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Jerry O'Connell, Baseball Is Back, Mt Rushmore Of PLL Names

2020-07-24 | 🔗
Sports are back and then they weren't. Fauci's first pitch was so bad it was good. Mark Davis has found nirvana in a PF Chang's (2:06 - 10:21). Fyre Fest of the week Amazon shipping and getting pre-mad that we'll all buy into the Tyson/Roy Jones Jr hype (10:21 - 27:28). Jerry O'Connell joins the show to talk about Fantasy Football, his new jaguar, movies, and playing the fat kid in Stand By Me (27:28 - 65:56). Segments include Naming Teams the Washington Football team and the Seattle Krakken, Talking Soccer, and the Mt Rushmore of PLL names in honor of Lacrosse coming back this weekend.
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On today's part of my takes sports are back sort of. We got a rain delay in the gnats Yankees game. Ah, we have Jerry O Connell on the show. One of our favorite recurring, guess always a good time We have, let's see fireplace the weak, yes amount, more of p, L, L, lacrosse gate names, awesome out, Rushmore P allows coming back on Saturday and Sunday. What else do we have? Oh baseball changed all the rules right before the first pitch. We have it all, and it's all brought to you by our friends at the cash app pardon. My take is brought to you by the cash
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Why not I thought I heard my team peseta stools. Wasn't part of my take pride hash, YAP pro downloader rate partially he turned out ten dollars the S peace yea today. Is fry yea July twice de born for does matter. Sports back sports are back big time. Opening night tonight. My dad did not trick me into going to gave in and psyche out, but I did get site out. By the weather the weather is psyched us out. The nets are officially Owen, one starting we did. It was
right. Yes, it was online or get a went a when five. Five and a half full inning salami ass, your question p of tee the biggest story outside of doktor fancies. First pitch woof garbage, but you know what let's take sightless sidebar walked down this conversation. I actually think first pitches, either be terrible or being credible. I dont think doktor proud. She had incredible in him. Might will just go terrible so, like you're in the middle yeah. No one remember he shot put it. That was a mistake. He had bad form, but I'm almost good how bad it is you're, throwing out first pitch. You just have to get it inside the home plate circle, the dirt part around who play a matter about the batteries box. I'm talking about just that is probably what like fifteen feet. Yes, seventeen fee would just role in their if in, if you bounce it, that's fine, I guess
older guy? What does he like? Seventy five basic aid knowingly ass. It would actually be concerning to me if doktor proud, you were not there improved one like ninety miles. Now, Yes right down, the pipe out would be like. I don't. I don't So if I want this guy leading my response to infectious disease, I so I tweeted out that a ground hogs day joke to it because of the bad, throw it six more months of kroner virus, and then My measures just became a debate about masks that was foreign yeah. That's it a fortnight do actually, thank God. The Iphone is playing tricks on us because it overheated- and I just through in a Fuckin EAST river- has done for the night. I little too spicy now in a six sick way. It was kind of nice to have my first bad beat of the year. Yeah because I missed, I miss missing onto a gambler got so I had I had three back tonight: Aaron Judge to get a ground out or pop finest second bat withdrawn that I, add the over and that's what fucked me. The rain
grain fucked me. I might actually. I said that I was going to I was gonna to Satanism if they didn't play this because I was land core accrual trick, God being played a double trick on media guess what will give you a game, but I'm also Give you bad beat, but then again in a way it just. It felt good to feel something. Yes and and what I was going to say start to show five, a dot five in five innings pitched figure call five innings pitched one hit one earned run. Just a home run. Pinstripes is a time I will say that I think the pinstripes of Israel's devalued a little bit because they ve got that Nike solution there. Now not here as it was. I think that this is a new era? This is pinstripes to point out. I also I saw you spearheaded article today, because Yegg events give very madam. We will mark the pinstripes. Then they are willingly. You know a great again debate
about it because they mean something. Yesterday I had a totally serious headline the power of pinstripes, how dare call bought into becoming Yankee here, cause he egg event for his entire life. So here he is now got his pinstripes. Officially given by me now. I can't take them away, but I had given him feels like it's a little early to primitive, extraordinary that life again, five innings pitched one earned wrong one head, so complete game, complete game not shut out but close to it. Ass girls to shut out you can get. So, let's embrace debate on the aspect of the empty stadiums, because the dodgers stating they had to cut out behind home plate in DC, which is empty seats behind their. I like the idea that cutouts, mostly because twenty four aligned dry foul ball to take one of the heads off the cut out. Yes, that's gonna be cool moment. What happens for the first? Yes, inevitably, not that's why we need that's, why they actually
to take away the nets right yeah just so, you can just target practice, Nunez Habit. Why? Why not you're, not all everyone how dangerous it would be without net now's your chance of all the nets? I would be fun art, so baseball's back. We had our first result, for I think, forbidding day, every teams playing tomorrow I still in our cinema. The cubs are playing a night game at Wrigley when they should use playing the Evans report in the afternoon, maybe spaced out all the time you should give it give back to us the way the hockey's do they they ever schedule right, where it's just like yours had done her couch for twelve hours, and then it can be hockey on the whole time. It's like the incident lieutenant all the time we missed those. What eight waves, probably eight days, words like back to back to back back aims right right. We missed that part of our sports life this year, give it back to us in the form of baseball,
hockey and India yes and then so the oil or store we had before we get to a fire fast. Is our future good friend ah marked Avis when commenting about what he does when he's hurt, so it was in context. Marked Davis was hurt when the NFL chose the rams and chargers over the raiders to move to allay briefly he said. I have lost games before. That's how I live my life. You lose on Sunday, you're pissed, you go to pay. If change on Monday have lunch and then you're onto the next week, Diego boom keep a move, just keep moving. Is he? Let me see Buddha get a rebound game. Yes, some people choose to go over things by meditating under a tree for seven days. Some people, like champagne, choose to get over things by game planning for a game that there
gonna play Mark Davis just chooses to go, have a sensible lunch at an affordable price. Yes, I ah, I think, marked Avis. Also, I would love to talk to him. I mean my dream. Interview at this point is to interview marked AMOS Adipose change like just put the microphone on the table and not let it right. You know I mean I don't do any actual question just let it rightly catnip night. It's basically like our planet, earth when they go to like the Amazon yeah they finally of the toad that no one has ever seen before. This would be finding marked Davis's natural habitat of Pierre checks and just watching it be wonderful to do. I would change my name instead appear feather. Bp have changed commenter. Yes said, I would change it to sorry. Chris collars worth daddy's Ebby, wonderful. Just sitting down my don't even more talk sports and we'll talk raiders. No, I just want em to guide us through the menu like Larry Tour, guided at Disneyworld and where those boats that take down the river did it gives a postcard
I think I think he has the whatever nine ten Mongolia Beef get one for whatever the equivalent of the pay of change Black Carter's He might have made it himself, but he has won the unease, Only has a waiter and waitress that he just like he's like now now like big. These are my people. Just wings baby here marked Avis Wha. What an interesting interesting! How often do you think he gets his haircut I he seems like a guy that doesn't once a week same the same barber well. So I learn like himself. Every morning I was on TV in Pittsburgh this morning, which we all three weeks we love those guys. I care member think it might have been Randy said that he might get his hair cut at pee of checks, which were kind of explain at night like he changed some banks and aegis goes there any gets his hair cut and that's why so bad guys are like Mr Davis, you know we don't cut hairs. Like now cut my hair, it's other forced, like some, some guy from the back of the kitchen.
