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Jason Biggs, DK Metcalf and Aaron Donald, And An Old School Skype Show

2020-02-19 | 🔗
We’re kicking it Old School style with a Skype show with PFT in Atlantic City and Big Cat in Detroit. Rob Manfred tries a redo press conference and Lebron now has logged on with his thoughts. (2:45-18:15) Hot Seat/Cool Throne with Mark Richt’s hot dogs and A crazy Daytona finish. (18:45-28:49) Jason Biggs joins the show to reminisce about American Pie, what he’s doing now, and how he was one of the first people to be cancelled on twitter. (29:15-1:00:31) We do a rare dual interview with Aaron Donald and DK Metcalf at the same time and it was weird and funny and different. (1:02:06-1:23:12) We finish up with guys on chicks and bachelor talk (1:25:14-1:33:05)
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today is pardon my take we have a little bit of a weird one because we have jason biggs awesome interview with jason biggs and then we tried the most ambitious interviewing possible we had dk metcalf and aaron donald super bowl week we had dka cough planned for eleven a dot m are dental plan for one thousand one hundred and thirty dk metcalf showed up late are donald showed up early so we interview them together and it really made no sense but i think it was pretty funny and weird and stupid and i can tell you that you won't hear a pizza hut interview any different than that also have some more rob manfred an idiot which is a theme now of this show in every shown america haughty cool throne and because it is wednesday guys on checks before we do all that power i take is brought to you by the cash out families at the easiest place to send money to your friends but it's also a place where you can buy fractional shares of sir
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none can have any idea how our work on the part of my take presented by the cash app go download it right now use code bars tool for ten dollars for free and ten dollars the s pc aid today is wednesday february nineteenth and this is part of my take speed addition and speed of not talk about the drug fifty i'm talking shit about the fact that i cannot move also while we record this episode examined detroit urinate annex iii the microphone
june recorder doesnt work so hank has a rig set up and he looked me dead in the eye right before we started recordings said if you move an inch everything will be bad ok well good luck you like the opposite of the movies feed go you all they like get there and they in and they run the camera over on loop and loop and loop you can do that for me right now because i'm not going to move the entire episode so copper sitting there are i p saying hey wait a second of watches movie for wild cat and then he wanted to fuck sandra bullock that's actually great for you the leg and talk about a skill set that matches up perfectly with what you doing right now you are legally not allowed to move off the couch yes with the tv on watching games so i'm in heaven but you just made up that fact that has told you you're just saying like i'm under doctors
first in our eyes like a time that you made us all over to your parliament because you had some fake back injury key out and you wanted to just not move and watched son ineffable view which is different to the time that you got surgery fur of indoor you do need to get surgery for that is a different yet its exact efforts we item it is going to be a weird is actually gonna be a weird week of part of my take because let me travelling around i'm gonna be here in guy actually love similarities between atlantic city in detroit michigan two wonderful places to go visit in february there is no if answer but about it so what can we do in skype its coming a little bit of a throwback this week to us a twenty sixteen days i like it i so with that said with the table set i would like to read something to you pay of tee a thought starter if you will and i won't say who it's from you can decide it starts with listen i know i'll play baseball but i am in sport
and i know of someone cheated the out about winning the title i found out about it i would be i now i dont know what word they're using your cause it's f than there's a star than theirs up arrow k i angie so it's not even having to keep the facts if feet it keep to feed all right he would be fucking irate i mean like uncontrollable an uncontrollable about what i would slash could do listen here baseball commissioner listen to your player speaking today about how disgusted mad hurt broken etc etc about this literally the ball and it's a baseball energy is in your court that's actually not literally or should i say field and you need to fix this for the sake of sports hashtag just my thoughts coming from a sports junkie regardless my own sport i play that's a great hatched
this is now with passion just my thought would have been good to i don't know didn't drop a hash tangle now into but i actually take the best part of that entire thread that lebron james put out was listen here baseball commissioner because a lot like the rest of america lebron james can't be bothered to learn the commission baseball is but i've i've been forced to hear his name i think just like a month ago and we're down in new orleans talking about rob manfred i i think i set up my takes us in passing and who have the commission baseball is because that's just not a wrinkle that unwanted in my brain was to know that guy's name it's like it's like learning the name of an office of lyman are a referee in football if you learned if you learn a commissioner's name is because they fucked up at some point i just i just moved a little and hegel shot me a fucking dagger sorry guy
do we have to start over with jaw tower could were good i agree with that i was going on an outgoing epic ran about learning commissioners well you can kill the momentum that when i agree with you that the queue rating of rob manfred has gone significantly up these past few weeks and is not for a good reason the fact that its now crossed over into lebron james like leubronn just bored because it still all star break mba doesn't come back to thursday night and so he probably did some deep looking in by deep digging i mean he's probably we watch get up and scroll through twitter and was like hold on this is fucked up let me get listen here commissioner like like an old guy grabbing a young kids like by the collar and be in my listen here kids get off my property so oh good hashtag with the broad i wish he had just done the whole tweet is asked ag because i feel like we're close to that with the wrong i mean just my thoughts coming from a sports junks junk
we regard this my own sport i play that's quite a hashtag so why not just go the whole tweet and they and we all have to like stare at it for awhile like magic ipo i'm trying to figure out what he sang and we get a little bit closer to the nba be back what would obviously happened i think you're right he was watching he s p energy has been to this morning enjoying a nice breakfast cabinet seven yawned and then he heard rob manfred say that's a trophy is a piece of metal and la braun just spit out his entire mouthful of dry red wine covered his flat screen tv with it and could not believe that a common sure disrespect a trophy like that and so he had to get in front of it as sports chunky rigour the list of my own sport that he play and and put his two since out into the world and i do like how you can say whatever you want it ll agree in this tweet in reading the hashtag at the end it became apparent that if you put something in hashtag for
but you can get away with saying a lot more like you could say something really really controversial as long as it's preceded by a hashtag you like you ve already half had tweeted hashtag i want to kidnap arranged in women and forced them to feed me grapes on my tv i don't think that he would be in the same position as an for whatever reason that the number sign in front of whatever stay they are trying to make china takes a sting overload but yeah we have would be at the two thousand ten serves go giants world series celebration taking place this summer so rob manfred did the double the double press conference when you do a double press conference that is always a sites gold urban mire when urban
our says something really stupid and then comes back as like hey i didn't mean the really stupid thing but then says even more dumb things on top of it to just make it significantly worse so rob manfred point the urban meyer today got in front of the world and basically was like my bad i screwed up then after the always heard is that the players have insisted they were using trash cans and the two thousand seventeen playoffs manfred says that there was evidence that they were and the evidence was statements from players so he again is contradicted himself his own players his report like everything is on fire he is the dumpster fire giff and there's nothing you can do to put it out and i'm hoping i'm hoping to have fifty we get though the rarely seen triple press conference
need another problem conference being like hey guys other thing i said also not right so let me try to clarify even more and doing even worse job of fixing this it's like baseball needs a vice president of apologies they need to not only the asters rob manfred they should do the dumps are far gift for him except it's alex brig beating the shit out of sight of the dumps are well it's on fire right and then it may be is coming at the top of it i think he's like if we are actually attached to give to this scandal right now he would be side show rob and he just stepping on rakes endeavours
a press conference that it gives it is actually doing a good job filling the gap between the end of excess fell week too and the sort of unifil combine so for that i appreciate him in giving us something to talk about and for him to give the brown james something to occupies brain for the two days that he has off until he gets back play basketball yeah boa hank what was the quote that we found it are our colleague cubs was fought it was nice enough to find a quota alex brigman had on our own podcast that he said was it his favorite unwritten rule is the rules they get you being
