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Week 5 action and the fastest recap in sports. Playoff baseball. Football Guy of the week. Tiger Woods Who's Back Of The Week. Jay Glazer joins the show to talk NFL, Aliens, and the toughest player he trains. Segments include Thoughts and Prayers to Breast Cancer, Sabermetrics, Uhhh Ya Think, Respect the Biz and the debut of 2 new segments. "Yeah Right" and "Locker Room Talk" with special guest Lenny Dykstra.
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let us not welcome applauded might take it is monday october tent
the eagles got stuck in the grill of a ford f one hundred and fifty double hemi field is matt master prater lose up and squirts one through the uprights to win the game two thousand four hundred and twenty three tell us john bernay ramsay left plenty of evidence on the field that brady was what the pats were missing as they beat the browns three thousand three hundred and thirteen breakout court end up with the sun for some global warming is a chicago polar bears watch their ice cap melt away two thousand nine hundred and twenty three the walker texas ranger marcus vick to market bill murray resort ryan matthews andre johnson and johnson and tightens prying iraq pounded the dolphins forty seventy mister
jones amene strike up a conversation and you can count on the book called more crows out or heard rule sixty two you couldn't melt the steelers beam they lose what do you think so called up the currency please bring me tat he said we haven't had six points here says now tea and snails lucky's voices at all wait you made a move bilsby study nineteen matt age atta shanghai the toxins when the orient and left texans holding a hefty bill o brien
the facility all week group absolutely riper likings tik tok texans thirty thirty bill passed in which they themselves with a twist of your pockets right brothels thirty three sixty as equal elliot spits ran away from the bangles like a new york politician running away from a prostitute controversy involving eighty thousand dollars worth of cash call girls of the vip club hypothetically speaking of course cowboys two bangles twenty eight fourteen is popular their car and marine many cooper and rolled right through philip river rivers to thirty four thirty one bitter coats pin mackadoo stump more like ben mackadoo blue as mike joe mccarthy went on a witch hunt in the resolution as a whole has made big blue looked like big red and sent them packing back to morrow the
three sixty irrational whoops some spread we're here weak five now what we dig deep for late is one in the morning it's one thirty in the morning you drag not to brag the presidential debates took us deep deep into the night we are watching them also just before we get to the football i love you sorry friend curtailing motivational tweet you see that inanimate yes he said there is no there is no gun show pupil you idiot this dreadful tat monsieur start making should apply her ass well tell me where the lies and that ceja no gun shoop not kill gun show pupil what does not exist i weak five what are we learn we learned that tom brady is still tom
eddie pretty life we learn that the browser just their hilarious readers has nothing more that i can say about how sad was that twitter exchange from the cleveland browns verified account it was like quota kessler out of the game to help higher in the game try white horse into the game no just like boom boom boom where the browns i think it's the dust off the old could alabama beat the brown argument i love us that's i'm here i don't know their alabama looking good they got nothin now not sure if you saw that they voted back ray of a quarter which nick saving hates cause he wants to run the ball fifty five times a game and now ain't kevin just rightness ferrari around town thrown the ball running up on people the wrong way you run upon people if you run like how about a yellow card became upon people we throw that's just a euro bulgaria show bone you're not respecting your opponent would yet or the bonn there yes so
the browser are just really really hilarious and said last week that plank factors like being in final destination gas member here and this week it was just more the same like there was a quarterback getting hurt between plays sometimes yup up and so tom brady's back he is just as good as he was before we all knew that we all expect that all just as good still waiting for my apology will just keep going the minnesota vikings are now five uno sam bradford foreign owes starter has now their so whenever you want to let me know that i was right about that trade i'd love to be right in the long term our ok about the aegis beers being i'm gonna wait winning this or that this is what you do this what you doing the best i'm sorry they have to school you a little bit here but if you wait long enough no matter what your take is eventually you will be right unless unless you do one of those things where you say if i'm wrong i've eat my column
oh yeah ten thousand people hold you gotta i'm not gonna say that i'm not going to eat anything a major american ingest any item no but what i will say is that one day sam branfords gonna suck and then i will be sure to let you know better than okay the other news we had is there a quarterback controversy down to dallas yeah i would say definitely whose most popular in town backup water back spend zone turn your back up now so the court the controversy is like should they be jack for backup tony roma who that's what's going on can one step ahead you know what my time for players only meeting that everything i you know reason why i'm not buying into this quarterback controversy let's just think about it let's think it through okay tony romo comes back it's his job he's going to break his back within a week or two again prescott brett beatitude going back to deck back
today though certainly no violent yeah calves deals deal granted jack as soon as turkey and what may be put like invertebrates on it tony like i know you it's possible like i know you can get beheaded can you get back back just fall off oh maybe it would be he ll be the first let that be fun to watch yeah man hey talk about some good football memory tat you know phone we watch ratings are down maybe it's because your prayers backs our phone avenant baby put tony romano wheelchair while me too i'm over the car we also had some plath baseball i was in chicago watching the cubs who look great even in the face of your gucci curse they gucci men they d to look at you right now i'm not afraid to say that an amount fraid of phrases curse the best timid baseball as long as nothing crazy happens there when the world her smile in real time and then you can know what to do yourself you're going
being in the cars cop car how would you do with it it was nice to keep our own good friend bill murray back in the spotlight have pictures taken of em just by showing up places i know a guy like bill mary so funny he's having his ball game ok i soon i like bill murray i like bill murray i'm just sick of the bill murray ification of bill biggest news is not the bill mary was at the cubs game this news is there and arousing as fastball because if you saw filmore is re jimmy johns hap how do we not know how much you got paid to wear that jimmy that's a great point you think it was marketing or think it just bomer be like i'm going to this jimmy john sat because hilarious on everybody go look that's palmary wearing jimmy john sat at sea think he just said darren revell like a wild goose chase i hope that's exactly more celebrities view that just wearing
