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Jay Pharaoh, Hard Knocks Is A Bummer, And Billy Has A Secret Only Fans

2020-08-26 | 🔗
Hard Knocks is a bummer and we figured out why. NBA playoffs and the Blazers are officially dead (2:18- 17:26). Playoff hockey and Joe Judge is still working to be football guy of the year (17:26 - 19:57). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Chris Webber being absolutely terrible at announcing and Lucas Giolito's no hitter (19:57 - 39:41). Comedian Jay Pharoah joins the show to talk about his new movies, his career at SNL, being the impression guy, the time ScarJo ruined Mayweather/Pacquiao and more (39:41 - 75:26). Segments include Talking Soccer, Billys list, Guys on Chicks and we remember how much of a legend Shoenice is.
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On today's pardon my take. We have comedian J Pharaoh awesome Interview which a Pharaoh do a couple impressions. Yes, she just count. Didn't we don't really make him. Yeah was in the flow of conversation, but really cool conversation about his career as an owl other things we have hard knocks. We have play off basketball, hot see, cool thrown, guys, aren't chicks. It is a Wednesday show before we gets all that poor martigues brought you by the cash eyebrows brought by the cash out, because, where the cash out studio right this second, it is the easiest play some money to your friends. It's also the safest. You dont want to be sending grubby disgusting money. Handing over right now grown is still out there. You need to be going digital. Did it it'll with get digitized with the cash app linked directly to your break? Count super super easy to use and we love love, love the cash app. They are. The best go find amount which find monogram funding on Twitter. If you have a cash tag, they might just give you free money, but you have to have a cash back. It's also fence,
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I value who is pardon my take presented by barstool sports pardon my take Jenna by the cash app go down with right now use code. Barstool you get ten dollars for free ten dollars to Aspca. Today is Wednesday August 26th and hard knocks is a bomber, dedicating Gimme a goddamn time lapse of stating bill. It's not that hard set up a camera walk away. Not that hard on dumb. I want to see a time lapse. I have a theory so The first episode was obviously all grown a virus. And now
a bummer in its own right, and then I thought you know what episodes two and three they're gonna get better we're gonna be like it, nor juices flown football. It feels back. Here's my theory, hard knocks, needs the precision, because you watch hard, not on Tuesday nights and then you watch the actual games happen and, You like see what's happening on the field, like all there's that corner back that we keep hearing about who try to make the team who tat a tuxedo. He had interception whatever it may be, and then it's this mind fact it's almost like when you look up. The jumbotron, and you see yourself and you can't understand, are you looking at yourself on the jumbotron, but then the cameras looking at your favorite, that the time warp of watching something filmed in red? time, we ve lost that element. So now we're just watching, like all issues check in with this training camp yeah. When you see Ghana field in preceding game, first of all its on tv
hi guys at thirty frames per second right when watching hard docks. That's on film, it's a little bit slower was at twenty four French for second sixty sixty one hundred twenty, one hundred two hundred, why those forty two pointed the way it looks a little different. They should just play some of the cliffs of the scrimmages in that tv format so looks like I'm. Seeing him in it in a different times are differ print. But I know it sounds like a blend of reality and then RO. The very watches like I know that guy I saw that that's the guy from all that I got injured. Oh yeah war sat real life like it. Just our brains can't understand something, that's being taped currently and then played for us, but now that it's not we don't get to see the other side, it kind of ruins everywhere, and then there is also moments in scrimmages and increases in games where he watched on tv and you, I can't wait to see that again, a hard hard On the other hand, Rigel how they had thought about this loss that I you know. I bet
it was Sunday night football. They pay the rent the rams played, and I I stupidly bet on the game and I I now watch and see if Mcveigh actually gets his angry as I would feel this fast jerk off, so that certain so many over the field. Look so fast! I feel moves us that green, just grooms points to make genuine thanks go baby. Here's my question: do you think when will stadiums like what what's the peak of new stadiums, we have to get their some point. I think we reached in the roman times, nobody like any regularity and aiming to a post. Nobody ever stadium. Is a core than the next. I guess the ring just kind of ruin that the Texas Rangers put like this stadium is insane illegally. A hotel in their the video board, Are we going to run out of stadium innovation? I don't know it's a question or ponder what we should do is there should be a there should be a turf that is the exact same color green as a green screen, so you can watch it back in and you can edit, whatever type you can make it into snow,
maybe, if you watching, on review by the way, speaking of stadiums. Ah, if anyone out there like me, who loves to look at empty stadiums empty stadium porn, ah, we are in the perfect spot for all the stadiums in Brazil that the World CUP was played in there a full part in its Vulcan sick to look right in China right now. Ass just dusted, my ancient period to hermits from what two thousand eight look at Serbia is younger than overgrown with vines and holy shit. There is a world CUP came here for years ago, houses possibly look like the Astrodome yet, but yeah you're right, like four years ago, there were the most happening place honour might have in eight years ago. I can't attracts always wears woke up last four years ago, four years ago it was it's one United States was, is as far away from here, United States thousand and I'm going to drive. Although we support oh yeah, there were two thousand two thousand and thirteen I feel like. I know we had a world London two years ago, grants one two years ago Bobby: where did they we
determinants another warm and expose Russia preserve a sexy Russia. You have globally Russia and then and so six years ago, see aware at prime Prime World CUP goddammit time just escaped us. I other notes from hard knocks a guy, the toothpick guy I've been thinking about. Have you been a cheeseburger? Yes, I'd be a toothpick guide that guy's got all the answer to resume, there's something on which we have actually Lily whose tobacco, so the guy that that plays deepens back on the rams. I still a rumour resumed, but I know that there is an undergraduate region whose a toothpick guy he's he stands out a little bit just like that. First coaches, like oh, whose echo he's the toothpick yes We had Melvin Ingram with the rare sitting in not sitting out, sitting in holding holding ending, and I feel like I mean it seem like everyone loves him, but I don't know it feels like to complain your hand a little bit. Women like if you are
living in and your they're just gonna one day, there's gonna like put his pads and his helmet on his locker and, like you, want to sit on it is like hey. You know what I was can put on. Four opposite is gonna, be playing their banking on him just being close enough to field and seeing the guy playing better than M it'll just You know what I'm an extra. Let the EU very involved. He did get his contract on what they gave us. Guarantee counted, a reworked it yeah. So now he is practising in playing some area worked there. I guess it in. I guess work is the one you sit thing in the whole time when he was going through drills and such like they're just go trick him and put up put a helmet on him and he's gonna be playing it uses. All is number here. They know just go and buy yet by football. Guy instinct also liked, but we have referred sky and hard, knocks that the cameras falling in love with that they hope that you fall in love with at home was probably gonna get cut. John yet lay Jolly Johnston. His dad was bred farms Besmear hop abroad,
anytime far and its I'm Papa far pops on resume with a yet. You gotta make sure that he knows that the cameras on first on talk about. I think that brief farmers, officially retired, now he's being is old. There is no dog visually. Officially, like the wranglers genes, adds at the that they probably take. Seven years ago they keep running the what's it called copper wire. You call the robber fit all those old adds it made him, look like he still young. This was first time I saw nose like in even said he's like. I think, college answers a yoke like a million bucks like I feel like fives like yeah. Do you actually look like Yes, it is a first summer was soon without a golden river. Next, whom or without him like throwing a pass to a seventeen year old, in his arms, weren't, busting out any just had gray hair, so I'm gonna call it Edward or you can leave Mississippi. It's over reform had retired, has bus cook have anymore clients, or is it just before? I know use Jays agent, you have one's got upon just get a break,
us all buses heart, finally, not anymore cause from two rod tailored the cock God they brought them up how he got. I he get cut by Josh Alan think I cut by Baker Mayfield and now he's about to get cut. Third time adjusting ride your hot unhurried or another cooking. Yet I did by the way, I'm stand for cock rights. Enough cock, shaming, ok, happens. O people get caught, whether it's? Why did you poor boy? Just Ann Arbor, looks at the poor boy or very personal. So a cycle instructor. These things happen in real life guy, so back off tat, just we're not bring them up. By reason, just back off back off, and I think that there has been an overload of cook shaming going on recent. Yet back off. Guys should happen, not a big deal. What Billy and dont cockers yeah right, if you're, the one who is following right, shame right right takes two to two three words. It's not you Billy's not breaking up a family, no effective milk over the weekend.
