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Joe Buck, Laila Ali, US Open, AD Trade, And Mt Rushmore Of Dad Moves

2019-06-17 | 🔗

The course lost and Gary Woodland won. We're not mad about Brooks coming in second and a full recap of the US Open (2:36 - 14:25). Anthony Davis is a Laker and Lebron now has the makings of his super team (14:25 - 28:07). Who's back of the week including OJ Simpson and Aaron Rodgers hating his Head Coach (28:07 - 40:52). Joe Buck calls us live from Pebble Beach right after the tournament to talk some golf and how he was trending on twitter (not because he sucks) (40:52 - 50:55). Laila Ali joins the show to talk about her boxing career, cooking, and growing up with the GOAT as her dad (50:55 - 72:01). Segments include Mt Rushmore of Dad Moves, connect the dots Kawhi, and Monday Reading some dude is addicted to eating bugs

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On today's part of my take. We have crowned the US open champion. It's not Brooks kept a we're, not mad Gary Woodland Recap of everything we also have Joe Buck calls in right after pebble. Beach concludes the Anthony Davis Trade who's back in the week. An awesome interview with Layla Ali, we actually can say that we mentally tko to Muhammad Ali. Now we m k them killed, yeah, lay low and then by transitive property, the greatest of all time, how well let em Kayode her dad right and so by yeah. So we are happy we are having on the world yeah we're also yeah yeah yeah.
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enter the referral code. Barstool you receive five dollars and they will donate and send five dollars to one of our favorite charities. The Aspca do it for the animals and be a lover download the cash app today enter code. Barstool get some money and save some animals. Ok, let's go It's hard, my take presented by barstool sports. Welcome to party
take presented by the cash app code, download cash app right now put in promo code, barstool five dollars to Aspca save some animals. Today is Monday June 17th and the Gucci gang fell just short. Well, it was close, an here's, a quick spin zone for Brooks Koepke fans. Although Brooke stands out there. Yes, he said to us that he's really focusing on the open championship this year, the british open- that's the one he doesn't have. You really really wants that one he's already 12us opens don't get greedy, so yeah
looking ahead to our whatever up course, are going to be on in a couple months, probably whistling what? Where, where the on no seen Andrew enters. Yes see, Michael's, whatever just ST something in Scotland or Wales or ireland- I don't- and I don't know- but I I listen brooks- put up a valiant effort. He was going for the three peat, which would have been incredible to watch a bit of dynasty would've been a dynasty, but I think there is a certain element of whatever the best story is for Father's day will happen, and that was Gary Woodland and he was fantastic sinking. The last part, which is always like a huge moment. You never want to be the guy who gets like a bogey on the last hole to win by one stroke. He he cash. That last part it was very emotional. The crowd was chanting, gear reek, get which is so not like a name that rolls off the tongue for the champ yeah, but everyone that Gary Gary so congrats to him we're gonna, get the eighty trade. Reducing us open talk first, the course. Let's talk about the course of course, sucked a bit a bit of a disappointment for the guys to refer the course after it had a couple highlights now. I often I'll say this: the way that it ends at Pebble Beach when they have a big tree. That's just growing in the middle, the fair!
right. That's always cool. That is cool like ok, that you don't get that anywhere else and you have to shape your shot around the fucking tree. The tree of life is like the tree of life from avatar yeah yeah. I never saw it well soon. Avatar two is going to come out in twenty twenty eight yeah as soon as Alabama, and it's usually like Illinois, finished doing their home and home. schedule it soon as soon as all those weirdos that got super depressed that they weren't part of, though what was and wasn't name of the avatar nation, the on obtaining him yeah? That is soon. As do you remember that when after avatar ended, there's like a but their stories in like the New York Times being like we're depressed or not part of like the blue. If you're not part of the world, yeah yeah, hey created, I I don't see that every madly on avatars listen join the rest of US because of the feeling. Everyone else gets when they get done watching porn yeah. I I get depressed and I was in that orgy. So basically, I just have like three of life was nice and then there's the Siegel that swoop down and try to eat Phil Mickelson's tee shot. Yes, that was pretty cool. I I'd like to see
or nature get involved as fast a lot of these. Yes rock. There was a bit of fescue here and there sand shots yeah. I just overall kind of a disappointing showing for the course if you like, it's gonna drop a little bit there in the world rankings yeah the red numbers on Sunday, not great when you're, when you're trying to defend the course for the US open. I know there is a little bit of controversy, because people were saying that would and was playing too slow and Brooks got bored yeah. I was a moment where they're like Brooks is, is held up because they can't find someone else's ball. He was just hanging out. It was reported that he was talking about dipping with his with the guy. He was playing with Chads and Chez Shea yeah, by the way, just a side bar here too great names on Sunday, Chas, real Reavey and Chessen have
the fact that he wasn't playing for the outline yeah. I I I I thought that was yeah well is insane Justin had Hadley Justin had legal Chessen note trusted Hadley, so yeah Brooks got screwed by the fact that everything was moving too slow and we know Brooks, doesn't like to play slow. He likes to play fast he's. He actually was playing the head of the camera news multiple times where we just didn't see his life,
not yet because he was so fast he's adrenaline guy yeah, the second you slow down. It was like putting in a relief pitcher, they kind of took the with the rhythm out of Brooks kept because he he started out when he birdied the first, like three or four whole days on fire. He was on fire at the start and then once you start to get bored, as he said like holes in it yeah seven through twelve, it's like just get rid of those holes. He was right, just get rid of those ones. The eighty five yeah he would've been the champion, but it was it a valiant effort by proxy. Also, we also had an all time Brooks Blake. By the way I just keep calling the Blake like in the privacy of my own home and saying Blake in just mean, like that's not his name, but I've been saying it he held on Saturday. It was cold at pebble, Beach and Joel Klatt asked Brooks after the round. Why don't you get like, maybe like a cup of coffee or something to warm up your hands? And he just matter of factly, said I've never had a hot drink in my life and he's like what I will I will. I grew up in Florida so that cocoa Nope never had a high
drinking his life- is shades of Blake Bortles telling us that snow is in fact wet back in two thousand seventeen or sixteen this guy, this guy Blake Kappa he's doing. He is a very, very Florida man yeah, I I I don't blame like you grew up in Florida. The hottest drink you have is just a beer that you left out in the sun for too long yeah. That's that's, like their version of t is just a forty of Milwaukee's best ice that you left on your back porch in May easy, the inverse of Nick Van Axel, just finally like at the age of fifty, to figure out the ice coffee, that's still by the way and underrated story line. If you don't know, Nick Van Axel has lived his entire life until last week, not knowing that ice coffee existed, not not saying I don't like I scoff,
he was mad at everyone for not telling him about ice coffee. Listen Florida's got a lot of great things down there, and then it goes to bed at night. He's like going to bed can't wait to wake up for my ice coffee. Now it's like thinking about it, he's going to get really into ice coffee for like a couple of weeks and then forget about it for another. Forty years, like the moments in life for Nick Van Exel is just everything in between his next ice coffee. It's like when fifty cent was at
club right now. He was at like dinner somewhere and he ordered great for soda and they brought it out he's like what what the is in this purple. He didn't know that a grapefruit was different than the fruits grapes yeah right so yeah that that's that's our ice, coffee and and Blake CAP could not never having a hot drink side Barton. Yes, so the course sucked up wake almost one he should have won, but he didn't Kerry Woodland, great story, Father's day story. Yeah, I know he's got you know that he had that clip from the waste management over which is so funny there, like the keeps on this emotional clip of Gary Woodland, basically like having. I don't even know what what the premise behind it was, but there was a a mentally retarded girl who played the whole with him.
And I think she she has nailed the pot. It was like an all time- tear jerker moments, but the fact they have to keep saying at the waste management open is so funny yeah. I know it is great. The way say id should have Polly from the sopranos deliver them to that yeah for excellence in the field of of waste disposal. I wrote down a couple, other notes about the the US mentally retarded or is it I, Well, it's developmentally challenged he supposed to say mentally challenged whatever it was, it was a great story. Sorry, I know you're not supposed to say that I don't know: ok will put that out of person with down syndrome, but yeah so yeah. She was developmentally challenged in some way and she was playing with
it. It was a great lady challenge, we're losing. I was like that's even worse, losing the track of what the story was right and that was this girl made an awesome live up with and now there is no harm, a guy that you want to root for. Yes, all right, so the other things I wrote down. How much does it suck? Do you think to be in the final pairing? What are you looking at me for Hank? What what is it? Google? It ask it do a poll on twitter right now. It just have people try to figure out what we're talking hard. No believe what is what is the proper name for this? I listen. I can't keep up with it met no no dis. You know I I didn't mean to yeah. I know friend, and I know it's funny because I was I figured. We have to cover so right, all right so August about some breaking news out all breaking news. The open championship will be held at Royal Portrush Golf club.
