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Luke Bryan, Woj Suspended, And Soup Tube Is The Greatest Invention Ever

2020-07-12 | 🔗
Woj suspended and the internet sucks beyond belief (2:18 - 12:20). Bubble Trouble in Orlando as the first groupie has been invited and Ben Simmons cant even hit the ocean with a fish (12:20 - 22:29). UFC Fight Island recap and who's back of the week and the world may be made of Cake (22:29 - 36:39). Country Music star Luke Bryan joins the show to talk about his new album, how he names songs, college football, and country music (36:39 - 70:05). Segments include way to stay relevant golf, drunk idea and monday reading, soup tube.
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Today's part of my take. We have Luke Brian First country, music, guest, first country, music, ass. I believe so. First country music guest on the show, were breakin awesome barriers. Recorded that Solid Walker, Wheeler, that's true! Everyone then, as I wonder, and I, as is apparent either country say now. This is a real bona fide country music star. So first for everything very fond interview do just knows: have named songs. Stew,
hurry up? We have loads free roads, free roads, trending bulge got suspended. We have bubble, trouble who's back of the week and a Monday reading, and it's brought you all by the cash app for my take is always brought you by the cash app. It was the easiest place to send money to your friends. It's the safest, especially now that no one is using cash anymore. It's never been safer to send and receive cash because of our friend at the cash app the number one social distancing app the number one app for us. Just in general, we rented that and of course, when you download the cash app enter the referral code. Barstool you'll get ten dollars for free, go by yourself I don't get yourself, some, don't don't buy yourself. A drink, no buy yourself a drink, a beer but stand away from people. Yeah go by yourself. Ears and outdoor outdoor beer stand away from people, and you can do it with the cash app and they will also send ten dollars to Aspca so you're doing some good and you're also getting
knowledge for free download the cash out from the app store play store today and get involved with the cash it. Ok. Let's go violence, none yeah Pardon me well, what am I to justify the cash to download right now? You showed partially ten dollars. Technology is peace here today is
day July. Thirteen I dont this won't stay is so fuckin annoying. Yeah. Well, you know like so he suspended and was dressing is like how do you suspend a guy whose job it is to just like spread information? do you not allowed is? Would like? Is he muslim? Can he not tell us, kids, we he's he's not allowed on Twitter warm preacher. That's part, the suspension, I assume it's a Bobby bowed and old, school Bobby bowed and first quarter suspension like hey. Let's let our are star quarterback. He can't play for the first drive against vermin in September, yet skies dispatch so won't doesn't won't didn't get suspended by ESPN, went espionage like here's. How long I will allow you to spend me put it this way. If we you're like week too, in the bubble. And White Howard's anaconda kills him in his sleep is wardrobe aloud. Between set out in the morning or does he have to sit on it and wait for our Abraham to steal it from, I
key his eyes. I think he's gonna be spent for like two dates back to two. So I think you have done, but a bird from singing you can't stop a rattlesnake from rattling. You can't stop, would from dropping roads bombs, it's the worst. Both sides are worse element of like the internet, where everyone just yelling at each other, and no one actually cares about any of this shit, but they're all grandstanding to care about it. So it's like that, What about China and then, and then also be unlike well. World should be suspended, but. I the whole thing: socks lowly just fuck, you should have said puck you'd. I don't think it might be kind of a whole area. Sing too. There was a learning knowledge. You in an email is a wholly or partly owing to do. He was getting troll than he. Let he let it he let himself
it showed that he has his skin is a little bit too said trot. So it would have been one thing if you replied fuck you to any congressmen or centre that send him. Like a direct question, that's always hilarious to Cosette a center. I think we can all agree on that. Regardless of the party, another Hank wouldn't cuss, would you custody Yossi Church, one ok which, at the centre of the Congress person who wanted to Paul visible, Creighton, crane yeah, that's right, my, but what about either knows either could take so you you could Spock, you alien general, directly on the initials ABC rather die with various you could I do any email directly sent to you by Saint FUCK, you and saying fucking people's always cool right, but when you replied to like a chain p r that got they got centre like five hundred other people on the list of where the fuck you that's just barely meanwhile put words idiot, forgetting troll, but also the fucking rat snitch remote,
What should the maid? That's? Also laden, that's, also fucking lame ass move by the reality is everybody in the world in the United States right now, is a huge fuckin hypocrite and their large city or lose because you want. You know I'm typing on right. Now, I'm typing on a computer, I'm typing on a phone. There was probably assembled in common China in war. Buildings that they have to put nets on the outside to prevent people from jumping off to do that. It sucks it just like that, that's the environment that will in and right now, verbal meme in Vienna, anti they're, doing the Jordan Peel, sweat thing all the sweats running down, because I hope nobody, asks us about your well and also the weird part about disease. Not I could kind of understand if you want to be like Leubronn might be a little bit of a hypocrite for a light. Completely yes, shutting down the like. Let's not talk about China we may allow me won't, doesn't talk about politics. He just reports. The new
would mass that, like button on Darrow Maurice Tweed like eight months ago, you remember that when there are more was one that is not the sort of light would smashed like by non that indicating that was supporting with Daryl Morey more Thanks, though, like yeah, would probably should not have replied to this email with fuck you and profile. They probably felt good and in a moment since it is always good to tell somebody to fuck off but now he's just I guess charms just take it taken over the world. I wasn't offers gonna sneak in here too, because ESPN, like probably chapter probably called up Jimmy Qatar, was like hey, her board, suspect I'm ready. Now. This is our it's time to shine aria ray. I know you ve been lay low for the last year. Now but I am also willing to donate Leroy account towards. If you need a burner words,
You can break news in ITALY was account. I got no problem with, I think he's gonna be suspended for like twenty four hours. These can be back breaking news on Tuesday. Will? How can you suspend a person whose just like reporting new right? It's the whole thing? It's in the people are just replying to everyone being late. Well, what amount is shot up up. I was a fucking door right, everyone's dorky, no, actually care about this. No one cares. What of it? Yes, nor its! It is the way failing that everyone's trying to win an argument and like run up the score on each other, and no one actually cares about what their arguing as well. Points right. You want to fight ignored points. You don't give a shit about the Muslims in China to like you, should care about them. People should, in fact I would say, like a senator, should care about them, but most people,
that are getting mad about this, don't actually give a shit about that are all talks. In the end, there is a new level of internet that I've seen pop up recently. That is really pissing me off. It's the solution to every issue is just start a patriotic or a subscription. Some guy was like. If won't got one percent of his followers to sign up for an email list, he would have thirty thousand people and all paying five dollars a month would be like one a million dollars like dude. Do you know that there is more to it than just being like? Let me break news to fucking twenty thousand people. Vienna email list serve right. I like there's more involved than just like. We wish it goes wrong being like. You know what list to a subscription service I do like the idea of words becoming a businesslike Bloomberg terminals and just like installing woods terminals at every what's media company in the world where, like you, pay
fifty dollars a month to get one terminal were one person can log in and see what the news is and then you're allowed to break it with credit. Won't everyone's brain is broken now by Patria, on putting the actual amount of money that you make every month. Yes, people just log onto patron electric car making fifteen thousand dollars what in not even coming any of the overhead, any the less taxes paid trompe anything there. Just like damn mood. It's the like e mail. This serves are literally the future yes of Billy. Would you like to? Would you like to apologise to the presidency of China, You been going after a don't want to get in trouble on the show. A lot of her listeners worried about China. While we did we I'm with undue allowing here's. What we did was we took the we took the South China Sea back from China on part. My take I'm just curious. Like you, I don't want you to get cancel Billy hygiene.
Look. I got nice factories in paying ok we're only where we were Gallipoli talk of restoring Manila. Ok, can we I agree with your sentiment, but you can't use that type of language, so we're going to need you to write an apology letter to Gm Bank, yeah, yep or else you're suspended from doing what It is the way we just sports hurry. I would. Let dogs on. Sometimes we just need sport bacteria, just people are just running around just being losers all day on the inner. So speaking of losers on the internet, there was like a big open letter gate last week and God love- and this is maybe my thing I The most about the internet, but, like I can't stop looking at, is people getting man at the most inconsequential shit. So, unlike Monday Tuesday of last week, there a bunch of people that sign an open letter, first of all, openly dessert sit down and you write an open letter. I don't ever want to talk to you.
