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Joel McHale, Dungeons And Dragons Part 2, And The Match

2020-05-25 | 🔗
Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Lets have the most epic summer ever. The Match 2 was awesome on Sunday featuring Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, and Peyton Manning (2:34 - 12:05). NFL Rule Changes (12:05 - 16:20). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Rats and a discussion about Outer Banks (16:20 - 29:15). Joel McHale joins the show to talk about his career, Football at Washington, Community, doing the White House correspondents dinner and his new podcast (29:15 - 76:35). We resume our Dungeons and Dragons campaign with our Dungeon master Timm Woods and you won't believe what the boys got into this time.
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On. Today's pardon my take, we have Joel Mikhail great Interview with him and then the continuation, of our dungeons and dragons fantasy. Adventure we have our good friend TIM Woods back on to pick up where we live dont worry. We gave her worn refresher at the start, and we're in some shit. Let's just say that cliffhanger were in some shit we have hot see cool thrown a little red of the match, part do and it's all brought to you by our friends, cash airport, my take is always brought you by catch up. Now is the easiest play simulates, your friends, it's the safest and you ve seen a song, which we have had playing call duty phd, an old school video games do in some trivial, well, coach dogs. Well guess what twitch, if your aunt, which had gone over to cash apps twitch, because on their stream twitched on tv, slash cash, app they're, giving away free money every
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Free money. I got newsprint cash tag in it in their chat when they go live today is whose day may twenty sixth happy memorial day, guys yeah! it's so Amr has been got. It just felt like an extra long Tuesday. These are weak. Sovereign here did its it sucks going outside a memorial day and not smelling grilled meets everywhere. This is what we should do is just make a pledge to each other right now, most epic summer, ever let stew, let's all whose origins less dramatic a vacation. Next week, fine they're gonna find Gulf WAR or live your best. Lyra surf. I'm reading a book still most epoch, some wherever this is the summer that I get a six pack. I really do feel bad for I've been thinking about this. A lot like If you're in your twenty, how will you actually sex if you're in your mid twenties,
years, given away a year, your prize prime price, I'd like it's like champagne, getting suspended for year with the saints like you have just given away year, the you'll never get back cause, I think, often about what Oh man, member, when I was in my twenties, it was awesome in the summer if I give one of those years away. Even worse. It are even worse. I think I know. While I do appreciate your your sorrow for me and it will pay of my age group, I think the real people, what they really suffer, are the kids Morn Billy's age group that are eighteen and twenty two and it's like your summer. Job is only for money for beer in every single night you're going hard like I was when I was that age. It was truly The summer was truly like any money I got was just going back into like the party for counterpoint. Can summer. Ok, socks! Counterpoint, though, if Europe between twenty two. You still have your entire twenty summers. To look for. True, like there is still some great summers. If you're in your late twenties the clock is,
checking on your like that by that you get when it's summertime, you, like I'm, not really going to work. That hard I'm going to go on a bunch of trips, maybe a bunch of bachelor parties, I'm just going to go balls to the wall. I have a little cash in my pocket, you're losing a prime year and guess what you're going retire soon anyway, even your late twenties, that's it that's all we have been too late, like I would say. If you're, if you just graduated college, you get this entire years can be a free role for you. You get to celebrate next summer, just like you were supposed to celebrate this sum. It's you know what it's like: it's basically, you need to just update your stat sheet for running back. Carries you miss
entire year. So when you're thirty at fresh, like people are like well, is a thirty year old running back like do not many touches in summer, twenty twenty yeah you're still healthy. You ve got both your livers. Two of those I didn't. I didn't rack up. The mileage she's got those fresh legs go, and I say just just say: fuck it. This news near doesn't count. It doesn't count whatever you do. The summer does not count on your permanent record. We I'll write a letter b. The same age actually yeah this it's a year off now would be awesome, thou be Ok! You that we didn't age, so we're Thurston, charming on thirty July nine yeah twice. I can't I'm so pump to be twenty three next. You know what they're going to do there to see if they should take what they did with the match to the remarks of tiger and fill and Tom and Pain, and just already first name based just do it every other week with a different celebrity like pairing yeah, I was saying but keep tiger and fill. Could you imagine if, if our boy Brooks was mash up with our boy, Cutty tat? Would be Travis People's Champs Catalan after so the match
Who was the bigs story from the weekend? It was awesome Tom Brady, with the most reliable golf game ever where on a big stage, just shanks everything and then had one shot that he can go to sleep saying holy Shit, one problem was everyone's golf game ever seller is better than its a mixed blessing because yeah, he at least get that one shall raise like tat was sick. Everyone saw the wreck and had a good shot, but now he s a keeper. Golf address, yeah you care quit. There have been so many times when I've been almost ready to quick off.
And then I had a shot like on the eighteenth hole and then I'm like. While I can't I can't totally quick off a play once yeah, you say we re really earlier. We are that we very that we quit go, we're very vanity, beginning Z, s whole that we play the last year. What are you talking about your guy Hale Guy it my putter? I think seven times with I just fuck it all my irons drivers as it has been to put this power for, and I got a seven on it, which I think is a breach of EU blessed whole. Yet you are you out on shuffler to give you money. That's right! Yeah. I took two hundred bucks off a better. It was good of sports on. I didn't think there we're gonna play, but they said fuck it let's go force and on its round were to play a role to play in the rain. It was fun, it was marked. The might up helped feel Mickelson is great on the MIKE he's a talker, but I love I loved hearing them talk, Brady was like you tell how mad Brady was, but he had also play a cool because he's Tom Brady, like he's sitting there, paid Manning as a third of the symbols of Mps beat Paint Manning pretty much every time they played.
And he's losing term in front of the whole country anyway you just tell what the inner competitor yet like stay cool stay cool in that one shot basely saved. Yes, he is unlikely selling or no were round before he said no words for like eight holes than hit. That shown you want some talking, whereas which is also the most regrettable thing ever less, I cannot say shit, and then you had one shot. You short should talk and I affront Alcinous Peyton Manning every time he talks. He sounds like he's in the middle of a commercial delivering like a punch line in a calmer. Yes, he speaks in these little soundbites is also relate to people like Brady hit that put when feel Mickelson of the green on that power for an Brody supply than they do. The little like we're, gonna have almost artists and social doesn't saying. I e the only the like a point I had he was. It was actually like, very, very enjoyable. The only complaint I had was I wish they had. Just shit talked a little bit more cause. It was we, add the now oh yeah Tennessee hasn't been relevance given their pay, nor o Eli wouldn't made that pot like the little stuff I want.
Them going on each other a little but yeah time like you and your sister, but maybe news I make it out with your son right. That's what really gonna go out each other exactly as they did a little bit to start Paden like Bottom Nick falls to break even use chipping and pretty likes that's what he was doing. I don't say the dairy, the F word yeah or like or like way of patent sheen of pretty drives Paden be like probably need a hand up your wife's more than eighty eight Paden like shit like that's what I wanted the s it I didn't it feels like. Did you You say: wife, don't say that word around tiger longer that kind of shit: you isn't it don't Nicholson's wife? Wasn't she like in really really good shape? As I remember back into swimsuit issue, maybe the late nineties early, two thousands, they didn't athletes, wives segment and it was like Roderick Clemens wearing a suit and then his wife wearing a g string basically and those Phil Mickelson his wife and she in much much better shape than he was it like feel Mickelson
hit he's always had like the man. Boobs guys know, that's pretty good right now it now, but in the late nineties, early two thousands Phil was frumpy mass. Yes, he was, but he does look at night. It was fun. It was like. Find those guys seem like a good time and
I would watch that again and watch at every week and if they, if they provided in the highest, viewed golf match on cable vault on really people love amateur stuff like whether its pornography or scoffers, it's almost better watching people who art professionals to it was also great when they just give up on the shore tracers on the amateurs like at the beginning, they tried delay, trace their size, and then they realise that we only have a for the fair. What right had already has even come close to. You feel little relief, Hank not having to spend zone every bad shop. Vibrated beginning now see the thing is I still I still I come about when I see one my chirping Tom Brady, like that. Still, I still get that, like defensive, instinct and me to just come to his defence. I dont does matters on the buccaneers. People were roasting, I'm unfairly, it was unfair. Well, he made a retired ten years ago. Obviously is better gulf ego? You are to get spend Zonia. Who would you like to see in the next match? Instead, a patent in and Tommy
I mean someone said Andrea. Andrei would be a lie. Ike am I was lying about that right begins as it could you imagine in shock like like each other right now exactly It would be fun to. What do I mean just until I was called a fat ass, was amazing, aroused great tv and Charles was asking for tips during it like two to implement
and was like wowed by the terror. Wait right down gaze like oh shit, you that's what I do I mean credited Charles Barkley. He doesn't have it hitching a swing anymore, you're gonna, smooth swing, yet what a bogey or double bogey, I think he's got a double bogey owners who thought great. That's an eagle eye of Strasbourg is concerned. I think all I mean like someone like a huge like a wind Gretzky like a big hockey guy. I know hockey as a pretty big garage litany rival, like a big hockey. Knowing a legendary need a well known someone, I tell you what I'll do I'll be home has been he's been taken: the offices in somewhat showing provided you, someone should do video golf emissaries within the ambit of Bam allowing electric. I wish he would by far be a better personality than anyone else, and I shall right now in terms on the MIKE
I'm saying like on sailing a wind, I'm saying like all time than it right now care I want it. A fun part was less than it was Tom, Brady, unpaid, meaning in more. It was just the live MIKE and then kind of going back and forth and feel like explaining things. That was fascinated me. So more of that Other news, all we got is the NFL is proposing the fourth in fifteen outside kick sub substitution, which I like that alot yeah John harbours Nutting himself right now, because there's no there's no by law in it, saying that it has to be for the team that plane from behind right. Sir John Harbaugh can now go foreign fourth down after the score touched. Well that they're gonna. I would imagine they're gonna clothes, that loophole, because if you are like up fifty five, if there's like ten seconds left, you could just run around back field. Thou be sick right. So, though, was that loophole either. Now or after Belgium of Rebel takes advantage of yeah. I hope that they dont close. At least. Let us get some chaos in when we can just have like
James ones have Sean Champagne run either a double quarter backwards, Jamie Swenson and Tatum Hill. They get this They, just latterly to each other and backwards towards own in zone into the clock, runs out. That's gonna, be I may say to see which coaches use that early on in the game in which one save could you get two per game right yeah, but it's a twenty five year line. So that's you give the ball back their yeah. That's quite the flood. Scared money does make money strew almond, then the sky judge, which should have happened already. I do the thing with the sky Judge- is that all they have to do officially call it sky, judge or even sky judge, ten thousand and no one will ever disagree with. It doesn't even have to be anything new. You could be the exact same system just say: there's a sky judge. You dont sky judge, gets it right. Yes,
the graphs, get it wrong. I think he's judge gets it right. We just invented religion. We do already minds, I figure. We have a police department, but also God get. Yours are everyday. Gardner S, ear, nose. Every sky judgment will fix all of your NFL problem Sky Judge, ten thousand called tat. I get kids, you know we're scare, the terminator when their kids, like it a little bit. Fear in me a bit like. Oh geez, won't go after Scotch ten thousand. It might get smart and chase me down S J tanker, yeah, Don Poem Don. I we had hussy courts wrong. You know what that means. It's time to check some beers, some bud light. Salter's. Excuse me some refresh. B, L as what we got, your views with the boys like Jerry Lemon line taken women live Levin line, so come round judging summit as an item and see such a bender from this weekend. Are you now? Ok, and I think I was sort of programme in order not to take, I think you get drunk or in your living room drinking alone- are
