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Jimmy Tatro, Josh Allen & Tre'Davious White, Plus Bigger Than Ben Part 2

2020-09-03 | 🔗
Labor day weekend vibes are running high in the studio. We talk NBA Game 7 Thunder/Heat and are the Bucks fucked? (2:26-21:37) Fyre Fest of the week including Madden codes and twitter keeps faking us out on College Football. (22:53-32:44) Comedian/Actor Jimmy Tatro joins the show to talk about the Real Bros of Simi Valley being back, comedy, the Lakers, and how much he hates the Clippers. (34:22-1:23:35) Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen and Pro Bowler Tre'Davious White join the show to talk about the upcoming season, Josh Allen vs Mahomes in arm strength, and Tre'Davious having Tre Day in Louisiana. (1:25:21-1:52:17) We finish the show with a review of Bigger Than Ben Part 2, the Ben Roethlisberg documentary no one asked for but everyone is watching. (1:54:08-2:03:06)
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On today's pardon my take we have our good friend Jimmy tightrope. Studio, recurrent guest real. Oh of see me valley season. Three picks back up today, make sure you watch it support our friend, also Billy football totally totally lost. My said, Jimmy Tito is his, the Euro, and but he said your sweet brow, so you're good. We all we have our good friend Josh Alan and his team. Eight now also good friend, Troy Davis White Little before bills. Action for the people were talking. NBA. We fire fast. We have bigger Ben episode. To recap. So a pact pact Friday show send you off into Labour day weekend before football comes back and before we do all that parliament takes brought you by the cash app. Now the easiest play some send money to your friends. It's the safest. It is the number one so the distancing up in the world you don't
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let us not have any idea. How are they work on the part of my takers? Anybody cash out go down right now, use code bar strew. You get ten dollars for free, ten dollars, the S peace yea. Today it's Friday, eight September, fourth, labour, a week and feeling good feeling great. We
got a little bit a chill in the air footballs coming back. It feels great as a James, HANS thinks of the games. Seven all right in the worst Dixon Game, seven, but what we saw was the emergence of James hardened as an elite perimeter. Defender last night. You gave it all is that it is one of these things where, if that she had gone another way, if one or two things have broken differently, we we'd be hammering James Hards. Absolutely hammering am I ok, as I always do, we always shot about three times in the fourth quarter and he is the Houston Rockets often. So I think I think I can still throughout some James Hardy. Yet we can slander and a little bit any does look fat. He does look at a shape, but he did hustle on that. One play the count I gotta get ahead on the ball, the big sure from last night's games was the end of both games and the bizarre Bizarre officiating, they came out of it, but it's send you expand really strange play calls yes from the from the thunder way. The biggest stories New Dort MAX deal.
I just like saying: Lou Door, it's a great name. Blue door is such a great name in lieu door. If you had a player who is just like you gave him all the athleticism in town, to play in the NBA, but he had no real feel for like pace anything really that's who door in itself and watch because he would just drive his heart. Is he couldn't hoop and adjust just the ball ass, hard ass? He could to like an unsuspecting teammate, just wet from three and then he would hit it had thirty, any hit a three and then the next possession he would miss the writ yeah and he's and he is also the James Hard, stop or end the only problem with the thunder losing is we couldn't watch Lou Dort Fucking cough up Libra, he's. Haven't gipsy he's like the kid in here in your class and like sixth and seventh grade that super athletic and really good at football, never played back the just like so good because he said,
right right. Yeah. Note: the Hague hit the nail on the head. He is like, if you ever in you're, like universities, Jim and then the football team comes into place and pay basketball, that's how Lou Door plays. I love any people. I love the fact that his name is Lou Door and he plays doktor like somebody that you would expect somebody like Lou Door to pleasure Saint Door Door is fun though it is in session. I also broken into Dort center. I re I retreated the guy he I think he's had this account for a while now, but it's just the Doorn report and I just love any just like during the game you like how we feel about Lou dwell feeling great. It was also Jimmy Butler Night, Jimmy Butler, where it would be. I want to do with other now be to Chris Paul. The flop kicked it that one sequence where there's like six flops and basically bolt teams were say like trying. We can flop our weight, a victory. That game was built for Chris Paul and Chris Paul, noticeably kind of absent
or GM there. When he's like hey, why not try to get the ball and get a shot? He was built for this, the date they set em up so good for that we use colonizing Chris Paul was tellin us like these. The situations it put four has been practicing. Foreign aid has passed away like a never was close to him, going ashore, yeah yeah, it also in their turn about Dort, like our Jackson, was trying to call. He was trying his little heart out to complement Dort but his compliments kept coming out like this Lou. Do understands that he still and that he's gonna be left open for some shots because he is Lou Door, he doesn't have a problem feeling that role of being the guy who sucks. But that's why Lou door is a great pleasure. I was like what wait wait. A second march. Our checks is also the king of saying like You gonna tell me that these guys aren't trying their hardship on Scott. What Kigali? You gonna tell me tell me that these guys don't wanna when this play off game like he gets into arguments with little Mark Jackson's on the shoulder. Yes and he evinced narratives that don't exist
but I just love will only asked himself questions constant sit here and tell me that these guys, don't wanna when this play off came to know who we are We said that to March actually all do yoga. They all do rights Jimmy not as best night, but the heat look good, and I am actually ready. We now richer Jefferson launched us prematurely, I might add, as I was saving my honest slander for at least game three or grain, for but Richard Jefferson launched the internet into that by calling him a pin. Needs a Jordan and we're off like too I remember P, I assume you know when this year were fuckin right he d go no clutch Jean stinks, the playoffs he's a bomb taught take sees. Do we have that debate earlier this year about a James being more of Michael Jordan. I think I think Leubronn got so punk by the by the Michael during Documentary that summit, forget who was, but they throughout the text. Michael Jordan, is more like a Scotty Pepin and now
Ideas is like his Michael Jordan. So now, where we ve gone to, comparing people were have been who buy. All right sizes, WI player about it. If you prefer of all, I would say but yeah he was on the list of the India is also right, he's very Kepler, but if you compare in India Scottie, Pippin, you- might as well be saying that their dog shit right and so now we're onto argue about that. They are down to nothing. But it's like a bad to nothing, there's other about the bucks team. That makes me think that they can The heat in seven games are the Celtic since and yeah I mean it's just. It was somewhere, where the analogy I think it's kind of its not a spot on, but it's it's a little little apt that like, the Jonas right now, regular she's Giannis is like that late. Ninety shack, who puts up a ton of big numbers, but the problem is unique, a really good wing guy in the playoffs. Like it's a lot harder, the games, he called differently teams can adjust and yes just barreling to the hoop. Isn't gonna work.
All the time and you dont really respect, is three point shot and is now A passer like as good a passers is like Lebron or even like a hard in, so teams can can do stuff. Them in and now He needs is wing guy he needs is Jordan or Kobe you need to find an Michael Jordan or a Kobe Bryant Poor Chris Milton's, like that's yeah, is about me. We're Chris middling say when you hear all the analysis out there: it's like John, is he kicked, she's a goddess. He is unable to like DR too, because like he's, not like a great ball handler, rightly terms like creating its own shot. That way doesn't have like a step back. I guess he can shoot a set jumper it can jam on somebody so he needs somebody that can get their own shot when jobs is attracting the defence and you're right, Chris Middleton, is that port rather already plays and he's. Bad at it, but every shot at
John, is saying that he needs. Jordan is a direct shot at Christmas. By away I you didn't have like a bat gave were so we're talking, like you know what it's it's obviously were poking fond of the fact that we, as sports fans and sports media, always have to immediately go to the hottest take of yon us now, socks, Eddies Pippin, which doesn't sock but, like you said like that's now come a slower. He didn t like the aberrant, United Pippen anymore. It's kind of like the James Hardened thing, where you it in the play off, guys you're that high level of players if they are able to keep that like if they just go down by ten percent its total, different, nanny, any changes, everything in the complexity of their team. I do think the boy I'm going to make a little bit of a sore. I wouldn't count them out fully, but it's it's not looking good in and, of course, trigger warning for bucks fans. Any box fan listening right now. You can skip thirty seconds ahead, got to ask yourself if you want us to leave Milwaukee because they don't have to.
