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Greg Olsen & George Kittle, The Process Is Officially Dead, Nets/Bucks And Monday Reading

2021-06-21 | 🔗
The Process is officially dead. Ben Simmons is afraid to shoot a basketball (2:40 - 15:45). Nets/Bucks Game 7 was an all time great + the Suns keep rolling (15:45 - 31:59) . Hockey talk and US Open recap (31:59 - 42:13). Who's back of the week (42:13 - 53:44). Greg Olsen and George Kittle join the show to talk about Tight End University, respecting Tight Ends, Tebow as a Tight End, and Greg tells us about his son's heart transplant (53:44 - 99:35). Monday Reading and Hanks announcement and we finish with Billy's recap.
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On today's pardon my take, we have Greg Olsson and George Kittle interviewed together for tighter university Ranger Greg. Gregson Gregg, both good for the programme long time, friends we had them on also Gregg. Also, we asked him about his son, who just had a heart transplant, very emotional, but great, listen, check it out? We are going to talk about the death of the process. We are going to take what game seven box nets we're going to talk a little hockey. we're gonna talk a little. U S open price, and a sham blow. Hoo hoo. Yeah! That's out of the little preview for what we're gonNA thought, bigger, icon, Dyson December, because he blew Damn duchess listen buckle up for more. We also have Monday reading and Billy he's got his recap of the show. So pack pack show we brought you our friends at Chevy, so rod or the strongest most advanced silverado ever
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latest truck, that's ever been created, the shabby silverado so taking a Chevy silverado are wonderful, sponsor. Ok, let's go love No, Its part in making profits what do part of my take your by Chevy surrounded the strongest most advanced silverado ever today is Monday June. Twenty First.
in the process is debt r, p our ip, we had a good run. We had a good run. This was gonna, be the policies and where we judge whether process is actually work turns out. They don't well, isn't it. You know what it was legacy game for, just ask its being able to shoot where I was at that, if you can shoot, probably gonna win in India play after asking to say it. I didn't think you'd catch up to him, but if finally did Ben Simmons just refuse sing to shoot a basket into a basket into a basket in a basketball game. It ended up that matters we ended up, not donkey, he's afraid, Duncan taught me tat if he, if he had the opportunity to go up, would you like it? solid to footed to hand slammed dug from inside the protected circle. I don't think he'd be. Afraid of the basket. In those circumstances we put hold on Pfc remarks your tree young was there
tourism outwards. That's a scary thing now actually like now go back on my take that he should try dumping free throws, because that would work either. No, nothing works. E g Kitty S allergic. I've never seen anyone just be like not going to shoot under any circumstances, so we lot to talk about, but let's start with some Ben summits, that's so We talk about this on Thursday show. Ben Simmons now officially finished the last for games this series without attempting a single feasible in the fourth quarter. That's your point honestly press. If that's your point guard, he attempted three feel goals in the fourth quarter of this entire series to him. The first He did Finnish perfect three, four three, so there's one nice spins, because he is now out of the players. Ben Simmons has the lowest freak a percentage in a single playoffs in mba history, so he be our shock. He was thirty four point: two percent Shack worse season. I play off history, thirty, seven point four. So that's
that's the another bad stat and then finally I mean Ben Simmons. I don't eat it, you see afterwards Doc rivers was ass. They can he be appoint guard on a championship. T music, I dont know the answer will see. I will say done. That's not great, is not great. When your head coach, saying that like do you think that you can win an mba game we ve been. Some is, as your point guard and I M Bp candidate Vincent and I feel really bad for six years for northern Hake really of Hake, chance judges, rip them upon which he will housing feel bad for been sentence No, I don't, I imagine. Ok, I don't imagine making this this stage in your professional career only too discover your one glaring weakness, which is you can't school and I I know I know you can't shoot him. You know he'd, he is afraid of shooting. Yet I don't think you physically can shoot. I think
he is in fact right handed and Kevin. Oconnor has apparently been on this for a while. Now he's a lot of people think that he is right here. No he's not. There is dominant yet neither hand he doesn't have a hand that were no hands our word Benson issued he. I always thought that that saying the wing its key Michael Scott Quote- didn't really make them much sense. He actually proves that you do in fact miss a hundred percent of the shots at you. Don't take yet like saying Benjamin's can't shoot is actually wrong because we'll know it's right in that he would. When you say you can't shoot your say, he's a bad shooter. He can't shoot in that. He he mentally cannot himself, shoot you think, he's gotta that disease, the brain thing where you're afraid of holes remember with My thoughts came on everybody, pretending to be afraid of a cow. I was like the even know. That's phobia trips, Robia might be afraid of who needs to get hidden in the eyes of those three rip exotic leubronn. I it's that clip of him passing on the ball when he was standing under the hoop
three young coming over he's got my foot on. was just it's insane. I dont know how that happens in a basketball game, pink the forest This quote. Just came out like a few minutes, see providences. Joel indeed said I'll be honest. I thought the turning point was when we I don't know how to say it is when we have open shot and we made one free throw. Yes, the delay in that makes perfect sense. You, kids, huh hi out there. Who does That would be like if we went out there. I know I know. Obviously, Benson is a great defender of not knocking him buried at eleven assist like keep or fourteen or no hid. Sorry, thirteen assess so he's doing stuff that have an impact on the game put it. you put any of us in an mba game? We
pass up open, looks because Ruby afraid of getting blocked like we would do the same thing. The only person s compare emigration rondeau early in his career was kind of like our. He just didn't shooter look for office, but he also would at least should lapse and, like you know, if you need to get a shot, he would get a shot yet airline coinage oily he would lay up. You should probably consider taking the openly yet joke. You know not look at the hoop when he was like the at the FAO line, but he would still just to keep modest, do, is weird motion. I it's just it's absolutely. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it in list. We also need to put some blame on doc. Rivers who, like we went through that on Thursday, but he's has not a great. History outside of the one championship, and indeed look indeed isn't great great player, and he's the guy you're gonna build around if you're the Sixers. but he was so sloppy leg. He just aegis sloppy guy. He loves fallen down. I think it a turtle I think his hands might be too big operator. Just he's all fingers, yes doing. A lot of poking
and there were either a few times, were always clear that he was gonna, be the person I was to provide all the offence and if you you make him drive to the hole in the fourth quarter. Here then like bouncing off actions. Every time like I he has a little mental issues like these an entire team of chalk NA blocks age, we're gonNA, throw the border first base itself, except the only guy who plays doc. Rivers on Son Verve Earth, eyes, son in law whose out you're playing in curry, who actually was playing well but that's pretty much it and he was one guarding cabinet, yeah yeah, I heard her- we left the hospital we got it. But I want to say one thing, though, for the six response. I actually enough time MS pass in hours passed since the end of the game. I We think that if here this sector's fan, in a weird way. This is for the good, and I know that makes no sense on face value because you can go through the entire processing. You point two million different things that went wrong
You wish you Jason Tatum. All these things you, you know we wish it kept Jimmy Butler Tray of James ON, but the end. today, this Who is going to happen? No matter what Ben Simmons does not. He does not want to shoot basketball that they ve lost, so much value with him. Of course, of course, but it's better you find out in such a spectacular failure, then did have to be like a slow like air from a thousand paper cuts where he kind. It doesn't show up for series at a time better that it happens in a great big way, that's impossible to ignore young, he could go somewhere else and been asked, but in some someone will think I think he's still trade value, because someone will think I can fix that I can make him better cause. He still has a levels to his game. Adjust the point of shooting a boy ball into a hoop is the game, and he just doesn't want to do that. You might be the best pillar in the NBA if there wasn't a basket. Yes,
if you ever, if actually use, keep away if it was, if it was hooters when they're not a lot, no, they didn't get to play with a basketball. When that that seem, when they got to prattle, they were able to practise the basketball forkel the four corners era. yeah, I'm better limits or Billy. I just I If your sixers fan in a weird deep down way, I know how terrible decision that was truly horrific the weight oh unfolded and the way they lost these games. I I really You think, there's a silver lining of like this one, they're going to work, and now at least has to change and also, if you're, a philadelphian your journey, mindset is always just being pissed off at your sports teams: popularized listen! This is like you're like a duck in water fearfully fan because now get to call into aunt, began and Angelo. And we ll get a blow the whole thing up again. I'll take my answer off the air you know like this is, what you practice for your whole life. Yes, it the in Philadelphia became an elite sport city I mean, will listen, but this way for they won the Superbowl, they they Greece up.
