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JJ Redick + Mount Rushmore Of Animals You Want On Your Team In A Fight

2018-08-21 | 🔗

Daniel Murphy is a Cub which is also the name of the GOAT and he also killed the Cubs forever (2:27 - 6:55). Hot Seat/Cool Throne and a breakdown of the VMA's from a guy who understands it and 2 guys that are washed (6:55 - 23:35). Mt Rushmore of animals that we want on our team in a fight to the death (23:35 - 36:02). JJ Redick joins the show to talk about his NBA career, what happened to the Clippers, being teammates with Dwight Howard, how much the hate in College messed with him, and Coach K faking injuries all the time (36:02 - 92:03). Segments include Jon Gruden's time machine, embrace debate is Baker Mayfield too swaggy, and guys on chicks. 

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on today's part of my take we have jj redick for a nice long interview we talk coach k we talk the dysfunction in the clippers we talked white howard we didn't talk about him busting up a kidnapping a liam neeson movie because he didn't want to tell us about that but the interview was fantastic i guess there's something with like you know when you're getting investigated with the fbi you can't talk about it openly whatever if that's not that's not the point the point is the interviews fantastic we also have the mount rushmore of animals would want on our team in a fight and we have guys on checks because it's wednesday before we get to all of that fan tool the wait is nearly over football is almost here and that means it's fantasy football season and vandal has never been more fun or easier to play if you're not a fantasy expert then vandals clue the best place to play fanned was something for everyone and there are more ways to win than ever before
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vandals dot com slash okay let's go it's hard my well part of my by today is wednesday august twenty seconds
bfdi have a lot of tweets i need to delete about daniel murphy and how he probably did steroids an i hate him and i fucking hate him and i really want him to die well the issue she used to do steroids yeah now he's not that good so now you're getting him when he's clean and moral and just yeah and he's ready here's one thing that people forget the goats and was murphy to hokkaido little historical tie in you you guy you you i didn't see that one coming and you got me again yeah huh bird eight stitches on the baseball too same number of years so daniel he gets picked up by the cubs that's the biggest news we have weak nfl coming up preseason josh allen is named a starter but the daniel murphy who's like i said he was a cubs killer which i think this happens a lot in sports where if a guy just kills a team the general manager or the coaches whoever is like look at him in the basically say that guy is really good
because he hit well against us we need him on our team it's kind of like two thousand and eight jim edmonds who i also hated like ok fine the guy killed us let's bring him on board and see if we can do something exactly because if you're the general manager that put together that team you like holyshit he beat i players which are the best players in the world because i hand selected them so he must be really really good it's actually like operation paper clip back in world war two when got all the nazi scientists come over and build our rockets take us to the moon is fun fact yeah we took best scientists were like oh shit they're kicking harass when it comes to jet propulsion they're really smart might as well have him join our team is that a true story yeah so basically the cubs are nazis ok alright well i didn't fully follow you along there but i know murphy has some problematic history so some people obviously not happy with the signing and they're going to donate for every time daniel murphy hits a home run they're going to donate to a charity which
then makes you think like are they rooting for daniel murphy are they rooting for someone they don't that is problematic or they routing to to basically you know rv charities dry and never left the charities get money it's kind of become a pickle they are they're rooting indiana ideal they would want to give a lot of money to the charity right right so but then you're rooting for the guy with problematic past right but that and that's bad right so i you yeah welsh oh wow i think we're stuck honestly i think the worst thing for them would be just have daniel murphy sucked yeah when he joined the cubs 'cause then you're not giving any money you should you should set a bare minimum for amount of money that you're going to donate to charity matter what yes so our dinner murphy on the cubs will never done say they're always the other big news let's just say officially i think it's not the not here i think the window we're talking championship window it's probably closed on the natural
it was the bodhi home run it was the body grand slam that was the end of the nazis and i saw that stat i read that to you out loud the nats at that home so that was like about ten days ago they were four one slash two games out of first place when bodhi hits the grand slam at wrigley and in a matter of seventy two hours they were nine games out of first place and that was it yeah it's now so yeah the nats are dead they're done put a stake in him probably should trade bryce harper hindsight only twenty that was only without that seems like forever ago is what like at least ten days ago right yes yeah yeah could you could do is sell it he'll be in pinstripes next year whichever pinstripes we don't know could be phillies pinstripes fun factor a hundred eight pin stripes on the cubs uniforms to name just like the stitches the ball interesting hi mom yeah i know you did but i but it's you say with enough confidence it is interesting yeah i said it yes exactly
the fact that you put that out there is an interesting fact whether it's right or wrong that part is interesting because as we are still you know we're slogging through the dog days of summer we have jj redick coming up we have mount rushmore coming up we got to do our hot cool throne and i think hanks hot seat might qs up to a little thing to happen on mtv on monday night hank once you start with our hot sequel thrown yes my hot seat is nicki minaj i mean if he's queen yasser album queen just came out there's it debuted at number two travis scott whose i'm came out like three weeks ago stayed at number one and she was very very very upset about it basically it started airing every single person out underneath her travis scott saying he was doing like fake marketing and saying that because he was selling like t shirt bundles with his album
that those purchases sure have counted towards his albums and so she ends and try to scott allegedly according nikki used kylie jenner to put out like a instagram saying like means stormy can't wait to meet you guys these meet and greets and her fans are buying the album so she was basically basically called out travis scott kylie stormy she was fighting with the baby good yeah she's she's just very rattled and it's clear that and cardi cardi b's album did better than hers cardi b was like better at the vma's it's just clear that nicki minaj is taking a backseat and she's not she's not happy that's what the all is just making not as being upset at cordy because car to be is like nick issue she's like nicki minaj boil down to her or her more like primitive assets like carter these out here on twitter talk about how she can't come anymore because every time you come she almost dies which by the way not a great look for offset if if you're
girls on twitter being like yeah i just don't come anymore for whatever i think it's 'cause i almost die every time but i just don't know anymore or jack back to the original point hank made about the t shirt sales i think a lot of people frequently by t shirts for bands that they don't listen to so i think that's probably that you just want to be cool with travis scott t shirt like you see a lot of people these days wearing iron maiden shirts or the dc shirts you okay name two of their albums yeah leave i sure to don't wear levis people well yeah exactly as your auto dealers jeanine exact thing just not as well yeah she did yeah so she's just jealous yeah okay so i actually watch i tried to watch the vm aysan this is very very sad to say but we joke about being washed pft this was the first time i really felt it in my core because i really didn't like there was like a guy game designer bridge the something like that he came up on the on the stage
no idea who he sees a is is that it is that is old girl z oh no it's female it was some who'd some white dude came up and saying he was atrocious and that was like in the first twenty minutes when i think you're supposed to have the axe that you know yeah i stuck around for j lo because she's my queen anne i don't know if you guys saw but a rod corp was looking awesome but then it when too so it's basically a bunch of people i didn't know and then like a ton of donna is crazy which she is she's a crazy aunt now like who comes out is like hey guys i got this new colt you should really try it but i still remember when madonna was like hot and and the thing when we were growing up the whole thing just depressed me the backstreet boys are like sixty years old they look like they should be in for kelly commercials the whole thing was just really sad to me and i i just i think we're done i think we're done or they were officially done yeah but not tell what though the court
is thriving in corpus drive oh the corp is financially sound listen jlo probably i'm sure that they put day she got a lifetime achievement award they put probably a time limit on her speech 'cause i think if she went maybe three thousand and forty five more seconds she would've been thinking me and the corp for all of our hard work that would have been very embarrassing for you it's like hey you know credit to you you don't have to thank me so that's probably good for everybody but donna looked like she her next album should be called like i am a cat lady now yeah it looks like a crazy cat person she's got the brave she looks like kid rock on meth she black on more math yes she's the woman who got sued for selling the it was she sells she selling like was it kale it was she was selling that juice that purple juice online that like and told everyone that its it fixed cancer no no no it wasn't lean it was uh i'm my brain is blanking right now she's jolene
it's what's the other types of broccoli there's like broccoli and then there's broccoli rob cauliflower bush julie jews yeah jilly juice cabbage fermented cabbage i was close khan is like that jilly juice woman who basically got sued because she sold a bunch of fermented cabbage and everyone got diarrhea and she said like shit out cancer and cure cancer that's what she feels like now she's like hey i'm going to come out here i'm going to tell you guys how you live this like beautiful life and find a higher power but really i'm just i went i lived through the 80s and did way too many drugs so my brain scrambled now that's like a good career path for madonna she reinvents herself all the time she should just reinvent herself as but who's just a fraud yes those oh here's what she does team up with doctor dre start making beats by dre but it's being
tsme juice i like that and rake in the money then apple pies you for a billion dollars later on i like that alot hank williams isn't what you just said like fermented cabbage is that just kimchi yeah pretty much but it's like has it's a little grocer what she made and she called it julie i mean here's the problem it's you could sell any like fake product to anyone if you have a good name jilly juice just sounds for real you don't remember stick hypothetically right exactly hanks karstic rolls off the tongue michael throw person was the corp which they're thriving my second one is post malone so he's alive he captured the nation's attention today everyone was waiting as bated breath after as they after they found out that his plane pop two tires and they had to make an emergency landing so he landed safely are we staying woke