Around him. What they ve got. They ve got Dante my body that sounds very very bad day. Miss Delhi David Delhi was a heart and soul that you put your I liked the box were when they would over perform in the play offs. Then everybody like happy, but they ve set the expectations that why you're honest himself he fucking crowned himself member, we crowned himself. He put a kings crown like a fake kings crown on its head. After dunk and he's like I'm here on the king, so you can get criticized after that and we And it sucks that it happens, but it's just help sports world work. I say it sucks. It happened. I should love that happened, because this is the fourth the best part about being a sports fan is saying, dome shit about guys who are incredible, winning envy and being like bomb. Looking back at the end that Rockets Thunder game you saw Chris Paul Chris Paul was, he was the affair on this last point. We're here we're gonna, give them zero gonna give them just another imbalance pass off the time out, but Chris Pollack win over
argued with the rest for awhile convince them that there was called he did a verbal flop, Yasser reference. Ignore you called this against me. I e that game. He had drunk idea wasn't drunk, but this is a drunk idea, a team or team should just higher. Like former, referees that no, the rule books really like back in front to be like that, ass guy on the bench said they all the loopholes they know what's going on the court? It's almost I got like in Congress. When I get oil company or higher in x congressmen to be liked her lobby There should be a lobbyist position at the individual. Smart kurdish transport would take a play like Chris Paul, but, like that's, his role on the team to just Ok, we're the officials back and forth yeah I like that so we're recording this early because we're gonna head out for labour day by the way we can have a show on Tuesday and Friday. Next, we Tuesday and Friday so get ready for that no show Wednesday were due to say instead we have so the sultan. It is about to play
how's. It sweep. MR settlements. We poor one yeah, I like it. I don't want to know about they'll go home in a hunkered advantage, the problematic. When I get home cooking in Bosnia and being a problem. Oh. You mean rhinos gonna go home like they're, going to wondering like yacht it and then clippers we're gonna kill the nuggets agreed. Yes, yes, there's a similar Iraq, your eye, the Lakers you're gonna, destroy the Rockets bought, There will be one game where the Rockets just shoot the lights out from three inevitable. Could it happen? Who knows, and it's also a very excited vets urged. His Frankenstein series, like I was saying where the Packers are just put out a bunch guys it or six seven and below in the Lakers. I think, can actually put out a fourteen day. Six seven and above so who what will happen, James Hart will be tired. The whole time hope you'll have a game where he goes for forty five that it be great. If we got to a game seven just to see him fail again. Yes, everyone flagitious, it's just fun. It's fun! It's like that's the speaking a fund
the good subway bashing Games harden on Twitter is something we can. All bond veto together with I thought, the same for cousins. But apparently that is now off limits, because her cousin said I if I die when talking about the krona virus with cow brand, and I, I made a joke. You made a joke than people like dude, there's first, while there is obviously the Viking stands, which I understand like whatever everyone has. The fan bases are people in the fan base. No Kirk actually good. But then it obviously became political and people at work. Didn't do anything wrong. Listen, I'm just making her cousin shows up in making her cousin jokes for a very long time. I want to keep her cousin and the king of stopping suffocating all at her cousin. I will. I will go to my grave if I think you do. If I die, I die making fun of causes making for her cousins is my I personally big ten
Because you know you get really upset whenever somebody says like ok, the big tennis combat no its, not coming back like that'll flip. Like you get said, I sad envisioning a world where I'm not allowed to make for her cousin? I it brings me such such joy to do an thing is like you Definitely you can bend any state in the car cousin cinematic universe, to fit your narrative about him and the again. You know you can cherry picking the most accurate passer history, the NFL he's the New SAM Bradford Money comes that he is he is just so fun to debate. Because the people that will disagree with you that love her cousins, they third, ninety nine percent, Vikings friends and then one percent, just delusional p, will that are so much poison. Guys are just love her Cubs ice, an alien Billy. I so too will Kane. You know, treated like nothing cousin said. Was wrong he's getting criticized for this and I Why was I dude if we can't make one of her cousins? I also don't care fight,
Yes, like data show me same exact, thick ride. I do not if, if you are now saying we have to respect her cousins that Joseph that's, an innocent that is not part of those who contract row it all away or since the world doesn't want need to exist, any more fuckin toss, twitter and in a garbage been and yet kill us all this by cyanide capital, because I wanna make fuck her cause. Yes, if her cousin says like, I believe that the red quarterback Jersey protects me from covered, I want to be the common on the right, and I dont want to feel ashamed about that. That is that's who I I also, I will always get it. I'm sure you get a too were people be like duty, reformist risky and unlike listen man, I I have a long list of years where I understand what bag quarterback play looks like yeah. I was speaking from a place. I make fun of Mitch risky and bears quarterbacks just much. I make one of her cousins relax. I watch her cousins for five years. I know Kirk, I know more about her cousins in the people who are
stands right now know about her cousins, got it just it's all for report today, although I do have two, I have to say as much fun as it is to hate on her cousins. Their part of that interview where he was talked about creed and his love of creed. I have to take my had often just absolutely risk. The hell out of because he was saying that he was and he actually had his representatives reach out to create. Representing us to see if they would play in it Mr Show in his own house, just for us enjoyment and listen if you reach that point life where you can like get your favorite band of all time to come over and play a private, concert for you in your house. Just because your board, you one You have one life, so me sitting back and be like you look like Billy football if he caught botulism. That should not Can you say it's also, that's a portion of the podcast were Kirk cousins was doing
a parody of carcasses. Yeah he's like what is the most Kirk Cousins thing. I can say I gotta. I try to hire creed for a personal concert, I have a regrettably joke about ok if sky steps. Arms were so wide open. No wonder: Kirk failed to connect with good, that's good. That's really good! Ah, are resident guy who looks like her cousins any defence- you do, but why you're caught? Shall you look like? Turkey is a disease that sport like when you catch all out. You know it when I or doktor. When all people inject that stuff into the botox into their face to make it not move anymore. That's the botulism talk. You are young Kirk. Kirk cousins, icy, I'm also creed fan they really uplifting right, a composite also of former quarterback or something I think her cousins actually views on the rating
yes, this is your dog. You say of her cousins was on the right to enter and ended up in Paris contract this scene. That he's currently on right now is a team that you would make an argument about of. If her cousins was on a good now there are lots of wine. Is a good enough occurring cousins on the dining room? Well, Jane, color! Playbook! Ok, listen! If we are not that's a line, it would be fine what I think, the cousins on nine when the suitable jack he's better than Europe. I like you is this a show yeah. What's up George Gregg Kittle now ok, so valuable comments, but do you like that? No, So that's very girl, she's. The best argument you makes about motors lessons God TAT is that he came back. He went to twenty one to nothing deficit, against a shitty box team in the first half and then came back. Can barely one that came in at the elder people and then and then Yoda people in the most passive sir incomplete of aggressive Vashon possible areas
I'm not worried about cousins and spread, because arriving a catchy anything from him. Ok and spread the spread of the disease. No one's gonna catch a disease. I feel I read that joke and just missed, remembered reading it back. She wrote their feels like a further to that you missed. I did ok, then the other news was letter for that is now buck on sad. I really wanted him on the bears just so that I could say how could you beat the two thousand seventeen second in fourth pick but whose like why? Why are people saying this is like a big change, dream team yeah at some point in the last twenty four hours linen for net went from being trash to being like the missing piece. That's going, to put Tom Brady in Iraq into the soup. It's it's essentially my cabin White Joe put in real life. Everyone's being serious, though my letter for TAT was the fort pick the draft. How could it be bad? Yes? Well, he can be bad because we seem to be bad yeah. He is his.
The issue you can help solve their like red zone woes because it will always if he was on the falcons, for example, Dan Quinn would never have kicked out, feel go to adjust handball perpetuity overturn Leonard for night at the two yard line, and he get tackle that the one yes, yes, I think linen for that might be the most frustrating goal, I'm back in the history of the universe and Purple proportion to his body type? tremors in but Trent Richard save on the whole, he would say The goal memory his rookie area like ten touchdown, Cleveland, and I think all of them came from my two yards letter for net. He just If you put a goal on in front of them, he is going to be very frustrating to watch an infinite trying to extend the ball into the goal, and that says in racism and falling sick. In short, everything goes on and we need it now. We're going at the letter for that fence. Madness, Leonard one of one come out a box, a super team, yet their dreams him
box have entered into dream team stuff. That's right now, you're. I think someone, I think someone has to say it though, I got your box on the box. Some of us has were kind of a dream. What kind of a dream too who is the most likely other that team crock will subroutines you're in the universe. If Grenelle but he's wrong here, space training. He I know how to authority ruining the air with. You could get wrong, maybe like an in six weeks when Grog witty, we flushes more of you guys rights out again right whose very dream team nobody be like this dream super like they think you like, like saying I like you, you grant because you're doing yourself. I know he was a big ice cream team which bring back dream schools. Let's get you fire press the week that we got our
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breaches CBC Biagi and serbian tinctures v lotions and use promote good p empty at check out get five percent off your orders. From a good p m to check out five percent off? You have to be eighteen up just go to the number three c h. I d come. I asked our first the weak. Hank. My firefox in a lives apparent I'm sure you have dealt with this, but my mother, my puppy, got kind of call for the first time, no disrespect families, no disrespect. Families are no hospital, freckled face wasting your time. I, like you, ve done with your children. This is your child cracked he got kind of coffee was supposed to go. Staying with. His parents, as we can well. We went on a mandatory work absence. Whether fort having cable. Is it a mandatory the tory work. Long weekend of networking? The abbot is now much ah, but he has chemical
Every his parents have dogs, so he can't go there and stay with them. Cause he's contagious and the place organs stay, doesn't allow dogs to navigate. Did you not give him the shots where you, like so say, Kennicott, Rob Schneider type varies, vaccination are now we're gonna, more shots. I actually it might have been from they haven't old dog. It's kind of your shaming note. The use from other dogs and we're the Geneva Conference, which dog had it. Do you think you can walk off? Now I don't like him, and yet they carried absolute get. One hundred percent can still had cattle cough when we adopted or because we adopted or from a shelter could save. I got a good fuckin heart MA you doctor, am I right in a way out of his head or Firefox, last vacation summer, not
navigating Latorre, mandatory work, obviously medication yeah we want took it, took him to that. He's also got eight about. If you just keep, you run other dogs for two weeks. Ok does he does he eat the medicine? Already after, like cotton, peanut butter, hide it in the Al Qaeda entreats, that's Wonderingly rose really good at is you can like hide it in anything like they sell these old pocket pills? Are these combo type things they can put the pill for dog and Leroy will eat? somehow it his mouth like nor around all the edges and instead the pillar of yeah yeah upstairs I the Cheese Union, she's, she's figures. It is an act Firefox Firefox the week I have. I have just one of em yeah. Ok, Well, I mean noticed families for me, but this is my first met the Tory work absence of the summer really since March, and it's kind of Gmos it some soft on this week and we too, I I'm leaving Leroy alone and the new apartment for the first time
am I am self will there's gonna be a dogs comes over check out, get I'm gonna, be worry, Emory, worried, sick, allowed an army. I want to set up like a nanny camera, something so I can check in autumn seized walking towards. I did smear an extra layer, peanut butter on the walls, just just for safety on gone I'll, be around figures. Loki have one of those, namely camps. Do that and we use field, Oh yeah, the dogs at are listened to the show I I actually do have an anti teddy bear and you can see it I can see every single room. So just so you know I'm watching up apps and then my other far fetched the week is. I can't wear any different pursues ever again anymore nope. So then walking on air literally with these shoes, five ten and a half feet great they're, not lives there perfectly normal shoes to find a new slant already. So I put on a different parachutes to go running, not break the other day, and I felt just a thought tiny of allowing an inward. And last night I was on my couch and I ordered three different colorway.