What I had I do that image wean. Writing your open letter, you're just fording into your cupped hand and snapping at all day. Long. Yes, on the internet got open letter actually so the in Harpers I want. First of all, I don't give a shit, what Harper unwanted designers is, but open letter saying like are have to go an Ivy league school to know what that open letter saying on crossbones. Whenever we good. I'm not discourage open conversation in this country, which I am sure everyone on board with that right and then you had like three days: nonstop of peace. You're, getting mad about the letter behind Harpers and people like going at Harpers and trying to cancel Harpers like nobody, gives a shit about Harpers. If you, if you don't work in new media cannot give a fuck. Our voters in order. I still don't know what Harpers is, and I care less about it now then again last week, and then you had the people that wrote the open letter getting mad and then writing another open low. Then there was a counter open letter, yes
been letter or it was open letter off. And I just have a theory that everybody involved this food is gonna, die twenty years prematurely because they stay oh man, yeah and right away. I lack my favorite part about the average spots letter was a bunch of people signed, it put rejected their signature, which is just yet the exact opposite. What a signature is not the first open letter was the declaration of Independence and Joint Hancock put his name. Frontal centre on China rejected that, on his passenger rights, is lousy sheriff he didn't they should have all rejected? Well, they all got cancelled yet right. I think if you look at the status of the people that signed the declaration, I think glance. Ninety percent of them got permanently cans, by King Georgia and an may I, Just add: when will run Fidel disavow England, their tyrannical approach, Northern Ireland, so fat and- and England oversaw Hong Kong for a long time also try people in Hong Kong the protesters also true. Yes, we should
So what's we're done being mad at theater at the entrance stupid nobility? You don't you can't talk for twenty minutes. Let's talk about something funnier Ben Simmons literally can't throw a fish into the ocean. I don't know if it was an ocean it more like a pond, but this if he misses Club Ben Simmons caught a fish down in EPCOT and tried to throw it back, he missed the walk he hit. The hidden gravity is the deck he hit. The doubt banked in though it did bank are open. How He doesn't say like YO, let's reshoot, that real quick like we can't, we can't put that one outen, but that was incredible also bubble trouble. We have the first account of someone saying I've been invited to the bubble, so a female tweeted out that she's already been in,
the battle, do we or do we not want to say her namer weak as something that we know already? No, don't worry about it. All these images, a twitter account inert pins, tweet, aha, Mummy player, pin tweet, it's actually you it's very funny and the reason why she got invited the bubble- Lucia, save, might not have been because she's wants alike talk about the issues in China, her name's at ugly Anna, a gamer tag. She snacking this is it. This is hurt, pin tree. Joan or as we like stupid that my ass, she is officially been invited, as you say that, yes, Sir, the current she's going according for like three months with everyone. I guess so there should just be one woman invited whoa what not just arrogant and where John saying like one one, single right.
Why did I always happens to that one, no does all the guys with all the guys would actually compete against each other in today's and beyond her you're too is everyone teaming up and investments getting started, play deviants against women's Hamburg up, not be good for competition. The sea at the bubble, trouble weren't bubble trouble. I don't know this is I'm feeling somewhat optimistic the things work out what I don't know. It's also interesting seeing the players for the first time really experienced the quarantine like most of America, experienced it because most of these players they ve got. You know these huge housing or nice. Disco work out in all that stuff. They were never really confined to their living rooms like a lot of Amerika, now there in this bubble and there in these hotel rooms and they are getting their first taste of it and their experiencing it. Exactly like we did like. I saw one player, be like hey this tweak, it's fifty thousand ray tweets are shock and a beer on lifestyles. J, J, erratic yeah yeah is J J. So, like that's exactly what we all went through right for that first week, they're gonna be like loving zoom meetings. I asked
I M very excited for the journalists who have now gone into quarantine. Being I pray for me, I have to be sitting in. Might this room for seven seven days straight? What are you doing? Stop I would go if I was asked to the bubble do you think they'll be good for ratings to have just me as a bubble correspondent in their freely now, I would freelance YO Florence, it's out of one no response, one woman only which name ugly, it would be fine. I think the players can do. I think the players are gonna, be able do whatever they want. I did the journey. Snow lawyer, yeah we're time ago strong players. Yes, I will. Let me take that backing. I would deftly goes a player out, no play in the NBA. If allowed we're talking about being a journalist, I wouldn't I think that are going to be very strict with them yeah there are, think for me like, after maybe a month and a half, I start to look pretty good too loud. Applause,
mark mark zones. Three was like depressing that, after it and even a hundred twenty nicer in a row at home personal record, seven consecutive days in quarantine without leaving the room starts leaders. Yes, that's that yes, so pray for our journalists. Friends, who are seven days in a row- they're gonna, get all the interviews and all the podcast download so shut. The fuck up I have also heard those opposed to it doesn't have a window in his room- oh my god, oh reasonable, their debt- we that's illegal. Yeah I've, our house, you can have a bedroom with no window, not quote. I lived in a better man No, it's called right idea was illegal. I remember that cribs you did was Florida. Who knows? That's gonna. Fuck with his circadian rhythms. He's not gonna know when it's morning, all of us to better get a Sunland Prato. It is vital that all the journalists are like man, there's gotta, be so tough and they then get every single story, for them
ex three months it's gonna be narrowly. They cover. Isn't I mean I imagine if you had like young kids at home and somebody was a k, would you like to go live in or land over three months away from Europe? young children and you like, oh yeah, it's gonna be tough, so our baby, I gotta go work costs design or sell Roman? I gotta go hang on my service every single day, so we had that we have. You, have sea fight, island thoughts in pretty good You hear my dinner pail vice start here. The driveway was its may, whether five months fuckin may, whether wages boy, here's my and stops what harm hollowing, I robbed. How did get round my entire? thoughts on the evening or FUCK Espn, plus its worst up in the history that'll every time. There's a fight this. What happens every single time I bite on my phone? doesn't work on my phone, I tried to log in on. My computer doesn't work my computer
try to log back into my computer. It's all. I have to buy it again on my computer. When I say it I get now. I've got to receipts in my emails for purchasing this fuckin fight. Then I love actually. My phone still is gonna get on my computer that I'm finally able to bio dangers. Lot airplane account. I do it's designed by logging on your tv is decide because it's not about my tv, you almost more tv. I do have a smart tv, but I'm young- you definitely haven't. I don't know I don't use it. Isn't: algae, there's no app for European plus my tv, the And I spent there's no effort Espionage is one hundred percent an app eyes. You watch every times is a dynamic Zaire. I'm you have an app for. He has been on every time. There is a fight. It takes me. Forty five minutes and I into buying out? Why listen, I'm with you on the one who initially was like just gimme a button old school paper view. Put There's enough for years period cheap. I dont think that there is I've looked high. You watch it, prime. I watch it
they watch enough. Yes, do you watch Hulu? Yes, there's absolutely in Africa S! Failure to I haven't found it yet you can, you can guide note I deleted it afterwards. Reply from the EU to the senator, I thought I was highly inappropriate, so I'm not supporting them in their fight island. It was Emily, was good, chocolate sports, the title I did so Ozma going like I'm offering. You know like guys potential in the face with that. Although a guide, away. Again I was I was discussion. Then he's popped up with Cuba thought it was it was probably a minute to fight, would die wrangle to his brutal. Yet in his face is watching my yet. I think that our supper fight a minute earlier and is still had been thirty seconds to a goose mondo foot. Stopping amid anxious that should be league issued, be any it's more like to surprise thing. Dude like beat some
out, stopping their toes right. It's he's gonna! Stop your toes to death like they. They outlawed the fish work for the same reason, righteous sucks day. I've done it also fell. It did feel like a may, whether fight where you're, watching your rooting for Macedonia, like all figures, catch him once in just never happened, because whose Manchester Beast and was able to just where him down. So I don't know if it's the end, I think you have sees like the way it's different than a may, whether fight or big box. My view is the under card is always going to be worth it. There always be some big fights, but it does always suck being awake at like two in the morning and having the big title fight sock and it was like well, okay and then a bunch of people tweeting you like dude, It would be spent money on that yeah. I'm not always can't figure out how to stream shit illegal and also we want to support our parent or streams illegally. Now this is, they should have been more and could be like and Macgregor in and massive off