in Northern Ireland Perfect, so the Protestants finally get there do worry. Rory was going to absolutely. I always get confused when I see the Northern Ireland flag pop up yeah somebody's name, I'm like wait that just that just looks like a more racist english flat. Yes, yes, so all right, so I wrote on this: Justin rose Liam Neeson is gonna, be walking around with the putter just looking to crush somebody yeah. Is it what what was the third the trouble around with during the trouble a cudgel a cudgel yeah he's canceled, so he's not invited that guy wow he's not a bit easy canceled. I feel like he's. Gonna just come out with a movie,
he hummed someone down and everyone's like yeah Liam Neeson's back open. This way, we're still making movies with MEL Gibson at first. Are you have to come back yeah all right, so Justin rose. I always find it fascinating when you're in the final pairing and you're with the winner, the eventual winner and you just song on Sunday, that's gonna be the worst like in terms of all sports, because if you sock in a team sport you're getting put on the bench, you know you have a moment, but it's over. He literally new, like probably about eight holes in today's not my day I stink and the camera just have to keep watching him and then, at the end, the woodland sinks is pot. Everyone's Jana, Gary Gary Justin rose, still has to go yeah like pathetically finish,
is round where I think you shot plus four. That is maybe the worst spot to be in pro sports. It's tough, it's very, very tough. Do we have it do they do like to program the week after us open? I don't know why I mean this is Classic Chris Berman territory here the Pebble Beach program, that's where he comes on the show. I think this golf neat. I think the course needs a couple weeks to like recoup what do yeah. It does need some time off. I will go like to try to find your stops like rebuild your swing, yeah someone's gonna come out and just fill in all the debates with that that we are, I mean SAM if they have, if member course carts, if you really want to up the course and make it nasty and just let Berman play four rounds on it. Yeah, I just haven't sweat all over, take David's out yeah, and just so you know by the way gear Woodland very very poor sport. When he chipped off the green. We were saying that Don was that something that is golf guys. I didn't even know that was legal. If you do that at my club, that I don't belong to you route me out man, we actually had this. How much we know about golf. We had a real discussion was happening like weight. Can you do that
Are you? Are you allowed to chip off the green as long as you don't take a dividend you apologize to the course after well, I think that if you're in the last group, you love to do that yeah because you can't it up anymore, that's true, good point, okay, so the other thing we got to talk about the other. What real, quick with yeah, I like how he taped his fingers. Yes, so he looks kinda feel like a real laugh yeah. He looks. He looks like he's a defensive back in the NFL and that's a lot of these golf guys. They have. They carry around a chip on their shoulder where it's like. I could be a real athlete if I wanted to so I'm just going to put on this Kinesio tape on my neck yeah, I'm going to sleep with Perkins waitresses, like I'm, a member of the Showtime Lakers Inch
yeah I had a bench and so that this is woodlands way doing AB seals, yeah yeah, basically, tape up walls finger. So you looks like a catcher trying to get his picture to see that he's gone for carvings ACT, yeah all right, so the other store we got to get to this league. The raptors couldn't even have the raptors, the poor raptors man. They got talked by Klay, Thompson's ACL and then two days later, Anthony Davis gets traded to the Lakers in the trade that we all kind of expected to happen. It finally happened and everyone's talking about that ever say about this league ever sorry about the Lakers going to win the championship next year. The chip- and I don't I could even
who won the one time this year, other Raptors day of the raptors, that's right, yeah, John Merrick and TA and the other, the other team, but yeah, so so at going to the Lakers. This is an immediate whose man situation yeah who's man's is the Lakers a Lebron James Team, or is it or is it carries team? Well, it is it's Lebron's team for this reason, because if you were part of Lebron's team, this is since two thousand July twenty ten Bobbi marks to do this, there's been forty two trades. If you're on the bronze team Miami had eleven Cleveland, I twenty seven and leaders have for so essentially, if you're on the bronze team, it's not as if it's just a win Lebron will decide to trade. You and shuttle cow kuzma. Somehow, like I, I was listening to the things I just forgot that he worked there. No, I eat so from everything. I've like heard read, listen to help whose mother just became best friends with a bra smart like he was. He was the smart one where he would be, I'm going to be Lebron's friends here and show that I'm very mature and not be lawns ball and then eventually I'll get to stick around the brawn and when we lose in, like
The seventh game of the western conference finals. Err. Everyone can blame me, not Lebron yeah. I know every office in America has that person, yet that isn't very good at their job, but they become very, very close friends with the person who is so then you're, just you're totally indispensable at that point. So shot out to to Cuba, but I do want to say: there's a curse. That's been put on yes, big time that we have to talk about big time, and that is the ball curse. Yes, the the big Baller brand,
Curse Llevar said that they will never win another championship after trading way, his son, his his direct quote. It will be the worst move. The Lakers ever ever did dizzy. No, they traded for going house and went out yeah. It will be the worst move, the Lakers ever did in their life and they will never win another championship guarantee uhhuh. So this is like the David Griffin member when he did the obviously remembers a comic sans post, but part of that comic sans Post was we are going to win a title before the Braun ever does no didn't happen. Also, Dan Gilbert wait to fire David Griffin over like five hundred thousand dollars and David Griffin just goes the pelicans and pulls off a pretty nice deal for Anthony Davis where he gets. I so we're gonna, but we have our pmt sports biz intern Jake. Here. I think what I from what I understand the pelicans just own, every Lakers PICS forever. I don't understand how a lot of like every year and then, if they don't want it, they still get it so
she's, so they make things needlessly complicated. I could spend five years trying to figure out exactly what all these pics mean and, like the definition of the word, set, and I would never understand. The only thing I do know is that when Lebron well, past Lebrons careers career, so he'll be retired, ADI will probably be retired. There will be a day where we're sitting there were like forty five watching the NBA lottery go down and they could like just remember pelicans, still have six more of Lakers PICS that smart, so we won't know who won the trade like ever right. It's like the it's like when, when the Celtics traded, cagey and and pierce the nets and the nets gave up every pick for the rest of everything so New Orleans is going to just be like La South right. Okay, so tell us Jake the and then there's also this thing where, if, if the trade goes down July, sixth, the Lakers have cap room, but if it doesn't, they don't explain to us yeah. So the two biggest for talking, like
so the two biggest differences July, sixth and July 30th, or the two big differences for Wanna trade can go down and July. Sixth, very specific date is the end of their free agent moratorium date. Ok, which is the first week of free agency. They moved it to June 30th at six hundred pm. So it's not cover night thanks. So if July six happens, which would reported is most likely, it will leave the Lakers without enough cap space to sign another agent it'll be twenty seven and a half million dollars, but Anthony Davis has a four million dollar trade bonus on the table. So if he takes that it gets talked down to twenty three one, slash two million or he won't go right because rich Paul and Lebron they're black come on. Do so that's the difference. If he wants, he can help out. The team will put you in space jam
yeah dollars for you, one of the side. Yeah he's like that's the one yeah. Yes, I will give you a row of grape trees, yeah yeah, exactly so. If it was July Thirtieth, it would actually help the Lakers because that okay, they would have thirty two and a half million dollars which put county category time. Buckeye re etcetera, but the pelicans would be docked from nineteen million to fifteen million. If that happened, so hello can being in the power position. They really have no reason. Is there isn't right, yeah they're going to want to wait? The Lakers want one way: the weight. Okay got it even got confused yeah how he was explaining it zoned out. It sounds like he is such a complicated deal. If I put this it, can I put this in the S p in trade machine and will it work? That's all I need I'm not sure if it works and I'm like great yeah so right. So what are we rooting for Jake? You always do we want Lebron to have his little help as possible right. You always root for chaos. I guess too so true,
here's another thing if the trade doesn't go down until July. Thirtieth from what I read. Don't quote me on this, but I think the Lakers will be picking for the pelicans which that sets up the off. Word, draft accessible great. It's going to actually yeah actually number. Ok, I got like yeah. I wanted to go all the way to July 30th. So not only is it the awkward draft hat, but the guy who the pelicans take or the Lakers take can't play for the pelicans Summer League now Library, for this nice little wrinkle that we've never had so the trade machine right now already has Anthony Davis on the Lakers. That's a bit cocky yeah! That is a little. I don't like that out of my trade machine right about that like what, if what, if one of them just happened to like what, if Lonzo Ball, tore his ACL tomorrow,
they can? We can always cancel it right? They can can't yeah. I mean it's not official for until July sick. Let's set that I I take it back is is not carry seems not Lebron's, it is rob pulling his team. It's true by the way pelicans this league, they tweeted out the gift of, and here we go Heath Ledger Little Ghanem, Batman, Circa, two thousand nine show John Osteen all right, so the other things are hooked on about this straight they're gonna have to the Lakers this my favorite, when the Lakers are back in the spot, where they're going to have a a really good team and they probably will win the west. Now the warriors are hurt. The the the thing is: they're gonna have to fill up this roster, which is random because they can't really pay anyone else besides Campbell if he comes, and then at the Davis, Lebron and crews must so I'm hoping that
Carmelo Anthony, who is not officially retired. He would be a nice piece would be very nice to him, just whatever the there's like a mid level. I don't know what the fuck it is. It seems like Wayne Wade, perfect landing spot for Spitzer has to Spencer has in their system. There are a lot of guys out there who I would like to see, get a little run for the Lakers at zero dollars. Yeah when do the expiring contract come into play. Can't they just look like six open spots on their benches of pieces of paper that say yeah I ran contrary much pretty much put in the. U B is so up without the do the trades it is. I'm I'm dumb. The NFL is great they're, just like okay, this guy's getting traded for this guy, and this pick and then
in baseball. You have like the player to be named later yeah. How does that work? Is it just on the GM to be like a list we're not going to suck you and we're going to name a player later yeah there's a short list, the other team, oh yeah, the other thing with the NFL is that we've also figured out that contracts mean nothing to signing bonuses. Everything which is nice Hank. Do you remember, go back in the time machine Thursday night we finished taping around two hundred in the morning. I was on my way home. I saw the Klay Thompson NEWS. I hopped on the group text Ann, I said: Fuc Lebron is going to win a title with the Lakers and you said Chill: are you still chill
I'm always show that is always happy, but yeah I mean probably the worst case scenario is. I would have a big like eyebrow came out of the balloon. It started in the group text. I was like when we were talking about how Klay Thompson was out, and I was like the Celtics should just go in all in France every year Guard list, even if even if he's not going to re sign it, you just do it and maybe, if they win he'll re sign kind of like Hawaii and then you're like no he's going to sign with the Lakers right now. What is this? Is this Houston's year to know Houston's a mess he's also got a worst contract in sport. They haven't made it sucks because they had run. Always does this on that at all. I don't always ends up in to work out, for I know well over ten hours a week. The worst part is to like Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, both being injured, like they have time to do space jam. Yes, but Sir hurt they can't do space well, they would probably have to play they can just
it's a g. I a could be players that get all their talent and ligament right when by the monsters right right right, okay, no, it's it's! If will bronze like the Lakers are gonna be really good next year, is Anthony Davis, a quiet going to the clippers. So it's going to be life is going to be Lebron's team. The Lakers like throughout their. I love that, like the Lakers, are going to be interested in why everyone's fucking interested in I'm interested I'm everyone yeah! We want to want to be the third host here. He wouldn't say much. Internship open great actually be great to have just you know how on Conan O'Brien that any Richter as the laughing guy yeah I just have Kawhi with MIKE for just go. I I I I don't have to be the worst. If we go back to like the first episode,
