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Jon Taffer, Chris Long, And Sweet Sixteen Recap

2018-03-23 | 🔗

We forgot to watch our Spongebob episode, sorry. Recap of half the Sweet 16. Is Sister Jean too good? Is Coach Cal on the hot seat? Will Gonzaga ever make a Final Four? Plus Big Cat upgrades Bruce Weber to a good + coach. Josh Allen pro day today and we're nervous that Sam Darnold is going to use rain at his pro day to go first in the draft(2:20-14:26). We call our friend Chris Long to talk about his new contract with the Eagles and not the Virginia loss to UMBC, we didn't even bring up the fact that his team was the first team ever to lose to a 16 seed, nope, it never came up (15:58-23:58). Jon Taffer joins the show to talk about his new book, how fear can be a motivator, are millenials killing bars, and we pitch him some business ideas (25:05-54:34). Segments include Kings stay Kings for Nick Saban making Butch Jones his intern (57:51-1:01:30), Uhhh Ya Think (1:01:31-1:03:17), Jimbo for Deion Sanders (1:03:18-1:05:15), and our newest segment "PMT FAQ" where we explain some of our longer running bits for new listeners (1:05:16-1:11:50). 

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today is part of my take we have the return of the legend john taffir in studio we also talk to our good friend chris long we broke them is about him so we had a mind to talk about the news not to talk about you nbc verse virginia not at all would bring it up once and we're gonna recap all the attorney game sweet sixteen we now have half of the bracket in the elite eight before we it's all that light busters hake is on his way to vegas tomorrow because floor to state is in the elite eight but lay plus this helped us up we had a great time with them but ladys giving way vegas experiences to winners and their friends you can scan the snap code but lay bottles and cans to play a game and entered the sweeps but light is all
therefore you and your friends remember but light is famous among friends some thank you to our great sponsor but my we love you and with that let's go violence none we can no longer have any idea how our work on the part of my team presented by sea geek today is fry a march twenty third and fuck we ve ratchet spongebob
we have watched the orange bob does one thing that we had planned for today so i asked him entire afternoon wants you dead you we were supposed to watch responds rather episode we promise we're gonna watch spongebob episode and then we just didn't do it mister crabs meme mean big that realizing odin watched spongebob yeahs oh ok so then just do that everyone just me moss because we can't do a simple task of watching a cartoon for twenty two minutes in our busy busy schedule where there was pro like three hours a day were pfc i just sat there like surfing twitter not doing anything to be fair i went down a u two wormhole and watched a bunch of shacks biggest dunks ok i would tear the back bore down that i was only remember i think those there that's totally hater verbal meme the award winning lesters when they realise we watch spongebob arthur fist nova do
bunch bought by this bunch bobby with sponge rob over him yeah yeah so ok so good starts the shouts beef yourself our work and our other policies hang at the crusty crab mean big at the chum bucket yes so apologies for not watching spongebob we let everyone down but you actually probably expected it emily network fifty fifty jets we're gonna do i'm gonna get around to railway finnish play make do in order to renew a sponge rob and an extra part my bake at some point in the next two weeks gunnar was that it was the crab by mr crowley doesn't know is an effort to advertise i guess the big news tonight though is sister genes luck finally came to an end oh are you gonna say doubters coach call in the hot seat was all who's your adventure let's start with sister jean okay so she picked the blurs the ramblers to advance
two to elucidate yes and they ended up ruining her dreams inventing yes solar public bracket yes for power resulting he's got a couple racket some oil chicago is going to lead eight an unbelievable run the second half nevada justice nevada forgot how to play defence lawyer had a lay applying in even still nevada almost came back as i always do that the one thing that pisses me off his entire tournaments and i dont know if coaching or what not but the fact like teams won't extend games the wolf pack were down on with thirty four seconds left unemployed defence and then loya hit a dagger three and now again you have you can't you usually you should make kids shoot fritos in which they can't hit free to us and then we saw that later with kentucky rise not being a kid redress single thank peter washington went what like seven four
nineteen or some yeah yeah yeah so mean very excited it's gonna be awesome that loya actually has a legitimate chance here to go to the final for like no one x acted as bruce weber is now in like the ultimate irony is now there be coaching against a team from illinois invert for a chance to go to the final for when illinois bass while hasn't like been determined in a long long time right so and coach cows in the hot seat he's deftly on a hot seat i want mine seen coach cow go up the road to louisville again then they can say fifty two fowls fifty two yeah like a lotta whistles especially in the first half hours on board one one thing at in realise though because in a really pay attention to college basque once all the term in nevada hasn't myself twins honesty oh yeah real nice in our thinking is one of the good twin got it i'll trouble yeah what's to stop them from supposing they have different give different start different aspects would what would stop them from having
their twins change jerseys and one that's found out you put the other one day i mean they are there the most electric team in college basketball and it's unfortunate that they got bounced i'm happy loyola did it but they they aren't like you saw it we were watching the game they were down ten dollars like this game is so far from over cuz that's all they do they just come back and they make everything again that had that same question fifty except my question was what if they just switch them to start so too game planned and then when the game started and shoot one can't exactly but you wouldn't necessarily know that i am a little looking a little bit different linger not you think they're film city is that intense would like a little difference here these twenty i think so does it just now you guys doing some nook in due course and the other thing is i guess we have to smash the fraud button on goods agora the ass open zaga we thought this is going to be the year that gets zappos gonna finally break through and get to the final for always a bridesmaid never cinderella had his sad in their defence till he was out which i do not
understand how you can have starter and one of their best players out and no one knows until ten days your job dreams like a racket because in that speaking from somebody beckons i am sorry that i am i want my money back and i went to the three so once again lost alma juicy it s kind of the moral of the story is like a jew stout yet even when you squeeze you just my i'm squeeze i go like it's very pulpy and then on the other side of that air in that region michigan learn how to play off once man did and ass warping on tax santa maria isn't asked what michigan looks ass good if not better than any team suffer villain over jam meanwhile duke coming again is everything says i'm from asia duke invitation rearmament yours you probably could have beaten ducas kentucky in aragon right yes oh so yeah genzaburo looks like crap michigan looks really really good eye it was never even close like eight and text saint him is it does sound squad like they were
my letter there were bigger there are longer than the length but lent dead length for is but michigan his bloomer from whistle was well emissions i mean their defence always shows up because john behind coach of great events but the fact that their office was as good as it was was stunning and we found out our raw arrests verse rust the big ten tournament being a week earlier than the earth than all the other championship tournaments an michigan had the rust now they ve got them off and they got a little rest and their homeland
they knocked the rush off with it yesterday they survive the first issue whereas just very rusty survive it envisages that just good life advice and general needed a yes make it through that day here so we have michigan verse flora state and just like enron predicted everyone ever knew the acc was a great basketball conference in florida state would be in the elite eight and a great match up if this were like to forbid nineties in football yet absolutely and then in the other region loyal chicago first kansas state