with fast balls when you deserve it so that such horror outspread mean that he had tat quote that's a tough quote you hate to see it too now have an entire sure facing an entire season in that's actually really story because we're not going to let others change rob effort has had ample opportunity to suspend any of these players it's not gonna happen so instead of using your energy to be like vision suspend the players user energy to wish and hope that all the ashraf players have career horrific ear or years at the plate and then it further proves that they were cheating and also hope that everyone shows up the gains wit trash cans and they all get beans maybe
i've had haunted they won't route for injury but just chaos for everything they should they be the ashes being aside show of their own right all baseball season is what we all need to root for collectively at this point absolutely i want to have every single opposing team playing chess trash cans getting beaten like it's like instant the plays stop on the jumbotron for the walk up me take for every single player that was on that two thousand seventeen to all young people are gonna go crazy with it it's gotta be awesome i m very excited for what other stores we have many other stories i saw the only others or a you know too slow sports day when we spend basically the entire morning talking about gun such poor girl on twitter so i was pretty much thou hast thou as are tuesday february eighteenth in the world of sports i think that she's almost become more of poop slash gun girl
that's kind of more what she's known for i got an opportunity i was lucky enough to interviewer over the summer when i was where what city was and it was one of those debates cities that they had i always actually right it's it's where you're out right now i got aragon were there and i asked her if she put herself and she looked him in she goes to that turn you on and to be honest it kind of did i think i might be a gun poor girl sent its i've been in that moment you could see it in the reflection of your sunglasses that it definitely did turn your banal but of india is like or that weird spot where college bass vavasor he's been awesome dayton by the way by all your data stock because i mean they already they ve been unbelievable but they also have like a weird you know when you see a fan base like start start tweeting you like say something nice about this team
dayton has done that to the max i have been requested to say something nice about dayton every single day for the last month and a half so here's me saying something nice body but we are in this weird sports like zone where marsh man i'm sorry mba off gun such poor girls causing riots and rob manfred is stepping on rakes slush letting himself on fire and the bronze doing super long hashtag so that's where we're yeah i think the biggest the biggest nfl story they came out today was florio getting upset that joe borough has yet to sign his name in blood on a contract saying i am absolutely dying to be it's not a candle and so we're trying to like parsons words little bit and see if he is if he's gonna pull like eli manning our john aware or something like that even though all he says i'm gonna go play for the team the drafts we basically but yeah we
we're really dissecting that'll about but i do want to say in major sports thursday i just remember this and i want credit if it happens i had a dream last night my dream all cool it's here my dreams manner it is on your side joe joe borough was the quarterback of the carolina panthers how ok and then if we're through my dream he changed into too soon and shining about children if either one of them situations occurs where one of those two quarterbacks place for the carolina panthers i want my subconscious to be credited for for breaking their news here's a part of the job or a story that i dont understand so he has not said anything about like all market players and scenario he has not done an eel manning we ve all just assumed it but like why wouldn't he the bengals i mean people forget carson palmer was ready to retire from the cincinnati bangles in
that of playing for them he the only reason he got trade to the readers is jason campbell got hurt and the raiders did something desperate like this a franchise that is not committed to winning and again i think children can go play their he's gonna be a star there he's probably bring them out of the deaths of hell but even bengals fans will tell you like their ownership does not care about winning a superbowl they just want to be and i fell owners sell some tickets and maybe go to the place every couple years like that's not afraid eyes that wants to win and up talking that from someone who to routes for a franchise that doesn't really want to win the superbowl scandal bears like and pity you the redskins do not want to win a suitable so we can say it at like from a point of we know exactly how it feels why wouldn't you ll probably gonna want to go to his place it doesn't want to win the superbowl
thank you the same way to europe knew it for the patriots and they ve had a couple a bad run of the last thirteen months must be tough and i want to one thing that you said because i think that the redskins do want to an insuperable dance nighters so thoroughly competent way on on there's a difference our date of course every french as wants to win a survival the redskins the bears the lions though bangles the browns there's a list of like five ten fifteen teams it dont want to do what it takes to win a super bowl and that isn't hire smart people and bolted like step away and run it like a professional franchise and and you and your like invest money invest dollars and training staff training site like there's a list of things that model franchises do and there's probably a no joke like a third of the nfl
just doesn't want to do it they just want to be in the annex and it's like seventy five percent of baseball yeah that really doesn't care about that either but you write like blame joe blame if he did end up going down that path at all i don't think that he's going to but i would not like hold it against him if he decided you know what i'd rather not play for a team that didn't have an indoor practice facility until like a tornado it had the city of cincinnati three years ago right right it's one of those weird things are all talking about it and we're getting pre matter joe borough even though again he has not done anything but even if he did say it i wouldn't i dont think you get begrudging because it would be the correct move for him for like his life yeah about getting pre matters a lot of fathers it's nothing quite like getting worked up into a ladder when it comes to sports and i said that just my thoughts coming from a sports chunky regardless my own sport
i if you want to watch us by the way if you want to watch me not move if you only pay of tea in atlantic city could do it partial gold dot com such panty let's get our hot see cool throne and then we're gonna get to our interviews with jason bigs and that the dual interview with tea came back after an errand donald rarely done where we had two separate guess booked and then just combine them to interview them at the same time because their time slots overlap to me said fuck it very weird but very fun so before we do hot sequel thrown hussy cool throne is brought to you by our friends at but light seltzer try it for yourself and see our great tasting bud light sensors putting every other hard seltzer on the hot seat phd once you start our is bubblegum do it or you bob was gonna do it as well but once you start i don't have one ok so you're hot evils of you and your cool thrown regulation
greg also call for signed with the sea hawks right here that's good europe up to date on agriculture is going to retire so i was happy to see mother seahawks i happy to see him on the seahawks too but then it also meant that he kind of may have taken a spot from our body luke wilson so that's and while will figure that out the army luke always sees always around you he'll stick around but you know what it means not siding with the bills and not signing with the are words under the our words are getting rid of jordan read so maybe luke wilson will go to washington or maybe you'll go to buffalo two teams said i think we could find it in our hearts to determine for absolutely absolutely are fifty what you're hot see culture on thankfully and that was great damage our bubba my
at sea is death death is firmly on the hot seat i don't know a few i admit i assume that you watch the into the data on a five hundred who yesterday denny hamblin got the w at the finish line right newman's car got flipped he gap broadside it honestly like sickening to watch i didn't see it as it happened i was in my kitchen looking over my my cabinet area i saw the chequered flag i saw them say didn't him and winds and then i walked over to my tv about two minutes later and it was just it was honestly like one of the scariest sites that i've ever seen watching sports i was like i was genuinely afraid and sad about what was going on at the time and the fact that he was able to
via that wreck with i know it's it's probably serious injuries but the fact that he still alive is just it's incredible and its honestly like a testament to what nascar is done since dealer heart passed away at the data to five hundred like twenty years ago it's like generally a miracle that he got hit going two hundred miles an hour he had flipped anti boned and he was able to survive it was incredible is terrifying in a moment but now that things have come to settle a bit it's it's it's kind of amazing to think that you're that humans were able to design a car that can help somebody survivor suit death is on your hot seat because didn't show up because that ensure ya gotta absolute caught it ok you're cool microphones slugs those in my eyes you are all lugs well now because job you i got caught walked away no job
