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Former NFL GM Mike Lombardi + NFL Week 3 Recap And Tiger Is Back

2018-09-24 | 🔗

NFL Week 3 Fastest 2 minutes (2:26 - 8:41). Recap of a wild NFL week including Jimmy G injury (8:41 - 10:31), Patrick Mahomes on fire, the Bills stunner at the Vikings, the Rams are a wagon, the Patriots look slow, and we hang the Done Chain on a team (10:31 - 29:43). College Football talk and Who's back of the week (29:43 - 42:42). Football guy of the week including an all time Nick Saban quote and Herm Edwards getting his players to lift for fun (42:42 - 49:37). Former NFL GM Mike Lombardi joins the show to talk about his new book, what it was like working for Bill Belichick and Al Davis, who he's been impressed with through 3 weeks of the NFL season, and why Josh Gordon may not work out in New England. Segments include whats the beef, Shaq vs Dwight Howard, Take Quake Baker Mayfield, Monday Reading Rick Pitino's tweets. 

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today's part of my take weak three in the an f el we have your fastest two minutes we have tiger woods being fully back football guy the weak and michael lombardy who joins us talks about weak three nfl touch my work for bilbil check what's wrong with the patriots all the good stuff is here in this episode and it is brought to you by cash app it is the number one app in finance announced number one app to help the award ruining listeners gets a much needed money back from all those gambling losses hank listen up that's right cash app is the official out for all of our degenerate ada we wells and need some help paying for groceries dinner or rent to your cash tag and how much money you lost hang on college football the nfl hank listen up to
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the great you guys have been great to us so do us a favour and download catch up right now and to meet your cash i too have part of my take ok let's go let's not its pardon my t well applies today is one day september twenty fourth weak thought we we start with our thursday night game six hundred and thirty
five days ago a gallon of gas cost a nickel a cardinal vague a penny and your swarm still had hair that's how long it has been said so browse want a football game put the crowd in cleveland much like their river was on fire thursday and their savior arrive for once the turnovers off the menu at this bakery hey cleveland no more blue balls this dick bobby is for real browns twenty one jet seventeen this recap was brought you buy but lighted the butler victory free fridges sponsored by but light like up crabtree take i've got something to say to you it's late september and the ravens denver patches rod store from this one i love when you do that one fella lindsey low end had issues authority as he couldn't resist a crack got caught on camera with a crash shot of resolve suitcase cleanup
carpet bag his way into the zone as our ravens got back on the right side of the wine com twenty seven fourteen the blow bills were sixteen have point underdogs in minnesota sunday there's no way they could you're tellin me well folks that's why they play the games we started the first have where josh alan wrench showed that he's a five to all player passing running jumping diving and recovering his own fumbles and they'll vikings where the ones getting screw cook cousins never closed his eyes and he bore what you kiss his lips minnesota because he's lost that loving daily all that loving feeling he's lost i loving feeling and the vikings annex ii norte region is gone gone gone i teach yeah boom
but one circles the wagons like popolo bills we had died patrick starfish mahomet said louisbourg ball previous easy as any other please continue to dine at the cost you grab on the other side lined the job bucket menu don't have many catches of the day put one bright spot remains george kittle caboodle the sums up to forty niners performance yesterday all message dog food the cooler is walking through that door at any has its point three no with authority to twenty seven one hey boom yet teach this hey that age is just a number and i got to say that that was a great reference patrick starfish mom starts though some further millennials actor with our cartoons it hot matter where a battle for the eta see south broke out at calvin ridley business rid movie
in libya where a battle for the end have see salt broke out and calvin ridley me this ridley mete out asked can steal sarkisian get a wide receivers thats the answer is yes but the sage whence for four score as tastes and king of the hill put his foot on the gas selling propria inappropriate accessories all up in the balkans tavern coleman grill alvin comma calmer sutra was doing it for multiple position so well eugene robinson tried to pay up for sex the night before the gate the saints put the falcons the dirty birds as do the breeze is christ said that's not a birthmark that's just a sign of stigmata on my cheek saints go marching four thousand three hundred and thirty seven terracina maryland ok a thus tundra as the green day packers are saying wake me up
september ends the story other game was clay travis matthews getting triggered online and leaving all signs of wisconsin scratching their heads like they have life while the warmer is on your guard mike mccarthy or is it just a wife for rights thirty one packer subjugate in the pacific northwest cave odd was asked in a translation as the cowboys often continues to sputter carcinogen was running would lead painted his belly and cigarette spoke coming out of his ass my name is earl thomas made a list of everyone that is wrong diminish quest to hit the contract lottery seahawks back on track twenty four thirteen the battle of los angeles took place at the colosseum sunday and i'll testify that the rams are worn out past teams and the bell rob tiger woods is back ass a writer confregit fucking everything inside toddler
we currently have now made anthony lend can wasn't on costs prague like look like the three stages yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk with a win saunders i urge all right to be had coach most outlay fanciful pretend to care about until later season starts ramp thirty five the los angeles football chargers twenty three sub purify powder blow slap favorite jerseys let the schwab and be the first to wish josh rose and to recall in a late happy new year as the at sea parted just enough income these are firstly sleep again
let us all be the first to wish josh rosen and terry cohen allayed happy new year as the red sea party just enough in glenville to let matt navies people go for a comeback win same bradford sleeves better put that he is as far as the efforts goes if josh rose it really love for palm maybe he wouldn't let the prayers deeper taken away prevents or watch tibetans are now you're at sea norse division leaders sixteen forty
and i think that's all games we i was all teams and let me say that was a wild and crazy weak three now we're gonna get tiger so so don't worry hikers obviously a big story but weak three and i felt it was the everyone is a fucking idiot has shit for brains weak because all the teams that we have decided or dead or alive again i think we can actually do the parity clock right now yet reverie team beach ever team under the brown one can browse beat the jew who beat the lions who beat the patriot right if so factor the browns are better than the patriot is de via the bills go into the vikings while in the middle was cotton without great graphic the bills tweeted out there that in no way where minnesota one classic misdirection yes so they go into minnesota as sixteen and a half seventeen point underdogs they win outright and kick the shit out of them
absolute shit gig pumping i would you was the game you forgot existed because redstone didn't show it for the last record the other should in the first quarter when there are like two fumbles to touchdowns and feel the like in the first five six minutes that i shall josh alan's jumping over people pretty somerset josh island better one run quarterback and captain yeah that that that was one of those hurdles like he never went to the sidelines and shall matures i hate that was awesome don't ever fucking do that again it was pretty sweet though because there was it you could take it still of his men early and there's a split second where his testicles or just rest robbing on was anthony bars head yonder just like nice nicely nestled on the crown of his helmet perfect recap of again how much home at his actual yes could have been an it could have been flagged for alluring your helmet initiate contact yes there is so we had that one we had the cardinals being frisky we had the giants going down to texas
to taxes will it they stayed and taxi say satan texas beating the texans pretty handily so now the question is you're done chain are done chain put it on the texans there oh and three d sean watson looks lost michael party who avant coming up in a minute pointed out that it seems like every time the taxes have the ball they started like first eighteen or or second and twenty say i am going to hang the dun chain on the houston texas done d don't i'm done with men that it's not when next like yours i think the other than we could always copies body hung the change they already hawks the cardinals and the bill sober can you look up with taxes are playing next week as a matter of iron doesnt matter particularly on the dun chain is autumn i i didn't think that two sean watson was gonna have a great year this year because like adrian peter and scrutiny for everybody by coming back from that asia also quickly do i go to china we find this year it's been eight months since it towards a seal it's gonna be
a year and a half before he gets back and when i hold us yet again the court's rivalry in in any annapolis doesn't matter who produce frank reich with a condom on his magnificent on rail has radioset pretty safe play calling but the real story from the court's game so there the colts our frisky they're gonna put my from putting my frisky category it's good teams bad teams frisky teams therein the frisky team category but did you notice at the end of the game when the colts wanted to go hale mary they brought in toby brisket interlock shoulder it will be not as healthy i think kids and also andred luck as an atheist so he'll mary not a great place all travel same thing with josh rose initiative taken him out and just have like a catholic that's on the bench really come let's agua roquat josh rose and that was the meanest thing did any coaches ever done to his play yes the bears really do i mean the bears measly slip walk the
first quarter and it looks like they're going to lose think their defense is awesome and they come back they go up to with like two and one slash two minutes left and then and then she walks like you know what let's throwing moved a rookie quarterback totally no pressure situation we have to go oh eighty yards against a great pass rush for his first nfl action oh what see through an interception those doubts really fucked up of him to do very well we're watching and i was like this is really really ease or just a mean guys hates you must eight john once it s like yet as you josh rosen actually look actual football because if you do love it then you'll of getting the ship kicked out eu forty yards before you through an interception yes so your they should do they should have david car just on and ready come in in a situation where a coach knows that their quarterback is going ahead millions he's like the crash i stop yes is put about their jimmy g probably