This exact same type issue, Joe Now I guess I'm strictly cat special home, seven, twenty four life! Do you that no y yeah I've done it for shoes? I do it for socks. Underwear hats like huge! If you just take g Hence I well remember that works well yeah. I know it's the ultimate liberation when you find a product that you love and you're like I'm, going to buy all of it and never have to make a decision again in my life and Xfl combines coming up soon. I can officially list myself as five hundred and ten and Howard Bracket for five hundred and eleven the priority shorter kicker. Why aren't I you're grounded yeah they just like shorter pickers spoke. This guy doesn't have it all delusions of grandeur. What pattern factor I was not exactly alike fucking already by after the show that shorn, so the model five eight five. It's normal ok
father design will have a short five. Ten an edge is such a pretty simple. If you ve ever saw him say it is no one who can enlighten happy like that, guy's tall right yeah, if you seen a meme on twitter, guys who are five nine and a half to five eleven and a half or the size of an ant right, guys we're like five eight to five. Now, That's just normal short right. I'm not out here pretending up six feet I'm saying with a fact and with authority that I'm five eleven I you're going find shoes that maybe give even more of it. Someone suggested. Maybe I put some lift into these shoes and then I'd be a bicycle reflex violette. I dont want to trick anybody. I am who I am sure that you are just comfortable shoes. Just like issues are at my Firefox is to overcome these twitter. These twitter moments, where they're just showing you what big College Football games come up. There just drive and means, and I saw last weekend, I was like the bare ok. Maybe maybe it's just the malfunction, but now they just have like Illinois were so how state I just can't stop yet
is like we're going to the schedule imagining what weeks gonna, be like Alice. You add our. I m all all that stuff like oak October second week in October, oboes we'll be all these great match up just thinking about what could have been our needs. Only to rub my face and on twitter yeah right. Exactly I then my other fire fast is also called for boys technically back this week, and there are some game six late, my the Firefox is. It was bad code? Seated season, and I don't know I just I think I've lost the lustre. I don't feel the same way. I don't I don't know, I just don't feel not new our rider influencing power. Is it because nobody wants these men go. No people want to believe me. My mentions are all asking for my notes, but yeah I'm put a couple in this show and then once yeah just couple of years for three Jake, who tee g, The end be m K for De Xbox. Why p
p r J three, t. Are six q? Ah ok, J, three k, six p, seven, seven, J C, seven. Seven Z has now: it doesn't refuge hired a plain like sky writers that had the banner with a man could behind it and had heard that personally fly around here I don't know I could be found. I still feel the same way, so I admit. I'm not saying it's over, but whatever would just take. Those were once those take those I billy your firefox. I've to five has three First one I was run through the woods with my dog. Strangely dog ailments. And these roll around horse chestnuts, any an allergic reaction turns out. There are no. Are you the worst argon? No, I shoot, we will exercising
A horse. Chestnuts feels like one of those euphemism spalls yeah. I was a horse chestnut, it's a like a regular chestnut, but it's a certain variety that can't eat, but horses and dear love, sexually great bait for hunting you hot horses, dear. I actually had deer but anyway, so had to give us a banjo? My second fireplace the weak, this on Monday, there's no way you gave him the correct dosage. I called my my a larger, for I wait so fragile, given the same examination that you give the heck kind of okay, so dude wipes great product I've been using them we're time, while the other day graver the penultimate Wipe cause. You don't have the dryness, India, the cleanest. So my buddies house, he sometimes does do wipes Hayes Bob was out in the bathroom so's. All dark, so I was like look hey. I hope this
package dude, wives or, if I'm unlucky he uses cocoa butter wipes, So hopefully one of them I can use to wipe my went away like HAWK, is hurting my brain Well anyway, I don't use cocoa butter waits for for their skin octave hydrate anyway I wiped using it. I get up leave. Ah my ass holster burning, like I put alcohol on a cut, turns out. Disinfecting. Why ok, you're here lay in wait? Is this the fireplace story? Yeah? Ok, There have been good. It sought why, worse than the homeward afloat trot my rid of Unita. Did he have to wipe it out now, yet always roman swipe, necks and just numbers are right up, Zactly answer for and also live in, a barn. No just makes no power make sure yeah. I see my air, we lose parallel,
they make sure that when your waving that what you're oil again it is the EU in a barn keys denied running through the wood I live with, the aren't you live in a barrier refund has no power away, just make sure which wiping with is only due to wipe Caesar but Gerda. It hasn't average me she's got yet just gone. All soup diluted in a puddle soup and putting sinner growth What's your back and you got it. As far as Europe really in that was a good story from London and also the voters chestnut the horse chestnut. You feel good about it. You feel like a fool, if you don't feel good about, you know what I mean as regards everybody, tweak emerges peaches oversight Amber that has begun, yes, always create after about, if his eyebrows, somehow lighter the stress new. I let's get to our interviews. First up, we have Jimmy teach row ah before we do that. A word from our friends at nets everyone knows about the risk of driving drunk, you could get a crash. People get hurt or killed.
Let's take a moment to look at some surprising statistics, almost twenty nine people United States die every day in alcohol, impaired vehicle crashes. That's why I'm person every fifty minutes, even though driving for utility. Italians have fallen by a third in the last three decades drunk dry. Crash is still claim more than ten thousand lives each year, drunk driving can have a big impact on your work. But to you get arrested, incur huge legal expenses. You could pass We even lose your job. So what can you do to prevent drunk having plant a safe ride home before you start drinking does need a sober driver or call a taxi if someone you know, has been drinking, take their keys and arrange for them: yet a sober ride home. We all know the council the drive and drunk but one thing for sure, you're wrong. If you think it's not a big deal, Dr Sober or get old over seriously guys, don't even risk it. It's not worth it goober, you know lived all these things exist. Now it should be.
Salute. No brainer do not get in the car are behind the wheels in a car with someone who's been drinking, don't even risk it not even a drink. So do it make sure your safe make sure but you are having fun but being save it is not worth it and thank you to nets for spreading that message. Ok, here it is our friend Jimmy Tightrope, okay, we now welcome on recurring guests friend of the programme. It is Jimmy teach what's up, as in person could see, do good to see you- I love, I love getting that recurring gas title idiotic, they're, yours, you're, recurrent, guess the first time you do an interview. We just tell people that sort in September to be like. Now I have to come on a guy moment but now you're like a legit recurring. We now do to me and I would say, you're getting dangerously close like friend of the programmes or, I think, you're forefront of groundwater, gas, yes largesse- and here I was just thinking I was coming in from my mother dogs- call back
got it up? It's it's things are cooked yeah is. Are we interviewed Sandler after, like a few months after we had a rude you and he's it? I mean that's, then, it's a green light. There is a better off. Oh yeah! Writing the scrap. The writer s horse. Gump is writing. Boner dogs. Oh yes, yeah, just a strip he's gonna wanna page so far on total patient has his name on it. He wrote it yes, so he's a lease like a co writers of it, Congratulations! Skyward, early adopter! You now The more stars get involved. You may ask: why are you the appeal by the area with the young? I we had about it you're following your falling back in the path yeah? That's only because I too people that we have on more recently We tend to over promised things so since you're here now like I'm probably will be willing to be like yeah, you're gonna be the path so you can be both balls and all around you off with a boner, yeah, ok,
yeah and gather loosely attached for what is here now yet over. You haven't loosely attacks for over a year. You know you can't you can't push me too far back in the path. That's true, you had people come up to you and ask about underdogs. I actually have not surprise. I got so many people to give me after the first tell me the park ass, like yeah how'd, you get, whose one part of my taken against those realize you guys were here without you, Alitalia Let me bona dogs is gonna happen. If I were to put money on, I would say that within five years The actual movie will be which animals could be like full length or what, but I doubt a man. I don't doubt that the only question with borders this points, not if it's a when and it's not a when it's- how much money they're going to give us up front, because if they give us too much work, gonna blow it. Oh yeah like they need to dangling. They need to dangle some for us, because otherwise, like someone? Dumbest thing someone could do is someone could just give us his big chance at every, like hey Harry,
go, do Bonner, dogs, cool and then like ten, the. A ten months later we just have a flip book the camera facilitators, do let us help people not to give us a shitload of money will cut. This will cause some, but I do think, though, that if it does happen, you are on a shortlist of play, one of the main character. This is get yes. Also it's it's it's a great time to do animated, stuff, yeah! Oh, you can write all you can really do. That's right say like have you have you have been able to work at all over the summer like how does have imagined I like doing zoom related comedy canna loses its it's like flare. After about a week, you didn't go to my soon comedy. Shall Atlanta Gunderson Cholera you did. Are you gotta get to invite it is its return you have a real bro see me Valley, coming out when, whenever we air this coming out on September forth to temper forth and you had to cut short yeah ultimate, Cliffhanger Ultimate yeah, I guess so
I went on his bachelor party. That's a clear about you! Gonna get your party I had been only work. I've really been doing during this time is animated stuff you can do that like over, so like I'm doing animated shown an animated movies and they would send me like sound, recording equipment in like I would set up like a little many studio in my closet in and get on a zoom call with the director and actually get like. The one of em needed actual like final productions. Quality sound, and the other one which is kind of like you know, we're gonna. Eighty eight later but I've been doing some voice over stuff, and we did After a pause, your brows, I did get covered oh shit right, I did yeah. I would say: hey guys, I don't think I can come into the edit I have covered.
How was your as a great excuse here and there are like? Are you sure you have it of my kind? We got a pause like it has no really get around this. I didn't have it that bad had super super minor symptoms. I was on a tribute to Miami in like every many in my group. Got it and like four or five Well, I like super bad fevers and welcome the sick. State ever been I didn't get it that bad. I had pretty minor symptoms, but I lost my eyes. Taste and smell for, like a month
This is very early on Friday. I had it like way before it was cool here you not now it's like. It's actually become, not cool, and I mean it s like so mainstream right here right, everyone talking about it. You like over name through their albums right and thinks airplane their plane, like all the other mba arenas. Now yet nothing like when I hide it was so early on that, like my symptoms, weren't, even really on internet yet, could I got it like March? Eight was when I found out get a nice way. The lockdown hadn't even happened yet so, like I like telling my production company like YO, we pause like that. I can't go in Finnish. The edit wait three, but you were wearing a really came in sore. You are you who of like the mindset that you can get it again because I feel like if I had it out strike fuck. That's how I was it first look at first. I was like I had it into a call in my mouth and good. Not actually, but am I don't know I just like the more we find out the more we realized. We know nothing and I don't want to be like
carrier and light. I've always been my kind of german phobic, wash my hands a lot, and now I just and feeling like everything on touching you like infecting I gotta like hands ties, so I've just been like staying at a citizen welcome to New York City grammar. Enjoy you, you were I something your instagram in your vibe is just like. I think we talked about this last time, the California teen vibe, but you just cooler than I'll ever be, and I Q did a road trip that was like a centrally a Volkswagen commercial here. You were just like all the net, the national parks living out of our v the year. You no one hears you. Those people means ram of negative living out of an hour. The look cool and romantic. Then I think about like If I were in that our be, it smells like forts,
like my clothes, would be everywhere. Yes share. Some reason in, like all those influencers posted to put up, there is never any like wrinkled Taco bell ringing of running our is now bad. I would smell, arise between every single see it like you. You look like it was actually quite nice I was living in. It was like a Fuckin Pinterest board the whole. Yes, yes, come like, unlike in this van, like God, dammit, I look like I'm fuckin, yes, interest Resources are geyser and then the next day he went on a hike in its like olenin cooked over this little Bunsen Burnley. How it out of the whole thing down. I would a fuckin. I can't I can't take full credit for further. The planning of the trappers were the aesthetic yeah, but I definitely reap the benefits of
divide. It just sound like a Subaru commercial Miguel was like. We want those acknowledge, creek whisky. Was they drink, outfitting glass around camp, where it is the growth of the earlier version of seeing a shirt on a mannequin it being like? I want that shirt and bring I'd like oh yeah. We're gonna have brass yeah are like I watched Jimmy. Do it s like. I want that and then like we are. That slob? That would like burn everything in fort everywhere type by right, yeah? I actually it was actually like. It was definitely intense. You noted to travel like you know. We went to like up the California Coast overdue montana and stay there for like a week and then came down through like Jackson, who Yellowstone and did all that stuff, but arm It went very smoothly like it certainly intends to do. It did a lot of like upkeep and now you're gonna Van, but like with which he did a little bit like we stated some hotel. Ok, I wonder why we weren't wrapping it the whole time, that's like when we do greatly. Yet