another great match up and forgot game is going to be first fifty so that urgently needs a figure out some way to combat sister jean because if you have not understood like that's tough they need to figure out a way to get like on the horn with the pope yet have the pope bless them yeah it's also a time the tournament where people get sick and the things our like over we i was the first week area commercials and sister jean like don't turn so upon i dig up some some dirt on sister john she can't be clean i'm totally fine with getting sick like we get sick stuff pretty quickly but surging doesn't really do anything the problem which is a kind of sits there and then they we'll around or wheelchair like i it's hard to it sister gi the promised sister genus she's never had a twitter account to my knowledge and so we can dig up some really problematic tweets maybe someone can just create a sister jean account we can run with the billygoat the about she treated the stuff this raises stuff back in two thousand nine so when for we're going to the final for so in florida state loyal chicago wins just like everyone predicted it's gonna be great right there
a prominent also bruce weber i'm an upgrade you too do i think i have made a good coach what's what's in beech wood good pluck is firstly a good price and actually we'll find out the medium rare plus is a real thing with on tat for a few minutes the other big news for today friday march twenty third its josh protein well before we josh allen prodi i was gonna ask you guys are you nervous that sandra had thrown the rain well yeah i was i was sprinkling he's a southern california boylike hooray kick out about sam don't like those made row in rain round swiss fantastic brown he is actually there actually were articles written that what's the rainy weather do the rainy weather help sam darnold draft stock i think absolutely i mean what better way to figure out if a guy is good don't look at his tape don't look at all that lets
pick a random day when he throws to receivers and art covered but there's a little bit arraign actually was aroused just sprinkler sis and those on the media is not analyse rain and it doesn't really now we know that we are just sharon's protease throwing a smog to the that's important good point excited for asia throw ninety one europe yeah he said he was no said the boy two yards in the air easily they he shouldn't even throw passes to receive asylum judges line up and is while everybody that whip issues play five hundred play its role of his receivers down at the end of the end of the field and just play at all after two or just go bird hunting with his passes like if he can kill bird then boom many jobs gotta be at the top your big board yes i'm excited for josh on protein people gonna start jameson on the hype trained she's been cheese written laudatory s shoe emphases on which i shall outline the biggest one has a thing or two about gaza began tee said i am picking joshua browns and who are you to go against gm djinn jamieson well i mean are we really
saying that genji was someone make a better gm than all the browns pass gems hundred percent she would be better idea i absolutely think she would kill every one of those situations like you don't the brow need a gm who has nothing to do with football brother they tried that they just need a motorway saw she re outrageous in a monkey thrown darts at our port yeah i had one other question before we get to chris long real quick do you think that j p p is worth blockbuster trade when we did cause adam shatters a j p p getting traded to the box is a blockbuster trade i know a year i think for years ago a definite we're right junk ridden things as we had asked for it was a block plus a tray j p p and other swappin some fourth rounders rates because i think that it is like what the nfl and we talk about a we love the nfl the nfl are bottom bitch and why
always your mail which what no bottom bitches your number one at the bottom pitch was through the last one in london or that's one like yours go home i'm thinking of human centipede india bottom autumn fine words will you always go hungry exact hostages the worse yeah that is to say what is a golf phenomena google it real quick little horse better bottom bitch bottom pitch should you google images not of an inch cognitive bottom girl bottom woman are bought a bitch sits atop the hierarchy of prostitutes working for particular pip there you go i just thought you something is why would be terrible peggy s so the nfl i'd be operating all my by a bitch is like i said the nfl are bottom bitch and we love to juggle off what off season and we do love the fact that the off season is never really off season but there is up where the nfl guys like you can tell
jealous of people talk about march madness blockbuster trade j p p for some forts round and frank or signed with dolphins your national framework still life does not only on his balls yeah he's got friends are gonna hear here's a problem low he's your trip overs boss yeah expect is yours precarious dip from three point one to three point zero to five day needs he needs like i wonder if there's a clause in his contract like frank or you can go to miami where you have to wear underwear right and the white hands you gonna see through man that's another one that excite john bruton failure is probably biting the inside of his cheek rogers i bleeding from his mouth nice guy he p p franc or holy shit how can i let all these guys pass me pass me by we get willis mackay outer worst injury ever range universally remember that while you frank that was like the first
those like the first really bad replay under his his like mainly joe thighs meant but not really like you have a great angle will only one aimed only at owes a royal smaller when his knee was just completely bent his ever like bent over and touch his toes yeah a price exotic after that section those definite yes examples i meant same thing i let's get to let's do before we get to taffir we called are good friend chris long and we wanted talk too about the fact that he finally gave us some breaking news and we didn't want to bring up at all was a news is ankara's along what year so it was report a couple days ago that he was going to come back to the eagles but then it was
how to reported that he actually hadn't sign yet yams mulling whether tyres gonna retire right so he finally gave us a little bit gave us a nugget let us break something i personally think he only did that because he's angling for spot him our rushmore various so he gave us a news and we call them and we did we we talked about this reasoning and nothing else now so before we get to that quickly movement springs right the corner and movement is dropping all new sunglasses to get you ready for the warmer whether you you ve heard about their watches you ve worn their watches now you get into their sunglasses here's our problem sunglasses i got all these cheap pairs of look terrible but every time i buy two hundred dollar pair i feel like i get ripped off and i lose him while our friends at movement yeah the watch guys they kind of felt the same way so they thought screw it how will we make quality trendy sunglasses at a fair price these things aren't plastic their acetate you can get them poor
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i welcome on our good friend chris long he gave us a tip today first time after many suspension so he's back in our good graces chris we wanted to have you on quickly to talk about resigning the eagles was the motive for this because you didn't want to retire and have your lasting legacy b sixteen seed beating a one seat that big achieved you know i'm just gonna let yourself funny about that night on the night after you called me a bunch of your call oh yeah we're trying to get you a bad out that that catapulted knew no real danger
democratic authority to watch you know and another one senior down by two thousand and six at the end and happened almost every year to save see the different here you know the guy there is always room for class my whole life all i wanted to see loggers likewise voiced their buddy list at the time was seen as fifteen did away with the wish for is every year when its twenty year when it's like twenty to forty nine percent someone's gonna be did here yes i'm followed i get a follow up question to big cats i do regret wearing german shepherd masks and senate chesapeake bay retriever masks an area of alive merce ones were german shepherd mass i'm really glad you didn't steal or chemical that would have god we're not going i would probably be she's young concerned can community colleges don't have great legal