john balan mutually agreed with himself that he was not going to return to courts including cavaliers that second emphases so kevin love does have to do with the many more if we're going to stick with kind of the the gift theme of this episode he's the grandpa simpson walking in putting his hat on the coat rack turning round picking up his hat and walking out the front door for for the way the seas it's gone so i don't have twelve mba wins if you add a conspiracy mind i don't i'm a connect the not that the dots guy not a conspiracy theory i i would say that maybe die hard ohio state fair lebron james had something to do with getting michigan man john bailing out the door but i'm not so what say that is so my cultural is actually calves flares because i dont factors ever been in a situation where a team is haiti its coach from
gecko more than they hated him so yeah and also just the cool throne of now we don't have to do this whole college coach to to pro and thinking that it's gonna work when oh yeah the guy's been coaching eighteen year olds that basically have no other options and basically dont get paid so they have to listen to everything you say doesnt work the same when you go coach grown men who make a lot a lot of money so i love when that happens when a college coasting can go to the pros and be just as much of a dick head as they were in college and then everyone in the end ever in the nba right if i was like hey we don't really have to do all these things that you're making us do that we cannot know how to do it ourselves were professional athletes we make six times as much money as you
right has it ever really worked out like larry brown is one example that i'm thinking of words kind of worked out a little bit at times but besides him well going to think of a mind is is what's his name kosovars job hank price david spreads stevens ok it's not that it's a than that's worked out right ok it's worked out perfectly forever are you also make throne is whom you a minute fifty aegis muted yourself good good deserve why he can't hear you get fifty fifty years were mere will keep his and he just went fully meal for the area of tax do you really want to many gifts on a fucking podcast that's gonna say our the homer steps on the homer sieves watches muted your ass
briefly respond to any of this i don't i don't i don't know why this is how short ass bitch terrorist who cares what did you do anything sitting in the winter yahoo city in the winter you weird apple have now garrets can you hear me the elegant thereby greatly there's nothing you can do i can hear you i don't know what happened parties about now what's up hey we didn't say anything about you well you're gone no i heard everything you said while wise is mad that i was talking to patriots though it's ok it's ok just sit here talk a little guff about atlantic city were really so it was while you're saying all that big cat you are moving around a little boat so i guess you can use any that no it's it's all good hanks been watchin we're good are my heart c is
margaret so he tweeted a picture of his dinner which was a hot dog just slathered in beans and catch and i think there's some cheese on there i don't even know what's goin on but this is the guy who had a heart attack like three months ago and he's just out there start not everyone is hot dog delight that looks so unhealthy and he doesn't give a fuck does a true football guy to be basically be like laugh in the face of heart attacks and eat that and put that on twitter i am pity i know you saw this is discussed the owes birthday dinner
its per day you'll get her it's his favorite food in the world this is this is hot dog like word of advice it if you are preparing any food if you're shaft and you're coming up with recipe just put the word delight are surprised at the end of it he and he's gonna win or other ants but yeah this is this is the ultimate football guy move because college football players when they're getting into coaching they go straight into being grab assistant and then they can work their way up this is about wasted didn't leave college for probably ten or twelve years after a normal person would so to them if you can't cut it up and thrown into like a bowl of roman noodles then you might as well be eating flog where our something way to fancy so this is just what a college kid would have in their path three chopped up and then thrown onto like a piece of bread that's what he made and i guarantee he caused his wife it that's probably like miss lucy or whenever this is miss lucy's favorite treat that she knows to make him up
s location as say i maybe he's single word in his tweet it says hot dog delight my favorite birthday dinner i like i feel like it should say hotdog delight my favorite boys and it's like talking about his dog or something you i mean like my favorite tat dinner i think it might be the other way i think that it's not even his birthday today i think he was just rolling phone and saw a picture but he took on his birthday when he was eating hot dog delight and you just want to post like just f why this is my favorite birthday dinner hot dog delight or even it's not his birthday but he made that today like really has i knew they thing this is just what i like to eat every birthday but i'm all surrounding it today random yeah it's deconstructed skyline chile is as he is his birthday turned sixty so congrats i'm turning sixty cultural you got to eat what look like throw up diet you like like you ate your dogs diarrhoea them
rode up on top of a hot dog it looked like you ate something that looks like what many diaz coaches like this there you go the use back the use so back i was gets our inner his order starwood jason bigs then we have the dual interview the most ambitious cross over ever decay mecca air donald together air doll walks in about five minutes in we also have a bonus guest of brennan walker trying to fight decay mecca so it took a lot of turns and then we sort of eating a lotta pizza so let's get to that right now but first we will do jake
fix okay we now welcome on a very special guess it is jason bigs you know him as an actor your entire life he is in a new fox comedy called outmatched correct zap based on true story not specifically but the writing of the creator of the show is a parents and you know takes this idea that you know parenting is insanely difficult and you basically gave birth to aliens there's that you you know i have trouble communicating with and every day you feel like you're in over your head ah me are you apparent yes i am yes you get it yet while my kids or eight months so it doesn't really tony just you just wait but i like the men on the show just because it illicit view as a guy's guy i mean the general security much it so basically
guys guy working class couple mike and k i play mike maggie lawson awesome hilarious plays plays k highschool sweethearts blue collar linux city new jersey they have for kids three of whom are off the charts genius smart the fourth not so much now she's their favorite okay and yes so you know takes this idea of just your average couple you know trying to figure out how to for his dislike insanely smart children russia you listen i'm a dead to a six year old in a two year old dont know if their genius is obviously there smart but obvious lobby every eye nice not if i was like when i guess i shouldn't is that our reality well clearly i mean they're my spot yeah there obviously very gifting right good looking who speak german they do speak german that's create eight it is kind of crazy yellow they bilingual voter bilingual fully bilingual what
how did you guys decide to do that so my wife studied in heidelberg after college and had been then met a guy had a boyfriend there for awhile who didn't speak any english and live with him this family and shasta i have your child ass the father s the real father of much a right of veto since i love these around so he's around pretty often to be honest he's around more than i am so so that's why they speak so much german and that's why they're english is limited to words like get out of my house you crazy during my dad you're not my real bad there english is bats pretty much all they know how to say because that's all i'm so ever have you ever seen a person that train their dog and german because dog just bond better to those types of commands yeah well there's like yeah there's there's like those like security german shepherds stop that our own
take germany commands or adobe doberman pinchers but actually so my wife comes back from heidelberg with fluency in german and no one to speak it too and she got a dog slid toy poodle and she just immediately started speaking german to the dogs or when i met her she had had this dog for already for six or seven years earth and would be speaking german to this little tiny poodle who only understood german right like he wouldn't you i couldn't say hey let's go for a walk or they wanna cookie he would have no truck include amends unite us ok guys you saw the pause there is a lot guys are not yet let locks yet man so anyway it was like that so weird but ok you got a the that speaks german and then when we had finally when we had our our kid first kid she was i go to speak german tomb was a great went on with the how sir do you know it i know contacts the little bit i don't really know
at its base i understood it sounds a little i could i guess i can understand a little bit but for the most part it's like i'm you know charlie brown that teacher want oil at my house sounds like you that's what i hear the german language is weird because i think when you listen to spanish listener french or the roma's languages you can kind of pick up to something the nation others you right there's like that little element of english that cannot comes across lives but there is also more variants in like you motion that's being conveyed that with germany can be like i love you i can't just sit tight yet very harsh yeah you're not a soft language it right be very direct and instead they have like it's kind of crazy they have words to describe very specific thing so like were where and a key
