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Jerry O'Connell + Phil Hughes and the Mt Rushmore of Minor League Teams

2018-08-05 | 🔗

Happy Birthday to our friend Scott Van Pelt. We talk Hall of Fame speeches, Ray Lewis giving the worst TED talk of all time, and how we officially feel old with this year's Canton class (2:35-11:10). Who's back of the week including Steven Seagal and Urban Meyer passing the buck (11:11-19:20). Starting Pitcher Phil Hughes is back for the Mt Rushmore of minor league team names (he's not actually back we just taped it with him when he was in studio). (20:51-32:31) Actor Jerry O'Connell joins the show to talk about his new show on Bravo, Jerry Maguire, being a fat kid growing up, and being a nationally ranked fencer at one point in his life (34:35-1:13:12). Segments include PR 101 for Johnny Manziel's CFL debut (1:15:52-1:17:48), Stick to Sports for President Trump bringing MJ vs Lebron to the White House (1:17:49-1:21:20), Respect the Biz for Mike Sciosca (1:21:21-1:23:29), and Millenials are killing everything, an update. (1:23:30-1:26:37)

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on today's part of my take we have jerry o'connell in studio very fun interesting interview with jerry he's got a lot of nrg we talked bravo we talk his acting career jerry maguire and we did a table reading we brought that back we also have the mount rushmore of minor league baseball team names with phil hughes we that when he was in studio a little extra fun thing for everyone out there and we have the cash out you know the cash app its simplest way to instantly send money to friend it's also the number one app in finance but didn't get there on payments alone these days cash is changing how people interact with their money it's adding features you can get from a bank or sorry you can only get from a bank in some you can't like the cash card boosts and bitcoin it is free to sign up you get your custom old debit hard that you can use at stores or atm it's linked to your cash app balance as if it was a checking account it even let's you direct deposit
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yeah there we go luke alright so download the cash out right now into this your cash check out part of my taking you to like luke way some free money okay let's go welcome to part of my senate by seatgeek today is monday august sixth and
i'd like to wish a happy belated birthday to scott van pelt on saturday yeah his birthday august fourth per wikipedia it's actually wasn't his birthday but i guess his own pr department started wishing him happy birthday his wikipedia page said that it was august fourth as his birth i have a theory about this would you like to hear it yes so i was a bit confused get big confusing time for svp i think what happened was there was like a summer intern at espn whose job was so like just compile a list of birthdays for the pr department and put them in a spreadsheet and so
if you're an intern what do you do you just go to wikipedia right right basically what you would do and so it was just like some busy work for a summer intern who just like put these cells together and then just totally screwed over the entire pr department and i i think it also my stay woke as well is that scott van pelt we know him well i think he just doesn't want anyone to ever wish him happy birthday so he changed it himself so that because i think his birthday was like three or four days ago so he just was well to go through his day at brick or in no one wish him happy birthday and basically walk away and be like alright that was over with another birthday down where no one had to say anything to me debate at what age do birthdays just start to suck i'd say twenty six
that's what i was going to say twenty five so we're right around the same are you turn twenty five you can buy a car or you can rent a car or you can rent a car yes that's true as two hundred and twenty six would be the age and then everything from there is downhill i was going to start the show a different way but we had to give we love scott and we hope he's come back on soon so but the other way was going to start the show was today is august sixth and rail just now finished his hall of fame speech which was the most ridiculous hall fame speech while also being exactly what we all expected from ray lewis yeah anything else would have been disappointing from ray i needed full on preacher mode did they give him like a lot of mike they should just giving him like a wire
my two to walk up and down the aisles like like a preacher just laying hands on people and and making people stand up out of their wheelchairs and stuff no they did every single person did it behind the podium traditional like you know i mean brian locker i love burner lacquer he is a legend but he was obviously like he's he's he's exactly what you expect like he gives a speech and and he was it was nice and touching but it wasn't any like theatrics ray lewis comes out he's got the preacher mike attached to his face he's the only one who does that he's going he did the like the rapper or the band where they just show up and they just say they screamed the name of the city over and over so people would cheer he came out and was like baltimore baltimore baltimore baltimore like six times just for the applause sweat like
all the way through his coat yeah was talking about how we need to pray in school was talking about how he's like doesn't want his daughter to end up in the sex trafficking trade and like that's how far out there we got i mean are you disagree with that are you saying that you don't want her to i don't know yeah no ray made a lot of good points i think in that speech he was just like he was in full preacher mode he was like and crime in this world go it goes down when play football in baltimore yet yes so ray lewis like it was just both nauseating and i couldn't take my eyes off it i actually like was getting set and then i but i couldn't stop watching because it was so ridiculous i also this was the first hall of fame and you tell me if i'm right on this where i finally officially have felt old every single guy who got inducted i was like that's a legend that i remember watching like his entire career yeah it was the first year for that between like herlacher randy moss
right right it's like i remember i knew dawkins yeah i'm starting to remember with these guys played in college and the right text gary moment for me that's the sunday scaries of life right there is like i'm officially over that hill and once you guys that are younger than me start retiring yes this was the first hall fame was like shit i remember when he was a rookie like i for the entire thing this isn't like legend or anything like this this is a guy who i feel i could do you know stuff like all these guys they look like they could basically put on pads and play tomorrow yeah that's that's a scary moment i also quick shout out by the way to skip bayless who actually is the man behind the man for earl actors karere so he tweeted during earl acker ceremony when i wrote for the chicago tribune i campaign for the bears to draft brian erlacher gm
it plaxico burress who went one pick earlier to the steelers as a bigger weapon as plaques became and as much as i like him personally i'd still take the hall of fame lacquer yeah so i see him yeah well that's like bill jay mariotti taking credit for president obama because he told mike ditka not to run for illinois yeah eight senate against of anyone away that flow with a bomb it's amazing like the the the imp skip bayless and jay mariotti of had not only it just on the illinois community but the world right just it's beyond measure at this point chicago jerk yes they have the they have everyone's you're all the powerful people there i actually don't also we should mention real quick you're in youngstown ohio so this is a skype show that we're doing yeah you're out there for the rough and raw we fight which was electric if you're listening to this on monday morning i'm sure it was great i'm sure full price for the pay per view so thank you for doing that shot out to you yes shout out and i shot out to the mural that was unveiled in youngstown the home of grit where no one show
up but i got cut a ribbon with the oversize pair scissors which is kind of a dream of mine yeah back to the whole real quick who would you rather listen narrate the phone book ray lewis randy moss because randy moss has an all time great voice i'm definitely going randy moss randy moss when randy moss would do monday night football and be like randy moss randy university that was the just that one little clip was such an all time moment and did you see by the way at all to speech which was just as sad and awkward as we all thought it would be just doing like everyone's canton enjoying the hall of fame like you know celebrating these legends he chris berman's on the mic great fucking see every time i see him i get a smile on my face and then to is that you know tennessee chattanooga doing a hall of fame speech to like two thousand people in the gym yeah it's funny because i tio he made this for himself like he can't say that he wasn't invited he just
you just pretended like he was invited yeah he was like they don't respect me up again you're right it's like the old i with james harrison excuse like the only invited me to my hall of fame induction because they voted me into the hall of fame if they didn't vote me into the hall of fame then i would've been invited so i'm not coming right until they start inviting me just 'cause they want to hang out with to the guy you're not come although i would like to see ray lewis invited every year he should be the master of ceremonies each year oh that speech he was very very close to breaking the favre record i think he was like two minutes away brett favre still has no that's good
