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Gordon Hayward + We Solve 49ers QB Problem

2018-09-25 | 🔗

The Fitzmagic has run out, sort of. Big Ben is back and so is Chris Conte (2:56 - 8:15). We solve the Niners QB problems by drafting a different quarterback for each primetime game (8:15 - 21:05). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Steven Seagal's latest scheme (21:05 - 37:28). Celtics Forward Gordon Hayward joins the show to talk about his decision to join the Celtics, how tough it was being injured last year, Brad Stevens being a genius, his famous viral video, the Duke shot, and what it's like being Lebron's little b word (37:28 - 75:16). Segments include Nitpicking Saban, Take Quake, Stick to Sports Jason Witten, Break in case of emergency Jimmy Butler Trade, and Guys on Chicks

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today's part of my take we have celtics forward would you say superstar absolutely yeah absolutely superstar soup star gordon a foreigner ok awesome interview with gordon heyward we went up to boston maneuver when papa was gone last week we interviewed gordon heyward it was a lot of fun really cool guy we also have a very special return rushmore but something similar that you're gonna really like hot seat cool throne and because it is wednesday guys on checks pfc you have something you want to tell us before we get started please also respect my let's go so if you'd let me with your ass back up your look i'll cook your love you you know sometimes i wonder why we are so i don't know maybe the bigger men and rise above battles two guys about valve eda its right of veto creamy shows so so
good and you know what it's raining outside whether started turned to fall you know what time it is it's time for some makin cheese its makin cheese season presumptuous of what view to think that everyone is larry to this end burke city at four o clock on tuesday will everybody is listening to this in the fall and you know what happens in the fog it's only be outside nothin like a little visa shells and liquid gold cheese to help you shake the blues of autumn you know what if you're in you see fat or any college football fan relayed but especially as we see it can be draining the gambia it will start surly get tailgate sick kicked off in the morning you stand around you make your voice is heard from the stands to every minute of the game the weather's either scorching in here bid or its golden rainy and watching a a bar or friends me justice intense and you know what after long day of being college football and as he said then you want nothing more than your couch into indulge in nothing but the good stuff
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for details ok through its through october thirty first i have to mention that its ultra civically ok through october thirty first inter liquid gold as he see that com for let's girls let's go let's go with rip violence none i value
one of my day is wednesday amber twenty sixth has the fits magic run out what did and then came back yams fits tragic death it's magic no it does nothing that's more fits magic than a disappearing act drones two quarters he was i love rhine fitzpatrick naive udall love rhine fitzpatrick you got a big old dump in your pants because he is so classic and you can you can tell the minute ryan fitzpatrick is losing his man it is so fond of watch the downfall it's great watched arise i wouldn't looked up his wikipedia in his career stats he started his career in classic grind fitzpatrick waiting amphora yet he had a comeback of like twenty points at half time and one this darting job and then his third start he threw zero touch on five interceptions that is rife fitzpatrick through going through he will get to the highest of highs and then you
get the lowest allows and watching you go back and forth that we got it we got the whole rife its patrick like the entire experience in war game on monday night we added in a nutshell the only thing i would amid a little bit better as if he had like shot the battle little harder at the end yeah it's so fund to watch him run with the ball to a garret he's not a grateful running out of iraq except if you look at the statute it is a great run agrees that quick he's not fast he looks like he's penguin with like us and toilet paper stuck to his but cheek when he runs and his the thing with isaac penguin with tat people out will you know how goes the he's got the chin strap from his home adela cover up his mouth when on on its like on his beard me out on his chin it's such a weird spot is perfect in so like he runs and you know it i'll say this about him i think he is the leagues best sliding quarterback he knows exactly wintertime slides to make it just a little appetising for the defender to throw shoulder into his so sabre magically i'm sure he picks up more
those i it's i guess not running the password that while we shall also roughness that was the other big stories like the first half every other passively was rushing to pass i met play at the point now where i think if i were a coach and the nfl i would say to my office of line just treat every play like a scream and half of you dont block and let them get to the quarterback because will most likely get fifteen yards it was that funny i started out i went out what i would do output name or backdoors quarterback and then just lot let him let him run right at and if he gets touch to scream hold his nose pretend like his testicles have been twist but ass i went from hating it been like this i sports being ruined two key end of enjoying it because it's so utterly ridiculous in every in and the rest even we're getting it on the utterly ridiculous part where they would throw a flag they were throwing flags just out of instinct and then thank you know what actually there wasn't any rubbing the
answer on that point that's my ideas to start every single play with all the flags of the field and then you have to pick him up if there's no point right that's essentially already have it with the stupid scoreboard that's that's me yellow has me confused every single game james you know let's make me less likely to invest with edward jane yet their fuckin with us this year i swear to god every single telecast as this i did that they're gonna change or scoreboard to have some kind of yellow in it just a fuck with our brains we also get a nice little taste of old ben he's back here back he's yours repay still looking a little bit too skinny he'll plump up later on in the year as it goes on but yet we got good then we get some bad been we got him overthrowing balikh twenty yards out of the back of the zone where there was a war all for some reason tons of plays where been my favorite big ben play is when the rush breaks but it's not actually breaking down but he thinks it is
so he runs any kind of pushes the office of lyman emily backs up and restart the whole point here he looked very snaps it yeah turn around you turn his back to the rush and then i'll turn back around in the play will go for fifteen seconds then oh overthrow some big big ben looks like e g panics really easily and so fund to watch and get scared he's like a nervous little chicken out there yet and eating too much chicken judge a marble he almost killed a guy when you overthrew into the ends in the box saved your cornerback went to exclaimed oh i don't know what to do the quarterback resumed that deep because was like there's no way that this pass is overthrown as while users overthrow yet so we thought he still had a lot of real estate laugh yeah there was the stefan from hell when this product this is good news that party back though we will remember us vintage county discourse county moment no other moment from his career this is the chris conti moment i couldn't believe the chrysanthemum stone illegal to see you in the hall of fame is a buck urbana i think it's a box like good for christianity because the fact
then he still catching a paycheck i mean the guys had a million concussion shoulder andrews you name it cannot tackle can't take an angle so good job way to stay long enough to get absolutely dunked on in money his tackling strategy on that play was like a dog a greeting a soldier coming back from overseas for the first time he just like wiggled up and lay out jump kind of directly into his neck to the back of title let me see if i can i will tackle this six six votes to two seventy guy at his ankles not even a single is thirty would fill a load i know he went up in the area he didn't even lowers head it was heads of tackling roderick does like heads of tackling is going to save the enough oh it's a style of tackling where you get as high as possible and put your chest against her turns out doesn't work overtime so the question that we leave one in eight football with is jamie swenson he is they ve they really
locked up the fact that you can be in the facility of five forty five in the morning i was also very weird rather like these kept his nose clean for two to three years really well well i see rising up playing wrote his nose yes put his hands not so do you start james swenson i've been from the record that you gonna write that with no pageantry i even though even though he they lost a game and he had bad bad construction in the first half ripe its patrick was the first quarterback ever to throw for four hundred over forty yards three games in iran which now becomes the most absurd what are you sure you have a of the new rules ok ok i think you're right that's my point paid manning tom brady get the planned these rural san marino timorous stand over here that is now also obscure bar trivia question questioning so actually isn't because everyone knows because it so obscures or use are you actually asking me do we bench fitzpatrick yes you can me
you can give me my absolute not you ride you ride ryan fitzpatrick until it's real here's here's why you don't because i think ever once come and i wonder if those having its side debate several cove agrees with that i want about there until he pulls like a danner loves kinda something as dumb as like sprinting out of the back the insertion into the tunnel with will i honestly think that were against the bears deepens his box bears on sunday is a perfect rhine fitzpatrick litmus just like is can he still do this against a good defence ok we care easy either going to fail spectacularly or the box will win the game the thing is from what we say james once in at least the last year your science tons yeah can't even himself average james that you get is about on a par with bad fits batch
