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Former NFL OL Geoff Schwartz And CFB Expert Tom Fornelli

2017-12-26 | 🔗

NFL Week 16 Recap and NFL Week 17 preview amidst our Christmas week food hangovers. Should America be allowed to kick the Titans out of the playoffs? Coach Firing season and we throw out the dark horse coaches to be fired(2:10-16:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including an explanation of Cardi B and Offset breaking up then making up(17:29-30:42). Former NFL O-Lineman Geoff Schwartz joins the show to talk about his playing career in the NFL and our new segment "Flaw and Order" where we break down the flaws of all the Super Bowl Contenders.(31:10-54:29) CBS Sports College Football Expert Tom Fornelli joins the show to talk about the College Football Playoffs and why a motivated Nick Saban is the scariest thing in the entire world.(56:23-1:15:14) Perspective with Lebron James (1:17:32-1:19:28), NBA Torch passing update,(1:19:32-1:21:32) Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules fixing NFL Replay(1:21:36-1:23:33) and Guys on Chicks(1:23:32-1:27:49). 

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on today's part of my take we talk football football and more football we have former offense of linemen jeff schwartz who joins us to talk about some nfl playoffs upcoming the weaknesses of each team and also some coach talk who he played for when he played in the nfl we also have our college football expert tom for now only to break down the bowl games give you some winners some betting tips and also because it is wednesday we have guys on checks before we get to all of that from peter berg the creator friday night lights comes qb one a series that takes you inside the lives of the nation's top high school quarterbacks before jake from was the breakout true freshman leading georgia to the conference championship he was one of the greatest high school quarterbacks in georgia history qb one takes you inside his journey to stardom follow jake along with tate martell and tape on bowers as they tackle the most important season of their lives on and off the field your football guy you love football or girl football girl football guy you love football here's more football for you this is the true story of how
school football in america told through the eyes of the nation's top quarterbacks watch qb one every episode is streaming now so you can watch it right now you're doing nothing all week watch it now go show pmt let's go
it is wednesday december 27th and i have a food hangover i feel like shit is four days so this is i love christmas the week between christmas and new years because basically everything that like human beings should be doing they do the opposite of where it's like oh i only fifteen
today yeah that doesn't that's not that's totally normal as you get a little bit older you start for places like all the beers or glasses of wine in hand tales that used to drink each each beer gets replaced by like a piece of pie yeah and i had about twelve pieces of pie in the last two days and there's not thing that gets you feel real sluggish yeah like so jacques with pipes and pecan pies and boy is it better i'm telling you like i have been very slow moving well sugar in the way that i eat over you know this little week here you become addicted when i wake up i feel like shit and then like oh well i've got to have a cookie 'cause i haven't had my brake pads i haven't i haven't had four cookies yet so i'm moving a little slow and then the only way to feel a little less sluggish from feeling sluggish from all that pie is more pot and maybe a little ice cream to even yourself out you know what my christmas eve consists of me is pretty much heaven on earth i ate soup all day at a ton of soup and then i ate pies slices of pies in between supes i used pi's croutons actually
exactly great i have a hot take for you even though we love football i think it was actually bullshit that the nfl played on christmas day for the kids no that's an mba day it felt so weird like the steelers in in in texans game that felt like the the first saturday while kerr game that no one really wanted to watch i kind of disagree came on your like yes i should watch this did you see this the scoreboard on tv and how it had the snow falling on it we look at can i think i like that yes i i was like yeah i just felt like it was i don't know it was a little too much like they should have just kept it to saturday and sunday when it bleeds into monday i will make my internal clock just get so confused i i like sunday afternoon
i was like oh i wonder how big band did today and then boom i realize that he's playing on monday he has no idea i got a little turned around to i thought that the the giants for playing on monday night somehow and i forgot that my brain had a race them from my memory of watching them on on sunday yeah which actually i should take my breathe are doing that such as a good brain is a really good job so week sixteen quick take aways we're gonna get to the replay fiasco and segments we're gonna do we gonna fix every play for america yes basically nothing really like shocking except for jimmy grapple has now i think he's actually they're sizing up for his first hall of fame jacket right now yeah here every his head over heels for jimmy g yes here is i get so sick graduate is looks really really good right now i think that when a team starts to look this good down the stretch even if they suck there's
like an at large playoff berth yeah you could give out to just i don't i don't need to lose steam yeah well this is the forty niners are gonna be a regis philbin team next year where what i could do some damn regis philbin dark course of the year where where regis even picks a team is a dark horse that means they're no longer dark course every single person in the world is going to pick the forty niners to go to the playoffs next you think you're going to make some noise they're going hey they're changing the culture as we speak they're winning out to change the culture to give an at large bid to any team in the afc right now the coolest team just team that you'd like to have a beer with the dolphins of cj closer i don't like before so let us and the table probably run the table all right so that's actually a good point because we have a problem going for two weeks and weeks sixteen the only the thing was the lost well you're forgetting that the jeff fisher double revenge game yes
yes that was a hell of a game so that's a good jumping off point because going forward to week seventeen and the playoff picture and who can get in and out i think as a country we need to have a vote and make it so titans can that's right so yeah i don't want to see the titans in the playoffs no one wants to see the type little just just think about this would you rather see the boring she asked titans lose in the first round or bills fans go crazy because it launch their first playoff berth in like a billion years or phillip rivers in the fucking playoffs i think it should just be like a super delegate system like the democratic committee gets to just basically put in whoever they want get the titans on my face they are they are they are the get out of my face team this year yeah because even when they're good they suck no they suck and i don't know how that i don't know how the titans earns spot where they control their own destiny but they suck and they're ruining what should be a great playoffs because of the titans make the playoffs i'm a million bill
well that fucking sucks titans don't deserve to be a playoff team they're going to win they win on sunday and they'll get in and everyone will be like bummed out that the bills are the chargers didn't make the playoffs but now i'm going in my and i'm trying to figure out what team should besides the bills ok i would love to see the bills i would like to see the chargers besides that the afc is big bag of ship yeah although i listen i'm going to throw this one out there have a couple i have two two hot take teams that i've been kind of squatting on the ravens i think are going to make some noise well i called that would like to months ago yeah they were it don't look now yeah the ravens a started where their black uniforms and when they put the black yunis on and yelled like november and december they win a primetime game or two yep danny what had come back i'm just saying so straw that stirs the drink so that's my first one and then my shirley temple my second one i'm going it's going to be very very disappointing when they don't even make the playoffs but i'm still thinking the falcons if they could just put it all together so
other there to put it all together team they are the team that like you just look at him you're like man i just heard all the time in the world their defense flies around matt ryan julio jones and then they go out there and play and they suck half have to i forgot how to use hulu jones i don't know we'll see searches are he's at he's blocked out yeah yes ten plays and he just keeps running on like well maybe we'll check in with plane number nine he's just calling plays like thinking how would i be alabama right now there was a because i write i hit next and so much so i mean the falcons are mine you know they are mine nfc makes some noise team but there are you know i'd do you want your money okay i'm dumb dove tailing off that it's actually the panthers alternate my make some noise team out of the nfc okay they're gonna make some noise actually we're gonna talk with jeff shorts about this a little bit because he has mother thought so but i think in the panthers defense is good enough to win a championship i think that really looking good right now i think that christian mccaffrey or he's like he's like a little deceptively patient l'avion
i'll get to the line of scrimmage back here the vikings yeah i mean the vikings you gotta you gotta do the storyline they're going to play in their home stadium for the super bowl and not enough people are talking about it for that jerome that weird 'cause they went there making making the playoffs and also the soup bowls there so big country you could see how that could end up happening kyle rudolph built an entire wing of the children's hospital right there in minneapolis which i help personally fund it's true all right so week seventeen also means coaches get fired so black which is actually black sunday now because they just don't even give us black monday they just fire him like immediately after the games so we all know the coaches that are going to get
we don't talk about another man's job where to spend next five minutes talking about yeah it's job so so there's guys we know john fox is most likely out please god please please god yeah cutter your cutter hugh jackson somehow one in the thirty and maybe coming back marvin lewis is probably out they might do wife swap yeah in ohio jim caldwell probably out if they can you know reanimate him well here's the thing so that they for for they have to bring him back alive in order to fight right here's the thing about the lines is do you to be so historic they used to be like browns basically and now they've gotten boring because they're just kind of average all the time like almost a little bit good they have they never really suck the lions have one or two weeks a year in the nfl season where it was like oh look at the lions matt stafford mvp and it's like nope same old lines it's actually saying in detroit sos it actually been just weekend at bernie's ing jim caldwell for the last three years yes
