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Jerry Springer, Kyle Long On The Bears HUGE Win, And Guys On Chicks

2019-09-24 | 🔗

MNF recap, the Bears are back and the Skins have PFT very angry. (2:45-14:42) We call our good friend Kyle Long to talk about the Bears HUGE victory and what Club Dub is like with all the cameras in the locker room. (14:43- 21:39) Hot Seat/Cool Throne.(22:04-35:24) Jerry Springer joins the show to talk about his career, his new show, the wildest stories he covered and Sky Line Chili.(38:04-1:05:35) Segments include How Dare You Sir, (1:10:28-1:12:23) Pardon My Take's Technology corner for Pat Fitzgerald,(1:12:24-1:15:58) PMT Sports Biz Minute,(1:15:59-1:17:01) and Guys on Chicks.(1:17:58-1:28:24) 

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