown. You know what, if your deck Prescott surly doesn't help things that skip Bayliss is your biggest fan in the world like you always have to deal in the back of your mind with the fact that did you did something along the way that made Skip Bayliss? Really like you? Yes, that's gotta, be sole, crushing, yes, absolutely so yeah skip pocketed. Ok,
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bar store, so go right now get your both quite comfort, ear. Butts! Ok here is tony hawk. Okay, we now welcome on recurring guest friend of the programme. Legend of the game is tony hawk. He's back tony HAWK pro skater, one in two has come out. It is been re mastered, were very, very excited, let's start their tony. What is the reception ban, because it's a tricky thing to do a nostalgia game that we all love this kids to re master it ah and trusts. You now have a new generation fall in love What has been the reception so far so far so good. I had a ton of positive comments. It's gone great reviews, but also its more just the the fans like that. I see the tags on social media
and they're out of her mind, excited laudable and play the demo, so they had a taste of what they are getting into, but now that it's before release they are. They are very happy from what I can tell you. So the original tony high prosecutor games they were like among the highest raided video games. I think she's of all time across any sort of platform whatsoever. Thirdly, all right and nine point, five. Nine point, six point: seven on any website. So when you're sitting down trying to figure out how to remake that and how to like recapture that success. What did you decide like? Ok, here's here, the things that need to be updated and change, and- and this is where we're gonna stay- and you know it, with what we know that the people like it was more about keeping that that game play a motion, those controls intact and not that was probably the biggest the most Russia that we had because we knew the hard core fans were without
you to be their immediate measure of how good it is. But luckily there are some of the poorest desires are still floating around one of the original best players who ended up actually working for never saw later on, because he was so good at the game he consulted on this, and so we had the right came in place and I feel like vicarious visions. Who is the developer yourself? The latter did not wanted. You know they were. They were handed this very precious cargo. They didn't blow it yeah, that's deckers job by the way, some sick, that's like every kids dream growing up using. I got so good at this video game. Just hired me to play it all the time. Yes, if for that also named never sandy php, as you can look him up, ok, Hoeyer, I'm never soft is just like. I don't know why, and why do we talk about this last time, but like something about California companies Calvin,
people they just come up with the course names. Coolest brands like net a wine we everything can never saw. Never softer was, as you say, you're hard, the opposite of heck yeah, that's weird, but like never soft, that's cool or no yeah now would be as well received now in the current climate. Back, then you know they're, pretty renegade, always hard there like if you were to give in east coast or inopportune and the company we probably like hard hard all the time and right away like Yoda named socks, briars never saw show right. Would you decide to do about the soundtrack? Did you keep them regional soundtrack quite a bit of a year, and I think some of the more iconic tracks in the first few games are the ones people can expect. Can we kept him in there and then now we updated it as well. I had some influence on and they went out. Looking for more,
were banned that represent the sound and divide skating in. I think it's really well rounded. Soundtrack. We're gonna have Superman again course. Nice love it. So I saw that you are doing some stuff with our friend Nick marks on twitch and you been can all over the place and it dawned on me are twitch streamers, like the twenty twenty version of scape borders, when you were coming up, like, though profession that people a lot of parents are probably like. You can never make money doing this through the rest of society. Car looks down on it Now you see like twenty twitched rumours are having their aid day. I'm sure you had that moment. Where was satisfying the and, like you I told you, I could make it like a great living off of this. How do you see any correlation that, like on the fringe of society that is now becoming mainstream, sure eyes, a lotta parallels this busy people?