it's been dead the entire time so those are the coaches we are pretty sure going to get fired bruce i think it's going to walk away and if the colts don't fucking hire him immediately the dumbest organization ever because like why wouldn't you fire truck we're gonna bring in the guy who actually was a good coach for your it i think the bruce is the kind of guy that he's in arizona which is probably where football guys go to retire anyways he's going on g yeah he's going to walk away he's going to play like a year a golf and he's just going to be miserable the entire time he's like he's going to be calling you know like ben roth lis berger after games on sunday ahead field out there yes like shoot the shit with him quarterback he's going to miss the game so i think bruce is actually going to be away from the game for a year and then come back ok so let's talk about our dark horse throughout throughout a name no one's talking love this okay mike mularkey okay
that's it that doesn't really move the needle form but he should be fired just out of habit just i yeah just from how boring his name is in general he's been going back and forth between the jaguars and the titans he has been able to hold down a job for either one of those french i'm like i don't know what he's still doing in the afl yep he did to be fired like yesterday okay every instance all that exotic smash mouth well i also it might actually help if they make the playoffs because never will be like wait these guys made the playoffs they fuckings so if you put him on a national stage be like wait mike mularkey should not be a cohabit blow it on national yeah yeah every now and again you get a nice little treat as an nfl fan which is a playoff coach getting fired i think that it might it might be malarkey because like the offensive oh he's trying to make like going run run pass sound like it's
will again he's like that steve buscemi shown up going how do you do fellow kids right holding a skateboard yeah mike mularkey needs to get in my face running marcus mariota in that office ok let's get out of here entirely i have three and i'm going to go from the most ridiculous like the fan fiction twelve maybe this could actually happen so the fan fiction one is robert kraft fires bill belichick and makes alex guerrero the head coach ok that would be pretty funny i'm in my second one and this one is like i'm five thousand and fifty on i think jerry jones might remember that he hasn't fire jason garrett yet feels like it's about time where where jerry's like wait that guys that ginger still around now yeah you probably won't happen because jason garrett literally will do anything to you jerry jones says and that's really all jerry jones wants a coach and to have a coach stand on the sidelines clap and then give all credit to jerry jones when they win so that probably won't happen and then my third and this one is a little bit crazy but could you see a scenario pete caroll
no i could see one of those i like so i know those divorces where they're like you know what the time is run out the team like basically everyone on the seahawks hates each other which is not new but it feels like earl thomas is trying to go to the cowboys like everyone kind of just hates each other it fell apart a little bit this year if they don't make the playoffs i can see pk will be in like we're just going to walk away from each other let's see a scenario where tom cable punches pete caroll out and then assumes control in seattle seahawk i'm just saying i don't think they just throw it out there no he's still so youthful he still smacking that gum ok still rocking the air monarchs ok i don't i don't think karros times up just do you think jay gruden get fired yes i do he it's always like i feel like you can bank on like six or seven coaches getting fired every year he'll be like a seven you know what one
but like tips it over to adam schefter can get in his real somber voice be like oh this is real black fart friday it's real black monday all these coaches that get paid millions of million dollars they have families that they're going to have to move and like who knows like they probably will have to go the offense of coordinator for million dollars somewhere else that's when yeah i'm said i'm schefter breaks out the second cell phone yeah is it okay i've just received word on the song about you forget these are these are family much older and they have to change schools and another private institution yes really really so this guy has been in the nfl for twenty years and it now that he's fire it'll probably be in the nfl for another twenty years you have to say little prayer because i have to find all new swing coaches at their new country club but they moved to and that takes a couple of
to really get acquainted with all the hitches their their houses could you could pencil in a couple of strokes for gruden's handicap in cincinnati this poor guy he's going to sell his house he's only going to make five hundred thousand dollars off of the sale is going to be really sad i love black monday so much and it's it's one of those things to root for a really shity team like the bears it's really the only good day when you're like oh ok so we're going to try something different yeah doesn't suck yeah you have about four days we think hey maybe this will work out maybe we'll just get someone crazy that's awesome you know what i'm really looking the cfl here's what i'm really excited about is he ring which retread coach is going to get brought up in this cycle that may forgotten about for the last three or four yes i'm just go through our name out there who jim foster ooh the fossil okay i got a name for you where the fuck is eric mangini ben yeah that's what i said i hear them i said that two weeks ago he needs to come back man genius needs to get him get
the major media market we should just actually know will do for eric mangini 'cause you're probably listening this right now we're going to tweet out the clip of you in the sopranos and get everyone thinking like oh yeah it's great it wasn't man genius yeah yeah alright let's get to our hot seat cool throne before we do that seek is one of our favorite sponsors seek save you time and money by searching multiple ticket sites to compare prices and find amazing deals and to get you the most bang for your buck siki grades every ticket based on value to help you immediately identify the best seats that fit your budget plus every purchases fully guaranteed so you can shop for tickets on seek with confidence make seek your go to app for finding the best deals on every type of ticket from sports and concert stew comedy in theater go right now download the c cap put in promo code take that sperm
could take t a k e for ten dollars off your first seek you purchase we you see keep all the time go down what do you need that apple in your phone anytime you want to go to a game you just pull it up you can find the best seats available and then you put in up from could take you ten dollars given your free beer so go download right now see key cap promo code take all right hot see cool thrown our hank some hot seat is he decided to take a vacation hank wins one fight in west virginia yeah they think just after working with finding no it thank you just go you know stay out there with your friends get drunk get fat yeah happy that's fine notice that he was tweeting about how great he was to get to the the part might take sixty minute recap by the way go watch that i barstool sports we have sixty minutes of our entire year of tana deleted scenes a i'm stuff you've never seen you gotta go watch it it's downloaded bar stools it's happened to watch it but he was like really patting himself on the back like oh i downloaded this on wi fi from the dominican allow hank great job bud
all that editing narrowing it down to just tonight sixty minutes no one no one no fat on that bone no one tweet hank and say we're bashing him right now because i want to see if he listens so do not come on do not alert him this is why you guys are award winning list outside or do not do it alright so in hanks absence we have liam who has been an integral part of the pardon my take team for like six seven months now actually starting full time in january first yeah woo alright here we go liam alright so liam why don't you start hot sequel thrown don't let everyone down because you aren't full time yet so we could still take that away so i won't shorts okay okay all right start we go all right so my hot seat is jim hart us
oh ok yeah yeah actually great call because starting next week it's like go dim it's like i can't even use a bench press places were all the forty five plates go yeah oh man this is fucking amateur hour over here i think they make all their friends in january just complaining about new people that are at the gym yes there should be an app other people to meet up and just complain about out of shape people that are invading their territory than an amateur hour app that rolls off the tongue ok you're cool throne and my cool throne is offset do you guys know that ok no ok has taken a sharp turn okay where he's got for me goes right a little goes okay so we don't usually got a third of them because you go are we yeah they can other okay so people don't know liam is twenty two so he actually is going to be like when hank gets to twenty five this year we're probably just going to kick him out because he's too old to understand what's going on on the streets
liam he's got his ear to the streets so explain who offset migos or any of the shootist ok so offsets e cloud got leaked or hacked apart i don't know how the scaling triangle yeah but dick is big so he's dating cardi b right now who is another don't know her she said she's from the bronx she is she's a former listening right i think you're saying okay so she very soon yeah make itself okay so you're tuned in yeah hello you know thickness so her news got leaked yes with offset but there was also another mistress so he had a side hoe and twitter went crazy don't say the h word lamb side chick chick you're in your pre mobile period right now i need to go so twitter was going crazy because of how thick
girl was so even there girl yes even even thicker so they solved it they solved it doesn't take off yeah like going on instagram live by like basically dryhumping and saying that they were both cool and then cardi b cardi b and offset just so she said that she didn't care about walking love so the most two thousand and he's being ever then she it should just be solved by dry hump but just think about it the you don't run into it in this day and age you don't get like busted for cheating on your girl and because like she found like glitter in your you know john you're sure to small perf yeah looks like on your neck yeah like a condom wrapper no you get it when you're i call gets hacked and then all your news with your other check get the leak into okay and then and then