oh you unless james's magically improve our geniuses better the bat bad fitzpatrick is very very i think you're forgetting how hilarious james winces into some yeah but no bad fitzpatrick is truly something to behold there both their both equally funny to watch ok struggle so maybe do the first quarter second or third quarter fourth quarter like a i watched him oh i like dived attitude of yeah it's so before we get to are haughty coltrane i had an idea we have to do this i alluded to it in this started the shell it's not mantra the sun even though tigers forty nine jimmy g is out for the year i think did his we talked about this on sunday night the forty nine is jimmy g is out for the year i think did his ex girlfriend say it was karma ass she put up an instagram story saying it was climate not got nazca from his exile for his ex growth it he did alex geeky article or some magazine whereas like its news to me that she's my
even though there is like many pictures of them too she was walking around that's my boy if she was the girl that jimmy g said he went on that day with porn star because the porn star won an ox yeah for night which she daphne was like hey jimmy i love you he said thanks every time so jimmy gi tourneys alfred season weeds we're on sunday night the forty hours as it stands right now no flexes we're not accounted for fluxes because i think too can be flexed output who stands right now there are five prime time games and seven weeks afforded irish schedule for i think two of whom will be flexible but it's gonna we talked about north sea j bettered good guy it's guy beat heart beat hard b are no set of north sea j beat hard find guy cool guy
whatever he's like he will probably went a couple these games cause he's gonna get that scrappy quarterback feel he does look cool yeah he does i like but i'm talking about yourself from a viewers perspective what would get us excited for a price time forty honours game so my idea is the forty nine hours get a rule that is not for any other team and it is that they get to bring in a quarterback a different quarterback for every primetime gaming in central one week contract they get a flux spot available so we're going to draft the quarterback swede most like to see in the rule simple the it cannot be a starting quarterback right now and they have had to have taken a snap released one snap in the last five years simple as can be all right you thousands urging on we're gonna go snake grafter what yeah how did you stage five so fuck it up no i think i'll be fine
bob i guess we'll find our way good guess we'll find a bubble who those first or second phd bigger hank first when ok it's actually a lot of pressure with a fur hogs pressure so this is we're doing it what would most like what would you most like to watch yeah not assign who gives you the best yes we all now know who as you like but she answered no around number one i think i got your match up who him out there every single pass possibility of pigs ex there's nothing like the moment when match delivers on that pick sex when everyone's been expecting waiting for it all day like the grand finale it's like a middle street move the end she finally cries at once you know that's why i want to go to a movie that stretch them job had where he was he was so electric with his pick sixes and he like every single game was a pic sex picks expec sex i think you how many games and roderigo i think it may
for five yeah it was it was i made was that using fourteen today fifteen it was amazing i my first peck ah oh i have a question as i fucked up with one name that i put on my list i have a question decreases as canada yeah it's my first pics easy no brainer looked him tito would like the world are you mad at him keep coming back to imagine stephen smith and skip pale esteemed it might bring them back that would reunite yes that's like the parent trap first even smith and get hard said a little ones you will hand you got a little timmy table tat once a realistic chance ya like another his really excited you guys get back i turned to bigger needed i haven't gotten two or three legged two to one
i want to know what the five ice also now you agree with you that five might be tempted to handle obscure aren't you take like one we got from doing more rational here we turn you into a little bit of a staff who with the five guys rounder maybe see that's why i want to focus on satouriona i'm shocked at these two made it this far number one willing or able to picks my thought there that wanted to consensus michael vick yeah j color so you still in my j cutler and you had you literally or just went well i haven't seen him tito tim people's most electric i tell you that you have taken that i had tabled a kind of electric you i thought my watch i'm fine hank fine don't wanna get contentious we're not in the summer accused me of stealing your penguin i when i was just saying like in generally still my back ok who one last ride one last ride on the horse one last twitter night tony roma need and special
get em waked up to so he can announce a game only place like that and you can make like compilation body of tony romo announcing tony room yes using him has another yes yes just like aroma just back pass your eyes you it's like one last wish in life i just want one moment one more crushing enzo interception from tony roma in the fourth quarter to watch twitter just burned to the ground yet there was no it there's a twitter like terry roma interception toward her here my second pick undergo aren't you three it's good pack is good yet to get him out there i mean that people would soon and for that he might not be any good but combined with cow shanahan they dig out in a bottle back a few thousand twelve people forget they one like seven games in a row yeah i'm so there's actually possibly they would win the game and then get to see like his dad in the locker room ass their words totally alienate cash in hand round peck so for my third pick i'm gonna go with calm cabinet
i one an you know like there is talk of protesting because people are turning out of the nfl because a copernican all stuff i actually think that have conquered started a game in prime time for the forty matters it would be the high trade game it yet heresies absolutely and and twitter would melt the antwerp milton janet and i mean that's a guy that would work well with caution into ok another one that i think would get a real big buzz per annum back jennifer buddha johnny football forty niners out before monday night maybe that monday night may put em against the worst deep are the best defence imagine like seven interception maybe these new jobs seven interceptions or be humble equal ok hank you got who too sorry i think i'm gonna get potter despite sar again for failure pact but com orton ok that's fine and sound fine
just ass good ass one could pick how unhappy with my parents know hey i can't reach payments alas i'm not even our think it's funny i'm not with gentleman's alas i'm actually laughing the person who i like to see what take one last ride and get like seven interceptions thorough like fifteen five yard passes pate man yes that was my next i was gonna be my experts as a group ah oh god that last year him playing was yeah maize hilarious though peyton were sacked himself just runs and insects and trot you i tried to throw deep and he like throes of fifteen yards but here he throws is hardly possibly can ok i will go with you who now we're flower get down there i'll go at the brockett ship love beloved actually about you gotta get brok and we're gonna get you gotta get about they're gonna see about that i want to marry and makes a majority humming pit for yulka i've picked three yeah no you pick your pictures worry catherine i got shot margie three and common cabinet so
so i guess i get my we do have a view pet ethic for ok i got it ok i'm gonna go with matlin that's good because if he lighted for one game i would love nothing more than a sea mandolin get a five year eighty million dollars has yes yes that was the incredible they play the lions and primetime know they are deeply the shit ok that's that's true yeah i'm still gonna go matlin ok and then my last one right now who ran mounted again you wake up in time no see he might not even show of ok i left a guy there's a there's some good honourable mentions that we left off here but go with my last pick brenner we want less stupid fuck and face ass he shall live
i thought i told you a brazen popularity is prey on the tax is here did you leave the if any team gets an emergency quarterback situation you you just expect brenda weaned come through that door ok last picking the sanchez later tonight is that we must rely yet i am did your web but i think that's probably a very specific i wonder to me for you you had no one else wants the joab except for anyone who bet on the vikings and will feel my plan mean i sort of their game here is a possibility not in order that all honey are that little group out there i'm talking to you right now if you bet on joel i'm sorry but i had to pass on winded far too less than it was twelve exactly i think we were like one you're out shit ah my what am i on romania's goby josh freeman but only on one day a practice hush raymond seneca wallace toolbars jackson just guessing everyone knew jack mike linen would be one might gladiator lobbying around out there
charlie white hearst tom savage recurring carson polymer carson homer we might actually get a tom savage t j j to how we might actually get it to do so we need to j to out there that's right so vote for a reasonable for noticed make the graphics make like the largest telling them what to do in the middle shop make lee make like sick ass monday night football posters with all five of our each each were five picks and one poster ok i'm actually shocked if you didn't take your magic cutler alarm or cower because it deals with is a hypothetical and i'm actually working on j cutler to foreigners put it out and the deadline i've talked to i've talked to someone in the forty nine least building i've talked to j cutler bringing both parties to the table guy we're trying to get a deal done he's got he's gotta linked to john lennon she's got linked to the ship
family it makes too much sense i just before that i need some bradford to get traded to the niner spiny island at that that has had one well i should view that selfish no it's not it's not as ultimately raptor hope that sir bradford is financially secure for the rest of his life ok let's get to our hearts he called rolling in food atmosphere was barely man hank watches ah my hot seat is little then so you got i'm sure known as no cyrus's ex boyfriend i thought little by the way was though the little asian girl who stance on everyone bo peep but now now how now will then changes here his name will people died from annex well then present i'm not gonna go by wills and anymore and now ass if like a week he doesn't use annex ii we're right yeah i read that lose yourself in there with
