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Kareem Abdul Jabbar with Mickstape

2017-05-16 | 🔗
NBA Draft Lottery and Playoffs. Are the Spurs done or finished and will the Celtics win a game against the Cavs (2:17 - 6:36). The guys from Mickstape join us for Hot Seat/Cool Throne and Part 1 of our Kareem Abdul Jabbar interview (6:36 - 40:23). We talk John Wooden, Kobe, and the sky hook with Kareem as well as his new book "Wooden and Me". Segments include PR 101 for James Harden, Fair Play the Mike and Mike Break Up, Kings Stay Kings for Rovell's bad tweets and Antonio Cromartie, Respect the Biz Peyton Manning MC'ing the ESPYS. Embrace Debate for the rest vs rust of the Cavs and Radio Wars vs Mark Cuban.
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a free one more time for the folks at home blue dot com slash pardon let's go not desire to welcome a part of my three it is wednesday me seventeen and lots of all
he's going to los angeles lakers and the san antonio spurs are dead dead d d a deed dead dead man slaughtered as great pavlovitch would say everyone's favour coach than they want a fawn over men slaughter day even though he just being a dick all the time gregg papa which you dead so yeah we have the news was the nba we have the lottery the lakers were able to get the second pick if they had fallen top three they were lost it the remnant of steve nash i love he's old trades the guys have been retired and it's like our yet on up steve nash reason they got no that the reason they could have lost it from like five years ago it's like the pall pierce paul pierce basically gave the celtics a number one pick on the way out so you now the scientist keep advancing the doomsday clock closer to midnight that just means that value a future picks keeps going down right because there's a good chance the earth will never be rather occur if your gm out there if you're smart jim
nets i'm looking in your direction now might be the time to gorgons like five number one picks you don't have to tell him the year twenty twenty lasted like give them that to observe there have in somewhere in brooklyn right now there's a big whiteboard that just as trade all of our picks and so i'm just not just in a little bit closer to the edge so hank were how you feeling for the team that i finally you guys catch a break and get that number one pick wow what do you think will you want your fault siena we saw this in other guard ok it weighs nympho faults volts folks mohammed gama its faults you big you big washington huskies got you don't have what i want is a lot of you i want you here like there's a lot of people how do you think you didn't the tournament i'm you need it turn up other hard almost a real girl did he play with i say thomas he didn't but he is said in interviews in the season of these excited the play he humanize eight august
scary com blouse one really feel like i've seen that there would be a great combination with another really good basque poplar it will be very simply defence for eyes coming off of the game seven against the wizards where i am we talked about this with the mix tape boyscout brooks turns out still bad coaching and big games and now we have the eastern conference finals leubronn verse celtics hank how are you feeling onawandah ten scale i mean i'm on a text we got the number one pick well i'm gonna lose the series that fact a while your land out in that for you somewhere ready again it's not that it's how you welcome it as air he got work by the washing guards gonna get worked i carry i call misa incentivize it because he just cares about zones tat line it's also just total bullshit that kelly olympic decided to have liked the biggest game of his life in games have to kill you
working allowed you use cogent hebrew heeds veto stacks of shells behind closed doors at the best by heat they don't even let him on the floor they like he like wanders out on the floor and starts answering questions about new call of duty and was like you get back like you're not act salesperson it's it's interesting because kelly i think he's got the own always got one of maybe just a and full of man bonds in the end but he's got the low man bun the one that's like on the back of the neck and a lot of really great people turn tend to do that yes she switches up a lot like he has a different hairstyle it's almost like it makes him hearted guard because you you study month film he's got the high born and then this big lummix comes out with a low bunyan cosette it's almost like when you have long hair like daniel man and your switching of her hair styles year secretly and secure and is trying to look for some
my work you're right it's almost like the almost lounging go all the way not wife the big story though lazo ball should be in the late should be on the lakers kazoo celtics will most likely draft faults i am so excited for big bawler brand to be on the lakers i'm excited for laval to be hassling magic the entire night swag e p dealing with that of our ball daddy's levy awesome the going to gonna get some good behind the scenes videos of freaking freaking out and probably put that there were days like tat the singer digital russell ok i don't know what he did to document the singer now what we could do the same i'm excited for though it's gotta be great to watch that and the sixers were probably just a big guy with three they need a couple more of those you are hot seat cool thrown our usual wednesday because we have the mix tape boys in the building they are going to do hot sequel throne with us download mix
tape not only because it is the best mba podcast out there but it also has part two of our karim abdul jabbar interview which yogurt here parliament in a few minutes part too is coming out on thursday on mix tape download stop what you doing right now download mix tape subscribe to it leave her you so colleague tyler what throne and unsubscribe in recent years from one of those little coolly tyler you guys are here thank you for joining us i had a quick question o before we get going colleague are we going to any celtics calves games not unless bored i finances it for us all guess one i have a little financing for you right here with seeking alas humble ten dollars off your ticket purchase by downloading the seeking gap and putting in the promo code take that's tee o k e if you do that scenario where ten
we're ten dollars closer in the red to you going to a celtics kazi circumference final forget as in the red or in the blackness positive yea finally airline i declare that the sailor where if you ever hear that popping in the background is because we have a draft lottery party facebook lie tyler open fire when opened my asking livid live were so just one more more more shall not to seek like download the sea app it's free put in the former code take you can go to basketball games you gotta baseball games hockey games nobody aims hockey's over concerts theatre tickets if for those theatre guys anything you want download seek at super easy to taps put in the code take and they will give you ten hours off your first seek purchase do right now seek putting their promo code take i hot see cool thrown who would like to begin hank