Now we also yeah, I hate it when they- those of matrimony rapporteur with a broader again, the ox yoke, but at least we when he we grapple somebody like he just basely terminates. He doesn't just even grappling de warenne down he's like I'm going to take you out. Fuck you, I'm gonna, put my shoulder through your face right. I'm not gonna, like lay on top, I'm going to break every bone in your bought, shut up. Thug rose yet suckin cool name that oh yeah, oh yeah. If your name was thug Is there any chance that you would not go by thug? If your name was thought yeah she goes, I would go by. Thug rose, not just rose you're way. If your name was so If you're not arouse Yea air raids, Rome she needs to imply more heavily than her name is thug right. Wiping her name's wrote Baker names Dogrose nor names rose. I thought it was dug. Rosa her name's rose and flag is Rosa. That makes a lot more sense, her name's fifty he is
This is a very like you're talking my dad last. Like five minutes. The point is thought the protocol to the point I could download it may hidden in the sound cut out on talking alive stream and then every three minutes it would revert back to the minimum size, video and I have to get up, walk across the room and hit the full screen button. Again I was his person a thug I know what I'm gonna name my daughter. Now, actually no inner city wording yeah posse role. You know he went down the noteworthy ass if he were either. We say ugh I want your, I wouldn't you say to say thanks elsewhere and say like us, grow rosea, similar grows. John Bay, ideot slug rose slug out there with its due you whose back the week before we do that here too, you haven't had real quick. I do we talk
but this on Friday I got a lot of tweets about it. I actually partook in this particular brand over weekend. It's our good friends over at three tri, it's three cheap! It's the leader in hemp derived cannabinoid products. All products are formulated by biochemist, so I'm going to cut to the chase and tell you what three she is and what it does. It's a it's, a product, that's made from hemp and it makes you feel like it is the real thing and I'm not talking about the Cbd. I'm not talking about. You know some of the stuff that you might have ordered before that might
the edge off. What of it this stuff makes you feel really really good. All products are made in the USA with: U S a groan him, so they use a thing called delta. Eight th see it's different from Delta, nine delta. Nine is what you have if you just smoke mid. If you smoke cavy, if you smoke something nice, you're smokin dealt a ninety eight see this is dealt eight sorts little bit different because its federally legal, their effects are perfect, hybrid of serbian Delta, nine, giving it a similar buzz and get all the medicinal effects of the Delta nine without laziness, without the anxiety without the paranoia and no mental fog, Yunus Delta, eight users fuel far more active and outgoing, with increase confidence and almost none of the anxious and paranoia associate with Delta.
An usage I had one of their gummy is in fact to say this- be careful, maybe start out with half a gummy, the first time that you do it before you figure out exactly how it's gonna hate you I had one of their dummies on Friday. Night fell. Great, has awesome night sleep really enjoyed my evening. Delta. Eight is a thoroughly legal version of tat. She and it's the pearl. Substitute for anyone using Delta nine, who wants that same great feeling without the negative side effects and three she isn't just the best in the delta aid industry. They invented the industry there. Delta aid is a hundred per cent, helped arrived so again, its federally legal and its available online at three Chee. That's the number three c h, I'd dot com and at select retailers around the country.
You have to be twenty one to buy. That's that for good reason, gotta make sure that you know how it hits you not for kids. This is the real deal: three chee dot com, three c h, I dot com and let them know that we sent you, please they're, giving you guys a discount of five percent off it's not five percent by the way is a great deal on this stuff because they don't normally do any discounts use promo code, p m t at check out get five percent off Guy Promo Code, P m t check out, get five percent off your order at three. That's the number three c h. I dotcom. Ok, let's do whose back the weak Hank? Why don't you start alma his back?
because cake Katyn, the bank cake, going the list and take cake, cable houses are those a tweet. I mean type but strictly stupid shit that people talk about online, but this good stupid. This was like the stupidest ship, but it's one of those things where it's like you. You got your phone for day. All the sun everyone's dogma cake. There was a video that started from tasty, whereas a video titled. These are all cakes. It's like a three minute video and it just all should watch. If you haven't it's just All these it looks like a crock. It looks like you know, like science set, it looks like a bar of soap by my legs. It looks like a laptop and it looks like a head and uniqueness hastily everything in it just cake. So then everyone convince themselves that you know. Maybe the world is just a giant K. I like them the matrix the cases like this so worldwide. Giant piece of cake guy. That's chromatic is going away to look at the world regions delicious lakes or sugar in the routes it did. It did fuck me out for a little
like I just look around you have to wonder. Is that cake is? Is this desk a piece of cake? Am I made of cake nuggets desk from Wafer ok. His brain has shown to us sort pizza. Yes, this task is hates my UK erotic, but everything else apply its act. The whole world is just wayfare products with children, abducted and cake ok, I shouted the other refinery says. I checked the p m t assignment aspect that I built because that was purchased off wafer, no kids, nor are Sports got so bad men were so online. It's so barrels going and said so fucking bad said. I guarantee those counting to do. They looked awesome, but a guarantee. This they'd tastes like shit because, after use like the different sugar right to make it like the hard sugar and stop yes, it is a concern
a complete waste of Kate right. It's it's a com. This was a showcase boss. He made some good take pretty also made some cakes. Words like this cake, looks incredible. Put it tastes like shit. I'm gonna make a cake that looks exactly like a cake in its can be fucking, so goods were modification, looks like a pie, salary, cool, Abbe, mindful what if the world was just like one, big cherry cordial, and so this the core of the earth is just like liquid. Goodness now would be good as well allows one that in already ice cream, king I'll, give you I'll give you a verbal meme actual me. But I was, I get an astronaut looking at the world getting cut and have as a cake and his head ass before it said. The world is cake and there was another Azra behind them with a gun. I said it's been cake, the whole time he's gonna shoot him cause you got out, but he's gonna shoot a cake.
Who's the guy with the cake got. Who knows that gun is even load. It sought to second astronaut, as is the Baker he's like the one that designed it all yeah right. God is a baker tat? Okay, this is calling cowards navies. High put it's good. You're whose Beth Weak peeped in my, whose back the way I do feel high right now, my whose back the weakest taxes so yeah Taxes are due on Wednesday. I almost forgot Sue submitted in those economy in this economy, taxes are backing. How so We got a delay and when they gave wait wait. No, because this they got away but now we can get our extension. Oh yeah nominate. Guy, always I myself with disease is our extension later in October. Fifty, I think the extensions delayed, but don't call me on that, But do you really want to be paying taxes in December yeah? Our turn for play off your me when you're done,
a lot of money Youtube, yet its attacks right off that Syria perfect good point, so yeah legalise taxes are back bigtime, no pity You're almost up Billy, my, whose back the week is our supermarket, sweep it's on Netflix. I guess it been on Netflix or some one of these acts for I'll bring us imply on Netflix, now figure out how to watch it, and it was such a fucking throw back and loss him. You should, if you don't remember it cause you're too young watch it. It's hilarious show sent in a supermarket. It's pretty much exactly how it sounds. It's like guys, grocery games and standards right but its, but it's also funny watching, like the very reliable of Like one of the guys they do they bring down three teams to trying to find stuff. In a grocery I'll, which is the
this thing in the world, but then in front of cameras and with the buzzer and a timer, and then they have to go through the with the carts and everything it's a great game. It's also soldiers, weird, seeing like the hair and fashion throw back like the nineties. Is it's a different planet woven lives? What was a game where they just sent you through a supermarket whenever you could fit in your car? That's got to keep that sir market. Sweet. Ok, that's that's all! I know your data when, at the end you fit you try to get as much as you can. You can fill. You could fill your card that it can bring it back and get a new cart and you try to get the biggest grocery bill can only take five of one item and you can't spell. I would just go for the Cologne WAR Loan, grocery stores, like silver overpriced, but you can get a shitload of it. It's like hams hands. The cheese is the ground coffee. Some of the nuts I will just
Just take my shop. Hurry are in go to a whole foods and then come back, but look at this young diapers there's a whole strategy behind it, but it's a great show Fleming Yawns, the big flaming you're gonna tell you, can talk now so who's your whose back, whose back the weak and would go with bats. Hooker yeah bats, cause corrupt and am also deal with that problem. So I may diary these in five months and his eyes rates are, why might you die? Raby have even been like last night when you have a bad. I found a bat in my house and you kill it we're a bar. I cheat on your house is about so I was running around like China find this bad because I went to my neighbour's house again tat ragged. They came back to kill the bat and then the bat was gone. So I could find the bad aside. Some really doesn't kill em. Anything beyond him knows your reputation with to you.
