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Former Alabama QB And National Champion Greg McElroy

2017-08-31 | 🔗
REAL Football is officially back. College Football talk and Tiger Woods is swinging a golf club again (2:18 - 8:31) . Kyrie Irving trade has been finalized (8:31 - 12:52). The end of Mt Rushmore season with the Mt Rushmore of things we'll miss about the summer (12:52 - 20:31). Former Alabama Starting QB and National Champion joins the show to talk about playing for Nick Saban, his career with the Jets, Rex, Tim Tebow, and the upcoming college football season (20:31 - 51:30). Segments include Uhhh Ya Think for Big Baller Brand, Pussification of America for England, Connect the Dots, Thats too much internet for today, and Jimbos of the week
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On today's part of my take. We welcome on national champion Greg Mcelroy. He talks to us about Nick Saban was like playing for Nick Saban was like playing for Rex Ryan in the New York jets. we also have our final match. Rushmore of the entire season. It is sad summers over, but that means football is back and we're going to do some jimbos before we get to all that. I wanted to talk to you guys about pellet on bikes. Pelton bikes are. Awesome and they hooked Pft, and I up. We both have them in our homes and we both bike all the time it great because you don't have to go to the gym. It's a great cutting edge indoor bicycle brings live studio classes right to your home. New classes are added every day a variety of workouts choose from forty five minute classes. Twenty minute burns hip hop rock and roll low imp, or high intensity. I like to do the ten minute class just ease my way into it. So if you
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Michael dot com, that's p e l, o t, o n doc cycle dot, com, use the code pmt and get started. Let's go pardon. My take bar stools Friday September first and real football is back September's here. This is what I consider to be the start of fall, I'm a big September, twenty first through. Third, I think that fall starts when August and do you do this thing? I I walk out of my apartment and I that I thought it was funny. Like Tuesday, we had the first touch of fall and I just start licking my lips.
Yeah yeah, I looked at my my I phone not to brag. I've got an Iphone. I so I'll pick up, and I saw six days a row on the weather app that were in the seventies yeah and I was I got a bonus. Big dog season, love it so real footballs back. We got college football, big sleep this weekend, I'm excited Indiana is getting the game day for the first time ever so congrats to Bloomington in little shout out for everyone out there they're not going to be super drunk and like leave the game after the first quarter or anything. That's not an indian. I think that we actually debated whether to wait till after the show to tape. Just in case Indiana Upset, Ohio state- and I said nope, I'm just going to say it on the show. There is zero percent chance. Ohio state lose this game. So now, if it happens, will be funny, that's going to be a nice little. That's one for freezing cold takes yeah that one that Excel file. For later. I have a staff for you by the way for the opening weekend of college football. It's good. You can keep it to yourself. 'cause, I'm stats guy you're, going to like this stat, though Nick Saban he's playing
they're playing Fsu on Saturday night, okay, ten and against old assistant coaches. Is that the most Nick Saban thing of all time to just be like if you once worked for Maine. If you want shared secrets with me, I want to grab a Do you like sword and put it through your heart? Well he's not playing against Lane Kiffin yeah, so that make that ten one saving would probably go like we put up one hundred burger so yeah, I was going to say it's a fifty burger. What's one hundred it's like one hundred meatloaf one hundred filet one hundred foo, I like that yeah, it's also
Nfl cut season, so tonight is the last round of the preseason games and a lot of guys are changing the math tonight, though, that's what you say when you enter this game, you gotta change the math. You gotta make it, but it's also the most likely game to have like a punter severely injured by a guy who's, just trying to change the math and in his head he's like I'm just going to die that his kneecaps. Yes, I'm going to knock somebody out. The good news is, if you are listening to this show and you get cut by an NFL team, sure there's a lot of you out there they're listening to it. You get to keep your twitch avatar as you in in a full jersey. Do you and it's okay? No! No! You do you do. I see, I know like people who have not who are on a practice squad like eight years ago, and they still have them, sell will do in the preseason game. So if I ever got like invited to training camp- and I just like the guy- I just bought you- a jersey would probably put it on Christian Kuntz. That was his name. He like went to the patch.
I'm not even a day right. They sign them and then they kind of my thing before the first word was: are you? Are you pc remind you to Fred's accomplishing counts? Okay, there you go, may not come to a little better, now doesn't yeah, so the kind of before was over, but he gets to. He gets to keep the Jersey picture, but I say that you should lose your check. Mark, oh, ok, it's not! The NFL is checked Well that would yeah I mean I would I trade that for for the for, if you're gonna, Jersey in full pads on action, no check mark, I take the verified football guy, so it will it's football back. We also have our boy Dana Shadow to West. just a quick shout out Sunday night they're playing against Virginia Tech wow. I can't believe I remember that. Well, I mean it's a rivalry game. Yes, Landover MD! Now,
Is it so? If I said I don't know, be careful now its route, John Maryland? Okay for those of you who might not know about the story of Rell John Jack, Kent Cooke had to do it, he it signs. This is maybe Rock John yeah. We don't care when they pat when they built the stadium. He demanded that the change the name of the town to Route John and they did for year in there like this sucks yeah route, Johns pretty good. So, actually, I was just stupid rows on the show: okay, so Route John. So hopefully Dana takes Rajon by storm. Yes, so he is our. Would you say he's out on one road if you were doing Westeros, my best friend is yeah. He is Hank's best friend. Actually, when we went and spent some time in West Virginia a great week, we laughed and Hank just said that from the back of the like the anywhere that he's like standard. Dana Holgorsen is my best friend someday. When I get married, I'm going to have him speak at my wedding hope they beat the fuck out of Virginia Tech. I do too all right. We also have some big breaking move.
Little did tiger woods is actually good ending of the dead cow because he's not actually back he's doing his classic Tiger woods. He swung a golf club and then as soon as the camera went off, he went and laid down on the ground and had a stretcher.
