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Friday Locks With Brent Musberger + Gold Medal Winner Amanda Kessel

2018-03-16 | 🔗

March Madness is here and it is glorious. Loyola Chicago wins at the buzzer, Buffalo trashes Arizona, man buns are back, and Gonzaga survives. (3:10-11:40) The real story of the day though was Tom Crean to Georgia. Cleaning up NFL Free Agency + Big Cat made a pen pal. (11:41-21:13) Brent Musberger joins the show from Las Vegas to tell us how his Day 1 went and who he likes in Friday's actions. (22:41-29:20) Women's Hockey Gold medalist Amanda Kessel joins the show to talk about beating Canada, shit talking on the ice, and whether or not her brother loves hot dogs. (30:58-40:01) Segments include Respect the Biz (42:45-44:17), PR 101 for John Skipper (44:18-47:30), E-Sports update with Darren Rovell's voicemail (47:31-50:15), Take Quake (50:16-51:36), Embrace Debate is Jon Gruden fun (51:37-53:15) and Explain it to AWL's (53:16-55:47). 

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On today's pardon my take, we recap all of the March Madness Day, one who won who lost the fans one, because it's great to have the tournament back. We also have our uncle Brent Musburger, calling from the desert, with some stone, cold locks for Friday and Gold Medal winner winner Amanda Kessel she's, actually Phil Kessel is Hernandez Phil Kessel is Amanda's brother, yes, sister of Phil Casuals, sister of Amanda Castles, brother, Phil, Kessel, Amanda Castle. You get the point so forget all that we have are great, sponsor a bud light bud light busters is back for all of us at barstool. It's an awesome thing that we do we all pick nine through sixteen seeds, and if one of them goes to sweet, sixteen, that person gets to go to Vegas I got Alabama, we'll see
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dot, com, slash, barstool for more info. Let's go Cortana pardon my take presented by Seatgeek today is Friday March. Sixth, stone cold day
we have three hundred and sixteen there you go. How about that? The ides of March followed up by stone cold. There are no better back to back holidays forgot to mention Pie Day three point: one hundred and forty eight billion six hundred and seven million eight hundred and ninety three thousand four hundred and sixty seven, which is that in three point four three point, one billion four hundred and sixty two million three hundred and eighty seven thousand nine hundred and forty six, that's right so March madness. Here, though it's cold day in March, I hate March, and I love March madness. Twenty eight march we could say anxiety of betting is crippling. I love it because it's an excuse to sit and watch basketball for twenty four hours in four days span, so you say anxiety. I say it makes you feel alive. Here's what happens after you turn about like thirty years old you
or just routing to have emotions about stuff, and these were raised. They give you all the emotions. Almost almost too many motion. I so my eyes hurt my back hurts. I had that weird thing. That is very easy. Only sports fans know this. Are you start getting random cramps, even though you haven't done anything like? I just stood up from the couch today and I was like oh man. I got a Charlie horse, my leg
and I didn't know what it was from, because all it does is watch basketball got. Are you okay, yeah? I'm? Okay? I had a foot Grauer through earlier today right the one in the in the arch of your happens. Yeah there were two so for about like an hour and a half, I really had to use the bathroom, but I can get up because every game was ending and then another game within the nothing. In fact, when we were trying to side when we come into the studio to record the show like well did have time in this game and then that turned into after this game. You know the in have interesting, yeah and that just basically happens for four days straight. So the big stories loyal Chicago the ramblers- yes with a buzzer now was a buzzer beater, but it was there's point three seconds left, but is a buzzword accounts budget budget, Peter sister Jean? It has the runaway started or rollaway star the tornado, Farley she's. Ninety eight years, young yep and she is Jesus- is wife. He also. How are you going to bet against a team that has an omelet? I also love when and no it was eleven six upset and everyone's like look at this crazy upset. Loyal was plus two, so not really that crazy been upset, but it was a thrilling moment. We also had we willing to call them a team of destiny yet because I'm I'm inching them towards that spot. I'd like to see what happens with Butler and and the bulldog, not getting blue,
let being allowed into the stadium, lose not a lot. I could definitely spiral into a storyline revelation from from Texas, a and m. I don't. The Cali today bring him in yeah. Yeah and revel is not. I I'm I'm sure, a muscle once again and I'm sure that all the Weird Texas, A and M Aggies under will tell me then click the ring wearing what they should do is yours. They should do a couple of months. They should do a compromise with the mascot, they should say the animals will be allowed in, but the catch is. You have to fly on United to get here see if they can yeah. If you can survive that, then you come on. If anything you are worthy of it. We had
get Zakka the plucky underdog Zakka, the the mid major team. They survive this isn't there so there Tripit destiny to maybe we get to the final four for the first time ever stays alive. I'd like to just say this might be the worst hair that I've ever seen in the NC double a term. All around disagrees to be bad tattoos. Now, yes, here agree: do you have the man bun yeah down, no formal, if you thirty nine. What are my rob great now get Houston if you drop thirty nine, your hair is good. I think that's just all that happens. He did the scoop with the tip C. Do school, Peru to win the game and that immediately makes a man bond cool. Okay, I disagree. Are you have knocks on Kentucky he's got a bad here too you just got to Young's out everybody on Miami. He has young everybody in Miami, but the best here, the tournament Alabama You've got four guys that froze on the team on the court. At the same time that is intimidating as FUCK Miami by the way Jim Larrinaga I feel, like he's been around forever.