regarding what i want i had some moving off that game cause we don't want to belabour that year you re signed with the philadelphia eagles now that you're staying in philadelphia for another year i think it's good that you kind of embraced the culture i don't know if you ve seen the movie rocky put its an underdog story like kind of like a sixteen seed beating a one seed for the first time ever so if you know anything about that story or if you have any in thoughts on such a crazy upset that no one has ever seen and will last for ever and will always think of virginia when we think of one seat losing toys arsenal is lowered i'll return of awful time our culture the culture the culture i liked the less alone as well he had ordered for fun fun fact about look so various alone he went to you and b c for about three minutes in my house when i was too high watching that game i thought he went there
i think i got really confused so i didn't want to bring up your bc again but sylvester sloan noted alarm between like nine like twenty five to nine twenty eight last friday night pro western everything from those guys they were moving to shout alike i have noted that the web but the ones were quite useful while we are taking a shot now honour on that but we gotta do we gotta do better yeah we were young i wanted to follow up with euro quick you know you famously gave all your money last year to charity i was wondering if you are thinking about maybe storing up some scholarships with your new contract here i mean maybe get you vs and better basque bottlers required approaching the contrary we have some of the best players in a country we will be just fine buddy oh ok so if you have since players in the coaches several things i would never yet you u s
wonder game in the tournament is it tomorrow now i want to i once was well also been one seed and they did not lose two sixteen always remember or something you do something that's pretty good over here well yeah one rather have a spectacular once in a lifetime here crushing defeat and losing sweets extent here's august and the only on those given make what was gonna make her glass shaw s doesn't have a certain sown i've spends on for you ready what did you gotta make deanna teenage years no we declined i've spends on for you ready people or probably talk about ralph samson and shall not lost now the virginia has a more notable loss you will remember that lot i want to do so because you ve been such a good sport
not suspending you because they give us this one scope for the first time ever would you like to dominate somebody for us to suspend instead of you maybe your brother will suspend him for an episode ok hurry thing about it besides the spot a lotta iron gas but yeah like real celebrities what would you have only relevant michael rapid port beer in the long run we thought we'd john tell her you're on john tafurs episode of part of my take as we speak what happened you are my co rapporteur i don't really know michael just gonna win michael we don't want to bring it up just like you dont want to bring up you nbc beating virginia or those who i love covered the like those boys organize your firewall bring up right now we just want to give them the time of day he answered
this amounts to spend because despite yourself for being the first six and see the loose till one see that's pretty a bear for us it was tat my brother came suspension mondiale one what i want to show you there's no real assets starts yeah it's he kissed spent from this episode but i'll send him cliff notes in case he missed the sixteen over one thing exerting explain why he suspended because we felt so bad for christian took pity on him because you ve lost our identity was was rapporteur on the west or no oh yes i was easy massive that's a bad luck to pick a replacement retroactive you're you're the replacement i think i don't wanna be a replacement well thomas jefferson on there and the real my rushmore he founded uv which lost in the first round
to your vision so we like to tell you what we'll give you thomas jefferson spot we're not even trying to talk about it just all roads led back to the sixteen over one thanks think someone's in all seriousness those most famous like wisconsin ground now did you he wants to spend his address or worse and judge you on a car i saw your lover so again it was pretty good oh cared for the programmes rising i know all mom from malcolm in the middle you that's pretty that's regimes factually wrong that's pretty good right near for your efforts as preclude thomas edison but i'm count lukewarm thomas jefferson yeah let's go
but often problematic since he has an aged well yeah exactly you do you think the loss will age well or do you think it's gonna just gonna stick which you guess maybe you remember what a dominant and crazy when you cut their lacrosse nets posts budgeting is good at lacrosse support the future i will chris thank you so much congrats on a new contract we appreciate come on you guys you whore setting up a working for twenty five minutes data ruth christmas brought you guys by robin hood everyone knows that were big time football guys but most people don't know there were also big time investment gas begets bennett in the big going to jim game for israel and when i buy something i was by little stock in their company to ill discount milton
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it different i we now welcome on one of my favorite guess recurring guest john taffir he is a book writer now you're an author a second time by the o second time yes okay you need to publish a little i filed with wisdom we had at all about the added it alot of wikipedia pages yet but i led the book thing is next to the book is don't bullshit yourself crush the excuses that are holding you back first ball strong i know for a strong man i like that you had a swear word in there you liked areas i absolutely due to its attention grabber it's war those you know it's when you walk into a bar and you see some they alike boom this book just screams to you and can i just say i do judge every book by its cover for unemployment has to start right
so and i i liked this book so it's a number one seller on amazon it is right now i can't believe it on blown away by our it so i was i was thumb and threw it last night the up and i so you you have like you you told a story about failed biz business deals so you lost six hundred thousand dollars and when your first business you tell that story so i created sports born chicago with this guy in the guy i created a sports bar with was us a scoundrel i should know it cheats on his wife you know it's is young kids with sleep and everywhere and somebody suddenly man don't be partners with somebody who cheat like that castle whose screw you in a heartbeat so when a business with the guy was young stupid sweet of all the paperwork done and sun gonna let me offer of a family to grant cheetah how does it happen he just kennedy he took over years taken the buyers uncovered he took yes in essence hee hee hee i put thousand at night and get the equity for thou so use
like i mean you seem like an awful guy you probably see that mean big cat couple alpha's in the studio how do how does one take you for five underground without can the businesses from holiday there does ramifications of that for sure but you have to do in legal ways but but you know shame on me for partnering with a guy who i know has achieved so what what did you learn from gaza the innocent very uneasy it's very easy for me to blame that on him the fact is it was my fault you should have seen it you bet so i was also coming through the well i didn't dump the book i read the table contents but credit me for doing that your expresses hey you listed are impress our fear knowledge time circumstances ego and scarcity yes what about the ultimate excuse diarrhoea obviously that's a fluid situation so you want to deal with that kind of absolutely
what is so i will get a cork if i were you i wanted to go back to the guy who whose scammed you for a second entrusting people what do you do now as your test on who you can trust and who you can't trust but you and i frankly yes we ve known each other won't i guess i trust you i know about you don't know who you are and what you do and i wouldn't let you clean my bedroom i know that's not exactly your for tat but the fact of the matter is rhino your character you know so i dont like to surround myself with people whose character entrust right right do you have any like litmus test like hey this is gonna tastes and so on through the family they did shooting up that's a pretty serious one young i just don't want to know if you cheating some one else right the day and i am convinced you gonna shoot me to see you really want to do your homework you wouldn't mary somebody you know nothing about so dont partner with somebody who knew nothing about a good was house beat his family meat is free