at one hundred and thirty six minutes speech ok so yeah brett farve speech though was more just like he forgot where he was halfway through the speech so ray lewis was thirty three minutes of full on preaching yeah and he said he was going to try to keep it to twenty five but ray lewis know he's never ordered a burger in under twenty five minutes like no absolutely take ray lewis is a kind of guy that leaves a tip at a restaurant or does he leave the joe gibbs prayer booklet behind as his tip oh absolutely hill right down like yeah psalm psalm twenty three or something like here's a little tip for you go on with your day i'll pray for you that's a big that's such a power move by the way to say i don't know if you saw a robber clemco speech how piece where he was like i tried to x about the atlanta incident and ray said out i prayed for you you you're number one in my prayers last night to just want soon be like you are number one in my prayers would even say that you can't there's no defense to that no it's the classic bless your heart that's what you say from the s men just bless your heart
if that's that's willing to saying suck my dick in the n is bless your heart yeah i think that's i think we're going to start praying for pizza plus your heart yeah kevin durant i'ma pray for you tonight ok one of my prayer is very very big yes all right let's do our who's back hank is on his six vacation of the year so or he is we have bubba in instead bubble you want to start sure my back of the week is your boy big cat steven seagal who we formally disavowed but it just came out he's putin guy and he has been appointed as a us envoy i had to google what that was but it says he is going to facilitate relationships between russia and the us in the human anna terrian field including cooperation in culture arts public and youth exchanges that sounds
child trafficking right there and parent lee it's unpaid too yeah so i'm sure it is i'm sure i'm sure it's it paid entirely in big going to jen i'm excited about that the more students go we can get in the public eye the better i think i i i don't know exactly what his job responsibilities are going to be but it sounds like he's just going to be flying back and forth but russia in washington dc and honestly probably all we can hope for from steven school that's a great job for well and steve cause one of those guys who's been an action figure and movies for so long that i actually kind of believe like he could be a fixer like he'll come in start killing people and that they if the problem is there are people that need to be killed then he will do you be great at this job i don't know if that's exactly what it entails but i do actually think my brain has kind of morphed for its like steven seagal yeah he could get us out of a jam even though it sounds like he's working for russia not us well so
that he be a great person to bring in if the job required killing i think any job that steven segal accepts like his only solution is killing so he'll make it work he's like he's got a hammer and everything is a nail you know i'm saying right right like hey guys we should send out a couple emails let's try to circle back with everyone and get on the same page with this you know peace we're working on to help the youth of america no actually let's just kill everyone yeah ok done perfect meeting over liam at the only one you got just one okay nice if you want to go that was a good one my whose back is nick sabin and more specifically next save lake it's nick saban lake season there's like a week every year saving just takes journalists on his boat on lake to show that he likes to have fun every now and again google pontoon boat he's like you know every now and again i like to just take the boat out and cruise around and we certainly like to have our share of fun here on
lake and then everyone's like see nick saban's kind of a fun dude he's not just a taskmaster you think he is there was also an article written about him on espn dot com from kevin van valkenburg it contains this little nugget about him sitting down with bob stoops in youngstown oh they met up when i say was passing through town and stoops was a high school coach the two one a cocktail at the end of the day to unwind and talk about football that's what football guys do they still talk about football to unwanted they pick it lee dive bar start scribbling down from drawing up plays on napkins arguing a friend sometimes do they're so invested in making their points that they don't notice when a man walks into the bar with a shotgun gun and rob the place so they were out having drinks diagramming football plays and they were completely oblivious to a dude robbing the bar with a gun that's that's that's exactly what i would expect nick saban to do yeah
that's one to vent and is it also has football guy store cynics say bin and more importantly next evans a lake is back in full effect and that's actually my only who's back of the week so my other who's back of the week is brevity who shut up also doing yeah and also doing one who's back yeah i like that shit now i'm now i'm kind of a 'cause i have two but that's pretty steps pretty short too i had my first one is passing the buck so buckeyes i just realized i said that so passing the buck is back urban has figured out his defense an it is kind of what we all expected he released a statement friday news dump and he basically went with the i have always followed proper reporting protocols even threw in the line is my favorite line l i elevated the issue to the proper channels oh gene smith you are pretty much fucked and
myers just going to say yeah he told everyone and it's your fault for not doing anything but my are definitely still had this guy on the staff for the last three years right no i'm not but he told he told jane smith no i know the channels we elevated correctly yeah yeah yeah we all know that the channel certain protocol was followed and it wasn't his fault that he was standing next to him and having sharing a locker room with him every single day yeah it's it's my favorite thing in college football where the coach who runs the entire university essentially like he is the most powerful man in the university and often times the state but when they in a jam he just got a boss he's got a report to he was just doing he was doing his job he sent the email he let his boss know it was his fault for not for not fixing the thing it's like joke colonel being like no i told the vice president jerry sandusky was banging kids what do you want me to do in the mean time
my hands right here yeah i can't do what i can't do anything else i i told the proper protocols on them if they didn't do anything else and then stop listen i got a i was handed a flow chart when i accepted this job of what i needed to do to report these things and the flow chart was followed to the to the nth degree okay yes yeah we remember back in the a when we didn't have the internet and we had to do the telephone tree and that was it that there's actually being like yeah we did the telephone tree i called the person i was supposed to call and let them know the soccer game was cancer right it's like you let yeah you you let your teammate know that the game was rained out and then i'd next week you don't get that phone call but you still walk out on to the field in the middle of a tornado hey listen i didn't get the phone call yeah so i'm sorry my family got killed by it at five all right my other whose back is our good friend it's been a lot of blake talked recently but blake number one the winner of blake of the year m v p blake talk is back because apparently he had his broken wrist for two years rules so he
it's got the you got this surgery and he says that he feels great he says when you do have to worry about going to rehab or going to get treatment you have to make sure you warm it up the right way you have to take anti inflammatory medicine and do all that stuff so we've been warming up his wrist before every game now that's important although i mean sometimes coaches tell you that you shouldn't warm up your wrists at all during the season right exactly when they said if it's just a lot of process to be able to go out there and do what you should be able to do without any pain to be able to do that now finally is pretty awesome so mvp taking mvp i'm thinking it sounds like blake got himself a fleshlight taken a lot of that pressure off the old risk no carpal tunnel i think yeah priest
in the b p let's book it i'm so excited for a healthy blake bortles i love this too when it when it when you have the injury and it's like it's it's my favorite sports radio our caller when when a guy comes back from injury and they're like well we don't have to do anything in the free agent signings because we basically get the best free agent back that's essentially what's happening with blake bortles like now they have real blake bortles that's super that's yeah what's going on with the trainers and a jacksonville by the way if like he had a broken wrist for two years and they just didn't do anything to correct you think blake was just like i think in blake's mind if something hurts on his body he's just like that's there i got a thing i got to deal with now like my foot hurts thank you can't fix it in his mind he's like i don't have to go through like go see a doctor that's a lot of paperwork to go to the trainers office yeah blake definitely one of the most easygoing guys that i've ever met my life and he definitely was like yeah like i'm going to have to tell people and they're going to have to do more
i don't want like i know the guy on the training staff he's a really good guy i don't wanna try to make his life miserable like let's just deal with it ourselves i don't want to turn this into a thing like come on i don't need all that attention exactly exactly right who's who's back let's do our mount rushmore with phil hughes we have the mount rushmore of minor the team names before we get to that simplisafe simplisafe is what homesick we should be they actually hooked us up and it's awesome because simply safe has this like full comprehensive protection system where you get like video cameras in all this stuff so you know that you are always safe simplisafe system keeps your family and home safe twenty four slash seven it's engineered to keep work during power outages down wi fi or if a burglar smashes your keypad it's designed to stay out of right you'll never notice it it's