friends out, then you do in a bar with assume monitoring absolute, like I can have six years my living room and our puke myself p myself and go to sleep. If I have experience bars like ok. My night is one tenth of the way Don will you join all hate? Just six foster mother had blue Epson the chat for her. It was depressing getting attacks from some friends been like joining fund from Memorial Day like no dude yeah? I opened my window horse, not idle, thrilling gaming, its Florida. I tell I wrote down why I put it down, Who did there? Is it like does go up? The walls of little did. I think there are basically is like my entire living room. We would all remember. Hank ordered a rug in twelve by nine rug. Wait you bear a huge news. I found the dock annul couch online. Oh
by this. We should it's like being its seven thousand dollars. I believe it's about fifteen completely fucked activities by fifty feet. You know that the guy that's that's running the factory floor for their couch. Actually, christians- everyone, oh my god, he's a regular condom on your honor to the ocean. I here we go hots equal Throne is brought you by Bud Light Seltzer, try for yourself and see why great teasing but light sensors putting every other heart cells from the hot seat. Hank cheated indian finish there's so good. I don't want to. I just want to finish without ever. HANS, equal drawn. Let's do it and then we got Joe Mikhail come up and dungeon dragons, which is a lecture. Can I just say that dungeon dragons is my favorite came to plot? Yes, and I actually declare this right now so the week of July proceeding July. Fourth, I think the office is closed right, so we have in fact What we're gonna do for episodes that we usually we run a best of. We should definitely do
but just our long dungeons drag comes out, they will pay. Turns out? Your imagination is way better than any video game? Yes, yes, ok, let's do it article thrown Hank. Why don't you stop? My hot seat is p of tease boy. His goat, his king, Roy Williams, ok, so tie Lawson call them. I mean everyone knows. Roy is a little bit suspect it's not. Surprising second best, coating, nay CC, hi Lawson when on Instagram Stories, Tom out and said who told you about someone when you won them a championship? Your weird, I got messages from ten GM. Stop your we're, and while you are- and why are you so we I will know apart, I was about to say yeah. Of course it is. While you are right, I was you later
Somebody going on in scrimp source talks about reform. We go too weak move which is dropping a year, weird autonomy or didn't come back on that because everyone knows you're. Obviously he's weirdo he's a college basketball coat and he continued. I got messages from ten MBA James and set it came out your mouth. That's why don't fuck with Caroline or sport? Anything I'll? Do it's a blessing that I dont over my mouth about shit? They asked me why don't show up North Carolina? Roy Williams knows why? Oh so, what do you do what were the James? I dont nobody just on August Valleys lying, I think there are some with TAT I lost, maybe they re Felton like Roy Wrong or somebody William Use, gave a ban recommendation about time? Does not a player guy? That's fine, wasn't you can. Keep those words in your dagger mouth, because Roy Worms still greatcoat best coach and the agency by untie losses, are putting up Instagram stories from like his Carolina days up until two thousand sixteen answer,
So it's somewhat of a recent beef answer say your weird: did your weird: he a weirdo, I mean everyone's a weirdo. All it takes is why this is a domino thing now it just takes one of these allegations and another player come towards. Another boy comes forward. Entrees is Roy Williams. He should be feeling feeling some heat underneath of bonds every already forgotten about what I might call thrown do. My call for that is MIKE that I just fake news, ashes allegations microphones MIKE Tyson, he's in the airways. Again we talked about his movie coming out the Jamie Fox impressions and now there's videos of him training him fighting, and he apparently has been offered twenty five million dollars if he gets back in the ring, it's cool
on my Thyssen, everyone at the he's just a hot ease, the harness. I did see the current guest of the show by the one that's right. I saw that he got offered to fight sunny Bill Williams. The New Zealand Rugby Play, whose also they heavyweight champion of New Zealand he's like the best athlete in the history of the island. The south island, I believe, were in New Zealand, there's like four and here in the entire Adams family already moved out to Oklahoma City. So terribly Williams is a tough guy in New Zealand right now out actually works at fight because he's it you might remember from the World CUP when he gave his metal too, that kid that sprinted onto the field, everyone remembers that was somewhat World CUP Rugby, we're the area
their client moment by any MIKE Tyson fire. Might I bought the MIKE Tyson fights when he was totally washed up and everyone knew he was totally washed up and it was like disguise thinks he's MIKE Tyson. If it gets one paunch, they should hand lay in the next match, with the vendor wholly feel. May have to share cart, perfect, pervert out only my cousin tat he had seen like he's a big gulf. I feel like if you are a pigeon racer neurotic golfer, but he lives. Those hobbies does he live in one of the other I feel like. If you live in LAS Vegas, you go, they should get Ojo one of em creating Oj Simpson, yes, yeah!
whose our, whose now watching that OJ aren't you just gotta, have so would be like we don't. I know you re watching that who is a logical Watson seats? Your rights I would want in coffins aid should be OJ and Mark for sorry. I guess you can't I'm just thrown out medical. Your eyes asked me how good a person in the match, Eiger Woods and odious Simpson as a team. They should have a sea driving the golf cart that OJ has to. Like you hang on the back of your right. Sorry, I guess you'll trees and calls for a quarter of that way. That's actually great idea, I don't I he should get the money, I'm antibiotics, all requirements, it would bring awareness to corrupt. I'm anti murder are on twitter. So I won't be able to see him banger tweets form from it, but I do believe that that would be the highest rate a television show of all time. My heart cedars rats raw, New York City rats. There are starting to pack their turning on each other, because all the restaurants are closed down.
And their families and colonies of rats that have been going to the same restaurants over and over four LE gratitude for, like twelve generations, maybe more of these fuckin rat colonies and now those restaurants or out so they're. Turning on each other, instead of becoming more aggressive. So now we ve got cannibal rats, living under the city right now, which I mean that's tough for them, another thing to worry about what they want. Us until I have eaten eventually, eventually they yet a visionary there'll be like five giant rats that have gained all the strength of their entire colony right. Then we have to do with giant rats. I think that's like to start of tissue in his turn. I think this is the start of like union, one of whom one of them will be splits. Gabby outside one of them will be spent on its right, yeah good point. It will be very they'll, be disciplined rat. Yes, yes, ok, I'm fine with that. My core throne was going to be John Harbour because of the new and if our rules- but verbal mean woe, Pfc
steering the car off the exit that now says talk about the inscrutable I so Reggie Bush said that college athletes or on the hot seat. Reggie Bush is on the core thrown because he doesn't think that college athletes we'll be able to handle getting paid and compensated for them. Image and likeness, whether in college Reggie Bush Reggie Bush said that Reggie Bush has oh, I know right and handle it welcomes. You got caught. That's really lost his eyes. That's true! So he's not even has been trophy when arranged no he's not. I love only vacate that shit like he wasn't that whenever half a ballplayer in a given year, yet they just do the man in black, like landfilling, didn't when national title nope just ever happen, Patino got the tattoo had never happened, my heart. Seeds is my age in Europe to pay, if not our twenty nine. Ah, what the fuck is. Banks? Man Hank?
I started watching it. It's like always Zeus shows O C meets national treasure. How is this show popular? Is IRAN? Did you like bigger eminence the o c? I understand, but like I've won three hilt, I've never felt so old. Watching this show in this shitty dialogue in these kids run around doing the same shit. All the time. Naga people call me kooks Maritime Kook, energy, idolized, kooks coops own pity. Would you rather own two houses, a sick boat or be running from child protective services on time they both? some pretty good. He outweigh the boat is making me and my own group to cook ass. I tell you what a few weeks ago- and I was ok, tell me about to show our banks I
then, it was like a Jersey shore except taking place in the other banks. It would always be awesome, it's so so so bad. I it's pretty bad and beginning the middle, get so ridiculous that it becomes interesting like so bad. It gets good and then the writing at the end of the season is so bad that it just its attitude. We back. Ok, so I so there is a point, though, there's a few cliff hangers in the middle of the season that our like I all this has watching with my girlfriend, and I was kind of like soon their role in my eyes as I'm watching but half way through the season I got super into. It was I, oh, my god, like one I'll, have elapsed way. Wasn't me, though, so my feeling is correct that people are pushing it, because it's back we'll get that the hot John B you know I will all the girls love John, be he's my girlfriend, I put up a John, be sure, did satellites a highest, the highest seller shirt on bars over the last three months, it is people going crazy for John, be ok, I say or Cameron's I like her, but it can. I guess, she's like twenty.
Maybe I'll die soon. Our twenty nine. I don't think I can say I like her What's the you say that you ve heard that the kids like her, yet I want to show that things. Are you crazy. So he others arrival there there there soon using a highly problematic okay. So and the funny thing that thing that I mean there's a lot of things that are too so so absurd, unlike us at the writing towards anglaise, even more ridiculous, but the fact they called the kid John, be they never ever ever just calm, John, it's just John Bull Journalism and other Jonathan John, be when you John him when he wanted to fancy store. What,
they come Jonathan. Yes, Sir Cameron was like this John DOE. Lahti saw bag. You don't really so bad you're gonna finish it, though you don't understand those fuckin finishing clamorously, without relevance of the outer banks in America, witches everyone who lives in Maryland, Virginian North Carolina, they put an obese ex bumper sticker on the banks. Are those guys are kooks any those hands because you that's the one week out of the year that they get to take off from work on a legal regulation. It doesnt have else now, pugs are now he saying there's some about hooks or the summer people. Yet all in a radar Syria one week summer, people yet one we summer people it s, not a cool it had who like lit honesty, and these are bad fighting with you about the show. You listened not conform to redevelop radio when he's working on spreadsheets every day at the office, and it gets that one week every summer
and he goes to. He goes the beach and that becomes like you. I would die for John, be sharp a cat. I'm gonna get you all the merchant who are the ones that go there from how long die. If I have the watch on over Nazi anymore, but who are they don't the kooks live there there there, the rich people who live there, part of the poor people who live there and then there's there's a term for the fuckin. They said it beginning. I don't know, I'm like half wash in this fuck. This fuckin show so there's no real rich people that live on the outer banks. You around wall of corn, to this ok done. Little kooks fuck man I hate to show, but the guy Michael Giorgio Swenson, because he is practising football by practising baseball and I feel like that's gonna work and he was practicing like boxing too.
With a big scrotum swinging atoms in that part of his keys in the face of his career. Where he's gonna just do everything? That's not football to get better at football because playing football is bad for were first, you must learn all the things that are not football to be created. Football railway is like an old kung fu Montier type thing he is he's, become like two pussy version of James Harrison doing easiest off season work out possible, but it is about an intergroup. That's fine! I think it's gonna work as long as work, because guess what is the most important thing the James is done in a long time now. Thrown interceptions interact is against no one cat. That's really bad! If you turn interception when no one is guarding, your receivers can throw pick with a baseball bat right, so I'm in, I think he is. I think this is gonna work for him. I let's get to work The views we got Joe Mikhail come up, and then we have dungeon and dragons adventure, the continuation of it before we do that cuts, clothing, listen I've been wearing these. I love these. The t shirt is amends where staple, but has long been plagued by horrible could do
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we'll take it. Twenty percent off twenty percent off twenty percent off. Do it right now cuts clothing? Thank you very much. Ok here is Germany Actually, why we start there. So we have Joe Mikhail on The show and he's got it. We. He has a podcast cast that we're gonna plug, and I want to talk about what you just need to strive for For me must have been me as your wifi. Did you hear? did you hear a drop out, you're, moving, unite or phone are used, not there because I can hear it are you nervous? Are you nervous come on hard, my taken where our not a lot of blood in my urine, and that makes me go like I hope, everything's? Ok, yes, I'm taking a lotta hydrochloric, sir. I'm just going to trust it. Ok, can you hear us? Yes, Joe Mikhail, always already here, jealousy Joel know, Joe L, radio, Mikhail or Joel Mikhail, its Yossi dealings,
the care, your hair? Is this? The Does anything sound any different? No, no! You sound the guy from those who can you do you hear us yeah perfect now at enough they had found. I was gonna get your name is mortal like I every time I say your name, it feels like it should be Joe. I feel like it should be out here, but I am, but the name is jewish, and so the name goal is Jouar. So that makes me very happy. Is gonna Mikhail as accurate as well yes, Kevin from one of the greatest jazz Michaela and I went to the same synagogue. Joe Mikhail, has joined us. I actually wanted. We worked over your podcast, but why don't you complement our podcast? First, you guys have the best bench press in a studio out of any podcast I've ever seen. You clearly have the best supports for many fridge.