you know something about the guy before partner up with a visa i mean i am very happy that the nightmare of dave right yes absolutely put i mean it's true because i do trust dave when the chips are down i became asta but because he is integrity right and he cares right and he might be an asshole i say that but he might some people might say that but i still trust him we'll have a dns only does actually rank exactly he plays one on television put but i find it is because it is one of the parts of doing business you everyone talks about business you are a wine although she put the other day comes down to who you're parted with it has people saran yourself and it's all revenue people can say my labour costs as high market expenses i am content classes higher production costs but if our revenues went up thirty percent you would be saying any thus thing so a business people blow it is they focus on a dimes not the bowers you guys a good driving revenue driving content that's why you successful
the expenses work we have allowed revenue right rising we cancel lot of flights we miss alot of likelihood that would if that's kind the price that you pay for doing business yes yes i'm so i also saudi dedicated the book your wife i did ass a kind of a man card situation there but you also said that she never doubted you even when you doubted yourself that's right when did you last out yourself you know my first book i'm never written a book before goes to think ten years ago that i would write a book was an astronomical reach showing up of my first book made the wall street journal dishonest
but a gloomy away not to break up brag nobody but i doubt it at me i didn't expect to be so successful this book is another one mean who had ever think that would be number one and amazon i completely down i did so i'm laura thank you buddy buddy marketed the hell out of that i've been all over the city of new media tourism everything from boston sports the doktor fell but everything i can think of because i didn't believe in it tat is too great and the shocking but you know what i learned is and you ll find it interesting
a dialogue and fifty nine bar rescues you're doing a hundred and sixty two with me the hundred sixty second episode is reality my involving my third undoubtably varies so you been here with me you know how it works you now real it is near that it's not absolute that is completely real i took that jello shot saint louis and maybe there's a jealous pudding shot my place for that yes now he's very real ales brisket nachos that made me want to puke where would only real it wasn't a jello shot it was actually from the judge not it was joe pudding ok was heard a gondola shot on an all those odd car it was jello put shouts gusty was so ass i was a cut price not a lot more than that we would ask the areas yes big back to the diarrhoea when they ate or circle exactly says so when i did about a hundred twenty over my realised that whenever you ask anybody whether wider failing they never save me they always blames
thing else relax frisian their sad that son of a bitch did go my point stinker my and i realized everybody's gonna fuck an excuse for their shortcomings so i real ok so if the common denominator of failure amongst all of these hundred is an excuse what the fuck is an excuse sit down to be a month actually figure this out excuses rationalization of a mistake you actually artisan on any that real carrying it took him up at me i didn't want to yeah yeah you didn't do set me should have we made a lousy fucking choice if it wasn't one of those three things you would never say the excuse ok so every time we come up with an excuse and makes us feel but about something we should feel bad about yes right so we should be fucking
still we blew it so to denounce mechanism in your own brain that says hey you're not the problem its everybody coach can do that vienna fell players can deal pass fuckin sokolov you'll only for reaches over you wouldn't be saying that no are you sure celebrating can't throw em catch the ball and can't know that's what his gazelle set yet why me can you cannot read the ball yet regret that such my point is this of excuses which paralyse everybody hold us back then you know what are the biggest excuses fear you have to think about you buddy you're on radio your national all over the place you sit here at all times we overcome it knows you can use a saw me i actually wrote this fear as a motivator because it has struck me because that is something i always talk about myself that i wake up every morning being like what if today is the day that everyone's like that is not fun anymore but you got to keep evolving for you got to make sure you are right we got to work harder at it every freaking that writes not easy and i think a lot of people like fear shut them
what i like eating afraid right or white and inspiration three but think about this when people are scared of something if they just think for a minute hundreds of thousands of people have already dealt with it so the fear is bullshit it's just not fucking real right now then you look at the next when i love this when ego you ever noticed a peep with the biggest ego had the thinnest fuckin while it interesting right does he doesn't listen anybody's eagle gets it away the typically not very success right right and i love time time is a growing as if their when in a book you know it's out of the time you know if it was important to you would have made the fucking times you not saying you don't have the time you saying as you blew to fuck off far it's not a priority where such a point you go you can you mean good thing i came in today has yielded out on the phone and that would have time you were to show me the time wasn't worth it for us i can therefore came in yeah we're sense exactly right but i was gonna do it for you on the phone because they want to let you down so we fall back i would
these get on the phone yes but you know i love you but i was that he showed up what about if you're tired like that's a good excuse outside monetize was one one more our work in a fucking kill you what will our initial japan they work sometimes eighteen hour days and gharib dying one of the best yet what follows up till i too am smoking weed employing call of duty and then i wake up and i'm tired so then you're excuses and dirt back now i will he was being a true pianos protecting our countries on the virtual reality how do you know about the time you didn't have the time to do it with a major life better used at times to sit on the couch can i watch football game ok at what point do i get to know you off to his chocolate cake involved not only wanted to actually looking gonna pay and when i got out of you but i think you will you can't make it somewhere because doctoral wilson pitching and you really want to watch and pitch so that's that's another class you work for pleasure
like them if that's what you're choices that's cool misunderstand that's what your choices yonder disarm used its african choices when you chose to blow it often ngos yet again when you say fear none of your almost certainly i meant to do tomorrow night will unblock it off in a professional dinner i'll go to the night sky gotta etc it is for the cop lubyanka conclusions we get to say and i think we got a shot of the cop you think i'm crazy was the cap's your limit afraid of of the washing capitals afraid it have a ban on animal welfare but it's the cap's here just turned now you don't show those were in parliament when you say fear i almost hear fear of competition from you like if you're afraid to do something like one big cat said like we wake up sometimes were afraid that we're not gonna be out in the same bed yet not sit well on the other road said margaret week for example we wake up the same van together
and we say you know like hey is this the day that you know it all falls off horse and it drives us to like push a little bit further i turn fear into like a competition i competed sort but that you know you have us which mentality in your head you no fear of losing is a very powerful motivation when put but if you dont compete and you're not gonna win course but life is competition and searching yes what solving every aspect solve this for me i wake up every morning and mrs mccarthy jim and i usually just lay in bed for like an hour and scroll through twitter so you're asking me to figure out how to make you not be lazy fuck yeah by me i'm i want lears thing i work a lot like in work so i gave myself that our but i really should be doing something productive not oh i changed my mind you hypnotize me you know tell you and i'm never said the same but i said mister ok i'll go to the gym