endorsements fraud outsourcing products here that you actually are getting paid force of the turnover goes to try to find out how much you got paid but boom no paper that's what having miller is deleted emails exactly so if you go to jail by the way shows like president put that's a good strategy is to be like for me and i'm gonna put as other personal liking jail highlight pillory should just say like for me and i'll put donald trump and we still jill yeah just like you can actually be the rule guys you if you lose elections you should have to go to prison because if you tweet a meter while that you say that you ve oh ho support my take output phd in general i'm gonna put you in jail first can be tough to lock me up and winds up to put my voting with area you now can be tough to build a jail so that it can be big enough yeah for your both of us yak as both be in jail rear jill sounds pretty sweet yeah i don't know media do they feature you just nap shell out prior best friend
you talk to all day roommate free toilet cool jail ah we all saw the rangers they got swept the budget is is actually happened yet i feel like most people don't care about it can rely on canadians reich all we politely be sorry sorry they laurie i contest those ory sorry guys we weren't homepage we had to beat you sorry we were hoping to let you take one office there just one we use you feel so bad little talk a little talk bag for coming up to the toronto sore so who's who we are what a brilliant what are we gonna beat back the bad guy story yasso okay toronto at four hundred and thirty in the morning so it's going to be a blue jays in the red sox the battle of the colors so you think the red sox are going to come back in and back door the old back
act or in cereal backdoor to put the backdoor on down sneak in the back i will be i don't i don't really know what's gonna happen without serious but i do not have in place of honor i do know that people from the boston seem to be very confident that the red sox are boss does nevertheless creaming red sox if europe sacrificed so i gotta go with that because i haven't heard anybody from when sound confident about eighty three yeah cleave and maybe step you're separate conference came up little bit we are also going to chicago on thursday so for the elsie s good already book that that's it yes right jack hey get right now you see me right now that's just put a big checkmark nor can see this great radio but i put a big check mark i might add in front of me those those and ds check that means we're gone yeah i guess oh yeah we're gonna be in chicago we're gonna eat waiting
they chicken wings you right that's the bird you promised me that would be chicken wing where a lot of birds nest chicken we s are gonna mac down some of those and see the bears jag game and cry can have a dot org and actually gonna have a tailgate inside of a dump we talked about this last week have yet so we're still happen here so build who needs new weak eyes still do the dumpster idea talk to chaps chaps is going to join us and he is bringing me a mat jonesy wishes just that's almost fire tonight i told him i was like that's he's a is a poor man's rural prior but then i asked thing like aren't we all like as as a white guy as wide as my guy aren't we all just poor man's matt joneses yes that's true because playing as much as we can we also might have our friend from the are words mark titus the other our words which one o the ringer the the hell out of here because there you words the way
our words and then you have the bill s are words yet so bill bill asses employ margaret i really am gonna be tailgate where this probably can be anytime i let's get to our favorite monday segment topic segment whatever football guy the weak yeah largely football gets a lot of football guys you ready for the whole less to start from the top we have nominee number one chad kelly swag kelly ok yeah forbes guy move to being a twenty two year old grown man going back your high school and trying to get a fair fight with a bunch of high school kids on a football field have scattered football boy move who i say i give him a couple years ok let's go man yeah right our little parameter rodya so you can't be go baxter high school and then like throwing punches on people that can't buy cigarettes that's not good look bad visual
it was a bad visual when you ran out to feel uncertain thrown haymakers yes i'm so while i appreciate the fire hanging out around rural high school i like lights in deeds do that i'm going to say affable boy you know what that if he had his letterman jacket on shoes on that we would have been a great artist then that's a good visual now you're football who is that guy i think it was on miami is wearing he had crutches and he got in the middle that big brawl that they have an oh yeah ok you use like swinging crutches ass i think that it was ned it said something like net across the backers yeah that's a good for progress arts or check kelly first ever football boy on the weak i liked analogue next domini harbour jim harbour he's always up this
he's up for putting up seventy eight points on rockers but that's not why it's the fact that he put up seventy eight points only through the ball sixteen times he saw the weakness in rockers knew they couldn't stop the run any ran the ball fifty six size for four hundred and eighty one year i can't even i can imagine just getting run on i much i do love the factor he just kept attacking the weakness and that's a great football guy move out i also think it harbours just a guy who heat here no situational is it his mind doesn't change depending on its situation right he doesn't know what the score is at any given time he is so committed the process of stealing their persons will to live that he does operates in that in that moment so far inside the moment that he will just puts you
down and not take us foot up here yeah they had a they scored twenty one points in the fourth quarter seventy eight zero blow out and they they scored a rushing touchdown it with four minutes left and again i think are but i think him in saving the same dude we ve discusses before but they are so committed process they i i would be shocked nix saving knew what the score was in the middle of a gap yeah now is just run the place and then at the end of the day we want execute and then somebody i'll tell you when you walk about mid field if you want a lot of tell you if you should be angry with the coach that yours hands with or pissed off right i harbours up jeff fisher also up ok football guy move by jeff fisher with six minutes left in the game against the bills they were on the buffalo for down seven kicked feel go gonna grab the points always gotta get the points right alert right away no o o