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sh more of minor league baseball team names so you played my really you played a bunch you would get what what it seems you play for a list of teams i've played for the gulf coast yankees okay not cool real exciting name yep the charleston riverdogs that's pretty that's a good name yep the tampa yankees ok not in there that are pins now i have everything done it's too close to tampons yeah very confusing the trenton thunder ok which is appropriate 'cause it's like the weather is always shooting in trenton well anyway if you wait five minutes then it changes their old joke about training and the scranton wilkes berra yankees ok so which are which are now the railriders that's pretty good the interest in going on new direction they've been looking at changing all right so let's start with you you go first then we'll go
snake draft hank goes the end and then come back through so this is affiliated so it can't be like in dependently ok so i do have one i do have one that they change their name that's ok 'cause i think it was like will allow they were getting ok ok so it's actually going to be probably save it because we probably don't know the old name draft strategy well i mean he said that he's kind of a loser doesn't not very smart struggle through college so we've got to help him out a little bit ok so i how to go montgomery biscuits soon yeah okay i had on my list too the best part about is is tongues a pat of butter yeah the guy yeah a little biscuit that's good yeah it was a solid one all right i'll go with the oldie but a goodie the albuquerque isotopes yep that's outsourcing at the simpsons yeah yeah that wasn't ok those are my two first ones that you guys pick up ok i'm going to go with the frisco roughriders shout out dmx dot drop top
showdown open up soundcloud on my dick 'cause i thought court roll roll number one i'm going to the pensacola blue wahoos uhm ok my two will go with the lexington legends alliteration
right my next one i'm going to go with two fall jacksonville jumbo shrimp that's good one and that's the one that recently changed their logo and and the new logo is really cool like this trip i think it's kind of so you think you might everywhere a top hat and discussing the owner of the team said that the jumbo shrimp a hard worker yeah it's great yeah gradius yeah yeah that's true yeah you don't often see hardworking shrimp button now they just kind of hang out yeah what do you do you should even swim there are some fighting from have you ever seen those now second actually break your finger with their like snappy legs trip getting under way asked can you i'm like i want to sing one time with glen perkins and i'm terrified trip now you gotta grab all those things i have like horns yeah they can like stab your finger still going to eat it yet still be delicious alright i can't believe this one lasted another oldie but a goodie toledo mud hens so i feel like the toledo mud hens are the gateway drug to finding like all these teams
yeah i think everyone knows like oh toledo mud hens that's cool and then like oh shit there's all these other teams i kill them ahead one time on a golf course they're real yeah that's i had no idea that there was actually a little look like little like fat ducks i can willow drive in like right to a pile of them and they all flew except one here's a good joke oster get a birdie yes there you go nice you can also use that one so that one of the older keep the team loose on you get two picks now okay i'm going to get the lansing lug nuts that's good yeah that was one of my one of my all time faves i go more for the what the mask it looks like when i was a little cartoon yeah so this is a lug not have a face yeah he's got i've also love it i love it i can't like recall i look it up okay okay and then what's your other one what was it till
lug nuts lansing lug nuts lansing lug nuts yeah actually yeah he does he looks almost like a elephant it kind of looks like an elephant like with the squish nose that's cool and he's going to choose wisely one hundred and twenty three yeah that's pretty good that's pretty good that's a good that's a good one i like that that's a good pic by you and he's getting screwed into what appears to be a butt hole yeah i don't know what that's about all yeah ok what's your what's your second one i'm going to go with the modesto nuts that's a good one what i love about them they've got a nice array of nuts in their logo to which i like like they don't just give you an almond or like a peanut like they got like a good trio you do and the thing about the nuts they actually look like testicles
yes i did i'm looking right now one these both yeah yeah yeah the what the one on the right it's actually like a time lapse of what you're nuts look like when you're in the thirties and then what you're not to look like when you're in your like fifty or sixty yeah it's a it's u verse the guy she told you not to worry about yes and they have about a ball to yeah alright my third pick i'm gonna go with the hickory crawdads okay later the he will you did play there those guys that's a good logo and he's also like a mean that he's he's in crawdads like i even know what a crawdad it's a just a trap issues rep yeah it's like a it's like a crappy lobster yeah well there
torture would beat the fuck out of here so yeah yeah you gotta be careful people in the s like a love those like crawdad boil crawfish boil delicious there one of my favorite things to do i like i like how terrible their awful like you get no meat out of them they suck but it's like a southern thing it's good it's good i like how you can describe every animal just based on like the mud head is just a fat duck in a crawdad just a shity lobster yeah like zebras like a fancy horse yeah it's a rough rules people you i think your intelligence is underrated yeah but like it doesn't get you anywhere yeah i got you it's going to get you a few points with the award winning listeners okay all right my next one i'm going with the i think it's a big him some rumble ponies that's the same at zero right are they affiliated yes a okay it was on team it sounds like a vibrator yeah the rumble pony ten rumble rumble ponies well that's a whole
may i think i've seen this one it's like a it's like a horse with like a bunch of metal cladding on it yes yeah yeah yeah the actually the old over it looks like the old logo was way better than the new one because the old one is of course with a stick in his hand in a boxing glove in the new one fight is like you know when they did you screw up locals like that where they just try to get to new age you do like the sleek lines and shipped on that keep it simple all right thank you got your two last ones to go through the rancho cucamonga quakes oo it's got like a weird alligator with like purple spots on it i think who please have another good one too they do they have oh i know what you're going to say i might i'm not going to say i have it written down 'cause i might be my last pick my last picture with the down eastwood ducks ok
right that's a good what doc isn't very underrated does auto exec logo to yeah is that we put out there to like lower other ducks no that's a decoy which is a wooden dock but yeah i see your your smart yes very smart very smart wood a woodchuck is like a fluorescent doc it's got like eight to and colours on it's awesome looking so fancy duck very fast i also liked it we just keep saying that you are smart like you said that you were done we always said was you might not have gone to college but we just assumed that you're dumb right sorry yeah alright so my last one i'm going to go with the jupiter hammerheads i love the hammerhead shark plus it's a double bonus because you can take like maybe they're from the planet jupiter to gas sector aliens of florida yeah but it but it could be able you never know you never lost yeah all right i'm gonna go last when you looted to it d in the padres organization the l pop paso two hours yep so are two hours i feel
like chihuahuas had a big come up with taco bell in the 90s and ever since then people have been like ok chihuahua is not so bad and it's got a cool logo too it's gotta like spite leash yeah and when you think of intimidating dogs but that's usually where you go alright last one for you fill my last one and this is the team that i don't think exists anymore this their logo okay their name is different and that would be the bakersfield blaze moon their logo was a burning marijuana leaf no way that's amazing so callie too just like we're talking to have it be oh yeah well that is cool that's a alright are they still called the blaze now there's still the blaze but they changed the change their logo so they don't have one but that's still an awesome natives you'll iteration place to come for my honorable mention i actually i messed up i was looking at this list that we pulled up of minor league baseball teams and there are two
west virginia teams and i accidentally my brain combine them into one there's the black bears and then there's the power i thought it west virginia black power and i thought that would be pretty cool now is aimed yeah and also pretty bad yeah especially west virginia yeah so yeah it right and right so hand up on i screw that one but that would have been on my list had yet real name the new orleans baby cakes and the bowling green hot rods relate to that i had circle what about the northwest arkansas naturals that's pretty good and the big natural sierra best baseball movie brace debate the bus got so i actually have older well i'm at major though i'm going to i'm go to make rookie year one number one sam line because the cubs actually no because because the natural to sam not three okay what about was who is at the sky with robert de that's a niro
