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Keegan Michael Key, Stocks With Brian Koppelman, And Fyre Fest Of The Week

2021-01-28 | 🔗
We're all now rich off Doge Coin and GameStop (2:17 -12:32). Deshaun Watson officially officially asks for a trade after Texans new Head Coach hire (12:32 - 26:18). Billy gets ready for fight week (26:18 - 30:31). Keegan-Michael Key joins the show to talk about his new Audible podcast, The History of Sketch Comedy (30:31 - 55:14). Brian Koppelman joins the show to talk about the Billions episode he wrote that essentially was today's financial markets, what will happen with Robinhood and shorting stocks (55:14 - 85:49) . We finish with Fyre Fest of the Week
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On today's part of my take a too far for the people. We have the very, very talented, Keegan Michael key. We are talking about his new park ass. Well comedy he breaks down what comedy. Actually, where came from? What makes us laugh? You solve the ancient riddle of which came first like chicken in the egg, Defarge joke or the getting hit the nuts Joe. It was far too, but he explains spoiler. While he explains in its very response, you actually held addicted to spoiling episodes word my I mean there was very funny when he told it so you gotta, amid somebody's gotta, give the people little something to be like. Oh, you think they're gonna turn it off you better. Not using the rebuilding ocean was far too young to be, let it all they know. Tat stands out there. Now is very good. View very funny guy, and then we have our good friend Brian Copal. I said that during our brain compliment I will do that where I sat in my head.
Don't fuck it up, don't fuck it up. Then I've gotta get on a chance and growing hard. Oh man, don't I am, and then you come in to second bright compliment creator billions. He actually had an episode. That was essentially what happened today in Wall Street and Robin Hood and all that. So we talk to whom he actually explained to us very well. I loved on your guy like that whose clearly smarter than us, but also not trying to bogged down with the nitty gritty details. The ox was like we're. Fine. The only thing I dont like is he he will not. Basely speck Elaine on things until his red up buys a combined. My lawyer says is this: is the podcasting space need to make bold declarations that your ignorance about? Yes? So we are both those we have firefox the we we're going to have a nice Friday show take you in the weekend, taking into Super bowl week. We already have a member of one of the Super bowl teams ready to go for Monday show
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yeah. its pardon. My dear said goodbye, wasn't part of my tape by shackle. Download right now. Use code word ten dollars roughly ten dollars s. Peace here today is fry Yea January twenty ninth- and this may be the last episode of part of my take ever because you are now listening to not one myself not to pay of tee, not three Liam Bubba, not for Jake, not five Hank, not six Billy, six millionaires who have Cotton, rich off of those coin, game? Stop and Amazon, or no m c and Nokia in the last
four hours, waggery did we're gonna retired, don't forget about the trackball blackberry. Isn't it back to good bye, everyone's hot targeting all red hot topic was a stock. If Pacific somewhere I mean on all the more stocks were fucking searches, city. I don't wanna businesses we wagon getting that I'm shorting Robin Hood, though, when they eventually Goliath. I don't know what I did. I do so what's happening, but I also don't fully know what's happening because I'm not what you call smart, but it has been a hilarious day and a half the little guys fighting back the big fat cats on Wall Street or get there come on but no they're doing their headed for the hills. They are thereby we got on your word on we're circling, We hold the line yeah, I don't know you were lying on the line of wagons. Yes, we're holding it Billy off now Clean AIR, millionaire Billy Blockbuster Brow
it was one central I talked about allowing time it is now seven said: why does I called it? you didn't you called it Laelia balaclavas our millionaire I am long in those going, though I've had I've. I've had a number of assets that have been parked in those corn. Excuse me in the Deuce space for a while now so after six months, I think I'm up like seven under present and the brilliant thing about that is it doesn't exist? Now it's not a thing, but I put money into an account and then now there's a guy. That's like hey! Your money is worth seven hundred percent more yeah that'll gambling kicks. I dont think any of us actually made any real money off of these last twenty four hours, but it's fun to speculate what it would be like if we had, because that is just fine.
and I love the idea that we may be have a couple future me more than a couple. Future millionaires based off game stop or dose coin like this is what tickles my fans will that we get the the idea we're gonna make the funniest class of millionaires. Bitcoin too, like Bitcoin those coin game. Stop am see. I need the quota quote: trolls the internet, as I want I'm calling it s what the fat cats column to be the power players and shift the entire dynamic and, like guess what can become. legal again raping na were also Gunnar Mango, Jewel pods. Yet livestock is in those right. Genco we back hardy online ownership goes for years. That's like I want all they should come back knows. Awesome, and it's really no different than if you look back like a hundred years hundred fifty years, the oil boom- you
a shitload of new money right these of people on the titanic that were being looked down upon by the old money and guess what these the red it millionaires. Organ me, fucking, hilarious, they're, they're, going to be Jerry Jones is he's a red. It millionaire skis, we read, a billinger has happened. We born like seventy years before read it was invented yet think about it. This way, like Rockefeller, John Rockefeller? Well guess what a new Rockefeller was born today in his name's Troy many lives in South Tampa hell, yeah fuck! Yes, let's cut. I love now job rules getting involved in this area. Jerusalem is John General was. I feel this is a fucking crime, Robin who do not sell. Hold the line, what the FUCK job rule and it's become like a chapels sketch brought If I saw this wondered, I don't know where they find these fat old, sweaty, grumpy billionaires, they'll, look like they're they're, like ink drawings from a hundred stopped,
novel, but they just roll them out of bed and they ruler greasy faces onto the scene b c, and this dude was complaining that he lost like a little bit of money. He's done his riches, he was yesterday and then the cry of I want the screen said like Girul says: all these guys are fraud. Is Iraq? Yes, does that rules actually? Did you have a factory of those guys who all live in like the inner either long, island or Montclair, New Jersey or like somewhere in Connecticut. They all have the exact same blue shirts. And they're all got to the Robert CRAM. Like white collar, oh yeah, sure they might not have hemophilia, but someone in their family does data. We have gout, it's the gout crew undiagnosed type. Two diabetes is a bigger role now to talk down to the little guy
and be like this is wrong. This is and how financial market should work for you. I'm stayin a little bit woke honour, because these guys are too perfect, like a kind of rules that, if your old and fat and rich enough, though just put you on television to be the most suitable person. But when I look at them, it's like tat. easy of a mark for me to hate. I do like I'm being manipulated It's all in for anything that has our generation in the generation. Younger than us just kicking the shit out of baby boomers up and down the because that its bent it we ve gotten. The shit kicked out of us it's time for us to start scorn. A couple. Touchdowns run up the score little bit, and I know I know it's rigged. I know this isn't gonna stand they're, going to figure out a way to fuck it Therefore, everyone over and all the little guys are going to be screwed out of all their money, but today was one day on the internet, because it felt like the tables had turned in the in everything and flip for a second
except for the fact that Robin Hood just shut down all the trading and ruined it for everyone in the hedge funds said their money. Six words have two different phrases. Hold the line were holding line right up and then to the moon, to visit to the moon enough yup you'll be a billionaire, eventually yup what I'll? Even we now know that it's been a big day for just treating any random Wolf Wall Street gift. He'll hear you know that Guy Claudia Leaving, but you have did you bring it reads, we know what bring back quail eludes yeah, I'm just going to say it. I can send to the moon or too they shot his head off. That's true, yes, be careful. I just gotta addicted to between, because, if you just reach with anything that was like you, it was you could just yell. Anything was like a super drunk part yeah, where you can like? U S Asian Falk, Robin Hood, there were like yours, I'm on your side, but I also is addictive, retreats I'll, admit. In a weird way, it's kind of like its, it is bringing everybody together and it