after the year that socks because there is definitely in elements of you dont want good like how we in here when you look back like i was just a good nfl year was they were the game spawn you can directly correlate to how many quarterbacks got injured and when quarterbacks like jimmy g gets it and get gets injured we now have probably monday night football game probably couple sunday night football game see j bet beth hard yet will that's probably what they're going to do tat we have terrible when i when i saw like ok methods or back up or are they gonna go and get somebody ages think john ledges is like we trust your guy there our guy and he is he's been in train camp with us ever beyond that seem like some even though instincts out loud so knows how do you know he's out there in the same vision they probably never trading division glinted here
you ain't seen percent bradford will want safe for both of us today what will give you a third first round pick if you throw glinted into question for his open both fifteen million dollars you know it's actually gonna have liked her i think don't go through some struggles bettered than though make their decision but what they should do as they should god get quarterback raina like tara taylor is probably gonna be out there and we can talk about that little because we think it a chance recap the browns jets came after thirty oh my god what are you gonna yard on looking at the foreigner schedule right now you're gonna walk after they have one two three four five five primetime games coming up jesus christ is going to be a household name and we need to guess we need to get another quarterback there we need to get another guy in their stat they have five they have five prime games in seven weeks like
so everyone whose lesson is right now sit down close your eyes and just be like hey listen we're gonna have to work stop the hate get up close and personal with cj beathard we're going to have to like spend a lot of time with him it's basically like going to your page to your you know family reunions and and the crazy ants going to be there and we're going to have to talk to her it's fine just you know if you like i don't know what i'm doing with my life whatever this is what relationship procedure better it's gonna be we're in a sea of five times in the next seven we in seven weeks just get used to it m grin bear it put on a smile paul it's ice we're gonna deals like we're gonna do it as looking at an upcoming wedding season and your count was filled with a bunch of weddings people they don't necessarily wanna go do what you like you know what this he's gotta go summer is now so how to do it and we're gonna put on happy face and we're gonna say nothin but nice things about c j when he's around the up a hasty j your beard actually looks
really cool and not at all like her i also dead friend what yeah you and i were so that's that's cool now provide a lot of red meat or you're there so yet bob sanders you dial that's it we're though it was a thousand or get hurt a lot gas thirty i will ask the scots announced twenty but probably has yet we have learnt comes so is jimmy rounders aegis risk and also the other story of that game patrimony homes continues to be the most electric player in the nfl he is i think he's i ll be the first wherever it is rookie year to win envy p and automatic induction too yes and rookie the your temper because in a real dialogue even think they'll give movie about you know what this is give memory he so damn good no he gets a been simmons rikiu dns as the second your guy that everyone forgot was not a reasoned ridable in any place he's making i dont know if this is going to last because i feel like this is and i want to say anything about any
but while we all know that andy he he takes a sharp after halloween quicksighted tangent ah he granted to stage two diabetes spend whoever comes back quicksighted giant fourth quarter the bears you're down one they need to feel goal in its fourth him one and matinee ye takes a time out before the before he decides to kick the killing you gotta go that is the most anti red coaching tree move of all time yet a little what is this what is this time out doing in my pocket let's get rid of it it's gonna be a close game i dont want you have to think about it that's all you have to patch me homes at some point they're gonna have to come back earth because are playing at such an insane level and end reducing this anti read you know sort of the season on fire but we even with that set even if it comes back a little bit like replace seventy five percent of these plain where now he still like the most lecture quarterback manifold yet i mean i hate to keep tying things back to food within you read but you know how your stomach gets full in your brain
realize it until like fifteen minutes after you ve kept her lap yeah yeah exactly so any red is like he he burned through his playbook so fast he has great as great as great not realising our shit i'm about to use up all my good plus sixteen weak the other sixteen we haven't seen anything so he's gonna things are going to come back to earth and pretty sure but it still its mind boggling to me that alex smith play in the same system as patrick ma homes and didn't throw such down to a single white receive la is thought were here what's its similar but nothing was their plight their throwing it deep their throwing like out everywhere our authority blaster yeah but every time the ever tell me what's choose game there's there's guys open all over the place and in private homes arm is very much different denounced massage is there clearly to a strikes and going deep like this and they also have an entire terry kill is a top three
receiver and the nfl yea just so fast and right into the end with an arm like muslims you cannot throw any difference about right about atomic gets there he's already binding i mean i want one thing though do very well on this programme if i may pat ourselves on the back go is we find little tiny things to get annoyed by players at everybody loves so here we go but patrimony has come on down but i'm struggling with patrimony ok how it's fine i yeah i got you always there's another he will too many things on his wrists so he's got like the he's gonna wanna off it's alive strong whatever i do it my london racial is bracelets watches it's just a little too much rain so who can take that and let's just make the big point that like you know what patch grounds thanks
is he's waits patrick panel supports too many cause yeah you know what people want it here pick one get really behind one because everyone else is like one foot in one foot out maybe maybe tone it down maybe just go some stuff on your left wrist okay we don't need both receive k about this one he's gotta floppy head yet so i had been oh no not that bad i'm talking like when he's got his helmet on his neck it looks a little bit loose sometimes these flaps its head around ok the headband that's baker mayfields i like yeah well i like the alligator yeah oh here's another one he plays a rinkitink mickey mouse systems he's a mickey mouse quarterback you play for cliffs kings buried up and i was plain in this fast and loose any re office and yes yes oh he's he's mickey mouse gasping and wish you wanna do just really quick side tend in here the time the patched ma homes played against baker mayfield in college yet the iraqis are unless more obvious they played against each other in two thousand sixteen the game was oklahoma
sixty six texas tech fifty nine baker mayfield through four five hundred and forty five yards in seven touchdowns zero interceptions patrick behind through four seven hundred and thirty four yards five touchdowns and one interception and also patrimony ran for eighty five yards two gunshots stress edge all aside pieces genomics and had two hundred sixty three russia notes i honestly that you could put like five defenders actor and and limit them to less than some hundred yards its unreal so the both these guys and baker we obviously mists thursday night papa was great in boston we didn't record till we recorded before but baker it is also electric so the in the quarterback class of this year has basically between josh i'm gonna minnesota stunner baker mayfield winning for the browser the first time in forever i guess petros the last year's could render class sam
an old he beat the lions at one time and the josh frozen nice pick but certainly the less the last two quarterback classes you have drawn to shall watson and mitch risky yeah producer some great quarterbacks coming up the league is in good health hence guys futures very very bright as far as the quarterback school and we know that their damn sure can make sure that they stay healthy because you not glad to tax and about the site i do like how clay matthews has become the new funds has perfect like he's like this is not something that he had a reputation for before as far as i know no but this year we had a reputation confidant player time what's the hair it's is discriminatory against guys longer again all the time when i'm going through airport security i get my bags double checked like are associated with we pointed out we know that there is we generic pointed out here's what he laid go clay matthews so again second week in a row that he gets a actually third week
third we can arrange everything always them said he's gonna get it be the first pillar for you to get suspended for not rolling away from a quarter back in midair yes but he did throw the gauntlet and in his post game comments comments throughout the password the calls the league soft leave can solve i actually think that they will that will that's like a calculated move by him he will get find but i bet you that he won't get the same calls like he won't get penalised over and over like he has been because you know wanting called soft no you cannot that is not going to tell you that not let that happen and then of course we we have to ask pink or the other patriots done to the lions killed a patron hey i'm i'm actually asking if we need to hang the dungeon on patriots ok you what you saw sorrows hold on let's talk about this like adults the patriots are still
going to probably win the f c east right yes right yes we're reef we're just gonna completely neglect the miami dolphin although we were also said they probably will even you can probably even say the god of the apes championship pot with that said that was one of the slowest patriot seems i've ever seen play like day they look like they were moving in slow motion against alliance both on often indifference didn't do anything yeah so on the way that you couldn't you can excuse away by saying they don't really have that much around i iranian wide receiver i know gordon is gonna obviously bright air that that's gonna change especially having gentlemen do that thing we're just gonna runs back and forth rats five
guards waving the line scrimmage and drawing linebacker covered here he run out is gonna beat runs five your lottery to had left and right and left and then deal with appear egos forty five forty five degree angle left and then comes back right and he's always oh yeah yeah that's it that route that is well tree is a once they get that in place it's gonna be different often but the bigger concerns differences events looks la bassorah do the bassorah yanza esben your for trash who because they traveled so what does it look like you're running in quicksand no sign the shoes album this policy is when you said that's me i thought you speak a different language but i guess that's the hottest what others are the others chelsea boots no not chelsea bullets whose huh sneakers ok yeah they did look like our runnin hudsucker yes they were they were very very slow and defence i wonder how much map patricia is like obviously he's not coaching the earth kinds often that's joker that's up to that