the pitting of same sex going off my hot seat now really route of you we have guess there and you're gonna go yes i am i had seen is white people yeah i got up to me so i don't you guys paid into the dailies read the news today but bomb honey jones and pablo tory gotta show on he s been i think a new low everyday correct you there it's m s yes pierre s he s been bc whatever that plenty a message is indeed a few just ran with the longest acronyms numbers i don't even allowed so now that that shows on the air there's only twenty two hours of exclusive programming for white people montoni espy unpredictable thoughts are rigorous as though as the rest of the room here as white guys are we being discriminated against now hopefully
hopefully this year on the other foot can want it so going one hour to time we would surely have now finally understand what it feels to be discriminating cool throne is plain gabert so blame i'll give you i'll give you a nice nickel if you guys can name what team play for right now lakers no i do not know the bears no nobody could decide these i harness maronite all eyes on the cardinal servers area insane earth so he's he's backing up is backing up carson palmer right not right so i d was ass today at a press conference if he could name all six of his former often of coordinators that he had fired because he was so bad and he nailed all of em and so the press in arizona was like while what a great kid the sky is business why this is why we brought him in his back up because he is able to name or the coaches killed yeah although all the orphans he's left out this by weight technically blank
going to arizona makes him immediately on the hot seat stars apology and injured logically its drawing its dry hot see right at the outset that doesn't feel the same as a muggy i also want to point out that our two nba experts seems like they thought tat blank ever was based poplar so interesting gets underway focused on the nba thereby closer view him remembering all those coaches is that wise back you big it is i'm a short memory that's a great point yet you have to move on from your mistakes pretty quickly also have to remember the place called though so this does two sides of every cooling yelling about short memory like fifteen second the agencies in the play caught should they skip goes yeah you want your quarterback essentially be goldfish but that is like the kiss of death of point ever remember your name your pretty close getting fired you come in
that's a lot of noise you found the often coroner busby i call me mr gee right and it's like henry hill when he gets arrests of you i knew was in our new elegant shocks sirens now be up you hear blink average say your name probably gonna be done planes can be living on the desert eating egg noodles and catch up like a regular snuck i whose taxed ago ok tyler my hot seat gang activity to be altogether jar wall o close personal friend the show may or may not have gang activity may or may not dances throwing a gun at once you trying to say with that don t j was a pop pop pearson in league anymore he's not thrown up the pirates crew power is the crypts as i'm saying like pie room that's why it is on the hudson the hot on pierce is on the way out here john walls the tough game seven right i'm just saying ok i like it i like that and then call for ongoing came knew who why the robbers thereby thought about these the waters rapporteur rapid
tat s in the candidate months ago and was debt levels are like wolves run on here just laid out of the discussion i would even say cool thrown hawaiian shirts and wearing one right now wine sure largely like this the stupid ridiculous thing that you wear a robber there is now a stupid ridiculous thing people when i feel good you know i don't know why ensured is if there's a robber in a white shirt in a bar who do you think is the asshole the hawaiian sure now i'm who i finally no no no i'm not gonna call largely lightweight like you how we think it out where you live in iraq or down we finish its not a bar it's a bar in brooklyn so technically robbers or two new wine shirts vintage i think he's williams i think you're really dig yourself again i will robbers or are now in i am unaware robber i think we all
i have already said emma look like and things about me why in robber yeah right a robber is basically like a two sided snug ii it looks like the most comfortable thing in the world who actually this is a combo hot see cool throne for guys with big dicks because hot seat you might just be flash when people with your offer cools raw never see her big dick probably get laid more are they doing a robber that has like the but that has the buttons on it with flapped or on the back his i'm all in for the little polluting imagine like taking a shit not even having to take your short sofya dad like me sanguine about it and it will not have blown i wanna bathing suit robber yea waterproof one year abroad i back the old stripy old timey one piece bathing suit for dude zia i'll do my hearty request then we'll go call in hank my hot seat people who rush
sweet the most salacious paragraph from the new york times every night when something comes out about tromp so it's become like it's a pretty fast war you gotta have those quick fingers quitted which a screen shot of a paragraph saying what or wow or it usually just single word you know that i sometimes just dossier sometimes it's just not you not put any of any actual thoughts from your own brain in using the steel someone else's reporting and say why you can even wants retreats comment my favour is when they write the words no words yet no one knows onwards we add its i'll tell you if you wash if you just go on twitter round between four thirty five thirty every night wishes when it seems that all this news always breaks and it is a it's it's like an alley cap
that's going out each other trauma get that tweet out for the most reach which i would also say cool thrown auxiliary cool thrown to the people that reply to donald trump tweets like his reading the responses in those have become like that's where you go if you want to get a job as a blogger just respond to sir you need to cease sir sir stepped down sweeter four point forty two weeks they laugh why two thousand falling down your phone psych all the people who reach we urge tweeted skip palace one point four under every time for his army point that i would like to average in high school gavi yet because we call we want you got my heart sate sprat stevens we advance another round maisie as at least form argon discussion for his job out there in the number one pig this irish speculation the it is its is sure because you need you what you want to do is go step by step so we should about out in the last round now next year if you don't get to the finals brad stevens kosovars
send them up to fasten never liked to see thy great power i liked out like few few months there was like scott brooks common good coach and then like that they while is militarily and then and i thought we had got by using the deal awful well oh shit you just try to play john long bradley built twenty four minutes anew in a game seven in the second half like all yeah turns out he is a sheep goats nail the coin has embraced debate over under one and a half winds for the celtics ministers under are they being over lower hank citizens classic can't grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth would just haven't championship given to him every single year listen to optimist hey you need to spend i'm gonna doc you as a capital sphere next year pity you don't always like after like that big when last night the come down realisation that were probably gonna lose the calves like i was devastated and by all tonight we got in a more picasso