I have, however, ass. The saucy godiva by means is who wants to ban down that far wearing wants to bend down an extra four inches to get a beer out when you can just put it on top of some bud light seltzer stuff in Aragon, lugged worse and it looks like you, they looks like you. It looks like, as opposed to Germany, render behind you, but that's not. It has outshine osier on and he presents a movie star here. Ok, but then, This is what I will say yeah I like key. It looks like you live like branded the front of the dead, the pardon my tag it looks like a like. There should be barbecue, meant dinner. I like TAT, always yet the young affirm that we are only just a word it with with kerosene toward yes, it's very time cords everywhere. You guys don't give a fuck who care, while the cord say that's an aesthetic like we're. Like you know when you you actually do know this. When you get near hair, make up any like make it look messy. That's what you do every time you goin to Young, so them look were gone
for the make it look messy kind. Look We would do any of my hair for about fifteen years to hide my myself coin. Bold. What is your pack Esteve? You look like you're, looking at it. Okay, so lizards cabinet there, Like you get a hand, this is where the fun fun puppets pop out of this show Pakistan sentiment. Nineteen sixty nine tribute to STAR Trek. I like to believe this is a model of coded sewing. We need to call. You know like point something Do you know what he would you look out at when you're doing the podcast I'm in here I'll show you. I look at a tree and theirs was a tv here, oh yeah, gimme a tree or tv option, I'm taking the tv ten there's a tree while, oh that's a nice treaty yap at all deck live and alive. Damn, so you started a podcast, basically
taking over everyone, who's gonna podcast for a living like us. Yes, that's My goal is to pay you guys out of business, ok, cool, so the darkest timeline is what is called yeah, and it actually is both like community comedic podcast, put also conduct, he bought corona virus and trying to inform the audience correct. Yes, because can is a real doktor, even though he was sued for malpractice. Soggy broke the world's record for that and He doesn't like me to point that out, but he really is a doctor. His wife is a practising doctor and we were like hey. Let's just let's talk about the virus and then we'll start bringing on. We knew that unity. Table Reed was coming up somewhere like while we can talk about your meetings, are bringing people on not watch back the episodes, but now but then just coming are obviously going to run out of community CAS members. What do you think we glee, thank you and I and so
That's how it's kind of guy we ve had like eleven episodes. So what do we need to know about the krona virus because I actually think that's a fantastic idea solely based on The fact that we go online every day and no one knows what to look for, and it's just noise everywhere and no one seems to have any answer. So do you have some answers for us? Yet neither I hence as it best when he says I was in the hearing over now when he says member would ever saw my dick via still you sign of post or that it actually right in the tree, but it is the important that why you follow the science which is hard to find, because, what's actually not that hard to find the twenty four hour new cycle spreads it out and the rest of the time it's hard. You know you obviously need here about other things, but there's I think about eight. Well there's a hundred different labs working on a vaccine,
my car around the world and energy, major ones and therein, United States, Europe, China, and that one. I think the one in Oxford that Jenner is called a Jenner corporation. They were already working on a vaccine for Sars and which has a cousin of coded. So they were already doing phase two trials with people oh, they shifted it all over decoded nineteen. They say they will have a vaccine by September was now that again, that is that's like hitting for grants. Lambs in Yankee Stadium in the World Series, ah by David, hang on it for years, doesn't mean act at all that we're gonna, have it by Jan amid Scooter by September, but if, in a voice very, very perfect world. We could have something by January to actually take that we could go
but now that there are so many billions and billions of dollars in every single seems Every single lab on the planet is trying to do. Something is when you know the human race does things extraordinary, and so, ah, if you, I said a hundred years before I don't know one thousand nine hundred and seventy that oh no, no would be we're. Gonna fly when a fight to wars on two different France at the same time and win and develop nuclear, arms and go to the moon in back a couple times people would look at you like you were not, and so on then we can underestimate the power of you. Human brain. Working together. At the same time, though, we should definitely dazzling Go it's gonna, be fine that there's no problem here and so has those phase it does
trials take a long time. They ve just see for a long time whether it's gonna accidently, kill people that are we because you can take a vaccine one year later. Something had happened right, ah right, yeah and and also the drug excuse me, the virus is still we really dont know they govern. They think it soft droplets, which has just talking between people inside rooms and then they think it's the hard droplets which are on surfaces, But they still read, they don't know about how pages. You are, they all know about the viral loads, and how much more contagious that major they're getting there, but we, it really is
It is we ve been blindsided by this thing, so anyone thank positivity, though I like that message. You need us not only to be positive, are so many people working on when I hear September, I just your football that just translates directly the football former. So as first report by drama kill the Unifil and, incidentally, seas will happen on schedule. I pretty guarantee any almost any outdoor sport is probably gonna, be able to be played by ass, ok, ass, any by by September, if their tit, if they're there should be should be, more uniform and easier ways to test quickly should be Obviously, the demand is off the charts for quick testing, so they can test all those players before they go away and the only thing I'm the I would be worse
for the players, because they're not getting the same sort of practice schedule as they would before a regular season. Writin. Unless you guys know something, I don't I'm going to practice every day I mean I'm, not, I think, tolerating a sombre just like snuck, a bunch of us he made out in the trunk of his car to like a Tampa through the ball around term today. So I think, I think, sometimes or even a depending on what state urine like floored is opening up more stuff. Tenue is June. I think then affair said basely, they're gonna, let anyone any state that allows it to open up their facilities so that what's going, are you all right? All the about this alone would be a disaster is if the people are, they are we just need to be very careful. They should sequester them, probably they should I get your if you don't have it you just put you in a hotel and bring you from the hotel to the practice facility and back and that's it because of one gets it
it's going to spread letter in it spreads through wildfire on a team, they're gonna shut the whole thing that right right, are you worried at all about the sea hawks not be able like pumping fake crowd noise? Now? Oh, I I'm ok with that I did you see what the coach of San Diego chargers said. No nothing actors there like drawing lessons. I, like you, said Sandy ICE and also San Diego. Now, yet you wasn't where it doesn't make any sense a boy. I say that Carson Discharge, yeah blight they get Valium. What what do you think of the prospect of playing games without fans and Agus we're doing that already right, you're perfect, and I was I it's pretty good. I don't I don't. I don't I'm not too worried those guys compete at such a highly war and there the best athlete in the in their state by a mile like when they were common up that I don't.
Most of those guys, I would say they don't have any problem with motor being motivated out their true. I just watched all those Mme fights on Saturday night with no odd and send it actually don't bother me at all and it right, I assume it will be the same for football and no fine they'll find creative ways. I've been if that's the most we gotta worry about them were good shit. I'm gonna find that. So I read that you were a walk on tight in at the University of Washington. You w are husky, did you ever it into a game, no terrible, I the first year gazetted I play one Europe Highschool football and then I was a row arrows recruited to row at the University of Washington and they talk about a covert like audience. Nobody watches rowing, and my theory is that to make up for that,
at least of the iraqi Washington they used. Hazing and rituals to make themselves feel are important, so odd, freshman year they which, if you go into the freshmen, bow the good boat. They would shake your head and your eyebrows off and that of the whole team and then put all that hair into a pillow which then would go into the display case with other hair pillows which is not more bid or serial killer at all like and then I'd in pushing chair in properly and the seniors surrounded me in another. Freshmen and they beat us up, and I was like this is great: what a fun fun time college and so I was like fought this, and now I have a couple of friends in the football team and I don't know why I did it, but I would there were just like come off of football might be able to do that and two years later, and
where I had such a good time. I was not nearly very good compared to Mark Gruner and Ernie taught in well with the titans in front of me. They were on that they were, you know the best. They were some of the best athletes I'd ever seen him and on in my life, so I had I either they read shirted me my second year in a hopes I would get like they're like our he's got, good to a point where we're gonna hold onto one. But then, after that I just I was like I wanna- be an actor, so I, I left, but I still know a couple of guys and their their terrific did you. I saw the picture on line, it look like he was informed. The rosebud did you get to be on the side and for a rose well well, I was near beside line, I was in a chair, ok, other players there was because I was wearing that Jersey without the pads. So look like, I was injured, which I pretended I was this morning. Verandah rose well,
and they weren't you in. Unlike you know, calf the end so I was there was so much fun and watching like Napoleon, Kaufman run like a limp, dick speeds down a field was pretty wonderful me even the one of the scariest athletes. Ever seen next already commonwealth, who was twenty one years old? He was hundred five, fifty squatting, eight fifty he was clean. Jerking. Three sixty five and running of four five forty hour dash. Spread the rapporteur on Europe as pretty impressive and then after he got on the football team. I guess that's a totally out thing, the rowing team, because then they have to row people from their boat see your game on Saturday, yeah yeah, that's partial reason: why did it just tat just for their taxi serviced, Ivan but he's been to the earthly washing and you can pull a boat up to the stadium it. I think it's the most picturesque stadium in all
colleagues, I love you. I love watching games on tv from Washington, but the camera angles both for full bombast, smaller the weirdest camera angles. Ever the basketball camera angle, when you're watching washing ox ask his game is insane. I don't stand, how I'm a general gambler. So I like these are the weird things that I notice and I stick in my head, but something about that camera will- they have not quite free, I think it's too low and then the the football camera angles cool, because when the crowd gets really loud, it shakes- and I love that that's like true Saturday. After in college. For I don't even know the basketball thing they fix backers. Maybe I should that sometimes did they figured out a shoot football and basketball games and they don't need to mess with it drives me. Not. So maybe can you get on that liquor? You party, alumni border, something ya, know part of the alumni camera angle board, and I will it it's better that used to be because past
ball at you, Dub was very good, became very unpopular for awhile and they never updated the stadium, and so it was then old stadium that had all the girders in all thus supports. Yet so the camera would just you just see a b. Support go buy as the camera was following the action it may. I was I put what's happening. We as they would like. Wrigley feels in nineteen thirty three, so yes well better. All I saw you do the of the Tiger king, who was it after the king, and I is that what was called the idea. You kind of look like one of those posts documents like I feel like one of those guys. I feel like that's that's what I was destined to be in a different light, but Carol was not on that show. Did you actually getting out on. Not only carols gonna ever agree to do anything for Netflix, again yeah so pissed off about that. Wouldn't you be I mean it errand.
If I was anybody on that showed probably pissed off like while I really ended up. Look like a piece of shit, I think well, I think some with admiral specifically good staff was like the only I've, looked pretty good and then the guy that was his campaign manager, and then you know Jeff low. Even now. You can tat like every time he said, yeah wagon to business people and always ends badly like that, might be you, but there and when eighty viewed them like while they seem like nice folks but then cut him in jail cattle. I dont with care. Girl. You know, obviously the the documentary as far as it portrays her, is not good it to mean she comes out. Looking now great, obviously, and then her husband who
oh you know with the leashes and all that at their wedding, aha, which was, I was. I owe this guy this good, that ok, policy of different, but he put out a ten minute, video defending themselves and in the video he goes we were tricked. We were told It was gonna, be this thing about tigers and they did this, and then they went down this path that we didn't know what they're doing absolutely they were tracked. I who would not agree with a more, but they do not really talk about what happened to her ex husband, because if, our relationship goes bad somebody leaves you hear from that person again in your life or you hear about them, even if the person says if I can escape. If I can get out of here, get to Costa Rica, then I can just disappear forever.