all your passion, and in doing so we are good at and finally getting an audience for it I mean to. It is obvious that the perfect venue for that with skating, I never imagined I d make money on it. I never imagined I be doing it my adult life, so I all this has just been gravy and sister amazing, surprise alone, but I applaud those guys like a day and they can stay entertaining and producing content by playing video games and all the power to him have you ever been lives Nick marks marks before he did just now. I have not oh no. I reckon Maura o smart yeah. I've done one twitch live stream and it was playing my game with thin Wolf hard from a stranger Oh no! Oh ok! So you I mean you can proponents of numbers tomorrow. I imagine you go live networks, I don't know how familiar as I reflect on what I made it end this interview early, so I can go practice some more. Yes, we we can get you trained because, like the chat, that's going to be
she was gonna, be pretty hard. I don't love. You ve read the comments on on twitter frames, but like weaken night, yeah, but I'm gonna be more focused on the game, so I'm gonna have to tuner meting out. Just focus also need marks. Fans are a little bit nicer than the people who watch our streams and just peace. We fuck with us the whole time so we'll you'll be fine, you'll be a natural you you got this, I am, worried about not only hiking implicit, I'm gonna be Leslie, ignorant of all the chap guess. Yes, how many? So you just mentioned that you never thought you'd be skateboarding well into your don't I've. I saw the video for your birthday. You did the was. It was a mere twisty. Without was what you do, I'm twisty yet no chance. We got no challenge I didn't make with, while holding glass to melt yes. So how do we take Suzette now is that I was one one and then we'll cut this part profoundly takes was it
I promise you, I always ok, here's the thing I had tried decent based tricks and I kept spilling alone. A bit. While I was on my way down from the trick, and I said well, we got something. What am I try and a twist and it was the six load everywhere and that'll be that'll, be like the great failure that is honestly was my. My goal was that there is no way that this work right. So why not just make a crazy? You know all I break the chain of the got milk challenge and when I tried it, it's in the glass knows it like it was. It was a total happy accident. You accidentally succeed at the trick right yeah, It was an idiot I spend less on that. Then I did on the basic her home, how much of a nor did. I just sound like when I called it a MC twisty. I feel so uncool, knowing that its MC twist aware, I wouldn't know, there's a lot of piquets going around if that was the milk twist. So
eleven. It's ok, ok, thank you. Ah, I used to work like birdhouse clothes and air walk shoes and maybe, like some Deasey shoes back when I was a middle school, but I didn't skateboard was I poseur now need you you apprehended gave fashion hell. You are you kidding me what you think you ve got a kid weren't thrashed assurance the Supreme State Y yeah, but then, when somebody cholera report is important things we consider them. I consider them consumers. Ok, I was good concern. Our view is back in there, but I went online Maria I, on behalf of bird ass. I appreciate your consumption yeah. We're like your. Why are you wearing Bert? How sure you're going to scare Billy? I want to put some money in my good friend, Tony Hawks pocket. So thank you very much, no problem. I I wanted to dive into something: like is almost a mental thing, that I think that you are
a unique with when you did the nine hundred right after you did that no other people are able to do it, they go out there and they can see that it's possible to be done and they can emulate it. And I think that is kind of crazy. That, like you, were the first person to do it and then came the damn broke, because people were able to realise that it was possible after you did it. What was it for you that, like made, you think that something was possible. Then nobody had ever done before that like gave you, the conference be like a like, like Roger Bannisters, like I don't care that nowhere ran a formidable before out. Do it and then you everybody else, does after the fact what was it about you that made you different that made. You believe that you could do it well, I always lud explain what nets and in trying to take trick, to the next level are or trying to combine search trick, so that has always been my big goal and skating was, was to keep breaking boundaries and still win.
I had learned seven twenties. I thought well the next stage, obviously nine hundred, how do I get that actually turn and I just have working out a little by little I figure we just wars in my mind, I had all the pieces. I knew how to spend I knew how did I you had a just my body. I just need to figure out how to land it, and so I never thought of this is just not possible at all. It was just more like I got to keep chipping away at it and it took its toll for sure I mean I broke a rib at one point trying So you had a video, they went viral as they probably a week ago, two weeks ago, where you are helping Sky Brown a twelve year old girl? Do the mega ramp? What's this was back story behind that because she is way, cooler than I'll ever be, and it was like awesome to see that everyone Tron encourage her. But what was the backs?
well. She had been considering jumping on that ramp. He she had actually been going. It's my friend, Elliot ramps. You ve been going to his house and stating the landing part about ramp and indicating the big quarter pipes and getting comfortable with that kind of speed in that kind of size, and I saw her a few days before that, and she said I when a jump that they will. You come help me through it and I hadn't actually done it in a few years myself, so I thought, Yellow learned together and so we kind of both we're taking each other on? I finally did it a couple times, and I told her it's not as scary as you think it is, and she's already gone down a ramp. It was bigger than that one, but not jumped the gap, and I just said: if you make it down this ramp you're, my man is going to take you over the gap. So there's no worry about that.