without losing any also got luxuriant two's on his face yeah but i heard he quit ok hey will tat low levels ah he went to the hospital although i'm going to work in this this is all in that for hot shadows but he put out securing that said i went to the hospital day i'd want to let everyone know i was in the hospital not due to any drugs but i guess i too many hot shadows in a rich something in my son thoughts and prayers i believe i believe what it was like sixteen years old you get all seventeen finally like europe whose is it would be more believe what he said talkies talkies or what a spicy than fleming hot she'd every ever have some whiskey and some buffaloes same tommy yeah like every friday toller's don't look at the they would actually our skittles unlike his tongue like a snake you lost a layer of his tongue when it fort when you eat our like it like that weird texture
your tongue he ate so many that like a whole way of tongues came off fists that such a classic middle school have opened it what you're how many atomic words you feel about which calderon comical torrents basketball so the nba scale i'm not they done this every year but i welcome the fact that the nba does all their media days on one day yeah and it just get you get all the storylines all the fun eclipse it all comes out at once it is it feels good because like art passport back quite robot co that's the scariest laugh any person has ever had ever i would is tariff i want to see him in and jason win interact with each other yet do just be scanned each other's faces like an terminated determining if their friend or phone there also has never been a less convincing how'd you describe yourself i'm a fun guy that's like when death member one whenever one said the jet bush was actually really funny behind these had to get out no i'm like add up
i was out of the gazelle yeah i don't think you could say you're funny guy and be like well it's got a really you really got to spend your whole life with them and then you'll really see their human doesn't answer like i'm a fun guy but you need to ask me a different gosh you get me to describe how unfunded the robot is not computing this question we should just answer questions insurers and once yeah that we greens road they're still had fifty will ya something else i don't want to release those because it s a single braun awakened jerseys disgusting i actually think it wasn't i think it seeing his teammates in church users disgusting seeing michael beazley travail rondeau an stevenson all lined up they did to the pictures the four of them what was that i repeat a little my back with a bron he gave them like a name for that squad it was fun boy said be i think all them the bombs but instead for like something super like leave ably unbelievable men it was something like very robber
griffin ass very low broad robert griffin looks one the guy's harrison fagin that covers the lakers com the suicide squad now isn't it because they want they want look they were gonna want to make a brief comment it was like as a really shitty nobody's gonna go watch from because there could be box office poison and allay ok pfc yoga right my first hot seat is fields fields in general so we saw cleveland washington tamper bay all three of those fields were terrible awful garden god and debate somehow overtook dc as having the worst field amphibole there was a torrential downpour like insane thunderstorm right before the game dozens i'll give you a little doesn't rain help grass grow yeah so let us make the also have another team play there which is so stupid it's insane hate don't touch our quarterbacks we were really were really into player safety but let's also have a high school in a college player in this field and rip it up before the sunday there are real
they really bad so i guess fedex pretty bad on on sunday to open rau had got fired they showed like pictures of the field and it looked like they drove a tank back and forth irascibly your head is what what are these tank tracks young at here my other hot seat is my amplifier oh wow right now my app during the showed the punctual on thursday it just turned off in the middle of a song you're about thirty seconds hate it when i'm so lots over a thousand people here knows more than that is more that shut up but nobody knows because we're having such a great time and out was rock and pretty hard when it wasn't so they gonna gave me the benefit adapt reason bring it up is because our no if anybody out there works at an amplifier we see you just did a hot see just for a free blog yeah just to try and get an island marshall if you're out their vocs if you're out there orange specialised if you're out there
my way what the beak a little bit me ok look a pair headphones of theirs the same company might they contain my book a lot of money if it wasn't settlement management totally different i have bad amplifier cosette i'm sorry when my wife my course her own fuel goals so we had all we had a big dumb feel go week this week dirk cutter kicked a shitty one in the first half its they did the damn quinn yeah dank when week that return he surely one other chargers kit should he feel all evil one against chronic veil economically was you saw him on a satellite images like laughing yeah why are you doing there were down what is it you redounds sixteen maybe nos seven no seventeen i think no i can't remember what they were there on a lot would like five minutes lingered out sixty and they could they thinking to her go down like forest dumbest thing could possibly do it was is atrocious but and also met navies time out before the feeble yeah that was just vow resource sometimes you got think it over it yeah the is this
what we're gonna do sometimes you gotta think think it over that you when you're down to and you have an ability to go up one but you also have an ability to get stopped it forth and one in loose well let me i really think that one of the main issues which rather yet iced by the opposing coach or by your uncle true so you control the narrative thou get out and phrases yeah yes oh that is michael throttle i only had one ok but that's where i love should feel goes to vs likened the chiefs were very fortunate that they haven't been within they haven't been like trailing in the last couple minutes of game gazettes anyway specialty yes yes but the college if you actually feel both college football and especially the mac theirs i actually shocked when cultures wakefield yak coaches yet you don't lose games but you can feel goals when you're down by two scores ok my hot seat is the each cairo cubs internet so now resume know that the internet tv that no teams fine
are they walked still one and a half games up are they fires the taping that could change pollutes no matter what you no word by the time you listen to this no matter what the cubs will still be in first place by hook or by crook the cubs internet soon outward now art so the anyone there was an old sweet the popped up where the cubs had a a picture of a nude woman a newt wow tat you do is you call it a new way to describe what he called annuity it was playing girls like from united airlines when they had the girl putting a plane in our is needed is a duty so that one that's fine whatever everyone you know popopo tweet i'm ok who cares i'm totally fund would say they treated at early always from my two dozen twelve tweet from two thousand twelve there people found from the account yeah i do its work is only possible when it was weird situations you don't know when the account became would like to say diego chargers account member that guy used always tweet like am really hundred for some p of tanks and like i gotta take my wife
have changed if you look at the earliest chargers tweets it's fucking hilarious kazoo just some random dude who ran the account and just tweet is on personal business is i think i actually ended up becoming the social media before the charge yet it all he was like it was in such pre internet work no wasn't from the charges gown the time they took over the handle and instead of paying the guy for the handle he was like can i just beer social media manager right and it's a diego hey you know what but i'm i'm totally ok would like a little surprise porn popping up on the time i am so the charge a point the charges treats from today haven't so hungry need to find my wife and had to pay if it so funny safe with the charter's account the other one cubs internet joe man not good one is not really excusable he said he was asked about as in brussels ex wife and the allegations of abuse that she wrote a blog and he said i haven't read it and there's nothing i can do
the situation at all bad answer joe bad answer that's an urban meyer ask answer basically say my internet doesnt work my brain doesn't work and i forgot that i should probably read about my accusations that my players committed domestic abuse whether its true or not bad answer joe madden you should be ashamed or you should say that you need take pills for your memory yet how long how long can pass we take to read that five minutes yet what we should do it probably a good thing to do as a manager pretty bad answer by you i my cool throne is this was big one voice you ready for this stephen seagal businesses that we'd like to invest it
ok what's from bitcoin to jan which failed and might have been a huge party scheme we have the newest stephen seagal joint it is called three sixty five flicks are you ask yourself right now what is three sixty five flex yeah ok let me tell you welcome to the evolution of your entertainment experience with three hundred and sixty five flex where we take movie series and shows the next level of interaction by bringing your favorite stars into your home in the palm of your hand so they invented netflix but then there's like videos of steven seagal talking but you can do this three and sixty five days here yes and the new dost he was gone movie attrition is going beyond that strikes exclusively lucidly here the point where i don't really understand but i'm i'm all the way and there's a super fan programme and when you sign up to become a part of that sixty five flick superfine programme you'll have the opportunity to make money and
pizza winner amazing ultimate superfine rewards then prizes such as trips to meet celebrities exclusive onset items merchandise more so i think if you pay for it you can then become a super fan and maybe when your money back ok i mean it's ass me like you can pay for a subscription enter the superfine contests and then stephen seagal will hand pick yes which of the people out there probably in asia woman between the age of eighteen and twenty two he would like to come meet him and spend time with him on his weird ranch in southern california i love this idea it's i mean i don't know who came up with it but it was essentially a bunch of people there were really high unlike what how can we make netflix better what if we had stephen seagal talk the facts you know what it actually sounds like to me that stephen skull made a movie and don't worry we'll move either it was like no one i can play this has like asked our big my own yes that's right yeah beefy build that they will come here