Keys, yes, and he he lives and dies with every possession yeah. He did that thing where he I bet his wife made him retire for awhile. Well, after he was at what GM you are draperies. Yes, we had to retire for little, because you would have a health scare, I'm sure didn't happen, but go head marinated in the studio for awhile and then came back the go in the studio coming back. Tom Green Tom Crean. Yes, that's the biggest story, so we are now bulldog, guys, Tom Crean, our favorite coach is college. Basketball coach is back. He is at Georgia, SEC We accepted the job- yes, not going to say that I'm mad, because we didn't get the scoop, but I'll just leave that right there. How I said I can take it Now we want to exactly, but I'm Tom Crean back in our. If on the sidelines we need it say there is zero chance that Georgia gets caught up in an FBI scandal with Tom Crean yeah, because that guy is above board one hundred percent. You thinking I'm thinking, maybe we cheat from now a little peach green tea?
pr. There yeah, I'm just peachy, got a whole new brand of sweet cream. T yeah that also works is do it. So Tom Crean is back We had also the sixteen see that everyone was convinced was going to be the year pen. They were hot for about ten minutes and then Kansas, remember to all five. Our guys are better than all five of their guys, shocked that a team named after Quakers pacifists would not be good in the heat of battle. I did the I love, though, that like that's, not how a sixteen seed is going to win the 16th, it's not going to win where everyone says this is the year the 16th seed wins a sixteen seed is going to win because the best player on the one seed breaks their ankle, walking onto the court and then the second best player like has diarrhea and then the third best player, tears, ACL and the coach gets too technical files and gets kicked out and then maybe they will win by one yeah. Also too many people talked about it before hand. It's like a no hitter yeah right. You could sing about it. If you wanted to. As we've discussed,
but yeah everybody was saying this is the year. This is pens chance and for? The first like ten minutes of the game is like maybe yeah maybe put, and then you know what they have: the horses yeah. They don't have. The horses have horses, the clydesdales and the other big news, the one of the bigger upsets of the day. Buffalo the bills are back no one circles: the wagons like the Buffalo Bulls, Paul dear the bison. No, the bolts, I just assume every teams devise until proven otherwise kick the shit out of Arizona which was a hot pic to go to the final four and this now. I mean what kind of idiot would pick them to go to the final four when the entire stadium yeah hey. There goes my You knew that Kentucky Arizona Game is too good to be true, and I say that the minute I treated I said I can't wait for this
Chucky Arizona Game, and then I backtracking was like wait. That's not going to happen. There's no way we're going to get this O Arizona. Now Sean Miller has to go and be investigated by the FBI without even playing games yet actually kind of sucks for him. That's probably like that's got to be the worst Sunday Scaries ever to be bounced as the four seed at eight point, favorite and final four contender with that looming. yeah. You know what I think, the only thing worse than that would be to have errors on a winning the chip chip in your practice. That's okay! We also, I will one part of March and I absolutely love to fanshots. You already have crying kids
you had a lot of good dabs. It's a low slung easily. I have some flexible yeah it like Pelham, set sad sad band members, yeah old people, young people crying over airing them or not. Yeah yeah! That's what I mean it's it is there something about the March madness fan section like. I always just think, member that Colorado State rams the kids in the ram yeah awesome just sad ram like it's. Just it's just something soul like American about it. I I can't really explain it, but the crowd shots in March. Madness are beautiful. That's what I ended, but it's also unique right every time it's different, but it's like a snowflake. You know everything
every crowd shot is a little bit different, but you love 'em all. You know why, because it's a lot of college kids out there and when you're in college you're still developing physically, so everybody looks different when you're in college. Once you get older, everyone just kind of starts to look the same like oh, that's, an old guy. Also, just people like you, said the emotion people like old guys getting just jacked up about eighteen year olds doing well in a tournament. It's beautiful. I think, that's why college fans don't want college players get paid because they don't pay to get paid to be fans. They have all that emotion, maybe start paying the fans first and then we let the players take a little taste uh, let's see so we and then we have a whole other data model and then a whole other day Saturday, in a whole other day Sunday, I fucking love the tournament. I'm back on loving the tournament. It just got done by. If I'm winning about is pretty quick. Will Arizona is starting to do well, ok, good yeah, so I'm back to loving the tournament actually know they're. Not so I hate it again funk what the hell. Alright
fine. Let's do it. Let's talk a little NFL free agency yeah. Before we do that, though pft I got a question for you hit me. It's c key question. Okay, if you put in the promo code, take you get ten dollars off your c keek purchase, promo code take see, keep purchase, Seagate Siki Purchase, Siki Seatgeek purchased over the Cincy Fulton blinders. Listen, it's been a long day getting on me about my seatgeek pronounce Shin saw just a cg all right. What do think the Nike senior director of performance said about Josh Allen. He said I guarantee he throws ball. Ninety yards as pro you are correct. Yes, here's the exact quote: I've never seen an arm like this. In my life like well, okay, he actually said like never seen her like this. In my life, like I've, been around a lot of quarterbacks, his arm is beyond elite. Wow. How do it so we got a new category for quarterbacks. It will be what every arm is measured against at his pro day.