as a matter if you're on the left or on the right. I think that there's, like probably fifty people that we're all Is that all the murder is matter right? Now, it's actually great to have a common enemy. I was saying that the only way that the USA could come back together and like all pull on the same side. If aliens came down to earth and stored war with us, then we don't be like yeah fuck. You will fighting it. I take that back, It's actually better, just to have these sweaty weirdos suspenders on me that we can all get mad at bob- and I were talking about this earlier today. But do you think that I do think that today has been like the most active day on Twitter in the last year, no prior election day or the day that the capital stormed yeah well, pretty acted yeah? That was pretty acted too, but you should be able to bet on that yeah when twitters goby most area, don't actually good. I also, I think, it's kind of funny when everyone is saying, like the register
from the poor right now but like damn referred to the poor, is like you said, like guys named Troy, who are probably looked just like me and like twenty four year high level. Yet they put like two hundred bucks and writings right, yeah, the profile porphyry warlike, wait what the fuck yeah they're, not very highly life, yeah you're, officially part of the proletariat. If you went to a state school yeah. I know this day was fuckin phone. It was fun, oh just fun, to watch on Twitter Fund watch any of the people who like have I just imagine Wall Street. Is you some big room that only a few people I'd go to and just big levers and they just hit it over and over? I got print more money, for Us Primeau, Mario Headphone, boom, more money for us so tat. The levers break often allow blondie yeah. I'm pretty much it's pretty much to put its overtime lever. It's just the print more money up its utterly again. We need to pay out our investors print more money, so for that to stop for one second was kind of fuckin phone it'll be pretty hilarious. If we reenacted occupy Wall Street
There was like occupy Wall Street to point I'll. Put you on my that we do not take it off her couch either that or it was just like a bunch of just middle class. People then went down their country livestock when they revamped Woodstock and the second time it terms that it turns into like a big corporate event. We ve got like Mastercard stance and have to sign up for for a credit card exchange. Flickr fillies, blunt teacher debbie sake. If we just all I'd like a middle class occupy session down there. Yes, yes, I so we weren't somewhat more with Brian couple Compliment Brian Compliment in a minute. He explains it all Billy Congrats I'm being rich on blockbuster, were all rich, wouldn't talk a little sports, his second before we do that a word from our friends at three. She, you ve heard us talk about three chee before. If you look
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code, part in Africa, five percent off; ok, Dijon, Watson! Well, let me back up the taxes have haven't you head coach? It is David Cully who you might remember from such hits as the Baltimore Ravens passing game. These ask him yeah I am, and also the year that the Kenzie she's had zero touch on thrown to water. She was now the Roger to resort great, but well he was one receivers if they did have Dwayne Boa the time they genuinely always good, but yeah. That was the oil sixty five Uzi Alex Smith days. So my favorite conspiracies that I'm seeing this report as being a stop gap to get them to gosh Mcgown as redcoat interviewed old Josh Boy as the head coach there like we might give this Josh there's a David Kali is like gonna, be the interim head coach. Maybe they have accepted having
Sean Watson walk out the door and then, when they need to rebuild the franchise, you get drag o immediately in the door and to me, that's a Jack Easter, because I know that Josh Mcgown he's big, not Jack and Off Guy Jackie's to be when he was like meeting with the MC nurse who is like, let's pray for next head coach, I feel like John Mc Coun. Is that guy? Yes, the absolutely key, serene yeah, he's? U and upon a plane to Omaha yeah you're gonna, destroy I'm looking at his regiment right now and I'll give him a benefit of the doubt ever now good luck to him, I'm not running against him, but a red flag, I'll, throw it out there. He was a wide receivers. Coach in Vienna fell from ninety ninety four just wide receivers? That's the only thing, coach, goodnight honey for two dozen ten, surpassingly is like a long time to be a wide receivers coach and not get a promotion,
is an expert he's. Not he's. No wider sees a wide receiver whisper years with wide receivers. Like Hollywood Brown and that's about it, that's rubbed her think of any other good wide receiver does Bryant does riot? No, no. He was wider seeber for the eagle, so Fredericks, ok, yeah rate. He did that tee, o t out out, ended up limits. Ye may DIA Kevin, that's going together. That's what you need is only higher guy like this, you need it. You need to have one kind of it. He made see otiose unity. I was very much to you before you got a illegals. Is there a quarterback? That's like demanded a trade. That's been at the stature of two Sean Watson in history, a color, J, Cutler Jake I caught learns approval or no I mean it's been yeah. It's been. I don't think so. It's I'm trying to think of like I'm going through in my in my memory. The breakfast was a lot
older man. Saffron right now is obviously going to be traded. Ah m J Cutler at school, color thinking a collar one. I drew Bledsoe when Tom Brady took over God traded. I mean it's not like a long long list of guys because Does it matter paid manning Amira right yeah, so It's not, along with the guys, shall Watson devotees the youngest best of that group. I don't know what do you give form? I fuck that's the thing she was. I saw the bears the there's a treat. It was like the bears are or putting being heavily interested in Indonesia. Watson ok like, and I want to have a six pack. What about this? What the fuck you talk about, bears what about this? What about Matt suffered for to shine, Watson and like to First Rampart COD out suck formats effort, so yeah she's scrub suffered fur John Walk every man, yet everyone loses yeah,
Oh, I don't know what is going to take to get up what he's gonna know trade clause to so he can cannot pick his destination, but I guess a lot of it would be such a. The bears would do a too because it would give up like four first rounders, like we couldn't just pick em, but now you ve yet and then that's the thing is it's a very odd thing for De Sean Watson to be demanded trade knowing how much it will take to be to get like his services. So your centrally saying I wanna be trade What team did then will give up a bunch of draft capital and then hurt my ability to? labour winning team in a way that these almost kind of it's kind of shooting in his own house than by now. You must really hate Houston yeah, but don't you don't you think like give if you're a team that has to trade, let's call it three: first runners
It's a lot like tat is a lot in terms of impact players, the mean something to the cornerstone of your franchising when you're drafting when you're giving up you know. If you look at teams it that are successfully NFL, they dont go many years, thou missing a first round her, whether their picking were there not. When you look at teams that are just abject failure, it usually can be up like number one point like all yeah: they miss three first rounders in a given sector no shortage of teams out there that will convince themselves that their one quarterback right, I'm just saying very interesting dynamic because he is kind of ruin. in his own house before he gets there. You have it. I think he's going We will won't really be that much of an issue if we can find a team that he likes and smartphone, I would say yes more franchise, but then, when you look at smart franchises, not that many of them will be in the more
it for a quarter and not many of them will do a trade where it's a lot of draft picks. Whore like disarm Watson is an incredible talent to shout. Watson is worth a lot. There is a point where you're fucking yourself over you like what. Why would we trade for the sky with four for shrimp? I don't know if that's what it is, but if you're like a fool, I wonder for forfarshire picture. Do me personally yeah you would. No chance! I! U can draft quarterback with a guide. I think that you would be screwing yourself so royally over for the future of Europe for first ramp, I'm in win now moved the big cat put the implicit championship window and you got a hit. And then you gotta pay. Em too, I mean, I know, it's gotta be content. We Europeans, I wouldn't do for our, do it for unlimited name, your price, what I Levin seven sure now give you my next seven. Ok, I loved,
who deal with you. I don't is our role in terms of La Halloran. How many for exiting the shah Mcfee has gotten up that limit. That's true yeah! They had to put them, they had to Robin Hood and they like hey. Do you can't click enshrining them every single pick any else. I hope you just go and I hope he stays and use them for a little bit just so we can get another six months, photoshopped yeah the I mean that the forest shops our great. I wonder what is the what's the prevailing like thought for how much it will take to get some, I think, is probably like three first rounders in a liquor, or two and two to forest owners to second round I don't have my draft alyosha early, their trades were the two first rounders were involved for a player. Ok, you are released them Clio, MAC to Chicago that juries out like having it. Obviously the barest, even scrape put it does heard that they don't have first from pigs.
