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Grit Week - Deion Sanders, An NYC Garbage Man, And Monday Reading Sequel Waffle House Fight Guy

2020-07-27 | 🔗
Welcome to Grit Week 2020. It’s a little different this year given the circumstances but we have an awesome 24 hour livestream planned for Wednesday. Baseball is back and the weird parts of the game are hilarious. (2:30-10:56) Lou Williams strip club story and Jamal Adams trades. (10:57-18:08) Who’s back of the week including Thibs in NYC. (19:04-27:40) Primetime Deion Sanders joins the show to talk about being Primetime, his career in baseball and football and being the best and Swaggiest guy ever. Also prime times rules about public bathroom use. (29:50-1:16:54) We welcome on an NYC garbage man, one of the grittiest jobs out there and talk to him about the business. (1:19:00-1:37:07) Monday Reading the Waffle House fight guy writes his response and reasoning for fighting the same cook every single week(1:40:16-1:59:14)
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On today's pardon my take grit week, twenty twenty weird grit, weak but grit weak, none, the less. We have an awesome interview with prime time, Deanna Sanders. We also have an interview with a real life. Sanitation, worker trash guy, garbage man. So we get ins and outs of the garbage business, and we also gets talk to prime time pretty much to end this spectrum lava it's gonna be great. We have of whose back of the weak little baseball weekend recap and then for our Monday reading we check in with. The other side of the. What we where's waffle. How fine house fight the cook tat was making eggs entered fucked up ways from like three or four months ago. We get hate, we do the story from the guy who was ordering the eggs. Remember his girlfriend wrote in some inside the story. It is a must, listen to very excited for that before we get
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we love the cash cash application of that would damage. Ok, let's go. Let's not can have any idea how our work on the part of my take presented by the cash out go download. It right now use code bars to get ten dollars for free ten dollars to as peace. Yea today is Monday July, twenty seventh and welcome to grit weak.
Little different this year. We obviously can't be going on the road. We can't be traveling and vani. We can't be slumming it in Malibu. The celebs is here now in our defense. So if you are just, if you are a new awl group week is every single year we see we've done this every time we were at the podcast, so five years in a row, we I've gone out. It was usually right before memorial day. We would on the road. We do a bunch interviews. We would see from part of the country. You ve done the south. We ve done the MID West region, the West Coast, so this year. Obviously, with the pandemic. We want able to go anywhere we held office longs we could. We are hoping that things would get better to the point where we can get on the road it turns out it did it we're gonna, combined with the training camps or that we also do a gas, were they go to like different training camps as they opened up in late July, but it became apparent that wasn't. Gonna have worrier saw were making
chicken salad out a chicken shit and it's gonna be fine. So we have some great interviews this week and on Wednesday, starting at noon. So from noon on Wednesday to noon on Thursday, we're gonna be doing a twenty. For our lives stream. We're not gonna, be sleeping stream. If, on stream, a thought we have a ton of stuff planned, we're gonna be raising some money. It's gritty, as you can get pieties drink tea, four beers summoning eat, twenty four hot dogs, villefort was gonna, run a marathon Monti treadmill. That's just a little taste of everything. We're doing good. Have some celebrity guess, we're gonna, have interviews colony and we're gonna have people that are playing video games on the live stream. It we ve got a little bit everything what's greater than that shows. It is the greatest way that you can sit on your couch. Pretty much s will grow, we twenty twenty times perfectly. So it ends right when the NBA Games pick back right, so we're gonna try to watch those approaches fall asleep on her act, so it we have adapted. It's gonna, be a lot of. And we hope that everyone will tune in during it, sir,
That is great. We were in grit, weak, feel gritty. Let's talk we add sports this weekend. Finally baseball, away back in take a ways other than I saw you treaty about this, but the on pace. Oh for the sixty game season is gonna, be Electra its it sucks, though, because not many people are doing the on pace. Tweets! No like it's the first Robin of spring. In early April, you always get the people who are like a so bright Harpers on page four, three hundred fifty Arbela eyes. Yes- and I miss those tweets- there aren't many popping right now, because it's not it's cool to say like oh junk. We'll stay in his own pace for six destroyed, assisted home runs. Yes, you know that I get doesn't pop the same way, but but there's still people out there though you're seeing their native environment. That are tweeting that out so much. My hat goes off to you. Yes, so I had a few take ways. The first was we're going to get more fights this year, although actually
and let me let me sit back because I dont know how they're going to fight social distancing, but there were also the cops game I want to download already knows: what's the cup give us our moment been Friday and it got testing and after the game they were interviewing guys. The clubs like yeah, We can hear literally everything the other team saying yes like when they talk shit. We yeah. So it's like a totally new normal, where you, I think, There might be more tempers work, as you can hear, every slight every. You know remark that is said in an empty. Steady are really want to broadcast to turn off the pumpkin crowd noise. When there's a manager argument with the opt out because, as the one thing like I've always wanted to know exactly what gets into those arguments we got treated two years ago to my ass in the jackpot up and those types of gold lines, there was one back when I think of sparking Anderson gone to a fight with it with an empire where they had a mite up. It's just so awesome here. I want to hear every single fucking word
that is said in those like belly to argued. Did you see in the cardinals pirates game? The new normal is so fucking funny the pirates, a manager comes out Shelton, he comes out and the city up tosses him and they both are angry and they both paw. What's to put on their masks and they then stand five feet away from each other and scream at each other it it's like this is It's actually a great buried like it's a great way to have a. I have a second to be like okay, am I really mad? What am I mad about you and take us to take a breath and be like all right? This is where I'm at. Is it cool down? It's like that into boxers get into the ring before they start fighting. You have to put on their masks by the way quick timeout we're in the middle of the fourth quarter of our team, the water dogs playing the atlas and nine Judas football is really, for the Fucking ATLAS, for some reason can he's a fucking loser Billy? I don't. I The large, then, why you sat in this owner suite of ours editor, like I'm a roof. The atlas today. Well, I think the
That will have a lot of veterans with experience, and I know that an international team. You said it yourself, it's basically team USA from a couple years, you're right. It's there too, used to play. The international Erika spits Paul Rebel, Anthony its Carmelo him when he wrote that they have basically the broad James Dwayne, weeding Chris Partial the cross on one team. Yes, pick wherever my leave. They just time they tied it out. We're foreign parts find whatever the wonder. Dogs have the best years in the game. Am I to other baseball thoughts. I had the so, teams fighting the obviously the now the manager in the arms fighting with the mass on the card Lord cutouts getting domed, which we mentioned on Friday. That happening. Awesome dog took a shot you there was that there is another one where a whole month when a break caught a kids head off. They need to keep those up, though yeah. Why don't you just complete
a graveyard at the end of the seas door apparent shows how dangerous it is two relating to baseball right and then they have the sad mascots, which I can't get enough of. Yes, there's mascots understands and its oh funny, seeing mascots with no one around him. Being a sad is Paul. It's also a funny watching the game develop and figure like what works on tv in what doesn't work in this new normal. So they had. No. They had the computer generated Facile, which way Hilarious is able in sixty foreground waves there, yet where they did doing any rendering whatsoever on the people and that they should actually there should be a video game that just concentrates the most about like making the fans, look as realistic as possible use that technique You for this debate. To have what would appear to be like an actual crowd. Fate, but then you really do instead. Imagine it would be just like just fat and prevents it would be just you know, get to play the game. You just get to go to the gate, to attend the get right and they all got into a fight, maybe you're right.
Yes? Are you too? How many video equally got the charger yeah? How many beers can you drink here now it or the black hole? Yes you're at a Eagles game. Can you throw up on the person front of Uther cheering for the wrong Tina block the battery or or run from Santa Claus you ve gotta slingshot. I like tat you power up in Buffalo through gone through a table. Yes, it be sick. Here, of his love Ezra table to reiterate, to re energised, ineffective fan to Kay twenty I'll, be a sick human right that game someone. Protected, but yes to whom the The mass gods are sad, though, did Your fans are weird I actually like I, like a low level of the crowd noise affecting crowd, was not too much, but just that low murmur that you here at a baseball game that soothing to half its nice yeah like when you watching God, the Champions League and they
they have that oh yeah right low, murmur down Patrick selfishly through market through a chant in right outside some point which, by the way, watching a little football this week in football I reminded me that when we did our Mouth Rushmore of Stadium pump up songs, nobody took the layer LEO Laziness, pregnant, that's that's the international chance, but yeah. I think that you know it's prisoner are at the start of the season for, behind the scenes, your graphics guys to the bond seen sound guy, so they'll learn how to hit the home run button and make the crowd like gradual, restructuring and stop the right, so that was baseball an mba there, not ready yet come, and next week were excited. They actually had some more precision games which look good but the. Story was Lou Williams and the Strip Club incident, which so far funny, and so but this league because Abu Williams, he left the bubble, for I think his grandfather passed away and they
he was someone took a picture. One of his friends took a picture. Wrapper Jack Carlo a picture with Lou, William pop in magic city. The Strip club in Atlanta immediately deleted it and then had Excuse wherever a lightweight loses, Airstrip Strip Club, he said I was just reminiscing cause. I miss him yeah. Meanwhile, oldtime meanwhile picture they were wearing looms was wearing the face mask. Did they gave out the NBA gave out in the Bob knows an old patiently. I stand with look at whether if we're gonna blame anyway for this, I'm absolutely blaming Jack, Harlow yeah. This is your format. You should not. First of all, you're, not to take pictures in strip clubs, remember one of any stripling. They ve you ve ever been to a new life for ass. I knew Oh cameras. At any time. That's one number, two,
don't take a picture of your body in its reply when your these I'd like to be in the right number, three at least have his back when you psychologist picking up food, which I totally empathize with bs some ship clubs have wonderful food jaguars and in Dallas Texas, had when the best practice but phase of into my life an end. Let me say it touches on a blue Williams. He might have been there for the strippers, but he has had a history of saying that MAGIC City in Atlanta is his favorite food, their famous for their wings. Sear are there are years and years and years of tweets like ten years of tweets of people asking looms like which favours spies, magic city, avatar yeah? So, I believe them, I just love the idea of like two tweeting a picture and then just like I just I just to readjust intergroup story- is amiss yeah reminisce about old, buddy, an endless and simpler time. I would put our green day. I blame to people. I blame one Jack Harlow and then too I blame out of silver.