If he even said that and was alive you'd still here about the dude right, if the, if the, if the white dude shows up in coastal rigour with a bunch of money, you hear about We would have heard from him by now. So something happened and then the way the his family. You now was talking about her. It again was not it's. It's bizarre, though. To be our shoes ever officially a suspect, but clearly there is something there were her husband died and indecision. Whatever happened, it's weird to do a documentary and be like I was tricked. I can't believe they brought up the time that people think I killed my husband. You think that that we agreed to do the documentary you have to that was going to be brought up and she talked about it like when she said. Well, I guess in Florida the rule is at the time. If someone, if you don't hear for some five years, their declared legally dead and then
In five years and one day she got the money and the nations they asked. Her was A funeral and she Bay quickly. Just said no, I pointed and looked into the sky and then some time past and the day was over and I was like that's the funeral. Some time past and I was rich and I went to the bank and get a lot of cash out in his honor like debts such a floor law that, if so, if you don't hear from somebody for a five year, just like ok they're dead, yet we assume that they that they totally disappeared but yeah, but as we would always say it is Florida. So right ranks. Were you surprised by the backlash that you got for some your questions? I think that was the one you ass. Like hey jokes, probably should be in jail and people what we easy. We love Joe exotics, ignore people like how dare you for asking that question about that guy we ve been making fun of for the last few weeks. I'm
supposed to be the one that makes what yes I did not. I honestly I can tell sometimes when I say something or screw up something and I'm like I'm coming off as a dick and now I'll probably get some shit for this, but I just ass. It was, I do think you re in jail. That was the as hard hitting, as my question was of a guy who's in jail and nineteen felon. It is not a small. Number of felonies and then everybody, including staff, was like everyone said. Yes, he should be in jail and then, when south she he said like a great experience- and I have no problem with joe- we got a long gray and then I said: do you think you should be in jail and sap said absolutely row? I e was letting M speak? I do I wasn t going cell Joe should be a jail MA. Am I right, please agree with me. Tat was very odd, so nod backlash, you did you get in
closer to the truth of wide James Garrison was working for the FBI like what exactly they had on cause. It can't be the lemur sale thing right now that we asked him to come on and he refused cell he he's the guy. The red headed would often to the distance on the jet suggestion. Yeah we're doing the dagger love that guy he refused to. He refused like, they asked him a number of times to be Vienna and he was, I think his last taxed was just stop just what I need to know what the FBI had on, because it has to be something more than like. The paperwork was wrong. On this one ring tailed labour, because this guy was like wherein wires put his life online. Every single day. I am sure whatever crime he was committing was absolutely hilarious to get trapped, and then I would great, but you never know when people like when the FBI shows up
thousand says we have this on you, you never know how people might react and, Sir, people might have a mountain of evidence and say now, I'm not a growing and other people might hear one thing and go. Oh, I probably have other things and I'll do anything I can t get out of it. I don't know, it's a really. It's a good question. We're gonna get factors interview Joe Mikhail into second put before we do. I want to talk to you guys about our good friends, a curiosity stream I don't know what I'm gonna do. For the rest, the summer sports are gonna, be Slim Pickens, the law stances over that's no longer tidings through on weekends. I was started panic. That was, he's till I found out that the streaming service curiosity stream just dropped a new series yesterday called forth and forever muck city. If you ve, already heard of the high school football programmes from the Glade Central and poky down for the sugar cane mock. It's probably because these programmes and more players, the Unifil and basically any other community in the United States, the pleasures chase right its through the muck created by burning the sugar cane fields, which is what,
I'm a tribute to the unique fitness level, the players in that area. We can't tell already this story- is ripe for documentary Series Football guys on football, guys on football, guys, Scott forth and forever muck city. It follows to high school for programmes and the community over eight episodes, they're all available on curiosity stream. Now I gotta say could now have come at a better time, even if everything was normal. I'd recommend the series, but at this point this is basically you required reading gate This is your homework. Gotta curiosity stream Dotcom use promo code p, M t when signing up you get a year description for just twelve dollars- that's a dollar month. Twenty five cents a week, that's which, We fought by seven heck viewpoint to three point: two cents a day: that's free! That's than free. I would rather out rather pay so forty five dollars a week and pay somebody zero dollars and twenty five cents a week and they're, giving it to you for zero dollars and twenty five cents a week.
Curiosity stream, dotcom budget Protocols P M to what is it proportionate We point. Eight, ok, we'll go three point two for the duration of this add I'm. Giving especial discount is three point: two cents a week. If you use promo code, p m t a check out us that off might not apply to the good people of curiosity but applies in my personal record, keeping gonna curiosity stream dot com is a promo code, p empty at check out and get a year subscription for just twelve hours to watch forth and forever moxie Thousands of other great document these and nonfiction programmes and now more Joam kill. I read an article where you said that when you first saw the script for community, you would cut off your pinky to be a part of it. Would you have actually done that because I have made some pinky bats in my life as well? I cut it off. We use the prosthetic throughout the whole thing. So, ah, yes, now
I would have cut off, not my own thinking, Someone else's someone nailed, it yes, someone's and mailed to Dan but it was one of the best scripts that I've ever was as pilots grip on ever really read, and I- and it was one of those ones where I thought. Oh, I think I can play this character and I did have a b World of getting a pilot is so crazy that you can, unless you're a gigantic star the time you there's too many factors that government to trying to get the role? And I was still a baby when that, when I was in contention for it and I'm very lucky because Joe Rousseau and Anthony Russo in Dan, all they all wanted me. And so despite you like network concerns and studio concerns, and it goes on and on its it's all garbled a goop, but by it I would do it yeah. I
Do they all over again is? Is it when you're part of something like that? And you know it special while you are in your part of it, is it weird to have an enemy like? I may never have that again in my life like that might have been the peak not saying that is your peak put that might have been the peak of enjoy. Able and success ye I mean for the difficult task of first getting a pilot which is still to this day for me difficult to get me they're, not it's not just oh here's another file ago and is also a lot of crap out there, but but to get a pilot to actually get it picked up and to actually beyond the air, then to get out of your first season and get picked up for a second season again is like hidden two whole in ones in a row, and so on. We knew the scripts were great and
and I was always so happy when I would read them, because I have been at a many table reads where scripts are a mess? And you start here. It on like a Monday, and you realize you ll be shooting in a week and then you go on now. They have so much work to do on this thing and that just never was the case with anything for community, except for a season for an so we all knew we are, and we all really liked each other. We got along great and that, if, if you guys washed any that community table reader, we all really. We are on a text chain and we so we still talk to each other, and that is not the way that it from what I understand how it usually go. Goes by, and but the other way it happens is like I've been in movies where you have beginning middle and ending like others, three months is gonna, be with this small family and it's really great and then it's over, whereas community was six years.
Yeah, when you are additional for that was. Was there any additional pressure on yourself? Are you nervous and that, like more nervous than you usually be because you liked it so much. The really intimidating tie like when I was with joy. Anthony and Dan the creator- I was not nervous because those guys had my back and we the kind it's add you're the guy just now just gonna work with you, and that was great. So I didn't have that push. When you get into these network tests, which are the worst again- and this is this- is inside baseball stuff, but it's the worst way to what action for anything because you auditioning in someone's office at like NBC or CBS and there's fifteen executives that are taking a break from their lunch. So they can watch some actor in their friends office act with a couple other actors, and it's that is so it's totally
unnatural, it would be like you guys do enough yeah you're shell from I don't know like fifty like fifty feet below in cold water so you have to figure out anyway, it's a terrible plight, the first time I read in front of all those It is with than theirs for other guys that are going up for the role that are all sitting in the hallway. Ah, you go up, you do it so then They came out into me and they say okay, so you did not get it. I'm like. Oh, no, and then they like also combat then we're gonna, put you on tape and never gonna show them the tape and then so that next day, I finally got the word that I had gotten it, but I sadness I can room and then there like yeah, sorry and I got to a point where, with network task as I've done a couple of my walk in and see all the executives and be like for you guys gain weight fast.
Hence, I would just have to insult them somehow or be like fuck this and you I'd have to kind of under cut them to make myself feel better about what was about. Did you would you ever? Is there ever mine games or shit talking in the hallway, with the other people that are going for a role? I have never experienced that I hear I heard people do do that. I knew a guy that got super high during while he was waiting or he showed up, hide and relax himself, and then he became very hungry and he went in the thing was tat cause these things can take ten hours sometimes, and so
he was eating constantly and I think what they were. They told him on the reasons why you got the role it deserves a we kept coming out and you just kept we eating and it was like for the role of summit like an italian family like that's what my family's like. So he got the war that person plate Don Corleone, allow the debt so yeah, Merlin Brando Spin, like the last twenty years of his life with new area when you are additional four for TED, was large ok take a shirt off? Let's play some basketball who I did. Not have two audition for TED. That was so that was a blessing and because I rare I rarely get things just out of auditioning, it's always like a friend of a friend but no, I did see him. I met him. We did like our reading in Boston, and that was the first
I saw him up close and I was like dear Lord. How was your work out and he really is a he looks like and enough. He looks like source and anger and I'm a big guy analytical Lord, what kind of it? What is your arms he's my friend, the very intimidating he's a very nice guy either. Ah, what was harder hosting the White House, correspondent dinner or the espies o. The White House correspond Is that really my mile, oh yeah, cause the peace. When you really look at it, I mean the airspace, has all sorts of pressure and all a thousand different things to think about, but when you re, when it really comes down to it, it's five minutes of jokes at the top and that's what they really base it on. Like that's the Oda, that's the kind of like you're the moment where you like that
Everything has to work for the rest of the show to go. Okay, so there's that's an intense pressure that first five men like you, got a really nailed that make sure the jokes are good. Where's, the White House. Correspondence dinner is a whole lot lot. That's almost twenty minutes of straight jokes plus you ve got the president opening, for, and the end out, Obama was a very, very good joke teller and he worked on it. So it was you knew you were going up against somebody who was very, very good, and you're in a room with people. First of all, the like the first for you, Oh look like a wax museum of famous people. Likewise, Andrew Luck, sitting next to Deniro, there's Russell Wilson and there's the earlier You like, and I warn baby and is why so a what's so it's very odd and then it's full of Democrats and Republicans. So when you tell a Democrat joke,
Republicans laugh, but there are left to hard because they want to seem like the two at and the same thing. So so everyone's react. When its somewhat edgy is just an and that's really a great way to do comedy. So I just pretend I like you I think you're on a roller coaster, and so that was the thing. I've ever been more nervous and I am never been nervous sense so highly as far as That level, I think I burnt out that, like one The espies I was like are not really nervous. I burnt out that that fuse that wire, those connecting clothes like on I didn't. I went swimming with sharp for the discovery channel last year, and they were nervous about every actor being nervous, and as I don't worry, it's not gonna, I don't have it any more. I've lost that ability, and so
nervous if I had the like, say a poem in a wedding where these people are getting married or something about it and want to screw that up because as the one time think, but but I don't know he had not been nervous since, but yet that's the most Also, as the days leading up to the White House cause you're doing all these interviews, then you go meet the present you're doing all this stuff in the last thing. You're doing is preparing your joke. So anyway, just talk for a long time. To apologize, gets again so long. That afoot has appeared in the shot and then just disappeared. Ah, yes, that's has your hands hunger. I always just the reason I ask is because the espies always seem like a hard gig, because you have to make fun of people that are like in on the athlete soak it made fun of an original you're on yes, peons. You can't really be edgy anyhow, I don't like it has become a family friendly, so I always thought that was very hard thing to do is to walk that line of being
wanting entertaining, but also under all these restrictions that most stand of comedians or hostile half the up. No, I wouldn't We with that- and I was told by I think I asked Rob wriggle who had hosted it. I was I tell me about it. He's like don't worry about the first ten rose, because the four as use delicate, it's just a bunch of athletes, they're all wearing sunglasses and they're all hyper competitive right and you're. Like you said there, not necessarily the fond of that have a sense of humor so's. I dont worry about them, worry about everybody behind them and we put in a couple Joe, that works. Like we said, staff curry is here tonight and we had a hired a ten year old boy to sit in his seat in a cities. So much more than ever even way, and there are like Anko
deep, curs right behind him, and then it was like another red had a ten year old boy behind that that worked in the audience in that kind of broke the ice. But yet I was that was good times. Actually you again, wrote jokes for that monologue. For that SB show. Oh, did you some no I just so. I actually watch you last night because I thought that you, some I was overseas when shall actually happens, only get to watch alive, and somebody told me that you would use one my jokes yeah, yeah I can't believe that you turned down this great one right here, hey did Listen. Texans are on hard knocks this year, as when America needs a rocky style, montage of J J. What catching fish in an icy river with his dick and flipping a hundred pound tracker tyres using only is positive attitude, and then I made a joke about where residual doubt.