you have to wonder how much patricia was like hey this is what you look for this is why this where like the soft spots on the video if its archidona do i get any offer the sheriff mcdaniel yet too i get any credit for letting fire interpreters was asked by saying that the team quit on him a weak one maybe i saw dowser your source of my source was myself here that i was my sources my eyeballs in my gut that in common coward doing the hat sabre something to which we have before us we had an old man what is by producers have done in the last two weeks he's one half ford and what have you done is covered in one year what mattress should i get a glow up you look hot tonight he had to put the hat on forward he has appeared looking nice and he wore black and it was very slim i was like i was like is that matt patricia or chris pratt on the sidelines he also had the post game hug with belichick you could just tell in his eyes that he wanted to hang on just a little bit longer and have belichick
like whisper em you ve done well sir i'm proud of proud of everything you ve done project just turn around and watery produce even gave a little pat on the back like hey do you member me dad like not fuck that is you watch the all twenty two on that handshake belgic starts to walk away and patricia takes three steps following a literary walking together just like we're is like old times body dead no end instead like nope no son i'm gonna go to the bar and i am ruin you i want to make sure that somehow week we make a trade that still there rob you have all your future draft for some shitty over the help so hank seriously scale went to ten how conservative scale of nine to ten how can surgery six oh cascade wanted him like a six would scale nodded not because a nice at on the nervous at your on that's ok you're sick the other one six one item six six seems at his pretty high with
last year if i'd ask you this question after they lost the chiefs you too said like zero right so which different about this they don't have they gave away tumblr players they lost two weeks in a row and loyally ever gets it outside double digit hank that something that can't be fixed they give away their pleasure why would wear would that not concern you more what i mean just said they gave away little hunters bilbil to contemporary they got some back though and they have josh corn potentially and put it hurts too that the texan sock and that's only went social if there was the beast s ring came out there would be very low level as we talk about the gain show it's all circle of life and then i have asked the question is the enough seed norse shadow chris berman division the worst division football now cause appears dominant yet the exam but the bears or are they ruined the end of sea nor thea bowed probably i regret that because only the packers looked like junk here's here's some put put like i said kirk cousins isn't nerd here's some to put your back pocket the vikings are gonna be the rams others because the
answer the best team in football we can all agree and if i learned anything from this week in its stead the week before don't take anything the week before in and put it on this week so actually just talk myself into not doing what i said the rams are gonna win wait no no light but on the other hand right dear lodged by allah by your logic like aims are gonna beat the rams by what i learned it this week so i have two unlearn next week you're a clearing your learning i guess things i can try learn this week to not do not take what you learn the week before and put it into your betting on sunday okay so next week i have the honour and the fact that i learned to not take the week before and put into this we like momentum suckin momentum gonna forget every week because though the lesson is too unlearn what you learn
ok i think i follow you just saw you in other words i just have to get a budget stupid tattoos them about yes pretty battle proved myself that's the end of this but the rams are the best in the nfl right yeah if the rams so the ariane programme most complete him so far reaching summarily chiefs railways really have any one the other differences not that great yeah we'll see i mean if the box go in its intemperate have also been ravaged burgers gonna make a very confused about where is tomorrow morning probably throws up your you ever yeah we're industry club with whole coggan yes hanging out with him and he's gonna throw her for her substance and loose fumbles way looks like he's actually like a blind man right now will be great money a football game and yet his thoughts we three i guess food tuckahoe college football ok what do you want someone i mean we could talk about well concept book oregon just absolutely shitting the bad they picked on themselves those big time david shaw
david jaws were those coaches that he's the unflappable like he will he'll make sure that if a team inferior that they play to three points and he'll make sure that if he's down by a turnip tongue like he wasn't half time it organ that though play to three points are seventeen i mean like he is he is a water find your level coach where every game feels as tight as it could be i may i will not sums are men ellis how many bears how many years you just once i'm gonna cause you had org and so just say that no i we can talk about it in that right well i did have oregon bless now i was gonna bring it up i was just because it is obvious that we have these like hey i we talk college full of those two things one i just once it is a nice where possible but stanford is the most annoying college football team to play gets up there just out there just always happen yonder shorter like em so here some so here too soon
the fuck out of me there was the army oklahoma game which is only available on paper view hot on tv which i mean is that disrespectful to the troops to hide them behind a pay wall at say so the troops her pivoting to video absolutely working for the atlantic now that was annoying and i'm just going to say it was annoying and i didn't like it and you know what they should do they should just make the national anthem pay per view for nfl games and see the real patriots out there on i like that tony up some cash any other college sauce known are really by that i mean that
the bam is fuckin good i did like the ear like were first sunlight caleb psychology because i knew you had organ that was a terrible b i mean i was an all time back and other all time bad be was was constant covering the over on a fake fallback dive for back sweep yes that went for a forty yards they weren't you should just gone down there when you can transfer the which were not try some very unfair back move to not taken yet the one year on that housing is that it was concerned i will give you just try to stop scoring you're probably school that's that's how one other thing a piss me off this week about football is every time a trick plays run in answer say oh that's a fairly special yet doesn't matter it doesn't matter who stone at whose schedule is like the appeal yazzi all encompassing term for reduction pass this is every trick play every gadget play that's our legislature it got so we started calling trick plays gadget plays back in two thousand and five
leave when the steelers were making their policies runs was and willpower every time you got over the fifty four next play would be a gadget yet because been wrath asperger can really pass the right so they would have heinz warden anton randal i'll just go out term play backyard football and they called a gadget play and that name lasted thirteen years and now it's changed now every gadget plays a very special spots robot yes also worth worth asking virginia is the least reliable state in the country for ever junior tackles the general dominion which either we it brought on the classic grove outward not reveal loves nothing more than to tweet about a big school playing a small school and how much the big school had to pay the small scale virginity ex quarter i cannot but yet i was awesome dead all dominion that's all that's a once in a lifetime for if you're an old dominion person which armenia
i do not know that further calls a coach had the classic like my wife my two sons beating virginia like hell it's my life in order tat virginia you know it don't those coaches have like a little upperhand getting off the bus to go into the stadium too to play like a big came like that when their neighbour is a hate just reminder disguise sculpture that play against heeded recruiting want you recording i watch that's how james you did that to virtue tat back in two thousand and eleven you guys are just medicine twelve watch he i want to come here to your living yes an out your mom snout another list of teams that you'll want to schedule if you're division one school is appalachian state and oda you yeah baroness inhaled brings up a great point virginia loss to sixteen seed virginia tat colossal dominion underpants port state is uv football good ok but if i did wonder money last week so now i think it a good idea
i was doing this act in them will get no not sorry chris will you are whose back and then would you forgot the weak so for whose back i didn't write down whose back so i might as well just start with it started tiger woods is all the way back he won the torch championship is either at the torture changes the tour champion it was hot views but he didn't win the championship of pierre tour lay out the fed ex but here is here is why this moment was special because nfl sunday dominates everything right put tiger still was able to like breakthrough to anyone whose even watching football who doesn't care back off knew the tiger woods was doing this and knew the tiger woods waiting winning for the first time in forever tug and knew the tiger woods had like the galleries that were following him were incredible incredible like old school tiger woods
so tiger woods all the way back and his swag level by walking in with his red shirt is gulf shirt on a hanger like it was a fucking tuxedo was unbelievable biceps bursting and he just walk him with his red shirt like precious cargo don't touch the red sure it's a fucking it's a red dry fit nike shoes and he kept in the thing where he was extraction is back because he knew the camp was also a good show off the guns already got ya hear the swag was an was in full effect photographer photos cosmical moment obviously still needs to win a i think we all agree ryder cup him winning a major is gonna be the real ok tigers back put im just winning an event is a big deal because it's been very very long and a lot of people myself included thought he would probably never be at this level again because he's to his back got transfixed title that fucking tigers
play back that's exactly i broke his battle fought to monarchy ages that's why i've sexier factors back out i've care too much why is he really backed up there's only thirty players in the tournament is three best cell so yeah deaf isn't every tournament re best players at now made a cut are the usual like what seventy plaza make the cardinal because what i mean is is the best in like it was the actual thirty best words when they play these other tournaments i feel like these random slugs just get hot for one weekend and can be anyone but what has he gets though i think he's still is very much but if you want to turn me that you want tournament i don't know it says about us just as a society that we love seeing people just like torn apart and then we love to see them be very very happy and cry once they overcome turned themselves apart yeah but we do it