Ha ha ha. I will take note and are all I was going to say. I think I just gotta realises that israeli soldier Tommy to cut that we're not going to I think part of the reasons I obviously the covert support. I think the fact that there is so many NBA nature play off like my dumb brain things. Its April Ryan, because I think that ultra lens part of like is still not even though it is precision its August. It's like gearing up football. The fact there's all these other sports on like Eight thousand white feel like its pre plight, yeah precision. Football is right, It is something that the Unifil would do to another sports organizations like have their games bleed into a season? That's not typically theirs. I made the spring, but it is true like to eat bite by late August. Usually, do you know either your baseball teams in or out you kind of have a feeling about that, and then Sychar is football coming up? Second or we just have we just been had for the last like ten years, has hard knocks always been like
now and so strikes a grumbleton thing out song about where you watch. It happened in real life. Oh shit it. How did they get that in their so quickly? That is cool, but Hank brings up a good point it, hard knocks his lot better. When you don't have any real support to compare to he s right, so we do have real sports. Let's talk about it the Jasmine Nuggets. Let's give some shine, people were upset that we are taped before the end of the game on Sunday night. I have to admit Folly I think the Jasmine Nuggets or the exact same tee. I agree thank you area. They are from the same area, both Altitude kind of similar colors, like I just if you tell me jazz, Nuggets Nuggets jazz, Obviously those are all the same guy slavey, useless the names and, like you could tell me down measures on August, make sure I don't eat.
They just blend together, ensure their votes are winning championship. Crowded beyond the jerseys are very similar to your right. They are they the if the whole the just brought. You act the old school, like John Stockton uniforms that had the like icy mountains and amend shit, they'll be cool Ghek. I could differentiated, we lives they did, but right now they did their idea tonight we're not weeks ago. Yes, it should bring back for the plants, because, right now, but cats right is like yeah day. Each team has like a couple: talented big eyes, one good guard and about it the I've done. Nelson and George compromise will be caught him he's the only difference The only way that we can tell the difference between the two teams is the jazz, bans want to fight every player and nuggets fans. A kind of joke as its Denver and they're probably high. There really stone, that's really it. So when you die,
fans? It really blows lights, but the game was good. The nuggets obviously survived Jokich. Did you see his first quarter? Twenty one points, eight thousand four hundred and eighty five for five from three: that's how you set the tone and then Jamal Murray's, three hundred and sixty layup was fucking sick. He had forty two points. Are these gone back to back forty point? Zero turnovers? I like three. Sixty lab spend three sixty docks due to a sick. It was so sick, so that actually is now kind of a series. And it has been a good series. The jasmine just like shooting the shit out of the ball, and I guess the nuggets I mean good. I almost have the things coming out in August tweet I wish I had because then they came back and they look like they were dead in the water. We have So what do we want to talk about the end of the blazers reemergence play off, be the norm, I will be under the boys- ok well over yet will because Daimler,
but do not about Her- is yeah right right out he's just a later sitting down their throats gazed series that all worn in joint aim lizards hell. We yes careful of pearly healthy blazers. I think beats this lit Lakers team. In three hundred, I find myself in this spot where I have it taken, I'm the only one who has anything at risk because everyone else can just be like it was just a joke. When do you You have risk with why late actually bet the Lakers to win the series and also I said that the Lakers there's no chance a loser series and ever gave me shit after game one. I just like the blaze I think that Dame lowered places invite brought great point guys five, it's too bad that we can't see both these teams. Full health lakers are so much better than the blazers, I'm sorry Blazers arrangement syndrome. It was a funny story, was a nice story but holy shit. The Lakers kicked the fuck out of them and gave for that was I mean that was it asking you what was carbonate there. Wasn't those carbonized lumbered with any gas well team did play in jeopardy.
I heard in the game right after Logo town, yet autonomy. That's right! That's why I didn't get hurt an inverted when they were leg when these, when they were down fifteen nothing. There may have been a pre existing injury thought, in fact I think is other knee was injured and that's what made the other night yet even more injured over centralisation. Look it up. So how do you feel about your boys in fire protection? I think we'll see yes, there is gonna the final genetic very worst case scenario, it's better than Charles Barclays Blazers and for producers good. I am orphan expert than the dogs through in the sweep after game. One, I'm listen, I'm not gonna be petty, but I will absolutely be petty. I have some retreats I have to do after every entreated me after game wanted said I was an idiot. Blazers are better than like. I'm just glad we got down one and you didn't. We want the most important yes when everybody was fresh game one. So, yes, the clippers are fly their muscles right now and the mass this kind of invisible thing about like when you have that
underdog and they have an incredible formats? Luca was so fucking good on Sunday and you like. Who could demands? Do it? and then the clippers are like now were way way better. We just need to focus a little bit in opposing amply off peace back yet player peace back victim was ever twenty nine point, four thousand easier, but of all time decision was taken. These clippers, like, after all the same they're gonna play off, he was well deserved either on e figured out decision may make more shock ass. He took a year, he made bad shots, translate, extend and I didn't make it shots last time. He said that after the game he corrected himself saying if I make more shots, I have a better game fact. Sometimes simple play off p is back. I just wanted to be. I want this, here's your seven so far. I think this is my favorite series of playoffs. If this goes seven, then how are they doing the rest and between, I think, they're, playing pretty cool
Gazelle hockey's, is advancing to next year. I think they're, going like two or three. I mean the Celtics and Raptors plate Thursday night in that and in what Sunday you it's funny the box in the magic still going on. That's weird values. We because it's like the MAGIC one game, one and then the box of just killed them last three game. So that's kind of a weird, hey remembered that sir, is still going to see my green bergs actual dumb rule today. You know I can't hit on too much because it's not that bad, but he thinks it. Every team in the lottery should have the exact same chance of winning the lottery, and he also thinks that if one is in the first round, you go into the lottery, also and also their getting rid of the lottery machine. What and they should bring back the envelope. That's actually got a crazy, crazy idea. It's actually been talked about because it would basely takeaway taking its the anti tank rural, not more than five years on the lottery ice or in the lot trying to sharing them. I lay offs. You should get a chance at the lottery like yeah,
I agree with that, but I am not by don't. They got some crazy, the sale. I know if you, if you're, if you don't make the playoffs everyone has the same odd so that no contact I don't even know what sort of your team really socks and can never get good again, but I guess I kind of happens all the time and sports. Let's see anything else, hockey hockey Hank we had a hockey Hank update, Bruins Lawson overtime, gotta get the fuck out hold check dinner, yeah hold energy government blues yeah, big rig. I also think, I'm sorry that I see I'm scared circle. One islanders team, a destiny, I'm a circle y see that I don't know just feeling very trot yeah, and I just I just era
scan circle it discussed circle. It Frank wrote me very upset that I said that, but I'm in a circle we have are also more football guy news from Joe Judge. Jury. Judges of football gifted just won't stop giving. He did to everything say when he said that he wants to take Daniel Jones Red Jersey off just pop is possible, but nice lady others plan football. I like that. That would be. It would be an all time, Belgic Disciple move. If he did that and then Daniel Jones, I can Macy join injury. Yes, I did see the Joe Judge has support from pill ourselves so mission accomplished there, like you, did a good job of getting the old school football coach. That's angry! All the time to say I like how he's coaching mystique right if you had like a nine year old, substitute teacher with George Patent deceased heart in his chest, though parcels black that guy that God knows how to Mozilla. Yet every one of these one
see we're ok, we also D. This is also pretty good. He taped tennis ball to oz defensive backs, hence the Kurds him not to hold. I like says whether been aware I, like TAT, I loved your joy ass in a end when the giants go like play poorly and he gets fired after years can be refunded. Eyeless get hot sequel, Toronto and haughty cool drones brought you buy What light both on the hot seat in the cool thrown this week is our friend gardener Menchu but lives on a mission to make parliament should a top pickin fantasy. If you pick him in the first round, you can win a k bud, light tweet a screen shot of your pic with Hashtag Bud light means the draft and passionate sweepstakes to enter. On top of that, if you win your league with men shoe,