at some he is literally just build its stood heated title a kind of less he ass he is the cotonou west of the movie and all that all stephen skull movies can be found on three sixty five flexi only one right now if it can be found of three six five weeks but all going forward yes oh i'm ready for this are let's get your interview with gordon heyward really fun interview awesome time called out hank whenever you want to say anything about the link
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me restrictions on my movement or planned i'm like or anything like that but i don't feel like afflicted a little bit left that after just relax your mental it's the mental is the last she'll do you have a broad james pretty much no longer a broken yes yes the animal under foot injury survivors so i know the answer to this question before asking but the first time that you landed on your foot after you know you're rehab after the surgeries were you afraid plan on it for sure i was you definitely i think the first time that i play the first time that i'd walked on it again i was running on any i mean there's like so many different levels of the progression and each time i feel like it was like a little bit nervous i can i do that and so then you know you ask that neither the rehab specialists and trainers like it can we ride ideas can be fine but until you actually get in and do it like i don't believe him was there ever a point that you thought you were gonna be able to come back for the play our slash
because there was a little buzz like gordon heyward he might do it and there are people are what i've done it but it was always by that issue because i always wonder is that the like the doctors or another doctors but the media kind of putting a timetable on it and then once a timetable gets her like where's gordon heyward was neutral pushed well so i when i first got injured and are assigned to the doktor like a surgeon about the timetable the timetable that originally gave me which was and of open ended but they also said like it could be like five six months so that to me out let's go with that five months like and then i'll be ready inside one i like every day i was just work i wasn't a silly thinking about coming back to the past but every day i was working towards coming back to like before the boy and then you know when it was april and i still had run yet i think it was kind of like the book was shut but i think that it was funny because of do i can answer imposed a meal
i do and stationery dribbling and shooting the day after coached even said he's not coming back and in their real this hype like em coming back ryan everything right proteins got little pissed did he tell you do like curtail your social media posts when used i came in i just said that we had a good laugh about i answer so you don't have to europe answer this this can be a hard question to answer truthfully i'll answer truthfully if i were gordon heyward i who's wonder when you're sitting on the bench and a team is having success is there a small tiny little little little small part of you that's like how much they lose so that i was so important that they need me out there if i were gordon heyward i'd say yeah definite was written against celtics i mean i think i don't think you be human if there wasn't a party that was i i hope that we lose right
like it's a competitive nature in a nice guy gets annealing it's crazy to not be will sit at last i know you're obviously rooting for your teenage you want them to win but there's a party that always wants to be part of the winning tina yeah i think so that happened to at the very beginning of the season like we got hurt we think we lost our first to gains but then we went on like that eighteen or nineteen game wintry and i was like lay in bed like come on my word what's goin on there is a part of me that's like their wooden without me i was the deal but then you know there's another side of you like ok this is why i came to boston we're gonna be good we'll have a chance to win all thing really rooted form you know that you're easier teammates unesco yellow two conflicting things going on at the same time and if you like i said if you didn't think they're like i don't think you would be human right yeah natural can better you wanna be out there there
without human but like i said that's why i came to boston i appreciate the andrea envy like a lot of people will be honest about that but that's exactly how like as a phantom watch em like give course carries by going to the same thing like right i wish i was out there i wish i was helping the team which i think to be to compete at this level you have to have their mentality like if you pulled every i believe the iran issue promises and running and you guys had a really fun team last hurdle during that play off run i remember watching me like damned like dave somehow figured out how to put these pieces yet have had two pretty big injury and they figure out how to make it work probably scrappy esteem turnip lay offs whose strap you're scared terry or market smart that's a good question i don't love you can be scrapped the markets or markets are you gotta heyward however while adding a chance to play in the gardens or something of that year younger dives in cleveland only that the hank wanted us to start colony gordy whereas hang
everyone knows that he is i don't bars everytime i listen to you always the one that sticks up for doing so so you like barker smart he's obviously crazy scrappy does he do that stuff in practice yeah he's a zone knowing our nosed i mean it it's kind of annoying when you're playing against them very love it when he is on your side of the practice yeah he's one of those guys like his stats if you look at the box score you like he's in only mister few threes but then if you watch it like ok i get it i get why he's part of a team why he's playing big minutes because i think that doozy hasn't is contagious saw the little things that he does that don't show up on the statute that just like you like when you're going to have but the why and you're picking up teams like you want him on if you ve been there before you now plays you pick him up first but you ve never been there you might not become very soon on me my working through reason in
the warm let's let's go back a little will come back to the soldiers will go back to indiana butler so you grew up and you were basically like a short kid up until sophomore year and you were like not gonna play basketball so i have before we start talking about growth spurt i have a fan submitted question from our good friend mark titus he said why the hell did you have your girl spur after i graduated that was a direct question to you why why did i have a girl after he gradually because you guys played together in high school correct yes as a freshman use a junior and you were how tall so as a fresh mining us five
and that's not like a by actually i wondered how one in fact lecture cat he said five ten short that's actually set any that other problems will you went from i mean if your wikipedia correctly went from you know tennis is your main passion than you had what a gross spurt of seven inches over a year or two so that is that as a little bit incorrect okay so correct basketballs always been my passion i was better at so in high school gotta so there is a point in time i wanted to play college boy i was like a five ten hundred twenty white kid probably not gonna play basketball at that with those without build with their music and i was decent tennis i felt like if i played around and drop basque war ravaged maybe a chance right and so i member i had to speak
ready for my couch cuz we had like early morning workouts so i remember waking up in the morning and practicing my speech of how i was going to quit the team because like my parents were going to be pissed like can't quit anything so i had to make sure that i was i had the right reasons and my mom convinced me to keep playing she's like do you love it i said yeah so we'll just keep playing you know maybe you have some fun i luckily i grew i don't know how and ended up where i am now hustlers there's both fightin whoop us there's nobody in my family over six feet authors i might sandro girls could question the question could we did your mom starts by your sort surreal would like relates to actually picture is an average its exports so are you six six seven six eight because it's also a source of conflict online nobody knows i tell you are really yeah some they say six seven some say six eight while six seven thousand six eight which god but you play about what was as a state
like a lot still to say that with you and you can play met with still at least ass well without me i can't without shoes either i played gadget works like four people were so so you growing up we all others your grosbeak came later did that help your game like did you have as its i would assume you went from a guard to helps me out i was always like a like a like slash two growing up in fact my dad said you know that's model your game after steve match that was going to be the guy like a smaller steve nash i'm probably going to be as tall as i am told all of our drills were like ball handling shooting stuff on the outside and then i ended up growing and kind that came with me so i had here too did i haven't intelligent canada steve seed like the mob yeah guess gave a thousand good person model game after yet sweet so marked titus was two years old you ever haze you he never pays me him in the coach always but it heads
only ever tell you lobbying problem you'll i dont think you he everyone on the team love him buy em the coach were like there is one time i remember like he had he was now he was good friends with them odin and kindly those guys and i think they had a game like they were plan i think hands girl like there's highschool was plan and he was going to go to that game and i remember he's told coach before back this i need to leave at this time so kind we make practice and was diva allow like that's how should keep us there without a timeline in munich we write out at sixty seven whatever and merit markers idea can i leave at this time and coach were made us run exe suicides at the end just so he couldn't leave yet and finally mark was like this is the last one and we ran down to the basement and he just ran straight out the door our left that is touch of evil movie i love it i love it so it didn't then you were recruited out of high school did you get an offer to play at indiana