I would do that again. Probably laramie Tonsil the Houston from a dolphin. Wouldn't do that again if Europe, if you're the tacit Saxons deadly one, do that again? So that's who are so, let's call it. One from look I'll, never wanted. There will be no matter what they might, because they're gonna they might get those picks back. Now that doesn't count. I'm descended renting out you rented Dijon Watson counsel together for a year now that doesn't count this July. Some point some twenty twenty. So something happened this year on year, Rikiu Williams, to Miami two thousand, till now. Rather, will not wild cat was sweet Jamal items the Seattle this year, Jeff I wouldn't do that again, Jake. How other you also, ultimately, not didn't. You have to take into account that if you're the jets- and you have more first round- picks that's giving more fire, we J, p p you're gonna screw those up his best. If you don't have a color, what I actually might we give a coward as well? I would I don't know work out, but I also for two first round picks:
I was you ve got out and let you got already intimacy championship right really mean the defence who still good for and you got the money not thought of it ain't. He did break his his thumb on, like that. The team that I thought was the best color Tiemann when he was playing is best ball. So I would do that again. Actually, armor big socks- and I was in my avalon- are ip address Streamlet, while the jail and ran into the rams. Ok, juries out, I guess yeah, I guess rams the ribs might do that again. Ok, I think to football team also gave up essentially that much to get the second pillar to take Archie three key challenge ass into the box: ok, that didn't
wasn't they won with defence like anyone with key challenge, Anson Joey Gallery to Dallas, and two thousand? Yes really never worked out right! That's what I'm saying is this is this? Is it worth talking about two picks, not three pics. I mean I just think, there's a point where I would do it for two. I will I dont know if I'd go more than three, I do it for two and maybe a couple second rounders disaster, because you are happening now. I would you don't. I would want to do. Is I'd want to minimize the hurt too, as a small window is possible, so I'd like hey, will give you our first second and third rounder this year in a first round her neck, you ok! So it's like the future. You know in three, years. Now we have all of our picks back so you're gonna hurt yourself for maybe this little small period. I think any team, the trades consistent amount of pigs for the future, like you're, really like Libya, the taxes issue that kind of fuck them and how do they do
considerations in the US all over, but what, if it weren't for tee, I was like, will give you two first round picks and will pay half of. Did you watch remaining sour okay? I could see a franchise like two Texans link. Sheepish french idea that may not have other should together front office just being like toss. brok as whether and when we get while it would be interesting to know the the color trade Orton was thrown in obviously coward? I love him, but he wasn't a franchise quarterback put you could throw in like if you're the jet. Like what changes aimed Arnold near I mean SAM Donald into first. Aren't all at least gives the Texans jumping off point for what the future might be or
coach or had kindly reward Gm Annie, read its actions. They keep the enemy, Texan, send Dijon, Watson and they, the Texans, take Patrick MA homes. Would you try if you're the Kazi Chiefs? Would you trade Patrick HOMES for the Sean Watson, if the Texans, also through in three first round, picks waits it again to Sean Watson for Patrick Mahomet Europe? The chiefs also get three first from pigs from the Texans. Now bold, I would I wouldn't trade petrol homes for anything. Nothing. I mean it's, U primitive, guaranteeing that
believes he jumped giant unex like fifteen years? I actually had this thought the other day. Do you think you think maybe not every time, but you think right pace has at some point shed a two year will watch and patch rose just a little cry. We're gonna card is dry, doubly, would cry I because we all joke. Like you know, everyone makes a joke, it bears friends, expense or you could have bathrooms. Well, let's be honest, I couldn't than anything Ryan Pace literally. Could have done something. Do you think he could? I would cry little bit. He probably he probably has little yeah a moment of truth, like maybe a is wife walks in regions like nourishes dusty, and here you know, like must be our she sees yet. It seems, like our disease and only happens, would push rooms in the play of cheating. That John Bruton, is I can add, to shine Watson a little before this is like a wet dream for John yeah yeah man could be funded,
It is the weirdest we have disarmed Watson, Matt Stafford, Philip Rivers, hopeless, becomes that kind of retirement, James Winston mixture risky Lotta la probable, quarterbacks out there yet lot approve all those guys. Yeah, it's gonna be wild off seaside. It's gonna be one of those things were next year, they're gonna be so many quarterbacks in new places. In so many first time had coaches coaching teams, I think they're, like seven first time, had coaches heavy linen teams that you're the guy from the Eagles. I like his story because he basically got hired for his first coaching job, because Todd Hayley some worrying amount union shirt at the wife's yea right inside it how come no one talks about TAT Hill is off. Zizi should get back inside TAT Hayley as proven track record of success. Everywhere you go yes, we should get him back in there. Absolutely. Ah, I
We do, let's do were due. First key. Michael key sure was you king, Michael key than we have Brian Coppermine nailed at that time. Afterwards, we might cut this out before we do and add real, quick, fifty Billy. Why are you asking Kevin manner if, if you can carry a gun in a casino, I say it's not for me stuff for me. Ok, that doesn't make any. better. Now I can work your laundering somebody's gun question. We know we can keep this week. Can we cut this because my trainers, afore police officer, has it can see carry permanent or give a wise it's. What are you I dont enemies you studied warmer, so you can have a former. You have a gun at the advice Case should pops auto he he's he's this? Is the carry? It all if we the licence to carry, doesn't mean you had retired he's retired right
so I told him to use gonna help is a comprehensive vaccine, but then you, Ass Blake, why canny Kenny can bring I was wandering, so I can tell Uncas tease. He always carries Godfrey. I need only looking at his eye like he wants nothing, he's got you a solid you can now we always have really. This is guide. We have this in the past, the cuff ivy look I'll fuck around. I got some great trainers. They always stay strapped It's a really great box and trainers when they do not need a gun right wing lawyer. Weapons boys commands it see, to me like you are basically planning if you lose you're, just gonna shoot Jose Conseco's logo I'm not going out, I wouldn't be like I'm not losing like now a chump nigger has, I think about things like
for real lose this fight. It would mean I'd like you to have to like knock me out rang with generally That's the way I really like war or like here, I'm not losing a slit decision, because I'm going like balls, the Fuckin war, and bore find a way to steal the gun from the carbon Anthea Clip before us to act. He says Billy's planning in oceans, eleven style heist. The casino goes ahead. Can I bring a drawn into a hearing your gun in a small asian gymnast and I M old Guy- that's really good at improving Isaac. If he asked me if he asks me yo like what's the Conseil carry laws in this casino ok, lonely, ass, my guy What baby. I thought: what do you know that yeah? Oh, don't we former cop former he's a retired police officer, gaudy he's the man the light,
don't get army in the main he is literally the man I wouldn't bad about. The dew wants to carry his gun. Twenty four seven, three, sixty five, I must say shit about of you'd. Do you We can't go anywhere. We got you guys, don't understand odds the others this curious somebody fertilizer and allowed to bringing this is valid for personal action. I was through the outward and keep Alderson. I just know what everyone pretend lifted in here that don't we don't let that yeah yeah but bill. you know what you actually bring with you. If you really want to keep that mother fucking thing on you, when you or the commission,
bring some romance wipes, bring some romance wipes to the casino. Most guys have tried different ways to last longer. You know what you should do you feel you should take romwe swipe to just wipe them all over your face, so you won't feel a thing if you get hit boom figure out a way to hack boxing, but thinking about baseball doesn't always work and trying to last longer the folks at Roman turn, online men's health company or changing the game with roman swipes, the secret to longer lasting sex, roman sweatshirt, clinically proven way to last longer in bed. There effective, they're easy to use their fast acting, but they don't require prescription rolling. Can ships wipes to use discreet, unmarked packaging and eats wipes pack is small enough to hide in your wallet for whenever you need it. There super easy to use just take this wipes out of packets, wipe it on. Let it dry you're good to go. That's it
you gotta, get roman dot com slashed, take get your first month, swipes for just five bucks when you choose a monthly plan, let's get roman dot com, slash, take, and now here's Keegan Michael key Ok, we now welcome on a very very special guessed. It is Keegan. Michael key he's got a new podcast out. It's called the history of sketch comedy in its an audible, original, fascinating idea, something I don't think anyone else's downwards. Combo of you know podcast, but also skits and sketches great. Have you on. I guess. The first question I had to ask was: is a part of you that you're actually ruining comedy cause? You explain the joke in a ten part pot cast in up to that. That is a really good question. Unclad you ass. They got you ve been testing. I am of the belief
but you can't ruin it by analyzing it it's funny. It's it's! A doubly seafield sees the one that sad he goes. I can't tell you why some! I can't tell you what I can tell you what's funny. I can't tell you why and- and my thing is part of my fascination with companies- always been trying to figure out the- why trying to figure out the science of it, but I think that the science of it still the way the jokes are constructed and sketches are constructed used you, don't always know what the person's going to say. Even if you do the construction it and you actually guess what you already know- the rules cuz, it's just storytelling any story that was read to you as a kid any story, you read to your kids there's there's there's a certain way that things are set up. So what happens is in Abuja movie near that guy. Behind you, Gus, ok, I know she's gonna, be it she's. Gonna break em up you know like you watch the movie about you, guys are an abandoned and that one of the meets a growing up boy. Here she is ok she's, the one is gonna break em up. That guy
You get pleasure from that because you know what the movie is. We know the top of the movie or you kind of no the direction the jokes going in, but you don't really right. Don't you don't know exactly how it's gonna be executed. Look they're gonna run a jet sweep, but is which guard is gonna Paul I dont know yet mean, or is the centre gonna Paul I dont know, Oh yeah, so the origin of this whole thing. The origin of this whole thing was my wife, L and I having conversations about jokes over the years. Ok, that's others, think it being yeah. That's fascinated me. One thing. I've always wondered if you touch on this, your pike astronaut, but when people laugh, why do we laugh and I'm not talking about like the mental recognition of the Joker, the unexpected punchline, that that hits in a different way? I'm saying like physiologically? Why does my chest convulse and why do I make this sound out of my mouth when I think that something funny so here's that it's crazy adjusted?
you asked me a question just made me realize how much of a nerd I am. There is a philosopher I carefully. This is happening. I get to actually answer this question after all, Gowers! Yes, there is, the philosophy of french philosopher need all three. Bet song or are you and I would say Henry Bergson and only Bergson believed that There is the social contract that we have with each other. This malleability that we have with each other. You do when you walk down the street and you you and other person go the same way. Yang ops gives me: so you go excuse me. He goes excuse me. Can you both go the same way? They go outside and you're the same way again and then the next thing that happens. Is you go.