You can win an entire seasons worth a bloodline, holy shit, actually love. This deal had to bud light social. To learn more so go right now, hashtag, but light meant you draft and hashtag sweepstakes redress them in the first round, and you when you leave when but light for an entire season. That's a lot of pressure on governments. You that's a lot of pressure, want to get it back on soon and we'll talk about that hotspot, cool thrown Go Mahatma the few hot seat within this podcasting? Failing I share them. It's gonna do haughty for each of you pay of tea. It is in the hot seat because dance cider, joint twitter, european soil Why not asked his account he's gonna private? he's always arrogant, rose them yeah, but he's coming lurking like if you ve still got a pity as protect pretend to operate potential. Jesus come on central buyers, Hank future owner of the team. Pete he's got some plenty to do. I have a lot of cleaning, like my entire,
ok, they cats in the hot to existing so far, gas stinks is like offered signal these five eight nine eighty, nine and those on the hot seat, because he's meeting his hero tomorrow and he's like nervous beyond belief and is not cannot say, John Florentine, Xavier you're putting Llaneros you have, as we just heard of you, Jimmy Tito rain. He was legit. You're here is a massive massive crank acres fan. Do you like shaking earlier yeah? No idea? Oh yeah, that's bullshit! You know exactly where to play course No I'd know! That's actually. Does you blew it today with Jimmy Jimmy teacher, he actually sit on. The way out is like who was a kid and what's the problem, so numbers can do daytime Yo Keyser he that you're sweet height, growth thrown egg. My cool throne is alive in the two men Taylor, Tamerlane YO. He actually did say you're sweet too
Jerry teenager authorities. Now he now budgets headlines essential is reviewed every. I know he sits in zoos, I'm not joking. He said your sweet Ah to now and in the dude from the show and dead. Now raw carne, our during doing a history channel show together our borderland album. Ah, I'm ensure nice Gandhi, rather history, cocaine and to mount selling it new, and I realise that I watch gang land home improvement. Snitch hinges, blacked out face. It amounts to about how you just go: backs agent blast off rails between takes home workshop competition show Who are the medical donors conference? Yes, really blown up in the mainstream these days practical burst, joined today, God knows what he's posting on. There came out that or the child Asher. Should we oil? Should we all one million and one day she we all sign up for a couple just as a joke just for fun wiped. I told Billy to sign of perplexity Ursus. Only fishers get Jellia online and tat is counting on. It, lay like a billion
good joke neo good job a louder louder. He shooting his third leg, and I guess we say: is that a gun? Here's where passage is happy to see me. Nice obelisk feel good about that. I only fans I feel oh stupid, every single time, there's a swipe up on its grand like check out this hot picture of me and I swipe up in its fuckin only fence. I hit that road block four times a day, fuck incessantly lot of porn stars. I do. Are you poor? Sorry, if you do, I wouldn't offence, I mean: what's what supporting instagram does its it encounters? I shall confession me yeah. I haven't only things you do yeah and what ever since our my toe shoes, people actually started damning me asking me four feet picks up.
These are offering money and I actually set one up its Billy, feeble and entrepreneurial I've seriously. I like the early. I actually going now. You know you'll. Have it actually making things good job? How would you maybe I can get him out here? Tell us the truth. How would you like me around a hundred thousand dollars, but you made like only eight hundred. I weird like shall like the one time that, like we're on live females. Where my feet, you three years, is not wearing weight so that only four or five hundred m for military do observation. We hold I'd, say you ve made eight hundred dollars around there it's a wonder sellers. I shall pick fairly evolve feet there. Just foot picks turns out. Can I Can I see like one of the requests? Louis, your feet: Billig where's, my phone my god. This is incredible. Good job
people, you're gonna get a lot of the caribbean eyes. Oh here yeah we think they are people like hey man. Can you they make? You put stuff on it, not just generally pictures my feet like you, I had also focus on the toes die, just like make sure Lighting Ogilvy, Sir just pop offer. Like a zero. The shower boom people should set em like some years to lay out like the thousand dollars for the full few, like it's actually travelling outside. Look refit afoot, fucking, ok Oh, my god, this is so weird bill. More likely. Genoa are not hating, Jude you're making money. Do you if one he's got? track me a little money. Somehow do do you like you and is not just take pictures of my. You have to up to June merely like every nightly before I got a bad socks off snap, my fucking p and that's the private
take for the night for these people. Are you dealing? We like any eddies of drivers who are getting upset like and ask you do more, like Hayworth Nights updates notices eyes apart, teen wide fee certainly has listed. Oh there's a dead, that's what they're down for I'll, give a fuck my pocket feet, or should I just closed rooms, it close out. That's incredible, Billy its there's, no messages or anything. It just says: Billy people size fourteen wide feet. We get subscription the air. He can't get that free our activity. What you're out sequel to my hussies my eyes, I M looking at Billy Football, my god yeah
ago, I've seen after your bill. My heart is not Billy. My heart is dogs dogs poorer, because Bryce into Sambo got him the big time in a massive massive internet controversy. He, I guess they're playing this week at the same golf course that he played at back in two thousand fifteen when he won the: U S amateur competition, and so he took a picture with third gold retriever trigger is named the stock. I said this dog trigger was here and help me win the amateur open back.
Two thousand fifteen well record scratch. It turns out that triggered the sweet boy was born in two thousand seventeen, so either Rhine Lahti owns as golf course and the dog has been one year old for the last five years or Bryce and got him up trying to chase them. Internet clout like a dog chasing stale, got caught big time and do some research on this stock trigger Jim. I was like maybe it's one of those like maybe an ugly situation, where there's a trigger one trigger to trigger three, no Mona the dog that was before for other triggers dad is named. Did it and did it works at a neighbour and golf course okay, so, regardless of what happened and he's never been, did it to my knowledge has never been on this gulf, so you just lie so he's just lying Vaclav got caught big time cloud for dog cloud, fuck that guy Rice into Sambo Jeez desires, trigger gate the worse I worst, my cool throne is earth because member asked for that we talked about turns out its tiny, as which one that's where this gonna hit on election day, a million its tiny and it's not gonna hit also does clever. We got to carry out of
yeah big time freaked out of our closest scare telegraph survive. Many might did you call the asteroid many MIKE Bloomberg. They shall be very funny yet small and it won't hit on election day. There we go. That was like one points that I was good laws there had on our top my head balls and pigs. I anxieties and weight with cool thrones pangs. I he's no, no cool thrown Hank I'll, inform you because pugs either. Chinese Guide, the desert or NATO Chuck. Oh yeah drinking. I am front Danny Danny does world. He is good friends upon thy pungs. I hope uploaded a video last night to the internet, saying that he was going to probably be arrested, he's in big trouble. He was crying and he did one last chug and he went off line after that. It is getting Russia for chugging miscreant chinese port
How do I really was going much of a brow yeah too many beard, yet he jugs big time change. Government does not like that. Well, as of two hours, your punks, I posted again to twitter. Saying he's fine, don't worry about me! I'm back! I'm good totally wasn't, arrested and brainwash by the chinese police back online and say that he is wearing Lebron James Jersey, whose very excited Saint Andrew China was. He actually wasn't, but I'm saying like this could be like pigs. I might be brainwash now and we are now like sent back with the with the green light to create content that is more China friendly to just keeping him measures hard to brainwash dude who just chugs for living. You just drunk issue. Did he Drucker water? We just got that. We should get him a zillion Mercer, not only very funny, yeah. Ok, that's it! My hot seat is Chris Weber, Chris Workers in the hot seat Chris. Where was getting roasted Chris,
fiber is out on an island Chris Webber's, a terrible, announcer and he's getting what they say is exposed because he's, I think, it's just because there's so many games going on and he's been calling it feels like, the important game every single might and holy shit as he sock Chris Weber, is the Michael Scott. Sometimes I start a sentence and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope along the way, find link or find my way. That's it. He she starts talking so tonight he had two. There were incredible. He had. He said he knew that Montrose hero was gonna, have a good game. Why you ask because you sitting on the bench up, that's on ok and then do the real Christopher. He I dont understand how is brain works? It really is like he's a duty just meet at a party and your any just talking, and you immediately like how do I get out of this conversation? It's going nowhere all like at the same time, he just putting words together, run on
answers and nothing makes sense. Please let me go, but then we get trapped with him for three hours. So he's other one was Chris Weber said. The difference between wrapped require an clipper. Why I'll give you guess what you think time zones, no Guess you up rags rafter quite clip require different, uniform color. So now he's much more veteran. He's got a championship pedagogy another here, that's what we already have a title, but he added. The time is another year he's not he's your blog title. Yes, generally huge difference, Chris Revers Thanks Man, it's tough to listen to its created workers.
