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Kevin Love, Mystery Teams, And Jamal Murray Is Insane

2020-08-31 | 🔗
Sports are back and we recap the weekend while watching Jamal Murray go off in Game 6 of the Nuggets/Jazz series (2:28 - 7:51). College Football is back, sort of (7:51 - 15:01). Who's back of the week including Bronny Jr and the big NFL trade Sunday (15:01 - 25:43). Kevin Love joins the show for an awesome interview where we talk about everything from the '16 Cavs, being teammates with Lebron, UCLA, fat Kevin Love, mental health and more (25:43 - 114:32). Segments include Billy's list and lottery machine numbers.
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On today's part of my take. We have an extra long interview with Kevin Love, five time, MBA all star gold medals, MBA champion. We get into everything we get into the calves into his time. Little brominated college, you see allay bill, Walton pretty much everything and it was in order, in our view. We sat there. We talk to a casual conversation also, we might be in his dad. Was there to his daughter? Was there very few we might be in the market for New Blake, ah Are you ll find that out when you list knew his interview be what else we got all we got Sports are back. We have whose back the week we have, of the lottery machine. Gonna pick everyone right now, if you're sitting here neared in your your friends, also native you I'll just decide what number you're gonna pick because and then better
I will do that at the end of every show, and we all said Billy's list and Billy's going to do. Hanks taxes form we just found that out before the show, Hank, don't shake your head bill, he's going to do your taxes he's basically a cpa before we gets all that parliament takes brought you by cash app, not always the. These play send money to your friends. It's the safest, it's the number one social distancing up in the world. The cash app is the best we love the cash app. You can find a more twitch Instagram twitter, all the time you need to have a cash tag, though so they're not gonna, give If we money, unless you have a cash Daggett, Super super easy to download it linked directly to your bank account, and it is the best stuff in the world and of course, when you download the cash up enter their frockcoat bar stool you'll, get ten dollars and for free and ten dollars ass pc, I just like that just by putting in code barstool when you download the cash app so download it download it download it download the cash app from the app store Google play store today and help out our good good friends at the Kesha. Okay.
Let's go violence. None yeah it's my team presented students, What were the part of my tape invented by the cash app so downloaded right now use code? Barstool you get ten dollars for free ten dollars to Aspca. Today is Monday August 31st and we are watching ports on tv. It is technically sport seasons, the form that wasn't gonna.
Happen. I I don't want you been kept, but I saw college football and sat all. I saw college football salaries. Well, it was a terrible game, but that doesn't matter. I also oh, my god. This game were watching ya, Utah Denver Game six. So for any one all the jagged nuggets fancy. You never talk about game. Here's me talking about the game were watching, so after I was at Windsor Show when we said that the jobs in the nuts are the same team. They are we we sat down. We did some sparkles, we sparkled and Jake actually forgot about. The jazz big right out there was that he remembered the Nuggets yeah. They should allow. Whoever wins this game or ever was asserted They should just allow them to pick up like four players from the other ten. We won't even know forty or so we are. We had some college football on Saturday night. It was excited, get the juices flowing, even though it was a crap game, but we also had this weekend the first sign. You know when the temperature gets below. Eighty in here, like Woof, is at fault full blown in Europe, are not there yet, but is it there?
ever gonna score again in this fucking. I thought, out playing over I've thought about putting on long pants this weekend, yeah I slept outside I was like. Maybe I should wear shorts, acknowledge crazy talk. It still this on rocking. My short but yeah there was a chilly. Freeze? It was felt Gloria, So we did just go through what, like the college, football schedule, looks like the bones of the college football schedule. It was sad to go through what week to would have look like with. I think it was like organ in Ohio state and cells you, but let's not talk about that was somewhat sports are weak in control right now, the Lakers around in the next round. The blue. There's. That was fun, but it's over the observed are eliminate as well. That was also fond put its over LUCA is a people I love when the clip finished off the maps. The whole story was well Lukas, arrived yeah he's arrived he's a superstar. Enema can argue with that. But
They also lost series in the first round. Gouty arrived yet he has arrived, they did, it was like. Will ye to put the pieces arrive at the right pieces run LUCA than they could contain for championship in this again, you can sit at about a lot right, you put the right pieces random and they also they didn't have Chris stops. You also presented doubt so. I think a series would have been a little bit different they all. They also finally had to meet play off p, who showed up in the last two games: Plath P, has arrived. They also male escort fifteen point, stray actually sleigh on ever play off more spoil, Mario Denmark's mercurial monitors and ass. He looked at his face when he just rape swung on LUCA was hilarious. Such an hour and then than Jeff ain't gonna do is try to figure out like I go down the route of saying. Like this happen, the nineties. This was just a normal like hard foul, and then he had watch, people online tweeting, now getting really into like us but this is how they just shook hands in the eighties re. Launching you in the face right back and basque operators is just like they would throw light,
Scorpions at each other in the court back when men were men, yes, Shack was Shack, was like hey, there's just hard basketballs like check your fucking seven hundred pounds, re like you can handle somebody slapping. You are you on the head Are there never gonna score again in this chamber? Utah game and I have the over there. Never as since we started taking this pike S, actually already voicing its phd said your good eyes the ashes such a fucked up thing to say: why would you as we only now your points of our solar system a jerk move, I would offer support now. You're good is now I said, you're an envelope chance. You would be very happy right now. If they work, you will not be blaming anything on me. Will you can't say you're good You got it. You point out. The mark did you pointed out of bed and I'm not good icy hake Congratulations on your celtic swimming game. One wagon killed them. Killed the rapporteur. Never close. Was never really close. It really wasn't
how you feel every feeling like this, maybe some championship, that today was a blind eye. Rains gonna the rafters we know the analysts idleness pick The blazers in on the team to watch out for last round of one thing: the heat now the girl, I've won their natural wealth box if they could be them, and if we play the heat in the conference. Finally, blue smoke them to bring that about he'd. I'm saying that. Did you hear me? I said on the bar Charles Barkley, like the whole mba all day shortly, I am place you're going to sweep the Lakers it that's funny that the clip that was, I think I retrieve this morning of of the lake, where's being an underdog winning forty one because half of the Ito sports media had the blazers beating the lake somehow, never gonna score again Phd. We just all on. We just wanted fund you're, good you're Gucci, it's gonna help saying but just say the opposite: ok, docking, dammit get your fuck me. I know it like honestly: aid not really kind of gas. You up, but you're definitely fought a horse. I am, of course
I what else is going on? We have what scorn on sports got going tens comeback, big, ten overdue deck off is so good. Today it was real, good or Johnson hats off to the course for putting on a good showing up until the very like the horse had no clutch Jean. Yes, it dominated the entire weakened, just spanked the shit out of all the golfers and then ROM hits what a sixty five year around five foot, but after Jack S Lodge Anson hit one on the eighty tat he needed to get out of this extra was it. It was incredible. Golf is gulf. Having a moment, I think it has happened when you're just thinking about this morning, I can neither right now more than anything is something we need a miracle and something that everybody can route for and beyond the same team. The same way what we need Tiger woods to be contention on Sunday at the: U S, because I remember the masters: yes, hey, buddy, Heine Tiger on Sunday outward. We need a moment in America where we're not ill at each others.
Rose or brothers are Brooks, either way hope rooms? Are people get yeah? I know I I think one or the other. I don't want to have to root again stagger on Sunday, but I will, if proxies, We were joke about it, but like this is why we never should have killed Saddam Hussein because he was too It was the guy we just why bring up every ten years, like that's the back, get who's the bad guy. That's the barrier just run back the Iraq war, and I tell you I see that guy he's a fucking ass all of our problem. What we should do problem, so we should elect a bush every ten years and then re invade Iraq. And then everyone is again go. Usa, fuck yeah we're a war and we got, and then we all forget about fighting each other or Tiger, because our target and then what are you other? I wouldn't have Zizi. I don't think that low energy job is gonna win. Doesn't hers? Let's just get behind Tiger Woods rain, whatever Theseus, but it is. It was a good sports weekend. There was, I looked at them. Like Saturday Board and it was then
I've been on every single supplier. W b I am, alas, and molasses back, there's some weird soccer aye aye, sir, oh God in England they just create more and more of these cops and trophies that site. I thought: I had a grip on it. And then Arsenal was just playing Liverpool for, like the community of our true I saw that was like the community she'll. It sounded on right now: houses really cup yeah, but the email us is back again and then also that we back again in two weeks so back what is it was he in a less even have an off season, they should play you around right. Why do they have a season? They should just be the sport. That's on tv or shall we times a week and you just stumble across- you probably get more viewers from just like happenstance when there is no other sports on at all, or this just make it penalty kicks all the time the penalty kick channel ready to Emma less would just all penalty kicks all the time I be it.
Penalty kicks and in between every penalty, kick it's like it's either porn or it's like those leg, fifteen seconds, we rosy on Youtube, so you sell an ad like every fifteen sore could just be so. What happens to me often is a watch, the Cubs game on the patent ammo be packaged, and afterwards they run these adds net. It's pretty much, always just like hey you thought you were cooking. Your state correctly here's, how you should do it and I just end up watching twenty minutes of I'm attractive, lady in some fat bozo with the chefs hat cooking, stay in front of alive studio audience, and I can't turn away. It's always like some weird painted copper cattle that you could- into like some Riordan laudable, you know what I think I just saw the analysis problem just call every game in the tv guide? Listen just! I'd say like tried not to come challenge: disunited, verse, Orlando Poland boom. You click on that were ready, and I bet you. I won't not yeah. So it's but a great weekend for sports, whose great we can for sports. We got some good second round match
Oh, I forgot to mention that the Rockets are now back, because Russia is back back and I really really want to see the Rockets first, the Lakers, because that is a Frankenstein serious, it's gonna be a nice girl. Rockets are gonna play no one over six. Six in the Lakers are gonna play every one over six, it and then you're gonna get people say my goddamn tony system is Mickey Mouse basketball, but still gonna beat the Lakers right. Lebron James is gonna, it's gonna be a It makes no sense those two teams playing each other and are very exciting for it. I won't that's, go seven Lebron James enjoy his heart and driving at each other, both of them flopping. At the same time, that's gonna be, must city the yes all right. So, let's get sore whose back hang you are going to have Billy. Do your taxes correct? Actually we're tired
got it before the Shell Billy's, like dude, I'm basically a sepia. Italy's, like I'm sick with money said I tell their classes like billion boys, capable as googling the things that you'd Google. If YA tax bill, you will get a nice with Quicken. Let me ask you a question: did you? get a five large from cash out. Last week I didn't exactly revenue. Is the financial genial, yeah Sepia Billy? True, don't report them taxes or now you gotta give. That's their seed. Your report in Yonder thousand not redemption. No ten thousand out no twenty, ten thousand ten thousand whatever vision, Joshua and Billy's profession at Microsoft, excel as per Russia has recently that it gave us three? I actually use ex how many people you think you're fucked up their taxes, just based on that one Shawshank tidbits properly so yeah, like ice. Ahmed shah shape were good, like you just give these gifts and we never have to pay taxes on any of it. Alright, let's get to her that I can break and jellies your because it has had a true or do that whoop.