There are other light poles people climb up them Who knows how many lives were saved by been summoned not being able to choose its true yet yet if Europe's Sixers failure Philly family? Now, pop in the super dvd. You think about chase softly and Jimmy Rawlins annually. Scanner actually for the better, because this was never gonna work and you hope you get someone who can make job. Bead not have to turn the ball over and every fourth quarter and fall on the ground because he's the only often I do we give credit the Hawks, Kevin heard or MAX contract right now sign it. That was a legacy game for him and so tray young was terrible. Tonight we can all agree I the ooze probably the most fascinating came to watch in that it wasn't. A very like great game gave seven nets. Box was a great game. This this game, those so fastening, because you had one guy in Ben Simmons, who refused to shoot and then you a tray young whose, having a terrible terrible night and still was fuck it I'm shooting every shot from work
ever and he ends up like it was a great night firm. He did still make it happen, desist put the hawks and general no one pair them to go to these circumference conference final, the there a great story. There alike I'm seeing here and I'm still thing like the six were better team, but the hawks are to win the series they were resilient, like they came back from those games that they won. Where was just forever for the six hours and they deserve all the credit entry on the superstar and we get to see another couple weeks, a tray young, doing just silence in crowds the emerge The tray young. The troll has been my favorite part of these play off, with the exception of the sons and for Guy but like I'd love watching people get pissed off a tree on does he seems to actually enjoy. Playing that rule of being the heel. Oh yeah, really good. At earlier I mean I'm trying to like, I was all worked up for net sixers next round on trying to figure out ways where I'm gonna pretend I'm actually excited about Hawks Box Kevin. Her, wheat nickname
they called red velvet, that's, which is amazing. If you're red headed blur you're either gonna have the best nickname of all time or the worst. Yes, it's like the most They are extremely polarizing thing. If you have a ginger, that's good at sports. because either have to like just com. the red, Mama Excalibur, meaning but red velvet is just it's the smooth movement yeah its biggest. They deserve a tonic credit because I just I didn't expect this and was deadly wrong. Entry on is the have that type a guy on your team who is even if it's not going well for him. He's like one he's, gonna help in other ways, but two He's never going to stop here. the exact polar up, The confidence of Benson he could miss. a hundred shots in a row and he was still take a three pointer from the logo and be like this one's going. Next, one pensions will pass up a million shots in a row. in the millionth one. You like up still gonna pass it up too scared Yeah, we sweet Lou, will too young Purlieu
John Colleges, jumping over people, I'm in their funding and its I'll talk myself into in the the crowds of awesome like yeah. What would get into this? It's good! It's good! things look. What do I see the nets, but it's good. It's good guys! hey: do you have any last last thoughts for Philadelphia, There are no that you, it's kind of like a tough love situation between my view, grown to respect them on the area They tried their hardest spending twenty years since they made the eastern conference finals. There were so close this year and I think a venture either they're gonna make it to the user commerce, violence, identity reputation. I do believe I truly believe in as much as I've said bad things about Philly. It's only been the out my honest opinion and I you believe. Eventually they will make it to these and convert finals lets. You know, I trust the process you can you. Can you go to bed at night being a gear, few or pieces here and their different coach. At some point, it's gonna. bunch of injuries to other team and other players? We can make a wonderful
Donovan. Zella Catalina is losing a start or anything and one of their best bunch, wheres yeah, but bogged down. Definitely you know sport is always forget, tone, now as on the hawks and if tony snow like the hawks play the sons and its Tony SNL verse campaign in the in the files. I would be very funny for me just me personally, pretty much, but the hawks of credit I want to give. I want to make sure that we stop pause and say that this deserves atomic credit because they know they just haven't given up like they have been people pick the next people pick the Sixers and they just fuckin if they have to win an ugly. They were ugly if they have to win it, which are young hitting every shot. They want it that way, Bogdanov which all those guys Kevin harder is like. Fuck the cavern heard her game happened that happened Kevin heard. Her game happened while a sock nets box. So I was there It was an awesome game, incredible game it
in all time, so an arena moments, at the end, flushing so the cabin around shot to end regulation. That doesn't happen if it wasn't for the turnover right before that yeah, like the game, was pretty much over yes, but it was that still don't know how they didn't like that. I guess you, don't want to bring a double with like six seconds, but you it was so like I've never been in my words like the he's gonna make the shot, no matter what it is whether the three or two I thought it was a three when he hid it yeah right. Why I did not. I never thought it was three other the. I posted a clip on my room stories. the jumbotron said three points that start which sauce and they brought out the ropes yeah word for the front row sit till I get off yet, as I wait that was definitely to porter but it did he actually change into small issues right after that somebody, joking about how I got they pulled the wool over. My put that that end
the game shop. I that, One was an all time. We talked about the moments that, like the sounds that happen in arenas, the shriek the stun silence to her Kevin rare air ball, the three pointer after an unbelievable game where he put his nets on his back and play too, but he did everything for them every looked around like wait. There wasn't a foul what happened and what had to be Blaylock. Is this something in there's only why three seconds left they something's wrong turns its back. However, as I know, this isn't the ending like the turn. The machines back, I've gotta replay, no tat is that's the Buffalo Wild wing, suffocation of sports that we're seeing yes, like any time, a big team experience his heartbreak, like that, you do have that second, because you think maybe we're gonna get built. If Socrates, maybe the air, saw something different right, like a goals, never really goal until it's like cemented in stone, but on a play like dad just like it ends with a whimper, click. Ok. What next
we think this has to happen. We talk about old time with football when you have a play, any just sit there on a fourth down like so the flags coming in wages. Doesn't you wait that beat that be? happened in the entire arena and ever like. Oh wait it oh you wait for the rapporteur, huddled up and then denounces. I wonder what you're talking about and then you have another fifteen seconds where there is actually say. No, this point three seconds force. The game is fully over, so that was the only a third time and games seven history. This was a staff from our friend cuckolds, very time, games, seven history, doing forty point performances which is the other times were Paul peers, versatile Bronte, dominate, in SAM Jones, verse, Oscar robs in nineteen sixty three, which we obviously remember that game? Ah I, thirdly, I think have internet like gained from this, oh yeah, I need a shot at the in a regulation. Was huge in just the way this is like hard and going down Tiree going down. the game. Five, this guy
forty eight points where he just was so incredible. I think maybe I gained because, obviously you didn't go to the final- doesn't go to the conference finals, but I think p appreciate having to read more than they ever have. Watching him play without players and in it being as incredible as in any at an all time, sad face two. After that I felt so bad formula take a puppy. He thought that the machines will broke. Azure he's got my shot down you. It was the weirdest feeling everyone was looking around like wheat, that's him because he tried to do the exact same shot pulled off earlier, and you know I only saw this. The shock goes in running. I saw it happened like five minutes ago. This that shot win in the basket. Catherine, doesn't airborne shots as part of what he was thinking? Use are coming to rent, doesn't airborne Kevin? What are you doing here is tough. It was tough to see Blake's performance. I think he how many times this blue dive on the floor during one game. He was also he loves the floor. He was written grit and grind yeah. All night long in the box deserve a tunnel,
yeah it's. Obviously this is gonna, be it. be their best chance when a title, especially now that it's the hawks no no offence the hawks, but I think people would pick the box over the hawks It also has a great lesson in it. Doesn't it doesn't matter if you suck is orange, can make some big shots at the end, because, There was a moment going into the fourth quarter, where drew holiday. Two for seventeen, and Chris Milton was for four sixteen and they What like drew already had a John Starks Game gone, he was terrible. He was terrible, he ends going? Three, four six in his last six futile attempts. Chris Milton goes five or ten is last ten, and it's like that. You can see, for three quarters, and that was kind of the differences. Those guys started, making some shots and helping us out and that made difference in the entire get. Also like coach bug, scourge buds. Has this look on his face all the time lackeys he's got resting scared face he just here,
Five of everything is added. He makes good moves. I think was it a few years ago where we were like lamenting the loss of Joe Bronte Yank, as he was all time faced guy here and I think buds isn't worthy heir apparent that he looks like a dad who's coming down to tell the kids at the sleep over to like be quiet but he's also little intimidated by the kids like this. When he's a long one big kiss a little bit like they might kick my ass, but he's got the real economy, messy hair, messy facial, hair, barely slap and he's like hey. Can you guys keep it? You know what he passed your fun I'll just go back upstairs. You are like a dead that gets called infer like a parent teacher like counselling session and he's not sure what the news is going to be pretty does know that his son very much did not want him to go to this meeting just tire easy, just tired, tired and stared at his age. He looks terrified over time, but I loved, but I like the box like their fans. That's the only thing but for a young is like I want. tray young can muster up hatred towards the city Milwaukee. They seem to be handled
I, like the sons of the east, I think everyone can do that. I think that's what makes for young special. I became mustard up for anyone, they'd always say you can play the respective rising youngest good. I muster up respect Virgin everybody in the media. I feel like we're overdue for him to be. Like no one said that we could be. They all said that we're gonna lose the first of which is true ya. I think yeah. We definitely said that so just play like us first World carburetor, yet the furthest from her like just storyline perspective. It also great like that that's losing coming back next year. There probably bring everyone back, though, be a super team, but it does feel it. Have to earn it'll James Hoddan could also get really fat this off season, because with hamstring he's, to give that rest for probably like a month there were more than half the first half, I forget how much it sucks to watch James ardently basketball when he's just looking give out and he's not looking too, I do anything but Gifftheil fouled, I actually
it will they gotta get a little bit more Brooklyn with their game I think, might run for was right yeah. How do we add, like an element of Brooklyn this to the Brooklyn, true, I I had a like one of those moments posts covered where you realize how much you missed the little things. I walking out of the arena, I just talking about like James Harden fowls and it's like a spirited debate with a complete stranger about what James hardens fault, for trying to flop over its arrest fault for allowing that unlike You know letting him doing and then giving him, free throws all the time and it was great, like men. This was one that we would. You know when you like, accidently hit the same places. A stranger walk. Another story up. My word is walking together for a couple blocks. You that's a major dewdrops situated I'll. Just like you know that was cool are at sea. Have we had to take yet the James Hardened gets injured because he jumps into fowls like get? Jobs are weird angles. I mean he doesn't get into that much per year, easy, but this I got corrected by that this year
yeah they off. What I see right now became. What are you all right now is very injured. James Hardy, It was I don't know I mean it's. It's weird, having both the nets in the Sixers whenever one thought that it was gonna, be like a collision course yeah to have that be but hey, HAWK sandbox, we're going to fucking enjoy the hell out of David Stern. Would never let this happen ever ever ever. Adam silver was definitely like. What's the name of our mayor here in New York City, the blood to bless you I weren't Wilhelm raided, the blog he's deftly was looked like deplores Yo Sinnott home with his nets. Jersey nets had on the item. Seven yeah like let's go voice. We got this continent. I want to play to get a chip. I did too, but you know what I just want to see. Dax or hopefully is hopefully stays. Hopefully, you know We're gonna, get him on this summer, hopefully stays. Hopefully he gets a chip. Lenin said he their earnings yeah. Therefore asian again, yes, yes and writing this, So, like you, Big Blair,
when these- and it comes back for two days- and you start mumbling your word also- and this was the curse of lucky leprechaun yeah- sure to have their say that the Celtics beaten, that's how closely the inquiry was coming back and playing probably like ninety five percent use. I want to reply difficult if I wait for following the conference, for I see that, for you Oh casually was ready Miller right. yeah I had rested chairman to read and James Harden forget: do we adulation O Reggie Miller and apologies Reggie, I'm sorry Kevin, rent, Rina ghastly overtime, which he absolutely sure because he played every minute any put the team on his back, but yet he could use a couple of minutes a couple days. Yet this arrest our sons or wagon. No, Chris Paul. No, quite so, I think that even set out Devon Booker was in saying scored.