fuq on instagram live to make us make it yeah that's how that's how you know that your back baby that's getting facebook official again on christmas day she fired off a couple of fire tweets the first one people keep posting the new videos of me like i wasn't a stripper before you know that there's videos of me stripping with my tittays annas out you too bye already control the message yeah i know i got a nice body right hell yeah and then the second let that be a lesson to all all the ladies out there just get into stripping when you're really young yeah that way nobody can ever have any black real yeah if you leave your own news early on no no i cloud we're going to leak her own nudes here in part of my tech billionaire yeah he did it took all the power away from everyone else the millions of people that were clamoring for a picture of my dick peeing so there is officially over when she tweeted i still put the
an offset oh that's that's how it ends mic drop classic cardi b mic drop still put that pussy on him but he's an offset yeah he also happened buyer like hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry on sale this metal be ranked yeah yeah i don't know if that area i mean if you didn't know any better and you just sort of girls say like i'm putting the pushy an offset it sounds like you're unplugging it yeah it's like push yourself from hearing your project it's a spike lee movie or like it's yeah like shaq yeah or it's like malfunctioning you need to unplug and plug just low on it yeah yeah just blow on the cartridge for them to work with alright does good hey do you have any lint well out just because i see that yeah yeah i do think that carty games or self carty just so that you can rhyme it with bacardi and party in lyrics yeah i think i got sucked into rick reilly if you i think probably that's a future for your trouble carty more like book carty well no there's also like carty air which is like like jewelry yeah my head now yeah shawn carter cheesy
also we could do worse we got word association my hot seat is in two thousand and eight detroit lions so actually you know what i'm going to take that back because the browns it will be the most browns thing ever if they screwed up that record by winning yeah and they can't even be historically who they playing they're playing i think to play dealers the steelers okay yeah they're not going through that okay so i i revert back to my original hot seat also aliens homes on the hot seat because it to that that nobody cared that aliens existed what you mean that story from last storages died out it did just diet just died out we don't care about yeah yeah it's gotta be can't even bother us because you watching cardi b and offset that pussy on off main on yeah
like what are the aliens dropped a mix tape it was just like the alien grinding on kim kardashian then i pay attention to an alien maybe if it was like the movie alien the alien just came out of cardi b's pussey then we then i paid it and you're literally putting in our face we have no we have no other alternative but to pay attention to the aliens and put that pussy on offset my cool throne is rich people ok finally yeah only rich on the cool throw hell yeah according to cnn two thousand and seventeen was one of the best years in the history of the world to be rich so that's of it this is the cool zone that that rich people are in right now it's it's very awesome to be rich and everybody wants to be rich but people aren't rich enough to the point where were chopping their heads off yeah yeah it's not like french revolution that's coming an what's going to be nice is we're going to get to a point where like the whole world gets so hot and we cook ourselves alive world rich people just create a bio dome they live in there if you want to get in there you get your head chopped off for trying to to you know storm
yeah that will be the french revolution of our time the reverse revolutions can be fun i'm i'm excited for the future yes they tell us to eat cake and the cake is just laced with arsenic my other cool thrown okay is alex guerrero's bank account or should i say doctor i'll type codes in waiting quotation mark doctor in quotation mark alex guerrero's bank account because james harrison just walked through that or an alex guerrero has never seen a bigger market his life he's going he's going to play for another forty years yeah he's yeah is going to stick around for awhile just the amount only the james harrison going to to pay for acupuncture needles alone is enough to put his kids kids college this these two are such a match made in heaven it looks like well i haven't theory about james harrison well first of all let's just say it's an oh you think the james harrison is signing with the patriots that's the most obvious thing that's ever happened that bill belichick's like oh the guy
who knows the the steelers inside and out he's he's out there okay well well yeah will take him and not play him as well yeah it's it's it's a perfect match it's so perfect in fact that i almost that he's a double agent that the steelers cinema in their interesting oh and there were to give you saw the quotes calls james harrison was saying he's so pist off at mike tomlin yeah real real big falling out it's like that sort of homeland where it where kerry testified that she hated the cia and then she went to a mental institution james here some might be like the bus from speed where he goes
in and he sits down doctor guerrero's office and they monitor and for like the amount of tomatoes in his blood and once his tomato juice level drops below a certain level it just blows up kills everybody and okay i like that i also would like see james harrison throw on jeans hers and loss of drawing those like great jumpsuits and and lift a billion pounds off of his like hips i want to throw one of bill belichick's maybe that's the falling out the cut off this takes down the patriots yeah he he's just goes into bill well checks closet and he's like put on all those clothes and then boom crafts fire spell check and then i'll grow next head coach i'm really said about about seeing how james here since going to fit in that locker room not at all there is there is no person besides maybe ray lewis that says more words without meaning anything the james will brady and james harrison already tweeted a picture together so how best friends best friends alright my hot seat
i have two the first is sean mcvay so sean mcvay is officially on the hot seat not because everyone saying coach of the year in all this but jeff fisher reminded everyone that that's actually his team so he had a quote that he said they're basically i don't want to see my players but i had to do with that roster so we basically taking credit and then other people are taking credit for jeff fishers well former fisher assistant dave mcginnis said that fisher save jeered goff by not playing him and envisioned todd gurley is eddie george rules so that that whole situation and if you look at we've we've talked about this before but the top three seeds in the playoffs if you go turn back the clock to spring of twenty sixteen with all three of them were on the rams roster for jeff i do like the theory that jeff fisher was just keeping his good players on ice for later like save for later they do not open before two thousand and seventeen and then he got evicted he's like he's like the grandmother that drove
like a a really nice cadillac just to church and back on sunday yeah and so the next order really hairs that it was funny because my dad said to me the other day is like the worst todd gurley always like is he just become good now and i was like well how much time you got yeah because jeff the where did the impossible he made todd gurley back let me tell you about todd gurley when he was in college yeah yeah and there's really been amazing but giving giving sean mcvay credit for this team is like giving three hundred and eleven credit for inventing reggae this is jeff fisher see this is he invented this team my other hot seat is people who would be die hard being a christmas movie 'cause i do not give a flock there's that actually might be the worst like twitter argument that goes on now that space die hard a christmas movie that was greeny that greenie that was like five years ago and it wasn't interesting then even more on interesting now well what are the criteria well i don't know
i don't care christmas scene i don't care i don't even i don't care is a christmas scene die hard yeah i called it watch it christmas movie watch it when your bored with your relatives christmas ok yeah cool and if it's not it's not a question i don't care either i don't really care right now i'd rather hear about your fantasy team i actually want if there is a scene in that movie where bruce willis talked about his face team yeah i would prefer that to hearing a debate over whether not it's a christmas were bruce willis is like i stash steve young in my keeper league because i think he's going to be the next big thing should be like oh that's interesting start vinny testa verde last week and he shot the bed yeah i'd be like wow that's fascinating tidbit jeff george i paid forty five dollars for my auction league this is going to be the year yeah i'd actually listen to that my cool throne is everyone who given up on life who doesn't have to make new year's eve plans so there is a liberation with getting older and that is the worst night of the year new year's eve not having to give any thought into it and just being like i'll probably just sit on my couch and drink a few
and go to sleep i'm a hundred percent with you on this it's weird i don't know if if it's everybody or if it's just the people that i've been speaking to but i haven't talked to single person is going on here that's just because role yeah like eight where we i remember that in years yeah you have you know when you're going to have to go out on new years and you have to put thought into it and all your freight you got to like get all your friends together and like art were buying tickets at this thing and like will and then one friends like oh man like one hundred dollars that's so much like well dude there's a champagne toast at midnight is pretty cool everyone gets like three ounces of champagne that basically pays for itself he can't what's your favorite part about going out on new years is it waiting three hours to get a drink or is it in three hours to get a cab in i'm probably say the cat because usually your date doesn't dress appropriately for the weather and and it's even more miserable than usual so the whole thank god i do not do anything on yours more listen anyone who's out there who's got big new year's plans enjoy it it's probably going to be fun bro young young