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the week is broad James, losing the finals. Oh some abstainers, I've wall, you not only the first round. How could that be true? That's what I was saying. Oil shock violation got fuckin dammit. That's the worst. I mean. How do you have a shocker struggle? Is you're not gonna? Get this well too. Lebron James has a son also named Braun James and not today he joined the phase clan exports organization, who had a call of duty championship match also this afternoon which they lost? thereby or accounting that three and seven in the finals. Yet we know that, if Roger lost the championship to the corral. He lost another's aim in the first round. You might say so. The blazer still live now There was a champion of you. It was a championship debate, while the draw James was technically kind of in the first knows today, fuck
All right. You wrong about the boys so brawny, technically, technically, yes, I was wrong about. If you want to split here, if you really want Irene, how do we I'll admit it? You didn't want to play the numbers game and be a b, a big fuckin nerd about yeah they lost in. They didn't women, five games- technically, Anything that word about this is like obviously, he's the number one in El Paso prospect. If all the other prospects are signing with, like IE sports organizations are to know how this can work with college once also worker snitch, on brawny. So while the wonted done rules gonna be gone, so so percentage of phased plan. Does coach chaos right, that's not! Otherwise it is dark money. That's going into! No one knows who finances are right. It will be interesting to see no August within being Lebron James of of his generation. How, like that's gonna work? Can you go pro rata logical supports? Yes, please be a programmer, but an athlete soon athlete you can't goes you
doktor only if your professional, a gamer, the right, you can't log off cracked right you just quit playing basket. His version is stopping exercising oh you like in the files for fiscal. Am I like? I that's good, whose back thanks fifty my, whose back into my only one- but I got my back the week- is misery teams yeah misery teams are back in baseball, so Does anyone know when the trade deadline is thirty, first great enshrined at a hot stuff like that for every year, this year. I don't know when it is, but it by my european Monday August. Thirty, four at the end to dahlia that's so the potter just like did like seven trade. Yes, and I ate it- is the hot stove league, which also means that its Bob Nightingale season on Twitter, we just like throat up in the air and at last after I always laugh when his tweets come across my time, one because his profile picture is just so and he's always looks like in indicted middle school teacher. One is twitter picture, but he was saying
there's a mystery team now, so it's not best. I not just the parties that are going after my Clementine, It's also a mystery team who has improved their offer. So I don't think that these MR teams have a real yeah, routine ever get the guy. Yes, there's always yet no message has got Gus, ok, yet swoop in last second franchise mode, misled when you start a new team in man and yeah. Do you take everybody else, but I guess there this regime is now the front runner showed his he's a guy that got covered right or you like skip out on knows that police could, I think you know I did. Closure was pissed exactly Zack. I can remember Think Levin, jurors mighta both violated protocol. I think that after they got it, but they both like one out or some right. You fought his way out to Cleveland. Ok, Lahti was I set it ok my whose back is why get to the fore Is everyone tweet
about the jaguars. How short defensive window is because Yannick Ghak Way They absolutely cry: fucking Deaf Felt, Georgiana, chaotic, chaotic gateway traded, like that's got to be a problem in the area north, but everyone talking about how they were in the. The of game and two thousand seventeen, and they now have to starters left from that from that game. It six parole board that year on defence, all gone. We but none of imagine the boy portals also gone feels like that's. When it started. Go downhill, that's the real story right! Ok, so they lost jail in Ramsay like a bunch of really good line, backers and indifference events, but the real story is you have to score points in this way, yeah if you want to compete in a sea, camping chip game and they got where the quarterback obvious excited for the Vikings defensively great and then comes? Let them down You also you think, I'm worried about Yannick in Galway, Jimmy Grams, gonna block that, as everyone knows, more m is an elite blocker. I've I've forgotten
the different weapons at the birth of added this off seaside? When you re going to tell you again and Jimmy Gram Dynamic, there will be two thousand yet to doesn't eleven Why did when we first got it? I had a tweet that was if we just get half of their production from last year, we're going to be great and it was then an Astrix said actually two thousand and thirteen because they both had like, I think I could come by and had like. Also Jimmy Grim play, basketball and college. True, ravages byword about right? We're good so. We also my other is back, is Danville pissing off of Twitter, does intentionally, but it didn't. On Friday night he's. Weird he somehow made of the celebrities death about him Chadwick very, very sad. You probably some black Panther, also vaunted MAC, not gonna, amended was moving eyes, best role, that was my introduction of drivers and Bavaria vaunted macro matter. What are ya? reveal did thee her treated about how he died on Jack, rob
some day and he play Jackie Robinson. Any was forty two jack rabbit simply for to juggle Bosnia was forty three and then everyone got? Madam, I I have a plea for the internet, though river just wants attention. Also when everyone replies zoom calls him an asshole he's, that's the happiest he can possibly be think his heart was in the right place on this tweet. He just wanted to point out a series of numbers that were the same as other number correct. Our involved in some one above celebrity, who had just died right. That's what we really want a mercenary look at these cool sit stats about this guy who died tragically yeah. He wanted to bring it awareness of the fact that forty two was off oh featured in a movie that he was in which happened to be his age, so it like a really gonna get mad at reveal for that everyone replying to have been like to lead this dude. I also, it tickles me when I see those people, because there like this is not right. So I give you we are honouring Chadwick, Bozeman, so well, you're spending your night arguments prevail. Yeah well, developed ones like
what are we doing here? You're, you're, you're, so I'll beat up, about his death. They spent the night going to reveal. I should think reveal shockingly would be one a very few people on Twitter that people would pay money to read his tweets and not because they like it's not a lighter. They want to know right. They like being able to I condemn revolt. Online was actually worth it admission. Prior right put its also become a sport. That's not sport anymore, it's like breathing refugee. Just do it. Isn t tweets up than we do, got kind of illicit, no video, and this won't. Let us show Billy you're, whose back I've to whose backs woe comes prepare. First, one is: young moon, is back from the coma oriel, yet about a sister he reappeared. His sisters now disappeared. So I think that did you do a switch to make sure to see who's loyalty probably got a sex change?
now she's Kim Jong IL second, whose back also saw the communes related. Is the former Republic of Yugoslavia Joseph Turkish positive picture of him and he goes some Balkans boys is a picture of donkey. Ich Odin Bowen joke it Vukovich Drug Ich and just all those european deeds in thy was realising that all those guys we're the countryside. From our own, the former Republic of Yugoslavia, right she like they're like if that its use lava, remain today, their olympic team, national team would actually be pretty good. Could maybe don't really get athletes back. They like Yugoslavian Socrates was pretty good. Their basketball team is always nice. Thousands s Amar from our Cuban to aged yeah yeah, just like who say those names again, pausing issue it do it again, Don Kitsch, Bogdan Bogdan, which Bojean
Bogdan Novel YO. How that is Don catches as an archaic, dumper security arrogate show your seat. I dont like this smoke. Male adjective zoo back margin of ex more not problems, but each one is in the capital away. Yeah. Ok, you saw crate. Job great joggers lobby is it's a sick name for a country to yeah, I'm tired of having to remember both Basel you not addressing of India, its die cut country more than what is bad news to me? Billy is gone forgot. It actually phobia Billy's reuniting the Eastern Bloc countries a way. As with those Yugoslavia in the USSR, they were part, yeah wait. What I don't I'm gonna give you lie to you. I don't know the history of Yugoslavia is firmly on the side. You just look at me and start talking to MIKE. Just look like what would you say to me? Not us,
just sidebar with me. Will you just cycle the cooling, also the same tables allow the countries that they like ethnic rivalries and stuff. So we have a big show: unification, of people, give peace a chance pieces back. Ok, Let's get you are interview, awesome interview, come up with Kevin Love, really really We cannot recommended enough before you that body armor. Finally, officially summer. The weather is well it's going befall soon we got update this copy it doesn't matter because every season is body armor season. I love my shoes. Aubrey banana. I can drink that every single, season guaranteed body armor has no artifice, he'll sweeteners, flavors or dies is potassium, packed in full of electric lights, with all the things you need to keep you hydrated during the summer months for months, any Time, learn more drink body, armor dot com or order any of their flavors on Amazon right now, I simply cannot stress enough
this robber banana. We have a bunch of body armor here, showered banana Those so fast. It's insane. It is a delicious, delicious drink. Is there a smoothie put it's it's, not bad for you. It's delicious! So go right now: drink body armor die, calm, drink body, armor, dot, com or on Amazon CHAOS, stronger than you will not be disappointed. Okay here is kept. Ok, we now welcome very, very special guest. Five times all star and HIV gold medalists Kevin Love Kevin? Would you what would you rather be a gold medals or an MBA champions covered the mellow question here, which one was more important to you I think for a legacy. Peace, probably I mean, I think, a hundred percent. It's the sixteen sixteen wrong. Why do you hate America, Vietnam, resonant? I love America, but
America is such a superpower in general, let alone basketball, but like we get look a who we got to put on the floor, It was a twenty year anniversary of the dream, never talk about us. You know the second version that two thousand, coming off the redeem timber like we're supposed to win, so begets at your. What a six time also I thought I most organised. You really consider yourself a five time all sources that first one that was David, turn being like Kevin's gotta fill in Freetown, IP. Yeah or again say how'd you do you count that as an offer, It's kind of asteroids by my also varies like ok, I've kind of I've kind of as far as being also getting accolades in the NBA like I've been six man, most improve player, all NBA of all
our starter. I've been all star straight up as a reserve, and I've been an injury replacement so that first one year was a little like you think I would call them up and ass. He will never know by we. I did a bad job started. The interview I want to ask you want the hard questions. First, the easy questions. First, why heard something about pre? a box. So yeah do you want you want? I want, I think we are. Very loose little big, and are you what are you gonna get wet, my be like being so great at everything having greater there? that's a loaded question, doesn't he the question. Just seasonal, yet does not involve ones. I got derisory leading be where you had it with this boy s, it's it's pretty fuckin, soon, automatic, easy question, so the obviously the bubbles going on right now, where she recording this right after the box in the stoppage on Wednesday. Do you feel, like you're being little left out because
of like to everyone's talk about the NBA everyone's watching the NBA. The bubble has been fantastic and for the teams at aren't involved its yeah you got it commands for me not to say David Stern, but commissioner silver and everything that cp on the player side, Michel Roberts, all the players to guess what they ve been doing down there and approximate amazing? Yes, it's it's almost like watch. In our heightened pickup game, Yazzi scores of it in the one thirty one, forty, you guys opponent, monster numbers of Lucca did the other night Donovan Mitchell. Fifty twice involving worries, Jamal Marie's, coming back and guys we're talking shed and you know, look. Montrezl Harrell, going back before forth, dimension, Murray, say you you can't guard me. Lakers put, I mean full play off more now, after even myself said it would be a good series between them and the Blazers, but I talk to J J the other day.