I call ahead to certain campsites right yeah I did take a year we locate nature. Can I am led to sleep there, unlike the thirtieth of of August RE, it like a list set up for each year. There's like an act that we found that, like let you know cool, sites like in the area, as can later, almost like the European Bee for campsites. Are you not worried about the super volcano l stone? not really were very worried. Are you what that's like? Twenty Twenty has been the year, like all the fear porn online, where they just sales figures really the time they can play in the head where they're like? Ok, there's murder hornets letter back. There is like that While the bees are dying like global warming, is double horror, double hurricane, pretty soon they're gonna break out the old summer. The sharks increasing shark attacks and oh yeah the super volcanoes this is actually a shark attack at the beach. I was at like two weeks ago up the I dolphin Super Dolphin Supra close to shore and we're looking at like DNA dolphins, really close and then all of a sudden we
rejected an hour later, like that dollar, you saw, got eaten by a shark in front of a bunch of kids. There is blue everywhere learn, learn much. I haven't they learned of your own tuna. You probably and often hard knocks life. You can be so I don't know if you saw my my Yes, I ask for a while for almost all twenty nine I have probably the large bee population wasted, amiss was that intentional or- where you were you harvesting their honey. I will I do not wish to go on. I found about this thing. Chris hems worth actually posted like a photo. This flow, I've been can make he had like honey on past yams, like my own warring. What's the most border, rich person can be no is low chart. What is called the like of which flow hive high in Europe. If you put your
bees in this box and then the honey filters down into like jars, and that was the goal and so ever was like you, gotta get rid of this behave like it was at the time like this big and Evans like that. So I can dig you had to get rid of it and I was like we the b need to be like we're doing a good thing right, a market and ready to be high and then like a huge chunk, fell and ever was like. Now you have to get rid of it, but, like you know, I was, I was when out there with a spoon. I was like keeping the honey authorised Delicious wishes fuse together? They built it back. It ended up being like this big, like no joke It got so big. The whole thing fell off the branch and it was probably like eighty pounds of high on the ground. That's like a metaphor, psyche out bees. There were great, but they got to beg for their own good destroyed. Selves was so sweet so that I saw it fall and then went about it. What do you want an opening, so it was like the day fell with
day. I like started my camperdown trip on my own. They called me: do the hard sell, their local or frantic? I can't even stand a word, he sang, unlike my car, parked in man. What's going on, I just this. There's these everywhere. They just like I couldn't understand what you're saying on my camping, so I did back for like two weeks and he hadn't touch but obviously based on the ground, it was just a heap of of Beehive still like you know, there's still a sizeable hive up there in the tree. Like that big, I think the queen, we will then be so like those of your life goes on nice, but I call like you know my local hive Bobby keepers, whatever our life I have translated is something I think I can get honey on tap from and she's What are you sure you don't know, its African. I the bees,
like you to another meeting their across meeting, and I want you to know you what you didn't data with two issues. Are we asked you for the address and now she's going to sharpen harvest? I don't think that there's a profession, America that gets more really like free advice, cause and beekeepers reality. Billy we have liked to alive and your backyard uses automatically article beekeeper yet billion you. You wanna tell Jimmy about african eyes how immediate looks africanized, honey honeybees are actually real problem because their invasive and they still more in a way more aggressive in the vacuum. In a huge problem, these are very expert. Renewing a lot and are you guys have to work with the upper would stop talking along a farm. He's got a guy like every other. Last time disregard everything I say: no, he actually it's just Wikipedia and then make up half the facts. So what he just said very well could be false. Ok
actually most likely is false. I would actually think that their honey would be tastier, though, because you're so aggressive about defending here, like they really at all about that they actually scape from a lab in Brazil. They are trying to create. This is where you may notice. This boisterous is actually true. They escape from the lab here. Yet the problem. They spread. God huge issue, Jimmy's backyard, as is the plot of land in the Spirit of the brazilian honeybee they ve got big ass, I say: skip from a lab. Men see did the best part of our Billy's. You just have someone around who you just ask questions who he says it with enough confidence. It doesn't really matter what he says Ok, son! it makes them that's really just a secret to life in general. Last time we saw you on the big screen was actually not our big shrink, zoos on a home release of king,
Staten Island. It was intended to be a bit it whilst yeah, which I really do ass. I was really a movie very. We had built on here. There's a lot of these. Are Austria both around filberts performance, not movie, actually yeah, I'm lucky. I thought not killed Jimmy yes from us from us, but I thought is really good at it saw I'll start off by asking you a question. I asked him: did you get kiss, Mercer Tommy, I didn't that would have been probably pretty weird for one of the random firefighters via has to happen. But the bill Is this? The coolest yeah, my vehicle with sky ever yeah, It does not need to be that cool like you could still be ass, cool ass years by being much less cool, inanimate yeah yeah does not make sense. Agri, like he's like one of those Oji Stana comics that like he could be a deer, can still be super cool people. Something like I love S, people so glad. I love you you're the man right, but is actually like Super soup he asked supervise and light just just the best. Did you get
you get as much screen time. You thought you were gonna get you I know you have to let you won't be an agenda. Patel movie again, it was our good, they cut you then you should say that yeah yeah. I thought it might be in the little alone. I don't really know work, though. Wolves I'm like good bodies with PETE, and I kind of like. I know you sign up for something without really knowing what I'm getting. Do but PETE with ideology, the in my movie and unlike a hundred percent, your movie jet appetite Alec thousand present Finally, we really like real scrapped or anything we're just gonna go up and you know why They had a script. I think, but I didn't tell really get a alike handed you them up and go. Did you hear the background of this right right? but yeah. I came out here for Firefox their training and like we did like a fool Dave
fire drills and staff and like were in the gear, like you know, crawling the floor with one foot on the wall like putting out real fires and staff and it s all movie, I like did we need to do I gotta goodbye now. Did you do you out where do you get paid? You get paid beforehand. It doesn't matter how much you have you want be more, but I like, ultimately, its where, if they cause you're gonna get paid for your time right, right, onager, like week by week, yeah or like theirs, I mean there's a locked in rate before even get out there now it happy to be. I just like a jet uptown yeah article already. Yes, can I went online right, here's a good way to think about it. So you're that movie with a lot of like soup, STAR legend of the Game Committee is ride like tat the castle. He just show me like us who right now. You are very much like an up and coming actor who's next, in line to be in that
pursue so like. In the in the movie. You played a firefighter that was an up and come. Coming out of the forest learning from the big dogs in your next up It was just allegory for your career yeah. So really deep. If you think about that were answer daily to look ethically those very nice of you, I don't know either How much longer can you be considered up and coming before we're just like this guy's? Never I don't know, I think I don't think I have that much longer than you more you have been coming. Just you know, that's no! I think Europe become at yours what twenty eight when you you haven't still at least like thirty three, and then it's like. Ok, what are you Do they come and are you wash yes, five years you got? I did you. You think you'll ever be like like a big time movie, maybe not,
eight like the main role, but like the awesome, I take that? No one really loves yeah. I think I will I mean everything. Everything has just taken a long time where I know nothing has happened in my career overnight. Everything has been like such such approval Just like every time. I thought like something would really be Even if it has been big and likes propelled me super far, it's like it just kind of like justice, just been a slope, processing. I just kind of accepted everything's gonna, take time and to try to get this. With the process just enjoy the process as much as possible, and when you do it frustrated. It's nice to like Turn around look and see how far you ve come yet, which sat down and just keep going. Does it get frustrating it at all, and I would imagine it does, but like real Bros of Simi Valley is so fun twenty like it's one of the funniest things I've watched it. I've watched him. Likewise, in this, a tv show like whose making the decisions were there not like this is fucking genius. It is
give frustrating we like hey guys, like me, you can't say, hey guises genius, but I can it's genius. Well, thank you. I mean the way that all happened. Is it Twenty wheelbarrows brothers, never like a big priority, your mind later at the time we sold. It was just kind of like our trust, or something else, and we just like you I had already like financed it and we made it for my youtube. Charles I was like it was done and all we needed to do to sell it was like just show Facebook and there I guess we want that right. So, like I didn't really put to me, you know time intellect deciding where it was. Gonna live in everything it was just like our Facebook wants to make this autumn. Let's make it so I mean like I am happy that we have a place to just make it in and put it up in its free. I watch like dynamite. How is this not hit across the board when you see Four things you're like this is not like that funny in
I watch railroads. My laugh, the entire time it would be on tv that doesn't have not submitted any future, like, I think, has led the way that turned out India being like a man. Massive success and the reality is like network executives, for the most part are gonna, to these other places like Facebook or Youtube until I d, have kids that reach the age, were their kids can tell them what to watch and what school right and that that point, though reach out and then do I really want to be on tv. Like we had a tv show for day. We left because, we don't feel like ours are seen. So we decided we lay down just said five: do nothing else and middle fingers in the area of coming back to that I guess what I think like with the different platforms you been on. You don't need like you need to be on NBC, rang in Asia. We I don't really want like it, your point like I don't really want to be: it's not like. I don't measure it excited the show by be like where it lets. You know, I didn't show is successfully lives on Facebook. People love it
it's a hit where it is, but it's like these. People associate like legitimacy. So much with where it is like it being on a network platform around to get belonging to network plan and right now I just wanna beyond, like as many platforms as possible. I just more people to see it. Yes, I think that funny. That's me I think I like it, I'm sure there's a lot of people who do see it on Facebook, but it's like frustrating part words like you see other shows last pony shows get promotion and your wit, this shows is way. Funnier wire, more you know, yeah. I mean it's no red table talks, but it's pretty good. I think I like the means are like the problem: strive not having a good time limit to supplies to every so my favorite one, a price Jason said: I'm sorry not having a good time burrow in there option of it is, Poland during World war. Two I want you already sighing like that is you are becoming a cold classic in the meanwhile, the AIDS
it. There's a lotta lotta means. I also appreciate I've been seeing like a lot of sports programmes like tweeting out, like straight of not having a good time means, and my also, the thing I like the most it I've been seeing. I've been getting to the delight of videos of like, like a college, he's, ballplayer will slide into second and then pop up, and do you like it, Obviously, I do move in a way I love. I want that, denies NFL celebration, get down on her. I'm sure George Kiddo would do something like all Yahoo seems like a real big semivowels, absolutely is affirmed the railroad, yeah yeah sort. I come in we will not have joined it. Yeah yeah borders are a thing he could do that less than we had join. You did it. You broke down really nice. For us, the difference between like was a kick back. Party, hurrying ass ass was that when we have to deal with all the different ones were the Alias gauge break down the difference between various types of rose in southern California because, as far as mean and big concerned, there's like there's one type abroad:
we're very myopic and how we have you were just rate of all them, but I'm sure different, there's nuances right from like so the Valley to Huntington Beach, Sir Redondo Beecher. Whatever yeah I mean those there's tons of different, did that the brows in Rio purchasing value kind of like the deep valley brows like they're the ones you now with the Oakley sunlight CS the tank tops and they all have boats. They all have. They all have boats. An jet skis that are attached to their trucks. Fanatic, once we see the kind of today ever get mad at you. Like has anyone ever been like? Do that's fucked up honestly, I thought that would happen, but it kind of hasn't, ok, yeah. No, I haven't gone like any any heat from those those broad. Ok, just these are even like this. I too have representation right got only those guys enters, I wonder, is how we look look. Tat can be you wanting that we later this year at right. Ok, so that's that
the valley, brows and then you know you got like surfer browser Malibu brows like, you know, the more can skinnier the oft blonde hair soft, Oh, I don't know, I'm not gonna, say soft, Mozart body might say, saw more more pretty ok, ok, what else nor cow nor how is it is another tat, Braun Norka, there's some cross over between your account anything you browse. I think our daily work I'll start Zella Bakersfield now Bakersfield is pretty so yeah Where would have cut off line? maybe like San Jose. Ok, ok what about what about like inland brows like we have extremely browser. Kind of immigrants are year, be something
like how'd, you classify basically desert, rightly semi values very dry place year. It is immediate, just like deep Valley, so it's not that far from the past. Yeah, but there's also like a leak out there. So I was just I remember driving through there- and I was like this looks like every suburb that ever lived in my entire life at the sheriff what about like DS brothers, where they there from tuna where's that who were the there may be as the view FC fighters. Dallas Braden is from two oh nine, whereas the where they from how we are combining two non erika that would be I can't remember where those doctors acetone octane, after that. That's that's up north. Our circle back to the new Dallas Braden yeah. Yes, that's an order from a game once while no hitter but yeah, who is he he works with us. He be support for the ace flamed out, but did throw perfect game.