useful energy but just know when it's all over it's actually kind of better yes i'm very very happy with what i'm doing this i'm just going to kiss leroy at midnight yeah there he go just get does it just tongue kissing yeah i'll kiss you came here you got a tongue kiss your god do tongue kiss your dog lynn know what the fox wrong all of a sudden i wish all the all the all the cool kids are staying in on new years and making out with their dogs are dogs mouth is actually cleaner than a humans mouth such there's not a lot in urine is sterile yeah it's cleaner that is but yeah so fisher cat though no that's gross cats have ebola let's get to our interviews we have jeff schwarz and tom fornelli before we do dollar shave club by now everyone close dollar shave club ships amazing razors for a few bucks we've been members for a while and we love their shave at the store there too many options you can't tell the difference between any of them guess what dollar shave club is where it's at if you're like me
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where is former offensive lineman jeff schwartz alright welcome on jeff schwarz former offensive lineman who actually retired it's been about a year since you retired correct so let's start with that do you miss football uh no only thing i miss about football is the feeling of winning i don't miss the practices i don't want to miss a locker very much i don't mess with my body afterwards i just only miss the feeling of winning there's nothing can i suggest maybe starting to play little call of duty because i get that thrill of winning every single night i used to do a lot of call of duty and then you have two young kids an i work a lot and it's kind of difficult to get that call of duty however people you're not the first person to tell me that within the last week so i think after the super bowl i'm a start playing call of duty yeah lists three i like men that gamertag bro or just like send a really viral tweet that's kind of the same feeling to imagine yeah i don't really have that feeling ever ok you haven't been
this is the internet like we are so when with basically are a football teams winning is just on a sending a tweet the gets over like two thousand retweets transaction good to know all all expired to get you reach we spent so i'm i'm going to start in with everybody wants so you played at oregon how many times a week to chip kelly collector press nine i was all over the he was for the oc back then so we didn't have any we don't have any any drug test but that that happens like once a week when i left they went like full sports science guys are paying cups all that i'm in those little those little charts in the locker room and all that that's yeah he was he was big into into your testing he's really into yeah could you tell like when he was the offensive coordinator he just had his eyes on the head coaching position he's like when i get in there i'm going to change the color of the carpet and i'm just going to put pics cups everywhere and i can wait to get my hands under europe i didn't know he was
and a testing urine but i always figured he wanted to move up he never made it he never made any bones about it like he wanted coach nfl he wanted you moving up i was surprised to see to see you get that i felt i wasn't really surprised that he didn't win in nfl is lost here is either so everything he's he's done i could see happening so seriously that you you are from los angeles chips going to he's going to be coaching in college football again you he's going to be just as good as it was the second time around probably not see what everyone now runs what we ran in college we were the first team to do this up tempo spread offense go as fast you can now everybody doesn't even school you would never imagine running spread offense is going sample we're doing it now so he is not going to be coming into a situation with a brand new concept and ucla i grew up you still life and my parents went to ucla their culture needs to be changed so we can get them stop losing to like oregon state once a year again
never lose that will be a huge victory whether you can do that that'll be that'll be the biggest thing he does while he's there do you think the teams have kind of forgot and run the ball because it's it's so funny when you watch the nfl and everyone this falls in love with the past and you know passing yards everything but teams that run the ball and stop the run always end up doing well yes he was forget about how about the cowboys reporter one yard wide don't run the ball do you use do you stop the run the football if you look at the cheap price are so that you saw my brother plays for the cheese date the last three games are done really well right well cream hunt has rushed for twenty four he's twenty four russia twenty five russian twenty nine rushes bass license gives your best part of the ball as much as possible so i think that the team to do so and the reason why it's which was of course because corners get paid and get head coaching gives her castle football norm beal norm says alme hire somebody very because she's the best run give
coordinator ever they're going to hire him because he can pass the ball put it points that's what coaches do that they don't want to run the football you alluded to it your brother plays on the chiefs he plays for andy reid you guys are probably the best jewish brother brother tandem in the history the nfl would you agree to that yes for sure we're the best looking your brother okay i did say that but okay that's a little bit bragging was he offended when andy reid put on a santa claus outfit no no not at all and that's at read is fantastic round did you see did you see how excited are cut was the owner of the cheese on the side of that he was so excited to any we can understand the cost of it was outstanding my brother not offended no anytime mandy comes barreling through that door everyone gets excited he doesn't have to wear anything actually probably do it nude in greased up after they win the super bowl but like that and
feed entrances becomes so much i mean the famous kool aid gif kool aid man get where he looks like he's you know piling through the brick wall andy reid just coming with a head full of steam through any door is an exciting moment it does it does get the juices flowing a little bit i'm glad the chief says made deploy i i need any read to accept the the congratulatory phone call from donald trump totally nude yes hey mister presence is andrew all right bounce run you a because you played for what seems like everyone you lie you block free light is you are have anything left in the tank yes he do for four hundred yards two weeks ago that he needs to get in office truth in this offense never really soon now we were good often so when i was there probably why and as soon as i left things went downhill but he still has a lot left that too many injuries terrible offensive line especially tackle
these the inside guys on healthier good if and were and i think you give him a chance with with a full i'll send you also trying to have weapons on the outside is very specific to the core but now he can't he can't really get hit he's not going to move very much they should draft a quarterback when he said you want for a couple years and you like played out so you got to york i believe this season after cny retired did i'm confident ever look at you like which one you as is going to marry my daughter not no no no i don't think so we maybe some of those those those looks were that and we interpret them properly yeah did you do you still live on coughlin time uhm i do my car is still setting call sometime yes hell yes it's mine
it's actually better than coughlin time 'cause i just don't change it in between daylight savings time and wait for the hour to come back around yeah you live in arizona all year round here either hour earlier hour late yeah yeah consistent that's all you're asking that's conflict i'm just consistency really when you boil down i heard that it wouldn't let people get up to use the bathroom during meetings is that true uh i don't know if anyone really got up to use the bath maybe it's understood that so i don't think it was a rule that you couldn't get up i think we coach was speaking you didn't move yet you know better than to ask yeah yeah exactly understood alright let's get to some of the twenty seventeen playoffs that are coming up we have all the division winners and because you are now you you went from playing to our side of the ball which is journalism and being a media talking head we want your hot takes on what is going to be like
achilles heel for each of these teams i've got i've got a good name for this segment here yeah flaw in order flaw in order to find the flaws yeah we import the music in for that fly over here that's why you get the big bucks yeah exactly flaw in order right so let's start with the new england patriots flaw in order what is their big flaw can trust the path or however they have a lot of facts i think they're defective still a problem there are thirty first in yards per play on defense is not good enough and they're going to run into a game where they have to i have to stop it can do it i mean you the steelers game not very well okay that they have a lot of sex but they can't rush the passer my brain is doing quantum physics right now can you make it anything it's not it's not consistent pass rush like it's it's every now and and i think you need to have more because just a pass rush tour to contain the class especially with with pittsburgh and maybe the chiefs you have to be able to
get home quicker than they had been missing chris long yeah your own one because the answer to the patriots every year is you gotta get pressure on tom brady people forget if you sack tom brady like eight times he's not as good as if you sack him zero times but if you also allowed five point three other matter which already does ok okay i check right next one up steelers the answer here's my family being a dumb but go ahead i wanna hear your not not communicating on on individuation thank you actually actually might bark either weakness i don't know that there are other pretty well i mean obviously injuries i'd injuries and just executions end of games they look pretty good a couple nights ago no way that todd haley in big bend like each other i've just reached that conclusion no one likes todd haley goes no one really likes basically putting two fighting beatles into a mason jar together shaking it off they're just going at each other nonstop ok jaguar
and if you say blake bortles this interview is over a bodyboard be careful be careful be careful well that's a very nice way of saying they don't really have a flaw yeah if he's a weak link the man the really good yet cap and come back yeah that that's what it is it's it's a good great affairs the quarterback of all time yes he i i think that if do the job order to play the patriots they would disrupt tom brady up front which like you said as a way to get to the patrons but then wait for us to go to new england yeah and when a football game yeah he says he's the snowbird here want to know in his lifetime since he's seen snow yeah he just found out that snow is what so i want a guy like that this is true in cleveland that was his very first time ever seeing snow in his whole life anyone who's blake affects known confirmed if you lie no snow is what we've never heard him say that quarterback ever yeah ok so the team with the jaguars have another picture day though
