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Jeff Garcia And Bachelorette Winner Shawn Booth For Guys On Chicks

2017-12-12 | 🔗

Holiday cheer is here and we're pumped about all the NFL Playoff scenarios. Hot Seat/Cool Throne with some Rough and Rowdy talk, RGIII is a misery consultant and Star Wars hype(12:54-23:11). Former NFL starting Quarterback Jeff Garcia joins the show to talk about the Eagles without Carson Wentz, what TO was like as a teammate, how a backup can win over a locker room, and the debut of the Jeff Garcia should be in the Hall of Fame movement(23:19-52:58). Segments include PR 101 for NFL Network(55:31-58:45), Is Tom Brady Full Of shit?(58:51-1:00:34) Trump/NASA Update(1:00:39-1:03:53), and Respect The Biz Derek Jeter(1:03:58-1:06:58). Bachelorette winner Shawn Booth joins the show for a special Guys on Chicks and some behind the scenes talk about reality television and how to be an alpha in a house full of 25 dudes(1:06:59-1:17:52).

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