De mailers, like I was actually worse. We are rather right around. Like is he's living the bubble ex so had always goes been. He's bubbling at Wendy's ever seen their commercial. Yes, he's just been dodging the bullet. Watching Chris Weber, who sit car he's a compartmentalized car park car park ventral, it's the last. I like what is going on. I like aid. Sometimes I get the thought that maybe being a colleague on tv, a lot harder than we think that it is. But then you see other guy step and so seamless, right images shouldn't. We blaming the display, my play guy he's he actually trending right now. For the second time the two nights arose: trending, not good, not good and it's hard to trend. It repeat announcer and trend to? RO without sin. Anything actually controversial like this isn't bomb Brenda men. This isn't my Melbury he's just trending cause he's back strengthening for thinking
generally just everyone's tweeting about Chris. Where were you say, Jake you had a job and put in place to steer the boat at your king up the call the analysts, to make Chris wherever sets down every single night and looks at the end, to play my plague eyes his on the captain. Now and then she starts talking for two and a half hours right outcome. There is a lot to do in whose is Susan Guy, I'm ok was it. I he's doing ever again it seems like every hour, others ride, Anderson and Spear Adidas, ok and Kevin Harlan. Do you have like playing cards these? Yes, father, I'll get. My cool throne is the Pittsburgh pirates, because the pits requires got no hit tonight. Louis Jus Julio. He had thirteen strike out hundreds one pitch, no hid her. Only one walk the pirates are seven eighteen, there, the worst record in baseball, but guess what pirates fans I'm gonna help you out nothing, nothing council share.
You're good. You are so bad you're good. Would it would cause no hitter if he threw a seven anyway? I dont know if there's rules for that, I would be so what, if you had a picture that could go out there and throw Lugano hundred fifty pitches like a MAC Shores or something like that and you hit you pitch in both games of double hunter, aided, double, no hitter, backed down would be kitty that inevitably this is this is only the fifteen times has ever happen, the first fourteen times or sacho, page yeah, every single time, one pitches, though no hitter, thirteen shrieked out that's fucking process. Pretty get it s really good. I dont think I name, a couple pirates gloomy many pirates, Andrew Mc Cutchen, I did they might be these naval team, I alike. God is Josh Balin, Gregory Blanca resort to their ego, ok, but its debts. It's tough! When you start listing piracy like we bury bought snow
Yet others know no one on the parts how many years you think the pirates could go, drawing like forty percent attendance, never making the playoffs obviously and still be a functional team in not like have their own or have so because I feel it in Pittsburgh, you can get away with lie in Pittsburgh, you're giving you're giving the citizens of Pittsburgh a reason to drink during the daytime in the summer. That with the pirates are therefore but Pittsburgh has long long long long ago, figured it out. If you have every single team have the exact same color fans will show up, watch the pirate sock and just like steelers, yet and if you look at the uniform like distillers, if they happen to be good, then most happy. Will in turn are already wearing goes closer key. I suppose you're right over the fish had not feel bad for pirates fans, but at least you have the corona virus pandemic in the season being weird doesn't count, the pirate should just sell steelers yours.
Yes, closures or their pillars, namely that Japan, so more yes, Billy, take us home, my hot seized the spicy, see literally, woe is chicken nuggets. Mcdonald's is coming out, spicy chicken nuggets and I think that's really cool so wise. It you're hot data. That is cool things there huh Oh you're bottle the midday may yeah my money. They give you a hot see exactly ok, an matters cool. I like that. I'd spicy nuggets sell all the time. My cool throne is milk chase, one of which went off on a total rant about how much he loves milk in how much cows or beautiful they played freedom have off exactly so. Just went off Prescott say about how she loves milk and how his causing the dairy farmer and those really cool, aright bill, you're gonna get accounts in order, maybe chase whatever's, pretty sweet due to recall
I actually have a theory about being it's like all the things please. Football sweet here named chase cool I've, a theory about Billy. I came up with some of them are already Billy. He eyes. My theory, though, is that Billy might be related. Her cousins, because Billy tweeted out earlier today was a creeds greatest hits. Would you say about it? I said, arises. Definitely a like toe sock. Toast Oh yeah yeah, oh yeah, which would hear pussy get only fans account, yet you won't Kirk would save our creed. I, like her, you're not really wasn't united, something outside Alexa. Plague really has hit yeah so dislike for years ago, cousin sweetheart, famously like nothing hits like being in the weight room. When creeds greatest hits comes. Aren't you creates good, so nickel that yeah descend
You got you guys both cooker meet like assholes. I think you might have sideline blood pay. You'd I've I've set before you look like. If Kirk Cousins was like a Paul brother Jake, the longer the long lost Paul brother. If her cousins dad cut their mom, what You don't cut shame here, I'm not I'm just saying you might be related her cousins well of how have to look into that look into. I actually kind of why that, like that, I think that's racist saying to people looked like, isn't because you're just a company that we look, it's not because your white, its everything else, the creed, it's the stake, it's the toast. Not be very good, quarterback yeah operational structure, all these things when you add them up with those alive Tom. I lose areas where you were too fuckin short of this data Minnesota right now, Billy your cause, you're her cousin do our cousins. I let's go
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is J, fair, okay. We now welcome on very special guessed. It is comedian actor former S, an l member J, Pharaoh he's got a bunch of stuff comin out or out you're busy busy man. You have two minutes of fame, which is our right now, video on demand, ah you of how to fake a war outright now video on demand and then a bad hair that will be coming out October, twenty third, how I guess first Russia's? How are you like the busiest guy in the world right now when it feels like there's no movies coming out? You got three of I mean to Meda I've seen weirder stuff in two thousand and twenty you will we just saw. We just saw magnets thou you who is far for ten get shot at by a man who is not finished puberty who five foot one and people think she's lie about it. So there have been more credit.