what he had eleven points going to have them at the unit with forty also that the clippers game six on fraud- and I was one of the crazy swings in Bela Abilene yeah. Yes, it was crazy and then after the game in their interviewing man, because it was the tenants, Manga right up there with tears and their interviewing him and Paul George at the same time, Paul George was one of the best spend zones that I've ever seen. He was you know, I always knew the Terence had this item because Look at him? I'm, like you know what he reminds me. A lot of major Paul Georgia's is is like a hall of fame. Let him answer a question for too long leg. If he gets do if he can two more than thirty seconds he's going to say something not by terror. We'll just ridiculous. No that was, I love it and get it. I could see the wheels turning it as do Gee up acted eager? I think that's how oil p up. You just answer a question. You got too far down the road and he was like yeah
call me play up and then bombers pump to be their bomber. You'd bars, though, is the living definition of the word pumps. Yes, he's just pumped all day every day. What's up? If I was a billionaire laxity bomber in the coach, wasn't wearing a mask like, I feel it. I just want to wear masks you my own routine lesson courts. I am I going to regulate these shyest like most uncomfortable mass here's. My son come. I think, he's got like some sort of immune, issue, maybe not him, but maybe somebody closing Zizi only person, this wife, and I also think that want when you get to a certain level of richness. You are like life is so sweet. I don't want to die. Any circumstance waiting. I would I if I were is level rich. I Polly, where mass all the times it, but you know what even a common cold like this. I forgot right now is so
Fuckin sweet are not given enough for any. He also, probably a billion are walks into the room with the unwashed masses is a guy. I know what these ports have right. Exactly don't have asked all the future medicine I do he's gotta he's gonna make sure he keeps clean is very uncomfortable. Mass. His hug of Paul George was very funny, though he was just it's been a it's been a very funny hug players. If national yam governed ran after gave five was ass. Did you see that video Steve Bomber just clapping it up in a room? Just go? Yes? Yes, yes, yes, sweating through his shirt, he wakes up when he makes Chris Berman look like the driest man, America. I think the shower just never takes no shadow white Socrates, so Does the sun's Devon Booker, it was them book. Ob, says something for sons and for ten bucks. although son spans, we gotta,
I saw there is a new fight, video. Let's not make us a thing. This one looked a little less chill. Yet this one wasn't that we saw the field video down like you were a half second way from the curbstone yeah was it was bad. It was bad the sons and for regional video. If you watch the whole video dixons for guy had a Forbear Paradise had which shot out there, who got beat up, who didn't post interview I, actually respect I've swung. I now like doc. I begin to get me. Go viral inability, know what I want my name and face more out there. That takes a level of like lack of self awareness, the average
Spire to know this guy just likes having his name on the internet. Young, like he likes opening up an app like twitter and seeing his own face on rising him. That's fame rough around and you can do, is to graphic. He should actually try to fight southern forego rough rowdy. We would do it would put our fight or she liked how you saying that I just got scratched on my nose and never actually got punched on it. You're crazy, like I have a black, I dont have a black give me another week. I'm gonna think he actually won the fight. That's yes but yet the sun's their wagon. We need to ask, though, like whose man's is that team is Chris Paul Seymour's, Devon, Booker, seeing eye who's that man whose Robin I think they have the perfect age disparity workers, Paul's old enough for users like yeah step one Merwin young guy who's rat, whose Batman and whose Catwoman knock inner pussy. damn because I'm in yeah, but he also, I probably defers Chris Paul, I think it's like an old like old dog young dog words like the old dog, no
All the tricks put. Sometimes, you need the young dog to go run down the tennis ball when, like it's just that is the reality of it. So Devon. Hocker is needed very much so to be that guy can carry the tea. What's Goin on appoint the young dog, also Gipsy old dog alive longer, with the exception of champion major therapy, That's why a lot of people getting underdog yeah, because it it keeps the older one active. So he added for both. Yes, so forty point triple double Fordham Booker insane game insane game by us that he had turkey at eleven points going into hafta. and then he just went off in plant. He's been plain really well, but not enough for Devon Book. play off. Ok yeah you ve definitely deserves all credit for that. You touch us ears because quite at her nose, it Ike what is welcome back? We don't know Cancer does actually have the cocoa. I dont know Arcy like in advance protocol stages because he was exposed when it was yet a vaccine. So
you don't have to be in- I think he's got coca. I think he does ok, ok. If, though, brought out- and he would more entertaining but his symptom free symptom, free, ok, Debbie Booker's got this- have in the cars the dim bucker drives into therein everyday fucking or similar those spiders. Whether he had we largely is a different one. Every time at school in there all like, old, scooped, up, Cadillac Scobie, tougher Benson too, like that is, as ex girlfriend now dating Booker. Any input actually like knows how to shoot a basket. Alright hoop right, he could find a heart thou. One stats did after the part that really kill sets an upper. What is spent like Benson is: what do you do? read it summarised as internal market fought, also contribute in front of a true tributes. Got it changes in arriving at issue in Orlando he learned how to shatter sort of better. But I remember my don't open water, let you rock was on it yet only because he is a little more fixed about What about hypnotists that's what I will go for a thousand sixers, just like
get the man in black thing in a raise their entire memory. This entire play officers you're. The problem is I actually now talking myself into like a kind of want Benson on the bulls. just because you six tenderly on re defence and like oh, my God, skills that he has. If he could ever learn? I think he's going to be good. paid a lot of money. and beyond, like four five teams in ever, teams are like if we can teach him how to shoot he could be one of the best players, the Abuja, how it is you run a forty five so that you could be where you can learn how long you can learn how to shoot This all learn how to shoot region, Rhonda, learn attitude, He knows everything else is. Everything else is just the shooting part which is important, we should keep dress. Yes, very poor arrival. I think more important than the shooting is is the mental aspect of I dont want to shoot. I think right just doesn't like shooting right. Man hockey talk real, quick gold nights, high up the series with Canadians which actually kind of socks at the decay and were
until late. I think in the third period they blew that one they got their own goal. The flurry, Lydia? He was trying to clear the pot behind the net and it like kicked out and they discordant without those with like thirty. Second, I was last game tonight. they want and over together what does its one another's bench florry today, and that no one really saw coming into what happened, which been happening. The playoffs with em he's doing whatever the opposite of standing on your head. Is he said a real sitting. There may be a thing where they they could come back, beat the Canadians and then floors back in that next year. The islanders game was incredible. That I mean I the point of going home and watching it after I left the next game and it was like. I I saw retreating about it. Now. can't be this good end. Then I wash how the fuck did this happen so it was incredible and shallow all the people. who, when I was like when when game seven is going on and it was incredible and everyone was talking about it. I, like this game, is awesome, shut up,
the guys who replied like you talk about hockey right hockey aims better, just always a competition. I love that. I appreciate that it's it's good you ve got rivalry fresh for everyone, but that islanders game was awesome and we might the colleague gave sex. Maybe last came over right. Should you learn Please learn them. get loud in that place, but life there's were removed. There's just really the copyright, but a nice situation, Ukiah well Buttered, IFOR way in there just p before you go because there's like two bathrooms in the entire region. All the way around in the context of sittings I study annex reminds us of the deep upward boys trash cans work. I do break the seal on Saturday night until like in the third quarter. I've never been more progress. That does it, oh god, if you still got a situation today, I dont have they still make it there. Was this invention, like ten fifteen years ago, called the stadium bell and what arise. It was essentially just like
condom that you put on the Tipp your p p and they had like to that ran to a bag on your side. So to a game just piss on yourself, all that yeah I we should do that, which should do you can type up and stating absolutely I switch off some. U S open! I'm happy! We can talk yourself because There was a moment on Sunday afternoon, where if I were allowed to tweet so things I would tweet. I will tweeted Bryce into sham bow. Wins this? U S open, I'm going to kill myself! I didn't mean it because you're not laudatory, they would have been my account, but I was thinking it at that moment? Thank God. he socks, because so it was, he was minus five through aid with the solo lead and then he finished end up vision tied for twenty six yeah. I mean we call him a lot of stuff on there, so we ve caught on steroids, user, cheater dork a loser a nerd. What else have we
snow man, snow man, we call molasses, but we ve never call him a quitter until today, and he quit when is when is a giant cleats. didn't save him? What was the thirteenth all on that drive that his foot slipped off mushroom on his left foot. At that Bryson was like, I don't want to out here anymore, any quit he mentally. He is mentally weak, golfer yeah it. I already knew because he's like having heart attacks, because somebody's calling by the wrong name right, but this way This was even noteworthy for Bryson to show his lack of mental toughness shot out. The guy who, after Bryson sculled one over the green was like, should use a calculator on that one doubt that funny Chirrup John Wrong, though was there was a moment like maybe like the clock, six o clock at night on Sunday, where felt, like everyone wanted to lose you s open. No one wanted to win it p. More just plodding, left and right, but John Rob finishes with two insane pots. He also
He was the guy who, I think, if you talk to anyone, a golf he's like oh yeah who's, the best call for ransom broken through It's John Raw yeah. Eighty had the covert thing to each vehicle. Worry. He ended up, not oh how to pull out what he's got stroke. We going in Sunday, I love is look he's got you know. Every golfer either looks like a May. Seated batboy like to just get stung by bees. He looks like he's having the allergic reaction to the be he just a swollen person He just has a nice pout. Yea is a nice like strength that comes from his belly up there. You just know how he's gonna be able as a huge war days of golf big face to head John Wrongs being giant job like six to yet the six six John Wrong. Actually Harry saw machine, a cock driving in a little many sports garners like Democrats too big for them, and his wife has an absolute cannon. I don't have you seen the clips of liking. Just some training camp. Some seem like environment. I dont know what team was okay. We should get John ROM out here to catch a couple balls, his wife. Through
Thirty five yards spiral on a dime yeah. I guess he's off, they also got engaged ituri points are maybe married. A toy points are really so very precise home track. So I had to the if you never listened a gulf on the radio, it's very fun. so I listen closed. I I was driving into work. I don't use like around like whole thirteen or fourteen I put on the radio interesting experience the only thing I really picked up from it. Do you know ooh stations, name Louis, says yet you know his name is not Louis who says know his name is low, load a whit, wickets Theodorus boost haze, that's Secondly, does the classic south african team? These said it yeah like? What do they saying right? A load a week is a low D. W. I see? U S Theodorus boosting Satins South south on the south african people. They like name their kids, you name it like a Greek when the lesser known, greek gods awesome its gives a little bit a class to it.
