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Jim Harbaugh, Blake Griffin & Sam Dekker

2017-09-10 | 🔗
NFL Week 1 and the Fastest 2 minutes in Football is back (2:07 - 8:41). Story lines from the first Sunday of the fall (8:41 - 14:46). Whos Back of the week and Football Guy of the week (14:46 - 25:55). Coach Jim Harbaugh joins the show to talk about his new podcast, setting his roster on the last day and how much he missed football before the season started (25:55 - 46:26). Blake Griffin and Sam Dekker join the show to refute the hot seat from last week in the first ever hot seat appeals court (46:26 - 56:26). Segments include Stay Classy for Brian Kelly, Talking Tennis, Is Gronk learning too much about hurricanes, Bad sports town for LA, JJ Watt hurt or injured, and Sabermetrics for Big Ben owning Cleveland.

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