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Jay Glazer + Should Lebron James Go To Jail?

2018-10-10 | 🔗

The Yankees are dead. Recapping the ALDS and why Giancarlo Stanton has negative pinstripes (2:21 - 10:50). Drew Brees record breaking season, an update on the Jason Witten/Booger McFarland feud and is Peyton Manning funny? (10:50 - 17:09) Hot Seat/Cool Throne, who will save the world first, Steven Seagal or Jose Canseco (17:09 - 27:48). NFL Insider Jay Glazer joins the show to talk MMA, his career as an Insider, Ballers, and his great foundation for veterans (27:48 - 67:06). Segments include should Lebron James go to jail? Just shut up Jon Gruden. Respect the Biz. Ehhhh for Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka, and Guys on Chicks.

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