He'll, probably throw the ball. Ninety yards, no joke, I'm not kidding he'll, throw it ninety yards just wait. I promise you I'll bet a car on it. He will throw the ball. Ninety yards his physical skills, the way his body kind of releases. Well, that's a little different out of context. Skeet skeet! You know energy into the ball is like anything I've ever seen in my life, so Josh Allen could could it his body end putting energy into a ball and beyond the leads and the arm. What is it was a quote, the arm that all future arms will be better to get. It will be what every arm is measured. So it's it's! So what he's saying it's like the king? You know the king's foot equaled one. And that's why we put twelve inches. Is it that's? What we're going just give me Josh House arm will be an arm. Is that true yeah? I think so about centimeters metric system. We don't deal with fresh, ok, it makes too much sense. So what do we have for NFL
You see Jordy Nelson, on the ladder, so I I think I like with John well. I know that I, like with John Grins, do not know Clint, besides releasing Marshall Newhouse, which, as a Marshall Newhouse Pro podcast are. We are against that, but I like the fact that he's talking trade about Vontaze Burfict he's bringing he is truly flashing back to the nineteen. Ninety nine nfl, where that type of stuff vontez did wasn't penalized, but he got rid of Crabtree. He who we saw him to go to the rain is going to go to the West yeah he better or the cardinals or the cardinals place, but so what else do he got? Jordy Nelson? He got done art and so he's really living back in time. Where he's taking hamster, can we just say that he's taking Tony Dungy's players again yeah? I know that was after but like he's buck, it works, taken Tony Dungy's players out to Oakland. That's my favorite thing to say is that he won with Tony Dungy's players, even though he played in the super bowl against his play with his yeah. He got to the super bowl or
He got his players got the super bowl, but then he beat them with Tony Dungy, but then they would have gone to the playoffs or they would have gone to Superbowl in one if it wasn't for the tuck rule with Jon Gruden's players in Oakland, correct the other big takeaway. I had from free agency. Is that Kirk Cousins has his deal officially been announced? I think it's a three year deal yeah. They put him in front of the podium today. So we're going to do all this over again. 'cause Kirk cousins get hit free agency again in his prime, which is do you have a prime if you're, never like he never good, you're, never really good. When you have a problem, that's why I I just exist as an average person, I'm going to be in my prime until like ninety five Hank. What just happened! This pump things going up. Ok, ok, my bracket yeah, so so, but let Paul so so. Kirk cousins is going to get another by the apple he's going to get he's. Gonna be the first two hundred million dollar quarterback he's going to make two hundred million dollars in his career. That is, God, Bless America, It's amazing, Aaron Rodgers is going to ask for a five hundred million. He deserves it. So, speaking of
Rogers did you see that he liked a rich Eisen tweet that both praise, Jordy, Nelson and sky to bash Jimmy Graham yeah he's actually been looking a lot of Jordy Nelson to live a trial impairing time. So I think maybe Dan occurs in his ear. I like maybe try to get to LA where they have more crystals hi. Do you buy the Jimmy Graham thing like I, I think should be grateful for the help. Well, this is how it goes I'll sit on that taken I'll, probably be wrong, but I'm happy to say this is how it goes. Every single year, Green Bay is like Erin finally got a tight end. Jermichael Finley he's going to be the tide and got right, so it's it yeah. I think he is definitely over the hill, because his game was basically to to run past you and be big yeah. Now he can run it's just one of you, a big yeah right. I don't. I don't trust any tied and with MIKE Mccarthy yeah. The other big news is interest in New England about Danny. Would and Atlanta, as predicted,
still waiting to play their best game of two thousand seventeen season yeah? I could pick up any would as well. That's that's very true, so yeah they they just re, signed Rexburg cat, so they're gonna have to potentially two heads the two headed back field to search on the search. Yes, Yahoo has a brother one absolute head to head double header docking head to head to head. Just to it's going out had just ramming their helmets on each other. I love it. I love it. That would be. I mean you really are not you're. Do you have one more shot with Danny yeah? That's true! This is it two good teams to be to be linked to her. I I feel bad because I've been Texan Daniel out recently and he nodded rack. He just stopped respond. My taxes wants us once I started being like hey New England when you think about that. I don't think you see that 'cause I come on man, you can't do that. I overstepped my boundaries. I apologize as a journalist. That is very inappropriate. I just you know. I just want to see him be happy all right before we get who Brent Musburger and Amanda Cash, I wanted to bring to you guys attention a little fan mail that I got so
this comes from a listener and yeah real male holding it. Did you hear that folks? That's a real piece of paper in my hands. I thought you're asking me all right, Ready yeah I'm going to redact the name, and I also want to say that I'm going to this letter, I'm going to respond to it in kind with the letter and also a little gift from my pile, so you're going to write a letter, type a letter I'm going to have a new type of letter. Bob was going to type a letter going to ask him for his email. Wanna sign, buy stamps and check dear big cat. I have been. In a bar stool and, more importantly, pardon my take for on two years. Supply me a lot of enjoyment in last for the past two years, so I thought it would be awesome if you could just write and write me back as I have recently achieved the rank of Eagle scout. Therefore, I wanted to contact, you hoping for a letter back. My eagle project was build a retaining wall in plant native species of plants in a local six hundred and fifty four acre nature preserve. One of the last in the area I removed invasive plants.
and collected rocks from across the property. In order to build a retaining wall. I then planted native plants in place of the invasive species. as well. I drove over every day of the summer in order to water the plants to keep them alive, wow my man, with that is awesome. Why did he drive over the plants? Keep him alive. That's what Rover two know he drove over the plant. I think he missed the work. That's ok is that what Tony Stewart was trying to do and roll that is going to keep him alive he drove over to then water, the plants. So redacted name, but I'm so I appreciate this letter. I appreciate you building that retaining wall, because I fucking sounded awesome eagle scout. Now is no joke. I'll, be honest with you. There is nothing that satisfies me more than driving past a sweet, retaining wall and looking at it, yep like all the stones, its like damn. That is a somewhat put in a lot of worlds, work right, so anonymous. A I am. Writing you back. I'm Bob writing!