Because Adam Silver should have a strip club inside the Bob. There's room yes, replied, yes, see her Caesar NBA players with needs and that among these are casual lap dances, and delicious lemon pepper, barbecue, winks, yes such, but when I never thought eleven pepper barbecue would be a good combination to until I tried it is absent, delicious. Yes, Billy The part where Lou Williams has wings named after him your magic Soulier, look I'll call you in my old women, Pepperbox dude he's totally off the hook. Now I'm gonna wait a couple these other flavors of wings. They have their uncle. Jeff, honey, jerk that I'd? Buy runaway Jude? You rude boy, jerk, ok done about that justice magic sounds pretty sweet and then they get The standard hot naked I shall wings are describing. I would call answers. I go uncle. Jeff honeyed your uncle Jeff, a jerk sounds like a good call. There's gotta be a special recipe in that dude. You rude boy, Jerk, Canada. It seems like,
In my work, getting into like little hazing situation, interference. I, however, he is this league story and then the only other thing which was kind of a big thing, Jamal Adams finally got traded, spoken into existence, trade into the sea hawks I actually love this trade for the jets. That is if we are to say the b, Like the safety position is drawn great plan put to you would they end up giving up a first round and was it was a final trade hall defiant Trade law, I believe, was like they got Billy's want to put this in there he gets players. The biggest you first round picks a fourth round pick Not so mafia is rising numbers if it is a win win. As for strangely enough I'll go because one they give it, a player who was not happy. There didn't want to be there in the long term and to the jets get players that can't be got busted for at least another three years right. They just like punted on their future guy. You can't
accuse us of blowing this traffic until we actually take the sole Jamal Atoms and a fourth round picture Seattle. Exchange for Bradley Macdougall, first round pick and twenty twenty one. Third ramp, in twenty twenty one, first round, picket twenty twenty two, that's a fucking hall like the jets, that's a great deal for the Jets it's because less because they lost they treated up, proclaimed Arnold and they a loss, little draft draft capital, so now they get it back. I love I move that the only danger and giving the jet so many first round pigs is now they ve got. They ve got four. From pigs had taken, cannot take a fly around the ass. They can get a little fast and loose with these guys like picker biggest. Guy out of a division wonderfully school that just jumps off the charts. With his your balls in the first round like what we ve got a couple to burn through right. We can take a chance and end the jets when their feet, frisky like they can take chances, that's a dangerous position for them to be the Seahawks, also or one of those teams that whenever they add now we're down God dammit.
Fuck, the ATLAS, eleven ten. Ah, what would the seawater one of those teams that, because of their like history, the minute they added defence, a player like all shit. This is not fair. That could be so sick when the Ravens Admiral Thomas, like this, isn't fair. I witnessed the ox. I am. I automatically just assume that old Thomas is still there right, your German still their rise possession which make up its power, Llewelyn, yellow it and you're like damned steals like just when you add a defensive player to a defensive time. You like this is not fair. They should I just started as they should call their secondary. The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone coverage as so down the big story at don't know, Le'Veon Bell was not his. I thought that Libya and all he's he's pissed off at women either more manageable? Yes, sir, for longer trade, yet out of correct team that he grew rests, not feel risk back to were not. I asked I stand with lady on Bell, the
People do all the Hutu Hollerin to get you brought in just to leave. People? Weird yelled? The internet got these dudes doing whatever for attention. Even when they tell you shit, they don't believe themselves. That was laid on Bell. So maybe I guess he's saying that, because you might try to leave. Yon Bell courted him. Now he feels betrayed at all. It's tough yeah throws up relieve your bell. Did John Adams make a mix tape announcing, whereas gonna go remember that you as a guide for ever go Lex, although in a full journalist staying up until the night, trying to figure out how to Finally, the on bills mix tape, yes, and in listening to every track and transcribing, it turn a piece together, the equation, yeah. My way, I think we should fire coach
straight up. Tat was it you can have a loss like that, it's all the rules and, lastly, a team in general or less eighteen, mediocre foot off the gas is unacceptable, novels, Amory coach. What's the coachman and cope with Andy Copeland, Washington, Copeland, dude, we wonder how much in hot see they were up. Eight, six and a half a score to goes in the same age, six most dangerously lacrosse. Everyone dynamics That's Sarkozy, outlier gonna, make like six eight box court. How do you lose a game? How do you lose a game? I wanted to cope. I want to call him right now, You should be on the Nazis, the play let chewing the game shut up Billy, I fuckin hate, you root the let's get you are whose back the weak grit twenty twenty is here and well maybe a little different this year. Friends, but light want to help it keep it special. That's why we are giving away accustomed grit weak, fridge just like the one we haven't studio. It's a sick beer fridge,
with our logo on the side for for football guys only on the front so were given one of those away. Oh yes, due to enter is tweet. Hash a grid, fridge and hashtag sweepstakes on Twitter, again tweet tat grit fridge in Hashtag sweep stay. To enter no purchase necessary opening. U S, residence, twenty one plus and said in thirty twenty see official rules it, but like dot com such great fridge for more details. Again, hashtag grit, fridge, hashtag sweepstakes on Twitter, and if, if it's a great it's a great French, it's great fridge. I can't believe this. I can't Achilles wandered out it's a joke job now. Did he lost, though, that Lisbon, when I don't want to, I was to get points for this. We should just had negative goddamn it goddamn it hey you're, whose back the week I was back. The weakest mats, oh we are not even begin to show. No, they had a there one strike away from winning their first game. Three to weed Blue Blue
blue, save bullied pool game just good, you know, like Saturday night, all the let's find out. I was at that they went on Friday there or whatever it was. The one on Friday, when it not, in other words, loan Guiana guise of the season. Goody knows what those things like we're talking on the return of sport. Everything just like. The more and more things like this happening, the more more everything fills nor how is Jose suspicious useful. He's right, he's gonna lose DS, lose the ass. He blew save a new smiling Muslims are not now, it does feel The natures healing tweets like when met Spanish started. Meltdowns on twitter does feel like. Oh my god. I frank the tank. Who is a code? Our curved are saying the seasons over after game too, and predicting ten game law losing streak after that one it just like this
getting like slipping into odd nice warm bath. Doesn't that would be a great level in the Madden like fan simulator, to be immense. Van lay aside quest yeah give up on the judge. You become firemen, Ed, you quit the as far as these in turn to the matter and then go right back in March and just punch, you and dick every single day are beset it or a great caution. MIKE's, my thanks to Japan. The extra jobs thanks my whose back the weakest Alex Smith. Oh his personal doktor cleared him to resume football activities, which I want to any personal doctor, should ever clearer. It'd be ok, go out. There just play football it doesn't seem like something out of a family physician would do you think he should use the Redskins doctor. The washing football team on the Washington football I'd, say the personal doctors much much more trusted and well so now he still has to be cleared by the washing variety and doktor to play. Put like just I just on me a second ago that, like what doctors
like you should go play football. Right. That'll be good for you. I actually don't think that he probably they got doctor, is now sending him to like. You know the Simpsons Doktor Nicholls Diego be clear. By examined and Google by the Washington team, but I'm good for Alex Smith, like I'm excited form, because a key yeah obviously almost lost his leg a couple years ago. I just don't think that playing on that field in in ral. John Maryland is going to be a good thing for his leg IRA. I'd I'd like to see him succeed somewhere, and I think he's one of those guys that is probably the quarterback coach, probably off as a coordinator, eventually he's got a shitload of money and he's like the greatest backup. Quarterback of all time like he will catch up a guy that he's in the room with like a younger guy. That's there with him. So he's also part of one of my favorite trivia questions, while taught the one where he didn't throw touched on past too wide receiver for like a year and a half. No, it's what's college as the only as the only number one pick in football in basketball, oh
who was in there is in the same year. I think who was in Andrew Bogot, o crazy yeah. Pretty far right. That is, it is fun tribute, I think, was the same thing it's. What what's college in the same year had had first round pecking, yet you doesn't I was at Alex Smith as well. I believe, solely so yesterday that we're noise fun little trivia, free guy, but another fund review fact, as I think it was like seventeen weeks in a row of interval football that Alex Smith now completed, touched our past. Why? Yes, that was also on yeah. It's the driven question. Is what team had the number one pickin football in basketball? Only one team ever yes, I hope Alex Smith- does good. I don't know, there's gonna end up landing. I don't know if he's gonna actually play football this year, but I'm glad that he didn't have to have his leg amputated. Leon alleys seems like he's is recovered. So that's cool big time my, whose back the week is Tom, pivotal he's back tebbs is back, he's got his five year deal. I think what the Knicks has been finalized. This is gonna. Now nothin screaming hey already like Tom to do. He is
He went from like didn't trust the ownership and GM in Chicago, our bugging his office in everything. All power, and now he's gonna go work for James Doin yeah. I guess it saves decide just like war. He lives in Staten. Island takes the fairy over every day. Is him first the media? It's gonna, be great. I mean good news for him, as I think like half the next rosters old bulls cast, way. So I think you can probably cobbled together a team, but it's just That is, that's not good, tips, always struck me as a coach that is really really good at getting the most at a media, ochre talent and really really bad at getting anything remotely good out of excellence, while he just ISA is all gas no break. So again you know came twenty is the same as the second round in the play off and I wish to say load management has become a phenomenon in the NBA and
it does not understand it doesn't get that I wouldn't Howard hired to do the second to coach, the water dogs, or at least a coach, our culture, our dialogues, Yefimitch fucking, wandered any good offload gas in the second half fuck that guy you gotta stay aggressive. Al Gore, shout he's out, I'm fired him were fired him, many mothers back is our Rhine pace in his draft pick, so he traded Adam green. Who has the floor. Fifth overall pick second round two dozen seventeen for six rounders. That's that's good! Asset Management Hall, yeah inflationary, it all with women. You guys only have what ten titans yeah we're going to get depleted. That's initial see what happened. He not have the depth jargon for them. I don't know it just you know it's always good to make sure that it's kind of Bela checking of Ryan Pace just keep keep trade, in guys for picks, no devalue just makes us I remember when he was drafted in it with theirs. Gotta talk in Chicago did because that was the myths draft. Obviously that right,
