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Heisman Trophy Winner Joe Burrow, Week 15 Fastest 2 Minutes And Recap

2019-12-16 | 🔗

Week 15 fastest 2 minutes (2:37 - 9:38). We recap every game from Sunday. The Bills are back in the playoffs, the Patriots made it for the 11th season in a row. Jameis Winston is a Hall of Famer and we feel bad for the Lions. The Texans take control of the AFC South, and the Bears killed Big Cat again. Everyone forgot about the Chiefs, Eli farewell, Urban Meyer to the Redskins? Seahawks Panthers happened. The Blackhole had a horrible ending. Freddie Kitchens did it again but at least he knows how weeks work. Vikings basically let the Chargers lose for themselves and the Cowboys played their perfect game (9:38 - 90:11). Who's back of the week (90:11 - 99:54) and then we welcome on Heisman Trophy Winner Joe Burrow. We talk to Joe about his recruitment to LSU, the whirlwind of this past year, Coach O stories and more.  (99:54 - 117:13)

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On today's pardon my take, we break our rule, no guess Mun days for the greatest exception possible. the Heisman trophy and the guy who wanted in studio Joe Borough, not twenty four hours after he won the Heisman trophy on Saturday night, he sitting in part my take studio. We talked to him. We talk about Kosovo. We talk about this season, winning the Heisman everything We also got to recap: every single gained couple, great cocoa stories out of Rio TEST great ones were going recap every game. We talk about an affair, weak fifteen. We got some things that if we have some clarity on the we got some big wins big losses when do all that in a second, but before we do that part, my take is brought to you by the cash app. Not only is it the easy place to send money to your friends, but it's also the place where you can buy fractional shares of stock.
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it is Monday December sixteenth and were doing weak.
we start in Seattle, where Tyler locking up no, you lock up wedding, crashed a few reception from Russell OWN Wilson round. The panthers they say grief is natures. Most powerful, aphrodisiac, Caroline agreed the loss of river boat wrong by writing their motor boat and son of a bitch Christian Mccaffrey, who put his face right between two tidies Kyle Alan is like that crazy guest who thinks he's part of a family already, but he's really just a stage, five point: flannel and football. That's what Seattle thoughts! That was your best recap, yeah guess who let trailing go in the studio, Seattle, thirty panthers. Twenty four asked me that duty and snowy, Kansas City or Nancy drew luck, could insult a novel mystery of how to complete a past with teammates, and this would be a hard cover for the Denver. Broncos wasn't a first time play. Travis Kelsey had a licence to run free, not the first time a Travis had a bunch of white stuffiness irrefutable outside Terry Hillary Clinton, killed Epstein as well as the progress. The last remaining play off open talked about were to touch doubts in the blizzard to twenty point D, Broncos part in Nashville, where Carlos men see a high stool, Derek Henry's, routine. Rushing four hundred and four yards and a touchstone Kenny G steals. Wouldn't let Sean Watson take any alto, sat STAR wide out yonder Johns Hopkins lacrosse up the titan secondary all after long and letting the parade taxes, because this John F Kennedy Watson avoided taking shot from the statements on the grassy Noah National touch, since twenty four titans torture want some spread could come from both a daisy work, turn Mcclaren Michael's little washed up branches. I used to be good in the Eightys and Ninetys the way stars align for cousin Gregg WAR, as is unlikely performance. Put a shoved into the Redskins side House of boiling Haskins could have picked it up pattern, but it said he dumped around and got egos betters another seat with a last second web wept and wept bumble, as Nigel brought him could go all the way it goes. Thirty seven are worth twenty summit enough arose in tundra, where Mitch Hedberg travesty reminded everyone quarterbacks don't play they just turning to running back and that Nagy set in the post game. I dont have a quarterback. I just have a player who would be really mad if he heard me say that current Rogers would like to speak to his manager as the up and down packers often stalled in the foreign affairs combat fell, ten yards short as the Ivy League Graduate Jasper Horsted prove that you could get the same education for dollar fifty in late charges at the public, right library and realising just should pick up all Thailand Robertson, Packers twenty one, therefore, to wrap we're Yoda Cincinnati. Where Stefan Happy go more said, the prices rod pitch the bangles, often as anti through a doll tunnel picks till a patriot, secular, Joe, petty medicine and Darkies Robert Tenorio, said to the Irishman, Tom Party. I hear you so houses the patriots off its tenant put a lot of great stuff on Ebay, but they did their job and got the wind patriot, thirty four, the Bengal starting out in the desert, where everyone asks kenyan Shrike who invited you and he replied. I invited myself scorn on the browser deepest like they were eighteen year old faculties, I'm talking to the man into mere bird and I'm asking him to make some place to the tune of six catches for eighty six yards, Freddy Kitchens Warlike Teddy kitchens because his ass is fired. Coronel. Thirty, eight proud forty four put a chill in a corner: James, listen to upload a surge of bad side to see its own. Milo name is mother and a comma men resource. We can never again and you turn the lie. Sound like a sham debate. Thirty eight Detroit sovereignty in Dallas Word, TAT, Prescott, Fitzgerald, is looked up, bring another star spangled painter to Arlington Tyler hit Greece in the trap of bees, and the trap did his best to keep the Rams operates on track when it was all cowboys all day as a law form of alien Pollard ran up to bells on. I always Rushdie threats, Cooper, put cup put on a nice solo performance, but Cherry Jones is better when he's drunk and he may be drunk enough to give Jason Garda contracted censured. Further the Cowboys party for the lost ageless, bribes, twenty one police are offering to thirty thousand dollars as a reward for help in finding the person responsible for standing and awful too that this is a terrible Adolfo finding is found on hopper, captive island and that crops. The endless Darfur stand on the hard with an arms have similar to a spear while he was still alive and the partial and hopefully the begging for face or other food. While his ball stand giants, thirty six dolphins, twenty we finish it opened for the final game in the black hole. Carrot cardy, be got up on this tremor, pull one last time and had a rumble in the Bronx Maroni. Jaguars Christopher Malta, Saudi calmly, sat on greater fans, hopes and dreams like they were a small lapdog crawling under his ass, the worn with how to build that Waller covered a lot of ground but was unable to cross over at the ends of sickness board, from don't cry because it's over smile because it happened. Let us be
the last ones to be the first ones to say good, bye to the black hole, it's with a heavy heart, I say jaguars. Twenty writers sixteen and if we could just toss in something for the Sunday night Game no one circles. The lag is like the Buffalo pearls and that's where we will start the Buffalo bill Sunday Night Football, the Buffalo bills are back in the past. Or bills are back in place. The drought is over one year, drought. It's crazy think this with their first primetime game, since two thousand seven Sunday night came, they played a Monday night came somewhere down on it. I'm sorry, I can't it's good to see them in prime time, and I guess we can see this is true. Davis whites coming our party yeah because it doesn't count if it happens in just a game that happens it like one o clock or for fifteen the f
protocol or the family doesn't matter now. We know who Troy Davis White. Isn't he's really really get so the bills they. We said this before but the bills it feels like every game they ve had this year has been the biggest when in Buffalo and like a decade including tonight, because they not only get in the playoffs which, if you remember two years ago when they broke the drought. It they needed miracle after miracle to have happened this year, they're getting in the play off after week, fifteen and they got in without even any domed having to be somebody s and the idea of a home The aim in Buffalo of an area of Sea EAST Crown is still
alive technically because they're going to New England next week and if they beat the Patriots and went against the jets, I think they win the ABC. I don't think so. I think pretty sure I think if they beat the Patriots and then the painters, half alludes to the dolphins and weak. Seven I dont know is still alive to the blonde find out bottom line. Is it still alive and a could still be alive, going too weak, seventeen, which is just incredible, get the idea that the bills could have a home play off game is it's getting me all hot bother right now. Just thinking about the tables, everybody smashed up there, the shots and are we going? We drink out of bowling balls, hopefully lady, on Bell Housing at his mouth around those before we get there. We will be in Orchard park if they get a home, look a right it. The bills have to beat the Patriots and the jets. In the pages have the loose suited the bills and the dolphins s pride. I can act so as primary. Happen. Philological, doesn't really matter it still alive and weak fifteen. They could still win the F C East. That's crazy, it even say their their idea.
of defence and Josh I'll make some plays with his feet, and They have some good skill position players. I feel a little bad for Pittsburgh. The bubble kind of burst on doctors, we still believe in dark, but that was not his best performance and I even there. still in the hunt for the plants, because I think it's them in the titans now looking for that, six raid, the F C, this FC play off. Now, oh looks like it's gonna be phenomenal because the bills are programme be defeat in the bills. Are ten team and weak fifteen and feels like their due fence and enough playmaking from Josh Allen? They can play against anyone, they're, really good team by actually think these two teams, the Steelers and bills, are kind of two sides of the same coin yeah they're built. Similarly, the difference was Josh. Allen played well didn't play that well wrecked. It came down to the end. It looks like the Steelers had a chance to send it to overtime, but I mean once you start pushing and in the end towards the end of the game,
Can a pinders back look. I love that sang to pin their ears pyres back out on a noun and actually knew that this game was over when we Chris College Worth tried to explain renegade yeah that at that point it was like. Ok, this it feels like you just you made renegade, not I also want to save for cuz. We we love doc, we love Josh, Allen and PFD did do what he was going to say he was going to do. He bet the over, which was very, very stupid, but it was in its implore guys you're guys for Doc for Josh on you had to do I'd rather I'd. Rather, sacrifice money than sacrificed French came was nothing else. It was a tough game till I get yards every single up. Will every single first down felt like a touched, and there are just a shitload of fumbles and turn overseer in attacking third if T J, what was his accurate with its punches as Marquise Patsy was that game could have? describing tat. He had us clean punch, clean Penal, Poncho, Josh Alan, I just couldn't, could not connect, ah so the
holes in the boy asked crazies it can be. I mean they have like a mini dynasty rowing in terms of getting in the plan. yet two out of three zero to three that so many dynasty about big bang. Can we talk about big, then for a second on the south? Is large he's gettin, he's gonna swore he's large? Who knows it might be. Sympathy, wait, maybe is wise pregnant. I tweeted a picture. Women said beast mode and sullen replied more like obesity mode and like them on nice, man fourteen also load very accurate, because that beard a lot of times guys have the beer
to hide how fat they are. I feel like it's working, reverse and big Bennets kind of accentuating how large yeah with the people were. Comparing into Yukon Cornelius was saying: he's Yukon Cream, Cornelius, ok, probably better. Where he's like the what's: a guy from epoch, mealtime that yeah yeah, the bacon, strips, Nay entries and Bacon agar mistaken, I was sought that actually might be banned. We don't know his name just Daniels allows deserves. Then the educational sauce us now: ok, yeah. What is his name part to Adam, something Adam sure he does he look at. It is what I actually think his name is not on Harvey, like Math, Patricia going in for a job interview yeah, which map Patricia will probably be done. We'll get to that. We'll get to that. That's probably going to happen was named Harley Mortensen Harlan Castle at our close parlor Morn, Steen, Morn steam Ben, doesn't can well with our least ok. No, it is not wear that helmet Ben,
This will have a whole. I'm showed us three causes hog keeps it in his driveway. He probably just works on a lot me bright. Isn't it organised way as Dr Weir then just like takes up and down the block least feel Nancy? I let's get to the rest of the games. I will start with patriots bangles, so Which would you rather me do first, the good of the bad so that you do ok, the bad, if You are watching this games, patriots fan. Basically all of your fears came to fruition, even though they beat Bengals by twenty one. I would say all the fears came to fruition, but ok well wasn't reassuring okay, so that the often did look good, no against a very bad bangles defence, one of the worst events in a league either there actually statistically like the second worst events in wig, ah sir and then your defence, while great in the secondary again- and I mean the boy- secondary? Probably in the leg thereof
defence. Wasn't great Joe mixing had like hundred twenty five yard. So all your fears kind of popped up like that, good bye. He still one by twenty one, yep and kill Harry the Patriot, rookie gotta touchdowns holes like that you got relationship is developing, so hopefully they can keep it progressing. Going towards also join element might have any doubt is a problem, That is a bit rich, I'm one of the one of its one of one of these mighty. Actually Avonlea has Tunisia. We have just one of them might have Laura is to change, is so yeah the patriots out? It's weird watching a game. Thirty, four thirteen, but it wasn't convincing as it was well whole scheme in the first half and then any dont interested antidumping things throwing for pecksy away. It didn't look as convincing because Tyler Board, technically one that match up against a fond Gilmore. I don't love you size quotes after the game, but he said that he felt like he won the majority. The match up to get some little fun. Stat here, teller, Boyd was targeted. Six times had to catches the exam
Sumatra catches that stuff on Gilmore had well while covering clean and energy drop. Like two, I had more, we Catalan saying out loud. Why are you still throwing it at Stefan Gilmore he's the best corner, wrecking the league and eighty dogmas like hey, I'm gonna try this again right target teller, Boyd brought out the old old, like I won the popular vote, but lost the electoral law to tape. I one most the match up. You know he picked off twice yeah, and it is all over the into every time that it was thrown your way. It would just a question of whether he would pick it often run it all. The way back or does make it often maybe fall down are too good the patriots of consumers. For a NFL record eleven straight season, which is breaking their own record awe and, to put some perspective. The timber buccaneers haven't been to the play out in eleven years. The cleave embrowns have a bend in the play. Often sixteen years the New York