And then he saw it happened. She did it. It was ass. I did hear back. I just thought this is Zaka on the deal that Serbia heard there yesterday she did a three sixty overlapping. What's it say me such a cool like heartwarming video, it's gotta, be, I would imagine, fulfilling to have like a twelve year old skater still look up to you and be like you know, Tony HAWK your legend. You know that doesn't happen a lot and sports when you twenty talk about like got, you know and NFL player retires when sixty people, don't still think about them, is like that. You know that way. In that reverence, where you have skaters were still asking for advice, it's gonna be pretty fulfilling I'd. Imagine you I'm enough. I think that's the best
Do these days to distorted pass on my experience, my knowledge through a new generation and make no mistake skies fully capable of doing that all on our own. I just give her a little more confidence and incentive to do it, because I I can see what she is capable of, and sometimes she just need that little by little, push it far. If tony HAWK was born in Knight errant, two thousand Ten would say that your ten years old right now do you think that you would get as Is skateboarding, as you did when you were coming up, because I know that you're the dynamics changed a little bit we're now you have, I guess it's more like you know, there's there been more people in front of you, but it's less counterculture. Now then, I think that it was back in the day which I think the counterculture kind of was attractive for a lot of people that start skateboarding in the Eightys and Ninetys. So you were born right now. Do you think that you would be more inclined to be escaped border or do you think he'd be kind of less inclined? I think I would be
Klein to be a scary. I think there's something that the drew me to them was not about just being rebellious, are being now cast. It was more about the possibilities and the idea that you can do it at your own pace and and on your own terms, and not have to listen to a coach, and not that's really it for me. So it was hard for me back there. You noticed it was hard to me because I was I was ousted by my by my peers, my classmates, because I yeah, yeah I and then, when I got the skating, I was considering an outcast because I was so little and my style was so sort of robotic,
and so for me, and I was really hard to be not accepted in either realm of industries. In the support that I and the loving so now I feel like there's much more. Acceptance is much more support, no matter how you use the state- and I think I would enjoy that very much did you. Could you ever have a moment where someone who maybe maybe not picked on you but was like skating- is stupid, play perks. He replay a real sport and you ran into them like all years later in your like Tony hawk, it's what I think. I've actually managed to cross through the other side, where pressure that the narrative about skating when I was young, was that why you still skating, you know what that's a kid's toy. That's if I do any YO, Yos or hula hoops
That was the attitude and then, when I was in my twenties, I had some success in my latest and then my twenties is when I was still trying to escape and then that's what it was like. What? How could you possibly so you're a grown man? What is wrong with you and now and now I sort of pushed through the other side. Words like headed: amazing he's fifty and he can still right escape or you shit. You know you need you. You need to find someone who is like a real jerk to you and your growing up and then bring the mega ramp and make a viral very Have you been like you got this? Do you got this and they clearly won't have it and they break all their bones. I feel like there's a there my liability, nor are did it themselves, you just given sky around, like its super easy a twelve year old girl. Just did that you got this man like a fifty year old attitude whose mean to you,
high school any tries to shoot shoot gap when he just totally beefs and breaks every bone in his body or like gotcha. Man like this was forty years coming. Ah, yes, I knew you never sire. I think I take my success. Is the ultimate revenged? I'm? Ok, ok, fair, Fair Europe, I beg your man than what about a senior tour for escape. Tabby, pretty fun when it like, have a bunch of like all right I'll, be they d like a site to use any. If I get the delay our key to sponsor an event, I'm in dowdy stubby actually awesome to watch. If there's a six year old scoop orders going up and down the half my life catching sicker, you just dominate you like Phil Mickelson, who just went into this do your tour of golf and just like the first day that he was eligible, he's dominated use just make the division in just kick everyone's ass. Well say that one possibility,
why do people still getting my eggs, though you know, look and see what the sea were taken. Sir, you said that when you are like in your twenties and well established people be like you man, I can't believe you're still skating, like win win, does escape porter peak. Well, it's chicken eggs, its objective in such an art form that it's hard to say like. I know that I feel like I was skating, I was I was taking a lot more rests in doing more I should tricks say fifteen years ago, but there are tricked I'm learning now that I hadn't thought of back then. So I feel like in some ways better now, but I know that I could have done all the crazy spinning moves and bigger back then, so it really depends on what your. What year, flavor skating, is your crafty vet? Now now it was there. Was there moment, though, that you realize, like has kind of, has not escaped you, but a part of it like you can't do that exact trick anymore. Yeah for sure
Actually it was it was couple years ago I did it. I did a video on my fiftieth birthday, where I went through fifty tricks that I created through the years and there were probably five to ten tricks in that segment, that I know that the last time ever gonna do well, that's a prisoner. The risk to reward is just not is our It's actually great to know that that's the last time that you're going to do it, instead of finding out that it's last time you going to do it afterwards. I just broke my ankle Did you have? I do have closer on a couple tracks, I feel really get about this ice. Have you been mistaken for Tony HAWK anywhere recently, all the time. In fact, it happened so often give and people think I make up those scenarios like on twitter those are just the ones that are entertaining enough to share, but the other times just kind of it. This sort of retail I gave em you like turning, oh yeah, that's cool.