he's, went out and got his drew breeze and Jimmy Graham ok, so act. In a way it is a right and a pace, version of reason, a dream. I remember, reading that articles, like he understands b, is time and see in New Orleans. He understands needing a big tied in a great quarterback fuck. Yes, Jews are ready to roll. Did you see the most Larry Sabre metrics yeah I like over the weekend. Somebody may deem this to me. Mister Bisbee has, by for the highest quarterback rating in the NFL. When it's exactly sixty six. Sixty six degrees, Silva Dome bears Fred or better, yet just like go outside and light styrofoam went far better. Yet why doesn't Ryan Pace Fuckin package that shit up and trade and for a first round or to Don T fit into dome team or I'm tunnel lights? People in Chicago just just make your city warmer, raise a butcher, Catherine Guy farting, all the time, let's increase of methane gas. If his
Actually, sixty six was just remember that guy, like five yeah, that's perfect time, but that's not where other over yeah but does matter as proteome unchanged get I'm absolutely gonna open up my whether up every see his Sunday morning is sixty six, I'm unloading on Mitchell, Tbilisi. Don't you need the clock on the field? Yet? Actually I needed a giant giant thermometer. Do you think it's because he likes it temperature or do think like there's something in his head. When he sees that sixty six, not he feels good, I think gum we just like we then in this pandemic, for so long that someone just Doug so deep into stats. They finally found something is probably like a late October game against the dolphins. One searched every single temperature yeah, oh you don't. It might have been. There is I bet you, I was at the game against them. Box. They was that I might not, but I gave the box shut up. I think MR six touchdowns,
and it was right around like me, five or six that had to admit that I do about it as we follow back eight, that's Mitch, whether by us I Billy, whose back my, whose back in the week, this impersonation lap scared by Franklin D tried? You do Carol Bastions was awarded the tie. Your king, Joe Exotic Former's, Zoo in Oklahoma, Carol, Basque, ensued, Joe exotic his company. His mother Persian Ohio. You are gone of, yellow anyway, so she's getting the zoo. She won the longing. Ok, he's, always along and worn out on top earners impossible her and Hiven jeez. Now the Tiger Queen one there you go,
Billy by the way will do that will do it after the interviews exactly a review of the money reading, but war suggest Recap Billy Sheet, which is fantastic. Let's get Go to our interviews. We Deanna Sanders and then we have a. Temptation worker, from New York City asking what it's like to be garbage man grit week. So let's do it before we get that, though grit we only twenty is sponsored by dude wipes derision the fullest possible wives. For guys what restocking upon toilet paper you need to be stopped, up on dude wipes better than toilet paper. Dude wipes are multi purpose to use anyway, on your body to help you stay clean and hygienic during this interesting time and all the time, if you're not using these yet while dropping adduced yourself- check them out. You feel How much better and fresher? then only using shitty toilet paper. They will truly change your life. I'm telling you I use dude wives, if you are white, what you'd wipes you are not wipe incorrectly, that's just a fan you're walking around with poop in your, but ok it just in there Wife gets it out your
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that was probably the aside bars thou, be side of that smell where we also get a bathroom talk with the Santer Yeahs his approach when it comes to restore its Bs Jude products, so take ten per ten percent off a dude products that cop ok here is Proud TAT, Ok, we now welcome on a very very special guessed. It is NFL Hall gin to time Superbowl champion you sprint. This prime time. It is De Sanders So we call you prime time or d on which one grant ok produce rams you guys a friend, ok, I saw rhyme my fur this question and we just saw you sprint down the hallway consider can get sixty seconds. I think you took about forty five of the sixty You are one of the few athletes in the world where I don't care what age you are. I assume that if you put on the pads or grabbed the bat, you could make a
and a feller m l B team today. Do you think that that's through or my maybe exaggerating, your skills. That is true. I would have to be limited role. I know I gotta get myself up was situation to succeed, not to feel but that is true, The limited Robbie. Actively nickel free safety in football in baseball, I capitula up, I can pick I could get in lake job you down a bunt third beat it out at clear, its role of summer, that you ve seen the video that came out yesterday of Tee O and Terry Kill run in a hundred yards dash against each other than they ran the forty two yo I think, he's forty six years old yet deal He looks pretty good for a forty six years that the losses on his back and she s insane. I've never seen that on even a statue but I he ran the forty right afterwards. I think you rented about for four or five MIKE what
yes do you think that you could outrun run to right now I get deal. Therefore, we do not afford Legatee, ok, ok, Fast, you think he'd run it. I call it in Amsterdam, makes me up here. The wounded man and he's gonna be the next may the next man for six, I'm six uncle before the next April, a company and if we want better than the next May, okay, so you're, incredible career, you, you know you want to use your wall. You know titles, you You played in a world series you played to port sport. Athlete doesn't happen any more really at all obviously growing, you knew. You were an unbelievable, an athletes, but was there a moment where you're like holy shit, like I am, sir, much better than everyone, When I came, I do
now when I was a kid. Fort Myers Man playing three baseball basketball. I knew I had, but now just knowing was enough because I didn't want to settle. Would mediocrity even back the and I wanted to dominate man? I wanted the high step I wanted. I was there in the said before there's an inability. Now, in eighty nine was me, I've been dance and I've been celebrated. I've been here a good time baseball football ask the ball. Stating that I mean so. Understanding the gift is one thing but working. To put off to enhance the gear and to take the get enough to another love, that was We. Thank me. Ok. So let me let me Ray asked a question a little bit of a different way of what point in your career. Did you know that you had to put in more work and you couldn't get by just on that natural gifts just my mama workmen, I saw my mother work to jobs
You're, damn right now, childhood it and just make, is me so I picked up the work ethic from what I saw in a pig, the game in the hustle part up from my biological father and I picked the consistency of did not put on a uniform goin work backbone also put on foot, while baseball best, you ve done for my step forward, so this Are you going to give way to eradicate it? I picked up those little things in a seven years old man just seven years old, I told my Mama you know what I'm will be reached one day, I will make a lot of money. And you ain't now that we're gonna. Do you like your life and real go, get a la Mancha grass right now, you know for them. You get through that seven years old you gave the floor to say, and I you're one of the best athletes on campus Amelia. I think you start as a freshman right on the proposing that so wish zero point. When
either you had to sit down and and look or self in a mirror or coach bowed and had to talk to you and say now As the time where you need to step up the next level like this is no longer highschool football, It's a bit more difficult, no, because came the border states J of the game, the chains, the way the game was playing I mean I've always talk like that. I remember my first few games, I was rotate nibble, the three corner rotation. You know these to start. I come in, and next serious didn't The other guy sit down and we rotate in there one time, Those two guys winner, to one of the sporting goods stores. In themselves thousand risky with their numbers on it. Tell me so I'm a woman with a game assailed as nice, Serbia is a my ban as a you know what I'm starred in ain't gonna about it
We in Cairo does when I started in they come out again in college. Bob found, I think, is one of the most underrated coaches. What made him that ever? What made him so special! Yet I mean there's something I can't remember the exact stat, but it's something like fifty Earl. Ten years in a row word for state finish in the top five, which is just like it's almost impossible how good he was for how long was I was more than that, but made him. So special goes down the wonderful human being very personable. Beria spiritual is like a father being away from home that we all need, especially after merging community, but he staff. That was unbelievable. You do the history of Flora state borders, they didn't pull off a little bit until all staff, start leave it.
Model went to knock a nanny state. I believe Margaret went to Georgia This guy would do that place. Alkaline is gambling here discount there in death, when things start going south, but that's your those guys started party. He had a step that was unbelievable. That could recruit is but all indian develop players like no other lead my deepest tobacco Ricky Andrews Lords Data. More guys improves the principle. Did anything always the been good would not like the difference. I just looked it up. So to put it perspective, but about fourteen year stretch where the floors, the sentinels finish, the top five big savings in the in the album occurs tattoo been below you could say next havens run right. Now is probably the best run in college football history it he still. They had in two you thousand thirteen. They finished seven and eight and the two Poles last year the finnish eight me, like you, ate ranked ate my coach of aid. The eighty. So they only went
For years in a row where they fur- five years ago, when I finish the top floor, ten years in a row where they finished in the top five. That's insane that's insane, but you gotta understand, could save. It loses his tat whatever to your true true, all that that not it also these evils very bite it and then he has treated phenomenal. That's two different did, he did he ever give any shit about your dancing. Some of the high step in that you ducas Bobby, seems like he's an old school type, a guy dancing in the car. Whatsoever. Where'd you go then, when you too hard as worker wedding, Jose Young Europe none of your last only with Ngos. You plan to sports and you coming over to practise in between your teeth wars that you're going on a girl escape. Wouldn't So now tell me a little bit about being this work. Is we talk to Jerry Rice here, but maybe six months ago, He told you are raising that horse done in Mississippi. Forget the horses name,
but what was your work? Our regimen like where you would put in more effort than anybody else I just want would be the greatest ever made out to be the best ever I wanna be best, and I've never heard about that. Race was Jerry Rice in the horse and how can a human beat a horse, but that's a whole nother story. I would come back to that later, but there were a big was unbelievable cause. I just wanted to be the best ever my destiny as well that's how I got them steal that way. Right now, I'm gonna go get a little more than the work added to my bank. Even to this day, that's Why my kids ever work ethic because they see their father work at When I get out these so called what you get I've been going on that lawn mower, the grass, like no other, Because of my work as it, so you probably the most swag of any athlete ever it's up that drove them out. Rushmore riotous yes and I'm not I'm not in their mouths Rushmore. I am
the amount Rushmore? If you were you, that's where you all my Rushmore, you? U personify swag was there every time, though, when maybe you caught yo we're talking about yourself in the third person just wherein ridiculous, awesome, clothing liking, a limo assume you broke character like what the fuck is. This like this is great, now now Does it most? Amongst others, premeditated Muslim was choreographed most most up, I knew what I was after. I was always taking one the two steps ahead: the media, whatever happened, I wish it would have been a matter of time like this We had social media, were I didn't have the monopoly the media needed at the charter. We need relate me and shoot me back. I want I told him. I was greatly make our own two or three years later, but the down before then it was. It was. It was a one time, but never did I have one of those moments It really look in the mirror site.