those men there he then on his own twenty four with like three minutes left he ran a fake pot yes yes or sound fake pont so going for a fourth down or punting and getting unknown having time out trying to get through the ball back not he so he got crazy one moment anyone really conserve the next four but he didn't really go conservative the next day when sir are you went crazy conservative serbia so it well they always say that you want to give you one of your team the best chance to win you want to have your best players at their making plays and so worth rams i can actually see where they would have to punish throw pass yes he has some said psmith s best rumsey what i want to dominate along the same lines todd both should be mentioned in the conversation here for four punting down to scores with seventy left at mid field unlike fourth one the ballgame locks move yeah that's a move that you do
just because you ve seen other people do it before i ran you can't question that displayed save will look at the card the card will tell you what to do the snares fall the card you had one four gary cubic yeah checked himself into the hospital after the law so they are the first lazarus unseasoned young like symptoms went to the spittle and then also causes publicist asked the publishers to tell people that use the aspects and then he goes back to the team on mondays like you guys played so poorly you literally made me sick it might look at my hospital but he's gonna have the bricks little purpose and then the last guy we had mike leech only coach and simply football was knocked vehicle that is insane tickers or not they don't matter your key treats every player like a kicker yes like in his mind he's clatter kicker yeah he's got ninety five pickers on his raw materials and your kicker until you prove him otherwise might likely every year like that
boys you have to earn your star everybody's listed in the team programme as kicker upon her until they come out next do something football related in practice people forget mike leeches actually like hook with the blue box throws it throws throws with a concussion at the book i threatened if you have a concussion welcomed the box those are some good nominees pardon me once lean towards our budgets because he's wanted so many times but i think in this instance i got to go to coach leach on this yet and i actually had one final one that was kind of just a side note is sabin we bust savings balls he actually had a great moment there was an arkansas player father passed away this week savings father passed away when sabin was in college he found the guy after the game to him a little pep talk just remind people footballs family also i don't have you noticed this after the game but it was chargers raiders which i think
they play each other like nine times a year feels like every afternoon the charges and the raiders replying to say it was it was derek car and philip rivers and whose after the game and you know how they have the threadbare circle and derek card you could tell that philip rivers wanted to start sansom and in turkey described by the shoulder and certain louder and lead the prayer i will make you could see yeah only winners get to talk to guide us i love it fell rivers not so happy there i was therefore blogger the weak shoot us who you think should be the winner of football guy the weak and if you someone we missed we want to know now we're gonna move to taiwan spare moral whose back of the week is a good one also just shut out we have mill more in studio hank decided just not do his job is drunk in cleveland i don't have to tell the truth monday screw you know what he's actually just not coming to tells you something like the doubts on this when thanks least
day of the week and he just happens to miss it interesting i do you want to start member are you start ok you're ok my tiger was memorial whose back the week is oregon the universe of organ is back to sucking like they did before they got good so scan of a reversal yeah but yeah so they're back i now gonna throw em recall my shot i'm gonna say org he's gonna win if we can do like for years to call whose back in four years organs can be back to being back yet that make sense absolute are gonna get cheap kelly back where i have a big whose back there is a lot of news buckle about in cleveland the game this weekend patriots playing the browns man chaz white hearst clipboard jesus he is back room quick question do just go every backup quarterback whose name charlie charges of assistance
charlie i should be too it is a good backup quarter but yeah right just chat but he was back but then he was not backing workers at her right hand but he was also back he threw i love you saw my little status i actually found out this stop myself though research is a real step boy chaz white hearst clipboard jesus through his eleven much down of his career he's that can't you is he had no about is whether they are about ten years he finally as more touch sounds in years near that's not pass dude i woods i did i'm gonna like that is rightly our kid you can look it up at just how you do it cut it out i'm pretty sure i was right these awful radio yes ruining ok career boom he's been in ten years eleven touchdowns interceptions face days medium like that of asia he's down now surpassed he has a touchstone ball every year plus bonus for jewel people reddy fox her
more first time ever under whose back let's go right i have a player whose back in its reggie bush oh i think i think this is the year for reggie bush how a mad he had a rush yet oh all right he had her huddled in a single single russia but where was his george procure three observer users or on the years you're averages is negative for ourselves today he had three citing the black and i think that was the russian needed ok and also that was the first time reggie bush is back in the early calcium exotic thousand five so he was physically faggot technically and we wish back zactly furthermore you nailed it yeah thanks hey quoted just on my tom brady or some here we are in fact off into the microphone everyone's ear for fifteen seconds so tell whose monday more's better at whose back them hank they arrested look at you know it can be great is hanks problematic and listen to this now zones and i've never say anything we want about angrier wash your washer closure scrubbing by yet
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ass to investors every month and now its being made available to all of us including me rich uncle was started by the chairman of the largest real estate firm in the world and you get to invite right alongside them together website check our rich uncles reap its reggae here too offering for yourself go too rigid was that calm that's rich uncle is dot com or call eight five five rich uncles here's the guy with really fast voice to talk this one off right now we have j glacier very nice guest we had a really fun talk with him got into some all busting guys something alien talk greater of you check it out here now welcome on a very special guests j glaser you know him as nfl insider for fox sports also a guy protocol of our asses arms could say that now to start off ah j thank you for joining
let's start with an easy one softball one where journalists to borders is up based on real life gives me relax we're worse and that it will in fact have the stuff you know went down the unifil if i went to the producer bald said i gotta grace to relaunch this actually apathetic glazier ready their mind nobody would believe that you give us an example yeah oh my god it also for