Forced to come out and cut his hair, and he just he just won't. Take no for an answer is I know this is my lunch and barbershop. I would like you it's one of those giant knives at these negating the just a slice of us three learning, what we don't I really got to do is shut up my head. That's also probably the only time the week that he can eat well, not being afraid of spilling something over his white tracks. It open like little apron in front of him while gets his hair cut, and he can t well is yes so marked Davis, what a gem ok be, when we get to fireplace week one less about announcement next week next week,
a great weak we're doing a little bit differently this year. It is obviously we can't travel anywhere. No places would have us as it, regardless of Judea hours. They just don't want to do you don't want smelly bodies so yeah, it's gonna be a little different Magritte week. Next week is going to be in task. We have actually an unbelievable interview already lined up for Monday and then on Wednesday night. I'm so sorry about five o clock. What will let you know the exact time from Wednesday around five o clock to Thursday at five o clock? Part of my take is going to do it. Twenty four hour. Twitch stream, the gritty, a stream you ve ever seen, we're not gonna get off. We have a treadmill coming, we have games. I think fifty you're gonna do a beer every now and then try to drink beer every hour. You too hot dog every hour, is an outrage that money for charity to raise money for such children's hospital. It's going to be awesome. What's greedier, then just stay up with your browse for twenty four hours and getting Lupi is fuck and then at the end of it,
we'll take Thursday Shell, and that will be a very interests very interest, and so we times it out so that we're going to end the grit weak stream right when basketball start right. Little games are at first that sound like a great idea: but to me, but then I realized, I'm gonna have to watch basketball game. At the end, it there's no chances really we're. Just gonna fall asleep tat during the games. That's final gilolo tasted, tony corners, your life and find out about it tomorrow morning, the paper, but it's gonna be fun. Like to get a little like I that from that show twenty four I'd like to get a little ticker in that style
in the bottom of the screen, yeah, you know exactly how much time has passed. Maybe we can save the president, something it's gotta be great, so get excited twenty four hour stream coming on Wednesday night, starting around five o clock. Like I said we get a bunch of things planned, guess everything were and get some shit trending on twitter. We have a lot of things planned, so get excited grit weak coming next week. Ok before we get to our fire, fest of the weak bows is back after coming on his spots of our NFL draft covers there now a partner of the party might take podcast. They helped us all up with these awesome bows. Seven hundred headphones oppose headphones. Seven hundred are perfect for when it's time to joy, music, work from home or listener favour podcast part. My take these fat headphones. Have eleven levels of noise cancellation, signature active each! You unimpressive base response whether your listening at low volumes are really want. Turn up. Your music sounds just as it should any here, all your podcast. Clearly I love these are both headphones. I feel I too pillows under ear
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fifty on. If this is why it is a smart had, he says, you're getting ahead of it and your saying oh yeah, the thing I ordered today. Well, it turns out of something that could be inside because of Koran, also in defence of you, corona viruses, better thing for like only four months. So you definitely, the upcoming. Well, that's my point my firefox is dad is my I've. I failed to think about the fact that Kroner are still going on in shipping was gonna be, wait and all that stuff. You ain't really is in its presentation thing, that's just great shipping. I remember when I fires asses myself yeah. I remember when I first really shipping was late for coat of arms. I was writing. My dinosaur rose. I mean you don't sit here and act like future cat. Doesn't do this up, all tie. Listen I do it put arm like March, was when we're like fuck evidence here, take a month to get here, I'm ok. What sort of items did you purchase that are being delayed by shipping is like toilet paper, gutter tunnel, the paperless? Sorry, it's our until December aluminum. It's out we're out.
Removing overwrought normal tragedy that you think you are. I would you get her, don't worry about it, we'll bleep it out a garrison. I got Gunnar some hair styles March. I got it. I'm not gonna, given away on the show. Ok, as some cash, I do not get a car. I could get her cash or giving you could also just cash or cash opera. That's zero seconds of shipping. That's true But so yeah, I'm I'm I'm just a little nervous, I'm hoping today Friday that everything shows up, but I'm nervous matching here, looking out of the dog, You ordered it a long time ago. Listen Hank, I'm gonna, give you a little Tipp. Now that you are a dog father anytime, there is any fight or issue at home. You can just like living dogs, acute start rate, great way to defuse syndrome, you should know you should do you suggest I bow around Normie yeah you like happy birthday, that's heavy mad! If that, no matter what all you should get a dog sure rugged dog sure said the dog ate it.
The dog yeah yeah. I know you should hit upon our teacher guy and get a shirt for Normie. That says, I have the best moment world boom, someone he'll get that's u on Saturday. There you go over that's problems, are both were according this after the gnats games. So I dont know if there's gonna be my far faster. Not if the Gnat scheme is delayed. My firefox is literally afore. That's got festival, yeah we're according this after nor corners right now, according ass before nice game. So we don't know we don't know, but my firefox would be literally a fire fast if it gets delayed, because I said that I converter Satanism, if God spites me in spite of us for our patience during corona, doesn't it night, so you gotta you gotta job waiting for your wafer. I feel like get there. You know- and I feel like being in hell if I'm gonna be a Satanist, that's gonna be great, like you'd, rather be scenes right hand
guy them. You gotta get punished written some spends only myself in that already I dont know what converting to Satanism entails, but I'm shirts, Niger, I'm getting its aware day and online ere, I have to buy cabinet on wafer they're gonna, win common Ellen Supervision is well done already. Super duper french Tom Hanks movies. Near yes invites you typewriters, but my my other far fetched the week. My real one is that my neighbour came up and rang on my door last night, so I was cooking dinner. She buzz my door, very nervous? To talk to me- and I didn't know why she was so nervous- and she said you keep a very late night as you will know it, I'm usually in bed between eleven and one every night. I've actually get this whoop app. That tells me when I go to sleep, Nice though I know that I'm not that like three or four more issues like no three or four in the morning I hear pounding every night on my bedroom ceiling in your bedroom. There's you're making. Got a noise at night and yeah. Well, I'm dumb
I didn't realize that she was saying you need to stop fucking at three o clock in the morning, when I told her was Leroy. Just you surround heavily. I thought maybe that's what the issue was. I figured out what it was like. In his old age- sort a kick violently in his sleep, yeah and winning kicks. He does a realize, was kicking in these knocked over night stands. He kicks the bed sometimes, and so she thought TAT. She was coming up taken from you about my fucking. I should we'll do that and been IKEA. You know what I'm having a lot of sex late at night, sir I'll try to tone it down the future, but I'm dumb- and I do so it was nearly walked. Rapid bottom line is now we really can be king, in the middle of the night, in my name, who's? Gonna, think that I'm fucking and I say we Rigel yeah things. We were no because even after I set out to her she was like nods. It's not dog walking round is not somebody walking round its banging its bang icicle, it's gotta be lira working, but the thing is she's going to think that I'm fucking again, I'm not gonna be fucking. We know what fuck her if she wants
come on over three in the morning, yet doors always I'll see how does leave a tie hanging on my main apartment or sorry the dog he saw the dog is winds prince in the middle the night, but it sucks to be accused of fucking too loudly when you're done, sleep. I wish I wish I knew I was walking. I think that's a good thing because, like everyone's she's been going holy shit, this guy look at him. Oh yeah, early in the morning, look at this study wow this. Really this ramrod wanting to tie distant chapter yeah. I don't know I'd rather be fucking. If I'm really in trouble for fucking yet mean that there is some, there is definitely some truth in that, but I think you're kind of the bad ass in the building. Now it s so yeah she's she's, gonna watch. You know you know, watch out you're gonna three in the morning she had, but in truth it just my dog knocking over my knights and death, which she should you should shoulder
you're sure even like you want to see a video of him kicking. Why didn't think that too? I don't know what you saw much right. Maybe my dog working right right. In retrospect, the I should just answer the door with a video of leeward like up. Does this him here? Let me show you a video of what you're actually hearing should, but no no, my fire fast is MIKE. Tyson is back he's gonna, fight, Roy Jones, Junior and said Amber and yeah I'm going to get excited for this fight, I'm going to buy this white. I assume some paper view I would cheat Paul's. Fighting neat Robinson is our right. Yet underground who cares about that? I do MIKE Tyson. I don't I sat ass, beat jailer was fuckin beast, it all seemed it beat up and robs ideological isabel, who is the unanimous in all? He was a house. Oh hi, oh brother. What is older brother yeah wasn't as well now know. There's a random Jane gassed era. Do not Billy.