We had like the air horns and all that shit yeah. So the pelicans, though, let's talk about their side of the trade. I actually think that, like this was the best possible scenario for them, and I'm saying that because and midway through the season in February, it was like ok, Anthony Davis about to get traded and they're like no we're going to eat by waiting and not playing Anthony Davis. They were able to essentially get Zion. Obviously they had to get the lottery luck right, but
They played Anthony Davis or, if they traded, Anthony Davis and gotten a bunch of players that then try that accidentally improve their draft right exactly so in a weird backwards way. The pelicans wanted a franchise player out of the Anthony Davis Trade and they sort of got one with Zion and then Lonzo Ball, who, I actually don't think is as bad as people think he is. He still can't shoot whatever and then but he's a nice piece and then they own every pic forever yeah New Orleans is going to be interesting to watch next year. I was a little bit looking forward to the outside chance that Zion inadi we're going to play together at some point here is the one thing that sucks about New Orleans is Julius. Randle just decided not to take his option for the pelicans he's going to be unrestricted. Free agent, Julius Randle and Zion Williamson would have been
chalk, it's frontcourt of all time, big big! It would have been incredible, big boy that ask those thrown around in the paint watch out and then you know, Sean Payton likes always shopping. Is the king of tampering with other sports athletes right so he's discovered a loophole in it where he can try to like bill for it he's going to try to get as I on out to a few practices this summer after trying to get a few times but yeah he woulda loved having those two big boys in town just just to. We can try to tweet every now and then like being like hey, we need tight, end yep. We need another tight end, but watch and not here and and again. I can't stress this enough Dan Gilbert you're an idiot because David Griffin, like we shop, he just doesn't give contracts to coaches and front yeah and just makes Lebron want to leave twice yeah a French right yeah a once in a generation talent who was born an hour away and he makes it so that he doesn't want to be there twice now is, is at the best player to ever play with Lebron James. We get to do the Lakers center thing to
yeah. We get to do all those they've somehow skip over to White House. You true Laker, and what's his name, no Andrew Bynum, Fuckin', no respect for Andrew. Are you leaving out you're, leaving on my man, Kwame Brown, Kwame Brown. To there's a lot of like your centers were just th, the first ever man, everyone's forgetting yeah, Anthony Davis. Is he the best player to yeah? I'd, probably say, sell him? Dwyane Wade, yeah yeah, I'm telling I mean car read, only is up there as well curry's having to go to the next. Now it just be weird and probably hated after like a year hold on. Is he hates everywhere, like a slightly worse situation, the Celtics up curry yeah? What's the least weird that that he would be like that they carry could be on a team like what team has the strong as group of people around? That could just be like hey, we just be cool, just be normal furry reminds me when I was like eleven, I was like. I wanna do karate
and then I'd like to you know after, like two weeks is like I hate karate like that's what he does want to talk yeah right, exactly like you, you, when you're scatterbrain you're like oh, how about hockey mighty ducks was cool right now. I don't want to do this. I don't wake up early, that's kind of re, but just with professional, you know, basketball. I think I would ever french- and you just might have add, despite what one some Ritalin yeah I'm locked in somewhere to get on the show, though in Brooklyn we're just hunting down he'll, probably living like Williamsburg, do weird on Instagram. You know you well yeah yeah. He seems like a guy that would take along board around town, yes for sure, okay, so that's Anthony Davis, trade, sorry to the raptors you basically got talked out,
all your championship talk. I also think that's a bad thing to do to win a title and then have your parade be on the weekends people kind of forget I. Yes, it's all of them of yeah. The best all I know the blues, though all yet yeah I really like I saw Brett Hole, was the drugs made in America, but you need to have your parade be on like a Thursday or Friday. So all the like sports center just covers it. Yes, your covers it from like start to finish and everyone sitting in their queue here in their life watch. Every moment like all this is cool. It loses some of the coolness. When you see a guy like bread whole be extremely drunk, but it's a saturday like. I want that to be on a weekday at like one thousand one hundred am I don't want that, show it to be like ok, this is a normal hour for somebody to be drunk at yes. Ok before we get to who's back real quick. If you want to watch the Laila Ali Interview, barstool gold, dot com pmt, she was great put her in a pretzel and not physically. Could she meant it out of a mental barstool gold com? Pmt,
okay. Once you start whose back I used. I have a few he's back the we guys. My first one is singing boxers yeah. So a few weeks ago, listeners the show were introduced to Manny Pacquiao's beautiful, singing voice yeah. I did some karaoke with you guys and then on Saturday night Tyson Fury had a second round knockout in after the fight he belted out a perfect rendition to EROS. In this I don't want to miss a thing. It was so awkward he I'm going for like two one slash two minute wait hold the whole thing. Everyone thought it was going to be about, like maybe three lines, and he just kept on going. He loves the song and he loves the song. Also, both those guys hate, gay people a lot. Oh really, yeah they're, both really not good. I just want to see other fury, wilder fight, yeah yeah. That would be that would be Yeah. If you re doing the matrix thing, you see that doesn't yeah that video clip yeah he's yeah. That was weird, though that was pretty awkward with him. Just like hey man, Why are you still singing this? Is you doing the whole songs like
as you can take a whole shift, we're doing the Liv Tyler with sucking the Armageddon Animal animal cracker Ben Affleck puts it on her. She in the animal cracker climbs a mountain that sort it by the way, by the way that was a really hot. Don't try that scene at home because it doesn't work as well in real life if you're, not Ben Affleck, about to go save the world from an asteroid. Yes, otherwise the girls just like. Why are you getting crumbs, overbite, it's yeah again. Under whose back I have a couple. Other we talked about. Levar are who's back. The week is Spikeball yeah, so is on tv. Some. I I notice I forget who, but some big journalist like put up a video of a guy like three hundred fifty thousand views and that's a pretty good sign of you know, increase the potential of your ship yeah very fun sport to play. Apparently people played indoors, which is that's weird,
watch the whole thing. It was a ridiculous played outdoors at the beach sport. It was ridiculous, they're doing the lingo, the flank, although, as you the lobster trap dude it was. It was so ridiculous and then- and I realize that this hurts the case for the cross, because I know it was literally opposite to the P L l. I still like you Paul replies that might even love you but spike ball. I could not keep my eyes off it and then and if it is not across fall, Ito's worst worst do whatever the old SP pure soul, bit the worst you'd ever the guy who responded said dude. This result happened two months ago. Thank always a yeah thanks. I didn't I would ruin them and checking up on my spike ball room, the majesty of the finals, yeah goddammit, that now that you just ruined it. For me. Not now are the worst yeah yeah. Ok, that's fine! I'm breaking news Georgia, one two months ago, goddamnit sucked is it like woo hoo,
here! That's why I've been getting my ads kicked in my Spikeball Fantasy League is 'cause. I didn't know that the result for two months old. Imagine being that. Guy, though, who actually knows what the results are and then goes online is like hey Idiot This happened two months like he turned it on and excited he's like. Let's go spike bones like are seen this before yeah yeah. No, he no, he probably was there. He was probably one of the fifty people that were going absolutely bananas for for George to win. It was the home court was insane like they had a. big time edge, toughest jam tickets, winning yeah tough, is Jim by far so shut out Georgia. I know you didn't make the playoffs, but you want to spike ball championship anything else. I know it's it. It's it. Ok, ok, Fifty my who's back in the week as U S rugby Us Roger, is back to women. One awesome first place in the tournament this weekend, so they finished the season. You guessed it second, nine
and they also were the only team to make the semifinals the only team to make the semi finals in every tournament this year. While so, second place. U S women's rugby sevens. Congratulations us Ray is back also, my who's back in a week is OJ. Yes, jeez back and this time he's back on Twitter, just making videos talking about what he's going to talk about using his twitter account. You busy doing what we wanted Jill to do. Yeah he's learning he's learning how to use twitter accept. All that he's saying is just when I start to use twitter I go after I'm, going to get even with a lot of people have been saying a batch. If that's what you always want to hear from OJ, can I also you know what sucks like the o J, the cottage industry that will come off of OJ on twitter of people being like o oj and like dude? We know he's adult like we all agree,
yeah. It says: do you like getting the retweets and then the and then the other people who are trolling OJ yet like oldies becoming his own twitter, cottage industry? And I'm not? I don't care for it sucks that the crescent seen brothers have already been banned from twitter because they would have some fire replies. Yes, sir I told him to suck my dick the other night, but I just want to get that off my chest. One you get three, do it do it one time and just tell OJ oj? When else am I going to have the opportunity to Orenthal James since Simpson, to wrap his lips around my dick and socket? Did you actually go? Jack counts are also back to yeah. I had a great free go g accounts, but but you know what I mean if you like to be a lot of people to reply. It will also people who think that they're, like a spicy, take yeah I'd, be like I don't like double murder. I don't like you order. Yeah yeah, hey sure what he pat me on the back, I'm not for double murder, Sir Sir all resigned Tech Isotoner, Sir breaking news g, just tweeted again, let's see so you not only fall, but you have no. No it's as you actually are. The cottage you don't know. Just why does came down was the boss, no just because that is what
It just happened. I somebody much replied to okay yeah. We don't need this. The sports world, I suspect, there's a week school for OJ during NFL Sunday, is going to talk to the he sucks. Already, here's a good joke about Oj Oj. What was your first tweet slash, slash slash back slash, slash, backslash place. You should read that I'm sure I'm not going to I'm, not I'm not listen, yeah, I'm not in the cottage and I'm not going to be treating in OJ retweets, because then there's blood in my hand. There's there's blood on my fingers going to be a lot of J tweets and O J Reply tweets and it's it's just gonna Rich just make something. That's already kind of sucking even worse. My last was back in the week is pop talk, so we just now to show we're playing out in long island in we're playing in
my lawn. They will be in long island tension, long island, I'm going to be on side, you yeah and that is in late July, have to data, hold okay's and then get in the hole, and I might would what do you know what my my my yeah? That's what I'm planning on doing. Thanks! That's what you do when you go to long island. So it's going to beyond on on the milky way galaxy we're part of it you're in it you're in right, yeah, we're sort of then by then you're, also in long island. No long is in the milky way. Galloway counterpoint are we in earth? Are we on earth were in it
we're in the shower and we're and we're all in it together, yeah when it comes along on so July, twenty seventh at Mckay's tickets on sale. Now I think there are still a few available. It's gonna be a hell of a show, hey everyone when you think about replying to OJ or telling us how you don't believe, double murders, good, I just debate in or on long island. Instead, that's way more useful inside double murder, podcast! Yes, there it is now we don't talk about it anymore. All right. My who's back in the week is Aaron Rodgers being surly to his coaches. So what it's What's it been like five months five months and therefore less less way less than that, I'm going to map floor by the way I'm going to get a little bit shorter, their map floor, who is injured who's going around on a golf cart, guy he's, got Aaron Rodgers already saying that I don't think you want me to turn it off eleven
turn off eleven years. Talking about us read that the line of scrimmage audible skis. Is there stuff that not many people in the league can do with the line? That's not a humble brag, that's just a fact! Well, that's not a humble bright, because that's just a brag! First of all, there's not not what a humble brag is being like. I'm awesome at football, but he's not a home.
yeah. He said it's not a humble brag right. He was right, yeah, it's just odd, rash or spot the lines to brag. You don't know humble brag is but yeah. This is gonna be fun because Aaron Rodgers also seems to be are already seems to be not working with metal for trouble. Impaired might not floor. Mat for med to floor mat for yeah. No, it's not a great start for Aaron to to just go ahead and say this in training. Camp hasn't even started yet, but you know what yep you're playing your flag in the ground. Sometimes in these relationships. Maybe that's what happened: it listen with Aaron, Rodgers and Mccarthy. He was too nice of a guy yeah and when you're too nice of a guy, you get walked over all the time. So now it's to guess what Aaron's gonna stand up from so finally and say what he thinks about his coaches, I'm I'm just so happy because, like the the part of me that knows that Aaron Rodgers is going to see everything that happened. There runs bad teammate he's to blame for all this.