the one where robertson nearly kidnaps wesley snipes kid or something and also i forgot steve nebraska great movie and then working yeah and the rookie notice nobody said little big little big league underrated very underrated very underage and being a kid and being the owner of a baseball team and then write a little bit more believable than rookie of the year right in the outfield ages six or so many good movies i mean we even say major league arnold i have considered like falling and breaking my arm and then seeing if i throw one hundred after like you never know until you try it when you're ready for that we will break your arm for you ok cool yeah will hold it behind your back and just snap it and be like well wait till i'm like not under contract and then yeah and then we can see if i can make your arm insured like personally through the team will just i know that i like medical insurance on players so the real shame if someone happens we'll send real shame yeah it would be if you weren't collecting that money they'll go straight to the ownership you are i would still collect might
contract interesting if i told you to break my arm then i think there is in the galley issues place i know i know this summer yeah you know idea it's coming god right i know what you're saying all right all right fills you that's in an appeal right it's at least to fill you up with an appeals honorable mention on the savannah bananas who knows one of my yeah i am surprised many guys went there that's a good one about the tulsa drillers that's another good lunch l it on for oil all right phil hughes thank you so much there's a lot of fun yeah yes we have short for you all set yes we got it we actually just found out that we had a box of recurring guest shirts that have been sitting in a pile for the last like for six months we haven't given me out but you get one nice yeah we went to the field today the guys here we go here we go alright thanks man everyone go in vote who had the best minor league team names the lug nut shot at the lansing lug nuts for sending us some free swag but i love
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pmt to get yourself the best pants you'll ever own okay here we go jerry o'connell we now welcome on a very very special guest he is pumped to be here he's wearing his part take shirt looks great on you this is it like it's jerry o'connell but you know like the old saying don't wear the shirt the band that you're going to see what the
the middle man if you go to if you go to metallica concert you wear a metallica shirt you're probably a cop you have to tell us if you actually guys finally enough i'm here with another cease and assist letter boom human service ship that actually would be a dirty way to do it but i would be surprised hey jerry o'connell wants to show yeah absolutely yeah that's actually not a bad side gig for you right like you want it to be a lawyer at some point serving people yeah i guess i guess i could have that i did go to law school dropout i went for one year and i dropped it so the hell out of there like a sports blog commenter then yeah yeah be perfect in the different comment section right so jerry o'connell you have a new show coming out on bravo the original name of it was real men watch bravo but which we were fans i was a big fan right listen we
we've changed that name we've we realized how insensitive that title was we heard everyone's voices on it's amazing that i'm here with the most maybe the most famous commenter because we read everyone's comments yes and we we through the insensitivity would that name we were actually making a joke on the real housewives of blank real i can't i don't even want to say the title anymore middle class problem that's what it was called right bleep bleep out the inward yeah so once it now so now it is called it's called bravos play by play ok so now listen uh it's it's almost like a listen it's like a part of my take for everything bravo it's like a sports center it's like the highlights of everything bravo worse that week it's going to almost be almost like a sports show i mean it's almost like it's like the it's almost
meet the press of a viral gel so it's going to be like this week lou ann was really crazy surely you like chuck todd yeah i'm i'm the chuck todd todd how this week they drink wine and they all yelled at each other at the same exact time right right but we may like gleich actually going to have to break down like how old they yelled at each other and sort of like have like a telestrator maybe even we have okay so what what what what what do you watch i mean i'm i watched some house wives you my favorite part is when they all have a simultaneous fight on the like on a vacation they drink too much wider and then like there's four fights going on at the same point example this week a lot of the ladies went to court to hang
now columbia and they are i'm the there was a rare at the dinner table a double fight yeah we'll talk about some of them were fighting simultaneously and it was it was really like it has a different sexual experience will about different yeah yeah that sound you got to get the all twenty two gone yeah right what was it what's the name of the woman who after we win got too drunk aren't is dorinda dorinda was going out to luann and bethenny and i see you with the other one is used to be honest with you i think somethings auditioning sure what's the other ones make your man car but we can't say that word that means first it was bethany versus carol the alot of tears it's here so there was well and then they all get drunk like this is what we really should do is control is going on but i had it on my mount rushmore of things to take away your man card so well no you're not listening
i will say this arm a rather male skewing show i think you guys enjoy your younger view rile masses our server hang in his his vanderpump rules i see i don't do that i'm an old school i watch the new york real housewives in new jersey in just orange county i don't get the new stuff i like us all prints out if you say it's good i gotta tell you i think you should be a part of this show bravo's might have to play by play might have to i like a top shelf yeah that's no problem right at that is a big which name prod ma i lack yeah pat yes has a pen with me and real men's wear prada okay so we're not gonna talk too much about bravo we will because i think there's some people probably don't watch it but i just want to one last monday do you think that do you trust vicki's new boyfriend can
you're killing me right now or old ones has cancer and like try to basically take money from everyone you know what fellows i was a scumbag until you sandbagging me like i don't know where this cat came back i told you i watched it he goes i gotta tell you i was excited about coming up here but you you're blowing me away this is i am blown away i mean it's not really like it's not i'm not i don't read books i just watch you know tv where people just yell at each other the whole time i worry out i'm i'm a reality television like i like i'm not just say trashy reality television because it's high class but i like the drama of fights i do have one little bone to pick with you i don't i don't mind chicago sports okay okay being a new yorker i don't mind i i i much prefer to hear about chicago sports than maybe another major city being being from new york but tom but you now that the nfl season is coming upon us
not everyone just watches the bears where are either yes other nfl teams yeah especially the one in you know the fantasy football world now apple watch the jaguars would you take in your face football team last year i'm i'm i'm pretty herbal at answer would you have last year on my team yeah well from the yes i did have we don't have nobody what you want yeah or about a poll about poker hand okay we are actually one time i would certainly are you jets or giants object oh that's terrible what you think donald's go start week one i don't know
no you know it seems to be that way i do follow the jets on twitter and they seem to be really posting a lot about mister darnold there they seem to be really pushing for him he's got he's got one of those heads that i can't really make out like i don't know what's going on head big forehead big chin jaylen humpty dumpty just knock him over i do want to say you know really jerked me over last season was i think i think we have like a hundred bucks in to reserve to buy in our in oh i'm actually in a league with all the cast members of fx's the league help money is the hacker ok even the guy who talked that guy that was that was crazy i was using interested with crazy we all know what we're talking about you can go through a quick search it's just it's it was a crazy situation please a crazy situation but i picked up your boy
rico and i spent all my money on him after week one and then yeah he did nothing for the rest of the season i came in dead last and both were allowed to talk about money exchanged in fantasy leagues on this no you aren't alright that's like sixty percent of stuff we talked about it but dumb had to pay the last place fee of two so i have to like cut off a pinky or something right now is that why you're doing this bravo show me i gotta tell you kat i'm blown away at your knowledge of the bravo works very concerned like the real housewives now let me ask you something did you watch it was that something you did because you were maybe with someone who was yeah i watched so i started watching like whenever the first ones happened sure and if you get attacked it's like basically mtv challenge i would watch that because i watched real world sure and so i i'll keep up with the ones that i learned to like six year