The door open. I there was a window open, but then my basement, I mean the whole thing flooded. My because of the bat nerves are the tropical storms. Barn flooded in the bows fly around no just like the whole situation. So anyway, after all this chasing the batter confined the battle house. So I went to sleep. It turns out you're not supposed to do that, because the backing by junior sleep- and you don't know if you actually being flooded no ice. Will I a raised bed. Now I took the matches of rats. Yes, so that's a big step in any young man's life as a second that you get a bed frame and like maybe even a box, bring yes it in the flood and get me. So why are you wearing the vibrant shoes bill, he's wearing their soldiers Rachel shoes that that early cry visitors and we're your dad
Do it why eyeball old that occurs in mountain climbers it in Sea Billy right, I hid from waste up. He looks like he's restart the second civil war, with his white shirt and from the waist down to poor. He looks like you're ready to catch that Fuckin road runner. You read those shoes, the vibrancy you're wearing the tow shoes. You basically are saying like I'll in the suburbs put am committed to living in extreme outdoor life, from two o clock to five every Saturday have rabies. Ok? So why are you wearing the shoes? When I worked with a make lady? And then I haven't you Instead, we have two that is weird you ve been wearing. Yet you shall jade as the union's them off now. Was you walk through your flooded basement and get to bed with them new? I washed I sprang down. The whole the outside them and you wear Tibet. Yes, you swedish familiar signal gear. You can
but you can do a lot of Gillies leave it until you can go chug a gallon of anti freezing and want to know you I'm sick and tired of unimpressionable auditions. If you, you are physically capable of chugging into you shouldn't I'm saying, there's a lot of things you can do but likes keeping in wet choose ivy weren't, wet vibe. And then earlier before it before the show you're like I'm, I'm going to stream all night tonight cuz I had two catches, bat and I was curious how streaming call of duty? help. No origin is a guy stay up all night to find is bad, but maybe you focus on the way, there ya. What and we see the bad flying around. My might like someone be playing than the Basque. You know that you're a pause game catch the bet, because if I catch the bat, then I can tell the bat for rabies, so I have to get up shots. In my stomach. You gotta watch that one single from large automated catch up hill it, but you can't something about tat, you gotta test this Balfour for law, legal. You call the housing, commissioner, something yet
They're gonna be like sure thing. Billy football we'll be right out ass, your back now you re the fat thing, NEO due to show up there and take the bat and they're gonna kill it in the fog in the back of their grand and they killed the eid. You can't crushed the bat scholars biogas raises, like our Billy what to do. If you open up your refrigerator and you turn all the lights off in the house and the bat will be attracted to the light. That's moths. Have you thought about dressing up as Joker I am sure my turn into battle now would be a sick with you. The stream Jack best dress up like Joe the whole time- and I refer Here- come on Thailand. If any jokers like funny anymore or like Cuba just got areas taking allows governments No, it's my sight. Why why we forgot the Joker there weren't, you be the jagged Nicholson, Russia, the Joker down ones, fucked up Penguin really oh yeah, oh yeah regular nowadays, the riddles I mean
Maybe you lot view of masks day how I'd be being arts obeyed where's the bar ever got perfect. You got the voice So you ve gone with someone else, nobody cared. Who I was until I put on the issue of those men who said that Vienna was merely I let's get married. Have you got loop? Brian up in a minute before you that whoop whoop is a fitness wearable that provides you daily insights into performance. Your sleep power covered, your body is and how much exertion you put on your body, whether you're looking to lose a few pounds, training for an event or just plain feel better. We can help you on your journey with personalized actionable data each day they even have gaming as an activity, so I can put it on and play with coach dogs. You can see what impact that has on your heart rates. Whoop.
Has been all over the news. Lately the Pga tore procured more then what the helm get a face. Some call nope whoop, has been all
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don't move today with co, take for fifteen percent off and please be Billy. We cannot recommend enough. Whoop is an awesome, app get in tune with your body figure out how to get those fitness schools and twenty twenty get on whoop today, with code take for fifteen percent off, and please please, please beat Billy. Ok here is a loop Brian, ok we now welcome on a very special guests. It is country music performer. He won two thousand and thirteen entertainer of the year by the Academy of Country Music awards got a new album it's called Lee born here. Live here. Die here is loop, Brian. Thank you so much for join us Luke. We appreciate it. The new outlets start there. Live here births are born here. Live here die here, where's here which are Nashville. Children, Georgia, Georgia, Liese, Virgil, looking a little Tina girl in town down in the South West part of Georgia. Ok, would you
you're the most famous peanut farmer from Georgia, If I'm not, I got trouble. Why I'm looking right now, Jimmy Carter only has sixty seven thousand twitter followers. You ve got nine million. So I think here down as Jimmy handled, I gotta get Jimmie Dale Bertha, No, it's a little bit of a misnomer, because I was technically a peanut farmer, but I worked in agony we on the Tina meal, so we would buy peanuts from the farm God, Ok, that's that's how we get our peanut butter. You know we in stores and everything you're that you're, the guy would have us so the fur. This process is the former the farmer to grow it. Second process is for my dad's meal to get it out of the field in getting ready to go to the shell in plant. For for peanuts.
Ok with, would there be like a certain peanut butter that your dad's peanuts would go to like where you were a rhesus family or a gift for what you know that weather several company. You know I never knew when they went on from us. You know they go out and do they just become a commodity at that point, so it's like. I couldn't even tell it's some point. I think we were. Alonzo Teresa squatted. There are the unlimited good work, so so you die here in the album title. So I think I think it's fair for me to ask. Have you thought it all, maybe of getting like a peanut shell casket when you do eventually die like fifteen year snake in placing the years? Ok, long life book. We may as well. Yes, the Chinese motivate Mama Soccer nice replied you're, not their delicious sort out real question here, so you knew alms come out weakens light thirteenth. Is it weird? you're, not able to tour this summer like what? How is that
thrown off your schedule could assume every summer. Since, however long you can imagine You ve been out on the road plain sign for people, especially country music. Summertime there's nothing better. Yeah man, it's better. It's been a learning process to retrain my body on. What's sleep feels like, like I mean I've slip more consists for any not slip more consistently for Never in my life, you know even Miss Hale, you roll out of college, I rolled out of college and I will work for my dad and then I went from work for my dad leaving and on and get in the news it doesnt Serbs. Now you knocked down a bit like a regular, regular, Dad Bertram. So You know it's been proteome, you know just as big a big learn. In saying you know my wife and I we haven't divorced yet some very proud of their good yeah. But you know the main thing: is you really really get accustomed?
work in alarm. You do miss work. You know it's fulfilling it following its exciting. It's crazy. Maybe me being on a plan for Fanso certainly missing that, but. No trying to try to travel a little bit and season spots and have some funds in a first step for my family mass, my nephew, gradual. High school he's he's gonna college, so trying to really have some have some time with him. This Yes, as nice here when you are grown up, we're with your family, supportive of you getting into the the songwriting game or were they like hey, we need you to be a peanut Shelly. Where, where there were thirty pressure to follow the family, business You know my dad near my bad was like get your butt out of here. You know ye He was really Emma mother too, but you know day they were there were hard working people? And you know Dave
you'd be amazed amid are met so many artists. Seventy countries seniors and songwriters it. Their parents didn't have thereby their parents just. Parents, almost shame them for having a dream and man that wasn't. My scenario me mass my haired for life. We want the best for you. We they believe dear me, you know said over. Area was they just trying to keep me out of the way they were just they were excited. They were really behind. What was it like when you were trying to make it in Nashville as a country, music, singer cuz. I would assume everything I know about Nashville. It's just full of people. Try to make it as country music singer so was it competitive? Was it? like night in a night out. You see someone like all that person. Where do I stack up against them? There must have been interesting time and place to be, yeah. It's everything you just brought up a mean when you.