Dallas braided is our name. It's raining now easily use calibre. He's got the calibre he's like he's. I Stockton is but he's that's the name. Diaz they are intimidated intimidated, in their own right. I love a good form in like a good. You now, just a name. The union, like wild access flow guys outbreak, is, if a paint, your picture before even meet him and you probably gets examination correctly riots absent bad. I was I was looking through you're from arbitrary before he came her and I saw you at a mirage last time. You did this. You pulled up my stats from work high, Sweden and you know what was at one point. Six for game here knows is little lesson Schiphol us that every I have heard that one turn him that you went off. I appreciate you remembering the guys in bald out that turn yeah, I mean you know, live. As I said last time round thing all the games were recorded.
one point, seven points for game, I'm sorry, but you had two point: one assist per game and then one point to our about. But if you look, you may know, if only like two games recorded or maybe three yeah or ten you're all Sanjay voiced by being arrogant things mean things say, but you also seem like the kid. Who is why its holler than ever when he was twelve and stop growing, no I won't real, ok, short Bogart. Aren't you Yes, are you not like our energy, where you like? Oh, that kid was a boss when he was like twelve I was inaudible ever grew at ever again. Now I like five. I would like, as a leg IDA big gap in my teeth. And in more year. I had like the Beaver Swash racing, so I got another was alpha energy come anatomy, others and good pictures of here, so they ve got you up on MAX. Perhaps somehow somebody upload yourself to MAX. Perhaps
you're fucking Camel's back in high school r k goals. Yeah really sit as one picture as literature. Theirs oh angle, there, I mean those are just the calves ministers. He also carry off the average, because you're you're, an l, a guy who went to Arizona, Besides, you figure like holy shit that guy's had assured off for like half his life. Can I Take my shirt off, never looking pretty jack we're in a black shirts, and I also thank you damn well. It takes but you you also when we go to Arizona you just basically pop your shirt off right when you get off the plane. You like artless party for the next four years, not wrong. You're, not wrong. Here right, you're, not wrong about, then. I know a similar desire to write sailors always taken shirt off because, like you Loki just got here light he wears like all the bank was around his friends writers. That way it takes a shirt off round like wholly flocks, anglers actually swore. So
like it's a good like under cell over deliver technique. Didn't you dont want to be too Jack like if you're all your to Jack, like there's some people to take their short. Often, unlike due to follow that Jack, I would be uncomfortable. It surprises yakking. My shirt off I would people would be like. Ok come the fuck down in soccer guy huh. It till it on your guys, have liked her, like the body that every every chick wants now fucker guys they love to take their shirts right because they're not join. But they're like have a six back. You know that when Socrates rip their shirts off, they score, go right. They ripped their shirt off share your happy one would be shirt off what up, but when the edge Thus there, like their waistline and pull down a little bit of Asia. The debtors show that ETA decline. If I come on yeah, the. Yet it will, I think, a shave before the games to their like their hairless. Maybe you just from playing soccer. You just develop a lack of here on your body I was your set aside that you, a movie got how to have sex on a plane. Well was that about that,
my I am db. There's some of my Youtube videos had been I've been up do I d be like I guess it either, like you know someone it was in it wanted to put it on. Can t be here so that just a Youtube's gets it? I did Actually, I was telling off leaning on you. I need you gotta, ok, yeah got again just listen, you're, you're, characters, Lee Guy, I didn't do that. I actually tried to get it taken off because I wouldn't get that figure it out for you. It's hard You'd. Think really here I am to be forever, but that what we are aiming to. Actually, my my most viewed Youtube video, our joy at the time I had you know how many ass, The gas is a last. I check it was like fifty million or something so that, if someone put like lead, scrotum boner dots, twenty twenty, two on your in production aid and production rant I'll, be doubt that lead
scroll to work with our character name, a little bit fox yeah yeah, like sixty million views on this whole, that video was actually a real idea that I had second point yeah. I pity to my ex girlfriend shit like this meeting. I had my way I was like I have chosen page, but I was like you know. I thought my joining a mile high club and unlike the movies like everyone, thinks, like you sneak to the bathroom and you do you like sneak, but so obvious you both walk into the bathroom. Everyone knows it's going right. So, unlike you, gotta take an argument. You start screaming at each other, but your embarrassed you're gonna have a screening argument, for everyone is plain so you're like let's go finish this, cleaning argument in the bathroom, for you keep screaming in the bathroom. Pretending your arguing yet, but little did they know your actually having sex, but you just need to keep screaming at each other the whole time, and then you ve when we finish the argument and you walk out, but its view
smart? We want you know about that everybody! We just had to work that I saw anytime its occurred to me like maybe you could join a mile high club. I've always just like going back your seat. Everyone will stare at union level. What happens in the sky? Can a flight attendant like arrest? You? Can they come up your exerting you'd come with me because outcry like that. Like any guy would but it wouldn't from the flight attendant saying, like I think, you're having bathroom tell me All they would have to say would be like you just call in the bathroom debt is so awesome and I believe he was and they got you. That's that's in Gaza. Is why? Yes, yes I'd so Jimmy you are a die hard, Labor Fran. if the Lakers, when this year, where you grieve, doesn't count right. Ok, woe whoa, whoa whoa. I mean we all agree it counts only if the broad lose. What doesn't count about it?
above all its like a mouse situation, there's no like away fancier, so you're saying because there's no fans doesn't actually cancer than what the NFL not going account is different from other events. On Y, a wise, elevated baseball. What world Series. I give you always at a neutral location, as if your point and great point also there can be playing the real stadiums deny replaying like what Disneyworld. Yes, oh the NBA, their play like in front of like me, characters basically right. No, I think it's definitely still count is leubronn your favorite layer of all time absolutely not I mean, oh my favorite layer of all time. He will never that will never change Leubronn when seven titles in a row I will be very thankful of Leubronn for doing that. For what have covered Toby's these titles and correct,
as I hope he does, and I would really appreciate them doing Africa. These programme, it becomes Crusoe City, screw so Gabby Sterile Dwight Howard, winds tenderer, oh man. I. Now I have to say, I only dealt with Dwight dive feelings about Dwight Howard. I am unhappy he's on the team in doing well in his role but hard to forgive him, for you know his complete died of a season right back. When back, we could have got crisp? all and White Howard. Just you know. The whole thing brings up some bad memories. Wait a year, obviously rams not chargers right, yeah, right, yeah, but I mean the clippers are obviously no one in whose, different away, possibly could care. The clippers are you.
If you are a clippers value, clearly, not vanilla. Oh I like that. I don't like they should move sandy aid without my wooden above for them to move the sandy. Also, do you hate the clipper, I'm out? I never cared about the clippers in I like it was always a slight sure. You guys can you guys can be here to its fine. Second, we can you know you can share whatever right and then the second they get a little bit good. It's just from all these clipper fans coming out of the woodwork. Just they just want a gap. They want to talk about whether the team of allay and it just like, shut up. We let you be here just to be great. All right go to San Diego. Take the chargers, If you to justice get out of here, so it's covers, beat the Lakers this year. Are you then saying, doesn't count I wouldn't say it doesn't count. I would be. I would just pretend it doesn't get. That would be a tough one. I think I would make Leubronn like the biggest disappointment of all layers of all time.
If he doesn't want any titles and you lose is against. You re air if you lose arrival, as that would be, that would be tough. Yeah take always purple and gold leubronn. You know he needs is to bring the title home issue. Would you would you say it's been a disappointment? Thus far now I went. He doesn't want to tell you I'm in his second, you d like to play off first even made last year tree and Wales, teammates yeah lawns abolished and be a laker for light on bald we ve got eight. We were the best team in the week this year. We're going up hope. We knock on would win that Maybe she doesn't really count. It counts, though Now, like you, will put up a banner a banner. What do you mean a man like you will put a banner up, We want the broader geographical who cares. I mean not only in the bronze annihilate unless he lose. It's not like. The competition is still good out there. Now, like these players, are like playing like there in a bubble, some
more, like say, like to the box stink Sons have played like turn a bubble cause I don't play well outside. We just want to discredit Leubronn anyway possible. So there's a guy Taylor brought yeah. I guess it's fine thing. I hated Leubronn yeah I hated him in when he went to and he did the whole. Not. Why not do not three inclined who's gonna win, like nine championship, went out at fuck you around, I'm taking my talents to my like others, I thought that I like him at all, and then he went back to Cleveland, and I just I found too hard to hate on him. For what he did when he was like twenty six site for give him for his now: the geometry actually yeah now you're. Like all that, I, like the whole time he was on the on the cars we went back to Cleveland, like I respect you for doing that, he brought a championship home to his home town of like very respectable. You know can't I can't hit on you anymore you're. My only days are behind you,
and now is and always has been lake will result from very obviously happenings. You're you're, seeing into future Uruguay he's gonna, be a free asian. Two years he's probably going to come to allay. I will pre, forgive him so become so I won't have to like take for my own son, my completely I got to a point where I wasn't even with saying like Lebron might come- and I was just like- I don't want to expect anything. Cuz everytime. This happens like there's just so many rumors are people coming and it just never happened so did happen. I was just you know, I'm not the mice Adele like Lebron James is the. Ass basketball, player of all time, but he's all share. So a fund to watch like watching fuck up all the time like fuck up the small little things like Winfrey. Dapple he's always reading a book. And he's always on the first page of the book. Like me, he probably doesn't actually sedan read through all these things. She just likes being photographed holding a book in his hand all. Things were like lucky shown up to the game holding a glass of wine walking it's a tunnels of its conversion, like all that stuff
fucking hilarious to make firm for any gives people lotta material, but I think he is just now. I dont think I do Knight who do you? it is. The minorities usage was not even close now, you're honest for four, its Jordan one shock to every day three were coming with. This is that I made the Laker damned thing I actually win win because we pass away- and I had the night before had been time. Leubronn was my number one layer of all time. I remember Right touches you like a week later now, first islands, like oh shit, like as you like, that's not funny like if I may do the trick. Honestly, it sounds kind of crazy, but, like I mean What luckily enough, I haven't had like a close family member pass away. So like copies, death was artist. A death has ever hit me by far and like I cried for weeks, like I just saw an urban so sad, I just didn't think it was. I was capable of being outside, and here
You know that song. Stay scheme when it's like but you wasn't women's shootin in the gym- like drops. Call these new that in that part, I was just like this like a month after, like in my car, just like vining. I was. They haven't a great day. I'm dancing to the song and I just said our line and I just gonna sat there for a second and I just came over me, I started crying in the car by myself. I went from just like you an injustice crying, and then I started cracking up at how ridiculous. I must look at this as you can cried spore. Yes, as anyone then sixty seconds, notably that guy's a funny he's losing losing danced cried laughed. That's a hell of a day, though, is Jimmy View would say if you can dance guy common laughing the same day, that's
did you know I came. I came right after I mean I could tell your up and coming. That's not strive your body being so confused who, just like expelling liquids from various we're going everywhere. Guess I'd better nuttin shit, so Jimmy you got September. Fourth, real boroughs of semi valleys out, I have my last question. It is the ME undies question me: unease dot com, Slash pm, cheating at fifteen percent over first purchase MIKE Russia is actually not a question. Is just Billy just take the MIKE and Sir targeted Jimmy. He's your easier idle a budding up and, coming as being myself, I I've been in progress, be right off the bat, as this crashing verbose, try sound, very smart, but he instead, as you said, does European like, like not said, Pierre, be hidden away. I wish you share the shell.