internet doesn't show up that could be their biggest could be their biggest fitness yeah then don't now that he's out for that game all right the team that you watch a lot the kansas city chiefs uh run defensive pass i say they don't want to pass as well anymore they're forcing turnovers now which helps calling defense but they need to and to be better kind of up front stopping the run and not rushing passer does alex smith still know how to throw the ball more than twenty yards here's how to do that he's number one nfl and doing that they have the second time in the history of four thousand yard passer one thousand yard rusher thousand received without her tight end also it's pretty good that's that's one of those stats were you just like add up ability like like and just throw in the kicker has made more than three hundred and fifty yard kicks first time any team has ever done that well it's like the water we live in everyone loves with the coach that weighs more than three hundred yeah
who dresses like santa alright let's go to the nfc the eagles fairly obvious right yeah their pass defense yeah well nick bowl so you don't you're not a believer in big dick nick uh well that's the first time i've heard that before you sure you actually have that confirm yes yes i look for package has been suspect they gotta be on a double move other night the giants beat him up but look if nick foles did nick foles play if you could play average that they have a chance to win the good offense alignment in russia password good at linebacker it's just fold up the false he would've been losing the game so jumping back to your experience with chip kelly what was it about kelly that made nick like the best quarterback in enough history for that one year what were what was it like the detailer that offense to his strengths
we've got a wide open for the defense is tired i mean that's the temple was such a big factor not also and some guys are just wide open you run a lot of action and you wonder why crosstalk is what drives crossing the field of three levels got a pretty wide open i mean it's it's all it's all offers really were you just kind of sit back there and i pick apart the defense you have a lot of this action in the back of the with the thunder's eyes and guys are going to be open okay all right let's move to the nfc south so these two teams because we don't know who's won the division yet hussein's is the lords of the saints and the panthers give us the weakness for both of those teams this is all about change but really it seems like their weaknesses kind of throwing the ball downfield now they don't really do that anymore it's drew brees that's a weakness yeah it's weird to say but it is yeah like they don't they're defensive item or places much better they can rush the passer better now now linebacker there ok linebacker good offensive line good running backs they just don't
of course the ball down sooner maybe don't have to because of the running back situation but they do have a ton of explosive place there's just not they're not the balls not throwing deep down through anymore so we get in a shootout against the team would you be able to or no point for me not them score they have only scored a one hundred dollar system office last couple weeks now i know oh because i bet the over every saints game thinking it's like two thousand and nine was drew brees yeah i've lost every death this year in the same time keep going know what your closest here to show up and and have a hundred fifty are wow it's gonna be great we're jeremy shockey why is he playing all right the answer is yes they don't have an order yeah that's not also or obviously concerned while he was at the game the other day i was i was so surprised but just to have it he was in his guy was in his swing everything to me the panthers are kind of living large right now they
fourth a lot of turnovers i'll actually look this up today they had thirty three drives on decent the last the last three games have always forced six punts because they've gone ten turnovers i don't think you can that's not really a way that live in so they've allowed a scoring opportunities on sixteen of the thirty three percent of having the two missed field goals had a turnover on downs but they just not playing as well as the staff of indicate i just don't think that you can rely on turnovers being your main way to stop a team going to run into the same thing in the first round of the wild card round in the superdome we don't turn the ball over very much and their defense is not they haven't stopped them all season so i don't think that the defense wall talented has played very well recently so i think that's that's a problem that offensively they're pretty basic i wrote this up today was getting an argument with a buddy of mine who covers sports radio here in charlotte hum
for 18th in yards for playing office eighteen yards are playing defense i mean they're pretty average team they went a lot of football history for them i thought they win ten games this year not surprising but i just don't think they have enough to win three straight maybe it's just recently but i feel like the carolina panthers our team that's been trending upwards pretty pretty sharply in the last like three or four weeks which might explain that their 18th in both offensive and defensive yards per play have you seen any of that well i mean they they played well the last you still want those freedoms i went three hundred beat the vikings with thirty four straight turnovers they beat the packers with four turnovers and they beat the box on the last play the game but all three of those games came down to the last drive in
when you force that many turnovers you should win by more than the last drive so that's kind of where that this is where you live one these games just for that matter given credit for that one on arrival if i give you credit for that one looking toward the plus we have to play better teams and more concise games more more precision your game i really don't think that they've shown they can do that the vikings yeah they're probably the strongest team in the n f zimmer's only got one eye yeah yeah i got i got it i certainly still kochan liked you god bless them yeah oh yeah he'll coach with the old coach with the dog standing next to him he has to that would be idea type of fear
my god well don't say that he's only got one i am come on those who will be a coach one day that does give doctors soldiers mandate a lot yes yes they do so what what do you got for sam writer for the invite it i mean to him i guess i mean they he has continually shown every week that he's going to play well i mean we keep waiting for that week he doesn't play well but not not the defense not the running the line obviously not the wide receivers i've gotta be case okay so here's a hot take for you case keenum is like kurt warner in one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine when i was like come on kurt warner the backup this guy he's like he's no one case keenum is going to be a hall of famer well let's not get ahead of i like it i'm squatting on that one yeah what if he just like but if he just keeps rolling an it's just like 'cause i
i've been saying all year like are we really doing this with case keenum and he we still are doing it and he just keeps on rollin and rollin and it's like shit like ten years and i was like wait case keenum was okay jeff your next for you what happened when they pay him the sauces and comes back next year and becomes what he was the previous five years we're all gonna last yeah we're gonna we're gonna really most is like contract over and over is gonna be like ten years and now we're gonna look back on on the winter of two thousand seventeen remember the winner of case keenum like yeah we look back on that one summer that scott was really big in america either brown should sign case keenum actually now that office is there any other branch psyches give him too and outrageous contracting them have them go back in the case give jeff you are you watch the all twenty two i'm sure you're an expert just like us who who do you think won the same bread for trade
i'm a sam bradford trade whose whose legal legal just for him to get like a first rounder yeah third rounder he might have gotten hurt put bradford delivering to record last year for completion percentage we did which was obviously go but when you throw the ball we are down to your point yeah also broke his any put out smith can't do that you know i always thought the ball twenty on okay throws like half yards down there little bit of dropping your with that that's probably a win for the eagles who okay well and i think i wasn't too interested alright last last team the rams
if you say anything bad about jerrod golf the interviews over again oh another threat yeah i guess the rams to me would just be haven't done it yet like they haven't done it yet you're not hasn't had as it had that opportunity they've won a lot of games recently that did better they went into seattle and beat beat of a seattle team they just want to tennessee being able to playoff team possibly but i think for them it's just experience like i just had the chance to be together as his team with the second year quarterback an do it all they've been a bad team for many years maybe they bring in jeff fishers playoff experience you jeff you just prove that you are truly a member of the media because you're going with the rams weakness being the stages to pick only state is too big i just told me that they've shown they can do it yet proven that student we don't know if they have the clutch gene but jeff fisher should come back
i mean let's see if this is going to be his credit if you can take credit for the seasons will come back and coach in the playoffs right playoff because of it when you get there like once every ten years shamus they should at least let jeff just begin in control of the challenges for the playoffs yeah that would be great so the flag just may make him wear that big poppa vastly gets the flag lost in like in that in that la heat that would be great just walking around trying to figure out where it was just you know what just give him the headset don't even plug it into anything yeah it is all all these is jeff fisher march up and down the sideline acting like he's got yes i'm gonna xbox controller don't forget that fly out of pocket it is the best it actually was smart the equipment guy on the ranch was like how can we slow coach fisher down from doing the dumb challenge i know let's give him a big puffy but you know jacket with sixteen pockets in it ironically there's a first down jacket this is actually a serious question i know the seahawks aren't in it but i want to know from
