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Fred Smoot, NFL HoFer Isaac Bruce, And We Draft Our XFL Teams

2018-01-25 | 🔗

The XFL is back and it's going to change football forever (it will probably suck). We come up with Mike Greenberg Dumb Rules for the XFL including linebackers with knives, hoop pylons, and player vs fan fights (2:20-17:09). The NBA drafted their All Star teams and we ask how Kyrie ended up on Team Lebron and was Steph Curry drunk when he put his team together (17:10-21:25). Former NFL Cornerback Fred Smoot joins the show to talk about the famous Vikings Dildo Party on Lake Minnetonka, how he invented twitter, and perfecting one's trash talking game (22:50-43:49). Future Hall of Famer Isaac Bruce joins the show to talk about his career, did Kurt Warner ever swear, and the impact the greatest show on turf had on the NFL (43:53-56:13). Segments include Hermatology - Herm Edwards just found out what college recruiting is(58:13-59:57). Just Chill out man for the Kansas fan that showed up to Udoka Azubuike's dorm to try and fix his free throw shooting(59:59-1:03:11). PR 101 for Draymond calling Brian Windhorst "no neck" and the return of Explain it to Hank (1:03:11- 1:13:40). 

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