It Brooks was awesome easier, always got me. Injury cut came back from her serious seriously injury, months ago, any still this force so now is second in forth. Many many is never finished behind Bryson at a major in which they have failed I had a moment on Friday that an electronic check myself, my son's birthday turned to on Saturday in so his birthday party, with all his friends on Friday, so we had like kids over, unlike the parents, We had the? U S open on, and one the parents came over his like. Oh how's Bryson doing and I looked him dead. The eyes like were a fuck price, indecent, bow, Housel justly, and then I had to be light weight. You you're a two year olds Birthday party. Like this is gonna, be tough to explain who address. Oh, I wish I had a moment whereas, like you know what may be the
maybe I need to cool off on the rifle. No, you gotta, keep you don't turn down from ten became so confused like. Why did you just say that ignore all shut out to the Gulf Stream or whether that I feel like we sat? He has often said off. Streak ran out there. He two balls with them. He had a you brought his own golf club. You are allowed to do that. You just go to a government with a club like like its emit. They take to baseball game. Dude I saw guy, it's nets came with a basketball, that's us so who I almost it out his hands, but who does that you're? Just a he's, probably like everyone through the concourse cross and people are not a kid yeah a kid like Bali like why. Some pretty sure they sell, he was it was not a sold one, it wasn't. A team logo standard will. Sinners childish wall is truly life. I'm going to this basketball game on bringing about. Oh also, Jake put our minor in the file for us, Tibet, the offenders and all the first week of India Games next year, because her switch balls, narrow the yeah, but
I guess you can bring a club, but why are people bring full bags? I went to one you are so, but I wore Gulf Glove a guy? I also like to do TAT Chopin spikes up, like you, get better traction as her walk again as it as our chasing down their favorite golfer, almost rising to use them. He could have shot up to the guy that left his fur case of Stella when brightens ball, just like hitting nestled up right to decide there a lot of weird shots. Let a weird stuff was happening the afternoon on the back. was it shall flys Bore got stuff. In a tree in drafting it off the golf cart, always the Gulf path. Bizarre and toy pines is weird because you have people Para sailing in what What is called pursuing. They were the Keimer materially, we're like they were taken, the spot of where you traditional, have the good you're blimp, but nobody knows rifts above other got regular guys you're doing, though I do not feel all the people out there just had camera. No, I don't think so. No. Those were just now
seems to me like a dozen, when you had only seen like a Gulf videogame, yes and it just yet like in sixty four yeah, And it was just wasn't me: thou so was probably like good, Paris, ailing Gazette Para selling Pair sailor, kite boarding type or something I don't think it windsurfing Windsor, I couldn't see calls I guess. Had the technically are winds, they are windsurfing glass, not win. Windsor, I think they're prior guided Paraguayan UKIP, nothing like what, if one of them crashes my question to each other, because you don't have like air traffic control telling you where to turn. It is you're in the sky. The sky belongs to God. Wasn't there one of those at the soccer game they crashed Harris, shewed Harry suited James almost took out a full role- people? Yes, I think I caught on the spider came actually when he had learned anything from the euros that we should talk about. People got really bags, it puts that screen shot of a noble Germany fairly. He went box to box. Germany and Netherlands. Look good France,
ok and bodies, and I have read such bad. Another look, ok, they all that was the loss of the title is one one island, one loss of time, which happens England had one we're lost, picked her skull and zero zero new melded were no mill, yeah became worse loss, vs or those with put some bad laws exclusively with aids. It's just it's gonna, be the same thing that happens all the time and soccer words just the same fourteen. in Europe are going to get to this. In my father's Gimme Germany, France, England It's gonna lose. This is my final, although I am addicted to saying it's coming home, ITALY and Spain. Yup hookers count o nice like that and we had no peel all this week, so, let's get through our, whose back the weak whose back the week is brought you by our friends of the cash app cash up his back the stock market is back. Investing through cash up is back in buying and Bitcoin super easy on the cash out, but, of course, redoubled, the cash up after their Frockcoat bar stool. Ten dollars for free ten dollars, a species, the cat
I will now sent ten dollars. The SBA like we said Anne you download the cash up like you said you can download it and by its Bitcoin Super super easy to do Della the cash out from the Appstore Google placed or today, ah Hake, your, whose back the weak alma, the week is rebel racing. one the one in France this week, and Now, two races, since we ve had him on and to two went to Horner is locked in on the toilet that he likes a person and there I think they're at first in an overall standing, our it rebels. Yes, they are in the constructors, constructors CUP, Andy or car out a good races, while in the empty F one bump is real. The first time I woke up. there were hung over and over again I can actually wash this it's kind of like we re at. We absolutely actually use. I love the show. I really do like a show of binge like two weeks. It still I'm getting used to watching lives and are not going to dwell, follow like whose doing well and
It is a little hard to follow and there are a lot of people online who were pretending. They know a lot more where it's like, just that, all just, let's all just emit here that we don't know what we're talking about. Morgan overtake us about the only thing we can figure it out, torsional whose push push push that was mega I'd, something about just waking up and having an announcer with an English accented soothing yeah. I've got a really bad take. but it's something I truly believe so share with you guys this from here. I think two cars or too loud we got it if they could make a large just like twenty percent. less noisy, You know what I'd be online, I was actually listening to and have worn pie cast no big deal. Exist already it is. they were actually say they were. They were lamenting that the cars are too soft, oh really, have gotten a lot softer with like The regulation, everything they used to be true amount, again,
Not actually. America must have an overriding right. I got my origins and can you take in fucking? Ok, I have a car, the blows your ears outcome edge about this I'll go either one of two ways with it make him a little bit softer or make him just really fucking yeah now would you say it doesn't sound like his right? Well, it just reminds me the views ale as in car, for where they're just there there in the background and it's a high pitched Tom S, kind of knowing. So if it was a little backwater, be happy or If it was just like make your balls shake, I would like that all without one, if you want to be real, I've won. Ok at the cars are too soft there too soft there's, it's become, busy raising toy Carson. as the Pacific of America Harp yeah, No sir, said a date that is like a big, that's actually real complaint. I am not yet who saw you talk me into it. I'm going to do with it is that I also track and field and swimming to season you, oh, I saw someone I care on Russia should have it somewhat trees out, and I thought was a great idea ever I'm sorry, there might give you credit.
Please let me know I'll give you credit the Olympics If they had a lane, for just regular average people for comparison would be so credit if they had the tenth lean in a swimming pool, be like Let's find us like a fish team pound, overweight guy and just let him swim just to show how slow and average person was. It would be so fascinated? Why? Because that another, two ideas that I would have forcible also like die. The pool, different colors, think Debbie sick. If it was like the Like Eastern Washington Field or the central Michigan like Gimme some day, looks to the playing field and then, if you took what, if, where those lanes just was, basically an aquarium, so he had all sorts of natural sea life in the pool, it was a glass that divided it, so they weren't gonna swim into the other guys lanes budget. like in the middle the pool you get some octopus is you get some flounder and maybe a couple sharks. I think I may say TAT was I typeset idea to mark Cubans
the real shark tank words to pool for sharks, and if you get to the other side, then you get investment in your deal yeah I'm not so it would be for the watchers get to where it would be nice to see some marine life in the water yeah. I at how bout just settle for the die the myth die, makes a color when you personal just so, you can watch which I had that person pets, yet they all do yeah. I know I know, but we find a watch in real time like up they passed up. They passed and if the die was actually brown to look like a shot and before you I just get normal people like a normal guy? Just throwing the shop put feet up it would just be a very positive thing to watch What you're, oh you're, whose back my whose back of the week is cash warmer customers akard bigeye my favorite baseball player cows, Wilbur he's in that for life, we love em in the city. We're gonna keep unrewarded, do whatever it takes to keep house warmer home.
Indeed see for as long as we can t embodies DC embodies trotted. Surely you can't know, I'm not lump saying I love em too he's right. When I guess I owe you try, looking like guys raising you like that guy is an east coast or for what I'm saying is I I love him. I'm happy that he's doing well, like he's the type a guy's retailer did, I don't like he could go to any teacup, maybe even I would even say I would probably not say, thou, but if he was on the cargoes news hitting alma that still like there'd be a small part of you like. a shorter you're. The best three homerun today to homerun yesterday is like an old, yet I think it for last week. Yes, I think he said what a home runs in the last week. Yes pretty good week for cash, what we were doing, what takes his your stand? You see her fully when several world series are thus going. a famous national, Mr Net is what we're going on it.
for mother, whose again you can't show em. Not I'm saying I learn our sworn house. Warbler knows Rosalie. You totally watched every word. I watch him today. I have I ever an alert that set up like remember when these cut into Mark Maguire Young is unknown wrenches, which warblers up it's like. I call swore bombs. Daddy's and a few of those we are enjoying it and then my other is back in a week- is burner accounts because Josh Alan allegedly has account was he joking about it? Definitely are you serious getting about four sway I read Billy's log about my God: let's go, and because this is TAT was like that I know that my blog, so those it's ok, I don't recall Billy's blog, I was hoping the Joshua would have had a burner. Account knows it was very clear joke. Ok, click Bateman. Click they move on Billy's pardon! You got click whereby leave with bated by Billy yeah well. ok,
my whose bags actually Billy, because I was walking by the Kitchen- and he was politely seriously, telling Hague that here do a little cycle of HIV Age, and I just I just felt good going from last week, we were in twenty six poverty is to this week were back to life, having someone just constantly push steroids on us. When I got my six backs coach, and that was one of suggestions are all on open. Aimless day, you got you a natural. the army. Now, obviously, you said no to the stores right. I am open. My ears are open university, HD, Asia. That's there he's trying to talk Hank down from doing so. Arms could use raising it like actually arms, yeah. That should I disarm it's. What is your arm? Someone tweeted. I mean when we had the computational like YO dude. You should definitely disarms so nice and billion extra disarms into credit once again, He had actually written a blog about the dangers of farms, So I got all my information from that. Ok,
there we go he's back rise, bow take your whose back and then we're gonna, get to George Kittle and Gregg. Also yes, triple plays, are back. O saw this yeah. The Yankees had a walk off triple pleaded. I has to be the first time. That's ever happened last night I now have a walk off defensive plus you tell us I now. Yes, no idea he counts. I think it's a walk out game wanting triple dear boy. I don't tell it I'll. Do the research, it's happened for TIM Curtain, wouldn't he was talking about earlier today. I think you said it was. thousand nine, maybe deal with them. It's fine, it's losin technical difficulties. It was sick, trouble plays. Are job ways should replace no hitters there could be no hitters. Actually, I think you should be able to get a run for triple play. What you mean you on defence, you should be able score run if you get a triple play. Yeah you should also be able to try to get a quadruple play,
that's, where run should happen, just keep They give us bases, loaded, try to get everybody out Kennedy I would, even, though you don't need to go on strike out, no there're, that's what should be those should be. If you can get to four out Then you gotta run. Ok yeah, so you can go now can do double play. One out you get a triple play, dash account as IRAN alike that yeah she always just trying to get the extra. You should absolutely figure out a way to score on defence. Instead of giving us like six more detonated, hitters, like I'm sure man, fraud is no tried. Do at some point this year just give us what the fans want and that's defensive runs for. Yes of you get if there's two out and you get a triple play that the two extra yup, so I'm still looking if it's right up there with the free through I write that down. While now. We know that this one's, not legal, that the freezer thing I knew that widely wouldn't listen to us Jake. You got it.