second i fell by nearly twenty four hours of anxiety fur boston sports fan i'm sorry if we can play mark our fault in this area under the collie hoosier culture on my cool throne shorts ah ha originally now again every goddamn joints we only know nobody you're right it's like ninety degrees every goddamn joints we only know nobody you're right it's like ninety degrees to mirage or even less into the programming of the murder of the programme now my my real cool frown ip and peace to larry event enables has now or at least a song coming out this friday and it's got a gold fish on the cover so goldfish i had an area one time by goldfish advert last year
you guys bring goldfish into the forefront now wrappers once a unit was wrappers do it we want our culture appropriately dead at scanner ma i'm not a family that right at the time by soiled adolescents alexander through which ones vince staples which had a disk white sees order like sprite between a lot i tweet or when you first as you name and i shall i thought i thought he was like the owner of the king's woods song what's this i don't even know i solemnly so while he's really rare he's the one eyed does a song about the goldfish ok quince dagger gina our secrets lousy inspired by frank the tank the mets i'm interrogations oh yes he's been in the hot seat i will feels now this is also we get we have too many metz fans in this company so we were probably
aye sir but it feels like telecoms very hot c4 like six years what like they they are like the sector's trusting the process with pitching and then all the pictures get injured there like in the last place in it are you prevent your pictures from get injured like what what can a manager do just be ok stop throwing his art or ants don't drink every time you get caught yeah that's actually also is a way to keep him from getting in geneva thankful to man harvey for not showing up for works that's like one less day that he can get heard where hate exactly comical braun plan of the apes oh they just drop their new trail if the movie common angela oh how he looks unreal let's our plan of the apes especially the new ones yet where aids i'll tell you what little oscars pre
you for everyone out their point of egypt's gonna be one on one of my best pictures of the year huda who does a french us i don't know i just saw the trail and i was like i was blown away yards i haven't we wholeheartedly entered nor does it matter who produce i didn't company delays wouldn't care directed it between the producer they do the bruises great job right it's like that michael was it mike and dave need wedding dates yeah and end hidden figures all us yet more most mccarthy's yeah those are my three favorite movies recently so what did you find out who's whose produces its action and it may prove all he's real well that's why that's yeah now i'm really into maybe i was into it just as you know i am i was thinking maybe i'd ask for free tickets but i infer for this piece of art i want to contribute backs i'm gonna go ahead probably by two from us around us we should pay him actual now get to watch it so i shall peter turnin who pays our bills
pays our checks on time also shut out point of the apes make sure you watch it let's do our interview with criminal jabbar like we said call an tyler were there for the entire thing so we did part one on part my take part choose can be on mix tape tomorrow so me sure you go and download mix tape it is the best nba podcast because our nerves right click ok sure stronger good night so they're not nerd so we're giving them the seal of approval of not being nerds so you can listen to their podcast they went away when the nba play off start when its calves warriors real quick does like i have four time on pardon my direct when are we getting our recurring gasjets will you elderly recurring hosts yadda yadda guys bringing them is currently on his way to allay walking sonya with probably griffin at home and biogas i'll tell him to pick them up on the way back so like whatever come what was that
we got it we got you right here is cream abdul jabbar part my take and mixed we are here with cream georgia bar and we have the first ever crossed podcast that we ve done we actually have in the room mix tape an part my takes pft tyler tyler coolly and crew abdul jabbar so so we're gonna do a long to part interview first part is gonna be on part my take on wednesday second part is going to be on mix tape on thursday we can all be part of it so let's do it karim thank you for joining us here that you your book coach wooden in me are fifty year friendship on and off the court is has just been has just come out we have it right here were very excited i think what we actually read most of it when i first hundred page yet on the train back the boss
ok so i am in a culture some four guy from boston that's lads us as a year is worth only read it also ongoing so coach wouldn't i actually this this first question might be some you have been asked today you played for pat rally
africa wooden are those guys similar anyway no none zero zero just about none i can think of that their similar ok of all they both worked harder coaching oh can pack pepin put in a lot of work and but pad to learn on the fly coach wouldn't got to learn in oil in the normal progression for coach you know we started in high school in africa the army plato after he got through where war too he decided it that's what he wanted to do and he started in small college in india that really was riding the pine for the lakers broadcasts assisting chicken and anyone from iran today system coach their money fired paul wasted pat got the head coaching even though i think
by voting right right he had sat on the pine for year watching wasted inundated now you're a goat but though he did a good job learning on fly i got him credit between those two which which coaches motivational style appealed to to your personality most cartoons of course in a pet
that would make us angry in and we take it out on the other teams but maybe have to do that when all you do is play basketball we coaching college i got somethin to were icy divert the attention of the players they gotta go to class and deal with other issues and that's really good for them cause that i think that that gives them the maturity and you're just a work ethic that enables them to make the transition in the plan for a wall they don't deal with that they come into enterprise pretty spoiled nor two guys come out of college alike were where's my twenty million dollars and they don't know that much about the game do you think coach wooden would be able to have survived the one in don era that now you know we haven't college basketball i'll think of student could of course in this error because he wanted us to graduate you are right to become educated in you learn some more