hi guys i have you made well a lot of people are saying are those tires look fine to me when the plane landed don't get me wrong i'm glad post long as somebody who i probably get compared unfavorably to post will on a more often than any other celebrity out there just because i got along here like postponed cleaner brother yeah like yeah yeah like i i'm the guy that bill's post alone out of jail mom and i so i wanted him to be fine but those tires they didn't look bad to me that's all say what you post for own cool thrown because now you got all the attention yes our this of whether i was the date or not if i'm postpone i would've instructed the pilot to land that plane at a recording studio so i could just run inside pump out you know like six songs with the ship and release it tomorrow knowing i got all this buzz going yes an shout out to brett mike
yes i reach we do that yeah i mean are treated retreated as well he was like my heart my heart goes out to post alone i too am on a on a private plane right now could have been me essentially then the best part about though was his social media team took the time to put bret michaels water mark on it to before you before you just in case anyone's gonna steal it you know that that's bret michaels for more of these fire tweets follow me at at bret michaels alright pft what do you got for your hot coulter on so my hot seat is every single news network out there besides the athletic because you athletic hired like four hundred people in the last two days to write about foot yeah just any other sport really they've hired every if you've ever written a word about sports online you actually now work for yes let
until you hear otherwise from them it it's gotten to the point where i'm just waiting for the day i wake up and they're like the athletic is hired me and like we i didn't agree to this but yeah you just are taking everyone we should just do a psych just a i have some personal news pardon my take has agreed to join the athletic and then five minutes later to the world burns down not well the athletic actually is on to something here because if you can't make news or be like super entertaining or captivating just continuously air people so that you can say every day we got big news tomorrow yeah it could point also it really puts us in our place as people who don't work for the athletic people just think that were on athletic because we don't work at a cool company that says we're at yes and we're now probably were in the minority were actually minority class in journalism 'cause we don't work the athletic my
hot seat is facebook because joe flacco just started his own platform his own online platform so joe flacco is the new smart slack a social networking site for fans joe flacco can now get their joe flacco news directly from joe flacco you and instead of waiting to hear it from maine so totally cuts me out like this is essentially they took my brain and turned it into a social network and now it's just run completely by joe flacco ok so what what exactly i love when when guys do this because this is this is
you know that like the world is going to be ok the fact that we still make athletes that think these ideas are good ideas like like brett farve and sporcle should have told us their sporks or whatever the hell it was gore score yeah with the q sorry sorry should have told us how stupid these things are but yet here we harden joe flacco's like hey what's the key to really engaging with my audience how 'bout a platform where i can talk to people in one hundred and sixty characters or less it sounds to me like you're talking shit about russell wilson and ciara's platform where you can tune in to watch them like put videos up with them around their house and i want you to stop because that's one of my favorite websites to go to ok but i'm very excited for what joe flacco i don't know what they're going to call it flack book face flak yes joe i don't know it's gonna be something like europe and cool like that oh what about not your average joe oh that's pretty good too yeah just kind of food
play on everything morning cup of joe yahoo that's good to hear you know you can only send messages to running backs who are very close by two hundred pm i know that i we were like one of the things that we always disagree on in like tension in our relationship is i obviously think joe flacco is a terrible quarterback and you who genuinely like him but with that said i think he still has number one most flexible spiral in the nfl yes two when he except that well she has that my homes is given in a run for its money this year i have is real tight i haven't laid my eyes on it but he threw a spiral on monday night football and it was like yup joe flacco brady quinn in college joe flacco in the nfl did you ever tell you guys i met brady quinn and he was like yeah the reason why the college spiral looks so much better is because they have the extra pain on it yeah the stripes yeah stripes and he's like and i told him to his face i was like you know i would like to your spiral he's like hey that's not the first time i heard that yeah his eyes i mean tomorrow
just rustles college spiral was awesome too yes yes that was a really good one know that i think you know joe flacco the great spiral i don't know how you saw it since you were watching the vm a's in both know they'll interesting to me actually he actually i started at nine hundred pm is because i'm a football guy and it's kind of my job to watch monday night football when robert griffin and joe flacco and andrew luck by the way andrew lucks back this week he threw she threw several passes over five yards many of which did not get intercepted slash i know you were watching you practicing with your band buy tickets september 20th house of blues boston michael god cool throne i only have one cool throne is also a hanks down the streets but it's for maine it's called joking have you heard of joking
uh yeah well no i have i have because you've told me about it sounds like you've heard of it yes joking is this is all over the bodybuilding dot com forms you can make your dick bigger and so everyone's talking about it it's just basically jerking off but you don't come that's why i'm sure we have some experts out there in our audience maybe just one or two that can explain it more succinctly but like exercises that you do with your dick and it's supposed to make it bigger i guess and the only problem is it can make it very very very very deformed and make it just been to the side so yes kind of a dance with the devil that you do if if you try to check it out yeah the best part about joking is it spelled j e l q so it's like is are you that comes after the q i don't know like sounds like it sounds like a nap it sounds like a like ten
yeah well this is the problem with the internet because the internet is essentia lee just an entire like locker room when you know when you played sports as a kid and you got in the locker room and the older kids were like hey you ever tried this but it just on steroids in the internet so it's like hey you ever tried just jerking off and never coming your dick will get so big maybe a little deformed but also really big and the cool thing is the next time you actually do fucka chickwich like you will be jake will be big it will be awesome yeah you just have to do it where they are like here laying down to the side of you like the super soakers that had the nozzles could point in different directions you just have to like thrust forward and it goes into the side by the way pins on for anyone who's joking out there shout out evan stone if that guy can do it with the curve deck you can do it too with your gel tick so he's a legend of the game
i recommend doing a very if you're going to look into jail can be very careful where you do it like yes what type of computer you're using yes i got i got a one hot seat one cool thrown on the power through my hot seat is paxton lynch i think i'm just going to put him on my hot seat until he's out of the nfl because i hate him for that bowl game where he threw like one hundred and seven yards on thirty seven passes but he got booed in denver for just going on the field so there at that point not even like throwing a bad pass he just walked on the field and they're like fuck this guy why do we waste a first round pick on him so paxton lynch your days are numbered bucko there even past that point there to the where they're starting go fund me to pay the broncos to help offset the salary cap hit that they would take if they cut him yeah hey mister elway if you know the two million dollars in cap space that's not being taken out of your pocket but out of out of the broncos organizations package if that's what is stopping you from cutting him will cover it for you
all right in my cool throne is kobe bryant so it's actually it's a tool it's a hot seat michael jordan lebron james cool from kobe bryant kobe bryant is agreed to play in the big three next year so that's another ring for cold he's going to he's going ring chasing at the big three you don't think kobe is going to add that to his little mantle and be like mamba mentality i wanted like a three peat in the big three against against carlos boozer and nate robinson also teammates to alienate yeah so that's a big bonus for him yet another hot seat and from that is darren revell because darren says if kobe actually does it darren is logging off twitter for week so there's a heater he doesn't think that kobe is going to follow through on his promises darren obviously doesn't have the mamba mentality so yeah i mean i hope it doesn't come to that i really hope it god forbid that god forbid that we lose darren revell he's going to
the loophole somehow that fucking you know order to do is kobe such a nerd that kobe likes the ravel and ravel probably tweet from account for a week or something it's going to workout in favor yeah ok okay well i heard cube said that it was true and i trust him more than darren ravel in ramona shelburne agreed yep ok alright okay before we get to our mount rushmore quickly the cash app it is number one finance app out there you guys have been downloading it and getting free money well guess what it's fantasy football league season you gotta pay your fees
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don't rush more of animals we want on our side in a fight okay let's do our mount rushmore we have the mount rushmore of animals that we would want on our side if we were being attacked or trying to let's let's let's talk about first before we set set the rules here i think you should do it as like animals and you have the ability to speak to the animals and give them directions do you know what i mean now you can control the animals with yeah i think that's what you should do it can't do for that's basically fictional animals no it's no it's animals but you have the ability to tell them like hey go attack i i think it is more like the animals are the are operating under the understanding that they're on your side okay all right so it's just an it's like an inherent just the they just know that they're they're trying to defend you yes okay that's fair okay
because i was going to say like it's weird to like pick an animal and animal just probably just walks off right we should be left in the car attacks you yeah ninety percent of animals over the case i would just pick my dog just have a dog would stay by yourself yeah ok so it's animal so it's mount rushmore of animals to be and like a fight with and they are defending you in on your side you good with that hank you let's go ok so hank once you start away who goes second why don't we go on sunday what was the order we did it win big cat hank me just hop it one more so hank you make ok are my number one i'll go with the african buffalo you guys ever seen these things no like planet earth there d
the the base like rhino buffalo is a kill lines they just everything up in africa by themselves yeah just one on one yeah the african buffalo be to run a one on one asking buffalo up like a multiple line lines he said okay okay so for my first big i'm taking a right now which is a better version of the african buffalo it's got tasting it's got thicker skin to skin which is basically armor it's got the horn you can train am like in black panther and they were cool well outfits ok so i'm going rhino number one ok i'm going for mine i'm going to big and small so we can attack in different ways i'll go with grizzly bear and a king cobra