perspective as an offensive lineman and might be in it what the is cable doing every year and how does he still have a job out there i have no idea uhm this idea of drafting guys with high upside that can grow into your system or drafting defensive lineman doesn't work you don't have the practice time anymore to mold these off until i mean you need a draft guide college from like a favor six schools wisconsin are what you are seeing ordered a just dropping from the school that are ready to play still ram truck for the stanford for the saints he's he plays the pirate stop this year he's been great public often do not have the up side other guys did but he's ready to play right now and this whole idea of of truth transferring defensive lineman offers award i get what is seattle defenders are upset with that offense because it for years seattle's has still defense has had to carry that team in the third part of a liberal policies openly petitioning to leave
what his team is still in the playoff hunt yeah that was a wild moose bold move bold move all right that was flowing order yes law and order jeff we really appreciate you joining us where can people find you oh i'm like twitters at gulf shores jeff with a gi know it's weird it's jeff but you can deal with it yeah that is kind of a weird like the giraffe from toys r us i like to say your g off yeah yeah sure that makes you feel better you can call me it is i i immediately feel full order you can just follow at pft commentary and i just followed at josh schwartz so you just look at who i follow and then use that you tell what's yeah i've i've been following you for a while john break your arm i know like you better yeah josh you follow big cat no it is not okay false metal joined you crime there are you john your not you do not want the georgia cry yeah that's up i'm gonna cause over i guess really is yeah it's it's only
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we talk about the big games and why we want your expert alice's arm let's talk quickly about bowl betting because you trust in the process on twitter at tom for now you are great a pole bending what you do like in bowl season that you don't do the regular season how do you change your strategy you know i fade the public more in bowl season that i would try to during the regular season simply because during the bowl year like times like this where there's games on every day during the afternoon people are home from work holidays and all that stuff going on there's just more people gambling on a particular game that you would typically see like if utah state playing new mexico state on a thursday and you know september it's not going to be getting much attention if it's happening on a wednesday night in december during holiday week it should be
twenty thousand people betting on it most of whom i haven't seen a single play from either team so they're just going with the favourites they're going with the over and i feel like fading the public in bowl season is much more profitable than it would be during the regular season which means that what you tend to see is a lot of people betting favorites a lot of people bending over so you personally i start off looking at an underdog and then i have to convince myself why that your dog doesn't actually have a chance to cover i lean towards other dogs more than anything in both season then it's been profitable so far this year debunk this
take that i'm not saying i have it put someone could say josh rosen's being a big not playing as cole college bowl game i what we see i wrote there's the whole thing or he's saying that he wants to play and that the doctors are telling him he can't play and maybe that's really what's happening because he was practicing with the team for the last couple weeks which was strange i this i've been where you got to be something he was going to play and then he was practicing so i was like you know what the hell's going on maybe he's actually going to do this i don't think you should i don't think you're being a by sitting out i think he probably being smart because he's going to be making a couple million dollars next year at the very minimum hopefully is first his case if it's not with the browns but wherever he ends up he wants to be rich and i feel like playing in this game to get
it's a state as it is historic in his beloved if the cactus bowl is maybe this should today yeah i'm all right so so it it in a more serious question here off the josh rose and stuff i obviously amid all of the mindset that these guy don't get paid and if they're making a business decision for the future then more more or to them they shouldn't play these meaningless bowl games do you think this is going to be a i'm now going forward for college bowl games the stars sitting out in being in not big games but games that people want to watch on tv because they know they got a paycheck coming on sundays in the fall yeah i don't think it's a problem in less it starts affecting the playoff games as long as it's happening in these games like it is now which has been the case at this point we haven't seen anybody of important sit out a playoff game because they're worried about their nfl feud
but as long as it's happening in the cactus boi the independence border whatever the hell bowl i don't think it's a problem people are going to crap their pants about it simply because there are people that get mad about everything in sports and it's all these damn entitled millennials are at it again but i think it's the smart decision i can't knock it if the kid wants to play let him play if he wants to worry about going to the nfl let him or who here so i'm going to watch the game either way and i'm probably going to bed on it so what does it matter who i gotta mike greenberg's dumb rule we should take every player that doesn't want to play in their bowl game because they're entitled millenial and we make another bowl game the avocado bowl game and we play little flag football oh that would be great if i
we have it on seven instead of a football it's an avocado and it's called the hold my avocado and everyone gets a trophy at the end that actually would be big money maker i i'm of the mindset that tony learns the commissioner of the ball and the referee in the natural and it's only played in her head and displayed it snow in the mindset that rosen saying he came out i guess and leaked word that he would rather play for the giants and the browns that just confirms that he's a good decision maker like i want to hear i want every single potential pro quarterback coming out of college i want them to be i say do you want to play for the browns if they say yes then i just don't draft him that's red
yeah that's that's horrible decision making you know he's going to be screwing up at the pocket before synchros that aren't there did you hear his did you hear his explanation for what he was asked about players not playing no explanation he gave no you would not feel like he went out for like a minute and a half and it made me feel stupid 'cause he sounded so damn smart and intelligent about going over it and i feel like that he's too good for the browns and i really hope that the browse don't take him i don't know if he's going to end up being any good but i feel like he's too smart between what between him leaking out that he doesn't want to play for the browns between his answer about why he's sitting out and why some players do sit out i feel like he's way too start to end up to cleveland right i don't even i want i don't want to live in a world where browns fans are like parental perennial winners where they just like they wouldn't know what to do with themselves they just run up and down the street like eating horsh it and just like getting drunk and taking her shirt off that world class we could work
alright let's get to the big bowl games i'm going to do the first the three before the playoffs give us like a line on who you thinks going to win and why will start with wisconsin miami uh i like right now as long as i like wisconsin to win as long as the spread stays under a touchdown i like wisconsin covered it gets over seven then i have to start strongly giving consideration taking miami but i just look at this game where there's probably going to be more i think it's going to be higher scoring than people might think like i lean towards the over as well but just overall wisconsin has a fantastic defense and i was surprised that big ten title game because the way that gave started off with ohio state got off to quick start was just running by everybody i thought that was going to be a problem for wisconsin because they don't have the speed that a lot of teams have and that's kind of situation that they're facing again with this miami team but they adjusted so well to it and still figured out a way to minimize
the impact of ohio state street in the second half and keep it game and i think that works in their favor and where is on the other team miami third defense is good it's not nearly as good as wisconsin's and it's more predicated on forcing turnovers you know we've got the turnover change this for reason it's amazing everybody loves it and alex hornibrook is clearly going to give chloe for them bring that shade out but so does malik rosier recorder he turns the ball over a lot too particularly when he's under pressure and wisconsin's defense the front seven is fantastic at getting pressure on the quarterback so i'm expecting this game to be closer and as long as it's the spread stays under a touchdown i like wisconsin i just think wisconsin is a better team if it gets over a touched out i lean towards taking miami hornibrook has definitely woken up in cold sweats at least a few times this week just dreaming of the turnover chain thinking that yeah he's going to be turning up all over the last one before we get to the playoffs you mentioned ohio state in their athletes versus wiscconsin they're going up
it's a team that actually does have some athletes in usc jt c jt fucking stinks i love i see tell me why i'm wrong i i i don't think you're wrong as far as the spreads concert i i would take it to seven and a half point spread right now which between these two teams just ridiculously large to be i don't i don't see how anybody look what a higher state done this year what are you at the th of this year but the higher state for the touchdown better judgment i don't see that happening i think a hostage probably going to win this game but i definitely like the you need to cover i just but as far as ohio state goes urban meyer in his career the last few remember ohio state in the bowl game last year against clemson is getting crushed thirty weather nothing but urban meyer typically in his career really good in the postseason he's ten and three in bowl games and that includes you know playoff games and i just think that i think the buckeyes are a better team than
i see because i think they have a better defense overall usc's defense has struggled to stop the run the really good against the past but i'm kind of agree with you as far as jt barrett not being all that good so i don't know if that's really going to work in u s you favor that they could stop the passing of our state doesn't really throw the ball well anyway but i just think with sam donaldson ronald jones on offense they're gonna be able to keep u s c in this game i'm not gonna pick the trojans to win out right just yet but i do think that the covers nearly a lock because seven and a half points is just rude dick you listen i think it might actually get bigger just because our house the is always such a public thing and so many people are always betting on the park i the best friend mike at large than it already is okay one more before we jump to the playoff lsu notre dame the to the ball game where demarco's muscle russell got paid like two million dollars for lighten up notre dame and brady quinn i wasn't sure that all right yeah yeah yeah