lessons in how to deal with the people you care about in meaningful wasted that's what do you want to store did did you ever see coach wouldn't he seems like a guy that would never get flustered dear seem flustered other than when he had to tell belong to stop smoking weed he got flustered a number of times in that i witness the sum of the guys on my team tested him bill sweet you read about that and i m he didn't always handle it to handle it well there's one player a good friend of mine it relates ear ended up off the team and coach would have been diversity you did he give you dropped bala never did on what we had i belong on the show what like a month ago
then i have a gun he was telling us about the different maxims that one would spend hours writing his office did did you have a favorite one that he impressed on it not really i mean i i got the daily lecture you knowing in practice and i got it quick soy you didn't have to go through all its why bill said that there are some that he'd didn't realize the meaning of intellect thirty years later added at a dead show round red rocks zactly here and i i had moments like that like in dealing with my kids are you some coach wouldn't tricks in dealing with the challenges omen they tried their way and they fell and then you show him how to do it the right way coached wouldn't did that with us all the time and you know that some of us are pretty cocky of all your accomplishments and you are probably the most accomplished nba player of all time or basketball play
because a college well where does getting a rule specifically made because you are too good a basketball rank the dunk being banned i thought that was that was just made to deal with me right now that's it would cost what but no ruin a game for the fans right so that that wasn't smart but basically saying you're so good that we have to change the rules of the game so that you can't dominate the same way that's like i would walk around with my chest puffed out for the rest of my life there are below
film stuff curry had to sugar on a hoop with a smaller diameter examining notary pointers i'm going out that good if you can't you three year just make his threes institutions two's into once right began that require but that that extra point makes a different wrecking our right right i always tell people that that's what how the game is change that shot been much is made the perimeter shoes that much more valuable what did you think when when you found out that they were banning the dock moves your initial reaction to that i i thought they were directing it at me i didn't find out until almost just a few years before he died they cause wooden voted for that you got the ban of regard for the bank was he like tried teach you a lesson i know he never told me he never told me that is a lesson
for after all that is such a bizarre voted against the ducks and never told me i found out you were in coaches in his ninety how did you find out that the duke was unbound you like really like i'm in the pros now really better when when they unbounded i i didn't care of the day i was dealing with doing nor the nba do you think it eventually like the sky ducks the boss i'm lockable shot and bay history the banning of the doktor that led to this guy who can have been something united and work i do think it helped you long term i learn or shoot the hook shots starting with great ok that's unfair that's why was it an online game move either
i did it several thousand times before i got in the high school so i had it it was down i could i can make it and i just couldn't help me find it and he did a great job take like in a practice how many time when you're like all right i got to get it may be a little off i was in the fifth grade the guy that helped my grade school coach showed me the george mikan drill george mikan play the depaul he was all america good big guy big bruising but good player and he used to hook charlotte and he had a drill do the right hand in your left hand and you can get the footwork downey learn how to use the glass with either hand screw drill so i started working on that in the fifth grade and like the custodian to to my grade school gave me the keys so i can get into the gym and sometimes it go in there at night and do it for forty five minutes
i started working on at that point through high school so when i got to were to usually i could make a picture that was given and costs would help me understand the best what do you like it and became a trusted weapon i also read somewhere that you through ninety miles an hour in baseball in the six great that's six red eighth grade ok eighth grade illustrate then gave great yeah sorry website you weren't as much of a freak athlete as i thought how to raise a point i could throw it harder but who knows where was gonna go so would you that is people that's terrifying not but i didn't have any body when i want
you guys are regularly eating guys but but the the parents of the six eight in other words like no heed noughties where's his birth certificate they were like the original danny almaty that's you know any on monday was ten years on road you aren't you you're just being unfairly persecuted for your height they they played right up there in harlem to rate market more miles an hour needs great that's etc no i couldn't get it over the plate with any regularity of it ass a ball really back on that area i can see where maybe so the parents had some issues you said that
i get a game changer otobu sector in three point shot how do you think your game would translate into today's nba it's impossible say because or when i play handshaking to play with the physical game you can't do that now so who knows how would play out you know how people's talents would play out guys could take the pomp and hit the medium range jumped shot would come back to the forefront is the premier score constitute in other reports i wouldn't be there so unites this is really hard to tell how would play out if we put you twenty two year old cream of george barney mba right now do you think get a stretch five game giving your plane often per year in year out there shouldn't reasons maybe not i wouldn't do that yes i couldn't shoetrees but would you don't think money alerting for micro that's it
i myself come from a short angle in the corner but no i
i skills at being able to to get high percentage shot and get foul while i shot that would help to ok because the fao the fowls put pressure on gelatine defence and getting those high percentage shots causes the demons to say so gives good guys on the perimeter more room and you can play the modern game that way so it would be depend on what the coach wanted to do who would you want to play with what modern pillar cheese kidding no new orleans davis is also taken during the week he pulls up and faces basket i think i hear he sees is great centre marcus aldrich ally i think you'd be really good spur yours fidel would be without the active in awkward lovey cause i'd
listen to him i would give a high time i thought tim ducking square was wonderful ages loki how long you play fourteen years even log on the money i probably adding sixteen one woman close eye what ninety nine was his first one so telling those you're too with the arabs ordinary amendment will you ever worried did kobe was just not gonna retire maybe get like robot legs just to try to be erected thou vehicle we move