About relevancy and us being in the delete aid and going into our own bubble in having to play and not no more due to play the next season, but yeah. It is really hard not to be a part of this, but thankfully we have are. I mean, like you guys to its it's. Your platforms in order to now would be back in our messaging, but Ebay pushes us. That's why it's great on all sides. They put us in a talking about certain messages or or sold. Injustice or everything. That's going on with cold aid. In it's a global game. We had Janius, whose grief Craig, obviously from Greece and BP we have in Slovenia. That was work at the year last year. The zebra knows that isn't LUCA and then from the Cameroon and where we have the most improve player rosiak so like its global game, Rhodesia, Wiggans, canadian Canadian, here Tiree Andrew wagons, Austria, hurry Australia, very good or one now down the up. Big Delhi has his own children's book region that younger demo. I need to read that why,
Nobody knows it's a big one. It is like the Rudy of Professional sport, like India, yeah I love him. I mean I always go back to after years when the chairmanship when he was wearing that hawaiian shirt, hoodie again pictures with two corona. How good of a time did he have celebrated so funny you asset, he was behind me like I had this. You know, convertible, you know, cut the roof off what area fancy, because I, like a ghost right rolls Royce and behind me he has like a fear, rice and everybody's, going crazy for delicacies like a fork Euro and it doesnt almost have a statue himself in Cleveland because every time he checks in your game and that the year before in twenty fifteen, if you guys are, We're here to Guard stepped out like forty minutes plus again, and there was I forget what game it was after, like four five is that our place, so it must have been through
for it is they. They are the better reckon that ass they had home courts. The warriors did came back and our members whole body was just got. They put him on these he was cramping throughout has highlighted and ever seen it. You must go to hospital so like he. He gives everything to the game. So I appreciate that. But I remember like: statement by the two bells and got the cigar I got to Christians. Cuban Lincoln was wearing S, sweet and New Delhi, skin all love, for in the back. I'm setting up a might. You know in the big three their guy was up and then Delhi's skin, so much that we should put a statute that it should be him like hitting clay Thompson. Not yet as a statue shouting at made out of like brick or our nails or sums, or did you did he ever piss you off in practice like when he yes go harder than ever? Oh, yes, Oh yeah right now. You would retaliates funny like that
situation where you know cause he was going against career move puerile lot better. Anybody who plays is making a lot better and there supply workers has had enough and we might allow us a couple games in the road in arose gives me and if we as a thing like We actually, I felt like because we had the Bron theirs much. There comes a that. So therefore there was so much pressure on us to win, especially the east. So like any time we lost two games and around the world was coming crumbling down, especially in this first couple years and you know, carry in practice. They're going after eight and tensions are high Scott. Amid I threw the season and, like you know, there was a Porsche Pakistan. All thing dollars is like What? Oh? What do we do? That? The other two may might. Why would you that's the other time so good boy there's an honest when you say like that in that austrian ACT, so he does make a good idea. If we were to be me out,
so you mention like Leubronn and being on the big three eyes a biased, Leubronn hater. So I just want that out there you don't understand I humbly that's a common thread of bar so yeah. No, we have he's gone to laugh. I do think that he's the best Basque, although I have an alternate persona- Laker Danby, yes, that the imo chronometer so but I always thought he is not a bad teammate, but his energy makes it difficult for his teammates to kind of exists because, like you said like when you win its its leubronn and when you lose its usually his supporting castles and good enough, did you feel that like did you feel way on a given? like if things go wrong? It's probably be on me now. Yes, definitely thought that actually mention that J J, the other day was a lot of the onus when we lost or had troubles was outside
the time pointed at me like we had a new coach, we will get no getting to know each other. There was a bunch of hiccups robots along the way, but for me was. I was coming from a situation where I was going almost twenty shots again in in Minnesota that start a unit whenever we roll and asking about the elbow is playing the game from the inside out. How I was always taught I get back to Oji basketball, but and then I was just lousy either at the break. We called the teddy sometimes gives me twenty twenty can say that when I was in the corner just spent floor. So we are two guys you made a freight train, plain downhill, an inquiry who you guys just magicians right, where the best ball hand was ever in best below the rough rim. Finisher finisterre scares me. I've ever seen, my life, so we had to do whatever we could in sacrifice the light I had to sacrifice the most in my game, especially in order to get the best, M and the rest of our team, so for me it was Yet there was a lot,
lotta layers that went to that, but in figuring it out. It did take me a long time, but I do say this about the broad and people ask- and I say this, but he as such gravitational pull in general. That he's like a plan. It's our wants to come in and he wants practice to be part of his energies up we're goin heart if you this comes entities are talking anybody if he's pissed off in a bad mood. We ve lost Tuna Rowan, that's warranted we're going to be solved and we're gonna do so everybody is kind of paying I want to see how he's going to react to certain things and he catches a lot of eyeballs he's just that's who years ago. So I think there is a lot. That, but on the other side it actually lives you up and makes you lot better. I think that's why I true, I do believe that we were probably the most talented under its having team in regular season was ever like. If you look at us on paper desalination when sixty plus games every year hundred percent right- and we got you know where it still top heavy. In the western conference. So therefore
only play in those teams twice right. Zoning plan of four times to it are placed on the road like we do these conferences so you can imagine we would get sick plus winds at least fifty five wins every single year and and should be. You know the first team in the conference and potentially contending for on board advantage in the finals but again company. After come final Sime. We were locked in a lot of that has to do with our identity and Hulu Bron Hoddan was dirt. The regular season cuz, I'm always interested in this that he would would he like, if you guys, had a bad spell. Was he like yeah? I don't care because not the playoffs yet because I always kind of respected Part of Libya aim is that he saw the bigger picture you see, teams will be a wall like go balls the wall in February. I. What do you do like this is, and would he consciously let the team no like hey we're trying to win but are also not trying to get burnt out middle of January. I think he understands I mean I feel
we pretty much had our identity down when it came to play off time that even at first year, fourteen fifteen, I think it changes every serious changes. Every kind of I guess you could say. Section or or time of the season, because I think throughout you want to see to trend in a direction where its conducive to winning comply off time. So being locked in could do you. Serious together as many winds as you could like that's great, but I think got to you know the twenties, eighteen finals or even that year, which I thought There are still do believe to this day I most talented team, and you know it. Us forty one in the finals, which is stuff, I mean two hundred and seventy three and ninety matted Kevin Durant, one of the greatest players of all time, and that's they added another Mvp to the team that stuff
but you know I really do feel like we kind of not let the foot off the gas, but they can do here is that we just really wanted to make sure that we were arrested. Bring the right place mentally. So really seeding didn't matter for right at home. Court, at least in the leave is conference did matters for us as we know when we we locked in and we knew Tyler was so great in excess knows when it came to to play, calling when it came to after time out when it came to just schemes in over defences or or what we're doin now offensive and throughout the play out, so we knew complex. There. We were comfortable, we new identity and movie, for we were going to be great regardless of the ceding. So I think I got this that we lost any game right and I think we took that small as well. So anyhow,
side noise played a big part to like you, try to say I don't listen. Do Donna Super finds you since we limit twenty twenty none of its inattention economy like so much has been put into that register so, like it just is is part of that you try to get away from us even like do through covert or the social injustice stuff. It's like you try to stay away from it keep informed, but it's gonna find you. That's just kind of how it was worth it was. It was a little bit of a soap opera and we really did thrive undertaken. More chaotic, the better we did for whatever reason: twenty twenty. Sixteen in the finals game, seven, the into the game you're supposed to lock down stuff curry, were you afraid in that moment, or were you like? I've got If I were you in this, probably why a not a basketball player, professional basketball player, besides being only five ten and a half, but if you're, if that were me, I would be your contract. I should have
I am actually five eight, but I myself nobody PLO! Yes, six! If you want all these issues by the way these are six years because they give you three inches not actually lives. I guess I m six feet right now, but If I were you in our that position, I would just be shooting myself, I feel like. I hope I don't fuck this up was out. Will you thinking or where you like. I got the CMU, naturally you're gonna get Let me first, I'm ever unanimous. Envy p read the steam seventy three and nine. But again I forgot to mention preparation. When I came to capital and our team in general, like we had gone over that particular play, I mean hundreds of times gone through it and film hundreds TAT had seen it through the game, especially in their fourth quarter package, a number of times, because they wanted. They knew that we were switching was the time when through five and that's was Andre months. I was, I was guarding the for you know, he's gonna set the flair for four clay and
we work at a switch that come over the top and then when, when he said, the screen for staff- and I think J R might have been ended up on on dream on after that. But I will say was actually I played great defence, but as far as a defensive scheme and play was actually a bad defensive position, because I wasn't supposed to let us was denied the ball back to staff, and I let him go the ball back so so dream on had caught a kind of in the corner was like. Ok, I need a need staff to to make display This is done in time and time again, and you know it, was a bachelor. I'm actually supposed to deny that. Luckily I kept my feet down you knew everything was at stake, but I think The reason I was able to do that in that moment was because yes, first of all locked and we went through so many times we prepared how many times- and that was a play- that really stuck out to us in Lake aim situation, but I think more than anything, it was my mindset change in the series. I come off a concussion ahead
the next game and game. Three we ended up waiting. Some like underscore focus on defence and rebounding. That's all I am going to focus on here. So when that time came, I was I was more ready than I probably otherwise would have been had. I not decided to focus on. If you drive I knew you, though values should be supported. You did it That's pretty also, I was guarding the throw you gotta be like thank God he took it. He took a shop there, and not horizon, and we are seeking to make their sat and we Yeah arrive in again against even bigger players right he comes back, then during the finals. I think I might get a game. One maybe get. I think I might even came to where they blow us out cuz game. One was with Cray really suspect, foul call charge blogging we can call you charge, went back, there's a blocking found. That was so. So just had never happened before is unprecedented in the game, especially of that magnitude in India, Finals Braun. As you know, what the best finals, performances of
time now we go out there. I've big game guys are playing gray, guys are ready for the moment and we lose its like that. Just take the wind out of ourselves, so eights The answer is yes, oh you're, like just so that play but in general, as a your guy when you get on an island with a guy with handles candles guard. Are you just like in the backyard like this fucking socks? Oh yeah made it suffered today's NBA, it's it's tough, because in XO hand. Checking in right has been like this for a while, but it's such a pace in sight. Sleep now I mean, take a look at the rock and so the best example of it. You know, there's a number teams that you know it I did it a story with with Jack and morn. Who knows was talking about the new era, the big men. It's the last fight. She said the last five years: cuz we advanced stats now and analytics for for every single team like we base. Sometimes what we do on that right.