often as i shouted half or just like me sit so what i find i do is i m very disciplined professionally i'm all over professionally you're pretty damn discipline professional comes your personal life sometimes your fuckin mess yet i get lazy because your creating your priorities and right now your priorities very much focused on the professional life parcel sports you're a great opportunity to pass up we as we can long way for yellow rescue all long way those black long was he blogger i got it i think that its employees in europe like a billiard now you had one blossom back then davidson boss i was its cargo ran away i lose yet so we all were in our different cities and now we're all here and you know so look at everything that you guys been through so so you know you have a professional burden upon you but you have been and look i said to myself to if we don't keep ourselves together personally does not can be a very long profession around i have a question for you about by rescue because i've been a big fan fur maybe last five years they got me through lotta hangovers on my couch on sundays watches marathons up before the o face one of the best episodes of all time
that was one that you walked out on signal try to keep you around for a long time now but he can't do it he can't do it at all i still hear from him some day seems like a good guy has a guy you i've met suppose i gotta facebook post everyone's volume of another place in and go in and get out completely ok so adieu ever go back in these places and check in autumn just see other keeping up like obviously the office did not improve like he thought it would be like the steam montparnasse did you go back and check on these pleasant really sometimes i'll do back to the bar episode within about twenty those in and what i'll do i'll send an expert or somebody because i want to see was really happening if i welcome it its maiden bright and cleaner vehicles have somebody else and using those we do back to the boy yet women that we should do and send you back to one of the one you don't want any kind i was you're the one in chicago yeah yeah without actually read very good to stake house being our state like ass i got those yet right how'd you ever going to pick with you because we got into it last time you on the show about bloody marries a method i'm a bloody mary fish yadda ok and i've discovered that the best mixed by
our four bloody marries zigzag mix there are a lot of places that that tat their bloody marriages being handmade now we say no i'm not gonna do without one thing saying it's cheap it's good i know it's good i've heard for more people when we have that was an important you told me i was one of about a thousand people that really cared about my bloody miriam expert i heard from hundreds of people that said that yes zigzagging is superior bloody mary mix that she's a tip if you want a rescue bar step number one zinging bloody merricks rehashing i get that you like the product but you know i can get somebody else to seduce you say the same thing about mr mrs too now you want mr missus teeter trash i've dismissal by europeans unbundling tomato juice set europe being subjected but i hear you have to be a great man it is a great mixer i mean i know he married literary boys now be a body marriage will create five or six different mixes on a bar you know will create our own recipes will put all sorts of fixings and garnish ottoman everything in garnish with a shrimp and garnish with autism tons of stuff
what about our that that specifically marketed towards people who were hung over we're all you serve as yet you bloody marries your most your eye opener is your tatties and then the lights are really really dim in the just play like really soft maybe like peter frampton music or filter music deserve it is a fuckin head everyone young over you have you have oxygen at the bar there couches problem head the the acts the problem that is and then i them to blow your massive idea is that you know one bar start to support hangovers we proceed as irresponsible way not don't want that you're not support your curing them but what were were giving you more of a motivation to
of one so it's like a needle exchange or saint oh it's encouraging heroin users a hangover bars coming as it will make that argument that it makes it easier to do now here's your near does need there is used to be a bar in wrigley veil called red ivy that was like really dark and cold and when you were hung over you'd go in there and start drinking again and then when you came out as like superman's cape any came out you're drunk in it like felt great to go in and come out near i coma better we need that because he tore down so i just people i bet it does not lay down the street from tat which was last my favorite episode with that guy smile and mike zog out is is smiling at zion always has like doing water on the floor i remember we walked away with the employees we through the keys i gave a byword no employees yeah you know i did that why will we were blocked from wrigley field was two weeks in the world series
the sitting right cargo knew i was there yes so i couldn't walk out like oh face not remind with abortion cargo would have been pissed at marianne so i remind the bar and stuck it the smiling at that was the only like you that was the best solution with yes you must get the best service of all time when you walk into a restaurant yet people produce you know it's when you tat is if i walk up to a bar deliberately nea people knew sleek who's gonna walk slow you know i gotta become i can't walk like them so what are you tap but twenty twenty five percent ok nice people expect me yet they ain't got a we gotta come more ideas for you we ve had a few ideas recently what do you think about a website that just has every menu in america but it's the pictures the food that's really a good idea some of the paper playing with three dimensions
we see the item on a menu ally that has been announced you could show to see what it is and then you can eat it so it's actually just a phone dries an image of cutting out the thing is i leave to do three d menu where you just bring out all the food what you could not ready they wanted you to graphic holographic like that because if you're on a diet you can like fake like reading feel like you i gotta give your how graphic fork then yes so that together we make this work as up as a result i have how a graphic diarrhoea is that what i as a whole is rapidly larders yet how graphic excuse for life on article eight is a restaurant classier if it has pictures on the menu disagree this greatly disagree so you just had done he's guy straight at night i hope to see the food like i don't know what it's covers why you're not exactly the epitome of class i went to farm to table place three weeks ago and i didn't know what are the ship was and then it came and it was like i wanted a minute they put a picture on the menu they're gonna have to they can't capacity club
i was perfect what about us what about an extra what about a lie back you get a king and you can t take factory i get a team of relaxing them a book but she's take factories are valued yet operation is only a few of them they do but eleven million bucks a year each more when it's a very very push out bran every clamp round baron say arrived without our accordingly placed after we what if we just given optional like you know how you there's you know handicap table or what to wear so here's the option that you can have to see all the food here's what's gonna have with digital menus i think we're gonna look at a man you were gonna see stuff listed so it doesn't have the picture to cheap in it when i touched item i see the pic only an option and data disappear universal i see it when i want yo you just now i want to open a menu with pictures is that sort of a breakfast he kind of slow idea now i just out thought your fucking idea
this is a little bit a candle when you make this idea you don't know it if we make this money you're involved tommy idea he added a veneer of class to set here that's all you need to hang out with dirt bags like us a lot and then just kind of put a spit shine on olive ideas so you saying that then does not have a veneer of class now that we pride ourselves on being probably the least cost to people that you'll ever media as an annex alive the reason why gus sussex yeah if you tell people you're supra glassy then if you just do something that's iconoclastic i told her tat rises and i commend fifty what about europe bar idea boy all the difference our so i guess i got two different ones here for you the first one is brand new and i thought this morning on this the bar its across from a high school or middle school and is called dimension area and it's only for teachers only teachers go there is a few know teachers day like to throw a few back dairyman drinkers in its staffed by former soon