it's the first time in eight years, history. They turn a triple claimed one. We walk, aren't really only aiming at Yale twenty seven languages that are complex that why? Why to? What's that complex park, complex after a year ago, yeah you that circulars, now goodbye with pronunciation, sir Ah, you good sure of it. I'll get the answer for use in perfect. I must get your interview. We got Gregg Olsen George Kittle ah come up. Having a Titan university coming this week and we I thought you by our friends at simply save simply safe home security founders Chad and Eleanor Laurens Design, their first curious system in their kitchen for personal reason, their friends had just had their home broken into their strong fun security system that was simple to set up and would make them feel safe. Again,
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no check it out simply saved our p empty. Ok, here they are gradually. In George Kiddo. okay, we now welcome on varies I shall guess thanks for that, clap their I've. This is socks is we have Gregg Olsson and we have George capable. We call George Gregg so like my brains already confused, but we have Craig Olsson and George Kid They have tightened university coming up this week, so we want to get him on. Cars are both friends, long time, friends of the programme Greg I wanted to talk star with you. Can we do the like sentimental. Stop at the end. I don't want to cry, beginning Ali, the interview some done, but we will do that at the end. Whenever you your show about how's your father's day. It was also makes spent it watching my other son, my oldest son, play baseball in Charleston. Ok,
It was actually pretty arson and a pretty special fathers day because of poor. That way do you really want to get out of here? I think you're getting into our duty, and I want to give the people a tease the title and university hoo hoo decided that this is What you gonna do and was it like some kind of her tied ends are respected enough. All shall start with you Gregg now confuse, oh so George said so. Wait right. you tat. Why do you call George started Conan Gregg for it? It felt like it fit to be honest and then right after we start doing it right name, everybody else started calling him Gregg by accident. It was a good thing. Paean wrote an article in the headlines. It called you Gregg Kittle I did what it was in. This is gonna, be no further George, but I think we also we're, like George, is just not less the name of a dude whose gist throwing people are of women trucks, digging people, that's like, king in England or a bulldog like gold,
Georgia's grand, yeah, like George, doesn't fit this. dial the the. Poise, why? I will say I do use drag on my arm, my goober, my lips and my sword at its Gregg it'll. Just so people dont it's actually a while, while they'll never really that our skies yeah, I it's about the quantitative university. Tell us how started and wise grog, not invited wall. I so He was invited. He was invited clearly IRAN that we'll get to that. The second but really what happened was back in March? When I announced my retirement George Kennel, He might just set me like you can get Man, you're good, good, good career counterfeit We just sort of checks it back and forth. We had gone to know each other over the last couple years. We had the same marketing agent and just got to know it. For play. Anyone not end dumb he's, ok, you're gonna come down the national. I got like five or six
different. I don't believe you stay with me and train backyard hours ago. they sounds, awesome, Yalta, get down there and just from China text texting back and forth we kind of thought. Maybe they'll be something bigger involved and we said let calcium Bob? And he immediately said yes, so the three of us gonna jump a call and a handful of conversations later we got over fifty NFL tat. And come down the national, the Georgia's COD setting us down merits of the Saudis. He has access to remember a really just started organically from just a random text. Conversation after I retired so you invited grog, and you also invited Tito is. It has all is Debo there with you right now. Somebody George takers, one saw nothing against and table, but I found it hard to invite I wished, I think, the best retentive hobbyist fantastic cheese implanted in but hard for you to not invite. Like a back. I turned on, but saving your giants.
Supposing minor, guided you sorry, plaintively imposition, because these we do have limited spots. I wish it could make it a brand ever ever felt I did. It could come ever its successful to everybody, but like what we to do this year. Is we We wanted like the paper everything for the Titans account to count to make it a special like a vent for all tied ends and self by we we booked up an entire hotel there completely room further. Every room taken are all the block like we block office. Remembrance, workable, your rooms, and so I waited We thought would any like twenty guys an extra now without forty seven confirm because last week I think we just got past fifty bucks just like. Why, like that's a lot of guys that we weren't no, like we kind of expect, you guys want to jump in, but it just can't happen like that so our hopefully in the next year's calm. We can make it like open and available to everybody Just like a quick headline grab, would you to extend an invitation to TIM Timetable for next year's camp? Yes, It he's on roster this year, replace tight end. We would
to have em. We would love to work with them once ISA surely a tight, I would love to work with him. Ok, so here's a far less headliners a follow up question in an Gregg. I like no offense, Can t bow he does get people talking, but from from Europe. active. You played in the NFL for over a decade tight in principles. Everything what's the thing that like t bow or the casual fan, doesn't realise about playing the tight imposition they, like he's not going to be able to pick up overnight. What's the casino are you crazy athlete right great athlete point mightily, baseball, Heisman drove all these things, but what's the thing that it doesn't matter If he great everything else, but the one thing it's like you're, not gonna, be able to learn this in one. Many key this takes years and years of practice I think it's very unique to necessarily table right. I think here's what you say. piss me off hesitate enemy. I found maybe George vote the same way but like
there's one position in the NFL that gets older. I never played the position or aid and play the sport of football. Before read, I played rugby. I played basketball. I played australian rules, football idly revenues these guys. It never play today, let alone for Poland and when they want to make the transition to trying to Vienna fell like yeah. Listen make that guy today and I always used to take offence to that. You know like every any camp, every training. We'd have like random guys on our team, who never play football, and I was like. Why did the point guard who never made it from auburn like. Why did he never be made a safety? Why was it just The powerful, like I used to piss me off but you guys have no idea how hard the shit is like you are you guys have not a clue so like this? Isn't? U need to table? I just think everybody ex when their original position or sport comes to an end like african I'll. Just go play tight end. What it actually seems like maybe the hardest position to pick up:
You can do so much so decides horrible. What's this skill set that you'd, like would you say, is the hardest for a tight end? What's the the part of the game that that is most difficult to perfect for a tight end of the day- is the fact that you have. You have to be good at everything like you can't just but you can't you get. You can be an elite road runner you cash already, while you can run really well, but then, if you care, hold your own in the run game and you can't like they getting hit in the face by throwing a pound deepest. Then then, like you kind of have to kind of like, all players around you sort of Yacu being able to be the focal point, but I would be very good aspirin, ruddy rouse, setting the admirable crack on the safety of the ship like a defensive and like Pat, like you, have to be in the backfield for protecting like running back with you just got to do every. and that is just if you can do all of those things that I love so yes have have tightened you and we always loved the debate. Whenever comes up in my college football there's a debate Last year of what db you is as LSD, or is it taxes
What would you say is the actual tightened you isn't Iowa? Yes, I would you do that. Adele spark of our short right now for reason. Maybe it's time I really doubt carpet a meet at a cancer a couple years ago. Bondage is I whether I mean come on. I made at the very least awesome. Dallas was awesome. I got Hopkinson, I got said the first round. Never before dawn little within, like last higher than what we say like NFL career, like accomplishments law. What are we base because I mean if you want to talk I'm in my anyway five years in a fight Titans and wrote were drafted in the first round and like the only guy who was it was drafted in the second round. When was that that was pretty recent right bars. you got so going back to Miami Lineage right, yeah, yeah buffer. Its first round Shockey first Round Callin, Winslow, first round cabin Everett second round.
Me first round. Then we call at which, since then, we ve had Jimmy Gram, one of the most? prolific guise of all time, David, Ok was a first round back career still kind of developing, but he's coming into camp like shit, Buber, talented kind of building a screw up and up in Cleveland I mean we ve had dude now. Ok, I, like your counterpoint. Here's a counter to your counterpoint, maybe don't say Callin Windsor. When you do that yeah, it's always always uncomfortable, and it's always that's always a tough one. You're happy with Bobby rags all time for poor guy named nowhere like whirling Peterkin strictly on the real love is long and they never would. Let me add that the common one, if that's, what you're talking about his dad yeah yeah, he always was senior yeah. That's the way that the US exactly Greg, is if MIKE Marts gonna get invited to this site and university. Now I tried texts are meeting at that.
yeah. He said he only has time for why? Don't you just showed willing? I can't use any of these guys. What I think I will say: yeah. It's fucking crazy, but no so what did she say until Kiddo Kelsey got their new contracts? Humble? But me a humble bread for you It's a joke used to be thy back to what may turn hard, but be joke used to be that you have the block the same guys tackle, run round and when I first came guys the wider cheaper and they pay you half like other. Then tell seem Kittle that apply to everybody else, but that was, like the running joke like we have all. We have to do the same shit that fifteen million dollar left tackle has to do and run out against the same guy, the fifteen million dollar, why receiver has run roots against and they're gonna seven yeah
Yeah yeah, that's good will to put it in George, leading up to the draft. We were taught us somewhat higher, we're talking about how sick it would have been if you guys again, cow pits not to replace you but to see the kind of weird shit that that cash in hand would come up. One of having two Awesome tutted did that thought hurt you. You were we like. You know what we will do, refund Watch army. Side like I'm a carpet spanish watched and last year, like the latest scores touchdowns like it's nothing, it's crazy, like it s, always scores to touch on the game. Ya. Think just as athletic ability when his abilities and above all it isn't, it our towns in Atlanta. I wanted it. Garlic overall it to be like the first at him tight and ever go first. I mean I get it. Drafting, verse, yen and then right after that, I think, was when Kyle said, like out of demographic. There's gonna be alive at the draft so we can make any guarantees has carried out an all time. Coaxing line is awesome. Has he
as ever threatened to kill you, oh yeah at all, is like He doesn't. If you is very in the moments like you asked him, are you? Are you like her? You gotta go Sunday that now I can say back what are you gonna? Be lives on in there raw questionable is amazing. How weird was it, though, that like the off season with sit in other foreigners, doing all the trading up and down the draft, and they everyone's decided who they're gonna take them, they don't take the guy they're gonna. Take I would Gin, it's been a little awkward, with Jimmy cause. I know you're friends with them or sea. Have a good attitude like amateur. Just keep playing in hope of things. Work out are they its, moreover, made a great thing? Four boys is like when, like when you're giving opportunity like it's, your job lose. It saw light made the green we brought in fighting like last three years me and I got the guys I play with an iron awesome, Mcdermott Football Players Blake and started
it's my job to make play so I can t get started nuts, one My Jimmy, like the dude powder, fantastic dossiers and you ve swinging the ball officers clicking like you just say, in advance that year, like Jimmy the great otiose I said about graven on and trade, It is our duty earlier quarterbacks writing. It can be a really good competitive battle him. Ah, you Jimmy he's right or wrong. It's it's exciting fired one thing alone: about your eye, your tattoos and the the evolution. Is we get to look back and like all the pictures of you when you're playing and we can pretty much pinpoint exam, what year was based picture of your arm! Have you gone? I know you got. Was it the halo guy, your master chief on their? Have you I'll. Do it. I just got Godzilla yesterday Helen I would say so the other day were texted about common, on the show guys and the response from George myself shooting a what about
we can make any other. He goes well Saturday, I'm flying in Miami anomalous than eight hours getting a tattoo. because they are, I guess, Saturday's out later hours they don't have the address you didn't tell you place, Nashville, not just tat. You are a guy, get a couple tat yours, you might be in everyone's while others they had loved a ladder artwork outside That's on this stuff and outside this is really really search and other sites like. I guess I like some stop, and yet it is like a guy with a tighter face right here and I think that's cool, but you do Godzilla yeah, I guess that's like flew down and I added MA. Am I going to quash view than I am thirty, six years old father do. I always wish I had a tattoo. Is it too late for me? I think it is my my dad is my dad. Sixty two uneasily, The Finnish is left for arms length really so here How long of his life before he got? His first said to me,
yet a butterfly Einstein using call it ok, why Buffalo Hunter and then he didn't get another tattoo at all. I think island. I graduated high school. So here s he was not tat like you, you would see him and you'd like that's, not attached guy and then all of a sudden one day he just below. avatar cool guy. What my mother was a pastor for a while to like past years, not really get added up arm but obvious that Asia is a lawyer for while men when it became a football coach again. Oh you back, and I just ten rather was he started opening up. My guess arise again. Statue like that and your whole logo on your way, short on zombie is about you like arms, DR tribal water. Tat ones rescues form. so he's right was all I could do it yet here we are going to become a full barcoe. What's a good story tattoo for somebody in their mid thirties, maybe a single teardrop now we'll get sunlight, How can I do like like yours, your sons birthday?