Stuff that went down last year in Green Bay. I thought we were going to get like the ultimate Phuc everyone in the NFL, I'm going to be Mvp, Aaron Rodgers and be like I'm going to buy into whatever map floor says I'm going to be the best soldier, the best teammate and just like, ripped to shreds all the NFL turns out he's, probably just going to be a dick still. Well, I mean if your coach is in a golf cart on the sidelines, so this is almost seems like he's, taking advantage of his coach on it, yeah that he's hurt he's. He is just he's on the I l. Yes a in MLB yeah, not to do no, the I I know when will that out or we can have a longer conversation every time myself he I l, I just think someone has diarrhea just it'll, just
and test what's going on there on the intestinal list, it's so weird that they did that whatever ok, so yeah Aaron Rodgers Mat floor not off to the best start and I'm not I'm not making like a mountain out of a mole hill. I think Aaron Rodgers hates Math four, you think so despises him. I think there are others, might have torn his achilles. Do you think that Aaron Rodgers is prejudice against people with disabilities? Oh wow, that's why he's going after Matt now and MIKE Mccarthy and yeah fat yeah by the Bmi I'm sometime, I'm also will be still. I can say that he's got to read. Aha his eyes were too close together. Yes, he gets he yells at a high school basketball games. Kick controls temper yeah. He had too much team that will come out of his mouth again screen. Okay, let's get your interviews. First upward have Joe Box looked like he was always wear a smock like the the jackets that he would wear would just go like straight down they from his belly down to his yes, Detroit big CAT, look
so we're going to do Joe Buck First Joe Buck was nice enough to call in basically come walking off the course at Pebble Beach. So he's a busy man. He was working all weekend and he calls in to talk to us two idiots. It sounds fine, there's a live, bit of a glitch here and there that's how you always want to start out by saying: hey, listen, it sounds fun sound file as it does all business pines of Fuch. That's all I'm going to say he was on vacation all week and we still are in a studio with the sound here. Every ambulance, no windows, phones, don't work we're basically in a tent yeah. So if you have an address, there's a there's, I saw a pig swimming by the yeah, seven seven or if you have any anger to Jobox perfectly sounding
find interference, yeah on the show, tweet, all business PETE. Let me know how fine it is. Yeah, that's totally fine. Ok here is Joe Buck will put in the Trojan ad that interview was brought to you by Trojan condoms. That's right! We're here to talk sex, it's fucking, awesome, you do it, we do it, we all do it, I'm even pretty good at it. I've been told I set a personal best, the other night, five whole minutes. That was actually a line from the ad read. It was not five minutes I'd, never! Last five minutes, it's a big sexy world out there and we want all of you to live it to the fullest by sewing you're wild seeds, because what's life without a little bit of boning boinking, getting it on doing the hanky panky,
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Besides Trojan condoms, so have fun, stay safe, make sure you grab yourself some Trojan brand condoms. Okay, we now welcome on the man you listen to all weekend. It is Joe Bach calling us from Pebble Beach she's, the nicest man in the world, because he called us like five minutes after the tournament ended. So, let's start with Gary Woodland
do you. I have a theory that, whatever the best story possible on Father's day to happen will happen, and that's why Gary Woodland One yeah it's kind of funny. The way that whole thing worked out. You know when you consider that he's a guy that it's been through, what he's been through personally, you know his wife Gabby uh, going through a miscarriage and then having a son Jackson, who's who's, born premature, but went great and his come out on tour and then on the 18th green. When he's one and now she's pregnant again with twin girls, it's a great story. I can only tell you in I'm not one for printing dropping at least a six days a week, usually five four five days a week, I name drop it. I had so many tax from guys that I know from baseball a couple guys that I know from football with no Gary Woodland, anwyl rooting so hard for the guy he system
really good guy capital rate. Obviously our blood would win just white, the back of anybody in the week and he wants. You know good for him yeah. Those only is a good sword watch. Did you get the sense that the fans were also
pulling former or were they more aligned with kept going down the stretch yeah? No, I felt like I, I think, the fans here. You know it was not easy. I'm still here. Obviously it's Hubble and it's it's not easy getting down here into the area where the actual tournament took place. I mean the security is off the charts. It's like literally doing super bowl security every day and if you bothered to come in here, I think you were real golf fan and uh the gallery's were massive and there was a real groundswell. I think for a guy who hadn't won, he's thirty five and, as we said, it's a great story. Uh it would've been cool to see, Brooks Captain if it wasn't very, but his Brooks said: afterward very played the best. An nobody was going to beat him today and that's what these major championships are. All thought it was fun to see it so we're huge fans of the course in the US open. We love when the course kicks the shit out of people and, like in Poulter,
eyes about and all that stuff were you as disappointed in the courses we were this week now. I think you should egolf plenty in my life hacking at around uh. No, I I like seeing these guys play well, and I realize I'm in the minority a lot of my friends. I don't know I love seeing these guys. You have free putting in the greens are lightning and there they can't hold greens in the rough is high in the fairways are skinny, and I don't know I just like seeing the best play great and I thought of I thought it was a fair test. I don't think it has to be ridiculous to have to have the feeling that you just saw a hell of a test us open. It got progressively harder everyday, but there was just nothing they could do short of building a dome over this place. Uh they had a record setting May for rainfall. The place was a crazy lush. The fairways were hold
and if there's no wind up, probably two to seventy one hundred yard golf orders they're gonna even alive for the most part, these got it made it a lot. But if you look back to Tiger Woods, victory back in was a two thousand sets early two thousand right at Pebble beach. Is it fair to say that the course has regressed? Who you know? I think that the conditions regressed- and there is nothing you can control it time of year and we ran from seventy eight year, one Nicolas one and you know it. It almost looks like a british open when Tom Watson chipped in an eighty two and then, when you go to I like two thousand, you know they are like this like say that the grains look like they don't yeah, they were, they were not carrying, they were multicolored, they work hard. The place was just break out and were to be here in the middle of June and have it just be green everywhere? I don't think anybody expected that, but there is no way to avoid it. No okay, you got small green you're, tired of hearing about you know how guys complaining about that up. There was no course shut up complaint. Everybody was raising how great the place was conditional wide. Let me tell you it was like a dream and not have to deal with controversy and
wrong. Girlfriends name is young and everything else. It's gone with these championships, and I I love covering these things, but every year it's just like something, and this year it was just really good golf uhm, you invited Jim Nantz onto the set. That was a wild move by It would be like us inviting Joe Rogan to come host a podcast with us. Are you you will? nervous. It's like he's just going to slide over and like like Joe go grab a beer or something 'cause. I got this yeah I was. I was actually going to joke like hey, I'm just going to go, grab a coffee and sit around the side rather listen to him. Please golf and listen to myself to golf, but you know that being bad for him to accept, I thought was cool for CBS to let him come on and that was kind of a condition that the condition was that it was going to be ten minutes in that said, really they wanted five minutes and it had
stipulation I'd been there. I would have demanded that he stay in call golf with Azinger Ann. I jump in every once in awhile or read a promo here there, but for the most part I don't know they just hear him probably was opening. I think he's the best to set it on the air. I believe it and those other guys are good friends of mine Hixson to Rico. And what have you, but I think, he's the best ever called golf on tv and in my lifetime and or at least in my adulthood, and I wanted to hear him- do golf at Pebble Beach,
or she knows probably better than any broadcaster ever yeah and he's got he's, got that great golf voice. That just puts you to sleep. He has, I think, the best nap voice in America out of any announcer. Absolutely if he was in his voice, was on my alarm clock. I never get up because he he just has that soothing he's very smart and he remembers everything. He knows the history of the game and he's not searching for stuff, and I found myself a lot of the times ripping and searching for different things, and it's just top of mind for him. I he's great with names, I'm obviously not a Jenna Sims jokes aside, I'm I'm always you know scrambling for somebody's name, and it's just it's like you know second nature for him, and so that really serves him. I think personally, better involved in any other sports and when you can have that kind of top of mind recall that's what makes
great and he's a wordsmith so good for him. I love listening to him. I'd rather fall asleep to him calling golf while and the couch than anybody else. Alright Joe. I know you gotta go and I appreciate you calling in. I was going to tell you all the tweets that said Joe Buck sucks, but I'm not going to do that 'cause. I just twitter search it and it was way too many. So I'm not going to do that yeah. I know it's just that. Never walking home? I also I also Joe we're running out of time. Yeah twitter geniuses just do nothing, but do nothing but inspire and all those guys are saying that I would love to see them step in and do ten minutes put it, you really put your sound like show. I also like listen. I know you said you only had ten minutes in like it's unbelievable that you, you called in right, after literally right after it ended so we're
let you go. I really wanted to congratulate you and talk about the Saint Louis Blues, but we don't have enough time so appreciate you calling in that's it's too bad. I can't congratulate you. Ok, my bluetooth, my bluetooth, I'm not Jon Hamm, sadly, I'm not in the NBC promos put up in a season ticket holder, my whole life and uh. Well, my adult life, and that was one of the biggest thrills I've ever had as a fan so It's too bad. We can't talk about too bad. We can't discuss it further. Then we can talk about it now. Well, too, bad, I'm going to keep going. You just cut me off, so Bennington came up and that's where the season really this guy says obligatory Joe Buck Sucks tweet. This guy actually tagged your boss, Fox Sports, at Fox sports, one at golf on Fox Joe Buck sucked
this guy he said Joe Joe Buck is trending, but I just want everyone to know it's because he sucks man. That was so good luck sucks at his job. He is such a homer I'd rather listen to nails in a chalkboard than this. Who are you home or for it? Can you be a homer for a golfer golf course right Joe? Thank you so much. I really do appreciate it very nice of you to let us grab you for ten minutes have fun. Hopefully you see it's been too long. It has been yes uh and I had many people I swear to you. I walked from my room down to the to the booth. All week long, I mean I had a usually at least wanted to hey love, your pardon my take so here we are I want it again, that's how we peer pressure, you into continuing to come back on the show, yeah, there's some people who, like you out there, that you sent those people out. It worked yeah exactly
air plants or plants, alright Joe, will talk to you soon. Man, I cannot see you Joe Box interview was brought to you by our friends at mountain Dew, mountain dew. As at mountain dew, we say here's to the doers who do it big then do it bigger grab yourself an ice, cold mountain dew today. Do the do? Listen, Caleb? What what hey dude there was all right. I'm a go off script here from out do this is you can will bill you later when we found out that we were doing ads of mountain dew? I've never seen anyone how? than Hank. Hey, that's! Alright! I mountain dew, all the time I do too. I love the do, I'm a doer button, but hey it might be. The number one do were in the world. I agree that it's the best, what's your favorite flavor do.