i'm gonna get him a different different angles you know one goes low one goes high grizzly bears a really good one yeah crazy bears are bad did you know that the polish army had a grizzly bear on side in world war two i didn't put i would assume i i like assumed that yes yeah his name was votes tech yes and his job was to carry artillery shells around there's a statue of a makes perfect sense i want to store on which tech yeah okay my second one because i did have grizzly bears so i got an audible i'm i'm going to go with mike the tiger boo ok because he's just a really cool tiger and he's awesome looking just kind of hangs out he's still he's mike the tiger don't talk with mike the tiger ok i will go at two now right you have two you have two now i'll go with an eagle okay secure you know he can it be flying over all times dive in intact i drone yeah and he can like you know what things out you can be your your scout who knew a lot of things it's good and i
i will go with a elephant they give you golfing that's just trying to fix it up for you you'll be in good spot ok 'cause are we and we're in the theoretical fight we're talking about its animals verse animal so there's no guns because like if the people are fighting up guns all these animals to be dead but it's like right animals first animals i think elephant would up all these other animals except for the runner yeah why th i think it's just you're in a fight i don't know yeah i guess we should probably clarify is it against other animals i think oh it's all it's at the end of this the winner of this mount rushmore is whichever pack of animals would win tonight ourselves ok yeah ok alright got it got it alright for my three i'm going to go with just big fucking swarm of hornets
because you also have runs on multiple animals that is multiple nobles but yes this one for now no you can't have to pick one warning okay alright one order for not calling you have so pft took one worn it they're all hornet i well some no wait that's what i call sank redistricting more there you go i just if these warnings never killed a minimal okay my third and fourth i'm going similar to hanks bird but i'm going i can't believe you didn't take the fastest bird the pellegrini para green falcon also of course how could i forget to everyone knows it's the fastest bird chapter like one hundred and seventy miles an hour this time i got the best air reconnaissance out there and then my last one what did you pick you pick the tiger i picked a tiger i picked tiger a rhino and a hornet multiple hornets are hornets
i will go with a mountain mine as my last pic yeah man give me one of them is give me one of the kind of smoke in my african buffalo is going to suck that up ok na yes correct no one heard of a buffalo doing anything african buffalo except losing super bowls my last choice is oh yeah yeah my last choice is a silverback gorilla okay that's good pain not just yeah tushar i think her home our sweet prince yeah pick one of the guerrillas from congo that was in charge of the can on the diamond mines no okay so because we were just sort of like real because otherwise you'd pick all fictional animals my last pick i will go to complete my for some a the black mamba kobe so you begin a human a snake okay actual snake yeah got it ok you could have also i guess taken
like an actual human i was going to take it i'm going to take a texan with a gun with like a ar15 but i thought it would be kind of kind of if that is true yeah or just brock lesnar written down humans brock lesnar or jon bones jones yeah right what else do we miss anything i mean if we're going to allow swarms of things i think i think mosquitoes would be a good choice so just just ignore the fuck everybody how about a billion rats yeah exactly i think we all probably considered taking a shark but then that's probably pretty impractical yeah i had a gator on there too yeah i'll get her crocodile feel like they're so slow like you could you could write reason we kind of run circles around it and yes take it out i agree wolf is definitely a wolf i feel like you know ferocious dog like that would be it would be a pretty good pack didn't take a hippo
no he pulled him closer pretty bad apples that you'll yeah i function of a live auction up and they can swim too so you get that little element there fast yeah pit bulls actually still like them i think hippos kill the most human beings in a year yeah sure that sounds right yeah i think you're right yeah he's like if you one hundred problems like hippos number one guns guns two raccoons number three rounding number for drowning number four texting and number five in and a single hornets bite number six yep modernism fight this thing and they can sting multiple times well there's one right we have to get a hold of you have unlimited ammo it's like the typing in id cafe in doom you read in order to try to go after a grizzly bear one hornet yeah what were your warrior for psa best for ryder i know a tiger hornets hornet and gorillas gorillas
that's a pretty solid cast actually the horn it really kills you really really hurts i think i think our listeners are smart enough and intelligent enough to understand that hornet hornet really do some damage papa make sure bubba can you make sure that you write a hornet on it yes okay so that's our mount rushmore before it happened in animal it doesn't even exist number one overall yeah that's true he just made that up yeah he got he got too high and watch planet earth yeah though this buffalo fire snake snake that's wrong walking off planet and african buffalo yeah give me a story is is is is is a fat horse tight african before on youtube okay i'm a type african buffalo i'm gonna give you real quick i'm not going to you to will do image search my first thoughts in buffalo do that thing is slow as falk it's got no snow
oh there's a bird sitting on top of it there's a bird sitting on top exactly so i will i see no no not get the birds it's got horns sure yes got but look it's a huge target yeah it's got so much meat on the outside that thing would get ripped to shreds by what by which one of your animals grizzly bear rhino rhino would focus aggressive foreign slightly this week is because he bears have horns panther i'll say this about the african buffalo also don't have dave cool dicks and huge balls their dick is like it's got like fuzz on it yeah say something nice about everyone else is mount rushmore african buffaloes full tank the animal domestic good job by far were what was yours but i had the king cobra the grizzly bear the falcon
and the mountain lion i just want to say the big cats choice of the king cobra is kind of flying under the radar we haven't really roast and for its yrt bad pick why because they're like pretty slow no there did seem to come in from the highway load a load of yes this is make novice took yeah so really the only way that that a king cobra would do any damage is if you walk directly over no my grizzly bears locking up with everyone and then the king cobra comes in bites your ankles and you're dead fuckin' african buffalo cannot i'm actually looking up right now i just googled it the one one half of a king cobra bite would kill a lot of an adult male african buffalo and one hornet sting could also kill one if the buffalo was allergic to chocolate she didn't have an epipen didn't let me finish i have a grizzly bear with an epipen but that doesn't
that doesn't exist yet dots in this i don't think an epipen could even penetrate grizzly bear skin i should just picked an epipen right after your hornet pick ok vote for our mount rushmore at tell us what we missed at part of my take would you do to hank literally half these pictures of buffalo just have birds on them just like on there alright clippered standing on the rock ready real quick like she like knee jerk reaction let's do the exact same mount rushmore for animals in the water go hang go shark a shark i'll sure be more sand shark a whale shark handsome descriptor hankins hammered i take a great white ok i'll take a orca and i'll take a what's another shark could name bull sharks most profitable shark yeah i'm going to go with bottlenose dolphin they're very intelligent and they fuck yeah they do but then they fall in love so you gotta be she fucken wants you got a fucking russian i'll go jellyfish okay
i was going to kill steve irwin stingray stingray irricana the small jellyfish that's like the size of your of your thumbnail looking kill somebody i think that be more powerful than your country okay your i'll go with the barracuda and i will go with dude in a calm during the water right yeah yeah who is in a contact okay one from the one from the movie any kind of the way that couldn't buy jail but yes even though he's trying the whole time okay my last one i will which is blue run you over yeah that's true you know that it's a small child could walk through blue or else artery fun fact i didn't know that yeah yeah last one hank i have two more two more hank you said
connor i'll go alligator we know this is the last one ok alligator yeah right twelve i guess no he started in you went that i went twice then you went that hank won twice then you went down i went okay so i'll get right then take one look at okay all right vote for our bar mount rushmore in our second all rush more a part of my take let me guess okay before we get to jj redick we have our friends from lisa lisa is the best mattress company out there we all sleep on lisa equality night sleep helps you recover from distractions faster prevents burnout makes better decisions improve your memory and overall make fewer mistakes it's not marketing it's science to design a better mattress leesa average or sorry average thirty plus years of experience in hundreds of hours of testing to develop the perfect mattress for all body shapes sleeping styles lisa also is trying to help the world be a better place their mission is
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okay it's just it's just a side hustle so you guys are you guys are doing this like the right way i'm just kind of throwing shade against the wall and hoping something sticks which is better podcast or you or richard jefferson maine had richard on some people can judge that i'd podcast after not guest guest on a podcast got it alright so give us the like the elevator pitch so people can go download your podcast right now it's you interviewing who so it's yeah it's the jj redick podcast on the ringer network bleep that out yeah will take that out it'll simmons greg i know you could take all that up so my podcasts basically yeah interview and talk with from all sort of walks of life we have basketball center podcast i had irving on
and we discussed how he has such a masterful handle and and ball handling skills but we also discuss things like did did dinosaurs really exist saloon and he talked a lot about the third eye which i'm still trying to figure out more information about that third i likely his dick like your pee hole okay i like that thing yeah it's a little bit illuminati a shelling out i'm quite stocks are down at the the flatness of the earth yeah we did but that night yeah we talked about a bunch of conspiracy theories but like so and then then i also have people on like set my set myers jason today kiss cheese i've had a couple of chefs on it yeah just from all walks of life okay i'm interested in okay who's a better boss bill simmons or donald sterling mmhm bill bill okay
alright i'm going to this where do you want to start with this podcast i'm gonna let you because you're a podcaster what part of your career would you like us to start with but you can do either when everyone hated your guts at duke the magic and dwight howard the clippers that were so terrible to watch an it's like you guys will never win a series stop doing this or we could do the sixers now or you know hobbies outside of it so you tell me and we'll go will follow your lead let's get the shady part of my first ok so what about the clippers ok let's talk about the clippers yes exactly right that's exactly right so alright that clipper team yeah was most annoying team pretty much of all time to watch because every year is like the clippers the clippers this is the year what was it like playing with those 'cause i feel like everyone hates each other now chris paul blake griffin was a friend of ours don't say anything bad about him austin rivers