I'm going to sign it, and I'm going to give you something for my pile. I appreciate you listening. Please keep building retaining wall, so what am I parts about that letter is the fact that he did it after he became an eagle scout function, so I don't want you don't want to be. Wasn't writing me and he wasn't well. You have to do projects like that to become an eagle scout, The way he started I was like. Well maybe this is part of his like a letter writing campaign is asking people for donations, something like that. This was his little treat that he saved for himself. Yes, as a goal, I actually like when you get that merit when you get the Eagle Scout Badge, I'm going to let myself right, big cat, a letter. I actually, I think I have a pen pal. I think that's what just happened I have a thirty three year old man has a pen pal Anonymous a WL of undefined age. So how many letters back and forth? Does it take until you start sending nudes I'm going to stop it? I'm gonna send a postcard. That's when you really do it like a postcard of like hey, here's New York
that well since you're, even New Jersey, right now in Eagle Scouts best friend, what does that make you at least a brownie right now I think I'm one up from that. How it how many merit badges do you get for eating a lot of girl scout cookies because you might you might be halfway to I yeah. I think I'm right there. I think I'm real darkling. Can I do scouts honor, yeah, okay, scout's honor. That's on I'm going to write you a letter now I actually have to, because if you don't do get out. That's actually that's above the law. Do you see, like Celine Court Scouts honor in cell all right? I'm right that back. I thought I'd just share little fan mail. I might start just having a bunch of pen, pals, just dude weed mood ring in writing. A bunch of people at future. Big cat is going to start writing letters. I caught this yeah yeah. You know what I'm going to do this I'm going to pen pal guy. You want to be a pen pal with me
We can hit it up, send stuff to the office. We always take it. We always do it's we're supposed to do with it and we never just throw it away and never look at it. Can you send out, like a blast pen, pal mail like can I do like a email, blast? Dude I'll, tell you what chain letters were the ship back in the day before the four email existed? I'm already regretting this: how did you use to forward actual letters. Isn't that just sending a letter all right it's a right. I do I want to talk to you guys about you. Tie was invented, R2 green berets out of Fort Bragg, so basically Super Eagle scouts. It completely free. There are no hidden costs and available in app store for you to download. Now you can think of every social networking lodging and travel app and combine them all into one go to app. That does thing. You've ever needed, it's sky, you you'll be able to link up with others in your area or anywhere that you're traveling based on mutual interest or the
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in the castle. Alright, we now welcome on our uncle Brent, calling from sin city. He is. You can hear him every single day on the visa network, serious he's giving you all the tips uncle Brent. First tell us how you doing today and how is this scene in Vegas March? Madness did not big cat. It's a crazy scene. I just the crowd, seemed to grow and grow, but you should be here. You know it can't be March madness in less you get your butt out of New York City and get out here and join us. We want to say for the barbeque going talk to barstool big cat. I said it's great when he's showing up. He said not on the phone I said tell phone. What's going on the planes they fly from New York to Vegas, where you guys not to save money. I agree what's going on? Well, no we're trying to win money! That's why we have you on the phone
so yeah we need. We need you to yeah aside, I have a five star warriors in the NBA. I had a five star. He missed it. You missed it Patrick Patrick Mahur, who's out here doing his mad dog radio show it to be sent studio. He caught it. He just thanked me, and I said I would give it to my guys at barstool. But I don't know I don't know what the cat is, what you been up too late, we're trying to win. That's all we're doing we're trying to survive in advance. So, let's start there do you have give us like the two uncle Brent tips for March madness in how to survive it? Well, you survive March madness by not setting
okay, who are you over one on your tips? Okay, you can bet every game. It beat these guys. The lines are too tough. Number two at halftime lines with underdog jump those dogs that have taught hey, I scored heavily. I had South Dakota State Ohio State, first money in the bank money in the bank baby because of an awful long time at late they recovered and the Buckeyes came down one by eight, so either got push with the eighth or you lost out of seven I happier, but on the Jack rabbit yeah. I like that that there will be, but do not under any circumstance that ever get new club record is the answer.
Team to do that. That's kind of fun, but it's not as much fun, is going up to the counter and cash in it's. It's ok come on now. I appreciate your advice. I don't know if I can take it, because I have to bet every game: it's like a compulsion, if you're watching March madness on the couch, it's an obsession with you yeah it is. I started to take my advice. this. This is your strange nephew. Pft that you keep chained up in a basement
good, to know from Vegas this point of view. We refer Vegas here House Vegas doing otherwise guys doing are the books winning so far. This is a this. Is a slam dunk? You know what they love this event so much nobody ever pizza yeah, it's not like a super ball or it's not like a world series role. Uele commented on the way, with a million bucks and walk out with you that doesn't happen. Well, what's the biggest lie is up? What's the biggest amount risked so far during the into the place are meant well, twenty five thousand is the most I heard today: cool okay million dollar. The million dollar veterans on around now yeah and at a book is so great. That's because they haven't found it in a lot of attack. Yeah
No! But the lawyer that is up over last year. Do you got you love to hear that though the Vegas is, if the volume is always up, I'm all right so give us, because I know you, I know you got to go soon so give us maybe one or two of Uncle Brent's great pics. For tomorrow. We we need something. You gotta get us out of this hole. Well, you could you got a jump back tomorrow right, so you got it. You got it cash. Give me a game that you're interested in I'll give you a winner. Okay, if you're really looking forward to say: okay I'll, give you all right. I am looking forward to Providence in Texas A and M the first tip of big the day.