And numbers tell a story, so she was saying that fifty percent of total sees me post touches of fifty percent down in the last four. Years. I believe so. You don't see a traditional five anymore even have eyes like I mean you know we're talking about Milwaukee early of brick Lopez up there shoot dreams. You have Marcus all out. There should threes, even Yonah Val Judas out there soon threes, Joanne Bead out there shoot numbs Al Bashir he's out. There should be no heir. If you don't have that in your game, it's almost like you know. Can I put a man in certain situations because you have to guard you have to switch if the guard? ones ensues. If the guard of staff you have to go to at the Garda Russell Westbrook James, switching onto them in the open foreign asking for help is already disappearance. Data Millard same way like it's hard to do. Stephen atoms can't really play in the series against Iraq like that's kind of what it is, what it is playing, but you can't play him long minutes because it directly fit with the help of Pga. Tucker is getting the corner. You shoot through
He shot the most and I think, maybe even higher percentage of anybody in the lead from from you know that corner there in Asia, you six by some foot and they're, not able to take advantage of that they go double. Somebody else has to beat you so again to answer your question yet if I would have funneled him into the D'Alene, we probably would have had to help, and maybe they would have kicked it out the clay or kicked it out to another player, but we were Somebody else beat us, but in that moment yeah he's and set it to his fun. He came out and argues that I shouldn't during past Kalama entities as fair, but you didn't that's lower. You are out watch the reply that just like still nervous and thanked myself should I hope he hasn't had other way. I still watch that I've never watched the game in its entirety. I've! Never one. The game it by the way. For the first aspect, the first have a game isn't even worth watch yeah because in J R comes out- and I think they're up a points he has to reason and scores alive, but I do What's the force Africa remember walking back
the locker room with James Jones, you now works in the front office for the Phoenix sons really close friend of mine, and he looked at my citizens even feel like a game, seven and he had been a part of all the finals runs with with broad and Is it really a dandelion Barton excited? I get away like where's, the energy was, you know we needed accountability, so we came out the second haven't we were. We were. We were locked in a ready to go said to have his amazing is incredible, and I remember the last four minutes I'm Savior like this at a time out over the last four minutes. Really nobody scored, yeah yeah Harry that big shot and and Braun had the blog to stop. What are you and brown with a free? The lie hit the one for the openness of four. Boy. I remember say down so it always went brought. The FRY Tiree are asking. J, R,
Dell thousand. The middle kind of trust in a cart. Carry was always at the end, so Leubronn inquiry on opposite sides of each other. Yes got it is far away from each other's marshalling, you would say I think, both of them. How does it feel like they get Reva huddled? One idea, I got you good so This is an area from Sentner, nobody Santa, whereby member looking like everybody's going crazy Embassy feel night sitting right there Le Maire, whose ahead of Nike Global basketball- I see you know guy theory. Furies guy? If you guys guys fury on this, we will not let the photographs gallery diners diamonds and drives me, and I could be like a conversational pit but I just remember you know I think every Do you like? We ve had our fans there, the hundred people that rub their friends and family- and you know we're in this chaotic Colosseum type experience like they just let the lions our
and every some ever look at nobody like a while we're like we will win this war was reluctant and like I'm, never unless you're in that moment, in the guys, are all locked in and around stiffly Gaza, doing their own thing in and talk in whatever geyser you'll whose, with with the huddle most of time, we just we excelled a the time because of how much talent we have so locked in and when Tyler came in and sat down, just kind looked at us drew up the play and I actually believe that might have been when you know carry. We came down the possession and hit the big shot, but that's everything you just can't job and I just remember how locked and we were in that still today, like resonates with needs, because in those finals, because in a hearing, fastball players talking Kevin Rain, always talks about like how much he appreciates just like great basketball. Did you have moments when you're in any of those files like this is just insanely good basketball, like the level that both these teams are playing
and you know the margin for error, so razor thin like this is, did you have a chance to make a prolonged yeah, actually getting back to walking into locker room and have time it's a long walk at Oracle? Ip Oracle? I mean it's not gone, wants to know if the into the city, but to us it's gone, which is which is to back as what a great arena to play. Obviously hate the fans, but then also love the fans and sent out loud place, but we're walking back along work, and you know, I think the margin for error question is is great because we were. This is a team that we're playing against in the warriors that if you think it is a double digits, you you getting your brain. You like men, like you very seldom, do you come back from other double digit. This t they have so much firepower. Clay and staff get go in
Yo Yo Trays is doing his things in the running, for defence apply the year every single year and they just have the thing rollin. If they get Oracle go and it's so loud, it's a tough place to play, really really tough, maybe the hardest at that time, because they were seven three, nine, so good. But we knew that if we didn't make up any of our ground from that eight point deficit, that if they got to double digit, we could be in trouble, especially in the second half guys you gotta get low ass. I was gonna, get tigers, going a little bit more tents, your guys against our doing things outside of maybe even their character or their game, and for that to happen to us would have been a pretty tough because you ve seen it time and time again, even in the plan in finals games as well. We sought the next year when we play them like if you give them enough of you, no discrepancy. They're gonna. Take it very sore nine points like thirty seconds. Yes, it's almost like you have to be up by ten at half time, because in that third core, they
come out and they are the best third quarter. Teen rightly they'll go unlike Justino run. Like add their noble of that quick. We get the crowd, go, assess this. It's it's a tough, tough place to play down the road like that. We had to be locked in that the margin for air was incredibly incredibly. That must develop just incredible though after you did accomplish it, you win the championship and then I would think that is better than you were coming back from the West Coast, because you got to take all these detours on what you get the party right, we'll have a great time, Aerosmith and sure, on for what like a week means I feel at ease the whole somebody. Could you say I was playing can't Canterbury in in a clever. He was playing golf course and ensure that it is our affairs all you have to take it in, and I know what was the cool thing was so we'll talk about the detour after say this, but I went to New York after the fact and like every, We went through the saying it like what's up champ like are we got this? Take care of you all this is on us. I was from the table over here. Sending champagne is like
Was pretty pretty amazing, amazing ride and all things considered like unprecedented, come back from three one city Cleveland Fifty year? Fifty to your draft for a major sports championship like that was that was really cool and going back to the Delhi thing like seeing that parade Philly, put all the barricades up but seem like everybody from the bordering states. Everybody came in and they came into Cleveland to it to show their love if they were caps, fan and put the barricades off we're supposed to be at four. Five minute deal go down each night street and then just go near the water, where the Brown splay and have this epoch like sound stage and just a huge field of of of a ton of people, but it was a three and a half hour thing because they broke through the barricades and then, if you ve, seen the photos which gray yes everybody's right next to the car. I remember that shit and security card that we had got his foot ran over like three times Sweden has a hundred degree day like smoking, a cigar pouring other
alcohol in wine that it had the last three days with a party and went out, and I before at my house, started there and went out, so we were out of four five in the morning they shut down the streets for us like it was it was. A lot is actually near pogo. Your house right yeah we had three bar set up is pursuing. Yes, did you see the video the guy eating shit? there was a cab span in the parade unite all these ain't, my house and no daddy, I didn't have the dog, I mean a chairman of a pretty high but ass, a parade if you were like flowing street. Like an engineer, the police forces and the horses were sitting in the street and one calves and was so excited tat. He just runs out into the middle road, picks up a piece, a horse, shit and eats it and then turned the crowded buddy applause. For so you have to
the that dynamic veal, good or you you want to say thank you to the guy who's, the guy decided horse. I hope it was a Cessna stallion or in I'm trying to think of Clydesdale had argued lies. There would be more. I can show you the video if you'd like to watch. I would otherwise you will get a we get, it would actually, but in saint, but let me one night last secretaries offers. And I'm wearing the shirt, obviously use so called fair use to transcend our people in Ireland like fourth grade raw was so crazy, amazing back in the day and violent best. It's me best intro, ever again. Slash shatters. I've seen you hear me chills tat. We were actually went to score in Cleveland. That's what they play really get the gray call that is vital,
nor did the beer bass after the game. I think people seeing that video in Stockholm gave big love to that, but then people or throw me beers in this car like ok. This is again white Lamborghini. Why rolls Royce fan I'm going three miles an hour stagnate? It's a hundred percent humidity, the heat indexes, a hundred fifteen, I'm leaking of nineteen. Forty two and guys keep throw me beer. Some smashing do nothing and then, like a grab to blue mountains course thorn about their right back to the gambling on good. Some, like our let's see what the crowd can do. With these beer, sunlike filming then everybody's taken foes, the what has really have set up
with the Cleveland Crown, and especially the man is that they didn't know how to do a proper beer bash. That's it I mean so sets out to be a little less Eliza younger. Through you, I mean it's. Not these attributes rejected the gens. Zizi literally just bear smash your advice ass to tidy up getting relieve some of the press just saying no business. That's all you need a sound like Shaka have seen people mess it up way to media, but the beer batches is is a skill in its skill that everybody should learn a changing attire, absolute, because there's it is something that I haven't done. One actually last summer with by my thirty at birth is five years ago. Is something that whenever people see you, but it's a miles you and yet they look like early days. I thought it was actually buy. That might have been like the first night began. I ever party to yeah
he's on his birthday down in Arizona right and we had a party bus and then someone laid the stone cold inference, music on the party bus and then big I was well. I have to do the opposite: candy jailer, the best in the world with s part about that as it was a party bus, but it actually was one of those like Steelcase match no home. When we had, we had like some kind of give away where people got a party with us, so as a bunch of strangers, and I just sort of all in beer and the related, This is unfortunate approach. I hated him with a wet saka with mankind as here's the video, the guiding horse poop at the parade this agreement. Now we were passing they didn't want to go there. This guy goes for once
Bodies are going and, lastly, I know not do is not the big yeah there's a rising. I was through our sucked. It must be. The terms is worth yeah real, dirty terms, really dirty tombs, live reaction. He's got the kenyan Martin tattoo on his neck to came our shouted Kmart while Has he, let me just say, fully yeah it handfuls of not just like you said yourself If there's ever that's your leg is eighty two years of eating you can I use hats on, I don't go I'll. Do they should anymore? That immediately? Does it. If I am a red sweets, you I want your reaction. In the moment when you read it. Ok, if, if I've read it or do you owe you ve read it stop trying to find a way
It out just be in the part of some special just my thoughts that her my feeling. One zero like when you read that because it I remember reading of sunlight like damn, I feel bad for cabin love like hurts because it was such a sub. Tweet too, I've been out of a specifically you, but it was the whole team whose wasn't pacifically you I mean it was you unity, do the twenty three million and you get like I'm eighty, like I was majority that guy gets around eighty percent Kevin Love Ape Saint Dionne, waiters, hurry up your Delhi's like in the negative, is like negative winchesters knows that you know It's worse things out, like I looked back, I probably did take a personal in a moment. It was tougher me like I had to adjust. That's what all I wanted from,
those guys was too just had the recognition by the sky sacrificing run like his Hitler. Of having to do that is little bit different. I considering where I came from somewhere, where I'm like, I need to be didn't, have a lot of vets and we almost like a big revolving door in Minnesota. Within one year we had twenty seven different players. And and guys we're trying to make their way into the league and in one point, like darker militarist, was a high play on the team that Recycling is a man, that's crazy! Please make it like six million, so we had one of them. US perils. You know a new coach New GM and just guys. I dont know how to wait so very, very tough for me too, and not have veterans and under so I had to go through it. And that was only think twenty thirty games in, when that sweet happen, so I think he was. Trying to find ways to get the best We get a rise out of me, but also like
I'm going to play this to the media so that you come back and it doesn't happen again. So I let you know there was. There was a lot to that. But since I mean bronze brother did you, came to the locker on the next day or like. What's up man like saw the tweet now, that's act. Now he had never thought about it now, while there never acknowledge it at that cuz. I guess. That's almost like the first test that he probably was putting you through, like I'm, going to tweet this, it's going to be about you and then we're going to figure it out where the yeah you're either get to sit in a fit. I did not get it right away. Did you notice anything to stop fitting out at that point wall? I was just upset to that. You know they never community the fuckin photo yeah. No, I don't even like listen out of yeah you someone over for the for the hour dive Red White and India, I actually wrote a minority united could offer the further Larry birds are the where I wrote a horizontal in being, like, I think, cream seem very small thinking of taking the pictures, like, I think, they're going out
Romania near there have been a negative picture of us? So one point I took somebody had done like Photoshop of of my face and it was like little like a square like you cut it out. Like when I do like a deep. You know when I was young. I, the big mark, Maguire Post, just slap my face on or twenty five percent more, I just love the just. My thoughts Maybe it is, it is with us today its twitter. So that's all they have to look at that point. The judge and the fact that it was just his thought. No one took just sitting out of it in a big way, yet I might start in every no one. Actually, as I have like. Obviously like most people do like proverb as it could, What am I know my then he added I have something actually amaze ran from Anti Bourdain actually know I do so. For me. I think I'm just if you put just my thoughts, rice, a great name. It really like a kind of deflated like after this. When we oppose this on Monday, you need
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We do a hard time. It early said seemed like you did with opposing fans right like they gotta hold your phone number. You got a lot of death threats, they haven't also to inject. You might even get there at some point, but the worst thing in death threats, my family, guy, three is holding its amount of music was bad as an actual beach voice. We were living on Iraq like so. Are you shame that your uncle wrote songs of Charles Manson not arouse Dennis? Okay is that we also told you nice Yes, Marya have read my uncle's, autobiography, which I know you both he actually dead that african the names of course like I should really noticed, but his first son MIKE and his daughter out of his summer, but the a couple of kids get baby sat by one of the
that Charles Miss LA. I should really know that better, but I never. He also talks about. You know we went out into the middle of the desert. I don't know if it were not think it was spawn ranch, but don't off as one of the women they went up to seal of DR either, but he saw he said he Dennis came back or shaken up and he was trying to get away from the family. Anyways butts came back and you shake invisibly, shaken in front of the entire band, and my uncle is like I just saw Charlie's shoot some black cat and stuff I'm down a well well. Some like this heavy duty, has selected to add that in that that was some heavy hitting stuff in all about her feeble Dennis was like heap. He had a house, I believe in the power I'll say where Charlie showed up- and you know like drop to his knees, went to his views and your kissed his feelings at our brothers. So we agreed to meet. You come to try to put him under the spelling they start living in his house. Holy shit can live with
we're doing right now, yeah yeah, you came here and is under a lot and now on Europe allows yes, yes, yes, That is my thoughts. You guys that was it. There was a crazy, crazy time crisis period. That's why it's crazy, because once upon a time in here Would he was I loved by the women and that setting in that era he actually go comes up in AIDS were Dennis Wilson lives like he's asking form, which is really pretty crazy. So and it's amazing to me that they have his music they have. Music on Spotify yeah and it hunter which I'm soldiers were cancelled, the sources they we was, the kids, I'm not sure yet somewhere they stopped, it would mean like, designed another season yeah which they just went over the Atlantic. Others are murder. Yeah he's knows a great great season. Raising and they will talk to child and have like the real transcripts of us up, but never hold for Gus he's, like he's he's, listen. Louis music has not
your uncle and let him in the Beach boys Yang what we might be thing about transplants and launched a right. There's is season, I've ever heard. Isn't he I actually? If you were to Sancho Can the garden I don't know, I don't know about myself listening to a serial killer, music. I had to you. I just went there to know, and I can understand about us with their two to know like you find his music spot on Y yeah, this gradual where members you know to that other than just you know what they're doing it for a paper That's a weird! That's a weirdo fan Would you that your uncle's music socks- and I made you really that major blood boiled mega so I actually didn't even understand how big my uncle's music, while I just know his uncle MIKE, we went to all that stuff. You know all the concerts and still huge like in a factory. He was on full house and John Stamos is playing drums.