only former students to work there so the teachers get to go get wagering early enough for his we oughta be former students who hate the school no no further gotta be a strip club and the former students that really hated the school and dropped out i did that could work every two years ago we did a bar in outside and war once and i called at the annex and then i name the drinks like catcher in arrived after all these books so when they got there receipt it said the annex on a topic we think listed was the name of a book smells like they went to the bookstore an apparent when in fact they were drinking in a bar i like that but certainly like teachers hate some of their former students i think it be great if they could go to bar and have some of the fuck up serve him uncle i went to the whole grudge mash than gaff i've got the other one that i had was it's a bar but in what you walk inside you how about you restaurants have different station set up it's like that except those are all different bars so you can go sit down at a table everyone has their own table their own bartender you have one it's like
irish bar even inside you have one that's like a karaoke bar worrisome the other one is the issue of my living room yeah there's couches as a living room her but the premises and actually diet i hate really have you actually done exactly what other mildly hunting in minneapolis years ago called mississippi life and you walk through nine different values i did another one called a hub in fargo where we walk through i think was eleven venues she was a country western room those iraq room called look at why there was a concert venue does a sports bar there was a so what you're talking about is a multi venue a little bit of your halfway towards mightier than the main part of my ideas we hate standing up and we hate waiting lot yeah so the premise of this is you just get to sit at the bar there sir it's a smaller place but they're like five or six different bars of that everybody gets to see their own bartender so what happens when you success when people three deepened the bargain you
but you tear down the wall and the high to extort area that other all the fact of the matter is your idea works if there's no customers do the minute i'm busy doesn't work it's in it it's a niche more just popped in my head so then is a hundred i'll cover to getting the others only six people that yeah i would pay a hundred bucks to sell to absolute are so here's an idea there spot my head would it be offensive to do a bar where they gave you wheelchairs before you got in there just a week you're only bar so you always have a seat in you don't know rounded up on my furniture you can literally just role around its like a bit colic a bumper card part with that would be sought to fund a year or two years ago we used to do human boeing wooing oversize skateboards we put a football helmet on your head at way you down and i'd push you across the dance for entirely at and still still hate the lobster machine yeah only because i've seen people get hurt people gotta hit it when a back swing wham or they get somebody in the face with
robinson people really good way way now not to punch machine the lobster machine loud lavish archaeologist fucking cruel man yeah probably but i'm giving her a lobster when you drop in a pot of boiling water screams and isn't even yeah yeah i'm fucked up ok well i guess you perhaps what about some of these yeah what about abolishes my living room why figure will be resolved bar is lit well yeah when it would be nice if somewhat serve you know it marie eminent noses really good friend of mine said to me john would you come to my house and build a bar and i did it when i was here the other day i made a promise that i am rescue your bar outside we need to fix thrash armed struggle let's put this together the next few weeks guide this right will get a doctor and they will get this right dont enemy important cash register gets you fucked jackie would still have refugee to borders do you like paul tabs and bars do not pull telephone ok what about my report centres monkey boy tenders you know who else
to russia without hotel as he's kid i forget his name jack jack did a bar with swinging midgets oh i was once also viagra restraining little peewit but the bars that's the idea that i wouldn't want to drink at him i like many years ago in california i get on surrendered for doing a corner cigarette little people tossing really as this would have been nineteen seventy nine nineteen eighteen long beach california we created these customs vests with big zippers in front and back invest had to handles and you take one hand on i take another and together we would swing and tossed the little person into an air mattress and was a really fun promotion and a little guys are really happy they would get way does was everywhere you know there was a light for the party and city attorney such can't do that so i call my warm i waste as i have signed a release and a waiver in its fine it show business and i was gonna rested for it sounds a little bit cruel makin lie
i was fond of the time after that i put seriously the monkey bartender idea think it's got legs you put a chip behind a bar you dress it up in a suit me i led a smoke cigarettes and you just order drinking and whatever the monkey port you that we have to drink i would go to that part of their some human bartenders affronted exactly like you know even light my last question is to seek a question so if you want to get ten dollars off the gold mites go to seek put in a promo code tat can you get ten dollars off your tickets seat geek promo code take i don't great nervous what i'm about to ask you because i don't wanna be embarrassed i when i it was never been idealistic place i order medium rare places at real that's
plus yet as a way of saying that my wife does the same thank you she medium or as a little as a saint medium well is a little jailed i've actually read about it it's one thirty eight is medium rare one forty two is medium want meteor mariposa one forty china's you know i like it s little shall i like no cook in america gets medium rare less on a ticket and says can valley the stake on here for another ten seance humphreys bars do i think if you if you go to find sarcastic at that i always unifies they cause i don't do it at length unborn you know a chile's are now back and i wonder staying like i was gonna get your give further nullifies but if i met you know a fifty dollars that you know a stake steakhouses lugers i am dying medium rare plus and they always say shark actually pretty common thank yeah i like it that way on that same no one emission rights not to resign also always find that really nice steakhouses always under cook it just a little bit cause
still i want i can always refined ryan allowing seldom i'm just basically it's basically asking for medium rare true medium arias deal it out if it comes out a limit on the rare snow hey i'm ever more or less steak i wanted to how i want a phd so on the same note of chain restaurants i want to hear from from you what do you think is the best chain restaurant america who hears what can i do i use my cancer doktor to several of my clients okay so do you guys tv i have handled it identifies will right now i work with national restaurant change right now my companies reinventing the customer experience in the world's largest hardware store humpty va rebuilding a resort in pigeon forge tennessee right now in a mountain the whole mountain so there's a whole other like that that's like it's i really can't answer those kind of clash ok i'll rephrase are millennials killing hooters while this also odor booters cohen itself
yeah but on a radio physiological any old killing bart the bar see well millennials are creating a very different kind of bar seemed no question about it in a millennials a you know are or are very relevancy driven in a moment he also drink across beer that sucks because it's cool turn right no one at all and i did and times better we want young i forget i think that everyone here drink so you know millennials dont react illogical things are react to what is cool yeah in order as relevant as some of that comes from social media the ugliest girl in a world and ugly is fucking dress in world composed a picture and social media and somebody's gonna say you look beautiful right and it's all bullshit now so we get this instant gratification is in relevancy from social media people think they know you but all they knows what you want it so it's all constructed and it creates a this desire for this instant relevance
all the time and then ran about life is relevant and i have one last question is a gold mine wednesday the copper you gonna go to the white house with with the tape you i certainly hope so ok there we go i have one last question for you did you watch tom brady on the copper show the other night i didn't chugged beer i wonder there are a lot of conspiracies out there about whether or not this was actual beer that he was bringing as the bar expert work as a bar scientist the permanent primitive m d always on time rehearse giants i'd like to hear from you if you think that this is actual beer now watch because colbert he changes the beers we brings about see throughout their those two things first what does have a little bit of a head now why she switch is it a high get out bigger hair the beer but that could be iced tea with