Does a journalist I sped through to ignore the punch, and then I like it how it has to punch lines as a plunge like there's, a packing, unusable punch line in the middle of the jail, and then you and I'm not well all mine, Peter at the end of my jokes. Looking do them right now, we're completely unusable for Disney audience like there was this one. It was right after win Kaliko, accusing racist, bilateral Mccoy. So as I I was a cage chip Kelly. If, if you only like white people, how how can we chose ball as his profession, that's like, if Rex rank with the bills to coach, Oscar Pistorius, so little foot joke from the double ideology that one didn't make a guy who shot and killed his wife very and at that point was very recently Yeah, so Roseanne ones mind, but that's when isles, not no pun intended, that's what it kills. Ryan remembers it. You know I
I am that that does a really great Yolksac Uganda and I'm too old, Daphne think about them for the future that yeah? Ok, we're we're. Why were you overseas? Were you sound, like you re Mister Mill, its idea, our serving so you were having an submitting jokes. Yes, I will not tolerate multiple thinks it's. I was not serving of as that stolen valor, big catches in travelling into doing users. I was yet ass. I was no. I was getting drunk in Barcelona, Bartlett Sounder, about the same as serving the military. Thank you for your service. I happened. You do its that the identity, the work out it did. You had broken Rodya. I have I sure about the soup, which are less while you were when you, put together that show every week. Would you watch this guy
this shows or would you have someone? Would there be whole staff, the watch? It then gave you like the best of luck. Here's what we're doing or would you participate in weeding through all declare well. When we first started the show, there was only six of us total and are you know we had? watch. Basically, every hour of television on every channel that we could all do so when I first did I was it was all the time watching. Television to the point where my wife was like you need to stop watching extreme make over home edition is going to kill you, and and now I just have to watch one more and then as things started, working with a higher more people. If we can delegate, you know the different shows and that took the pressure off me. And a couple of other writers. But yes, we would come together into a room and select clips. Everyone would bring clips and You had to bring like our ten clips.
It was always between that people bring my two and ten clips a meeting and the meetings where every day- and we would just select every day and, as we got closer to show time, we would get rid of a binding and that new ones would show up and and when community hit, I basically had no time to watch. Anything because are ours were not so the producers would come to my trailer at Paramount with laptops and show me the clips and we go through the scripts in between sat up for communities, because I had no time I try to keep up with what was happening like with the bachelor bachelor at or something but yeah that. Was we and that will send out. We had viziers when that began our motto: we had just mountains, a vcr tape, trying to keep track of everything. So I ask that because I think you need to donate your brain to science, because what reality television does to our brains is fascinating to me, and you would be a great case study.
Hey. This is how I actually think we're we're we're. We started bloggers and we have some similar where we ve lived on the internet, for so many years and consume so much internet that our brain have been warped, empoisoned to a point where there's no coming back from? I think you have some similar with tv Have you noticed that, like if you ever noticed something happening, you're like oh yeah, I'm I'm completely jaded or this is fake or yeah. I can't I can't watch this anymore. I know how it's made: no difficult. I never in their wildly popular all. Housewives shows and even their card as students who actually are really nice? People are, but it did that stuff all scripted out, And it's all you it's all planned, there's not like. Were there? No one goes. Well, let's go to know boo for lunch. Oh my gosh there's my arch enemy. I cannot believe they're here and
are you saying, there's Jenner, yeah, she's scripting the stuff out? We introduce a bland you're telling me that on the housewives, when they do that one episode every year, were they all go on vacation together and get really drunk in a big fight, that's plant. I I hate to who needs sounded like you said you had a very like savvy jaded mine, but I hate to tell you this plan I just never will what are they in ghettos? Why doesn't everyone else see Why doesn't have all else? there's no one care and I think that same thing- kind of happened in reverse with Tiger King, where people kept calling aren't these characters funny and also their people right. Why this yeah! That's what I think. That's why we love reality: television, because we get to watch it and say: oh well, at least we're not them at least we're not drunk fighting. You know the hamptons every summer, or at least we don't own these tigers and kill our you know husband in all this stuff, like we, we judge our son
like we could be shitty people, but we're not that I think there's too weak different. Yet there's the there's, the I'm glad I'm not I am glad I'm not. Unlike I'm glad, I'm not flavour slave on that crazy show. He was honour. What like isn't this a constant train wreck and then there's the aspirational ones like the card actions where they go. I wish I had that life right. I think, there's. Who versions and I think the housewives wives, as in the oh they're, so rich and crazy, that boy it's a crazy world and it's kind of fun and I think there is that there is an element of like oh. I would never do that, but people love it and I don't like but again going better targeting of people. It isn't it isn't it funny. All those characters- and I was like that care your had their arm eaten for real. Yes, I was not, as this is not a game. Thrones episode, so this den
F, really had his army, not so that, yes, that's what that yet. So I believe, my brain yes, I've had my brains were so bad for the record the card Ashton's. Is there any part of it? That's real. Some of that stuffs gotta be real. I think there is very set plan and then some real? This happened and then county gets too high and fox everything up and then they have to like a just on the fly. How much is Congo in it? minors yeah. I think three, I think the ripple effects from Kenya probably existed it as sometimes we need they must have some plans. I'll say that much, I'm sure yes anybody dazzled be him. I had one s question when you hosted did Lebaron. You run all your jokes about him by him before ESPN would let it go on there now know. Now we didn't I no, I never even met ones at the what's our red dot on her forehead right now. What the of this
know what that's a laser! I mean it's a different got ya, know you have to do now. I did after my job by any athletes. So I share some of the morning there was ample yeah yeah, but they were nice, but if you did, it probably would been Leubronn. Probably there too we got no goddamn than or ask for restoring slip, say you're. Ok, I ran all might only want to run one by active. Yes, always been awesome draw. We really appreciate it. The darkest timeline go, listen who do you have on this week you're taking our job in podcasting, oh well, this week, we Today we launch will be, but we made a part of the past, but the community table reed. Adam was and then it looks like we're gonna get Pedro, Pascal, who was in the community to ever written also, the men, the lorry and so on? I the little can confirm it because we do not agree to bits not like. I'm in Canada are booking
So it's not me here. We have a tentative plan, so we that could fall through a little. Odd, casting tip for you. You always ask that, like cootie have on this week and then we're gonna hold this interview for a month to make you look like a fool. Oh well played, when the world you're, acting on now to Arthur, reacted to walking on place yet also a little podcasting trip trick for you when I do podcast always bring an ad with me start bringing an ad with you. Oh you mean, like yeah bud, lied, Seltzer yeah, you have an ounce draw your own promo takes in that now you get you know just carries over. Are these networks at a trade? If you have any other questions, we can answer for Iraq. Work like well, listen, be awesome, Pakistanis, durable supply in Van eyes. California is one of my favorite durable supply. You and rich reactors, big Hollywood thing. Yes, where everybody put together. Favorite pizza shop that you go eat a pizza to Albania,
pizza insidious sitting about peace on the planet from Brooklyn all the way here. Where are you guys where their rights are lie, York, Manhattan? And how is it there? Ah pits if you dont, like things yeah, if you like nobody in actually, if you like, no one in the city of New York, is awesome, which I do like nobody in the city of New York, How fast could I drive up Fifth avenue right now, very fast. I live in Brooklyn and I drive, and it takes me twelve minutes to get into basely Madison Square Garden and that, Look you how long before thirty five like right now where I sit same thing to get downtime allay right now, if I left the pre Covid forty minutes and now it's eleven, that's crowd has a hundred and five say it is a runway. It is wide open to us. I have a pretty fast sport. Car and I have been pushing it. Ah, the cops have just started
going up again, so I can't push it the way you do, but it was really fun out there for me, YA, hear us actually submit MAX. You even have to pay to just stop, plays its priorities the only thing I know it's really really rough in New York in a lot of people got sick and all that. But when I think about all those clothes restaurants, it just makes me so sad. Yes, yes, yes we'll get back to hell and you could listen to your Mikhail darkest timeline for some positive Eddie. For some positivity and science. Yes, thank you, John. Yeah thanks for having me, you guys, are really greek. Has a very nice yeah, oh one, very thoughtful Nike dual use who's next, on your show, the Undertaker Germany. Undertaker. We're very busy. Interview which always brought you buy me undies summertime dream, and these are the days when visions of sunshine and serve dance through our heads
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all the time for Parma. Take it should be army on these all the time for our award, winning listeners couldn't viennese, dotcom, slashed, take and now dungeons and dragons. ok in that time. Every two weeks we are picking up or dungeons and dragons campaign without dungeon master would be fantastic, TIM Woods term great. To have you back, I think the words say that not only do our listeners but I'd, say arson
well. We need a recap of what's going on so pretend like we know, but no one else knows so explain it to the people, because we obviously know who we are ripe for sure, of course, as your dungeon master, Indians and Dragons part of what I always do is a little bit of a recap together started and last time we had gotten our adventure up to a great foot, because we had made it into the town of greenest. Where are caravan, we were all guarding had kind of been pulling up to only to discover the village of greenest was under attack me ever right just in time to do something. If we choose, we were really on the fence getting rated aside into less time. Exactly to what degree we were gonna help. This poor village is currently by all accounts being attacked by these red robed called this that we are positive. We identified as the cult of the dragon kind of obsessive group of Dragon worshipping called a set of apparently attack. This tell with all their two hundred cobalt minions and all of our adventurers party here, which consists of nor were the barbarian Wayne are dwarfing barred. Ehrlich are no war, lock
and preserve Billy Goliath, cleric a war priests that I believe we should establish us. None acid. After pulling into the village, we had discovered. Not only was it under attack. We run into a group in a barn of four cobalt and after a limiting, very quickly and easily three of the Goebbels, the final tumbled. We had gotten to surrender to us and he warned us this cobalt, who we have been kind of going between different names, for we have named him. Alternatively, wreak Bob cost us, and indeed he's got a name? He just haven't told us broadcasters. We could always ask if the glare carcasses short here, where its the eight, the other ones right. We ate them in theory,
we ve got them ready to go it's up to us whether we are making a campfire. Next, your whether were heading to something, maybe more urgent urgency. The town is under attack. At the moment we could decide laying low and making a campfire and arresting while the town continues to get attack is something we could do, but now with rigour or Bob as armenian kind of having war. Does that? Not only is this culture up your enforce? They are here for the money that, can squeeze out of this village and have also fit we figured out. They have brought something big with them, something they call the sigh and wrath and at this point, looking out from the bar
we'd be aware of two things we be looking and we be seeing that there is the castle the little little cheap up on a hill. That's in the centerpiece of this village, it does seem like there are cultists, maybe starting to gather around that castles were also hearing screams from a temple kind of on the outskirts of town, a little country temple by the river that looks like it is rounded and smoke is rising throat, but theres many screams coming from that time, her as well, so that that's a kind of our recap of what's happened, your adventure and, what's going on right now, looking out of a bar, but we can do it every what we lose one little point here: Bob costs, didn't he tell us something important right before we stopped what he told you,
He had warned us that when he was taking orders from the cold he had war, does the colts plans were to follow the orders of their high priest, this rule among damp and gather around the castle? It's right, but since where his friends he said we should run for they have brought a monster. A great and terrible dragon survived the sign language bug, cost us talk to us during his like little half time saloon these during battles. He gets Britain five minutes as the war priest. I think I have to do a ritual with Bob cost us socially. I do want to hasten yes, oil. To give me a lot, we update is like aren't like his abilities by like doing some rituals like a great em.