are you are you i my parents about produce grant so i dont recruitment oh i shouldn't on rather your produce and then what why don't you go to predict i just don't feel right yeah we're software doesn't feel right for anyway that approach is always greater do no deal wikipedia says reason why didn't go to produce does it say something along lines of like i wanted to be a computer engineer yes i wanted to be able to wake up early to take computer classes actually from what i remember i did say he asked me what my major is going to be and i said i don't know but i want to i want to try and peter engineering they have great engineering schooled us produce and he said that's not gonna work we ve never ever had a computer engineer come through the basketball team right inside yeah that's where what was called stevens like in the living room when recruiting northcotes seems ever came over to my house but i do remember
so called stevens was the assistant coach when he started so usually how it works is like an assistant roller preview before the head coach right so then i just he was the assistant recruiting me and then he became the head coach so it really worked out for me and he was exactly how he yeah did you let me what what was it what is it that like you were drawn to brats if it's obviously part of the reason you came to celtics whiskers him you played format in college what makes him different than other coaches or other people even well like from an x's and o's standpoint he's one of the best if not the best i've ever seen i mean it's like when you watch if you ever watch our game so tell these games or if you would have watch all about seems like after time outlays organ the bucket every time release imbalance was at least a good look and so that just like how we analyze the game how you made it so much easier for me and for my teammates and then just like it
personality viking he wasn't a scream at you reality you you seem pretty logical with how we did things as far as practices were concerned you know we're not going to run you into the ground for three hours because you have to play this weekend and then i also want you to be good in march to reign which at that was recall was ever scouting tipp or do you know a game plan that he implemented they like absolutely wild you guys were you get in the game you like holy shit this is this is beating them so easily all because of what put in there it was almost like every game really every game there was something because before from what i remember about her before like that we would play like on a thursday and saturday and you know the wednesday before we would have the practice like the second team guys they would guard us exactly how the team we're going to play was going to guard us and then he just be over there at the clipboard any be like okay let's try this play go and do this and before he d i was a lot of times in valerie that gordon disguising
we open they're gonna switch on this man he's gonna hold of the basket they're gonna covered him and you're gonna have somebody on the backside open that's the one that i want you to head and then we'd go brags it boom exactly like how he did so not to bring up a sore subject but going into that national championship giving its do what was his was game plan for that game because i think you guys surprise a lot of people without competitive that game i mean should one but if the reps obviously had an gun paid money that's ok have time and then started on thousands were game planning for that remember exactly like what he told you what the strategy was gummy game so they were duke was at the most out a team that we played or had the best players everybody throughout in turn emetic shoved them but they were the best coached unlike the best the most disciplined they were kind of like us and so for for them when our rather players all their play as i remember exactly what it was but when we had chanced to win i felt
we should want how many times how many times a week do you think about that i don't think about its guys guys for i think about it all the time i e for being a man i wish the butler being duke never been amazing you'd ever think about it like john every random moment you close your eyes maybe you're standing at the same part of the court or whatever me ok ok ok if i see have course out in practice just for fun yes then ya think you just goes right through your brain oh my god i said in his right off the front room but to be honest there was a shot so i miss to gain wonders act so the one before that i had a good look i fade away on the baseline it back rammed down one haunts me a little bit that's it that's actually a very football guy answer because you missed presumably more than one other shot that game too so i guess they must in the first half that could be words ersatz life's for this i don't look back i think about it more they have listened to have porsche i'd i'd like i did when i shouted
i think it was close at all because i wasn't trying to bank it right now i also wonder you even count it gives you call glass i didn't call side the bank's open on mondays which is always argue with the biggest difference between courts stevens then incursions now good question planks status great glass i can i get you let me come back on the show up for this year are probably be able to answer when you're recurrent guess now so you have to come back and you don't follow me on twitter but i assume you will after this but yeah you come back and its burner those humming bernajoux i've got it back to my written question european identity to be honest is hard for me to answer because it played one i played for five minutes last year so you go i don't know what about increases and precision he seem like he was relatively the same as swag does he have that's enough
that's an extra will survive you look at is he's got his own type of slack lazy glow up yet the sun what that was so what you're swag cause you went from while that kid is definitely from indiana he definitely want to state title forty two thirty nine which has such a whole risks for arable oh would assume tom oh man that guy like he could be he could be european could saying over alive what happened there was the process i've got that question a lot the process was like i feel a guy just like it puberty i'm so wait i like i mean it i really do i really like i started to care a little bit about my hair so i got a nice erika i got me
that actually did in my dear wife started help me out on that front will i do remember it was it was like i have all what year was but there was a distinct year where you came back for the jazz as i woke orton heyward like figured out what a week was out of line when he got a really cool haircut that's right and that was it and did people start respecting you more i think so logan i think they're held now their interests in that your wife wanted to make you more hot action it is true she's journal i have just voted in you cried the lie low yeah i guess i'd furred that's what she did in your fat gets off the market real quick sure we bring up the daddy's always happy video you can if you want is daddy happy always always ebbing really i'm wearing is at what point did you like you clearly were not happy that moment what point
like i'm just gonna role with was it that nuclear annually as many others the balloon was the funniest thing i ever saw at what point where you like ok i really war my heart on the slit my sleeve here and there let's just said the contacts you have two little girls third child right what we want mix it up but what would you like what's your role with this and embrace the fact that i was so clearly not happy and so the thing is like i didn't want to do a gender reveal video yes i was inside the house probably plan on my phone or somethin everyone was outside rounds i come outside and and sheds box and am i what are we don't like i did i did not know this in
now we can likewise parties i give you my word on issues like we're gonna do a general video right now and she had aren't anyone romeo my why are we filmed this island fearfulness i didn't know what was going to have in writing right you are preparing our definite wasn't prepared gotcha journalists and i was like banking on it being a boy which there's nothing on girls no about my girls a beautiful girl who super happy about that there one being a girl you'll have still over the moon and then we do the video and like i don't know how to react like it was pink balloons coming out of the box again by being a party think me my wife like fought for like thirty many to africa and then she was like it already and i add my i went to get over it now is what did you get a little more yet you have a moment has made us all eyes no like what i was
when i was the best part of the video is at a bunch of friends that other guy france takes me and be like dude i note that it was a shooting the related but then i went by right then had a bunch of other guy brands are like mine my girlfriend is like how could you do they live anyway so upset like i would kill him i know that's that's why did you did you ask whoever it was the nanny that film you're right yeah did you ask certain up uploaded like instagram yeah i didn't ice specifically told my life don't upload this i don't want this to go anywhere and she said no i don't want you will think of that at another good boy fair by i think we just have dinner reveal parties and the person decides like when rating yeah i'm gonna that's why do next we go to the next week in burma take we're i'll reveal my gender you can still adopts somebody that you can adopt roy i feel i have a couple so you made this a positive you get hurt
you have had yet and all the while the proceeds are gonna amis was amenities easy or younger parents that can afford diapers and blankets and on did you think about holding back a little bit of the proceeds for your daughter's therapy when she watches the video a little man maybe now argyroneta we're gonna re sensitive ok and then so now here's my idea if you are going to have a for child i don't want to assume that you have for child i think you need to do what oh i'd your spot you got a lot of money you realize you i would do it i said borg girls is well here's here's what you do i mean how many times have you could still go until we have a vast wealth really what i little of rivers that jack and about him seven yes own degenerous or yes we and you can do the decision in it
gender gender alone and then he was another girl will be let me now you'll be arrayed was an answer have you get people to show our money up front for it will be great too because we could have like what will have a white paper view and it will be a giant reveal and then they'll be a room where it just a bunch of stuff that you can smash they'll be room with like all all your friends and cigars and it's like where's gordon gonna to go after the trick is i mean i don't get too graphic but the conception has take place in a man gave some that's just makes something or mass like the back for pickup ok we'll move on have you met with bilbil i get because i feel like he would just look at you like like wasn't newman looked at kramer and thought it was like a turkey just basting in butter you just look at you may like you should wear number eighty one from i got a chance ago practice solely last year when i was hurt and so i got a chance to meet him it was pretty quick meeting