I mean, come on it, so I got you seller and then all the parents in the kid even the kids are like me and my peers in a year same here, you're older, whatever others of seven or eight. I was there another like hell, you're uncle. My client like these boys- and I love this. This is out on this. You know it it is your God only knows, or something at my wedding whatever was so that's what I knew that he was big but the worst thing I got in the funniest. At the same time, not like the death threats- obviously that's goes back to the mansion staff. I was it we're at Pullman. Washington will play washing in Sweden state and you know whatever I had the night before just like you know, I was feeling some sort of way when sitting right, it's freezing cold. Yet here I am feeling like my temperatures through the roof And I saw sweating all the way through by my Blue Jersey. I mentioned like the baby blue
we're all right. We have the that year we have reached a hundred natural championships amid the sea supercool, but I notice I screamed blood sweat I swear it burns all my cards teenager, I'm so close with this, so give me shifted to the Yankees, but now again said Ebay said everybody Valor had like you gotta aspect the swamp. Yes while ass, it happens, everybody, but in a moment red eyed ends you calling emitted even was probably is six degrees in Poland, Washington and Unita. Nowhere, but you know, was the swamp of real and that's a color. That shows up big time. If you got Botswana, if it's like a light, Blue Demille turns me on the percent. I couldn't, where gray bottoms forever Harry. I'm sit with great balancing, I'm ok now, where women Washington just says that affect them gradually was iron. Baines was the centre to, although I had my down under was going a little yeah
on the way over we're talking about you in your college uniforms he's. Have you ever wanted Jersey that actually fits you, your big Baggy jersey, guy right that one was pretty yeah. I think it's it's ptsd from you know. Being as big as I was? The active ass sweet kinship There was any other day that actually did Jj. I was like okay, you got to realize this. My mom was basic. I was born. Great clips and my mom was coming and I was pretty parent. When you look at those phone writers. I very rightly picture from I think, there's like you're senior year high school, where your way distorts. They go down past your shins, where they do not. The New Jersey that goes down to your knees, those your team, Jersey, that you are aware at the time, and here I can actually pull. Oh you always horrible. I know we weren't at all. When you lost wait like you will lose all your power, that's what I'm trying to like stay little
have you yeah this ass, a picture outside slam see loves Lamb had to slam diary my senior I thus, I am diary inhabitants I was national allowing national. Clearly our national athlete of the year So when you say that guy was national, that guy you and I wonder if the rest in one more female national Gold Medal document EU us when the greatest female athletes of all time little invaluable plays indecorous yeah, that's crazy, I always thought that when you are in college, this might be like one of those Bernstein bears moments where you remember a memory that didn't actually happened to us more Thomas, the train, but ok, ok, but I thought they were big. Undershirt guy, like you were big white undershirts in college, but I can't a picture of you wearing one online. You have those India, I mean. I wear the tanks, stifling tanks underneath and then, when you talking about It's like you know: you're dating in the winter, in New York City right raw mask or this fine and you go home and society.
Works both ways right. You did it. How did you voting either ass? That's why I lost the ways we gave the powers like, I lost the weight and I started to slowly star wooing like title. Yea. I found a Louis major glow up laws, like thirty pounds, got rid of the chechens of sweet eyes. You have yet to finish that, as I went to re when I got down at the first, we gotta you soon as before. Like my dad, through the keys of like Are you going? He figured out like organ. We don't paper on gas. Somebody gases, unlike I'll, have twenty dollars unleaded, please it so I ass, much ass. The thought that we were You gotta, yes, Yola air! Oh, I got stay out here, so I went
my mother, my dad's measures to be done to Carson California? We live and took it into cars into our people barbershop, but like our people like, I was like ok. What am I going to ask me? I got just just do it ever. I figure it out so he starts like, give me the Chintz rap they takes. The hair just gives me like one one and one half in the next day, full chintz rap on patchy. Here, I'm completely, I am sure, and seventy eight pounds gazing again, but then you could balls escape, but like a ball, so I got the respect the great equalizer. I have two more hair questions, then, because we're on this topic, what how do you understand like when you younger you got bad haircuts? How do you explain the fading Doesn't eighteen and the final status atrocious, so I started watching picky blinders,
oh yeah not destroyed had through a thousand Tom, hearty look school silly and looks like he's, got an awesome. Try this ok and like nobody knows, that's what I try to do. You know I don't like it. I saw it in the Mirabelle hat rapidly. Andean like our great now have to be forty million people we're gonna, be watching your yo. That was that story. And it didn't work out well for me, but once you know I just I just seems like I am still roll with it all right. So then gray, hair to gray hair? Are you gonna rural, I'm I'm I'm wrong dying. My errand, I tell people like I let everyone Oh, I didn't. You can't die your hair in pretend that you don't like coach, Kay I say like hey love, you coach, here's my day like I'll, tell I'll sweep you like my hair today and won't be cool about it. Are you going to school you have also, even though I get it just like right, my temples, yes,
I get it kind of across the way sees me and I'm just gonna rose it like you know when you do they do those like just for men, yes, no less! Where ya has the black hair, the guy has like the full, grey or white again landowners. Like all this guy's he's too young to do this job right. I just don't know vs energy that is like in putting together a menace, distinguished guy, who should higher George, only live in that world for like thirty year yet, tell if he was forty years to farms, Stacy Kubler like eyes, Ok, you're wrong with it either gives me a little bit, I'm still probably on a diet. But yes, I think you got a lunatic Here's your doggedly into the air it as a good, like I still haven't gonorrhea my book grandparents are both white for the re. I think you should continue to die. You have to tell the wisest until go on like twitch, enabling teenagers bully me and also I've just round we gotta, he read them on your is
Try, as is almost half of the some kids, have to think up still cool, but you get the hat thing down. I'm ready for came on. Yes, you can always Roberts. Now people are saying everytime. I take it that my hair is receding which it's not, but whatever that's this has had. Her would have happened. I've always wondered when it comes to big rebounderz. A lot of like people's contracts rely on getting those rebound numbers up to a certain point of yes. If it's, even if there is a free, throw being taken its uncontested, so there's nobody out for the other team trying to Do you make sure that, like you get first position down there, you you? This is its voice thing on our team and it's been that way, especially now we have under a german whose, like lead the legally binding three four times but Electra. Samson Larry Nance myself like Braun. When he's we all still rebounds from each other, its Agatha like you're good, do you have to revise song from about blubber on every game where I, under German, maybe three or four prison Thompson? but the free through life, that's a battle, even come, not the other side. I my train. Rather we might even somebody knockabout about
because you, my boy, my blog, our ability to forget the issue for us is yet we still way. That's it, that's it! Actually. I love that we we went over that because, when they, Davis, they're, gonna, know like yeah, really say you're, just as bad as we. Yes, I am. I just always wore if there was like a hierarchy when it came to see where you're unquestionably, the alpha were Euralia veteran on that team, because anything you can't say thank you just then worm solid, just every man from so when it comes to especially Fritos every man for himself. But if it's like coming so far out of the way to come and grab it and doing it like way over some basic. I got this event in and it comes out of nowhere That's that's! He had shot successor, yeah right, that's excesses, but you know I was taught from an early age and cheaply. Tennis individuals were but there's no such thing as a self Reba. Neither end a player you create an extra
russian for you to rise like a mouse. My rather like you have a vested interest in her. Obviously me getting rebounds yes, but I would like to use my son yeah, absolutely wit. When did you first realize it? You were sick, it our passes. I always guided it. Was this a feel thing than it did so back to Mark Maguire? I'm sorry by the way great dark that they have. I hated you hated again without Saki why they pretended interstellar there's a lot of what has been another way, and this is not about but like if everybody's juice in law, the long gone. I love it because people get angry Right agreed. They doesn't intellect very minor, like oh. By the way, the words came in with very bog answered the right over there right, they totally skipper, and they only had so saw, therefore like five or six minutes. So it's just basically
mark, Maguire documenting the damage is too bad about. This is like it saved that time saved, baseball, yeah yeah I had who has put baseball posters up in a roomy more of a solid errand judge right right. It's it's I really really hope there. I don't want the number say, not dying sport, but like baseball. That was amazing time. That's why I love it maybe go back, because I think I'm my it was my I think, marked require hits sixty one. Sixty two on my like tenth birthday is ninety eight rank rain. So I was, there was a frigate. I was watching every bad, my dad used to call me and when Griffin used to get up their regular sweet swing. Yet I was, there was a crazy time. Less so the olive passes you were watching baseball and you realize, like hey, are you replying based born you like this
how I can exile so out my dad was. I call you wanna get big like mark required here in ten years old, unlike curling the the bar raking, because it's like the is is so that's what I was doing. Everything like formalised dismember these to be like always, yes, twenty two inch for that's natural little did. I know but I start doing that and then I was watching actually used to shoot like that. So I didn't have the strength cuz. I played up three years with my brother at the time he was very young for his age and it's ready. He stayed back cuz. He was the youngest in his class and by the way, huge,
as for sports as well, but I am not just that's how I shot so I had the accuracy that make us play them about it. Just make it make. It makes me Tom had a little bit of like an advantage and get the balkan overshooting, like that's super super accurate with with their shut and then one summer. I just sat like this about uncles us in southern California. Just took the ball in sorry, I too feel walked all the way back added, neither hand and violence are chewed like that. So when I got into the game gotta rebounds thrown in court, I just launched it was natural
That's as I used to throw a fit threatened, run away, smash everything in my room, because I want to play football orbit. Quarterback, let alone we had. We did have a weight limits. You I come from. You ever weight limits, a play, quarterback which are understand it's like this ever rule. Like you can't rush the ball right. You can run the ball whereas, like you know, if you're on defence it could be is because you want you killed a guy. That's little, so you have a bigger quarterback enemies. Whole other can worms. But now I just I wanna play quarterback. So bad ass, it ok, here's my way, my dad's, the paint is football usual elbows user body, usually leverage, and then, when you get that both road ahead plus Watch bill was a lot of us all school bus and sells estates. Vessel reviews, the six man school to see them go against the Showtime Lakers, and you know the teams from that. There were unbelievable right and then, on top of that named after Wes Ansel are IP passed away. This year's named after where sunshine here that great I'll pass over the head and from the chest
one on the whole things as watching him. A lot of my dad had the presence of mind to have me watch both of those guys and especially when, considering that my dad played with them and the names, and I would amend name right, yeah middlemen, just click. Ok, I would imagine there also as FAT Kevin love. It was nice and I have to run all the way down the court when you hit that perfect outlook passes and they score as like. I could just give you here yet That's all there is no deep and he had run seconds he's. I did my job right by the court in its Irish. I would especially if I had somebody who had a receiver, type body or quality to them, like that was the best or throw out to a fast point guard it's three onto or two on one and one on like scrape its it was so cool because you were, I feel like you. When you came on the scene, you see allay and every hour talking on a national level like you were known, almost four, that more than anything else, which is a very
you don't really have guys who get known for that, but it was such a cool throwback thing like you got check out. Chemicals passes yeah. It's I mean I've, never, never, never known for my jumping. I could actually jump at the time. People forget that I jump thirty five inches at the combine MAX Vert and whose funding to see that the guy's reactions all the way growing up into my first spears and leave a white boy. Actually, my dad's so funny cause I'm. My dad's draft guard was no great shooter forward centre. Six nine Universal Oregon runs the floor. Oh you're, great frame, broad shoulders, good jumper wake I raised, but we still have a bag. I got stuck in my brother about my my baseball basketball cars. As do we still have those? answer here. Actually that's great
they brought this out in gritty, was my guy being from the Pacific Northwest, but you can see that my it actually does spell base. But then I spilled cards wrong of correspond. My opinion all their rio yeah yeah yeah. I love it. The measure yeah yeah. It was yesterday. I read that when you were in college, you reached out to Bill Walton for advice or like he was a mentor of yours. That actually had also been how, in the coach of the time my college coach, my only you sell a here, a part of me now recruiting process, but once I had committed in time, I let her have intended for me, I'm with Bill Walton and learning the guy, because, when set as a gay that study would see. This is great. It's like now we just kinda shut up. I saw no really I prevent around here, although it was like three hours three hours and already goes how long's is go, we're like you.