you would think as i did you ever you never were like i call we last guy get ever retire right leg is he gonna just play and be like forty two and just shoot forty shots game just to try to get the record i know someone who did that but he did it like an old man's leave guy played with the flint robinson he was plan in a league and allay the guys over sixty and he was still the leading scoring that we play performers if when i was a rookie but but you weren't you were you ever at that moment like ok is cobby will you ever worried about cobby and go in for the all time points wreckage for he tried i think you ve just try we try deja vu yes his body gave up that that's what happens it's hard to have that
the longer we i was lucky yes so i actually wanted ash about that because the debate is now obviously become you know the m j versatile bron and i think it's wrong for you not to be included in that leubronn he's gonna have this venal peak periods that's going to be similar to yours where you were dominate for seventeen years you know a twenty year career and what
what made you we know what what allowed you to have the car longevity and never get hurt and be able to dominate for so long while i think one part of it was the fact that my coaches wanted me to suit the boa because i took the high percentage shut so that the method i was gonna get allows shots every year that was a direct consequence of being able to suited and make them go and regularly i think that that that's a key right there the coach has to think that that's the best thing for the team
for years to suitable and then in terms of la bron are you are you like if you had today's science in the way they train in the offices neither can we employed even even longer if they had started chartering planes when i play i could apply to three more year really use of an avatar flying commercial all the time he had to wake up and cast for flight out the next day that where's you out it's it's his harbour the way they do it now they play the game fly to the next city that night and then they wake up in that city rain arrested different i woke up at seven thirty this morning and i feel like i'm half where the grave right now so i understand the stronger the basic level airplane in the nba in the seventies wasn't phone a blog life isn't that neither the best time
we were in san antonio and i ran into sandy colfax will we put a point back delay and i got to talk the sandy for forty five minutes young those great new now what happened into zambia slow you got your standing with his play i've been on yours as passive would never done a night i'm curious to hear what you think about lonzo ball and whether he would be a good fit for the lakers lonzo is a talented athlete i don't know if he's the fit for the lakers but i don't know what he's all about up here because of his dad and his dad gives me the willies parents like that really bother me just trying to exploit
like that do you showed so you think that he is eating teams are gonna say like we don't want alonzo because of lover i don't know but the four hundred ninety five dollar sneakers come on let's big boy randal or use a big boat i'll have the money to buy that i gotta think bar dont think that that should be what it's all about his very about the would bring to the game then again now this is like canada it's it's funny how everyone is against all of our ball laval ball we're in their basically saying there on the sides of nike unlike adidas and under armor these big corporations that probably exploit people fer a lot a lot of money and of our ball is visiting amr do it myself
yeah well he's there's a little bit of us like there's your dog that i like i think the quality of his effort is lacks little guy that's fair that's ok but he is an underdog and that's why i kind of look at it do you have any other questions he's gotta party yoga one one last question i saw that you're on the president's council for physical fitness which your visit my wife your visit do they still test you for visa these days for for the presidential ward you reach you reach your hands on you see how flexible your no i know they are made on the did you see the trump said that he said that he doesn't exercise because your body is like a battery and the more you exercise the more you wear out your energy source and then you die
that's pretty smart i don't want to die and unhealthy issue it is a right yeah it is and how many injuries do you have your knees hurt trumps needs don't hurt is worked out yeah that's the real science rightly or wrongly dissolve maybe you're good isaac legalise we are size podcast parttime sometimes well you know i'm glad i gone he didn't say it all of your eyes physical regiment he hated you have to say that i have one final question that were going to switch to part two with mixed state i have to ask say asked bill wantonness john wooden biggest ears you ve ever seen in your life no you seem bigger who's got beggars those things they they got big there will be a that is something that
mostly happens to people as they get elderly dont dunwood was almost a hundred yeah delivering impressed on so he has one knows about yeah he lived the he lived a good life he lived he did did he exercise was figure this one didn't get so maybe there is maybe trumps logic is flawed john one worked out until his back bother him so much tat he got injured during were war to writing and his back bother them for the rest of his life but he worked out as long as he could go there's there's the actual key actually physics at right so let's do we're due in part to and we're gonna gifted over to mix tape they're gonna start coy intolerant start answering questions before you download mixed it listen apart to remember the book coach wooden in me are fifty or friendship on and off the court is now in stores it's great book we got a couple copies amateur read it i don't
it box burma read this yet that's my promised you ok i part to go download wit mix tape right now and it will be out on thursday and let's do it that interviews brought to you by eighteen birdies gulf is awesome and the free jeanne birdies that makes it even awesome eighty birdies is most complete gulf about their tracks all your stats and packed with tools to improve your game can a powerful gps seeking no exact distances to the green but eighteen birdies off the reward you just for playing off no matter how good too bad you are much how much you like to enjoy certain substances on the course tray i know you're listening ass because every time you score you around on the app you can enter eighteen birdies dream games challenge where there are given play thousands of dollars and instant prizes like balls clubs and greens fees and those aren't even the big prizes every month they're also giving way once in a lifetime golf experiences things