It's a release. Its are released from the fact that you broke a social moral right to men, get two straight men get too close to each other to chop pops. Sorry about that! That's! Where laughter comes from the interesting thing is when we're babies, we don't laugh. For that reason. When we're babies, we laugh out of joy. When we get older, we laugh out of incompatibility, so You're you're die. If I ran contracting and new pushing air out of your body is a release, social tension and uncomfortably ok, I usually just kiss the dude, but that sounds unit lots of more than a second just cast. You gonna break detention anyway. That's it that's permission right, not just
try kissing, should go on you. What were you just described was Andrew Luck like Andrew Luck, it's tackled, he gets sacked and he laughs at people. He laughs he's a good hit that, but that's not because he thinks it's funny. He just tents in the pocket and then it gets hit and he's releasing that tension afterwards, that that is the other guys are laughing to try to get in other guys. Heads Andrew Look was trying to get in. There had been trying to use that to right when you, when you're throwing you keep it Europe quarterback, you keep your elbow in and then everything off his whip right. Throwing a ball is not that different from a Gulf swing. So if you can keep loose and keep loose and stay in the pocket, he's gonna be more accurate and have musing on the past, so you're absolutely right. That was why he would laugh. That is why that particular ethnic would laugh, makes sense for parliament to die.
class Stanford would give them so I dont want to give away the whole Edwin Chicle. Listen to it put part for I saw you talk about prairie, home companion. I love that show. I love. Listen, that's your wise! That show so genius. Did you get into it. You explain that joke. I did. I look what I explained about premium companion out like that again, that was my my wife's. I do my wife and partner tissues might write. Approach is a really brilliant director and she's, like you should talk about things from your personal life and that prairie, whom companion story popped into my head? Oh, I should talk but there's a killer. So what makes that stuff work is the running. order of the shop so sometimes not necessarily even laughter just the running, The show that getting up and now son got it all and now the monologues coming it gives you that lovely syn, The familiarity it makes it listening to that show right did not show make you feel like you're. Put no more warm blanket on. Yes, yes
well. You know: here's the intra, then he's gonna. Do the introduction to the guests. He's got you a couple jokes. Then a sketch, then a song then another song, then a sketch in the monologue, and you just knew we know every said night at eleven thirty five on it see, there's gonna be a political called open right then the hostess gonna come up. I'm so happy to be here on Saturday Night live and they were usually go into: what's: gonna credential, sketch or commercial parity. One of those digital short sets. The next thing we go into you just your brain knows it cause. You ve been watching, sat in that light, since you were a kid yes and there's a certain amount of comfort. Now, if they break that pattern, you definitely going to laugh. Definitely going to laughter about, oh no. I thought they would you a real commercial, but it's
actually them that's good, that's good! That's good, yeah, so yeah! So the thing that gets you the most excited some something super clever and also breaks a pattern about right, but the reason we giggled, because you said I usually kissed the guy- you broke the Patten. This is is fascinating. Yet, as you know, were we love comedy, but we consider ourselves this podcast. For the most part, we are not as smart as smart people put a little bit smarter than really dumb people, so we're right now. That range, where, like I understand all that's funny about really know why and some My goal, smarter than us can tell us hey here's, probably why and I never even thought of it that way, but you're right. It's also it's just that. It's not here's. The thing he's at least I think not smarter, not smarter about people. I D
Have a passion for this thing and, however, I was raised and where I was raised and who I was raised by and same thing for you, you have a passion about something, so there's definite as much as I enjoy sports. a gamble now that you know now we're dumb across now across the board like little. She had across the board. We could talk about or dumb about it, whereas you very very sad, we thought the bills were: gonna, kill the chiefs on Sunday, we're very savvy investors. You know, like the finance Euro Zone You have any questions about border you're really more in a mortgage backed secured riots and that it should. He owes me suddenly, those when you name it. What was the first joke ever told? It's gotta, be guy, get him the knots right or far joke go. It's not it's! It's a hard job departure! So the first the recorded joke. The first recorded job was from the nineteen nineteenth since
ABC nineteen hundred BC and it's a sumerian joke, and it's something I'm in trust me broke the cut, what we're gone, but the context of a context this off on God, but it's about it's about a young, something respect for the young bride, hoof farts as she sits on her husband's lap, a guy. That's all nobody, I think you're looking too hard for four subjects and see that this is we're. Being too smart gets you into trouble, sometimes because you're trying to analyze why the bride farting on her husband is funny. No, no! No, you can, Stop lessons. There's like that's just you just said it s an entire tat. She could have reacted. That's one point: responding but you didn't you just said it. I just started lap. You also. There is one of the episode you talk about working medieval times. What do you do for mediaeval times order? I didn't work at mediaeval too.
I worked at a renaissance. That's ok were to arise. I renaissance, particularly I worked better get. Some idea I did the renaissance possible. I did a comedy show comedy sword. Fighting show with me, a guy and a woman and the woman place like the damsel distress in the two guys fight over her and then at the end should take some guy in the audience. You know you like, we would busk for a crowd. We get it probably get you got me out to see the golden age and then giving it like a crowd? Elected leaders honour people around, and then you didn't think. Then you pass the had afterwards and and so we don't you know, so I learnt it by my boss of the time you talk about a sword, fight, taught me the moves of sword, fighting and tighter rules, asymmetrical roles and judo roles, so he like throw me and I'd tumble and get up and it was great and you grab someone's Fanny pack, out of the audience debates with them and that's kind of how I started learning bits: how to do street theatre and fiscal bits like like when people come up to you a disneyland and stuff like that, it was that type of humor and I would watch all the
shows at the at the Renaissance festival the juggling shows and how they did the timing with their jokes and that guy's we do tight rope shows, but they always had jokes in them, and you could tell they ve been doing this for fifty twenty years and that they just knew the timing of how to get to this person. They knew what person to pick on the audience. It like. I learned so much from that experience and then obviously like keen peel was. It was a big part. I think, of a lot of our common experience has grown up. They probably for a lot of her or listers or audience at their. They probably know wash ing ton of you on television, my biggest question for you when cars that shows, how did you determine who got to go first in terms of key and peel. I we literally we said. Let us keep the simplest possible. Let's just go alphabetical, let's not known others. Let's go Lately no dramatis and had his name been dieter, it would have been called dieter. gee that's out. Just like we ve got. It sounds like you wanted your name first.
and then retroactively you're like. Let's just do it out, oh wait. There that's crazy on wheels. I will Are you the first time I said? I said there is out there such comedy show from the eighties in England called a little bit of fry in lorries, and they iq lorry from house is a member of that scatter that team accommodating and they used to call them fry Loring fry lorry and, to be honest it it's like. Can you say it quickly? Cable, he appeal pill, pinkies yeah! I could kill you. I couldn't get up a person Pilecki and Jordan, who is just about the most even the old guy you're ever going to me. He Jackie Businesslike works for me now. I'm gonna go over here when an Oscar, snake he's like sneaky Jean Jacques. As other talk a lot and another set.
Get out happens over what the hell work. This was that this is the comedian and thing is, is its. It was just for him. He was like a great Canfield sounds good, but stood I, the railways- and we actually had yon, though, is that I want to get season three of friends from college. What the fuck Certainly I love that show I might be in a minority here because I I actually we watched it like a few months ago during quarantine and it still get. I sat there at the end mean like what the fuck I want to see the next season. So can you do that? have to do. I don't know, I honestly don't know it's like it's. It's not my purview and it's it's kind of above my pay great. But that's yet again, I will say it did end abruptly. Yes, yes, that that one way to put Definitely how does it? How does it work, though, with it with a project that ends abruptly? Is there obviously to have what I have been for five years? Is there a part of you? That's like me,
maybe someday they'll come back and ok, let's do another season, or is it just totally dead? Are your mind gone. I have tat. The thing is: we have to move on and if it were to come back then it would be a pleasant surprise like it would be enough for that kind of workers. I really love the people. I work with on the show. So much Anna had really great report with everybody, and I so you'd Youtube for me. You kind of its like it's like the last law right gave that wasn't. We took the EL gotta move on gotta, move on to the next game. Gotta move on to the next game, because you you have to get out of your head and then starts really give all of your attention and all of your focus to whatever the next project, as there have been very, very, very, very fortunate, my career that those that you hope that those next products come along. You gotta give em gusto, that's the thing about our job, as you gotta make sure you give a hundred percent to everything you do so that you can know that if it goes well, it's because you gave it everything and it doesn't go well. You have solace that you David everything,
see I needed to be more like sports, though I need you to be able to be like I'm holding out until they do another season without the. I will not have you anything else until they do another disease, and I need some backing here. It's funny you can hold out, but then what happens is Netflix will go, but here the algorithms thing- and I can't beat the map cap- it but we can I presented my year wicked pumping up, I mean we're. We basically have just made everyone millionaires billionaires for Roma game, stop which actually we had nothing to do with that, but we could pumping up never go watch friends from college. I highly recommend two seasons on Netflix, get the algorithm going and more you you'll do another season guaranteed area for five, never know it for free. You do know season for free right now. Out of the question I'm so another. but my foot, I mean as much as I love those till you are holding out more money than the arts you're all holding us ass. I left the guy. That's why we're going to promote
I've always wondered about you because you obviate are trained actor. You a very odd, passionate speaker. So when you talk you, you speak with a purpose at Lahti or comedy comes, I think from inflection that you put on the words but you're? Also a writer you're coming writer, I was wondering about your process when it comes to writing a sketch weathers for computer, whatever it is, and if you know that something funny after you read it out loud or if you know something's funny, just by writing it down for me being a performer, primarily it's always about it's always about. You have an inkling that it's funny when you read it, but the proof is in the pudding it's when its deliberate, because you don't ever know exactly how to deliver. Ditch thinking about plays or this audible series for that matter is that is being written, shoe perform that we should say, but Shakespeare people are going to be like Shakespeare, analysts we like and then what what he meant here by the spread of AIDS was.