I was actually memo bodies where real browser save her Halloween. With our way out in both you- and you will see me first, y yeah. It was actually hires viable future. Actually so I was drunk in our actually looks like a good donkey. Invite my body looked really get is, the whole picture I'll get a picture, let's go black can't. Obviously, as this is the guy, the Euro Vizier easier idle, I yes, he is, I think, I'd be a great Rancho Brow, extra or other different values. You that's all draw the ranch, your browser, you know, I don't want if too much away, but the Rancho brows of disbanded and yeah, some of them went to delve Vista. Yeah some other Rancho brows Rubberin doll. Faced now reaping Del Vista, pretty hard line, he Adele Vest around a hooker
spillage real voice yet another example of a village all always gonna, put on a fake voice to pretend that the authorities have a budding as being putting on a big voice. I always thought would be funny if I like, I already, for but like if I had just gun, really good, like a british accident yeah and then, when I did like talk chosen stuff like podcast came on, like other british kind of like he. British Airways Fox me like when you see Adele Talk get them was a voice in the world should fight you very much like you is a golden opportunity dissolved after watching the wire, and then you like what is british? Ok, it's always these people and they all of british accents, allowed all the best actors who's the guy from Wales, a shock. No son I'll, wait If we go back to warriors you're saying you, you want to be
Actually, I think I can say that I think I can tell how much you squad Bitch, I the page three hundred pounds- and I squat like so we all her hundred eyes three hundred. I would about wakened what he's got ready for four fifteen forty five times, but will you tell me about the car that you want to buy? I found this like Super soup up humvee like by it, Look at your humble what I really think I can play a role here isn't really worthy team. There was also a thought: I'd go. We also had a truck in what we call it look. Colors was actually is camel. Green chemical street legal really doubly watches real savings like disarray holy shit like an hundred million out of a path. Aren't there's a season for done without surf. I mean These three has already been are already been shot.
I think we really could be a real brood of Silicon Valley and he could be like gonna like a cousin front of pitch pitcher app tone by rapidly I, this is an idea where its lake ways forego Do you know how ways is like crowd, you crowd source information on overall aid. I had a similar idea: everyone who has been in a crowded bar does nobody. It's like a crowd, crowd, source information. I like crowded like the via pc lines for club ratio of racially. I really am gritted zones bouncers or soft. I d you gotta run now. That's really way like like: where can I get a device, about that for like lines you know there was one four lines in like you like payment option. Actually, you should cut this. Is this my view like this? Could work
environment. This is ones. I now invite your Pike S, Morphinist customer you're Calliope S way where it where's your pipe gadgets. It's like dailies will in future in a time of spaces colleague whose on steroids, we just guess who's on steroids. I know you ok, you got any one. You think you could think of that. I think is on steroids Oak. Yeah, probably the age, Loki LE until they get a avenge my time on the MIKE, what how is fairly with the blue Mount Stake, as that was go on for a year? the craziest pipe? pretty similar to what you did that road yeah exact fat is like a family man with kids. Billy gave us, alas, such questions and they're all long lines of whose number five, american vandal was sick, now
question and then what about ITALY Estate was like Blue Mountain states cast. He tried to like right like use, lofty language to write the exact same question rebound states CAS has been notoriously close and tightened throughout. How did you work into this dynamic as an outside and the filming, also in extremely fitting addition, any stories from the set that's just fillies way of saying it was announced. It was sick, right, souci, question mark. I definitely have some stories from this enough enough. Now is a good time burner Yeah I mean it was. It was very eventful, we're in North Carolina the whole time. Like I said it was by pretty somewhere what you expect not from third, but mostly from the in detail, explain to Billy how sick it was so he s coming even go faster. Later. Oh sir, you say a quick question: what is sick? It twice
You just three member states that man when we say circled around, I would say I mean I bet with more. I had more fine I learned a lot more and on the twenty juncture, and I got to work with, like you know, Lord increase Miller, who just you know, are like the biggest Jamie Jonah Helen MIKE Our people that are like I'm not really looked up you for a long time. Our state with a lot of fun, but Joe It was just like her, just an amazing experience. I think you do making roars. Rooster is also urge you to hear them days. I
increasing our thirty billion dollars does wonderful. How do you know if I can make a vague in uniting strongly that I just didn't sitting behind just be every time you say something you just said: I don't like that. I just want to say what kind of fucked up that you didn't do that gal gadot thing where you did, the the montage hope imagine when everybody was getting sick with norovirus, oh my god dude. I saw that and I was just like this is barely ban is almost so bad. I thought they were joke, ices funny right, but wait, but that so that didn't that didn't cure. It will be for a little bit. I think none of them got it yeah. That's why pray why you got it gives you yeah imposed a video. Did you post, like anything on its ground, belike my heart's, my heart and thoughts are the victims
I do not, I did know, but I did have it so for other people to think it's fake. It is. It is real mask three, that every day on twitter I after tat was it. I was sick too. Like take shots of vodka to kill afterwards, not having any taste whatsoever is rip everything that was it was. Itself not haven't smelling cases it was just annoying like it was just thrill it's a bummer. You know like a taste stuff, but it was like a couldn't really get the inn, cases of taste and smell yeah, slim gems, just didn't snapped the same wages didn't fuck I will Jimmy this been ass, a man. Thank you for coming by coarsely. Would all you got a picture? Let's see it, let's see it bill he's got the picture of him. Is We feel that this figure Holloway my love that didn't know starstruck he's ever better. We had dinner. IRAN is your like two days ago, Jim Flourishings, coming tomorrow, you he's pretty pumps.
Yeah we're we're coming that hot with the bachelor party I'm for them, cause. I was supposed to be one episode in ended. Up being so long got splendid to sway how me ever since we got left for four, Perhaps it was to be three episode to cobble at the sides. An wedding I soon there we got actually two and a half episodes in Aqaba. Like a lot of, so ten stolen proper and they get back. There the rehearsal dinner nice goes down and then you know episode eleven murmur. Happy the wedding. Ok September. Fourth get excited a timber fourth Jimmy Thank you. So much repression- men thanks for him Davy Jimmy teacher was brought to you by MAC Weldon MAC Weldon are our great great friend they believe in smart design, premium fabrics and simple shopping just about to be autumn in autumn is without a doubt, MAC Weldon season. They ve got the best quarters ships and the game. That is a fact
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but his white tray should say right, we're gonna, say tray, yet a thought. Okay, We are pointing at me ice. Let's start I actually wanted to start with you Josh. You are trending today. You realize that why would I do you, through a fucking sick bomb in practice, for all the right reasons, your trending good? good things? So how do you feel right now like getting into camp, You change anything because people are like holy shit. Look at Josh item like that's how we always looks. He just throws bombs down the field, I just know we worked on the offices and we gotta. We have some guys approach you now. So it's always a good thing. Longer hands. Yet you realize, though, like win win teams post these videos on twitter of their quarterbacks. Spirals in slow motion. How sweet it looks. Are you thinking about that when you practicing knives? Wheelers was not a thing. I think about you guys, I'm not thinking. Oh shit, telling them wasn't spiral integrate. So I know that the knock
but on social media, those going it's gonna, be the good jobs right. Yes, through yachting reiterate that won't know, we choose to believe that that's what all your passes, look like, crap, perfectly Ireland was I'm with you. There are seventy five year either trade. Is he hard to intercept in practice? Harry if you want to broke vaguer dislocated baby yeah you want, but I'm just gonna get out, I'm not going it's about very guy. I do not want MR games on innocent about the practice eyes at all. The other day he threw a bomb over you. They called you out, like all the reporters, our watching your like yet giant bomb to joy around I started off his fast start. A sort of claim is already day, so you know. You know. How do you on the internet is Mary, always until you down, because There's a false together did not include the fact that it is a false start on that. Did you knows all start at it? This way, Oh you lie now.
Trade. So you were we're good friends, I'm a say, we're good friends with cocoa. You played forum for half a season. Are you guys doing in the same room? No, you not know what else yeah so cocoa. What was it like to play for him and you have any great stories because we love him so so much? It was great man energy, but we now If we needed the child at the deputy them Maybe a team gas tankers. Cosmos had been there too. Thirteen years, and it was the same message and we have not yet Nancy those. I need some these rebellion. He bought the energy in this gas love to pay for maize, complete Cosmo Place coastal because of
is the complete prayers couch? He takes his prayers. He takes what what they say to heart were should deprive man. You know. If you tell him he saw some. I tell you just give you give you the reason to two one went to war from so I mean he could test a godless starlight, dazzle, you'll use drew and playful only a jolly for less eight weeks. I had I have to mention. I went to the to Universal Wisconsin and we don't get alot of big time wins, but Wisconsin. Actually, we are part of the reason why cocoa got the job because you got large lasted in limb. How can you believe that you asked the bark Euston no actual with cars? It was very good day their authentic Ancillae number three tuna catches are very good, but we were expect into two, to win man. We did not expect to got their lose, but
little game. Those guys really good. We they really sad beyond their day has act as they say. Run witnessing in their defences. Illegal, as these beyond the about day. Their great great great advantages take What you just said, you say big, ten speed baby very to speak in Wisconsin Yummy, goes down turn it down, I'm just so confused, but oh order, the know I've got, I'm gonna come back so Josh. I appreciate because you ve always been you are day one right or die guy with coach dogs. I always felt bad. When you and injured jerk off would be like how I do not see anything out there like you you are you really this bad at the game, but you got stuck with me. He is come back eventually at some point. When everyone least every tax it could cope. Church I like what the hell's going on coach does its aid up give immediate made up videogame coach I sort of plain and suitably fourteen.