Jump all of our products done done and then what about okay and then? What about I'm? Looking? Also at the? U N, C Lipscomb over I'd, be a little careful, we'll careful that it over with a looks good, and I don't know what that what that total might be under is usually the first couple of days. Okay, what your look at might be careful. I'd, be careful on that. What's next, I'm Cream Kansas State. I have no bring it next. Okay, all right last game of the night New Mexico State
Once in New Mexico States, plus four and a half there, what we call one of those underdogs that everyone seems to love, I always get scared of those pen was one of them. Today, everyone was talking about pen. Do you like, when everyone talks about the underdog like that? Well, the other one that they talked about was Loyola. Now, in that particular instance, so wise guys jump down my oil when the number came out kept it down about two one, slash two only down to one, so they were all in. I haven't heard that much chatter about New Mexico State, but pretty well coached, basketball team. I wouldn't be scared of backing New Mexico say I understand what you're saying, and I too agree it's like going to racetrack, and everybody is talking up this one.
It's kind of a long shot, never backed him exactly, but I did go ahead with your New Mexico state. Ok, ok, one last one, Texas Nevada could be a hell of a basketball game. Ok, that's going to be one of their clothes type games of the day and, let's, let's weighed in on Texas, to pull one out like. What's the number, you got a number that I'm seeing I'm seeing Texas minus one jump on the long hours, okay, okay, all right! All right! I love it. Okay, are you guys? okay breath! Thank you so much. We appreciate it best to lock, try it try to keep cash in those tickets and we'll do the same in New York. No more! No more phone! Calls! You get your out here at deal. You got it. You got a deal. You guys are supposed to be the hot deal you you should be taken a lot of cash. They can afford to fly you out here. Los commercial airline,
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Madeline meddler Amanda Castle run from the USA, women's women's hockey team? Are the pride of the United States of America? See your gold medal? You have you brought. It is the real one, little neck, it's heavy at any point. Have you tried to bite it to see this chocolate? We did it yeah yeah! I was not shocked. The It's not ok confirmed this is heavier than I thought it was out there I haven't lifted in awhile, but that's heavy, so the heaviest metal. Yet oh yeah, that's a fun fact. I'm gonna pick him. is that breaking news today I know that we just broke. It would just broken this. Ok, alright! Well, it's really heavy right. So has the like glow worn off yet? Are you walking around like every day, just like man that was awesome, yeah hasn't worn off, yet ok,
it doesn't just walking out for another week at least yeah yeah yeah, seven days it are you just like walking on the street New York, I'm more american than you, because I have a gold medal. That's what I would do. No, but we've been like and all are you as a years walking on the streets of New York yeah and everyone is p like, oh, my God, there they are yeah yeah, that's the pride of America right there, security event and we've never had it in our life. You guys stole the Olympics. Did you know that, like while it was happening? Let me say that you see this new store. I don't know it was. The one moment is basically Shaun White in the USA, women's team. Those are the, not really 'cause. We don't see stuff, that's going on their own little, so the game, the gold medal game, was at what like one thousand one hundred o'clock at night, but it lasted until about two hundred. Am I just wanna, let you know like you were: probably you know you were exercising or putting your heart and soul into it. I stay
up until two am reading about it yeah. So I feel like I'm also entitled to set in I. Actually I actually took a sleeping pill when you guys were down to one of my guys to time it with the loss, and I was that was stupid. For me doubting, but I still haven't caught up on my sleep. So if you want all the giants for that, that's I would appreciate that you have the floor to apologize. Okay I'm so one of the one of the cool stories about this. U S! Women's hockey team is how you got you kinda is that you went on strike last year from championships to get. You know Ok get more money the time when you're doing that? Did you get a ship from people some there's mixed reviews. I think people don't understand what we're fighting for it. We weren't expecting to make millions of dollars or anything crazy like that. It's like we just want to play a sport that we love and be able to like live in, afford to pay for our training. And
seems fair yeah, that's fair, that's very fair! Did you get it? Did they meet all your demands or did they was there something left on the table? We met somewhere I mean most most of the demand, so I think it was a good starting point and something that will continue to work for okay, yeah. Have you ever get into a fight on the ice? You know that the to kind of errors at women's hockey, when is a good boy, is idea I'd, throw for cuts and then Skidaway, how old you like the last time boys fourteen played up until high school nice, Anne. Do you ever wish that you could check in women's hockey now? I think it like allows for like the skill to kind of shine instead of agree with that. Anything else. Is it true. The olympic ice is bigger, at issue is a shinier. It looks on your on tv may, it may be. They are shining yeah. I like it how many victory hot dogs, you think your brother, eight. I have two guys one, none. Why is it
We've we've talked him on the show before it does he not hot dogs away? We all kind of imagine he does don't run I know I hate that killer, don't just say. Yes, sales were going to edit it out, if you say just say hot ever, since he was a little kid. Hot dogs were his favorite food. All he did was eat hotdogs. He was shadowed Oscar Mayer, but yeah yeah exactly why not? How long did it take for you to get sober after you won the championship or you want to go question. Thank you were still on a little bit yeah. I was drunk right now. Ok, nice, all right now right. So we base right before this, so we're on the same wavelength same thing was the first thing you drank after you want beer. I don't even like that module. I don't even know what kind of beer it was, but that's what was in a locker, your taste better. Was there copper anything you could drink out of now, just