Hello sincerity of you. Don't worry! I'm in a family by this fight in my Thyssen is going Might as an regions are not going to want to knock each other out. Their argument can build a punch like day or unwanted knock, it other out in its very much similar to everything that happened at the end of my Thyssen's career, when I would, by every single paper view- and we, like- oh my god, just one punch and he's back to being MIKE Tyson and he's the ultimate. Oh, my gosh one punching you're out it's gonna suck sadder than the Camboss lays down a three thousand fight down. Was forty five thousand I respect authority. I guess he's Umsuka Gluck Luxor easier up. That's been upgrades, who I think it's ninety nine, the holy Shit that's C. Sugar got numbers. Riyadh ever noted that when I read this is gonna this good up. Without a suck and I'm going to get so excited for it I mean
folks. I think I think everybody is gonna watch my type of corridor, sir, because there is the possibility that one point one punch, one line lights out: yeah, I billy your fire fast. I got picked last in a competitive event. For the first time in my life it's really humbling, but it was video games and urges all. I know I know, but I'm sorry to care about video games lately and its car. Really fact terminology that your for that's probably never care about anything but yeah who pick you asked why talk stave? Oh, that's, Tough, that's tough! When the I won't be picked. Last picks you last. That's always rules are in the heart white socks Dave. As I have said many times before, he is a sum. A genius drain and his body where, like he, could be the best fortnight, Clerval time, just I don't know where, unlike what, how that up an end to be fair, I went on the dog walk last week and we did a draft and he had by far the worst draft, that of all of us so in a way him picking you last
in that he should thereafter he should a pic of written last. That means it really wasn't. White succeeds, picky was everyone else's than everyone else, petya. Ok, here's what you just change your number two! However many teams there are and that's all meetings passed on. Can I of course Billy? Would his arm was anyone else in this room in the draft? Yes, indeed, in pig, you know wow. So who was that no wait? Let me have you weren't in that, were you Jake was it you big guy, wasn't no. I wasn't mobility, but also during the day I barely someone semi nuclear balancing Billy expecting me to see this, but he was playing with his friends and he was like someone like all you know. He's got a lot better and those like on better than Hank. Now I never allow narrowing on their like any Sudan. Have you said that tomb and those like not to his face, and then someone sent me the Cliffs island? They really expect me to see it. So I can. I can. I was like an open that item. It was like that's there and then we destroyed esteem. So I made a decision. The exact quote was, I think, I'm getting close to the point where clips Hanks,
scale that others are waiting for that will put the club me, I think you're getting close, doesn't sound like something new. That was a way to measured for what the actual clip was of you. I did a moment when you don't think you're being videotaped. You actually really fucked out, I'm so much better than Hank. I've noticed recently hastened been holding a lotta grudges. How long do hold onto a typical grudge like that? it's all a grudge. I just you know it's a fire. I need fire, my body to keep it going so honestly, I welcome those type situations. Those like I know. Billy said that I want proven wrong. I did not pay if these has abandoned pink. Onawandah proved wrong. How he kills, like I said, do you should know about Amazon your mad at me about it. You can prove me wrong. Your shits gonna get there in time. Yes I just I know I know fuel and also my body in France. We are getting closer turkish right. Yes, we have zone. Are you can feel you can feel like that
aids in the moon. You can feel it ready for a little vague. What's your longest running, grudge, I've been so long. You ve held a grudge against strong milk chocolate milk I I'm in other bronze one that I'll never like I'll, never really get over, I'm shooting in the Easter converts funnels back in the day. I chocolate milk as out think about that the written word wool one of the future in the beginning. To show ok, ok our shadow. It pervert. I pray you serbian. Now they hold the grudges. Really. Is that true? Yes where'd, you learn that black hand. Why true good point supervened? Ok, he might be Who knows eared looks clause. I d vaccine would be immigration, I guess in fact I am. I learned how to hold a grudge at a very young age. I, let's get to our interview. We have one of our favorite
current guess: jury O Connell. He might if we did amount Rushmore right now, Stephen Hawking, but he seemed knockings dead. Oh yeah, we heard here, then you grudged him to death yeah you might even one Hank Congrats of General cause one of our favorite favour. Guess before we do, that lacrosse is back sports back, but this is definitely back. Watch the world's biggest lacrosse players battle for the title in the upcoming premier LE crossly championship Series, beginning on July, twenty fifth at four p m on NBC. That's this Sunday! Twenty total gains in two weeks. All on NBC Sports, an embassy, the water dogs are playing. Yes, let's go, our team is back. Sports are back across his back. The league. Seventeenth will compete enough thirteen team game, grew play format, determined, determine seeding for the following week. Single elimination, tournament grew play is July. Twenty fifth August. Second,
elimination is August. Second, through August night, that we get the championship game on August. Ninth water dogs are playing on July, twenty sixth for peace. NBC weight that someday right yeah right back on Saturday. Some when their bat went when, when the water dogs are officially back watered odds on Sunday. Four p M Nbc are the redwood woods verse the whip snakes on Saturday, four p M Nbc, so that's can be great. National television ah check it out, and also a little for shutting we're gonna. Do the amount rush or of p l, L player names after jury, o Connell, that's gonna be great, but the premier Lacrosse League is back. Our good friend, Paul Rebel is back, were very, very excited, so
Get ready. This weekend, p l, L, NBC Embassy sports. Let's fuckin, do it if you're in archers ATLAS, chaos, Chrome, redwoods or whip snakes Van fuck, you that's all. I got to say what Rob nails back to. First, I'm playing crossing year he's like the best tackling world these finally be able to play. How good addition to the ad Billy way to go he's playing for that's huge man, big combat on the atlas. Ok, everywhere we gotta, we ate the atlas. Toy ally were now yeah, Ok, we hate exciting. I! So, let's get your interview with Jerry COM, I was there I didn't do it, Jerry, O Connell, good friend of the programme, logical eyes, current guessed. What the fuck are you where Are you where? What are you doing worthwhile? I gotta tell you I'm currently bearing a the artist formerly
don't San Diego, currently LOS Angeles Football Team Jersey because of the disrespect, both you guys show to be formerly San, Diego charges, currently LOS Angeles chargers on an episode by episode bases its will It does not, and not necessarily true Jerry, because we of Philip Rivers. We love Danny, would head. We just we like to make fun of the fact that there are two fans in the stands: every single game. That's not true! For that Pittsburgh. Monday night game she's in the stands were packed, sure, that's true and they were waving. The tell the astronaut, yellow town of LOS Angeles, put it all charge: okay, so you're wearing a dna in Tomlinson Jersey which, by the way, that's a great Jersey nets, a great you're asking you for size is too big and I know I
The order it quickly. I paid a lot for shipping by the way. I'm really sorry about that. Any Barmouth list, I know what you pay for the really bad shipping. It hurts the environment the lot, but I did it to get your for my where my segment on your show. I wanted Joe Captain commenter, but out what a fan. I am you realize that this is a pod cast right and not a video is a television show yeah, but I thought. Maybe you will be as a topic that we could talk about Roger I now he s so I'd say you're. So we talked about the charger scenes holders on Tuesday nights and you got to Jersey it's Thursday, taking this year? Also, you sit on the whole of a car what's going on their work car. What? Where are you who this is an eighty six Jaguar, also in internet purchase that I made I didn't make it up story, my wife, my wife, sometimes drinks at night and my wife bondage
war on on Ebay. Now it's completely rusted doubt underneath it rarely starts on but thou. What does she she's a good right. I can't wait to pick you guys up at the airport when we're all out to travel at everything I always Travelin convertible, especially when I'm in allay I'm I'm impressed that your wife, when she gets drunkenness that goes on Amazon, I bought three break the shadow, has as a joke. When I was drunk the other night. I don't know what I'm gonna do with em. Your wife goes onto e benches again by this vintage Jaguar, convertible, that's one leg. Made a low bid, and it happened too to take