and pick him up and put him back in the hospital didn't say, though, like he's a Slo MO, though he's allowed to start doing pitch pitch shots shots, yeah, ok, still, doctor said Florida state Patrol needs to clean before he drives again, though. Yes, right there, you go nice, you had that one prevents thanks. That was good. That was really good. It was like two two, eight one, two two point: seven. I say it should be higher than that because it wasn't pre read well, I should say it should be higher than that, because Rick Riley loves Tiger woods. Jokes, so I'll give you a full screen light up in blue by the time this comes out tomorrow, Rick will probably already made that joke correct, correct yeah you'll be so, I think tiger. He needs to revamp his whole game a little bit because once he starts getting above like a five iron is when he just his spinal column, collapses like a termite mound, so he needs to just like he needs to just go to par. Three courses
He needs to be a sixty degree wedge guy, one of those guys that hit the ball. The moon he's rich enough. He could like start the Xfl for golf, and just have it be. You know passion put OSA like guys with really bad back injuries where you get to pay to just watch them, hurt them so yeah right, it would be pretty fun. I do it. Is it walking all over the course just grabbing their back? You could have one whole just be like you have to have sex with a Perkins waitress. Who would like to see how your back holds Tiger Woods reality. Show you can't you can't you can't lay on your back. You have to have sex with this program is waitress and you can't use missionary and then on the seventh hole you have to take valium and delighted and drive a car yeah. We we've between the flux, all right and then finally, just before we get to our final Mount Rushmore, which is sad, we have a quick update. From the Kyree Irving trade. The Celtics have now
given up another second round pick because Isaiah Thomas because basically said Isaiah Thomas Hip is broken, even though it's not correct, so the Dan Gilbert Fleece, Danny Ainge. Now now they police themselves, okay gradually! So that's! Okay! Well, in all of her, I was going to say: do not off its axis if Dan Gilbert Smart of the day- and you know that's like pinky and the brain of a trade together, sorry sickly, what with the cabs got in return? Is they got an extra five minutes of having their logo on tv on ESPN during the draft right? That's because they're going to get somebody that is not gonna, make the final roster so No, actually, no, let me stop you get more than that because They also get Dan Gilbert's son, with the bow tie on on the sp. Are that sir, throw that in the package when he gets on tv for an extra five minutes right that actually might have something to do with why they put the chance? I is, if you think, about the mentality, if you're getting a star that it in your real they really concerned about his hip. You're like this guy might not ever compete at a high level again and then some
I tell you what I'll throw in a bag of yeah. Okay deal all right. That means my son gets to be on tv, so we have a pot yeah. I'm shocked. I'm shocked that Dan Gilbert. He made all this money off of what subprime mortgages. Yes, Joe Rock Wall shocked that he would be tricked by a worthless asset. Didn't go over to the ultimate subprime mortgage where he made all his money off subprime mortgages then sold his company. Then that company ran into the ground they re bought it and then made millions again. Okay, it's America, so yeah. He sees a pile of shit and he's like. Oh, I could turn something like this into some money. Yes, I find a big enough. Sucker did you see? Kairys quote it was delicious for anyone out there who fashions themselves a Lebron hater. He said there are no there are no other ulterior reasons, other than being happy and
to be somewhere where you feel like it's an environment, that's conducive for you maximizing your potential as a human being, let's go and basically saying we will Bron James is the biggest dick had to play with of all time, so we can maximize himself in Cleveland right, correct. You can only do that by MAX. He can't climax. Can't MAC he's just been edging glass three years MAX. Well, that's what you want you to do well, actually carry they say is a great finisher. So that's finished. Alright, let's go to before we get to our final Mount rush more I wanted to quickly shout out seek seek, is the best app for buying all your tickets online. We have college football back this weekend huge games and you want to use, seek if you're trying to get to any of the games you can use seek. Load the app and you can. You can purchase with confidence because
everything is fully guaranteed and they also show you a grade of each seat in the arena or the stadium. So you know that you're sitting in the best possible seats, not just sports either they have concerts, comedy theater tickets, although We seek geek so goal right now, download the c get gap enter promo code. Take that's t a k, e promo code. Take take for ten dollars off your first seek purchase. We just bought you a beer by going to see, seek downloading the app and putting in the promo code, take alright Mount Rushmore. It is the Mount Rushmore Mount Rushmore season. So sad, really sad, very sad, here's the thing! Here's the beauty of this show- and I think that this is or accidental genius things that we've done 'cause we're really not good planners. We don't really actually like
Maybe we should plan this out any good idea that we've ever had we've stumbled into an exactly. What we're really good at is not stopping the ideas that we stumble in right, so too lazy to stop those ideas, but this is nice because Mount Rushmore season, as we said, runs from after the NBA finals to labor day. As sad as we are to see it go. It just builds up the need for Mount Rushmore season again next year. So you get that itch I mean it's. We got to walk away. No, I don't think any of us would willingly want to walk away, but once we walk away everyone's gonna be like who need at Mount Rushmore engine and opens own it's what's around the corner power rankings, power, ranking season start. So it's cyclical nature of sports that we all love true, alright. So with that the Mount Rushmore, the final Mount Rushmore we're going to do the Mount Rushmore of things you will miss from the summer, so snake draft hey Travis is going it too hot. If we all go once who wants to go first, John who's gone first, I think can't. Do you go first Monday? Yes, he did. I
a new draft yeah yeah it! No! No! You you it when the special one special. The first thing you want first yesterday, so I will go first and I'll go in and hand. Okay, all right, so Mount Rushmore things we'll miss off of the summer. All right, I'm going the first pick my rush for season. So that's good yeah So I'm going to miss Mount Rushmore season? That's good! Ok, my first one, It's going to be it's going to be short She just got back just came back and now they're getting taken away. Again, literally, it was who's back a week like a second I'm not taking away alright hot taken once and future king of Mount Rushmore Season short school. Take I kinda hate shorts, Well, then, you should cover up there. You can go fuck yourself, I'm just sorry, it's real hot debate that it starts like in the new Yorker every spring. It's like guys, stop wearing shorts. It doesn't just let you know, I'm going to miss beers with
boys. Oh nice, Hankin, Beach games. Ok, ok, alright! Beers with the boys, beach campgrounds along the same lines for my Second one, I'm going to go with smelling, like sunscreen smell. It is really really good smell people always say, like always smell like the beach guess, what that's fake news, they don't smell like the beach they smell like sunscreen. Yes, all right! My next pick, I'm gonna go with vodka. I miss vodka summer. what time is vodka drinking time? Yeah? You don't think no news for you smell like vodka. At any moment in your life you're picking up alcohol, I'm not talking about smelling like vodka. I'm talking bout drinking vodka, which wasn't the Mount Rushmore smells he got stuck. You got stuck in the snake traps again yeah. I always switch over soon. As labor day happens. I switched back to whiskey it once it gets to fall. It's it's ipas and it's dark dark liquor. once it's in the summer you go John Daly's vodka lemonades all that stuff! You don't drink a vodka lemonade in February, Hank yeah, don't be crazy. That's uh
you're lying to me to see like whiskey in the summer. You know what I do like whiskey in summer, construction of lying so to both of us and yourself. No, no because Hanks in that in that zone, in your early 20s, whatever like ever alcohol. You have in your house, you just use that with whatever's in the fridge okay, so I could see Hank having like a sprite in the fridge and then a bottle. I forget only last five can the winter has brought legal or or that's a that's, a big problem, all right baseball, I'm gonna miss baseball because I yeah we still have October, but but nothing because they sell guns are going to be in there. I I feel nothing takes more of a backseat in September, baseball, like people, just a meat believe NFL and college football come back and everyone's like. What's that? What's that support their playing baseball could just skip the entire month of September and start the playoffs in October, and nobody would know no one would notice. No one, ok, my next one is going to be having all of your friends who have children be jealous of you in the summertime they get really really jealous because their kids are home from school and they have they. Can
do anything they can't go in and they're like. Oh god, I wish. I didn't, have kids like you and it makes you feel awesome for not having sex yeah real relatable to our college. Audience. Yeah! Ok! Well! Is this a college exclusive podcast people? That's why big cats of pandora? That's why I hate for Quincy! That's why Hank Windsor Mount Rushmore's all time, because it's not these young fucking people, their twitter face and snap snapchat Insta Kart, ok next thing, outdoor showers: oh yeah, the last one. I mean I've done. None of these things that sell pet place. I like you, feel like each games. I don't think I played a single beach game, but okay, the last one Bild Football, Okay, I don't talk. Beloved internet time, you're not going to miss to football. Are you are you you? Don't I'm up? No, I don't he need to go. Thank you it! Actually. It actually feels better when we say that yeah yeah, alright, my last one of things that I'll miss about the summertime.