call maintop lino an egg white foam yeah it's almost like there's too much from let's compared to stevens beer suddenly talk tat radio john and copy of clear watching this well armed stuck not watching how got so what watch him drink i'm his book don't bullshit yours have you got crush excuses that are holding back by legislators are treated like a man that's what he does rickety like a man great book by everyone on amazon that's pretty quick right that was pretty damn quit now there's some foam that's caught on the sailor wiser that's what that is on the side of the beers lacing ok unlacing is what happens when a forms set aside of the building so what tat shows me is that glass wasn't beer clean
some residue any inside that glassy the soap resident it was here that was beyond writer norman's worryingly stephen colbert show has issues whether cleanliness hygiene paradise rise was actually probably thrown away you wanna call the only because it was more foam and glass after he drank again before my regard making new stun i john taffir thank you so much don't bullshit yourself crush excuses are holding you back it is you can buy anywhere its number one vessel on amazon it is i'm excited to read it i just got the copy is anybody who needs to read the book yes that you buddy i'm an amateur finally motivate myself to not scroll through twitter for an hour every more if you are so but to big aching just cross out the word bull into silence i don't shoot yourself yes that's really what we need is more help i have to tell you that we make fun of each other out but i love you but i do shit myself but i love you by the yes i love you too i put myself i was asleep the other week does account ethics
i've got you won't whether they re there were pants on barcelona citizenship by mrs eriksson you solid a fluid tonight with accurate thank you so much as always to be your buddy the interview with giant avarice brought you guys by blue apron i use blue apron big car use hank use bubba uses blueprint it is the leading meal kit delivery service in the u and involvement people know what we do many don't know about that types of meals that you eat when you cook with blue apron you're not just having burgers for dinner you're making short rib burgers are the hopi cheddar sauce in a pretzel bun you're preparing seared steaks and thyme pan sauce and mashed potatoes green beans and crispy shallots all in for forty five minutes and without a trip to the grocers growth story they are the number one fresh ingredient in recipe delivery service in the country
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i'm a fucking idiot ok so greedy moody and break loose my way way way way hundred bob mean where he looks old and fucked up and you type it in my capital not capital capitola our model of how community yeah so remember when we did our march madness preview with our friend mark titus scan i said free throws or overheated doug you lost by three you mention it but disease act actual step pga washington missed twelve fritos lasso salon that seems like it's important that seems like you want to make those free throws combat rivalry he could only good point actually only this week if you bet on kentucky technically one so if you bet ocular bookie about less exactly miles get some segments first up we have king stay kings for nick sabin who has high
butch jones as an enter the greatest line ever when next day was i gazed like an intern i think he spruce it up in cities and analysed and what an amateur and came out for yes well if your neck say saving everyone is an inter yeah it's the world is made up of two types of people there is nick sabin and in turn so there's two ways to look at this one is is nick save in doing this as his coterie abilities in where he brings in likes these are keys s lane kevin put sean's inches parades them get a little them and then send them off on their merry wasted get another job somewhere or is this nick save in thinking ahead and say puts jones might get another job in the assisi so i need to under my coach and tree so that i can beat him please undefeated it gets his current sure there's a in there's also he's totally devaluing puts jones and may be making sure they doesn't get a job in the ssc yeah because imagine what a cock you'd feel like if you were like auburn five years from now on your like
our vote shows but he is nick savings interpret that something is like nick saving just makes every what he may he just creates young hot coaches even though they might a sock before and adjust it the circle keeps going what do you think his duties are as an intern for an exception like giving a chap stick it strikes me as easily gary from deep he's the bag may i give you a mozilla realise sharply high seal milkroom pies you probably like turns when tax havens ok turned the weather channel and mute because asylum we would thereby be storms that and i want to hear that we can cancel pragmatically just meets the tv up picks up his kids from school d just basically agrican nanny i'm sure he achilles all his wife will use all the five star recruits like bmw's yeah that's archives stuff here i was looking up next savings coaching tree and first
coffee acc is nick havens assistant which is brilliant by him because any could have been more but i forgot the dirt duly was in his coaching tree that fucking idiot with the orange panza god he was so dumb as just perfect as next havens like he it's the a check why he bit nick save it has been belch ex tree in belgium has proven you just make coaches just good enough that everyone wants to hiram and just bad enough that they will just they'll taylor liar oh you know team school organization and you can keep putting championship yet really really if your boots jones so how do you feel about being described as an internal you probably i thought i dont think you had a conversation except when we get hired like you might have said was that i was in office of assistant was put this way it's better to be nick savings in turn than unemployed step
it would be an intern the now turn right lebron james oh i think he's probably gonna be ok with hope his face is always read anyway so his angry no matter what right i actually don't think that coaches really know if there are getting paid or not i just think it they just that or to work every day and then if the czech hits or bank account than their happy because or why we're happy right because when you think about it the could mean basically is just the house that they have that's the only way that the coach knows if he's getting paid is it does he have a house that has five bedrooms or more prize all his clothes are just team gear he flies on the private dunno team j ai meals at the office he might take one vacation a year but other than that is just is there a place i go to sleep at night there is more than five thousand square feet if if yes i am getting paid i wouldn't be surprised if he was locked up and savings basement
the modalities live another attic or something like that it's probably just is probably just living it savings like lake house and making sure the boats are fine but seven probably too i should know that hope is that he has a lake ass to begin with the eyes i gotta get the barnacle off it even though to freshwater leah has just like in the middle of the sky and unease just sitting there all day which jones strand of clean off the boat next that we have all you think would you have this comes from vice so they tweeting idolize smoking bug spray is apparently more danger i love that word apparently smoking bug spray is apparently more dangerous than heroin i must say i don't know really breathing well does make me
thank you for that makes me think embrace debate are we talking about bug spray like like off that keeps bugs away from european smoking losberne hornet killer how'd you smoke it my guess is that some sort of like get wet ha jake dunno you're going to get your joint annoying like to get buzzed where they just like spray the bug spray honour joined in almost every say heroines probably somewhere dangerous you won't try books were if given up i would try bucks for you i wouldn't try heroin so there you go would you would you not say which were you try first like art you had strikes why limit myself to one one hundred light was maxim books pre doesn't seem i honestly books
it might be actually ok to smuggle i have run the big canada concert i have seen light passive pugs gray brown ass get get sprayed on envy get any i just lady just through all i just through words together that were once in a sentence before on the shall have never seen a like spray hoarded are a wasp with bugs pray how like shakes around its trip in bosnia or not i feel that it is a natural you're just six even though it is the ideal is jokes our so funny spoken lit leg it is having a party of before it does we have before we get our ethic your new friday thing we're we're going to explain some of our old bits for our new ordering listeners we have a jumbo deanna sanders so dionne sanders he went on twitter and he said that tehran matthew is the best safety in the league guarantee like hands down and kevin by