no, it was a conversation like when she woke up the next morning. She ok Jerry. I think I actually bought a car. I don't think the conversation actually occurred. Unto Obi notification aimed at her. Her bid was accept. Yeah, that's a rush. You won the bid, you won the bid for a Jaguar and then I think it was a go back in history and figure out what what actually happened sort of situation- that's unbelievable I'd. So Jerry is with us on this earth. Stewed where's, my car rats on on this is your. This is new Yorkers, This is not even eaters Eve. This is new year's day this sports years day. This is yes, day is we're back sports or backward fields. Are you guys going straight? Are you guys going straight to watching every single telecast over
baseball game. It's happened yesterday at last to sound like a lot but yeah, I'm you know so thankful to have any live sports back on television. I will watch what ever you put in front of me on that screen right. I I've been so drought, the last four or five months I still have no idea how I made it through you. You guys did figure out a way to make it entered. No, I mean, if not talking about Dark Xbox videogame aims that some of you play I mean about, are not the San Diego, formerly formerly San, Diego LOS Angeles chargers needs ticket holders which I should say, full disclosure. I was for a few years
and the Eagle charger season ticket all? Oh, do they call you by accident when they cancelled the tickets? Last week there like hey, ask I haven't had tickets for while, but we might as well, I M not since they moved to the new stadium. I was actually when I moved to LOS Angeles from the New York area. I wanted a team to root or less Angeles did not have a team. At that time. Ok, awhile, I would die. I would make the trip and drive down there. I actually would imagine the poor souls in the charge is taken, office then had to make those phone calls to clock in a full like eight hour day. They probably did go back in time and there like, while this guy had tickets like six years ago, let's give him a call so that at least we can stretches day out so that we can get fully pay again. Is you know I I I had kids out? How is it going cat? How is being daddy its awesome it suppressing ever and I'm
honestly. I think it's cliche. Most people are like. Oh, it's best thing ever, but I actually was thinking about that. This morning I was like it's fucking awesome, yeah, that's going to change when they a pandemic and your kids go to school and they stop go to school and that you're responsible for their school. Now, probably- and yes, I reckon that fully recognise that I am very lucky. I think that if you had a kid that have you ever a child, that's over the age of twenty five you're fine during the pandemic, and then, if you have a child like myself under the age of two, oh, where he doesn't have any fuckin clue. What's goin on we're, gonna tell him some day that he survived the pandemic in New York City and he's got what the hell is that I definitely lucky I feel for anyone who asked you are home school. You're a cop commenter. I would. I would love it if you could maybe help out with some home schooling, Wurzel rumour something with the kids may be mere broadcasting class, or some armies each class. It would be nice to be not the shortest person and room, sometimes so
oh yeah now, as I have already talked so good stock yeah I've actually stood next, you I'm a pretty tough guy. I don't remember you not being tall I'm like five and nine and a half five turn on a good day. Some would say five eleven we Jerry. Actually do this. What are you kids, a class? Well, why don't you? Why? Don't you make it like a look of communications, course for something they can? We swear non? happy to do it, but yeah beget brings up a good point. What's the profanity level like what are what's acceptable, can we go damn Helen? Ask those are all generic profanity? Let me try and give a good example of of profanity. My kids are like member those John Hume Movies, where there were a couple of bombs dropped in a couple of best. Bombs dropped. That's about the level.
But my kids profanity. You know like a pity. Thirteen, like we gills allergies, you thirteen, we do watch the Chapelle show. Oh, I mean Chapelle cursed. Quite a bit, no shows the girl cable profanity. I think I mean I'm ok with it, which funding? Will you let your kids watch stand by me? they couldn't really get through it for those listening. I was instead by me. It's not. You know these. Kids, I know you guys are big the tik Tok. These kids are their tik Tok. That just is doing the sexy dances and stop You know like long form and by means of eighty minute movie about seventeen. Minutes to long for my children now now one other thing before we teaches class are you? Would you consider it? We are kids ray
new Yorker allay. My kids are being raised in a suburb of LOS Angeles, called calabash, it's ok! Now I am now I'm scared of them their core than us. Forget it, there is a little buckle fry with my children like they do, and obviously we can't we have to encourage children to be the best they can be. But when I do here that Bogle fry- I punish them as you should now, what sort of which are balanced sports today Excel at. Are they already on skateboards they surfing? No, I know. Last time I came on the show all recall the story really quickly, because we were talking about cats kid in like getting cats kid in not involved in sports, my children, I put them in a soccer camp and dumb after the first,
past. The coach called me and said: hey, Mr Connell. This is coach, you MA am I'm your kids soccer culture would all yeah, and I said for second and in my head I thought this is it. This is the call that all parents of start. This is the called a tiger. Woods is dad, got real woods got where it's like listen. I need to work with your son he's got it whatever. It is. He's got it, I mean, there's really no limit to how far he can go, but it's going to be a big dedication to have to drive into tournaments. You have to really you have to be as much a part of this commitment as your child, and I was thinking you know, I've daughters. I was thinking you know the the? U S women's soccer team. You know I was thinking the skies the limit and the coach said. Your daughter shows no interest whatsoever in playing.
And we got a little bad taking your money. I don't think she should be rolled in this class, I became more angry and I said I pay you to watch her for three hours a week. That's what your job is gonna to. I want to hear from you again just make sure alive. When I pick her up well how about this year, why don't we teach them a class on broadcasting? We can teach them how to podcast and will help them develop their own podcast where they just sit. They watch a jury com, movie. And then they do I cast about it afterwards. They talk about their dead. Ok, we'll people be interested in a podcast about my children, watching movies. I've been it. I mean. I know I'm here, pushing promoting the secret there to dream and amazing film that's coming out on it. On demand next Friday, but, like our people really going to list, I think you'd would listen to your daughter's roasting. You yeah right. It's done. They would actually
watch stand by me in there be like wowed dad dad used to have a few pounds around the always spanned back in the day. Tat would be funny people. Listen to that. You know I see because I play the Husky get it stand by me. You're saying I was a little help of Europe. We would like it if you re watch it. I wasn't that guy, wasn't that You had a dad. Why that was you ve got? You haven't had last seen baby, it's that drug! That's that's not! That's! That's! That's rude! What you're calling me I was, I was be kid I mean, I'm sure you see, kids on the strader, whatever you're like arts and thick that's help me get what I want I was not that what you're saying is is the little rude to be honest, Yogurt, Eureka glaringly healthy there, you and me I pray you we observe Musingly would be lost Angeles charges for Papa S, working
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And no one should take my advice because I'd lose consistence, Lulli you'll. Never remember my my virgin time. Would you captain commenter on your show? I talked about how I only draft rounds players on my team and I have only been to the airport in Cleveland. I have no affiliation with Cleveland whatsoever it just because last the last time I won fantasy football. I had Braille and Edwards and Derek Anderson as one to punch, and I and I won that season. So now I have to have a minimum three browns, unlike vanishing football team, every season I have not one since that season, I did make a play off this year. It was out of sixteen teams are fourteen team.
