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Jeff Fisher, Drew Brees Breaks Another Record + Guys on Chicks

2019-12-17 | 🔗

Drew Brees record breaking season is back. MNF is all about Drew Brees and we talk about his career being exceptional while also weird. Booger gave us that MNF telestrator Dong and the Lions are going status quo. (2:35-18:37) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (18:38-30:08) Coach Jeff Fisher joins us in studio to talk about his life without football, fishing in Montana and chasing Bears, thoughts on social media and why he would love to get back in the game. (32:06-1:18:56) Segments include this league, (1:22:32-1:25:40) PR 101 for our guy Jon Rothstein, (1:25:41-1:30:08) way to stay relevant baseball, (1:30:09-1:31:52) and guys on chicksĀ (1:32:53-1:40:32)

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