every time one of my guys up tomorrow with gets ahead token job ahmad listen this position is way more about your being a ceo of fifty three other little corporations it stop it comes across your jesse you can't imagine then the x is no so will you for your job is guilty that moment or you're gonna figures shelf oh my god i'm so not equipped to deal with this and i want you to come and tell me what it is so you know i've had a tall those calls and everywhere from you don't one guy up problem tat richard plummeted i was u petruchio prominent exploiter whose popped and suspended for i am a supplement that makes you grow larger in another region and when he wouldn't know catherine why is like i'm gonna get ready to my my poor and career at football i grant you engage in it like a mom i understand
no business is business impersonal personal someone like a string and told you that would you do that to happen and then there are still made do stop it i mean there's some stories that rival but of legal the things that happen there's one guy last year who got on the exercised by bicycle and he was hurt and fly and understood by coach comes over missus why consul fancy said while they have been do five minute warm up i'm trying to give done faster about their service does not like me try to be a david failure to dread minimum the stuff that happens every single day and there's league you can't make it up and that's great about so you'd you just mentioned would you tell coach is that they have the first moment what was that first moment for marked dressed in a dead he put his pants i dont know it's just me
it's not what you guys are good is not exactly i don't think your story would have been way too rigid true and i am not look of refugees amount look over the previous deafness staying on a curtain is on a project from the other ones there is one couple years ago where guy came in and star play retired first day enshrining camp thompson with their called family and talk him out of it i just lost manfredi and they used to monitor camp in the end that a young player in what we say various other there some person duties so speaking coaches we have a segment hot seat cool thrown trying to predict the first coach to get fired this season who died
who's on the high seas and i had about archie i don't without you ok out anyway granted outlay why can i only like to do i liked being his accurate i like to be told accurate reporter on the planet and look at how to man you got probably oh hell a twenty five percent accuracy rid every year i'm in el that retry emphatic of which you are right and i look ever done both years a tom cobbling won the superbowl he was possibly get fired andy ray we're getting fired every year in philadelphia and obviously didn't happen to later on it is it run over was on a hearty door with words that he was out before he became reliable ronnie also the fact that batteries everybody wants to do the juicy stuff right now and i don't act like i'm a my little high were here but man it affects families impulse when you get all these people who start all my cache my dad didn't fire to my husband gets fired did much had told you get for whatever it is and it doesn't happen
i just don't like it to do that i know and i told him about actual fox i told her way up ass we can like i just dont do it until that final weakened the season because i'm gonna get fired on thursday will yet i guess we're wrestles thanks you put it that way now you apple you train i would get out also derive shoot i just wanna make via my branda right now but definitely lovable asshole but to let you get this right as much as it can so on and i care about what are you jobs as little asshole is to train football players and innovate in the off season and we ve had a big deal with that recurrent guess the show cow along came on and talked about a little bit who could the catalogues ass john john
let me like anybody that you try it for another there's that is the strongest most violent individuals are put his hand on em in my entire life and that includes the chuck fidel's madame anderson and randy detours misis close did he is and here is the great thing about kyle is obviously too how i have known for years and he is actually my son's manny so my son samuel who were he see just turn fourteen but their car on the same level in terms of us in every way exactly but its grateful for we are trained emissaries nanny your friend tat with but kyle doesn't understand house romeo
he'll do stuff like your turn randal jump on your back but he is like route through our tie apache issues and all my other room guys other indicators that truck prevails and car comes in here like now am i can't you desert unjustified to seven tumors gathers what you guys are therefore and i like your gavel story it's almost like guy just come up with fake illnesses when they had a plague of larry on we do the same thing in our german car walked in arabic oh i ever business meeting or sudden at the bank of new york and like we live in california do there's no back miracle has just come up a stop is ridiculous outlier athletic lee we'll guided by people don't know about james anderson who was the leading tackling the history the the panthers for wild too quickly i replaced or lacquer he i've been actually trying to convince to fight a plate was sent last year i've been trying to
white is like killing me over it better to fight it really is so athletic and violent and he understands it need not a big name but he would clean out everywhere i liked you answered with kyle because that means the recurrent guests may tournament kyle beats regime meta will be sure to tell reggie there
you said that but you yeah i've i've gotta them both ok no doubt about kyle is documented kyle is just and of macao frequent boxes in his stomach ridiculous yeah yeah there's nothin like guinea is a fourth guys we end we train this always watching the guys that we are more tell us that resources are used in great weird clouded atrocities doing great your boy just them too he's got it last year he really got it right man i i have no idea how to set about sport cannot institutionalizes you and i guess i'm a little five seven jewish guy forty two i really have no business do this again
four discs left and i just cannot myself they come in and i cannot help myself to just cause you guys and train with whom i i do love you you like that old national greek geographic thing we ve ever seen one where the guy owns like a bunch of bears any like blows their nose and he runs around with a better link area i haven't we better now it's really about operator you here that is why he has like a bunch of biogas bears and they wrestles with them
that's good analogies actively promote yet tying the cairo long tyler so tat you could hear kyle i can stay with us for while anyway i've known through nine so this year think patrick say we were with a gym appear to have a couple board will we we all over your one call rock and rightly so and subject to causes look i'm a go to your house message samuel little bit and becoming european railways is great for drops off the bed and also negative tax remembering you moved yeah i forgot to tell child and i move any like kicks in the door of my old house and his poor like old couple now lives their trousers then scream a poorer people elected like the approach of georgia moved on i'd so getting back for all women for getting back to you with your scoops
