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Jersey Shore’s Vinny and DJ Pauly D, NBA/NHL Playoffs And The Masters

2019-04-11 | 🔗

The Masters are back and we're hyped for some golf naps.(2:25-7:54) NHL Playoffs and the Caps year again. (7:55-11:31) NBA Playoff predictions - The Warriors are going to win again, probably. (11:32-20:00) We need to do a better job getting Rick Pitino hired.(20:01-22:25) New Friday Topic - your weekly personal Fyre Fest. (22:26-26:25) Jersey Shore's Vinny and Pauly D join the show to talk about their new MTV show Double Shot at Love, their Celebrity, and soaking.(28:33-47:19) Segments include whoa(49:33-50:40), embrace debate do we feel bad for Chris Davis,(50:41-52:45) Seeing Red,(52:46-55:44) Trey Wingo's Anchorman quote of the day(57:51-1:01:35) and FAQ's (1:01:36-1:07:36).

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