Lay off. I snuck in the fourteenth losing the first who found badly boat, but never once it had had a by. So I had to play the number two said he would be pretty good, but TAT asked in Ecuador about huge fan of drafting at least one cent charger running back, the LOS Angeles teams are running back on my fantasy. Do I like it, so you haven't ever done any scouting for this upcoming season. I you know it's a little bit wasteful, because you know I like to also draft people who I I like on hard knocks who actually make the team the hard knocks as audio yet so you have to either be a Brown, a San, Diego football team now currently LOS Angeles football team running back or some sort of second stringer
hard knocks for me to draft. You are my team. While that's proverb is issued the charges in the rams on hard not now you're gonna have a deep draft bored. I do not draft any rams. I have a plan. With drafting rams. I dont know why it's a weird so weird thing that I have you right here. Mrs strategies is honestly the most interesting fantasy strategy of any one of ever collar, because it's really it's nothing really based on production. It's it's just personal likes and dislikes, and I respect the hell out of that. It's really crazy. I am. I have a lot of problems. Sorry to the people of Houston. Like. I can't watch a Texans game. I dont know what it is about the taxes that annoy me. So I can. I could never dropped the three hopkins? Even if I had the top five pick What do you say he's a cardinal this year, yeah and what I knows I do not watch the cardinals either it's
Funny I have I have one we're teams that I can't watch. I do love to watch and I've never be into Jacksonville. But I love to watch Edward I dont know why. Yes, it don't turn how many sometimes that they used to have asked we. It makes no sense. I know how does that say: season with rail and Derek Anderson. I I also started in my army to slap Maurice Jones, RO, while a bell network over their sorry to talk about a sports network? That's not bar stool, but dumb, Visa, he's a great commenter end up. Not U Commodore he's a great commenter on rail network and dumb here. I just have always drafted dumb jaguars. I had that Gorner Menchu last season and that dj sharp at at at at at at DJ short he was on it was it was a really one season for me. I told you.
I stuck into the play off ass good for you for me. Sometimes, even if I have this player and I'm kind of the same way, I think all of us our word, for whatever reason we just don't like certainty, ruse bored by certainties. For me, I just I can't watch the giants their uniforms, just boring. They always play german games and primetime, but it always takes like a full year for them after they get off that team and they get to a new team for me to realise that there are good pleasure now and that their exciting to watch an indifferent. Uniform, though, still have that can lay over stink on for about twelve months right right right, I can understand that sort of like EAST Coast, end of sea old scoop. All I could see why you're not into the giants. It's not that it's not that exciting air sea stop. It happens. You know
I could see what are you afraid at all, given your past with fancy football, that eventually in like ten or fifteen years, you just Knocker below play anymore, because you could have so many like no watch teams and players and eventually, You're gonna! Look at it your bike! Wait. I only have two hunters embrowns and there's not enough roster spots anymore. Of course, such a good question. May I say that this is what you guys are going to be so good at teaching my it's an online broadcasting class. No, because we knew teams sneak in Peru. That I would have thought I would have never been a part of. Let me try and give an example of that
Let me think why am I into the raiders I had somebody on the raiders? Maybe I had some hard knocks. Thanks, but I had some random, I think was Washington or something I had a couple years ago I had some random running back from the reader That somehow did well for me, and now I am unable to watch raiders games again but was it? Was it like? It was not right. Copyright it with some. It was something Washington, I'm so sorry, I'm unblinking on his name. So that's good! Don't that means you're you're not have never seen never got you. Can let people back into the jury, O Connell Fantasy Draft Guide, you should Actually we should do that. We should build a draft guide for I will do that. We sit down and be like here like and will go through and just like Texans De Dijon, Watson, dont trap. Why did you have four Siberia, Jerry, O Connell can't watch Texans Games
I'd like to hear you it, I can't we can t right now would put this out with tomorrow. So just give us, your power rank top five grounds to watch out for in the twenty twenty season. Ass. He was I'm really gotta, be looking at their tied end situation. Really going to look at their title situation. Who do they just get that that dumb I'm I'm sorry, I'm using my phone for this for this to do so, so I can't look it up, but they just gotta some amazing tight in that you! I am. I want to do this, I want to sit down and you could tell us exactly who you want and dont want and are why the reasoning and will go through the whole thing, and I think that will be like if people follow the Jerry O Connell draft methodology for fantasy football. You too can finish. Fourteen out of sixteen
your play us give that they're giving fourteen teams, while spot guys, will there be any cut so you at any of these baseball games tonight that I will be watching no think so. Unless somebody else maiden, without our knowledge will that's always a possibility you're talking about Austin Hooper by the way who went from the fossil who hurts? Yes, yes, There really gonna, be my my my tightened and I'm gonna do some of them do not so I'm gonna do something not so smart, where I pick him and like the second round or something about how that's Oh dear, I want a whole list of like like a third round this when we fuck everyone up and take our events, no one's gonna, know guy. I guess guys. I guess it's obsessive compulsive disorder like you have to have something a certain way and by the way, the reason why I feel so miserably and fantasy, I'm in four leagues. Of course, there I don't know were allowed to talk about a wagering
here, but of course they're all two hundred dollar by and so when you lose its actually like, but especially now with the quarantine. It's actually like financially, like my children, dont get like school. Lunch worry like oh, like a couple of weeks. Right mom, it actually is. It actually affects me economically visa fees insane oecd decisions that I had actually is a burden, and then it makes me depressed around the house and then, You know Sunday Monday, emotionally, not well. I can't watch or listen to any sports Digital radio, until they stop talking about what happened that Sunday, it's it's a pretty bad cycle for about sixteen weeks. Jerry fourteen team pr here who should I draft Odell Backup Jarvis Landry What are you drafting them in for a fourteen team? Peep, your fancy football league. Any round you want
I, what round my thinking them in Yahoo? you take first I think both you know Dell last season and while I respect him as an athlete and also an online personality, really did not for me. It really was it really caused my children, thousands of dollars I would die just either of them dumb. I would I would die. Will I would stick my boy Hooper, that's about it. I will go with Hooper, whom I like that, I'm in that's what I like the story, and Landry. Also because he's playing with Odell he's a cheese he's a topic as well. You just can't rely on them consistently having Michael Thomas, like numbers every week in all right all right, I had a quest about the actual movie. They are promoting the secret yeah yeah. Of course, I know
You guys live by this book. It's amazing! It's the book that uses laws of attraction to help you get things that you want a life They made a very romantic sweeping epic film about it. It stars Katy HOMES and Josh Lucas. I know commenter! You aren't you a huge fan of us we'd home Alabama. I am yet you know areas. Witherspoon and from the we don't Alabama, Josh Lucas's in it dreamy dreamy. Guy I play Katy HOMES is huh, and who is whatever the secret is in those laws of attraction? Are my character? Is the opposite of that? I'm holding her back and life in an acre weight. So wouldn't that wouldn't do you? What does you be the secret? Then? If you just did everything opposite of what you do, I,
I quit my character is the is the anti secret is the antithesis. Oh, but put my care again you you do also contain the secret by just everything that your character does. Just don't do that in that, and therein lies the secret not sure if you use that reverse psychology sure yeah then- and I have the energy to my character- is the answer to everything I saved. I saved the production company. A lot of money will just get rid of the fucking. What was the guy's name? Who tries to be the heartthrob? We know you're the heartthrob, now it is, it is just get him is, is. He is a leading man, You are leading man. You are isn't there some oil psychical theory, though, that everything contains the exact opposite of it. I think I might yet you we could have just made Major me Jerry, acting like a dick for two hours been like the secret is don't do what he does. Maybe that could be our spin off
We open our all my broadcasting school for children who watch, B, b and c type movies. The jury O Connell history, I'm just thinking about right now to two to kind of meld, both worlds. You are the walking secrets for fantasy football to do the opposite of what you do. Is the greatest vans you football strategy out there? you know what it is. I always come see you guys and like late summer when we're just starting to do are marked drafts and everything. That's every time I come and see you. You know I came saw you last year at actually this time. Yet we did amount Rushmore of Fantasy draft positions that you'd like to be in here, and I think it only right thirty minutes yet We think that when you guys did said the Crow Sita me, you had some sort of crazy draft that you did where it's like that gave you you throughout random numbers- and I felt like my edible said like just came in when I walked in There- was really