people like you and me we never get to do like winning one of twelve spots at the arnold palmer invitation programme at the world renowned baby of course in orlando imagine playing with best courses in the world alongside top pda prose now a little lawyer speak no purchase necessary void where prohibited restrictions apply see if his rosa eighteen birdies that com slash dream games download eighteen birthday and make your phone the best club in your bag artless let's do some segments first up we have little pr one or one for james harden who almost call my shot here i think the last time we met you pierre wanna one for james harden feels like the little honeymoon that he had there where he had you know the envy peeress that's got off a cliff he had the old game six where people thought he was he was so bad that people thought he was drugged he then went to the club after and now
oh he's being sued by moses malone junior because his friends beat up most small junior after most malone junior wrote bad things what james harden about a basketball camp on his facebook page that's this is crazy store those that's all i although sent all that is of james harden well last week to that's not saying that that happen doesn't really disprove the theory that maybe he was drug dealer and so i would here's what you do along james heart and this is a move that i've learned from police officers they go through dr throughs and like this should head teenagers put we'd on their burger to trickle they eat we'd burden i go now i just did we through my mouth so now have to check self into the hospital for two days up and be monitored pussy but would he needs there is he needs just check himself in a hospital yes get bludward austrian yet no no no blights the attacks a hollywood waited a you ve been doing to redraw and i agree with the exhaustion normally is a great two things
either seek treatment treatment or you yourself in court exhaustion but in his hey you just need to be open about me like i'm getting blood work done i'm having all sorts of diagnostic tests taken on my body ben drugged i and guess what if he's if he could go with the drug route and then somehow this goes to court this lawsuit we could have stephen a smith somehow be a witness someone should write a book where he is involved in some countries on colony debs on that poker yeah you do that that's your idea can already have a book out what i'm sure either stephen smith or mike we'll bonds probably hang out with james her that measure as they usually get text narrow they speak frequently exact the other idea had for hard this is kind of a no brainer just cut your beard yeah you could shave you re james arden has an automatic out whenever he wants you just shaves his beard and he's like we gotta talk about yeah
right here those out those before yeah ok the beard i'm clean cut now yes of turnover originally my whole image delivery of a good way to if you're bad boy just grow the beard out so that you can always get out get out of jail fringe gave the beer or it's kind of like one of those things where its he each shaves the beard now to get rid of all the sins and then gradually grows out and like a play off beard for how long he's gone without rulings reputation again brutal and say to shave it sounds like one of those things in a warehouse it says it has been ninety without access has been nine days since i beat someone up for talking bout about me on facebook by way of james harden if like the bar james hardened to beat people up for talking shit about him on the internet there that's the bar he basically has to go to war with the entire world right off
i hope it does have a twitter account does he realised that we all had been talking shit about james like we have been talking nonsense stop shit about james hard for a week there was james or an online when when that ugly issue of his came out when there was a black and fell and that those gross laces o because he's got a lot asses to kick last one did you see that video there were viral james hardened meeting the guy that looks like him there we go it was his they woke it was that guy was that guy i would also played a game six yes we have this sad news fair play the finale of fair play we're gonna keep fair play is just going to have to morph into something a little different every who's been listening show knows we do fair play for mike mike because they occasionally sometimes borrow segments from us so then we borrow them back from them this is a sad one because it was announced on tuesday that mike mike are officially breaking up my green can i have his own morning show my garlic is going to be doing array
he'll show a trailing go our french right sir tray address how are you mad he doesn't understand and michael junior will also be part of that radio show so now do we now do we know and that new shows gonna start because i think it starting immediately said unless we have some talk it might be a couple other fair very late but this is marking the beginning of the end so so what we did for you was we reenacted the time the moment that my green burg broke the news to my colleagues that they were breaking up here it is because we need to talk
just maybe the subway down the street before a limited time you can get us takes its turkey baking club mouth on white which about our flight bride for only three ninety nine with approach of a small soda perigord because i d like this vote last much longer are used to be a fit call player i know i love to eat and that's why i wear my daughter's no bra t shirt or meeting what's up it's not you it's me are you looking at me yes but europe because i bought a dozen logs term roses courtesy of our friends one eight hundred flowers just click on the microphone in the top right hand corner and a promo code that my green berkshire starting my green bird that's promo code the mai green berkshire storing might green bird and you can get a dozen roses for wild ninety nine today well the over we're through com what
a progressive insurance where lesters of mine you shall can bundle their hold an auto together for great rights give flow of cod progressive and tell him that my green bird show sent you would look like my wife says i could watch the television when flows on because she was to ten doses garlic sad stuff sets i've stopped but i like said we will serve a couple more yeah we're not going to stop doing this and plus it if if we do have to say we can always just do the exact same thing with common coward and jason willa yeah it is agree brand new you got all that eating someth right exactly i had to pull out of went right let's do we have
kings stay kings this one goes out to our friend my friend dear friend you dare unravel this is a true kinks they kings after the cell to scott the number one pick he was quick to twitter and said this is the celtics high the pic since they took lend bias at number two and ninety six he died lesson two days later yet more i mean it's true i am only i hate there are really no you do you know what i mean about the sweet is he had this in a spreadsheet last week when he was getting ready for the ten beyond water it's just that the convention is a key probably went back it was like when it was the highest traffic they had and when he saw was lend biased that's probably news like yeah because guess what i know people who say those harsh but indifference robotic thinking you can't you