give you an example so don't ask for it but where we will have to sort of describe things using many words they'll have a word for it you know you know i don't know this shitty example but like we would have to say i'm pooping door closed they have a word for pooping but they also have a word for coping with the door closed yearning aid are efficient airy sort of efficient we're just gonna skipped skip it was shouting say i've syllables there there were that means that you take pleasure in other people's pain shot for schadenfreude which is a weak discord marvell over here but ass i saw the fright would rate of your actually the first guess that we ve had a studio since we ve officially install this bench press when you walked in real like fuck em so intimidate by these out
will be a year honest with you i saw i don't even see the bench press because it was you your muscles were blocking it passed the air her fair but yeah you guys are fucking jack mrs kinnock raising but now i understand why how much you bear i bench bout with that what's out there now one thirty five year one thirty five cures and were given europe i would and i would add like one one played over will try the and maybe if you for i drive a real question you were werner over the age suitable thirty five almost had thirty four we just turned her thirty five so american pie obviously was right in our sweet spot yet
was there a moment when you're doing that movie and you would act at all your life and you went to attention and you had a dream of being you know an actor you do that movie was our moment where you like tat was good but i can be huge and then have that transfer to be like oh my god this is a phenomenon on famous now yeah i mean there was it was actually went out when i odd dish for that movie it was the summer of ninety eight spring of ninety eight
and i was our dishing for air that was like the peak of teen movie like craziness every other movie was a teen moving was awesome fourteen actor allows nineteen at the time but to be an ally and at that time was pretty awesome solves auditioning for everything and you know you'd read these scrap seemed i'll oh ok but please if you'll take me i would love to do this movie you know i would have taken any job obviously and i remember when i read american pie which was called american pie the time but i read that script thinking man this one this one's better than all the other ones this is pretty dope this is wholly like through the first and i was like laughing at loud script and i read that role a german as i thought i'd be dope to do this like this will stand out rush
i stood out on paper and i happen to get that was the one i happen to get you know like how incredible so and then when the whole cast got together and i remember the first table read of this crypn all the cast was in place remember afterwards like talking to some of the other guys eddie kaye thomas is a really good friend of mine you play finch in the movies and we had known each other before american pie actually we were both kid actors in new york and we were talking afterwards we like the seems like
dope right leg weeks we kind of you comrade ah ah and then as we started filming it and the end that really the chemistry of us of us main guys sort of the four main and then and then shown william scott reich's we just had like the best time we were just we're just kids we know we were just having the most fun we ve ever we had ever had and our lives up to that point right and translated on the screen and we were just four five but i was just hang out right and so we were like risk maybe could be something all that being said you know we saw no fucking clue you know like we shoot the movie and you just cutting ok i guess we'll wait and see what happens you know we knew was universe also it was like not some little indy which i had been doing a bunch of you know you you shop on of this move and call he tell you
i'm doing a movie and then it's like five years later what happened that movie days idle fuck i may add that that still happens through all the time you know but this one felt like honour known in roads is some is gonna come out it's like a real thing i did you know and then what really sort of crystallized it was they released a red ban trailer now nowadays the internet it's like there's reno it's it's were kind of a ties to it i don't know but at the time when they were just doing trailers in the movie theater really they released a red bad you know ceased to seeing that green thing come you know following preview and and then the red one came out and it showed a clip of me fuckin the pie and it was the equivalent of going viral today riah whatever that was when it happened it was like this is too hot with what is a young i felt like i was like being a bad kid because i was watching the trailer total and it was like a hit a heroine
i want your lorries is injury exactly right like that but i still remember those i gotta go see this will redress and their what it was the big nothing of the like internet kind of their word like some it did kite went the equivalent of viral at rhyme which still wasn't you know now would be everywhere obviously but but but it was it was more of our like kids we're talking about right did you see that red bad holy shit what does that movie using all the aol chatrooms back in the day at eugenic horny dudes yeah pretending that they were seventeen year old girls and then other guys been like yo did you see that rail exactly right
exactly know but i loved you cannot be seventy no girl where i re they respond so then it comes out and then you like all men this actually is everything you thought it would be up was there i always am fascinated with people who have like overnight fame at a young age did fuck with your head you know you know a shore in for me fame is still like super surreal and crazy like i'm not something i'm just used to mean it is part of my life and so in some regards it has become a normal thing but conceptually it still so crazy it's ridiculous it so it's so bizarre that that you know it i mean it's still trips me out all the time but at at the time yes of course it did it is made me how quickly it happened yet for sure the next day so came from
play on saturday my buddy and i were walking to go get breakfast we're in la we left our apartments go get breakfast and we just had one street to cross and we came to the intersection we cross that street in the first car parked at the stoplight the people that give her like a group of and they stuck there head out the window there like oh my god oh my god do the dance do the dance and i like like a sub and lake walk to breakfast with my body in my body we were just sitting there kind of say anything for wives were like what the fuck right and he literally thousands like your life is about to change shit that's also yeah how'd you would have found as you had that crystallized moment all did everything's different it was crazy nope i also had been doing this first like already at that point i ve been doing it for fifteen towards something years right and had had some cool gigs nothing like that i've been on a tv show and like i would get
we'll get the cut recognise once or twice see no lichen and it was cancelled and i would go back to being a kitten in school and that i did you know whatever i worked enough and sort of saw the ups and downs already at that point that i think i was a little bit better prepared than most in so far as i didn't take it for granted i appreciated the absurdity of it still do and also expected to go away she kind of did you know like it's i mean i'm still the guy like that hasn't gone away so get recognized alla time but in
of the sort of via the consistency of work you know like i got thrown every movies lab is busy has fought for two three four years but does like this is gonna chill at some point and of course it did ya know that's what happens is that you recognise the absurdity of the guy i feel like a lot of people don't sit back and think of it from a big perspective of like it is surreal that people all over the world know who i am it's crazy because if you look back disliked throughout history before like photographs her or movies there would be like two or three people in every country that people knew right maybe like the king like the best warrior and maybe the hottest check that's about it right and nowadays is like so many people are having to deal with it and basically nobody is prepared to deal with it so i think
that our utmost detachment but having that perspective of like it is weird that this is happening actually is very very healthy yeah there's an theirs and there's another element in today's it like when i got famous in ninety nine it was a kind of fame that still was happening you know not on the rag it was like oh you're in big boat you broke out holy shit like everyone saw that movie you know and it became a thing that sort of cemented a certain status that would carry wit you know that i would carry with me for the rest of my life nowadays everyone anyone can be fair people aren't tik tok right ignite literally overnight in something people really shoot formula people through generations of wanting to be famous you note i mean but but now it's it's so within people's reach and the desire has has multiplied i think
don't like in you could any day any point any moment any sort of guys guy could just be fucking could become famous run out for any sort of thing it doesn't even you know who knows what however is that have been of instagram was around right when you become famous a nineteen the dams dear damage would have high easy young man why think about instagram twitter and you know i did it for me there happen after i had already met my wife if i was single like dangerous though very angel those forever i am sure you have a question about your twitter were you the first person to ever be cancelled on twitter question that is a good question i dont think i was the first i didn't realize that you had some tweets it we're very early internet and i hate the like going back like ten years mean when will this but you did get fired from your teenage revenge eternal gig re ass witches