do you guys like where did that kind of what was the moment it's like kind of all fell apart when you felt like it was going to build something oh man i don't think there was one moment docu star talk about how when one group was kind of together for a long period of time instead of getting closer together you end up pointing fingers at each other it was weird because separately everybody was really cool with each other off the court everybody sort of got along and then there was just so much like pettiness it was just pettiness it was it's it's it's one weird to think what we had the potential to accomplish and what ultimately derailed that was pettiness donald trump level pettiness so when you say pettiness you are you talking about like a guy we get upset 'cause he doesn't get as many looks somebody
the passing ball enough like what what is coach was playing his son to about our team our i know matt map prince is done on a few shows recently and talked about like mental toughness and i do believe like that was part of it but i think the biggest problem was passive aggressiveness i would rather a guy actually blow up at a teammate and you know whether it ends in in a fight or just a verbal shouting match like i think getting stuff out in the open is healthier than holding it in and just whispering things in corners an never really addressing root issues and i think it was just like an now i'm throwing myself in this in some ways like i'm probably guilty is other guys but like we were just really passive aggressive with each other and i don't know that it was like
look i know certain guys now that we've sort of separated were no no one's there anymore all sort of yeah we've all left doc is the last man standing yes a and and i don't know that like we hate each other i don't know that but you know i i think it was it wasn't that while we were playing together wasn't like i hate this guy it was just like passive aggressive bullshit and so the like toughness and and the passive aggressiveness when you guys used to play the warriors and it felt like those games like those kids were were battles because and getting the chibi stuff and everything do the would you feel the words just knew like these guys don't have it they don't have like that happen on the nba court where one teams like come on they might have all these all stars but when it comes down to the fourth quarter and toughness and trusting each other they're just not there our first year together when i was there which was
jamal's second year on the team and chris blake and dj's third year together docs first year we beat the warriors in the brown is a seven game series i'm always playing but he wasn't starting i think bogut uh may have been injured that series jermaine o'neal was playing so it wasn't like they were at full strength but we beat them and and then the following year um was when they were amazing they kind of came out of gays they were sixty five and seventeen or six thousand seven hundred and fifteen whatever they were and we only beat them once during the regular season but i still felt like that year in particular that was year we lost the rockets in seven games when we were up three one and they came back and beat us that year i like we had a chance if i'm being truthful after that we did not have a chance we didn't have the mental toughness they were more together and it felt like every time we played them it was inevitable they would have one of those third quarter runs where stuff goes nuts
and you know it's it's not like we're doing something wrong yeah it's just like they had that mental edge over us and i think the one yeah i can eleven straight games if yeah well try login hearing that because as fans that means that like when when a team suffers a really bad collapse we like to be like their dad forever some of the derailment were absolutely right yeah we're so it can't get validating that are hot takes yeah we were dead on this is the houston series was that the yeah it was essentially the death yeah so then you got is we always say also that when a team beats another team they gain their powers it's like it it's a team beats a team of destiny then they become the tim destiny in your case they you guys and then the rockets took over your like mental weakness and now they can't get over that hump so you infected rocky yes patient zero even thought about that of mental weakness in the western conference never even thought about it i would also say though i was going to say that you know after that
rockets series i think the that next year when the warriors were seventy three and nine or whatever they were i think that next year every the whole league started playing differently and blake was hurt for and i'm not saying blakes at fault here with blake hurt and we went on this like basically you know incredible stretch in january and february i think we had a twelve game winning streak or some like that but over the course of a lengthy part of the season we are as good as anybody in the league and we were play playing with like west johnson and paul pierce at the four in the starting lineup right or just spreading it out playing like how the league play i you know and we we try to integrate play back in i just never felt like we figured now like how to utilize his talents with dj with shooting you know having playmakers essentially and kristen blake and letting those guys stuff each other we just never fade it out it's like we
the league change the league evolved in our team the way we played the sort of the five of us you know starting starting group he never evolved do you think because that's a interesting point that do you think that your skill set because the league of all almost to you do you think if the league doesn't involve you wouldn't have the like as lengthy of a careers you have thought about that yeah i thought about that 'cause you become you become almost more valuable as the years have gone on because everyone saying you need three point shooters you need to spread it out let one guy drive and kick it out i'm really i'm really grateful for math the nurse people figure out that three forces with their own glory for all the guys at nylon calculus yes is i don't even know if your listeners know what that is no light no i look i
when i first came in the league it was like can this guy guarded guy one on one on the wing and as we found out that the highly inefficient use of a basketball possession and you can't guard anyone one of the way that's debatable but also i think i think my skill set worked with the evolution the game but there's also something on the individual to sort of adapt along with that and i certainly had to work on my weaknesses like i was having this conversation the other day to compare myself at thirty four who i was as a basketball player at twenty two i like look at my twenty two year old self and like you kind of sucked yeah you know you weren't very good and i just got better and then the league has changed and it's also been grateful what you think is thing because you've always shot i think i think just like you know to the naked eye it's it's not it's not visible
all of them a better athlete but i am a better athlete even at my age and i was a twenty two i wish i was not that you were sneaky athletic and that's a term that gets thrown around a lot for white guys myself just but i did think that when you when you got into the league i was like in this guide can you get up in the air the pain can you make a lay up in traffic and you always had good good body control but so like azure game kind of evolved through the years like at what age would you say that you hit your athletic peak it was like sometime between twenty five and twenty seven um that's when like i could i could you know i could drink and not feel you know i could still like pretty much other than i have very small hands i can't really grip of also other than going like between the legs to dunk i could do any dunk i could do it sixty windmill i could win mail i could tap it off the board and dunk is like at time and then i was still like i'd work so much of my body that i can actually move fairly well and at thirty
like i feel like i move as well or better than i did at twenty seven i just can't i can't leap yeah and the same back yeah yeah yeah and i had to take better care of myself and be cognizant like to i ipas do another meeting yeah yeah yeah you could do it three hundred and sixty windmill dunk yeah this practice yeah same with me in practice i mean what ever i never was a great in game dunk shooter and that was because some more weight changes i used this take so much enerji man still drop to the greens i've gotta run up the screenshot i'm not fucking gather and the and then the come down from hanging on the rim that's like a good three feet you can injure your foot that way too i just wanna be careful so when you let's talk about duke i think people i'll talk about do you get sick of talking about duke that's the first question about duke sometimes yeah
it's usually the first question okay we're going to ask questions that you probably haven't been asked you tell us what question you don't want to ask about you what's code coach also is not working i don't know we're going to ask is it true that coach k fix injuries when he knows his team is in a slump and doesn't want it on his record are you referring to nineteen ninety five through my notes here for specific yet let me see that this i've got a ledger coach k has an injury or illness like once every two one slash two years that causes him to miss yeah couple games usually in the middle of the road stretch it's like oh shoot we gotta go on the road guidance e hampton va place here now my arm damn this sounds like a reddit forum may yes but no conspiracy theory uh
i don't know the whole story with ninety five a minute soon he had back surgery yeah i assume he was with me there and help you to hold did you see him in the bed if you live you what i saw the doctor's note okay i think there was one time my junior year we're playing georgia tech at home and we were coming off a really emotional game i can't remember who against maybe wait for us i think we lost against wake forest on like a wednesday on national tv so we played cbs afternoon game against georgia tech and at some point in the first half during a timeout were all like coming back to the bench for the time out and he just like collapses on the floor oh yeah i know that yeah it was a weird collapse here's the thing like are i'm really questioning like uh
the five year old man yes who's like in a hot room with nine thousand people like could is it was a school is it possible that he could collapse we are hearing again was at a time yeah yeah right now we have a time out yeah you did you have for false is i want we're not going to win this game did you ever take away your guys right to where do close what was that like that actually happens yeah so like you'd come in the locker room and first of all of our lockers were locked don't know how they knew our codes but they did maybe having bad like i had to have a master race address case got it on his belt exactly so they'd cut we'd come in the locker in your your your lock from your locker would be empty and then all your was just piled in the middle with all everyone else's and in your in your locker like in your chair would be like these blue white reversible jerseys that they got at walmart
with no duke insignia or anything and they give you the spiel you know you're not worthy to wear duke on your check why did you have to go practice in short shorts and and walmart gear what did you have to accomplish to get the duke back it was all arbitrary we figured out actually this was a this would happen maybe my junior year daniel ewing was a senior at him and i were to the captains and we realize these meetings that we should have taken thirty minutes were taking like going on three hours and we rely that as soon as daniel ewing would cry the meeting with end so if a meeting ever got to long one of us would just kind of nudge daniel and he just he
should be on the start self pride that's awesome and yeah it was great would you ever hear dick five tell like on the sidelines calling your game i get after you shot will be more did you ever try to kiss you change your commute computer videos lips never never trying to kiss you never tried to kiss maine that i can remember what about lego like maybe you know like sitting next to your crush and like gently like brush up against his ever do that too set up against like you're sitting next to like you know the girl like in middle school and you're like your knees like hit each other and it's like there's electricity going on here so that the crotch no crush crush crush ask questions yet but i don't i don't remember having any sort of