damn sure but we do not lose their resolution obscene tigers definite back right hooja whose my whose back the week is online sleuths investigating twitter likes so did you see this is really about us with levy on bell now so word came out sunday morning that libya further the steelers were listening to trade offers from other teams i think as first report on port my take we would we said jerry jobs going well yeah yeah so there listening to two offers and then later today libya bell liked a tweet and the tweet was a video and the capture the videos this is levy on bells last play as stealer and using a play from last year rules so he like though jaguars africa but it may be a problem it probably was so it's it's a long tradition in america investigate people's likes goes all the way back to ted crews without incest point the yes now how many like says he have that's important thy how many i am in wage many like so if
anyone ever says hey you while you like that i like eyes subconsciously like here you don't owe me numbers i'm smashing the like it's more of hey i sighed i see the eager now urge yes acknowledgements existence on yes or no livable does not have that many toronto eat something i have you gone back like a year or two years bell was a guy that would name search himself and then like any one who disrespected him but he doesn't it anymore he clean it up so this was inclusion always try this rise in intentional likely i'll tree from parma take right now leave your bell i trust we have get up i've i've television and radio fry livelier bela's trash lady i'm bell i dare you to would lie with the patriots leave it hang ike now leave leaving a bell is too much of a chicken shit to sign with noon when patriot levy on bell is trash unless he likes this tweet
ok all right what are you gonna u gotta others now that just the one i would he got hank miles back ahead kentucky football and i had the joker blue that's all the pictures but joaquin phoenix joaquin yes is apparently going to be playing the joker in the joker it's going to be zone movie don't stand off movie here whatever you call it stand alone dental a movie probably they often i suppose no batman now oh well the only thing come out is the pictures of walking ass a joke i learnt we won't you then the internet just goes in the debates of vital will only come about twenty twenty one yes i'm like now here's the deal that there have been no actually now jesus christ don't get excited about this that there is also a joker movie coming out simultaneously with don't let your letter playing his weirdos sick pervert joker friends that is not or not but i think that with no man how do u have jet how i don't know the chair the dear little joke them
is tat the joker and marguerite lobbies person i'm sure that there's gonna be batman and there's a simple ok is you it should know it's gonna be promising it's going to be like that movie twenty four words gonna be an hour and a half of real time where joker kills babby instead of could see promise yes there will be i have my solemn promise use batman will be in their support diameter i've known you ok maybe they'll think no yet kentucky football conducts robots that's good that's good safe way to football guy of the weak so we have some good news
these but we also have cash daniel who is lie backer for kentucky big went against mr be state unfit admissible sam or submissive estate inductive oppose unroll so shot out our friends a big blue nation but cached annual we see you trying to get football that week every week isaak and work man you gotta do something it's actually football guy like get thirty five tackles and then contact was so he he's was asked about the mississippi staplers after the game and he said i hope i hope their crying slobbering i hope all their girlfriends break up with them nice try dude thou that was such a clear i want to be fulfilled by the weaker knocker nominated he's gonna make his own act as judge him like delivering speeches after games just trying to get us dollars cash out projects out yet check out catch up to his your cash stuck half of them so no shrike ashiel so here are nominees and we have one that we have to embrace debate on so have five hunger whittled down to four
the first question i just wanna say we're sorry for joking value because you seem like the kind of guy that would show up at her office and decided this is how you gonna fight is how you know he's got love us even more i'm not scared you cash out i'm not scared you lord bitch i don't cut that out ok first up we have organ strength coach whose all over the sideline on saturday awesome mustache huge biceps he's a beast what it would mean do you guys what what are you actually there wasn't anything specific daddy did or but he was bouncing hue of mustache was like flapping in the wind and he was so being the hold back i kind of freons higher side yes his job is to paste the sideline he's like a dog like a guard dog that just walks the pearl and everybody knows you don't cross him his master the muster
this is actually a hold back guy for his own mouth yes when you think about it yes is keeping its keeping those swear words and check i also like i like strengthen conditioning coaches having looks and getting a little bit a buzz because i think they were there and like they ve been under the radar for too long and they deserve to be brought out and i hate this is our strength and conditioning guy he hasn't monopoly mustache last i like legal robber baron yes he looks like a bad guy in a political cartoon from the nineteen twenty yes exactly so that's our first two is nick sabin his quote after alabama be texas anna am did not cover but beat texas aunt em he said i'd appreciate it if you would sort of look at some of the things that we didn't do so well and right about that so maybe i could show to the players and say look here man here something you could do better this was his quote to the media so he's actually asking the media to bash alabama so that he can somehow
how brainwash is players into think is there not good at four p m so again brainwash nineteen year old into being self conscious yes yes rap voice yes exact point so what can we sammy we did call this last week with an article that came out yeah we said that we thought it was an ex haven plant yes and so this actually add fuel to the fire that he does have journalists other than one hundred percent he tell us your own model shit about them i next we have the buffalo head coach buffalo beat rockers first time ever in school programme may be the power five team yes we're technically saying our power five team figure we have do i know it's terrible that we have to but we're going to say it but anyway he said in in the post game they had ever in the locker me cycling
and that's how you know a football guy has the entire team in the palm of his hand he has them cheering the fact that they get to wake up at five hundred and thirty in the morning after winning a game to go left against rutgers yes are you beat rucker alsace and your reward is you have to exercise tomorrow morning in there all in europe to a year so rain washed through its unique saving properly what's a table how do i get so you don't schedule buffalo that's another thing that unesco schedule and then finally or so here's we have two more we have josh allen our guy so he was asked after the game how motivated was it being such a big underdog and he just replied i didn't even know so that's a football guy not knowing the point spread that's how you do it that's how you do it he's not underdog ever when he gets out on the field he's ready to go or do you think he just is kind of nerd doesn't
yeah maybe i should are taxing the line yeah yeah we should definitely not be wherever game fell they hate josh just heads up here and under their laps lily be led to an fbi investigation somewhat hey josh beers until it under an underdog so if you wanted to target this number here i'll be great self an ominous tease it up his players to work out as a reward yet motor buffalo but this one is like he will not let you do glamour muscles and a weak right you can do squats of course yes now i think turn over anything filling the blank is over i think miami was it they it's over from miami it's over for every other school they all try to hop on it you basically imitators now i do agree that getting herm edwards something funny in the fact that he's getting his players to work out as a reward yet motor bustling about this when it's like he will not let you do glamour muscles during the week right you can do squats you can do dead lifts you can do it until you what if you're nice
what you do pull ups occasionally cassettes mostly back but a little bit arms but if you cause moreover during the game i'll let you work on the calls for the girls okay and when you look at the guy that was doing the by some girl you can tell them doesn't do a lot arms he's not that guy's not allow nearer near correct so that's our fifth hank who should we keep in or out of things take out the mustache oh ok ok try here there's nothing concrete that he did the ashes got so you know he's gonna earn it he's gonna erna is get you some concrete for he's on the radar he's on the radar please get you some concrete i also don't think it's a of the book i moved to have that have mustache oh it's a strengthened conditioning eimer thicker but he didn't have like the raleigh fingers moliere yes at world level years nothing i left the goddess word about himself not the t usually on his work on a lot of picky blonde picky forking blinders josie mustache wax hobby does that's probably too much too much go all natural thinking about it
yeah you gotta have the mustache hairs i get the mustache years ago straight out looks absolutely terrible like i become porcupine yes that's how you know that i dont care yeah so if you're a strengthened condition guy you real strengthened condition guys don't even shower not they just use acts bodies for exactly that use acts body spray and just that metal ah taste from the bar yeah the occasionally though i like a below pad of still still wool and discuss scrape off the dead skin ass a day use as a self yes exactly writes a vote for football guy the weaker parma take were three four three i think with football guys the weak actually accepting the award so don't forefront examined please please the hope it examined maybe the buffalo guy made which i think i feel that we get the buffaloes about i don't have it i would definitely josh alan so but yet we can we're gonna get someone else
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this september check him out really comfortable genes ok here is michael barney okay we now well come on we ve been actually tried to get on a long time ago he's finally here cause he has a book is called an iron genius a master class unwitting championships in building dynasties in the nfl it is mike lombardy he has lived ghana fell his entire life he nosey anna fell inside now mike before we start though i know you ve been doing the rounds and basically apologizing to all evils fans for bashing doug petersen we don't we don't give up don't give a fuck about that ok you can you can say our egos we need an apology right now about any blake portal slander that you have thrown out there at any point in your life i can't do that man i can't do that there's no chance