all the award winning listeners that voted in the Mount Rushmore polls. I miss you guys, you know, did a great job. Ok, every time I I click on that pole and I see how many of you guys actually took the time out of your busy day to respond to it. It actually warms my heart and makes me feel good. That's why I say I'm the only one that says this that I love you guys. I love you guys. My last one is going to be the disgusting smell of New York City in the rats everywhere, not to hot trash. got, it, makes you put not in there Liam. That was my not alright. That was our final Mount Rushmore, you're kind of all over the place, not invest, but that's what your best no, you pander mine was pretty good yeah. I was about to be left out once we think we have before we get to Greg MAC where we have not to brag but uh a segment not to brag, but our producer Hank,
it's on the forty under forty list by the big lead, so I'm not to brag but Hank. We're gonna. Give you some comments here. You get a great job thanks, thanks guys what you know you're welcome! We well done here. Thank you for thank you for thinking. That's great you're really creative guy, and whenever we set out to do something and you have a vision, we just trust that you're going to get it done. If we execute our small part, then you make all the magic happen behind the scenes. So thank you for your brain. Do you want anything to Maine? They thank you. Welcome you're welcome. I was going to say you're one of the hardest working guys. I know there's many and people don't realize that we finish the show on like a Sunday night at like eleven or midnight and PSE, and I then we even Hanks got another three hours to work that night, so you're really hard worker. Thank you
Welcome you're! Welcome one! So when are you guys really want on us? I was also hey you E. I I've notices about you when were like out to dinner somewhere. You've had a lot of random girls come up and just be like wow that guys, handsome and like you had somebody just give you their number at dinner before I've. Never seen that yeah, so you're you're good. Looking guy yeah! True, we actually you whenever here is my: were you accidentally shave your beard all the way down you make me feel better about myself, that's yeah! So you're good! Looking guy when you've got your beard covered, no, but seriously all seriousness. Hank, you fucking kill it. I don't shut up to shut all the haters of which there are many go fuck yourself. So that's three all three of us on a forty under forty list. Let's just never grow up. Well, no, we were tired from forty under forty list snacks. Would you like to make the announcement that you're also going to retire? So that way, you don't have to worry about your pressure off. Now I want
back. Ok, I need I need some. I need some motivation. You remember Carter, all right. We are going to do our Greg Mcelroy Interview before we get to that. I wanted Tell you guys about NFL Sunday, ticket dot tv NFL is back in if you are out of mark of your favorite team. You can watch every single game with NFL Sunday, ticket dot, t v, watch direct tv, Redzone Channel, plus direct tv fantasies own channel with NFL Sunday, ticket dot tv may x premium package and you can stream, am on all these things. Xbox playstation, four apple tv roku. Chromecast Samsung, Smart TV laptops, smartphones tablets, snap snap face instant chat, whatever the hell they others Bella check. Things are all of it at NFL, Sunday ticket. Dot tv and right now
the one who's listening this you can be see if you're eligible go online to such an awful Sunday ticket DOT Tv instream, every NFL Sunday ticket game this season to follow your favorite team, no matter where you live, use, promo code, p m t at checkout to save fifteen percent. That's p m t at checkout to save fifteen percent goal right now. see if you're eligible NFL Sunday ticket DOT Tv do it. You know you want to watch every single game all right with that. Let's get to our interview with Greg Mcelroy alright, we now welcome on Greg Mcelroy. He is former national champion for the Alabama Crimson tide. He also has a new show. It's debuting much money. It's called thinking out loud and it's to be on the SEC network Greg. Thank you for joining us, I'm going to start with something I saw you you mentioned a couple of days ago. You mentioned that Nick Sabin Real likes. This year's Alabama team has there never been in Alabama team that Nick Saban hasn't liked.
If I were him, I wouldn't like the twenty ten team very much. He said last name, and I was on that team, so I had well. I can take that right, yeah. I think this team, though it's a little different guys family, gets told every year how great they are, but this year's team gathered being told that again, but there's a lot of guys that haven't really proven themselves, so Nick Saban kind of likes. The idea that
this group is kind of still trying to figure out who they are. You know to me: that's a football guy movie and nobody believes in us, even though we're all like five two star Recruit Alabama Belcher yeah, just be like Super football and stuff yeah bill checks in the same thing this year, even though everyone's picking them to go. Sixteen now he's a day disrespect us for how little respect we have for our opponents. You it. You actually got to see the exhibit after some losses, which is like a it's like a rare bird sighting in the wild. Now, what is he like immediately following a loss? Well, yeah. He is kinda like a rare bird sightings in the wild, which is fascinating way of putting that. I I I'm I'm with you. He. It really doesn't act that different. What kind of weird to me is guys up just being quite honest, this guy, after a win and after a loss really kind of the same guy, it's all
post borderline unusual, because after all, when he fell on your, we got to work on this. We got to work on that. We got to work on that that that, but, after a loss, he's kinda like well, you know we add content, because we just didn't do enough. So he's pretty consistent, even after a when you feel as though you're getting lectured, but that part of the reason why they're so consistent to is there never too much like a roller coaster, style, you're, you're, always the same, which makes him one of the better Cold as we've seen you know so so we have a theory when Nick Saban wins national title. He allows himself like, like maybe two minutes of joy when you guys
who won the national title? How long was did Nick Saban smile for an? Was there like a specific time? It's national is on a Monday. Was it like Wednesday, when he brought his scowl back and just started yelling at everyone telling everyone what they had to work on? Also, you said two minutes I'd take the under. I really would that's a lock of the decade because, even after we would a national championship in the locker room not kidding, we have the crystal ball in hand it just beating Texas
COLT Mccoy got hurt a lot of the Texas fans are talking about that. They always bring that up in the guy that lived in Dallas for awhile. I always hear about how cold Mccoy got hurt and I understand that, but we won the championship were up. Twenty four three at halftime played the second half awful. I mean sleep, walk like don't make a mistake, walking on egg shells and it was ugly. Alright, even the biggest Alabama fan would tell you it was a bad performance. They came back in the game. It was two thousand four hundred and twenty one at one point, and then we finally put the nail in the coffin and scored a couple late touchdown to win by like sixteen or seventeen, and he went into the locker and said: hey guys, great job awesome stuff.
