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Joe Buck, WS Game 1 + Huge Breaking News With Paul Rabil

2019-10-23 | 🔗

The Nats are officially a team of destiny. World Series Game 1 is in the books and the Astros are in trouble. (2:44-9:06) Sam Darnold saw ghosts on Monday Night plus the start of the NBA season. (9:07-16:50) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (16:51-27:08) Joe Buck joins the show to catch up with the guys, talk twitter, his perfect hair, how he switches between football and baseball in October, and whether he's gone Hollywood. (31:23-1:16:20) Segments include PR 101 for Jeremy Pruitt, (1:20:24-1:24:37) huge breaking news with Paul Rabil about PLL Expansion (and we may own a team now),(1:24:38-1:30:15) PMT Sports Biz Minute,(1:30:45-1:31:52) and Guys on Chicks.(1:33:48-1:42:24) 

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