gets as a franchise have only been in the past fourteen times. The patriots have now gone to pass. A Levin straight sees. It is crazy, think, like all the skies falling stuff for the noon, when patriots and are still the to see a Levin, stray seasons and we're here talking the start of the show how the bills like two out of three is incredible: that the God of the plants there are if you work for the box or the browns, You have not seen the players in the stretch the patriots have of going to the plants in consecutive sees right and before the game even started. Things were looking down for the painters because jig laser. Let me just say this about J Glaser. If you have a video that you dont want coming out, Jake Laser already has as yet been released. That's jig laser owns the cloud, I'm pretty sure that he invented the cloud and Egypt, it just has everyone's nudes yup he's got everything that you don't want to gather he's got the behind the scenes, the thick moon, landing, a jig lasers. Actually so pissed tape he so damn good at having like three or four
our stories year, that no one else has caused the rapid towards the chapters like all these guys, they basically have the same stories over and over Jake Laser doesn't get in that mud. He just like TAT. I may tell you in Odo, backrooms, gonna get traded and I will have the video that no one else can get access and emits incredible how he does it and it's like for home once a year and doesn't give a fuck about being getting for average was so the Patriots Adam done the patrons and turn they suspended. Their videographer Doucet even he's been the video referred that doesn't work. I thought it was an independent cognac, so I mean that's ultimate accountability right there, hey you got by what you got well actually big time by a lot of people who want to talk about employment locks or like will technically Tom brazen, independent contractor and all these people are independent contractors are understand. Any of that is that true. I have no idea
I have no for all independent. I had no idea when I will start talking about like ten ninety nine and all this shit I get so fuckin confused MIKE whatever man I take your word for it like for people in the United States that aren't independent contractors and their sliced. The richest guy does a dozen people who actually understand what any of this meets in tax. Why whatever, when our tax pie castle, big, we we ve Hank, has done his taxes one year out of four years is podcast too too little time. You got a bill. She had two or three years ago body. Yes, we're not attacks podcast, but so the guy fired, so they know they suspended M pending the invest, a lot of moving to resign employ so that that's like I like floor. If you want to have an analogy, that's a Kramer, getting fired from the pin ski file that he was reviewing it out, lazy and work. You see a he's he's has been and also they put out a statement. The videographer put out a statement in the past. I didn't even know that he was putting out a statement marshy or she,
that could well. We heard his voice. We did that video so funny when you get some on Africa's everything. Just forget this right here, the pasture privileges pissed off him because he didn't bite down the cyanide capsule that he's a poster. Oh, my God, Yazzi detonate the suicide value ass. It had been strapped whom he, Yeah he's like it was. Where is watching a cause? He did the old fashioned like hey
come on like I'll go. My way you go your way, which now would it was idle thing yet than mine. The Bengal security guy was we're way past that point now body here. Ok, we're in the shed body. Do you get bodied in a confrontation with some kind of security guard you're in trouble, so I'd I'd? I believe now that the patriots were definitely films suddenly for some sort of reason. I dont know why it's probably not a reason that we think of a bell. A check is so far ahead of everybody else in game planning and knowing what to look for that, he probably had them filming something that the average person when look at me, like, oh there catching them doing X Y, see right right. It's probably there to advance to get caught. Is the problem actually yeah? That's true! I she watched and we're gonna talk on urban, my little but later, but I watch an interesting clip urban Meyer said he would always watch the opposing, head coach and see when the opposing head coach. You know if the opposing had coach would ever get in the huddle for special teams and he usually Wouldn'T- and if
We would watch him he'd basely line up against them for the entire game and the minute he got into the special team subtle he knew a fake was coming yeah. So like that kind of stuff, they you don't even think about. the game within the game. I love that shit. but if it was just like the two leaders on the sidelines sky stuff now because ITALY, Austria, I still think this was all a plan to get everyone to doubt. The patriots and get the story offered often so that they can rally behind. It may seem to work today right yet that Lotta Gilmore Lucky Day they they went. Thirty. Four thirteen! That's if you just look at the score. They're back I feel, and against the bills. Next week, Saturday for clock, prime time for Saturday dish, I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so scared They are the bell where I next up Box, Lions JANUS you have to resign James, he is, he broken
the record this week by the way broke too, so he was the free actually, his first quarter. He had turned in twenty one yards to touch Johnson interception. He did the famous JANUS where he threw in interception the first wrath, love that he also is the first quarterback in annabel history to throw back to back four hundred fifty plus yard games. he's all famer. No one else has done that so yeah his first quarter, stat, I guess Pate Manning. Four, two hundred forty seven yards at one point: the first court: ok, but again every step that we ve seen if James isn't setting record he's coming. In can t pay Manning in all these. He ended up. We thought was for touch. Sounds foreign and fifty yards he's amazing gives long as he doesn't have to throw anywhere It between seven and twelve yards. Wherever the line backers are he'll, be fine cause. Eastern nine interceptions now this year to line backers yeah, just us friend he is linebacker blind.
But everything else. and he didn't even have my governs ruddy lit up the lions. So I'm thinking, maybe Bruce courage of sorts, allows players to stretch at some point because I've lost my governs now they lost Godwin hamstring, but they also feel like a team where you could take any cast off any wide receiver that maybe was drafted in the first round somewhere else that didn't work out a common where you out, you could put em on the box right now and his bill go run longer, run nine roots, Jamie Ingenious, eight! You James, will find you as long as you're, not in between like ten and seventeen yards away from. Do you think, there's a point where genius I at this point would geniuses career. I think the box Hathor either franchise tag them or resign him outright and they have to hope. Like a mid. Twenty year old guy, because James is twenty, six he's gonna be twenty six, but you hope at some point You know you may be slow down a little. Maybe don't get so black out drunk all time like maybe James will, just mature out of interceptions
A thing will really change accepted, just get a little bit older and stopped you try to change a mule, your girl, it's ok, that it is a bad, even the wild. When I say I think I can make. I mine, I'm like a GM is why you try and the sweater that I bought you you'd, look really nice on you. May I don't just where this jersey, all the time, maybe don't shit on me every week here right leg, just just! Maybe you think a little bit before you throw it blindly into the linebacker level. Every single with good is for us, as he's. Never gonna stopped him any that enlargement to be great right. It's gonna, be out of the box on the banks of the bucks, aren't as bad as we thought that they might be at the start of the years, but ass. It turns out there a perfectly average football team with a perfectly hilarious quarter, but they're gonna their living in hell, because they're gonna end up eight NATO. Seventy nine not break not a grape draft pick have to have to keep James. Could these plague?
enough is broken records and do it all again next year, in all glory to God for every single one that is done. I showed you guys that after it was shot, it is crazy. He he think God a second time for one out, so you think God probably nine times in the span of about what two minutes yet half minutes. Since it was like a little bit of revenge, gale the Christians, they got killed by blind eye, so we need time otherwise real quick. There was this, EL the team sign in the end zone that made it on tv is. I would answer your browser: no white woman, twenty twenty correct, given on our forward so sell the team sign sitting in the end zone were selling, though shirts, by the way shouter our guys Michael money in Sully they they are on radio. In Detroit, they got the cell team going. We were selling, though shirts, but the seller team signs in the Amazon bags on heads
alliance, we just talk about the patriots in how they won t gone to the eleven hold on by the way. This is partial. J J on the news, ok, never mind for what s grace He rescued a dark shadow, parcel J J over good. For you go fall, I don't know what is what is twitter handle is now eurasian, brung arrest change, our J J J J from the Bronx GO. Follow him, it's an awesome viral story and you can donate. That's our shout out he's on the news. Races like the new Sunday recur yeah just paper. We know getting on the news it was a great story, rescued dog walked into his house, and it was like Mr Unique rescue brought back to life forever. I like that I suppose the short intermission, those crazy, sell the team bags on heads We talked about how good the Patriot Sars franchise, the lions everyone's that's what the browns being the worst franchise, the lions are the worst franchise in the NFL. And I feel really bad for lions fans, even though I roofer team in their division because
but they go through is how on earth they have one single play off when in a superpower, do you know that ninety ninety one was are only play, I guess was it that they raise gets. You beat the cowboys and they lost the Redskins Annex ii Chip Cry. They have The brown have six six winds play off when the blinds, have one play off win the Superbowl era. We say they have to all famers Calvin Johnson, very Sanders who literally quit with gas in the tank, because like. I can not beyond this team anymore with a tough thing is even if she does all the time you know who the riches person Detroit. Is it stand Gilbert? So you want. You want a winning history of the Cavaliers innately savage libyan ship yeah, as from today legal abroad. The areas of wrong could come to Detroit and Winwin for Dan. Another split make him a tyrant, eat, listen, I'm just say:
I feel bad from ver lions fans. They deserve at least a little bit of like HAT Tipp of the pain and suffering they have to go through and how shitty this organization is and how much they ve tormented their tormented day in and day out, there's saying in Detroit S so well same old lions and it applies every single year and I really think the only thing they have going for them is the Honolulu Blue is awesome. There's an awesome. Color also mentioned effort. Isn't bad. No, we cannot put. The whole thing is another guy whole affair. Who is going to ruin likely? That will be the best quarterback they ve ever had and they will never went up. Laugh came with that's true. there they will have had a hall famer. Well, they might. When we don't know, if they're not can we also have to enter someone's going back words on the street Stafford injuries? Maybe someone that's a little bit more serious, really like a bad back injured. Literally, that warlike, he might lay K, might be not worth similar to Calvin Johnson a very centres. Hey might not be worth just going out and getting your asked for the floor, Martha Ford
maybe just have your health in your mind, what they say that the the brain actually controls a lot of the physical aspects of your body, and if you have an injury and you have to go back to being on the lions, your body is a beautiful thing, has wave shutting things down. If you know that you're libyan trouble long term. So maybe he's not a good mental state, meaning his back. Just won't he'll correctly as a kind of a defence against himself for going back a glance alliance. It's it's a so lions fans. Listening to this week, we dont feel your pain, but were acknowledging your pain and we are supporting the sell. The team Khazars really nothing worse than having an owner that you will never and Martha Ford's like a billion years old, and she just sits. There is like ok, you know like having the lions, unlike only owning the lions additional saying one thing. I think that you really has following the team. No, she likes knowing whether he owns the two. While the story always comes out amidst the email account how disappointed she is that they keep losing well, what I mean
life is a disappointment them because they lose every single year in the same old launch, even like it, if they one if they were playing meaningful gang. I have no idea where it sad so people Detroit. We support the solvency movement and that that's when you have the bags in your head, that's bad in, and I feel it does happen. A hundred times in the last twenty years, the bags on their head- and fire Jim Caldwell, who we made our Jim Kabul jokes, but they went to the play officer and malnutrition has been Hank. Is it ok, I say that they probably should clean the house there the top down another solvency and then decided they work in that area. So yeah I'll say this about map, Patricia. If your rockets, because that's getting your defence outsmarted by James Winston was right and that this provision is. What do you want to do true, true art? Texans tightens the battle for the ABC South by the way watch this. You can watch the husband trophy sitting in part, my take studios. You can do it
so go dotcom? Such p m t partial world outcomes, I speak, These are the Texans now have gone statement, win statement, loss statement when, in that sums up the Texans perfectly they just for Flop, what they beat patriots on prime time they leaned against a bad Broncos team and they go into national against the hottest give the NFL and beat them second hottest beyond the ravens and beat them in their building and basically like a million turnovers in this game, and Sean Watson played okay Rutten, the weird thing by this game. It wasn't that you we ve waiting for the Rhine, Tana he'll bubble, the burst it really in birth noticed the titans camp.
from behind in they were down fourteen nothing was that yeah did they get. They dug themselves a whole orally there, a lotta, ugly turnovers in inside the red zone. Yet- and I was bad for our agenda- we both had the over on it and it should hit it absolutely should a one hundred percent hours. Three pisses me off right on old ass in the midst of the Good NEWS, is rebels got it figured out. He said after the game we need do a better job of preparing coaching and playing that's so sums it up cloaks. This is this was a style in game situation, game where it's like. If the titan Don't have that interception that basically they're going into score and they give up the interception on the Golan TAT Texans bring back all the way, the Titans twenty. That game is completely different.