five minutes wasn't very many whereas exchange that he was gonna marry what you just look at your hands actual this but it was it was that it was amazing that they gave me the opportunity that is i don't think they do that too many people are for me to be able to go in like i watch there all day a practice which was which was broke off that is gone so you're in boston the city champions s what everyone's gonna now how have you done to know the the boston me ass people can't handle the big jays here in boston i think so far it's been they ve been pretty nice to me like this whole entry thing has made a pretty easy cause i just talk about the same thing over and over i have only i've had a bad game and it's the last second shattered turn them you know i mean so deadly then they ve been nice to me ok well we're here will will give you a little test will pretend to be the media here
you just had a bad game you just shot for four hundred and twenty gordon talk about the game today and how you let down all your teammates do you think there's a chance that coach stevens will try to trade you actually danny ainge probably already has you on the block talk about it that way the question right at the outset its lead on washed that's pretty brutal i think i just avoid it completely ok most a minor just go to cliches what you're gonna give us your dear your like that and if i went over twenty it would be like you know what's up is your diamond some days or stones tat i was a stone nice nice on would be better little circle of temporary sundays diamond sundays are lumps a coal put pressure makes diamonds article so that's it is that the full assets like a little shorter or to cliches give us couple cliches you like to go to that's a good one that i like to go to i liked to give though like that you know a great game what how our our yon fires
we noticed that you just state on the bench and and go help your teammates why do you not feel the need to defend them well i was on a bench and if i was to go into the court the assistants held me back i wasn't an unjust stir do my part whatever i can help us win out over there and yourself there trying to compete and that's a good one hears ok so terry and marked smarter to fight the game and they just start torn haymakers we notice that you just state on the bench and and go help your teammates why do you not feel the need to defend them well on the bench and if i was to go into the court the assistants held me back i wasn't i had to go out there and i don't want to risk myself in wages are well you held back on earth did you not want to go out there because you answer both ways is a little bit about like i started to go out there and then they had they were there they held me back and then i thought to myself i didn't want to get a suspension so then i guess es we care more about your paycheck them defending teammates got it well now i can't help our team if i'm suspended you got made it got you you're you're ready to go what about the room
you know you obviously at the big decision you talk to boston how long did it take to come to a decision and in what was going through that you know you're mine there so i mean that was one of the hardest decisions i've ever had to make i was the day that idea was i think july fourth side july first you're allowed to talk to people i was i flew to miami was their july first really their fluted boss in that same night met with them a second i really liked it flew back to san diego now at the utah there all three times like there are good choices i was i had having great years in utah then i sat on it that night july fourth up until i made the decision like was like twelve room what they had a fiasco of somebody leaking where i was going right which i still had like i was my phone with my age and we are talking about it where i was gonna go when that happened how does that happened you have really
the inner circle a group of people that you kind of talk through the whole decision with india are you like who's the leak here there was definitely like i definitely ass some people if they said anything but like i hadn't truth to be out like really true really i hadn't like i'm going to boston re i'd say like i'm leaning towards going about well you're not wearing their emotions on your sleeve as we know the apple you pray walked around the celtic sat behind i can't make my mind up guys like you i have always been in utah again i'd be really happening here their work you have two texts words like as soon as you make up your mind right like use the first seems like sets out various so we were they re really split what was it that was bred stevens the deciding factor was ass i am and i think that this
cutting factor for me was where would i have the best opportunity to win the championship and valley parson was the best place for me to do that yeah ok now that brings up a good good question here by me the utah fans not happy there was the famous video where your jersey was burned and in the most utah fashion ever the guy said have fun being looked and be were careful didn't say to swear he added inside i'll be worn careful so i didn't see this one you know your lie i wear a video i didn't know you were how tired runs doesn't say he doesn't actually say bitches oecd where they will gather dust known it is the most beautiful thing ever have now is the key word that sounds something like
and i'm primarily admiringly term it to learn the jersey too it was like a nice circulate yet rock set up so that we can sort of fires away did you know that labelling is going to allay when you decide you come here or reduced like i'm up for the challenge even though a bronze has gone on east night and not at the wheel should have beat them last year had they had the game seven they should have been i mean i don't know how i can say that when you lost but about the same way i can say we should it be duke yeah ok that one point i assure you that you're you're right on their we're up like fifteen or something and efforts quarter of seven out we're gonna pull away and you guys we're down to your best players on the tombs well i'm saying you dealt with through the players but they actually brings up a good point like how do you come back this year zimbabwe you're gonna be a leader on the team your expected be later you inquiry both how do you tap into that role having only played for five minutes lesser
he treated very somewhere i wasn't step into a last year just as events when you try to help these younger i doubt i think because i was out they got experience that's invaluable i mean you can't teach experience so the fact that you know i was heard most of the year and then cry goes down it puts a lot of responsibility on their shoulders which which is amazing for our team because i mean i've only been an outside this is my going to be ninth year i think but i've only been to play off once writ i've been twice but the first i'm early wasn't blanks i've really only been not a major role once whereas these is going to their second year they added eastern comrades finals that's that's amazing it so brad will put us rad will put us and like not not to be a cliche but he will put us in a position to be six as well i ve no doubt about that and will make it work is this your first major injured yet they never have you life yes reserve appoint worrying after it happened regis and disbelief like i thought i was invincible
i don't think that not ever went across my mind by deafening there were like me i can remember sitting there in the back room of cleaving like i can't believe this has happened like the duchess heaven did george is you almost have it in your mind like people that get injured a lot like you're you're different than they are because a reach at this stage as an athlete never having been injured like that almost unreal it's almost unheard of so did like it scattered tat have had this confidence about you they like i'm not one of those guys it's injured i'd there what i did their work i'm sorry i thought that in a lot of times i personally think that the more you like if you train martin train correctly in the off season you can limit somebody injuries that during the season i think this was i mean this is obviously one that it doesn't matter what advice no matter what i did i was kind of freak so you're gonna get i did have a lot of confidence before you almost killed hank if you didn't jump that's see that's why may be cat don't jump here
may i read her extra her we almost killed hate that might really know that so that was enacted actually are espn show one show debuted and it was about to be canceled right right right before like we got a call then like the other action i got to put it on and maybe ten minutes later that happen to you in here just laid he was laying down face on the girl on flat on the ground and our studio didn't say a word for like thirty five minutes rail outside he might be so you almost killed a man vibrant your ankle would you like to part i don't know address my i don't really know why i said that store and this is something that you put the definitely didn't really may really i do that from your perspective but it was one of those moments where you check twitter and there is just a wall of people going oh my guy did you like checked with afterwards and just see everybody just like screaming online do
i think i gained like five hundred thousand five if you must produce maybe i only went to school for two that it's a popular joke via a guy who we work with true balance you tweet it and gets people so mad yeah what do you mean i mean what i say is approaching for a shop is to coach yeah let's go to voters job right yes he said i ve heard so we did say that you want a guy that joke faster if you want to produce i only went to school for two that always it's a popular joke fire a guy who we work with true balance you tweet it and gets people so mad advertisers i think bread stephenses coaching for his job and everyone's like oh my god he's the best coach average acknowledges john is lit to coach slotted currycombs within the flatterers earths of it we have not talked about that will guide the trump card form if he does what