Right. I don't know you never who's, never not not ripe. I'm. Looking at a picture right now, it is deep. It is the epitome of swag. You have a a dollar sign earring you're out loan. You have the gold sunglasses About sixteen chains on you, you were actually I'm suit. Like you whose job they will drastically Annabelle? Are you it's all fuckin cool? What am I supposed were to drought based on overalls, some big issue, as it was, were dragged days, the knee jerk. Is like that. Like the pleasure music. Oh my you got. What am I supposed do it on wailing Jennings Udo, loves. You have you ever through that way because it actually confirm what I thought is that its effortless, like cool and you order cool and then it comes across as like hey. This is what it is
because I know like when we wouldn't do videos or something you were put on a bunch of jewelry or doing like this is ridiculous. We look ridiculous. Let me give you two met the madness. A man is ready that time, there was eighty eight. MT, I my daughter, was there and at a great capital country in that time provided it was looked up to back, was not athletes, it was the drug dealers, it was the hustles. One of the show everybody in that state, a man, you believe a good life played his ball, get your education go to college and you could do that hustling with the risk of going to jail for the rest of your life. So that's where the jury came in the girls, that's what the girls and one of the sea and that's what the gas respected. In the ear rings in insinuate men. Do a MAC diagnosed Megan money. Just like you guys, I daresay from the police.
So that was a hope. Mrs Rand met with dad. You never get to the message right. Wicker magnifier met here, trade is an unbelievable picture, I made it is the poorest it's one of the cruellest picture you can come up with drafting a new. It is to the dollar dollar bill, The dollar sign. Earring is so fucking bad ass, the job day, It is time to go. Promote obscurity did notoriety is is entitled to me when I get this all go. Being broke is over. We have made it go to your job but you don't prevented the beagle cuss everybody out and ever your problem leave memorial hospital. Ok, good! You don't have to go back, you do not have to go back on. Did you take that advice? Did she go and its people are you know my mama. She did I love, how long did it take for it a quarter job? At that point I mean
I love that, essentially, the good give to give to apparent one that's put in work, like over the years and an end. Gone out of their way to help you achieve something, and then immediately said, you're done your dad. Didn't you ve won, but guess what the gift is. Youth is maintained. It that's what it's not that I pray. You spoke about the work ethic and all that consistently there's a cup because a lot of guys had done it but I had to go back to work because you can have your business rotten mama work since man, when was the last time you doubted yourself. The other day when I say as they do greatly. A really good- I don't know if you should it took it up, you look good is now I live remind me, but I can throw it back in a week. That's the thing about: I can grow a beard back in a week I doubt it myself just two days ago, I'll give it with an important thing. Are you know whether it be in the business world or whether it be brought
casting our athletic early? When was the last time the prime time look in the mirror and said, Prime, I don't know if you got it today, Protocol on the plate in nice. To football game like like we lost, first time, two years this past season on on He has prepared and we want Restate street straight state, I was in we're in overtime and cholera play on four down that. I doubt I should What would something else but the snare was on the ground in a killed me. Like it was a bad snap. So my son, which is gotta, get the job. Is it Take it out the garbage, about above reset and shouting make it happen and we to bear snaps and rolled over a third of what then we lost should withdraw out a doubt. They call yeah we're done well. It was the place all I don't recall it now, but I think it was a double in
quarter high low banks at Dublin on this, that we need in sport and eight. We need eight make it. O clock. He issued its two o clock. Yet in a desert, as your computer tell you every hour on the hour, what time is it? What does it say that brought it? I'm not really computer literate Mode. Make use of all. Is that as my little good clean light, because they have access to everyday. I don't know too much about computers are found anything so so you played on some of the best teams of all time. I'm not just talking about football is obviously you pay. You played on the forty nine is played on the cowboys you played on that Ravens defence, but all baseball you played on the mid nineties, braves you played on the Yankees what was the best sports team that you ve ever played on best phone, a best tat, both. Phone was alive.
Guys falcons yeah You can get them of what, during my is to code everything's everything that was what we gotta let's get, but we had four. Talent wires. Probably the ninety, or forty nine I think we had the number one defense and Orphans ITALY, Steve Young was fantastic. I did my thing on the defensive I think he was the immediately appeared to be. I may be mistaken, but I think he was and I had better a claim on defence. And it was this. It was still. It was just break still just it did know you got August is gonna score. Thirty or forty, and you just got to sit in the rocking chair, the hole for one slash, four cuz, I wasn't even trying to catch up. Did you guys start partying at all on the sidelines in that super bowl
We, we know we're gonna win. It was no use Europe like fifty in the third. Fourth quarter, general you knowing away what game you start right. Did you ever hear If, though, like maybe you know Papa Bottle, sideline rockwork. Birds were never days ago to my lips. I wouldn't do that. Second, about those guys very straight laced man. They were like click in that time. Human old time taught you put the clarity and did it that they were like that. So when I came, I had opened up like ass ever come on man So I was taken him out to the club I was taken in the part I was taken in the due to the other. What are you relax atmosphere? They were work ahead, at that time they didn't know how to play. Your item are working, but you gotta play to war so you have one of the greatest quarts of all time to weather the. If you look, Don't you feel good feel good railway good? If you playgrounds pagan you, you knew what what I was going to say
you just where they lay back in college. I came up. Did you put do you like What was where did you come up? and when you came out the first time you like, oh my god, that's fucking genius, because it's true I like in college everything I guess it was premeditated because this agent maiden Stake myself, Bulgaria gave me a pamphlet how much everybody made at that point in time. Defensive backs was not handsome repaid and it was one of the worst paid positions in the NFL. Unless I got to do some about that, because I promised my mom were you never were trying to come up with something, and I came up with this- is this? Is this guy which my nickname is proud to have the best about high school? But I had an enhanced estate so I had to do some for enabling do some thinking in and do some created marketing in, and this would happen so the school went to hold the level I would do
senior my last gay against the of flora. Less regular sees it succeeded in a normal there's, not much less gave levels it. It was No. What is it? that's great amidst smart. It's the do that all promotion and get yourself paid more, but that frock their quotas. Us. It goes it's true, though it was true and it ended just wrote about the phone. I didn't even premeditated that that that was just woke yeah. It is true, if you look good, you feel good You feel good, you boy, good, yeah, good Vader, yeah, exactly have you ever had a bad game where, before the game, you were like man, I just don't look at enough now that never too, I don't even know you figure, maybe even executed. I also love your twitter account because you really enjoy ending tweets with hashtag truth. So, true,
yeah. I've had a group organization the less I think is over decades in our team name is true what, means is trust in God, respect myself and others. Stan. I have unlimited possibilities. Try my best never give up and honour the truth in his greeted all tat, you can catch it He five years old in this city. What is true should say what does that mean? A nigger, baby, regurgitate that to you additionally as one of their parents. That's our creed! so there's really. What it means is what I'm saying: ok I'll you have your met Gary Busey Gazette that sounded like a beauty s? Yes, those abuses he's are areas the sea is either is crazy. You little! Yes, yet put any in a way that is not a painted, not abuse it. You gonna? Listen, do you can't you grandma, lawless, stopping you go, find a neck sit right. There.
What would you rather do doubt yourself publicly or make a tackle. Our opposition, to what you just said, I'm going to explain. By one gay. Well reluctant and I miss the Tec. Let me explain: my game is so strong. That was the thing they thought they found role. That never happen. Don't you think if you would have saw me being that type of player. You don't remember, particular plays where they just magnified did on television time. At the time. The term again you'll never sought it the visuals rumor criticise, migrate, So, yes- and I find it very so what did you say that maybe you should have been so good at playing cover cover defence and interest
passes, because then people would realise that you weren't that bad of attack were now what I would say is: wouldn't you reached a pity me Mt Rushmore in Father more when you have ever on the back of your name like greatest ever ever not If we are ever like Ebay, H, I'm the greatest ever they found some wrong. They, you can't think about player. That was really about the date and try to find something that was not great. Understand It knows what they gotta come will make you never in your life. My coaches has never grandma. I need you to come up and make a tag I know it's eminence, do you like it? because it never happened. I never hurt my tea in an aspect. You can't remember one day: will you watch or you watch who watch and they said
you know what he let me down with day. Hey, I didn't say it, and why did she wants you to call me a much closer to know right now and do it? stop him from said: where do you live in that you should reach nobody's, don't go to ask why I'm watching a clip right now from the Superbowl, and on this play. They highlight this as a play that you didn't want to tackle on. I'm watching your back and you just were too fast that you ran in front of where the guy was gonna, be no. What does it look where you come in? I would say what really happened on the play. It was a one hour ago right behind that again. So I did a leg out which was only up to tackling not only about a guy but to go ahead. Mind you. I was growing up the guy you're evil. Meet me. What have you right? I'm watching it back. There's a guy. It looks like a defensive, tackle no linebacker
common right out. So what's gonna happen to me about bringing down and also you were. You are also too fast, just go that spends on just be. I ran to tackle this budget than another I got there. What, while he looked for another one, I had a question about playing both baseball in full because I dont think its ever gonna happen. Again, I don't know who, Do it reason why? Because kids don't have no they're good enough, not affected but they don't have no right enough owing people to put them in a box, early age. You only play baseball. Will you only play football in you played an all year round, only play basketball I'll see you play you don't have time, for that is what they don't make sense. Everybody, I know what's to screen two streams of income, you do multiple thanks, but when it comes to sport, you got some
He had never done. Nothing is gonna. Tell you you can't do one thing. I got time by the way I'm talking about, but I cannot accept a window. You become a would not enough of what I'm coming right. Now you absolutely roasting Tony Rome over for pointing something similar out and I didn't I just wanna say I don't want that smoke. I don't want this more from you can directed all I don't know Their smoke there was was about something else that was about to Ozma. Ok, There was big it in that were really have sought, so my question is: will when you were doing both legit? Clearly, how hard was it ended? You ever feel like man. If I didn't like it I didn't have to spend a little time in the film, from today it might help a little bit baseball or vice versa. I barely be it it where over and they made it very comfortable me to get in there up there in the land and flat over everybody in Land Atlanta, Fulton in and get out of my time, but now that never happen, because when I was one
was playing one. I was really focus on one thing and I'm not What about the other? In ahead? colonel ability to compartmentalize everything in life, but it is not the thanks him. Yeah, but it did happen in the World Series new anomaly. Will world series with the with the brave because lost the blue Jays put during the but time were you in the zone constantly it's incredible to think about the you're playing and wailing in the world, one for David Cone. I wouldn't even play it. Just so happens, baseball is analytical and there's a guy. They were John opponent. I'm trying to help these bulls When the world series, I got a football contract and you punish me since let me do you think I'm gonna Miss the Balkans, playing against Damn Marino due for clean and that more and not be outdone island. And also on a beach prostrate. Nine, not even a thought of guinea in its own anymore,
football can't right, that's what we did all thirty to thirty, because it is not because of well come on track. What you Jim punish Vienna. Let me play God David call, and I was headlights six hundred to seven hundred lifetime of coal. It would have been no David going over to never blameworthy So every time I see call was the ice cream com. I just get you happy because it will work out a way. I did find one more example, but I'm gonna, let you off the hook up your hundred. I did I did. I did yes, I did It was a guess. It is both Jackson though, so I can't I can't hey, don't I didn't stiff. I ran through my vagina j of the freshman She's gonna do wonders what up man dispute straight from the hand of God and you gotta bring that up away. That's why
I read in a plumber implicitly down like I was entered, Meanwhile? We love it but that right days, like the elephant in the room, always Egypt, all tat yeah, that was your Kane, I'm eighteen men beyond that? That's. Why said, I wasn't gonna bring it up, but the cliff out there, but if you want to watch it you did. I didn't. I brought it up, but I retract I will give you pardon for that tackle. Is he the most athletic? Let it personally you ve ever been filled with No, Mercosur doable. Craig it in good. But do not but he was very athletic and he was still stuff. When I came home from college, you could never catch him and never catch him and he would sell it and I go, get it back at the end in the drug dealer here animals athletic Mercosur jumbo, but next did. I think it was. Where are we, prime, with your fight against people who are terrible using public bathrooms?