I I wanna put women the arrival of Roger Dell in the schedule maker because I don't like. Oh, I love it. I dont, like I love it when the division ends. When you play the same team love Weiss a lot in the last three years. I love they should do it on aggregate. If anything, because I dont you play the exact same thing twice, sometimes a team to be totally different, the start of the year than they are at the lower. I like spreading out a little, but I like I like this, because now we just get to do it. It was a good game. It was fun game to watch the words I mean it wasn't like a perfectly play a game put it had action throughout and now you through it all get but is it possible for a team to play another team three times in the span of four weeks If they made the plants right now, I would just get sick of those called out would be so sick if they the playoffs, I don't think it would work out. Exactly will actually could gather. Texans could make the three, although the text, without the lose to get the titans in soon they probably wouldn't be three seed anymore. I don't will figure that,
Some point in the future could happen in all I'm saying is: I would get sick of those two colors playing against like it. I would like that very much and then the Titans yeah I don't. It was the biggest came the week that felt boring for some reason. I did you feel the same way. What had action action benefit net at the games in National always come to have. That feel, is the color, the grass yeah call the grasses carried the grasses depressed and national yeah and adjust either just doesn't have the same juice yeah that other games may because they haven't it feels like they haven't, had a primetime game, not on Thursday in a long time at home. That's probably true, if they get the annual game, it gives the jaguars. But I don't recall- I remember the last summer, someone like a Monday night, so its actions, we can't figure them out there. Just gonna keep basically just depends on what weak the plow start for them on us off. Statement, loss or statement we right they should actually try to lose reach. Seventy said they're going into play up to the high note bill, o Brien doesn't look well now he looks healthy. He looks like he's got
some combination of a liver, disordering, gout, his colleague at these, get this weird yellowish skin to going on right now but even in a win he just he looked like he was done being there on the sidelines. Yes, the Bosnia and then rebel had the eye he chaser roughs off the field, which I will love because it, whatever your family, your tenure, coach, chases, the reps off the field. It feels like you, you kind of one in a weird. Where shall I get like there's some wrong? We
that right floors greatest yeah, really great, that lasting about this gave. The Audrey Hopkins continues to be incredible and I feel it sometimes we like lose the fact that he's pry the best why receiving league here's this every time it catches of all its election. Here's the problem with the wide receiver debates going on right now, if you say something really complimentary of one of em you'll have people in each year, so you say something nice about the utter Hopkins. He'll have somebody be elected. Hullo Jones is clearly the best will yet another evil day out. Clearly Michael Thomas's abbess receiving the Unifil, I've got a great receive every time the Andrea Hopkins catches, the boy he's going to the house agency. He seems loose all the time. I next up bears backers. What happened in this one Every item millions- I didn't catch the end because I too now in the middle of the fourth quarter, where looks like the bears were already done. Ok, I'm not! I don't come.
about rafts, but if I were to be someone, who's gonna complain about roughs, all I'd, say it's hard to beat a team and the roofs yeah. What had happened with a package that you have to expect that I dont want lioness. I dont understand how you can have kit kick catch interference after the the kick return are clearly catches. The ball and is holding the ball and then call kick catch interference that makes sense to make devalue they that Atocha, yeah it did in the bears, could have scored off of the fumble that happen on that play. A game was under protest, tweed that during the Joe Berliner view, because I had to get it in, I had get that in yeah I do I don't know. Why believes that the bears could do it date, this game. Was basically the bare season, a microcosm because they died a million times and then came back to life a million times, including the last play we're Ellen Robinson walks Info,
hush down if just for horse said pitches on the Baltic Classic Rugby Playing walks. If you're outside sinner gets it, you pin that last offender, you hate your wings stricken have seen a million times and rugby you denied us jasper of having. The excitement of scoring or touch down, and then the disappointment of completely fucking up the two point: conversion will. That is not what happened, and I wanted that yeah I mean that there are so many screenshots now of like Ellen Robinson progressively, gets wider and wider and wider open. I can't wait to new alternately to earn he's. Gonna look like he's six yards open set up for me. Robinson definitely would have walked into that last touchdown, but
I will give you a little bit of good news. Come out this game. Ok, I think Aaron Rodgers sucks, he does, I think, arranged the ox. Now the arrivals saw AIR Rogers looks like every single year that Aaron Rodgers gets injured. He comes back. Maybe two weeks to early saw a show of himself in those games where he comes back early. That's what he looks like all the time now I said during the game. I would rather have too risky than Rogers in that game, and I was only like eighty percent Joking right, like doubt, would that's a lot less. Yes said usual, I'm usually a hundred percent joking when I say that shit so by AIR Byron rather saying like we're, gonna win ugly he's getting out in front of the story, so no one is drawn attention. The fact that sucks now ok, he sang we went ugly. That's what we do him in matters of floor. Do not like they're having a good time together on the sidelines. Yes, they are money. Go on. You remind me of if you go to dinner- and you see a couple- that's maybe fifty sixty years old and there at the same table and they don't
they're still on a date and you're still making time for one another up, but they don't talk. The entire time is the abruptly say more words, the server than they do to each other. That's what Le Florin Rogers are kind of putting off right now and it's crazy, because the Packers our problem please they might end up as the two seen wait, Pfc. Okay. So what you just said, I agree with everything he said. My ultimate fear is is, I can see I can see into the crystal ball and I'm scared shitless, because maybe the backers do just went ugly and maybe there kind of what they do, you know teams who do that's where it's like, there's never going to look good. The patriots have that vibe going right now to where it's like. They just win ugly. They find ways to win games if the rain, speed the Niners next week and then the Niners BBC Oxen weak. Seventeen in the package out there, the once it in Glasgow through limbo.
It's, not crazy, no sex. Now, my ultimate fear is being like coming up in front of my face where the bears held the packers to the lowest amount of yards, that they've had in the series and the two game series, since one thousand nine hundred and ninety one they lost both games cuz, I can't fucking score and the Packers are not good, and I've been sitting here saying there frauds and I'm gonna probably keep saying that until I'm in Fucking Miami being like the packers on good put there in the Superbowl, what the fuck is happening and lose my mind and you're gonna path. Put me in like a mental work. I grew the as I think that the packers aren't good, but there are very good at being bad if that makes any sense, and also they are able to win the ugly games Everything long gave every single week. I look at the Packers Box score and every single week, I'm like well
Lake Martinez, made another twelve tackles today. Their defence is in great but is also not off another game. Where two of the four quarters they dont score point, they basically disappeared in the fourth quarter. Let the pears come back and I don't know why I care about sports, it so fucking stupid every year. I I really did sell myself on the bears, making a mini run here, and I thought maybe they could beat the packers and keep this thing alive and I'll just finish with this packer fans, you're, probably so happy right now, you're so happy that I was wrong. You so happy your team's eleven and three might be the one seed you're. So happy that you know you might win ugly and get to the Superbowl, and I just may be admitted that, but I'm going to say this You did not eliminate the barriers in the plastic, the vikings beating the chargers eliminated the bear some plebeian or self active vikings, eliminate. The charter is not the packers here, because if the Vikings it lost the bare Stillwater been alive. So are I peed in the hunt graphic? It was fun run. I don't know what
the bears. Do it over very interesting the fact they did not flax out the chief spares game. Next Sunday they asked it. it's a piss, you off just ass. The only real there's gonna be a graphic, the they might actually I'm play the game, it might just be. The pageant rose, miss Risky graphic, the entire flowers. You know what I'm I'm excited that they did that, though, because the ratings for next Monday short and we so much higher, because, as can be a prime time loss for people, love to see you in Malaysia and they detail the chiefs and, like all what could have been now, I would almost be worse for you if the earlier one x or do I have to I have to like give its over it they are actually eliminated, and I know I'm saying that, but like what, if you know what, if something happened to one of the teams and they couldn't play in the playoffs and they had to
alternate right. So you got to be the result of revenue forbid like what it I'm just saying. What would happen like if the reserves would have for your earthquake? Pairs would have to play. Yeah did have to step in and make a programme to steam known what sway, especially in bear whether in January was to call today for snow. As you pointed out, it was the locks is a really random walkers mind why so that it can be to called for snow as a as packers owner? I just wanna say my love of concern with the state. The franchise Aaron Rodgers is somewhere between Arthur Blank walking menacingly behind the head coach on the sidelines and Jerry Jones walking menacingly. Finally, coach of the satellites I'm going to go crazy. It's like I'm, I'm living on living. What about pop and I'm richer Dreyfus, and I'm just gonna, go crazy being like the package on good the frauds, and they keep winning games. Ugly, Arizona, hey no they're, pretty coming, know, they're not know, they're not watch the games there, not good they're, not good, put or not do not good, but there are very good at in that car
I'd rather be good. At being bad than be bad. Being good. That trend. The thing is no, that's it makes it inside my other ain't gonna. Be I'd rather be good at being bad than bad being good. If you the poor guarantee you eight hundred people would say being bad over mad only bad. They would not want to be bad at being good, don't wanna, socket being awesome. Yeah you want to kick ass, does shred being a piece of shit, ok, let's go to the next game. Before we do that. A quick word from our friends at Jesus! I set it right, leaning, blended, scotch whisky, shivers Regal, Regal, has launched a special new blood shifts. They ve done a fanatically now, it's so in my head. Thirteen, Manchester United Special Edition that shifts regal thirteen mansion
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that will be not so much ass. Tat would be nice if everyone will, just by a bottle and say big cats, and soon you get a discount. That's not true, put just do that. Ok, Broncos Chiefs drew lock regression game, yeah. What small has the snow small has a snow and yikes? He stopped. He was under being under fifty percent is a pass from the NFL into. Does nineteen is Goro susceptible But this is the run that Andy Reid goes on every year that we talked about. I think this is what fifth game in a row to the chiefs of one well, I was going to bring that up to the it does feel like the chiefs or kind of the forgotten team in the AFC and because Mahomes has not been mahomes. As of late all, today, you finally was like old home, so he was awesome today and they events is a lot better than it was last year differs is awesome too, that, yes, there, Devos Megan plays the whole back
this is the team that I feel I weren't gets January. Like oh yeah, remember the cheese member. They were the ones seed Lasher had the envy p they're, pretty fucking good number, Patrick Mahometans. Ninety nine in Man YAP, yes, everyone twelve gives a good beat the bears next week in going to beat the charges at home and weak seven. An arrow had is not an easy place to play in the play offs winnings. Yet, though, see I know you're, the two seats are when the anti red is standing in the snow, like the nice thick flakes like mad and snow that was going on today when he's in the snow and his blinking kind of slows down hill exact, a wise old, owl Yapped is focusing despite the elements and guess what guess one of the only to achieve that are beaten. The ravens assure oh, yes, the chief oh, the chiefs have beaten, they lost the taxes, but they beat patriots and the ravens I feel like we ve forgotten about, you, like you had procured summer Segura was I say the completion of silent when snowing that much you ever petrol homes was playing the same snow and was exceptional
then, because home snow, the I don't start now. I know you lost regression was going to happen to me. There's nothing, the UKIP Baker anything more than a guy being awesome early on his career like having an unbelievable game and then problem we spending the entire week. hanging out with his friends, gonna clubs and being like this is sick. This this league is easy for me, when we talk about Lindsey Vonder different types of Sarah Colorado. Snows differs from current Eddie Snow Horny, legs yeah. That was really must be those Chris that thick it was not does like fry king of Anna Snatch, any red tape. Sorry any! We definitely keeps like a six pack of diet coke in the snow on the sidelines himself, so he yea all men. I wish she did the Dilly bar memorabilia yells bus. He dies
in the snow Minnesota beers anyway, I'm without shies turned out he just for like his blood sugar sector, about up millions of why you so that he can not eat ice cream in stone like no actually doing that to save his own life. Yes, the chiefs of the fur gotten team natives isn't going to those wildlife videos, we're gonna, look how cute, as these otters, revealing as well. There actually doing that, because the third one got attacked by like a sea we're in their return to survive as theirs. Their basic right to get themselves to safety is fast despotic. There actually do not cause they both have to build heading Otter, Stds, so cute, Dilly Dan. I Dolphins giants Eli, yes, he's back to five hundred what a beautiful game for Eli so he's. five hundred, it's his farewell game again pending that, if they know Jones stays injured, he will obviously have to play the last two games and weak. Seventeen is at home, but
Kate, kiss reality to which you have just keep saying, Z, lies last game and his family will keep going out to the game. I'm happy that he had this moment. I really am. I don't think you should play next week or the week after he should go out like this. He won. It felt good threw three interceptions as Eli. Does he also pft? You know why this game was so perfect only because you got the one hundred and seventeen one hundred and seventeen because of this game. Eli Manning has now thrown in interception to thirty one and thirty, two teams, the NFL, the only team he hasn't the New York Giants. So perfect. So it's it almost was like a destiny? We had to have all these things happen where he retires, when they're playing the F seized and Daniel Jones gets hurt and he gets to play against the dolphins and throws couple lecture interceptions on top just for good measure. to make sure that really counts through three and it began to I was going crazy, fell, cool, Pat Shermer, proud,
save II. Probably is like the Anti Mackadoo in the fact they're, the same exact coach except he honoured Eli the living legend Ben Mackadoo, be did not. I would like to see a MR three thousand Tippit come back for Eli were one team brings them back to play. Since the giant Sierra he can throw one interception you some get, everybody yeah collect them all. Yes, yo. It was called a sea la elaborate there. I I don't know if he's done, though, because Mr Mer, after the game, when they're asking owners like see Eli one last hurrah for sweet, Prince Eli! He said: will you guys are making an assumption that he might not be done? Oh wow, so Mister Merrick his voice carries a lot of weight so either we'll get. You lie playing on differently next year. Fingers crossed through that one interception or they might haven't. there s the earth need it. I M a patch firmer, should be fired, but I really do think his treatment
you. I could save his job. He was nice enough to Eli that Mr Merrick will definitely put that in his pro. Like he's got pros and cons list after the season cons, he lost. If we ever game he's a terrible head coach situational football awareness, zero, he keeps talking, but, however young team, but none of our young players get better he's total. Incompetent and a real moron prose. He was really nice to Eli Pro He has a phase that isn't quite as Portugal has been MAC idea there. It is your phone, I mean when you look at tat his armor and then you look at been Mackadoo next to him. Tat Shermer does look a lot better as a head camp and Magda. It isn't true, slickest Karabakh and turn into some sort of like door to door vacuum sales person like been Mackadoo did yes that then Mackadoo actually did the drew, lock thing,
where he had a small stretch of success. It was, I guess, what known bad ass been yet not re call the shots, slicking tiny little door to my office. She forgot he forgot. He was been Mackadoo from Pittsburgh. There's a pole. Now on the tv were reading the tv for a second time to tell you I keep playing, did what should you I play again this season in key player. Verse sit him out is basically fifty. Fifty forty nine fifty fifty fifty is. I love this policy because the people say Sidham out or just saying that, so you can stay a hundred. Seventeen hundred seventeen and the people who want him to keep playing just wanna, keep points we can keep doing the EU. I farewell to any, does have to games left, so he could conceivably end his career at five hundred. or are even at five hundred with two more. One when one loss, o o perverse audits, retire play somewhere else, yeah he's gonna. He should I wanted to place more I'll, say something nice about the dolphins, body Parker signed a new deal and was good.