the media law that the equal iser help that tennessee why did i mean yeah battalions billions in your trap game you have to admit of trapped in he i may tendencies to make come on you know that's the kind of thing i think looked jack's about thinks a great team and you got a funny thing about like borders which is larry is so when i was in cleveland and thirteen i was scattered all the quarterbacks in that was you know borders bridgewater that was that draft grapple oh and i love blip lake in the first couple times i solemnly college effect i told her native university to get the scottish guys can be a good fire so i started out at the right place and i ended up in the wrong place and i apologise i'm sorry they regard rears algae exulted now interview start would have you said very soothing negative about josh out you don't i dont know what to make of josh alan because little wyoming he was so an accurate last and today he goes in there and you know it if you would have had that the bills in twenty six points you would have still want i mean it was like i mean in vikings in twenty six the bills with a one i mean those particular
i don't know i'm my feeling on jacek it'll be awaiting sleeping i still think that that's not but it's not that i really would it takes me does you should make a plague statement about a rookie while he still rookie just get ahead of it happened i do that about risky i've said about your biscuit you know yeah that fair ok good good so he's these bees football younger i agree so we're gonna let sock bout weak three before we do that though your book tell us quickly what is in your book like i said you live the nfl you worked with bela check you were at the browns you been all over give us
quick synopsis of what we can expect with the buckeyes football game the books basically about culture how to build a team bill walsh told me in nineteen eighty four there's only we're only competing against eight teams and that was when it was a twenty eighteen league because no team really had a great culture in their building and so that's really what it's about you know i was fortunate enough to drive build walls around in the car cuz i was a slappy for him and then i got to work with bella check in cleveland and then i worked with the grayed out davis in oakland for ten years which is really like working for somebody for forty year we're back with double check so it's all the things that i have learned from them it's not about me it's about what i have learned so what's the number one thing validity like list say for example were taken as a half time of the patriots lines game matt patricia trying to build a culture and in detroit what is someone do when they walk in the door in their trying to build a winning culture and anna fell franchise you gotta be yourself
you got to be original you know what i talk about it all the time like sinatra never look cool with an antenna leisure suit you got it you got to be who you are you can't copy belichick completely in the hard part for matt is he's taking over teen that was nine and seven last year and they loved him every player on the team loved him so he's walking into eddie's got to win them over and if you go to hard one while you're going to lose the locker room and you got to kind of have some delicate balance to win over the veterans as you integrate your system in the play it takes some time and if you go to heart out so i'm going to turn you out you said that frank sinatra didn't look cool in the leisure suit care to retract that because i think frank sinatra what's cool no matter what he wears i love sinatra but i didn't think you'd look good in a laser suit i'm sorry i never did i thought he was a tuxedo coupling got that's to me when i see some after that's what i say that's very red so yes
so patricia strand turned up around there another regime this trend turns up and around his unseen san francisco you got john lynch cash in come in now they ve got to make a decision because jimmy is looks like he's out for the year probably what would you do if you were the forty niners general measure in this situation it out the it's gonna be here there's no quarterbacks out their bridgewater got david i may not have been a logical gotta try to trade for but he got trade into the same to the saints are going to move on to me i think it's a tough spot you know see day better last year they say in all they say he's gonna be improved this year i don't owe that to me the way the nineties play defence forget about this year they look like they can be the first picking the draft away their play now they're i'm gonna win very many games i'm about ready to give the rams the end of sea west title right now i think that's that's it that's where so while we're on culture i saw that you were on the record saying that you wouldn't bring josh josh gordon in when he is on the dawn the trade bloc obviously the patriots bring em in why why why
you think it's gonna not worked out or why do you think you wouldn't take on a risk my josh gordon well i think because it he he's not you know it's not passionate about football it all that everybody wants to compare him to randy malls or even let's go to learn to tell it ability at those guys we're just passionate about football josh's kind of indifferent to football yet intends to a mean doesn't love it and has not been able to get his life in order off the field and to me what's a hard program ice like joining the navy seals man it's tough to play up there you got you got to get in there early in the morning you stay late at night and if you're not willing to do the time and the effort into it if you're just going to get cut cast aside and look they need him desperately you can just see how slow they are tonight on offense how slow they are on defense they need an infusion of some speed i could see why they did it but for me i don't think
the long range success written over yes you go as issues a your you earn assistance bela jack what is his tolerance for somebody that isn't coming in early isn't staying late like how quickly would he move on from a gala just go and if it was like what's it gets it if it wants it and fears with interferes with the team on where we had alan branch there who was you know i don't you guys remember our branch from buffalo got arrested for drunk driving up the better the bills pay them a ton of money we pick them up in a fourteen season announce smart guy from michigan you know just never could get his life in order but it others times where he was in the programme he we almost cut em but gave him a little bit all rope and eventually you gotta turn around and i hope that we will have won the two superboss that that we wanted in new england without em so there is tolerance but you gotta be able to correct yourself
that's your josh always do that so you are an assistant belch at what it what does that mean what did you do for well i did you know it's funny because my background work for our davis out davis forced do and bill was forced to understand the gave from the coaching side and the players and the personnel side it was players and plays all the time most times and scouting you to see players most times in coaching you just see place but those guys force me to see players and play so i would speedo every week for belichick i would do point of emphasis which is what i thought we had to do on offense but we had to do on defense in the kicking game to win the game and it wasn't just a stop the run it's that that's that's not with which it what it is it's not that simple you know and so it was those detail reports i did scouting adiplayer analysis i did projects i did stuff to me to kind of give him and not help him as he assumed his role as the general manager of the team to try to make it more conducive to him and then also help the coaches and and what i saw at practice and what i saw during the games so
you will we ever suggest finnish washing the first half of the pages signs game now it could obviously a change in the patriots are come back and basically every game that they want to but do you think i like it story that the media always goes like when is it going to end and i just from the eyeball test the deepens looks like they're running in slow motion how does bela check a coach like that fixed something in season way you there's not someone whose common who can fix everything there's not minos some first round draft pick going to show up
we'll help element get back on offer to me they miss amygdala badly believe me they miss dante's toughness they missed the unloosed they don't have a loose play back me james whites a nice player but he's a catch her not a runner once you get the boy goes down so you gotta be careful and indefensible they just be more speedily high tower can't run like you used to run and so he's really a defence of any camp linebacker anymore and i think we are going to have to do is start to play some guys that can run me you saw it last year when i play marquise flowers and they start to put guys in the line back they needs guys that could run and on defence they can't run they can't create fumbles the way you can tell the team speed on defence is by how many force fumbles you can create and that's that's the best way to do it i wrote about the book it's u can see at the speed of the team runs to the football and creates fumbles and a patriot can't even get strip balls they can't get near the quarterback they they miss tray flowers tonight they gotta get him back but
to me you're gonna have to move some people around and get players away from space poise and try to create a better more speed on the field it's gonna be heart yes beginners those trip plays joggers been sent last couple weeks and what they really missing our noble and is having a good speed address or someone i can put pressure on the quarterback is raising that he could have done differently or maybe that he could be doing differently now to get that speed russia it i don't think it goes ahead the fine you know you just don't walk down the street and i am one of those guys those their hard to find and look i mean i get it if he's trying to go the patriot way enough not to have one guy make a lot of money but i'm not sure that cars fourth the twenty million when you watch imply talent level on the raiders the raiders of the classic what i call fifty minnetaki they play good for fifty minutes but the last ten minutes of the game they fall apart like that today in miami miami they should have been up by two touchdowns oh my medea forth and go at the wan and they run the full back belly instead it give it the lynch and then they get it
there again they throw turnover in the red zone i mean eva chances to win the last two weeks they just shot themselves in the foot barely and they just don't have enough play makers on defence yet my through better hungary is that he is i he's really good at getting his pleasures up for game but on his head time adjustments are just like let's keep doing every we did in the first thirty minutes accept do it harder yet while i think there's some truth to that effect which you see with them as is the john so busy at a script them on the office that he doesn't see the whole game and there's a way you gotta play the whole game i'm in his defence can't play like last year the eagles point twenty six minutes a defence pretty for the season they play twenty seven agape that's the way their often round the thing if the saint play twenty seven minutes a defence this year though probably be an accomplished amperage of game for every game they can't play thirty minutes and i think what john doesn't understand how to do that i think you so busy looking at this place she in europe