bree contact physical contact with vitality ok alright alright fair did you never thought to myself wow that's that's inappropriate did you know at the time that he probably more than anything in life just want you to come kiss him on his forehead it shows what did he loves he loves really loved you sat i i i i would i would venture say like mike patrick my love me boo yeah that's true like as much as yeah by tel aviv both bought you a lot you have dark moments in the nba and sometimes you need a little confidence boost so you go on youtube and you're like you do senior year i'd thirty four at clemson what's your this update what's the one with that like you go to i'm gonna google and just get my confidence back what game are man
let's so jj redick game in that you look back on most fondly at duke probably the texas game ok the texas game yeah at forty one the the meadowlands is like one versus two that was it that was probably my favorite games but there's like other ones i mean just like every nba does this other i don't i'm not like embarrassed to admit that it's not like i'm just like you're literally in like a two for twenty four slump and you're like this can the ball go in has a ball ever gone in for me and then you you know you just you'll real question about duke how much did it fuck you up mentally being that hated at that young of an age 'cause you were i mean we're talking christian later level we're talking about you know these are grayson allen star just tripping people because people hated him someone you were the error apparent to wojo right yeah i was i got a kind of bridge the gap of hit will do play the tween later in yourself throw chris calling
then there for me chris collins jon scheyer you're the junkyard jon scheyer cuz john char won a national title that hurts in it what does it mean that was me until father's day we did have adam morrison thank you so that's why i got banned yeah it suck me up at me up it forced me to take on a persona that was not me i think most many eighteen or nineteen year old kids that are like really comfortable with who they are you're still at the point in your life where you're trying to figure things out you're also inevitably i think every male at that age is a little bit of a duche bag would you agree with that yes yes one hundred percent so the confluence of to those things like made me into this like maniac on the court and like i think i toned it down as i as i matured at do like my junior and senior year but but even then
you know you you see something that i did like the head bobbing or talking to the baltimore ravens owner when we're kicking their in maryland and i'm just like why was i doing those yes thank you did did stir cringe worthy right you know so i think the two some of it was immaturity but like i had to like truthfully the process like people saying things that you just don't hear said about you two youth about your family some of the stuff that was said about my sisters was just like how can how can anyone just be that hateful it just didn't make sense to me and so like you know there was a lot of assessing processing especially those first two years at duke like quit my sophomore year like i had i remember
in december of that year i had my sisters meet me on campus they lived in raleigh they still do and they lived in raleigh and they came over for dinner and i was just like i don't want to play anymore like this is not for maine it's not fun i really struggled those first two years it was really hard for me i spent like three years at duke like seeing a therapist i mean really yeah and it was like the best thing for maine in element of like you get dez villain for so long that you start to just become a villain that's like you you start to buy into well yeah so it's like it's like you think i'm an ask wh ok i'll be anasol right yeah yeah and then you know your nineteen and you're like i kind of like this i kind of like this i never
even like now i don't like i'm never like oh we're playing on the road there's twenty thousand people screaming against me like i've never even at duke i didn't feel that what i felt was just like things being said to me like you know even like on campus we were in the middle north carolina so you know the woman woman to spread your cream cheese on your bagel in the morning at the food hall is talking shit to you and you're like what i can't an escape this right i can't go anywhere right and at the time and although like i don't as a professional now i don't think college basketball is maybe as big necessarily as i felt it was at the time but but like i was just in this fishbowl and everybody was looking at me yeah i mean you and you kind of work i mean jj redick at duke was like the height of kind of college basketball at those years you know i mean i think if you have a hateable white guy duke
they kind of trends and i stayed for years right hi trends in a few people get that always happens were people if you see so if a college player puts these four years is successful every year it feels they never graduated it's like this guy again i like are you serious he's in his seventh year right exactly it's the perry ellis back although he was like seven years eight years what's your top four would you say the most hated duke players of all time are you on it in mount rush christian laettner you laettner me grayson the fourth one tough it is because i think those three yep speaking honestly i would i would probably i think me and laettner would probably be one two in any order really depending on how you viewed it and then grace in the fourth i don't know i think it's so hard for me to say shire because he's
such a nice guy i yeah and he never did anything wrong other than silly faces right the worst thing i ever did craig write a weird grown thing right right green shot it over and over that's all it takes yeah there perfect so when you graduated and i we have this theory did you the tattoos in the euro haircut to try to be like hey i'm a different guy like oh that's do you guys love to do that where they get into the nba and they have a totally different looks just so you can like do that i do but i can't remember so our heat kind of like you slow us down are here i was transitioning in the nba and as i i came into the nba there was all these players in the it literally wanted to like chew me up and spit me out and i felt like a lot of that was duke now and so and all of it was i was a cocky arrogant twenty one year old but
you know so i actually felt like i sort of distance myself from duke i wish i hadn't done that for like maybe two you is that those first two years in the league and uh and like i got like a i got like the faux hawk member is again doesn't eight yeah seventy thousand eight like people had like the faux hawk where you'd like shave the size but leave the back along and and spike it up and i had that and looking back that was one of the worst hair cut i mean i have been here but it's only brothers do i also have the beards are different it's way to do a tattoos i don't because i i mean i got like two little ones i one of my chests in one of my stomach like when i was a duke i don't know i was like that wasn't to me like in an effort to like be anti do cuz just kind of like
especially if the sleeves just something i wanted to do a lot of you self serving yeah like yourself sir after you graduate college you're still trying to find yourself it's probably not strictly related to duke basketball but if you like as a higher correlation there yeah i would notice yes when you guys is the one thing i always notice about two is every single time there's a whistle whenever there's that ball no matter what it is you guys all do that thing where you huddle up together put your arms around each other and then you say something do you ever run out of to say is it happens like five times a minute yeah it does happen a lot there's there's three whistles and thirty seconds it gets annoying usually it's like the captain whoever's on the court that the captain is like in charge of speaking but this is all like going back to to coach k's military background on this is something like he's sorta instituted some beginning he played for and coached under bob knight like this is just this is old school i mean this is something that you know he's he's taught for forty or fifty years
and i don't know like i don't even remember what i used to say in those huddles other than like let's go yeah if you really lips lip reading this let's go come on guys rebound better yeah like what like what else you sucking ball right shoot it for awhile i used to think that duke basketball players were these master tacticians that would make these like tiny adjustments every time there was a whistle and then i was like they're probably please congratulate each other like giving like small little words of encouragement it's yeah i would totally agree with that it is not any sort of strategic talk those hurdles it's very quick and it's like maybe a reminder you know maybe a reminder i do think switching on this play or something like that but it's not like here's what we need to do on them right yeah i do think that there's a subtle bias that goes along with doing that for the referees if a referee sees a team that's like well regimen like that organized getting together between plays then
it'll be like you're more likely to say you know what it was a charge yeah yeah that's a disciplined team so care to comment on that you guys get all the calls in every single game ever coach k also pays the refs sure that's a fact that we know i was building that is a fact man but do you understand i'm saying like if a rough seas a team that's going to say this in general like so are in the nba are referees are the best referees in the world could comment jj they are there the race referees yeah that's the hardest job yep the world down because we're all tricksters raw actors we all got up our sleeve and we know how to we know how to fool them and they've gotten so much better at figuring out the ways we fool them and they changed the rules that you know they they figure all this stuff out having said that they're still not there's
not very good because they're they're like making these sort of split second reads in real time with a bunch of tricksters college refs on the other hand are god awful and they are not good in any sort of definitions of words bad referees i watch a college game and it doesn't actually make any sense the way they officiate games yeah it's cause breast was hard to watch it look back on my time and i'm like alright i can understand why you know i mean i would like come off the screen and as i'm coming the screen i would just grab the guy's arm and run to the i get a foul every time every time and the guy over the referee and complain and say oh he grabbed main an the next time the i do the same shit and i get to call again they never figured it out
my first year in the nba i tried it in one game i a called for an offensive foul like it's so i just i don't it's duke man if you watch villanova and st john's in a february what it would conference thing now yeah that is the biggest biggest in the big e game like it's just bad officiating and it matters more in college 'cause you get five thousand they sit a guy down and you get two thousand and five minutes and you basically don't play the second half and it ruins the whole game how awkward was dwight howard and stan van gundy's relationship ah man it's a loaded question so i always felt like stan with every guy you always knew where you stood
he was he never whether it was dwight or me or carlos arroyo or any other guy like he never put kid gloves on he just told it like it was he told it like it was in front of the team that relationship to me was never awkward i always knew that stands personality maybe rob white the wrong way at times and i think some of that was it dwight would probably admit this too but some of it was probably to whites the majority of the time after that conference in in march of what was that two thousand and twelve i mean that relationship was a rapper but i mean it is that that was the end of it i remember i was on the other side of the court doing my to shoot around routine and i saw those members and i'd heard the rumor like that white had tried to get stand fired so