I have no idea who the running backs are still, though. Never let me down daily fantasy yeah two games in a row that life no kosher. To my knowledge on that team have been videotape doing cocaine there. We go and thou say something: that's what doth the fields gonna be a really good condition for the Superbowl, because there's deftly not gonna be policies in football. Yes, they have not quite well sort of, but they did. sort they sort of quick they sort of quiet, but not really they quit despite them too. Not to quit right and running, instructed to quit. Right are next, formerly bad, acquitted, o sake on look good again for the first time since I week to you, I know has been injured, but I also I've put this in my tickler file pm I don't want people to think that the sake one bashing, because I do think sake. One is a special talent. You remember last year when basically ever was like sequence of greatest running back full time, TAT seemed a little premature in red.
Respect primeval yeah probably need to have him. Prove it a little bit away. Weeping cat would happen if there is a difference between last year and this year with sake, one Barkley Eli Man, quizzes quarterback was different. Today, Eli Miami was courting whereby he needs you lie to thrive. Just said I I have added my particular file. I know that everything stacked against him. He doesn't have a good offices of line use banged up this year. I hears my hot. Take that I'm waiting to unveil on VON, Say Kwan, which I'm gonna just say right now. Sometimes you just doesn't get the easy arts he's. One of those who tries to hit a homeless rise. I'd always tries to Duke everyone out like just go for due to school or south. He thinks is still college, as you thanks, hey up against Rucker Sand that that will be a future conversation. I'm not saying it now. I still think he's very good player. His legs are too big in there to budget targets. He also it's also hilarious giants used tough. I pick on running back
That will forever very funny idea. It's a very funny thing. Ok, question few Phd we don't. You see key question We did it. We shall want asked me a question guessing you want ass. Your question: do you like doing Haskins now? do I have to keep improving. I hate them for every keeps improving you hated forever because of the play, which is very Jameis like at the end of the game. Where you saw about. Why? Don't you put it on a hill Mary ages, tossed a backwards in the grass peace proposal just taken? The second goddamn throws it backwards. It gets return for touchdown eagles cover the spread making. of us who continually bet against Redskins. but very don't Redskins covered first sixty minutes, they cover for the entire green they literally covered for sixty minutes. That's unfair! that's illegal. I want approach, I want our what we can do, but that should doubt right bet:
and Dwayne hostages decided to just throw the ball backwards for no fucking reason. I have on my radar because the Redskins we're covering they are threatening to win this guy you're pissing me off how closely they were coming to an end. The game. Do you think that just urban Meyer up in the booth, a washing that last play yeah? Do you think that gave urban Meyer fake heart attack? I think I might have a brief one leg: heartburn, why? Ok or Meyer I know why Urban Myers going to these games. Then you into a cowboys a couple weeks goes well he's play because he loves. We talked about as like who were murdered the NFL and he wants to be in the bus. Why does anyone think that urban might be good as an NFL coach. His his strength good at ignoring hit bad things that are happening off the field? For me, that's that's a big part about being a good and drinks. Are you is one of
not the best recruiter vulpine like he will he basically Meda Ohio State, Nessie team with his recruiting ability, and he is also a great motivator of like kits eighteen between, two year olds. Getting that you know if you watched basely are Meyer play against Michigan at any point, he's got kids from all over the country. Thinking Ohio verse, like fighting their for their loss, As for the state of Ohio, like a kid from Florida, like I need to win for the state of Ohio, that's urban Myers doing What is the also really bad at taking losses in stride. He basically has a heart attack. Every time he has lost. Do you know, have zero felt you lose games, you don't get too twelve in one every single year in DC. So I did It would kill him act. Urban buyer in the actual, makes no sense to me. It does
make any sense, but it also can it does make sense, because in a phone or just want to throw money, its outer easy so yeah, he probably won't be a great, and if he had come now he be bad, he would die, but he woods its. He still makes sense about the fact that he might common and if I could actually seem coaching in it in the end, I fell for like one year herb and being like. No, not for me, urban MAR would be saving in the end. If there be no different know, Jack he's a control freak me. He he is a motivator who makes every game feel like life and death. You cannot do that in the NFL. He would not be good in the beautiful I like it's crazy to any team. Now. Socrates, because there's dumb owners, like you said, but it's crazy. Anyone who watched football understands football understands how good urban Meyer is, as a college coach would ever think that translates the NFL yeah
I think that he I'm trying to talk myself into be excited for urban Meyer. Coaching wash your presidency and I shouldn't be, but it's like he coach to ask- is no. They ve got that connection. No, I don't know now No, no, no, no, I'm not I'm starting to think about it. No eyes a bad human, and I don't like him. I should say a bad human, well know how to say that. As far as I know, he's nice is not a great and oh here's. Another good reason why a big head coach therefore he's great had not spinning Thomas family. Yes, like number one on the list of things that you need to do as far as a contract or at the other side of this game, the eagle so they're still alive. It all just goes to that I've read like a million different. Like win loss scenarios for the Eagles and cowboys, and it really just like anything can happen it just all matters, but next week yeah, that's it that's it so Carson Wentz was for all the shit he's been getting all year. He was awesome in the fourth quarter in that game. Winning drive he's throw.
two Gregg WAR Junior as its primary receiver, whose accord about he's got no one left and Top of all that eagles fans are going to hate that I'm about to say this, but MILES Sanders is getting dangerously too good to the point where he will obviously get injured, like you, can't have the eagle season the way it's gone as soon- Two player steps up is like this is the guy. We can help trust, because my Sanders is that guy now he's their best player on offense like to be side by Zach Ertz skill player. He is now in definite danger to get and have Eagles vans, Gregory Serious another injury. I keep waiting for our thing, a white side to play really work as yet such a cool name. You didn't, let me go,
jump boy seems like a guy that that would be a really good wide receiver just cause he such he's got such a bad ass name that you like to say right. You want to see a name like that in the statute shown up, but every time I look down on him, he's got like one catch for eleven August, you're, not great, so the yet and the bottom lazy and of sea easy, just gonna come down to whose extreme us and I right now, looks like the cowboys I ought to know. We too weak UK account cowboys love next week, like that Europe, as we on piss too, at the end of fair, because this sound crew, but I she would have liked to see the Eagles cowboys and prime time I know I've seen that ten billion times in last ten years, but that I can't believe it please help the bears who are eliminated from the policies it yeah. That's a great again. I think it's just a fuck with the, Inter Alia, in the area of personal fuck. You ok, so the Eagles win again all matters next week. One last note term carne is awesome and if you're Redskins fan just by his just get he's really,
he'll gotta get her to that. One hundred catch that he had yeah he's off sick will usually try So I cannot forget key whistle hanging useful I'll, get my fought. Now you get a swarm of birds attacking YO, annoying Syria, OK data. That was definitely most annoying part of the package, and we ve mentioned the tv twice in which people can see an American Inge were, has he missed that's right. What I'll look seahawks Panthers! This is the game that, when we're talking doing before the show prep, I feel like, I don't even see a play from this game. Even though there were lotta place, I saw too I sought to plays in this game. Just go out with a deeper sectors. Are decay, mecca, ketchup or the up, and that's about it? I think I think I saw Chris Mccaffrey with the ball at some point. Well, it was the taking care business games. Iacchus had to go win because we all expect them to
Maybe they went east though, and they didn't cover yeah wasn't push put. I should push because they gave up fourteen points in the lot that was a classic Seahawks didn't want by too much and screw up the statistical anomaly of an eleven when team. Having like a zero point differential, so they like what we got, let them back in it, but this is a game that essentially meant nothing, because it's like the Xerox held serve and the paths are long been eliminated and all happened was everything we know was just confirmed yet also, Wilson is awesome. The sea ox defence, maybe a little. If ye some injuries, cologne socks will ya and Christian would have resource when I learned about Kyle out over the last three weeks or so is that democracy is a finite resource yeah. So when you come into line with moxie, when you, when you're just shoot moxie your eyeballs, you have a problem
eight to nine weeks to use up all your moxie and in that eight nine weeks you better become actually good, and so his moxa drained, and now he just socks. It also moxie Right not a lot faster. When you have small hands sir. I should say socks either, though I feel like I'm going spent all his ease serviceable backup yesterday, but he's out, like democracy, has run out to the point where he is clearly not started. That was just mocks. Here's! What I'll oxygen alone should have faith in injury a couple weeks ago and it's the season on a relatively like hey that guy was ok, could be Historiae. Moors Tavi puts out there, though these, bring himself as like a back up for the next ten. The only guy can think of them made a career off. Moxie quarterbacks brought forth yeah and he had
like three inches of his dick to do? He had all the marks is zoos coming out everywhere, especially when he was puking, yet all the pills yet moxie, just flown out of his crocs yeah, alright jaguars raiders. This was so fuckin, sad man. This is so sad. I was so sad for the four rater fence black hole meltdown. Fourth quarter. The jaguars were playing for nothing win guerrilla, Did you see him at the end of the Gatt deserted sadder than a sad guerrilla to her Adair car went up to him like he was. The president, it was incredible. Ceylon to pay his respects to go to a man, a grown man in a gorilla. Costume in the stance and dare car was like. I gotta go I gotta go see guerrilla real one. Last time and I went on I looked, I found quote, of course guerrilla really was quoted
he guerrilla did they quote guerrilla, really know the court, the guy, but he is gonna arrest. I wish it was just from guerrilla- I feel even worse for guerrilla, because guerrilla is and again from you, don't understand what we're saying here. It's guerrilla real. Ah, it is a man who is dressed, in a gorilla costume for last twenty five years and gone to every Oakland Raiders game. He is very real edible because he is a future future guerrilla guy problem. So he said It was quite emotional. My eyes started to tear up a little bit. Knowing these were steps I walked around in my younger days and now It will not be no longer for me I must say I have been in denial for last three years when it came up that they're moving, but it finally hit today. It hit me Sunday when I walked up the steps, the errors coming to an end, so girl Ursela,
much like anyone whose has anything they don't want to face head on his spreading. The last has spent the last three years been like there never going to move. This is fine, and then today, like a ton of bricks, are sweet. Prince girls Bela derive picked out, makes me so sad that yeah Derek car went up, so I should get a funny. Dare hilarious pick a guy they got killed on a field went up, to a gorilla in the stands it's the reverse! Rambo! Yes, yeah he's he guerrilla man. It's It is very sad, the easy there there are throwing nachos onto the field, and so just somewhere I feel very crisis single dear how many, how many followers and guerrilla relies, I would say- fifteen thousand eighteen thousand, pretty close champ guerrilla I'm a give girl real quick. I want to see what a really does with the second part of his life, with his moved, yes, I think you after this is tough, saw
it really you, if you're in Oakland, Raiders Van this is your big chance to do something crazy and say you know what fuck it. I'm gonna go to I'm gonna live in LAS Vegas, yeah or amateur route for the Seahawks and actually went football games on forty nine or she Howard, forty Niners, but the black holes done. It went out and just horrific fashion neck. Im socked would it also went out and true black old fashioned? His government, you said that he's never seen as many middle fingers in one place as he did today, yeah an like that it went out as the raiders they died as they live and they lying horrific home game and flipping off your opponent right in the last time they moved from Oakland. They also lost So just now, traditions is tradition in eight years. Been don't have your waiter raider fan, I wouldn't you rather leave it's like leaving vacation on a rainy day. That's actually
Ray point: you don't wanna leave occasion when it's beautiful out and billing man what we miss you want to leave on a loss and have meant you mania pop back up in the fourth quarter in your office, puke down his right. So if they had made the play officer, let's say them even make a run in the play off. You're, probably really happy with the way that this last season, when it's like one last magical, run right for our for the flame for the flame in the end then or shown ledges is letting blind. Then they move to LAS Vegas at point. If they start to really went in Vegas building off what they started in right, then you like fuck, that that's not thirteen right at this point. it's like. Ok, they suck this year. They weren't good and make the playoffs ended with it.