i can't learn anyone new like i don't know anyone knew i just know the the old classic people so the shuttle who i'm sure yeah like the bethany's in the way i have you guys ever seen real housewives of chicago i've never well i don't know if they ever happen no one cares all right let's let's talk a little while let's talk a little bit about your acting career we do that you can do whatever you want me and this is the first time long time there we go and write words log casting a so you were found as a child actor in out i don't know if that we we do all of our research like five minutes before on the internet so we read this site where it says that your found eating of black a bowl cookies and that was how you were found as an actor and i have your ten i did a i was an extra in a commercial i grew up here in new york city i actually i'm god i don't want to the way the arm the h q here but i grew up in chelsea new york which is rather near here one way windows were located that's just like a quick
people yeah people show up yeah is is that do you feel safe and everything so it's not really supposed people walk in my seat is like in the back corner so i'll be the last to get shot but i do have to say it is pretty exciting here because you guys i mean there is like an anonymity thing that surrounds you guys it's exciting to be here and touch you and feel you oh well it's been a lot of feelings and commenters her one hundred percent real strong earlier well you know it's funny i've seen you in wine walk for example and classic wine walk there and you know
it could have been a week to throw us off is true you are sort of done that that's actually much smarter thing that i did which was spent like five years growing it out yeah i just want to get rid of it every day i looks good man it really does some and it's it's healthy i i touched it yeah i i i did a commercial here my father worked in advertising and i did a commercial for duncan hines a chuckle cookies if you remember they were like the first really soft chocolate chip cook yes pre packaged i don't want to get into specifics but chips ahoy were more crunchier and duncan hines were actually likes often soft and chewy and i was an extra in i just ate so i was like paid to just eat hundreds of cookies and i was a health kid you know i mean yeah we saw stand by me yeah it was a great movie classic classic film i was a hub is a husky your thick in today
is parlance we would call you think he celebrates receives we don't know that so that's a compliment we we call it like husky i think is a term a better with them okay then like thick yeah so we put i also read that you don't like to talk about stand by me because you were thick wrong okay just not true i'm sure you've heard a lot of rumors about yourselves that it's complete that are completely untrue i will talk about i mean i it's the best thing i've ever worked on i mean for me not to talk about it you know what maybe there is some truth in that when i was in like high school and college uhm i hate it when people or drunkenly were like hey man like in college a lot of times guys have come up to me and go hammer you were the
you are the fat kid in standby a this is a fat kid instead of waiting right here clear man come in fact you are fat like it and it used to it used to really like it used to really make me angry but then i realize like i realized it's that's never going to change like i'm never going to work a chance if i walk into a bar and it's slick it's rowdy bar there's a good chance someone's going to grab my neck and go hey you were the big take a picture this is a bad kid you're going to take a picture with us and i can do one of two things in that situation i can like say don't touch me like i was husky yeah or i can just smile take the picture and just get out of there is going to be like if i ever see that guy again parts of it i know yeah so i am it's an old
so you know what happened to is you do you have a career i'm a lot older than you whippersnappers you have a career and you realize that thing i'm getting angry about is the best thing i'm ever going to have worked on in my life from carter on done wgn america is a kangaroo jack yeah frank kush when we got to get to that all we we got to get to that but i mean for me to get upset about it is some weird like it's like come it defined windmills at that i'm right and you're right nothing that you can accomplish your your fighting with mills but dumb i i am a lot better a the people call me the fat kid in stand by me okay so if you see him in public say hey you're the thick kid yeah and stand by your lunch or polite formally fact keep fact you went on part might take it would be that's how you would know now it's here for if you're going to call him fat be like hey you're the fat kid that married rebecca romain there we go
right you got the ultimate trump card yet it ok now i did do ok shocker huh yeah shocker so you want to talk about frank cushman 'cause it's probably my like i i hate that character so much gerald r and talk jerry maguire not so you were the you were the star quarterback sure and you screwed over jerry maguire and i hate you for it yeah i'm all the movie actually one of work if you didn't do that well then i played my role pretty well yeah i have to play a sort of people carry their feud kept jerry then i guess the movie just ended like twenty minutes and i'm a couple of bucks a couple funny tidbits arm you know that character frank cushman was based on true blood cell because cameron crowe who was a journalist who wrote the article for fast times at ridgemont high then wrote the script fast times at ridgemont high which became a classic followed around a sports agent and um who
presented drew blood cell who went number one in the draft that year and when he was writing jerry maguire he was like i'm going to have the like the pivotal client that he loses be a drew blood cell and we're going to name him frank cushman and instead being from the pacific nw you know it came from texas got friday night lights a book just to come out and so we wanted to like but on that friday night lights thing and it was it was so cool man to be just on that set just it was so fun you know they had a fake kambin there so they had like nfl players air and like specialists like basically like 'cause i'm from new york city i've never played football i mean i'm from chelsea i'd never played football so i'd like specialist throw me out you know teach me how to like throw spirals snodgrass looks like yeah yeah but i was like it was some he you know i think it was just such a special movie because it was
a love story based around the fellow another fun fact only i am a choir and silver linings playbook are movies that are allowed to use nfl logo's and stop also that kevin costner will draft after trading your time because the nfl does not like to lend their light is yeah like miss out john just any nilly movie obviously sunday ballers has it yeah and he always does have it i think that's it in a limited sense yeah so you only see like i it's what really specific rules they're only allowed to show like the dolphins like you were half right yeah no it's true though i mean that juror requires a classic movie that basically it's kind of like the bravo show that you're doing where it's like hey this is so actually a love story but we're gonna tricky with some football cast your so nobody on this is you're going to be great cat you're gonna be on the show i'm
okay fine i will is it here on your yeah yeah yeah it's probably it's probably in the studios where we taped aarschot listen you right let's hit it yep you're absolutely right yeah down in like you're right you're absolutely right yeah you're absolutely right that on there for all the house web stuff i want to be brought on whenever someone tries to cook risotto on top chef just be like what the were you that you don't care so you don't make ice cream okay below deck stuff too at we're going to do everything i haven't watched blodek since first season let me tell you why you should watch below deck and we're going to get back to carter that which is on wgn america on tuesdays but did i do that so smooth versus you like i don't like that i don't even hear it i just felt went home and set my dvr yeah you're still talking about the optics over there and i'm here i'm working man below it's great 'cause it's young people who it's almost like downton
i know you guys were huge down to help everyone so huge downton abbey pants it's the modern day downton abbey because it's the people who lived downstairs serving the people who live up stairs but we're seeing the lived downstairs and their young they all sleep in small quarters and they all hook with each other and the second and the second church and the second the rich people go to sleep upstairs they get wasted yeah and it's on well like donkey kong there was that one i remember that one up as i only watched the first season but the one episode where they kick people off because they were doing drugs on the boat it's like what's the point of being rich an like getting a private boat if they're going to kick him off so i was like you know what i don't really like to show that i'm going to go as far as to say other than what's happening on wgn america with carter the most dramatic stuff is happening on bravo these days yeah steps people are is this stuff for everybody's talking everyone's talking about it yeah that's absolutely true i cannot believe