areas sentence behind a happy it's you were kind of furs you're too edgy for the internet yeah it was you knows interesting i twitter came round of time for me when you know i wished with my own sort of identity had been american pie famous for these all these years you know it's been about it had been about fino ten plus years fifteen years at that point and i was starting to see the effects of we know of being so closely associated with one role in terms of how it affected my career and then twitter came around and i saw it and i have a pretty dark you know i'd like to fuck around and and i i you know i have provocative i guess sense of humour at least i thought i did and i twitter kind of became this outlet for me just kind of fuck around and shall i hey you know what everyone sees me like this wholesome little american pie guy even though ironically merrick implies anything but wholesome right but but there was a sort of identification i think people had and i don't i just had fun
a wife and i were kind of concurrently cause she's fucking nuts the both of us we're just gonna taken a twitter and just kind of saying weird crass whatever things other people are doing it i'm a huge howard stern fan you know from me like that kind of comedy where you just go for it for a faggot whenever you know which now does not work now k unless your grandfather did like howard stern the right but it but for me as a cool man i could say whatever the fuck and the over well the majority of people loved it i kept getting all these followers some in my head i was rationalize there was like no people love it ok cool cotta became a bit of a persona that i had we my wife and i would like to eat the bachelor and we would take the pass out of all the contestants or what i villages great which is great right but you know it sorted just became this thing in it and i took it to form an end and you known at the time i didn't
realize it i was really do you now because there were also like it was a political stuff happening i felt like the wrong people were after me for the wrong reasons as i got defensive and all that shit just made it worse van the end of the day you know now i see with perspective you know and in some distance and you know i'm a fuck my different person free kids this was you sober now is like two thousand different fucking time for me and mike and so now i see it it's like i got to phone my shit man i made some fucking tweets they were in poor taste you know now they would never fly i be cancelled before even fucking it sends you know what i mean but but it's like ok you know i did it i gotta move on but looking back it's actually kind of like a very funny ending that you do the repercussions where you lost your job voicing leonardo yeah yeah that's rock bar that's very funny to me but i read actually work
big and job voicing teenage years i wait this is real will we be honest with you this is very therapeutic for me you guys you guys saying that end just even talking about it but because for me it was fucking heavy yeah i'm sure it was a real it was you know because i am a nice guy i mean i pride myself on being a hard worker in a nice due to treat everyone with respect i feel like my reputation is such that bore onsets know me they norm nice their stories about me being a good dude you know just like there are certain you know that's important disappointed me and this was like a hit this was like i'll fuck man i don't mean oh my god i'm i'm an asshole no i'm not i fuck me if you don't need to be as holy shit and it really fucked me like a fired in fact me up man here is a link in a long time really odyssey for meat a sort of come around on that you know and anyway so it's good it's when you put empress
i might add but you know what we undertook overs leonardo seth green as a good higher that's actually that's right i read that toodles academics escalation that's it that's a great hire you admit like i love set out of our way just with unless we get the suitable he's a great dude i love him i have actually known him since we were kids in new york acting yes so he came in and was like i'll take it out of labour that opel among our no magic i'm always like this because i was so messed up by the whole thing is what i wanted like a pupil she protests people should not take their job really know big big only should however that there is only one leonardo one leonardo at its big zita straight you so you progress of being a greek how come you told him to go get you some fuckin coffee right when you walk in the studio i said please know those general you mention the soup rule so are you sportsmen yeah of course who routines giants unfortunately
that right when you i'm retired no it's time is tired he belongs again he should he should get their hundreds of her and seventy two listening to super walls to dude and he france can one though katherine understood laboratory grew to you i think that at last arrived active for david tiree that whole drive i mean that by the way people think about david terry catch nepal number that sky and we're getting that was that play was dead i was i did i was ever came out i got it's over yes ape there goes goes there would blow the whistle on that if it happened this year because he was cutting the grasp on women right he scrambled out and then actually think to past manningham was more projects yet drop in the bucket this is again very triggering tank i think that in the last two go touch i'm in the whole meaning the whole dry was pretty so are you in on danny dimes danny dimes i'm yes that in someone here in europe too like nobody
his name like ok i guess i came around item i when when he was drafted i literally was like this is either this do penance draft pick in history or the smartest like it is and then he came out with at first huge game three hundred forty two yards something insanely up and as i like a cat it smart peck and any settled into being a rookie quarterback and frankly doesn't have a lot to help him but i like a man i think he's a start i dont know for that i personally would have passed on high skins or some of these are the eyes but i think it's gonna end up being good for you said that he doesn't have a lot to help what you may not know is that sick one barkley is a big loser this part casts or you just kind of trash shake one not jason legs is is officially try would you like to apologize i would like to apologise on bark to goods at heart of citizens and this is the difference between me twenty twenty me
and twenty ten me i'm gonna apologize right away i mean i think on if you listening i'm a massive fan brow give a wish list of his game do you think's is bad the locking for dinner jones says you dick i wasn't talking about sake law on earth i gotta his best friend yea and on that i have a key guess you're crazy things you can decide which one you wanna talk about you write our hired a hooker for your birthday the high and then she also accidently postal you're testicles on instagram true both through hell yeah i didn't like jesus what i was doing research for jason bigs i night demonic sector finally solidarity oh guy yeah yeah it was miserably is also europe's instagram yeah man did you know my whole asses tattooed see their eager raiders entertainer
i wouldn't believe nowadays visor dropped her weight so your wife hard union hook of rear birthday so yeah it were free sweet it was like we ve been married well we got married at nine months and it was sort of soon after that we were still even you know we barely knew each other but we who we we went to vague s and she thought it would be fun she was my birthday she's like you know what what can i get em and it ended up being a just a comedy ass it was just a disaster erasing pie five so you'd literally i was like living in american pie move the whole thing was a shit show it just a disaster my wife was laughing whole nothing about it made sense nothing about it was hot the whole thing was just ridiculous jason upperhand forever yes yes and no i mean it's not like it it wasn't for me like such an amazing sperience complete my wife got it was almost as if you
doing it for the story rise you know what i mean it was an and frankly i maybe i was too you know and i and so it was fun and hilarious but it wasn't like hot it wasn't hot and ended up it is as we too have enough money i had a like grunted the atm in my boxers the whole gets a car you today's america by car got the crime the hope boats that are believing home nail appointment we were taking too long dissolved crazy truce just fucking ridiculous so she wrote this crazy story in her first book about it and it's hilarious and you know got some buzz and so no occasionally people like you guys last week about the hooker that my wife hired me but it was a real just disaster as she any other browsers know now what does she know alone and i now because you know what that's the truth is it really was about the sort of us having this kind of adventure together and less about like where that couple we don't swing we don't fucking do it so it's just what is it is what it is worth about my testicles all
so i guess that choosing i guess i'm doing both yet you but ok shreck betray you got me interviewed by the way for new initiatives like oh well they're letting me going any direction no you're at both yeah you gotta get you ve done this before a couple times so that was yeah i was like i was on the toilet i think and she walked in and took a quick self in the mirror and i was you know in the background i had a magazine cover in my pack ice guy or most of it i thought and she posted it and i went on her instagram and i saw the photo nose like those are my knots hanging below the magazine you could see my fucking balls and look the picture of rain i now is i think it's she ate and took it read hosted a learned yazzi him see got too and they put a big black square in front of actually know you know what
big money a beer hearing the here's one tiny red star you know it looks good up yes she looks picture i can't even a sort of measures that are going to us right she knew what she was doing well she took the photo on purpose but she didn't know them i bid you could see my balls gesture but where's not to get too into the fish so how would you like to see my life you're not to get too like we're anything but can you show me your balls right now don't want is created for lies in your dick showing but your balls internal under getting around having erection beyond my penis appointed up its resting or the magazine the magazine ok gaia yea holding my penis up when we lag is a book market it was a really cool article that i might not eva like i've take a picture of keeping this date i'm not going to ask you if you ve ever actually fucked apply but i will ask you what your typical response that question when you get asked another
