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Hockey Guys Paul Bissonnette And Ryan Whitney

2018-05-16 | 🔗

Should Lebron just quit on the Cavs? The Celtics and Warrior flex their MANalytics and Cleveland and Houston are in big trouble (2:47 - 14:16). NBA Draft Lottery was weird and we're not worried about the Caps, repeat we're not worried about the Caps (14:16 - 18:19) . Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the legalization of gambling and Kyrie Irving (18:19 - 35:46). Former NHL Players Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette join the show to talk about the NHL playoffs, their favorite stories from playing in the league, bashing basketball, and Biz tries to read an ad (35:46 - 65:32). Segments include PR 101 for Robinson Cano, Well that makes sense Qatar paid for the DC metro to stay open late, Embrace Debate Laurel/Yanny and Guys on Chicks.  

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