I'm coming back. You know that's not how we play in the second half, but I really trusted speech for accomplishing as much as they did that damn diet, soda craziest thing I've ever seen in my life to see almost like losing a little bit, because that way he can teach you more because it's like it's a teachable moment when you come up short or something he's like there's some lessons. We can learn in this process. If you win, a lot of people are like
Well, we won. We did everything right. Does he? Is there like a little smirk he's? Like I told you guys, he won't shift. If you lose a game. I think first of all saying that he enjoys losing. It is not that it's far from as far from accurate as humanly possible, but he enjoys having some award winning listener's on his team. You know- and I think that's a big part of it, so he wants guys to be able to listen to him coach. He loves coaching and there's very few head coaches that are his hands. Honesty is so he dislikes making sure that you become the best player in the best I mean you could possibly, I would say like losing it by any stretch of the imagination, but he likes the teachable moments that come from losing, but he also likes those same teachable moments that come from living. That's why he's crushing guide in the fourth quarter, backups in the fourth quarter, that are in the game and make mistakes, even though they're up by forty? You know it's just kind of the way it right. So your words, one knows one
speed! Kinda, like you guys. You know when you're in Vegas that Mayweather Mcgregor, you only know one speed, even if beer sales cut off at eight hundred and thirty you're sticking to it the whole way through. So your words, not mine, you guys would have lost that National Championship Game of COLT Mccoy didn't get his shoulder injured. How much would you have lost by? I would I would I mean So what was the line? Whatever side of the line you guys were on? It would have been the other side, so we were imagined, favorite 'cause I had by all accounts. You guys are not real lucky when it comes to gambling sure. Thank you. I think you guys really. Three one slash two, I'm pretty sure I bet on Texas in that game and was like oh shit, COLT Mccoy's out, and then they came back and said. Oh, I got a job at this time at the true right yeah you like the back door, cover right in the second half I understand where you're at, but I think we would have lost by at least four
ok breaking news, we're going to quote that and that's going to be a headache. Savings be used as a teachable moment. That's completely up all the guys from the team and be like hey, listen guys and it's in large part, because if you guys have been to the rose bowl in January, yes, you know it's that humidity, It's the humidity in the air that gets you an I'm. Just not sure we were conditioned well enough to hang its cult. Didn't get hurt yeah because they part of it. How can Tell that you're not actually AJ, Mccarron, John Parker, Wilson, Brody, COIL or Jake Coker right now, uh, because I'm the one with the significant, Ok, there we go confirmed were talking to Greg Mcelroy yeah, that's true! But now you know it's summer time, so the freckles are starting to run together. You know so it's a little bit tougher to tell the difference, because the trickle down is pronounced
yeah yeah, I'm afraid only one. Are you the one to talk to the one? Now here's where the one that the bar latest you? Yes, you know one of the few. You know, whichever guy the last man standing, I'm I'm probably in that running a lot. I see you played also are moving on from Alabama. You played for the jets yet a little cup of coffee with the jets. Are you also were part of one of the greatest trios of quarterbacks of all time? Mark Sanchez Greg MAC right, ten tivo? What was that Got2B room like we all had very similar personnel
you know I mean it's all three of us we got along with thick is thieves. Brother. I mean it really the one thing that I'll say about that and got honestly. We can talk about that for an hour. You guys could go all day about that experience in New York and its tail with a cup of coffee. I really appreciate that man. It was like a like a tall at Starbucks. I mean not anywhere near some of the other stuff. It could be done pretty quickly if the pikes place is running low, so it it. It was a unique experience because Mark was the incumbent. Obviously the king, in New York, you had Kim who's Mister male model GQ, just like mark running shirtless through the rain. It was whoever did it first at training camp that year, and you guys remember the pictures. I know yeah
and there's this this slightly over weight red headed kid that wore number fourteen that somehow got thrust into the line up late in the year. I still not really sure how that happened. I think it was literally just you know: whoever's left over. Let's give this fourteen get a shot, but it was a unique situation to say the least. So the not funniest thing about that is when I got back for training camp, no, it was spring training. Actually I had gone like paleo boys, I mean literally paleo, because I knew I had to be in good shape. I wasn't I was always very well conditioned, but never like super caught up inches older, anything like that, which I'm sure is shocking. You guys but like I wasn't really a greek God by any stretch of the imagination, so I went paleo the whole off either. I come back Sanchez who eats you know pretty much whatever you want. He was four percent body fat people came back, he was six percent body fat and I was telling the scale that nineteen and a half, literally nineteen and a half after its after an aussie
I've eaten? Nothing but proteins, so that was probably one of the more unique locker room settings I've been in for sure. Well, where you was at the year that they did the butt fumble yeah that was about fumble year. You remember that yeah I do yeah. So when Rex true that up in practice, would you like look at each other like I'm? Not so sure that fumbling for a touch screen is a good idea, no yeah. That was, I don't think Mark tried to do that. He loves the booty yeah he does well is asking. There was one of those where, like you, couldn't rap it in practice. We just didn't get enough of reps at practice. We needed a rep attack few more times because he just fumbled it and it not scored a touchdown. We were the one I think we only lost by like fifty yeah you don't. It was probably one of the biggest moments so nice I've ever seen, yeah yeah it is, and it was on Thanksgiving through. So like there, there weren't that many people watching on surprise, but it's lived as long as it has
you know, I need. Did you watched him t bone practice and you, like man, my national title ring doesn't really seem like it's that important anymore. Watching this guy play quarterback like anyone could win a national title. He had to open yeah, so it wouldn't of watered it down. True really, but you got him in practice and I we would be the scout team guys you know and we would constantly be trying to get in there and eight. We always look at a jockey like I would always tell ten acre around you run and all the seven on seven. You know when we kind of mess around with each other, and he, of course, we go down to seven. Seven I'd be stuck with you right now. The third quarterback, but not but yeah. No, I did did national championship Bring still meant something, because I knew that I was Kerry
by my defense. So I just being a good teammate was, was a big part of what I wanted to do that year and I feel like we did it pretty good job of that on the series. Now it didn't really hurt my feelings too bad on the serious side of things when you made that transition from Alabama to the NFL. What was what was the biggest difference that you saw at the time
we'll talk about the speed of the NFL, but I got assume the going up against the players in Alabama and practice wasn't too far off what you saw from like the jets defense yeah, it honestly man ever sometimes in college, because damage recruited so well and they have such good personnel in the back of your so good and there's never really a drop off when you're. Next there are times in in practice and in college. When I do like man, this is so brutal, so brutal, because these guys are so good man there's nothing. We can do. We can't recall, and then we get to the game on Saturday, and we put up thirty points and blink of an eye and rapping at that level against guys. That are that good really makes you appreciate the depth and what Mcfayden built, but is really the jump. It wasn't as much about speed. It was more about becoming kind of a tactician at your craft, these guys in the NFL the just met with that like, for instance, bill derail revisit his crime when he was there, you could literally thrown at him and he could intercept every single passage use covering. It's got the wide receiver and it was like that every day and if he got mad, the scout the wide receiver wouldn't even get off the line of scrimmage. That's how good he? What
in his prime, so it was really a good jump. Wasn't that much, but how good these guys were it recovering and how closely they worked on their craft. It was. It was night and day to just watching the pros. Do it it's just so amazed so sticking with stock come in the same vein of that question, the QB bubble. So we had a discussion mascot for obviously just signed a an enormous contract. It feels like the order. Back position in the NFL has never been worse in some ways, and these guys are somehow getting more money than ever. What Do you attribute the you know the lack of depth at the quarterback position in the NFL right now? Is it but like people say college in high schools and teaching guys correctly, or is it just the defense in the you know the way, the the NFL?