It that a happy twenty twenty. I personally just feel like the blessings. As far as I go, I just showering now because I'm so appreciative of everything that has gone on this whole. It hey pandemic I've gotten it shares the sit down a really evaluation. Things really be faithful and that's why I think tat your question. They so many movies happening right now, just because just because I'm thankful, if I was crystal, may enable karma so karma got you all these movies karma gamete movies now made. I can't film with me, but it alot filled them back. Then saw you right in what order should people watch, because the you just gave us three good things to watch so is there like? Is their preferred order that we should go in
What makes you the most money if we watch it, I have look man, I got. I got moments. I got fun moments in all these movies that are coming out back. If, if you want to, if you want to take it and why me in a different like a different different role, I would say: watch how to fight a war first, I would say two minutes. A faint second it and in bad here, would have finally comes out check that out to in October and arm yea. I think you should check him out just like that, but soon two minutes of fame it seems like it semi biographical, maybe not all the way, but it's you know you you're you're, a comedian whose found during impression you know I've. Actually people know you from your impressions early Fraga, introduce to you with your impressions. Is there an annoyance factor of people always been like hate,
There's J Pharaoh do Denzel Denzil there daresay Pharaoh. Do Brok Obama do Jazzy? Does it? Do you sometimes feel like a tickle me Elmo, try people trying to poke you to get the impression out. I feel like that. I feel like that. On as the grand when I do my as the brown people, people in it They don't really they don't really do they really do that a lot anymore? It doesn't really annoy me anymore. It did for a moment, but I had to like recollecting and think about think about why people were coming to see me anyway. Like you you're coming to see somebody, I bought a ticket to come, see you because you ve done something that I enjoy so as an artist energy the job to be able to deliver that happiness to a person.
So if somebody came to my shown- and I do is Denzel Washington, there probably be pissed off. So of course I have to do that, but that's not the bulk of the act, so I've learned how to use and precious the just bring people too, when I'm really trying to talk about a really trying to do cuz, because an immaterial you can see who I really am and maybe before you couldn't see it because it was more character driven. Bever, but now wishes like me. Talk about life, adjusts Franklin any impression, so I don't take it for granted. I don't get out of your pistol. I just thought I'd just accepted on my hey. Maybe you want to see is even getting I give you some Eddie Murphy a day will get the yolks of them, saying it they Pharaoh Gateway Drug, you get, you hey, don't shave arrow and then and then you give everyone the yo. You get hooked on the impression which is probably like cigarettes are weed, and then you give em a hard stuff. Do you get call job when it I'll give you
Did I gave you some eight ball park? It sets MA whatever that day before you know, you're robbing your parents are taking money, other pursue go, buy tickets, Hu Jia, for all it did receive. J fell, shone out of everything in a light. Is that different? Imagine is almost got. Harder. I would think maybe you can correct me, but if you're doing to show your sprinkling in the impressions, you can have the impressions end up being the punchline, you have to actually work on. You know what do what the clothes of a joke might be, whereas for, if you just like knock a will Smith out of the park, then that's that's the laugh right. People live boy. You actually have to worry about. You know making your point or bringing the audience back into the joke that you're running right, because it does it at that because it doesn't matter is let it doesn't matter If you just want an impression, show like an hour, respect artist that do that, like there's a few there's, a few people are just go out there.
They just do they do an hour of impression. I don't know how the hell. I don't know how the hell you consistently do that, because earlier, when I first when I was first starting, that's what it was like. I was that's what it was I would do. I would have voices and I would have them talkin about current events. I would have liked Bernie MAC talk about Justin, Timberlake, whipping out JANET Jackson's Titty you get out of made some some shit like that. It was just whatever was happening at that time. That's what it used to be, and it was it is like it is it's different now. I will say, is harder brow and the reason I want to say is not harder is because its arm at Durban do
I've. Been I've been on a road for damn near thirteen years. Now you not himself so I'm used to I'm used to this stage or whatever, but it's hard getting through your act. When you have somebody who constantly yells out something for you do, and I can't Oh you off. If you do not have the scale set to deal with it, so what is as close as you do that, just in turn so make it for that person directly. You got it. You gotta, you call them out, say what I would like a dresser and get back the regularly scheduled programme of the coming late. If you wanna stay to somebody has had the way you like we ve. Nobody wants to get help. My do you like you and water. You wouldn't want to be it. A frigate. Zoom Chauvelin,
the fish it somebody hit as somebody come upstairs, you would. I blame you: haven't: should all Japan pitch I'm shovel and shit almost shovel Lord Elmwood unfilled, so it's you. Nobody wants to be Haeckel, no matter what, but I will tell you if you had me be prepared, because I will add, I dont have jobs. I had this aspect was and has at last year alone that fully station. I want to go back to the beginning, real quick with you, because you're from you from Chesapeake Virginia right, the tide, water, just people J, yet some person-
ok. So I want you to tell me who you think is the best athletes to come out of salaries and Virginia, because there's one correct answer and then there are two very good answers OJ the best at the legal you notice, like mad, at least they came from Jack. Like my area, yeah yeah, you got beat up there, you have classical virus, you have Michael Big, can you not in voice and not just an opt in because to be just then an opt in Mortier Jos? Aren't you have you have laws all morning you got. It is a lot of there's. A lot of people saw to be set. Imma say I that's right answer What are you so good at and illegal migration monarchs? You know it's Michael Vick and then Bruce Psmith would be another good answer to their, but yeah Smith is year long tail. It came out of my ear,
so I do know that I'm gonna buy out directly him above here. Has the resources required to people? Don't talk about how good Allen Iverson was at football to in high school is like a legend down the right yeah. I didn't well shoe shoot. I don't even know what Alan Opposite Way: football. Look. They that's the difference between Chesapeake people, the Newport knows people, we called newborn knows bad new scenario. They call it. You stay away from bad. No, so I was in gray with at all without it wow what a nicer with the rich wife, or so it was another tat I was really. I was really think about what else Allen Iverson was doing, but I will tell you: you want the greatest basketball players that we have ever witnessed with some of the quick his handles and some of the best most precise it movements ever yeah. I feel like a eyes one of those guys than if it became a long ten years later and twitter and like highlights were, were more
widespread. We depreciating even more not that we didn't appreciate him then, but, like you know, one James Hardened does something a slow mo and puts on twitter. You like holy shit, He'll, be I more o yet it definitely. They definitely do that man just to quit the may away. So he's, so quick, he was even saw. Breakin, quick and love. Good. Do good! Do give community law here hear a lot. You don't negative stuff about. May I a good either he's a good place for either good face. Put aside what area that I would definitely soda silver shoes, so you Adam, I mean, I guess was kind of public bridge CUP with ESA. Now afterwards you said that you know you weren't so happy with how it all ended. Have you reply for that at all, or you just did. I say I wasn't happy without almond did I saw
an article says: G, Pharaoh disarray live after fire. Yet and that's why I'm gonna? That's what I'm going to correct you right now. Ok, as those people that put out that article K watched, which is click bait, the young, the headline is click bait. I didn't say anything in that anything in that they lay all you know it was you was. It was you know I got this s death. I did not this anybody. What I said and I will say it again. I reiterate what I said at a certain point you can be put in a box for going one thing when you, when you might be more outlets it and you might not get a chance to show those other talents just because you ve already been tight, cast a point about Hollywood? Does that everybody does that's? They think they take what they think you,
and they try to perpetuate that, which you might not be that they might be so much more to add your life. Getting a chance to show those good? That's all I will say that's not what this year thus close to do, Lord knows, for happens to everyone, it s an l, two or lotta people it s. Now you you see this aim, characters over and over you you're that guy, I so we're gonna fix a headline. Falk variety you for saying that you were wrong. Exciting doesn't this and you do understand we have to get our click, send two so Jake. When you write up this interview for the blog put a fair Odin s is on part. My taken in the body will correct. It will make sure that people your wrist, list of the real reason I ask is because I was hoping that you were like yeah. It didn't end great and then you could get to be such a big star that you then go back to her.
And then you intentionally bomb just fucked him over our behind us cool, be cool How would I do that used to be like? Ah fuck, you guys have you absorbed. All we got all acknowledge. Seated, I can't see the latter's gets is all amidst another joke. So we weekly rugby taste. Yes, yes, so I too, that dream is dead, so we corrected it. What what was your who's? Your favorite personal work with it s now cast wiser or host? Was you both.
