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Giants Offensive Lineman Marshall Newhouse and Justin Pugh (and Eli Manning) 09/26/16

2016-09-26 | 🔗
Week 3 NFL recap is live and the guys are playing injured. Tiger Woods Memorial who's back of the week (2:20 - 16:17). Football Guy of the week (16:17 - 32:35). Giants Offensive Lineman Justin Pugh and Marshall Newhouse join the show to talk about funniest QB in the league, College days, Coughlin stories, and a call to Eli Manning (32:25 - 58:44). Segments include "Just Chill Out Man" for Jason Whitlock, "Respect The Biz" for Michael Wilbon, "Thoughts and Prayers", "People vs The Sun", and a very special "Stay Woke"

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