who plays for the titans who is an all pro and pro bowler was like hey you know you can't like how do you make this statement and not include the two first team all pro safety's he can be one of them and indiana i too am you're looking at who writers tell us who is the best now who players and former fires feel is the best i rest my case you continue to be a fan and i will continue being the man who you left at the most porn potash dangerous hashtag truth it that's how d on ends all of his tweets and to be honest if you put hashtag truth that kind of settles the case right there like that becomes
that's just such a classic telling on yourself like yeah i watched the tape man you're use keeping a fan even though he is one of the best safety alec d and does not remember the titan steel dionne does scouting by just talking to be well here's how john sinister scouting if you're a young planned the league and you call him for advice once a week then you're good player if you want for state then you're going what if he mentor zoo then you want invest pleasure once miami bad plan if you play a boring place like tennessee then he just as no your bad play i think that's almost further this is this is a side effect of the titans not getting their thursday cholera gimmick against jaguars elvis their profile picture of course the other is not gonna know about re point great point i should you have if you still it last was left let me start with the captain boobs for anyone it and listen gap we get a lot requests what is the captain boobs scale we are to set one two three
do you mean that let me explain i i was saying year gotta refresher gotta are you can go on the pier t nipples gill nets we i handed out pretty if these fourth nipple today my region one the campi milked is deficient one the little room you run my runt nibble the one that the brunt of the family get his sokolov either doesn't arrive late no art thou on voting is era question mark up listening for a while but i mr forgot what that means pretty shirts pick we'll know it's very true dinners era is an arrow that has an hasn't killed you yet ok so i just some now realizing that this is gonna be tough this epoch you because a lot of these things i dont know the truth anymore we we were talking about we are together and systems are go the other day and just having a casual conversation with people in the office explaining it like it was totally normal in the back of my head the whole time like i know this isn't right
but we say it so much in whatever its right now writes of basically furriners cat was this dude shrouding her he was like trying to explain that there is a possibility that a cat inside of a box that was dying of suffocation could be be alive and dead at the same time it was such a fucked up premise that everybody was like while the skies brilliant lifts name the theory after he had at one point the cats alive and debt which sometimes gets confuses pavlov's dogs which is when that one scientists just put peanut butter on his dogs and the dog came and licked his balls the same time every damn and so the dog withdrawal and he had a boner answer when he developed a boner that was his pavlovian respond is actually will you guys pick a permanent order for hot see cool thrown so there's no need say go ahead absolutely the house we shaken up every now and then but it's i would say though i mean someone's gotta have the stats out there it's the outside the majority of it is hank phd me down we search up and why do you wanna yeah where do you copy beyond your toes spring and want to know
who is the person and pay if to use twitter avatar slashes o his character the pod castle a good question the guy in my twitter africa avatar is a die hard seahawks van those attack since no euros charge now use freaking out during the first quarter of appreciating game one time in the stand i was in text as he looked a lot like my friend so i took a picture the tv when it was on the nose like this is a pretty fucking funny picture shows texans definitely advocacy have you ever thought about changing it no i haven't done my favorite here i mean i want change mamma you can't mighty they have short term of that picture is his girlfriend slash wife slush call girl that's what she has a fucking electric haircuts not jump to conclusions you ve no idea who that guy is aware i was i was told one time somebody slid into my dams and said hey i know the guy in the picture and i was please send me more pictures of him i need to know more about this person does have a facebook account the guy was like i don't think this dude owns a computer yeah that's probably for the best for me legally speaking i can use
and the chile's thing i've been in asia well for about nine months and can't figure it out how many israelis outlook we do anything we chose we just loved unconditional yemen i'd this been my fear restaurant for my whole tat life is your birthday dinner sir i swear to god who's the guy reading the intro is part of my take all you know already high school sport he might be asking about the orlando chile's that's probably what he's asking about now the orlando chile's is a story from two thousand and fifteen yes when hank and i went down to tap obey bay for two blackhawks lightning stanley cup and then we would back through orlando and we went up we went to chile's and it was like a stairway to heaven it echo s cleric goes up and that was it so that dutch when i have and i wager such as lead in the dream oh yeah that's right yeah we're like you were ok doin issues i just live in the dream at the airport chile's with the
clear that goes up anybody that's ever flown has been in the orlando airport forget about getting on a plane there has seen this chile's because red siesta it's beautiful you don't even have to check into who writes a lot of people probably just go to the airport to go that chile's and i was so stupid for while there i thought that i have for some reason my memory had it that there is an elevator than went down so's only a one s color do not suit us others tuesday genetically goes down as well it goes on the other side what can we say that anymore we just don't do it don't say that who is this hurrah may character that occasionally comes up he's is who is a gorilla must judge we exploited and drove into the ground and effort to monetize anti in regional cooperation the inner rejoices lineage gave her omby little knowledge over the edge of no return on society for one we can bring her back in like an hour
veronica set your alarms for two years from now yeah that's gonna be the summer for omby part to the party were and i have some fucking would take her decks out again can never tell what you gotta lay skill skyline chillier hate it oh no oil hey amazon rihanna rotten hated i laid it i'd die only loved ironically hold on i ate it hake hates it eight if he have tea on i'm sorry i did put enough cheese on anything you can move down because hagen i like it was it's funny to hate it but we hated so much that we don't want to go there ever again
if i never step for the skylight chile again thou be fantastic but then whenever wortley i should go sargasso ilo area be if these i before if we went through skylight just for just for latvians overheating like a lot of stuff while hank and i just sit there silently like trying one bite being less nope still terrible here's here's my stance on skyland it's bad it subjectively bad the cheese is ok don't waste your crackers apron a drop of hot us on those are delightful yeah but ali anything once year including schuyler are at last this isn't a reference are inside joke on the show but i have a question that is seriously had my brain and jump lately i call myself and kill the clone the commit suicide or murder who has just murder who oh man the same feelings your kids
a clone of yourself right but same genes as he ran all day and had that truly is turner's got yeah if you murder cloned you're both alive and that of their we just answer the questions this guy do we need to like alert someone about this guy is like a week ago somebody to kill this cloned is already committed suicide with islam that's our show we'll see you guys as on monday with a full recap of the yacht alan's draft drought which actually authority performance yes sir by throw breakdown we need to figure out awaited to bring i'm worried about sam donald stock so we need to run some counter intelligence on him maybe at cambridge analytical to figure out considered done yes something that same donald actually melts in the right lovey
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