And what do you mean about is this is this? Is his his reference to the teapot Doan scandal or too that the gunpowder plotted? Don't nobody cares bah, I just want to see. Does the good guy, when this hamlet ill his uncle? What what do you know? Any? That's Devonian Juliet live, that's all we know about and not they do not live, but you hope and pray that the performer can make an interesting enough that you think I'm gonna live this time that that would be you know. So what interests singly happened in the past or in the series is that my wife, she wrote most, which is a really brilliant writer, brilliant writer, and it's been right for years. She wrote most of it, but she's also writing for my voice. she's writing for what she thinks will be fun for me. You know she's like the offence, according to she's gonna, be a fund play and I'm gonna break rights. Europe, so she's area and I'm refugees, but still sometimes right. Something go I'm right this and I know exactly how Kragans, what the inflection and the syntax this phrase
yeah, I know how you get it and then I tried I'll say it and then other tensile try to surprise her so that its this really great collaborative effort between the two of us, because she's She hears me in her head and then she starts typing based on my rhythms and mine, flush yeah. Well, what I was thinking of specifically was the subs to teach a sketch, and the word churlish right, because when you see the word churlish on a piece of paper is not funny just
It's a plain, looking word its kind like an old downward when you say it out loud, don't that's that's debate the best punchline in their entire sketches that even a punchline, it just new saying in english word with a funny inflection on it right ends, and it's interesting. That line is one of two improvised lines in that seen. Every other line it had seen is written. Those that line insubordinate churlish is is improvised and, to be honest with you, I think I improvise at the moment, because it was literally in the moment. I had discovered something up. the character right. Then right then I was like this guy was in the military describes. The military was my thought and I went insubordinate a challenge.
It would only every word and subordinate from Ike a sergeant dry enemy. He went on his work and ensure leash. I gotta tell you cannot have enough because of what you just like it wouldn't have been written on the page. No one would think to write that unforeseeable word on a pay up, DR who had just kind of came out of nowhere, and so when writing scale, really or writing the series. It's the same thing Missus pretty much a ten our monologue, so she's writing a tenant. She's writing this little moments inside the peace or little sketches and she's like here, enjoy this. Oh he's good at doing that. So very often you come up with ideas of what would be fun for you
and, as you writing another now I dont know Jordan wrote the EAST West Pool all start sketch from T appeal. I imagine as he was writing it. When you come up with a name like Jack Merit, Jack marries Tech. Their tracks were the carpet Sean. Do that he must have found it funny in the moment. I imagine him going the little, but then the execution enhances it. Yes, yes, I'm a simple guy. If you show me a video of someone puking, I laugh why. Why, because again, it's something out of the ordinary, its breaking up social, its breaking up the social contract. Nobody would do that. Not if you see it it's a when things Ben.
It is another thing from her Emmy Bergson. When things bend, we giggle when things break, we laugh so falling out of a gnat appeal and then shredding your ass is a break. That's not a bank slipping on a banana peel, slightly humorous full right, but if you go ass, a replica we lack we're we're releasing that tension. Where releasing that tensions. We actually feel bad right. But what really that tension? That's sometimes with laughter, come from! That's that's! is that is there, I would say hotter sets its holes like. If something comes out of it. All new goes into consumer. That's where gets interrupted in here bullshit you're besought eleven on whole yeah, just the funniest holes. What do you think is the Funniest hall, the funniest whole h, oh yeah, the funding all start porthole, but whose really funny
again, something we don't talk and also that release the release comes from. We didn't think we didn't think what you just said. We didn't think that was funny when we were for three. You walk round the house before nobody think it's the day that you start noticed your parents notice you when you do it will, although when they, why why? Why did you look at me and then and then look at you can't it wait? What what's happening is up because of what I just did you say thank you dont know. There's anything quota quote worn with flageolets. You just do it yeah? What's a chill mores put on it, we can. We have. We have the opportunity for whom, whereby would by dogs, do dogs gate get jokes dogs do not get jokes why they just what they want. Yet it away is no organ industry.
Don't you like what is willing? We laugh at the dog, because the dog has no shame about no shame about right at all. So far as we would laugh, yeah. So what I want my son to be a comedian. I needs just laugh at everything. He does what it s. Okay, so let's go back to two books or to the philosopher You would actually teach your sign all the all the things that people don't find acceptable and they you want to do it better than that sounds like two thirds endeavour as a However, I would not be reallocated that's malaria, wire funding. I would I would show your son comedy and led him. Let him absorb sketches
Let him absorb stand of jokes and then at you. I have friends who have children, basically say Fred savagely, atrophied savage, whose in France Ecology up, he told me one day, came up. Miss beaming and I said what squirrel forty Gus. My son August, he said she just has this appreciation for consumer and adjust lights up my heart, because I watch him starting to get jokes and understand jokes, so view expose your son jokes. My feeling is that you'll start. You know you'll start to figure out the architecture instructive, you're out why it works is given to disseminate the difference. It was set up in the punch, wine and and- and it's really up earlier fascinating thing to watch a child start to understand Hubert gotcha. I just realized too that he, when he was a baby and he would puke. I would laugh every time, so he probably will start puking thought now.
jobs. In my view, the army, I'd laugh, is just some about what about jackass wise, wise jackass could question, because I think that jackass, you people have varying opinions about it, but I honestly think that you could show Jack ass to anybody. That's ever lived in any society in any civilization and they would laugh at. I agree. I agree. I agree it's it's the most basic thing. Again. Is that thing is that the only wrinkle with Jack Ass is that they are voluntarily and willingly doing it to themselves yeah. But if you take that part out and take all the preamble out, there I think you're absolutely right from the Sumerians to today on part my taking its just primal Keegan Michael key. This has been awesome. we really appreciate it. You have to come back on at some point and maybe hopefully, when we can actually do interviews in person, you can sit with us for a while.
Secure New York were in New York, but everyone go listen to his new pod casts out the history of sketch comedy inaudible original ten parts. Fasting stuff. We really appreciate your time, an egg you guys so much would have me on. Yes, I'd love that led the bill
This approach would be great thanks. Man awesome that interview with Keegan Michael key was brought in by a great friends. Are new presenting beer sponsor at cores light? We love cores lay here. The big game is right around the corner and everyone's pomp, not only for football, but for the commercials cores wanted to create the most refreshing add of all time, so they bring it to a place that no became commercial has ever gone before into your dreams. That's right course has been working with world renowned dream. Psychologist, Doktor Deirdre bear it in a team of visual artists to make it happen. They conducted an experiment where participate, participants watch a refreshing trippy. Two minute video then fell asleep to an eight hour. Long relaxing audio, sound scape, crazy enough. It actually worked, they actually
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your dreams celebrate responsibly, twenty twenty one course Broom company going Colorado in Fort Worth Texas. Now his brain compliment another something completely different? Okay, we now welcome on our good good friend. It is Branco. Man he's got a compliment. Analyzer compliment compliment brand common he's got. Ah the view You watch billions we, but on a million times our hats, introducing the same way we want to have you on because, yes, the financial world is in ruins. Twitter is a flame. Everything is upside down and you're gonna predicted. All this right, The citizens of this area. Will you know Levine, and I obviously David mean my partner billions and I and our writers we ve been watched, this stuff bubble up. And yet here we are a little run where were acts in the first half of this year and a half that aired you know has been even in it
Seen car Commodore is on right. We we have acts at ahead of Goldman Sachs, about buying he's digital bag, and that's because act, sort of stores to see we're all this stuff might be going and is aware the stuff, but to me the hilarious part has been just everybody. I mean you guys have seen it like these thousands of people come on up a billion scenarios to include this whole thing, and you both understand the mechanics of had a short things like, as I know, trying to explain that even on the show were like the fourth episode of the first seasons. Call short squeeze and it was so hard to find a way to Wayne. What this means to sell something shore I'd love to start a financial literacy. Now that, like people, are talking about Robin Hood in this shit, the way they talk about betting lines, would you know if you explain to somebody, is not a betting purse oh how hard it is to even explain over under to somebody rain right. Corals, warlike,
because I'm over under someone else calls totals in the third person is like what the fuck are. You guys talking about that this has always been like, but but it feels to me like now. People are kind of understanding the language of this, and maybe part of it has to do with that. Their walk they watched are our show a little bit yeah. So we do understand it like worse mark eyes, but if we weren't able to understand it, you tell us what one has gone down last, only flowers, as you see it, and then we'll fact check you when you're wrong good, no evidence the thing right alma like like you guys. This isn't what I do to make my living, but I had to become really educated it in order to tell stories about. I was just interested in data, were both just interest, in people willing to come put it on the line. The way that these headphone people are willing to
but this whole idea of short sound. The way the best way to explain it, and I was able to explain it with props and a couple of people at home is yours. If you wanna bet that the prices something will go down to a couple of maize, you can do that. One is to buy This is not exactly short selling right, one is to say I want to buy, what's called a put option, meaning I want to say that at a lower price in a month from now I came by the star. That's that's there's some of that going on with this, but this is proof that most earnestly traditional short selling I would say to you big Canada, I would say: hey. Can I borrow your Iphone and you'd be like well yeah