It is really a thicker. Are coworker coolly wrote a blog about how you you somehow reached almost perfect level of fame where you're famous, but you also can go places and not be like completely hassled and a lot of people do the doublespeak I guess that's owning arc. Ok, I think it is provocative, bother I would agree yes or if you like, it We cannot fail to that I'll. Get you in the door and places an ivy get your reservations, the restaurants, and you're not enough the year that your followed by a pop rotten riah in your rich, which is if you're gonna, be famous, You want to make sure that rich equation. Otherwise, what's the point you? I think that those those two things should go hand in hand with don't necessarily here. So I had to ask questions actually about things we talk about last time has: did anyone mentioned the pony, cock nickname to you after we talked about it last time, IRAN? No, but now
when something goes in high school, so I still do here echoes of that. I don't know which stems from your shower, not but ok what this is they just real reality it out with money in those days. Elementary school and junior high, as when I got that nickname we just we're getting picked on. You know now we know it as bullying and now there's all these resources for the bag. Nay said it stuck it up. Here was so people please. If you see Tony hot first verify that Sony HAWK in second, don't call him bony cock. I mean I know what I want everyone to have you recognize me. I am thankful in the child in the Chad tomorrow, John playing with words. Do not only cock, yes, don't say, or do you I'm talking to you delete it. Don't say: ok, that's critically! up to now yachting Oberon, chattering, yeah, yeah yeah. That's like that. You know at the barbarous rice and effective. Yes, yes,
sure do away thanks for alerting people to that that they will not participated in non bony. Can't you do not say today say bar restriction in the chat but see, you have another question. Oh yes, I had my last question. Is the BT question go to push box dot com, slash p empty, to receive quality meat sliver to your door now? So the other thing we talked about Joe gas we had Steve O on a couple weeks ago. He says they started filming the new jackass movie. The first week was incredible and then Corona virus happened. I think when you came on, you said the U dinner No. If they're gonna do another movie, will you be in this one in this one? Before this way I have planted that seed? Yes, and I have seen some footage that made me laugh until I almost puked. Yes, you got
getting it. You got to get away from everything. Steve O said this is going to be like you, I think, there's a vibe of these guys are washed up so they're going to go even further to make sure that they tell everyone they're not washed up. So you have to be part of that. I saw three just still photos were next level again. I'm so excited just being able, laugh and still picture this move, yes, I did have one last question. So when you are, making the original tony hawk. I remember that there was a scene that had to be cut out because it was like after nine eleven that the game shipped there was a scene in the airport, would like terror. Cigar replaced by pickpockets in this new ones. Are we going to get the original scene or is it still gonna, be the pickpockets that was not in the first few games poker, but but we will take you to serious said so. The it'll be Let me pay packet around our work.
Whatever was on the release. That's where we're going got prototype. If you do like another update of it, you guys should add a Karen character who comes and tries to steal everyone's skateboard file, like I won't where mass That's like. I know my right, barbecue Becky yeah those holes. I hopped Jack, I get out of the air, and then you can go on the game. You can go and you can tweak the video and have cancelled and fired from a job like fidelity now begin. Wait you real now without, like our I, like our fantasy world of tricks and grow, getting on. High Now yap it used to be the final pause. You gotta, you gotta have the man that you're fighting against too little right. You know like security, yet like dogs them all cops and stuff, you should have good that shows up with a cell phone and her husband, whose like standing behind her these little
paid, looking a little embarrassed, wives causing scene, but you know you won't say anything and then like eventually, he like steps in front of her. These go you can go home alone, told that that's how you beat the gay getting cared a handled so put plant the care we have now and yes, yes, some think about. If you wanna Malaria ring Assad on her face yeah right, we got this plan all the care. Yes, every awesome, bs! Ok, I will Tonia. Thank. You is always man good to catch up with you. Everyone go get it right now, Tony heart prosecutor wanted to re, mastered out. Good luck on it. Its chair and thanks so much man thanks. Yes, daddy viewed tony hawkers brought to you by our great friends at body, armor body, armors back summers. Winding down you gotta stay hydrated, though I love body
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I've been waiting on those I've been sit on the last couple weeks, waiting for them to get here. It's a Christmas morning for these gummies. These things are so good. I use them almost every night. If I dont use them, I use the little droplets under the tongue. This product is the truth. Is the capital city truth Gerda three cheat outcome as under three siege: I'd outcome: shop for Delta, eight vapor, gummy, tinctures oils that you can use to make Hamid edibles. These promo code pew empty a check out from a good p m t, get five percent off your order. You have to be twenty went purchase. That's three Chee dotcom! Ok, let's get some segments first up, we have fire fest of the week. Henry Firefox, the weak go. My fire fasting Firefox was built. I kind of like well TAT, hat Dodgers, her together, Geier Arrow was pretty course era pointing at I don't know if it's really just like such a cool hat that I really have no explanation for, but it's cool people forget that your brother lives in California.