When I wouldn't let you do or priest is. First of all, you know that some of the magic you have at your disposal does boost people, you even guidance, which would give him a little boost on his next skill check, but I'll. Let you roll the die right now. Add your religion. Bonus me like. I was prepared to make its bureau really well, maybe Babo be feeling even more impressive role. This Billy has cast a ten sweetie. You gotta, ten and you had a plus to do that with the twelve he's, looking really invigorated, he said all of the prayers to your Goliath, war- God you would be saying, but he doesn't seem like he's any boosted he's not more purpose. He waved his dagger in any drops it, because I want that. Wasn't enough now, so you failed to ignore luxury fell. He felt very worrying Arabs TIM. What options right now? What what? What can we do? Absolutely? We could start heading towards the castle where it looks like called
you're, heading and Bob. Let us know that that does seem like it's their goal. In the end, there is also that Temple it looks like it was surrounding where there were like screams coming from there. I could also lead to interrogate Bob some more gets more answers. Atrophy like we would have liked. The livelihood of your greatest it's enough talk of course, of action was pursuing row. Temple temples push you don't want to go to the castle psychological castle, sick fuck. This should also drag everywhere. Isaac, yeah, I must go to northern ass. It goes the gathers go the way ass, where's where's the siren wrath. Do you know what that is? above all, very quickly save your saying. This out loud he's is going to be by facile soon and his kind of looking like music, affecting the sign wrath to be their industry and jobs for action. Action must go to the castle, absolutely poor short. Now ass
start to head in the direction of the castle. What? If what? If what? If what? If some of us don't want to go to the castle in there's a fight between a sort of kill, Heck Hague seems like we can I gotta who, though, Well, I'm not here s how, where I'm just curious, how would go if there was a? What like we all agree. We were wondering what the options. It would be, a real shame if you were to try to leave us right now. I think you know what I'm going to let him today, I'd say Some parties, like put it up to a vote or have some kind of agreement, but at the same time you can always split the party and go different directions. If you want to, but I would say it's traditionally held in Dublin Dragons at that's a risky thing to do. You never have to work together, but it usually that through what I want to ask, if you want to leave, if that's what you think is up good dived down a stir in Bio Mass, I'm just curious, ok, we're gonna cost. I won't. We can kill you right now and we need a bit. I wanna do you, I mean I'm unreal likely ended, don't have leisure hours, some sometimes not one word.
You're in one direction can be like I'm actually gonna go scout that out. While you all of you that, like all rejoin you at some point, maybe they have their own motives for going off in checking that a blow on the runway. Enron with just remember, remember this peer or it's in my isn't my memory right now before you're the castle requested. We have any sort of distance weapon where this like, if we were to send, could quite our little Bob cost a sky and have him spy on somebody. Can we also monitor him and shoot him if he's if he trusted defect? Yes, we would add many ranged options at our availability, for eliminating Bob should heed. Look like he's. Gonna betray us at any moment any more importantly, he knows we have those options, so that makes him much less likely to betray us, even if were far away, is still going to be afraid of. Ok, can you remind him real quick does remind him remind Bob, did well fuck em up if he pulls Hank absolutely
you're happy at the bar kind of reminding reminding the song of vengeance to vs. Ok, we just want to make cuts imposed at our disposal and and as we I'm! Through this town, it's looking like there's combat happening. All around us not so much combat his townsfolk, getting chased really but were seeing red robed figures in cobalt breaking into and out of buildings, but it seems like it's just too much. We could stop if we want to like mess with any these people, but there's a lot of different groups causing chaos around here. As we start to worry about combat, I do just want to go down and let us know some of our combat abilities every star to worry about these threats. I want a letter
Barbarian know that if we get into combat you're gonna have the ability to endure a barbarian rage and rage gives you extra damning, but it also means when weapons he? U they just kind of balance right off of your half damage when you ran air smashing through things instead account it's hard when you get to combat the bar. You have some weapons like a bow to shoot Bob with. You also have a sword, but mainly you'd also spells like a loose in magic, an enchanting magic. The other thing you can do is give inspiration to your allies and that can give them little boosts to combat the great like I when they use your and like a strengthened conditioning coach Murphy failure. You are literally like a coach in some ways your cheering people on and they just get boost to their roles and a war
longer like you have one main attack thing that you would do in car brass, you ever Ellen Jerks, blast and elders. Blasted use, thumbing like a ball of, Can you can look like fire or just like weird energy, but it deals magical damage that usually nothing is immune to in when you bought you, two people can t hurt them for a lot Eldridge Black, where you come in, come in, come I care exactly where, like watching apple, have limited joking Duke it now learn I do without you could end up being.
Eric awhile? A lot of what you will do is your magic is very focused on healing and boosting your allies. At the same time, you do have a tax tells you can throw sacred flames at people, and you have one powerful attacks: billfold guiding bold. It's like a laser relates you'll die right here, and why should I have a question for joint notify nor, of course, for Billy Roquat, Billy, Unskilled Winterton, how jealous or you have me dude, I'm like about like causa interaction, and I like Sears night you're, but to be me we can, we can catch him only offers. No no lies in your honour to clearly the preserve of your know. What the fuck you can pay cats character, donate plasma, high quality, human looking fat and approach should stay back human killed us when we worked out we're gonna go that we have some internal strife. We we just have to get them out. I'm cut we're good. I will
there's no that were well aware. Both the barbarian cleric to be fear can take a hit for sure those rights to two frontline characters TIM that was really nice of you to make Billy feel better. I just want to let you know that you're real obligated to rout urban technically the human barbarian is very big, but the Goliath would be a little taller than illegal. It's nice and jump delivery could feel big art. So let's do it. What do you do? Don't ask trying to Hungary resorting towards the castle. You are seeing these groups, then, if you don't stop to find them, they don't seem to stop to buddy you when you're heading two of the castle, one group is blocking our rules and, just as it seems like these red robes figures, they ve drawn scymitars and theirs maybe point them and asked the girl also looking like. Maybe I just want to rob this cottage instead of messing with these two huge people and other individuals coming charging have assets as they look at their hesitating,
Suddenly one of them turned around and is a woman with a golden mass on. This figure has a golden him to her robes and the golden masked. The cheese wearing seemed that tangible than come off one too. Dual sweeps up warm horns going out like this and then to sweep around in these cool arcs with a very allow Similarly, it is at the queen. She sounds important me: can we look at him? you know I won't do. I want to take these fuckers out impress the queen with our battle, abilities, Nokia, and he turns He goes. Aha and the red room figure seemed lit turn and look what you are saying and he did it seems we have interlopers India, beer in their day. Well, that's your feed. The dragon queens hoard for the house threw down my children and it looks like six. Copyists are converge.
Sitting on our position right now and safeguards the waiver hands like she's, getting ready to cast a spell, but their taken some time to get to us. We would get to go first. We got you in just the order I have as nor the barbarian got time like this. Would you like to do tat? I have not, even though we have to attack, I have an idea of how we can attack what so you can go berserker right. We if I can only say that again begin. You deserve to be asked, whereas the ability to go berserker, I have the ability to talk. Somebody up can I do like I could. Can I talk you into going berserker? I might remind green and he's Katy, I've got me out and then I'll go out of seven years they say if this would happen on your turn, but let's say you're doing it right now: you're giving him bardic inspiration. Yes, you give him bardic inspiration than when you get. There is a little booth
whenever you want to add it to one of your roles in the best time is used. It is if you got close, but not quite as success. You can go and call upon my bark inspiration, and you, like think about that moment when the Durban barred said. What do you say to him to encourage him? What do you say to him? That is the encouraging Barak inspiration? It's gonna, be some that he'll remember your code, one code whereby Code word is or just like go get on others tiger doughnuts now about go nuts for donuts it can be. It could even be you just playing a song for him and that encourages him, but thats how bar much rip? Oh, that's really, yeah you're, good, let's rip and now
on any DE twenty role at you. What you're gonna get a little boost? If you invite your bar inspiration, but it's after you Roy, you, don't have to decide until Olga, so you got it. You swing at one of the red rope called this. Is that right, yeah horizontal? I gotta role right. Absolutely, I assume you raged. First is our right jack, I'm a rage, worser Barbarian first and ask questions later: ok, absolutely any role, a d, twenty nine plus five for your great sword attack
night with bogey go rage, though you still have the bardic inspiration. You do definitely not me told me right now. He argued that a twenty four use last this guy and I'm gonna role your damage for you right now. You could leave this called this right into all deal with this, always it and he just get placed in a half diagonally boom and the other five all look at us like. No, no, no, no, no, they start tobacco, but some of them. Like they're like now, they're all lunch board, maybe take a stab at that barbarian within your raging out a few haliae damage. Vienna was a great turn learned. Some Billy watch learn and then wait
You use your bonus action at this point to inspire the barbarian and that retroactively, and then you got your actions still. What would you like to do? I want to let you know you have a sword and a crossbow. Let's say that you could use at the doors when you use your crossbow, but if you don't use your weapons, you also have magic that you could do is a barred. One cell is vicious, mockery, you in solar somewhere or badly that they take psychic damage from her. Bad. Your bird mental envy gets its advantage on their next to tat occur. Or do you really want to take somebody out? The spell hideous laughter makes them just are laughing uncontrollably in they dropped their weapons, a jet and all of the ground looming up. I like to tickle unto death after also just like roasting somebody so badly. The brain starts to eat itself. I feel I should have a roast
the lady with a weird hair and the braids stuff I feel like if I make fun of her hair, she just gonna crumble. She's got the mask with all the tendrils common come off. It looks very expensive and she looks like she is very eager. Testicle like he wants to be in charge here. If you use vicious mockery against her she's probably can be very man yeah, I said or hey that's cool masters come in your size eyes, you can tell it doesnt quite fit her exact, close to adjust it, I'm getting her disadvantage on her saving growth and he needs there all know already she doing bad. Yes, baling that saving gruff and he was you, you wanted to say that by mass fall off the ground and he looks very foolish in front of you all over teammate kiddo you'd dealt three points of psychic damage to her
he bowed her head while trying to let you stumbles threat on Iraq, while trying to find your man- and the next thing he tries to do- will have disadvantage for curbing this the house, our it'll make one of her hair safe sea. Like hey, hey, add another sports clubs around here. That's that's pretty good too. So, if I'm making fun of or does it mean that you kind of likes me now, because I've done a good job nagging her, This is the esteem she got to mine although self esteem she doesn't seem to like you any more and in fact he is targeting you bar with whatever she does nexus
I mean she likes me like an encounter guard once I'm ok, like a girl pinches, your point of order TIM are there. Are their love sees its dragons? The answer to that is, there can be. If you want okay now we want to keep it not yeah. I ll try to send and no I draw the envious easier. So it's really you're. Ok, I gotta tell you have definitely gotten your white upsetting you borrowed you're gonna, be here next victim, with whatever mad there's a way, but you insulted are so badly business. Mockery gives her disadvantage on any attack. Also she'll be fumbling in stumbling she's neutralize Coca I also want to do next and then that would bring us to urge licks turn next and then Reserve Billy will be up and then the coldest and this apple light leader are going to go so early. You can certainly
Iron Eldridge Black Hake, I had lost his his die, which I think was on purpose cause. He doesn't want to be in a fight like be more. We have heard that you don't want to be here right now: you'd rather people Temple Dokey man, I had yeah he's gotta, got it. So what are you gonna do once you get when you? What if you want to go on the orphans, you wanted? You Eldridge Blast, probably ruler de Twenty plus five, but you can do whatever you want and I just want to let you know you might have some mind in blue wincing magic and as a what warlike would also be very persuasive, we're talking with people. I just want to make sure you know all your options as it were. In its do you mean by people, do mean my enemies or my teammates. You are good persuasive with all com.