can borrow my Iphone, but for how long and every day you bought my phone, you got to give me a couple of cents. I feel like that's fine, we borrow it and then I take that Iphone. and I fucking sell it for ten dollars. guys the Iphone from me for ten bucks, because I believe there's gonna be a lot on iphones there. So many more made or that particular ones, one's gonna become obsolete. The new ones gotta come out tomorrow, so the of the one idea. Sulphur and books are gonna, go down. If I'm right, let's it goes down by far I go back. Can, unlike look do you start with an Iphone but I'll buy it off you for the market price of five dollars. He says yes gives it to me back I've given him. Now he paid me ten bucks for it. I got it back room for five. I made it dollar spread. I slept through me. I told you so returned
I put to you and I have five dollars and I have made five dollars, but where people can get fucked in this unlike on a regular stock. If I buy a stock, its ten dollars and I wanted to go long up- I know the worst it can do is go from ten to zero right. So I know what the worst I know that on one share of stock, the most like boozes, ten out the difference between ten and zero, but when you take a short position, because I'm obligated to buy that thing back and return it to you from whom I borrowed it, I have to buy it back right. So if and especially, if you decide you want it back and you call that thing back now what if it's worth forty dollars, I haven't just lost ten bucks: I've lost thirty dollars, the difference you ten and forty and so short squeeze happens,
when a bunch of investors know that one investor work, a smaller group or different group and investors are betting, that something is going to go down and they decided to know for a period of time. Even if the fundamentals look bad, we can make it appear that this is a good start. we can all by it and as we buy the market adjustment prices go up and we can squeeze that short seller and cost them so much money that perhaps they will have to go out of business, and that is what happened here with Robin Hood Please edge Montserrat idea. The geological will Robin would then shut off right. That was an end. Well, then, the pressure from that were sent back and then now this is the port. Nobody actually nausea, meaning. Yes, Robert had stopped people from being able to buy more of that stock days to let people sell it, but what they said was their protecting and so one of the dangers of this
if you took them at face value is because the fundamentals of the stock of bad and like it's probably to restock the fact It was three hundred means at some point like the tulip bubble you know of two hundred years at some point the bubble burst and then all these people would have lost so much money, obvious people still holding the stock would would lose so much money. But what- I believe in and what would I tend to believe knowing awaited the conspiracies in this world can work. Is that the institutional investors behind Robin Hood leaned on Robin Hood too. So try to protect the status quo, meaning protect the fat cats, the rich guys and although it was born here today to watch your rich. I go after the honour, the Mets, deep com, because for the regular guy, because in any you're you're guy cracks me to fuck up, though I was with, you can count on the Trump interview, but crap horny cracks,
the up, and I I find em, hilarious and so on. The watch watching him beside a little guy against the cone, even though both of them were so wealthy was pretty entertaining didn't, think so, yeah yeah, why cited continent different stakeholders billiard when he dropped the line? You know I'm just trying to be under making a living. Just like you are psychiatric. I think we ve passed that point in time. You own. The mats, I think you're living is pretty good. Like you aren't you ve made your not get I'm saying when people ask me what is writ when people want to know like where what other, what are the rich, what a rich people think is wretch, I think, poured in quite a few hundred million yet any by your wretch. So I think Portance qualifies by anybody. definition as a rich. Are you worried? Are you? Are you pray that maybe somebody's gonna come on tv show called trillions and then you like most
What am I gonna? Do you? I mean, I think you I think you might appear to me that the first time I was on the show trillions yeah as well, because if you have the option watch true Windsor, billions and you're watching billions. That's that's indicative of a limited mindset and where We have unlimited mindsets on that show that air than you do If, if trillions needs any kind, when they get the thing together, maybe they'll need some sort. I can certainly maybe I'll find a little role for David meet apply in all just contribute. We can offer that trillions at that trillions level swim. About the idea that I picked you yesterday, that I wrote about honour on Birstall, which is that Maybe in a future season Bobby Axelrod gets like he shorts olive garden, and then he gets his fat, his friend to go with them and then just it's all. The bread sticks soup, knowing that this is a right and a very recollection of beating, I think its moral. I used to think there's a law and order episode for sure and a guy who thinks it can beat the buffet.
And this guy is murdered on the subway and you find out it's because he's been beating the buffeted at, some small restaurant times, be no next time square and that guy wants the restaurant of like fuckin, kill him this guy, because I'm tired and beaten It's more. I think it's lots into like alone order kind of a thing then than earlier, but I encourage you to continue to patch me. That's why I that's why I come here on your show, so so in billions for people who don't wash it we both wash it. Obviously, what was the exact like conclusion to this situation is happening right now. Could you did have an episode that was very similar to what's happening in real life. So how does your way out? Did you guys see you guys sit down in black eyed? So how is this actually gonna play out in real life? Oh yeah, what did these things play out? A few different ways,
the there's a great. I came up the name of the book when it's fucking great big job with these two the great book to know about Bill Ackerman and Karl icon. You know, make huge multi multi billion years and they had a giant war. our over one of those is company that admin thought was a multi level marketing the scheme and watching the weight of that kind. short herbal life right. They were arguing about urban life because action was publicly shorting it Another example about is Tesla. You know there are some very famous guys, who shorted Tesla and continue to short desolate lost billions of dollars of their funds worth because they think it's a kind of you. it has taken shot. them online and although its artificially a short squeeze meaning, but but he knew Every time that start goes up, he's killing me
guys who are short on the stock so can go one or two ways either the in the end of the short years. I'm is often if the short is, if the person short is in that position, because they really believe it's a con like Enron is an example where There were short sellers who, even as our era is going up, they realise that it was a scam like really not too bad company, but they realized it was actually a fraud. If you say you know in your heart and your head, like: oh that's, a fraud, you might be able to withstand losing the money for a really long time, because when it shows up you're gonna make an absolute insane fortune. Billions of dollars when, when you're right and so for short seller, has the stomach to stay in vague. Get incredibly wealthy in fewer trades, so, like long seller, long by people by stock law,
we're traditionally many more stocks, people who go short, their short fewer positions, but when those positions pay off their huge fucking wins, but it's a very dangerous fucking game I mean I'm, you know I would be terrified to really take any substantial portion of my money and play it. Should because I had no confidence. I can predict the psychology of the market in Let's say you right: man would say it is a fraud, some company, or that they are cook in the books in some way. What makes you think the market is going to react rationally debate? like people can just decide, they love the company and it doesn't that you're right and you can still get killed. So I find short sellers fascinating to watch. We had acts, make a lot of short, plays, b,
It is a fascinating and on thing the watch somebody fuck around in that area because they have balls of steel to do it, but it's high. risk because you're also betting against the general trajectory of the stock market, which is overtime. Historically, the stock market has gone up ass a year king this one stock losing Not only is the stock bad or overvalued, but it's also overvalued compared to the trajectory of the market as a whole right hundred percent and it also everybody hates you like the guy button, the don't pass line in Vegas at the crab stable liking. That's actually, you know like Miss Margaret back the people here. You forbidding the doll pass line because What the mojo they believe right, we're here the table. We should all be rooting for us to make the point to make the numbers and go and this one
The backers ignore bet against everybody again, and so short sellers are often really wildly dislike, and that's why they often get other groups of people to want to go against them. So short, sellers are very strategic about when they reveal his rivals August but tricking. If your short seller, you dont, have to declare that you have a short position, but if you start bad mouthing the company publicly, you have to declare its a real question. Why are right? Is it time? Yet we are repositioned enough, yet that I can start yet talking the company, because, if I do, I have to admit I'm short and then if people hate me because of a deal, this is what goes on in the urban life, but which is amazing, billionaires doing one guy felt another guides fuck em over ten years before and a deal having nothing to do with it and then, when he heard TAT, this guy was sure she was like. This is my chance for revenge almost
like the princess brighter do something with the sword he was like now. Let me get my revenge and gathered all these wars is too short with this guy and fuck him over. Like carry the grudging ten years. releasing the idea that you have a short position can get you screwed. On the other hand, if you don't make your position would be both publicly point out was fucked up, but the company, then maybe your short, never comes in
So that's also a very dramatic sort of a moment in the life of somebody doing this up, and it's part of what why the narrative of all this is so fastenings Levine Emit, yeah, and so now today, though, it area extra element of it really feels like the Wall Street TAT cats, hedge funds, essentially like the gig up, everyone knows a games rigged. They literally rigged in plain sight and said: there's nothing you can do about it. Does that is at a fair assessment. It does fear I was it is because of what I do I visited the shit that I will read super closely and I'll talk to launch reporters. It seems like it to me too. I'm very. I really do want to talk to the primary reporters and be like what do you think, I'm up I'll probably get to talk to a couple of investors around it and is it together? Yemen, everything I know about this tells like turning over these people.
