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Former NHL Mutt Ryan Whitney And NFL Draft Scout Matt Miller

2018-01-11 | 🔗

Divisional Round is here and we go through all our picks and story lines for the best weekend in Football (2:20 - 18:40). Big Cat reveals a podcasting/diet secret (18:40 - 22:20). Former NHL Player Ryan Whitney joins the show to catch up on hockey, explain what the hell is going on with the Olympics, and bashes Basketball (22:20 - 39:27). NFL Draft Scout Matt Miller joins the show to talk about the new coaching hires, the biggest weaknesses in this weekend's games, and ranks the Quarterbacks in the 2018 Draft (39:27 - 57:12). Segments include Connect the Dots, Just Chill out Man for the former 49ers exec who wants to lube up Jimmy G, Dad to Dad for Lavar vs Lebron, the return of Spoilers, Thats enough internet for the day, and Jimbos.

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