You can decide when you want to leave the everything. Ok knows. Amazing, like I was an organ. You see a leg aim. A couple years back and Russell had donate money for Molasses centre, which is men's and women's basketball. Also it was you I did the way room. He did the courts, which is cool because we will cause roommates mission on the road and I got there this interview with the SBA and his dislike. You can get a word Socrates, I literally singing, assign Barbara in our girls and arms, so like there in his ear, and I can hear it cause I of the Heavens like Bill bill. You have a commercial in two minutes is how Larry
things like God talking to him, but he yeah, probably for the thirty minutes. You know maybe gotta men in half and maybe ninety seconds of me talking losing you see allaying the tradition and the women and what it stands for, and coach wooden set there too. The pyramid success. Let me tell you my favorite quotes from that stories and you know who else hinder and the big man and what your number means and wearing their unwalled hazard and hasn't fence alike on and on and on and on and like your God bless him, he could speak after having awful stutter for for a lawyer, nabobs like music, you remembered everything that he said did you like? It was not on when I was saving of seventeen years old. When I committed to those big for me, when you pleaded, you sail acres I've. I think I've heard stories like a Lotta mba prose will go and play a useful.
Over the summer. So what did you do that you play with guys again the embryo and did you like? Did you? think right away like I belong here area who did it take a minute while it and it took a minute against guys like you, because I think my second day I walked in there, and this was like you know, ten days after I graduated from high school year. Eighteen, eighteen years old and cages in there they do you know they're just got traded areas is a Boston. Celtic now and you know they come back and play that you're think they lost in the files that come back the next year and win and await oh nine. I believe he was defensive play the hour, so everybody like I played Turco Whisky, TIM Duncan twice and cagey within my first dozen games
as a modern western converts if you go through like the power forwards and centre on E g s pretty remarkable but yeah my second day, there's like me, I got a matter begins cagey you played against them when he was a girl, yeah, we'll use really cool. I didn't have to be used really cool because you know I was for many body and I was like. I took Messiah that well done and I said: hey, listen, you know how do I levers? How do I scorn you when you're you're say six levies? Seven one area like solely with Katy he's not six times this time and you know, as I get the fuck I'm giving you needed. So George farmers there who is at the layers of the times and allowing serious you serious. So he took me aside for ten minutes and start work with me. It was just me there on the court.
Always remember cagey for that. While then, of course I get drafted by Minnesota he's if it pick I'm the fanatic Minnesota he's fine, I guess how charges for this guy here. So you got. You know. He's barking is always like this. He never takes every game, so our respective guys, like him in and rust, and I am sure that Jordan, they never took a game and rarely a possession off like those guys go hard. That's a talented itself, even ass, he got older. He set the tone in practice. He set the tone, but when I go on to believe that that chancellor, because that now I was at that time a wonder threat, but I was raised, I was in the leading plain in Minnesota in plain of our four way, so you're eating your playing pick up
both mba players and you're like running up and down floored you're holding your own. That's not yet diary. I I always felt like I belonged. I know I think I need some ways. It was unhealthy. How much I just focused on like I was still goes on. I was an athlete student. Not yet no, we saw you spell. You can't spell right. Yeah yeah, that was It is a bad. We believe. Yonder bodyguards is yeah, always but like I belong plus. I think it was being familiar with the guys I was playing with two. So if, if you know step there's three court, Sicily, obviously you running Pfizer's,
thirty guys out there and it s you guys came. They would always be allowed on the floor. You say like us came. There were always loudly for at least five guys, so I was playing with Russia. Westward daring calls LUCA Barbuda, guys like that were on my teams. That was great, like we felt like we had a vibe and good thing going. We came in rank precision number one. We had just come off of two final force: China make another one which you did last to Memphis their gross tough one. But now we felt like we belong. And actually speaking to the member that my first day in the Jim and I knew Russell anew Russ a little bit and we become friends first day. I was on campus and walk in a broom walk and with my academic adviser, which necessarily Can you dolls and he actually acted as more than a therapist for me, but I'm over us and I were crossing pass? I was going to history, classing aegis inside seaside many sneaking weren't Jordan. Eleven would like no socks and inevitably stop and I'm sweating like crazy as brew
you sound like a fiscal, so you have, you know we're all all the student say all the dorms you come down. You had the athletic centre. You had soon activity centre. You have Polly pavilion. You know you have the men Jeanne, you have everything walk in Venice, the classes of brown locks on leaking sweat, he's making fun of my tops, backpack, vinegar from them. Thousand american game. My sure this is where I layer up is like. If I had a sure like this answer, I have another down this downward soak up. This way that one was soak up the sweat and then I would add this again good and in the swamp was just like. I probably they put you I won't be. I still tie the sweater. The waste has to do with an idea. Yes or have you like once you past thirty, it's like acceptable, yet maybe you are living in the hamptons than you can tell us what around your neck around your way,
is it wherever we address is draw its strong visited last summer in the hangings highlights a little pretentious but one or two, but now I remember the first. I love this by weight. Speaking sweat. Yet is too good luck role, the first time I saw rests in the Jim and we played fires with it, but there was probably a six month, eight month window where I didn't seem play and that First Asia grabbing rebound, stop square, bring it down surveying the court come down, see what he has calls for. Picking role comes back, cross, graze, bar comes over kind of euro steps. Top of the square left anaemic,
holy shit. This case can be good at this special, so people it asks me coming anchors. I got some interviews that hot shot number one player whenever you silly and they asked me like who do you think he'll be a break out star? I could you see, is gonna, be a break out such a study, where there is, of course, a millions well you're Russell West presented. Carson Liaison my team, and I wasn't trying to make a homer job out of out of or be bias. I really believe that, so you know I can remember they are causing got advocate an empty Austria. Spain in his left me right now what it was, and he would down for not doesn't gains were close to. I think you might have been double digit games that years, a rustle took over the pointer and that's when AEGIS, just took off.
The UN's critical. So you weren't surprise at all when he was answered by the end, like daring above his parents are olympic level track athletes, yeah, so daring I mean even to this day retired after ten years. He I mean up and down the court from landline. Ninety four feet: he top five ass, is plainly that point professed plainclothes basketball. So I was out. I think, the ball to him, and so here comes Russ. He sees I gotta worry about. You know, she's got to test the shine, go bull layer, donkey such Duncan on guys, you start. Do I mean just like everything with the ball and that's when I mean he just took a major step forward, because I think he got comfortable planet point car we move into the to guard, he defended. He got up and down a hidden with the outlets he made the right place and nobody work disorders. Him, like I thought I would be the first stage in a given
shots at trinity. The last leave to take two showers books were. How do you manage that by the way I've been struggling that the summer, I'm actually good, do take like a cold shower to stop? What is our shower and then ten minutes later I'm destroy shower in the mornings? Is it's tough out here because we worked out outside and it's so humid all the time that its blade Griffin here the other day he was using? Yes, I don't, I think, sir. Let us know that you're in Town Blake Lake again he's like all right who did give the I ve been on the shell. Before I say Walker, yeah, my hundred time how now I'm not very happy with Ray ass. We know your best friend you're, a Europe. Let your Blake love right now, the boy friendship with Blake over done French of a given year, the two issues that because now be counter actually matter yet gnawed piss. Since a heads up sorry Blake It is still out here.