other drink now i say let your being interviewed by like if you will be out of you by what i am not going to ask you not to users that right how to do it when i say to them would yeah right that's good while i would say to them not you guys but i would say to them that no never actually fucked a pie and even that pie was a fake pie was like a fake pie cross and then we put real pie pieces kind of all around on my size and for all around my junk to come and make it look like my childhood round this idea that i did not actually i might take in a pipe can already however people come to you only give another is how often do you fuck pierre well of you that but also come up to say my kid you what's up yeah jim pie fucker up that when you have i fuck a hippie fucker american pies is kind of this is the state if you if it's jason jason begs the most
but these thou american pie you that sort of their boom that's their connection or new black has so now covered with a yes so then once this is the new black hit a whole different kind of generation of kids that maybe hadn't seen american pie but had but now are streaming kids you know are watching oranges new black and you know i would get larry argued over they got your nor that gonna got larry and sometimes they eat out you know it's start talking to them and they can be seen american pie and they like no they did not actually seem area by which is wild to think that there is as other generation of roads maybe it isn't even familiar with that movie nice for continuity sake if you just fucked a pie in every role
so like no matter what is the matter where i gotta pee wee i fuck you're an orange dubai like i hears a seymour puff occupy us so people to call me can i let you can t take economy pie fuckers are just like have one cooling in the window sill and random insane if i stay that way when you get the internet to start doing your work for you and were like you know what the character from american pie grew up and now he is the male lead and oranges new black again and loves those kind of conspiracies were time movie suggestion so you have like a pie in the background and you
they walked past one time rubbing her has run the heads link in my last touching my boy i actually think saving saving silberman is a wild the underrated movie that i get a lot you yeah yeah i loved that moves funny a shit would like very fun do jack black unlike his view no second big role steve's on hilarious neil diamond in only the second the only other movies done besides the jazz singer and just ridiculous in the movie was ridiculous has very good yes why don't you get enough credit for that thinks i'm i'm here to give you credit i'll take it happily i got one last question seeking question promo code take you get ten dollars off seeking
you're so were with jason bigs outmatched on fox debuted january twenty thirty out every single there is then i thirty up in order that were live right yet it knows no divergent views lovely woman is it doesn't say this week's episode not knowing we ever been recalled oh yeah local is vague reason bigs wants to come in and pretend these big star and whirling we'll do make with me said will bench aconite actually recoiled its act in a future heard of it but you guys are the experiment so why is it actually live in touch energy that you would actually do this and if we intend to be recording me within the next big time clark and this is my bumper on popping my barston cherry bearing on purpose is very exciting archway rigour six you will come out with the next week or two yes so walton tonight's episode tony dancer is playing my dad witches or sorry through this
thursday tony dances play my dad so i don't know if it's already has a guy in the one episode zennor will he be back he will hopefully be back ok so yeah yeah he will hopefully be back you fuck supply nice yet because and i asked abby a far less on i pilar like yeah you learn where i learned it from yeah pretty do you right now that you mention you ve had your dad played by a lot of really cool actors reactors eugene levy update accurate right dynamic role play my dad who else my missing toy danzig tony dan's your real tat ever get like hey what he's a rally very easy a couple of these a faint like my dad and i raised we watched ass he tv so like when i told him that eugene was gonna play my daddy was for oil is dope there you thought i was so cool still does the am i dead
add but but my but i get a lot on the internet like when i post a photo of my real dad or you know people freak out there like i thought eugene levy was your dad this is really this is i'm like really say this is kind of killing an image for me that i right thought you know you're ruining my child i jason thank you so much care whatever hollywood says i think you're fine guy eggs van yeah the acid in all those rumours that you're the worst notch idolize knots and eyes nazi as everyone else now there's been awesome go what watch out mash on fox thursday nights she's a big thank you thank you guys let's bench that interview jason bigs brought to you by super cruder hiring can be very challenging but there's one place that you can go were hiring is simple fast and smart and growing businesses connect to qualify candidates for example quotable cofounder grew
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also should let everyone know that aaron donald so we had dk set up at eleven arredondo one thousand one hundred and thirty did miami traffic is the worst thing in the world so not your fault but we'll be a moment were errand on walks into air view both you at the same time and will probably have to ask who benches more weight because you both are big time bodybuilder sir sir do you know air nominal display a guess utilities ok so we're all gonna get to know each other her rather on the progress is to be specially yes i my first question is i dont you go by your full name because i was looking that up and it's fucking awesome here s your colleague yeah ok pierce you i wasn't go by his y know another night he go where you go by europe will now which are too you listen you do you know where we are a smile on and i can never tell you do ok why d d kalen is a curious i mean that's bad us thank you sir
and you could be like in the game thrones made taking over one of the one of the cell seven worlds or whatever it was but that's an order awesome name or my teachers compromise money make it easier to make each year for their right to guide our goal and all the time what meaning julia s store camp or not should aim either through two calf met can leave is what he called you gotta confidential that is you actually did you a favor but i did i set up that's nice yeah my first question for you is do you skip leg day no i don't cuz you pause for a second i feel like i know that you could bench press more you probably put up lake and really be too and fifteen so my dad max sat around there but i think i could squab worthy maybe because your sort of the media but i hope that as possible not possible must she bench raina through should prefer spring worse for one
the programme forward ok whatever it is it true that you bet fifty pounds and squatted a hundred pounds in your five years old what how how is it possible you five year old convention squat and is run around with me my there plainly in algeria as what we did decide father santiago thy father said fathers and i'm ways if there's a good way to bond but i don't know do they make waits for a five year old like alone ten five into an has a little tiny are now husband cute actually going to fuck yes do you did you one was the first time you had like a six pack i was six great figure
like ten years old eleven years loud eleven eleven years old the iraq in six back that's like when i drank my first six back a bit radically not so different did you take when the three countries stuff happened do you would lose out hurtful when their sanctum tom more athletic and decay mecca i didn't care do you think there's anything to that stuff like it i mean obviously that was the big knock on you and your arose in your draft boss and all the staff do when when you see that is that motivate you or you just sitting there like people just don't have any idea how good of matthew knight and motivates me but not same time everybody's different right you know you can't judge me by what i did in college or about what i do at the combine cuz there's just a smidgen of football
thing is probably good thing right he's the goes right i have they are in article here from bleach report you probably already read this says all sizzle no stake decay mecca of his first robust way nab that's the exact headline as on here have said that you look like you could beat a bad man that's a weird thing to put in the leader of an article so i think you probably prove that person wrong who wrote tat he had a really good rookie year but do you keep all that stuff in the back yard yeah i got know what round was drafted and what pick i was how many receivers went before me and all my weaknesses hung up in my locker we have a guess question we want to do so brannan come over here now
is a big one sure she sit right there negligent me when i walk there yes so they could you have some he's very ran it's gonna ask a guest question brain and walker for those you dont now to go ahead so our heidegger tight with a big fan so you played at morally bankrupt almost in college can you speak to the facts make a comment on the fact that you guys had losing record to our rival mississippi state why you were there the gains at play you wanted to do that you wanted to know if you can tell but brainwashed from west point mississippi ill you play off from high school where do we hear you u s you plan and a better place like what do you want this is over we entered our entire up more than to decay mecca welcome waits or decay what's manhatto so dk continue answer the question arrogant do a double have you here i come on we'll go back to baggage mercosur are nevertheless boy