a tough one, I've original I like a rental, but all know he's okay could live, they are not and do lie. Is the yeah yeah absolute go yeah, it's called Bob last second, but you know the only villain yeah it's one of those things that you love it so much as like. The big rip it when it's there, you have to get how we got here at Taco Bell. What are you doing? That's how I feel about it. Live wires like it's not available in every single could be in store. It's only available in sums. Whenever I see it got to get a job right, so go get your mountain dew! Now you do with us also killed was out of the do tore last week. So we're all big mountain dew, guys we're gonna, be doing a lot of mountain doing and I'm excited to do to to do. Do do do with mountain dew all right here. She is a lot Ali and I was completely different. Okay. We now welcome on the legend undefeated boxer champion,
our label Ali she's all over the place and she's doing this great thing with undeniably dairy. Let's talk about that first feeding, America, so I was reading up about it. It's fantastic program because it's basically kids, who are able to get three square meals a day, especially in the summertime, when they're not at school. Your help in that out and you're making sure that kids, you know growing kids get the meals at the neat. Well, one in six kids in the: U S faces hunger, okay and in the summer months those numbers rise because kids don't have. access to nutritious school lunches, so these are kids that go to school and get their best meal at school. Obviously, no school, no great mail, so feeding America does amazing work in general, just helping families who who need to get fed get fed so we're asking people to go to give a deck a gallon, give a gallon dot com. Okay, so that we can raise more money for the food banks that are, you know, making sure the kids and for
please get healthy meals, yeah! I like it that we can test probably tell by looking at us. We don't miss many meals, it's important that we help the people that do so yeah yeah. What was that web address again get me out of a gallon dot com. I we work with feeding America for over ten years, and you know I'm very passion about health and wellness and then, of course, in childhood hunger. So I've just been really happy to partner with them an undeniably dairy yeah. It's good, nutritious mills, yes, looting, milk! Okay! Before we got started here before the cameras rolling, you kind of you warned us ahead of time. You're like hey, I might punch in the face actually less back
You warned me that you guys are silly. When are we are seeing my cause, you to get punched in the face and, I said sure, I'll punch in the face. I got away before you said. Please do I know we assign those waivers yet, though it's been knocked out by an Ollie. Definitely where there was a body bag. I said we're a couple assholes and then you said well, that's fine. I can handle my business exactly exactly how it went, but you also said that it takes a lot to set you off it does so what buttons should we not press or press depending on who it is? I think that, as long as people don't disrespect me, I'm ok, but in the end of the day, I'm not going to punch anybody. I'm a professional fighter yeah, it's like. I only fight professionals, I'm not answer weapons. They are yeah yeah. You have to through your head. I did not ok. Is that a real thing that happens? Is that just moving? So I really don't know to be honest, you know I'm going to register my hands and see if they tell me, I can't. I know that my insurance costs more really yeah definitely so
you, you haven't boxed you're, trying you're retired, so do you miss it at all? Of course, I absolutely love it. I think any athlete that did something they loved and you know certain point you stop, you can't do it forever. You miss it, but you know I also love what I'm doing now. Okay can always be after the US. The air bag. I still stay in shape, bug still go three four rounds. Mine was in any time you fight rough and rowdy. We have a fighting league ourselves, so it's three one minute rounds really yeah fighting that! No! Ok, if you want me to actually yeah yeah no, but so I wanted to ask you a question about women in sports and, like you, your boxing karere was, I feel like very early on for women, especially in combat sports, and is it crazy to watch now? How far that's coming mean some of these, like MMA Ufc Cards,
liners are women and it's like you know when you started, I think there was a lot of people are uneasy with two women fighting about yeah. A lot of people think that I was one of the first female fighters and boxing- and I wasn't there were so many before me- just didn't get the exposure right for has now and it has come a long way, especially with the UFC I mean as a whole. Ufc and MMA has grown. It wasn't as big when I was boxing, but there are more professional female of fighters, and I think that women have always been very exciting to watch. I know in women's boxing we have to me around the post of three and you don't have much time to get the job done to women come in there and just make it happen right. A lot of people really appreciate that and then the UFC I see the women are really feisty and strong as well yeah. I think that at it doesn't surprise me, I want to see women because I know what we're capable of, but I'm glad that has been more accepted in that women have and
opportunities right and when you were first getting started, you got started a little bit late, at least according to what I read like about seventeen eighteen, that's late for a box or something yeah. I'm started eight nine twelve yeah, so you were a little late in life entering the ring for the first time. What was it? I know a lot of fighters, they they start fighting. You have a chip on their shoulder. They have like a crash and that sort of thing, but you were you- were late kind of getting into the ring for the first time. What was the chip on your show that made you want to get to the right fight for the first? I saw women's boxing for the first time on television when I was seventeen years old, so Christy Martin. Are you familiar with her now? Okay, so Christy Martin was one of the first female fighters to get promoted on a major undercard she's on MIKE Tyson's undercard Don king was promoting, so I saw women's boxing for the first time, along with many other people. I did not know the women box. I didn't know there was a sport available to me so soon, as I thought I want to do it automatically, and it took me about a year of contemplation because of the time I was I had my own mail slot always been very ambitious, always been on for new or had a nail salon by the time I was eighteen and I was in college. I was living on my own and I saw women's boxing I was like I want to do that, but then, of course, you know the fear in the doubts just said in of just kind of live in a public life, and just with my dad, I think, was everyone thinking. I do this often everyone athlete I never participate in sport really about thirty pounds, overweight and it took me a year, and I finally said you know what I'm single with my my heart: just do it.
and that's when I started what did your dad say when he said I'm going to be a box or two he so I started training kind of in secrecy because I really wanted to see if I had what it took, because if it wasn't going to come natural to me, if I wasn't going to be good at it, I wasn't going to do it smart. So I understood what I was getting into so one six months into it got around my dad comes in town and he's like you know here, you're boxing and I'm like yeah. I am dad and he basically tried to talk me out of it and directly says you know. What are you gonna? Do I mean the whole world is going to be watching you and judging you would. If you get in the ring and you get knocked down and I was like well, I'm gonna get back up just like you did and then he just got more and more frustrated.
Why would you want to? You can knock down? Not live! That's just not gonna happen, but if it doesn't ask for a rematch and then he just basically said don't do. It is not for women is not for you is to hard it's a man's sport, and I say what dad you know. What I understand you feel respect. I feel that I've already made my decision, so two questions about that. One is: do you think there was a part of him that do you want to do it because of his name and his legacy, and it's like if you go out and get by you know, get knocked down. It looks bad on his name. Do you think there's any of that I think? Well, I don't have to think. I know now that, because I mean obviously I'm grown, we've had conversations about and I see things differently, but my father was in first of all do not believe that women should be boxing right. My father's most, I'm I'm not he's got- was a little bit of a male chauvinist in a way that just the fact of wearing a sport's bra and shorts in the rings like give give the ring be bouncing around the ring when one two women don't need to be doing it. Three, I'm as young as baby girl right out of all these kids. He didn't want me to get hurt and think of all the blood, sweat and tears. He went through through his career
all of the history of why people love him, and you know given up his belt, all that and now I'm saying I want to go to a dirty, grimy gym and go fight and spar with men really want that and of course he did not want to get embarrassed also. Yes, that is something to do with it, so he, but he came back yeah, tell you this after I want my title. I was doing well and he came back and he apologized that I'm sorry. I was wrong. You can find women can't fight, and I love you. Then he started trying to teach me how to it's not like. We got more, that's already not happy or take credit for that after the fact is. I see I like now he's like you like that boy. I never never had like boxing. You know you mentioned something there where you're, you said: you're, not muslim, and he was you basically stood up to him when you were a kid saying you didn't want to be religious. How did you know that I read about it in so far, but this is now like so twice the boxing in the religion where you stood up to Muhammad Ali and correct me. If I'm wrong, I think your dad probably is
a pretty sure, headed guy who knew exactly what he wanted. It wasn't going to be told what to do if you look at any of his history. So how did you change his mind? Twice not once but twice on pretty big things, boxing and religion, two things that are the most important. I got something special that came from my daddy yeah. So the thing is: is that I'm just a lot like him, so he had to respect it and he does respect me and my dad and I had probably three big conversations in life and one of them was not being Muslim. I remember when I turned eighteen and moved out the house and moved in with my boyfriend. He tried to judge me for that and I said, hold up wait a minute. We can talk about some things. You've done right, says you're right. You know I put in place to put him in his place then, and then with boxing you know, he told me is something I couldn't do and I just I do a lot of speaking now and that's one of the things I speak about Mohammed Ali telling me not to do something. It's not for you. If I would have listened to him. You know what I mean. I would have never went and did what I wanted.
and then he came back and got his mind right and was like. I was wrong because that's why I can't listen to others just 'cause. He wasn't where he needed to be in his mind. It didn't stop me from doing what I need to do when my father and I have always had a tremendous amount of respect for one another but yeah, I'm just like him If I never just said originally, don't do it 'cause. He was like trying to talk me out of it indirectly through the toughest match he ever had. Was you? Well? I wouldn't say but it sounds like you did before you beat him twice. Yeah I'll, tell you what I know I'm getting paid back on my daughter, Sydney, 'cause he's doing me the exact same way right now later yeah on the ropes everyday. My next question is going to be what if she wants to fight. I would not like my daughter
yeah. So not like my I'm, not I'm not either, but I know I will never tell my kids not to I'm not encouraging them to, but at the same time I will support them whatever they want to do. You know, and in life that you have to want to do anyway, right source or after you start boxing. You you go through a few fights. You do pretty well to get started. Was there ever a point where you're like a little doubtful about whether or not this is gonna? Be your career after a couple fights, were you like? You know what this is, what I was meant to do. I was always a fighter. I just wasn't finding professionally, so I knew that I had it in me. I know I have the heart of a fighter is just that. You know the skill and everything that it takes, because I was never an athlete. I never had to do that. Training regimen. So one side, that's what I'm a very realistic person. I know. First, you have to want to do something you have to see if you can be good at it and if, if you don't really want to the work that it takes, everybody wants wants wants, but are you gonna do the work that is going to take so I went to the gym and, like I said, I was training for about six months. I fell in love with it. As I was going to school, I was going to work in the gym at nine o'clock at night and I look forward to it. So I knew right away. That is what I want to do. Yeah the first time you get punched in the face. Yes, I did know did feel good. That's how you know that I've seen so many people come into the gym saying they want to be a fighter in the lead, okay, glove it up and if you're either going to turn your back like I want to get out of here, going to get mad and want to knock the heck out of somebody, and I was that person
One game and I'll get it been hit before I took a job as a fighter outside of the ring yeah. What what was it like growing? Up with your dad, I mean your dad was obviously he's the go and he's probably the biggest legend in all sports, which is incredible to say, but it probably is the truth. Probably it I mean he I know you're, you know he's got right right normally. Is it's incredible to even declare war?