Is dog Mookie actually born? Now that so you know what the Sox going back to my roots sox, Speaking of being in allay, my Firefox is not being somewhere cool. Where can take like cool pictures for the grant of, like the orange sky or like cholera, cool, very yelling? Where was like fire like it agrees the other day, and now it's snowing like my firefox, it is not being somewhere where, like the whether you want to be completely turn in a world of Siam, it sucks that my instagram you're, so like our away for lacking the alike lips there. I don't get the cloud that you would get if you like if we can, I always had in a picture in the sky was orange like how many more like so we that's what I've been genetically altered or just goes anywhere in New York City, like new city dying, that's cut through Nancy, easy lottery, tweets right. There take a picture of an empty block,
yeah, or are you all right with as our Rask? I must be moving out yet the city just fine Ricky the rat meal. I look at this piece of shit yeah. You got your socks start starting. My way can use around you be positive, We are happy about. This was before that nobody has a number of the problems of dough. Maybe you could start a fire in New York is like five minutes is built on the kind of like I want to be there. I can't miss that, like that's kind of how I've been feeling this week, seeing all the things coming out of a cow for scores fire formal? I got you most she'll get into our singled out for sure. It is I call that it looks like the San Francisco giants. Colors can I we say that yet like if you're gonna find a silver lining our golden light when everyone its eye it, it does look like it's the giants year. Don't wanna bet against the giants when this guy's that color, but he s pretty creepy shit very creepy, I pity or firefox my final also I, oh god, oh god, you got that this is the first time I was walking my dog and I forgot a poop bag and it pooped and I felt such Jane. I went back to my apartment, got a bag and pick it up. I got it.
It says, but he also I thought at trust me though I thought it like. I have a fucking, I'm a bag of worlds keep walking and, unlike the HAWK backers like, I should probably go back. Ok, two things: one is tied the bag to delete. That's always a good way of never forgetting if who bag in two? Did you do the fake lean over like you're picking up the poop, because I always do that and then I'll go back, but you got a fake like you're picking it up, so people don't judge I.
I did to a dramatic like realizing. I didn't have the baron I really are sold out like I've bought from one's ethnic as no one lives in New York City, and I think I think what you have to do as you do like when you get a foul call on you in the NBA. You just look around like your point score sable, just raise your hand this one's on me or you can find a beau dagger go inside and just by Gator Red with NEO get a pleasant plus it back. That comes with a newspaper. Do that does premature? Do therefore, at this point pity your firefox, yet my first festive the week is that we as a pod cast or signed up for two different fancy teams, and I I somehow figured out a way where I was the only one that was the actual manager of it. So I will have to be the one that forgets to set the lineups every week and deal with the consequent no Jake you Jake is. Are you commander? J ought only to give just one control our job I hereby us out waiver to both of them here.