assign emotions to facts and he just stating facts so you guys are actually projecting your own feelings on daring he just reporting the news he can't be responsible for the emotions that he inflicts on everybody i have an accurate king say kings for daring to in our view i sought after coil and a cat is big night he had this task they for shooting sleeves they asked for high socks tomorrow the kids will be asking for man vice then our works so you have to have hair well demand bonnets it somehow works i want a couple different ways because i think dearer well like that i wish he no that if he was a child any watch a game he be going into like elementary school next day with like a fake man being like look how cool i am guys like you know what to think what fuck you doing do like killing olympic socks one could game like yes you overreact when everything you nerd play they the in the locker and take away the key that cries and liking places too but in the law
by himself and then they lay ass a locker like after lunch times already ovary still hungary's get that rubber band in his hair making his little fake man bonus in any and then he kissed stands up for the whole class he's wearing full suit democrats this fifth greatest ways where full suit and he declares early for north western as a ten year old and that was a thousand that's exactly how you know what i've noticed a significant downturn in daring revolts tweets since northwestern lost their credit i saw i do that i'm just put the interesting and we kings they kings for commodity antonio criminality young got his wife pregnant again fourteen forty trying to make a full is trying to make a full twenty two yeah so you can have the all twenty two his christmas cards he is this act to me that this this is a second he's too no against a second shot out marlins man who i think beat of a second me in an abortion so that stuff talk today
oh miles yeah hey nice give this word like others we almost you i'd like eight times mines man now we almost think he beat of an abortion but he also had a he survived a cancer scare in a plane crash languages a cancer scare survive yes like branca yeah peg do know joe do we need to explain to you would have a second me is how that works all i know is that a major you have kids by others its own you take an oath to pull out yeah ok so the scientific that was the more literal definition of a thank you pfc the scientific one is the two tubes and one is the p2 band one is the come tube and they take the come too and they just kind of like it you know like when you want to stop a hose to spray someone in the face with it you just kind of portal ascension it and then when you open it ruth the water ghost gushing that's why he keeps we'll have a nice kids causes the second me just opens a little bit and boom sperm everywhere his his address i guess his come velocity
i'm kinks his vast embrace right that's up is either that or they they are crimped off the p two by mr or he might maybe he'd like two years he has been out his but like a bird yes or internal locality just issued march man his friend so he keeps getting it of a sector mainly getting a reverse ass his wife i also stay woke and certain commodity just a really really stupid guy and his wife is cheating autumn and just keeps having kids and he's like i guess it's my i guess it to my great sperm and while i mean she walks issues like antonio you did it again dear sperm is so fucking off i would believe that honestly like i want to believe that about myself that my sperm is essentially life they have let it enough to be a second round pick wild still inside my ball right tell us leave that like no she's not cheating on me i'm just i'm just fuckin that that our view its immediate a foolproof plan women know that if you compliments a man's penis or virility they
well then pay for the child for the next eighteen years those about those the just a wild idea for promoting maybe work on them if your pussy oh i had one final kings gay kings big kings takings yeah charlie weiss here's the deal finally ended with notre dame nighty a million dollars via nineteen million dollars he was cash and checks two million dollars in a tired damn how many parents can you buy with that that was so he's so since two thousand nine he's been cashing two million dollar checks everything i bet you charlie wise is still the guy that won't tipper buffer yeah i agree with that well hutus well you gotta leave a little somethin little case you given the real even you you open up a fortune cookies horrible who tips
they may be the other ways four hundred pounds brings his flock of parents and on his shoulder and just each you had a house and home for five hours maybe like i'd o the guy with twenty million dollars and scam maybe he leaves you fibre ah if you're trying to make charlie wastes money i got away for you we got an ira and why are a its way to bet on horses the preakness stakes is on saturday and the best part of the weekend you right here sign up gennaro bats and get a special one hundred and fifty dollar bonus using promo code p empty one fifty i just gave you a hundred fifty dollars to bet on the practice on saturday i just did that with an ira bets you can legally watch him bet on horse races at hundreds of tracks from anywhere at any time earn points in cash rewards for every dollar you bet and get access to free expert picks and exclusive member promotions hit the practice stakes trifecta and get a ten percent cash winners bonus exclusively on ira bets nairobi is available cry
the us just go to naira bets calm and sign up for free using a promo code pmt one hundred and fifty to get one hundred and fifty dollars for free to get that one hundred and fifty all you have to do is bet one hundred and fifty it's easy to get its narrow bats and why are a bats and why are a bets dot com putting a promo code p m t one fifty and will see on saturday for the progressive rainy moss on friday and he is give us some winning back so sign up for an ira and then listen the pantheon i and you're gonna be charlie weis rich not tipping profess sounds pretty get right all right let's we have two more for next up we have a respect the beers and this one goes out to peyton manning who is now going to be the host of the species get in on the media side stealing your valor yeah a little bit you know what if he's if he's gonna do our shit
i'm discussed our tunisia and stop winning play off games here's my only concern about this i have a feeling he's gonna drive starts starts stealing manning face from us make an make a of those you make a forehead joke he's gonna make it aha joke that everyone's omar norma that's a word that are used i won't be shocked if you actually showed up just wearing a football helmet yup he's probably going ignite the brady manning thing as a joke as a joke is he going to talk about the time that he put his balls on the train i was gonna say would he would he may be reenact and put his balls in someone's faced ivory pretty funny so i feel like this gonna sock but what do i know yet not can begin unless they just have them onstage drilling those like boys and girls club you that wanted in the face with a footballs the agency that relate to