plays it's just harder and harder to become a good quarterback. Well, it's just harder now, because at college level, there's so much spread so much a one. This cut the field in half you're, going to look only to your right and that's kind of what guys are taught and it's really even goes into high school guys just aren't developing the skills necessary to translate to the NFL when it comes to reading and identifying defenses and being under center. I mean, I know guys in the NFL seriously guys.
I would not tell you what the most basic coverage is in the world and that's just a cover three recovered too. They couldn't tell you that they could say well, it's too high or one high or whatever, but they couldn't tell you. The details of the coverage is there's just not as much teaching when it comes to college and high school. Now, it's more about reps reps, reps, let's play with tempo, let's get as many guys as humanly possible and let's try to overload overload teams with reps and snapping the ball as many times as humanly possible. So it's just different than it used to be. There is not as much teaching there's so much kind of peach and and uh everyone's kind of running different variations of the spread. Even the most traditional teams are using some of those spread principles now because it's just too tough to cover up everybody. So it's hard for guys to make the transition. But I have a feeling this year's class and you guys said, watch them in the preseason too. I think Patmo homes Mitch Trubisky Deshaun Watson, Annie
the Sean Kaiser, all four have a chance to be sneaky. Could I think in the NFL? So maybe that trends reversing back a little bit, but it certainly has felt like the quarterback development is not as good as it once was. So when you were coming out of texas- and forgive me I did my research and Wika Pedia. So if this is wrong, you know just let me know, but I saw that, did you commit to Texas Tech, initially yeah, I was committed So why did you go to Alabama? Do you just you don't like points you didn't want to throw for like one million miles yeah, I didn't wanna throw for a million miles. Well, it's kilometres in Lubbock, that's right, yeah! I didn't wanna throw for. I don't want to throw for a lot, but it really guys. I mean you just go to go around these city, schools, cds, offenses and you kind of fall in love with atmospheres and Alabama had a lot of good looking girls in my visit. You know that didn't hurt. So I mean there are a lot of things than a lot of factors that go into it, but yeah, Texas, Tech.
that was where I was committed at first, but after looking through everything again Alabama was the clear choice for Maine. That was an interesting way to say. Nick Saban pays better well, you know I'm one of those guys that really wasn't that good. Oh, that was never an option for you I mean well, like you know, he pays better than Texas Tech yeah. So it's not that's why those Alabama defenses were so good in practice right. There wasn't that big of a cap hit when he went to the NFL right exactly they didn't invest that much in their quarterback that year, so they did spread it around Did you ever have a chip or whatever it? Is that what it was? Yes, yeah, ok, yeah! Is there a salary cap? Nick Saban has more it's a budget that he that he goes by how the boosters give him a budget every year and he's like. Ok, I have this modern money that I can spend and usually spends on the defensive line and
you know, he's like well, we can get this Mcelroy guy for like fifty thousand dollars in a new dodge charger. Your value play well, but sometimes you gotta balance. I mean you want less risky plays, and I get that I mean it's. Uh portfolio play. I get it did you. I have a chip on your shoulder for not being athletic enough to get recruited as a safety by Mack Brown big time, but what's funny is Mack Brown actually told now what an athletic enough to play? Quarterback wow, that's bad to the word art is that iron. I I kind of wanted to go to Texas. Like most kids at that age I mean two thousand five. They won the championship, so I mean they were unbelievable that young, but that was the direction they want to go. So he actually told me. I was an athletic enough to play quarterback so yeah. It was kind a bummer because safety with my dream position, most guys actually request the move from quarterback to safety, telling I'm gonna like safety. Now, their son does not
run impression, that's pretty good. I thought that was a good one. Yeah well done related answer this question. If AL Emma does not win the SEC title? What team does Auburn culture? I'm not Ellis. You not go not coach. Now, if, if all the coaches gotten like a bill fight like a ring and I'm not a wrestling match yeah, I like soldiers, chant yes, eat a lock, but Auburn's got a quarterback man. This guy Jerry Denim, is the real deal by all accounts and they were pretty good last year before their quarterback got hurt, plus they play Alabama in Auburn and they're gonna be tested early when they go to Clemson, which will be a tough environment to go into. So all
Auburn offensively, is going to be significantly improved in their defense is still going to be pretty solid. So I'm feeling that Auburn's going to surprise some people this year and you don't think Florida has any from the E. You don't think Florida has a chance to maybe when an SEC title they're, uh they're, pretty good. I like him to win the SEC e 'cause. I think George is like a year away.
Because Georgia is a lot of their fans just so this is their year, but but there still a little bit young in the trenches offensively defensively. They're really really good, but I think their offense is about a year away up front from getting to that point. So I do like Florida, but I still have issues with their quarterback man. I mean I feel, like we've. Had this conversation to one hundred times right mean every year, it's like alright who's playing quarterback for the gators this year is no different and have three guys that we have no idea who is going to be. You think it's going to be the red shirt, freshman call Ebay, Frank, but then again they just brought into grad transfer Notre Dame in the leaks out. Here they had a guy from started last year and Luke Del Rio that wasn't awful when he was in there, but he's limited in what he can do so there's just no telling which direction they're going go, and so I think that they can definitely win the east, because they've wanted the last two years without a quarterback but winning the SEC in general. Just tough for me to assume so I'm speaking of Auburn
What we do this with all of our guests, that we have I'd like you to narrate the kick six. So just like, from your perspective, what that was like starting like right before the ball was snapped when he thought you had a chance to win going through the entire return process. Alright go yeah yeah, so here we go to the pool snapped and it's up and I don't think it has. The distance but it's gonna be short. Well, it's gonna be short series game over them: overtime, David down the left side, Davis Davidson. Yeah. I want to see you please tell me something about green grass between him and he ends up touchdown auburn thanks for making me do that guys yeah great moment now is good, then we're going to actually sink that up with highlight an will. Put that out there yeah I like that one. That was good. What do you have as your surprise team? You can do anywhere in the country. What's this surprise team, we gotta look for this year in college.