yeah. We know we remember. We have you actually drink out of a cup that we ve actually haven't. We saved it since socialists been sitting here, with your dna on it, were waiting to reign over a crime, we're never gonna cloned year and then we're gonna do the opposite of what you're cloned does and becoming millionaires. I work jury. I love this secret that is out July thirty. First on all streaming or you, can you get all streaming right? It came out in the theatres right when Corona arrests hit and now you ve been watching at home. It was going to come out in April and down and shut down all movie theater in everything and dumb ah now it's being released on Numb on video. One demanded like an apple movies and all that stuff, I'm it's it's really Interesting, that's! What's going on now. You know it's, it's gonna be real
but do that, I'm speaking to you on the day that actually the first thing has opened India, society- I mean- I guess I guess in Asia there's been b, small, I guess I'm a little less! As you guys mentioned here, has been opened. It's been, but that this is the first. This is the person, it's all my radar, that's that's opening! I just would like in the secret, you play a character named Tucker, and then it made me think of Frank Cushman Kush in Jerry Maguire. I there's something about. When you, when you clean up, you really should only play characters like real douche bag names. I don't know why, but it really fichu not that you are right, but ceos play the character. Yeah, I never really thought about it. I guess Tucker does sound like a little bit of a deep Agnes him rather like, like you, should be like a chad like your card
perfectly dry- land oil yeah. I see you being a Dustin yeah got all that. I don't know if somebody again you're a great guy. We love you, but I think when you it's it's acting really it's it's. The testament tell great yours and actor dear able to play bad guys, knowing how good, if a guy you are, right right right right. Have you been on your last Roger I've never been nominated for an Oscar. I was nominated for would he be movie work on better as way when We may have one. I was enough. Our film very amazing we need fill. My I actually don't remember, is amazing. Little film, I made a little independent kangaroo Jack Australia and they put us what should I dead, Kangaroo and wakes up and runs away and there is an end thousand dollars in the sweatshirt that the kangaroo ran away with
remember as good film yeah. It's were it's really good. You should revisit its really cool, but Ah, you ve waited. You did not win. The film was nominated for best onscreen fart. We had an ice cream. Yeah yeah, I know I know you want ok, so kangaroo check. Yes, you did so you had best virtual performance. Nominated MTV movie reward. You lost that, but you did with the kids. Choice were ward for favorite fort. The movie o. That's what it was, I'm so sorry, that's what it was was that you farting was it your actual far? Was it a sound effects? They actually, you know know it's so funny a lot of actors like say like just do to post. You know just like just just just added in later: but I was like I'm gonna do this and we did a lot of takes and its top to do it over and over again, I actually um. I actually did shit myself in one of the
takes its. Why one your method act, I gotta! We got. We don't worry to watch a movie next time. You can't we gotta make a list, as I would love to do a relaunch with you because it also had it. Also. Was nominated for worse, supporting actor and worth supporting act trip is neither of them being you, but it was nominated like red. Is that like Ramses Ratsey awards nominated you and stinkers bad move, your wars nominated you man but you won't tell your back to the past like a. Let me tell you the secret dare to do by the way, have you guys ever read the secret. I'm not I re read the game and I was gonna write importers thing, isn't a secret just so what you want. Eighty yeah, it's a laws of attraction thing I mean it's a loss, fragile thing. I do want to say when I would sum I was working on a television show, and I was
wildly and be a monthly complaining about my superior. We had a boss and I just hate it, and I had a co worker and dumb. He was like a man Come over to my dressing room when I went to his dressing room and he was like- You should read this. You sound really down, and I was like honour not down. I just hate that guy. I just hate him and These, our Barton, it just makes me feel good to make him never to his face like behind his back, and you know and dumb! You you, you should read that sending any gave me the secret and I did I get them through. It may be very, very helpful, What can you give us like one little nugget as a tease, movie just alarm improve your life. You know in a small those man. This is that this is the part where you guys make fun of me, though so I mean.
The part where you make fun of me you're supposed to like. If you want something you carry a picture around of it with you and like it will help you like it. Do like a lot of attraction. Is that how like you just carried around a butcher, swimsuit issues back in the day and then a vessel married Rebecca remain so for those listen, I married two former sports illustrated swimsuit cover girl, Rebecca Romaine. No, I gotta tell you who shot that I ended up marrying and am with Rebecca domain. I have no right. I have no money. I have no real likes status in society is in fact an inch, thereby make best far ahead You gotta stop with the fact that not a pool term! I was husky, and everyone knows that if you watch it, everyone knows I was not that. Obviously there are fat people and film on television, and I am not one of We watch it.
Did not use a lot of attraction. I don't know how I ended up with my wife. It was not. I mean I tell you, I guess I was kind of funny. I think you got a vibe like the hey. You can buy a Jaguar on Ebay and uncouth bribe. I do have to say: asked football in San Diego that I went to was a raid is chargers game and. There was a year of physical altercation with some raiders fans in the stadium and my wife, you mean when I'm not I'm not coming to this too, to these games so that was my wife learning about raider sands. Did you try defender? Were you in the middle, the fight, the actually the women
quite tells a story. Is it happened near us and I used her because they were throwing things. I hid behind her little bit yeah. I don't recall that happening. Hank Bob costs as that with the picture thing. What He carries around like his dream, a picture of you and he's at one day. It does not have an answer within its toes hopes. Yes, he carries out a picture of total act. I dreamed that would order this perfect for altos mad, so rude. I know I've kind of been doing. The secret unintentionally die It has been telling everybody that one day I'm going on the washing Redskins that already have a plan to do it if I just say enough. I think that the universal make it happen, Washington, football team, that you do referring to and I could see that happening under way. That story came out last week that the big build up
it's about Snyder and everybody as that I haven't read anything more about that, so they fight everybody that was named In the end, the article that came out there no longer with a team but Snyder. There is a big question like how much this site, or no, he obviously new. Some of it is he going to be forced to sell the team I just think that every other owner in the leg is too afraid of being implicate in situ. Relations exactly like that. To set the precedent We will fire you if this stuff happens at your watch, so I think Schneider's nursed a ground stick around for a while, unfortunately, Jerry this has been awesome. Love. You anytime! I love you guys do I wouldn't do that our! What do the fancy guide? Are? You gonna come New York anytime soon. I want do a full fancy guide. We go through every team and we're like nope can't drop them or yup can draft him. Take him in the first round
so funny. Let me tell you men, obsessive compulsive disorder, really ruins any chances you have of winning any fantasy football. Anything gosh. I know Hence the Dallas cowboys. I do not take Dallas cowboys wide receivers anymore. Good ones. I can't do it I'll tell you it's also top not to draft Dallas cowboys, because. Because there are basically every Sunday are Monday night gate like any time, you're able to watch a football game, every player I dropped here on the West Coast plays at ten a m that's it then. Then my week is over. I have nothing Roland Sunday, night or Monday night. That's that's coming up What I do I like to draft teams that I know will be an incentive upon one affable. Just that I can have like this bail out game. Where am I
We have a moral Cooper scores, seven touchdowns on Monday night. I then, maybe then I'll die right right through alarm sure, you're going back there just rap Packers and Europe. Some of you have ever Sunday night What about would budgets? Would you ever draft a jet big? It's a big, it's a big, it's a big downfall, mine, I'm actually a jets ban. It's a big problem, I mean even when I drafted Libyan, would my number three pick last year. It's just never workshop. For me, man, it's just never works Oppermint I'll, be watching jets dear, hopefully, everyone stays Kobe and Mano pre yup you up, Jerry seriously, though you're one of my favorite guess we appreciate it man I love you guys. Yeah we're not when a man twenty one comes. But we should do little online had the head. Oh, you want to smoke, think I can handle it.