looking at commentors her it is honestly it's looking at you jerry i'm borderline starstruck today borderline just talking about it so i don't know what you're very good you're very talented at buttering people up while i'm at i don't know if it's genuine or not but i'm one hundred percent first time long time you think i'm looking in shape yeah well that doesn't very convincing wanna know what shocks me about you i always think of you guys as kids and i mean this and i mean this you see you're looking directly at my gray hair you have both a smattering of gray hair little silver fox going were thirty three i think i think that's like those have cease and desist letters or no longer life ages you little yes that's for sure it's big time so i'm a little offended because you broke the news that denise richards is joining real housewives not on our street so you have to make good you have to give us some breaking listen here listen here
i am so sorry i said that when i said that thank you when do you say i said it last week sure so long and it was a mistake it was an absolute error what i said i was told something man i'm even afraid talking about it now go ahead tell you this i work for a company now bravo and there are there are what's the word you guys working the menials deadlines you can't say things there's like secret knowledge not embargo this isn't like the trump administration like what are you talking about yeah you're like sometimes they tell you things and they say secret now can't see it until next wednesday at this time
exactly no bargain is that like a media empire yeah yeah choose your high your lester holt in this room right to your house wives out i'll deal with the actual breaking news in journalism and i yum i got to tell you i'm i'm it's new for me working there you know and a big cat in my show i'm bravo's play by play i'm not you know i i need to not say things at times and that was a time that i learned it and what i am i got in trouble and i apologize i was not doing it two selfish reasons i didn't i just didn't know who the hell you any did he yell at you no it's actually scarier than that because it's like it's like corporate
god it's actually signing suits suits got brass actually frightening okay so given that when you know what i'll tell you what happens then you're part of a conference call your call in and there's a good code you have to push now and people are listening and i'm sure it's being recorded beyond the out it isn't really that's how papa john got got them of god yeah we there yeah yeah yeah it's it was scary and i want to apologize and i'm sorry to bring it to you but you know this is kinda new news man like there's a new name to our show yeah the new news is that you got yelled at for that
i mean that's the news right and you're probably gonna get yelled at for saying that you got yelled at for that how can you imagine if i had another conference call because i said human centipede of getting yelled at so those are you getting yelled at it was it was totally my bad and i won't do that again you know let me tell you another scary thing about big cat in my a new show of bravo's play by play is that if you're so on that show yeah come on the scary thing is some i'm given episodes the that are not going to air for another month oh and it's like i almost feel like i have like security clearance like even more than jared kushner like i have like i i feel like i'm i i feel like i work at the white house is you have to be careful what you say on the show too yeah you have to forget what you know yeah exactly so yeah say nothing influence cabaret bombed i
i can't say anything your guys so listen i want to also say what you think the home rule i think it's going to be weird i think it's gonna be very strange i they're probably gonna call it a lot in preseason and then back off it in the regular season because of your freight of of making the wrong call and and what they did the nfl does this trick really well they they made the rule and then they're like well we look back at the two thousand seventeen season and it only would have happened like three times the new rule but we all know that that once you're going full speed rest not going to know how to you know call and it's going to just slow the game down and it's the is put in just as a safeguard against lawsuits just so they could say we're trying to make it safe right and right and then now you can't to see more because right about player safety such an exciting time your though isn't it yeah i do so i do auction drafts which is like a nightmare it's a nightmare it's really difficult and fantasy to do that auction stopped but i
at least one mock draft today really that's where all my time is going these days i'm hanging out in the lobby with your top three quarterbacks you know here's a really strange situation with auction draft so as you know you have you know two hundred dollars and you got to make the most out of it by the way i agree with you guys wholeheartedly and i'm swear i'm not being paid by them yeah fantasy nice best fantasy site night i just it's just so easy if you're feeling classic you can go to the classics we want to want to be a little more modern go to the modern tearable terrible system that i use in auction drafting strategies that has not worked at all but i still do it i pay 'cause i'm older school guy i pay for two top ten
like tenth and one thousand one hundred ish running backs that's where i spend the bulk of my money so i'll probably go saquon and i'll probably go for net and that will blow about one hundred dollars maybe a little more an then why'd sivers i get a little cheap with because you never know you know i drafted mister jones one season and the jones and he i'm if that was the year that he just liked to hardly played yeah asin the ball for awhile yeah and i it just ruin my season so i tend to get sort of chi for wide receivers and i told you i'm a jets fan so i'm definitely going for robbie anderson who even though we had some crazy antics last season looks like he's not going to be suspended for that many games and also i'm i'm
quincy enunwa ok and i also drafted him last season so that's why i had to pay the two hundred dollars in the last place p although this is a total disclaimer no one should be listening to anything i say because i've come in last in all my leagues maybe just don't draft choice players but that's why you keep getting erubiel do you get invited to a ton of leagues or like hey let's get jerry in this league still just dropped all the jets or he can pay us all money i have noticed that group email sort of stop and pick up again so i think they talk about me for a few things like this it may be easy money and then they like pick up again like five emails later that i've been bcc dawn uhm but uhm i only to pay like one or two dollars from a quarterback so what what what koresh you that means you're going for we love bad quarter okay i'm this is it the last time i won and it was big as i had forgotten i actually was managing this league in the computer just picked all the players so i actually won this season
eric anderson and braylon edwards yeah so i have to i have to get up i have to pick up at at least a quarterly a browns quarterback i'm gonna pick ups high right you know the address and browns quarterbacks you and i have a gun or spanish we'll have you shortly i don't know what you're getting three personally gets five thousand dollars the first you guys first second place win win money third doesn't i have to you i also have to pick up a browns receiver because just like i'm telling you it's an obsessive compulsive yeah you get money on both ends are out to get yeah yeah you gotta get link up i've got to do it and i i and i always have to johnson that sits on my bench about mike and i in a weirdly play him every this is the primary monster yes it was general connelly was jamal lewis who was also my running back that is it and i won and i strangely fantasy i
i've never even been to cleveland in my life i went beautiful city i visited a couple friends in at denison once so i flew into columbus but i need i've been to cleveland but i have at least two browns on every fantasy she with my nephews around two jets you are the worst person proud ballplayer altizer credits the breaking news from you want talk a bit more about carter yeah sure carter wgn america it's still really fun show i play an actor who plays on tv who hulu where you play an actor that plays a cop that play i play an actor confusing too confusing for me a young actor who plays an actor you're an actor i'm sort of like i'm think of david caruso of csi miami number that show okay so glasses sunglasses that's who i that's who i play yeah okay the who song in the beginning what's on it's the who what
but we talk about again there an actor who plays that who i'm an actor who plays actor an actor who plays a koch actor that plays the band the who that plays a cop hey guys i had an edible before i came to hear him like now this is the part where it took this is where it took the wrong things were hits like wait water where it's like this is where i like started pass out with hot sauce carter is an actor who plays a cop on tv right got it and he moves to his small hometown and he thinks he now tell the cops how to solve crimes 'cause he plays a detective on television now listen i know you guys are going to say i've seen this show i know you're going to say well i'm not going to say that now i know you're going to say castle i know you guys were huge castle pans that nathan fillion played a but he was here is the difference he was a writer carter is this uh more premise but instead of being a writer he's a tv actor so all the jokes are about like look in television
this is what's going to happen we're going to meet five suspects the one who we think it isn't is definitely going to be the person who is now august seventh a number on wgn america not tuesdays i'm going to watch the one thousand pm at the first season this is very important guys one thousand pm nine central who got hit on the ground floor though so we're going to start watching the first season so i'm in yeah oh then i'm definitely it yeah i thought this is my my apology i don't i don't know if i told you i watch reality television sports sure but now i'm in on this i don't know if you know this about us but we are also actors or fairly accomplished i was hoping that you would do the honor of doing a table read with us would you like to sure yeah ok we got the script script so so in this scene how you're going to be playing vern yep from stand by me ok big cat is going to be playing