Tells me that their role, I call the council, like the dupes, almost like the dubious, in training places being like terminals, machines back I'm right. It's there. Almost you get the sense that the fat cats are doing, that, I think that's very likely, but I do I I do want to do my own work and find out which will no man. People are gonna report on this and it's crazy. Do you feel that way? Folks are following it in and everyone seems outraged. At the same time That suddenly went and these investors are they take the suddenly when last week that rapid investors winning in the hedge funds were losing that that's went, nay, push pause. on Roman, had I totally agree that that does not seem like an empire calling balls and strike. It seems like an empire as a guy's about to get the first based
knock em back until the short stop can pick up the ball and throw it the first so yeah. I agree that sort of like it. It would be like the Yankees pausing, a game and like the seventh ending and then adding a bunch of all stars being like ok, let's go back, that's return, revulsive derivation said it be like. If the underdog was winning at having Superbowl, then they let the other team play the second half of like twelve players on the field, yet it feels that way. There's one thing: I want to do the work of figuring out what fucking ills that way to me. If I were those Robin Hood investors, I would be fucking batch pissed about. this and I would feel acquitted. Second, I was I c s like. I was a big boy or girl and I could fuckin. I can take my risks, but today, because on winning, I can't take my risks, your suddenly, but protecting me. I would totally the outrage if I were one of the yen and five percent seems like at least this is the the attitude that some of the billion years I've seen on television are putting out. which is saying that their treating them like a casino there there treating it just like it? number on a screen
when in reality US investors, we look in companies and try to. build value in them by injecting capital to me, that is the biggest load of bullshit of all time. This stock, The rules that the stock market is set up by does make it a casino essentially for people. That's what it is. You put your money in. you take it out later. There's no rule saying that, like you can't do this day trading for fun, UK try to enter a hundred was an outcry and they do fuckin high frequency trading on things they have had an edge for the last. What fifteen years, twenty years when this this whole thing start when they had the data like milliseconds. Before or other traders would have it so they had their edge. There are trying to make out short cash in cash shouts and the second that normal people started. What
happened. Was they underestimated the ability of the public to ban together as a giant hedge fund and their ability to compete against the other funds out there and having more spending power of enough investors act together as one you're one hundred percent right that that kind of language is what those institutional investors always use. When the truth is, Very few of them believe that a hundred percent- they one fact they want all they want. If you speak them privately is for there to be alive, I d done money and mark right. Don't money allows them to have an outright thumb? uninformed and dumb money speed is sort of. You knows as down into the market, the better and poker terms and people are what's passing into upon the. the better that is for the smart.
faster who now has an edge right supposedly and they do traditionally haven't it, and that is all they want. They will tell you Ones are harder now because there is less money, so they want at all this Robin Hood money in their when they thought it was done money, Suddenly, when it's more money than other interested in, what's to stop a group of people from getting together, hypothetically, let's say they just pick a stock. Let's call David Busters right. They pick busters stock, hypothetical, hyper, radically, and you have save millions of people that are involved in this group. I don't have it Lincoln and not or if it's written down somewhere, if that makes any legal or whatever, but you are you by the stock and then its agree that everyone else that will purchase this stock like throwing, ten percent of you that will be able to cash at that. Should cash out your earnings within six months and then we'll get more people and analysed keeps going up in order to policies that policies are recurred to upon what. If it's mine, What can one knows? It's apologies came there. We believe
goddamn you now you're into this multi level. Not you guys get it it's off! That's all proving apology scheme as difficult as the herbal. I thing showed because in the end, the court's never said our belief was apparently schemes for I'm not saying it was saying one investor thought it was. A lot of investors thought it was, but in the end the court's did not hold that it was upon these game. and it's hard to prove that something is a party scheme, but collusion mark could mean a population and is not allowed, and so if a group of people are intentionally manipulating the market- and that can be proved where that is fine a born, and I didn't move around every hammer dried up. I would like some reddish a lot about that, but not in the last couple that so what Watson, what's gonna happening, is probably like a couple of small guys are going to end up getting teamed up for this. In all the facts,
you're gonna, walk away free because a good guy. Well, I am unable to give up yeah. Like all you kid that, even though the oil market- yet I dont know if this is market manipulation is wasn't secret, so their bunch things that make it am. I had not Martin inhalation their work. They were courting price. I am educated as a lawyer, but I am not speaking as a lawyer. I know, because I have not early in last week's ya, but they were not conspiring secretly to manipulate the market. They were talking about what they were doing, meaning anybody could have gotten in on it at with them in this group? So I I do not think they were market, manipulating, in whatever the sort of things would be that that that that would make market manipulation. But, yes, I think, is very close to market manipulation and and and and could people claim that and will people claim at big at young people
payment for sure. Yes, I ll look I'm on the small guy side here. I dont think that they do anything wrong. I just know that the game is rigged. The pause button was they're, trying to figure it all out the fat cats in Wall Street or basic gonna figure it out blame the small guy gonna gonna, make new rules like we already seen, and I think furthermore even said while thou yeah we're we're gonna, stop we're gonna start letting you guys by these stocks, but with the cap there can make new rules and thereby you guys can't win any more fuck all view its. It, but it still, capitalism, nothing I've seen in my life experts tells me you're wrong about the way the system is gonna. Try to I can who is going to try to benefit here unless the Robin to less than the people making those investments? had suddenly become really well pay. You then oh they're, in the game making ivy through it and you they're not just which, by the way, those websites to write. That is what also yet
don't know that that is very fascinating to watch all that shit, so but this white so great to make a show about all this and the other side billions is the district attorney's, their southern district of New York. You ve, got under the first couple. Seasons announced the attorney general's office Josie out, so I sought today that their investigations that could be happening into this entire situation here, but if you're, if you're, writing about those people and how their able to go about investigating this fraud, if there are, if they're, looking at market manipulation on the side of the hedge funds, like what do they have? What power they have. Could they just be like hey, this looks fishy, so I'm going to ask you: did you tell anybody to do this or not? Well, the market manipulation would would be on the side of the of the Robin Hood investors in the class think and what you would say about the other people is that that's true
I got in shutting down in shutting down Robin Hood. I'm not sure what the cause of action is begets like fraudulent. Hulu Vision and depriving, People are their opportunity. I mean what day, I'm even have somebody call in and tell you what the cause of action against the against the institutional investors and Robin Hood, but I bet you that what they really did is broke their user agreements. I think it's really basic right, Robin Hood. If Robin Hood shut down and stop you from being able to trade in violation of the user agreement you signed, I think the damage is against them in a civil caser, extraordinary enormous damages yes, they must have had. If that's indeed would happen, they must have had a lot of pressure being put on them from the other side to shut, I stand to realise like a cloud. Actually lawsuit would be cheaper than the cost of letting these trades contained
and having no all people that essentially do the real thing funding for app shut us off correct them. In that field I mean it does feel like that's the shit that happened why one that's hard right. If you can it was just a day off it's hard to know. If you wrote this, you did you wrote, you know the actual billions is very similar, but if you were to write a movie and you went to your script partner or, ah Hollywood. Exactly said: we're gonna name the app Robin Hood. Would you get laughed out of the room? Yes, like awaits you on the nose. I know ever made the joke, but it does bear repeating how ridiculous it is, the Robin Hood skills and enriched gives to the poor, and these guys are just flipping everything on its head. I may I would say that if I weren't, the guy, who show about billionaires, is called looking Billy, I don't really have a leg to stand on yeah. That's true yeah and also in beat you with trillions, so
am I right and then trillions belong. It made me completely obsolete I was actually just think that there should be no one's really gone on the side of the grief to be the one to go out there and stand up for Billy nurse. I haven't seen anybody become the public face of defending the fact I feel like there's some money to be made there too, if like. If this is the verbal mean, it's, you know the the daughter that sleeping a night and then the soldier taking bullets for it and the daughters billion airs, and then the soldier is also billionaires and then next, the soldier licking its boots, like that's, that's where there is some money to be made right now, I think, is defending the billionaires, so I might swing to the other side just to just to make a brand for myself. This is your brilliance. I mean this is this. Is why I'm here with the to you right now? That's the. I also think that it it's a big red flag to me that
somebody's billinger and they don't own sports team. Is it? What are you doing? What what is all this been? So if you're not gonna spend money, I saw the gong while or you're trying to go to Mars. Yet surely one of the other are built a tunnel to your growing underscored. Steamer, honestly, I think it is right to build one billion, isn't really necessarily copyright. I was not road billion, its Yeah alien would soggy it's hard or now for a thing. like a billion who euros worth one billion are we could have fought a sports team. Even when, like Mark Glass, we bought the box, but I think he bought the box for what Five hundred another worth like to build the ionian shouting, probably there ro the hurry, I'm leaving I like or like a look, a lacrosse like
Are we on grass bridges regular guys he wound the cross teams? So it's not a big deal. That's a good investment. I would go in with you guys out other crossteam. If you want. I have one last question: what was losing hen rounders? That's really a good cause. and an end here then I will answer that question. If somebody will I'll stay. Give me a hundred thousand shares a game. Stop yesterday's price! Ok, there their make it happen. Yeah. I know your list commodity law, that's like thirty, just like thirty mill, thirty mill. I would take surprised. Thirty million I'll answer the correct perverts Purview go find me. I will take so much. Brian preceding am Alice you're, the best say brand compliment, was brought to you by super.