well i don't think that's true is that i'm going back on medical lie out i mean why does want to levin say chairmanship actually never one we are here but no ya never be me so that speaks volumes i don't think that's true i guess what i d morally bankrupt part almost morally bankrupt i want to know when i played in the games and i doubt pistol thanks do you think that that is not right you does it go at got so you'd opera stoneham correct do you think you inspired somebody also dog pests and lose a future game i aspire alot of people and whenever he did know that it is crazy to think about how your dog piss that inspired the second tog piss also had such a domino effect on like everything that happened in the us you see this off season and like coaching changes all the way from like florida to washington your dog piss started that you feel proud of that
biggest la dope and yet date aristotle said it did so we have aaron donald years well aired dolls here with pizza hot we're pizza nest quick combo so easy but not decades europe network area with pizza aired on thank you first for joining us do you think you can bench more the decay mecca lou hesitation and level you bench fat vertical what i can say in layers of mirth derivatively before you got here on earth are you serious five on what's wrong with you oh my god i work at a long day i should also like to know and i know that you you train would knives and the officers and sometimes one of us
in this room we have a knife on us and we're gonna tell me i'm not room now though we have real nice has one of us is going to attack you with it at some point during this interview sir just not be on the lookout for that charter for democracy on game we ve nackerson five the pounds that's insane is insane we are talking about before you got here and how people were saying decay was can be a draft bust did you have any one who came out and said something negative about you and you like a year which is a chip on your shoulder on national but i'm pretty short a worse in the allotted peoples is considered me understand from opposition so lose a lot of doubted that thing i wasn't we'll have the system in asia gather you play go so i actually have ball so here aaron donald have right trying to be a good at football with a pussy name like errand bossed consider me gotta go
i was gone after area was shouted aaron rodgers bears van so i need aaron rodgers and i was i think that you i said that last for every single player except the bears pick it was kevin white which future diary was the bust and yet i can cite another i'm thinking about that but yeah so i'd like to think i motivated you a little bit when you say can i want you to have him away right now who's whose ardor defend in practice play portals you jerk off they both who quota but yes good answer good answer you lay off blake right like if you take her up against me on your put your whole manuel onto my guess i'll give you such a middle east a good friend of ours would you think when he when he shaved said that was good luck would you think i thought of laws ass beautiful ass handsome but now is like active freedom
he left the ass it definitely freedom gotta use every week bosses balls for lawyers like he wasn't hiding it very well he was bought and he that he would do the quick it take us how i've put his hat on in one motion and enough is enough it was time for him to as common health go home and in and shave the whole head so you guys arrivals right those games are pretty intense when you're out on the field like now that seahawks i guess you're gonna hafta resurgent year and the rams going off a suitable are those games when you're playing the sea occupy the niners the cardinals those game feel more intense even though there is not like that old school raven steelers rivalry or thing for sure in our planet teen twice yearly you know you know each other you say you're that you know you going deftly you know is this a pair of sport in deftly in a division so we bob aid area about their talk assembled the bees are there we play them
each arc shit now do not a gazeta resonating he told you furrowed does and i can say these cameras are offering a year for us and our comments on that no there's this i'm a pizza yeah oh yeah do you know you don't even like pizza the annual i got your lawyers and ask where three of network edison s last month does not i repeat are right there oh yes i was has already started banana peppers no saw no size what's which problem it just eat it see you see what i'm talkin i will take it by one by one by two bites unita by two i have been given a score why does mumbai down that it really does orbit and do not division not quit from international you like
about our mother avalanche pluralism is sometimes not is good i've never had visualize with sunday it was you who they're gonna doesn't really gets will we be ever the wings world commercial and men were selling i've area is again and now i'm in a wash down with beautiful nervously that network is delicious while now are all i can just turn in the lobby should be support resemble do you think that you're too small to be good and evil from the right for example i think that they can the purpose as perfect xyz you want me to be is are there games where you're dominating when it's like i can do whatever i want like i was actually looking back cuz that i think was against georgia tech in college you know and tackles six tackles for a loss or were you
in that game like this is the easiest thing ever date they cut blocking me times was pretty much they cut you just walk around them are you in the back feel so that was but you do gave you beat him oh you feel burning their coffers in us where do you feel like you know you can't be stopped ratan data that we want to go on a block you want what you feel you feel kind of conflict can anyone be you want i won a medical system i didn't want ok what are you doing here one hundred one no safety out nor can stop you not even jalen ramsay really right and what d ya regard yeah give to leap no no no one not even you what about the honey bad you know he's a citing the abbot up i mean he's quick mobility is going to move whose coaches better looking at girls like v overshot the gray and its coastline people think
i gotta go yokota rough with money in it shall mcveigh some people say that me maybe he's a little bit of a pretty boy sometimes and that's what we say i shall beard is to sculpt i'm talking about he lies the bearded yell is right now where the autumn that to his failure when he knows you know what you know it is in no way out you guys gonna go after my beard overtime says you that's a pretty alike as we know is these very handsome but i kind of like the you know the old school p carol he looks like sitting there are like jonah fidelity commercial with the grey hair all is yet the gum gone all gonna bubblegum to see to irregular look at our logo on joseph redouble bubble not now double individually rather the area have you met peak was twin again or to a year
but an hour ago errand even nosey doesn't have now he has got to know he has britishers two years a brother looks exactly like him have you met him brothers but like exact like so much so you're like ireland was wages led me to a year you when i do your though they people think asean the nfl deca such round i always wonder that like if your brothers in the nfl in like a future hall of famer near just like yes i didn't really work out the same for me you union's visa i think we're making frightened i why one of the slaves were me wondering what can i talk to her about how you are you train with fake knives and the off season actually i thought initially i gave you a lot of credit for that and then i found out that the knives take a bite that they will not now as it is a beta move to train with with fake knives why weren't you train with a real nice like an out of the buggy
babe are you going to be here right now i'm doing this interview with and with pizza hut so then don't get stabbed it's pretty simple that at your hands are fast enough but i got angle take that risk did you get fake stabbed ever ok so that a video i guess there that may enable that another so now i agree with you that smart move that was very small as you might you wimbledon right that actually like help you with your hands was our right ask us does not reaction to when you see some coming away just a natural beautiful move affairs obviously so just don't some different us out of the box of work for me yeah did i did wait philips ever teach you like how to sack somebody and not land on them with your body cosette feels like the hardest thing in the world to do to hit a quarter back and then in mid air me
to the side while you're falling to the ground it is but it's not know you could probably can control what you do with your body you know so i just had a natural thing to do is just you know but you might not have fled and if there is no money i want her to tame so decays looking at me like he's he's not going to realize tat i could live in our work give you maybe blues oh you well we ll whose it weird when people took a shirt off with you in the combine interview devil who accused when a story like louder go down at a scout those in those lay my group and he was like when you come down i mean take your shirt off i was like nah i can't do that bro and then why you do it do it he's going to be fired up about it sounds all right i'll do it i walked in and with my shirt off and he took his shirt off
two certainly man is gonna be dealing with first and i haven't was what you do right your yang i would always a usual pronounced does i think we should also make sure it off i don't wanna see that's what i get started with arrogance i was gonna have warned you are the source of my nipples by the way are very large why did my you that's right in my chest their dedicated aerial i've got forty pictures off area will ya thirty five tiller so that's actually good point way said that areas or did you want to say something about the word is mine ass red but some peace all nigerians officer obviously you order no no sauce every single time anything a deserted dietary think onto some that i like i just didn't you know that is what i like this is what i like the way i like my pieces a we're moving