nice guy yeah yeah. Maybe someone got something that, like people can't make fun of yeah yeah? you're right. I am one of those two or what TAT master You do. Let me see it of while it's my are my college, dressed my freshman year. I do not want to see you gonna wanna see once it we'll burn out tenants. Young Wednesday night I'll show you the way. Now you got your say. I need you to show me your ass. We get there first thing no shown. I know you know that this is like. You can't give you guys ruin promo, unlike bleacher porter, you know Florio. Surely you can't do this so to do it here shows your ass lobby Not sure ass shows your ass not sure I'll, show you might well sure ass is here now that's different, That was the corner. My ass, I I don't know this. There's a walk, unappreciative exerts only where the war showed her the best part of
if these ass shot right. There was his microphone. Africa is ass. You even need a blurry, it's like it was like you did it out per moments. Rania Hank would do, but he has never yet cover all hold. Two hours knows me: wait, shows your ass God, God you're feeling ass? I come whenever he has gone up. We know you know what I'm going on striking this episode. A magazine, in other words, I see see. George kills ass, just Joseph cost. Father Don T sponsors need to see your ass, yet answers of tea onwards. I wisely only through the window. Right now, I'm almost was. As you see I, like, I listen, I'm retired right up there. It is that's apprise, thirty million dollar via that's. Why we the third pillar. I am a lot more about yeah born variety.
How does nothing to show my ass? I hadn't I'm no tattoos not known to her How do we feel about about the new numbers in the Unifil, where you got wide receivers? Ur gonna be rock and single did just now and tightened still stuck with forties navies. Umbers, say two guys from ass tat, single digit number sneer yoga reigned baby in the days called the transition. It is a bit. It is what it is. I will be kind of cool and Tom Brady was mad about just before. Like the defects of guys, I was like the numbers on some like deepened. Suppliers is kind of they want to were lying back was number two somewhere like that. What matters of all get used to it. If you were to change your number, if there was like any number like, let's put it, like the rule book did not exist. What number would you want to wear a love now? Look you look really fast, I feel like it. It might be my wife, my dumb brain, but I feel like you would lose some blocking ability. Yeah, you got number lemme tell you in Vila shed as many guys,
never laborious origin. Wasn't you number eleven, the others couple colleague number eleven or I may set up. He was recently fixing the Unifil ought only now and then said he was alive and yes and yes at EU level with that neck role. Member, do you would be unburied only new look Did I say like long skinny numbers make everyone look leave the up. Would you be you and look boy born number. I would be number four, as my high school number: that's where it all started number gave mackerel big mackerel, gigantic mask number: you're gonna get back to Gregson. A second before we do support cliffs is giving you guys all a shoutout sport clips for a unique hair cut experience that exceeds you're typical here from start to finish, first of all, you ve got the boy Stylus in men and boys haricots with special? training and techniques? Cutting guys there can be harder at times in cutting women's her when you go to sports clubs, replace it cuts women's her you're getting stylus were specifically trained to cut guys. Her through exports are
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hate speak in a word all started. Gregg. Are you ready to do documentary on the second floor, Kerr. It's funny, you said at the end, Well, I know it was you know that I know it's funny. You sit there. There may be a time that we can now. I've into so here's my take on that. Helping yes- and I really- I really talked much about it, but story obviously got a lot of publicity at the both at time and then, after I had gotten drafted, a kind of got kicked up again after the draft and then picked up again when they did the thirty four thirty with the EU and mild fingers, no one's ever told like what's really happy like how did it come to be like we're made out to seem like a bunch of guys we're sitting around just coming up with like them asinine things ever, which is kind of true, but like there was some sort of like right to the reason of how the whole thing like organically became. It was never intended
being shared outside the handful of guys that were involved, so it took on a completely I'm intended life and its own, but no one ever told the story of like who did it how it was gone. Where was film, because I think that's the The story that people would be really interested in and how that, like, the guys who were involved are like nor we'll guys for the most part, but no ever like told that side, they bought me told like the glamour like pre gay pride in bars that side. Yes, have you consider doing a sequel to it now now I have a daughter now created God. She never learns how to use Google so we map it. I don't think that's gonna win your on the road like when you get to you come not this week. Are you Do you make a request? The cages don't put me on the second floor. Noto the honesty like the handful of the time. Just by sheer probabilities you get back.
and, like you, get your room key at a hotel and like you hit the button then like in your mind, you gotta chuckle I've eager. Like any time you hear somebody said again: for we on our list of warlike. In my mind on my behalf. How do I get it? I dont you don't get enough respect for your ability as wrapper like your flow is China who's gonna, overshadowed by the content of the wrap. It was My one regret is. I wish the content would have been better, that it could have been appreciated more. It was bad, but not of young. Looking back now, great, not a great decision in the moment, but you would be shocked. Cinema A few years plan it'll be in the old this guy on the team for the last couple years. Wherever I was the amount of care how do I come up to me at my big earned, maybe like build up their Wagner? you come up and say they like? I did I wasn't school. I was a freshman high school when I first heard that song it might football locker room like now that I'm playing with you is the cool estate.
like that's what they remember and I was like I'm sure, that's cool or not a whit like I've done, some other shit but they all remember. They all remember pre deal at least pre game today in my college dorm before we would go out at night. My I now did any of like the Rockies ever come up to me like a great like is. Are you lyrics. True, yes, That's all I will forward will will slip it back to you, George. Ah, so eight is our charity aspect. I don't you Therein lies you ass. I just like I, on the other, you just invited a bunch of deeds to come in Ricky your house in Nashville Wall? No, look! I'm Bob Look that's what we got involved sponsor. So we can pay for guys. Tell stay here. Take care of them were also as a ton of money to get it local charities and national, what you ve been really fun, ah
We ve been able to work Levi's God, but lifespan huge for us like given us free by life, for all the events? I will let you know it after worldly bout, that, by the way, where correspond cast now mounted ain't, my very much but light Seltzer all good stuff, like of bread, don't come in and to bring the boys and girls club in and we're unlike just place like doctors and drills, not armor, armor love ass. It were body eyes out. You could say that today bearable my sponsor show when we were kicking it around to Georgia's point you're kidding around and as the number started growing we're like, I will be able not flipping bringing fifty I put him up in a hotel feed on transportation in a meal origin, calcium, nice, guys and we'd made a good coin, but that shit's, expensive restart bringing guys, and they want to bring the wives to dinner and things added up, so we reached after and full George mentioned all those guys body. Armor was the first in the first group. That said in a were all in I made an awesome outfitting guys with
the drinks in gear, the equipment in autos amend the point, the way the whole thing came together. Supercool is after we pay for all the expenses. Thanks for partners like them all the remaining money we partnered with the national boys, girls club they're, going to come out and do a little camp and we're going to make a contribution stand burn had in order. left over money, George and I get Kelsey. We make no money from this. All the remaining money that doesn't go towards giving the guy the great experience for the for the three days always being given away to chair both locally and there should be a national and also throughout the country. So we couldn't help without those sponsors the especially now with but light sorry, your body armor exerting body armor on leave eyes and Russia, like all those money coming together to understand like what we're trying to build here. A lot of other people are gonna benefit as a result, that. Certainly in the kid aspect of my kids coming out,
Maybe this will be like a little for plates. so the real soppy stuff were about to do, but it's coming out in like playing football with a bunch of prose. you can never get enough of that. Have you guys had a moment yet maybe that you, George Bush Gregg, I'm sure you ve had it were. Have you ever? who had a moment where you were maybe atta camp with a kid and in that case like ended up being in the NFL or may plank. for one like you were able to be Ike, get back, connected, my colleague shit, like you know you, you proud of pact on my life, got social media. Had people send me like a picture and say hey, I met you at the gate, arrayed camp. two thousand eight when I was a sophomore nigh score, a middle school kid he's got a scholarship to wherever you don't wanna play football next year. It Iowa, like I've, had those kind of stories that are just awesome. I dont remember meeting on, but decay back I played with his father in Chicago and
He says we met in the locker one time, which I'm sure we did and then last year mean and were teenage. You know so like What kind of stories are also both the people that you know and also just people that, along the way you kind of rubbing shoulders with but George, so tied down a national and having great connections them. We're gonna have fifty fifty, you're, seventy five or so kids come out, come on Thursday, and in the afternoon we're gonna do like our long all the time out there set up drills and you look up fun, free clinic for all kids the come on out there. Like an hour pause from our itinerary tat. I knew how to spend just but we have to do with those kids before we get back into it. washroom sessions in the video bracken. All that stuff they were going to do with the groups are terribly super got. So how does it work when you're gonna be kind of teaching. Some of your competitors, like I know for you, George, like you're gonna, be planning into these guys this year and probably you two Gregg zoomed. Always a thing were like three cores
way through the year. People like all a bill, Gregg Olsen, could come back and make around So you might, you might be out there again next year, like is sort of. Positive instinct that takes over where you like. I will teach the sky but maybe not teach him. Everything that I now Amy. When one Friday succeeds like we were all succeeding, then everyone gets to benefit our beach. no wonder that wrong, By while getting contracts the asylum system gets paid more and more like a big. That payments have been made making under ten million dollars for ever and like we're just gonna broke through that force. Gregson like we're, still getting paid less than a lot of other positions, and I I I am writing so. I decided at long last Hence the proposal being everything. That's one is down like a very, very town to title like as it was It's your proposal. They are the most important things you might will pay the tide engine I noticed What does not work? You ve gone up like a signal when titans gonna get you can learn and now me what