what is still must really doesn't exist why cause it doesn't exist its if it's a fake it's a big fraud has been perpetrated for the latter like my six hundred years okay so what what what is it all right so what it was really founders penal calling for england so what they did in why would you put why would you put people on a boat across all like paid a feed freedom you just put him on a boat and then you take match the mill the ocean push him over and then they said oh yeah we sent him off to that that big penal colony glamorous island it it actually never existed and people who say that there we must really are actually from chile really unita and then they just fake the act and never going about that drop at an early age australian our team aaron veined yeah yeah sure don't drop that also tell him that i weren't now look out for you and then some to watch youtube videos about educate himself into dues own research he says i would love to hear his response to it we got very rapid
a second here you now recurring guess it will primarily on next week but i see key question put in promo code taking at ten dollars off seek perkhushkovo celtics games he gordon heyward ten dollars off seek promo code take your dad gave it did you see that by memory as you do so fat yea and you are also look d i think seem like doesn't even get any value out of it anymore because i say so they get most of their value conversations like these that we have at our he's done with as i see it seek my stomach or take your time i gave a test to agents perspective agents when you're coming out you did your researcher i reckon raw leanna what was on that test my dad's computer engineer so super thorough and it was like of four or five page test of different questions i ain't even read the test to be honest he'd kind and did all thing but the was more of that the point of it wasn't questions it was
well an agent go through this and actually do it a writer is more than half year almost to where they put two hundred our ability in the book yeah it's like me crews like because so much how does one that dealt with agents throughout my last year at butler i didn't know anything about what is going on and in other season policies like hey you know you you could eventually get drafted this year we should talk about you may be leaving the answer and i was like without a surprise to you again coming now i really do i was so like i'd seriously he had mentioned something to end and i said i want you to deal with it i don't want it while the like oh you mean i can and i ve never liked well and then he was i wish because i was ready after that i was right to come back and go back national team change of game indeed without yours they did without yeah that's kind of a theme that you realise that was the worst game horta that was about those of us who are like fifty two
forty four we would i think we shall twenty two percent if we would assuredly twenty five percent we would have only tat it was so bad how can the walker yes knows can walkers crazy run our lawns other the interview yeah so more anything it was like so after you out all these are my age and some of them like wouldn't even though it out any black guy you're off you're awful is that smart i like that are you dignity video games good question my wife would say yes i would say no then will you show your what's what is it well it in addition be considered how much like the fact you're fighting this so much tells me that may which i like media which if they virginia you can at any time you wanted about i'm right now yeah rina for power before night or jess i'm playing allotted destiny right now that's what is it take a makes between like halo and world workshops nerds how many hours a day every lisbon gaming and you are from like one two three
as you know that's a three if you're saying will you take your video games with you on the road i take laptop and you can pay for their kind of usually shady it gets pretty fresher then i just watch netflix yeah right i let's emissary this video to end the and you gotta watch you you honestly i never seen this video which josie mergers now it's growing but i did have vans burnt jerseys on doorstep in utah no way and we had to get like security and all that stuff and all right here we go crazy mornin expert betraying a sink the funding of bronze little bee word little you were
so that's a brutal yo upper conjure up there so here to comment on that you said that you betray them and they are going to deliver that man is to pay your sally out now the jazz might be the bronze that'll be wary outlying worked against him drew viewed state you would have you respond right back in the bridle would run left because of you maybe he's ganz coming back next year i got to hide their attitude derisory gordon here there's been a ton of one man thank you appreciate your recurring guest saw when you come play the next or the nets you have to come in the studio are part of the deal what this year and best of luck with your basically hundred percent ankle appreciate this interview actually made it a hundred percent i think so over the course of that were not yet worthy like electromagnetic magnetic stimulation yes yes thanks man thanks
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come ok let's get some segments i think i know it is breaking losing digital deleted located larry digital if it did it i have a feeling this breaking news might be moves vip the codified was officially releasing on thursday that wasn't what i thought it would be i'd like to put that on my cool thrown retroactive away can i back could i do think back is that it feels like tiger woods with this guy stopped having strokes because it out i have very were another seizures yeah the isa and they still does lean thoughts like what it is its medicine right cutting this medicine so again better can i can i do another brick miss did it really attracted once for her friend referring to this programme and will no longer michael
ha ha ha ha suing who he is bar stool for herpes allegations wait he suing of god or that it's good so the the last hour comrade of along the money susumu powers three years every five thousand dollars this the guy who by the way tweeted when he got fired from firm barstow and went like full nuclear i think each tweeted about a hundred times photoshop pictures of him fucking like various members of bars yet lingered everyone but yes but he's the one who suing suited along with the money rapport claims birstall engage a campaign to discredit and embarrassing including accusing him of having herpes the he wants to make it clear and legal documents that he does not have herpes so we will make a clear right now michael rapport does not have
he doesn't have hurt us into why anyone saviours picture out there that look like he s herpes but he doesn't michael report does not have herpes and i would tell we want to please google distress and effect and then laugh at the whole yeah it does not have her michael we then we need to drink after you it's just that it's just a red dot from seven up repressed to make sure everyone knows that you do not have herpes is to sue someone and say you need it in a legal document saying you do not have her discovery discouragement be amazed so he's gonna have to do like a blood test does he know again michael porno esquire stand asking whether or not he has her does he know that like three quarters the population united states have her pr preserve us yeah it's like you said eating spiders so if you do if you dont have herpes you might well just get out riser obvious not cool your party right exactly you ve ever even had your mouth on a beer bottle gave never
put your mouth all the way onto the faucet at like a janitor like if you haven't israelis are friendships herpes i've got a cold sore before was ten years ago therapies ok let's do some segments first up we have a new segment it's called nit picking sabin so if you heard on monday which i'm a football guys nick saving ended his press conference on saturday saying i would appreciate it if you guys pick some of the things that we did wrong instead of just saying were so great imploring the media to say negative things about nick sabin so guess what nick as journalists we're going to do your job for you and we are going to tell you what you're doing wrong or socks art yeah well i'm in his eyes his deep thence hasn't should anybody out this year through can't stop i was bleed he's also pretty short he's got opening of the hair thing going on you know i will its thinning is gone grass thinning knows not grade or minimise the you're mad because this is a short thing no
yeah i know you are how policy i easily five eight he's very were actually not sure yes he's very very sure but he's got no hair thing will craze low irma cracking thing going next save and actually five six ok sorry right he's very shortly tower not as regular short no i'm no i'm perfectly average see what else why'd you go on your computer you're always euro next havens like always weirdly tan yes good even though he wears a big straw hat very good point yeah so what's up about that saving i've always thought that the alabama maroon uniforms look kind of slow have your thought that i always thought that whenever they put on the maroons and home the slaughter all doll yeah i don't even think that that could have a football team but their uniforms cannot love the opposition into force in january i look at these guys look like that in a movie force gump yeah to probe uniting the throw afford pass yeah trent richardson was bust he was a big time by sallies out michael often but
he's a bus rolando maclean was ass yes i'm pretty sick i'm getting pretty sick marty psmith the space is nick saving son know what he's he's dead sweaty son not pressure but he's cousins with nix autocratic gotta gotta make dismay marty came to hear his gun dang it you run such a cool program as it's fun to watch y'all play and i certainly my daddy told me when i was a little bitty boy he said you find coaches a little bit short someone it looks but you and you're end up looking right back up at him lighterman okay so that's marty smith flash i don't know what kind of theirs elzevir that's about all right all right all right and i also think by the way that their stadium is kind of born just thing about alabama yet factories its its industrial he bit there he runs football jail yeah right so they gonna save and have that pick the fuck are you ok next up we have a stick to sport i do have something actually say about it his collars or not
in a match i say this because the collateral think when he wears off certain he d ass a thing happen all the time worse collar gets really flat yeah doesn't like me does have the nice creases adhesive humidity yeah now burma since plans it out floods i read out we have a stick to sports for jason went what yes so during the game last item on overboard monday night the other word a ton of rushing to pass or penalties and everybody was getting like a little bit upset about it and jason wins the action was the in a fellow has overreacted tourism is left wing stuff that's why you're seeing more penalties called oh oh jason wait so stick to sports jason well i mean let's embraced debate are the new rules laws is it liberal to want to see fewer concussions yes agreed we got his house the vast majority of doctors in this country