i got to make some adjustments it's hard especially when you got a lot of moving parts okay so another place that you worked in your career cleveland they got obviously their first win in six hundred and thirty five days on thursday night after the game hue jackson said i got to look at the tape and decide if babe baker mayfield the starting quarterback now did he say that just so that he didn't hurt tyrol tailors feelings or is that a true statement by him as he actually going to look at it in and give it a throw up for grabs after what we watch with paper mayfield that second half i think he's just trying to be respectful the tower that's the only thing i can think of because if he hasn't gotten fired for just one in one game he'll get fired for not start bigger mayfield an open next right and get out so i made to me like i know what he's trying to do is try to protect taylor but i never understood the tailor thing give it to me i thought taylor was better offer buffalo obviously not after today but to me buffalo needed a veteran quarterback more than cleveland it away may feel play this summer to me i thought he deserved a start yeah
yet seemed would you think maybe tailors again if you got to san francisco it would be interesting to see i could see kyle want him eat he so ease bootleg oriented he needs to be on the move to throw the ball i could see that they got a ton of cap room and they need somebody to come in as a back up i could see that if they don't do something in san francisco they could easily be picking the first book in the drafters with that events they haven't stopped anybody three weeks yeah i know it's true it's true so looking it we had three weeks we obviously do knee jerk reactions to everything which are usually wrong but what is the big
surprise either team or player through three weeks to you i'm in a surprising to me that the that the chief suggests women with the planned bad defects in the way they played i mean i obviously mahomet plain away is hasn't turn of all over to me that's a shock i thought this summer they were hide their office and they did and i think that was attic houston to me i thought houston was gonna be a way better team i was an idiot i got houston could compete they get all those players back on defence watson was coming back i thought they would be much better than they are to me that's a shocker owen three and seasons down the tubes it i don't see it and i think the one thing is like i said earlier i think the ram suggests to me home feel advantage might have to go to london yeah me too so so stay on houston first and we never talk about another man's job cosette used one other man shot but would build i can be a haughty care if this team
continues to here let's say they don't they probably won't make the plan in which you say they won't make plans does bill brian and feel the heat you don't look they just changed over the organization rokesmith left they gave their bright gave brian gained the job there they gave him a new contract they gave reckoner contra they get bill a new contract so to me this is your one of a new contract programme and so i can't see mcnair make that many changes that quickly unless he decides to do with what the eagles did and being bring how we back he brings rick back and fires everybody else i mean i wouldn't put a past anybody but to me it seems a little premature looked at that that the texans you can make any argument you want their poorly coached i mean they get first and fifteen every time you turn around at a ball first and go it like the five next thing i look after that their at their own thirty they're moving backwards like hitting penalties have a touch down penalties there does not play well at all tat is true i thought my i thought my scrap was broken every time i look it's ex ante in his i think they didn't want point have like first and go on the twenty eight
fly to shun wasn't keeps getting although stats padded in the second half is because he gives him till the bigger field to play we add by the way as we talk and as we talk about the painters surmise there now down thirteen tents and hope ok so they're gonna without first reported by pardon my take right now we talked earlier about indian culture when you're new guy down what about if you're my tomlin and you've lost locker room you actually literally lost several players you don't know where they are how'd you how would i go about re gaining control of risk on the goddamn also america's most wanted to look for me how do you do that argue bounty hunter actually who is actually lady i go christ bra i've made i'd like to me like i think that the happiest people in the world or get like mike summers probably happy tonight cacique and go in there on monday and he's got his teams full attention
at a time when his happier in hell go unnoticed weaken haven't everybody's attention have to his ass kicked at home sometimes we look at it on the outside as dysfunction on the inside when it's really the chance for the coach to be able to rally the forces like buffalo we offer buffalo me included like ok buffalo one chance in hell to win the game right lebanon i've been on the viking so i did so like look it gave you know shall mcdermott's got a chance to go in there i may look tennessee play the tennessee played the car they there were like hey whether you know where were we got no chance to go into jacksonville we can't win at the gives your coat a chance to talk to the team and an army look the eagles it'll egos can get pissed off of me all they want for four four four rip it onto petersen but i mean they play that car the whole time like nobody respects us did the whole year what that that's a hell of a car to play when you can do it and you did you get a ring to this anyone who thinks not letting get one really actually italy honours give two rings at all you guys know this right so they always gotta give two rings they give one that's the real ring that
thrill diamonds in atlanta give one that doesn't have all the real diamonds in it i was at least expect a moment out the real diamonds i gave a potent right out of unfair exactly yeah is might mccarthy on the hot seat his aaron rodgers more hurt than he's putting on i thought this was a tough game this week i mean look at why she tells the ultimate play up play today to the competition grab it was a soggy fee i think on a green base defences terrible i think that they ve been bad for three weeks in and they have a really been able slow anybody daddy willis they gave up twenty two points in the fourth quarter last week in two minutes and fifty seconds may have hard to do my naturally are to do and so i think mike's gonna fix his defence you know you got dom capers out there and unlike patents and there are they gonna fix it and right now i think time montgomery's the best back they have because when they spread out he at least can create and expose supply yemen's packers d d ve never had a decent like dom cables dinner forever it seems like
i haven't been able to stop and of how they haven't you know what's your how'd you get how'd you fix as you got a guy right now clay matthews he's got reputation others workin on he's declared or quite matthews on me like i'm i pointed out that that thou our river on should put a video together to show all of us what do you want to claim that these two do they like where would you gotta put his body like really like where you gonna put your boy like in her any chance you could have moved it left or right on your gear tackled the guy what you want me to do just like all of a sudden reverse tackle them fall backwards to digital do a somersault justify the laws of physics is not that tough to do but i think green bay look rebate exotic fixed or defects in what happened but i am and happens in the world is what is you play this battleship game you you just try to you you call different defenses for different plays sometimes you hit some compliments and green bazin that battleship mode and they're not hidden yeah so
the oh good people own jump at real quick tour to philadelphia and i do want to buster balls just a little bit about it because my boss all you want look i'm a guy i can take it trusts me yeah just passed the middle big why i've heard ass the thing is the reality of it like if you gotta have opinions you're gonna be wrong and the best way you can learn in life is that you made a mistake i mean look at that the one thing i in my time in the league when a scout would come in for an interview and he told me never made a mistake that's a bad scout right you learn from all your mistakes it also look if you want to go on tv and say nothing you can probably say forever but nobody's get educated so you could bus my balls on identity dungeness either patch me homes is a bust out so whom we all do but i may look everybody's made mistakes i like to think tat all his timezone collage acting i thought that we urge project when he was with us in cleveland and weak figured if you're seventy five percent accurate on pics on drafting whether guy plays or does imply you're doing a hell of a job sets out at sea in school
yeah he's get degree i do want to know who's the shitty coach this year who's the new higher that you think is gonna sucks so i can pencil and who's going to suffer there is a europe that it all go all in on it you know that that once i haven't seen like i think frank rights that are really jobs i haven't really seen one that i think would be really bad i haven't really seen it to where i thought oh god that looks bad it i was wandering mike rebels defence wasn't great last year and usually was terrible and now is to one so maybe it's my grave or not but say that a little rabbit s friend is an open that's good for us if yanza microbial socks gesture that i mean i don't think he socks but i'm just saying i wasn't for how we got the job based on the ways defects played duncan and i also heard that you wrote a letter to doug petersen apologizing for bad take that somebody was i guess somebody approach doug petersen to write his book this off season and they recommend
your name as a co author of the book did you ever hear anything about that now i read that read it he said no which i can understand why would say no implicit was all i could do to write my book trust me i thought writing a book was the hardest thing i've ever done in my life but i think promoting the book might be the hardest thing that's why a bug you guys too much you know like it's it's hard to promote books a toddler right at so i'm happy doug didn't ask i saw a picture under twitter of bonn jovi reading your book you think punjabi actually read your book i did could the ho jon loves football is fortunate enough to know john john embellish checker close and so we would always hang out with john john would come to cleveland when we were together there java company when it when i was there and that wherever we were in jersey we go see john now he lives on the hamptons he's got this is making rosy diving in the hamptons rosy now so yet utilizing bout dat prescott he socks thoughts