you mean a guy can't yet the water, he how you did it, you didn't you did a rant on twitter, not too long ago about Not being able to hit the water they just pissing over the toilet, is that not the worst thing in now? You got the pressure a wife indices down or deep banking. The whole battle, because when you go out in a recognizable bigger, thank you yeah, that's it in a minute I gotta make it as is yeah. What more do I I got it. I got to really read my hands up. In white somebody else's p off the lips of the toilet. One is just sitting there like gold treaty. Bandages makes me, May India and some other level Candy bars in the bottom, retorted. Did you gotta there is you Y know you ought to do if you're talking about like Public restroom was stalls, you gotta, do the kick open mouth
kick it. You have you see the man who on you move on you can leave of lowering their will. You recognisable goes well worth. Thank you Jose Amer. Polluted land based, I need not go, mountains day. So I gotta make a decision. We know now that I'm thinking about it, you kind of sauce bet. You come get out ahead of it. Are you pony bathrooms left and right you're trying to basically give yourself an alibi? I will get our amended proposal a lot everywhere, Galapagos on outside peer alive, freedom. I love the air that we all happy every I get up at night in Gaza just hold on, so that would actually be more in my favor. This argument you are used to being in its oil, doesn't have targets, for you. Don't have it's all your prayers, you sound and suspect, but do it
you're not close. Did it's. What are you gonna? Do these new split this rigidly? I think I just love. I remember seeing on Twitter, be unlike what the hell is, the O. Ok. This is actually a very important issue, a dead man. I got a room, she would do. I got issue I do agree with you, though, that I take it big outside is much preferable to being indoors. I feel and grass underneath your feet and just pissing outside is wonderful. I can't do I got bare feet is not the grass is the coolness inner freedom. Yeah is the freedom is like the wind GIS whistling the wind just whistles around here. You know. Where are your mba balls injustice? The whistle? the worst of it. Going back to the bathroom thing. You don't strike me as a shy person. Why? Wouldn't you just walk out of the storm, Just so you know, that's not a prime messenger that was there.
When I got into the bathroom, so don't put it on. I have problems. I don't have time to be explained into nothing to a stranger. Did I don't know I'm trying to prove ourselves you it's almost like em emitting guilt you're walking and about the minimum commoner dude You made that was not. Media clothing was here, that was prime private messier. He's gotta get added some yeah like what a fool online who said: yeah yeah it actually would make sense your ear ear. He played in the NFL played a major baseball everyone. S have one fault: he can hit a toilet. So that's how I think you want said rock bottom, for you is laying between two or three women at a time. Do you not understand what the rock bottom is? We don't take the there was also a rock bottom? I don't think you know what that means. I do I didn't say that was rock bottom. When I say it is
Could you imagine? No, I can't sleep. It didn't go in a. Fifteen thousand square hole. Not give no rest. Can you imagine the Heaven hundreds, a pair of shoes? You can't go any you're, not going into which you can't take a step in the right direction. Can you imagine, have several the cars and you can't go nowhere. Can you imagine it was soliloquies like that DNS affecting your majesty sleeping in between two and three? a determinate, nobody satisfied when you gotta. Could you Jim. You gonna work hard on. You have woken up. Stating was sixty seven down people scream words. Maybe you know your goodwill, nay It was a whole milk. We obtained that I say it Could you imagine here, but all those things seem like really awesome stuff, like oh I'm, in a fifty square for house. Oh I've got to many shoes well actually, could imagine the not being able satisfied two or three women who in that who do that's yeah yeah,
does that was a long. We a bank that I just want to put you in the place. I wanted you to be me for me. Ok, The european idea that some sick do when you get going on slowly, soliloquy like that, is there are your brain. That's like fuck man. This is really good, like mine, I'm going on prime right now No! Now because this is a bird, I bird minute clubs, good? Let you go They like soon as I leave you guys up for not lying, I'm going to be ready to get on the tractor, it causing ran like that's the best. That's the dynamics the personality. I could be this What I'm? Really there what you would you like to do to relax? I fish I got there, Tell you what I'll catch up their best, I'm a basket. Will we
on when you're on the boat do stand up and then pay over the edge. Or do you hold it? every now and then every known. Did I do it's a challenge because it's almost like your surfing in your activating those leg muscles like balance yourself, rapist about another point you! Why have this one little round ball, I mean only challenges that makes your mobile age have rainbow? It's really satisfying european to allay currency like an ocean natures toilet, yeah sure, because if the water is gonna catch, Are you angry at all that your whole fame boss doesn't really looked like you know? I'm not only think about is why would they take abandoned yeah? no sense like, like you told me, you wanted to be me in that. That was me so I understand why that was that there was a problem here, I'm looking at the picture right now they date in that was me.
But they did your lot, you're good, looking dude and they I don't know what I did, but it is different. It looked like the white due from upstate New York has written rules hair like his name, is terrible, like that's really what it looked like. You don't look like a promise of peril. What was it was like prepping for that speech when you go, the whole thing is, I feel, like you, can just step up to the mark and just talk. I re think the only thing Few people that I don't want to miss the thank you, but I have to speech like, is like a roll of it becomes in your head images rolls down in you you you tell the story: could you see the story strolling, as I'm talking What was it like? Wind was named David Baker when one day, Baker came to knock on the door at the hotel and say hey:
You may go my bill. I want you to put myself in a situation where you go get a chance to knock em. I do not welcome. I don't tell me I'm good enough for you look committee. I won't do it out. Actually culture. Football game versus Chinook, when there has word we had in this stop the game. Is that a Primus New came over to microphone and he did that Snoop Dogg Snoop told you that you made the hall of Fame now that is the most perfect lieutenant because you know how to do this. The imagine guys in a room it ain't gonna tell you too, you gotta get back as those two did Let this out is there How dare you did they? Take the guy then at the back door, and nobody ever heard of. Does work, deals IRAN because too
here's prior every year, He was. The gardener had to walk out the back there. They make you that's very humbly: yeah yeah, I never thought of it. That way the European Union must happen is situated. You will do me like that. Damn I e it yeah look up speaking to speedily. Are bought your kids gonna go pro. I hope so it's looking like you could could beyond the glance yeah. Are you gonna go? I remain I think it was maybe January this year we said you're gonna be a head coach. Soon, Are you sure it will not do and that in a college when twenty one, I will be where I don't know, but I will be, are you gonna do is it would be a package deal with your sons, but the amount of paper bags like I create a package of not part were yeah. You did you created the package agreed your sons created regular Monogamy report, give any eligible left. I would love to see you go back to college just this.