I cast wise. You know it was me Bobby Moynihan love him tearing Kilo Vanessa me a p work which are sometimes lud work with China in a lot of other players. Lemming everybody was dope to work with, but the people I was closer to an issue had to be poppy chair in ever NASA because I came in with that class year. Body else with everybody else was a newer arm. As far as the host I was eight rake, but he's not my number White Jerry Washington is my number one hosted Wordpress believing that episode are. We did you know that there was definite. Are we broke some some barriers in Brooklyn
regular? Is that episode in what is my girl say? I wrote TAT one that episode in it was. It was just she was and she was good. She, no sheep. Her timing was gray, I would say, carry why should then endangering the drawing up of those were or find a job? Growth was fine to me work where we came when the shop was arm I was just because there was a weird when you are when you started work in their new immediately obviously took over doing the Obama impressions from Fred Armistice was that we are being like hey. Why? Why have you been to well above impress? Well, can you say is we're? Can you say is we're when I was on a cast for two years, and I didn't, I didn't even get to play Obama until two thousand and twelve is Fred Army. It was still plan on the two thousand and ten o the juicy headline. Uk core chief era was mad at you can get to play Obama for two years now
It wasn't like. I said it wasn't that it wasn't we're because they took their time with it. And do what to me. You know on the show and rightfully so, legally Fred is it. Super towels, it talented, and you know it could have been anything for their are apprehension. It could have been, It could have been all he hasn't been. He has it been in front of the camera that much you could have been anything right, but I think I think things happen when they were supposed to happen. Now I tell you I wish I was able to have more freedom with the Obama character when I was on the show, because I just did that that that impression was something that day that they cannot locked down. Are you? You know there was no. There was no room for some room for kind of taking it and characterizes.
You know the up yet has added to court shock Obama back in two thousand and ten before Jordan key you Michael key. They came out with the anger, translator and I have brought it to ESA now and they didn't want it to day. They were light well, how is that different from the rock Obama and asset is mad differ from the rock Obama fires about Iraq's not lay about? Second of all, it will be just like it. If it is, your subconscious is brought sub. Kajiwara everything he can't say the rock Obama just fallen. People around is totally different, is not the same, and we never. We never got a chance.
Put that on the show and Key Peele came out with anger, translator and they got in the office. So I wish I was able to have more freedom with that character from the beginning to take it to where I wanted to take it, and you know- and maybe I couldn't articulate articulated well enough- I don't know It was twenty two men, the more remain. I gotta show what I was twenty two right. How does it work are? There are like you speaking outside the US now environment are their turf wars over like which impressions you can do and then like. If somebody else starts doing impression that you are known for you got beef with that guy, you mean you're talkin about all the show no, no. Outside of us now, just like a hominid anonymous look. There are a few people, I would even say a few people. There are some folks out there who view being an impression as
competition type thing like. Oh, I got a bfp, I got her. I got to compete with your man. I do this. Why you do it? I'm not that person. I don't give two shit if you do with Denzel Washington Impression or if you do a Katt Williams Depression or if you do what Jay Z impression his first of all. I know that I know that my skill set is so if it's so elevated that you're not going to be able to touch it. Second of all, even if you do one better than me, I still have like two hundred dollars ones. So it's not. I don't feel ownership to any of my impressions because I'm more the man I'm an actor, a comedian and a rapporteur who can do impressions and from that narrative from that aspect. In that regard, you as an hour this will not take any money away from me. If you do the same thing, because I have my fair
this, and I know my skill set on profit and I myself am a thin and there's no point for me to go back and forth with you unless were unless our own is the ground live in with my friends, are we just had a fight? If we go back over the precious good I've done that we ve done it, but there's no there's no animosity with it is not like you, you do keep made you do. Do you dare not at issue and for people back like that? Those people have probably still been in the same position for you here near what about. If someone comes along, it does a g Pharaoh impression doing Barack Obama impression. Now we got a problem. I mean S card impression it sets in so can be called a strip of land science. You referred at the wedding, a hope that happens what they about. There's somebody who is able to do an impression of me now,
there is already there yeah yeah, already people who do impressions of me doing impressive, and they have literally told me this you get, you can watch the video like, did they washed and does it say all right, ok to Amelia top? That is something that I took an exaggerated and now everybody forward in sales inflate is all right. Ok, my man, my inward and due to fake, stems from the blue rather like once when I didn't sell. I think I am doing oppression of you do not, I think about I D say Kemal Jake come our Jake that's just what I just over and over again, but I'm pretty sure that's based on your oppression of its definitely manage spot or to spot everything spot or from the left. Every year You know I just came up with a billion dollar idea by the way where you talk a second ago. You should do a problem, but ever
song- is you do in a different celebrities voice wrapping that saw already happening stare guy right, wait, so you did you get. Have you ever been like called out by someone who you magazine, Conny call you out his own wedding about impressions and call me. Can you called me on the phone personally, but what he did, the maid of America Festival back in two thousand and four it say and I had just then the MTV awards he got all stay calm barrel told him a guy's impression. He didn't do it. He called me up and he talk to me literally had a conversation about himself to himself and I sat there. How did you do the colony voice backdoor, because that would have an incredible hell? No
Into a kind was back to amass, issued people got method. I know how you gonna. Look, I'm not a person unless the person as needed due to you, president level, due regard your man, hey J, I got a sick impression, a you know, right now to know so. Can you call me to talk about also fifty minutes any what all I didn't. I was it, and then I saw em again at the ESA. Now for you he said our member heavy abuse which employ dash here, and it was me Michael J, and it was my Asia. Adam should have this year and we will sit near conversing with colleagues in all too many, since, at a conversation he breaks off it just goes. Ok make him are gonna. Go for good. I got out
Well, well, you know out. Well, you know care must seen her for you up. There was no ill. It was so weird and obscure by people like that matter. In all you know, cause you got carriers got a couple of of mental disorders, mean team as folk about this. I'm not joking about this. I'm just saying you just have to be careful with how with how you talk to folks who were not stable. Sometimes I don't know. What's data mining within yeah, I was listening, so I was it. I wasn't. No all let me do an impression that meet. Let me make jobs that wasn't even that, because I was surprised he was called me in a perfectly right. You know how I got one number
and out at did it and then the produces ass, an l told me they gave him a number of thy all arrive. Well, I know I know not to give certain people my address. Yes, yes, I had one last us in our question. It was maybe the most reliable moment of your s in EL career and it wasn't a sketch. It was at the end of the show when Scarlett Johansson ruined the may, whether patchy our fight for you and you visibly. I assume you hadn't dvr and you were like what the fuck like. I was saving that forever. Is that what it was? You were saving it. What happened during that time? What was it yeah she I I
Did I not know? Why will she goes? She goes up and she's at the end. She's like I thank you. Everyone and she's like an and congratulations avoid, may whether who apparently one and you're just like all far Are you serious and you like visibly- I remember I remember that moment in our members. Seeing it back at our member whisk Khalifa would involve, has on its face like Macaulay Culkin in home alone, two yeah, I remember, being frustrated I don't know if I was frustrated because I put money on it and I lost. If I was frustrated that that now I knew the outcome of what I was going to watch afterwards, but any either way Scarlett Johansson, it ruin the moment, and I didn't want to know it, and I think that's why I was pissed off. I think I think I didn't want to know if she said it- and I was just like God,
yeah or in the money probably to somebody- does a mess. Something for her to do, though, like just minutes, the fighting, yes, she's on live tv, you gotta, have more self awareness in the ear? For somebody who does a watch, somebody who does the watchword same proudly isn't in that world. It doesn't matter. Do I mean you? If somebody told me the results of the Tyson Fight with Roy Jones John. You therefore lay are you? Are you all right? Don't got knocker, perhaps MR yeah, if I've been watching, you observe yeah, I'm fine. I could not put somebody who probably what is I don't know what Scarlett Johansson Watch was she doesn't look. She looked so she wants you to you on Netflix, yes jealous. I wanted. I can't get mad at somebody who don't know who's, not a fan, injures industries.
