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Jon Taffer + Week 11 Recap

2018-11-19 | 🔗

NFL Week 11 Recap and fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 8:05). The Saints are a juggernaut, the Texans have won 7 straight, Alex Smith's leg is broken, the Eagles get the Done Chain and the Bears remind everyone why Kirk Cousins is Kirk Cousins (8:05 - 34:41). Who's back of the week including SNL and Thanksgiving (34:31 - 43:01). Jon Taffer joins the show to talk about his private jet, not to brag, all the laws that were made to stop him from making money, and some new great ideas for Bar gimmicks (43:01 - 81:43). Segments include Football guy of the week, thoughts and prayers Urban Meyer, Not to brag but we called it Les Miles to Kansas, Stay Woke, and Monday Reading.

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