yeah that was actually the last time i would say that you can make your repeat manning over tom brady was when his s and now appearance was far better than tom brought any know what here is another thing is going to he's going to make some nation wide references do the dead i'm home yes bees this year and everyone's do we look out so funny and meanwhile nation watching me just shoveling money into a bank is still gonna be an add my forehead look so big and yet manning when he starts in with those jingles durham reveals gonna unleashing anthony compromise party like tidal wave of spewed from his dick yeah as long as no one died on the day of the espies in past years gives off to get those streets out first oh oh yes sir he acted so i'm gonna make sure got trickery spreadsheet on that oh here's good pon last year they they honoured somebody who became a woman now they're honouring one whose manning get it all so we have
to wrap it up we have radio workers safety i won i get one i forget donor finished here is my favorite debate that happens every single its embraced the be yes yes embrace debate the while a trust is too much rust yes so the calves they swept the celtics day they thought it out in seven they only have what today's rest yes yeah would you rather not get any rest at all or rest for like a week i just need to figure out we need to figure out as a country what is the exact date where because from good i'm on a rest to rust to really oh ran riot rosters no i had just casually come out slowly first quarters ross hegemony say three days was gonna for jesus three days is perfect amount of rest i'm saying for four days rest is right before you get that rust so the cat
this work and be very russia things been off like nine days so and they were off a bunch in the first round issue they had no game employed and leubronn did it really play any games during prime time during the entire season so he's got a lotta rush to knock on law a lot ass the eye almost rather be a worse team that's that's more use to winning close games stairway if again to a close in the play off do not win it well that's actually my favorite argument when we when you expand the rest verse rust the team that won the championship last year they they are lacking rests all the way up until that so the cavs and the warriors will get to the finals and be like well they played this amount of games in the last nineteen mut they should pick an arbitrary the hey the cavs have played two hundred and seventy five games in the last twenty
for months yeah crazy it's like how kobe bryant he played so much the playoffs that he had an extra like five seasons yeah by the time we got a little forget the olympics at year end the olympics and that's why he was so tired and it was so hard firm to score eighty pointers landscape right exactly exactly that's why you were to germany and got the whole h h blood open blog spending rest first rust it's it's an all time debate debates the here's one question i have about blood spinning they basically take all your blood put it in a centrifuge riley spinning around so all your red blood cells or whatever go to the outside why doesn't what's to stop a player from just like spinning on the cob how come you don't hear say i'm going to get worse when you get dizzy but you get better when your blood spence i was going to say what what's stopping a guy from just going to a home depot emptying a bunch of his blood into a paint can and putting it in one of those mixers in the shed
and then just drinking it that's next ammunition that's is that not just blood doping that i just figure and cheapest way to blood no are you you pay a homeless guy to go on a total world at a circus are here and then when it gets off you cut it arm open and you just drink all his blood now you ve got his platelet rich plasma that's hank is lost split open doping and we were gonna listen that's how you when the tour de france in her last we have radio wars the swans good this winter not so long time listeners know that we have we just started a war with more cuban out of nowhere he is our peter theale without the whole life so please don't suicide also as we now tell me not and we have how did you yet yeah right not so mark cuban we keep asking him to come on the pack has to discuss he denies it i have his
el from when we did a video with him like three years ago i don't think he appreciates it but either way i e mail them because a rod corp which i am a member of our frederick s gonna be on the new sharks because a shark no when you said when you say that your member of a rag corpse what did that employment agreement look like that as you declaring yourself yes member yeah early on i've got ground floor ok for so it's on him meaning i gotta see and he hasn't denied any and every night it so i'm an early investor in iran caress as understand in new york is an employee at will state you so you actually squire squatters right you're willing yourself to be really there right so naturally with a rod being on shark tank my employer i can't have cuban on this pod cast the discuss because now we are competitors like two venturist conflict of interest so i e mailed mark human this is verbatim i e mail them as it mark with the recent news that my employer iran corps
reset to appear on shark take next season it is now a conflict of interest for you to come on the podcast cassa discuss i know you were greatly looking forward to your interview on part my take and i am deeply sorry to let you down in this regard please consider this my official rescission of the previous offer to discuss hopefully we can have you on the to discuss the episode airs or of my employment a rod corp has terminated this will only occur if i die god forbid thank you for your time yours in friendship business in discussing dan so i sent him that the an egg so he's like to take away clothes is what we call in the sales businesslike up were no longer open for discussion here man he replied we allow you guys are annoying as shit i think we're going somewhere i poor devil in his head any signs of e mails m which is such a power of him so i ate it wasn't i know
right it it's like when you tell a girl it will never work between us that's a really good tipped all the guys out there tell a girl that she date that she could never make it happen you and i we were too were too much alike are signs of the same your bad for your bad news your trouble you think i should stay away every new hot yeah lawyer mind too much yes that's how s registered to mark human hey now his day away from us by now it now yet laughing sailor smile you're on the inside mark cuban definitely is no oil guy that's not the first so while he's a big time and marks just learning the internet lingo so r o f l a may i was coming next i that is our show we have friday rainy moss given you preakness tips and also we're gonna try to get might port my back on too little port noise complaints women at him
time for a while mike patton die and we also will an airbus everywhere we're going for grit week were very excited we were you already know where it's starting cuz we revealed that on profootballtalk we're going to be at mike florio's barn in west virginia on sunday night and you already know where it's ending indianapolis five hundred carb day we'll tell you where we're going in between on friday show lovey guess yeah
inspired my tea set stools
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