shotgun feeling every hockey league shock on to hope. We did it out of my house. I, like it. Okay, also turn your metals into like one giant lose and just like port down okay cascade allegiant? Try that yeah? Well, you can give a shot to Delta. Let you fly back first class now, all but they're. Actually it like had. I never know how many bottles champagne, but it was champagne for the entire plan okay, I was popping bottles up in there and I guess that's pretty fun pop a bottle. Ten thousand feet above the air is pretty pretty nice. Feeling drunk ladies, are up there too yeah kind of the altar yeah yeah yeah sure so big cat are big fans of kind of following the story lines of the accommodations in these olympics. Just so she, how were? How was the olympic village? I thought it was great. It has is pretty small but like that it was very cold,
the demon back in in so she when they had like wolves walking to the hotels and like spiders crawling out the faucets and stuff that the journalists were we're tweeting out now, none of that their wares, a few dogs, but we had bikes there, which is fun. Okay, really warm there. be nice! Ok! Here we have like five roommates, though, which was so funny. 'cause you're, just like living in an apartment with like your best friends for a month But you like that yeah. I would actually probably hate that do they have Free Mcdonald's in the Olympic village yeah. So did your code. Is to encourage or discourage you from eating Big Donald's all week yeah they did so we we we had coffees in there until then, okay, okay, they've got my yeah go for it. I mean there are things that are on the menu that they're healthy yeah. I like the sausage acquittal. Yes, it's got lots of lots of energy yeah and sugar, snap crap, they don't care those there. Okay, so
I have to ask you about the safe sex situation in the olympic village. I hear that they had record amounts of condoms. This time. Is that true, I think it's a little fake news. I don't know, but I mean they don't like just hand them out. You don't get a little gift bag. You know you don't, but I heard that somebody at some rumors around there was thirty seven condoms, that's a lot! That's ambitious! I don't think I could have sex thirty seven times in like a year. I think twice a day I think they're planning for or something but yeah so was better. Condoms are the FEMA towns free free country towns? Is that that's a that's, a dangerous combination, yeah team, just combination of that girl at the side of yeah? Do you have any questions for us now? Okay, we I want a gold medal, but we also have not. We watched a lot of gold rings around my greatest, probably staying up until two hundred am watching the USA. Women's hockey team win the gold medal. Yeah. I'd say that I did fall asleep for a little bit at the start of the third period, but then I woke back up. I I rallied I've,
did Alex Rodriguez and the thing I work for that's good points. Pretty this front, my number one there last year this is pretty legend John Kuhn kept getting cut and then re signed by the saints. I would break the news every single time when he got cut and then you get re signed two days later than cut and then re signed so happen like five six times a lot of people were talking about it, oh, I have one. I have one final question: I won't final question over under amount of gold medals. You think will win in our life. Five think we got one in us, you might there's. No there's not enough. Yes, which will get a half ago, tell you still, you know what we might buy a gold medal from someone who goes broke later and then sells their goal. How much for the gold medal? I thought somebody was like. Would you ever sell your metal, we're trying to figure out how much? How much We could sell this for how much you name a price and then I'll negotiate with you. I honestly would never sell it. What if I offered you twenty twenty million bitcoins to Jenn
that's a lot of money money. That's a lot of money. I think about it. Yeah, exactly! Ok, there's price for everything! So breaking news! Amanda, castles, gold medal is officially on the market maker maker and offered one million people to to GEN it's important but yeah same thing we're going to do this with. Actually every guess that we have on the show, we're going to give you ten seconds to bash Canada. Everyone doesn't what yeah set up. No, no! No! We will get it started there They pretend that moose are nice to have walking through their streets yeah when actually their nuisances and they make a mess everywhere. They don't have guns So how do you stand your stand, your ground? They do, but they don't use them yeah right. So now, do you want to visit Canada yeah yeah, we're going all right and we do there is, is a final question on their final question. You have. We have every hockey player we have on we. Let them open, open table here. Bash basketball. However much you want. Is it a sport
oh yeah there. It is you don't help you don't even have to watch until the fourth quarter. Alright Amanda Kessel Gold Medal winner thank you for repping our country, as it was the most proud of had an American a long time. I cried yeah. Thank you. So much appreciate you stopping by those interviews were brought to you by the action app the action network and the uh is what you need for March madness. The action network has all your tips how to get. You already fill out your bracket, but it's got your betting tips. It has your insights. You can track your bets live. You can see where the public money is how the line movement goes. It is the only app you need for March Madness and guess what I am tracking all my bets this march madness on the action network. You need to check it out I'm trying to get a green dot city, so you can fade me. I had a pretty good day so you're going to want to know that I'm going to regress, to the mean and
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need to measure premium suit. Plus shipping is free, that's indochino, dot com, promo code PMT for any freemium suit for just three hundred and seventy nine dollars and free shipping go ahead. Indochino, dot com, promo code, PMT, and you get fifty percent off that premium suit alright, let's get to some segments. First up, we have a respect. The biz for Ohio State Head coach Chris Holtmann, what was the exact quote he had the quote was I just want to thank all the fine, clever, smart journalists who didn't pick us who welcomed little motivation there. I did not pick him I'd the died, the jackrabbits of some yeah okay, I you gotta love a little motivation. There is out of Jack. That's what is that? That's a noise that Jack that's also go to state MIKE Bomb is electric. I mean he was just bombing threes and he's the tallest guy in the court and also South Dakota State. Had that weird thing these random like mid,