i don't think so i wanted i beheld i've noticed knox might make ie sucks i don't think ok tell us tell us why i'm wrong tell me i'm wrong i think they're scheme is so bad i think they do nothing to help him i think i shant shone like they went and spend spend two weeks and ours they probably score thirty point a week i think they have great skill at all but how does it elliot average three yards catch me seriously it see galliot you can't get in the bali they get girly i think they have no skill they have no export look wouldn't let me take up and you too if you add it pave on austin is your main guy you're in trouble i agree with that so that being said jason garrett hot seat i don't think so cuz i think jerry's comfortable with them on major i think this year if he doesn't make the playoffs he's on he's he's in trouble i think they've given him enough rope to hang himself down there but i don't see it with that's why i call in the clapper all i seem to do is clap i don't see him make it to you talk about noah
yet on yeah did you i am assume you gave a super bowl protection before the season but because we're now three weeks inward give your redo so you tell us what your first one was who do you see the superbowl giving the three weeks of knowledge that we have on this nfl seas i think it would be the rams and chiefs and probably the over would be at seventy who mecca and i would bet it yeah oh yeah i would bet or every which way but you really think the cheese can do this with playing no now it's all but but i mean i'd i'd houston dominating it i had four can use it was gonna be way better oh i mean mike i just told you didn't have to tell us we think mine i don't mind him at my mistakes i don't care i don't know you don't tell me i thought there would be much better but like look kansas city to one thing cassidy can do on the fence they get off the field on third out now they might not force a lotta third out but they get off the spindle
you have you never get to a third down you can't say that your bad on third um yeah that's right so it also anyway i don't know i think like that when you just watch the teams like the rams never take her foot off the gas the really good i don't see anybody in the isa condemning philly struggle in the wind like today they struggled to win a mean any at every chance to win the game today you know and then though that north i don't know about that one the south i mean orleans like your team but i think the rams will move the bottom i think it's the rams and in the area of sea new england doesn't look like it i'm not by miami even though the free and neither my candy uniforms that's nonetheless mostly y hear our talk euro quick about earl thomas out seattle so what would you do it allowed some of the gridiron geniuses that you been around do with pleasure like that it who very clearly doesn't want to be there is still an awesome pillar but his saying things publicly like i basically scare practice
you like it because i don't need a practice which i mean an earl thomson case i don't think you really needs to practice that much is still being impact player but like how'd you handle that with rest the dim i think it's really about money guys are they gets all about money i think he wants to get paid at all is all it does is to try to stir it on john schneider anti car on discharging it paid looked like pay me my money man you know it's like he is trying to really pissed off at either you don't don't franchise me pay me or trade me those are the things i think that's his agenda and then he goes out there has two interceptions any place greater how they got a trader you know they don't have enough good players they're gonna have to figure out a way to pay a mummy there's a solution and it's called green paper there i might have on the sea key question promo code take you get ten dollars off you seek purchase put it in now go to a football game promo code take on sea geek so you work for bela check for many many years what is the matter is that bilbil check has ever been issue at me yes i hope the guy i dont really i've never really had an argument with the man really is what i've never really weaving ami bills not one of those guys they get like the bill will get look we're just not going to do it in a bill we ve done it your way it doesn't work we're gonna do it my way now that's what he tells the tea but i'm like look it oh i've seen enough for that i mean probably in cleveland when we both went out the models house when
it was moving a team to baltimore and and i thought that was probably the most angry not at me but at that most angry or disappointed i've seen it do you think that seems so that seem obviously famous he gets move bilbil check gets fired you think if that team does get move the bilbil check is still a constantly them brown city that i dont know i mean more down it will no doubt him was always a rocket relationship because as you know the cause our thing and and the fans not really endearing themselves and all that but the team was really were the tables a good team and allow the players we too first romp eczema you know that year and so will like what happened a san francisco like what happened he used to laughter you lose your quarterback things fall apart the guy move the team on us i think bill was a good coach then i wrote it in the book i told the rams the hiram ninety six they didn't listen and you know what i think is evil
but a bit of good coach forever so yeah do ok on the other side a country what is the funniest name that al davis everybody ah he always would tell me centimeter elba i'm gonna scented elbow you know it although i was not that's the one of oil in the hot when he was in power he got sent the elbow and so that's what he would always see would just tea would you say you know and ours never one for calling about the name he would you say off fuck and hang up the phone i may the our travel for almost ten years and i just add i never knew you never said hello order by you know i am deafened one here so when the phone clicked i sometimes even here you know so he would just you know he would always threaten assembly to elbowed out was was big thing was almost any did what my last year there were
i still get blamed for democracy was i was even in the draft room justifies well known league circles in asia i love about what about linking did he tell animals and yell bird he just jump straight to the powerpoint presentation link if it gotta stop how his yet large came in for the interview an interview three ok i wasn't in any interview and then out told sort bring back your offer quarters we brings lane back with sark goes back to away on the next white with lane you know such as i have not i want the job so our hires light while celine cox another person they go it was a meter we actually had notes dough business be there i mean you know i mean to portray the guy was really gonna be the off it's a coordinator and got the heck opened up i loved it by low one thing i will defend link if and on is heated more picture mawkish also either what is so that was all i'll davis where islands
i doubt they all want of a mere how interesting i my last question for you you can you talk me off of the hate that's coming mischievous keys way by people outside of chicago saying that he is not a good quarterback tell me that the good quarterback mike please i can't i can't come on the dog is due this lie here what because i think it's really hard to win the game goes fast i think it's hard for mother teresa to employ the reasoning to employ the rest
is mr ohio and he doesn't get oh how state has to go north carolina cause it wasn't an instinctive position form and that he didn't play at north carolina because it was a real instinctive now can you get better look his arms not tied to his feet steve young now here's what i give you good new steve young nobody thought he could pleader and bill washed traded a second round picking and two million dollars to the box for steve young and he turn them into a player it could happen because athlete sometimes it clicks and they be i'm better players so there you go i'll talk to you about that i'm gonna be like steve young maybe he's gonna learn to tie his arm to his feet and become more accurate and more patient but but the one thing i will say steve young and a lot of success in college mitchell did well he almost be georgia that first week yeah i mean it i covered kiss a great athlete the kids a great athlete and i may like today you know i i i thought for sure you know that they were gonna
i thought he was gonna lose this game i really do it quick update the lines are up twenty its are now so we were very correct hatred that had again yeah there you go i'd say you're telling me that bitch risky future steve young that works i can do this if you want i wanted a back yet one actually you are so your book obviously goes through all of all of football history in winning championships what in your mind is the best dynasty nfl histories at the eighty five bears no i think it's the patriots at the cost of the salary cap look out we play the eighty five garrison in eighty four or when they were starting at knew they were gonna be great and then an eighty five they were on board you couldn't block em right now that's do scheme with with buddy run in their defence but to go to seven conference temperature games in a row i mean a cap era that's hardly counterpoint eighty five bears the verse for great they really were disgraced i've seen and fell history now one year
ah i pity anything else i think we'll get everyone check it out gridiron genius a master class and when he championships and building dynasties unifil mike thank you so much will doubling have you back on but you have to before you come back on you have to say something nice publicly about public portals and we'll be watching i will therefore do that promise you i will say so i said something nice last week about wage said what would you say to a site in i think blake portals as you know blake portals was planned well ok those nice good job ok are war watching if i can change you can change we can also just see now here's the list its break portals its jeered gough its mike rebel its mixture whiskey christian kyle long josh alan and jewish settlement so don't bash any those players are you ever go back oh my god i love to set up a second you could scratch him off the list and no one would ever say that word about oh catch a great suggests
let us now that we're watching you like a hawk yeah i'm actually setting up a google or right now michael lombardy plague portal so anything you say is gonna come across my desk you got it i'll send yet elbow that interview with mike lombardi was brought to you by blue apron blue apron delivers farm fresh ingredients and step by step recipes to your door their mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible to everybody they achieve this by supporting a more sustainable food system setting the highest standards for ingredients and building a community of home chefs here's how it works you choose chef design recipes and then they deliver fresh seasonally inspired ingredients you cook these incredible meals in as little as twenty minutes but blue apron do the meal prep for you it makes back to school easier than ever dinner in as little as twenty minutes quick and easy
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that's right and we have we i might florio peep briscoe mike lombardy feed i ve got a problem we we got solutions we out i'm saying not there we are told you google free roast beef there we have many veni veils galloping rank galindo frank coherent don't ask through all the football gas drew off towards european we get some fellows their fellows apartment everything will work connected we'll talk obeyed but work at the french their friends of a friend yes ok so first up we have where's the beef what's the beef we'll call what's points was beef what you do in a flash jack and dwight howard or in a peace so dwight howard has decided to beef with shock i don't know why but he did so he it's a gram commented to shock we can have a roast battle if you i got ten in the chamber for you ella well i'm sure right our right