When the pandemic was going on in. There were no sports on so just go online every night and play. The bordering on Watch Joshua, washing B. I dude like I'm, I'm tired. Then you but you're, not very good at this game and I pay out figuring out eventually in it yeah and you did when a title with Alice. You I wanted sign with NBA routes. Are national yeah yeah has trade where you down in New Orleans for National outwardly phenomena? Work is based on how I got over the play, outlaws easiest there DA. We have got to do with such a fine time. Did you cry when they want no idea, but I celebrated light like like. I want he's got way for guys. They came for me, no space Twenty thousand and eleven found the nest jumpsuit within the walls, so out of debt back, so we had a great great. So written in a lot. I notice you didn't get out any money like Odell Solar, you are even a real tiger.
What I wanted to pass, You gotta get money from Josh. No, We all know we have enough here. Come come you soon there. You go there because it was so tat we can put into bed, though, that unless you is now officially db, you right not Texas at holidays. Let me take gotta lotta Grady. These came up with an uses, as a black man and how how is not just we're we're put them out in approach, were actually have gas. The reform will improve. So that's Yeah yeah Josh. I won't talk to real real quick about kind of a back and forth. That's been brewing, it's been bub, for the last year and a half almost two years and that's the impasse? throw off between yourself and Patrick MA to see who Who can carry the ball a bit further in the air? I notice on the schedule that kid
city, is coming up to Buffalo October fifteenth thirteen I gave up I was thinking, maybe that weak the travel up there maybe most to throw off. I don't aware schedules like tat. We. And then the winner gets Patrick Moments contract lot. That's why I was talking to guys. You know winner, gets to switch I wonder no matter who wins. We switch, everytime. I found her gay with that, belongs to you on the competition, but you not be broken loose now, so you you'll be ok, losing let's say you were not very thoroughly boss. Seventy six yards, you would tank, you would throw. Sixty five yards and you have to suffer the wrath of that for the rest, your career as being the beta to his alpha you're, only consolation prize of five hundred million dollars. You could sleep with that. Maybe I don't know to ponder over that better delay? When I have your pretty soon so,
keep thinking about it. Ok, if I may, on the plane, the forbore to try. How far do you think your lease of slightly unbiased Josh obviously can tell us how far it was How far do you think Josh can actually throw football? as is longer one way or the other. Go. You can go a shop, over and over a bad cop. Eight I'll give him between. Seventy five is certainly not a thing to webs com. Though the backing by bank biggest personally, but recent Josh. That's right around. The remark I go with you. I think the other day was now and drought. Very far, or go. Are you thinking they asked when it up again? Well, nobody bio dim light. Did it take top off the defensive thrown over you guys, that's the place. By which I guess it's all my earlier. I thought that I had indecision as I look
Maybe it s about, do, travelling farther down clear just noticed it was like gone over my head, so tat be. Feel. Like this is a zero gave up on the plate, ok, it was passed. I would try to cast our sonic has back. You got back checked on now Indra, but the strange how to care about. Don't get hurt. No soft tissue injuries this this early in the season Josh. You think that this is the year that you're going to be able to throw it out of new era, stadium or new era field, because I knew her feel. Oh, what is it now need a name on nine apply the Navy today, the party by take I'm all that by the way on the bar stool, yeah yeah. What about Marshall Stadium? You see here now. If I gotta get back, we saw how did I get started trade? I know that you always arbitrary way. Gully gave me that's how you introduce yourself on Sunday football right. What is that I may it was some kind of job
dont around. We was actually savers game. The council funding their family. For some. In the day It saves gave up go into something I was like. The goal is to do burying. He shook damn straight by Golly Academy, Louisiana for millions of Europeans. A hell of a hell of a girl you ve spent way. Can't just got around in the pool. Isn t want to do some, some apparel. Since that my in actually was cell S. Servants deal so I'm pretty how about some stupid. On I love it. I saw I'm happy! We are both you here, because I will start with you, George and then we'll go to trade, but Nov. If there are no fish hence at all in the NFL season. Ah, I would have to it can help the often more than the defence right like. Have you thought about how it's going to
work when you have no fans in you're trying to run and often Josh when you, when you go away and you're going to ozone, environment, kind of changes, everything the verbiage that you're able to use the lightest scrimmage third downs of so much tougher, because you screaming and play clocks running down. You can't make adjustments super late. You go in on the silent count, but now TAT, you can deal with, say everything at them. I can't take your time. So it's it's definite. Managed for the orphans but at now. Our defence can talk. They came here with the office is saying to make their adjustments as they go along the game too, because the defence at almost going to deal with anything that we deal with on the road interesting, so tray or you. Are you noticing or will you do you think it's gonna help you guys in the long long term, this year being able to talk more or just another thing.
It's gonna hurt defences in Vienna fell where you guys la la crap, like outcry, has as a huge factory, especially put a whole gang noon. Disrupting the opposing callbacks lifelike. No matter. What is already up enough God, these guys open space, ITALY in there you- take out the fact that those basket big Day Day the data can be able to communicate. More on third house, which is the most important down on doing the drive, I think, is going to be definitely a deal for us to deal with this year. As far as this the whole gave to what about what about adrenaline? Are you worried about that in all trade like getting pumped up for a game na not running out of that kind of honey pot? I'm just going to beat me. My whole thing is: I wanna be bears on fuel, so I'm gonna be pretty much every every every Sunday are really go yet
Josh at eight is not. You seem really love the game when it causes that have the cameras around the fans around is really gonna, be out. There really play harvesters, do yeah, convened gonna be a lot easier to just quit at half time and drive home in a season? Hey you go see, that's why I welcome history eyes. I saw your instagram video that you did was shady region russian Avanti does as impersonation delivering that I want to hear it so funny So what do you want here? But I just do a leg was by Thanks start at half time. Starting line may is so amazing, I just made. Accoucheur turned out that by thirty four and thirty studies drew his receive visa you're, not gonna, crap hunter no ban on all day. Just sit down at me. Like he's like turned out the office, all of you in a year
because usually see state our way. Let you take these resources, so he did not at all easy I think I can do about. At least that is my mouse go wrong. Look, thereby what you mean. Like this are less. They unnoticed or leisure arms, thereby now this model I've gotta go more men, young guy he's a yeah. You're gonna go accounts are not go about. It reads: Isn T there is now a very vague throughout the IRA. Come heads Army Wilson, he went up to the world to the dressing room become he was, he was gone. It was gone. I respect you did a good cod and hake.
The firelight leggy dead then make history like you want to fight personal retire, have even I like the ones I was. I was a member of a girl you like the children across it reaches I'll. Give you a quick forty, eight hours. No, we take this. We know you come back there Now you know about it. Just bought up beside the audio. I called it a weird way respected though, because, like obviously going leaving at half time might put a beds. Tasted everyone's Maltby, unlike you just left us all- highly re hafta, but being like I'll, have it anymore and like I can you guys win I'm done that's I respect the I'd rather have again been raised that Buddy Davis out there like theirs, but eight days like he's there will be respected. No matter what so never lose their lives. Because I had he opted
that's all I did You just said you know what I'm DR. If he had stuck around his heart, wasn't it then that would end up being like a drag on the rest, the team, so it was crazy, waits Leone AIM. We had unaddressed three columns, the other courted him he's got hurdles thirsty. So he was there. They called it was love. We had a hands that those somebody in the libyan maybe wait till after the game, but still I kind of like I do respond. Because nobody else has done it before so cats. On these terms. Does I was able to do their fans of commerce, we re not making a monologue, let us walk away Josh. I hope one thing that you guys keep in the playbook for sure. I know you got a lot of shit for it, but to go out to the full back and I think that you should try it again because now knows last time anyone's gonna be expecting it because they saw what happened in the last the last summer outward was. It was like ok,
that's a pretty obvious mistake that innovation it on that. But now nobody's gonna, look to defend it. Yeah I mean we like our full backing Margo he's got you doesn't given enough, insists on Ngos may drawn. Back exist yeah. If you go back and watch on these quarterback snakes that I heard he was right. There push me, and so I mean We on the ok, we'll get Jake to lead into that. Jake's. Keep open That's what we can readjust This year we will be keeping a very, very close watch on those perfect tray, are you have you buried the hatch? It would not it's on you, but with grog after the famous grog slain and never talked all ok, yeah yeah, I think pretty much that's over Brenda without they were people. They talk about this journeys. Daylight people talk about it, it crazy.
I'm a job losses. I've got one gains budget now imagine if there was Nido yet may it I'm gonna say: I'll time right now. Did it's a great like where was built. Where we been Roma Mama placement forgot it Tom Luneburg. More than one week I'd say: Massey down There are various alignment, probably now very my light, begged it as rigid so yeah it was. It was big, definitely assault, so I was so pay, but one day, though, I'm staying out big just yet Mr Bowe, that why item eight draft I wanna go home. For that. We should in retrospect Josh owes us like a hundred per cent of assigning bonus. Yeah you want to give us some. I mean I don't want us. You'll want to be on the hook for money, Josh literally. Oh yes, a million dollars.
They are getting keys. I can give up right, yeah, ok, so we were its good. You got drafted on your own merit. You didn't need a website to help you yeah. Well, I wouldn't gods as eligible for surely will judge baby online will be a richer in Fucking California right now, if it wasn't for us, As you know, I think I think said. Data put it pretty bad boy you would have we got was the best points pretty much the sweet spot for every joke we make where we just make. People think that we have more. The ports and we actually do, and then we all gonna know deep down like we didn't do anything
that's right about now. Yet I was quite a bit about would have no more point. My taken about the Deputy reassign tree white, only sanctuary, white, young arm, ok or ten percent- is what you agree to it. Ass, a Yankee agreed Do I don't have a hard bargain whom day our should look at us? Would envy you there's bill. She I mean you. We but you know that didn't you were gonna get drafted high, no matter what I mean yeah its body, though, to be, I guess, who's, all just draft Josh Alan so we were in contention to draft the other Josh on yes, Lasher yeah, if he, potentially could happen again and our team had bud bother you
Well, we draft the Josh. I want again to come out and growing wonder the markets and Josh Islands Yonah suggestions. We do love you and since we ve been such an integral part of your career, I feel We also have to show you Luba, tough love every now and again visit this comes from us comes to us from Billy football. He broke down some your film, and specifically, that throw that was put online today we through the depot he compared it to your arm angle in college and at the combine and he saying that you need to get your elbow higher than your shoulder, your Throwing motion is starting to give our Philip Rivers vibes ability, says you drafted Keep your elbow high and don't get lazy, dont be spoiled with rocket arm and have lazy, mechanics, so is something that you ve been looking at. I wanted now. I will I want to agree with them. You can't argue
system you have, but on the plus side, Philip there's hall of Fame guy, and I mean I don't think it's a terrible thing, good point or so I guess so, I guess one right right now build you are defended. I just want to make sure that you know get lazy, mechanics in your. Thirdly, because now there's no excuse sophomore slow, but I'm a big fan really went to exceed the limit there again. Do you very go with it? pray. I had one last question for you: you have theirs trading in Louisiana area is pretty that's a pretty sick? thing to have a name a day named after you and have betrayed age report. Louisiana here is Mars is a March thirty April is like a marginal you you, we will march towards what directory dates
three years, but that is having to April there around the same time I get that delay. So will you don't know what you know trader you'll know what data efforts on April twenty seven years tried it somebody just better too, you know. For twenty years now, that's what he said: ok, twenty six on twenty seven April Josh. Where did you get tray for the last trader? as an astronomer. Good luck with trading! That's nice would give trade day waterfall or something to how did you get a key to the city or anything urge you to stay here? I would like to say to you that openly say: I've got up. My holds out with ducks engineers the book no easy answer I'm over three on cities to the key Keystone city them over
really we gotta get, you should get one to Buffalo yeah. If you wanna play off game, then I think that You get a closed, I'd, be bigger than that. I'm gonna get earlier. When super bowl. I gotta keep to lead a leader I saw you can come with us when we do that. So that's like Portland under your hat thou, be sick place on their eye. So late last question I had was me: undies, dotcom, slash, p empty, go to me at least accomplished be empty. Get fifteen percent are preferred purchase. I think we thus you this Josh, but maybe not, but I know we obviously have a nice you this. What is your favorite proper wing in Buffalo, tray alike I, like those mad about these, Actually, you know where that really good, but I'd like to go in this place my bears because they have you know, not Barbier! More bears a mobile, hey, look gas buffalo! Please go do some of the trail.