Mothers you here in the house whether hiding Edra yeah yeah, we still, he did thirty minutes of maintenance work here. Is that all you trouble you earlier they yet Blake. What the fuck This is a really alder. What a jerk, I always eyes, always interviewer for me now. I know that only to have back on gas from Russia is our seven. Maybe you said this interviews over just my thoughts. Just my thoughts, maybe get her side, barring phenomena, common policy will see. I'm looking for a jerk
it would. I realise, when you said William awakens euros. I worry he doesn't have to come on the show, but just like, let us know that he's here on play com, if you like, we do with it. Like you know it's one of those Simon and Zoom yeah. This guy has its own on all the time to. We know that he picks up spun. Usually like one point nine seconds. We time he was literally planking today with his phone, not done filming use just like this was about, and they have made that up people who think it's true goddammit living or a jerk you. I won't help. Callback were calling me to try and if you are now, don't you don't do that calibre dude? I regret that our me hurt me too much. Don't do your big in a mental health? Yes, it don't don't hurt
I won't. I didn't. I didn't know how that will have. No effect can be. How had a lot of people think you pick up my phone? How has it been with real question you, ve been very out, spoke about mental Health and, like I feel like you were maybe not tipping point, but you were one of the first tomorrow is the first. He ever link was the reason I felt compelled. Ingredient like I could do so has been. What's been like to be like that vulnerable, I would assume people have been very receptive to it, but it's gotta be a little scary to just talk about it like that. For sure discus. May I think when I first pressing, my article that I just did know how people going to respond. But for me it was. It was so many things leading up to that point that I was like. I just can't, oh so hard for me to just be me like unapologetically Kevin like I've. I've come to the point now, because there is such a huge community and I could have never guess that was
case like now, I know, allows the districts of numbers on continuing to learned. Ophir tend to be an expert, but like just try to consume as much as I can see what I've I d of, what's going on in plus, coming out a covert and coming out of order being and an know. What's going on with social justice and black lives matter like there's so much anxiety with the unknown the stress in number, getting ever put food on the table, where's my ex paycheck coming from conniving go outside or my we will get see my baby born on having to choose between going to work and be with my family. You know if somebody passes away due to covered, otherwise I can't go to their feet and others like so much. Unknown, and then that leads to a deep, deep in dark spiral of depression and like with depressing you can. I know for me like it only takes this. Much like you can fall apart at any moment, disproportionate to any circumstance right right, in your tender. Our say, like overpower generalised, said this the other day that it's like you,
Wake up and say you sick, a super coffee. I thought my coffee shit I must be shit, I'm a horrible person. I can that's just how your mind goes like so, for me, it's been really great to just fair forward to guess. I do feel like its major thief of human so young and old, but for that younger demographic and their next generation, because I feel like because youth uprisings, a big part of my story, took as I remember ten days before I wrote my article. It was, parkland Florida has happened, and then you saw what those kids did for for even mental health with it is well, but like gun, reform and and safety in classrooms and like what are we going to do to change this paradigm and- and you know, help help the world have the country in that way. So It's very complex, like I'm, still learning a lot like a have global I know I just read this the other day that ferry
ten thousand people suffering. There's one licence therapists ends. The rate of depression. Anxiety is gone way out, but in this second, as opposed to twenty cent quarter, as opposed to twenty nineteen, the second quarter now, depression has quadrupled in America needs. At least one in four people sure over or are you able to kind of recognise if you're going through something that, like you said earlier, was disproportionate to the outset that you should be? You realize recognizing win, that's happening as opposed to just your being upset about something that is One ought to be to be triggering a for sure. And I know a lot more now, just in working with a therapist but also like outside world medication. Like obviously, there's there's western and Ocean philosophy and lot of the eastern is like medication is not it and he's drug companies are just trying to to profit, and you know capitalize all think so, but for me medications when huge getting that right. It just sets the baseline for me
actually do the real work. It really has been amazing for me. So I know you know what I wake up. In the morning, I have my routine, I'm such a routine based person and a creature habit that if I do that, I know that those triggers will less it's very it's a lot less likely that they will come up and we will rise. If I do fall. Emotion- and I was I live by this- this is coordinate their accord at you, but first I can't hear what you don't feel like. I had to express it outwardly in order for me to be myself and be comfortable hunter. Percent of my own skin, like the best o you'd olympicum metal, and we started off of their political meddling in twenty. Sixty World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers fifty two year job all day, but one of the happiest moments in my life as when I just walked into a room and felt like I'm just I'm just me, and I can just be me in any situation so that comfort feel comfortable amounts gain more than ever have. But so I know where my triggers, through the work,
I come from, and I know like when I started get down that sleep slippery slope. What can happen because the thoughts like you have to recognize his thoughts understand. Why you're doing that and doing the work, because the thoughts or the thing that can be really disturbing yeah. I have to imagine that, just for me, special athletes, it such an unnatural position that Europe then? What is when you think about like human? the anxieties and just how the world works to have you under such a microscope. Were you know, regardless of of whether our people know you, you have twenty. It sixty million people that have a strong opinion on one where the other there that's not like a nap our position for a human being guess that that would really golf lotta triggers for a lot of players and they develop coping mechanisms that at times, might not be healthy, Sometimes they are healthy, but for like professional athletes, to be speaking about. It makes others vulnerable offer our, I guess, accepting the fact it like you,
Adele with this stuff too so it's gotta, be it has been like a tidal wave. Almost, I think, All these are really good data. Guys about yeah, Paul George came out said the other day goes where I was. I was really I didn't factor in this. Verbatim boys like I didn't, I just counted how, a deal or how much mental health actually affects you, because our deal. Anxiety as dealing with the precious I had a mother might do, for you to say that without the like, how big of a player. You are like that. That is huge working on social justice, education reform. I always cross border areas, an amazing job. I feel but for him to say that is debates just like demoralising, because you're such a factor racial lines by a major factor when it comes to mental health, and if you're going out for job a corporate Amerika you're coming up in classroom trying to be your whatever its value. Torreon are trying to have a lot success like if you, if you allow
had to be spoken. You put that out into the world, you know more say something to me at aspen ideas as to last year, and it was last I believe, made he said he said something to the point: and this is what I got out of it- is that It's just another weapon that people who you know can use it against. You will use it against you they're. So didn't want to be vulnerable plus we don't have enough Rachel, diversity in people that can treat people of color. So we need more people of color being therapist. We need more people of color working with them, that they can get the best out of them in any other way, because we need early intervention, We need early intervention with these kids because a brain is going to change way before your behavior. So finding that and you wherever have Do the screening the emission early developments can be huge, ass could be used, but we had to level the playing field with them I created wars. Have research educate, continue to be down the stigma
I guess there's so much to this. So many layers to that in the tough thing is, if somebody as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety, depressant, like you, can't put I am myself a big out into the box and say: ok, you guys both have bipolar disordered, we're due to treat this one way right now we have, they have alternative ways to know the triggers you pinpoint Zactly, what your kids are going through everybody's going through and how are we going to treat this because like with my men like I had a toy with it in order to get it right. How can we treat this person the right way so that would they, can reach honestly their full potential. That sounds like happy ending or feels a fairytale version like the workers to take a long time me. I know that I would never get rid of this impasse. What's in it, something that I just had to change my relationship with, but it's been really Frankfurt.
I also note is worth the work it does get better. You can manage it and you it's it's gonna, be an issue, but is also can be better and more smooth. Overall, if you take that supply, I agreed that cat, like TAT, was kind of a huge mobile I say again- and I also think us it's cool and I dont want people, think it's it's just me not known under ever see it being Microsoft. Kevin love like this is because it is, there is a stigma. Male athlete like talking about this stuff is hard, sir, and I just like. I understand that it's it's probably easy for me to this. Easier, I should say- and I mention the racial lines or you know same somebody, you doesn't have to worry about their bills, their kids. You know it's more widely from suburban America to Families parent hall that so many layers too, but regiment. It doesnt discriminate also. It was like in a Robin Williams, diner or or Kay spade, or that every Bourdain was a quarter. Second about here.
Similarly, it's like it just shows you that successes and immunity, Treasury guidelines and like it just does not discriminate who yard socio economic status, gender proverb whatever their does not doesn't care and its a lot of time. Its inherent like it's. It's in your gene pool is already that imbalance so, and I want at any point some good deal with Grievances loss its. I mean, I guess what I say is its As so many layers. Tat is so complex, but it's really a pandemic is the pandemic that nobody is talking about his globally. It affects over three hundred million people. Depression doesn't anxiety, it's like an idiot, One third of Americans now have, but you know or suffering, for both anxiety and depression at every third person. You kid. Oh yeah reveal like that. The fact that it rhymes, I think, that's a big. Just remember, Roger I rather like crazy line. Good yet know one thousand Gisela Carter's on the point. Just tax we say call back so I guess
tobacco messy. We keep Goin finally hard questions on what points did you realize it? Leubronn was an alcoholic, it is over me. I see this as a whole. Sheesh now he's not now go. He loves while a hollow dissect yeah, I'm saying, is it what's the lesser of two evils to be more like drunk on wine? power or drunken power towards rail? As tea house forgive my problem, Did you already? Did you feel pressure to drink wine, random yeah like what but again, victory is reserved for those willing to pay its price through ok either. I like that single sun Tzu, but that the art of war was he sang like drink this wine and you will win like Michael secret stuff. You avenues like the blood of blood of Christ. It's become
phenomenon. The abs protocol that Egypt com also almost live. You also want in this hotel room. We brought it in has said I offered. Often, I think we got it. You don't have the landfill, but I offer and he wanted to like, sell it to everybody else. That was there. So we just had a shitload of cases brought in knowing that, like they might not be able yeah good wine and bubble and would have the market cornered? I that's rare. Jimmy relative coffee yeah one need our coffee. Yes, who do you think he's doing there right now, marijuana whose just remember: there's a statutorily J r, a proposal that was my other pleasure, spigot J R. What was a locker room like after the final game when he ran out the clock, was tough. You open a lot of people forget you know like. So much. I like yours, so obviously in every gain their size, we're like back. I wish we had possession back. I was really tiny score in all that he was within a few feet: it about
their stuff. You know it's out till I saw us are also with Georgia, like people who get the free throws as well so Psych, that's where it becomes like You throw everything ends. Accumulation like it was both rice right, but that was That was tough because it's not like he threw it out there, your body through it up and went over the bat like through it. I think you're pushed into the third Reich. You like went backwards. Did he say anything in the locker room like what was afoot I felt it was like Mario CART when you're in eight place, you just want. The blue shell has so backwards in Uganda. Firing yes like going there about it Others councillors body is about to like the ass the job. So or your stadium, but who did who to talk to talk for email to leap, know who, who said something when you get in a locker, was Aerosmith like you're, my bad. I think it was given the air? Like you just don't say I didn't put his head down like he knew and that that there was this itself, as is because I love swish
gloves, which is such a good to be so misunderstood. He's fucking, he's just awesome, awesome guy, but that moment I mean everybody has ever just happen to be like what happens on the biggest says. I gotta do something that always sees you never its magnifying. If I was tough of too tough last questions, one, what kind of soup was it the jailer Psmith through? That is a great question. It was. My favorite fears, as was said, came Portsea soup out short years. That's pretty! If you like, to see a soup depending on how you make it too can hit a little different. Yet so handsome scant didn't have the the chips and there s. Yes, I can cut anybody yeah, nor really can, if their stale right vera forget it if its ships in the hot sauce can sting afterwards. If you put like saw you have, if you have any tabasco in their time tool and not so much, but you put the right how sinner right it cuts
and then it gets into your parents. Do we surprise how big of a story that was afterwards that, like the details of it, was a cup of soup that was so Mr President, I was one hears thing was imperfect, calves fashion. Like I told you, we thrive under chaos. We had a and b a meeting after sounds like a. Neither is ninety minutes, two hundred twenty two hours and he walked out and to set out what can happen August here now. Just preventative back bud so that he doesn't have serves their needs faced Amadeo Payment, I I just saw those Those are wildfires in southern California. I was hoping colony deceive you're. Ok, ok, so what is it ok, your house in in a light. As far as I know, some of these closely oh you're on these costs work. Where are you a moment? Anti Europe
That's why you Hamptons you were actually a Kevin Loans House right now I have you ever been here ever been here. All that's interesting cuz. It seems like you were playing with him this morning and you knew we were coming. And then you just like, I don't want to see my guys, so I can do I will not on its undesired Johns prettiest caverns, our new guy yeah Europe. We ask me, William Blake Lonely. Here he had homer derby with Seinfeld EAST yeah. Ok, I will enjoy the Hamptons man will be here for the rest of the week.
I was just looking for saving energy. Can herself thanks a lot So somber yeah really seem you work. Harder? Is you didn't even seem that upset that we caught him just show me your background forgot today was the day you're always go take lying. Let's see where I got all. I do have one last one. So the partial sportsmen count famously tweeted out a couple years ago, video of a bunch of it was a white guy dabbing around, lack, kids, dabbling in white guy was the last one up its waited like this is Kevin Love trying to fit in with this teammates and you, replied. Well, being
but a fit in with his teammates his gun that little white kid a lot of primo box over the years. What is that one is the most important way to fit in to get Primo Box lose thirty. In a hundred. Actually I mean, I think, the respect I got from having a chin strap probably led me into it, but by the way, the best part of it, The whole thing is I Primo K, whereas the major motion is the poor. For example, to have four box. I was great it also is, I don't know of his fellow you PS, but the bar. No, it was a very funny to you. When you were so good is yeah. Legs could come back when athletes respond like that engage people. It's always a win for it's amazing. By the way I love Marshall, so you you're a because people devils thought, like all man, he was mad at you. Have your mad cows, gray, copper! Now amazing clad back and I would imagine if I came to you guys there would be some some price to pay with it yeah, maybe a little bit, but then I also like a year later, you got a ship,
of wine that came in a box. I think from IRAN, and you too a picture of a new treaty that us and you look at this primo takes our life is on sale like I have guys people on the road privilege, started twenty. We will now there's a euphemism Melodiously Bolivia opium, precarious your title on definite you're in Blake right now until such time, particularly where germ had cause you're fired. We hang up on that and that's like catastrophic. Did you we'll commoner. Yes, this is like it's like you for our we're Diego's. You guys you guys are David certain right now we're getting you like. If you show up in it as various. My word is yours, yeah billows shows geyser cool. It's like being like. We have this. My best run until I get is my friend. That's why you are actually really good friend here. Oh shit, really not like that.
