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Ian Rapoport and Logan Couture

2017-04-26 | 🔗
The guys successfully made the trip down to Philly in Vanny Woodhead the 1993 Conversion Van. NBA Playoffs and Russ has been eliminated. NFL Draft storylines (1:07 - 18:45). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (18:45 - 26:11). NFL Network's Ian Rapoport joins the show to talk about the draft, what QB is going first, who is looking to trade and the time Aaron Hernandez threatened to kill him (26:11 - 51:07). Segments include Kings Stay Kings, hurt or injured with San Jose Sharks Logan Couture. Seeing Red. Alex Jones trial update. Is Pat Riley going to die soon. Respect the Biz and locker room talk with Pacman Jones

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