Terrific loss at home to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are on their own, losing skid, it's easier to say goodbye yeah. You just had break up sex any nodded in like thirty. Second Aurelia was awkward hotter, cheating on: U S, egg! Yes! Yes, I find you know what gets out easy to pull the bandit off. How is your sad for them? A damning? You have just a bunch of people. There is that one guy said I spent all my kids Christmas money, so I could be here that the year there was a black hole, people I mean that's, that's exactly expected of the black deadened in couple weeks ago. They gathered said I'm missing court to be here, but also the blonde more. So we we, as sports fans, have lost something by losing the black hole and yeah. That's it showed a gorilla I have a question. One Africa yet is lit for net fat. He still, I think, he's getting fat noise thick. I think if I don't think you could be. Is it member we breathe, you won't know he'll run fast. At times you can't be fat Roma.
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the kitchens is not necessarily be gone. Begone they're putting their trust in Freddy ok. So I have some counter points that first up, this gift card Deep unease at barring something catastrophic ok will hear. Was this a cat area is a catastrophe. Maybe you decide, cardinals defence is giving up. The motion the nfl. The third most points brown scored seventeen points they score to touch on Layton garbage time. This would seventeen points against the the add the deeper giving up the most yards. The NFL, the cardinals offence, scores twenty points again. The rounds gave up thirty eight and not only that, but the cardinals offense doesn't isn't very good. At rushing the middle of pack, two hundred and ten yards rushing game. They gave up two hundred and twenty six yards on top of all that kenyan Drake in the last twenty five games before today, he had for rushing touchdowns today for rushing touchdowns. He has ten
rushing ourselves is entire career. He just went you, like. I don't know, what's the math on that and then one word yet awarded a serious fourteen. Not one of those was on the whoop lateral against the patriots insane insane. How bad the browns looked, how bad paired how bad everything on top of all that Freddy Kisses, If I were germs, Landry on sideline I call that a fight dwell here. We gotta don't go. There were pissed off because there were losing Jarvis, Landry Noto back and had the worst body language I've ever seen. They both are just sitting there with their hands in their heads like what the fuck is going on and then here's the kicker forty kitchens after the game he said quote. I dont care about my future as a bronze coach, he's literally firing himself will know what he said after the game was. He was saying that, like his job is to prepare for next we know what is his business is not to worry about whether nice going far he so I don't care about. My future is brown coach, so DVD cares farm, and then he did you.
one thing right for everyone else, like Casey, something nice medications. He does know how the days of the week work, because he said sure Monday, and do the best job that I can do Monday and that's tomorrow fact. So there you gotta say something nice property since he knows that tomorrow's Monday, in Monday's when he was shot, he's got a cow, he's the kind of guy that no the remembers his days, the weak based on the specials are at the local deli. I don't id for Monday. So it's going to be big big one. For me, I know that you don't want to fire a coach after you just fired a coach and it's like the revolving door thing you're answering questions to questions. You have to ask yourself whenever you thinking about firing a coach one. Is to be able to get upgrade over this guy right out the edges. Yes, the second is would any one else higher the sky as a head coach a second here, the market, probably not third question with lines. Maybe third question is the coach.
We are having the team very ill prepared for every single Sunday and did he have one of the players? ass the opposing team with his helmet in its in an active data files, never seen an assault That's the racing, also yes, we saw period, is to meet us more like a I, like you, ve, given that tweet? Oh yeah, really irish. I know I know, but he didn't say denying I'll make day, but that's how they got. You know he yelled at the no. He yellow Discours, no exclamation, point no result period to meted out to me. The period made it funnier because he was like a saw. No, he yelled he held the screen, use like Ebay types and give her, but I know how chevaler usually gets asylum that's assault, and then he tells everyone around. Isn't that a soccer, since it also has an electrical that's assault up, Freddy Kitchens is not doing himself any favours by becoming more and more swollen, as the year goes on, you need to stand up. Desk
Freddie catches needs a treadmill on the sidelines already needs eyes, not be an idiot. What I thought I would help to that wouldn't help his bloke give I don't care about. My future is perhaps coach. I think what he was saying without quite nobody really without ready on the rate of firearms. He was just saying, like that's, not my job, to worry about correct smile to fire. If he doesn't care, despite everything you say he doesn't care. I know, but just fires fire many with fire, because you can just say that Haiti, member who said that It doesn't matter how we said it. So it's a paper trail for each hour per head, sleazy, hereby hair. You do do not carry literally resign. I noticed saying like he doesn't actually care like kids. It's not his job to to worry about. The funny thing is that in a vacuum, the browns should be happy with seventy nine season. If that's where they end up right, like seven,
for the browns. That's that's not bad is verifies, but should it is, I would have Odo backroom requested. A trade to the to the cardinals they gave are probably not linger. That's where he would probably draw the line on the two hundred and twenty six years. Rushing to the cardinals for tough sounds for can injury. there is a dangerous one. The first game that he's want to eat a fourteen game losing trick eleven game. He sees the two thousand eight Was it the lions or popping their battle to eleven right now want to get there? You go yes, so next week to have the Ravens O Dell. it was probably just going to affect the ravens like, like a cuban player, a cuban pitcher at the world, baseball classic yeah he's your locked himself in a hotel room in Baltimore, just gonna, be on the other sidelined by the end of the year and is in and make up this that you my play for now. I have a question for either: Am I super crazy to think that the browns aren't that far away from being a team there,
very far away as long as they don't have a head Calais, I'm take Friday kitchens, adequate Overture Sates urban model. They have a lot of talent. They. A talented rot, Rossiya, I just there lie, needs work there. The and then you shall is really really good. I also thank you. Gotta know what you do without our back on, because I feel like you might want to move on from. This is crazy. you think, but the browns might be one of the most attractive head coaching destinations for now. Yeah absolute Hungarian is that's how they were fridges quarter rector ready to go, but you have to. U have to obviously change a couple things and I do think you their brands have to. I don't know what Odell beckons contract is, but they have to move on from that right because he's not happy, I thought I'd know he's not have link with Adela he's. Just he's gonna be happy if they win now only if you get rid of Freddy in the off season and you bring someone else in that you think and when they know Dell's, gonna become happy pretty quickly. Put the the browns
have the tower to be a good office if they run the ball, and you know like basically then they should be running the ball running the ball, rolling the ball and play action pass and not having to forced to Baltimore the Elder Odell backup on the like. They shouldn't be trying to throw down the field constantly exceed all have the office of line for it. I just it's weird. The whole thing just does make sense. They run too much. Eleven personnel gathering either Thailand backgrounds warrant charcoal. So I think that o Dell would probably be happy not getting to the huge tat says put up in the past. You have the force of autumn. Just give him a summer. Loam spent the entire summer on a boat We go down. We know that you love being on the water, go hang out on a boat for them, our offices and come back will have new head coach, we're gonna win for
oh games a British. We can be happy that he doesn't, he doesn't like losing. He takes out on on the nearest kicking nets and gaiters coolers amendment also not like he is not plead. Well. That's also that, like I was finally on the side of the Odell gets unfairly criticized this is very passionate, but he has not played while the sheer any might be injured and that's fine but knowledge is feels, like you know, you're trying to force something which is not going to. Why didn't giving up on or go back. I'm right now is giving up your own, yet something form gay you'll get something for, but I still think that it would have you get four odo back and probably is going to be as good as Odell back and I speak. I don't know I'm in it. I think the weakest shown that, like the way to build a team, is not through like for me, wide receipt, whether they had a nice add on the obviously lot other. They obviously need to rework
As I have tried our number one four pieces that would make your line better you'd have to do it right, we often of lime or draft picture. Whatever yeah, I would trade o Dell back for three above average off its alignment. Yet so there you go, we strict surrounds. Ok, you're welcome and ready kitchen. I just, I think, there's no point in having that tape. A wide receiver, if you have other problems that are you know that you can build Blake, The rostrum convergence has really make sense to network, say, was swaggered juniors still undefeated home. That's true, that's true. I next up Viking chargers. The charges had seven turnovers, that's pretty impressive Philip Rivers is here, the old crotchety man point in his career here we are,
grandparents and and people who were her aging. That sometimes just say shit. Whatever comes the top there had that's awful perverts play football right now. He just says fuck it. I'm gonna, throw it wherever one budget Eminem ominous fumble. Whenever I wanna fumble he's, throws it straight down the sooner the field as high as it can. As far as again, that's that's twenty five years his office right. I'm Melvin Gordon got pinched fumbles, which you don't really see. The NFL very often sought like the that's kind of college thing we're ok, this guy can't play because he's gonna put the bomb deck like Belgium was or knows that Tibet, Nobel in Belgium, cuts straight talk to you, but Melvin Gordon. That was a weird move to bench. Him was like I just want to play. Your best player so? I don't have sticky, hence yeah it was. It was whirls word games were the vikings. Didn't really have to do anything I just had to let the charges fuck this up. there I will say, though, denial hunter is awesome or site, yet NEO Hunter for the vacancies.
I think the youngest gotta get fifty Saxon he's. He was a force all day. I think he had wanted. I think he had the strip sack. He had another sack. The vikings events looks like it completely They want they. Gotta became next week against the pack, how bad would suck losing your best player on offence in a game that you were gonna win anyways, even without oh yeah fantasy, so Darwin Cook is out with a shorter right. I don't know any of his shoulder or if it's the fact that he was holding up an oxygen mask to his ear at some point, hi age, the bends. Then, rather, burgers definitely held up an oxygen masters ear at some point as a telephone yeah one or two of em an animal time you're trying to like listen to the band air. The way you said this sake. I'm gonna give you credit for the Dauphin Cook Screwed, so many people in their fans supply was a. U too nah, I'm actually out of in all my legs. Now that you care, but dad you care care, a happy hake is
Have you life you as our active anyone out. There cares known, although we argued that actually we're not officially, we have your breeze, but I'm all how many voting journey drew throats. Mauritania thank fifty Hindu he could eat. Fifty Berger is culture vessel problem, yet that God does sunk, that's worth fantasies the dumbest, because you might have the best team all year and then you get to the fancy. Playoffs Indaba Cook goes out with the shoulder injury, No one would against CAN in Draco for touch yeah to chart. Yes, someone picked up. Kane Drakos lie here most hard disk. It also socks if you're the Minister Vikings and you go the real players in Dublin cooks out YAP that would also suck so the Vikings the Vikings the classic team were. They could be good but still kirk us yet so who knows they are going to get the power of soapy of
the dun chain, for which I apologise for sure you did ideology as they are gonna get somewhere so because the rams lost and let's go to that game. The cowboys that was an absolute asking through and through the cowboys basically did everything that, like as been promised with this cowboys roster and how talent today on they did it all to you know it was Jason. Garret played the team, a highlight real of some of their old good performances before the scant he did gotta believing in themselves Garriga and then get went out and had a first have to remember. I actually took a video may we can make a video this cause. I've got all the cliffs.