person that way and the fact that you're, like yeah, actually probably even a man, the running the all right. What was it I mean it had to be a little bit of a mind to grow up with, so we can discuss your plan yeah. I am here representing other people. Okay, we're gonna feed to kids, yeah gonna be a month to live in a house with you know a living legend, it's only life, I know, but I will tell you that you know we had Michael Jackson and Prince and Stevie wonder coming in the house. All fans of Muhammad Ali and my father was such an amazing example of someone that just was like at the top, but such a kind giving compassionate person. Never true look down on anybody. He was never tacky. You know never flown his money in anyone's face. He was just like he just had a lot of character and class, and that's one thing that I respect in people- and you know it didn't matter who he was around is always the same guy and that's just what I strive to be. So that's how I remember my father. You know and that's what gives me the pride in knowing like this, just never going to be another Muhammad right. Okay, did you get in the ring or and whatever sport is? You do this kind of a weird question, but the Louisville,
airports named after an amazing doesn't that kind of suck, though, because, like I always thought, when you get an airport suck to go to like done that suck to be named after an airport, then airport named after you yeah like do you have to go to an airport? It's like, oh god, traveling to go through TSA. I don't think so and then clock in the airport. I don't agree with you. I don't know what it is. I don't know who Laguardia is, but I hate him. I hate this guy right here, traveling there, it's always like trying to get out there and get some deep and there's a big line like fifty years from now. People won't like Mohammed Ali. Oh that's the airport. They should name like a water park after yeah Waterpark. Here would like something I get more to come, but you know I could waste my energy worried about that kind of thing. I will tell you one thing: I had nothing to do with that. ok. I would literally waste all my energy worrying about that name, something better after I think yeah I see yeah. It always bothered me every time I go to airport in like like JFK Jfk so annoying to go through. Have you been that way since you're a kid?
were thinking about airport. Just like really think about things like that, and things like that. You know. Yeah I mean things were out of letting small things bother standpoint where we get mad, we make mountains out of more things. I have no control over what you do and if I don't know you can, like my dad hated airports, but he didn't know, but you could, but it doesn't bother me but we talk about this way too long. Listen, my dad was he hated TSA. He thought it was absolute bullshit had to pay six dollars for a bottle of water when he went to the airport he doesn't want to be named after airport. Jesus. I'm sorry, I'm getting a lot of sense, yeah, a lot of sense. I heard a story that you save whole Cogan's life. Is that true? That is true.
Making those true? Thank you very partial owner of Gawker media. I'm not you know. I I feel like. I need to I deserve something to check or something I'm just playing. No, I found out the same way everyone else found out. He said something in an interview. He never had called me and told me 'cause. We hosted american gladiators together and then he told this story and people called me and was like I heard you, can you come on talk about how you say I was like what are you talking about and I was like wow. I wish you would've called me and told me that, but apparently he was going through something and something big an I called him and had a comma something I said to him. You know it was divine intervention. So was it a circumstance of you just happen to call him at a time when he was going through some happen to call him- and I said some words that helped him. I I invited him to think my church at the time and he started going there and it was what he knew the times like. I said I can't I don't feel like I can take credit for it, but that's how he felt about it and I just feel like it was divine in
mention one like I was just like: hey man we're trying to work tomorrow, we must have had some sort of a conversation that made him change his mind. So he says: let's do that's a lesson. Everybody, yeah, no matter what interaction you have, you might be saving somebody's life. I mean I wish. I went through several lives today. Yeah, that's true! your life, I don't just by saying right now, yeah hey, there's so many hokum maniacs out there in rooting for you yeah I'd? I can't keep up you guys, Well, here's the thing you can't keep up with that! I'm sorry! I got nothing for you. I'm not gonna try to have a comeback, your guys, you might have been starting to get sick and now you're laughing, and we just cured it wait. I might've been come here. I could, across the street or somewhere else, got hit by car saved your life too long. Do you see what just happened? We save your life. No, we just beat the woman that beat Mohammed Ali where the
If you wanna see it that way, we are the champ. If you see him shifting transcription company that would be able to make me say something like that when you leave your father mentally, couldn't handle you you mentally can't handle us. We are the chance I gotta, let some people win at something and I'm winning everything else where everything was so what's next, for you like, what's the next part of your career? Well, I released a cookbook, ok life. I've been cooking since I was nine years old, so my cookbook came out in twenty eighteen. I just couple days ago release my organic spice blends, which I'm super excited about. People can go to shop, dot, lailaali, dot com to check them out. I have a nutrition lines, I'm really into encouraging people to be the best. They can absolutely be an make healthy lifestyle choices through the food that they eat, because that's why I'm working with feeding America an undeniably dairy, I true, I believe that we can change the world through the food. We because we're it's. It's good food is killing a lot of people. Do you have in terms of heart disease and obesity and diabetes and chronic illness? So you know I try to teach people they can take control of your health. I like to
you're going at it too, because a lot of times healthy food just doesn't taste very good, but you've got a spice line here like hey, you can eat all this stuff that tastes bad if you dump enough of my good tasting prod. If you want to see it that way, because I know you see things a special k right, yeah yeah, what if I, if it makes tastes good yeah, you can do that yeah that good, that it can make. What, if file, if you'd, buy this over for dinner, which I assume you will at some point, what is like, then, what's the number one little Ali meal that you liked, what you always at the who you're having over for dinner. I like that, it's all you do okay, but I'm just saying what they like, because you know you do. Okay, What I make for you, I know you, like everything I probably make my oven, fried chicken wings, the autos are killer you and then I have a different dipping sauces yup I like to make fresh salads, but I have some fresh.
No, no, no hold up. You gotta have something I am working this out. I help you, but I don't need it. That's, ok, but I'm with someone you play. Ok, ok and you're. Gonna be nice gas and take a couple bites. You like that's the best salad I ever had in the world. Not what you like. What do you? Like? Pasta? Know? The wings were sold in the wings? Ok yeah, so I'm making some french fries, but I'm oven, baking, perfect and they're, going to taste like the crispy person, making the food that you like, but just a little healthier and healthier way, but you're not going to even know his health. So what time is dinner ' you know I live in LA will be on your way: okay, okay, okay, so we'll put your hand, then, are you alright, my spices, yeah I'll, buy you twice. Okay. If you don't cook, do you did you know? I don't often because I don't think so. I don't I you order out. We live in New York, okay, one every single, that's the wonderful thing about spices, because you can just sprinkle it on no matter. What is you? Even if you don't make all these things all is the bomb I cook up.
I have a very caucasian cooking method. I just boiled chicken, so you really don't label. I don't season man, that's okay with me! Yeah you a lot. You need my season. My you know my soul. I like all up where I just take the chicken and a role in man and rolls and then discuss the yeah. It's like a no. It's like a whole whole accepted, so it's just really good eggs, vinegar, all so good all right! Well! Thank you. For your time, our previous round's been fun. Yeah. You guys did not offend me. Ok nobody's getting knocked out, so that's the Good NEWS 'cause you got so many listeners. I want to make sure they can continue listening feeding, America. It would check it out. Yes, yes, it's actually it's a great great cause, bunch of kids that were helping out what was the Well again, the Charlotte will more to a gallon dot com, give a gallon dot com. We had a phase will read like just chug milk. We could do something like that. Maybe have people donate yeah
ok. I would bring back to milk boys yesterday. Yeah, we just drank milk and drink. Did activities yeah it wasn't. It wasn't a great idea, very deep. Wasn't a deep thought out. Concept turns out people like to watch us throw away. We will have to do milk, as you know, we're saying dairy we're talking bout yogurt, we're talking about she's coming by screaming about potassium milkshake, eighteen custom. What's the difference between custard and ice cream custard is made customers much heavier yeah. That's what I like big customers there and the heavy stuff. Alright, the diesel, I like the diesel like ice cream diesel, alright lolly. Thank you so much. We appreciate your time. Thank you! So much that interview with Layla Lee was brought to you by Duncan that's right. It's Duncan season again they're sponsoring our viva La Dunkin Award,
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Com, slash, take okay, let's get to some segments and first stop Mount Rushmore season. Let's go with the best time of year. So if you were a new listener every summer, as soon as the NBA season ends, we start Mount Rushmore season. What is Mount Rushmore season? Well, every radio show in all of America. They run out of things to talk about in the summer, so they do Mount Rushmore Season and they'll be like. Oh, you know who's that who's on the Mount Rushmore since it Eddie athletes and whatever the fuck it. Maybe I want to stress that this is totally different from power. Rankings will not force it's totally different from doing a fantasy draft of your top. Fourth right, this is Mount Rushmore. This is what would appear on a map.