Like all my personal fancy teams on Islam. Questioner now, do you start Wolf, wilful or the their origin. This is terrible because no one cares about right, but we ve got our three workers. There is very Judy had resumed. I like I wanted. I wanna keep the Rockies Hungary on the bench. Ok, we'll folders you tonight citizens will be helping yell year, a confrontational Horner, recurring Gus yeah? Ok, I said, oh god limbo, my firefox is cured. So then my other far fetched goes out. It's more of a functional. He goes out to the really two thoughts and prayers were. While the hard working journalists up in New England they're, not gonna. Have the normal lunch buffeted that they get joint patriots gave this year, which was widely known as one of the top ten. Fell across borders is they're, changing it. Hank! Listen this to a normal bag. Lunch I got an elementary school, which, by the way, what are kind of better, why times? Because a court covered
forget it. You can't do like gold and grassdale serve yourself. Sneeze Guard Ross, talker, fuckin, put in his hands and every fuckin thing. Yeah covers first twitter videos, Peter cages drinking. I actually eating a whole tray of chile with his bare hands, I'm actually say actually like when Ross does the videos of the phase the different sweets, because, unlike I, curious yeah, you're right, but I always ask like once the food like snow. I do appreciate that a bag launched this year for New England. There me walk up and get a bag called Turkey say yeah Baghdad, who knows how many people have touched, took the crosswalk em up so little side version be like dark at home is not going to be like a zillion relational. It's not gonna, be like out just fucking now who reside together like gotta, be a tasteful tasteful nice meal are my Firefox is. I know this is gonna, I'm so stupid. I I've got enough headlines now that I really do think Mitchell Biscuit because the sure so you agree
so there is even a far fast now I mean I know biased whatsoever. So I'm definitely I'm on your side. I think I think Mitch won't be as bad as easy as bad as people MT on. Take that no chance that it can be that us on the dotted line right now. Also, when you look at the the guy who rankings it, it does say something that Nick falls is ranked ahead of Mister Bisbee. Despite the fact that he's not even started yeah, I just can't be Albania is competent. He got up at his back. I just you know, we always do this. You reading up headlines you enough things where it's like always change this. You change that he spent all all summer, so you know trapped in a film room. He worked on his mechanics. He's got the confidence new off at everything. I fully believe that it's this guy's gonna win. The bears ten games share very well. He will be on the bears,
sorting quarterback. Now the bears win. Ten gains he's going to personally win ten games. I can't wait for midstream, risky, screenshots ease and come back ten apes. Those are always the best. I feel in your what has taken a beating the last couple years. Dude some of it was tat. Some of it was it, but leaving some cool he's become a punch line, and you know what he's but punch back. Yeah bigtime big time I bill your Firefox. First fire felt a law shoelaces though, but Billy's wearing your ass. It is in Madison. Yes, he's where's your boots. Despite the he does not. So I will doing my fancy draft on Wednesday night, and you know I go through this every year, where you, that of creating new jobs. Whom email male eyes count and like I have like nine emails and they like to forgot password just so annoying area in my second wise click, the forgot password, because that's how I see more complicated than just cream a new email, it says you an email, watchful and this is
rights rush dreams. I just create new one user email, because it's nice Has that email who is? Do you know any the password any of your email, just a man with no face ice occasions very complicated. You walked out of every account how your name, no there's a lot of passwords and stuff and ended they update of which is to suitable. Like I don't believe I know Irene, that's what I was going to say Billy. I know I brag on you a little bit just don't take this the wrong way, but I don't think you're creating like these super elaborate, though passwords on that's probably like Whitey Dog one. No Susie it football is sixty nine. We dwell information point I can imagine you have all these passwords floating in your head. Like I can't remember I didn't know because then there's I gotta put a symbol and the aim is not ok sorts. I miss football in the eyes of want here, yes, but do so many and then its use every year I was the Yahoo password and you
mother. One is that my chicks are finally old enough to crow, and I got a route waiting all before thirty every morning. Ok, so what do you do? Kill it snuff? The rooster you can suffer, I might depend on how changes to the actual toad, and that is a big enough to ease. Take it. Take em all yeah you gotta, wait till is big enough to eat my edit than eat the fuck out of chicken with less I use it to gamble on Russia now that idea alive. Yet why don't you weren't? You like eat, one of the chicks that grows to set example to the others: loser! Let them watch you through my five ass ugly, ass good for the job you way really or Firefox is now your waking up earlier than you'd like to yes, over going back here for another seven, I ok ass. He was gonna, hear and password and patent past it has a toddler in general. I will give Billy this path. You know what people are always like afraid of having the union's bill gates ship put into your brain or whatever put whatever you need to intimate
bodies, and I never have to internet password again. It's are you a robot clicking pictures, for you that your dad, but all the others to be fucking things nowadays with the years time identifying fire hydrant capture. Sometimes the cap, which one is it then? No really, then there's the words ratified. Why Sally like the boxes that issues of uv not offering us looks know how about we already declared a bilateral trade, a new email, there click a box and unify or cross walks. I can't do that. They all have Fucking Cross Walks and there's all yegg but dad says that you could too many the robots are devoting me. I will say that best thing in the world is like when you sign into something in your like I'm, not gonna, member the password, and then it feels it in four. Yes, the face recognition like they probably have like apple, has everything.