of him on the sidelines throughout the entire first ef. I think they showed him like nine times and he didn't say a single word while he's on camera. How long they showed me, there was some of the club for three seconds somewhere up to fourteen second she's were Jason, go just staring off into the abyss, not sing Wurlitzer guys got let the place. We have led the outlet. The players do the talking the Big NEWS, though this game outside the coin toss, which it does it the whole defer thing like why Everyone knows that usually say we will want to kick a worse like you, she's pet yeah, we're going either kicker we're gonna receive and then flip it on the second. pissed off, to think James was to find out that someone discovered how to commit a turnover before the game even start ass. Yet at what feels like someone, then New York are involved in it end up not happening. So did they they write it down wrong. Is it technically gambling to to do a coin to us before the guy? What you mean it's kind of gambling is Michael. Details as you flip a coin.
do something that could also look into ok, the Big NEWS. All of this game skip Bayliss, pulled Zeke Jersey out of the trash. What yes, it was in there. This whole time whole time, the whole time that trash can in his kitchen with no no trash back in there he went in there. He walked into the kitchen, he opened the trash. Eddie pulled out the teacher. I love it. I didn't see that yeah so that breaking out that's a big Terranova, Miss Eliot gonna be happy. I don't back on good terms. I dont ask abilities as trash uses, trash cans like you or I might use under bed storage. We put the stuff away for the winter. We're not gonna need, or something that you were not word were done wearing, but we're not commit enough to get rid of yes. Skip doesn't seem like a guy who uses like anything in his kitchen. No, not not dishes. Not maybe one mug, but other than that
He never you he's always eating out he's always, you know get seems pretty happy. He s, so the Zeke Jersey comes out of the trash. The cowboys back on track somehow and on top of all that, I'm sick here? I watch that game. I see how good. The cowboys look like they might have a home plan game. Are they going to be a tough out yeah, and that would be the only stupid. Hey went to play off came maybe too and is in garrison. Garret is coming back baby. They had out who Russia's over a hundred yards. Everything worked like literally, that was the perfect game. The cowboys played from start to finish. and with this would have been kind of saying about. The cowboys is locking up as Eu Elliot might be the smart thing to do before you lock up deck Prescott, because the team kind of goes as EU twenty Volor had more yards and yet up it adds runaways many innocent, yes, yes, algae Dac is a great quarterback right now he's better than Carson. Once where do we stand on? That course,
played better. Today, I think syntactic around things better right now, you're gonna, be we're. We're gonna find out next week actually read debate that one's from our offer to win a once and for all will find out of the bag best quarterback is national behind they also. The scheme would have a totally different if you're gotten heard something we can all agree. Banged is thumb on home so that our neighbourhood ribs fry win. They cheated actually ramblings win. If, if jerk off doesn't hurt to stop Digital Charlie's nickname is the general, Yes, it's such a form is not a bloody knee. He was run around like a dangerous all As yet like this time it was external. Yet right knows it was actually an upgrade for right. If you see you knew that that just needed a band aid, not you know, surgery and nine
Sorry, we shall leave. You can see blood, it means that you're still intact. Internally, I said there are shown these plan, like a young kids out there, the general shortly shitty insurance pass your job, I last game and then we're gonna do quickly, whose back and then gets Joe Borough Falcons. Forty Niners the star of the week. I go back one second to the cowboys chaos. I hate the fuckin afternoon games in the sun. You saw two thousand year dishonest everything up in in the cowboy salient they wait until I don't know how they do it with a roof and in the windows on each end. It just socks is general, Mr Re Baker. you find out about that later. While we do step on Joe, I didn't really think you did how thick donor son to tease, ok, Joe Burn of use coming up in a second I Falcons forty nine last game of the weekend shocker of the weekend, forty Niners. This is such
shut down spot for them. We talk about Friday, going you're being on these coasts two weeks pointing the way is playing the saints winning against the saints and an awesome game and coming all the way back and having the Falcons Dan Quinn Revenge game. against cow, Shanahan and I don't know I mean this. Is I do throw this as sayings tourism a let down spot or you like, hey this actually concerning further for its act. Play a huge wind for the Seahawks in the saints yes big somewhere in the progress yeah yeah, oh dank, when helped out the entire enough, see hope that everything that he hates, probably yeah by by winning this game I take away was that the falcon suggests on sidekick every single kicked that they have the ever yeah that allows the other one that I should do with deck Prescott tried to do and say that the kick in both have this. It was crazy, is another one where, if you had the under in this game, I I don't know
when he apologies. I can give you because the falcons were thirteen points last four seconds again and it was in, I had the over and I had put that went to bed. I still don't understand I didn't understand. You have become more time because they took the day they change the channel tunnel, they're just scorn and they just using ok, that's the end of the game and then somehow you guys keep yelling at me that my bet would you one yet why sooner believe the so the one problem I would say for the forty nine hours in this game is that Gregg Kenilworth. So fucking good, but he might be the only guy that is worth anything when it comes to throw a ball. He had in four through the first three quarters Jimmy Jihad. Fifteen completions twelve of them work. who Kittle that's insane that has progressed. You had a hundred and thirty one of the hundred and forty two yards in the first three quarters passing
that's crazy and he had that pancake block vicious laughing too in the robber Caskey, wherein he will. He wrestle the guy in the Indian and then the camera com just smiling is ass. Offices gave a horse is in absolute beast pot. you gotta have someone else who can help him out and can help Jimmy G out, and now you my only concern if I were the forty not yet, but if you can run them all Sanders yeah, maybe I don't know, but where was he's pretty good, now he's pretty get. If you can run the ball, a narrow sense then hit kill every now and again, that's all that often really needs a yap. Put a defence is pretty good. Lose into the falcons at home is. Is bad I'm saying Do you think this is something because they didn't? They couldn't really run the ball tracking and move on. I am just wondering where you live like. You see these games and I agree with you God spot its trot game. I had falcons, but there were also some things like that. That feels bad for a team it
or your high Superbowl aspirations leg. If they can't, bread the ball around and they can have other, as help out the passing game? They become pretty one dimensional right. I think that last weakens game was thrones more instructive than this one, so their game against the saints Arbed concern about rob low. Was he can't play quarterback when you want to be quarterback right? He can play quarterback with leader with TAT Game and he actually go into a dual with drew and they end up winning the game. So I think probably more indicative of their future. The playoffs, I would say yeah lots gonna come down to whether or not they get hopefully then were sick. I screwed up there, so they gonna went out now I picked you want to do people add reads before we do a quick whose back we'll do Joe burrow in Senegal on their way to our first add is coming to you from Palatine. I'm not gonna be able to do the politicians. Ass time show genesis after I'm show on money we're gonna be doing a
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So what do you need home insurance for new place? Or do you just want to reshape your current policy head to Policygenius come today get started smartphone right now: policy genius when it comes to home insurance, it's nice to get it right now, whose back in a week Hank whose back you say: ok, runways, a USA. Rugby is what kind of back they put up a good fight this weekend, what We can fight that and they were they put it at ways they put in it. They were put her really tough. Pork is as a second term of the year, so their pull it was them. Fiji reminded, and South Africa and Japan we beat the shared Japan and then we most beat South Africa, and then we didn't beat Fiji. Ok, sorry, USA, when the present cop down and Melvin O asked another thing, I don't,
about the prize. Girls trying to fall long has confused mass roaring of it, but it was its thinking. You just need us to this entire segment with the israeli action. I was very confused. The details were bit Mogi, but it seemed like the. U S came from behind a head exhilarating wind thank the tiger. Apparently we just when the haggling every fuckin time, though I don't think so. I think so then Rory in the boys know worried are allowed to play. It's not it's Pollux, yet you think the Ryder CUP Ryo prints- everybody's, like you, I am thinking of the nordic prescience, copies entirely different thing altogether it sounds everybody outside the United Kingdom. It is right, Scott, any from South Africa s stupid. We just kick the shit I've ever we made a tournament just like I check on like that. Yeah. Just we ate what I meant to win every single time, hey rest, the world. I dare you to place in football, real for public your ass,
it's been around since ninety ninety eight saying TAT was the Ryder CUP not rely and weave, they believe For the rest, the world's only one once good rarely just create we're busy. The big brother were like hey. You want to play a game, we want. We want on one and one time we let the recent world. Ok, I like that lots or values, but also by whose back we doves dovetails on that, because Patrick readers back again yeah so aside from the whole sandwich thing where he was just kind of bringing out the sand trap before his into shot his caddy HU. It should be noted. Is his wife's brother right because he's the kind of guy whose only friends with his wife and her immediate family track. He too, at a punch in Australia fan who is giving Patrick. I pushed on shit for cheating, yeah, so totally outlined by the australian fan, Patrick Greed, for cheating that you can't. You can't get me.
Patrick Greed, for cheating it was ass with Patrick read. Does it was also such a sorry? Not sorry is like we get so much shit. All the time see. I went up to the guy and I pushed him. What end, though, and then I walked away worse thing happening. My spilled little beer, which I absolute will not refund a big, I'm pretty sure that Patrick greeted his wife or related in some way. I guess that's an exacting that tragically, would say. Sadly he got off his golf cart, pushed him down, get sent out of the tournament sent home and then I don't know who is Katy was I was hoping the patch agrees. Wife was gonna, be caddy for the last that will brought endured himself today? Is no for no friends at all. You know prior to have like whatever the course like some some like eighteen year old kid just found a guy. Over the summer there he put yeah yeah always prior to school. They do maybe you're right, go schooner know they do summer vacation. We, I guess you don't have school, that's why you get mad at somebody for starting a fight in Australia, agree two things one
if you live in Australia, that's how you say: hello, give some big crack pushing you push their beer. I I can't pull and then you push him It's like shaking their hand. Nice number two: if you're, if you're bosses, Patrick Red should be allowed to blow off steam by fighting anyone. You want a great if you have to deal with that shit. Forty hours a week, double double garage cells. I think we all agree fair play. I hereby whose back is Christmas parties and won't be safe this week? There's always it's always interesting. Going your office Christmas Party dont be the guy. I think we talk about this. We don't we too drunk as the up, but also Duff have fun, because its awesome have here's is, I think, places should start drinkers parties in January, because this is like too many Christians parties happened right now, where you get Christmas party overload
give him a little treat on the other side of January first, like in the summer time the edges revolutionise the Christmas Party or no real holidays. In the summer months. You have an australian crispy. It is also a doorway for your boss, so I keep out because the all the all the restaurants are like it. Cheaper drivers have a Christmas party, unlike January tenth, my mind. Just kept loan Christmas in Australia, do they celebrate whence hot, outside get your same due the fact that their like the summer Christmas, that's crazy, then is not you, you just brush tripod by the fact that, like thereon I'm a break results can be Christmas. This crazy yeah It took me those delay eyes, a thousand b absorbing the forty nine or the Italians over yeah appreciate that's fucking. Whilst no Santa Claus does he were cut off for when he goes on to Australia, like terror ways, pansy shorts. And yes, you gotta like a tank top underneath and hawaiian shirt, and he takes it off. He rides surfboard goddamn school
I hear, is though Joe Heisman Joe Borough, he got behind a trophy, literally sitting right and in way heavier by and this is my back yeah thighs when I m the highest in the low mantra. If he were in the same room for the first time in history hawk, it was cool. So here is Joe Borough awesome Interview and will see everyone on Wednesday. Let me guess: okay, we, well come on very special guest. I think, if you're watching this, you see how special he's got the Heisman trophy on the table. It is high a trophy went to Joe Borough losing State University free traffic has been less than twenty four hours biggest landslide in Heisman. History does not feel good, it does I feel it does it pretty sick, so you ve done probably seven hundred in interviews this past. Like
three days. You are you completely sick of it? Yeah I've got probably eight hours asleep. The last three nights. Okay and absolute, you sick of interviews? What's the most annoying question, people keep asking you if I keep I mean after the speech last night, I've got what is cocoa mean? you about a thousand times. I love Talkin about him, but can I say how much we may see right right couple lives and when we're probably the biggest cocoa guys out a real love, coterie of love them for ever ever since he probably took over the interim spot a? U s see we're moving form to get a big job and we were all bottom. So we know we have a pretty good idea why you love cocoa, so Marta Andreasen shut up on it. I asked you about a coach. Maybe you haven't been asked about as much of your office of coordinator ins beggar. Yes,
so he is a football guy through not through more football, given me or cocoa that nobody knows hard to know. Last night he was so I was on the in I'll and he was on the far end of the road, and I look and he's got his big old, did lip spitten into his empty water bottle at eyes and drove the ceremony. I now you dont know definitively the cocoa didn't have a warm and his mouth. He hasn't done that before. So I will say for right now he's a bigger football guy than cocoa, but we don't know a hundred per cent.