Just give the Icelanders one year through Ngos play the sun. I, whatever college you wanted. Where would you go right now, you're being recruited? what my son spear. I won't do it together and I don't want to be there with them to get the money ninety? I it's its gonna, be like that. What's all day, probably wouldn't, but I would like, if it were, if what we are up to you, though, what school would you go to it if you were just come into your own right now? That's too because I have been looked at it that way for deacons back what you gonna sit on a lot like my youngest son, he's a lot like me where flora state when floors date until My class got there too that eighty? I planned got there things change so he's the kind of guy does it thereby build up what are these majors they can be the same. Without doubt me. I want to those aware make him all. I want to make it debt I want to change the game. That's the way, The little man thanks man so less why he chose whether you like it had smart energy
Is eight minutes from a beach to buy here yeah. That's that's a good points while well quality life, and yet I I like going to if you're, picking a school in your happily I want you to virtue Wisconsin, I dont know how they ever recruit. Anyone recruited me really how can they recruit a black man? Think law that was got theirs who did the robe visit start a curl current wisdom. We stand with costs ill and out of it I don't even know how to spell was spell Wisconsin, probably still, don't you think, I'm not going to Wisconsin High School. I don't know what a jacket when was the University of Georgia for a visit What what girl. Why would you buy a give the floor to a busy in December
Damn it state as the damage better recruiting, indeed been due to top it. Is it send? I hear you're pretty good. I tell you what Why did you read shirt? You gonna really contribute us, as they say, with all due respect, I'm better everyday you get out there. What I saw It is love to Georgia you d, better reassuring yeah. Everything you got a little bit really said that magic, imagine being the guy who wanted to get prime time two fuckin Register media yet you know right now, you're one of the few people S got lucky. You guys prodigal Everyone knows that I've really lady and on everyday recruited me listen. You asked Craig. How did it happen? I don't know yeah. That's my point though it's like I don't yeah you're saying your sons picking a place, its eight minutes from the beach I never understand how
Wisconsin ever gets. Anyone because like if I may recruited anywhere I'd like fuck, I'm going! The desert I'm gonna beach, like I'm, enjoy this right? What they do a great job. You got a great program to ya, just run the ball. Prom, I got a little bit of history with you musically so I purchased your city. I believe it was called primetime right. The approach, still from SAM Goody back in two thousand seven days: Your fake saw must be the money. Y Y, you envy me also a banker, you said. Not a word. You know your network does a bugle remember that saw there was nothing. So there was no favorite sought in a bit The burial was supposed to be at a press conference with all these makes it up in my face and I'm talkin about why Papa
Did you write that? Did you write your own? Yes, yeah so I purchased it in a car zero dollars. When I bought it, you, ok, message behind. I like tat we can raw to and how surprising oh yeah yeah. German, eighty that now the process, the eighty south lamp? I had one last question Are you it's our body, armor question: go drink body armor, I'm a strawberry banana guy! Here, our prime. You should be during a body. Armor yak is the delicious good drink body, armor, dot com or Amazon for either flavors. So this is. Politically. We usually do grit week. Where are we right before memorial day. We we travel around the country. We interview people out of the van. Obviously corona virus happened, it cancelled its or doing it. Sweet you're gonna, be part of it. You're actually be the lead, so everyone
prime time they think flash. They think you know everything right, the jewelry, but you are a guy who made it into the as level the pro ball fame and you. After we had at least a little bit of grit to get there. So what does grit me to you, and why Fairview in your life been like yeah. I got to just suck it up and be gritty. It means to being tenacious involving tenacity being hungry, being spinner lighter being a warrior, just not stopping not with withstanding the best thing to do to not condemn but condone certain things, but yet and still staying focused man. It went when I was in AAA Baseball. I think it was eighty eight playing for the Columbus clippers,
I didn't, really see the vision, I'm in Tripoli and I'm getting ready to be made in the matter of tat. Why am I in Tripoli? a planet in a small town, rhyming places all around the country my agent of the damaging Parker, who each pastime lab with you guys Look man! You trust me trust, having the leverage is gone. They did it, it's for you, you can really played his age is sucking up my a long awaited. Pay me why why want to be here in. I had to really take a look in the mirror and say you know what I got a second. But what I want to assure the dream I told my mother the dream of a lean kids out of my interest. What my slaughtered, showing them the direction its yonder mom, adequate, and I said the man in the rest is history, it also means not being afraid to take some toilet paper off the role and why
up another man's place. If you have to see whether at least water for yet for rapid, I love it will. Do you think you d, I was good to meet you man. Do you still have the issue of the dollar sign earring. I was worried IRAN's in Bali twenty years ago. Ok I love that. I get your we'd guys. What are you guys like to do matter? Ample quail? Were always your biggest club I watch allotted sports a gambling. You want to last words like: what's your figures, sport, I love. I love football, allied rugby. Actually it's what you know. What I tell you what we needed to you, and I Even I because we better we gotta reunite because that stop. You said a minute ago can take me off you look at my screen phone up into my guide that job. Apologise because you won't be honest. So what we need to do all we can do our relationship. We need planet, rugby trip.
Next summer, We need to get on a rock bt overseas and actually play a game. Ok, I'm gonna, do that I'm gonna you're gonna get me. I've been invited to join a couple rugby team here in the United States a major rugby take. They know me, they told me they won't. Let me get away with you: gotta go in, I have no each threatened, as is my name no its threatening us the UN's backwards. I've gone bad news, restaurants or rich. Like many, you know, requires very rich like when I go back. Name as well. The country will win go up and assume names in in joint. Because I want to do it at least one ok. So, ok to that sounds like an awesome idea now from for me we're going go to Vegas Phenomena. Gamble with your money is our only play. Blackjack. Ok, I'll pay you, but I'm very cheap. Yes, oh would do What did for prime time like drafty, primetime experience,
I'm very cheap like What I do if I go to bed with a rarely, do I put up does my pocket and I'm gonna stay you again. What is it smile, I don't wanna talk about it. I won't work. Prime, thank you. So much has been so much fun. We really appreciate it man and are you working on any time you got it? and apologise that I did not have a bone. I had now there's my country going so the foreigner work I apologize, gas it'll, never late for anything other than spanish is perfect. Not have known that bothers me sincerely. I do ok, we appreciate gonna, give you pal, I forgive you yeah. She wished it s a binding to do, because that that there were you, maybe you can teach me how to tackle cause. I've got out. I deal my mother has is eighty eight ok thanks appreciate it that interview with primetime was brought to you by whoop. What what
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sanitation worker, Mr Cougar, another something completely different okay. We now welcome on a very special guests for grit. Weak grit week, of course, is sponsored by our friends a dude wife's derision. Flushable wipes for guys will everyone is stocking up on toilet paper? You need to be stocking up on dude wipes better than toilet paper. Dude wipes for multi purpose use anywhere in your body to help you stay clean and hide during its inching time it all the time, if you're, not using them. Yet, while produce. Do yourself a favor check them out use code. Take ten percent off a dude products. Dotcom code. Take ten percent off at duped this. It is a sanitation worker is out, that the exact title it is cooker. Who is a friend of the programme? sanitation worker trash man. What's the with the correct way to say and toiled wanting wreck terminology plantation workers? Are you ok
I actually had about. One of the questions I had written down right off. The bat is do you ever? Do people ever assume that you're in the mafia, when you tell him what you do for a living I will start yes always say yes, a runaway. Ok, that's perfect, like? I mean why denied if they already think that, yes, Are there any like classic sense? rotation, guide, jokes that you make maybe too like a rookie. Unlike his first run or something like that. Just a bust, his balls little bit like what are some good inside jokes and the biz You inside children's day are its picking up job signal, its use. British it like that and then all their debts, I first, they might have told me that it was so. When you're working. I always wondered what how long, how how many have we given area? Can you cover?
sanitation worker like on a daily shift. What is eight hours you working eight hours. Eight hours more say one early more every covers actions over different neighbours you can't do that enable once wrote me reach maps that you wanna whenever we discuss the rising, get the job done or what the street Ok, I've always wanted that, because it always does seem like the trash sanitation workers issued become during the morning time and they usually wake you up. Is there any neighborhood they you ever worked in where the trash comes at lake I dont noon. When people are a work, Ah, here, there's a few neighbours that you pick up what here, none of this new neighbours that you overnight, in nature, but usually in the morning, you don't reply enough, is there not? My pop
to that list. Depends on what you would do the other people giant We try to know the people going well that's what ship and what people from other work with you considered being its anti workers being where the hardest jobs that you ve had evil stiffly strenuous I've been doing its wife was used. Ah, it's going body, The boy mines stressful- a lot of bills, I've done very well, said the boy don't bother with eleven deal with white whiskers. What's the most stressful part of sanitation workers, job, the other problem is one thing was driving up each rock that accidents happen. We consider ourselves one best drivers. This week, you have most relating do that drivers, what's wrong with accidents, people on the street
There were bites everywhere: Social Strata, while yeah what's the weirdest thing that you have found, or seen in all years of working in sanitation, what a few things well besides personal heads, let me take care of this? personal items that people far away in the Bin. Nonsense. We got it without their names were up Wait! You ass! You see a problem of people and I said just that right away well I'll be able to impose it. It's not that we have some of them before it's not a job. Allow retrain, the train of thought that there was a couch. Stop wrongs that drugs it, but that's it
please reply to what I've dismissal by few weeks also want a beer yeah so have you ever seen a dead body. Ah, Yes, I'm all their parts. I will win your figured out. Your crew and who you gonna be working with on a particular day is? Is it the same crew over and over that you work within? And how do you decide who gets to drive? Who gets a stand on the back who gets ride shoddy What the steady partner he had in the all yours all the others, no answer that driver visited a louder switch, not once in a while a load around the rope, What was that there should be no other guys with a lot of finally job lobby sporting alarm and most of the mighty sort of thing, you got a problem, that's not what working loves you guys get aboard ship
whose who's the guy that puts it was the best position to have the one that you have to stick around the longest. For if I, if I look at a trash I look at a garbage truck going down the street. How can I like? Ok, it's your seven in the morning, the guy that strive and that guy's the captain of his squad, what's whats the that best position, yet What I want to show you ve decided one, a break. If they can break a long, where's him there are in other words, on the rapid and what she thought of it before customers or the constituents no I will see. I was very much ever design Lyra legacy of economic gap, if my loader my point of view the gap in book. I sailed the captain blood drivers or get up here. Do you guys look down on recycling men
Now? Let us thoroughly there s actually a lot of work. Without these days, the recycling because I want to stay in all their line, was they Obregon approves the up? all the way to go up with the pandemic and look down. It's it's a lot of work. Lucky longer they garbage That's not a drop of shorter. Well the recycling, guys ass near ass. It were all around What can I do to be a better sanitation citizen as somebody who produces a lot of waste a weather in the kitchen, Weatherby household items, things of that nature, Can I do to make your job easier. Ah, I see the wild birds that better do it, because There were three carriers to Burns was carried election, twenty thousand back in my room, the street I ve been he loved the need for
While I am on my round my six. My result: I see them all back the better cuz. I take an extra lap. You around the powers that follow me. Specific houses or buildings at you, hate the you know, you're like fuck these guys they always. They always fuck me over absolute, I have you wanna, be roundly smile, invited thought district got the trash across. Across the board, are there any certain like types of buildings are types of industries. Produce worst smelling trash and others like a certain type of restaurant. Or a certain type of apartment building set up or something like that. Yeah, all the nurse and also my roofs a lot of divers lot whose wraps from a photograph of drivers from the maggots maggots
What's that smell you walked away. I don't know what it is. Do you that's more that What's the what's, the biggest rat you ve ever seen ah I've seen rats and biggest. That's there's a few. Rats our models What's it gets, the raccoon started a blog, it actually rats at all Ralph go back to their brothers in the building of the People's Republic of China. Exactly all yours joy suffer ass if he remarked you'll stand down to a raccoon, absolutely That's we have it. We have an intern that he re home raccoon. Would you few caught a raccoon, would you dispose of it or would you drive it? Thirty? and it's out every way and release into a nice forest. Shot in the back. Yeah Billy, didn't
They chose the other option on that one. Yes ma What are some physical attributes that you look for when you're evaluating, who would be a good partner? Who would be good sanitation worker was attributes, yeah, I a lot of praise in the streets you were unable to raise and still live in, but you gotta keep it I think we are do your letter Ice ah all my garage of football boil, but now the universe We are doing a great job. So it's better. If you go out with you, I was there s five six days. We four five, eight out of date and people are a thousand yeah quick, overrated or underrated for two parts of the sanitation, business, overrated or underrated,
hang on the back of the truck while the white goes down the street, I don't really. I used to love our. Are you ever safety reasons took off the backs that almost of drugs? those maybe over ten years ago, want to the drivers would become a drive. It was for me. What's going on around that that one out there are blowing wind therapy. I in an overriding underrated hitting the lever and watching all the trash get eaten up by the trash truck Its economy is like one job has come up with. The kids in the car just watch is doing its one your face, no expression of the young fit the logical. It'll just me my father? Let him do it for the job, but this
Is there watching us dinner ass? They run out over the past the fiscal policy within one year. Our job in back to big cats, question about the rats. Is there a certain neighbourhood or a certain bureau of New York? That's known for, may be having more aggressive our larger rats and the others. Ah, I am also working abroad, soul and the north West. It a cleaner garbage once you go a little self aware. I forget about rights everywhere else lots lots of one bank robbers, five rats the back back thousands of years, another back. Not why I've experienced before I do see. Once law now appear, not the not River Rocks Bronx.