i'm sure he has some of the funniest joe they're just all shot he's doin howard recently when a wild them out the mtv show or that like a really canada near it down hey nick cannon is hilarious not many people get up with those do prescience now that's all colleagues will be a very distinct how many how many under twenty five listeners verse over twenty five yes because i want it was one of the things you twice stood there and got roasted within acted like you know he was he was part of it and laughed with it i think that's how the hope that that will cover ballroom so then jack responded i only battle champions little man you ain't my division you charles barkley division focus on get that ring bro yeah well he's not focus our ring zella wizards i'm if i was if i was jack i probably would give a shit about two hours as it did dwight hours career path he's tried to be shack
the step of the way we also in orlando he tried to be shack he did the superman thing like shack then he went out to allay try to be shocked at their dear really happen here's what this dwight howard is millennials shack dwight how're dish what shall now to shock was ever so much better than white howard but dwight howard would have had a completely different career if he was in the nba when shock was in the nba and by that i mean when there wasn't social media because dwight howard like the biggest problem for dwight howard is everyone as seen through this smiling the i'm the i'm the best i'm so funny everyone loves me bullshit shaq is more similar dwight howard then people realized shaq doesn't like like shaq doesn't let people make jokes either he's kind of a loser like that to where he can joke on the bigger subtle but if you come adam he's kind of a baby about it right
he's thence godaddy also like he has control the narrative his girl like the whole island i make the free throws i made him when the count laid didn't you missed a lot of free throws when they counted but he but because we don't have the same social media and you dont roast players like you didn't like you rose players now much different back then shack basically was eight skirt by that i feel like a shack came up right now everyone would think he's lying actually like to see arose battle between dwight howard and check yet as we did with both of them cry but jackets the benefit of the doubt because he shack any was cool any was he or where he was a winner but he was also check was called before you is one or two because he was different any was like a museum the exam adjusting lover but that's what i'm saying i think shackled gotten roasted so much more
if he came up and try to do the same things right now the differences though i'm pretty sure shakira kicked anybody's ass yet today legacy night howard is way better even though dwight howard has like arms that are the sizeable constructors i guess it's a really com but he also hezbollah construct right he was still get his ass kicked by just about anybody in the india if you have like dwight howard is pamper pound the worst fighter may beyond the planter right now if you look at his huge everyone backwards yes the whole time she and check again way better we wanted if you want to look at some shack stats it's like its porn for like stated six porn some of his play off stats where he would just casually drop forty and twenty right forty in twenty five but my point my point stands and i think that shit it's funny feud because i think shack and dwight howard are more alike than either them realise i wish that we could go back in time and just give social media to these old
yes and see how they would handle it like michael jordan is one of his eyes at that hates millennials yet he hates his prayers being on the form of time if you had given michael jordan access to twitter and instagram unlike ninety ninety two of the public perception of my uncle toby very differently are you really i think he would be a similar to counteract that he would go at haters but he probably just short of their house and actually point i was by one i want ya don't make them cried michael and probably swat people here who since watts looks out house that's ok would be to go we have a take quake this is from jason macintyre this happened on friday after baker mayfield's win on thursday night he
onto the unofficial networks at andrews him actor had a specific point that he did not like that he saw from bigger mayfield i want my won't take away from baker he was electric last night yeah jets had no take on and they were right did you see after the gate you ones off as the other side maybe five minutes later comes out of the market to go on the network set and yet is founded is really that was the number one thing i looked out what will you look at it after the game phone baker mayfields first thought was man i got that when i gotta get on social media and see what people are saying about us that is what we call a take way here holy shit is really get this is a special type of i dont like this guy for whatever reason and i am going to pick and what we do to go but we do it in fun
this is he really doesn't like baker may fail because of us he's on his phone care of you saw this but instead of celebrating with his teammates he checked his text messages yup clearly for his first and i fell win he was responding to texts from his friends and family it was a nerve this fund was real disgusting i see five minutes out at or not if he didn't have the playbook anywhere in sight unbelievable this is about how much attention do you think she's him i actually don't have anything against she's rector thing i got on his podcast or similar progress with him a couple times but this one is an all time just whole hold the
the owl here man just hold it yeah all the earth i made the point they like urban mire would not be caught on a cell phone yet as you know how to use as a nose was setting says no to phone it's yeah so i mean whose real classy one here baker let's finish up our last segment we have our monday reading it's gotta be short one yeah it's can be sure one but we need to do it recreational as we ve talked about he's on twitter he's antwerp and not only is the on twitter but he is his reputation good twitter it might be good twitter so will you be the judge so we are going to do monday reading we're picking on twitter let saw a trade off tweets castle all start designed on five i thing right is that right yes i'm fine tweets yachting out i'm entail for the bottom chronological so people get all setting here for years i ve stayed away from twitter because there was very little positivity how'd you know that if you stayed away from twitter because he had a barbaric out ok
i will stay completely away from cynicism and destructive words yeah right dude be online for more than a week and you'll that i love when new people come on twitter like hey i'm going to make sure this is just positivity only we just wait till some one either send your porn link like some hot chicks like hey come on my chest i live right near you and then click on i clock or wait till some one starts trolling you and the positive you will go winter repetition discovers what dams are yeah thanks for not sideways report i hope to bring a spirit of optimism which is so needed today yeah yeah this great so's first statement on twitter is bashing the entire platform say i don't wanna be here right now but i figured i count myself from scarcely positive are second one all right between those sorry
for the couple of bio spelling the stakes yesterday the graphic designer never heard of me so little dig at the graphic designer excuses already i trusted the graphic designer too much said he knew you see plus plus but put this is called because he coined the term for twitter so anybody if whether you like it or not if you follow rick pitino you are now appetito you are a peach wedow and that's his that's a title that you will carry with you for the rest your life is like herpes yes alright i'm going to skip this next one cuz it's just a promo to go to some fucking i don't know what it is he's doing all right so so second last one all right goes start your day off with a healthy bowl of these there verified so it's kind of like tony white liquid all over and then you'll make those jokes in doing that we don't endless part about and then i his most recent was a picture of him with god knows who
is this like on our there's a shitload unpack who he the pumpkin spice what the duchess of dig it like a online culture i so yeah sitting in really well i think that they copied the layout of the cereal box from the progressive ensure i'm boxes that they have ensured that floaters commercialism yeah he also just do you see what it did to us he made us the between those then he made between those cereal skinny eat us awaited are my soil i think so what's all this white liquid that loading rounded rick too early for this there frosted it's early in the morning and you're just pouring this this thick like white liquid all and then you'll make those jobs employment we don't endless part about and then his most recent was a picture of him with god knows who i thought it was too heavy for you
our view should be so lucky and he's welcome some white man and in a place of a lot of power yes and end potatoes wearing white pats which is great for camouflage engaged you have an accident also great because clasp tina rule breaker after its after labour day but it's all since its also miami feel like you can wear white place ellie cannot everyone in miami rose you cannot and he says enjoying the dolphins game laces out between us so he's really classic he's really gonna stick to this between us that it's the cereal slash all his followers what an arrogant fact of name all of his followers something like i don't want that i follow you no joy you're yes are you can i don't wanna be a between i whereas a badge of honor you wanna be between yank you'd africa does mean hanker between so we die fine i'll be between right
the average makes we're sure yeah protesters what proper treat of savagery dominates he asked me about repetitions twitter account proud betrayal in and on the backs of spread optimism out even though a twitter is spread optimism not seamen we should make yeah ok i thought the three of you know what i should have thought it was those like on those that giving hd teenager be no i don't want it wouldn't rectitude gives you a label you take i find rick i proudly i humbly and proudly service between reporting for duty service spread optimism around the world ok that's our show wednesday gordon hey get excited o brass amateur breaking moose yeah breaking the orlando airport was just ranked number one fuck yes of all sit here
ports in the united states and the steward i haven't got round of india congrats we did a gas yes number one beautiful i love if you ever find yourself in florida make sure you stop by the orlando airport and sinister we haven't had she lives with nice leisure that goes up but one that goes down was on the other side yet which i do not remember forgetting once you get up there you're stuck and you know what you wouldn't really minded if you were therefore see gus as a gourd he'll let me guess
its part mighty presented by bonkers sports
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