Rushmore of each specific topic, and so when we first started it back in twenty sixteen, we did it as a joke. I think our first Mount Rushmore is Mount Rushmore of CDS isn't yeah, it's only four of them get the joke, but then we started doing it and we turned out that we just like parody to our self, into just being the sports radio people. So we do it every summer and we take it very seriously, but I before we start, I want to say guys. I think we, the last couple seasons, we've, let it get away from us. We think we need to just have like a mini gentlemen's agreement. This is like, let's pretend maybe a little less toggle football little more croquet yeah hand up. I let it get personal at times. I think you let it get personal. I once saw Hank, let it get person Hank one. No, you want Hank and I will live yeah. So we're not. I you know what I say this year: let's not to polls, let's not go
codes for who won boo, I think we have to pull back because then you panda, it leads to pandering Hank who just panders towards You just got personal. No, I'm just saying I'm trying to avoid his gift, giving good answers. Pandering. You know exactly what panda rapper, no, I literally do. Nor did it were personally pandering had fought with all like someone just couldn't handle losing all those. I guess it always is the most all. Is sponge Bob references? Ok, figure out. Let's just me nice, let's just be nine. My sponge Bob Tom yeah. Let's, let's start hey once you start, let's, let's all get to just get trophies, each other. Yeah. Ok, well, good job, yeah, yeah, exactly so Hank! Why don't you start Times p second I'll? Go thirty g that moves so on on her father's day. It is dad moves, so a snake draft style. Yes, the trap style dad moves mowing the lawn there. You go it's a great great answer. I love it. Hang the ftu cows are really good. First, yes, I would say
cleaning up the house. Thirty minutes before your mom gets back after she's been out of town for a few days. That's a good dad move loading up that dishwasher running the vacuum across other. Right in the living room, yeah, making up her bad, that the whole thing like yeah, that's it maybe maybe grabbing like the chips and and and sealing them, but not sealing them with a clip just rolling them up. Real quick, I was going say, throwing away all the half eaten bag of chips. Acting like you did just eat chips. Yes, our time, yeah wife was go. That's a big time. Dad moved all right. I got to I'm gonna go with. I always messing with the thermostat or getting mad at people who do mess with thermos that every dad knows exactly what temperature he wants it at all times. If it's the winter, he's not going to turn let the heat raw
and the whole time he's like hey put on a sweatshirt. Well, especially, if you have like a wood burning, stove and fireplace is like his throwing money away. If you turn up the heat, a fish it, and if it's the summer, hey, if you want to get cool, go to the pool like that kind of thing like go down, go down the street go to the community pool, but we're not going to run a seat. All that yeah, listen son. You can just open up the windows on both sides. You get a great cross freeze into the house yeah. It is the same thing as a free on that's. We like ninety seven degrees and a hundred percent humidity for the dad to be like you know what will turn on the. I don't even have a see my yeah, I just bought it. I had the boxer, yeah industrial size, fans yeah. I had them yeah warehouse. I had the window unit yeah, my dad's, a big Cross Breeze Gaia, Cross Breeze is better than hey. It's eighty, eight! No, it's fine! If you just get the way you get the wind blowing his turn the agent to turn the fan on and sit directly in front of the line. If I go into the basement, that's where it's wet and moldy lay down on the basement floor next to the dogs, panting. Ok, my other one is naps. Dads know how to nap anyway,
anytime, I feel like a dad like the minute he sits on a couch on a chair, I'm not even talking about like the masters Nap, I'm talking about like if your dad comes over and he sits down on your couch and you're like getting ready to go to dinner. He'll kill use those ten minutes to get a little shut eye, it's a quick shot! I love actually is a little bit that NBA seconds you can fall asleep just about anywhere. All these things are happening to me, though, which is makes sense we about to be dead, but I can go to some a lot more, like your body, is nesting yeah. Thank you. If you were body just knows I used to take when I was in. Like my twenties, I used to take like a like a three hour nap on a Saturday when I was hung over now. I take no joke. Like six eight minute naps on a Saturday. In other words, you know that I did that literally this saturday I just like for eight minutes: I'd fall asleep, I'm like whoa. What time is it? It's only been eight minutes and then an hour ago by and just take another eight minute nap,
Again I actually time my naps by opening up twitter and seeing how long ago, my last refresh was like oh yeah, I felt like I was just sleep for thirty minutes turns out. It was five that will be the opening of true life, I'm addicted to Twitter Pft. Yes, absolutely! My second pick is going to be I'm going to go with owning two, Is the exact same shoes, all that's a big one, my dad used to buy every he'd like what I like it. I like my shoes, yet you find a shoe that works for you. Why would you ever want to listen? My was like eight years in a row, my dad with the exact same shade as you get older, you have like back tendencies that pop up yeah, so you find the ones that you like that that more themselves, your foot and then there's like a breaking in period where you switch to the second pairing like I got a break these ones and yeah, and also you could switch up used like what Hank was saying. One of these pairs is for mowing the lawn and the others for walking.
Your house may also know that the best is when the debt, when your dad gets the multiple pairs, the same issue and they're all in different states. So there's like the nice clean ones that aware, if you like, have to go out in public, but he still has his old shoes they're just in a different part of the rotation, with any has the one pair that it's like. That literally, is just for my cleaning out the fucking some pump or whatever yeah, it's usually usually located in the glass something blows up in your basement. He'll put on those last pair of shoes at eight years ago. He's got the formal shoes that he's got the ones that he wears down to the. Why he wants to shoot around yeah. Alright, hey you got two First one will be like peeing outside of the house. Even though there's a bathroom right right in doors. That's a guy! I do that all the time. Yes, yes, yes, it's a great. It feels way better, Oh yeah we're human beings were not designed to pee inside yeah. I will be like ten feet away from a bathroom, but just make sure
outside and then my other one. I will say like if you say like hey, I'm tired and then the data will be like on their most mutual. You mean like hey, tired, I'm bad yeah, yeah yeah. That's why I'm hungry that's good hungry! Let's meet you yeah yeah, yeah, more he'll say like you know like. Oh, that mister was my dad's name. You can call me and then just dad jokes in general. You want take dad jokes. I don't do that. You guys are the ones you know. I think that's it. You got it dad. I feel bad to add another dad joke out yeah. That's it's dad jokes! It's the like the ponds! He funny signs that they see, just whatever you can think of dad jokes and then, if they nail it, it will make their forever, like the because you know, I'm assuming you guys most people are that have the same like family structure, where everyone reaches a certain age where the dad just becomes the part of the joke for the whole family unit and it sucks, because it's like once, everyone gets like past, like fifteen
the dad just get fucking roasted. It's just a dad. Roasts, there's every time, you're together, there's a way to get that one in it's like holyshit. He got it. He takes his lap. It's like a fucking walk off. It's Joe Carter hitting the home run at worlds. there's a sweet spot between the age of like nine- and I want to say, fifteen or sixteen where the dad is king, oh yeah, family were pretty map where yeah yeah, the kids or the kids are old enough, where you can fuck with him a little bit and make fun of a man like play. All these little dad, pranks and jokes are funny. You reign Supreme, but then here athlete yeah yeah, oh yeah, but he'll fuckin' box. You down bring it down to the post. Pull up on you after you lose in horse to your son. At that point so nature social yeah. It's like the lion just choking out the adult line and the pride belongs to him. Now, goddamnit, it's so I still have read every everyone is a see this with you. You are yourself a dad or obviously, if you have like a family with your your close to their dad, you just know your dad's becomes a part of every joke
okay. My next one is going to be beer fridge weight. yeah yeah, yeah yeah, I hated to you almost got lost fridge. Your fridge bridge that's dedicated to beer, maybe he's into micro brewing for a little bit or maybe as a side project where you got like a little Sankey sized K, greater yep that you can use to to pour your craft beer out of through the wall tap some for rating unit that is dedicated solely to his choice of beer. I, like that. I like that one all right and the thing is: he doesn't drink, that much beer, yeah I'll, have like two beers on a Friday night and then fall asleep. Yes, but yes still his fridge. Don't you touch it? Don't you touch that much about is out of town and we don't? We don't tell when she gets back party on all right. I have to hear for surround myself out confidence dancing every dad. They reach a point where they're Comp
in dancing at weddings or whatever it may be in there. So bad, but they don't like. You know how I get my little wedding. I don't dance because I know I suck at dancing, but then you see a dad who's, calling it up and he's terrible. But if you ask them after he died, I old that dance floor, there's something that happens with Dad's where they, just like flip a switch. They don't care about being embarrassed and then they just own a dance for any kind of social setting where they're terrible at it, but they think they're. Like the best answer, I mean that's part of the great part of getting old yeah. I was just like you. Stop giving a wouldn't yeah also thinks yeah. They get the tire around their their forehead and they're like doing the whole thing, and you know they really can only move their arms, they can't move their hips whatsoever yeah, but they're like I cross that dance for yep all right. My last one would be manning the grill every dad. That's like the secret place like I want to man, the grill don't touch the grill. Talking about the grill. Tell asking everyone is your meat good? Do you need me to put it back on for a minute on the grill, just the grill and everything that comes around it? It becomes like the most sacred place for dad talk about grill specs, with the neighbor everything yeah, so that'll see like a neighbor, get a grill, a new girl, and then he, the dad then has
require yes, a grill with similar specs, but he can't get the exact same one because there is a copy cat. Yes, he goes and he gets one. That's got yeah, okay, so I've got the fourteen thousand Btu burners a got form set up, but I also got the side burner yeah in case you want to get a pot of beans going at the same time and everyone works for dad. When he's on the grill, the cake you Grammy plate for the burgers like you, you become the wait staff. He does a thing. The clicking with the tongs click on the tongs, like you want to see what we want cheese on your burger you want just like. He is basically like the the head chef and he owns the world. When he's on the grits his domain and he's you, We just cooking frozen hamburger, pretty much like a skype. Costco stack of frozen hamburger him too hot dogs, hot dogs like just learn to Gordon Ramsay. Yes, exactly right, ok, my last one I'm going to go with owning a pair of transition lenses. I don't think that you're legally allowed to wear transition lenses until you can prove that you have a child. Yeah yeah
because they they are patently ridiculous, but they are the most dad thing in the world and that's practical, yes, they're, the most practical set of eyewear that you could ever purchase the change. When you go into you, don't have to follow from around like taking off their sunglasses getting indoors putting on your bifocals. He is wear the same pair all day, long yeah to go their shoes. So my dad started loses, I said huge. He just wouldn't like you can come to grips with it, so we kept on buying like over the counter I glasses at different strengths until you have like sixty pairs of eyeglasses and he would just like mix and match like all. This is my like it four feet for my face. This is my four and a half feet. Five. It's like dude, he just can't see, is I've. I've I've had a ball game. I wear these yeah right, but not as you just can't, maybe I'll just start rocking transition lenses. Maybe that's all yeah get out of some lost a game of inches there you go. I hate your last.
my last one I will go with making the same meal every time. Mom's got yeah. It was my that was just to get it yeah. Then they will not hear what's for dinner tonight. Spaghetti maybe pancakes put the word famous in front of those like dad's famous water yeah, and it's a a go time that yeah you want your dad's famous oatmeal yeah oatmeal yeah, it's an echo waffle is dad's famous rock, but it's just got a little bit of peanut butter smeared on its good Hank. That's really good! I anyone's on mass! Pandering! No, you didn't know those great. I thought everybody did it wonderfully all killed it anything we missed. I was going to say cereal eating cereal at night, yeah yeah breakfast for dinner when moms that that's another one getting forgetting names like not learning new names after a certain point- and she was my dad- was here this weekend- we're watching the golf and the Cubs, and he asked me how rock roll mom to see with doing for the reds, and I knew he was talking about Ya Cl Puig and I was just like Rome.