i knew what was going on and stan gave this really lengthy press conference and i saw i walk over there and i was like oh god i'm getting out of here and i go in the cold tub and like three seconds later it's all over twitter is one of the weirdest like that whole thing that year that last year with dwight was one of their was made like three of the most surreal moments that i've had in my career were that year with y and that was definitely one of the more the other two him right before training camp was over him standing naked in the shower with all of us and saying like i love you guys and getting traded to the nets tonight and then that not happening now and then the day of the trade deadline we played in san antonio and we like a four hundred and thirty bus for like a seven bike game and i'm on
of arson against like five hundred and fifteen and we're still waiting on dwight so he finally gets on the bus an they're like yeah he was phone with ownership and otis our gm and he's not he's not going to and he's going to become a free agent so they're going to trade him so i remember getting back on the bus after the game and it stand the head coach is always the first guy on the bus after the game and stands on the bus and he smiles at me and gives me head nod this box so i guess we're trading dwight and then they were the plane and i've got my headphones on and there's a group of guys like kind of goofing off and in the front in the front of the players cabin and there's like some commotion as i take my headphones off and i hear dwight saying man i love you guys fuck it i'm up just on the spot option
yeah i see like winning money off you guys in a card game or something i don't know what prompted it like i think it was just like he was like you rich in aurora clark and like duhon like they were just well just like talking shit and then i was like i love you guys i'm optimistic did anybody on the team like really loved white do you have buddies i don't know you know looking back i don't really remember i mean him engineer had their moments you know do i at the time had like a cruise is you know a couple of his cousins his straight from high school to seven snakes whatever i don't would you call but yeah like you know literally snakes he owns me as like always yeah yeah cell i yeah he just hung out them for the most part i need to i have a bone to pick with you okay
i think the kevin durant going to golden state warriors was a cool move great decision we happen thank yous baby back page for it we've been rap actually we don't say that worry more cesium call most is not until you with cj yeah i started the i started that little twitter fight so why do do you think do you at least i understand from a fan's perspective because i'm all for you know players going wherever they want but from a fan perspective it did kind of ship the balance of the league and it does feel at times like no one's going to beat the warriors yeah so let's talk with real quick the shift in the balance of the balance bounce illegal that we could have smoothed the cap that anomaly that once in a blue it generation bump in cap space should
it happened which made it all possible should never been able to sign kevin ran the first place i think the last i've been a free agent last two summers i mean this is it since the texas statistics backed look up at the wall street journal had a thing it was like three hundred or three point four billion dollars were handed out in free agency in two thousand sixteen last summer with one point nine this summer was one point seven the average bank the contract was like two one slash two years in sixteen this past summer is like one point seven or one point six or something like that so if you are in the past two summers you got her even in fifteen all these teams were anticipating the pump and they overspent that summer and those contracts i'm off until nineteen is this coming summer so i don't think it should ever happen the first place having said that the re
i'm a fan of it is because i think there's too many players and and i'll dwight is a great example of this that want to please we that feels a necessity to please everyone and your it's just completely impossible and i like seeing a player ultimately do what is you know what is what he wants to do what's going to make him happy even if gps is a bunch of people off every 'cause if he resigned in okc he still pissing off some people true he still pissing off some people russell westbrook yeah yeah yeah yeah so i mean i just you know there's i talked about this on my podcast actually there's two sides to sort of the anger the fan site i get you know
he he basically signed with the world champions they had lost the previous year but he signed with the best team in basketball he created super team cheat code whatever you want to call it so i get that it's like a reason to be angry there but like i think some of the backlash is because like this i think there's a negative sort of feeling towards player tanami
players having control of their great which i don't agree with us right you don't agree with me on that no no i don't agree with i agree with you that's why i've always struggle that because when it happened i even said i was like he should do whatever he wants to do and i you know obviously watching the warriors and having that impossible feeling like no one's going to beat them has kind of maybe like a little bit bitter in you know right you know call going forward but you're actually right because you see it all the time when players get i mean blake griffin our friend i don't know if he's your friend anymore clipper for life and they get straight to the pistons me say one other thing about this player economy player control i don't understand why fans try to get players to take less money you're you're giving back money to billionaires the owners right the other is everybody everybody compares athletes to like oh an athlete is the ceo of his own business which in a way i kind of agree with
not ceo would be like you know what we could at eight million in revenue this year but only want three million in revenue that is that no one's best interest right there's obviously some some cabbie out here about like fit in location and i'm i'm gonna be on a winning team versus bad team the player with me as the side that like to just like take a pay cut to take a pay cut makes zero sense and no one in any other industry does that my whole qualm is like why sign carmelo anthony if you could go out and pay four hundred firefighters to join your team instead because that's the equivalent i get the same staff he put in perspective yeah but you better stick better sense yeah yeah i do see the other day there are losing unnecessary shot a well a memo knows a lot about on this is our shot i i i heard the other day you said losers there are losers on winners and winners and losers do you say that well you did i said so
yeah i don't think that's what the hell did you mean that's my question is there still confused alright say that again there's you were like there are losers and winners in the nba you can be a loser on a winner in a winner on a loser yes ok yeah i know and are you a loser like that was my exact quote okay but what i was i think referring to i think was how certain eyes get labeled a winner i get labeled a loser like chris paul is it right to me he's a champion got him his way we even though he's never won a championship what about lebron he's a loser six time loser where do you find stampy and he's a winner but ok disagree over two and then there's also guys who you know like so like when robert ory yeah winner winner guys are winners right
jordan is jordans the winner right and pippins the duncan is the winner those guys obviously step apple had big shots i'm not saying that but like you know like so you get like lumped into this and it's all based on like a very when you think about the playoffs relative to two games of the course of a ten year career like one or two shots out of tens of thousands can sort of will you for the rest of your career that seems kind of crazy to me
as we like like got mail lyrics mental into analytics that when men stop out certain men stuff so one or two shot stops like the shot you missed in the playoffs against celtics when i got on the sixers exactly yeah thanks for that yeah thank you brought up the fact that i didn't win a championship in two you still have a chance to look for with the sixers this is a bit like how exciting is it to be on a team that feels like everything is new and you guys have just what feels like unlimited potential with you know and be he'd and simmons and their ceilings have not been reached when i signed with them last summer and seventeen you know i i didn't think would be as good as we were i think we're like forty two and thirteen in the regular season after all star break and have a chance to conference finals are after christmas i should say four thousand two hundred and thirteen after christmas for the remaining fifty five games of the year and uh it's like
i didn't expect that growth in your one i think anybody did even on the team or organization and so going into this year like you like cautious like well like where do we go from fifty two wins like do we have to win like fifty eight you have to get to the conference finals and i been a part of what happened in the clippers of the course of four years like you're so fearful of stalled growth is something i've thought about this summer and so i mean we are still like i really believe this we're still tapping into the potential because joe as good as he is and as good as he is are still going to be so much better i mean five years when i'm done playing those guys are first team all nba players you know five more breaking news two thousand and fifteen more years just so i'm saying ok
somewhere within that period three to five i will be done three hundred and five i've like as you have like you know dario markel like you still have other guys that are going to get better you know it's i mean it's really exciting i didn't this is not what i signed up for though in a way like i was like alright i'll you know come for year we'll see how it goes over the re signing and now it's like well this would make sense for me to sort of play the rest of my career here right right yeah bryan colangelo scholars who have problem with them i love bc he signed me he was good to maine never bash you with his burners him as a professional his colors were a little over there it's only negative thing i will say about visa is that's my god how weird is that though that holds negative colors no no you first of all the colors how just how strange were they they were just
yes they're large they're very large they've gravitational pull but when that story broke where you guys inside the locker room like this can't be true or did you guys read it and you're like holy ship this is real the season was over i went to super early that night and i woke up couldn't sleep like eleven anne knows earlier in that 'cause the story broke it like nine hundred and thirty pm tommy are boy had texted be like nine hundred and twelve and was like yo i just heard this story you know don't think i was keeping this from you only four people at the ringer new and he's like there's going to be a story about bc when i read the story and he was crazy like it's crazy it's again we talk about surreal things in mycareer yes it's in the top five yeah right for sure and then and then like the next morning when i was explaining to chelsea by like six hundred and thirty in the morning when we're having coffee with art with our two year old
is she got like an alert on her phone and was like ben simmons is dating kendall jenner and i was like shit we're turning the clippers two supercilious ladies are you are you the problem maybe it's main so crazy i mean it's crazy i i talked to bc since then i take bc it is word of what he told me so what we what do you tell you does he want to see you as wife he i i just think he was like i think he was shocked that that something like happen he didn't decatur main anything about his wife i think just like sort of incredulous would you have ringtone if he had bashed you with his burner accounts probably not in your best resource i played for stand you know right and stand is like one of those guys were like you're only as good as your last game like he'd come in and be like your soshite and i like