When you leave Georgia, and I had developed a pretty good little college following play in bars and thought of bars in Georgia, so I can't I you know I can assault. Did you know? thought, but I headed out of a little. Ahead of the game united, spend a lot of time performing onstage I'd never really recorded albums and I've never really had a big time I've. Never really written, allow disarms so I get to Nashville. You know I'm trying to figure out. You know you can get it. You can get you can deviate off your path. You gonna go down the wrong road in here. Next thing, you know two years. You know you just wasted two years well with me we want a more mature around twenty five years old. When I moved Nashville Software, Smarter about you know will ask, however these gases,
you know, there's two days, but I really don't seem like you know, is dragon in Poland all the time and then a really happen your vision and then at beside her I was able to really Jesse and on the right move to make it really really. Hit the ground running in awe Just you know, and then at the start of the main thing was ass. I got there and I started work him about Alfred last hour riding a lot and I gotta go publishing the alarm music robes right, you know to resolve, go on out. Catches shows networking networking you know, and then and then I realized real quick there hours I was a little fish in a big, You know what I had to get better faster, really complete. Because that's what it is I mean when you the national, you know you can't
eating for all the other, guys and girls that are trying to get on Iraq. Label. I mean they're, all your for a year by year, your ear, your computer. In for a small spot, you better get good, quicker or you'll be in and out of air. So Equally, I met some really smart people there, show me the road song. You know, did I make some mistakes. They'll lose money, some at its basic Kaufman. Money early on, but work through it, and and thank God You come out on the other hand and man, it's amazing army. You know, even when you feel like you you know you ve made it and you can just go. Enjoy, have fine, no one that you made it yeah. You know you have that you'll have to doubt. You know you don't have to doubt
Was it worth putting it all on the land I mean, I know it was now just make sure go have fallen from here to the editor was out, writing, songs for other people and in taking like at the same time, you're trying to make it as a solo artist or you Are you write a song and you like man? I could. I could sell this to Travis Trade, or I could put this in my back pocket, because I know this one's ahead. Yeah, there's a lot of stress that can happen in those moments. One year You know I never really when you, some of my early songs got recorded, obviously Travis Trade Recorder, worn and Billy Kurds and had a had a number one song in not a bit of anxiety about releasing the songs, but my goods, What, if I'm waking up you that's the thing. Did some early. Some early artists and songwriters do. Is they act like we're? Never gonna write another great song. You know it you, if you
They ain't that you're gonna write one or two. Right songs in your history. Then you really our aim in hand out. You know my approach was as long as I'm sure of everyday and I'm right, Marbre us in our work and work and working in a better sounds will come and what actually happened? Is I was able to learn in harmony and who are wars as an artist and what I was gonna, be even better by writing. More sounds. You know me even the first car What songs I wrote you know they were songs that I just road, no written record limited. Most session, and here I would you ve been saying you know. I wouldn't you know my boy hasn't. He had even reached what it would become so if those, but I hadn't, you know all up in the You know it
a great rout runner. If you're are slow to slow receiver, but you're a great rout runner, you didn't, you can figure out how to kick the ball. You know you giants, and so with me I made out. Had all the tools, but I hadn't land them all up at the right time and when you finally learn them all up, The right girl, you say Andrei great performing great you're. Make it out. I business moves ass when it can. That's money goes to the next level, so you I, I dont your kind of a genius when it comes to the naming of songs that intentional, because it so straightforward for people who don't know someone. So my favorite names, Let bride songs one. Margarita, a drink beer that once about beer, do you have, let's see, there's other ones knocking boots it just straightforward. My favorite is we rode and trucks Like you know what that songs about now, they do
I'm being honest, though, that the simplicity of it is kind of genius because, like this is what the song is about here, you go to. You that intentionally so you go on the record, to call me a genius. I actually think that I think a lot of time, people over think what they're trying to give to their fans- and you know what your fans want and country man that's a song. There it is somewhat gained by drunk ass home. That's a song like that There is now a real one. That's real want take my luggage, like it's so when you need some genius in it. Were you storm temple? Pilots fan I used to dabble yeah. What's interstate love song about dash dash about sheriff Marathon is about a rift the up You know I remember, being a now loved hell. I love Metallica loved. You know a lot, but
You know like Pearl Jim, I never understood what the hell they were talking about. Will Jeremy, that's pretty street. Lord crazy Kyrgyz. I rats yeah you're right you're right. You lead better you, you can't understand what he rang it all right, now not in there is normal, get some hate mail, but It was amazing to me not played a twenty percent, but you know I think in country Europe countries really good about keep it. You know, there's a theirs. Funny. It's almost like. Keep it simple stupid. You know your teeth. Examples You know have some thought. You know I've always. You know I've. Always Meta man? I could put a bit old. Fun saw now dead Don't really have trotted cheer the way? for all of us all of its power. Problems on a man like you look at one margarita mean let's do the up I've gone about two years? That's that's may become
Our biggest song of my career right in the end is just big and there's nothing scientific about it, one moderated to moderate the remoter? It a shot Who doesn't want to do that right? That's my point, though, there's there's some types of entertainment that it's okay, I think there's what's happened. Is it people look down on certain types of entertainment where you turn your brain off? yes and right and that's what this is like. You can turn your brain off and enjoy it. There's nothing, there's no deeper meaning! Then hey, look drinkin Marguerite is fun. Let's hasn't sons out its fuckin phone time. You have that other song. What would I won? The sun I sunburn sunsets answer does working day. Just explained it. I told a story: Santayana rises, you get a little bird sunsets, keep it simple stated. So have you thought about just run out there? A title I was thinking, maybe just drunk again
like biceps guns out. That's all! Title Luke. Who drove along. I agree that an autobiographical song you could maybe down a little slower, get to get the get the eye when they do the blue mood lighting onstage. You sit down on your it's just I'm Luke and it's solo. We'd have been right. Shot down and shit. Is it ok? If we just story out some song titles- and you can you about some If you did you go, You know what you meant the wicked in five minutes, written working right, my next for out, ok, Loomis, Daisy, Duke who Now you might be a little too much, I'm a little confused, Loomis Data. Don't them daisy do genes. Are cute dogs, Hutton, dollar, Hutton Office rusty? rusty Van as a good one, who sets out an NASCAR driver, yeah dirty tyres. That's pretty good, I'm all
not that good time yeah. Let's let me say, baseball, black smoke, less good, ok, what about ballgame again can get we're fast cars, faster women, pray in parentheses, ain't all they cracked up to be what about just one just game day. There can be any our aim day, the count. S supper, nobody, you should just ride the coattails on that. You got it guy. You could just called not so fast. My friend say we were already it's twelve titles right there, an example I think I actually treated. I think I had its. We like two thousand fifteen, where I said: oh yeah fuck. Finally, we get loop. And on college game day that was sarcastic Jesse. You know. Was it yeah? Was I've done they play? They play your songs all time on Game Day, so I think asked again.
Finally, taken that can be taken is to watch your mouth. So listen today is waiting, even plan this by the way. Today is a monumental debt. Monday, Tuesday, Margarita taco, two's, Ma Mark English Cocker in mad chocolate, lab debuted on are still instagram to debt. Ah, what, a year ago, two years ago, how long is today did Adolf J o while going to look at all it up? You should have its own name, English, conquered that could get confusing that to get or Tartar English dog days, but it's actually just about what about a day in the life of your daughter, what about cock? Her two different words.
You said it. None yeah, ok, well, again, stuff off her chest, I had a tweet from two thousand fifteen. This is when the Panthers replay the cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. I want to be open and honest about case. You did you research at a time I tweeted Lou Brian, warlike, puke Brian light, but they might in fairness. That was a fraud tweet on my part, because I wasn't even listening. I was in a bar and the sound was and I just figured I jump in and pile on the roast that was going on watching the performers. Later I was like that's actually pretty good, so I'd just like to apologise in case you ve seen that I also ask you: do you read your mentions on twitter? so not mean know man. Your first few years in it you wanna be Everybody dies. You you do and then you just you just then you just check it out to lie.