Well, because it feels like everyone is just like every single prediction: I've seen is just Alabama, USC Ohio State and then, if people I get frisky, though, go Oklahoma State instead of Oklahoma, so give us something. Not those five teams give me a team that we can look for and be like. Alright, that team might might might shock some people watch out for Stanford Stanford now granted I'm not going to try to jump to a big conclusion after one game when they beat rice. Ok, it says that would be very reckless and in this profession you just can't get reckless under any circumstance. You don't want to be a Provoca tour anyway, which is french yeah. So I think Stanford, though guys their defense up front, is really really good and I think
principally are not going to miss much of the beat with Christian Mccaffrey being gone. Bryce love is a kid who is a really really talented, I'm just kind of waited in the wings last year, but now being that being the featured back on the team, he's got a chance to have a really special season, so Stanford the team that nobody is really talking about right now, a few people have in their playoff, but they have a legitimate chance if they can beat at sea on September. Ninth, they hold- to Washington and they could be sitting there at ten wins Eleven Windermere Seasons End and on the cusp of the potential playoff berth. So keep an eye on the cardinal. So so you're, your beloved SEC only has, I think, one team in the preseason top ten Alabama is bad for the SEC and they're all very bad, overrun four one: slash two teams in the top ten at the end of the season,
I'm gonna lean towards the under. That number is just so. It's really tempting, but yeah I'm going to jump wholeheartedly on the under four one, slash two teams in the top ten. I know you guys love coach, oh but as we can tell you dial it you, don't you dare what our options here our office will be too good. Deep is yeah. What is on the ball to run the ball, to run the ball? It's a double! I will talk with yeah. I know- and I think that's the problem that they're just going to have to mod offense yeah we're just not
I want to know what to do with pastel, yellow some problems. Yeah. Of course that's that quarterback play, but you look at. I was you I I know you have a question on the for the rest. Players injured right now, we're not sure about what his availability is going to be in our key. They lost to really good linebackers. They lost two really good secondary players. So I'm a little bit worried about them closer schedule. Stop there five road games in the SEC, they could be, they could lose early. I mean it's very possible that go to Mississippi State Week three and potentially lived in a night game, so that's one to keep an eye on it. I love you I'm a little concerned about Georgia. Like I said if you're away, Florida still don't know anything about their quarterback and obviously that those guys to spend it right now, so they have to get Callaway back at the office gonna. It feeling that some people thought they could probably want to be a lot better. But thank the Lord had a chance to be flirting up there. Close
without sending in Auburn, I think has a chance so really three teams that legitimately have shots Lsu. I need to see a little bit more in Georgia. I'm still not convinced that they're all the way back, just yet. Ok I'll rephrase that are there going to be more SEC teams that finished the season, the top ten or more jets victories in the NFL. Oh, oh, I love you. I love you by the way jets over under total is four yeah. All over the jets under right, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Are you on board there agreed. The only thing that you said so far in this interview, that's been utterly Thank you. Listen! Stupid is your break down of Ellis you and not mention the fact that MIKE the tiger there's a new MIKE the Tiger yeah. If you're going to do, I'm not rush more of MIKE the Tiger, so I I think this one has a shot to get on there. Yeah early in his
coach in the Coachella. He's young really got a bigger heart know that yeah no bad habits, yeah yeah, I know but yeah he's he's just a little piece of clay and he can mold him out. He wanted like Tiger says he won't do that. Honestly, you want to talk about a scary, mascot or person out of the tunnel literally run out of tunnel any tiger stadium, and that thing is roaring at you. and that's that's a wild stadium. If that thing breaks free. Yes, we have our down spot coach, so I feel like it's nothing got. Free coach would be the only one who would like to be like a cat whisper. He be like Whisper MIKE's here in and Robert spell it like it's, our Israel uses those also built Doug. Are you disease ono? Also move you to the wait around you out here. He was a small. You know when you see all these three are. The only three home has Nick's even ever told you a joke dot, hello,
One time he asked me he asked me what was wrong with my play, because I had a bad outing against South Carolina. No, not any goes. Are you everything good? Are you healthy? I mean it is everything fine, I'm like echoed clean bill of health. No problems will still work. He goes. Okay, just just make it sir. I guess, but not it was a hundred percent or anything. But I what do you do you that yes, but no, it's not a real jokester. To be honest with you, shocker, ok, so you are here that that was a big surprise. Well, I thought, maybe you do the what happens with a lot of these football guys is people would be like? Oh well, if you know him he's actually a really funny guy. Like he's, I can't really point to a time he's been funny, but trust me
It's funny like that's what they say about football is like alright, that's obviously not the case. I'm happy you're at least honest, like no he's, never actually told me a joke. I wish I had one for you guys. I mean he. He tells the same joke every day, literally every day during stretch every day he walked down the line and everyone's all lined up stretching and you're just kind of going through it. It's one hundred and fifty degrees, and you just don't want to be at practice, and he says, but I understand it is still making like they used to have you ever seen a deer stretch. So that's the one job is always in his awful and he's ready to drop it at the moment's notice. Alright, I love It's a good job, though yeah you have to admit so now that you're you're you're an s c c r capital, J journalists. Right now, Sir Gonna be continuing that that bias that we see everywhere, if
we would have power rank yourself, Teabo, Marty, Marty, Smith and Paul Finebaum. Would you put yourself in the top half of the bottom? Half bottom? Half? Oh, I would say I would actually in that crew Marty Smith is an acc guy, even though he he definitely has that deep southern draw, but he's from virgin research. So Marty Smith is a Clemson summer, because of how much she's covered them recently, I would have find bottom one key bo2, maybe three Marty Smith four! Is that you I like that yeah I mean I'm going to I'm going to absolutely. Let Marty know that you said that about him, but he speaks other yeah. I love him to death. Even APC, wholehearted packer household product claim even SBC guy, but but he's from Virginia. If I'm not mistaken and he had spent a lot of time with Dabo over the last couple years covering the team, so he certainly has orange and orange and blue or orange, and Purple Tiger Stripes going for sure.