we had in rome poor on who else we have a the scoop maker looking peter king on what is your scoop celebration what rights could celebration pierre when you know one when you get one would you get the big lead and you get your other two sources were a face like a fist pomp like
we would usually do man it shoot it depends what scope it is usually ahmed fox rightful provocatively sunday i i can't remember the only one i really truly truly remember is is really find the answer that i just bought it i can't remember spiky murmur report and breakfast rigour traded to the jet nobody else reported that he's gonna tampa unwarlike usefully pm was on the air table tat by broken he's gonna judge and i was stuck in orlando for like eight hours i won't get on the plane fearing megaliths school but spock's budget categories i've got his personal stuff that's all my life just started in studio fox couldn't come at a better time i went downstairs by myself i got your lavishly the biggest scruple
you ve never hole for his youngest farm reporter and i literally as crazy as i am rather spiritual guy cannot looked up disguise it thank you my best friend god almighty life has changed i love it i love that's it that's a great story so let's stay on that the scoop stories ah flip side knowing what you do when you get a good scoop what are you do when you get a good scoop your report it and then yes paean steals it doesn't credit you and then secondly to the question rap important chapter two one in the age rush you whose whose standing last thought i'd like john clayton about none of this isn't what do you do casino where you know we're big j journalists like people still stuff from us all the time they still school people's taught stole the tiger woods scoop produce coming back in the future we reported that month before everybody
so does a piss you off one when people still scoop so you like a hey respect a gamer you like really really get mad wiping out the first one a bit about it but i don't really funny part is gonna be honest with you i get someone to stop and not have to start with i seemed i just knew was a good brand i knew was a good cannot david first goliath people like i like fight if people certainly like a good story like that did a piss me off yeah to extend i don't know i like i just think stealing bothered me in your arms in it i just speak out nervously interstate on social media he care really here the computation and in how angry your and offer my mindset and have fun with it i did but i think i was the first one
you're really bring attention to an eagle herbert like but i've been doing this for me more essential task really were really the first data day guys to do this and we started i was like i was never nothing for sports exchange sudden lenny was it she has for slander county what european carbon i wanted cbs ports one outcome of the three of us come battle and made it a daily thing a minute by minute thing and then i just try to make it like its own sporting event almost and give people on my side because it was just media's piana ten guys and ill and a whole network and sort of our people just it's always been me me me me first whoever yes whatever i can do to cut to shed light on the fight i did and yet will people steal your work of course of crack rate and of course someone pointed out going to be very loud vocal but also to start was fun and its effective change the business i do if i'm you guys young players because that's your job that's how i was just right whatever spoofer have an eye caught way back in the day i call for school court on europe through the front cover usa today i want to get a scorecard of who has what right first and wrong
and it was found that he is pm agenda whatever was but i think that it is made all the slot wealthier made all the lot more got us all a lot more attention than we ever had and in the end manager sport done really matter so in that spirit maybe you can help us break but a news as ernie like lame tidbits you ve been sitting on like maybe who the browser and assigned to be another backup quarterback you wants a brake on the show i don't like your work you gotta kill for that egypt that's fine just what the big oil by sir firstly i suppose they want drier yeah you got some i got guarded you get to know the garbage at night sunday night you got to ask you know we need to get out of here you guys you gotta get nablus now you got pretty big trade we got victim a lot of attention all sudden our as
your guidelines changed frequently i'm no longer allowed to drink as much yeah so big cap the cat doesn't load right porsche before shows sigh for shows gonna keep our edge way better i am not i think i'd better drinking set eyes about decidedly better so i'd say that record i certainly yet we get paid to do this are you keep me no i got a better about an app ultimately and i'd say the biggest in our lives as we do allow more chew lot at you and we also have we kind of entered this like cold war of making our puke that i unawares can end we mean i am not going to like it so here's a great we want to come out to allay and do an m p if he's got his foot broken right now you're gonna wait till it gets better we're come out wanna have you put us through an entire
work out but before you put us through it we want drink like two gallons of milk each you down for that do you know that we by people in your piteously negroponte acquainted up ok he can adopt fucus gonna grow so yet not appear play whatever just plain it were good ok only radical that it so i was talking with with your buddy kurt munifi i think like a year ago year and a half ago and on he had a wild story about using an ufo together so i ran out the follow up of the neck because this is wild stuff what happened that night well it
happened back you know we were many was wherein mississippi and temporary work i'm already seemed like my cousins any as it is like were sad state of some place in the middle of nowhere in mississippi the two orders just move to tennessee their staying outside of manchester state of mississippi what do you want to fight at george forward is michael more me him again him ten palmer averting the giants extra magazine returns intolerance and changed for a guy and we were driving down this road mill in our
i have since changed my name clovis courtesies changes them to re write disingenuous changes named a little earl and we're like driving down the dirt road back tomorrow tell in the middle of mississippi somewhere and we see this thing like these lights up in the sky and i thought what a town for external wake me up like that on monday to whatever you know it's not so bottom line is kurt jumped out of the car despair and i may not be accurate i think he got proved that night mature but i think you did breaking up what're you jumped out the female i came down reassuring approach can ok i confirm adopt resource not a bit of money will have to get him on the shooting issued that's how you doing it moves yankee newsprint we release an area desert it look like a stealth but then kurt like the next day the smallest ones like spells don't