You know, there's been some birds alive. If I see young yeah, I'm just gonna have say some name names. Nah. But I got on land. It's just like a put him in the low redneck. Go redneck on your ass poor, my brain zone. You know I do that's out of me, I'm just through good at controlling it right fibre. You made it like you said that had to be the moment like what was the moment that you officially said you know what I've made it like. I don't have to care about what people say about me. I had a I had a I got. A buddy of mine gets Luke. Just anytime, you get pissed off at the world. Just reach down there and pat that front hip hop I like that. That's that's very good advice. Yes, what, in your opinion, is greatest country song, overrun
man, the greatest country song ever Remy. Historically, he stopped loving her to day. You know You look yet you know it's hard that when booked personally mass favorite country song is what say, it's a song. Read it! It's an old Earl, Thomas calmly Sancho what I'd say in its work. I was a kid. It was the This time, I remember being a kid in gold, man. That dude is heard. His ass is hurt me, you know, and that's why I always stood with LISA. Addressing I've always wondered. Guess I grew up listening country music. What is a hockey talk house? A hockey talk different from just a bar, Well, you know that the key elements of a hospital or sawdust dance floor
mostly adieu: bogs, spans vinyl records. Just all day, like a banned in the corner behind shit? You know: how do you know how he talks about the hockey poppy talks were man. They were a thing of beauty back when they were most it in a hearty tom. Typically had almost your in the parking lot: okay, so somewhere around the Gulf, maybe what there somewhere around the Gulf of Mexico. Why would he was just It was just another farm, aluminium and you're walking into place, got me on the online. Certainly new young. It's in the window? Jude Mars, you know There are small dance floor I mean I play. You know: The shady all characters there. You know you got what you got people than just there.
There every day, you know stunning. She's on some of samples. Maybe- major dog lying on the floor. That's a half! Nowhere! We, We play a game on this show called we read a headline and this headline. I need you to explain it to me this free from. What's restate this actually from like four days ago, Lu Lu Brian wife, Caroline attacked by Turkey, with a bad reputation. What the fuck do so here's the thing. People actually question where it, whether our country or not am, I will I'll, get in read the headline Judea your wife's, getting attack by Turkey's. So we so I've got a body. I got it, a body and mind it thought it would be funny. So we at this little rescue, animal barn and we ve got some little manage your horses and darkies and we get sheep and goats and all
how to stop. In my wise man sheet. She goes down and feeds his animals every day and loves armament. Maybe it's her light. It's her. You know she gets it. Three, the man she loved and there she loves on these animals, it is truly like what she does to get away Y got is crazy body. They drop that damn attained White Turkey drop drop a turkey off And arm in his name Miss AL and he's become a famous my wife, post pictures of out all the time. So our lives it our farm. We there about three years, and my wife just love the Turk. You know the go down there and literally I'll go down there and just what the shit out you know, just attack in terror. All his feathers out, my wife, will take into the veil he'll stay at the bed grows, feathers, bad
and you knows about once every six months- you have something works out: ass, well, as Alice Grown and become a mature turkey, the Wild Turkey's at the farm in what his ass about. What's every three days, our he's gotten more aggressive? Will you know you ve heard of light cock, fighting rhyme will the reason why you gotta have spurs Turkey's long spurs dollars, saying oh yeah, so, thereby each law more, our aspersion, each lol. So my wife is feeding at the barn and she turns to get on her golf cart in that damn. Turkey runs up and far behind in the care- and you know you know those two big tin it round behind your yeah, you know that
run out and get did that's bar hit for right in that turned. In all in her light, yet folded, her cheese so Where does this Turkey's reputation come into play? It feels like maybe they were amiable turkey than the headline EAST, but well he's become just AMOS from his shenanigans he's, always you know: you're around the cable guy or run the cable guy up in the bureau. He hates me like back it out of my you're here to attack me in your Turkey's polish, say poultry and general they'd. All if you go, get the hell out of him. They dont. Remember that you kid ok, I got it all. Then I'll go over this guy. They just don't have that elements, so
we? We, we captured AL and moved into another farm way out in the council. So we can have that reputation somewhere I'll see you gotta have a song. You know big shower out with the bath bit by bit. Yet if I were you, I wouldn't you You see my dogs always only ass on a very good looking dogs. I wear look. I would have insisted that we eat big out like the ultimate bit of revenge. Well, let me just say you mean that little redneck, our red net and drove to the barn to rid us when you first of all when I Turkey's spurs you, Caroline my wife. Get on steroids should do antibiotics. Like you know, we're. Gonna bacteria is on a turkey spur online. You know that's all need is my wife to die from a damn. Turkey attack runner so anyway, but
I went down there to handle I'll look like lead. My dad would have better. My wife pleaded with me: wow, I really am, and I have so much money invested in that Turkey. You know you know goes on those those tuna, those may and out Ten knows that the chechens and shit- John, you, no further Whatever your ma price per hour, price per pound is probably the same his eye. He too I was going joy fry in his ear he's got a story behind now, if you like, it would be a bidding war for the for the rice out, but you pardon and like you did a presidential pardon on Turkey, the noble of these doors, moral q, man. These dogs are some good. Looking dogs, well. Mannered works you kid tiny money for those dogs desert out. Yet, while I'm in here, you have a lot of money, so
yeah, but still you know everything has a price on a billion dollars for one year, dogs, never in a million years two billion hours of tuna, You said bill, you billion there they're out there I got it. We got your dogs, we got em how we Palazzo How do we go? Was it Barbara Straws in a cloned or Doggery S, Apple, Yasser Arafat's and on land use planning Clun and how many pickup truck you own is counting one too. That's it well. I've gotta I've gotta saw a shabby silverado debts. This map did I drive and then I've got up the best thing ever did as I've got the knowledge that up put like thirty, three and thirty five tyres. Eight each layer and I totally light made it look like a train. Former, you know, okay, so The reality is essentially a true in then I've got on we'll, take
but I got a couple foreign troops, some my farm down here in order not to you. If you have a truck that's from before the year. Nineteen. Eighty, that's like the first struck, the you let your kids, Dr Weir extras old. You mean you got yea and also you. You know your ears, you Chevy so run of that should better pray go out to dinner. Truck, that's your city fuck me going to do so brother. I lost my brother in ninety six and he had a wife silverado in my white wine founded in we read, we re we did not have that trapping is its awesome and ninety six Silverado ass, pretty sweet! You! You have liked a perfect voice. Word country, music sooner. If they do, Shut up in a lab, I'm tired and highlight the ideal vote, of a male country music sooner, do you find that allow People in Nashville like have to work. Putting on then inflection some that comes to. Naturally, take it
Working at it. You know, maybe you can have a few hits and fool people, but I think once the country, music, consumer kind of goes, you know this guy doesn't talk like you sings, it's almost like to I think they start snipping. You out, you know you, you know you can. The biggest slain. The most important thing for me is: to make sure when they come watch me in cancer that I sound like the records are maybe in a kid in going and why in the same and in online My god he didn't t know he's is only you don't sound like you, don't sound like. So that's always been a big thing. For me. But you know I mean I think that the true the tree tablets there rose to the surface, something I think they're off, then it in what they're doing you know up. I think when, when you, when you get up on that level of tea and toil big here, you know I beg you, you ve checked all the boxes in you deserve to be there
Do you still get nervous before you go on stage you? No, not really! I mean it depends on the environment. You know like I did the Superbowl at the anthem. You dont get more nervous in that. That's that higher level of nerves, but I'll get a job doping Radiant fired up? You know me No, I'm not. You know I'm not run around in a blessing Those are my people slap in the face, get me partner, but may I you know I enjoy the thrill of going out to perform. I'm a man when, when the lights go down and you can nobody, energy. In the speakers I mean it's it's the best. Drug in the world. I mean you know it's just did nothing gets nothing better! the winner when they asked you to perform the national anthem. Did you know The over under was well here's the deal ass, saying it laughed no track which,
you know, I'm not bragging, but I dont know if anybody's really done that Why are we even have an eye? I do I don't like seven times, but yeah go ahead for our. And rode away was interesting is at every time I performed it one minute the two minutes eleven circuits the next mainly be to fourteen, so And when I got in the mall lid, so what you walk out their performance, I realized there. I was doing pretty damn good up. I was like at my compliments, started building within the moment and then start milking you a little bit and trying to you'd have his watch. You know that the biggest part is walking your ass out there in the donor, sir Gawaine. Ladies and gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, I took up our notions, antimony.