so your new show? Are you guys going to different campuses every week now, we're going to be in the studio. We just got a brand new studio by the way, so we're pretty excited about that and we'll have some fun. It's market spirit. You guys know Marcus Spears, right, yeah he's classic, so they have some fun with him and I'm looking forward to a man, thinking out loud and it'll, be on mondays in the fall. So we're going to, we might get out of there every once in awhile, I've been flirting with the idea of trying to sell those to the people. Above me like a man, recorded on location. If you want to go to like South Beach, you know, maybe around late November, I'm good with that right. So I don't know how often that's going to happen, but triumph, would be good with it. Okay, nice, so everyone tunein it's going to be every Monday. It's called thinking out loud, Greg
shoot you joining us, so I actually had one last question. I totally forgot: did Rex Ryan ever tried to suck your feet? Alright, no, but but Rex and his his situation. others are very well known. I said yes very well known. However, I think that was on display uhm, but yeah. That's a pretty good question. I I must say when it comes to throwing curveballs boys, that was, it was on the money and no to answer the question just very very easily. No, didn't side. I have great feet, so I don't know so alright. So now you just say it's. You answer your question earlier. When you said I don't know why I got thrown into the game late in the season. Well, there you go. You have great feet. It comes full circle makes sense yeah. I get it beautiful, open water clarity about that for years. All I do is talk to you guys. Yeah.
Exactly a last question, they will let you go. I saw that you had you have the the highest wonderlic score of all time. Is that correct, fake news back? research again our well? I I mean I don't know exactly what I scored. So somebody said that I've got a score. Forty eight and then somebody school said. I scored a forty three, so I don't know which one actor but I'd like to take I side right, yeah, so you're taking the forty eight, which would make you the Thai King Nerd Tide for the highest higher its path higher than Fitzpatrick. Don't Fitzpatrick Harvard University Alabama. The Harvard in the s yeah doesn't Matthew Perry. He has King Herod, I thought- or am I am I in the running now now you might be. I just heard that you're close yeah Alabama Alabama put some nerds out there. You guys are different ask you got to see the you know like the southern accent from the south, so you you, you hi, disguise yourself as non nerds, because you love Paul, but then, once we get talking to you and
like oh yeah, you don't work for forty yeah. What are you going to do? Forty eight little pony, coloring physics, there draw. I get it I understand. Yeah I mean I don't want to be kinder, but if I have to be in the nerd category, I'm ok with that. I mean you work. You do well in the nerd category would probably be the alpha of the nerds. Well, that's nice of you thanks man, yeah! That's really! Really! Nice of you! That's that's outstanding! hi Craig. Thank you. So much really appreciate. This is a lot of fun. A lot of fun. Guys thanks for adding me That interview was brought to you by a Miller Lite, I'm on a diet and dieting and darting, usually don't mix then I remember that Miller. Lite is brewed for more taste with only ninety six calories and then I'm like Darty on for dart. does turn into Nardis there's only one beer for the job Miller Lite the original light beer more taste while still being less filling dieting
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g today, you, when you play you get paid my bookie dot, a g all right. Let's get to some segments thanks so much to Greg Macro for joining us, those a phone interview, I anytime, anyone who can talk to us on those six, even as Aj Mccarron. No, no, no wasn't is John David booty. Okay, thanks to John David Bowie, for telling us about Nick saving about is his brief career with the New York Judge Judy on the? U s c on the yeah yeah, it wasn't on the yeah, I'm getting all my white like kind of shity, like kind of good, college quarterback to turn into a really shitty nfl quarterback, thanks to Chris Winky, for showing up yeah Matt Castle. That was a great interview. Thanks, buddy appreciate it our home, we should actually get brand. We not yeah and just be like you think, hey man! Why do you suck so bad? That's mean It was ugly big cat that was mean is used to Lee sure yeah, Let's get to some segments, we have first up. I know you think this ones for Lomello ball. The ball family has
at least a new shoe, and it is or junior in Highschool Lomello ball to rue feo. Threes, yes, so which it doesn't really seem like something that the NCAA is going to love but been asked. What's going to happen with the fact that a high schooler is now making money off of a shoe, there was an official expense. I didn't realize the big Baller brand has an official spokesman by the way I thought it was just love our ball. It's a fast! No Alan Foster's, like when Donald Trump had that Guy John Berendt yeah. They used to speak for the usfl right. That's this okay yeah! He said I will leave that up to the NC double a
you think yeah, I think the NC double a will probably be the ones that will decide on that's literally the only job the NC double A has is to look into people making money when they could be making right exactly. Yes, this is going to peak their interest. You will you take any dollar out of the NC double his pockets. They will come down on you. So, yes, I think I think the end subway will look into what is their role because he's not eighteen yet so, can you make money as a minor this statutory statutory endorsement? Yes, that statutory? I don't use the r word, but statutory are of the NC double a profits. So that's what they're trying to get. I really since he's too young a federal crime yeah. If, if you buy a shoes that have like a kid's name on the side, can you still as braces? You should be under investigation by the FBI. Sure of that's just weird move: yeah! That's! But there's gonna be a lot sold big baller brand pro, I'm a huge humongous, big baller brand fan. Okay, you gonna get
these, the show was unreal. You're a couple yeah are, you can actually go looking shoes to your height piece like that, all right, we have a push of Pacific Cation of America. This happened in England. There was there playing what we play: Cricket Cricket Cricket Cricket, match, yeah, so they're playing cricket in England and an error just like came on to the field yeah well the on regular and they stop the whole match. Talking drones like a stop, the whole match yeah, because it was you could someone could've gotten her because across zero era yeah what what year we live in an right now? Well we're living in England. So this makes sense it like some guy just doing target practice constantly living in, like the fifteen fourteen hundreds back when they were at a real country yeah, he was probably like. The sun has been shining for forty street in England, I'm gonna shoot the sun because I want rain back like and that's how this this erro ended up in a cricket. Aren't those matches like three days, long, yeah so yeah so as to as to statistically a new.