I guess I s, I guess you never know what the word yet right has he done the warm for you guys he has not. Have you heard that story? I have not ok, so he basically when I think use what do you mean the school? Can you tell a story about the world? Is that true? So what happened at the spring game by senior year scornfully after the practice which bring in the next day? I was looking for worms, although feel mulch go vehicles, but maybe go baby. what are you doing here? Cycles are looking for work. She goes and at worst worms vehicle, ok,
his vague one, hears baby Eagle Efficient now got as is getting more vessels which will give the team for years do so. We had a big deal at night in the spring came is missing year. I was a theme. Government got up mountainous at the store. There was two men vision and I souls and asked him what was catching fish and what they look silly guys Mary, are you Kitchenware fisheries man, amuse wharves, amusing worms who said yes, but only to feed my family? You said the only way I know how to feed my family's casters fish and I gotta do whatever it takes you somebody, you must make those words gotta, be real war. Warm before you put him on the hook you so I keep my mouth, the warm up,
there are put him on the hook. Should you know just like that? Fishermen do whatever it takes for his family to feed his family are do whatever it takes to win applauded. They all had about that. Big was crawling around and also glad to get. There were about a problem, but as that was twenty three years old overload Tom with kids, it's the best, so I'd say you one. Crazy whirlwind. My real question is how awkward it has been going around with with Jill. Clean and chase, and just in the other final lesson- member Michael, it's yours design. I haven't seen him after after the eyes and trophy ceremony itself I sent me out of their nothing now three, those guys left us more. when I had to stay right, I've seen them today, but you know I I play
the chase for years. It was often see him. Yeah but Dave I mean I would imagine going to all these events in and seeing everything in there just along for the ride you actually on winning the high. I mean Jones that care to me, as I can. I told jail and we're gonna were happy to be here and just stand up and clap for you to go their eyes when he has death at what point during this year. We like this is gonna happen. This is actual possibilities. Armoured we wouldn't have drove. I mean after the Texas game I kind of fell like we could do it. Every single game and You know it through the bar, so I mean we're taking the informant a drill me through the ball three straight times escort touchdown and I think that kind of are no hate country were were here. We're not Alice. You anymore were the new new aid jealous you right right, so you may cocoa cry. Last night you cry yeah. I don't even think that would be possible to make cocoa cry, but he cried on national television
your speech was unbelievable. Were you shocked in your own self like getting up their men like damn? I didn't think at this moment would be this overwhelming. Yes, I knew I knew I gonna win it. I walk, I know, go hug, oh my family, hug, Allah, coaches and I get up their cash. this is happening, and then you see other guys behind you achieve that you watching in an idolizing like. Why am I really up here knows so as this kind over over, yeah and ended the laser lock that coach, Ohio and beaming would be an understatement to say that he was being his eyes. He wasn't crying his eyes were sweating and it probably taste
like a delicious caging, crawfish to fair, probably acidic, could apply melted the melted his suit. If I got on I'm kind of Matthew, didn't wear the Letterman jacket here. Do you realize what you where the Letterman jacket you have that little curled comes down from your forehead that you are like every aid like Bali from every movie in the eighties yeah, you know people were tween Emmi. All all weekend is on. I dont have a coat in the woozy Anna, rightly Mono high. On that I had my Letterman juggling. I guess I'll bring this thing due to New York and animals are treated me like you like, you could be the the court, regular icicle team. It just put put someone's head man you're in the Euro zone right right right. You do you look like the guy was given everyone swirling, and then you go out there and throw for like six hundred yards and need a team. Seventy two, nothing! You know I'm an attempt to take home, they all the prom queen. So I like that. Look I like that. Look! The Joe Bro
bad ass eighties. Like you know bad boys, I wanted the I wanted get. I want to get my neck big enough slackened, where one of those mba swear bans Rahman, academic, Mallory, ass, the area yes, which more meaningful trophy for you. This one are the Ohio, MR for poultry view that young, that your daddy, that we made up that we made our by ourselves, as Mr Football doesn't give out a trophy. The fact that Mr Football isn't gonna trophies is unreal. Its mass yes raise. It sounds like I was hidden out like talking to the gallows interview males I hate. When when do I get the trophies like? Oh you don't get a trophy when you mean and then he said yeah you get title. I, like tat we ve had a millennium move on your portfolio is participation just for winning the best for poplar instead of a high. Well, it's a prestigious trophy because the winner before you the year before you right wasn't it.
sure it was two years before me. I was worried I've. I think I finish third in the voting my sophomore year, and he was first hear you finish third sophomore year, Escher, that's all something like that's insane now but when you, your dad, worked for Ohio and It was a defensive coordinator, yet different scorn, and if so, when you were growing up watching for Bobby, you like, I just expect there to be shitty. Football played on Tuesday and Wednesday Knights and I might have been born in math inaction started like when I was like my eighth grade in freshman year, so we I was fired up cuz. I didn't have to do any homework on those nights. I can just drive football game and go home and mom has like you, have any homework I'll be like yeah she's like yeah. That's amazing, so match meant a little something different to use something special, my heart, the rest of like the adult world, basely sweating out these random games on a Tuesday eighteen November, lowered my my GPA a couple of points that were so. You go from a harder to Louisiana. What what state is the better cuisine.
So these are highly got skyline. Chile You will notice that he held the AIDS it I hate it. They're gonna switch back. No, I like it. I like scandals, guys gonna hate me. I hate that John regionally. Yet is a sovereign right, what he means. If you had an hate you I mean they divided me for a walk. Is I've had these take since since, like I've, got to I'll stay and know. What do you mean? You're from Ohio? Doesn't multiedit? Ok, good good. Unless you have a brain, then, because yeah so there's nothing by Louisiana Food is is really good for about three months, but they only know how to make one thing, and it's the You can find in a in a bucket of
oil riot geologists, just where we can only eat it for a couple months before gets really old, right, yeah, you you, there is a point we're like hey. Maybe let's makes it a salad, yeah, maybe anxiety, some past like a stake, but they did it all in there. So the story about cocoa, recruiting you and the fifteen pounds crawfish. That was a hundred percent. One hundred percent Reserve tell walk ass through a tell it for people who might not know the store. Yes, I was not. We have this place in Columbus that we used to go to need some crawfish in cocoa stock armies idea right crawfish for Algeria had a couple times. I d like it as a yell of it, so we for this place called my innocence and we went there. Yeah yeah Rene, my house and I'm looking the crawfish on the menu in this there's no crawfish, as I goggles looking forward to have some provision in crawfish country right and catches? You want some crawfish. I was like oh. You know it's our aid and I was hoping to get. Some is like I got it and he called
he makes a car like twenty minutes later they bring in this Tom Crawfish, bringing in the back. They boil it and bring a right back out. Yet he's got crawfish guy Insolent described a better Cocos crawfish guide. Does he never stop? Age is a pager. He only get one CALL Africa. One part I go show. Why didn't? He doesn't even have to say things hits a button to see just pages in nine one want the guy that here we go. Have you have you ever gone jogging at high noon with culture I have not
I've been driving out of work out when I've seen cocoa and he just gives little fish pond sees me driven out of their common friendly society ought not to know it got out of it. Re Baker. That's what he calls it re Baker would set. The Sancho said Henriette with the Rep Ray Baker re Big set out, so we should. We should make sunglasses urges called RE bakers, Rebecca. I like that. What did he tell you guys before the Alabama, because you guys hadn't beaten now mandolin forever? We went to the game last year, didn't, That fund not thou, hunted all we cheered alot before the gay I was really know ever was higher up for the game you at last, no going in that game. I had a feeling that we are going to get your ass king right, so how about this year, though, when you guys, you know, haven't I think it was you guys. Hadn't scored a touchdown against Alabama in like seven or eight quarters, hadn't beat them in a while. What he tell you guys in the locker room before him yeah he he he. He said he said it stops here:
He was. He drew a line, a fake line with his with his foot and his finger, and He said this is not here and we felt were the better like, we can new we're gonna, go in and take our business here that confidences that's what I was explaining on Sunday. Last week's pie gas after watching you in the Georgia game. Yes he's each average there's something about your look and your demeanor on the field that makes you want to run through a brick wall. Like you have this confidence in your face. You did the I'll walk off touched on in his joy. That was a cocky Maria, where you you just new you're, like other avenues, wide open. I knew I gotta to amounted to start run off. Sulphur Barbuda didn't watch the game, Joe through a touchstone pass, and while the ball was basically in the air, he was what he we turned and walked towards aside ass, a touchstone I'm good, pretty Austria I'll do some before every game. So the two teams have you know they do their team. Warm ups and esteem.
unlike the thirty five or something, and you know when we get down going to stand it like that. The forty eight Saddam Cross, their line into stare out on and they have other people that line up and try to like hide it and others like looking right through him in there just stand there. It's trying to extend me in the eyes and unless beating my eyes through all of them in their like white. Where did this bully from nineteen? Eighty four, yes, like I gotta, I got a guy on asylum with my Letterman jacket. He had his pet it. I love that a love it. So I love you for saying that you got your. You got your swagger when you got hit in that poor gave the game against. You see. F and the Duke laid you Annie popped up after his military, it was pretty bad hit. I actually thought that you were kind of a change pillar after the Alabama game last year. Something clicking you at that point like for you, where was it? Where was the moment where you like to know what I'm taking this next step for it? I feel good about where I'm at right now, like everything in the past
asked. What would you say was after that loss in Alabama? Yes, so we played rice, the next game, I've. so we play artist, soft album and stuck it out. We are terrible, they we'd be nomadic seven or something. I remember that game because, because eyes, Niggro set stopped at the two yard line and everyone was task ass. He read it over. You guys kept on running, plays yeah with link no time left. I was Coachee use like screw this. I want to score touchdown in on it kept falling down. Dear Catherine was reared through, they would fall down on first and then they ran a real play on second down there. They fall down like you guys we're doing ass. I remember vividly watching I had Arkansas. Yes, I was happy that he felt, but that was great. Yoshi Coachee was not very happy and locker and what you do and I went to school underscore touchdown day. It was crazy. It was crazy, but keep go again. So then we played rice after Arkansas and those first three hundred yards game and then we play texts. I M the the dreaded seven overtime, yeah yeah. That was not the fun though Miss
I shall now say we're rafts, who isn't that? What was a weird have you lost and cocoa is soaking wet through I guess I've asked the desired password oversight of yeah. I didn't even know that had happened out of stock that immediately s eyes. she passed out and lock room because I didn't it's not really knows going on. I is that's greater you do you tell I lost consciousness yet knives super dizzying light headed ladder like chug a couple hours applesauce like the Google, squeezes yea high blood sugar up. That's not so then I had a pretty good game there and then I really the bull practice because I got there in the summer. I didn't have a spring practice with them and the bolt Agnes was kind of a spring ball for me right, and so I got a guy with my guys and in countries like an off season, then I think that really helped us in the bogan. So the story about the day you signed and Billy Cannon, who was the only other Alice you Tiger to win the Heisman trophy? Do you think
so for people, dont, now Billy Cannon, one Heisman trophy sixty years ago, he passed away. May twenty two thousand eighteen on that day, Joe Boroughs signed officially to be the quarterback analyses that some like that I'm higher bowers. I mean this best, so we're so. I know people have asked you about it, but flip it on you Will you now, when hopefully below seventy five? Eighty years from now, when you pass away, will you make sure that you pass way during legs on Siberia, yeah right ate, like you, gotta may, if I'm on life support- and I will make sure my family pull the plug on signing the good to say, don't be selfish, unlike pathway in the middle of August or so yeah fuck, this law hold it hold it out till December Eli Manning. The fourth commits the arch Manning Junior, exactly ok, good! That's all I was when I saw TAT. I was like I'm. I know people been asking this, but I really want to know. Can he makes
die on the correct time. I got really are young animals man, I ve been Fanny years ever since I realize what a huge fan of Matthew Deal of Dover. So I got the dough shirt. Aren't you are right in Delhi and people thought I was just making that up about you, but you are probably a bigger Delhi, fanned an idea where what point? Did you realize that this is actually he's actually better than Lebron James? I arrived in a friend from the jump back in twenty forty. when they got him and then when Cairo went down in the treaties teen finals everyone's going crazy, like relax, jellies Valley, is going to come in and havoc. Ok, we good he shut stuff carried out at first and everyone toilets. Everyone thinks it's a joke because he's good like he's good he's good ass, good, a he's he's good and he worked really hard. He hits you in the nuts mamsie comments, others. So there's this sort for coach in Ohio State had us do like they're all about
elite people and they had to do a presentation of elite people. I D Minor Delhi and there is a there- is a call from David Black that said, like Delhi's first camp. He there have like this little just you got game and he picked up Cairo full court, the entire time inquiry cycle. What the hell is going on, Japan, India in Delhi, picked him up full court. I like the wreck centre or something course there's with early does, Oh, did you have a moment last night when you won the highs? When were you like, even if everything fails in life, I can open up a bar, no issue when just put eyes went in there, just like this reap inside and into self like yeah crappy food there s my while the husband trophy is one of those trophies where, if you win it, that's you forever, like you have that, no matter what any else anything else happens, your life, your husband trophy, have you had them
Oh man get where you like. I guess it is. I guess there we go. This is a minor right here. Good doesn't either as open a restaurant called boroughs ear you acts of yet eyes. We drove feel like hamburgers something cardio shit, he's Eureka guardian. He sat ass, ours, you're, always Heisman trophy when our jobs, and so you have that forever nets. Crazing. Ok, that's the army. That is crazy to think like something in a one point, three point three: to have that go like that's it life. What is obviously you're gonna accomplish a lot more, but I would personally just stop trying after that, yeah. I mean not good, I'm good at it found no thanks. I'm just gonna, be the husband trophy one, I mean I could really do it. If I wanted to be ass, the add the EU acts on the back. Your jersey, when you were there, are foreseen right, I don't know, did you watch the the camera did eyes when he these guy get out.