tony montana is from scarface yeah of course i have seen the film taking on the part of kangaroo jack wow this is crazy this is like a hybrid movie this is going to be seen from stand by me so it's a collapse this is like a survivor it's a resource edition yeah ok you want me to start ok and so pardon my take table read eight three two thousand and eighteen featuring jerry o'connell pft commenter big cat and cameras for speed action you guys wanna go see a dead body who who's who's the who said the body who's the body this is standing why would anybody care to go venture to say you did boldly it says very peculiar indeed dot dot the body health how come in the circle focal multifocal montana why are you cursing so much what did the fat guy never fat guy like me
well see if you did bullies all you do is hang out in the bush for a while is your real doesn't out there bakers dozen loaning backyard mister montana you you seem to be a little on edge like you're like about to like snap so goodnight to the bad guy corky it's a loaded gun source i'm not feeling ok this not very noise he's not fair at all who did god kangaroo fucktube my material my precious steel can see i see that could you think i think that could be something guys i mean the scripture said ad libs you guys were here you guys want to see dead body then adlib and everything else was we just came up
that was i mean that could be something we should we should make a phone call about that i'm sure you guys have a production deal somewhere or something that we are working with adam sandler about a couple projects sweet let's like let's do a meeting or something yeah yeah alright let's let's do last question see question she put in promo code take you get ten dollars off your seek purchased sure you fenced i listen i want to also say just for he still out there everyone who works here
thank you so much for everything you've done for the fencing community you really cover us i mean you really well i was gonna say what's it like being a nerd well what do what u fenced offense well i was at my best ranks seventeenth the nation you can look that up if you come back because you know what yeah you were nationally ranked fencer i was up in stunned in the ncaas we we did really well i would guess you are tested i did wow yeah dancing in the cup to him everything was fine and by the way you know you know what's in you know what's crazy is that there were i mean the random they're like yeah you can you can't even believe it someone literally your call to the trainers room and you don't know what it's about and then someone and someone watch is you go pee pee what's the worst how like how do you fence up
fencing to dummies because i've felt there's understand there's three weapons there's foil which has a little electronic point and the only target is your torso there is a pepe it's your entire body head to toe in the words of lisa lisa oh baby i think i love you from head to toe that's a and saber is just from the waist up and there's no pointed slashing and everything is hooked up guys wake up hello we got sorry we sort of lost coming through there he was not a god what is ross is so you can't tell and the three different sports both the men and women when i any fenced saber it was only a men sport but now it's our men and women sport and i'm i eat you know it was it was because i grew up in new york city a lot of great come from the new york city area i got a
counted membership to the new york athletic club which was a very big deal basketball there's a pretty sleek swing it or just say well you know what it is it's a it's just a institutional place it's like you're playing in places where they used to first lift barbells in nineteen twenty and it's such a rich like they want to olympians train there so they have great wrestling program they great fencing program there and it was it was really fun sport you know we'd do we travel to them when you went to penn state went to notre dame went to which university chicago every school that doesn't have a logo on their home yeah well you know you know what's so funny and why you is part of the u aa is which is the university athletic association and it's like i i couldn't tell you the schools it's in there at johns hopkins is in there universe
chicago how gosh i can i can sense case western you still do it can you do it like you know i go a lot of times when i come to the city and i see my old mom my old bro right but you know what a lot about it because it's a very popular sport in eastern europe and russia a lot of russians come here and and they get the colleges you know like if you go to a deep one school like penn state they'll give you a scholarship for fencing so their program is always really good you know ivs are able to recruit really well because you know they have the lure of come to an ivy league school but then why
this is a good team because so many got good ventures come out of new york city that is the long thank god i finally heard on i was like jeez jerry watch we're ever going to the fence i'm never going to learn anything else about finding a life but i know that do you have a sword you know i still have my equipment but it's completely out of date i mean it is way out to take i mean it would be like if you were laid the swords malfunctioning heart it's a saber it's when it happens when it gets older i don't think it's so i it would almost be like if if i played hockey twenty five years ago and then pulled out my old hockey bag you be like dude that coal stick is super hero yeah yeah it's like if i would look i would look come like an anachronism and that's the right one yeah we're going to look that one up later what is well if you ever considered lar ping that's actually was pretty that's pretty like you would dominate larping just show up one day and just just kill like twenty people yeah man i i probably would i do have to say
when i have like noodle fights with my kids you know like blowing sameday i really i will i will come yeah good like that it's always like head shots it's like i don't even know what happened to them in there like that stop on my way was like stop you're gonna come because the and i'm like just pop up i know what i'm doing i was 17th in nation here's another tidbit of information i workout cool gym in your neighborhood here in silly what do they call this area silicon you the silicon district one it's called it's called glad like it's a shithole so it's called silicon alley over this area is called that is all it comes around here ok silicon alley the workout at a little chain of gyms i'm going to give them a shout out in twenty four hours witness to this one right here yeah i think their membership there we worked out there with billy football one time i have a membership but i've only gone once i
got there at the twenty four hour fitness want to give them a shout out i don't know why i just did that they don't do it just like they don't melt but they don't give me any sort of like scekic like like they don't like code or anything yet but i saw so everyone was working out in their little harder and then i realized j lo and alex rodriguez were working out in there and twenty four hours a day that you are not a guy that is not good for the body that's amazing for you it's great for twenty four hour fitness it's bad for a rock band that's they should be it a nicer gym then uh no she had jerry from their combat would let me tell you there's always been towels there twenty four hour fitness ok you're a twenty four hour fitness guy i'm a twenty four hour fitness skyped story for rj jlo an a rod they're like the king queen of america only issue with twenty four hour fitness and i love them is during high peaked and you can check on google to see what like the high peak times are they have those graphs now every
they sit down in a machine someone comes up and goes hey man like you're literally in the middle of your first set payment how many more how many more you got work you're going to say hey man archie the fat kid from sam houston oman alright jerry o'connell so we got carter coming out yes carter come out august seventh august wgn america and play by play on bravo yes bravo's play by play that were newly i'm not mentioning anything else about any bravo liberties you can check with my bosses about that okay so you said lou and didn't did by her you'll have no operate any i don't know anything about that situation you can't buy you that she's terrible cat you're on that show on bravo's sleeve okay all right done done best friends for life hey fellas this is been a real honor for me thank you for coming for doing what you're doing yeah and it's been it's really i feel like i met like mysterious characters i felt like i met like i don't know
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let's get to some segments first up we have p r one a one for johnny football so he had his first start in the cfl on friday night yes not so good for our interceptions sorry football not really back that's not how you want to get started but on the other hand he's proving he's a great teammate because he used to play on the hamilton tiger cats and so those are guys over hamilton and so you know what it's like playing against your brother some we can't you don't want to be done to bad so he was just being nice we also had johnny football on the show about a month and a half ago and he said that it's pretty confusing the rules of cfl i have to agree with that yep i watch some of the game every single time they got to second down and they throwing in trying to get a first down it's like wait why are they doing this second down you forget that there's only three days ones in there pointing people are running everywhere so i think that's almost like a good start for him because