would land on the field at some point during a cricket matches are always players, there's always eros flying around in England, exactly yeah. So I don't see what the big problem is. A part. That's how I assume England works this all the time. Yeah all right. We have an emergency, oh no, we are did that connect the dots he would he have you connected yeah, sorry. This is one to put in in the file for later just to keep in the back your head, because it's starting to happen it hasn't totally have yet, but I I'm on the look out for it, I'm nervous, so your boss, a rod yep. He has been dating J, LO yep slot, acronyms there and recently the last couple weeks, she's been doing a lot of, God's with him in the gym. Yeah. I think a rod. Trying to turn Jlo into himself
because we all know that he loves himself well, any also does like muscular women yeah exactly just like who's a can Seiko. I read hoses book not to brag yep and he talked a lot about in there how we like to have sex with women that looked like him. What is that incest? Okay, have sex with someone. It looks like you. I like the connect, the dots, but I don't understand the problem with it like. If we just have a world full, a rod's, that's a good world to live in. No, it's not a problem. I'm just saying like a rod, is doing eugenics with himself yeah says: that's why he is the the President founder CEO Cfo Guy go, gets lunch for the most successful company in the world, but isn't a rod court. You couldn't that be a problem like say, if some hypothetical narcissist, click megalomaniac leader wanted everybody to look and act like him and believe that maybe he was the chosen race is still a rod, I'm just yes, yeah! Okay,
Would that be a problem? No! That's no problem to me. Well, you know where an anti Nazi podcast yeah, I asked if they are specifically asked you. If you were still talking about a rod, you should have Do you talk about Hitler? I mean you could be that's on your own. I understand, keep an eye on jailers work out if she keeps doing these like weird a ride exercises she's going to get there hi. I have no problem with J Lo becoming a route. I really hope that okay, right, her lips, don't turn it that weird weird color! I have a that's enough internet for today, this one goes. Out to this woman, Morgan Murphy, who She is photoshopping Hillary Clinton's tweets under Trump's twitter page so that she can, I live in a fantasy world where this is how the president expresses himself Jesus This is. This is real. This is going real, pathetic this person, it's like a picture of trump and it looks like he tweet. It says like like here's one
now. Is the time for leaders to be strong in their words and deliberate in their actions? Donald Trump treat that oh no way it's not it's! Actually, Hillary Clinton's been photoshopped onto that's exactly what the most. If you ever heard that you were so far in denial, so far did not. You did this, this woman is mentally ill. It's there's a woman or man. It's woman, okay, yeah! I I does look yes, I do not mean anything by that yeah. Actually, you know what funny that you say that, because her pinned tweet is Donald, Trump makes me embarrassed to be mentally ill, so she actually is mentally ill, so that was gonna call by you. Well now I feel like yeah that, and that is our good segue for gimbals. So that was a major job. It's all this is no joke. All right. I you I accidentally snapshot of the wrong girl asking her to go to my sister's rehearsal dinner. While I already have a date to the actual wedding. But she said yes to go in
the rehearsal dinner. So that's going to a kind of an alpha move on. Your part is like bringing two different checks to the rehearsal and then to the real thing yeah until the girl that got invited to the rehearsal finds out about the wedding, because she's definitely expecting that you'll take her to the wedding. This also is like a pretty big cheap move. 'cause you're, basically inviting like like three date: two different nights. You are doubling your chances yeah I like that, might have an excuse ready for when the rehearsal dinner girl asks you like. What time are you picking me up tomorrow, yeah and then maybe also maybe get him a hotel room, and then you get a threesome going if you get him altogether and they get mad at each other. That's used Ok, yeah I've seen wild things. Next went back last weekend to visit the college. I graduated from. pretending like I could hang and drink as much as them, and I was blacked out Friday night. At some point I thought tripping acid. First time would be no big deal black tin, at about one hundred am Friday, tripping balls and was in for the ride of my life until about eight hundred? Am I blame? The trip chamber talk?
okay, so you're putting that on us yeah. I mean this is a pretty basic Jimbo like don't think that you can hang with anybody, that's younger than you ever ever ever ever ever ever. Don't don't think you can hang with yeah. Being younger is like a PD for party right, you don't. If you meet someone who's under twenty five years old cross, the Esco far away. That's one instance run whole filing is absolutely ok, I'll, call your parents and tell them to come pick you up. Wherever you are first month, job forgot to lock the stall. While I took a dump yesterday and my boss barge in while I was mid, wipe
it's not really Jimbo. It's like you're kind of marking your territory should just drop it on the floor, like a microphone who it's actually a question if you are a standard or sitter, because if your standard, your boss is probably like- that's weird that's going to be walking around with his ask the whole time, I would say it's it's only weird if you wipe in a different method from how your boss wipes. So if your boss is a standard- and he sees you sitting, he'll be like oh wow- that guy probably got his hands on the toilet water, so embrace debate, yeah just spend, get rid of dollars. Upgrading my Iphone to the seven after transfer, everything over. I realized. I just bought another 6s, this is my dad video, that's a legit Jimbo's dad is a really stupid. Move by countless parents across America are doing this exact same thing, so you've got company. There is no better feeling by the way than that. First, like two days, you get a new phone anyway, who this one is going to be crazy. Like look at all the things,
it's a few inches thumper. I'm gonna use a thumbprint. I've, never fucking use you like, showing all your friends and then you run into one person who's way, lamer than you that has that same phone like cash, it little hightlight pack for you, it's a better little life hack for you. If you have like a weekend where you don't have a lot going on and you're like, oh, I wish I was like partying with friends or doing something fun by your new phone that weekend just spend in some alone time, with your new phone. This one's got a wide screen great for watching videos fast internet, Timing is off the charts I knocked up. wife in January, got a kickstand on the back where you can just like set it up. And hands free hands free, I knocked a wife in January. Now our baby is due during football season. That's a mistake! So the what, when is the safe harbor hours for having sex and having a baby outside of football season is like December.
Pull up December through February, one hundred and eight. I think it's like September through December, but I think this actually isn't a Jimbo. This person is wrong because, from what I've gathered from MIKE friends have had babies like the first three or four months, the baby can't move and cause any problems so just sitting there, so you just sit there with it. It's basically like having a new phone yeah. You don't want to have a baby I have a baby turn like start walking right football season. Yeah you don't want in your fingers, then yeah yeah. I agree nice job having sex in January, because that kid is gonna, be like the oldest in their grade. Once they hit school yeah, they will be the biggest baddest shot out all the January birthdays. Who do you get Liam and Hank when you got what month you guys born June Smart said we would January also so same way: okay, shut up, yeah pickups!
I was actually saying shout out to like the August September babies, but if you can fall into the math right all right idea. Last one not great Jimbo's. This week I recently became friendly with an ex fling. Again we were in a group message: a few friends. She got mad at something. She implied me as commenting on her sexually and went off being told everyone that had a small dick in and left the chat. Ok, that's that's quite an exit on her part spin zone. You have a dick good point good. I don't really know what else to say what that that is the ultimate Trump card that a woman always has over you just even if you've never hooked up with them things. Really. This guy's got small. They can everybody believes in yeah. Well, maybe you're just be like hey guys, yeah, I have a small deck hand up, but I'm a hard worker so I'll make it up to another place. Yeah woods, hey my tongue's average length yeah. Well, maybe we'll just use the back door and said all right. None saw Jim bows for the week. That is our show. We are
are going to have a new show on Monday, even though it's labor day 'cause to brag, we don't stop working so not to brag but all of Labor Day right yeah, so you should be working on it. So if you don't have, no one has to work on Labor Day, correct, correct so for us, so the only people in America. So I don't know it's not just make ourselves in martyrs, but we're the only ones that I'd be working, save the show for Tuesday. If you want or listen to it on Labor day, maybe that could be your work. Love you guys, love! You guys, love! You guys!