i don't know stand over my last ten i've been averaging fifteen points a game shooting fifty percent from three and he's like yeah but you were shady last night you're terrible player and i'll be like ok some terrible and then the next game you know you just never know so i haven't played for him if also think too like you get to a certain age and you realize you're not really the priority anymore everybody thinks sort of long term in the nba now it's everybody wants you know two studs on rookie contracts and you get to a certain age and you know you're still a good player but you're not the priority do you like being called a veteran leader now it's like the old guy it's like basically a code for old guy who's watched when i think of veteran leader i think of like like bad play right now that are like past their prime now is not feel like i feel like i had one of my two or three best seasons yeah last year and so i still feel like i have a lot to give as a
air and i certainly have a lot to give you know in terms of experiences like the thing veteran leader and i talked with brad about this the end of the year talk with a few of the guys privately about this but like i just don't believe in like all of a sudden i'm coming into a new situation and i'm supposed to like be a leader like that's not how leadership works right anywhere right you have to earn people's trust you have to earn people's respect it's like it took me like four or five months into the season before i felt like super comfortable about being leader you know and so like that's why i'm part partly why i want to resign is 'cause like it gives me another another year doing that like will i i've to founded the guys in my profession the guys that are the leaders that talk the most aren't really the leaders interesting yeah like chris paul
i didn't say that night it's funny that you went there i've just were very big blake griffin stand so you know where we where we saw it on this entire thing under your leadership didn't say it i said i said it on either that under your leadership roles that you mentioned that you had and always wanted with the sixers when you saw markel when you saw markelle fultz struggling with his jump shot this year did it ever occur to you to go to be like hey maybe watch some youtube highlights of my game against texas it's possible for people to make shots your swag bag well i didn't even say something to a guy like that or like was that one of those real moments where you're just like that was that was another weird experience so the one thing about
my involvement with markel was i was sensitive to the fact that he had dozens of people offering up unsolicited advice and wanting to help most of it well meaning but i did i mean i like him and i had private conversations on a on a few occasions during the season and i i obviously you offer my support i also offered help in i don't know if you guys saw this like there was a day where it was like the third straight day where as soon as after after she around the third straight after ground where as soon as the cameras and everybody the media was let into the to the practice silly from from the media room they they just would like
run over might do this to markel as he was working out and it wasn't upset and i think i dropped an f bomb and they caught me on camera sample and then they asked about me afterwards i think i called in reference to the reporter i think i said you're sick or it's sick like demented in the head like what was upsetting to me he wasn't necessarily if they were like not doing their job they were doing their job they were they were showing a new story that happened it was the tone and the body language and which they were doing it it was like seeing chairs over and over on a dying like a dying body and i'm like the kids fucking nineteen the kids fucking nineteen right clearly going through something i give him a break right at some point just be a human right you know and so i like that to me i was pissed that day and you know they
start some of it on camera yet but that was veteran leadership because you made this story about you that's why our kelly took heat off that's why the brush it wasn't my intention my intention was 'cause i was really fucking well you did a good job you're better than later when you don't even know it all right well let's do a couple of rapid fire 'cause we've been gracious with your time let's do a c question first put in promo code take you get ten dollars off see question can you get in an nba twitter fight at some point please do it i'm trying to start who do you want to start with i'll start it i'm one and i wanted one for one and started takes is just tweeting out the the eyeball emoji and then people like oh sh if something's going on who do you want to start with so i want to sort of instigate one i should say ok so do you guys follow although the workout videos that get posted yeah ok so i think it's a little excessive it's always very excessive now like guys are like actually producing their own workout videos this is mike right yeah i'm just like alright just like whatever so
there's two trainers they got into beef earlier this summer drew hanlen and chris brickley so i think it would be great if i just had the two of them on my podcast yes and just them hash it out on the yes do it while doing box jumps whatever they do you ever first got a peek loses i like that i do want to give you an opportunity to say something good about coach k so it's not all just us burying him what was one thing that he actually taught you i think his greatest strength which is something that i witnessed both is player and as a fan and something that i've learned as a friend is his adaptability coachee doesn't have a system he's never had a system that's there goes great he dies at blackwell i was going to say the advice is he coaches every team differently coaches every player differently his thing is like i'm going to maximize whatever talent i have on the team on the maximize it you can't say anything shady about
that's a serious no it's true because no i'll give it i'll give credit to coach ki agree with pft i think one of the best lessons is probably start dying your hair like five years before it goes black so people just sleep over i stood it yeah like we would be in practice on like wednesday and we've been a huddle and we like oh he's got like three or four grays then four days later on saturday interested he's being a hot all your life he's got black hair everywhere yeah still have that were everywhere i i i have carpets images researchers product for that yeah i i agree with you though he is it like you just see it with the one and done he became the master of the one yeah after i heard at least at all it is a little but he fought in the first yeah and then he now kicks the all help and now it s or he of all t adapted he learned that you have to start paying guys thirty thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars a year
so he he evolved with the times credits coach coach k what's he gonna do without his bag man now that with cable as if that's a critical it's the result of these got he's got that that i'm a wrap up my questions with a new thing we're doing is called people also ask so this is on google so just so you know i we are not asking these questions people are asking them okay so the first one people also ask what does jj stand for in jj redick yeah i know people are asking brief possible i've older twin sisters who was a baby they called me jay and they also said everything at the same time so that's that's really cool horror movie that is pre started out as a joke that people call me jj and then it just stuck and as long as i can remember i'm jj but jonathan clays my name so just answer your jc not jj
j c reading that's why she even i gotta talk john right not that i'm i don't hate john read it if you can believe this out yeah well i got to talk to the ringer because on my like podcasts decals yeah it's j j redick by yes but it's j dot j dot which that implies it stands for something yeah that's not how i write or something my new john or jonathan jonathan jonathan but it would actually not be hateable person that's your that's your real estate do you think that my name is part of i think so yeah yeah i think so it's it's like they want to dance out a little bit right now it's also like when you get older like going by a nickname like that now so you like it's kind of like being a forty five year old davey yeah i gotta turn it back into dave or david do you like teddy bridgewater like do your name is ted theodore jimmy grappa low your gym why are you jimmy right then weird saying that's like a four year old dude ok you jimmy ok and other people also ask how much is jj redick worth
people are asking their window that wasn't under appreciate you to answer this kind of awkward that's not us we didn't ask that i would tell the people that's rude roundup but your answering their round down well you can go to basketball reference and see my career earnings on basketball reference okay and then you do a little thing where you divide by half the taxes you don't have endorsements not i mean like i do but nothing like i'm not gotten millions per year got it got yeah that's right money alright last people also ask people also ask is tyler hansbrough retired oh yeah under i thought of tyler the other day what in what way i think i was just not to get creepy sounded weird is thinking about people that i like played against or like
like sort of the same age is maine it was like one of those like dad sort of dad moments like i'm feeling really old today and then i'm like how the fuck am i still playing and i start thinking about all the people that like i played with growing up that played against in college early in my career and i'm like those guys feel like our hands borough he's not a league for like have years i don't know that to be fat feels that way it feels that way he's doing now he was in a conglomerate with frank yeah brings in money couple years ago so i don't ian's in the conglomerate yeah charlotte yeah remember that now i was so that was a teenager spencer's yeah la if you want to be if you wanna start turn your millions to billions that's how you do it to start buying more water to yes all right jj thank you yeah some day will come on your podcast margaret maybe maybe not even if you don't want us we don't i would love to have not only if you get a you do that you didn't you were jumping out of your seat there when i said it so i think we'll pass
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extra bonus when you deposit that's take twenty five to get your free wager and start winning today ok let's get to segments first up we have jon gruden's time machine our favorite news mint where jon gruden basically tries to make everything like the seventies and eighties and this time he is i don't know if he actually decide this but we're just going to say he decided it the new stadium in las vegas is going to have a jail in the courthouse in the stadium a lot of the old vet in philly didn't jon gruden coach in philly for a little bit or do i need to set up yes maybe you might have made that up here might be read for awhile in gray yeah but also they both were green so it's just kind of all just goes together but we're going to say jon gruden yeah he was the one who created this jaylen courthouse and it's a great time machine back to the days when fans were really fan
well i'm pretty sure the black hole had it had a prisoner at one time too don't check that but i would always get your later for the few philadelphia eagles one thousand nine hundred and ninety five one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven credit to our football brains ok there you go so jon gruden i i think he's he's going for in nineteen ninety eight vibe that also has a retro vibe so he's going for like a late 90s kid wearing bell bottoms ironically that gruden's going forward this football i like this movie gruden probably wants to he sees himself as being judge in this courthouse like they should let him actually officiate these trials yes and dole out punishment that way he'd probably just let fans off the hook as long as they were raiders fans yeah if you're wearing silver and black yes or have mark davis just be the judge jury and executioner that would work as well