Ok, I will do it we'll do it. We gotta do it. We gotta do it a little later at night cause. My Epping kids are on that Tiktok all day, so it, MRS Willmott, bandwidth. Ok, nor I will do later, but worried wherein now be awesome. I would love that civil rights of Man so my very best year appreciated miss you. That. Interview with Jerry was brought to you by our good friend over at Roman and their roman swipes. Most guys have tried different ways to last longer thinking about baseball, doesn't always work soon got folks. Roman
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I would still like to bleep out football team until they want a football game, they they should be allowed to call themselves and actual football team until they get that Dublin it could He could take a while this year, so I don't. I guess I should we shouldn't be surprised anymore, because you know. Last week we haven't talked about the horrendous article that came out about the football teams, goings on, and then we also you did your top ten best moments last twenty years, which are very bleak, but the fact that they, Add this much time to figure it out. They haven't figured it out and then they did Press release and they haven't change any of like the redskin logos off of the website or other twitter. Anything is it's so fucking stupid So what would happen? Was it very clearly points to the order of operations for how the name change came about this summer? Dense outer? Yes to his, I mean he had. Probably twenty was a twenty three years of ownership,
think about this day in what it would eventually come to if you ever desired change it, but he these. They never wanted to change until Fedex stepped in until Pepsi Nike stepped in and said, we're gonna take away your money. We don't want to have a product associate with football team. Until you change name because he didn't have anything ready to go at the time. So it is very clearly a reactionary move that he pulled like three weeks ago and he was like okay now it's time to peace. Minority owners and the sponsors that are threatened, pull out. Now he stuck by the April, where he has three weeks to get ready for train camp get all the logo set up, get all the signage taken care of and is not at time when you include the fact that you have to go about doing the trademark thing right. Getting the twitter handles right, grandma copyright. So they just said you know we're gonna upon and if you are the vice president marketing for the Washington artist, formerly known as Redskins, you are so happy today. This is like the ultimate delaying plans and now guess what
you ve got a full year to figure. This is like a boost. This is www is like when you get your extension under TAT, yes, and then you again six months now will be in a place where, like shit, we had all that time. I actually like the helmets. I like that. I like numbers on a helmet. People are like all man. That's a college thing. Yes, it is, but why not have One team in the Annabel have it yeah kind of cool. I actually I like that ports in the Euro Zone one every team to do it, but I think it's cool. Yet they look. Ok, the uniforms look decent, but now there just the colours of the saying I'm sort of talk myself into the fact. I saw more tightest worried about this, but my one of my initial reactions was someone who spends on my way into loving this team name and that just like you have to be. You have to be a candy asked to have a mask. Upper team was really Washington footballs. It is kind of candy s, neighbour team, after a bird or whatever burger fish whatever.
These other teams have where football team we play football football. We don't need any. It is rare as headed off yeah we'll need a mask on actually don't hate that I like that's, been sown, and then we had the Seattle crack in the thirty second and a chill franchise was debuted today, Billy, so Billy's been doing a great job he's been putting together the top ten stories we need to pay. Can't you handing us a sheet he's done some editor realising on this one, and I love it, and so he wrote some jokes down that we could possibly go with Seattle crack in the thirty. Second, any shall team back in a beer with the boys yeah. I like then dovetails off it when they get a wind, they should say that crack and a cold yet practical on the ice. Whose cracking desperately a bad thing Don't want that yeah there's some some zamboni technician is, like God, damn it Billy. What's cracking I like that too that's kind of cool and then and then the great one. The fans want to be called crash,
kids and then he also put in Britain Walker treated this, but it's not his original idea. Ok, it's not that it's not from Branwell Island idea. I don't. I like it. I like their logo, that their logos- pretty sick they'd. Just like him. Maybe I do anchor with the space needle as the top of the anchor in there. I don't want to be the seals. I wanted to fucking cute little sea. Moscow, or they don't care about animals. I do not care about nature, take care of itself fact. What about Brain City. Jack's was right there he was. It was therefore to take out the seamen, aye aye, the logos cool, so it's an octopus. What is what lies a crack and so a crack and as a mythological creature. Actually Billy was very excited to explain what is this all crypto as you
What you think is running around giants. Squid giant squid, you spill out more populous in the oceans. Do you environmental change that are not so much anymore, but sometimes they washed up on the shore. So in ancient seamen, when they were out, they see the squids rises, irreversible to go and they believe woe, What is that thing? Is it a giant squid they're, gonna kill us. I'm also pressure was like a mythological creature to learn about that. Looked like it or they can be thrown squid on the ice thou they have to yards earthquake like I agree, I redwings using they're gonna. Do that? Probably I think how expense the squid pretty. Could you sneak into arena? You can? not a giant one that would take you'd have to do that to really do some work to wrap up a giant squid in like a fifty wait. Newspaper are squid the same as octopus know that it's a redwood for Octopus brain. I feel the same about squids we're just smaller out.
Squid is calamari, so Hank would even wouldn't need a god. Quit is gonna code. Head for their cousins. Yeah cephalopods there. I thought that a great name we read to Seattle, sirens closer than you could have. Courtney love this up in the corner, just trying to look date. Yeah! Ok, I am not I just like cute mascots. You know seals would have cool seals, Seattle, see lines she wiser. Fewer than seals, embrace debate. Yak save a whisker. They got. No, they both Mr Seal, see lines have ears. Ah you don't know but there's a way more. This is gonna, think about the others. You gonna thing, but the worst case scenario. If the seals are getting smoke, there's a lot of videos of animals and sharks, just fucking seals up all the cracking. No videos is about their from, like part of the caribbean and movies, where, like these giant, ask which common fuck everything that's a good point actually, because there would be a
I know that violence seal clubbing stuff gone right. Nobody wants to see that way like live, look at the seals and she ash outcome would be like when the dolphins lose, and we do, of course, primarily good wife. Good point good point, yet you can't make fun of it, though, is the Even the dorsal main account due to a video of a bear. Getting tossed like food and in the throes were terrible's like live. Look at the bears receivers. Getting pass from risk. You can do with an idea that some crack and don't exits yes, Are you can't? I Marius footage? Ok is trash. I dont exert scientists I before your mouth Rushmore. We had christen christian postage and also can talk soccer, oh yeah, Emulous added legacy. Thirty a team or with analyse weirdos all deaths and good fuckin analysis of hers, Austin
no Charlotte was outlined today. We are in the end. I just thought with like, like I dont understand how they can keep adding teams. There is a party Yes, appositely because you just pay the energy mainly guessing honours, and it's like isn't the problem right now that there's the talent isn't. There's none of talent to like keep up Willie that's funny you adding teams, it's funny, that you mention that, because I'm squatting on a take right now and that these getting mad at Christian Porsche search. For not playing in the Himalayas yeah I truly cared about American saw. I agree he would be over here, and I will when he's like forty will, yet when yeah, maybe even Odin, that right like when he's got one leg in her, she Pennsylvania has a fucking teamed up. The seventy fifth franchise nonetheless the other I lost twenty year. I can't wait for the first soccer writer to actually come out without take that, like is way wasting his talent by train overseas. Instead of encouraging little Billy and Little Sarah growing up right now to play soccer Erika you got more, people are becoming Chelsea fan,
then they are Charlotte. Fc Chart I think, there's all I've cedar, they're, not low. Oh but their abbreviations, just Skeelty, I was nice click clear. I will say the Miami team. Those judges are sick, anything my Amelia, I haven't. We use pink more in jerseys like I'm, you know, like maybe the seems, but those are fucking awesome. Yours I mean the NFL does during October as true that's true, and they pretty much Did stop candidate Muddy defeated some. I finally mount Rushmore we're getting about Rushmore of P While players reminder pianos back four o clock on Saturday, four o clock on Sunday, the water dogs are playing tune in were very excited, are good four intolerable he's back. So let's do Paul Rebel by the way good friend of the show I think next year he joint Edelman's gotta, have some competition for Thursday
Beer who are thirst, tries don't lie Stig assured off when he's that when he's in the field which big around, not a bad thing. I would two of far Paul, but I'm just I'm just bays and up and Comer when it comes to a third strapped fury. I ah, we start with billion. Go that way. This well yeah yeah. I like seven billion at the end, because that way someone here get out. Now we never do snake just correctly until Billy showed up now we do incorrectly user snake charmers. We welcome are so built, so it's gonna go Billy me Phd Hank and then back. Ok, I'm gonna go amiss start with deep de Napoleon, ok interrupted italian restaurant yeah ass state, does remind me of like a frozen pizza.