they played last year too right do that there was two years ago two years ago in the music city but i just always remember going to that game and it's like who's going to be the number one pick is it going to be wrestlers are going to be people forget targets ruskin throw a spiral fifty yards from it's not easy and that's what he basically did all day in that game and it got him like fifty five milliliters traffic yeah i don't expect to be nearly many seventy yard throws in this game this time but i i like the under in that game more than anything although i do think notre dame is going to win simply because they've got two of the best offensive lineman in the on their team that they'll issue lsu that's going to help alice she's best direct this is its defense of so i think the irish be able to run the ball i like them to win i like him to cover but i like the under more than anything just 'cause i think it's going to be kind of a rock fight more than most ok but you understand that coach oh is like the greatest motivator for a meaningless bowl game ever it's good point cocho through brian
he looks like coach went on undercover boss and they just like they put him in a college sure and i just see the anger none of the good qualities i'm all right let's go to be a lot of red faces on both sides yes let's go to the playoffs all right i'm gonna the alabama clemson game let's start with that i think thompson is a better team overall but i can't get out of my head that nick saban is not going to lose in back to back years to dabo sweeney and like even though dabo is proven that he's a good coach just still might meatball me is like nick saban is gonna to fuck dabo up i don't disagree
i don't agree with you that comes in the better team i don't think um better than alabama i think honestly alabama there this is the year earth even where there really hasn't been a dominant team in the whole idea of everybody soccer hi to be true to a point even throughout that all year long alabama was the best team in college football and just because it lost a rivalry game to auburn they offer team that beat georgia didn't give you three the alabama all of a sudden sucked and i think that going into this game alabama you know their favorite by three as of right now and they should be favored because i think they're the better team because what we need to look at is the last few years what clinton had was to sean what the who was a huge x factor the first two meetings in the game that alabama won in the first title game deshaun watson was the only thing keeping clemson in that game for the most part last year it was to sean watson the
the alabama drive behind jalen hurts to take the lead in the final minutes watson puts the entire he know he went he went greg jennings but the entire team on his back though and take some down the field scores a touchdown in the last seconds to win the game with the sean watson's gone and kelly bryant has come in and he's done a nice job taking over it prince with plenty of weapons around it but he is not nearly as dynamic as a player of deshaun watson caliber and i don't see clumsy and being able to move the ball at will against this alabama defense like we have seen the last two years because i think that this is a front seven that could get in kelly bryant's face and rattle him because bryant to hit this point there's careers yeah they played in the acc title game but he hasn't played in a game like this yet this is an alabama team or if you look the seniors on this team this is their fourth trip to the couch football
this is nothing new for this team so i'm looking at this where i think alabama is probably going to win this one and i really don't know if it's going to be close i think this could be like a ten to fourteen point win for alabama hot take for never really in question it's a spicy meatball i mean the scariest thing in the world is nixie been with like any piece of motivation that he can use and being like yeah you guys loss iron bowl and you can get into the sec championship like nick's saving with bolton board material that's i mean it's kim jong on with nukes that work i wrote at the time losing offered probably be the best thing that happened alabama all year yeah yes it would probably agree with that yeah i think there's an element of voice is a man that that actually likes losing games just so he can point at something related you guys aren't as good you thought you were yes so you can yell a little bit actually do you subscribe to the theory that nick saving keeps one man is back at full vastly in in his pocket so that he can once a year if he was the national championship yes okay
i started that on the other side we got georgia oklahoma many people are calling him big game baker now that's what i'm calling him i just started that i'm loving oklahoma
am i wrong or am i right i love georgia who embraced beighton i have got back and forth on this games so many times trying to figure out i really i really don't know what's going to happen as of right now the wind is blowing it by direct for picking oklahoma yep there's so many ways you could make the argument i just feel like when you look at the themes oklahoma the biggest market get the suitors this year is that the fed has been pretty much a baseball all season long it's been really horrible against path past the impasse the broke but of course the place in the big twelve the best it's gonna happen when you're playing really good offices all year long so i don't know if that could be nearly as big of a deal to get the team like georgia which try to run the ball that your throat all day but for me it's also that oklahoma it's not just baker but they have the best offers that football in college football period if you look at the advanced analytics like the s and p plus and you they break it down to like the five different categories where it's you know like explosive placed running plays passing place standard downs passing down oklahoma ranks number one in
every single one of those things in office it is by considerable margin in each one and i feel like when you get to a playoff if you have a unit like oklahoma's office which is just that much better than everybody else is there that gives it something of an edge and then there's baker mayfield who has played in these huge games before and while georgia is a very good team and i think nick chubb is starting to sell her terrific running back so there going to be able to get yards and they're going to be able to move the ball and score points against this oklahoma team this is still a team that yes it won the sec title game against auburn but it hasn't been in this situation before it hasn't been in a playoff it's i won't be shocked at all if georgia wins might change my mind three or four more times for this game actually starts with the closer i look at it the more i just really think that i can't go against baker mayfield in a game like this an against that oklahoma offense which is just been absolutely superb
ok so here's the counterpoint and it's because i've lost money betting on offenses like oklahoma in big bowl games georgia comes out they stop him on their first you know series oklahoma doesn't get that first first down that gets everything rolling and that kind of just sets the tone and georgia just knocks him in the mouth over and over and i feel like i've seen this many times where an offense whether it be like an organ or an oklahoma these high flying offenses when they meet a tough fast deep
answer from the sec it just all kind of falls apart no i i i understand the feeling there but my thought process that is usually to get the alabama it's not alabama this five is good georgia and while georgia has great why backers live very good second in records mister fantastic linebacker and it's got a good secondary i don't think the georgia defense of why well it's good it's definitely one of the better units in the country i don't have it at that level where we saw with claims in last last time oklahoma played claims in the orange bowl comes completely destroyed their offer the blind
or with his we've seen alabama to accept the other thing that i didn't mention oklahoma's offensive line is huge and it is mean it is nasty it's the kind of wine that can withstand the kind of front sevens that it hasn't been able to bob stoops in recent years in his last few years there was a concerted effort to make some changes 'cause they always have good offensive line but they saw that those kind of problems that they had against the clemson defensive lines in the alabama defense supplies and they're getting a bit bulkier on their offensive line the last year that you typically see from big twelve teams and i think that's one of the reasons why they had so much success running the ball this year as well so i'm not as worried about oklahoma's offensive line this year as i probably would have been in this match recent years alright so wrapping it up you have old man if you have clumps and or sorry alabama versus oklahoma in the final who wins the final
oh my heart wants to say oklahoma but my head says alabama just because like i said i think alabama is the best team in the country but i think oklahoma has the best chance of beating alabama because what you need to really have a great chance of beating the tide is that x factor dynamic amazing playmaker quarterback whether it was johnny mansell or it's been cam newton or it's been deshaun watson or if it's baker mayfield so i think oklahoma of the other three teams in the playoffs has the best chance of knocking off the tide but i just don't think anybody is beating alabama this year i think they're the best team in the country i think they've been the best team in the country all year and i think there finish it the actual title champions once again alright well special thanks for against paul finebaum appreciate you calling and talk about that i mean you know one paul alright tom very much yeah i mean the pfd setting you're just an sec she'll your home are you going home or you can hear it in your voice yeah as he the college football doesn't exist without the sec that's clear here when will
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but not not just noted sex ever big cat let's give credit where credit is due he's also our senior lebron james correspondent yeah sometimes yeah so he said that in a little perspective moment that his memories of his family is going to stick with him longer than his losses in the finals so far losses in the finals in five consecutive five loss i don't know no no not at one five loss in the finals but he doesn't really think about that he thinks about like his kids wanting like twelve twelve year old a you cancel he also said that you know you can bring up the losses but he hasn't paid to to losses because