Then, as now blogs or are not an answer, I like like that we just gonna forget about it in the wild, That was your perfect forget about it to how we can live out that yet how many times you get in arguments with with with cars and I came I'm trying to get around here, like your hawk in you're, like I'm workin here that kind of thing I used my personal years ago. I used to it there now. This are more know now everything that you or are you with their drivers in it you see a big white dropping the way you follow me not a one way street area announced we radically those three he's gonna get away. Yeah are sometimes just a taxi driver will just turned down the street. Behind you said they can keep the meter run and make a little extra coin. That's that's oldest trick in the book you so then a burglar and made me think
how you you know you work in a neighborhood that you grew up around Ike I have to imagine that a lot of people who work in your business do better work. If they pick up try, in a neighborhood that means more to him that they grow up? Is that something people look for when thereby waiting like who they should hours ago. Will sky lived as they were grown up, so he's gonna, take or pride, and keeping nice absolutely ah are a few of us it might be, that work or neighborhoods. Wouldn't you can table It's a problem. Also, when I came to Morrow an old timer said what you can see from. I asked we need barbarism. Actually, I can that's why I think everything although it was his. Personal, you know what I'd do. If my neighbour well yeah
it's. I had one last question brought you buy body armor grit week has brought you buy body. Armor go get body, armor sports drink, I'm strawberry banana guy. It's my favorite drink out their summer time, drink body! Armor dot com or any her flavors on Amazon right now, that's drink body armor, dot com or Amazon for any their flares right now Have you ever had some one puts a by gas, canister or one of those little grill canisters and then have a blow up. Ah, yes, actually to happen, the smallest somewhere, but we do naw man what I make sure that there are two factors not as tight as occurred in this, with no press release. Or I get stuck about mixture road in what I heard this morning that the biggest both because of the good MA. Anything you want for export.
One of our employees, sure classics. Causes with it, but there was something that we allow to the summit what they thought rusted out. I can read, it is legal or not. I I just know every up. Is able to offer the best. Here, about batteries. I've always heard that you should throw batteries ways at her. Big barbarity gas. It of you guys got her. You got your not with the acid. Yes, all a job was put them in the same job. Spoke of automatic arise and other topics it all It's not like that as a good sign. That means that we are wrong for you. Just discharge you get out of it at all about I have one last question. It can dovetails and what be kept brought up earlier. If you looked down on recycling guys, is there
somebody? There is a group of employees. Maybe public sector employs a you, do have a rival rivalry with weathers friendly, not alike. After all, why and why pity they all. You know they have the basketball games in the football games against each other. Things like that Is there a group that you guys look at me like those deeds are arrivals. Not really the irrational, no wild with GPS, a wire but our respect, just one degree. We respond definitely allows what they want to be the Anterior is really they got off a body in the same niggers as well, where's better as about five minutes. What they were like fire where I work do share ribbon locks with the internet. It is annoying traffic there that's the only way I could see the rivalry five hundred was in reality. Blockbusters travel throughout the entire
that's all that's all I will give you respect. Everybody was though, I like to repeat that people give respect where respect his duty ass, annotate, absolutely while the cook the horse, said into Bed Yak Cougar. Thank you so much. We appreciate it. Man and I give us a little perfect way, to get on with grit weak talk to us some of the greatest profession? You no professionals out there in terms and business everything you got me on. And I said I was it was your ass out. Their people still clean. When you re, but one way to go around us. I'm here Thank you very much for its. How do you have any questions for Dionne Sanders? We're about to interview him? So maybe, if you have a question we can just now. I love I got out. What are you gonna agents without one or two years, You like? I was personally bastard
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when the thinks it simply save his great? U S NEWS war report named it the best overall homes, security of twenty twenty four. I simply safety today at simply safe, that calm, slash, p m T get free shipping sixty day risk free trial, simply safe dot com, slash p, empty, Okay, we have a Monday reading. There were very excited for before we do that Billy as doing a great job. The rebuilding of of Billy Soy boy into a soy man, so he's been giving us a sheet before every single show. That has, the ten weeks been tasked with finding the ten biggest stories online. Now this week. He said to us here: it is really only six stories and was it will Billy. You have to have ten, so I think Billy did. Was he just went to discovery channel because
story was yeah. That's it that's what he did. Yes, seven on will read em out shop. Seven shark week is happening August night. That's the story. Eight he's still covered nineteen tests? Nine, I think I m was baby rock raptor fossil found in Alas Kelly. I gotta really fast and loose with the numbering here, ten, Zoo Miami TEST guerrilla recovery either you didn't care about, and then he did slim pickings for Monkey Temple residences, Kobe onwards. So that's exactly a billion Euro laid out with headlines or from discovered show their only six articles that were posted on the internet or the internet have far. She is just Yankees and testing positive proposals. So here's a nice or a story that was over for on the list.
Elon musk denies allegation. He had a three way with Amber heard in the care of Della thing that that's that's just like no one actually accused Elon Musk Yamaha did I had one year. I would like to go on the record and say that I did not sleep with wonder woman, which name Gallagher though I did not, despite all the rumours the contrary, I do not have a dirty kinky. Three, I would Galileo and Carnegie also the lightning struck. The statue of liberty at number. Five was Melick Wednesday last week. Those sectors that night, maybe. Our work. Good job Billy I let's get to our Monday reading, although I did I loved Rob Manfred when he was. He was doing his speech on Thursday night, They were interviewing a model for the natural, that's Yankees game on Thursday night, and you just talk about what a great job they have done for player safety, and meanwhile the background just like lightning strode on every side or music? You know were taken into account everything that we can to keep these guys safe and on the field and then boom
Like? U dot s capital explosions, backgrounds, background so so perfect are Monday reading it's rare because I think we ve had any sequels so If you remember we did it probably out at all fumes, ago it was, story of a girlfriend writing in saying I love my My friend we ve been together for many years, but we go to waffle house and every and he goes. He gets in a fight with the cook. This cook, and he and she basely said I can't go there with many more, but I know he still going there. Ordering his eggs to cook message them up and then they faced by and they were doing it. Every single, like every other week for money, It is important to have a rival in this way. I dont really see anything that weird about, but of the sky feels the need to defend himself and go off yes. So we have the boyfriend site, which is electric so he by someone someone tag me in this: it was posted on Facebook. So it starts with
so my girlfriend has an issue with the fact that I dont get along with the cook and our local waffle house. Apparently she such a problem with this. Ditch posted about here and blew up blew up, but it's been removed enough with these substances actually was unread it. So I dont know the rules for posting. What not? So I don't know why it was taken down regardless. I think my side of the story should be explained agreed my girlfriend and I have been together about three years met in grad school graduated moved in together in a decent financial situation. We both work full time trying to get a head start on a college debt. Yeah a yacht, clicked I this is. This is Baxter. We don't really need things I love is eating. I'm not overweight or anything, and I go to the gym and watch my intake but come on either is just so nice I totally agree. Did I poured perfectly love break this route, my mom, would always make eggs and pancakes and stuff like tat. For me, when dad wasn't around their marriage? Wasn't amazing, while I certainly wasn't abusing neglected there is enough,
sensible, lack of being comfortable entities whenever dad was around it's interesting that, like it, was a treat to be able to eat breakfast right. Dad didn't like me eating break right. So there's some deep here, so above all this for a while and middle school into high school. This punk kid started boy me will calm Aaron I've never been. For confrontation I like to just my mail business and do my thing. I was a ban kid play trumpet Erin would do a lot of the small things to annoy me and when I showed frustration, he would laugh and get others to laugh his everything to do with steel? My trumpet and stick trash in it like wanted a paper of food and make a spectre of me when I being the hall during passing period before band clean. It out and cisely sounds like some of the Billy. Would yes absolutely I guess there's something lears, but a skinny kid with Acme a cheap erika not being happy. I had friends, school, but I was never socially high. Ranking pro because I didn't learn to be assertive and of confidence. I was in college as result, schools always something to be endured rather than enjoyed when errand
out of my sophomore year. Things go a little better, but my social position was already submitted in place. Scars sad. So, when I'd come home after long day, putting up with shit down It would never haunting at a fine where this picks up tat window Spress being happy to see me or make him are make him available to talk by tried. Just passively say something about me needing to learn, not care or something he was. Ever comfort, so when it was gone. It was just me and mom at home only child. I really how safe and relaxed- and she would make me Delicious breakfast style food dad didn't care for those who made any one. He was all he would make his opinion about it known so there he loves breakfast is essays. Yes, yes and also sounds like what the dad's doing is. The dad was trying to keep his son as a beta. Yazzi was growing up as they I can't feed my kid protein in the morning is he'll get bigger than me. That's very common, dad, the yes, yes, I think it aid. My mom happened to see me appreciate her in a way my dad never did
point is when she made this food. There is nothing but happiness, appreciation love to share between us. So I love breakfast food and always well in my girlfriend and eyes budget. We have a room to go out need fairly often like a couple times a week. I love going too this places like Dennys, Dunk, doughnuts, waffle house, so we go to. Those once every week or two she's got us. All stomach that doesn't care through a flag. Bulgaria daddy's doesn't need to be included in that triumvirate now talk about the best breakfast places you know but Dennys in the rarefied air, that waffle houses and also Junkie Dona seems like like budget forgot like do don't don't. I feel it would be hard pressed to spend more than like six dollars. I think their most expensive value meal is like for ninety nine, delicious
