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Frank Kaminsky and Spencer Hawes 11/07/16

2016-11-07 | 🔗
NFL Week 9 Recap with the fastest 2 minutes in football ( 3:25 - 7:34). Election coming and should Donald Trump lose his man card for getting his twitter taken away from him (7:34 - 19:38). Tiger Woods memorial Who's Back of the week. Football Guy of the Week. Spencer Hawes and Frank Kaminsky visit the guys in studio to give an update on the conglomerate and talk about what it's like being white guys in the NBA. Segments include the debut of "Is he still alive?", "Spinzone", "Kicker's Psychiatrist", "Sabermetrics" for the Cubs parade. "Uhhh Hey JJ", "hmmmm", and "Not to brag but"

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