Its basic about you with mobile. Yes, I alone the blood air we buy, use the co Friday. A percent goes to market So you got a guy and what is it? What was your answer? I think it it might have. We might ask you too soon to you're moving to Buffalo jobs, but what's your favorite Ebby, it be a place called barbarians little. They are too to stores now Barbel. Yet we know that money, butter occasion, honey, but a barber, Q, caging style stance as take their heart is through me hot, but I'm all in India, the tray white wings do likewise, those beef on work to yell and a jelly as well yeah littered with rich Eric wooden enriching card. Not in incognito. Do you have you got it? You may rightly throw away data, not somebody order, Do you have your own mother, just oh yeah, oh yeah, hell yeah,
that's all that's out of, like that's better than the key to the city, s absolute, a sickly, the key to the absolute. I have one last last question: this is kind of an analytical type deal. I saw that bleach report predicts that you guys might have to deal with some adversity next couple seasons, because the bills are getting so good that you guys no longer can bank on drafting and like the top five top ten and they predicted I turn to the bills. Because you're gonna be so good that you won't be able to get good players in the first round. Israel high level analogue analytical stuff Is that something that you guys have talked about hey? Maybe we should start sucking again and then we can get good draft picks and that's really the key to building towards a future nowadays to law. Before we got you do we look up fire of the first year of the new countries that have the new title? so our taking real real theory. This year. We chanced turn around we'd better to play out. Now last year's m is seventy.
For the first time we made an eighteen year, so we take their very seriously. So now They have seen him young whore nucleus enough. You, like this autumn, keep going in the right direction but use the council It will also take draft and thirty second overdraft unfit any deal with salt Lake search would say: that's not good health. Like all the time will. Thank thank you guys. We appreciate. Hopefully, there are fans in the stadium this year. We deafening will come no bills game, but I saw you dig it yeah yeah work, mafia, honorary bills, mafia and I am sorry to see you guys on more primetime games to unpopular. How may we got four yet form? Josh last. It is time we had that one right now have you been, might ass outright grave have you been might up for private IBM, yet
Have you the one you guys been might up for prompt I'm game na I feel like I would suck I'll just be constantly thinking about what I'm saying and hope, and they don't SAM startled me and put out a clip saying: I'm gonna go last. Eighteen passwords love, if you guys greater, if you guys do get, might up for primetime game wool, pon we'll pomp point five per sent off of your fee that you owe us two percent re ten percent Josh, if you just throw in a cup, I'll just say, part of my take throughout the entire game I think we would be able to play, will remain in parliament. A perfect loved ass back he'll Mary. Yes, tobacco Mary, I love and yes, I will thank you guys, really appreciate. It has been Fernanda and we'll talk soon. Yes, good boys ace in interview with bills. Legends Josh, onto Davis White were brought to you by our good friends of Red Norton Anti virus.
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On Friday. We will have our show as schedule Sonoco Wednesday, but show on Tuesday. Hoboken enjoys liberty weekend, ok, bigger than Ben Part, two o my guy was so good. This is just a which is falling back into doktor visits. Yeah fine been around two to various hospitals to his doctor to the team facility and its interests placed with Ben just blogging, just walking around this house. Walking into his Iphone. If, if there's, person that the front facing I don't care who is not meant to photograph, it's definitely big Ben, like is. He holds it right at his chin. The reverse of the pictures taken Joe Buck could he's gone like his gullet. I've done those regarding up yet on the up on big bread. Put Maybe this is just my brain is broken by porn, but there's something about. Someone taking a video and asking questions behind the camera in like a
They were in a bet, a hotel room there in a car. I just whole time like about fuck, I wish you in there in the car chooses how's. Your arm feeling, like I think you're about bach- which it was I got on their when you were my brain. I really as it gets a little. It's probably tell you I make you feel better. My brain is so fucked up and I think that's a common thing that most people probably watch like that. Maybe I'm wrong, but years had them why you like? Woe is this is gonna be appointed, I had the vibe, but I don't think about it. S, like subliminally added. I was wondering why we get around during and I think I figured out why big been My theory on this documentary is that Ben sat down when he got injured, and he was like I'm gonna. Take this time away from football to write a book? right. My story, I'm gonna talk about all the ups and downs it had been through and he said
down as computer and he type like chapter one. I'm sitting here right now with her elbow and then he looked at using, I dont Oana Wales. Why you're? What I should just I shouldn't take on my just make a video data. I like that. That's actually up with spot on probably what happened. I also love the editing this outside the selfie videos. It's happened, I think three or four times now, where It's almost like. We won't believe Ben, so we're just gonna he'll, say some and then the editing will cut to his doctor, saying the exact same thing like open to see this report to open within saying they had never seen an injury like that and it goes right to his doctor, we, like we ve, never seen an injury like that, it's almost, a pair you can almost tell, though, that the question that was asked the doktor was leading him to say it straight away because big Benda say like no one's ever seen, though, tat. I had torn off the bone wisdom.
Never before seen in any quarterback and sacrosanct yeah. You know you don't see, idolize nights, it certainly knots of the I I don't think I've ever operated the producer literally asked hey, hey you ever seen anything like this talk about that talk about how little you seemed like that. All the things you ve sea have you seen anything like this, so we all the doktor, the doctors, great character, this because he has been brought in just to reaffirm how tough big boy is when he gets a stitch is out there. Stitches scene was like, like maybe three seconds it taken a stitches out in five minutes about talking about how much it was gonna hurt and then, after a bit like told you he's gonna hurt, but he s drop. This jam when he said I think people realise what it takes to get big bear out there to entertain them. He's had two hundred and money over two hundred twenty visits away. What
That is also one Ben gets retail. Is that a visit like Willie, I know applies the visits of his if you're hypochondriac, you can have like three, you can wreck of three hundred doctors visits almost instantaneously cod. He did. This is like he just made this for us. I really think that he made this like these. There did you idiot you joke about how I'm like a dog who pigs, injuries all the times. Let me make a documentary just talking about. It would then there were injuries within the injuries to there is one thing that was in there were Ben was sitting, I think, maybe soccer field watching his can. Play and he turned the caravan. He was so So I've got a cold. Yeah some deal with cold right now, in addition to the elbow, so update your little glowing, figurine silhouette that you put on Fox and for Sunday we I got all the issues. I have with also a scientist and scientists long spend he should have done aside documentary like to play within the play of just
I'm getting over that cold. While he is dealing with the elbow and how many times you think big Bennet said, like I think, our corona- oh my god, it's kind of millions us So the only other do things I hide is essentially the passion of the crisis and made the passionate grace for himself Yes, but a shroud of turn is just a terrible taught it's incredible, so he so the only what you think they had it was he was cleaning his dog. Poop, and his backyard barefoot psycho like that's what I like you gonna, feel the ground and then at the end he had the producer or director whoever's fucking. Making this approach is big, Benchley, cousin, ah they had like a moment where they did the the soft music in big bends like running around in it in a sun soaked football field, and I'm I'm sitting there like people and is making
Tom Rinaldi Peace where they were they were they talk to a guy who's, a whole family died of fire, and then he got cancer beat it got to Unifil picked men just fucking time, a couple ligaments in his elbow and now is how you- and this was his first hang sash with rose since he took his elbow areas like the greatest redemption ending like too. You know this beautiful seen in soft light. It is my wish yea draw. Your ego jogging around its like, were letting the ugh free again. After all that you know all the things gone through it we hold on. He missed a year like Alex Smith, had an injury that was ten billion times more horrific
big bang? How upset you think big Ben was when he saw that Alex Smith, video and you're like how come. I don't have any footage. Ikea welcomed me, home aspirin planes shrank me down with mountain, doing the gravy watch out for the first time I won't it was. It was like a member that video Sesar, the line when a lying, it's like reintroduce the guys see their old friends for the first time they let big big. Now: the courtiers debts. That is positive, Mason Router, oh shit. What policies up its I mean it's incredible, I dont other, how many more it is all we are formed. Oil would still be so Ben Rossmore eager to release to a two part dockyard. Each being. Seventy minutes long be like goodies put in one. Yet I would love that little mafiosi, that's it! You have to wonder how much big bends porn addiction played into the never before seen elbow injury on her arm in arm who uses jacket too harsh row and as much before there's just
the feeling of a porn vibe, big bang, probably had a lot to do with the story boarding of this document, and yet this is. Why were it's, why his wife figures so prominently in it, because I think she's probably been up to She knows his secret. He just run like a couple like casting couch videos went out of this awful was too too high, viscosity lube through his elbow. And he had to make it up for her by putting in her into his documentary, unbelievable I, that is how shall we got a big week next guys for post back football back on board is back next week. I don't know what it's gonna. Look like. It's gonna, be weird, but football is back. Great Labour day weekend. Billy. Do you have something plant cuz, I'm going give imma another Mangold see who does it I will finish and I'll do I'll give it after animals are gonna, pick up a ping pong ball, but you could talk. Let me guess Billy The d for two r r and k e en
R T that's play station for red pandas. But actually handles, stir or bears no matter. What other the record right. Red pandas are basically red, raccoons red trash, twenty eight twenty eight twenty eight you're like one when you meet like a five year old. Would you learn school today? You search fucking shouting out all these stupid facts about you're that here or germ acquire that's what you are you're an idiot. I thought, but it is on the weekend. Dude, you did a great job. Did I chimera sweet? Are gonna watch T Jimmy Data? If he actually said I was here. That's like no, no, no you're sweet as unlike his Now you may use that as a general as saying that you reached like DARPA, exactly I would love. Yes, I have
happy labour, they weaken the planet.
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