the little misdirection by current the earlier we wait you knew he got broke ok so as as journalists we u r research before every interview and for us it typically just reading wikipedia so i would be completely wrong yes i went on your page in its head like a disclaimer saying like this might not be the best information and for wikipedia to go out of their way to be like just heads up like this might be wrong again on reading wikipedia but they like that another way to highlight that and am i check through the revision history and there dude name josh rosen thought that just used to edit the shit out of your wikipedia page all the time is at the door from the internet is rather differently i see nothing is actually worth my age and the biggest thing right now
i'm not the reference the biggest issue add is wikipedia as set out our married for years europe crap like all the other stuff but i'm single marriage or take can't blocking you well paeonies car lot of that the biggest thing like do you like the young lady everything's cool also ship like what is going on in front of me like well you know you you know turns out you know she should not occur and roma can a girl ass you can they married men like frigate married warrior the period data like all my god or award winning listeners unlike all the dodo makes amended your page and i should also like j single any fox had certainly did that attitude although that in just drove us out there like the type a girl that would data married man probably not not a bad time right up ok
bad karma true good for it also other stuff on there like my jobs in there are completely off in it also try make up a story about how i met strand whose is actually for the government in his business from inferences day wanted that's crazy story how we met jason see orders drafted after just like me will you shut up checks out now checks out a corner with the timeline yeah or puts up there like who there yet great show and that's better wherever you go do like it appeared that your wikipedia page other macro now that's not what i do hope poster the party anymore on taxpayers that their host pro auto oil programme jos anymore you're in four along database with our award winning listener sorry that's funny they view the wikipedia page i'm sure i'll get fixed within a few hours i got out love what what
so i read an article that you are frequently text with cadeau do you ever or address they ever text emerges i look was your last toxic adele was last time i checked everybody constantly and i also text the same way i talk and i text and i talk the same weight everybody does much earlier what who in your phone book do you uses the most amount of emerges a girl what about and if employers who is a big emerging we like he sing up all my did my data because he keeps don't send me a motives and gifts jan andersson talks like send things i'm not
mean that you're just like symbols and my guy whatever strand tries to do the whole ella may at all but he added like nine letters to it earlier about trying to think who else who are good or bad captures out there with them or whose bit mode you re just kill some of it a bit multi who looked absolutely nothing like em now remember somebody legitimately retrain it just looks zero like person i will take you so much of your time we're wrap it up with our final three questions we ask everyone these three questions so here we go first one do you wash your apples don't watch what you're apples do usher apples before you you talk of good weekly no lights and like you i get an apple you run a thing and her father de apple today if you did what you do before it all good man
would you like us having an apple applesauce ok but what about a real apple go straight to the source when the last time you had turned away let let's get a source you off the record i have i walked by apple you do man to supply yards i thought you did emily deliver pesticide forbidden do not deftly we can wait and as disappointing say never meet your heroes second last question whose most famous person your cellphone the prime a rabbi who one whose annual com today twenty together me i'm a little rescue paid with their lives in danger to the rabbi i do said the other you just throw us we're loop because obviously you have a million like celebrities in your phone you are giving us you rabbi lots
what am i gonna what about going wrong i would want the rocks we call your off point of rock guys that my guy milan do i love to do that cat right there and not because he put a show women friendly for a while but is the absurdity of what you wanna be out worker wedded like nobody you don't get lucky you don't just be the right place to write on you at work here what else make sure you are in the right place to write and keep a pity that a worship friggin as of right of the cap and he saying that allows people on on the cost of the new fastened furious movie they dont work are enough to he might be told him under the diesel why was it it was pretty public we have invent i can i can t forget the dude is breaking out play football resolute about due to the cambodian outward world that's waste production covenant somebody's driver like six dollars ninety three centres pocket god like him a powerful to go back to it
love it love it ok final question question asked you don't have to answer but i would ask anyway who's your source for the spaghetti randy barber o breaking news of actually put on in my poor for years at first i did randy's i put what the hell are you doing on tangible think it's funny like no no one fixed forty dude i'm getting freely they're not did you like well no you don't decide that by no shit ok i like it so you hiding in plain sight so was him i put it i put on my prayer also when he was legal office poor bastard i see you got another way that they interviewed him the kind of did all do no light but china light his eyes did you do it any comment all that under pressure shirts colonel supplants you know really thought he gave him
you know you much headlights bikes bene guess on the show we know he likes his tabs at all what was what was on the tapes like that there were some ones that we're never really made public to get destroyed by roger you know we're on this now there are only one drop there was only one version i just happen to have the only up it like it is only one tape there weren't likeable but she's accurately day if there was much attempts them that's exactly why would i got good do you have you shall have it can you send it to starting with latin america the guy is focusing on women and stands nice minutes like worth going forth at getting duped dennis i focus
actually it's like creeper yet somehow sounds like a patriarchal total creeper is focusing on like women who stand we focus in iran the jet cheerleaders and asia totally cooper and then also goes to jet coaches down if dancing every well yeah you should just send it to us i should have done jake is a familiar yourself were drawn up with some regret stamped envelope perfect gonna pervert dont you so much we can't wait to come out to your jim we're gonna do a whole thing we're doing the milk quota puke would have you back on the show in person exert every with you this has been a great we really appreciate what was that what the apple thing what our question
