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Heavyweight MMA Champ Stipe Miocic + Arian Foster

2018-04-30 | 🔗

Lebron survived and had the most Lebron game of all time (2:20 - 5:10). What the hell do the Thunder do now? We're going to miss Joe Prunty and his horrible fashion and the Wizards need to blow the whole thing up (5:10 - 18:17). The Caps have even the series and we're here to stave off the haters (18:17 - 22:14) . Who's Back of the Week including Draft Grades and Nerds. We discuss Avengers even though none of us saw it so don't worry about Spoilers (22:14 - 33:28). Heavyweight MMA Champion of the world Stipe Miocic joins the show to talk about his title, being doubted by Dana White, and what it's like being a Cleveland sports fan (33:28 - 56:01). We went on Arian Foster's podcast and included 10-15 minutes of our talk with him and a bonus first time we've talked BVT/ESPN since October (56:01 - 70:10). Segments include the debut of "Can I ask a question", Stay Classy for Sal Perez, and Embrace Debate Shaq thinks half of 80 is 20 and filling up your gas tank more means you spend less money.

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