basically playing a totally different looks like a baseball player playing cricket right and also the penalty flags are red up there so you know always accused johnny manziel of having a lot of red flags in his background that was probably distracting for him too i yeah i listen he had four interceptions and you know like at least one of them wasn't really his fault right one of them he had an awesome tackle that's true then stop to touchdown that's true he he did it all so johnny tell you what johnny manziel's not just a quarterback you think he's you're getting a quarterback when you get johnny that's not the case you just get a football player yes yes exactly so you also proved mack brown right when mac tried to recruit as a safety that the kind of hitting that he could lay on him so good on johnny maybe they just switch positions for yeah that's what i was a brian dockings s touchdown saving tackle so we so next up we have the stick to sports so
basically the internet was on fire on friday night because president trump tweeted lebron james was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television don lemon he made lebron look smart which isn't easy to do i like i have two things i want to say i want to hear what you have to say about it okay number one i ever thought we were going to get the mj vs lebron debate all the way the white house so this is quite a moment number two don lemon maybe the nice tweet ever for him because no one is focusing on the fact that he was called the dumbest man alive yeah yeah you're right no i think more people need to highlight that
i did it the tweet was actually very very mean to don lemon but ever don lemon is like so universally regarded as not being like a big time j capital j journalists that everyone's like wow that's pretty messed up to say that lebron james is almost as dumb as don lemon exact dare you sir exactly so yeah i would say lebron james is not dumb i would actually say he's very very smart objectively very very smart the only thing that is interesting here is do you think maybe trump is saying that lebron james he started a school second and third graders will trump started a whole university so kind of like a higher levels thing like trump's university obviously did very very well i think it was one of the highest ranked universities in the right it was yeah so like yeah lebron james started a school for just two grades anybody could qualify for donald
university so like he really opened up to the public as long as you had thirty thousand dollars to pay him right so yeah i mean i don't know i don't know where lebron james gets off thinking that he's done more for education and trump may here's a good way that maybe we could been fences as a country and come together and unite how about lebron james it goes to college and he plays on the trump university basketball team can you imagine that yeah coach by coach k after the fbi comes down and finds that he's been illegally paying his players for twenty five years yeah i like it i just have a have trump university enter into the basketball tournament yeah that would be great that would be a cpt yes either way this was this is one of those
it's where like the tweet makes no no real sense because like we said to start lebron is very smart and he's i look at all those businesses and all that and like how he's handled his entire careeer he's very smart person but the panic and the craziness that goes on twitter after this just insane it's like everything that happens on twitter just remain for guys it's not actually real life it's like the mj versus lebron debate we have made fun of it for this exact reason that is just like gotten so out of control well if you've been paying attention donald trump has also weighed in on the joe flacco elite debate somebody asked him that back in like two thousand and sixteen and he said he and his answer was he wanted super so i'd say it's pretty elite so yes joe flags so he is now officially on the stance of joe flacco being elite he's on team jordan what's the next like sports summertime debate topic like
tom brady or joe montana is a hot dog a sandwich that's what will probably tweet about next is die hard a christmas movie yeah that's coming in hot for the president well yes it's christmas it's not it's not a holidaze movie we say christmas yeah exactly alright second last we have a respect the biz pfd what do we have for this yeah my respect to biz goes out to mike sosha he said that reports of him stepping down were and i quote poppycock so you don't you don't use the pc word to us in the press sosha ok you say bullshit like a real american socialist that's what you are i actually think this is almost borderline make baseball relevant again because baseball does a good job of using words that no one but your grandfather you're like slightly racist grandfather uses so
eventually you know the old saying like what what's old is new everything comes back so i feel like poppycock might be a word that's all the cool kids are saying like the cali teens are going to be saying in five years so we're actually baseball now head of the maybe yeah maybe he heard it from a cali teen out in el a and so he's bring it's like my levi shirt it's like i'm introducing it to the masses which i've been getting lots of credit for thank you very much everybody's credit me properly social taking is taking poppycock in just like saying hey poppy back i think the ultimate arbiter of whether or not poppycock is back should be dusty baker though like is it just is using it then it's back then it's so old that it's new again like i feel like dusty still stuck on the hog wash train ah i would be nervous about dusty giving this wanna try as we know he's not always the best with names calling bryce harper bruce i feel like this one's a little too close to poopy cock yeah
and that's not really what you want to be thrown out there by the way poppycock if the cali teens are saying it there's no doubt in my mind that that is the coolest designer drug out there poppycock yeah well i mean it sounds like it's just it's a type of heroin that makes your dick hard yeah take it burning man it's like whiskey you know what it is it's the whiskey dick equivalent of slamming heroin yeah i've got pop back right now which is just like a really good feeling boner you snort heroin with your pee hole and you go to coachella that's poppycock okay last up we have millennial update so we had last week talk about how millennials are not buying houses because they are traveling instead or something else they're going on too many bachelor parties but millennial's are also not getting married enough so they're just going on bachelor parties and then instead of buying houses they're just paying to go to key west or whatever
yeah so we have a couple other millennial updates shot out marco for always being on top of these but we have millennials are reinventing the concept of employment which is essentially just they're traveling and they're just going there just quitting their jobs and traveling we also actually let's do it this way let's do well rank these millennial trend so that's the first one we have three the second is millennials are now living in pods in their parents yards i feel like that's just a tent it's actually looking at the picture it's a pod a big ball listen dave act yards the tax lawns okay yeah and then last one is millennials are killing drunk drivers or killing not being killed by drunk drivers because dui arrests in south florida plummet because uber and lyft hills are using them a lot more than driving drunk so classic millennials they're making it so people don't die as much with drunk drivers and
more people and no one can afford a house also because you don't have to drive that far to get from your parents front step to your lawn pod that's like a twenty foot drive yeah that's a very cheap lift ticket so yeah i'm going to go with with living in pods and their parents front lawns as number one that you see happening all across america i'm going to millennials are not getting enough do you eyes they're killing you know what they're doing people use that funding to pay for like medicare the government use it to pay for schools to fix roads so technically by not getting do you eyes millennials are destroyed are actually killing more drivers because the roads are worse now because arctic these aren't going to fund the renovations so that's two in the number three is millennials are quitting their jobs sometimes yeah that's a difference i mean i would imagine most models don't even have a job so they're just the few that do are quitting
but i have the same exact rankings you by the way public because you are a blue millennial we're elder millennials for your true blue millennial what have you killed recently that you should apologize to us for
talking millennials are killing the smoker are killing the spoken word because they're tweeting and texting too much that's exactly it listening to astro world and we don't talk anymore yeah yeah millennials are two indoor feelings to have verbal communication the only dialogue millennials partake in is memes an listening to travis scott if there's if there's not a fast high hat clicking in the background millennials won't say anything i don't want it get it want it uh ok that's our show we will see everyone wednesday i think i think we have our good friend ryan rosillo coming into studio ann i also think we might do the best mount rushmore it has ever been like taylor made for someone with brazil i'm not going to say what it is but i'll just let you know be excited because this is this is
essentially ryan rosillo's like it could be his crowning chief or his greatest failure i'll put it this way get your protein ready love you guys
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