we just one now it's can i can t go running tally essay on it started there they say they debated crash on company they debated at question for about an hour and mike mike about my three months ago so we made fun of them in the summer when we they had absolutely nothing to talk about so we just took it and we ran with it they started important now when i was eight it's funny because it's actually like one of those questions now where people have wildly different answers some people are like what the hell are you talking about some people think we're it's like you know some deeper metaphor we're trying to make its its it ends up being kind of fun question and you fail got very wait two minutes my life thinking about what i do without young well you failed you should start thinking a little more than what you got reputation a hold up now that your reputation is actual apple watch ass all i was already have always j let reverse coarser now just jump and jump in backroom quick to start just hit me i want down on a well i got you on the phone maybe
bring danny would head up here jim enola he's doing rehab and you have danny what had beat the shit out of me for like twenty minutes does our then he ought to show that we have this i think we have a laser and our jim i know you got a laser board we have the most ridiculous rehab equipment urging the thing called felix thoroughly is that we have a shot evans in every tourism yellow second time twenty months out came in determining four days took neighbours off the thing is move to engine thirty thousand our machines get approved by the community as a whole lastly there is a tribute to your ten anything out so you could perform better danny devilish come i'll give you i'll give you a number of you wouldn't like nobody like aims i can broker this if you give me a good team should cover ok can you can we late can we laser apples if we come in you could later grapple had watched them also ok i want a laser my apple s answer
gus outlays rang out just use upwards to cleaner but i think you're right like there s a larger s next generation ever come on coming to show its just got it it's twenty sixteen or what why am i i feel like an idiot when i can be shown a laser up into it save the water for the operator that now thank you so much really pollution as a lot of fun and we'll talk too soon diabetics that interview from jake laser first launched one as we forgot to mention is charity it's called envy p its vets and players not or check it out j does some really awesome work with it everyone should check it out and see if he can donate and that interview was brought to you by my bookie
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you play you when you get paid export or rookie you got check out my bookie oh i just realized that rubbed yet while looking i've been doing that wrong the whole time today my bookie dark energy it for four nine zero zero bets i must do some segments first one thoughts and prayers you know a month it is we do and the awareness is at an all time high thoughts and prayers to breast cancer get your ass kicked again occurs think this is the year that the nfl finally cures you know what i want the move i loved danny terrain for the bears had a pink cast so put of putney injuries spend them stay woke on breast cancer i like that i'm gonna go back to the doktor and get a pink boot if you if you want to kill brusque well yeah and you gotta be careful the way you phrase things you can't be like hey i'm getting i'm getting this boot forbes cancer is not as i do that demand
getting it for breast cancer awareness so thoughts and prayers i think it's finally over what do we have the why don't we make the flags pink the americans like no well we could that but also like the other five we should the american challenge lags they should i think should be pink yeah yeah i agree with that didn't they actually did that two years ago that it had yet i see this is this is why you tells the forgot gas lighted by godot is this why is there any laid you think about that here and now you like well that's a great idea they should do that when you don't we are when you think like hey man fidel likes beat up breast cancer a little bit more and then you realize oh he already did two years ago so yeah this is the best time here you can have the entire screen there was like there was one year nothing like the down mark everything was pink and then like the week after breast cancer whereas muffins some guy huh picture laces and get out
i put my sodomizing where the permitted they give a hundred per cent of all the money raised whenever they sell pink jersey and stuff they give that all too brusquely give a hundred per cent of what's left over after they take after with big guy without it i don't care what cancer you're trying to fight you still gonna what you be that's really work i think adele has a sign over his office that says that like notre dame like hey pete answer but first make sure you what you that big does a big cats wheat cancer but what that big absolutely i i have a super metrics were you as you know the cubs are in the policies to do and pretty oh yeah you haven't mentioned it every second of everyday ok i know that i see your little salty because the cubs haven't lapping the cuban hope i guess what i'm gonna do real quick spoilers impromptu spoiler the cubs aren't gonna win the world series is ok i will replace when they do but
anyway because the comes into play us and they have a pretty good team we get these weird stats at white people like to throw out there this this happens returned the cubs make a run this is our saviour metric stat for this year hundreds aids it is on a baseball ochre hundred eight years since a cub last one world series so they have literally run out of stitches on the baseball if you were cow stitches to count the years since the cubs less was so this to be the when was the last time there were in the world series i mentioned forty five oh you know who else last nineteen forty one way to do that that's because i said last week to yeah let's move on research the best we have a lot of respecting the business on this is one of my favorite respect the biz i want you to yourself for ok the patron its tweeted out highlight like an actual video of a football game from their twitter account after
in our fellow specifically not to camacho by get round to they were spying on their own game and then telling but look at it to come on man the nfl ass they told you they're gonna find you if you do it if you tweet your own product yeah i know today it can be confusing sometimes with all the pink stuff out of fuel but the unifil is not actually charity and they to make money too for professor for profit enterprise even though they actually were a non profit do you know what they say kindly office yet good i wanna get he's doing deserted occupied when he says yeah we're nonprofit yeah ok i got up one million dollars here nonprofit so come on patriots he's your boss jesus show some respect backed up with some respect lips when you say his name ah i also have a respect the biz from steve simmons who say reporter up in canada he got nasty we'll canadian guy too if you look at his twitter profile dislike the glasses slips likely looks like a guy you can either