You're! In small schools. They trot out a team where it looks like everyone is sort of kind of related, but they all just had like they're like yeah you're. Probably my cousin twice removed was the Entire South Dakota specially in South Dakota. Why are there two decoders? That's why I was trying to. I spent the vast majority of that game, trying to figure out why decoder was split and you could just say either or, and it works yeah. It turns out that it was just like a dispute between brothers. Probably really I don't know I just made that up, but I do know, you're saying about the mall. Looking like they're related. If you watch the rad for game, the Highlanders lost money on them, they were gonna, be up against Villanova in it. They look like to
different species of animals on the court between Like Radfords players and Villanova, everybody on Radford, every person that they were guarding was at least six inches taller than they were yeah yeah with the one hundred and sixteen were so funny when they get out of hand. It's like these guys are playing the same sport after about thirty seconds I was like well, I probably shouldn't have been on this yeah. We got a pr one hundred and one for John Skipper, so he did an interview with Hollywood reporter and said that he stepped down at ESPN because he was being extorted for buying cocaine. He also said he wasn't in. Quit cocaine user never affected work except for missed flight, and if you missed meetings, it didn't work job. He just stabbed a few dogs legend I pushed a out of a window that I was just you know. Side effects so want to one wall start with this. I don't believe this is the full story, so my pr one one to be made
tell the whole story, because now people are going to be like on. That seems a little odd. You were infrequent Anuar, careful and then all of a sudden, some random drug dealer was like I would not have known what John Skipper look like if we had not met him right most drug There's, I don't think you're really in tune with sports media. To that extent, but from what I know, about economics if your drug dealer- and you have somebody purchasing expensive drugs from you? You probably want you keep selling that personally, I dispense expensive, addictive, broken drugs. Your whole business model is extorting them. Yes, why double extorted? Yes, that's just too much of a good thing. I also in his article I liked that he was like yeah. You know me, I'm like an old hippie from New York, so in that kind of place we went to rolling stone so weird way. Yeah he's like I worked in rolling. So for ten years, like oh, ok, yeah. If you live,
well in a little coke. If you live in New York, you should be allowed to do cocaine. It's as simple. As I say, it's such a weird excuse, but it also kind of made sense like yeah. He he lived in New York in the 70s and 80s. I so yeah he probably was like what this coke oh well, I mean we don't all I think a good spends on for this is the fact that, even though he was president of a major media company, he still buying his own drugs he's a working class guy. That's a very common man. It's a common man moved to go to your drug dealer face to face. Yes, my real peer on one for him now is John Skipper, maybe not to as president of ESPN but a genius content creator and when he had held the job of like creating content? Producing content, yes been made, some of their best things come work, for us He said he had an insatiable itch with that. He wanted to let the cocaine yeah, not the cocaine. He said he want. He gets restless and wants to create. Come here. John now would
be the greatest move of your career because yep, first of all, I don't think that you'll be extort. You like you, can't get extorted in and fight. You don't have to step down. If you get extorted again by your cocaine dealer and two, it would be like a whole Cogan like NWA, like you, do
it would be incredible for you did. Maybe maybe you could dye your whatever whatever's left of your hair, black and and come show up to work in a bandanna yeah yeah, I know, would be great, will welcome you the doors wide open for you. If you want to come over here, he has a great track record of finding talent. He is really good at identifying talent that he wants to work for them, not so much at managing him holding the reservation. You can see like two guys and be like hey these two guys. There's something about these guys are like yeah. We and there's something about these guys are like, and maybe once I get extorted by my cocaine, dealer and step down as president someone else will just do this exact idea with the different personality s p and and make it really shitty. That's exactly what his skill set it up. Alright, we have in east ports, update so Hank explain what happened last night Drake fortnight we talked about a couple weeks ago, Hatton St Drake went on stream with this dude Ninja who's like the biggest twitch streamer he's got. He makes like
Six hundred thousand dollars a week, just stream, don't tell me that streaming or night basically, don't tell me that that twenty seconds they got a hundred seventy five thousand people that pay to watch and stream video games Oh Drake went on a stream with him basically like joined up in his group. People should extort people that pay money to watch fortnight. That's that's the Well, she ok with his wife. Watching for this is I had I had the EAST Coast Revolution 'cause! It's like you watch the Patriots because bill check the best coach and you want to see him like what he does with the players in like how he plays the game. Thanks for thanks for taking this discussion, Ninja is the best so even though, like Drake on his own party working good but Drake playing with him. Since the best it was entertaining because, like they were still winning dominating, because it's not like everyone was just like I think those races shows the lyrics. The Kevin Durant of fortnight. Yes, I mean Drake Drake is a frontrunner he's trying to restructure, did the classic Drake, where he just like this the best at it. I'm going to be a fan of him, I'm going to join his team join his clan join a squad whatever you call it and they had like six
other people watching and now, like fortnight and twitch of blown up how to drink. Do you did good had a couple. Couple battle, Royales, Travis, Scott, you just miss Schuster- came in okay, all right! Well that wasn't! Okay, explanation! Let's call an expert hi you've reached an ABC news yeah yeah wait a slide that ABC News in there? Oh wow, that's class yeah, classic turn toss it in the big guns. on phone off he did he always he doesn't, and you know what your novels racket now yeah reason from real he's ducking you're right now he is he's dodging your call, speaking Revell, I feel to get big time by Revell. That's okay, ABC News. Over of ABC News earlier Valve, ABC News, the spear Val. Tom Crean hit when he got decided to go to Georgia real head. This did tweet on Deck Tom