Means of people. You are very charismatic and good negotiating with your friends on your enemies, but you also have magic, such as charming person, that's one in the old game used against goblin to good effect and that in turn, enemies to maybe it least, become nonviolent. If not turn to yours, I gotta minutes was one here. I want you to run an interim prepares that farmers in the ear thinking of doing or else each blast charm person, jar person spelled it. Who are you trying to cast it on one How will this or on the accolade the later the leader is trying to get a mask right now, one of the coldest one, The hope is that you can hear and if you can turn the head of the cold than you become the head of the colt Joe. You said it. When it turn ahead of God. Are you trying to get the leader here or just one of these six colorists who are working for Can I get one of the six called us? What is going to them and converter women's status? It seemed like their proper
Lee easier to get control of into influence. All role for one of the call this there is a call. This through looks like he's deadly a half arc of some kind of looks like, and you can kind of like he's the closest you. So if you're discharging the closest call this, he kind of look at you. At this hour to crack a smile and he's is pulled heart and in commenting they're all on this guy. I know this guy out on this nome, his eastern lapping, hey, don't I know you and what are you saying to him? Her look. I don't know that worked very well worth taking over discloses guy? This guy knows how Johnny Ola, whose godfather to wouldn't really mean you know had an ongoing outline is I am I mad. Your majesty is here oh I'm, I'm I'm one of those faces. I haven't seen you in a wild, interesting, ok
It's my magic right into my eyes, just your ma, young mink, maybe no with you. You think you know that you're influencing his mind but to be bear you're. The only one who knows that right now is to make the called the certain views at your key mates or else will not arise under not surprising from them. Don't you understand the dismay and you can use party or moved to talk to this? Call this that this half or called? If you got control of, did you want to ask him anything for say anything did where the rest was at, where the rest, whereas you guys just use the poor standing called is still around him. Any act like trying to pick up her mask unease is under arrest. Are all gathering up at the castle soon and ridden learning. Are you to help us is a sterile move, those good job thank you for playing along with haste, terrible question. Where is everyone else they at the Temple of the castle?
Can I ask you: I can join them, what you will Say. Can I say that I can I join you yeah, like hey it up on everyone, the nomes with us, the nomes with arms, and you start to say that and now urge you know this. None of these called this even the leader, because she's confuse the act like he's confuse so she's, not even attacking none of them are going to tackle until they figured out what's going on here. Venture they might be granted somebody's under a charm person. Spell now, do you say anything to clarify your teammates? What's going now, fuck them that their they ve been haters. Jump on I've been remedied ready to get rid of him. So of having to move on to this new called wait a year in the corner. If our early up Europe
of us. You cannot really the code on. Why are you really know you, as you reminded us, is you my boy you're going to tell you? Go blind imo time, Tyler, timeout time out on call time out. There are two things that go on now: appoint a drug. You TIM, a billion real life. If you betray me impiety you're fired. Is that that is not part of the game they might are they may I see real why you gave nine the gain real rights only in bars things happen in the game where they have no I'll kill. You know what you do. You will try to do the exact same thing that cat did really well earlier, because I'm sure you'll be just as good here. She's gotta go for, can read you some time ago, ready I'm just saying if you want to go rage, multicultural, have you reach mode? Whenever you want, can I came, it will finally realised can meet the queen in real life. This is not the way. I think we have established that the lady with a stone mask kings, icon
Oh god, she's a copper and in fifty already fucking roaster Jim? What do you do? Ok, ok, what really objects, were my options whose skills Yorkshire right now, so you ve got you declare it you have. Some attacks fell like guiding role that laser beam and sacred blame. You got some boosting spells that above your friends, your allies, any healing magic. Otherwise, you ve got your war hammer. You don't have much in the way of mind control magic at the mobile web. One spell the could mind, control people command. Is you shout one word and they act like halt or flee or or something like that do not yeah, and you got a war hammers. Almost you, ok, ok, tablets, usin, negotiate, so hanks on the evils No? No he's is ingratiated, Bang is a spy wants. You attack them attack, Hank, no attack to fucking little shit that we keep kick in their eyes. Thereabout attack us
Billy nobody aren't they like a Macy's, their legal she'll know their heavens the status of your yet you're only nodded tacking Ehrlich at. How will we need you how closely like acting? How closely related are works? The Goliath well, have words and Goliath are related to each other, but they do occupy the same environment mountains. I wish you a happy need they fight, knocking on this guy he's gonna fire. I will go on each other. They respect what they really respect. You always violence. Yes, I will do just like. What's like my best move right now, is a war priest out get fiscal with them? You wanting has inherited hammers him, throw some hands.
You could use the hammer. You could throw sacred flame. Probably your hammer slightly better you most powerful attack would be guiding bold to bless them with a huge laser, almost signal only hammer. At least I thought do whatever you want. You can use a hammer legitimate light up. My hammer with the Baltic is ok winner, bolt big big ball thing might have a powerful one. He's gonna role. You know what I'd, let you say the acute out that you join us great. Do you I would have been stuck on after a word alive, boatmen, Its failure would only twenty three you are hearing and warn all Miss Mapp. Your aim and one of the five standing call this or the acolytes leader. Here we want to have the matter of guts ignobly, because what, if she's all week-
I cannot, but I add other guys here- are the other guys and then hit the leader of the sub let me take other people eat over this up. You know what all roll your damage, and I were breeze very we'll see how many called this you can take down we're north,
you know: that's you got this right there, okay, fire one call this unjust, burn, a hole in there, just move and a huge through that call this into another call this and I told the truth flying back into a cottage and crashes through the wall was taken out to call this with one guiding. Both are these other cultures. Now are the willing to concede to feed or they'll? Ok, I wonder I got cut in half the other guy, get a bolt alighting shot through sternum into or other guy we're just gonna about us out at this point it would be like looking like they are considering their options. They look They want to believe the two remaining call this that are still standing want to flee and the acolytes is very upset because she doesn't want them to flee
What is they run? He wrote this alone here with disadvantage thanks your insult, and she is also running for it now, with their all trying to run at the moment. Is there any lasting that european barbarians turn that? Did you hear my supper to recapture? Cannot catcher Israelites like a rabbit like his Eiger, no running for geographic masking, he run respects. I, like my labours. That was my structure choice. Can I can I snuck crest snatcher? Can I know no, I love notice. How can I snatched brought forward and you could try to tackle this person? This would be not Lennox Chap yes and might have must die. Aren't I will castle, you know. Do we need to get her aunt? We have let's get her if she was. I also tried to amateurs, leclere pursuit, hats, absolutely out you charge at her and get ready to do the tackling move. First volume raging Senor grab advantage on this barbarian. It advantage on all athletics checks when they are raging, including rapid, so you're gonna get
while two times the number you need to be tackled more effectively. Oh she's IQ like Bobby and weaving she serpent gaining Andalusia, committing an eighteen toll will so you need to beat and eighteen five audio centres. Only plus five ruin twice beaten mediating. That's that's! Six!
baron reflected again once you get away all or one so luckily, you're not stuck with that natural one were to be something extra bad, but it sounds like you did not get any keen totals you blow to tackling she at the very last minute. Ter goes right. When you're going left, you hit the ground you in the grand a sly you're, not all in yet, but you do see she's turning round and she had a readied action as she was running to cast a spell at who ever was attacking her and she points of a hay, and you ought norm and she says the power of tea. I'm not shall compel view
we worm and I need you to make a wisdom, saving grow. She just use the spell command against you. The very spell I mentioned to the clerk just a moment ago is one word command and if you are already twenty and add a plus one to this, you need to get a thirteen or higher, not half obey. Borders- Fatah heavily on this. Yet it have you crazy, hardly runner, monsieur I hereby oh she's exerted, I use I can eat. You said: let's Ripken, I use I I guess, when you you said butter is so you're gonna role, and if you don't do well on this, you can invoke your bardic inspiration pressure, but I only need to use it. If I try me the thirteen and I got a plus one right at thoroughly wove oil and you ever
plus one on this. You only needed at thirteen. So yes, you succeeded, as even without the bark inspiration and here's the thing. Since you succeed against the spelling you're, not fleeing I'm realising. What did you get your higher the to grapple checks when you entered the plus side, you remember what love is a little? Let it was eleven with that. Before the plus five after the afternoon was five after the plus five, then you know your bardic inspiration wouldn't have made a difference in did you had invoked anchoring of wasted? In that case, ok, you're, not leaving You managed to hold your ground and for just a moment behind that strange masts wearing woman, you had seen a shadow rising up. That looked for a moment like, right in spreading its wings with awe in huge heads rising up its huge I actively, and then you wait a minute Uzbekistan.
But it is an illusion. It is not really there and you do not have to clean. Are you not have to obey back? Ok, that was your turn and then Wayne that was earnest deserves some sort of respecting spell. Can I cast a die to respect the woman, so here's what you could do you tried to make. Now that someone's already you someone's already chased and trying to cheat her didn't quite work. You could roll persuasion to try to get her to surrender Riah, how potentially and to be their you'd. Also have the spell charm persons who have you wanted to gas charm person to make somebody like you, you could try to use that spelling bee to get an early. Any vision is respectful options, but she's also seem like he's, got ready ready. Gas fell through it. Tat was his friend unheard of. So do we want to make friends with her or do I just say, fuck and go malay honor, merely rogliano. We refresher, we gotta, get her and get her in get information out of her, but I can't I
were persuasion. I can make her talk to us or can our Can Bob cost is killed about cost is is following you I will assume bar is he runs any says that it like? I don't know her. I dont know not one, but he here like big who hasn t Emma. I got my very special leader he's lying. I think he's lying to us are towards real unpersuaded sort and persuaded Erika, but only for a moment, and then she can tell us what the hell's going on later shadow dragged of. Yes, you have you roll well on this person jack. You might get her to surrender, but you run after her in the barbarian and you can roll and Anna plus I did his eyes looking to insert to throw down her arms and ass right. Ok, you! I'm gonna, call this my my respectful her there we go it's a eight. I have eight respect our plus five. Many lamp was fighting this with a thirteen. She turns back energy. He says
your mom may spare you, but he still running and trying to gas bells to attack us if we chaser she's, not gonna, be targeting you bar, but that is all your getting right now to be there. If you say something to her, she might blurred out an answer right now, but she's not gonna, stop running from she bit Lee was like hey dude. You seem like a nice guy, I'm not into nice guy. She was like you got. A great personnel ran right, yeah, that's fine I've been hey. What I've been here before. Can I ask her what view that shadow dragon she she gestures at the kind of sad No thank you. I gotta warn you. You didn't see out here on the one side like to change my question: where are you going for you going? She says I am going back to a bond death,
she will know what to do next flower models of police? Just let me go. I will that I will not attack you any longer view not attack me. We are only here for the money. We have reacted because these girls, how vigorously yeah I got it is it makes it an actual head out? That brings this from your tour away into Erlich, Stir now Erlich gallery and in theory got one of these called. This is trying to run away right now, charmed at the moment, but he's like heading out trying to run for it and are you couldn't chase after him and he be very friendly with you, even if the other people wouldn't be at the same time, you could do it attacks out somebody, or there is now a clear rout. The castle.