If you ain't shit, your pants body in your problem make it in a new one. I started actually seeing it on key on time, and you start here in the crowd star. You know about that. You need to start here now. There then deny start of milk in it now ran over a little bit casts a car, some about is lower than the money, but hell with em I had. I have one last question. I read that before every show you eat a whole bag. Lays potato chips are true. That is that's an old deal that was used to eat em in the studio one. I was singing alone, we're, ok, we don't need any more at ten. Don't even before a show, not known read, you know out, you know the beauty of an opportunity at what badly all in the soul is really soon set. Your voice is really like. You guys are on the air, which is certain a lot of talking in Europe.
This is about now, and you want to see your voice little bit eat up. You know either you were pretty I'll. I never knew that Is it always? Is it true? I you get a better singing voice, the heavier your I don't know about that. I know that the male voice rates for reaches form charity. They say it thirty, eight years old. Also, maybe one thing how impeach? Yes, I look forward to about thirty five who got three years lovers years. You're random, over national voice, yes become a star, Where were you jealous, upset that you didn't think of the word shall act, suffocation first before can each hasn't it. Oh geez, I asked for a damn. You know I can't even going to spell it out. You know it's like suffocation means because we figured out with the chill part the lax part, but what's the application What's your Le Maire, Municipal, the lax, maybe
Laxative, like she'll yeah there. Now Now you played by July this alliance, Lucas genius. He would just historians boundless Chillun relax. That's your Euro I'm thinking about bow movements and how healthy that is to make your dago grow up these children. Yo toward his chill out. I will Luke Lisbon, ass, a man born here, live die here is out this week will run at the week that it comes out. We appreciate you stop and by vs zoom we'd love to have yawn on in person next time, you're able to travel on your knees city, but there's been a lot of fun. Man, I'd die for every gas, love show and man arm live said. Thank for her me on. Thanks so much I haven't nobody, I'm very sorry
Ok, take salute Brian awesome Interview before we get to segments we're brought you by our friends at cross rope these days. Raw looking for ways to stay fit well, are spending more and more time at home, cardio machines on exactly motivating in the CASA home, Jim Equipment can at a fast. I found a cool different way to get a great work out for a fraction of the cost is called cross rope the sly
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some play off today in one of the tournaments they're doing. Then it was a dozen Johnson knows just talk just in time, just Thomas Verses, column, more power Every girl Jake's got all the pronunciations. I saw some highlights and I saw my life because it wasn't on tv how, how how do they have a Gulf tournament when there's no other sports happening and it's not on tv, because they were too busy doing the broadcasts of like the programme. Who is in the programme. It was, I call Williams from the bills, daring Dodd, their internal dared Williams was in their own yeah. How
Emma be having the blackout, you have a problem, you have a problem with your sat worries when people rather watch people from other sports playing your spore again, the best people at your support- and it was really an awesome, yeah you're right it would busy Bee like we, the NBA back, let's watch the celebrity game from last year's asked what here well, you can watch words and shelter no one on. Why added? What scorn on what is going on golf. Do we need to pick scoff Literally, you regime Brooks due to start in another rocks anymore, no more drawback. Really I bring it back to fight We involve the. U S open, though I'm pretty sure they're didn't we re up their contractors. Dish is get this year yeah, but I've recently, member them all tweeting. Like all you know, we were doing some stuff with with Fox the shame that it's over ok, you're, gonna fix Gulf yeah, make the balls different, colors neon, colored boss region, where involve cleanest, the dancing Fox robots, yes,
Even when you sign on Fox, let everyone do the same. Steroids embrace Andy shambles doing allegedly throve Bryce enough limbo in tools into a well share, what? U S open or return to embassy beginning with the sheer championship. Linkages Poland on Jewel Box like that Portugal, but he do to reset guy Jake. I have the reason why the offers on tv they move it up to seven a m this morning due to weather so slow later three p m. We add the contractually they can show this morning. There was no other issue and it just figured out your your builder and all other issues they would have had. This is why they need someone who just sits in all these lines or playing on tv the whole riding with electric light competition which they just need. One person at all these companies at European CBS Nbc, who just sits there. It is like we. This makes no fucking sectors put it on tv. Answer for it later. I would love to see Chris Berman get back involved and golf yes does
an easy way for him to get back in front of the camera. Just extend into the best Gulf resorts in the world, and he also doesn't really mean Gulf. The Gulf telecast, the best part with the Gulf, tell us when they put like Vernal inquest like seventeen lose sits there and he just announced that whole all. Yet its awesome, Burma could do it from his living. Yes is given leg and a glass of ice Tina Lazy, bore reclining in Boomer, will deliver you gonna go. Ah, my we have drunk idea was the stronger. Yet we just we're talking about this earlier. You're drunk idea. Well, it was, I consider all of our brains to become a drunk in right. Now. Well our line we are and how? How like difficult this last couple. Three four months has been without sports, but it is a kind of a drunk idea is what if they made a video game. Tat was just no bombers, later. Soldiers, Obama, you're. You get to be Obama in the White House, were
after I want to make my netflix special, no you'll get to do that. You have no right out, so you have to deal with like you have to let go play basketball with whatever person Currency is over at the time, and then you have to go to the situation. Room intruded, double tat, somebody from Al Qaeda- It's like make new drones with your bare hands. Do something cool tweet? Something I get inside it, be yes sign it be up a make drop of my drop, unlike you get to both boring game thought you get to the sea. John and the rose garden- and you have to give a speech and then some boring as rapporteur, has to ask a follow up question to you like throw something at them the eye but on the Obama on the Obama didn't inevitably was an idea. I was half listening when we talk about There is a great idea is good. I heard it Why am I usually? It was gonna because you ve really play basketball, Michael Jordan and, like you, didn't described the part about how, like the video game with the drone assimilate machine,
We, like the zero point, often game in its I get off your gave the race airy weighing call a duty and like NBA to Kay yet, but in the yeah and then, and then Michel comes in and she's a guy. You wanna fuck Obama and he's again I'll fuck you. Ok about Europe? So horse shouted! You just try to do it No, I didn't. I tell you what the burglar door was locked door. I've got a better value, irrational, please We're gonna do is use the pocket did ok or showing our way real. I mean on the idea we don T, we oughta; ok, they really where you want stickler someone's got big deal about whose made us those video games, member him like that use making all those games online three points shooter that was so sick where'd. He go Afghanis come when you get to build your own death panel. I'm sick
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invest in his soup tube business idea, and I'm not sure how to deal with it sounds like a good idea. Yeah wait to hear it, because it's even better than I have initially thought. Okay here echoes I've been living with my boyfriend for about seven months two weeks ago, he sat me down and presented a Powerpoint presentation with his business idea. This tat is just a hilarious visual. To begin with, you think, she's rich did I or just like. I need your backing like we're about it sink everything we have into this idea into my so I want to do. Is I want you to be right or die with me? Yeah is
always good when you have to put together a deck for your spouse. Yes, a powerpoint in the living room, that's where they were real business gets made. I knew we ve been working idea right. He didn't want to tell me about it until it was finished, based on his enthusiasm and is prior seemingly intelligent nature. I thought maybe you'd be a pretty cool idea. Instead, he presented to me an idea about soup tubes. The idea, if you can call it that wow, that's already really judging by the idea of you, can call it that, to construct a series of tubes through our city that leads to centralize soup kitchens monthly subscription. A customer could subscribe to a tube of soup and a tube extension would be built up. The nearest main line tube and directly into the customer apartment. Oh, I love how how, in this guy's imagination, cities are like that. You ve got power lines you ve got.