hit us with respect to busier and we'll talk about yet and i think this is the first time steve simmons has ever been mentioned anywhere ever total canadian guy too if you look at his twitter profile dislike of the glasses looks like it looks like a guy you canadian moved here we're glad eyesight ever heard although what the movie i am genuinely tried amalgam which he says cheaper blue jays who sought every game don't turn this odin machine on him the press box until close to gain time no one does that up so that even like where alternative first just close to time these summits is perceived seven sit in the press box like forty five minutes before the game time and the fucking blue jays won't let him have of a nice coca cola from his fountain soda until thirty minutes before first pitch eight he's trying to get a pop steve drink pop yes that's good hashtag return that food here's the thing though
i don't understand what the hell he's talking about it because he called them the choice whoa blue jays but then they won't turn on their vending machines that he can by soldiers from them it it's not it's it's a soda fountain its press box so oh it's like a chocolate fascinating barometers sportswriter just dip their capacity i write the cheaper blue jays art giving steve simmons more than four and a half hours of free soda day and he would like five where's pussy soda machine while you know i knew that i feel is complaining about not enough i do that pig sports journalism for reason and i need to start into more press boxes because a soda machine sounds amazing just like that for this this i hope if we can pay than the sort of change anything about this world this is it instead of your journal assault their complete what airlines please just complain about you're sort emissions
let's just change it aired saddam human something we can relate to hello bruges but the lemon flavour in the diet coke that you can add yourself strong for my taste i was leak in all over the high blue jays you know waitress looked at me weird when i did the thing where i put a little bit of every single soda suit us outside the fats and on the root beer the coke and give me eyes can we make that a little bit better for steve simmons we have every resource you think they think they do free you just these summits probably hates gonna like polar went anybody that refills while i was gonna say he probably hates go into like mcdonald's where they have the big fancy soda machine you no one would like three hundred i'm not a math guy but you can do like three under different combinations he's problem really pissed off at that because it's like the east not nobody should be able to enjoy sought a machine like rat like just journal gesture and was just you have to earn that yet to earn your access
move at all we had a yeah right what was the right i forgot it oh god its new segment oh yeah so we get it we got it introduce it with all the pomp and circumstance of every new segment this new segment is called yeah right guy this comes to us from dwight howard who said that he couldn't now the players on the golden state warriors yeah yeah right ok dwight dwayne to be like all mr cool guy i haven't read oh he play oh yeah i had no idea we care about other team sir a quick question what team is white out on i do know that he's where the hawks but if you ask me to name more than like three ox we now have a new segments back to back do segments this is called locker room talk because its
big thing that's going around america right now people want to know where talk about locker room talk a lot of talk about the locker room talk we're going to do the locker room talk and we're going to first call a very special guest lenny extra figure he's been around some block rooms and i hopefully be able to do some locker room talk with us let's give a shot hey lenny this is the guys from pardon my take and this is locker room talk new segment seen any good pussy is recently let me take shown up we try skies talking a lot and i would not think they lenny would be it sounds like somebody right up so yeah i thought that you would want to talk to us coming loser him to do that we can you some locker and talk here when you talk about pussies yeah like just cinnamon touching platinum just get count em what would you like to feed your policies
i just like seeing them let us look at him disease being do just pussy turn stance and purse says it's called puss puss now ok you liked so you're pussy item i will i thought we address beer yes a no more money pussy you down the purse devil oh la just three guys i was just you wait you you'll developing new personal views the ground ass long ass you you'll get a nice you're gonna like him for the past i now is our new suddenly locker of talk just exactly how every guy talks in every locker room in america diver tell you i used to work at a jim and support my job would be too like walk through i was in charge of like one of the day care thanks and so i would walk through the locker room occasionally and seed just deeds doing
weird stuff and lock remove is bizarre dies the whole blow drawing the balls thing that happens all the time there's one do that had his foot propped up on that sink had blowdryer going into his but he argues blow drawing his button front garden everybody it was discussed the real if people want to know what real locker room talk is around america locker him talk is basically an inner monologue saying why is that old guy napoletano around his body like what i like that organise dick is that locker room talk that that's right every locker room conversation is one guy king way too much and the other guy we argued laughing her just trying to get others we asked that's locked while the one guy talks with one guy who talks are usually is the naked guy with wheeled deck of course here yeah slaughters that's like room talk ok finally i have and oh you think for you the
whoa bills one at allay today if you saw matthew fair burned who covers the bills had this little ted bit after the game rex ryan expects to overeat on the flight home quote like always end quote you think toy rex ryan over eats to celebrate what are met i mean i i love him i love him probably just eating ice cream all night and the thing is you don't think that you can over it on a plane but it's actually really easy advocacy jesse attitude yet the altitude that's a very high yeah your skin dries out and you just go like knuckle deepen baggage a bag and you look up and your plans and it ended she knows any ordinary person like dark yellow yeah paying your pants and oh ok managed and painfully yes nor plain stuff ok i guess
i shall make sure you ah subscribe on itunes they do another the roses friday so overview it's gotta be five star view roast us and fall on twitter apart my take follow us on instagram up my take down the new barston sports app so that you can get all of our new videos we are also going to chicago on thursday have some fun stuff plan so makes freefall all fall all those things to be updated on our shenanigans and will see on wednesday i lovey puss bus
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