We pointed out that he's like earth legacies of early goodbye, unifil fat. College and if he can say room for two days and learn from Gaza Gregg? Also me, Trans Kelsey, Mercedes Louis Luke Stock, like you that's an error in the barn or failure to like it I mean take icebergs. hopefully that just a pilchard trajectory of unit, for good, are you gonna teach her class? George words like this is just how you be a beast and throw people off view and the plant clip of the AIDS the saints? up where you just had like four saints on you in the dome and you just tossing them everywhere. I'm gonna talk about yeah, you know yards after catch and ask him to talk about our run through run. Blocking passport was my three topic. Ok, would Did you like a break downwards is blocked day is one specific day the week like hey we're just gonna based the focus on the part of our game. It's just thrown people. The club today, that's
Mr De Rossa, that that's MIKE, I got a thirty minute session on Friday. It's all dedicated run blocking aspirin. This out there next year we should be invited and we should give a class on how tight ends, like you know, beat those charismatic guys in your teams do interviews with part of my take, and hopefully that will help You don't raise your your star, maybe get a couple dollars more on it for that Ok, yeah it'll just be gone. How to get on part of my take, and then you just have to write your phone number down and handed to us and then you can leave and then, as you say, something super super like is something there can put on a headline and we're good got yet where a part of my takes on hard, knocks Luke Wilson Gonna, be there, I invited em. Did you we're not the actor, not look Wilson. to Algeria, ok, good who yeah. The stated we played together last year in Seattle, I invited him an arms, he's going to walk the ideas I walked in Canada Right outsiders and Chile should go through dammit
I think we would probably wave our no former tighter experience labour clause if you guys want become bound next year pack, your cleats gettin shape, but you through cap, our budget and will see, because I do not know I want to sharpen- do like a thirty minute zoom and get paid when international. I didn't, I didn't want it or powerpoint solidarity, that we want to do any of Mary. Oh you don't want to kids, I can weaken pat, we can play toward the kids, like our european, castor you're, not a title like we're just last year, blogger we're scouting ought to try to end like how can it be nice to you? You know I guess I got on with Doug about Sharm. It is also one of our sponsors and they're sitting down to life. Size bears really earth. Yes, flotilla paper people my god. Ok, that's good! That's girly! Yeah did we're chaotic we're gonna die, don't use gonna, be
because the annual tradition did you guys invite play portals like of the year, yeah hands here. He every people say that he is awesome tied end, including himself. He does up your hands. ok, I do not invited mother. I let's finish with this, Michael, actually we're not talking about this because it was a story that a lot of people saw online. It was very emotional yours, Don T, J, just gotta hearts, and supplant. Ah I basic, every time the videos came up. I had two like I had did not watching it made me so emotional August that's crazy time. Last few months you know ever your family. How is he doing and what has it is a terrible question, but like what is a bit like, I can't even imagine I mean? It's been wild summit since the day he was born in a week. We knew pride in being born that usually be borne with along how he was in essence,
warm it only half of a heart, so he literally only had one right ventricle. If left untreated, you die I'm sure he was eighty three open heart surgeries before a second birthday and in essence he led with half of art which is kind of like a play on why, where they showed Zella and he lived with what they call a single eventually had one chamber of his heart and he lived like that he was doing really well lived, a fairly standard quality of life for the most part, had some restrictions and then about, a little over a month ago, my wife- and I just noticed he was it, wasn't himself he was getting really bogged down thought. Maybe you just tired too. After a few days he took me the hospital in within our, she was admitted into the icy you in our heart failure and they said his heart just was no longer able to keep up. was failing and there was no reversing and we began at that. We began the process of getting him listed for to be arbitrary right recipient. So he was
years old. He still eight years old and we started this process. He was listed and We didn't know how long that that process was gonna. Take we were and we were in the icy you for the entire duration of waiting for the heart. And a big reason. We share those videos and fortunately ever talk about it being on a platform This is because there are so many people out there who had these stories right in their sitting in their hospital room and thereby themselves nor alone to me What did the only one in the world doing this, and we just want to shine a light that, like you, don't have to share your great moments right. Like you, don't know had to share when your drone, a cool tied, anything with George get all and you're having a blast talking ship, you guys like Let's have lives that at Times shock right, like shit happens, This was one of them so we hunker down not allowing not knowing how long the process would be by the grace of God and
and being in certain criteria, size and blood type and Anna body rejections labour fat. Like all these billion factors that go into this algorithm of qualifying you we were defied that he would that he would be you're about a little over, but ten days we were notified. There was a heart match and on June forth, Dj underwent open heart surgery, agenda? he came home on Wednesday he's been home, he's been home now for the weekend, then We did that we can have a two hour talk on just what that process entails, but it saw it. talk about what what he's been through and what these doctors can do and made a literally cut his chest open? They took his heart out. And they flew in on a private jet another heart in a core, literally onyx. in a cooler vice reconnected, started back up, it's on real aid. Where is it
yeah it's you know anyone who's got killed It's like I like I said I will try to watch the video and I think you don't really understand it until you have a kid of your own here, like you, don't do anything literally anything and liked to go through that fuck man was day, I'm just so happy he's good in what what's like is gonna live a somewhat normal life now with with his new heart. They said his immediate life right now, once he recovers it's about a year process until he's about life Don't worry he's on like serious amino suppressing so that the body does not reject the hard so that there is like going out and about it's almost like you used to live in poverty another year, which is kind of weird that we actually know what that you don't know how to live with him for the time being, but on its own, a year process until he can. I bet you back out into We'll settings in big groups in ACT reallocate himself acclamation back out into life, but
you're the one downside to getting hard transplant at such a young age. Typically, why they try to prolong having again it is the hearthstone last forever right, our hearts! Last like give or take twenty years. So when you're a Did she twenty eight as the medicine stands today. It needs to do it again. So that's where things get a little too see what your every year, the durability that push rejection keep your body. You know in coordination with your heart and keeping things working, better and better and better. So we try not to think of that. We have to do this again in twenty years, be hoped at its fifty years. Third, whatever it is, and we just for every day that these home, you don't like the little just eat home. Murray, Adam and we're gonna love every day that we album and you're the heart
I'll take obviously guys the hardest part the hardest part rationalizing like the mixed, the dual motions of getting them? although your sons likes gonna, be stage because without this heart is he's not gonna, be able to lay He was on medicine. That was only reason. His heart prompt, your hopped up. You were like a backpack and dumb It was all around the clock amounts. What would that is heart? Failing is failing hard work rate. But the reality is right now and our stage of Someone else has to have a tragedy to allow them to be able to. Need a heart and it's not just someone who dies they had to die like in certain ways to make their organs ability to be donate. yeah. It's just a really really hard hard right. You know at the mall, you're having a sense of relief your day as year at that very in time. Someone else somewhere in the country is having like their worst so
it's so hard yeah, but it also has a good reminder that if you're not an organ donor, you know you shall you should be an organ donor. Everyone out there like it soon really really important thing in its. Not in I get there used to be a time whenever, like all they're gonna harvest my organs, no not how it works. If something we happen to you. You could save someone else's life and that's like you, get a story like this with T J and it's it's the best man down rail and holidays but we don't know anything about our organ donor. They're not allowed to share any personal information. We don't know the age, the gender, the location, but they do eighty seven organs? seven families yeah, you start talking in our eyes and or liver and tankers, and kidneys and heart and lungs your seven lives, so six other families like us have lurch. Hypothetically. Hopefully, everything went well had their son daughter, husband, whatever
because of one person is a super, easy step that everyone can take. Just when you're acting on the envy, you just check Box and that's all that it takes. You mean in a world of difference, like you said, for seven different families, that's incredible How is he doing like mentally or spirits up? I imagine that for an eight year old, this is gonna, be extremely scary thing. Scary does even really begin to describe it But how is he handled this in our spirits? Good spirits are awesome. I wish I could show you guys like me, I've sent me a picture. I had to take my other. I brought him home from hospital Wednesday after being there for a month brought him home Wednesday and Thursday at it. My other son to a baseball tournament. three days in Charleston South Carolina, so my wife in our parents, in all them stay here with them to take care And she sent me a video game like Joe in down our set driveway like that or house the oasis,
it's mine blowing without resilient. These kids are made if there was any one of us. We'd just like party negative, your world? So is he hasn't a bad day. The one year like one moment, weakness the morning. We woke him up to take him to surgery elected the day right is broke down. He's like I don't want a new heart that I don't want a new art mom and we're like that you know me. They see him say that right is talk the day before he's playing air Hockey right right. It's we said, but you know, but you don't. You don't have much about by the hand your choice right, so it's he's been he's gonna, unbelievable He's home he's happy. He wants to go for pizza, to go, watch his brothers baseball team practice there were like art or what we got time. We'll get there, but these are forever. What he's been through he's doing also True kids are so fuckin resilient. I mean I Spain, my ankle and I'd hands.