Water lines, and then you ve got so soon just soup tubes yet connects every single thing together he this is. I mean it is genius. Yes, darling, find the flood difficult to pull off bs, but genius, none, the less, so bases subscription level that would determine the quantity of soup a customer could poor and how many types of soup, the tubes are. Basically the size of pipes like you might see under a sink, but he insisted that it must be called soup tube, not soup, pipe tube things better. I completely glass soup tube soup to divorce together cross motion thing going on people. You sing you tube yeah and a sound similar to that. Would what would you pray get like some kind of more chill ah cereal, sorry, soup, what what do you get hooked up? I would get for tubes, Xavier, China Baby Robin
if you like, a charter would get a little funky feeding clean it out, an old chicken chick noodle, just some basic chicken neutron tile, tomato soup made of Asia yeah a good time, the ice cream, five or six tubes in my house linked up. Could you imagine that, like the property value to when you're looking for a new home like this guy already has ten different to install duties is huge, so like you, could waste your time going to the grocery store and Buying Kansas Soup or even put bull underneath the fucking tube in your kitchen. We use also is key and of the way that like in in or what in world where we all just like the government just puts tubes in all of our homes and just instead of going it there's no grocery stores anymore. They just like pump food through the tube. You're gonna eat just eat your whatever the fuck. We were in two years ago, a baby tube and then dazzle like an adult too. It's like soil.
And yet they were basically the soil and age right now. Yes, this would actually work with beer links as a subscription no you're, right, you're, right beer, tubes, work, galley people would actually do the yen beer to light the driver. Break this guy. Yeah. I got on beer tubes of your things the problem that actual properly chile support villages. Fuckin flip this thing, beer tube- that she would work here, also check the true turn. You turn the entire town to a bar yeah judges a single keg in the middle right, reservoir of beer leg in several water towers of beer town, yeah, we kinetic everybody. I like that. Ok, what's beer to dot com, is it is it taking it yet is definitely taken. Why don't you just have to be like pure outcome, not taken? No by not share your suit decamp,
just to deny that soccer cut. This do by what it all just had. Pure alcohol and everybody just head like an ivy drip all the time, so everyone's walk around buzz or patches patches of how patches eyes, let's get back to soup to. But I like you, the ability good job. I couldn't believe what I was hearing at first. They ass if he was Craig yanking me or something, but he was completely sincere. Obviously the ideas completely insane the notion that the city would authorize somebody construct a series of tubes everywhere. The carry soup into homes is, of course, ludicrous, and even if such an initiative was approved, the cost for such operation would be ridiculous. Now this is this. Is this? Is a nice air and pursue doesn't dream surround yourself by positive people in your life, because she is being very judgmental DHA added. There is always a million reasons not to construct a righteous at a metal tubes that feed soup from a centralized location,
If you really want to get into it, what this person is done with their idea of soup tubes? They just pay their girlfriend in the living room, and now the world knows This idea right so it seems to me like them we're getting sorry taken care right seems like it's a great idea right away viral and it's like hey soup tube you'd have to charge outrageous prices for customers to install subscribed to a soup tube and who would pay. Hedges loves named soup too. And who would pay for such a service? When can sue costs like dollar two? You have two fucking gone. The current soup idiot if they asked Henry Ford. What, when America, wanted. He said that they would have said build a faster horse right. He bill. The car? I also, I would assume soup tube its fresh soup. While we would assume so you re, maybe home, maybe they just by all the care. If I'm making soup tubes, I go to every fucking grocery store in town. I by all the Kansas, see you have no choice but to get your soup for me.
Or you can buy soup from a restaurant for food. Few dollars again doesn't come in a tube. I explain these things as politely as I could, but he dismissed them and all I said that to base soup delivery is the way the future. He then asked me how much I wanted to invest. I told him nothing and he looked absolutely heartbroken since then, almost every day, he's asked again for me to invest and keeps trying to sell me on this idea. He's also doing the same thing to a lot of his friends I want to be friends this guy it sound. I would say at the start of the story, I thought Maybe this dude lost in fancy football last year, and this was the big bet that he had to pay off. Ok? You got a pitcher day, Iraq, the soup tube idea here, and you have to stay committed to. That could be one reason why this is gonna run right now, but I think a much more likely reason is that this is just a great idea. It's a fucking crate. DE. I would like no exaggeration. I would pay I'd, probably have like five or six different soup tubes and stole my kitchen right now out of the money arena. We ve done game busters, guys number one
the dude who? What would you call showers ago? Certain start talking like I like drooping, yet you have got a hit. You please number two soup to dump the mouse guy. I ask you browse repeating that I certainly mouse guy that guy in his is confronted what about together just jerked off onto the rug next to his bed? Overtime, yeah! I was we're too, but I like suit you guys who was finished up. It is so You drive me at the wall for some at a loss at how we can believe such a stupid ideas worthwhile. Second, it is really goddamn annoying to be asked on a daily basis to invest in a system of six months and third, I am also concerned for his sanity other than his here obsession with this, though he has shown no other signs out, like some advice as how I can with him or whether I should even continue this relationship to long didn't read. My boyfriend wants me to invest in a business venture wherein tubes would deliver soup.
That's fucking dream is it's a you know what it is he's just reverse engineer, toilet he's! Also this That is the exact opposite of taking a crass and sending all your ways to some. The this is like circle of life would if new team up with a sewage treatment plants? and then all of a sudden you ve got a monopoly on the consumer, and the elimination of waste. This is also a child of growth. A virus This is a guy's been sitting in this house all day. Looking at the same fucking wall and being my damn, I was sure some tubes commoner that one with soup, the deeds of the type like the corona virus in the pandemic have been terrible, but there will be genius ideas like soup tube. It will come out of this and will be better off as a society. I think what you happen is its ahead of its time, and so seventy five years from now will all have sooner. How yes and will look back at this guy? You can you believe that we laughed at him right
I think I'm gonna rights out a history here, I'm I'm I'm ready to go as far as to say that we should do everything we should have human instead, a car? I never want to leave my house no just like magic. If you want to come to work Asia sucked up in your human tube interests, it out here, looking little ones working on yeah like random, egg in you. You just sit out yourself, you, cracked. Yes, I like that a quick meal with suit you just quickly put your mouth on it. We shall then showed the soup and wrong it's hot or you will. Maybe you can just such a temperature, how you wanted that's for like special occasion for family meal. You wanna hot soup, but with quick to, if you wake up, isn't it it after you subscribe, I'm sure it isn't it you think of all the time that you would save you. Wake up, you're late for work, stop in the kitchen Roquat just like shoot a shower, gun load of like seventy millilitres a clam shatter into my throat and I'm out the door. We couldn't you just then. Oh problem, a soup restaurant with all the suit tubes Andrews undercurrent you have to
That's a resellers deal very. You have to have a license for that right. Then simply Let us make communal, so why would I would anybody go to the soup to restaurant? When you get your supervisor how's your job than the initial installation is cos prohibitive. I would understand, like someone out, imagine that soup tube your they should do a soup to but should be like mortgages. You can. Basically, you know you can get down payment on his soup, install monthly. You put layaway right, exactly there's a way soup to for everyone. The american dream is everyone on soup, too dial water found in a suit fountain at the playground, the little kids specimen cold weather yeoman will go hungry. That's true, We eliminate a big problem in today's society: blue soup everywhere. I love I listen. I really do enjoy this idea. I think-
I would on ironically purchase. This is absolutely if you could show if I could just hit a button and have soup any kind of soup. In my home, in my like pool at home, is like a Coca COLA, freestyle machine except for soup right. Imagine that it would be incredible. Soup tube, yes, beer, tube, we're gonna, buy Beersheba, come let's see how much it costs. Ok, there's no way private investment, yes, which invests in beauty. Yes, perfect hundred dollars. Ok, what do you do with it? He was trying to users. Do the math on how much is being ticket was air was sir. I want to argue dollars grow up. Fifteen percent of the company pervert Dan as a low valuation did by a beer bone and I guess the prototype dear. To me, I just isn't really long Dearborn I go stand up on the roof forbear into various rooms. I hire some employees in the agreement.
Please I'll pay you a hundred dollars, take off those stupid fucking seriously per Johannes. Yes, no take among a small off I don't know Sigma Wednesday. We have TIM Woods back so dungeon dragons that we have string Lucy everyone, then levies, we created some guy. Don't you
its pardon. My presented by schools
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