it's weird move like wikipedia can you call up and can i have the errand donald yet another issue you can there i will you gotta get that i was on that we also illegal name is errand on how much of the deal now do we get for having that idea is clearly someone didn't think of we'll talk about it what everyone will take town resided at ten percent ten ten pizzas copies of fatalities please handprints as will take with regard to serbia so that it can be said for some yep decay how motivated are you win somebody tweets une says i have your my fancy team and he rode my week last week are we really motorway right you got i got a when this game for john three seven four arrived with the egg otto outer whose venice attainable you're hokkaido so be really be but we pay your salary as france some of our fans we pay your salary
if you guys were playing in the middle of the parking lot no one is watching you wouldn't have a salary so it's kind of bizarre leak early autumn an owner of the green paper on the opposite they pay fifty bucks in they give you stocks there and a cheese hat so yeah i'm kind of cunning your boss unaware yeah so it's under the next hour lose again aaron rodgers over the hill do you have any comment about that and runs as well he's over the hill is not good anymore i don't know it was all you guys got screwed on that spot come to the last question see key question will just do all the ads to those who are here with pizza ness quick and seek promo code take you put it in get ten dollars off what's in those bags dk heavy bertha oh we have at present i guess he would fight so
i beg me i'm guessing it might be network ok it is a black you oh my god how did you know that i wanted a bottle it s quick elders more in there itineraire did you get us anything for birthday for visa extra resought area three slices ok i you don't usually get a birthday caused says congrats thirty congrats yeah we'll die at random they get from the muslim and decay and there's five hundred dollars cash nor did you get cash i got it is happy they pfc your ass is getting old uk mistress rob mr strawberry milk is that what they call you as mr savary ma am we had our nickname name work on europe
mr thirty five yards are you probably heard about my trial with the excess fell but i'm pretty solid from thirty five yards and i got u verse for my birthday i got you guys football just make it s your coffee i can't take it with you i will aaron decay thank you so much we share your time and a go by some networking go by some pizza that's it he has one clap thank you is great thank you guys actually not bad no sauce skeptical that interview or whatever you want to call it with decay metcalf an errand was brought to you by lucy nicotine gum if you're looking for boosting boost nicotine that you can join anywhere check out the powerful long lasting flavors of lucy guy
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it tells hannah ants dad that he wants to tell hannah and that is falling in love with her hannah ants dad rick tells him not to because he needs to meet any still dating other women pete tells hannah and that is falling in love with her anyways you really put a lot of enthusiasm into that lamb carefully that pete would go a and i am dad told him i like learning about its hannah and sentences i think it as a head and dad just watches the bachelor in he's like this guy peace a loser please also my daughter that you lover was improves pearl in the summer i don't off every tree like oh my god there's bruce pearl
pete goes on his home town date with kelsey too to mine eye of law so that where tries to grab crab rank ruins for the first time in his life turns out we like we in jammu i e got crab goods to the first i was living damone iowa specialty what does it by the way of on what here's the thing tomorrow i will probably has decent crab during goons because cravat and goods are never made with fresh crab to begin with when i was probably like when you think of seattle washington as being the king crab centre of the the king salmon stock i salmon centre of the entire food world to mourn iowa is the center of processed synthetic crap what what is it with the bachelor and like i feel like half of the bachelor such passionate rats are always from like i or nebraska
what is that the heartland i'm just seems out for a reason it's it's the number one product leave throughout their beside soybeans is bachelor ambassador what tight ants and tightens that's true gregg i what else would you want to get to the bruce pro partner there's no profile now on here as a really made up the bruce pearl as i am that bruce pearl ross over on your time on tuesday so if we were to bruce pearl and i'm always got bruce on because i want to know how sweaty he is and under said he was on so i assume you sweaty ass no p tax approaches are more on his home town day virginia beach with victoria of an warns peter about her the rumours are that victoria f is a home run
who has broken out multiple relationships oh why so she fox view now vicki that's my don't worry i've people don't i've nicknames on us its eyes i first name last initial well except pan am can give him the names and but she says like the cabbage patched all vicki vicki just she said the name vicki just screams troubles me yet madame vicki in real life that i've been like that's a girl that you could settle down with vicky's i have sat that's just a fact you see a vicki they will send you to death think he's got big hair bold colored fingernails where's too much jury and perfume but she often us out of here which is why you wanna hear you wanna hang out with vicki but you don't wanna stick around if you have said i thought i was fissionable guys on checks sought pause
my boyfriend and i are seniors in college and over the past three years he has lived with four of his best guy friends after having to use napkins as toilet paper in flushing the toilet so it doesn't clog i realize that over the years him and his friends do things that normal peep when i do and they don't think twice about is their hope that he will want to live in normal living conditions after college or way if her grow out of his college habits love yes ok yes yes there's tonnes a hope because everyone gets out of college and stops living like their worst possible existence because you realise when you're like nineteen and twenty living in absolute squalor and wiping your ass with with napkins and like coffee liners and weird shit and eating terrible things and share
your shitty house an apartment with six year deeds socks when you're like twenty five so don't worry he's got away that just wait it out yeah i think the they say that the fastest way to a man's heart is through his mouth sometimes if you can learn to took his favorite food or whatever as an old school saying i think that's way out of date the fastest way is his bottle if can slowly convince him and show him that there better things to do than wipe your boat with catcher packets eventually he'll get addicted to that no actual real life sensation of using the paper thou o on it and then after a couple years being acclimated to that once he runs out of paper he's not gonna go to that drawer where we keep the salt and pepper left over from chinese food orders he's going to go to the store and actually by the product as it was intended
or in stock up until a paper so your gradually turn him into a real man by just showing him there's a better way also there's like a one in five chance it everything we just said is not going to happen because everyone has that one friend that just doesn't actually stop living the college life until they're like forty so just its thought him thus statistics by the way that's that's actually statistically true one in five guys could not leave college when they leave college so pray that that is not what your boyfriend is afflicted with and that you guys wool age gracefully hey mr commenter husky tat all my boyfriend wants to do is have saxons football us over the exxon valdez and cutting it for him what are some alternatives to sex guph was mouth there's lots of cod
duty just keeping him too drunk to fuck all the time tat putting emitter at a medically induce coma just not having sex yeah that's all telling him that you're always on your period yeah yeah pie in college who and then just get on your period perpetually can vice yeah hey hunk cat my boyfriend is a crime man's caper of walking out any more than the us in the last year squatting over a mirror trimming his taint with scissors should i be
i need takes care of himself or mortified that he's a psychopath thing i think this is one of those situations where everyone should take care themselves down there but there is a very very thin line between man's gaping end just like making yourself a male porn star and you dont want to be the male porn star where you're like lately bald down there and everything is you just don't want to be a male porn stars i feel like that's he's teetering on that line and next thing you know oh you're just dating johnny centre whatever his name is yeah don't football is not as that boyfriend material under this is just a weird scene i think it just tell him that you like the way that it looks in a certain way and then if a guy hears at one time than that she is here for life forever forever that's it
oh will you would get a last one before that last one i can comment on more now i've gotta give for that no those cool to again the good listened with a give no no more smythe might give right now it's just me making the heart signed with my hands and say i love you guess o nice nice the guy who with his heart the actually beats out of his chest and everyone's like holy shit i know it is though it's the wolf at the table whose eyes popping out of his head and then his heart is pounding that's what i'm doing right now to all you guys i love yes
to say became
needless to say the bathing save becoming
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