but yeah be hard to be like bruisers millions and spend twenty dollars. Don't you just get out of here with Dennys yet augur yet include. I hope you get include waffle house getting up and dined, maybe yet any diner, maybe a Bob Evans, even their breakfast bowser, like twenty two hundred dollars each to the US, I so she's Gus Malta, stomach that doesn't handle on Greece and fat well, but she likes to have coffee and reader work. Why to demolish a plate of food eclipse guy, just fucking loves breakfast yet and also just like slid end is under the rain or by the way my girlfriend gets diarrhoea yeah. We were out running errands a couple months ago to salaries craving some breakfast for lunch in there was waffle house a block away, so we headed there. We sat down to order. And when the witches went back behind the counter, I thought I recognized the cook I shouldn't have start up stared, because she turned round and we briefly make eye contact it his errand yap. I haven't seen him in nearly ten years did not age well, and it was obvious he had made much of his life. He
surprise, but turn around and kept working now? like my eggs, a little runny. Some people think its gross, but some something I don't need to express their opinion, like yeah thought on the internet. You like say you want. You shut the fuck up. I, like my eggs, medium rare plus, I ordered fried eggs a little runny. I also kept achieve glasses, were there and saw him realise how much more successful I had come. The name you're, listen we're all in a lawful how you can not make a distinction between Bluff will house and Lawful house customer once you enter that square building with yellow roof. We're all the same under you're, not you any better than one less of it,
my satisfaction must have shown on my face. Was you weren't, a fuckin tuxedo or something he narrowed his eyes a little and turned back to his skill in a frustrated where's Gallagher Macbook pro now? Why phase and was all dressed up reading some court briefs or something? What could errand of possibly read on this kid to be like he really made it in light yeah A girlfriend was completely oblivious browsing stuff on your phone. Are food reserved by eggs were hard I told the waitress that or runny ex so she took the point back. I normally just role with it when stuff like this happens, but I was really before Dorani exists day go and gave me a weird look about it. When the play came. At my age or scrambled? What the fuck I again said this is not what I ordered. So the waiters took my play. Back again now is pretty busy in the restaurant. Had we had the same waitresses, she probably would have noticed and said something the Aaron, but she busy across the cafeteria. So young waiter came back toward table with my eggs. They were too
hard, boiled eggs up like a thief, tire this. So I just ate them girlfriend was laughing, but I was pissed. Aaron gave me fly grins. We left us good, oh my girlfriend, all about it all, but I forgot about it until the next weekend, where popping in the morning, and I remembered how air ruined my Saturday lights. Forgiven. Listen, global breakfast food. Special to me, don't screw with that. I fucking love this guy. Every man has as alive and I, as a guy you have to have a code and disguise is happy Place- is eating a delicious split eggs. I fucking love this guy. It's a girlfriend one to go anywhere else, but we're going back and I was gonna, get my damn: Ronnie Eggs. Let's get a Clint Eastwood Fucking Movie. Back from my anger. We got there in Erin, looked up and saw us. I order my eggs running, but Eric cut the oaks and cook
went to the whites whore, who asked what is problem was in there. I just want to eat my ruddy eggs and leave it at that. It was late. When the day passed rush, so the work, many people there when I got my plate back He had my eggs, tat, thirty yards a boy but his pocket. What I mean you can you can say that air and hasn't done much with his life, but the practical jokes have progressed so much since he was a nice than a lotta used. Just like shut trash into your trumpet. Now he's like going out procuring ness that he can make an elaborate practical joke on Youtube for him, fucking, eggs and toast. I love breakfast food, but I hate the taste and feel of eggs and toast together. That is very particular. I was pissed and this is: why so I threw knowledge is like this. In any other place, I would have just ate it
This is what the house I can throw shit we're in a waffle house through you are one with a cook you're sitting right next to the kitchen, there's no very rights warehouse. He picked it up and threw back as he came around the corner ass. I stood up he started to come at me and we got into a penny for her. I was never that good at fighting wrestling, but I'm great at being pissed and Aaron brought it out after a moment. I realized you stupid. So I said this is bullshit and we left I was knocking Erin Aaron have the victory here. So the next weekend we went again. Girlfriend was pretty apprehensive. Brows gonna talk to air and about it then I order my eggs. He scrambled them and, put ash grounds in them. So I stood up and kind kind allowed. They said seriously and held up the place he laughed and Look hash. Browns me with this package will have the same. Work is when you shot spit. Wasn't me a middle school
My ex embrowns awkwardly backing. Grover's like stop. This is so stupid, but errand was already coming at me. We had a brawl but he's bigger, and I couldn't grip on with the layers of Waffle House grind. An egg overly go again with the leaders. Drooping on so high, so I slipped out some scrappy like that, and we laughed girlfriend told me she won't come with me to that, while for house again I also circular errand within easy, addicted lobby has puppy love this guy he's such a hero, he's gotta eight, the ruddy eggs like I wanted. I try to explain everything my girlfriend brows to piss to think. Clearly, I went I can ordered alone and I guess errand seeing me without my girlfriend thought he was successfully causing problems reaching meaner ease right is. He is absolutely right. I would say that error that really causing all the problems it yet streets, good boy. As a result. The double down that time
He didn't even make eggs. He sent me pay and keep it, but it's a matter of principle. I have to stand beside the fights I choose and for better or worse, I chose this one because of this I went back a weekly basis till the shut down and have tried to get the manager come put him in his place. But the manager there doesn't care and it does father errand to clean the mess up, the ever the saying get in a fight with a guy. You have nothing to lose. You got four you're going to your body. Dad's got nothing to lose. If you get into an argument with an idiot, though drag you down to their level of experience here, it's got you now. I know this seems like just ran in economies, but imposing this because a girlfriend really isn't responding? Well to this at all. No, yes, she took to read it and road. Like an expos about your relations, a fucking standing Emma may fight with the fucking Cook Waffle,
I'm getting a brazilian jujitsu yeah we're getting married and moving to a new city this summer, but I'm probably gonna go back and let s see my wedding ring, so you know she really accomplish nothing and causing me my girlfriend have problems that will show on that's really help. However, my girlfriend disagrees my philosophy of choosing my fights and sticking to them? like I said, I'm usually willing to compromise on things and not make them a fight, but ever got two things they defend for me is not about the food but not understanding to the force, and I let push me down for so long EL. Thank you realize how much this means to me. I don't know if I should give in to her and stop going back or I should stand firm in my decision. What should I do? Well, I think this guy actually likes being in this fight. He while he likes knowing that he is in the process of standing up for himself and doing something that his old self wouldn't guess. So the second he goes back to wildlife and they serve him. The eggs that he wants. I think, he's gonna, be a lost soul.
He's gonna judges of the car he's gonna miss having I fight he's. Gonna have rival yeah. So I obviously very much on this guy side. I want him to win. Binkie needs to start thinking a lot smarter, though he knew Do like some kind of home alone trap on Aaron. You marry me you're. Not gonna beat him up here now: going to unless you're doing steroids Billy hit him up, but It's some kind of banana appeal or Berossus situation even get this guy and you have to think smart. You have to like this guy to be laughed at by everyone at Waffle House and that your big for you find out what kind of car drives and then you fill up his car with eggs yes, yes, he drives a pickup truck, just crack a mill eggs into the better, the pickup truck. That's are you sure you can also just bring some eggs when he said when he send you like pancakes, starches whip eggs, readiness, bakes yeah dislike, fine and want to day when his window is just like. Barely crack down just slide a shitload of Friday again to his car.
And then just wait. It's kind of Monte, Cristo stuff. You have to be patient with these things or you can. Mess with supply chain and slip like. I know like her spray or some sort. Sneezing powder like a firecracker into an egg, the hills. Crack open in the kitchen. Yeah he's doing is cooking and then he's embarrassed at work. Yeah I'll bet you at you, you know: you're, not gonna, beat him on his home to know you have to find it sneaky way to do this. Yes, I just love us rivalry, so goddamn much so goddamn much what you think Billy Pill, Europe. Those taken off his shirt and now he is wearing an ATLAS Jersey so I think Aaron's. Actually in this guy's mind the real winner cause. He gets to eat breakfast food all day, so he's
jealous of air and behind the can count on my life, so ably he's errands got his dream: job Yankee Disease, like I'm gone, and all these boys in Vietnam, and I'm so angry in this guy, my enemies out hurrying breakfast food all day you like, if it's too this guy era this basic working like Willie Walkers Chocolate fact. Breakfast everywhere are the person who is my cousin works, a Nintendo Lang Royal. All they do is play video games or lead to him. It's like. Yet you can go into work and you just eat eggs all day, and then you go home and get paid, and the last thing I would say is you need to stop the grape right now work. Your ass off by the awful house. Yeah and promoting remote in managing the wolf louse, give him a hundred thousand dollars salary, but a glue, Is everything? Is entire life hundred thousand dollar salary the minute he cooks, eggs? correctly, so every day is the moon intense day of his life cooking,
you can do that or promote em to that level and then just PAM for the rest of his life and he'll, be your friend. Yeah, that's your manager cause or just do penance act scheme autumn you embezzle money through the Wolf louse and you leave a paper trail that implicates him as a manager. He go to jail. Fifty years yeah you get a shitload of money. Yeah I like it So we ve, given you a lot of earlier listener, great focused, I do enjoy now. We know we need Aaron site. Yes, we absolutely need air and decide on read out. We got the other side. I thought that we're gonna hear from the cook. All this we need Aaron say that's gonna, be like one of the best times of his weak. When this guy comes in the Wolf Larsen orders. Yes, he gets a creative outlets for work. He gets the kind of tat back into his glory is my school. We can still bullion earth, there's something very sad, but also a very beautiful about a bully, high school, like a jock being so committed to how he was a jack in high school. They still
acts like tat into his third right right, God, fantastic. I that's our show. Grit weak, get excited Wednesday. We're were gonna, have to live stream for twenty four hours starting at noon, and we also some great gas so get exist. They accept if we have any doctors out their real doctors, not the washing proposing doctors. That can advise me as to whether or not putting I hope in jeopardy drinking twenty four beers. I think I am withdrawing we're hotdogs. I think I think I'm good, because I'm never going to get drunk right. I'm just gonna maintain yet like is your body exercise out one beer per hour, you'll, be a sea for twenty four hours. It is maintaining a point, also little lesson, a buzz. I that is our show bill. You have your send off lava
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