if i see mark davis in a powdered wig i can die happy yes that would be so amazing all my god if he was just like doing an old parliament vibe and he just sat there it and and decided who who gets to live in who gets a doctor or he was like the guy from emperor or what's the what's the movie to the coliseum to rome one you know what i'm saying rome cloudy out gladiator he thumbs up thumbs down he's walking phoenix doing thumbs up thumbs down yeah sell that as a reality show it will pay for your own fucking stadium i like that i'm really enjoying the concept of also wanted to tack onto this we might i have to say like it's not just john this time she more i think it's a gruden brothers time machine because jay gruden just brought in adrian peterson and i think he also i when i first saw the report i saw jamaal charles and that's not that old of a name they brought in jamaal charles
my mind just thought it'd priest holmes for a second call and so i would hope very john satan peterson yeah i think i think i still got some dried on the tires yasser so jay gruden's get in on the action i think he sees his brother john get all the headlines he's like man we got to go ahead and we have chosen old film around here to men i love it by the way shut stella you probably heard her she hasn't been heard from for awhile but she's making a little appearance on the show right now we have before we get to the guys on on chicks embrace debate i just want to say going back quick to the jon gruden thing i think jon gruden should be deputized to be able to decide like who gets the death penalty 'cause it takes place in the confines las vegas nevada i think he should be the constable for that jon gruden should have a gun and a badge on the sidelines yes that's i think we all last boy scout he just gets to shoot he would definitely shoot a running back going for the goal line i would feel safer yes absolutely the world would be a safer place
ok before we get to guys on chicks we have embraced debate breaker mayfield took a picture today with a tiger it was it was at lambeau and a tiger i don't even know what it was it was really fit a bentley in a tiger shirt off big package big dick but we had this before the show started do you think i didn't i thought he had pretty just normal oh yeah i'm a deck i read yeah i think so well it's i mean it's a breeze route it's relative to my admin shelters small so the i is small so his penises larger in relation so that's that's how did my math my quick at back of the napkin stuff either way embrace debate i think this is way too soon for baker mayfield he's doing on dorsey impressions on twitter too dude i like baker mayfield a lot i actually think he's going to be a good quarterback but it's still the browns you still have to win a couple games otherwise this all is going to look ridiculous yeah
i'm going to go ahead and disagree with you on that one i think it shows a lot of maturity you'll notice that the underwear didn't have the brown on the back he hasn't learned that one yet i think if you're going to do a commercial as well do it for underwear with this says is like hey i know i'm going to get shipped from my teammates and so i'm confident enough to stand up in front of everybody and have hue jackson that's going to be seen in hard knocks by the way calling my shot for week four he's going to have that coming up on the overhead projector and they're going to bring baker up to the front and force him to explain choice in underwear commercials to the team ok counterpoint it's still the fucking browns ok counter counterpoint browser good this year in browser back counter
counter counterpoint that is just something everyone says to each other because they're excited for football to be back and they need i've had this theory now for a couple of weeks that much like when you get stuck in an elevator with someone at work and you're like oh man the weather that is how the new oh man the weather i think the browser a good this year that's what everyone just says to each other to make conversation about football well what it is it was so dumb that we're watching hard knocks and they can make anybody look interesting in the chiefs look interesting me the texans look interesting they're making the browns look interesting that's all that we see all the time i'm so yeah i'm just going to lean into my own stupidity and so i think the browns are are going to win the division i'm with hank now did you watch the third episode yet or the second episode yet second absurd yeah okay the david could use the guy who is his dad had three heart attacks i don't know a human being could have that many heart attacks and having him bro that to him live on air was such an awesome hard knocks moment being like he's like yeah
i had two heart attacks and then he looked at him and said i just had my third actually is like once you didn't tell me at the old man this is the browns this is the browns that was kind of crazy to see that and thoughts and prayers to las vegas because i think i read that they've had eighty percent of the bets coming in are on the browns to win that division so like you got the browns bengals steelers ravens and eighty percent of those bats for the afc north have been on the brow so i man yeah i i read a quote and the ivory yeah i forget which which sports book it was but the guy said right now or only liability is if the browns when the division so shaping up to be a pretty good and lost a warrior don't worry do they won't okay let's get you guys on checks but just a quick show note on friday we have an episode that has never been done in our three two and a half years of doing this show were really we're really excited about it
going to be a lot of fun it's something totally different if you want to do a little homework before hand it's going to be interesting no matter what but if you want to do a little homework before hand go youtube joe buck live code one with artie lange paul rudd watch that and get ready for friday have an awesome awesome show and then on monday were back with a regular show because we have like pft said week three preseason and it's a dress rehearsal for the real thing will break that all down but friday get excited totally different show it's going to be awesome all right guys on checks hey guys especially cat i saw my boyfriend's insta search history and it's covered in girls not like models and celebrities but x and regular girls and ship should i be worried you know what this sounds like ok sounds like he's performing little social experiment so he actually tricked you and he
trying to trigger you he was trying to see how offended you would be if you found that and so you didn't pass the test also he's probably just keeping up with like so he likes a couple girl this is x is and what not the common denominator is girls that he has at one time dated or is currently dating he's probably just trying to see what you like and dislike so we can get you a really awesome birthday present oh that's a great point also he sounds like a good guy so every time he breaks up with a girl he probably tells him i just really want you to be happy and i just care so much about your happiness he's just check get on and making sure that they are living your best life you just being a good he's being supportive sup times three sub so why do have different style shaped types of nipples what's up with ok you know pft let me start with this because actually that's not just girls that's guys as well if you've ever known
this show is actually a perfect you know like america is the melting pot where petri dish yeah we are actually the melting pot for nipples pfd has four hank has little tight on time pieces don and i have a cross between a pepperoni slice and a hershey kiss so we have had so we darkened yeah grisly double so it's actually a fun fact that all nipples it's like a snowflake no nipple is made exactly like another nipple also may i have i have the nipples of like a woman like an indian woman who has like like thirty six triple ease yeah and i've got the nipples of golden lab so listen we are we're all made different but that's kind of how we're all the same yeah exactly so it's a fun thing also they have different like shaped in size and colored nipples because babies like different like shapes and objects babies have a dd so they need to see different nipple every now and again
you have to figure out what you like as a baby hey guys especially big cat winky face whoa i hooked up with the nfl qb right before in camp and that that wasn't a shoe in to make the team i didn't tell anyone now that he's doing super well in preseason it will probably make the team is it cool to tell people also sorry it's t but its not you boy broken okay saying he's been mrs row back i think i think i notice who is this is greta yeah lag oh yes it yeah like kelly we've probably received like one hundred of identical messages being like hey i a up with swag kelly no i mean good that's i guess you got a lot do you like the guy well she's asking is it cool to tell people nowadays killing yeah well you did yeah so well just not hill but she's telling people like we don't know who the the is like she wasn't
no it's you hooked up with fill in the blank court it's suai kelly in and the answer is that we don't know yes why hasn't care yeah the answers go ahead tell everyone but just know you got the swag on you and it's not like you're not really bragging because you just swept up in the swag it could happen to anyone it's a if you put out the bad signal for all women in the denver area that have hooked up with swag kelly in the last couple months it would be like that scene from rudy where everybody walks into the office and push their gers a beat i'm spartacus i athletic so you i think you have a pretty big support group out there so yeah go for it all last one sub pmc boys love the tweeting about jail last night big cat my boyfriend another town in his family is coming to a beach house near me where i live soon he said we meet up and hang out or grab dinner when i asked if i could come out and relax on the beach one of those days with them he was hesitant said that would be a lot all this family is going to be there how is going to
beach where his family is a lot and who is it a lot for his immediate family already in didn't think that this was a big deal and my over hit or is he just nervous to bring a girlfriend around everyone okay i want to say something that's going to sound really selfish but i have to say it i think you might be poor i think she might be poor and i think he might be rich and that's one of those situations you know like he's got a beach house and she lives in the beach town she's a town in the beach town hank you know about this your town in a beach town yeah i guess i mean it's kind of i don't know i'm listen maybe
i was too much unless you know she will be poor this kid might just be super rich yes ok there hank thank you for cleaning me up there good spin zone you are you are exactly in the average wealth he is just way too rich for you he's just a couple classes above so if it's not better person because she's poor correct so she's met his immediate family but she hasn't met like the parents yet parents cousin yeah equals aunts like it's it's a the whole family is getting a beach house for a week okay yeah he's he's definitely married and has kids that's what the issue is he's parts all alone he's got a second life second family if you're okay would be in the second wife and that that's fine yeah yeah all right i'm sorry for the poor guy hank was right it's just wait she's just he just way richer you're actually doing just fine and you know what don't don't
him boss you around that's kind of up and he's like hey i don't want i don't let if someone's a shame to bring you around their family your they're not for you you're better that ok that'll girl maybe a crush on one of his cousins doesn't want you to cock block him that too or if anything flies at a beach house yeah or maybe one of his cousins is swag kelly and you're just going to block him it's not yeah yeah it's actually
kelly's family were talking about yeah lake ontario is beautiful this time of year ok that's our show love you guys
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