Ok that that is an interesting one zone. Even am highly emanated I'll go with my easy number one Tucker Dirk in love- I am that is lacrosse through and through Tucker Dirk it that's a steel retired baby that took good job. I shall I go guy, making a good second pair. Secondly, heck yeah trade up for what? How was your was thought process sleeved in oh you Have you got all ok No he's gonna go out eyes. I might have to foggy up your way cancer. My person who's. This one was very clearly the second best, one blaze Riordan and spelled reordering, but his place. His first name is actually blaze. Yes, Jake did you call any of his games in college. Nor am, I know you won t you already, but there's a good amount is less than an hour will you orbit lays down? I like. I love the fact that a baby came out and his dad was definitely lacrosse. Guy was like this kid's nimbly we'd Honeysuckle blazing. Can see on the G8 Lazy, perfect on arms.
And I'm actually stand in this one made it this far out. While Billy's was trash first beckoned Cade, Vain rapid. First that always good. I had him. I had him Hank. I had him and then without a lot of good ones, and I'm worried about not getting these on the way back, but I'll go it Gunnar Walt. As Europe also at him, so many these names lend themselves to literally transit. I mean there's one: that's the there's one that dyke I'll stay say it so here be J Grill! but I was gonna pick them say: Billy's, cooking, has it succeeds, meet them? Yes, he is on the water dogs harm the gutter wall. I would say breaking bad series finality That is my address. I no doubt you have just so it's you took Gunnar right, yeah, yeah good pick, God? Brodie Merrill does Brodie, Please and Brody, though,
those are like those of the basque brothers in the new generation, the opposite, Tik Tok, bash brothers. Ok, let's see, let's see, there's some good ones here. Foch tat, I really wants, not knowing that fuck there's some good once there's some good ones. I'll go with I'll go with another two across special I'll go with rider guards IE, and it's a good name for for justice. Like nicknames, and its aim is E. Why, or e r he's Hocker lacrosse player, Guernsey Rider, though with a why rather die yup Jerry ragged ease. Ok, you do all the boys what is more. We those play lacrosse than carefully cancelled again
I tell you and look up world- will do a new know whether new art and that would put up like a day's shows since Billy's been cancelled, backed his ear, with billions picked another pic. I like it. I, like we're mindset, only go with Chris Church Manila. That sounds like a dessert. Ok, I will now go I'll. Go with Tyler fester. Compare tie Tyler, faster. You know that the boys it you ve had some funny fuckin jokes, about values, Ricardo along with him. Yet of course she just having sex brochure. Back may have heard of you know: you're, not fuck, that you could pick, my next one, I'm gonna go with larking
May I add in March I am I love you. I never get. I've never heard lark and, as a first name before I will go with Troy re? Yes, you re NEA and Callum Robinson. I even have him Oh ok, I mean how cow now column is, is what is that name too lax as it gets in her eyes? A lot of pressure from the last one, Brad Self Brad, Sir, self? I just like Brad Self of you- have whether chatterer bread yeah little translate. Two- I don't know, I don't have a good word for Thou. In the time I had all right I'll go my last one, then there's a lot of good ones. Should we go five rounds yeah? I also come back I'll. Go with that changes. Everything well, there's a lot left to do. Yeah I'll, go it
cleaner. Like that name, he also probably problem. Tough time, whereas a freshman, a Duke vainly wiener, had to transfer Johns Hopkins Brett, cleaner, ok,. Joe Joe Morass, go! That's a good one! Really, that's a good one! Enamoured with Matt Rambo that's also good ones that he's the goat. Yet he is an upright Yan, Rambo, okay, Beast Committee. I out I'll go with you. I like the stands. Name is not really lacrosse, but if you say, if you see it who is to printing is terrible. So you always have to check the fine. I didn't see the rents knows worthy Brent notes were good thought that I knew Billy's bridges socks whenever he does. He can't print everything on page as what is an oh, it's Brent knows worthy okay and aspect down to two.
We're gonna get all eggs are so grand knows where these fuckin also. I will go with Deemer class. That aim at him. I had to do a great name up. I had you last pick some wended Brodie marrow right. No yeah I got blazon Brody here, that's right. I feel this is just a lacrosse archaeologists like across namesake, like there was a mile, Rushmore lacrosse. Someone named now see what on its targets, not tenacity, yeah, that's a good embryos. These ladys movie learn son of a coach, the altitude coach. Yet now. There is just when you think, lacrosse, you think tenacity Jansky, the two do guys about me. Why so what are the ones we had? I still had I look I'd fails. You talk boys, surgical Sausalito. I love the name. I presume that love name Brad Smith, just because it seems like a blue check mark would be like. Oh, you know: Bread Smith, Lissouba BAR stool sport.
I can't think of anything like Bread Smith got em, I liked O Bryce young prices, good name, my Chin, Chin and Chuck. Oh, yes, Jordan, Wolf to last name Wolf's, Fuckin set high Warner, yup! No one had BT grill known Fiji grow Kyler blustery we had collar. I also had theirs to honour aim: quarterbacks Tommy, Kelleam Conor Kelly, those guys. Definitely there there they come in for like two games. They sock everyone's like arrange that good aim to rest Savior probably had some ass in Bali problems back in the day. The icy third basement on the Reds o ten. Trout in her to me. Relax in Place Johnny, Sir Dick from your own apple rules. Heading Burg is names or fucking migrate, Michael no one jack,
cannon Young, that's a good one, MAX Tunnel MAX Tuttle's good, another great all evil. Another rebel and other fancy VA boy, Joe look Cassio, that's girl, yeah! We should use to her. Do you these are our usually switch fancy fuck boys just look. Oh across bill just come up with involved nor lazily crossly area, their trade teeth. Oh here's. A good little translates Zack from Denmark will house literary translation, funeral home or Billy Eads Steak Joey Sankey. That's like South Asia, dangles yeah, definite dangles, mad dangles? I? That is our show. That's her shop bridge nosey. Everyone on Monday
Larry excited fermentation, yeah. Money shows great big. When I love you guys, Billy take us out chaos and one which gives rise to two Didn't perverse, I did prepare uneasy. But I do have a lot of my mind. I can talk about tomorrow, refinishing, chicken, coop but his birthday shot out Rooney, happy birthday! I don't the tough tough houses. Wisely, throwing already in the game. No was still May I have a go. What would you say that of go? Follow, go follow out, go, follow, go foul, Riyadh, seek dampers, honesty, gram, big underscored, dumper, please emulate. Dump trucks takes not me personally, you count
big underscored jumpers the Idee underscored. Do you m p? I asked Danny still for sale
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