It seemed like a little Kay passing gas in front of you hold it. What sheets to govern the ages lose your grandfather should not himself he's got a week s cheek Peter, do anything you need to do The way you do, yellow that everyone? That's not my dad is obsessed with that watch commercial so like. If I call him he'll pick up the phone, but I don't tell me what happened in this game or that that game like he'll, say that, before I could say, say anything because he's yeah shit dvr for weeks at an event like you know, like he's watching shit a week ago, because you want to watch commercial, see need to start doing that just walking around being like, don't tell me what happened by the way the Thyssen, the Thyssen fight. I can tell you right now: I'm response for you, it's gonna sock and we're all gonna pay. We too much money to watch to old, dude,
go around the ring and throw jobs at each other. A is logged. Somebody give as long as somebody gives not bow and I'm not as pissed off as I was when I was watching animal Greco, verses may web omby Friggin far gear. That to me was like it would have been more answers. Watch Imploid may, when the fight a dictionary and fighting and fighting Connemara? Well, so the Good NEWS about that fight for us personally, as we both were there and when we walked, the stadium being fucking idiots, we're walking in, and the beer guy outside, who was clearly like trying to just get idiots like us to buy more beer. Sir saying last call as we're walking in so we just but a shocking and got so fucking drunk that the fight was awesome for us and then the next they were like we were in Vegas. There is no
fucking lasted seven p M in LAS Vegas Ribeiro stuck up of wage rates up so much for the fight. We thought it was the greatest fight ever and the next day I was like deathlike socked, like nothing, really
tat right where we thought it was. I was there to all count up. I was there was a moment that happen air outside made me a mortal to my father. I was sitting in about six rose from how six rose from the rain right since rose from the rain Lebron James Water, Lebron James, is biggest forty, six eight. You can't miss. Rightly literally, if you dollar, if you thought about that Lebron James, you miss, you have some raw. Would you you don't say, he's a big though he was then I'll. He comes to me. He says he goes with subjects he walks away. My dad was like this
It was like a broad saved is taught you. I was a young man. I know it was right over here. So we have. The same thing happen us we're sitting next to bury pepper in front a very big brother, Perry, pepper. We couldn't remembers name, so we pull turned round. Dude? Nobody killed all the Nazis and he's like me up like oak. The core dost thou. It's the same thing and you it's all you bronze in you bronze. Do you bronze just not back cap from that Also you all our world all ended. You take it. That was like the ticket, I think, was like a hundred dollars itself in holograms gray, it on it and but there s one! I felt for night I saw your Wikipedia page that, like a list like all the impressions and shit that you do, but there was one struck, sound, think I've ever heard it you do a stone, cold divorced impression. Oh yeah, that's themes, I give you a very fun impression and do just like.
Randomly, not even like four people, but just like four friends, just to get a crowd, go just get a room like em up and energize, Jimmy me, a hell, give me a year. You set up, appeared drank some style, cold, stunner don't
good. I was such a wrestling ban. When I was a kid I used to reopen, it was stole call. It was the wrong now the rock was one who stole call the rock and privilege. When I tell you re amount of trends are taught to be wrong. People it was it was. It will blow you, for. I told my deacon in church to nose role is shut. His mouth and I was gonna, take the Bible has sat ways and shove it up his candy, I'm out he told my parents. I said ass. Well, I said yeah arms. Guess it's the same thing. You talk about tat, get a Bible turn a star ways, a shove it up. Some added the chance. You guys, I guess mean, watches smack now for the rest of the year, was a good condition. It that's what I've got
model, but that's my television out of my room and I couldn't want snack there for you and mind you we didn't have cable. I thought I was only said: aren't you watch it Mamma to death, rubbish dump case? That's your boss related moment because were on the same age and I've conservatively estimated that there was a stretch there, probably for my ninety seven, two hundred and ninety nine, that I stone Cold stone like every single person than I encountered straight like that It was like an issue like you. Just keep stoning people for no real. Ninety percent of my friends have been suspended for DE axing apprenti. Here I was just wondering like seventh and eighth grade you're, just like no idea Axiom was, I mean socket, secondly, of dioxin and, like you, don't you think that far in advance, but principles principles did not like doubly dummy.
It's I actually is. Probably though, like our generation, there should be a study about like the attitude error on like nine to thirteen year olds in that time frame and how we probably all have a great sense of humour. Could we go around telling each other to suck each other's cock? Do you know how many times I have read the mother? Let me use the three leave me. I gotta get back with ready the wrong person they when they want to claim. We made the we now, but we really some prolific faults and when I tell you what I'll do what I tell you every day we get on port services sector. We we greedy people on the only example up. It's all so, I'm surprised adding even more
when I was encouraged to really out of people. We will miss. Baker aim is data coming You bet I didn't Bronco buster on somebody. My freshman year of Football is like during today's. My coach has had some questions because it in writing Why stubby Debbie's that you know what they were elected to wipe my ass. She is so good god damn it is so good J I had so everyone's gonna go watch Jays got a million movies Roy. What is making movies right now? Two minutes of fame out all right now, if they were all right now bad here come around October Twitter. I had one last question. Its zip recruiter question go right. Now: supercool takes carriers protruding earlier recruiting right now you can try zip recruited for free, zip recruited outcome. Slash take I so we ve had Kevin hard on the show. I have a. I brought up something to him that he denies, but I know it
real, because I think I saw a clip there is deleted. Seen in one, this movies, where he had the line. I just farther out of my heart. Okay, I number it because I remember watching it being like this. Is the fucking dumbest but ponies line ever? Can you just please for me just do the cabin aren't pressure say I just far out my heart. He screamed it. Listen, listen! Thank you. First of all, first of all Just now That's all I needed, because now I get this guy, no it's here and here we got to play it might make that my ringtone, even if they have ring tones anymore. You do echoed this true. I had one lesson because one of the funniest things to wash and you talk about grow up in the eastern part of of southeast and Virginia with all the rich white guys right. So watching watching Dave, Chapelle Richard prior and us
they'll, probably Eddie Murphy. Those were the three guys I think, do the very funniest corny white dude voice impressions between those three who, who do you think is number one she's I have always said. I was they now just because he just because he still doing it, I would say, is between Eddie Murphy and Dave's apparel, but Dave Chapelle. He wears guess he's acting with Eddie Murphy was actively to withstand a right. Now I would say his eye you, son of a bitch, but Patsy and question the person who had the best Y got boys. Is me mother, Father. I have too many boy says I can do John, my lady, I'm a loving it.