I realise that we have a German. It was like a tracking shot from good fellows. Are you sure you should done you? Should I, just like a hundred dollar bills ages handed down on your way out there, but it was amazing watching it at the camera. Follows you out at death valley pans around? It is like a three sixty and almost felt like we were there out on the field like getting to experience, but for you you said but the EU acts on your back right. Yes, there's your idea: why do you want to do that? Now? I thought it was gonna. Be a great moment for four Alice you in Louisiana causes. No. They had been doing since I first got there and not start up crappy like forty five percent or something in the cab doing it and knife out just away for for me to play pay tribute to the state yeah is cool. Seeing and everything you ve said about. You know your love for Louisiana and end the relationship you ve had now with batten, Rouge and Alice. You
You don't see that very often in college sports. Special because guys don't stay around furrows long in a car in basketball. You had been there two years in Europe, you feel like a native son. Jealousy is its wild, has dragged on the roads and let's go Joe, let's go borough boroughs or something like the little size on the side of the road. So has been s been crazy idea. Do. You have observed, saw friends on the Ohio state here. Do you is it? Was it like any hard feelings when he left, so how jester the really wasn't and in understood, stood? Why left I broke my hand the camp before I left. and then- and I mean to win Haskins Said- were battle it out for two years and in it about one on that spring and in Albania, and then they understood why laughed and there is there no hard feelings at all yeah. Do you, your big Spongebob expunged, vulgar, would watch your we are here, response. Their eyes met my twitter, what he called out,
yeah. It is thirty dirty Dan, the Dirty Dan up, sir. What would our my will know that out of Zodanga such huge vans, we watch all the episode so many times we forget sometimes remind us what happened in their unanimous and other sponge, Bobbin and Patrick were were arguing about who's gonna be dirty Dan. Oh, an immense, obviously hibernating Sandy comes obviously dirty dad didn't bit like takes him up and ripped Patrick's head off. We now we actually have watched Spongebob once I did enjoy a poor little too old for but I loved the one time we did watch it has a fan and your cartoon fan like in general right like every, was so spun round number one free of year Fisher see I wish I was I wish I'd. I wish I was younger. I will go back in time. I feel I'm just missed sponge by Miss the whole thing. So your atomic
now we're like simplicity, austerity measures and I got to know how we are to unify or I'm atomic during I hum younger than you guys go you run up its wily coyote were seriously I'm Simpsons Guy down Simpson family guy that I got Paris, Simpsons Bart Simpson, consorts, ok, look my shawl! has it like said, and yet that you're gonna be like one of either first or second picking the NFL draft nope cause that happen fast, the other half in real fast. We hope I was on draft guy last year. It's incredible! So I'm gonna keep your humble. I actually redder scouting report from my dear me flower. He talked to scouts from european. He said one God, said he's not a particularly thick stout guy and he doesn't have a huge arm yeah there. It is that's. I just gave you a little more you I just listen
Oklahoma he's got a gun around when I just told him, because you're ok, yeah right little chip on the shoulder, but yet people still down near them and they always do so good to see you not take enough. You don't think I'm alright rate. Your thickness what how many sea Oh, how unhappy answer three sees recently said. I think, and I saw sounds of twelve sees yeah. I saw your pants get bogged down in that one game. I would say I would say, to seize and offer that more that fried food. Yes, that was your husband moment yeah. I think I could have broken that tackle. If I wanted to get completely passed in right run naked. I'm a few. I actually thought that at the time I was like you're being modest. You cared bore about making sure that everything that my my manhood in
grace, it's all our races of all time moment. Our view it if you had broken out attack on the run for a first step. I like it within a touchstone with my actually I was where the state a Louisiana first showed that they had your back, because there was a ton of complaints to the Ep C C, not that job ass was shown on tv that their ventilated yet they replaited in made you look like a fool down the complainant. There are like a thought that that's our quarterback view that that was the mobile phone twitter crowd right there. They need to apologize to that guy. He asked yes Louisiana. You can't embarrassed l issue, a great yeah, have you heard that year order than large action using my recruiting class? Tell us for your cream when you were when you were decided transfer out of Ohio state. Where else were you looking at besides, it was really Cincinnati North Carolina. Now, ok, Akbar.
He d get and how he was not there yet you're trying to follow in the footsteps of mature, biscuit yeah, Mr Ohio, North Carolina, allergy guy was honestly one of the reasons why I guess he was this from Ohio and was miserable. My sophomore year and he played one year. North Carolina left and was number two overall traffic on I hate. I wonder, do that yeah! Let's, let's go! Do that, but non toxic then attacked cocoa, and thousand restless history- all you ever think like after you met cocoa was it was a kind of up in the air. Did you always know like this feels like the right place for so I think so it Cincinnati. They had people that I was close with from a higher stake is because Luke Fickle was the DC at a higher stay. My first two years- and I was really just one I will tell us you to be like you like. I want to win, that's what you mean said. Let's go see. This place is about not talk cocoa and
didn't talk to him for a week and he was one keep recruiting me, but I don't not like talking on the phone I like the recruiting stuff, and so he cocoa would call Dan my brother every single night and try to get try to recruit through Dan. It that's all. it was so we were in we're at Ellis you when you're recur he was going out we're there. I think tat. You are that it was Grimwig. Yes, yes, and we were like they told us like hey. We think we might have. The sky were tryin really hard like commandment, Then we saw the hold that Tiger tweet. I think like two days out or whatever was officially as Ike fuck. Yes, they're gonna have the official quoted cocoa gave us about you. Boys he's a ball
and he had they headed. That might be the best compliment. Coach, ok, somebody yeah yeah, yeah yeah, we're just can like bullshit with him after the interviewed, tugboat recruiting whatever, and then I think Derek mentioned. There's this kid from oh hi stated cocoa triangular quarterback and he just locked in unless he was always a ballplayer. Yet you got really said I was like he has so much faith in this guy. I guess it goes to ways because you know you are. You obviously share a connection with him, we'll run through brick wall for him, but I think he has actually has the same connection with you, where you ve been unlike such a big part of his life right now there he feels, like you, almost led him at times. Yeah. I think cocoa likes me. So much is here,
He always tells me I would have been an island all american linebacker too, and so I think I think he loves that part of me. You like the fact that you could also lay the wooden somebody. If you had to hear you mention derricks or friend, Dirk Maskew works rail shoes, I coach Koko's right hand guy, so he told me a story and it so perfect is worked out this way. So when you were getting recruited by Alice You, it was basically You know in May, when they probably have a little downtime and he was supposed to go on vacation mother's day. We done I am actually here. He was was gone vacation with his wife and you supposed to have time off for the first time in like six months and Are you? Were you decide to go to Alice you to to do the recruiting visit last seconds, so we had to cancel the plans and vacation with his wife. And his wife said to him you you're fuckin. When a high end, then we flash forward in two years there. It is
there's the harm table. I fucking love stories like so you you clearly like. Do you tell Derek like you're, welcome nude yeah, he told a video store until last night. I might well there gotta gotcha dog, how I say: well, it's a wild. What the Heisman literally got him out of. That is that we are to you at all that you ve accomplished a lot like you ass. You see chip and you ve, gotta, Heisman, trophy sitting right for any right now and you're about to on the toughest to game stretched potentially of your entire season. Yemen, that's what we pay me. nice bereave This is what we wanted. We Rwanda, the national championship. This is what I ve been working for fur for fifteen years yeah. where does it kind of like a cat is
Almost a midseason award when you get down to the games are really really really matter at the end. Yeah I'm ready, backed practicing and stop doing all these interviews with with all these people and just get back ten iconic right. Look at us in the eye of an exclusive story. Heads yeah do ok, so our old facility, you guys and that that there's a big hot, long hallway, you can just see all the way down all the meeting rooms are right there in everyone's. While coach owed walked down? and just are saying, hold that tiger and just sing that over and over again all the way down and all the way back at least once a day, at least ever since I got the calm and we were not as we would all stop stop our film and just
look around like what is it? What does he do like work? What made him one to sing that we just like a tiger that just pacing regrows to let everybody? No one hope I'm here has everyone on the same page: everyone's, listen, cultural, hold that tire. For one moment, in the day you like what day the week you liked most tell the truth, Monday competition Tuesday over Wednesday or no repeat Thursday, I'll ignore Peut Thursday. Why what's your stone? that's not repeat it so, It's like the the walk through before the game, get all the get overlooks ride. We have a low red zone, walk through that that's my favorite period of the other week with number one redstone team in the country nets. Now that period bragged of Jack Jack- and I just I love that period- that that that's my period of the week ok, it's crazy! How good your offices right now is looking at some. Your stats and people were turned a fine. What's his weak point, I think you have your number one incompletion percentage of passage shorter than five yards from five
the ten yards and ten yards plus you eat. It seems like you, ve got everything gone right now. I have to assume that you ve heard from some old Ellis EU wide receivers that have hit you up and I came in where we live, She born ten years or more they usually say to me when they're in person, they don't usually text it to me, but the the old guys are come to the side and they like a man. I wish I wish we were. Softens? I would had three thousand Receiving That's a great thing is Odell. Beckham can literally say whatever number that he wants. You big. If I played for. If I play one season with Joe in this office, I put up thousand eleven on yeah, two thousand one hundred yards receiving easy, no problem new area and taken out three kicking. That's the ass! Yet if you have that check on my my last question seeking question promo code, taking a ten dollars off promo code take go see, alice you play Oklahoma, in Atlanta promo code. Take. Ah, so the college plans
from it up. Then you obviously have the combine in the draft. I wish we had and press and up collude. Have you just do them right now? Do you want us to create a draft YO borough website like we did for Josh Alan, and if we do how much of your signing bonus do we get the question. I think it would, think, I think it has to retire with the draft Josh. Ireland has been two of them, occasionally just give us party or sideboard. Yet for being guy yeah, you got it. Ok are for as long as you're, more any assistance alike, Admiral Joe Borough fans. We will get a portion of the process.
like point, o one percent on average you're, just walk out show, has not looked at. How much are you gonna budget at the combine? I don't think quarterbacks do break where he couldn't you. Rather, you did like twenty four somebody tell this story is basically was users of meat had somebody like you won't bench using yeah yeah? Well, how about are cool? It's good to have you here. Congratulations on everything. What are you run forty hoping to have
or six ok yeah. Why would be thou be blazing for me? That would be fast, ok and we're gonna be. We know at. We won't get ahead of ourselves and when I look at him right anyway, we don't we are. We dont want do Bulletin board material, but we will be at the national championship. It's gonna take place, no matter what happens in the semi. How great that's can be crazy. Neurons will, especially among the lot of I'm a fancy earns you handle aboard mature Duncan Baltimore. remember you're, on ethnic enough you're right, you're right and you not enough money that they must not fire If, u else you happens to win, we will be there and I will probably be are now giving will be in your family sweet, Do you think? Where are you what you do? You think I am really sweet website student athlete? Ok, you don't get saved the other week. When you talk about how you didn't see anybody on campus, I don't go yak zone.
I don't know why I started talking about that, and I said you know. Obviously I don't go to class is because it was all local media and they all knew. I had online clause and I was like, and this might blow up if it is, it gets picked up. Some he's gonna say because I have on my glass. Yes, your alice you to play school. Yet do you have you have your new? For now I do yeah yeah, I didn't I. I couldn't receive phone calls for about a week in half and that's actually ass. Yeah shows awesome and I say that you still in my mom was like you ask him get you knew and I was like you nano I like not talking on the phone peoples on I'm good for a couple weeks. Yes, yes, I will Joe. Thank you. Does your last interview? Is U S resolution last one? Thank God. Regulations made it, you survived it, you did it and
from the husband is an awesome and in real time go targets or dogmas, tardy toddy tardy in all its parts,
my take presented by bar stool sports.
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