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Hall Of Famer Brian Urlacher And Week 1 Preview

2018-09-07 | 🔗

Eagles and Falcons had a replay of the Playoffs and are we sure Matt Ryan is good? Le'Veon Bell holdout and Week 1 preview with 4 gambling locks each. (1:55-19:05) The return of Fantasy Fuccbois to get you ready for your Fantasy kick off. (19:06-22:54) Hall of Famer and Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, the time he bet 45k on a locker room game, what ever happened to Lance Briggs lambo, and his favorite player to play with. (25:19-55:51) Segments include you triggered bro for Jalen Ramsey (1:00:27-1:06:24), Locker room talk Bill Simmons may have to eat a pair of testicles (1:06:25-1:08:15), thoughts and prayers to Alex Jones (1:08:16-1:11:01), and a grabbag to end the week (1:11:18-1:18:36).

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