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JJ Watt Part 1

2017-07-16 | 🔗
Before we get to the long awaited JJ Watt interview the guys talk Mayweather/McGregor and Lonzo Ball. Who's Back of the Week including Ryan Lochte, Magic Johnson and Mark Cuban (8:50-13:20). Mt Rushmore of types of friends (13:23-22:50). Houston Texan JJ Watt joins the show from his log cabin in Wisconsin for Part 1 of his 2 Part interview(23:11-53:10). Talk about the Uhhh Hey JJ movement, Football, injuries, and whether or not he has an alibi for Making a Murderer. Segments include Talking Tennis for the Wimbledon Final(54:17-57:21), Humans vs The Sun with a bonus PFT theory that the Sun may not actually be hot(57:22-59:50). Talking Thrones by guys that don't watch Game of Thrones(59:53-1:01:56). PR 101 for D'Onta Foreman (1:01:59-1:04:02) and Emergency Football Guy Of The Week(1:04:03-1:05:27).

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