slightly changing a shade of red with move from Indiana two hundred one c to Georgia. 200C big time tone talk here guys. I want to see him break up antons just on the coaches faces, though, like how does creams face, compare to learn a guys face. Example: hey you can't keep like fist pumping when I don't know. What's going Davis up, five, two minutes left: ok, alright, good! That's my bracket! Buster bud, light buster, next track? Headlight buster we're getting a little loopy at the end of the show. Here we have a take wake. Give it to us. Yes, so this comes courtesy of the daily mail. They publish article saying no one is one hundred percent straight study says: sexuality is a spectrum and all of us get aroused by men and women. I guess they're just basically taking the Kinsey study from like a hundred fifty years ago and say: hey breaking news: you're, not a
you think we are to what I thought was a Scaramucci study. Yeah, that's right! Those compound heterosexuality, yeah yeah. Every day you get a little bit straighter yeah you get a little bit more care yeah hunting on which, where you got, but so there there's a comment down in the comments section, it says wrong, I'm a straight male! and I've never been aroused by a man in my life not going to happen. I don't even like looking at men in less, I have to in a business context that guy is so strong. That is a strange, don't even please district. We found the straightest mail in the world him or MIKE Wallace. He doesn't yeah true true that wow
kick it straighter than I've been looking at men yeah. I think that comment so straight that it turned me gay, yeah yeah. He is so straight that he won't look at men in the eye because he might want to come. That's how straight he? Yes, that's exactly what it is Christ that is it a quick. I like it. Alright last supper with two left embrace debate. I want to throw this out to you guys. Sean Mcdonough did a little peace and he said that he had no fun Monday night football so embrace debate. Jon Gruden is not fun. Disagree agree. I think he's no fun hard. Now you know what, if you, if you have a problem with Jon Gruden, that's about your mindset. You have uh one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine mindset and you need a flashback join. It is not about fun is but when it, when you think of fungi, you think Jon Gruden yeah. If you take him in the right context, I don't know
You could pull it out. It like Jon Gruden, really alpha dish it out of it. Basically, the way Sean Mcdonough explained it was. He was sitting on like a packed subway car for two years that was stuck and Jon Gruden was sitting next, just man spreading on him and just like making him squish his own balls in it. You know into a little pile in the corner, as I was younger John Group. Well, Jon Gruden has a nice he's, got this like little ball, pouch that come yeah baby when he meant yeah yeah and that the pouch is probably more intimate. Is your house for send yet his package is not to well, I don't want to I don't want to talk about this package. Less is a business setting, but it is a business setting 'cause we're in a podcast right now, and I would just say: Jon Gruden has a very nicely put together. You know how they say: Denzel's face is perfectly symmetrical. Jon Gruden has a very nice symmetrical packet symmetrical bulge yeah one hundred percent correct, and you know what, as a sports broadcaster and sports bloggers it is.
business sense for us to look at his package so like from a business standpoint. I love looking at Jon. Gruden. Stick in fact, that's totally fair then place totally straight totally straight right. Last, We had so someone someone treated me the other day and they said you know. I've lived in this a part of my take for a year, so I I wasn't: You know day one and he asked now, what the hell is up with the Kate Upton Boob scale on jokes, so we thought we were going to explaining some of the older jokes that we've had the older bits to kind of catch up new people. So we'll start with this, the three Kate Upton Boob Job what's known, as the Richter scale is unknown after Riley Rick Reilly, the godfather of sports jokes. Yes, so it actually came about because Rick really has a weird fascination with Kate Upton in general, he had tweets in two thousand twelve, pretty close together so
that one was USA to give up olympic basketball because we win too easily Kate Upton, also giving up the keys great one. That's one point: two: five, I also had just a month later Notre Dame is an ACC member in every sport. Put football in other news. Kate Upton is your girlfriend in every way, but sex so would make out yeah so holding hands you go on dates. Watches me play fortnite, yeah, that's cool and then where it really came from, though so that's kind of setting the stage of the Kate Upton fascination. When Kevin Durant, with the warriors. Rick Reilly drop this one on us, adding Kevin. read to a warriors team that already had curry plus Thompson is like giving Kate Upton a third breast, nothing appealing about it I was with him until the very end. Yes, I've seen total recall twice yep, both editions on it. Three groups are better than two. Yes, as a guy. I think better than three bewbs is twins that each have three boobs and then Rick Riley, just in general, has some of the worst joke tweets on
so we have then adapted the three Kate Upton Boob scale for all his jokes. Yes, so a perfect three is actually Wade. Phillips had a perfect three, I thought. Well, he said it's not it's not free agency, it's expensive agency! Well, he said two because he tweeted another one out today. So that's the bar. He actually had another one today. He said I have to do one more by side. Akib and Marcus looks like we. The rams have cornered the market, so that would be more like a one point: five Kate, Upton Boob. On my opinion, I think anything that there's too much less fun anything that comes out of Wade, Phillips Mouth you have to tack another boob onto it. Ok, so son of a bum, but that is that is the explanation. So, as you go along in life, take that with you anytime, someone makes a shity dad joke or really bad pun, anything that Rick Ross Ellie would most likely tweet you, then
on the whole free arcade up in boobs, get what happened. Hey. What's going on all of the charge she sent all right them almost choked. Okay! Well, our that's our show. Love! You guys.