and someone my license and bill. I go ahead. An organ donor. Take I'm having visited the end, though, because I wanna be they will handle the rest. Let's end with this George you so fathers were taken as I'm fathers day, did you write your dad, a twenty age letter for fathers day like he writes to you. Ah now you're going to Miami, and I put him on a put em on a beach, any swam, the ocean older for eight hours. While you got your tattoo now, he came with me to the tattoo, the time he was doing the tide. A new agenda in the schedule set out my shadow. My dad my keys, the G M in our market, guys gotten all thing done. By Tom TAT. They should get a shot out the course lightly, the Rascal Peter Catch. He answered I, but I was pretty much of each programme for the last three days open, ass, that's good son! Now he should part
tight and you- and I won't tell you guys, have do it, but it would be great. Dad wrote a specialised letter to every single tight and on their way out the door utilise expert. Each vigil pursing either on the avenue. If I don't get, what am I doing? work on this, and I believe you can help me really motive for three days. But I love you like a son, and I really want to see- and I do not remember that time- on Tuesday when we first met the connection? I felt a connection. Yes are you? Are you should be in charge had given up the wards? Are you guys doing awards at Vienna Camp now although we are, but that's a good idea for next year, yeah little like later will evolve trophy a larger funny for a bunch of like professional title or no here, let me do you, give everybody or participation trophy and you see who throws them away and the people. I don't run away. They. Actually they lose the camp David caught. Yes, yes, that's actually
I hope you can. Edit that out of this, so when we say we don't spoil the surprising, We should actually do that Gregor. We can be seen you on tv. The sir you are, maybe maybe corn, Georgia's games, Let me give them so much love, it's gotta be crazy. I love it. I love, I'm gonna, be the amateur, be calling games with Fox I'm not. How can it be coming out of retirement? I'm completely and utterly begun. I've traps set a record for how many times had broken in ruptured my feet. So on I'm full time dad and part time. I guess I can't be nice to the bears cause. I know you're gonna get some beers games lie like a bear, I once regime left yeah, but I I I'll be honest when I left, but I wanted them to lose every game. Obviously, but they might once they are moved on. They went to like the trust me in all these guys. I actually thought bears Argo. I was pasted the bourgeois you're, a barrister here yet will furnish the lash will finish with this last
So last year I got caught. I was going free agency after Superbowl after the Panthers cutbacks and we'll talk a bunch of different Eames, trying to figure out what the opportunities word in order, and I talk to that Nagy called me with the GM We talked for like forty five minutes on the phone and You're asking me questions about routes and what kind of systems that you played in. Would you be comfortable with you no code, words versus digits? Did you do on your backside roots? What was your leverage reads? Had it all this stuff? So I hang up on. Like I said to my wife and my bed, I think they Really, like me more assigned me well cool. be if, like life came full circle, and we could finish up my career back in Chicago now to be so rights. I got myself like all excited they. Never long story short there like we don't have enough money. We have this, so I go in
Seattle Day, one fucking did you see they signed? You regret young well yeah, Are they order, then? I want they also like want, like, I think pace was just there time there were the bears had like eleven tied end. So if there's any tied in use eyes? Why total like I just wanna organic farming, the sky. So I were, I set my wife they heartbeat, and again I love Jimmy doggedly rises, do Jimmy. I was like when I was when Jimmy I was like those guys it was like they use You're like they took me, I'm like a really cheap Dave picked, my brain for. Then I knew, and then they just like gave me an gruber I was not surprised Now I was everyone that you're Gregg and George, thank you so much, tight unused happened in this week. Gonna be grateful ready for the kids. Celso gonna be great for all tied ends. We be there next year guaranteed and thank you guys really appreciate it
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first game ending triple places. The Phillies turn one against the Mets on August, twenty third, two thousand and nine this through the twenty seventh game, ending triple play us far from not even caught. Ninth, I'm only seen nine jig nine triple plays There is one Chris SE, sunlight respects, King Receiver, ninety one. yeah see twenty seven view. Sarah Lange's operates as a bit. Aren't you gonna want complete it? Will there was one back in nineteen? Seventy eight ran sake. Reviews about can force. The pitcher was the Dodgers and the asters back when The Astros were the national league. At that point, then, before that you got the Kansas City Royals and the Baltimore Orioles Martinez was on the bump growing up against John Way through one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven, two hundred and seventy five,
play there. Then we get Phil Garigliano with a single voice at the Cincinnati Reds down, not part was the pitcher on any other. Take it way back! Nineteen sixty six! Guess pitching that when beget little little oil came Boyd, no little pitcher known by Tommy John John was twirling. Germany are not weaken, Tommy John recurring guess, dreams. Andrea. who fix couch for which all circle I money, and yes, this is a little different, not really funny Monday reading a little bit sadder, but we do not talk by white on our showed has gone out of me. So this was a text lessened. If the big had earlier it said Talking to day to day reality text, no man told him. So it's cool as the very into the show or mention was going with us that were broken up draw and now we're cool moving on,
but apartments and moving on from now obviously super Sab, Prob, better long term stuff. yeah rare were broken up broken up. Yes, on four, like movement, can a supper if you like a month happen. were covered with Canada. Hours lost was the fire a little bit. Kunak situation became roommates, not really like to grow a number which come to realise that our parliament was up? We had different. pinions Rwanda live and stuff, and we just now figured it was better for there wasn't we're just gonna moved on on your get hot, you're getting sick satellite solar synergies for the summer. I told you Let's do like a couple, quick question, so that way people aren't like who is one of us number one, how Blame should we give Jake zero play Ok, why wouldn't have been this? You know people, it is already. We had already had already happened before that even happened. The question as to who should we be mean to you area now and me
It was no one's. No one's! No one fault is one of the things she just you know. There is a big age difference: wheat, like that we took like it has been going on for months, a kind of separated, and during that time I thought about it and kind of realise like sardines, whose nineteen living at home by herself she's I've been single in working for bars. Boston on the Dixie tore, like the first Your pardon my take, I know. What's out, there are no, what it's like. I've lived the life. Ah, but she's, obviously like younger, had a tough time. Corona has never really been out there, so I don't know really blame her for in a warning till I see without their software on the young ones, and at a place where I'm not really trying to Lake go creed in part and have fun it's of em, older and kind of China relax. So very mature yeah, I'm in here, and it's very sad has been it's been a tough month, but I do think in arms. Happy it's not like a talks. Garlic, dramatic ending earth like that, so we're still do. Woot were weapons being nice to Rio, where sporting, Ria, she still color
hours. We like Ria. So it's not like that. It's This is for our younger, listeners sometimes this happens yes and it's no one's fault and it actually can just be a split. I know. That's crazy as actually healthy to deal with it. This way, as opposed, suggests, ignoring right, hoping things get better and did you consider trying to have a child to save relations? Now? No, no, I think. Well, there wormy here was here- was a normal or Norman few of our one. In now, Norman was always her dog. That was never write, a questions just like add at the sad part of a much shatter situation, but in others stay out of the park cast. Now we can re Israel dogs or going to respect that right. We're nobody's archives, notably the. I know that I do. I am August yet listeners in suffocate control, the problem, the troll whatever, but I am asking you guys I know, I know this situation will come up where you want to make a joke and open I want to make. Is I want to make cheek feel uncomfortable? Is that ok,
no I mean I don't want anyone to feel in company makes you feel uncomfortable. I mean it's not Jake's fault. I feel bad he's. Gonna feel terawatts lives, yeah he's gonna, he's gonna the only thing that doesn't really that can make appeal belonging to my blog cast brother, my God here the half yearly older brother Jake One, that's it? I was good. That's all I wanted. There was enough thousand uncomfortable Jake they are just as this won't aptitude teacher how to put the ice cuban. I told her never really went through the party jail, but he had not hake. We obviously have you back everyone. I think they'd embryos who actually surprise you here in like hey. You know he set his peace, let's all just chill out with it, but yeah, that's adults, don't things happen and we,
we like Rio, where Knocker stop liking? Ria, we love Hank Rocket, stopped, loving Hank and Jake you're good boy to end. you're a great way to maybe I'll get through some of the lonelier times might be to get a companion, some sort, a cat make great roommates or a roommate. no, no roommates. No cats would allow lights with dogs. No, definitely not, you and I were then I would I would I leave the meanest thing away. I feel is dreams come true within the EU. We have heard the others. Why is he broke? It was growing nobody's it alive, violated, as it is sad actually Larry, so that were so worthy cool. It's not it's nothin nothin to dramatic. I think when people here that have a news about what happened, but it was more justino. It was a long along I'm coming kind of images probably is part better for both of us and shadow you for giving me almost a heart attack, because I think my
in her dad now kicks in when you texted BP of T last week, you, like Hake, Are you guys real, quick before you leave and I was like? Ok, someone died and I sprinted. I haven't sprinted in five years, a sprint into the studio. For me, Yet, if we don't get the, we don't send those tax measures to each year. We know a lot more like you, I know it already. We did talk about it. I was about waiting current thing over the years has more dislike for the record because, obviously like going forward, you know and of being relationship with a dark morceau, its modest to have it on the rock. I thought your acquitting to go to spot. If I had to do the collar dialogue ass, I walked in the room, the cats. The first thing he said was hex quitting, and I dont know if you is yours and scarce, and now I have the scare when he said we Texas, I Billy You gonna fall that Billy there was actually great feedback from Billy's recap. On Friday, nor Zeus, no pressure I followed up alien pause. It were possible. Only progress has been a pretty
heavy, show, if you think about our growing, I want to bring us into that's the thing work that it has been signed and secure. Sores like down your insulin like art, private life is not that bad right. This could be worse than we are everybody gas, OPEC right gas. poor boy, yeah gas forebore. Your beard looked amazing. Today, a few billion. I presume you look taller. Otherwise I will give you some music. You pronounce every word. You actually did better with pronunciation dejected fact doesn't I have always been, I've always been jealous of be able to handle your we'd? Thank you that's taken. Long time. For me to get support yeah. No, I haven't been like that. I can. He can place if you like, happy like you can. Do it boys. I just fuckin lose my mind at eighty day. Did respond to my email. I wouldn't have this job that's about huge area
no making up it's getting might have done a document. You Jake, I don't know about a stake. Sancta thanks appointed by the stakes, so you him responded that he male started everything the wheels in motion. The chinese food ordered tonight was fire. It was really lucky. He made you make that clear for me, just love. Having Billy back, he really is like the broadest chinese food order with fire. and I know I really get a balanced sports. I love I love, haven't you back, haven't cried like a year now he crush completion, Would you call it thou? Also refer you to balancing on things up we're about minority org is one of the best pallid supporters of Apulia, Alabama Footway Sportswear, much plastics hang out. She has really pretty eyes Hague works is ass after yet little behaviour. Look in her eyes. Oh you know. What does she did tat moves through this right now, real, quick
this is also a serious thing. July fourth schedule, so we're not gonna show on Monday July. Fifth is Monday, Roccanera Showbiz Rock, and do it shone on that July? Fourth, and hanging Liam are going to take the week off vacation wise know, Joe is that an joking thing it was gettin married at world level needs sometimes dramatic and drew up ever needs MAX B. Only some time too, to take off so they're gonna take. You won't have to other guys young, sound Bob and Jacob not our Jake another Jake earning a living, and they're gonna guess produce on Wednesday in Friday. So let's get ahead of that, no jokes about it. Lemon hake work their finances off when we finish the podcast every night, they're, still here for fucking four hours later, so they deserve some time off, so that they'll be a no joke, so their fair, fair. Yet
has ps3, and I forget that, like we can just sit down and put on the mice and produce in put out a shown and it's over when right here right, so we have to, we have to remind ourselves that is a lot more that goes into it. I Billy. Let's do it, I think tat The biggest innocent come out of sight and you is that all the time entering a man bombs they think about it. I got Hocker's into do it, so I think that spread you have to do whereas we like a certain level of physical imposition that you have to carry about you order, pull off man but, like I can't do a man but Gareth Bay, as the worst man did. You see the young lady. I want to cut his head off your entire face. A resumption of aid I think it's one of the other. It's gotta, be you gotta, be a really like imposing physical guy like a tight in or you to be a small slender guy and people like what's his the artistic. But he could do something to me forever. Lower travellers is brother. Could yet Lawford Amanda there's no in between I, if I had a man, but it would be the worst member of all. Yes,
and what I love about this, because you're saying I'll act would be terrible. They should do more. Poor games in the Olympics have like olympic sharks and minnows and Marco Polo team. Ok by Marco Polo YO, real water sports young. Beyond, yes, premature, perfect, in the last round eyes: Billy his greatest himself, a perfect activity. Seven. Ninety nine! eighty eight six velociraptors says into that. True Rob Tyler's rods, sixty four new sixty four one, one time. What date I like em the low key and a weird way obsessed with the lottery statistic December: first: twenty twenty wow
We're doing that December first, twenty twenty one day the week was what NFL week was out. That's probably twelve somewhere around there, every year we twelve or thirteen zero Henry probably had two hundred yards that day. the assembly is weak, fifteen, what Somerset
it was a Tuesday summer through art about. I got to see.
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