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Zapruder, the smartest way to hire ok, five vessels a week. Let's do it! Ah, you can't have guns and West Virginia casinos. Ok, good guy! Do we got that figured I'd? I was a very funny huh part of the show of surprising to me. I feel like there's one place on earth that you should be required. Gary gonna be in West Virginia, kissing, yeah! Oh, you cannot. The co UK oh yeah, oh sir trainer can buy. Why not make sure you're, not a brain were not knocking. Your trainer were knocking just how ridiculous you are, as a human being you're saying we knock is also. Aren't you flying yeah dad I'll take the Basel III is. Oh yeah will get on the bus, nude savings by cool.
you're, just like it Billy. If, if, if I'm not on the bus, when it's about to leave, just don't worry, I'm under no you'd our monitoring on the part of the lower class I go down, I gotta go down away. I know I five vessel week. What do you want to start out? My far faster the week is dip in dots not want dip in doubts about like four hundred dollars, with deepened dots. video dd. Oh I'm heavily that it did. I bought a dip. Why don't you do too old at one holding now I already bought into dip minded dip than you hold and Only problem with this is doctor. Obviously delicious. I love deepened dots, but now I did not realise that there will be shipped to me in these two industrial sites. Like two gallon plastic bags. They have to keep a negative forty degrees centigrade is essentially a vaccine. You have to store longer, hang onto the covert vaccine or I'll suggest melts
and so I had to bring all into work today and they just melted into puddle within like two hours. So minor dream don't mind, let alone dream yeah by ice cream of the future which is literally melted ice cream. Now I realize you got shocked by ice cream. I got shopping ice cream. I didn't want. You know. I didn't because I'm not have forty is Craig. I thought that I see and its negative forty Fahrenheit I've never seen a styrofoam cooler venture that runs out yeah boat, most most ice cream. You take out of the cooler and then, if you don't finish on one sitting, you put in the freezer and get to go, our freezers. Don't get that thing is like a vaccine. It has to be stored in his very specific environment. I'm so that's pretty much. Why didn't? That's never worked yeah that and also no one goes to amusement parks anymore, but certainly that you can't buy forgive by increasing your own freezer than Furthermore, no, but that's how they get you, because it makes you
We always want more in every time that you you're, like oh, my gotta, get to get. This might never be able to have it again. I can't like the old meme like we have deepened doubts at home. Your home and home dip in doubt suggest a puddle of sad liquid and a plastic bag or yes, so I guess I don't say, wasted four hundred dollars and Tipp and does not the memories it's this memories we made along the way- and I learned a lesson which is dipping. Dots is depreciating asset, absolutely North Venice a couple weeks ago I ordered a new pursues Conor, just like impulse bottom, and I have a pair that looks like almost identical. I gotta I do not. I just forgot or something up plants
like the original yeah, like that's kind of what I was thinking about, that move. I like to do that yeah it, but also its like dogs, and they literally make them and like every single color and I bought a pair. That's like almost identical to one and a half I by the same pair issues like tonight. If I like a pair of despite again We now have one it's clean all the time, one you can wear work and then one for special occasion, yeah yeah one for play, one foresaw the party Billy. What you got I had to take an HIV, have see you again Italy has yeah, but no that's the thing like when you take the test, your like. I don't have it, but then this party, that your site, your there there is a chance to date, has now so sir what Saudi, if I'm negative, will again garage, don't carry HIV so yeah. Always just like. Have you ever
The test rage, ivy yeah I mean- is an adjustment asked he detest. No, now it's not. You gets blood tat I mean to do it, for the boxing was just like nerve racking right. You were like a way. Ok, this adequately like right right now I got you so your final ass, if you dont, have a solid Billy, took a pregnancy task. Tb, like my pregnant yeah, there's always a chance he's not. You did not dispute that period What was the item is always it was these I think so. You can't piss on a pregnancy tests and it comes up with the false part. I think I think I think, as a sign of cancer. Oh ok. I earlier, I believe you are not allowed actor added again now we know you're serious doubts are we know it's get a job and we could actually tours always there's. Always apart, like our no like imagine, we got a false positives, I'd be like fuckin scare, brain for pregnancy, yeah, ok, Jake, overlap,
twenty four hours. I can't stop shocking myself, woe. Why doesn't keep listen to yourself swearing? No, I mean I was standing as you were. You push up, sir we're working from home this week and I did so on the couch everything I touch out myself. I knew and experts annoy you have a crazy rug. Now, ok, I think, there's its shock season is what it is. I used to be varied eyes. We very scared. I will get out of my car and fill up with gas. Then I would ignite decided my car and electric car ones. They may be shocked the world with my words, oh you're, you need to do what I do is I just where rubber socks everywhere rubber saw yeah, So that's railway shortly donate so watch Jake due to reach your camera. bill is already spent, always ready money
How much of your old, hey money areas, how much we spent I've spent I'll, spend anybody really yeah. Ok, take heed your friend of mine, my fire vessels, plug related of arguably this chance to two to opt out. If you want
no we're opting in provide so play bar. So I gave you a chance. I gave you tenants, but this is, as I thought you you say we like we'd plug related. Now I gave you the chance. There's an illegitimate five us outside me point just a plug. Of course. All we know I mean I do that I gave it up to now. Sometimes I do it. Sometimes. This is actually what, like my biggest five resolutely Davy Daydream, our bossy. He does a daily stream. We built a dvd trader play. Basile game is ready. We were talking about wanting it this week, but we postponed it next week. So if I were only promoting it during the fight and stuff and then today, because of all the stuff tat was going on, TAT was forced to be like, like the first data aired and launched and was talk,
about an Dave, had like forty five thousand people watching this morning in, like thirty thousand people watching today, you're you're, homer citizens are telling your pumpkin futures in MID November yeah, so that now is one of the things I saw those numbers out of sight. Fuck like that's, always you not to be the case you next week when it launches, but it was just the out. That's my fire. You never know, though, You have no guarantees David Busters might be pop, and next we through the out there I mean I you gotta, met. That's that's it. That's a fair fire fast yet knows very for Firefox. It was I saw a stream, those fucking, crazy nice. It would have been nice for him, like in the Middle Abbe. Ok go down on it. Did you ever you here is a tax income. Now, God now, how? I my fireplaces, then I just I just dont- know me this week that we should be heading to tap on Sunday, but were not used to, since you were weak is also is all always one of the highlights the year, not only because is found to be somewhere little warmer, exceptionally ruined minutes
robot. It's also like there's a definitely a group of people that we don't see all your login and we see them during Superbowl, some yeah that sucks damn Rina damn right now. The only Meyer that one time, it's always great to sit down next to like Vinnie Testa Verde talking about Firestone tyres minutes, I miss I do amiss it there's something nice about super weak and also is the one time a year that we get to do. We get to feel like we're in real work. when we show to the house the first day what gauze places sick and then we number that, like forty five people are sitting on the floor, and we were gonna get kicked where we're acting a sneak into media day this year by building like an army of people that look like
number out army ass, fuck yeah. You could the semi as the real big, ok cool court, that you get credentials. Giving very kick me out now, probably not because he was gonna. Do we ask him like we're watching what your plans were? How do you think the games gotta go now? You forgot the art, talk about its. I want to begin, though they would Devlin I'll kick your. I think they would know it higher, maybe like weeds that Jake from Burma take like yeah he's these. What does he get? I will not swear now you would you definitely go. It would be actually how'd. You know it doesn't furniture sending Jake yeah just having a b, we could easily owning there like we gonna forget exclusive idiots. I think shake inability together at Billy would get, Why would they kick me out? Because your Billy you that you speak Jason? What would they think I do?
yo you haven't got violence firepower. How does we dealt with the first loser at three different level, man I numbers and ninety ninety one. He had. We disagreed on this. I have a thirty, I raise incredible that we have done only women. one hundred and forty one great good meal love. You guys see you on Monday, Wales. You can fit six people in whale's vagina. Second,
to do tat
its pardon my tape presented by Bob Stools,.
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