he's got more important things like monday's daughter's going to get married to hopefully wonderful man and so he's thinking about maybe you know walking her down the aisle one day who does it the derrick rose's they're great yanick surely you can around so long as dire right across derrick rose's body at graduation maybe pj rose and lebron james daughter will get married double graduation wedding band and then both walkin lebron enteric rose can just put their arms around each and do like a three legged one yeah they're just wash that they can still walk just barely i love it this is it will bronze always good for one of these quotes where it's like it's just a game man i've got a just a i've got a good chunk really matter especially the five losses in the nba finals 'cause i do have five losses in the nba finals is he just again is he calling stuff curry bad parent for caring more about winning basketball games and less about talking about his daughter probably hey shots files like it sounds like the joke you wanna hear it yeah you can tell it's lebron's daughter that is talking about getting married because she has to wait to find the
i just to get a ring what should go more to two and a quarter okay to recorder boom i thought that was good yeah i think that that was an extra thousand extra boob for like your pinky it's no you two handfuls of the little pinky right now i'm doing touch on that right now i'm that i'm doing the polly wallets point vs prince hey hey what all those good one home all right you have a torch up the but a speaking yeah yeah huge toward towards this is only an update because in his spoken this comes directly from skip bayless he says that durant has now eclipsed lebron as the best player on the planet and fox news tweet out the torch has past wow so now this is kind of splitting here is a little bit because skip did not say that the torch was passed he said that kevin durant eclipsed lebrons torch we know he took mj watch there's been no torch it's been a tornado is sending me yeah it was it's been just sitting in like a case somewhere but no we yeah we'll be right
john had possession it we didn't belong to yeah he stole it he visited any visited visited the torch now it's kevin durant's tower he took our crazy instagram selfie with the torch yeah one point yeah and said it was his but it was and so now it's kevin durant's torch or he's just like standing in front of it making shadow puppets or so yeah officially katie is the torchbearer according to skip bayless ok i feel like someone else is going to have a say in that torch quiet hasn't been around for a while he's been injured a little bit so maybe he'll get the torch for a minute right james harden is definite the a torch guy you want to keep that beard oil away from the torch yeah that could be a very flammable situation going to get russell west for anyone who used who used to play basketball with russell westbrook and now left the thunder their torch people because they immediately become better it's so there they also have torch
sure the nice thing about katie is since he has all the different burr accounts multiple personalities he just passed the torch himself yeah exactly but you tear you take it yeah now i know you take no you're the greatest state you take it at kevin durant as the best eight six and nine sixty seventy eighty tray you take your bro you're so good at at dole to hitters tell you're not in charge of the torch at k of course katie left okay see russ is a bomb that's not that's that's totally this random account yeah all right lhasa before gets guys on checks mike reimbursed rules everyone was upset because the replay rules in the nfl suck no one sort of catches anymore no one base klay anything the rest call on the field gets like undermined by the guy sitting what's his name al whatever what is his name in new york the guy he was on twitter no it's not even anymore it's what my prayers should
his job river on yeah yeah alber run everyone talking while river on who i i couldn't pick him out of a lineup that i hate that guy so we're gonna fix it we gonna fix nfl reply i think they should just go to a street like pick up who this where no one knows who hit the ball out so it's like we get the next one and you just keep trading it's like a possession arrow who are just bring back first yeah so yeah if you think you intercept he just call first but was it but any like controversial calls like are you get this time we'll get it next time that's good well i can't treating it all year long or like yeah i often simpler because files yeah or you can just have maybe the patriots control all is ripped away that's actually what they do already yeah so there was kelvin benjamin trying to like get a second toe down yeah here's what you did yeah here's what they should do instead of have
like a guy look at the replays have a blind guy go out there and put the cans on they have superhuman hearing let him here and see if that to dragged across the blade of grass ok be able to hear it here's the real answer that i just thought of it should just be a running facebook live every sunday mike carey and he his decision instant decision office final no but it's the option to know that's how you get it right he doesn't know that it's opposite he doesn't know he has no idea the jokes on him know know we keep him locked in like the soundproofing is that they use they used to use on those nickelodeon game shows and whatever he said through a great job might care you nailed another one but then in reality on the field is like ok he gets ten seconds to look at every replay boom yeah got my parents got and then we just go the opposite we would never get a replay wrong again we just solve it done was almost too easy almost ok okay so it is wednesday time some guys on chicks you guys have a bunch of questions about your
are these this holiday season and we are here to answer it so liam trying to screw up reading it as much as heck usually does know fintech sub pmt boys especially pfd so well pretty sure my best friend and my older brother have started hooking up secretly how do i deal with this situation and who should i bench out first you should make out with your best friend just to get back at your brother why is this bad i don't know that's a good question like wouldn't you want your best friend be your sister to an all girls always like sisters for life yeah here's the thing the only thing your brother has going for him in life is that his sister brings her friends around yeah so maybe just let me have this one yet just chill out let him let him hang out with your your best friend and then like i said you can have a real sister not just like a sorority sister really sisters for life will never talk again after college my god you got fat
now that you say that to someone else you see these are introducing lower and she got to start instagram story she got so fat maybe put down the pizza when she does this take pictures of her like out eating korean food the skinny arms not confusing anyone anymore and loren learned you can just turn that arm just parallel to your body now because it's the same big duck wing that you've got that he learned so much next t boys especially big catwoman i'm going on a diet for the new year as well but i'm afraid losing weight will make my boobs smaller problem well my wife found a way to more sales mmhm best way to counteract that get pregnant yeah that way you get the milk in there to replace the fact that start taking hormones surging estrogen extra s
start taking steroids and then take the estrogen that manny ramirez used to cover up a sterile yeah and then that'll give you the book so as someone who has a nice pair breast myself i'd say if you're trying to lose weight but also keep your boobs size maybe just like cut out the carbs put keep eating the ice cream injuring the i ps feels like that's what's get gets my boobs nice and fluffy yeah yeah i mean if you want to go on the big cat died yeah you you pound the i p is you start getting heavily into call of duty and i scream and you start think stress has a lot to do is to get a lose a lot of money gambling on meaningless sports gas all that and you'll have nice nice career of you know nice b cup the great stays up you don't even wear sports bra now you no you don't you don't run you don't i finish cats just twice a week and let me tell you whatever he's doing yeah go for eating alright one more this one is kind of wild hey pmt boys like this is really going to get crazy later my boyfriend and i have been dating
two years and he always talks about having a threesome i finally gave in and told him we could try it out for new years start off the new year with a bang no pun intended so you're going to make out with the dog will have sex with you the only problem is i thought he would want another girl but he actually wants to get one of his friends involved swiss i questioned his sexual sexuality after this and he got defensive and said it was normal for guys to have a threesome with one chicken two dudes is this normal i'm going to go out on a limb i'm going to go out and let me say this guy lost his fantasy football league and this was the loser spotted smith yeah or he just he just big into cuck fantasies so yeah i don't think it's normal but maybe who's to say what am i
say what is normal right we're not we're sex positive podcast so if he wants to have sex with you with one of his friends also having sex with you there yeah which is i guess whatever floats yeah if you're okay with it and he's ok with it and then do it here it's quite the plot just general rule of thumb if someone starts like floating three some ideas to you after longer than say odd two weeks of dating something's up yeah something is very very up also just get out in the open the way just be like when you say threesome what do you say to dicks here's what you do you invite a fourth guy in or her guy a fourth person and now we're getting into japanese ship just see you play chicken with them is what you do you want to get weird with it you wanna get freaky let's get freaky then yeah let's get let's really try this up i've got a couple x is i convolve yeah let's do it get some oki cookie going all right that's our show so friday we will have the best of the past year that will be all
who are best moments some of our best interviews we put it out to listeners so everyone gave us feedback we got everything in there make sure you listen we also are going to do larries pics peoples choice so follow laree the goal fish on twitter he's going to put out twitter poll on wednesday around noon vote and let's see if we can get area five in oh people's choice week seventeen and we see everyone reminder we're going to do a tuesday show right after the new year because there's the college football playoffs on january first so will be a tuesday wednesday friday week but make sure you tune in for the best of this friday love you guys
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