Sugar, the castle, yea, all rubber cattle gonna. Let her go to Fool Amanda where's, the coo EE. Oh, my idea will take her out just eliminated from the equation, excessively Warrior Jaffa, because I'm afraid that she's gonna tell through Le Monde only wish hey you guys, gonna rural deep on this. We parliament, the outlets I want to go after I wanna go only go after the which absolutely where you open to deal enough damage. The knocker I'll get you can write a like tackled and healthcare want one shot: Flapsy I'll. Let you use your elders glass to knock somebody out brochure and that you will roll a D. Twenty plus five deceive. You hit her skull, conjure up a strange energies, Erlich afore We are less than four.
The problem with the plus by your launching an Eldridge blasting her direction, but it is an she turns and jobs out of the way and you didn't fuckin killer reviewed, nothing, nothing to teach you shredded q and a better junker than you aren't intuitively Papa dammit Steward and pursue high noise. Now, what do we got really asking you never really be up. What would you like eating is gonna get a chance to try to run away from us, but you also see spells being cast appearing. He might gases fell back around you. You got a failure to meet she'll. Do after I got an idea. Gonna know hamburger. We get Bob to send a message Now we just really until you're, really going resigning. Goldworker. Ok, ok, have hammered time hammer like that's. Why I'm here, I'm gone again rides lightning. So, if you have
Above with you, you could get him trying to like talk to disburse and see little help. You you'd have plus bore on persuasion. If you're trying to talk to his eye winning saying you're trying to do now, you exact revenge over war hammer hammer of lightning absolutely one hug. You presented you charge her and swing your war. How are you you think you would probably deal enough to knock roadmap with three damage he's already taken, Spirilla De Twenty knew it. As for your war, only Amazon, Amazon, maritime some come on. Billy three three him Julie and you don't have borne inspiration at the moment. The only goes, even if not, then we get in advance of John that, unfortunately, now you ve charge you're at the same time, Bob hasn't done anything so Bob runs up to follow us. He starts to see what the
are we doing and on Bob's turn just before. She runs further with someone like to a role for Bob deceive Bob. Can convince her anything ailed on Stock Boeing is when I talk to you coming as up make. Ok, we got but Rowan for Bob right now, I would like to offer for Bob Bob he's gotta hear eight here all night, he's got a plus one on this with the nine he just spits on the ground and says Kabul built you, try it out, and Bob just shrugs, either ass, a complete some people and he is trying to run for it right now, which is trying to hide among some buildings. She is not managing to high use your diving through a window. She crouches to rise up, and you still watching us getting spent L Aquila ready that would bring us back to
warm the barbarian off the Europe. We gonna finish we're all gonna girl, she's gonna mess us. Yet what does home yeah yeah? So whatever I gotta do I do for the team Hank spammer pages? Are you going we tackle her again or you, gonna just try to knock rather Nigel and unattractive phenomenon. Apple Lula can wrap and go right ahead. You're gonna rule eighty twenty plus five rates, or I want my looking for here. Are you probably not very high armoury football with thirteen. You think if she has better armor you, don't you think it's much better, ok, tents and thus should began plus five, so a fifteen to help them with a fifteen.
All you swing down through the window shattering the window frame and swing down. She raises up her arm to protect yourself and you hit with that feeling full damage, and were you aiming to knock out or kill this acolytes? I don't have time for I will kill you. Gotta kill your to have one hostage with AIDS Ass, yours, the order is buried in her and she had slain arise in Europe. For just a moment, you hear a royal or mob age dragon as though there are dragging a roaring in your my still triple unfiltered end up. She is Lane and you have to be her and now you're standing right in front of the castle. There are no moments blocking you're with me at this point.
WWW dearie dies your turn norm. Ok, let's go let's by the way, let's, let's, let's go one more around, so he of tea. Hang them Billy will go and then will end there. So let's try to get through good spot here. Yeah yeah, our Swinger outside the castle we ve got a couple kills and our belt: let's go: do we just go incited or redress sneaking might be going into scheme plan just go too far. Here he said no one's in their new ones. In front of us. Ok, yeah withdrawing my Lord blocking my way to the castle front door. You have let him get real everyone. You forget him toward the castle gate. You can see this there's militia guards. Town guardsmen with a bow was out as they see you, the dwarf up, ok, they're, all right, they're, not hopeless, come on, come on in heading and they're, taking the occasional shot when a cobler colthurst pokes their head out, and it looks like there's thirty something people gathered in front of the great hall of this keeps running
with a gate house and your inside a little court yard and in this court yard, but the main keep their looks like there's a guy in a purple best with white hair, the mayor using any these telling this crowded, thirty seven people all will be well. Don't worry all will be well that's abuses, but what about the dragon? And everyone starts going nuts and screaming again eyes, like blue wiping his brow, he seems very upset and doesn't have a good answer to that. Where are you also noticed Here- is a dwarf here- one door. Most of these people are humans in this village that you ve seen so far, but here is a dork running around with healing people. It seems there is a
What's your guards lying around, we seem like they got badly injured in he's trying to administer first aid. That's all what you see Raynham. Can we till after, like burn marks on them or are they battle scars? Ah, it looks like there are. Some battles correspond, blades and stuff, but two of the look, maybe burgundy, clear they look like they ve, been damaged by higher, but it doesn't look like normal burn marks, meaning you ve lobby. You could try to make a merry sitting or are turned its back on deceive. You know what kind of damage they do which dragons eat dragons. As far as you know, each needs large large quantities and after that it really depends on the dragon becomes one if we can poison straggly throughout a bunch of food for than that of like put a spell into, and then we kill the dragon without even having to through hands Alexia. Like a kid, I makes
a dragon food- that's poisonous. Ah, you would have a spell called minor illusion where you can create a human size like pile of something like dragon, food and I'd, say for the purposes of the spell I'd like you make a good smell coming off, but also the ears the catch the moment a dragon touches it their hand, will go right through the illusion, so you do have you're too, so I can lure them, but they I can actually point alarm and they will have Hank brilliance, Yoke, etc. I'd like to get I'd like to make hologram version of dragon food. I love that How do you the best of your guess? A good example would be the classic, like the t Rex, in Jurassic Park, a goat Just kind me. Maybe up on the wall, perhaps remind you wanna put it up. Where do you want to put the salute? I the castle inside the castle on the walls where courtyard. You think that's only we can get high ground and we can get a dragon in close quarters. Yeah ambush, ok
let's put it in order to put it in a room and lock him in their zirk is like a dungeon in narrowing the castle was smelly. Here does seem like there would be there's big door leading into there are probably dungeons underneath this catalogue rag. It would be too big. Every man cave courtyard I too, courtyard oil will lower the dragging the courtyard like a big ball of whatever type of dragon food like some further go. Like soup, drugs like Cincinnati, Chile, ok you're making like a big as a big stick, It looks like a big means. Do for this drier. Like me, legs floating in some shredded Chinese pleaded meal. I love that that's good people will see the huge ball appear and they'll be shocking, were jumped back and then some kids will run up and we'll start touching the illusion.
Leaving their hands in this field is not real. It's not real! Well of you do anything. The mayors who is your business. I put up a sign that says: please do not touch the soup with a sigh appears. These united, the stupid flashes for justice, in their hearts through Surpass Tanya, slowly and Erlich. You in theory, we had already established, do speak there, your conic language. You could have an attack that in theory, you could like get ready right now, if you just want to reign attack or when something does show up, but in theory it also spells like John Person, and you also be very persuasive for talking to townsfolk, or am I talking to any by around I think I'd seen to get ready, no through shopper would remember, sway again some of their persuade everyone to pretend that the shit did. This do is real. I have people line up. It began. Like we gotta a dragon.
But don't you I am off when the time comes. I load up suddenly glowed trap animal yet sure I've been I've been a beating heart. I wrote a sword whenever the team says where the theme says: let's, let's convinced that the towns bull, that rape is real wages. Anybody else in this town recognise Hank as duplicitous fuck here's the thing he's a nome, so no, it doesn't seem like anybody recognize him in the town, but he's deadly noteworthy values. People are humans and his own. He be like a little else asked her and her after ok, I know so could we have, for we have him like get bracelet the entire little area, all in line like hey. This is the plan you're telling them. This is the plan. I love that apsley, so you get them in on this planet. Role: percent persuasion with a plus five, a G20 plus five to convince them to get it on this idea. Southern indian, sure they do it well, you're old, irrelevant he robust seven. Seventy seven plus five twelve
is enough yet moving up job rising legal at putting up this rules are being hungry, probably the smell of the still helps them and they're. All now we say like no dragon state is ready, because this that they are also we're maybe about, were plotting there. Also doing a good job of keeping their days run this you, like, I wanna, get closer and not to close the signing. Let him know that over in on the general Hungary was simply to solid Billy's. Gonna get us. Finally ceased. Public is really get set up for the new recital. I want to set the trap. What what can I type of trap Cosette? So when the dragon comes, we like throwing a huge net on it or like what does my war priest magic, outgoing? Let's see, We then bathing in game of thrones on the ship types thing you don't like it.
The chain and yeah? Ok, ok with you want a queue up. I'm gonna tell you why either oak is. He adds a guy you golden years. Why? Because it didn't come into play when you were babe, rising the eldest in one go, but when you get something with a guiding, bold everybody who fires after you gets advantage on the other of the earth. Then you put a bulls eye on this thing. Everybody who shoots african sizeable I've was set up to fuck up the straggling capping of compound the dragon like you're, given the winning the laser now read, write in fighting bolt. Ok, see role because it because it's already shot you going to get a pirate before anything else happens, and then the smell starts walking out, and you are going to get two roles- are financed with the day, because what you are seeing burst of all hearing is a flop. Sounding laboratory.
Ring of wings as in the distance fine. Several hundred years we see Pooh Lizard, like wings. Clean rose, it'll dragon takes off into the air, but once twice flies towards the castle is a big worn on its head and with that smell, go ahead in a role at even when you allow twenty. Let us down. Dude come on, are five. They move on with the role of
five and then with a plus five that would be at ten, but, however, I am giving for this also idea so or better. Yet I would have to give the aims. Inspiration, you're surprising, the drag irony. In addition, the dragons looking rubber boots ain't always can be good rule one more time. You have advantage from a track NGO, hurry, hurry home. Let us now come on nine, nine, with a plus five fourteen. So here's the thing just gonna ask one question: would the bar had given inspiration to the Euro Luzhin in steel. Given inspiration younger, there are other more pep talk a lot better. What did you? is your pep talk? I said all gas no brakes gets no breaks in you. Member him saying just before you fire all gas new breaks role
we're gonna ruin extra DE six to see when you add onto this hides a boy plus six, that's exactly what you needed to that raw or even its the drag base, dragging the lights up with a glowing halo all around it and urges the moment you hear your war got drunk from from everybody can hear it, but then the dragon turns its head to our ass, all those O Indra cod.
You're all in, for it now hundreds flying toward the plaza earlier there is it I'm doing. Ichorous barley, when he realizes folders called yes, you, son of a bitch she's, got minds, and I will tell him that was fantastic. So, two weeks from now, we will find out what happens when the dragon comes in talks with our castle. This was off a man. Thank you is always solicitor, but you thank you so much. I was seeing a couple weeks. Man figure thing. Let me guess today.
Became its pardon. My tape presented by storm sports.
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