spend an extra i don't know what for eight years yeah how long it takes in their cfcs yet in the universe environment he up so by the time they get out there indoctrinated their lot snow for their full on a snowstorm yeah so they're like oh dispersal has a concussion oh oh vibration let them back into the game over government always your widow head or give managua cod only item on the back give em a wally pop instead awaiting him go back out fail when in his head get destroyed jason witten i think that our theory by the way is accurate that they are showing him in the booth more often than anyone has ever been shown in the booth just shows that he is in fact a human being yeah they do it six times even had to them you can tell that booker's already and pissed ah you put your so mad that he was out of african chair susie gets seatbelt off yeah is so far like they have him actually moving down the sidelines in his chair it is like getting like pushed the less and these are you
jason went in the booth he's like live on bell maybe up in the booth they were saying like they're the steelers yeah leaving about thing and then bugger was like but he's only got really one chance to get a good contract so it is now important to him and then jason was a guy you know i don't know i don't know ok back to us have backed us appear where we get to control the dialogue we have a take quick would you take quick you're gonna take the gray haired only pulled up this comes to us from arc saw online so you will recall that they played auburn last weekend and they got beaten thirty forty three o k and ass these bad and there was a taken their written by wally hall now you would think that that's god slaves wally hall wally hall that's great ok pig sui and so he says the hogs were better everywhere but on special teams which were
on special enough to handcuff the haug sorts finish the thirty forty three score was not indicative of how well the razor backs played special teams played dictated that's so the better team didn't went the better to i refer arkansas play them except for the score i love the better team didn't win argument it some funny causes like who we had that oh the bears in the cardinals proportion in the bigger the better team didn't win or don't say it was wisconsin i what people are saying i was the better team except for a couple fumbles on special teams well spent in our part of the game and not fucking up is also part of the game better team yes so they they also said that males i'm just mozart who had just be revel alabama kept his cards close the best was known around here he was wanting a contract extension and raise and they say after saturday night no one should say the razor backs did and end up with the better the hogs
on the battle in the trenches and on me the other stats except for the one that matters most that one is enlightened scoreboard and determines winners and losers saturday night was not a moral victory for moors he doesn't believe in those and finally for morse he says what he believes in its hard work performance and a winning attitude and that message is made loud and clear last sunday so i think we got it we i think we have to give them that went yet again i went vents yeah thirty four three but come dominated everything else did it more yards which ignore yards and a good game plenty and re came plan creek game parliament only thirty four we was ass the one that had the fake fair catch now tat happen against arkansas the week before ok gas while they didn't get fixer catched again this were true so that's another protests are very
improvement ok before we get to guys on chicks finally we have a break in case of emergency jimmy butler trade because i guarantee you were taking this around five o clock i guarantee you jim abolishing traded the minute that we get home tonight so break in case of emergency jimmy butler trade if he got traded listen to this if he didn't you can escape ahead while jimmy who got traded he got traded to the what he miami he yet no pat riley's after me tat really want what pirelli wants para they get yeah plus you ve got gabby down there we all know how jimmy butler feels about her few instagram posts yeah de weight and had sure they have a little bit of a repair back that's right while language tat uses affair the naps gimme butler so jimmy bother with the heat do they compete in the east i'd say that there are probably the secondary or for seed yeah i'd say goes wash
wizards boston celtics miami heat i'm going to go with probably the celtics know i'm going to go to the raptors and celtics the heat think the raptors got home quite a really really for so jimmy bother while keeping you got trade it switches about power yeah ok where were they give up for a well they traded a pick and a contract some they travel king and expiring contracted the kings and then the kings took on some cap space way they run this to the trade machine the up k kings take on cap space and then a pic whence though protected yeah pick went to the wolves protected pick ghost the timber wolves and i know who else exact time through our project justice winslow went to the wolves is well ok that's a big trade debts huge trade in a peck
ok let's finish up with guys on checks measured we're right now be amazing i just said i thought my had no whenever they pay empty boys especially the cat to boys noticed eyelashes on a girl i was thinking about getting extensions but their expensive thanks ah yes not yes pay but think we noticed some but we don't know some islamic centres if you look at your girls eyelashes she has right say my eyes are down here i look at a girl with like eyelash extensions and a walk way been like well is really pretty eyes and then later on i'll be like oh sheaf she fooled me yeah under the guise of trying to look for i don't i do not know i would notice of it didn't have eyelashes but i dont think i would notice any did varying length of eyelashes you
good but you guys know those things tat were where guys like i like a girl who just like doesn't really need make up like in opera make up every day you so much prettier that make it had cap roaming about react one very buccaneering it's i'm gonna be thirty eight weeks pregnant better day congrats how long's at thirty eight weeks loop almost wake lip overdo it he's i see his face he's in pain no papa not not months we very very bad for weeks and among the abbot some some ex some months have like four yeah through sport i math so thirty eight thirty eight desires likewise nine months i'm gonna get button bobo's revolves he's got but how would be a problem yes we want it happened sometimes so she's ready to explode yeah and i'm wondering i don't do that to us
you baby i'll just say in months don't do the don't do the weeks noise is gonna be apparently psychology baby there like might be at least two months twenty nine months old if six lock suiting weeks yeah also this baby oh maybe do my already millennial staying at home with its mom you're it's in its moms basements s get out get a job ok i'm wondering if you have any tips on how not to go into labor before my due date we how will i know when i'm in labour you do too thirty pass so you already fuck that up because you're gone by baba's math you are we past it so you labour www water breaks so just drinking water and a cambric yeah the baby love it if it feels like a fort is probably baby that's the old saying oh i think if you just like there's gravity that pose a baby out so if you just sleep upside down all the time you will get one of those todd hayley back machines yeah with is probably tat his wife
super brilliant she's a gunman restrict instructions and not give birth laughter for policies hey guys especially all of you because i love you all equally us why is it a good idea to drink lots of kramer juice when you get a you too you t i please please said good cause good question so i think it's because the cranberries are very bitter and your p is very was based in cranberries have ass it i just know the departed say when he smashes those drink like what you a new period i also thank you for all i know about that this is a big big came by ocean spray the shortest so more cranberry juice yeah causing subjects it says you fucked up because you feel ashamed by cruder encourages criminals lucius stray cardinals fuckin cram all day subdued especially fifty sup
question is how can one a new mom here's another baby cry they leak milk that struggle very true you have to happen so it's on the eyes i sought on the off is when i watch when i watch a leg perking commercial my mouth yeah or like when you watch porn illusory come comes out yeah does exactly you're not enough if you sitting here woman mon that's a well for me i did not that is actually the exact same responses like watching porn and getting a boner is when a woman here's baby cry there like oh my body needs to feed that thing got it won't happen if there's been kyra me are you i liked it those pepper mariner saucer come out the gentlemen new oh ok i'm not a new mob not that you know oh ok last one i need your help
me my acts were separated for a few months and got back together we ve been hanging out gonna family events and even sleeping together again we say we love each other and act as a couple again but he has asked me to be his girlfriend he even addressed me a friend when someone asked who use with on the phone o any advice fact pregnancy genuine i like that far from our fake a death fake a definite family noses like don't get my diet father died can you from the funeral have your as my boyfriend can you come to the fuel but she says they ve known family that ok here's where began their real thing doesn't know how to talk to women here's what here's what you do you have your best friend call him and be like hey i'm sorry to tell you this but your friend passed away the funerals on saturday see if he shows up with another girl to the funeral
once he knows you're out a picture does you bring his dates funeral that somewhere i would say yeah you're fucked he's you just get away from he doesn't respect you so you need to dump his ass but you're not really doing again so that she don't say dump ask anybody we weren't just i don't know what you did earlier faking duty i yes but grandparent useful goblins best friend there it is thanks hank we finally got at night pussy everyone friday and i fell weak for preview get excited see then love yes do you
ah my two preserved by law school students
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