But I dont care. That's it! That's future future! You put, I put the real idee chip into my into my body notice, Wavin, further beater. As long as you have to remember like a ten character password again totally fine, let's get till it's finish up with the couple segments we appear wanna once so on Tuesday, after our podcast dropped, something else dropped. It was o Dell becum the news that he put simply likes to get shit on, and I say not online physically, and I say that if that's his thing good for him, but it sucks the usual really sucks. It sounds like it's not true, because our this, this is the same outfit that has spread these rumours in the past. They know how to get clicks mission accomplished work. The worst part is that he's accused of all the stuff, and he didn't.
Even get to get shit on rise like you might as well. Just go get shit on right now. Why safety? If we really wanted to do it, he needs to incorporate into his first touchdown dancing needs have Jarvis Landry come over and fake pooper football on his chest. I This was also the like it had. I think the news one news happened. It was like late at night, it might have an early early morning legal base as late as you. I am, but it was that's the type, a story that is only the jokes are only good for about twenty minutes. Then all the good ones get used up, and then everyone comes in with the Like Amistad upcoming. And these are my shit pawns in its brutal than ever number two wide receiver De Janeiro Da Cathy languages is only grounds or too because of using bad. No, I just use out one joke repeatedly about him. As you know that he is a number glasses issue warrants.
We gave out about tabloids. Do you have your trip joke and I had a jury Jude, ok, also just he should die the here back blonde again, but then put brown streaks in it. Now it works. Well. I woke up too late to make Cleveland Steamer joke, because my rooster woke me up another fire first. Why didn't you always say that again, Are you and steer the beginning? So I woke up too late because I went back to bed after I was to hear what I said. I was exactly what happened every morning. He wakes up rolls over. It falls back, see Proserpina, so you're blaming research for waking up too early and truly issues, these situations nice bill a nice I also use that exact same joke on Twitter. When you woke up. That's ok, I'm so
Our last we have bigger than Ben part. Three documentary view. I am hoping at this point because I dont know how has anyone had they now somebody episodes are there have to be at least three more eyes? Were we ve just scratch the surface of how big Ben deals with ray having during the time of killing right- and I am hoping that it just never ends, I'm hoping this is actually a new like it's almost you know and Shiela booth did the thing we're like people got spit on him or whenever watch him for forty eight hours memory did that like living art, thing, the just do it: you can do it, and yet no yea did something Jaya. Yeah Shire did like stood outside a museum right in people spent on or something writing crammed people showed up in and he had a consulate riah. So big ban is doing the first ever documentary they never ends. So just let's go in its ever there's an unlimited up
so they will not destroy us. It's a long yet right, big, been is inventing blogging as we speak. It would be incredible if he just like change the art of documentary. It's like it's actually just never ever going to end That's the case because I'm enjoying it so much the highlights from this episode, though big Ben doing the solo came in bed. It was literally just basically said, and I don't big Ben hasn't been online a lot. He had that woman running his account. He business, like you, guys, use this picture forever, to make fun of me nanda what she sees in all the means he just gave that too it's definitely the same angle that you use if its, if you're on the other end of an interesting call with late? It's just I'm so happy that he did that. I think I want to say that big ban is just ignorant the internet, but pardon me thinks like big. Then no man got our back he's. Giving us something
to make fun of thick Ben is addicted. To port has said that himself, he knows all the shady sport does it. He probably has goes to blight types and porn duck yeah. That's what you do on the internet that you actually doesn't mean is only that you could actually, as DVD, see probably when he grew out that that big beard he was like sweet now, I can go round the corner store pick up some penthouses like you, back in the day right. No one will recognize me right. Like us. The same guy he's been buying slipping from for fourteen years. Pot appear jokes. We also had my my favorite line. Was his doctor saying that he almost crush my hand when, when he. You got out of the castle was, in other words the lining of any so strong, definitely run down a tree, definite written by been the eddies just making sure that bank guesses aired about their. I like TAT, win roughest burgers can applying doktor when used talking to a surgeon. He was like what is going to be harder to throw doc hardball or along ball, and the doctors equal,