honestly I'm employed. There will be since two thousand and five it's like, but that's the thing like at some point when your dad you're, like I'm, not learning new names, really asking asking about friends your friends within like ten years ago, how's Joe it's like I don't like, I don't know we're on the same little league team, but those are the 'cause? He knew so he's like I know names I was going to say going to a store and getting mad and trying to exchange are trying to get a refund on part of your product because you missed a sale by like a couple days right when you bought the two days. Today's like now it's on sale, yeah. I need to get this twenty dollars back that I would have saved had I bought it days later by, as you tricked me, buying too many corn flakes and then making your son Pft corn flakes every single morning for three years. I ever tell you guys about the checks next door. The hope go head, here's another one, all right, so my dad found- a deal where you could get the wizards and the
capital flow, you did you see how those yeah you went without tickets for wizard that you're having such a shity attendance here yeah they had a deal where, like you bought a bag of Chex mix, they just gave you a free ticket to go to wizards game. My dad came home with like twenty five bags of Chex mix. He was like you can invite twenty five or your friends to come. Watch the wizards First of all, I don't know if I've twenty five friends right. Secondly, I I definitely don't have twenty five friends that want to go to a wizards game on a school night right and how we can get him all that how we gonna get in there, because it because they close down the metro when there's other for parents have to drive. There should be kids, the with the exactly us that was bad yeah, but shot all the dads out there. Here's a happy father's
they having one year where you try to grow a mustache yeah every dad has that period. My dad and my sexually twenty years, yeah yeah yeah. You got every day it's going to have a mustache at some point, but yeah shut out all the dad's out there. I'm sure there's a lot of dads that listen to this show. So if your dad who listens to show actually know if your dad listens to this show, I assume he doesn't have twitter, get a couple texts and tweet it at us. We'd love to see some ones that we missed from, like the Og dads like talking. Fifty five and up dad's get your dad to text you some of the things missed an we will retweet the best ones. Here's another one wearing wearing carpenter shorts like Jean Denim shorts, that have the big Hammer Lupinum Pocket, even though your dad hasn't done a day's worth of home improvements in his life, yeah, hello, holding holding all the tickets yep. That's a big dad thing like he like playing
it's game tickets. Whatever he's got to have a mall and he's just like at every chance. I go you go here, you go and then he feels like the king maker passing out all those tickets yeah all right, yeah, we'll post this, the graphic and to just the ones we missed and definitely get your dad to respond via text. If he's a listener, we love to hear from from the Gee dad I'm really glad Mount Rushmore Seasons back. There was no it's great that move hiring your shitty son to be part of your NFL coaching staff gas, another big time. That's a good! I think that that's a good one too. Okay, before we get to Monday reading and wrap up the show with connect the dots, real, quick. So the raptors. Do you in fact have a parade correct. They are having a parade. I think it's today as you're. Listening to this as the Crow flies Yacht, Torano,
we having a parades can be the most polite parade in probably single file line, everyone applauding at a pro appropriate tones, but new balance, Canada tweeted out this will not get. He said if you're attending the parade tomorrow, look for it new balance, street team along the route and turn on air drop to receive a special message from the fun guy himself pass it on. So Kawhi Leonard is going to be dry.
Bring things to people along the route. I'm sorry we got a lease nudes three, my mom would do newts. Now it's going to be like why emoji, where it's something out so I didn't know jeez they're, dropping a quite a bit mode. You tomorrow with like a champ yeah and it's just gonna, be quiet just having with his hands on his hips yeah, maybe every religion, hand, cakes, yeah, yeah and a chain and a championship. Trophy they're, gonna, whatever it is, they're gonna think it's fun and it's not gonna be fun. Yes, yeah! It's him beer belonging a bunch of room temperature water. Did you see the video of him in Vegas? I actually feel bad for quite this point, because it's one of those jokes that everyone on the internet has made. So he can't do anything to disprove what we think he's doing at that moment like if you just show me a picture quiet. If you take a video of him, usually like all the guys, I have any fun he's in room.
he's once with basketball yeah. He there's nothing. You can do at this point to be like, oh, my god, quite coming out of a shell. The brand is very strong. It was so strong, yeah the bread, I kind of feel bad. Like you just sitting in a Vegas cabana, and someone took a video of him and We just sitting there who's looking at a girl, it ever was like look at. Why he's miserable? He just wants to be playing basketball. Is it classical looking at an attractive girl in swimsuit. Like I don't know man, I think he probably just sitting there 'cause. If you sit in a Vegas Cabana, there's probably going to be moments where you're just sitting there, and if somebody takes deal of me just out of context anywhere in LAS Vegas. You could probably find five seconds of me doing a very quiet right, even the Serge Ibaca video work. While I was sitting next to him in the car, it was a completely normal thing and everyone's like man, quite so not fun. Yeah. I think I don't know dude, he seems ok.
hey. I think the smart money is on a new kawaii series of bit mode. Yeah, let's be nice, quiet think what is more fun than we them within the internet collectively has put on him agreed the pendulum's going to swing. He is named after the best island in Hawaii. That's cool that you yeah with the Xfl different all different. That's once yes, I agree. That's
one that would get nuke first, that's that's the one that had the odd thing happened. I had to fix thing where they're like hey, you guys, are all going to die, so I mean they fired on those funny. They fired that the person that actually set out okay, let's do our Monday reading, wrap up the show. So this one comes randomly someone tweeted this I don't have his twitter handle, but thank you to the person who tweeted out us. You know who you are. It is titled. It's a post on Reddit says I. What is TI a few today up today up one, is right that okay shorthand today up by eating bugs my entire life and having the spider bite the inside of my mouth, okay, relatable, all right. So here we go. Okay, see you know what some people have dark, dark, dark secrets: some people pick their nose. Some pick, people pick it and
it well. First of all, everyone picks her nose. Some people eat shit yeah. Some ok might some respond right away there, some because it spot the light. That's interesting, Hank when I said some people eat Shitan, Pft didn't immediately jump in and say what it was about spot the line some people have even share. Some people do really strange things. Well, I like to eat, live bugs put in my life knows this. I just like the way some of them are Softon taste quite gummy. I like how summer crunchy an almost explode in your mouth. When you bite down this guy clearly is never had gushers. You can solve that right away, but it's not the same as you get the leg okay, you're, right, yeah, you're right, it's not exactly the same. I started eating bugs when I was a kid I started with ladybugs. I just kept eating them. They secrete some bitter liquid, which had a really nice acquired taste
I went from lady bugs to other very real, quick. I want interrupt you because yeah it. They said it was an acquired taste, but I don't. I can't see a world where you keep pushing through the first five or six times a beating lady bug that sock and you're like a family. You know this will be like a spare. Guess I'm going to it. So I know they're good for me, yeah the first lady bug that secretes the bitter liquid. That's why I'm out? First, when you're out yeah, I went from lady bugs the other bugs woodlice were my second and they were crunchy and easy to find among states also felt nice to eat when they're in their ball state a bit.
like serial. Was this written by a bear? It feels like it was like why I moved on to woodlice. I could find him under the big log when the when the winter thought. So it's like a fox like yeah. I would I would forage for them bare wrote this. You dig a shallow. We can find all sorts of tasty Grubbs, ok, there's like to moan and Pumbaa yeah, pretty much the taste isn't really the thing I like the most of the time. It's the texture, how it feels in my mouth. I love to eat them. To this day I went on to other insects, as I got older looks good that his pallet is, you know, expand. We got a cheap, chasing the dragon because, like getting that first that first taste the first time you ate a lady bug, you have to keep chasing that and find grocery grocery things to eat right. I started eating spiders. In the UK, there are some spiders which move out at certain times of the year which can get
ache. I think that's call. It's called the brown spider, Wolf spider. Those things are four wives to do because of the size of a spider listings or the size of a small crab Jesus Christ when they squirm only God when the squirm when biting down it almost adds to the texture and the liquid that comes out is really creamy and good to eat. The legs are the problem, though, as they get stuck in your teeth. so far. This is, God is Eli Manning that this is gotta, be fake. Today, at one of those spindly spiders the daddy long leg, once I saw some in the corner of my room minding their own business in web, that's just impractical. Do you know how many daddy long legs you'd have to eat to get full, probably like? Well he's eating it. For the texture mind you could eat one hundred daddy long legs and still feel like you have really it's like one mod stick. A moth was stuck in the web. Moss disgusting they're like eating a spoon of
wow. Everyone knows that I am that's. I didn't know there was a line, but I guess MOSS or where he's he draws a lot of got the powder yeah the wings, and it makes it hard to digest. I put the spider in my mouth and proceeded to chew it. Now before I got my bite in to kill it, I think a bit me somehow on my tongue or something the worst burning sensation. I've ever had happened at that moment it was like my mouth was on fire, but not in a good way like spice. First, my tongue was burning. It spread to my jaw and eventually I felt like my brain was going to come. Bravo is a poisonous spider. My tongue has a strange bumpy bid on it now, and I don't know if I should see a doctor, did you get spider Herpes? Even if I did see the doctor, how the do I tell him how it happened? I would not. I would not go see the doctor. I think you're you're, probably first in line to get some first super power. After all, this is one of those moments where, like we all love the internet right, the internet is become this thing, that is endless, entertainment and go down these rabbit holes. But here's what also happens with the internet. You have people who have been eating bugs their entire life think they need to share their story with the internet. Like very. If you go back twenty years, I'm sure there was a bug eating dude and in the U K eating as well, spiders and being like gross, not MOSS and in scoring around looking for wood lice, but he
just there minding his own business and no one ever had to know about him. Now we know about him and I feel, like oh zero point zero one percent, less confident that humanity will continue. You know what, though, it's like everybody that reads this that reads about the dude that eats bugs. There is going to be a very small percentage of people that will try it first time and really enjoy it yeah, so it's actually spreading it out What do you think is going to happen in the ecosystem? I was going to say these bugs are going to be getting meeting. I was going to say it's probably better for the planet to for people to get their sources of protein from bugs then from big Askala farms. Right. That's why people keep telling me that crickets are the food of the future yeah, but It's not going to participate in it, but I acknowledge that it could be watched this dude, just like kills off the UK population of toads, because they're, like oh all, of a sudden, they just don't have any fucking spiders to eat. I assume that's what toads eat, so it's probably fair amount of data
using an creepy crawly? So now this guy, this fucking Idiot, who sitting there were probably with like one slash two eaten bag of Fritos next to his bed, is eating all the enters and little toady down there down the street. Kick it is protein up he's. He is so he's contributing to the extinction of other species correct and then because the toad population goes down yeah then there are going to be any princess is getting married a couple years exactly so now we're all yeah great good Angel Markle's hardware- that's not a name make Markle. Yeah is the last princess know Angela Merkel and Merkel. The princess Sherman Gatlin is the last who will get married in the royal family, because this mother killed all the toads dammit this world socks. All right, that's our show. Mount Rushmore season continues, we'll see everyone wants. Let me guess