I had it listen. I have the brass white cowboys and I'm gonna take the corral. Imago expects a kid. You alone that such an easy way to make me laugh at the time I hear that is just so fuckin phone. Yes, absolutely absolutely will change. Has been awesome men. We really appreciate it ever go. Watch chain do movies. You said you're, the only one who's making movie, so you got it you're going to just get everyone to watch it, which is to be great. I'm actually DIS is now perfect for me, because I've been looking for something to watch, so I'm definitely going to check out two minutes of fame this weekend, but thank you ma'am. We really appreciate it. Thanks for having me or I will cut the part where you said you hate SNL, Lorne Michaels. I what I say I man thanks so much
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Wanna Champions League with Real Madrid then left just saying so messy one achieve easily with Barca. I just saw Christian are when all those trending trending and now the first, which I saw that he wanted he wanted championship and then bowed is that good or bad? I don't know, I see a lot of means that this guy said how Crescendo F, really driven. It's him, you know, go not on top, is how messy the Barcelona summit, and I haven't you, everything, listen, barn, christian or not only real Madrid is allowing and he'd champion with a little crusher another shrug yea problem. They probably all piquets it. He kicked piquets you like aura headers from the six year. Why can't you find out how many Missus Crawley got like of billion at the he's, got a bunch of everything, except she s got a billion of those of those champions, leagues right how fast you think in Emma, lest he could win the Emma last, whereas the images cup, if messy, was either to just adding messy
today's. Yet you belong to seize and, lastly, the analogy ACT now and then their starting. We had in September a week tops he's, got four Champions league titles suck on that. I don't know how many Miss Eyre Rinaldo has. I pray walked into it, thereby don't care but probably have those are Gareth bills. Yeah true exactly so for and then he's got six Copa Del raise dismiss dismal ranald. Have any of those. I don't think so. Ten our legal titles. I keep going Jack, you gonna Wanna club record. Thirty, three trophies he's got six european golden shoes, how many economy, how many islands only is only ever his taxes, be she asked after more than Rinaldo, is better achieving. He got away with cheating on taxes for longer than Rinaldo. It's so Rinaldo has one two three four golden boot he's. An messy has one two: three,
five, six count. The booty thought the least bit soccer dicks Rinaldo, you bitch. He would even like a killed for this are not an accident, provides a crazy can you imagine how many golden boots them ass? He would have if he was Rinaldo size Rinaldo. Probably they have one. If I would have soccer anymore deafening, it would have been like you comes women's bass, while it would just be, is messy bad, for football has ruined the whole thing, now talking soccer Billy, anything that we missed on your sheep. Before we get forget guys on checks, Christie, cream worker runs Dona through Glaser. Twenty five times creates monstrosity, woman, accidently
guys cat yellow. I that wasn't an accident tests are not ass. You pass on vat, that's a fetish! You just want a yellow cat. You wonder you want to eat your cat, like as a peep anonymous Joe Judge, mystery, raiders, reducing or from space it's one hundred fifteen. Seventy cycle just woke up red on schedule, so same thing keeps up. He had no fancy, half the she just no fans, that's a bummer! I call good. She doesn't checks as finish up shop, so they can be of tea honking. Your internal deafening, does new steroids my boyfriend's sister at the start of quarantine, got bored and decide to get to baby ducks. To take care of first few weeks are really small and cute, but now they're fully grown adult ducks. My boyfriend got the big swimming pools today. Them around and it's pretty nice. We do tat When one is a male and one is a female because of their different sounding quacks and their size when we toss them in the pool, the big dark will try to get one. We try to get on the back of the small duck and trotted mate, but at the same time the male hold the females had underwater to try and round it.
We first saw this. My boyfriend said to me this is what I'm gonna do to you. If you like it like that at first, I thought is kidding, but then he sent me a few pictures of large bathtubs and a question mark and accused her and see. If I want to come with him in the neighborhood poor, do you think he's being serious? Should I be concerned yeah, runaway, etc? far away in quickly are residency. Berwin do you have anything to say, paltry a tricky? I recently got some ship on and they do grow either. Chick stage and just don't kingship I don't know. There's a king. Shame situate ducks our very Raby animals. Oh oh yeah, corkscrew, penises yeah that fish there on their genitalia arms race against each other and evolution. Awhile males have coarser venuses through it says it gets its an arm. Residents of self, though begin as soon as your dick. It's too corkscrew can fuck anymore. That's what
while the male duchess piss off or if you look at as wiener duck. Vaginas are like maize's, because they're trying to like its arms race, literally between male vaginas and stuff, ok, that's its aren't. You know you know a lot about the animal Vaginas Billy only argument really cool really really cool with evolutionary survey, and you should be an option for animals. Exactly hey boys, especially taken Henry solve alone. Ass Hague in Laos cake after all, seen some. As cross her legs and some guys don't solve always presume guys who cross the legs of smaller packages and my just reading way too far into this or does not play factor in it to some guys find a comforting in some non
thanks? Well, I have a small, Dick and I do cross her legs Argus guilty charge over here. I think sometimes, if it can inches awesome across your legs and sometimes if I'm wearing shorts, I'll try to cross my leg. Sometimes I want to put our show. I also think it some it's a fat thing like sitting from sitting like this. It's just that it's like the fat show, whereas this it's like who knows he's got his need front of his fat. I fear you know I like half of being a guys just learning to do with the fact that your balls are always uncomfortable, no matter what I've never no one ever has good bolster. Oh, I disagree on that and I would much rather motherly internal I've had balls good balls days. They just kinda way. No, but you I can't leave you like in a pair of bass while shorts- and it's like you, know, eighty five, Greece, maybe your free bond, good Baldy, the only time I have a good want. A good balls showing for me is just if, if my balls make my dick
big at that particular time right but like when you, when you're, when it's like nice in warm out and your balls, have a nice size tomb in there just come hanging out. You don't hear in the bass while Schwartz, maybe a breeze, there's deftly good ball stays stuff at work, but does good bosses have flexibility? Have flexibility is what I think the reason why some people cross, like some, don't says it bad or I have bad hit extremely on cotton. Also. I have good yet flexible. Exactly nice. I have recently contracted Kova nineteen o one of my symptoms. I can't taste or to smell at all drinking coffee in Cuba, and I can't taste or set smiled at all. Would you say it is a good time for me to start eating water? ass. I have never even asked, but I like the perfect time though it what did the f, the CDC said: don't eat ass. If you have grown up, I can't remember what the guidelines were. I don't think they said. Dewey ass recall that being distributed. It would be the time to like out
If you can't taste or smell, I mean if your partner likes it than once. You're not was back you're fucked, just army shoe nice videos eat like a shit load, a glue near you can drink the nastiest stuff. Do people autonomous shoe nice enough, but dude taken prisoner? How does he do that in his, but his eyes were beautiful rose you, ICES Billy, you know you know Steve will do it is I know: she's nice once like a holding toilet paper, heeds everything. It's incredible that kid a kid yet. I think he presented to take you warrior, but he's also one of those guys like if you guys, who cares because been eating just random shit for like the it's not not. Who cares? I don't mean to Stanley in their child. My princess, I meant, if shoe nice dies no one here, but I wonder how he died if he really just point to find out that united I'd like ninety seven years old, Polina sleep now you just like each eaten wholly. He died at ninety seven years old, choking on tortilla chap he
That is the ultimate irony. I would I ate like seventy five quarters once I don't think, that's how you want to go anywhere cod shoe nice. We should do a deep dive on shoot. I sometimes we should have more. He must have been like the most popular kid at his element risk lunch tables. I just Google tuna issue nice, it's too Elmer Galoots that, yes, those are those of a low wondered. I stuck out. We should get em on. Should we get sued. I saw him dear shoelaces, chewed ice Umsuka read that the most recent shoe nice Eads three lights, rats shoot whose drinks rubbing alcohol. Yet this guy's, what unites, eats, stuffed bunnies ears. She writes hits a bar of Twelve soap almost losing that dangerous. It says not ass your eyes when she has nine times like rescued, I swallows his ear buds,
since it is. One of our budget is any just left the sound answer, but I just thought: I'd lose you yeah, and then you have to hear him shipping it. Oh my god shoe nice we'd go, did good, see out there doing our that's one trillion. My boyfriend address up the you guys for Halloween, but he refuses to be big hat on fifty. Our dog is the great week. Then why. Why is this united? show any is never spoken poorly if anyone except Billy sometimes return address as Billy Spinnaker cousins dressed up as May. I know this may put a pillow underneath and slap on a mustache here. Just do it boyfriend socks while Thou take sucks. I think I think she picked. You said Billy. Sometimes I don't know. Maybe maybe he doesn't want dress up like me, because he knows that if you just like me in any fox p of tee Thou ruin the pot cast for ever disagree. I would fuck me
If you guys, what listen do you know how in the park ass better this way to go Buffalo Bill Hole which for me for me these people, if you would like you, can sign up for our main parties, only fans and will make it not word for you. Let me guess: Billy every closing, Carthorse someone asked for a pull the other day like how many people turn this off turnoff Billy schools and thoughts. He said his legs. I absolutely do out of principle. I really think we start doing it's. The easiest thing in the world is handling wanting to talk. Could you imagine being like hey twenty one year old, you have the ability to talk on the biggest sports podcast.
Out there and then he's like a lot of pressure. I don't feel like it would have been a sewage and florentine do. I know you do for you again address the jackpot. Fifteen hundred dollars dollar to play Warsaw or you could judge agriculture. Let me guess we get Jake, I'm like today,
my sport.
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