jack. You have to get through a long ball, hard right and then was ignoble. Like there's. Some throws. Harder than others event eventually came out came out was saying like a difficult throw to make like an inner an throws run to due to a lack of forty you're outright, as opposed to like throwing the boss sixty five yards, which would also be a hard through right, but also a long. RO giving me not as difficult Rio right. So that was does funny watching Ben try to get his doctor to also be his quarterback Cordelia Mental Gymnastics, and then he we got see Ben throws first pass all he said it was like riding a pike. He said it's, it's almost like he's done it. His whole life in like manner we have when he saw TAT, makes sense when he saw NFL football for the first, It remind me, those videos of a dog seeing their owner was deployed, oversee coming home. He like saw it. He just like, ran across Europe,
does freak out how excited wagging his little tail and he just yeah, I I think been when he got injured. He just forgot that he had thrown a football before because when he said that when he gets it felt like I'd done this a million times Ben. I think you have boys never gone more than probably a weakens life without thrown a football. I would say more than like today probably probably a matter of hours yeah. I just thought it was interesting, this episode, but also in the ones before a little bit. He discusses his body like he's like he's a first time, homeowner on a on a fixer upper show, we like had to take the sink out. We did not realise nausea. That would be. I guess the previous owners have done some weird stuff too. I guess how he's talking about his arm? He's yes. We went in there and they had to re three or four the tenants. That was
but take a longer process to fixed and we had thought before and then his wife goes. We did not know what we are signing up it just so it's a documentary about a house that happens to be been raffles, burgers body right and is his wife is very prominently in the documentary. There's a lot of beard talk, a lot of big Ben is a family man. That's just great. It's great great to see gives a hundred and ten percent. I did like the subtle IRA irony when she like Ben has his mind to it like he won't hear. No, there's no yeah right. Ok, yes, so bent good job. I I'm just so happy there. I get to watch my Sunday, I'm so happy to watch. It really has, incidentally, I hope there, the there, the team there, like the raiders, their team everyone's around dark horse,
I mean I lie, take the sealer's: how did it had a ball? What mother I football for passes on one April, I you guys know. I said a million times last year, how much I love that defend so now, if Ben is just like average they're gonna be really fuckin. Good business can be so excited. The yeah yeah count on the first, like three passes, he's about ten yards to he's, also going to quiet the crowd that doesn't exist just out of habit. Like warps, who also do like the terrible tat like you, acknowledge the crowd who yet eyes them and then oh score touched her, probably throw the football into the crowd. Yes, like walk up to completely empty front row and try to handed to a girl, that's not there. I need it so bigger than pan part. Three, hopefully again, there's like twenty minutes parts. It just never ends are that's our show. Everyone have found this weekend. We will see you on
Sunday or Monday morning, we'll have our any fell. Recap do every game or fast as two minutes well D, on on for a few for fifteen twenty minutes, it's gonna be great footballs, fuckin backward while, as back Hank best of luck on Friday night against raptors soggy sorrows Yes, we will be larger on part. My text, which hang around a mighty twitched tune in. I was Everyone on Monday have great weakened. Love, yes, pillage of anything for s fact: whales closest What did you did? I told this one very high value added to people fact is no longer. Father was not. We heard it. You guys heard it. Our duty of dubious value as you do anyway, you really you're just a due to redo this park ass for each other and unity.
Whales, closest land, relative or promises second fact bring out, which once closer You updated on fact, because I found on distance anyway, second contract. Dialogue legs are actually more. Most poisonous fighter. You just don't have not done. That is not true. It is old, wives, urban, legend, daddy long legs. Boys- As long as you're now reading snapped the reactor MAX you readings paid for out of you for two years. I believe that you are a new path I've Partlet bulls. What you like you ok, have you heard this one? This comes from the universal California. Riverside spider research department seems pretty logic. Have you this one daddy long legs are one of the most poisonous. Why does put their thanks are too short by humans. This tale has been.
Nor can run for years. I've heard repeatedly no state and even had a schoolteacher, misinforming her class and Museum Brisbane Australia. This is incorrect. Terrified. Several points need to be explained. First, seems like it's like it's very interact with an old wives. Turning the bought her. They do not have poison and by powers of logic, cannot very business. Twenty one guess: ass, sixty three what did he say forty two Twenty one, six, it's nine six, three zero.
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