I love. You knew the Primo Brenda gotcha how the programme or boxes of every yes great great Oh, I did have one last one clay Thompson. You plague literally paid out of them. You do. We not have pictures that we do. Why don't they should like when Clayton Cursor in mathematics Alfred played was clean. Crucial matters have yeah, Uruguay goes to they always throw them picture out there, like, I feel like we never get that picture of you guys playing little. We think they didn't once khazar member, then Gandhi knows things my Green Van Gandhi and marked Jackson like they always do the games together right and whether they actually love amended again to have great call, but the m by the Collar Games Grape day. They brought that out and they you have highlighted the faces, and this giant key players is more young using only eleven you're all on the twelve euro. Also team, critical and
Galileo is as like the good soundbites. He says you imagine being one of those kids on their team. If you like, I plead with these guys at her. You know all multiples. I'm all stars in the finals on NBA guys. I can't imagine what that must have been like, like looking back and look at it. So it's a cool photo. The really cool photo where you guys off We were awesome where we should have and we felt like we should have made their legal series, but we are at stake. We had this. One guy. They like through said. Are you did I did what you mean you shit, Why should we felt like everyone else right I got. I have neither data they didn't. We didn't make it weird. Suddenly we have this guy it through like us, zero. It will go to the. How can we not only have you say his name? some of our marine, this guy through basically submarine Eastern suddenly, like you know they do the adjustments.
Inflation rate. Ninety eight miles an hour guys, don't he and nobody could hit us for our. Like top three hitters, the bottom of our line was was bad. I felt like you should have won the entire thing. Thank you I felt like. We should restrict my thoughts. Yes, I felt like this interview and really well, and I felt like I was great friends of Blake Griffin until turning it ass, I was told I take some getting used to, but I felt like this annually. While you are good ones, the outside people- I was this guy who says that May I just felt like the bronze, the J J Toil of Roger agent rather governs like Kevin Love, takes them getting used to do. I think I think J J with Roma going. I didn't hear you away with you gotta podcast, now he's running. Keep you also saw you gonna. Do your podcast, I'm sure you got one works, everyone I mean even further as far as park Escobar seems pretty. The way to go, if I'm not on but I'd, be competing with you guys
yeah. What we could call ought to be a celebrity guess: stop fitting stop, trying to fit carve out and start trying to fit Kevin. I'll have a program machine where we say well, you're a recurring has also when we do want you back on what should be like in three months. What do I care when you go to the delete? Ie eight? perfect, which has no name for, is that it is an essential neighbours that just what you call it. I mean I've heard that before so I just use the right thing: a great name against on eight thirty July. Are you trying to win? How important is it to you too is directly. If you ask me three months from now, we when he met if we won- and I would probably be all things considered with what's going on if we one that a debate on listen if the bulls when that I'm King shirts, I made sure for them when, in the summer league yeah, I want shirts, even when we just started, incidentally, day to day finalists. Yet a final, don't wait, I'm gonna say: listen, we listen. We made it to the court of yet
that's. Alright. We're gonna want what we felt like either win Cuba has been awesome. Efficient monitoring, spanking, perhaps were making their way out to the hamptons beautiful. In interview with Kevin Love is brought to you by Dude wipes show sponsored by dude. Why, the original flush wipes for guys or every Wednesday I can up until the paper you need to be stocking up on dude wipes better than tat her dude wipes are multi use anywhere on your body pick out, which has happened. Three training, we are now you're fucked yeah fuck them five as a lot of thought, but if you get fuck you hard and you need to clean up afterwards use dude wipes. They will help you stay clean and hygienic during this interesting time and all the time, if you're not using these. Yet while dropping a deuce, do yourself a favor check him out, you'll feel so much better and fresher, rather than only using shitty toilet paper, they will
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like going strong, I like that are more is insane right now, by the way are scorning or forty four points, seven for ten from three fifteen for twenty two, fuel say when this seriously averages more than forty that'll be in sight. Really hot Alzheimer's actually bill. You know what I forgot to be resolved inside it and I was fought purifying, don't believe that not even watch and we also leave and that I believe in the terrible gambler herbal pecoraro. Both these teams think more laid on fuck you reading a bit game as give it to me, go on it. We but Billy. I forgot about a firefox for you on Friday, there is thus no no way that we are ready for another. Certainly right now very often does he is always on the locking in say what was on one. It was bill. What have you been equally urgent, forty, four thirty eight for this game I know you scored forty back escort over forty backtrack with no turnovers, which is fucking ridiculous Jesus Christ.
I scored sorry scores more than fourteen games have it'll be over forty four sure they get separating these theories- scored. I worry to fifty, I just why don't we underline fourteen announced in three and four Hank? That's true, but Billy. I forgot about your fire fast on Friday, so I tracked down with the help of our darling Jake the actual preceding game that my avatar on Twitter, the picture that was taken from it. Was October or knows he's got August fifteenth. You doesn't ten tightened, ox game we, the footage online. You have to watch the entire game. Can't look away. You're gonna watch live on a live stream, celebs rooms Billy watching the football game. If Billy looks away, call em out because he can't look we're from the screen. I want you to fight the section that game that my twitter avatar was taken from and then make clips of it and takes more screenshots, because I want to find out who the stewardess do. I have to do you.
Right broadcast, I think so. The sea huh struck. We found the Titans broadcast, but the one that we still have to watch this. If, if it's not in there, then we have to track down to the sea hawks version broadcast us so you will be doing that, unlike loves uncover, but you can't were you actually have to do work and you in these circumstances literally see, still watching for Bonn TV. Can you do that. Does the easiest Simon you ever get Billy gather about this I'm right, so I Billy's list before we go forward? Do our lottery numbers I would see Bela, Thornton, ruined only fence fox. So did Billy ya. Think it's more Billy! I do this court from less miles. He said opting out because of covert nineteen concerns are actually opting into the pit, their lead.
The pandemic win exactly you're sipping for a virus wow, that's actually a great spins, clear one enforcement I like, alot get naked and other advice to fend off a polar bear. Attack I, like that, if its white say, goodnight, take your clothes off. That's how you can remember that her broom, but don't you runway fancies, you won't get paid for Ok, okay! So, let's do outside with game to to do. Do it was game two and three that he sought that and look at right now. I already do the last it was. I heard the broadcasts earlier that its thirty point ADA thought it had thirty eight, but he's averaging thirty point, eight point four game, so possible when I heard earlier those thirty, eight thirty point and then
It sounds like he's. Also averaging thirty points, any points at the same time like so that would be thirty eight year cheer point: are you ready for pick? Let's do it, so here's the deal that If a question Give the winner of this is gonna, get us link for butcher box. Before a more you to give it to the winner push box the best receive quality, meets livered your door now put your box. I wouldn't you guys, go pick a number. Seventeen seventy Seventeen zero Europa cameras, close clauses, levers courses. Thirteen everyone knows Hanks. Looking on eighty three. Ok, someone right this down. I'm seventeen. Seventy amateur goes fifty four what numbers are hot right now. Sixteen eighteen, forty four forty four Jake's, not forty four would I have
Fifty fifty four because cats in four thirteen. Ninety six. Ninety six is the winner. Later in the winter I Billy put. Rock com such pm too, that's it, that's. How did that is your coat put your box outcome. Such p. Empty does recruit, awesome, yea, let the meat well yeah. Oh, do targeted measures through chair diamond Mitya was mad I do have a question for the lottery machine, ok and help us solve a problem here. Yeah. Billy was trying to recruit us to do sober September, whatever that is really just doesn't want us to drink. During September. Along with him. We said no emphatically. That is not because I think we had any plans on getting loaded in September, but I don't wanna be told what to do but Billy, but we talked about flipping in autumn. Ok,
he's getting hammered extra during September. Well, Billy's, not drinking at all. I liked out September, and I I want to ask the lottery machine, how He beers. Should I drank during september- oh ok, good one. I will. I will magnetism varieties. I lost ninety six, which I wish I were I will abide by the modern missing when the show with this, how many beers will pay a t drink in September? I hope it's like three. Then you basically have to do with me. They'll just address liquor matter for, or regulatory yourself did say how big the beers could be true yeah for Kegs Africa gag. That's like sixty six, seventy beers bra you're too, you will never dude, I'm not gonna lie. I really believe that I've really miss that body say here too lazy.
Choir. Can you wanna wire forget why I can't acquires growled you out of your daughter, glider college, so I guess I have to buy for kegs. You he'd. You hold your ass, our bycatch very September and bring it into the office in everyone's allowed to have some suffer you, while unrelated for Craig Kennedy, asked me to be sentenced. We have noted your dad jubilee in a bucket comments or work. If you like, hey guys, like I'm not going to college, I have no friends they'll. Why? which is the herd folks? I thought we were good for an oh yeah, but so then, like age. When I do this thing, I get stuff people do in those like no fuck you fragility is only out there were no. Now I want to get loaded. You made me realize you rekindled, my love, forbear, Billy! Thank you and September. Suddenly such a good, September's yeah, that's a great name, September joy joint along. Let me know, and let Billy know if you're gonna play along with part of my take back you involve momentum in September September, all drinking forbears minimum this September beers.
The boys it's happening. Billy. I wish you could join, but I might do silver I arrive in October. I agree at our partner. Since you so I might join. You were my not allowed you'd. I love ok, so I guess I'll have to do so. Sober Whatever for Billy Dude arms the boys again loaded our life being away from my machine all weekend, really sock, I just I was to a more yet so many I should just loves being around lobby around its power of this machine: what bank, what or local players? you can call duty dude had nothing to do with real lie. I just laughed like when you guys are going to keep a tight were to keep a tyrant and then we just like we do successfully. We want a lottery meeting last one last even arrived question, but I forgot all have socket. Yes, I do I got one I want to go into the actual. I was at the
is that twenty does does socket video games odds? Yes, even know Yes, I guess Geraghty nine, some girl, nerve guns, dear lottery, machine should Hank have really do his taxes form if it's Fifty one to a hundred I like it is yes, ok, one to fifty is now ok, you have to do it he was wont to my accident or is it emits tracking numbers? It was picking. Ok, one more, its or if its twenty in above and hey Billy Ass, do twenty in a bar Twenty, but about the twenty billion, if it's the visible by three ok, visible by three visible by four billion to drunk,
morning by just either a lotta regime has spoken. Do they Walmart Aber unbelievable sick? I see it. On Wednesday, a loving us and we have Billy's new segment which is based on facts? Ninety percent of all. As regards our daughter, your target Ninety percent of clause have plum I really do this insane amount, a more to add. This really worry outer is really crazy, dream meeting where we were in the beginning. Oh Ninety about ninety recycle all is how media ads I had this crazy drew its the interview on Must and we're like. Why do you want to come on the jolly there's? No, you like why, like those who we are, and then we went to his house
How do you log disease and babies born squall and use like you're, not presumed, says but he's got? A clue Yeah yeah yeah under thing away like people. We had a clause adieus, sometimes catch committee. On anyway, you almost one. Let us out to a cave, a hot, take to charges, time machine. Then we did fucker.
its pardon my teeth presented by students.
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